Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 2, 1944 · Page 19
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1944
Page 19
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Critic of Reformatory Warden Says Officials Are "Clouding Issue" Des Moines, M')--Clifford L. Miles, Anamosu publisher and tritic o£ Foss Davis, warden of the slate reformatory at Anamosa, told a reporter Wednesday that some state ollicials investigating conditions at the institution were "clouding the issue" and "investigating me under the name of Davis." Miles, publisher of the weekly Eureka, accompanied by his son, | Charles, visited Gov. B. B. Hickenlooper, Attorney General John M. Rankin and R. W. Nebergall, chief of the state bureau of investigation. Rankin told reporters t h a t Niles praised the way the investigation was being handled by Rankin's assistant, William McFarlin, implying that his dissatisfaction with the probe dealt with the conduct of agents of the SBI. The investigation, ordered by the governor after 2 escapes from the reformatory in January, has been under way 7 weeks and was expected to be concluded within another week or 10 days. HA VE YOU TRIED PUMPERNICKEL £ BREAD 15c ON SALE AT YOUR GROCER FRI. SAT. Allbaugh Is Granted ^eave of Absence From owa State College Post Ames. (/Pi-- Lcland G. Allbaugh, associate director of the agricul- :ural extension service at Iowa State college, has been granted a leave of absence to serve as head of the supplies and equipment allocation division of the foreign e c o n o m i c s administration i n Washington. Announcement of the leave was made Wednesday by President Charles E. Friley of the colleg'e. Allbaugh will go to Washington the middle of the month. The leave is until July 1, 19-Jf. Allbaugh will have charge of a staff of specialists who will analyze reo.uests for farm machinery, seeds, fertilizer and other agricultural supplies from ' foreign countries and will decide on the allocation of available food and agricultural equipment to those nations. Allbaugh has been with Iowa State college since 1!)1H and for the last '1 years his major work has been with the extension service, developing programs and handling personnel matters. ^eed Has 5 Times Required Number of Dairies for Candidacy DCS Moines, f.'P)--More than a hues the required number of sig- latures were contained on the lomirKition papers filed Wednesday by Carl W. Reed of Cresco, who seeks re-election to the state commerce commission on the republican ticket. State law requires that nomination petitions contain at least 2,193 signatures, representing one per cent of the vote cast by the candidate's party for governor in GETS NATIONAL POST Cresco--Miss Charlotte Severson, vocal music instructor of the Cresco high school, has been elected chairman of the National Music Educators' association, the national convention of which will be held in March at St. Louis, Mo. FOR A NATION THAT MUST BE HEALTHY EVAP. MILK WHITE HOUSE Add vital nourishment to doz- ( , R e j Of Brown p f EQ ) ens of tasty dishes as soups, creamed vegetables, fish or poultry, baked dishes and des- 9\ Toll serts. It's convenient and eeo- ^f nomlcal. Buy White House and ^k f be assured of finest quality. ^J V»OnS tliere is none better. * Xot connected with any company u»inr a similar name or brand. F1LEBUCKS' G A L -- C a r o l e Landis. who made such u hit with the boys on her recent overseas tour, has added the shipbuilders of California to her list of cumiucsls. The tou^li men who work in the shipyards have voted her their pin-up ^irl and dozens of her pictures have appeared on the pilings in the bis plants aloiix the water .front., the last election in 10 different counties. Steed's petition contained 10,991 names and at least 1 per cent of the vote in each of the 99 counties. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. Mis.Clark's SALADDRESSING MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Thursday, March 2, 1944 )9 ABSOLUTE "TOPS" LIN MACARONI r tm ·· eamEfles THE MORE^/wjfei MOtet/e/trteiri MACARONI Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ARE NOT RATIONED! SERVE THEM OFTEN! Nebr. U. S. No. ". Triump Potatoes . . . n,«h'b«34c Grapefruit, 10 for 49c Vitamins B-V C+ Vitamin* B ! C-H- Calif. Fresh Crisp Florida Sire " I K Seedless J u i t e Carrots. . . . bunch 9c Oranges . . . doz. 27c t . - - Silt J8 CaliT. Icebcrt Head 1 1 1 Vita ..... . California sire -·'- * itannn C.' r -f Lemons . . . . dot. 33c Florida Fresh Green CABBAGE Pounds. Vit. B+ CU--i-: AP FINE QUALITY GUARANTEED MEATS Grade "A" Sugar Cured (5 pts. Ib.) (3 pts. Ib.) (5 pts. Ib.) SMOKED HAMS ;,'''" J2c fr- 29c !r L " 33c S u n c r - K i i - l i l Grade "A" S i r l o i n Steak Ib. Portion Lb. . . . ; "nts. ib.i lb. 21 c Super-Rich! f i r m Beef IOU'- Pure Rulk Pork II |i!. II..] Sausage. . . Ib. 29c Grade "A" (7 pi*. Ib.} Sugar Cured Slab Leg-o-Lamb, Ib. 33c Bacon S u p e r - R i g h t Rib Lamb (7 pts. Ib.) Suprr-Kighl Chops . . Supcr-Ri^ht . . Ib. 27c · l 3 C -Kib " r I - rti " r ° rt r J 11 ^- (1 'lb - 35c Roost . . . Ib. 25c Chops Ib. 32c Sliced Bacon ,.", 17c For · Lent K r u / f i i l i l l c t s of Hake Falicv Nn. 1 Lake Smelts. . . Ib. 39c Ib. 21 c Whiting. Ib. 19c Pike"'." 1 .".'"''lb. 32c FREE! 2 RED POINTS FOR EACH POUND OF WASTE FATS! IT'S EASY TO "TOKEN SHOP" AT YOUR AP SUPER MARKET Your A P has such a wide variety of rationed foods that you're sure ti find pleasing choices for your Stamps and Tokens! Study our shelves and counters carefully and pich Ihe foods that Rive you Hie best value fir your ration points and money. Kcmemlier! Each Red or Blue Stump is xvorlh ten points . . . each Red or Blue Token is xvorlh one point! CLAIM CORPORAL PASTED LEWIS Soldier Reported to Be Involved Is AWOL Washington. UR--Did or didn't 1 AWOL army corporal plant his si in the eye of United Mine Workers President John L. Lewis .is a present from the boys over- eas'. 1 ' 1 The corporal, Henry Kania 1 . 21, f Schenectady, N. Y., say he did. o docs his buddy. Pvt. Jacob icotla. 20, of Rochester, N. Y., F ho accompanied him to Lewis' flice to tell the mine chief what ley think about wartime strikes. K. C. Adams, a spokesman for .ewis, says there was some arm- vaving, but 110 punch. He said is spoJve to the boys "like a ather," and told them "about the oal operators' conspiracy." Neutral observers reported no ,iyn of a "shiner" beneath Lewis' ushy eyebrows when he left his office and started for home. At .he Lewis' residence in Aloxan- :!ri:i, Va.. a secretary said Lcv/is was "not to be disturbed." The soldiers were reported by army officials to be absenl-with- ,)ut-leave from the army air force j command in Atlantic City. They said Kannia, who served in the Mediterranean area, was in the air forces redistribution center there when he went AWOL. and Ricotta was a patient in England genera! hospital. At last reports, military police were searching for the 2 soldiers but hadn't found them. The search started from the front of the mine workers building where Ricotta paused long enough Wednesday to be photographed hanging on to the 1 arm of Lewis' brother, Dennis. Dennis took the occasion to accuse the o f f i c e of war i n f o r m a t i o n of "poisoning" the minds of soldiers overseas about labor conditions at home. . Kicotta said he had won the i Purple Heart Cor wounds suffered at Salerno. Army officials at Atlantic City didn't know anything | about that, but confirmed Hint he ! had been overseas. AMERICA'S POPULAR C( Milt\ .n.rt ^Irllcxv 8 O'clock Rich and Full Bodied Red Circle Vig or nus anrt \Viney Bokar . . . Bakery Lenten · Buns . . . . J. I'arkcr M.irshninl Huge '£2? Donuts . . . 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Fancy Tuna . ».V 30c Spinach IlormrlS Chili Came We are Happy to Cash Payroll Checks Vegetable Shortening SPRY u.24c 3 Lb. Jor 69c 5 Pts. Lb. LOOK AT THESE UXRiVriONED ITEMS Piilsbury's .".'.* $1.32 Corn Starch J£ 7c Ilncore Cello Pack Egg Noodles i« 18c S y n n y l i c l r ) Top l)uati(y Corn Flakes. V\V. lie Sultana Whole Green Beans *"» 17c UFEBUOY RINSO IVORYSOAP 5 IVORYSOAP J Med. Cakes . . . Bath Size Cakes . . . 23c 20c 23c 18c 29c Get Your Copy of the March Woman's Day -- Only 2c! SUPER ^MARKETS Fresh Eggs . . . !!",,*: 34c .VFTENTION FAIOIKUS: ItriiiR: Us Your ERRS--\Vc T;iy Highest Trices tidy house BOWL FLUSH HIGH QUALITY WICCLX CuKi-4 COUNTRY FRESH BUTTER TB 45c DIRECT FROM F A U i M l l ! FRESH EGGS no/-. 35 thr Ail . T l n i r » - rta y , S j 11! r ri a y. ! a. in. I FOLGEETS -- HILLS' Butter-Nut, Nash or Maxwell House COFFEE BROOKS CATSUP ... AND ON I A' WONDER FLOUR "" 501*, * 25 IB ? 1 15 (^TraBRGiRi" 111 P I L L S B U R Y ' S F L O U R $719 ^« · * IN WJRKEE S . *1 1C IH FAMOUS 1ft I U o/.. Bottle LB. 01 C ill BAKING J LB. O 1 C C LB. OCC |A JAR O 1 III POWDER * (.'AN *· I ||| 3 BAG *3 I U ·a* LETTUCE Large 48 Size Iceberg. Head GRAPEFRUIT 80 Size --7- Texas Seedless 5 for . . . . 1J C ORANGES SUNKIST. 220 Size. Dozen . . . 39 Cauliflower SNOWBALL. LARGE HEADS. Each ...... BROCCOLI LARGE BUNCH BEETS NEW. Bunch lOc CALIFORNIA, LADY FINGER l LARGE ) BUNCHES CARROTS 17* CABBAGE NEW. Pound 5 PEPPERS GREEN Each . 5 22 ( QUICK OR REGULAR QUAKER OATS , QUAKER 5 Lli. ng YELLOW CORN MEAL 21 KKLLOGG'S ALL-BRAN THAT FAMOUS L O O K ! R I V E R V A L TAR NORTH P O T A T O E S RR!) R I V E R V A L L E Y TAR NORTH S U N - M A I D 15 SEEDLESS RAISINS £ SUN-SI A11) 15 ,£· 18° I Cobblers S U1 : S 2.59 PUFFED RAISINS ,1 17c CREAM OF WHEAT fC. 22 C » Ohio ' s · ·«»"' S2 - 79 AIR-MA 1 1- CALIF. PRUNES 2 T R A D E - W E L L PRUNES I T A L I A N No. 10 Gal. Can 45c FAULTLESS GRAPEFRUIT JUICE STAR ROYAL ANNE CHERRIES li 07,. OQC CAN *·* NO. :!n;{ JAR STAR DARK SWEET CHERRIES NO. 2 OftC CAN 3U TOP-FLIGHT P R U N E S I T A L I A N No. 2V, La rife Can ... I9c N A V Y B E A N S LBS. 1| Q *· Fanc - v 1-ONG G R A I N RICE 1 ( ' a l i f - l ' ar » t ' c "7 I | L I M A B E A N S . . . . . 4L FAULTLESS FANCY l-.-tUl.llKI.lOtJ 1 V 1 1 - V . Ill I A A If I RICH IX KI.AVOR 00«» H L U U IV * TOMATO JUICE ^;,Z3C 1 W1IAT ^ REAL VALUE: FAULTLESS F A N C Y KM M.I, 3 S i K V E EARLY JUNE PEAS No. 2 Cnn 15c RED - R I P E T O M A T O E S G H A U A N T E E D FAULTLESS FANCY :I;T \\'AX on GRKKX STR1HGLESS BEAHS ^V^ No. 2 Cans . .. 10 Points Per Can 25c PURB VEGETABLE V-8 BRAMI COCKTAIL JUICE N COOL SPRINGS ( I J K A M STVI.K « f\ GOLDEN SWEET COnN ^1UC D E L MONTE K A N C Y f l K K A M STVI.K !!_. GUMH SWEH CORN ^'13C DECKER'S LA GRATO Stick Chili f 25c RIB OR LOIN END PORK ROASTS 25c PORK CUTLETS 32c YOUNG BEEF SHORT RIBS 17c DECKER'S HOME STYLE RING BOLOGNA lb 25c RAW, TO BOIL CORNED BEEF 31c DECKER'S -- 4-LB. BOX 4 Points Bacon Ends 73c SAUERKRAUT ": 8c LEAN, MEATY SPARE RIBS lb. 19c FRESH SIDE PORK Ib. 24c GRADE A CHUCK BEEF ROASTS lb. 26c FANCY YOUNG HENS lb 35c

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