The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 25, 1939 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
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Saturday, March 25, 1939
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paign?' of __._ and London, _,.. from London, leave us completely cold became as you know the proverb says 'A barking dos never blfcs.' *' WFo. n i . n f t t even surprised at to incite the great- imber of nations to the solidarity of the SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 1939 -- - - -- ^ - - _ MASON CITY-GLQBE-GAZETTB A, Mason Ciey s ouches THE GOLDEN TEXT, "For Chris, +, h,,h ,,,,,, su (( ered ,,, sins , the just fe the unjust, thai He might bring us to God."--l Peter 3 : j a First--Where Pennsylvania avenue crosses State street. 9:45 hope- these nations are smart {5^^ *?. 001 \ " : . 5 9 »:"·' .- · , , - - TM . - u * f c j t i l t O i J J l l I, enough and know enough history to remember that Britain has always found fools to fight for her. However, it seems that worship. Anthem: "The Firmament," Mrs. Daisy director; organist. nations, 'proved it. · · · March Straight · "We continue Mrs. Roy E. Theme: nessee avenue. Wednesday " m Lenten vesper service. p. m., church choir. 8 o'clock.--Ira m. j ,, ^ "-'*nn.*i V I I U I T . fc d _ ay ', 8 P- m :- Ruth- Darner 7:45 Hammer, pastor PRESBYTERIAN Mission club with Mrs. W. ra " school. Recent events have u ii. jjj. o. i. f. u. 7:30 p. m. School of Christian Living with picture interpretation of the Ten mon' by pastor, "The Christian Experience;" Cross Fifth and 1 Junior Builders'cTthe Traif-' 4^0 h « _ T \ O m Ti.1Ys.aA.».. c.'tf . ***** ^.1*W C o f f j T i -- ' *-""»·*-« OLJJQO1. TM.. ..,,,, W i u l mrs w c f a "° r ? *f£ k « superintendent; 11 Grainger at 1020 Third street Uon\ TM,f? h1IP '-t MU T S ' cmder direc - [northwest.-Wa»er H. Kamp^l mon °bV *%%% *%?*"*£:_*£ Inxmanuel--Corner ^'o e TM s °" iheasl - Sunday school! P- TM-. Pioneers; 5:45 n m - v vpn 9.-30. The opening sen-ice w i l l « d e Fellowship. Social "our and n a m ' SSIOn P r °^ am - Worship at cafeteria supper. David Obon wm --neace and ,«««,.,, " ",', 1 ^ '"· no "' renearsaL 7-30 p"m I £ ,', , er TM on - Truth and Free- speak.--R O y W. Peyton castor ..Peace JUS ,,c e -^p.o-| mid . wee k prayer service. ^\f^^^^^\^^TM'»g^ i^^f^d-f^fr!! ^raSiSJSsS ^\TM°^^^ Owj . artd - Woand^ Shoots Self ' ' ' " ' ' · __ h . J Hbw Germany Is Changed Since Versailles Tuesday, 7:15 p. m. Boy ill" rehearsal, 7*30 p m sh^S^-^ cism we are happy to^oTfirm Sit T^.^',JJf*" TMmbers.-J. Lee the Italia^ ^5 P £!° confirm ttat f I^visfmiii'sYer. " Mussolini May Present Demands ... a n d j street southwest, school at 10; morning ^-operating W-The govern- 10 ° ked i j ·- · v.i.ut*£ -kjiiiiu.ei.0 clllb. \ ty _ *" Wednesday evening Prayer meet- Kr rund1 ?. y ,--,, -- ^,^ 6 ing. The Rev. J. M. Eaves will fill i v ?E sh 'P at "; Sunday evening the pulpit for the day.--Rev. J. M « ' the se c°nd half of the series Eaves, pastor. ' ol . Pictures of the life of Christ St. Joseph's--Sunday masses as follows: 6:30 o'clock, junior A. Christian and Missionary ,,.,,. i--616 Delaware avenue north- Present grace and coming will be the subject of the brotherhood. Con- ing Sunday school at 8:45! Powers hope Premier Musso_«ni makes an bn- I that he o s t r e e t masses at 6-30 - ? - - - ' .. ----".-.«.. "l VUICLLIUOQ. tJOn- \ -\r ° ««»i«ajr OL11UU1 31 ' a 40 firmafion class Saturday morning 1^"? P e °P ] . e meet at 6:45. Evan- £ ?· ^ d H Jt =' a ^ at 3 o'clock.- ^ nstlc . se TM* of song and testi- C. A. Fritz, pastor. . «°ny at 7:4o, with sermon on the M. James--502 Sixth street lext '..Choose ye this day whom southeast. Graded Sunday school ye - w .'» serve," Josh. 24:15 Ladies' j» a. m., H. Kapplinger, superin- 2 ussl °Dary prayer group Wednes- tendent. Ella Woisnak, secretary l ay a ".ernoon with Mrs. Drake a " d , treasurer. American services ?, c °nn«ticut avenue northeast' at 10 a. m. Theme: "Blessing of Harvesters meet, with Mrs. Dnn suit another period of high tension ike that of the past 10 days during which Adolf Hitler of Germany, the Italian anti-communist partner, . obliterated Czecho-Slovakia, regained Memelland from Lithuania, and thrust the nazi economic machine to the Black sea By an accord with Rumania · Pact Efforts Slowed In the meantime, the British government slowed efforts to form a four-power league against Germany with France, soviet Russia _and Poland. Poland has been c °°l'.t° the idea because; Polish political informants said, she does not wish to affront so powerful s nation .at her borders. There was a possibility that Britain would conclude a triple ejitente with France and Rus=ia- ·??'5'? hp a,separate agreement with Poland, which might include a definition of military- aid each would give the other. Awaits Mussolini Talk The -British-French leaders are not very hopeful of a mild speech irom Mussolini, but they will be alert for any hint of willingness for a reconciliation of long-standing diiferences with France assisting. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE at 7 "Blessings of Communion." Senior choir *8, "God So Loved the by Stamen Senior league p.. m. Elsie and Marieta with, Mrs. Don * irst street south. evening.--The Rev. religh, minister. : ~ Sa * u V. d a 7. , - . s- day testimonial meeting, ^8 p. m . T . h M r ^ay and will meet on I Saturday. Senior -,,-- Gabriel St.' HMn la £ M .°TMng =«-,«, i ,D°- Morni ng gospel, John W«l- f ?i' MSt end o£ chur *- ?° lr WTl11 P ra c«ce Wednesday, 9 , 9n -,, a 5 -^, oonn Week days, 11 a. m. to 5 p. m. f ". Junior choir Saturday at i 0 ', H 18 - Sunday school 10 11 CONGREGATIONAL * P- m--Oswald E. G. Mall, pas- goly mass, 10:30, 11:30. Apitle Ftrj^-Corner, Delaware avenue I % . « e . b «7_ »."-"· Gospel, P KtS rrwiiy--Early service at 8:45 I0 ' 32 7' !i '- 2 p. m., a special pro- «^; i el " de '- Herbe i't Sinn, pro- f am for the Greek national hoU- ^^^JS".^'- The fifth l ay ^y the children of the Greek , enue and First street northeast. Hoy C.l Helfenstein, pastor. Clark E Gil- MEMEL RETURNED TD GERMANY MARCH £2 BY LITHUANIA .DANZIG TECHNICALLY" FREE CITY OOMfNATEO BY NAZIS SCHLESW1S PARTLY HELD BY DENAW?K EUPEN AND/rtALMEDV HELD WEST-.. PRUSSIA' ,ANt FDSENHELD ty POLAND POLAND UH« SILESIA SQUARE TAJfEN FROMCZECHO SlflVAKlA AT MUNICH 1938 UPPER SILESIA THREE QUARTERS RE- T3JRNEO TO SCKHMtf 1921 AFTER PIEBISCITE OF 1935 FRANCE ROUND STILL HAS THIS ABEA OF UPPER S JLESIA YUGO* SiAVlA RUMANIA ffi man, s u p e r i n t e n d e n t church, · school. Church school at 9:30 a. m. ^mniandment by confirrnat'ion' I eon TM"'»'y.' 7-'30, Reception of the Worship service at 10:45 o'clock. g a ff; S °°S by junior choir, "Agnus me mb«s of the church for the oc- The pastor will speak on "Accept- iw..T m ,_ o . _«· I ,-*«,-- ^--.-, , ,, . .. ing Christ's Challenge." Mrs. J E Stmeharr, organist, will play Adagio" by Hayden and "March S?Ll ant °P e . 5 :' ^ Cl a *. John ..- ^--i.iiiuii uy j^van-- i w ~ April -«.. ottLuiimy «*- u »- -«"·«'. -=-. i \v~f\, Clarenc e Haaland, "The ? esulTection - Services, 8:30 loio Staehart, organist, will play ? at = hma " f Zion," Ezekiel 33 Apostle . Hebrews 12, 28-13 R 1'Adagio" by Hayden and "March f unday sch ° l 9:45 a- m., J C Od- Gos Pel, John 11. 1-45 - den '- supfrintendent. Morning Good Will Mission-1631 Mon- Portlier, Neville r-h h , - , eve Chamberlain, -delayed further ef- L 1 S" t0 ' form an anti-Hitler bloc uhta.;Mussolmi had spoken. ' is 'that · it r Geiroap, e-broadcast in. English, Italian; , Spanish and Anti-Semitic Laws for Boheniia, Moravia Are Recommended ' *r r *·"·--· "j v^Aativ, uunn Hanson wiU offer a trombone solo Grand Concerto." The choir under the direction of Miss Ellen M. Smith, will sing "Jesu. Priceless Treasure" by Bach and "The Legende" by Tschaikowsky The "JSrim Fellowship and the Post Wigh Young People's group will be guests of the young people's societies of the Clear Lake Congregational church Sunday evening The Pilgrim Fellowship of , . . . -.-.;--'. v-i -- Anti-semitic ·tews patterned after " t h e nazi Huernberg regulations and later decrees were recommended for ionemia and Moravia Saturday oy the-national" assembly The recommendation: was -considered tantamount to acceptance by the government members some of whom participated in formulating it The., national assembly is a committee .of 50 named 'to replace · parliament. . . . . , , Non-Aryans, according to the proposal, are those .whose grandparents are Jewish. Other points arer . . . ,1.. All Jewish capital must be registered by April 15. . . . 2. The government is to dace ruKTPPQ -in ^11 t n ...:-i. i ±_ ? . · 6 in aU businesses. -All transactions involving the excnange of ownership. of Jewish property since March 13, when nazis .'took Bohemia-Moravia under the protection, were declared null arid void. Many Jews, fearing the seizure of. their wealth, hurried to dispose of it to non-Jews as soon as the country was absorbed by Germany. wiu Present the play, The Outpost." CHURCH;OF CHRIST First-- Fourth^ street and Adams avenue northwest. Bible school 9:30 a. m. _W, S. Kollman, superintendent. Morning worship, 10-45 o clock. Communion sermon. Anthem by. Women's chorus, "Savior Teach Me Day by Day," Weber- w 7- ,£ ei ? non ' ' 1When -fesus WepL- .Christian Endeavor" and fireside chat, 6:30 p. m. Evening worstup, 8 o'clock. . Sermon by jZlri T "^ hC Upper R °om."- », \., Kra tz, minister. Miss M,V- i*? Prusia Pianist. Miss Miriam Marston, organist EPISCOPAL St. John's-- Passion S u n d a y . oly C o m m u n i o n , 8 o'clock. Church school and confirmation instruction at 10. Morning prayer and Litany at 11, The rector will speak on "Some Portraits of the Master." Mrs. Bennett will direct the choir in Shelley's "Hark, Hark * " M« 1C T e n 10 ^ °' cloek - Delude, ro £ fenue northwest. Sunday Mis. j. o. Gilbertson. Procession- sch ° o1 at 2; 30, folio-/-' ' - - !!i'-?^ mo , i ;_ choir - Anthem by senior messa °. e b V Evelyn Solemn ^ a ?. hln .? ° f "e i by a brief Cartwright. 'One Sweetly Solemn Kv ea - Ch!ng of the Sosfel at vTso t'' Ambrose. Sermon by M«sionaiy prayer meeting Mon-' ist Haaland, "The Watch- ? ay "ormng at 9:30. Junior meet- Zion," Ezekiel 33. Luther n "£. Thursday at 4. Mrs. Walt*,. e Lysne. Sermon by Evan- Clarence Haaland, "The Sin," 2 Cor la a- m., sixth ^ades at 10:15 a . Wjgdahl, pastor m., girls at nd seventh ---O. L. N. °-- Sopher will' give a Mexican Bible.: Friday evening.-- Ida superintendent Bibe O Open Bible-- 429 ' V f «t Cl J ° f 10 a A J." a. m. Morning worship o'clock. Young people's " ers service, 6:30, p. -m. evan^eUstic service, 7:45 Morning sermon, topic, l , c, e Heroism." Evening sermon topic! T Tuesday, 7:45 p. m., prayer and praises-vice. Thursday. 7 : 4 5 ^ Edwin Flynn rk , Mrs - Patt °n. organist, " by Rockwell and f _MD«STER HERE G. H. Barnett, pastor ·-in Methodist church "Melody, in F' : "Polonaise", by Chopin. Young People's Fellowship meeting at 6:30 o'clock will continue their special Lenten studies.--C. Burnett Whitehead, rector. " EVANGELICAL Grace--Adams and Fourteenth street northwest. Church school at 9:45. Morning worship at 11. Iheme, "How Jesus Influences Life--He Demands Discipleship" Young , people's meeting at 7 Evening service at 7:45. Young people's social and business meeting on Monday evening at the church parlor. Friendly Bunch social and business meeting on Tuesday evening at the church parlor--Raymon Ferguson, minis- W w. , morning worship. 9:30 ., Mr - and AI " directors 10-4=5 " St. choir.) "o BarHett (Mrs. Harold Wolfe'', ^'£ al *?±. 6 3 -9. i^th 6:30 Methodist ay c at Sudd, will have charge of the services at the Y. M. C. A. at 2:45 v ·«! «r-B- day afteln oon, the Rev. Keith Williams Mr. announced. - at iams in charge. Eve- AUNT HET By Robert Quillen - Since Cousin Henry won that lottery, his credit is good for a n y t h i n g he wants. He says he's livin' on the interest, but it's other people's interest in what he's got." LUTHERAN ~ Bet - wee n Fourth and Fifth streets on North Delaware avenue; 9 a. m., graded Sunday school and Bible class; 10 m. English service. The pastor will preach on "The Love of Christ." Anthem by the senior choir: "Jesus. , Thy Blood and Righteousness:" 11 a. m., German service. Monday morning at 9 children's class. Monday evening at 7:30, adult class. Wednesday evening at 8 English Lenten £ ,J ce ' , Dunn g this service the nniTHrovi**- « ~ * ~ _ t ,, _ . A. , , children s catechumen class 6 will t 6 e ?n m JT fid - Thursday evening at /:30 German Lenten service Thursday evening the Walthcr league meet; in the church parlors Alec Eichmann service and Lydia Hcimbuch entertaining. Friday evening a t 7, junior choir and Jt 8, senior choir. Church program H r H ° Iy Week - Palm Sunday bom adult and children's classes will be confirmed Wednesday, from 3 to - £' I?" and from 6 !o 9 P- m., registration for communion. Maundy inursday evening at 7:30 Holv Communion in the German service. Good Friday at 8. Holy Communion in the English service. C. A. Hinz, pastor. Central--329 East State Floyd Cerney Special service Preaching 11 a Evangelist L. O street school 10 a. m. superintendent, f o r children! m. Sermon by Florence. Chil- Pon Pope, pastor. study - - E. MAN CONFESSES SLAYING WIFE Cunningham Directs Officers to Place Where 'Body Is Found OKLAHOMA CITY, (#)_The body of socially prominent Mrs. Eudora Cunningham was dug by torchlight from a sewer grave early Saturday, after her'husband broke a stubborn 19 day silence with a dramatic confession. Just a few hours before a scheduled habeas corpus hearing officers said would have ended in freedom for 33 year old Hoger Cunningam, he broke, admitted he strangled his wife March 6, and directed.,-searchers- to .her body Wlf1 a ni-it4A ·»«-·;·.' '·'. '-: '·"': - - ' · the Germany Develops Plan for Borrowing Money on Future Building of Hitler Empire Provides Great Financial Problems BERLIN, (ff)--Germany, with a unmue plan of borrowing on the future, gave attention Saturday to paying for a year of conquests without battle. Chancellor Hitler himself was resting from the strenuous activity he underwent the past 10 days. As one German phrased it building of the Hitler empire i a crude .Tnap/;'..';-'", V With, a firm, : ne : at-"Kand, Evangelist in Mason City sionary society. 7:15, E v e l y n Crtwnghf, in charge. Y. P. M. S 4 -' meets . m main auditorium Piaise ser\'ice 7:30, led by Evangelistic s 8, r Sen-ices p Preacmn S service at 7:45 . O Florence ---"»»6t*v, pastor. Union Memorial -- George N mp: minister fhi r- Vi u * *^nurcn schooJ m- \Vprship, 11 a . m . S er- a t 8 p service i,,_j-" v,-- " church school. ? u " day - n a - "·· worship. Prelude, "Processional to Calvary" Stamen anthem. "Calvary" Rodney; offertory. "Adoration," Alh- erton; postlude, "March to Parnassus, ' Schytte. Sunday. 6:30 p league. Banquet confirmands. Monday. 8 p church school association for m., with Federal at Twen- street-- 9:45 a. m church school. Mrs. J. E. Vestecby, gener- UPenntende Mrs H H^ superinten- a , m .. Church school. Sermon theme -What One Man Can *··' Prelude, "The Spring Mendelssohn; offertory, ·' - ' , Drdla. 6*5 p. m.', 'Souve- tl, e Ep- . . ., , p- worth League devotional*. The social hour m charge of Mary Zeie- ler and Dorothy Flarup.-a C Lusted, pastor. NAZARENE 329 . . a r supenntendent, S:J 5 a. m Following is morning worship and begins with Roland Yotter leading £J m f? n *- Past °i"s theme, "Prom? ised Power Precipitated/' Children s chorus meets at 3 p m Young people's meeting at 7:15 p.' m., will be led by Rae Green and Evelyn -young. Evangelistic service at S p. m . -The Day of Days" i s the sei-mon subject for the evcnine message. Prayer meeting every The Rev. L o. Florence, Ken- lucky evangelist, is in charge of revival meetings at the local *ree Methodist church at 146 Sixth street southwest. Services are conducted each eveninc throughout the week and will continue to April 2. Mr. Florence is a native Kentaeklan and has spent many years in evan- ffelisfic work there in churches _of.many denominations. $20 1, 47 1 Deficit in Rock Island Operating Income Is Reported 4 7 n i , - . 5201,471 in its net railway operating income for February was reported Friday by the Rock Island railroad. That, compared with a deficit of $300,984 for the like month a year ago. Its net railway operating income for Jan- ?fifi^~7 nd Februarv wa s given as ~ bearded and : haggard Cunningham sketched the diagram to show officers where the body was buried, then retired to his cell for the first .sound sleep jailers said he had this week. Searchers Worked Miny^Hours Headed by Sheriff George Goff and Assistant County Atty. E. W. Brown, weary searchers who had toiled many hours in a hunt for the 30 yea,r old Mrs. Cunningham sped to the spot indicated by her FHA inspector husband. There, in the red earth by the light of flickering flares, the searchers dug almost eight feet into the ground. Then, Brown signalled to officers to herd back a crowd of ICO curious and announced: "I struck her. There she is " His shovel had bared tho head of the missing \voman. Was Fully Clothed The searchers removed the earth moistened by recent rainfall, from around the body of Mrs Cunningham, employed as a librarian at Foster high school rm Ul fe clothed ev *n 1° a Jaunty little blue hat, spovt shoes and a tan swagger coat, the body was lifted into a hearse. i strangled my Wife Eudora and buried her in a partly filled sewer Cunningham said in a signed statement to county Attv Lewis R. Morris, who questioned him m a dramatic midnight end to a 44-hour isolation period May God have mercy on my ^Morris said Cunningham made signed the confession after of questioning, then . ~ diagram snowing wnere he had strangled his wife and painstakingly dug an eight- foot deep grave while her lifeless oody lay nearby on the ground No Motive Revealed All this, Morris said, took place withm 20 or 30 feet of several occupied houses. -- y acquisition since last March of Austria, Sudetenland, Bohemia, Moravia and Memelland, the fathering of Slovakia and the far- reaching Rumanian e c o n o m i c 'veaty^ut/.v'great problems" before,- thosei who : shape 1 Germany's financial policy. " , = ' . . .Achievements "The. problems will still grow" it .was added. The secret of Hitler's achie- ments during.the last year was the might of his tremendous army The army-- and to a lesser degree the great public building projects to keep the people, at work-- also 15 ^ am on the na ^ion's finances. ihe _ Berliner Boersenzeitung, which is close to the war ministry, said that Germany's rearmament cost not only an almost superhuman outlay of strength and ma- Head of Iowa Press Group Northwood Editor Is New President;'North Iowa Papers Honored DEs MOINES, W)_L. S. Barnes, eduor of the Northwood Anchor- Index Saturday ivas named president of the Iowa Press Association - The association closed its twen- of means." . ih r* bu , rtlens increasing daily, the federal financiers have mobilized a tax on income of the fu- Is "Inflationary" Plan The scheme evolved Thursday in order to release cash provided for payment of all federal, state municipal, postal service, federal a a ? d h 'Shway orders on a so n s on a 60-40 basis-- 60 per cent in cash and _40 per cent in non-interest bearing "tax c r e d " _ ring "tax credit" biUs are bills used - U off future taxes--one type of draft alter seven months, the other after three -years. The possibility exists that tax collectors may find themselves flooded with paper revenue instead of cash. lerican bankers here deed the new plan as '-jnflation- m effect, nr at least an-enormous credit expansion Calls for Confidence w»i2 e - " azis turned to 'he scheme Hitter s predecessor as chancellor Franz von Papen, introduced in 1932 as an emergency order to help carry the unemployment re- '«H 0l f . Saturday alteirnoon;· _H. TV. Barnes, -editor'- of the Eagle Grove Eagle^ and -riot'related to the new president, was elected vice president. Woods Named Treasurer A Fa ^ Y oods ' editor oMhe Sheldon Mail, was named treasurer and S. E. Tennant of the Colfax Tnbune was re-elected recording secre s were Leslie Democrat, secretary. Directors chosen Moeller of the Wavi -n , Hill of Hamburg, James McGutcheon of Mount Vemon and Charles Hacke of Sac City. Moeller is the only new member. President Barnes succeeds W K H °S"s, editor of the Mount Pleasant News. He was vice president of the organization last year. Master Editors Named J. M. Beck of the Centerville Daily lowegian, John M. Grimes of the Osceola Sentinel and Scott Snyder of the Dallas County News, Adel, Saturday had received the "master editor-pub- tv f r r a ^? rds " a de annually by the Iowa Press association. The tributes were presented to e newspapermen Friday night at ner which h 'S hli Shted the the . burden. Deutsche Allegme-ne I 11 ?* the bellef in Zeirung fuehrer ' of this suc- rarm Loan Presidents Vame Snodgrass Head OMAHA, H. Snod- . grass, Casper, Wyo., headed Saturday an organization of 502 National Farm Loan association presidents in lou-a, Nebraska South Dakota and Wyoming. Jay 4. Person. Wauneta. Nebr.. is vice president and E. E. Wight. Oral S Dak. secretary. Eastern Nebraska in lowa association presidents reposed the organization. "I just backed him up in a corner, Morris said, in describine "%?« r 16 ^ined the confession, and I said to him: "'Now you're not going to let that dear old lady (Mrs. Joel P. otoKes, Mrs. C u n n i n g h a m ' s mother) choke to death with the lump m her throat that she has from not knowing what became of her daughter, are you?' infl 1 J £ St ke P"°TM* that question into him, and as it turned out, that choking process was just what he had done to his wife." Communists Predict Further Nazi Efforts MOSCOW, (ff)_Pravda, twlj - rnumst party organ, said Saturday tiermanys economic gains in Ru- and consolidation cess." It calls for confidence fay "tax credit" bill holders, that they wiil 3 discharge taxes with apers said. E ' «"i annual convention of the"press Twenty-five awards to editors also were announced at the dinner ^re-Eminence Recognized Beck has been editor of the iowegian 36 years,- Grimes has spent 47 years in newspaper work- in Iowa and Missouri and Snyder is «iteni7g his 16th year at Adei avJViS "master editor-publisher'' award was founded by Grant Caswell when, he was managing director of the association in 1932. that the citations be "in recogni! worl?' pr ^" eminence ^ newspaper TARZAN TRAIL ENDS IN DEATH Renegade Shot After Holding Up Bank;' Marks Close of Terror POWELL, Wyo., (JF)--A bullefc from his own pistol delivered Earl Durand, the renegade of the Rockies, to his self-assigned address--"Undertaker's Office, Powell, Wyo." The 26 year old mountain Tar- z a n s - trail of terror ended in a home town bank which he tried to rob Friday after killing four pursuers during a nine-day flight from the law. The fantastic bank robbery attempt also cost the life of a 20 year old teller. Felled by Boy, 17 Durand, who had eluded capture by a posse that grew to more than a hundred determined men, was about to escape in a hail of-bullets when a 17 year old boy fired the shot that felled him. Durand then fired a bullet into his brain with his own six-shooter. So ended a bloody postscript written in the history of the west oy a mountain-wise young man angered by his imprisonment for killing an elk out of season. He ?I°^,, frorn the Cod y J ail March 16, killed two officers who sought to apprehend him, killed two more men when a posse tried to trap him in northwestern Wyoming's mountains, and then came back into towzi io rob a bank Tipton Cox, the 17 year old school boy, said he felt "pretty sick when he viewed his victim. It was the first time I ever shot at anyone," he said. Town in Awed Calm Durand, before he attempted a one-man stand against possemen m Clarksfork Canyon last Wed- n e s d a y night, visited t h r e e ranches near Powell, leaving at one a letter addressed to Sheriff Frank Blackburn of Park 'county bearing as a return address: "Undertaker's Office, Powell, Wyo." The letter challenged the sheriff to have my head mounted and hang it up in the courthouse." The wily fugitive knew, he wrote that he was "done tor." ' An awed calm returned to Powell Saturday. Hundreds oC citizens filed past the body of the man they had known as a nature- loving individualist who rather than attend to school or ranch du- ' ties, preferred to live in the moun- ' tarns for weeks, subsisting on game, felled by ,h!s prodigious : ~ marksmanship nd someUmes «iti-' - . " ing the meat rawV- 1 ; '",'. · 'f TMiTM-'';: W Was Used as Shield r John Gawthrop, 20, the slain teller of the First National bank of Powell, was one of three men Uurand attempted to use as a shield when he stepped to the door of the bank carrying a rifle in one hand .and a bag containing more than ?2,OQO in the other Powell townspeople, warned of JJurand s return by gunfire inside the bank, greeted the slayer's appearance at the door with a fu-=il- lade of shots. The fugitive had driven to the bank in an automobile commandeered from Harry Moore. At that time possemen were seeking- Durand high on the slopes of Sawtooth mountain. 9 Were in Bank Bob Nelson, president of the bank, said Durand, looking "a bit W1 -!?'".4 te , PPed into the bank a ad said "Hello, Nelson," theri commanded the four employes and five customers in the bank to Stick up your hands!" _He had a six shooter in his h rf^ hands and hjs ammunition," 30-30 rifle ._ ,..,, pockets bulged with Nelson related. . -i won't kill you if you do what I say but no monkey business,' the fugitive said. 'Get over here a .,d line up,'" Nelson quoted Durand as demanding. The bank president said all -nine fined up while Durand scooped up between S2,000 and S3,DDO. Wants Safe Opened The intruder then ordered Cash jer Maurice Knutson to "get over here^ and open the safe." Durand the association. are attend- Youth, Prowling in Sorority, Captured; Turned Over to Police M I N N E A POLIS, U.R-- A 17 year old boy who'was captured by two fraternity men while he was North lowans Honored awards announced The Pclla Chronicle was hon" * been of agriculture towns role to -th f rpie to the hilt, began windows his s v i , service to Ph Phi Beta soronty house on the u n d e r 2 W n , under 2,500 population Nvent to the Fayette County Union of °Vest The Iowa Palls Citizen won the community service award fo? pa! pers m towns over 2,500 and th P S ? rrasta '' Delved ft e cor! the bank. Knutson complained that hp couldn't open the vault because lafer!'TM ^ W3S set to SB "He brought Knutson back out of the vault," Nelson said "and ^ e "' le ''^ three of M toiette? GawthroprKnuts^'anrmlsc^-' Nelson related Dt - yscu said t "Come on, boys, we're then , BulleU Start y n p fTM f P ushed Us over toward j vM cusfody o P o c e John Miller and Stanley Shores captured the youth, who was car! rying a long pole with an iron hook o on one end, which he admitted was home SnaS a PUISe from the ^-^^to^^^gS**" ^.°Jl?.- him ^r* 0 Pol^e" Best s p e c i a l edition -- New a^ a ^-^.*^ Union 2f ' 5 °?' Umon, f,rst : , second; Record-Democrat Poca- third- the window and walk behind BP , Best feature CiUzen farm p C o u n t y over 2 500 A , y ° ines ' third - a "d Iowa honorab le mention ,,,, F 'n»Hy Shoots Self

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