The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 2, 1944 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1944
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

20 Thursday, March Z, 1941 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Scouters Draw Plans for Boys' Exposition Garner -- Committee chairman and final plans for the Hancock district merit badge exposition were announced at a monthly . meeting o£ the district Boy Scout committee in Britt Wednesday evening. In addition to the merit badge booths which will be set up on the auditorium floor, a stage show of exceptional talent will be presented. The show is being set up under the direction of Don Roe, of Garner, chairman of activities for the district. Dr. K. H. Phillips of Garner, , chairman of the district, presided. U.S. SERGE ANT QUADS' FATHER 2 Girls and 2 Boys Are Born in England Ileanor, Derbyshire, Eng., U.R) --Miss Nora Carpenter, mother of quadruplets, said Thursday that the father was an American army staff sergeant who hoped "ultimately" to divorce his childless wife in the United States and marry her. The mother of the quads said the wanted to correct the impression that she was married, "I have been mentioned in the press as a married woman," she said, "but everyone in town knows I'm single. I have never posed as a married woman and I wish to make no secret of the tact I'm single. The babies' father is a staff sergeant in the America!) army. I met him while I was serving in the ATS (the British equis'alent of the WAC.)." The sergeant was on leave v.'hen the quadruplets--2 girls and | 2 boys--arrived, she said. Miss Carpenter paused to glance at a mounting accumulation of congratulatory messages, baby clothing, saving cemicates and other gifts that have been arriving since the quads were born. Nora said it was the father's idea to give the quads names slarting^with the letter "M"--MacDonald, Michall, Madeline, and Maureen. FATIIER-I.V-LAW SAYS NO DIVOKCE PLANNED Pittsburgh, U.R--Sgt. William Thor-ipson, identified as the father of quadruplets born to an unwed British girl, will be left to "sweat it out," and his war bride, a Pittsburgh beauty operator, will not seek a divorce, the sergeant's father-in-law said Thursday. "We can't do it; we're Catholics," Frank J. Jenemann, father o£ Eleanor Jenemann Thompson, wife of Sgt, Thompson, declared in denying reports that she had decided to seek a divorce. "We are npt applying for a divorce," Jenemann continued. "We are not in wrong. We're not going to do anything. The book is closed. Let him sweat it out." Mrs. Thompson is out of the city, Jenemann said, and will not return until publicity over the matter subsides'. Eleanor and Sergeant Thompson were married in St. Joseph's church here Armistice day, 1942, while he was on a furlough. In Packages and Tea Bags at Your. Grocer's LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF KXECLTKIX STATE OF IOWA, Ccrro Gordo County. | as. No. 6002 · Notice i* hereby given. that th« under- , signed has been duly appointed and quail- j tied as Executrix of the estate of Eber- , hard B. Cimljotli. Deceased, late ot Cerro Gordo County. All persons Endebted to ; said estate are requeued to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. JOSEPHINE C1MIJOTTI. Executrix 31. L. MASON. Attorney Dated February- 21st, 1944. S, H; MacPEAK. Clerk District Court By MARGARET RILEY, Deputy. NOTICt OF THE APPOINTMENT OF STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 60S7. Notice' la hereby given, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executrix of the estate of John M. Miller, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will preseni them, duly authenticated, to til* undersigned for allowance. and file ia the office of the Clerk of the District Court. DOHOTllV STRAIT, Executrix K. LEVIXSO.X. Attorney Dated Fcbruarv 21st. 10H, S. IL MacPEAK. Clerk District Court By MARGARET RILEY, Deputy. ROME DAMAGE HINGES ON NAZIS Allies to Spare Areas Not Used by Germans Washington. I'.'P) The allied Expect to Continue Shoe Rationing at Rate of 2 Pairs a Year Washington, (JP)--The olfice o£ price administration, saying it expects to continue shoe rationing at the rate of 2 pairs a year Thursday linked announcement that a new shoe stamp will become valid Hay 1 with notice that stamp number 13 in ration book 1 will expire April 30. Airplane stamp number 1 in ration book 3, valid currently with stamp 13, will overlap the new stamp and continue to be good indefinitely. The new stamp will be good for one pair of shoes. Its book number will be designated later. OPA said that while the supply picture "is not expected to show any improvement over the next | few. months . . . it is expected that the shoe ration can be maintained at about the present level." NOTICE OF AMENDMENTS TO ARTICLES OF INCOKFOBATIO.V Public notice' is hereby given that a corporation formerly known as ihc IOWA HARDWARE MUTUAL CASUALTY ASSOCIATION lias by amendment to its Articles of Incorporation changed its name !o IOWA HARDWARE MUTUAL CASUALTY COMPANY; and by further amendment to the Articles of Incorporation, the Corporation is authorized to insure property cf its members against any hazard, loss or damage as may be authorized by or permitted fay companies of its class, as provided by Subsections 1, 5. «. and 7 of Section 89M. Chapter VH of the 1939 Code of Iowa. The Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation further provide that the membership of the Board of Directors shall not be less than three (3) nor more than nine (9). and until changed by the Ey-laws. . that the Board of Directors fhall consist of seven (7) directors--three (31 of which hold office for cne [II year: txvo (2) to hold office for tv.-o (2 years: and two (2) to hold office for three 131 years, and the directors' names in said Amendments to serve one ( I I year are Albert Bojens. M. A. Trumbull and II. D. Austin: to serve two (2) years are W. F. Mueller and A. II. Niewohner: and to serve three' (3) years are H. F. Leibsle and C. A. Knutson. DATED this 7th day of February, A. D., 19«. C. A. KNUTSON. President R. D. AUSTIN Secretary military policy respecting Rome is to spore those portions ot the city which the Germans themselves refrain from using for military purposes. Secretary of War Stimson said Thursday. But he emphasized that "American lives must be safe-guarded, whatever the cost in material things." "As in the question of the destruction o£ the abbey of Monte Cassino," Stimson told a press conference, "the policy of the war department is definite and clear: every possible precaution is to be taken against the destruction of cultural, historical and religious property. "Should it become obvious, however, that the enemy is making use of such monuments for military purposes, and that the lives of American soldiers a'e thereby endangered, there can be no alternative. American lives must be safeguarded, whatever the cost in material things." So far as is now known, the secretary said, there are no large concentrations of German troops in the city itself, but Rome's rail lines and yards make it an important communications c e n t e r through which most of the enemy forces pass on their way to the lands took from Japan a great segement of its outer defense rim, and "its secondary defense line, composed of the Marianas, the Carolines and the Philippines now lies open to attack." last week "resulted in (he must severe damage to enemy plane production." Statins that American planes alone destroyed 640 German fighters in the air in addition to those In Burma, allied forces have wrecked on the ground, Stimson turned a dangerous Japanese a t - I added: "However, the air battle is only at its beginning." Anzio beachhead and the main I --most recently--Admiralty is- British planes against Germany front in southern Italy. ' ~ - . . - . . "For these reasons," said Stimson, "bombing attacks have been concentrated on the rail lines leading in and out of Rome and on the railway yards of Rome itself, as well as on the suburban airfields, while every attempt has been made to spare religious and cultural shrines and to respect tile neutral status of Vatican City." Stimson's reference to Rome occurred during a brief review of last week's operations on all war fronts. He noted Iliat on the Anzio beachhead, allied troops had repulsed a 2 day attack in force, but that the enemy still has strong forces in the area, and "it is doubtful whether his full strength has yet been exerted." In the Pacific, the secretary said, the extension ot allied control to the Gilbert, Marshall and tack into a victory for allied arms. On Europe's eastern front, Stimson reported, the initiative everywhere remains with the, soviet forces. Aerial photographs disclosed that missions by American and Calmar--Cpl. Alvin Kubesh left Sunday for Camp Butler, N. Car., following a furlough with relatives. FILL YOUR B I N W I T H MISS MINNEAPOLIS State Brand Creameries, Inc. WARTIME FOOD ECONOMIES APPLE JELLY Mott's Pure. 12-oz. Jar, 3 Points GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Florida Sweetened. 46-or. Can, No Paints RICE KRISPIES 1 .: 2Jc KARO SYRUP Blue Label Golden. « J -- I'/z-Ib. Jar ll|C HI LEX Bleach and Disinfectant. Gal. Jug.. . NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL STATE OF IOWA, CERRO GORDO COUNTY, ss.--No. 6101. January Term, I'JH TO ALL WHOM IT MAY COXCEHN: You are hereby notified, that an instrument o£ writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of. Michael McLaughlin. Deceased, dated Sept. 10th. 1938. having been this day filed, opened and read. Monday, the 13th dsy of March, 1S44, is fixed for hearing proof of. same at the Court House in Mason City. Iov;a. before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court: and at 2 o'clock P. M.. cf the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause. If any "they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Mason 'City, Iowa, February 15th, 1344. S. II. MacPEAK. Clerk District Court. By iiARGARET RILEY. Deputy. PILLSBURY'S BEST FLOUR 50-lb. Sack 25-lb. Sock $2.58 $1.29 5-lb. Sack 28c OYSTER SHELLS, 50-lb. Bog 59c STOCK SALT, 100-lb. Bag.. 98c Pillsbury Sno-Sheen Cake Flour 25c TOMATO JUICE Libby's «% No. 2 Cans Fancy ft 3 Points BLOOMING PLANTS, Choice 23$ 75c IT'S DELICIOUS--PUKi; OKEGON'- Plum Jam . . LABGL-, 31 EATV SPANISH Queen Olives BRING OUT NATURAL A-1 Sauce A3 PURE AS SOAP CA? Ivory Soap "ECONOMI- SIZE Ivory Soap TAKES THE DIKT, PRO: Lava Soap GRANULA Duz BRING OUT NATURAL FLAVORS WITH Jar Large Xo. 26 Jar 6-oz. Bottle Med. Bars TAKES THE DIKT, PROTECTS THE SKIX GRANULATED Cake J Med. Cakes Large 55c 43c 29c 20c lOc 19c 23c NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR STATE OF IOWA, CERRO GORDO COUNTY, ss.--No. 6100. Notice is hereby given, that'the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the estate of Anna S. Dunn, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and these having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to tlie undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. DH. E, G. DUNN. Administrator. M. L. MASON. Attorney. Dated February ]5th, 1944. S. K. MacPEAK. Clerk District Court. By MARGARET RILEY. Deputy. BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS WHEAT1ES, Pkd. lOc ALASKA COIIOE SALMON, No. 2V 2 Con 25c FESTAL CUT SPEAKS GREEN ASPARAGUS, No. 2 Con 31c FESTAL FANCY SMALL JUNE PEAS, No. 2 Con 18c GUEST FANCY SMALL WII. No Pts GREEN BEANS, « M M No. 2 Con 1/C GUEST FANCY CUT WAX BEANS, No. 2 Can 17c CALIFORNIA TOMATO PASTE, 6-01. Can 9c JENNY LEE EGG NOODLES, Lb. Cello Pkg... 19c BEEF -YOUNG - TENDER ROASTS, Pound . . ROUND STEAKS, Pound 24c 3Jc SIRLOIN STEAK, Pound SHORT RIBS, Pound 33c 18c SWISS CHEESE Ib. 49c PORK ROASTS, Pound Loin Ends Hz In :» Itjs PORK CHOPS, Center Cuts, Pound PORK STEAKS, Pound 25c Ar;. 34c 27c VEAL ROASTS, Pound . . . . . . . VEAL STEW, Pound VEAL RIB CHOPS, Pound 27c 18c 33c OFFICIAL CALL FOR REPUBLICAN COCNTV CONVENTION In pursuance of a call issued by the Republican State Central Committee of Iowa, hereby directs that a Republican County Convention be convened and held at the Court House in the city of Mason City. Icwa. on Friday March 17. 1944, at 10 o'clock A. M. to elect Delegates to the Republican State Convention to be held in DCS Motnes, Iowa, on the 31st day of March 1544, and to transact such other business that may come before the convention. Dated this 1st day of March IQ-H, Cerro Gordo County Republican Central Committee J. W. IRONS. Chairman ilRS. ESTELLA BISGROVE, \' ice -Chairman STAMPS--MEATS--RATION STAMPS--MEATS--RATION I Allswecr Margarine Lb.. 29C LAMB Legs, Pound Stews, Pound Rib Chops ' Pound.... Sunkist « n _ ORANGES, Doc.... 17V POTATOES, Early Chios or Red Triumphs, 100 Ibs · 7 Wllim V F $2.78 Pascal CELERY, Bunch... California CARROTS, Bunch.. 19c lOc Fresh SPIN ACM, II Fresh Green BEANS, Ib.. lOc 20c Brookfield LINKS 1 Lb. Carton FEDERAL SLAB BACON P H O N E 542 FRUIT MARKET 223N FEDERAL LB. SHOP HERE AND SAVE 29 75 PER GENT OF MEN PASS TESTS February Sets All Time High at Camp Dodge Des Moines, (.p)--More than 75 per cent of the men examined at the Camp Dodge selective service center during February passed their pre-induetion examinations, camp officials reported Thursday. The officials also said the number of men examined last month I constituted an all-time monthly! high for the station and that March would see an even greater number of examinations given. ' Purpose of the increased tempo of examinations is to build up a pool of acceptable men sufficient to fill draft calls for at least 45 days. Selective service headquarters here reported meanwhile that high school students in the last half ot the academic year. \vho have requested a postponement of induction, will be given pre-induction exams approximately GO days before the school year ends. DIES AT IIUMBOLDT Clarion--Funeral services were to be held Thursday for Mrs. Lucinda Johnson, 87. v:ho died Tuesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Floyd Fortner, in Humboldt. Burial was to be in the Evergreen cemetery. Her husband died in 1933. Three other daughters survive. Mrs. Lee Boyington, Humboldt; Mrs. Frank Claude, Eagle Grove, and Mrs. Fred Claude, Goldfield. i SCOUTS GET DINNER j Manly--Mrs. H. D. Uisler, presl- i dent of the P. T. A. with Mrs. Forrest Godden. Mrs. Ben Lake and Mrs. \V. S. Ford assisting. were in charge of a fine dinner Tuesday evening to all eligible Boy Scouts of Manly. Pre-Cooked Beans T E N D E R O N I VAN CAMP'S U S. CHOICE NONE HIGHER W H I T E F I G S ADRIATIC BULK ,.L MEAT , GROUND BEEF 19 BIBS CHOICE 15 FORT ROLLED OATS . HOT °CROSS BUNS NATIONAL ENttlCllCf) WHITE BREAD NATIONAL TI.AIX RYE BREAD . . . . NATIONAL UUHAIr Cracked Wheat . NATIONAL RftKAIt WHOLE WHEAT. N A X C V TALROT--PLAIN DOUGHNUTS . . . N A T I O N A L -- R A I S I N COFFEE CAKE .. «7r l«c 13c fkc- lie lOc lOc lOc 16c 15c AMERICAN CHEESE 7 A 2-lb. Box · W 1 FLORIDA PINEAPPLE «-twpiii»« rincArrLC ^^H ^^^ ^f ORANGES 5 36 GRADE A PASTEURIZED MILK 2 Quart Bottle... GREEN PEPPERS W A N H K D . TOPPKIt CARROTS Corn Country or Brookfidd BUTTER Per Pound n.OKirA--co CELERY N K H . TrKKKN CABBAGE 20 c lie 27 c 4c HEAD L E T T U C E ICEBERG, 5-DOZ. SIZE Each Green or Wax Beans FANCY QUALITY f^ £^ *· 2U c Lb. SWEETHEART 2 ,,,,. 13c i\ I.MHi\v t;I.I:ANEH SPRAYBRITE ^"U »3c 1TILBT.RT M.OOR M A X NO-RUB '«",' 39c PUREX KI.CACH Mamrt «olll« 15c ^NATIONAL F O O D S T O R E S

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