The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 18, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1818
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VfIA Pd. from 4d a Kd ?Vr. warrf emore, 110 Front - tt. J 13 lir SZavAM GOODb. - oO packages, sjousist - K Vf blacH na wnue memories ' - :reund and BeUKal Faucies . , t. Gh nd K0d eDd Cambrics ihlteVbrowo and yeilow Pocket Hdkfs. tfl,uk!i KiSet Hdkfc l iinltd r cic,)el Shirting Calicoct tJree0 E - TaMe Cloths. Sh.rf Moulds I)am fiineliah Umbrellas C,l.iWMalahar Hdkts. Hairord Dimity oWs super Cotton Hose, white & Cloth', assorted color, for sale by Suptrfiot',,w LETLa RfcMfeEN K CO. 28 South - street. Jl "rfiil JIFLOJT. O'jSi; hundred chaldron Liverpool New Pit Coalofvery superior quality and direct - ffl Liverpool, now discharging fro - n on board thtihiP Gangea, lying at Dover - street - wharf They will be ,0,( on molelial terms 10 lot" t0 Lt purely Application to be made on 5ord or at the subscribers Coal - Yard, 274 Front - street, who has on hand a very cxten - stock of Liverpool, Scotch and Virginia Cutis, of quality, which he will dispose Ton sccommodatiiur terms, and flatters him - lf ihey will give ample satisfaction to those jilt make trial. ;.is6t ALEX'R. TRACER. t - RY the great exertion of the manufacturer .i ...I. .).,.",,., I ,rtirVc the Sill). tcriberis now' enabled to supply - any number tint ray be ordered. The rapidity witii wnicu thtyluve sold, and the satisfaction experienced Is the purchasers, It is believed hasnever been equalled in tiiis ci;ty. The subscriber ,eilionlv those manufactured by the gentle - tata who first male them in America. It is invested to merchants and booksellers mi - u .Latsnce that to nrocure them with all possible speed, will be a sure source f protii to themselves and of lexiure to their cuswnevs. A small number oflarge ones of remarkable ttiuty are now completed and f.r sale. ' z gut - wold, ii 3 lw 96 Maiden - lane. Ti Caminten, VltHkrert, stone Lutttrl and Ca.rert. Tlir. HITUik:..'? ASSISTANT we'irtill,' htilrpft - il find wnrfhv thp slien'iuo ofev. ry one. either interested cr dirsctly cocceniea n. uuitiing, am contains uie not useul mancr in iitcir rrffptnic uruus, such as designs for store fronts, tuwn and coun - trj (.'wt!liiig, with tin ir eMail, as stair cases, kind - rails, rakini nriuniiag. doun, windows, framing, rocfi'ig, dooring, par'itionin, sriiral, r - chiinyes, Ciirnii'hes, fruM, or. hc. tiub. st , Bsfhleniaiitlu, ceiitn flyy - n, wilU h nuuidrr tf examples of li.ivff. irre!t and llo - maa, loj, ther with ;i driciip K - n of the propcr - jtt ol'ail kinds ol'muUri.ih us l in lli coiylnic - lion of Luiliiini, wilh tbi: r'0orti.(:.s and f - eal 'tbxl of mixing anu uorkin suih as require l.i lui .rtiir,fMinr40l mi am ft, r.niir fHji, fllira ble. The strnth,'tresi and lint diip - ition of! l!Bi3fl 10 iritii.tfii; ol carjieiiiry, ii - rajn r urn. epetiai'&tious oi tne wcrti, witn rules (oreilifiii1in and me mnringr tne saiiii;. To In ciJitnte llm knowledge by !liee instructions, tut Jetter prf ss win ne accoiai'Rinea wmi uuenp. kiv.rilota, (Mi f tL - liii li :ir nrifvin: I ftvv .1,'. mi ihi. v - ....... - - . - p.... - p,' - - - - - - nmnntiinjl ut il li ilfflililiont of lllf llli'flt Hnt)rtVI'l aieiiid of mtistriiclion, rimr.ictf - r and apiilira - utn, Irom the Ijest - aniNority stuuied lor inttr 111 - wct.ue, and nindu upplicuule to the pre'al iiyie oi milium;; in couinry, wun iiaui, cir - ati s and sections, ly John Haviland, archi tect, n J mi( rived ry Mugn ermpori, arusi. II HUU'POKT 04,frJ.eC'Mllyuiformtth' fs?Mfc; that he H " a vi' tQ ln" r,,' for tlie farpone .( solii itiiig Hie lrouatf of suhscrihern f r the uhnve work. The sanction ol and names tf upwards ol 15U sub. - rihtr - at fliilndelphia vill, heietls assured, nilTi - .u - i.tly reCoinnuendll.e niiriUofdxt work as wo. - ihv tlitsir otlution nnd that liinral earoui lament whkh tn - y hve siu - to UM'rit, both in its cVigJ and tui - reasiMia - lle tinns of its cjrnpltr(i - n), which n iil r e in 3 vnluinosni five nuin'rt earn j one number to be m'.luhed n:.vitlily, at ow d illar per nuailer, piyauleon delivery t o - rri!crs ; la non - ub - Kriliors, when oinpltited, $ IU. Thelirst numoer is now ready for delivery, a:id miy be seen, with the list ol suhrri!vrs, a' jlers. Ki:k and W erect n's ore, No. Wall - street, or at the residence ot thpriiprii - tor.No W Bril l street, wherr narues will be receivil Irom thosti - .cho wis!) to btconj'i sut'criiwrs to ti.e above wr.ik. J - K 1,yji(. sail; JUrv.iuis ol Unia I' - Jin r i.a I? Me f'.r Hun Bfx iiiakcr. or sugar H' t - rs. The q'i ili'y r.nd 'izu is the san.p as the Kvcb n3 l'("t h iirinted nn. A,iplf at this office. JelU AAUi'ilEK Aa T.lclll.N i vtitL!t. A GRKAT .alur,d Curisi's n.ay li seen C - r XV twoilavsunlv. at the AMERICAN MU SEUM. A very large SWORD HSU. which was taken on Wednesday lat, alion' M nuls siulli oi Sandy Hook, by captain ComstotU, Ot the smack David Forter, will be t xluhited for two days only, in conwquenre of the h - t weath er, ni scuaaer's American :iu"fnin. wnmui any rid;Uoiial cliorjp This reiuarkaljlc Fiih, anil tliennly one es - er in t'.ie Museum, is betyreen 1 1 and II feet lone. The 3word (many rif whirls have been known to pierce thr.iuth the sides ol vessels) is 4 feet loo, ths l.irsnst part of t'e body about 6 feet in K"' ; h S very i xTairdinary eyes, 9 inches in cirriiroirretice. and weighs a - bout 3tX) pounds. Thi fnh will positivly be re.noved from tlie Mu'euni, after two days exhibition, until lis? cao he propeily prepared to be rflurncd, wt.en it will tlten tvenmc a permanent isV.ahiiant, amon; the Ciany otiier curinpities oi this valuable Instilutt. n. Je 18 St A MIDDLE - AGED WOMAN. 1 RESPECTABLE nidJlc - acd woman, rf XX. domestic hab.ts, Willi chkI recommendation!, who could make herself nse' - il In a family is hhin; chr;e of children, sewing and attend - int 'o the chambers, nay hear of a sttidy place ryapplinyt thisoflice. ' Junn tB St A STE M or Team boat . 1 - V Wanted, builders Ci - SSSLtKr&SZt Steam and Team boats, are mAm us, ici in v, ted to make written prfxisition fo ih P! 2l2 .Vaiket - street, Hiilidelplua, for construct. iSC a Boat, a small draft of water, li,dit built. itn a deck about 60 feet lonpf. and proportional be..m Tli Rout is designed to run across - e river iixm l liiiauelpnta to Camden. Pro - Positions are also wanted for contnictin)T an jKt - ie, and alw Machinery fr horses. In order to eiect the plan which the Company may 'Pprnve, it is desirable that the proposal be Particular as 1o detail, nd that tb.e shortest time be stated at which tlie work will be coro - PlrteJ. je 13 2t AJOTICE is hereby cieo to all the creditors . .inwpa piHsre, n insolvent dblor, tliat flivmnt) of the monies which have coine to tlie eilXti fflh r l:. . . - ., . - . ... - ,Sir.r,, nuiu in i - u', wi.i ne 3""n: niscreditori on Monday, thetlti luf SeptemUr next, at 10 u'cl.xk in the for. ' (L?.'.,V1)e ,tnr l"')srriher, Dar.iel Lord. ',!U'" - tre.,4ew York; and the same ,.. paio io mecremiors, ac - 3 - ,b s"r,wi" 'f 'be said act an ti '. ,soivn. that aeeneral meetioS'Of " Die ui j rrpilifnri will I., h.l tl.. - t 1:.? !" "d J'f JT of Aarust " o - ciocx m tlie forenoon. f..r tl pur - exajnining and aMertnainsttwdtbtsduf creditor, accordiu,' to tt provisions of . . Daniel lorj), . RD BYRON'S LAST POEM. TiJf. Fourth Canto of CH1LDG HAROLD, ' by Lord Byron Is published and for sale by A. 1. uUVlJIULrt tlV. ''121 Broadway, (oppesite City Hotel.)" This edition is printed to bind up with his other works. Italy and its classical associations, are the theme ot tins, lmniatable poem, and the allu sion to a name celebrated in the history of our own country, will delight every American. The great popularity of this distinguished poet, will be much encieased by this his last and best production. Je 18 YliON Hhilde Harold, the fourth anil Ut Canto by Lord Byron, just received and to - sate uy w. u. uillkv, je 18 lw . 92 Broadway. YKON Childe Harold, tho fourth canto, by Lord Byron, just received and for sale at the IVIiucrva Circulating Library nd Book and Stationary Store No. 2G5 Broadway,' oppo site the Mu - eum. ' June 18 LOUD XYHO.V. rflHIS day is published and for sale by i KIRK U MERCEIN. (22 WalUtreet.) Childe Harbld's Filgrimai;e, Canto the Fourth, in a neat volume to match the other volumes of h's lordship's works. Price 75 cents in boards. je 18 6t LORO BY ROVo LAST I'OKM. WILEY Sc CO. So. 3 WaJI - street, bave V. this day ublished, Childe Harolds' pil grimage, c&nio ine lourm, uy t.orti tsyron. Abo Trial of Henry B. Hasermiia, Eso. on an Indictment for an Assault and Battery, with intent to ni urucr, coroniittid on William Cuie ojan, Esq. editor of the Evening Cost.' Price 50 cents. i Je 18 THE LAUY'c i'OCKKT LIBRARY." COMi'AIMNG Miss Moore's Essays Or. Gregory's Legacy to his Daughters Rudiments ol Taste, by the Counte'S oi Carhsle. - Mrs. Chnpoiie's Letter on th. goreniuient of ui temper. .?wi rs Jetttrtoa young Lady newly married, niid Moore's Funics for, the iciUide sex. (price XI bound,) is tiii day pub liihi dby L.&'. LOCK WOOD. J - : 18 lw No. 1 10 (Jhathnra - sireet. f S111K 4ih chiiio oi thildf Harold's pilgrim - .L nge, with other poems, by Lord Hyrmi. Trial of Henry B. H:i'ernian, Esq. oa an in dictment for an a',;.ult and battery, with iutenl to murucr; conuniiteu ou Willi - joi t - oleman, Esq. editor of the New - Yoik Evenins Post; ta ken in ihort - haiul, by David Raron, Esq. attor - uiy at law jua rccci.cdauu lor sale by D. BANKS, Je 10 corner of Jfasiau & Ppruce - sts. ij.ot'O lU,.LAR PRIZE. SHOULD the lucky uuinher Im sold ut ALIO LE.S it will bj paid immediately. Mext .Vedntsday, June 24. Tht r.ext l ran n Tit kct in the Milford and O - '"epn Road Luttcry, Will tulitle the holder to aj.tiuu lollar.s. Prires now in the wheel. 1 priz? of $7tUM0, I 1 priie of 35,00O, I do 10.IHK), 6 do 1,0K), - 17 do 51 X), I 99 do 100. .Oulr 10 dayiol drawing. The st hole to be drawn in 4 weeks. Tickets end Share fir sale at, ALLEY'S Truly Lucky Olii e. ,'o. HI Broadway. W hi re the hiht st prise yet drawn was sold in shnri!, and iniuiL'diiitfly paid, vix. No. 777 j, a pri?o ol' Ill.iWia Dollars Je 18 2t OtVLi.O MCKLlb FOR sain at GILLESPIE'd tflice, No. 114 iiroadwrty. as c'iean as they can be obtain ed at ny rllice in this ity. Je 18 it It WAIIK'.S List of 1'riier. in the Grand t. Road Lottery, now diawing lOlhjDAv'S DRAWIISG. No. 9087. 'Jj. iiOO; id 15. SCW1, 6S4S,7a6l $10 J. ".sold tiy t mil t, junr. iau Brnadwuv. who sold and paid few days since, ttiStt. 5000 dollars and 3977, 1000 dollars. Ui9 - ' G iSi it. WAll E'!i Li'tol Piizs, Miifurd 4i I". Oweao Road Lottery, now drawing. Ill h dav's drn in - . o. .iim.l .il'. J9j37, 500 dolls. $2315, Iv'JtM, 64a, RbB' $;(M. Kirst drawn number. Floating Prise. lls...dat WAlTl.'S. Tickets and Shares lor sale at W AITE'S Je 18 54 Maiden - Lane .iLLWS LI.tT Or' J'ii '.i - S MILPORDfc OWKCOROAD LOTTERY. ; 10th day's diawinp. Nos. 35, t.VM; 9037, 500j 315, 2361, 6645, 7t;.6o, 1LU each. The lottery will d. aw again on Wednesday next, when the firal drawn number w 11 be entitled to the great prize i.f .35.0(10. A few tickets and shares, for sale at AL'.E.V:?, Tiuly Lucky OihVe, lii Broadway. Where the highest prize yet drawn in this Let - tery was sold and paid, vis. No. 7771, a prize ol JlU.WKh Je 1 .More fntci, Irom lite fn.e etitiig OJj'ue of .k . . ...... ... rpiCKET o. 9U87, which ycfterday drew J. the priie ol" Five Hundred Dollars, in the Grand Road Lottery, was sold by ROBERT WAI I E Junr. 136 Broadway, who sold and paid a lew diys sun e in the same Lottery, Nn. - lb' iO, n I' rue ol j5000 and 3977, a prize ol $.0l0. Tlie hrst drawn number on the next l:iy ot drawing, will be entitled to the Brilliant Prize of 35,000 Dollars. For which adventurers are advised to make immediate application at the fne Srlling VJiceof IL WAITE Junr. 136 Broadwrv. Je 18 URACIL'S, H'i Broadway. LIST ol prizes in the MUlord ai.d Owego Road Lottery. lOlh day's drawing. Nos. 35, 9DU7, $500, 5315, 2361, 6645, JtOO. Firt draws Dumber. tto!d ! Gracie's The next drutinj is on Wednesday next, ami the I t number drawn will be entitled to a grand capital prize of $35,000. A few chauces for s deat GRACIEH 14C Broadway. J IB lOO Kei white Starch, laudio; at OIJ blip, for sale by J ACKSON b WOOLLEY, Jane 17 7i Wall - sL f COGNAC BRANDY. 20 pipes 4th proof Uld Cognac Brandy, of superior flavor, new lu,i!io trora ship ill.nois, from Bordeaux, and for sale by Frederick reiciiard, Je 15 lw 4 Wilham st'eet. IWoll LlNE.Ns,, HEETLNGa, A tec 1m. LARGE and various assortment of the fol - lowius goods jiMt receired by the latest arrivals from Dublin and Belfiut, sua offered for sal oo reaioualle terms 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 liuenv in whole and deaii pieces 7 - 8 and 4 - 4 do coarse half bleached,very slrooe 7 - 8 lawns, 4 4, tery stroc; and low priced 5 4 sheetin, 3 - 4 brown and Mar k linen 3 - 4 diapers, ( - 4 to 10 - 4 table diapers 3 - 4 Linen 4 - 4 linen remnants, 7 - 8 dowlas, long and boo. tild Fiwt quality Irish sail duck 4 - 4 cotton sliirtiu. Colored threads assorted THOMAS iLTFKR.N, . June 15 tsr No. 6 lepeTter - sL 10O for sale by Je17 IPLAXD COTfO.y. bales superior quality upland cotton, LE ROY, BAYARD t CO. VTEW - ORLEAN3 COTTON'. 370 ba!c, L x prime Cotton, received per ship Thomas NelKNi, and brics Arco and Standard. nd for sale by WALSU & GALLAGHER, Je 15 69 South tUU LCR Far BOSTON, TheRhx ONLY DAUGHTER, Loce, will sail on Wednesday next, and lace 'freight on moderate terms. Apply to WALSH k GALLAGHER, Jel7 66 South - street. ,Ui The stbr EAGLE, Russell ; will sail iSnn Saturday next. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Peck - slip, or to J 17 R. fc C. W. DAVENPORT k Co. fur Lh'hUfOOL, ThA fn$l nilinvrnnnwd fhiD CAN TON. caot. Roxers. fwill Dosilively sail ou the 20th instant.) For passage, having good accommodations, apply to the captain, on board, at pier no. 8, east river, or to Jel7 A.GRACIEt SON5. tor LIVEHFOOL, The ship INDEPENDENCE, captain Reirsoo, now loading at pier no 14 100 bales of cotton or light freight of equal bulk will be taken at a reasonable rate. Three more passengers cau be well accommodated. The ship will sail ou or before .Sunday the 23th hut. Apply to HENRY GARY & Co. Je 17 4t 33 Mill - street. (For l'a.utr onlg) to tlichland f CHEN AIM, The staunch brig MALTA, Captain llobbs, now loading1 at the Albany Hasin, has ample accommodations for a few passengers, who will be comfortably provided for by applying on board, or to HENRY CARY & CO. je 17 4t 38 Mi l - street. for M.iliSKILLrlS, The elegant New - York built copper - edship CORSAIR, J. Barker, master, to lad in a week. For freight or passage, apply to capL B. on board, at pierTVs. 5, North 1 later, or to G . G. Si 6. HO W LA N D, Je 15 67 Washington st. Folt SdLE, The fast sailing schr SPARTAN, iisifiburtlicu 13a tons, will carry 800 bbls., J years old, was coiiiicred last summer with hea vy copper, Mid has had $1000 expended ou her tail, and rigging within the last two mouths, nod is well lound in every respect, lies at pier No. 9, E. R. Apply ou board, or to DAVID G. GILLIES, Je 15 76 llrnad - street. The staunc h chr FANNY, jut arrived from Havi'u. Mi i ns hurlhcii. wi 1 "a iv 1 100 bbls.. built at Norlulic in It; 'o for a packet between that port and this ; is w til tumid aud can be scut to sea at a trifling x pence ; lies at pier no. 8, E. R. Apply on lorl, or to David g. gillies Je 15 76 liroacl f'rret. j - - jaJ.modald In the cabin T the reoiarka.dv 'i v iica I'm! n,ik.n rr .i ft ! tiff nm Iiu3 British brig S KEEN, "iil .'or Ldun about Hie 20th mat r or term", apply to caot. dason, on board, at Jones' uharr, or to ROBERT GII.LE. - - IIK, June 13 I i2 Fron'. - st. lor S.1V.LY.YJH. tl5 TlleP1,cke, ,,rif EKVANT. Wood, JRj&Lmaster, will receive f: eight until Wed nesday next, at which time she will positively sail. Apidy on board at Murray 's - wl. ii f. orio THO. HAItROs, je 13 4t ! 61 South - street. For, ty The sliKip M AuY - ANN, J. J. Pine, master, naming inc rraierjJaii or uei carg . on board, will sail to - morrow, weather permitting. For remainder of freight or pas - ssgc, apply on board east side Burliug - alip, or to AIM t U.N U. fHt.LI'S, . .. tB3 Front - street. . tor UUtbiOL. (h.niiiund.) .fci'lv The coopered shin ANDREW i.n. nmiitr. harm" uufcl ol her cargo engaged, will puMliveiy sail ou i'uesdny 22d iust. For freight of about 7.i0 bbls or passage having excelleht a 'ContnioiUliaiis, apply oa board at pier No. 22, near Peck - flip, to i . Ji - ii r.i i r.iiiKiii.i kv, oi Jel6 B. W. (Uit.KRs k O. ''or frrigit or Charier, . 4v5 A first rate coppered and copper faften - MtbYi. ed SlUP.I - out J50 foil'. pply at the odueol V. A. iCUfclt :KKH(Jly.N k CO. 93 Wa. - hinton - tree.t. or IIENilY CtVT. June 16 tf 91 South sircct. Fur rrr.thrltl or Lfur'tr, 41 The schr URCHIN, capt. Paul, 100 UJatons, a very substantial good vessel, and in line order for any voyage. Apply on board, at pier 10, east river, or to . JOSETH 0?'10RN, Jel6 '211 South street. tor I tr'bHl'UUL, JiiMi The elrgau! last sailing coppered ship 5&S&DRAPF.R, William Adams, matter ; the is '31 tuns burthen, only two years old, and will be dispatched immediately on discharging her inward cargo, i or freight or pa - jaje, up ply to the master, on board, east tido of Fly market wharf, or to B. VV. ROGF.R3 Si Co. Jcl6 S35 Pearl street. Osti i LVTIU.Y, at. mJ Spanish ox hidesjlandioj at Brooklyn in good order 40 bales priui" cotton, mostly square bales 10 chests imperial tea, H unlress cargo 30 cases' mcu's hats, imported lately from r ranee, suitable tor the iNew - market. Also, 0 barrels prime pork, fur sale by HENRY COWING, 191 Front corner of Fullou - stretl. Ion 16 lw 9AKf'.f.AGiAD Rl'M. hhds landing from sloop New - York For sale by JAMES D'WOLF, juu. Je 17 54 Souih - st J A VHl.Ysi H'.iUE. It boxes diuiug sets, plates, ic. landing and (or sale at 67 South - street, by Je 17 CAMBRELENG & PEARSON. DOME3TIC GOODS. TXfM. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, cfT.trs V v for sale on reasonable terms, at his store 197 Pearl street, a fresh supply oi the follow u enods. viz. 16il ps. white millinets.'handsomely bleach'd 120 do black di land finish'd 20 cases blearh'd and unbleoch'd sheetings k shirtiii't ; together with an assortment of (1 m knitting and sowing cotton. J 16 ' 1 ICE. 75 tierces drst quality Kice, lauding it this day, for sale by ANSONG.PHEl.PS. Je 16 183 Front street. FOJlH.iLF, byJA.VES P7HJfDdET No. 7, opposite tlie I'ark, 4 kboxes Sicily LEMONS, in fine order, in h XJ lots to suit purchasers. Je H hVNOU?H HAMS, BACON, ax. just in. - i ported - - Just' rei rived by the subscriber, Double Gloucester, D' - rfi bin and Pine Apple Cheese,uf a very sui erior nuality ; York hire and Wiltshire Hams; sides and flitches of Bator, of a sapertor quality; Knglin Lard, in LlarMers, and small fiikins; Claw nod BrMolStoim Ware; lan;e Bottes ; Pipes aud Dmirj ihn ALSO. A crneral assortment of Groceries, Fish Sau ces, 1C fur ssJ cheam foe rash, by ED.VARO BLACKFORD, 157 Green wichtrtet. , Best Havana Segart, in or. boxes Jel6 1ra It ICE. 90 tiercts Rue. I and ins Irom s tr. V Arabella, at Murray's wharf, tor sale 1 - y CLARK, lOORE CO. Je 17 41 SyaUi - ilreit. CALCUrrAGOODS. - Slmlct fine BalUs 4 bales Beerboon Gurrohs r . 3 do Ousah Caussaks, now laoffing and for tale by G. G. & S. HOWLAND, 67 . Washington - street Alio in Store, 40 bale Calcutta Goods, consisting of Badas, Gurrahs, Mamoodies, Sawos, Checks, tVc. Je17 FLOOR MAT8250 large floor mats, oblong and round, 500 smaller do' round, or sale by G. G. & S. HOWLAND, je 17 67 Waidiington - etreet. (il 1. TOBALLO. kegs, ) Virginia manufactured tobac - 53 half kegs, S co, of the best quality & brands, now landing and lor sale by Jel7Iw. CORNELIUS DU BOIS. oUGAKb - W lihds. prime St. Croix Sugars, O landing on pier No. 11, for sale by JACKSON ti WOOLLEY, Ja 17 - 75 Wall 'tie. t. iy riling Fauer. HarHwmt and (Jilt Jiudlery. RECEIVED by the Criterion, Utnules, and Mertury, for sale by L. STANSBIE, 101 Pearl - stroet. coksistiho ov Fins thin hot pressed giit edge London super - one fost Paper Fine thick do do Middle yellow wove do do do Fine yellow wove Foolscap do Laid Foolscap, Laid pot ' Blue wove I luck Folio post Fine copying paper, wood Screws Banbury Locks Black and bright shackle Padlocks Rat traps, till Lccks, cast butt Hinges Curry combs, tic Gilt Chains, Seals, Keys, Ridicule springs Amulet Necklaces, Ornaments, tic. Sic. Je 12 lw NAIi.c, COPfEK BOTTOMS, He 60 casks Eng. Wrought Nails 30 do American do 200 do Cut, assorted sizes 3 bales Italian paper 2000 lb. Copper Bottoms 4 casks Card Wire, No. 33 400 India Blinds . 6 cases Canton Table Mats, round i: oval 100 doz. hair and wire sieves i tens white Cordage, assorted, 1000 !i Eiidi'h Shoe Thread 5000 do do Seine Twiue, in lots to suit purchasers, for sale by CEBRA Jc CUMING, Je 17 76 Ti arl street. Lil'LKPoOL CU.ii.. NOW lauding flora brig Elizabeth, lOn rlinldrnn Liverniinl new nil Cii.ll. of a ;uperior quality and large, aud will be sold low in lots to suit purchase:?, while hiloal. Apply ou board, pier No. 9, Last River, or to LAING Si RANDOLPH, Je 17 6t 9!l Vesev - st. 'S. PH. OL LUZE, 71 Washington street, 1J ofl'ers for sale, , , Claret Wine 10 cases linrgundv) ,v; 10 do Miial.;I,( ine Received per brig Leo, from Marseilles and entitled to debenture. ALSO, 15 taes Glass Tumlilers V5 di Oliyes 25 do Caiiers. AND, Several invoj es of French Silk Goods and linen cm nn ks, rtceived Irom Havre. Je 17 lin it LHOt'i'.t HU.tAL.l.D. 'ass of superior quality, just landed for ?a.e a' 07 Sod'h - 'trecl, by Iunel7 CAMBREI F.NGi PEARSON. B. KttLViDl A email quantity of Cham - bertiu aud Romauee, iu cases of. 6 dozen eaCb, for sale by , GULIAN LUDLOW, June 17 f No. 1.1 Whitelull - it. 124 iL'Gt .tlOL.a'. lihds ) muscovado sngar,part of which HO bbls ) isol ixrellenl quality. ,H9hhils ) Matauzasmoioues, good qua. 17 tieices li'y. Landing i'iuiu brig Swan. For Kile by GOODHUE A CO. J 17 44 South - st. J IDES. - - 5J0 CuicMMacow hides, of prime JLJ. (lUkli'y, '1 in hue order, ou board sloop Conn I, at burlii: sli,, Kir s Je by (iUiiJJIlUE f! t'O. je 17 44 Soutls - sdeft 2.1 VOS, 7j Washii gton sti eet, oilers lor a. sl . sale 19 lialvs r,eor;ia Upland Cot'on 1"0 demijohns of 5 gallons each A few doen watch springs and chains, je 16 1 at s Kt - .A.Moi Rejai Inu'ing 1 ftper JL i))AF 2i do fine Writing Demy 20 reams thick Folio Post paper for sale by COLLINS iV HANNAY, June 15 lw 230 Prarl - stfctt. I UST received by the kitest arrtvnls frm Ha. l vre de (.race, mid for sale by the subscriber, on the mr.s'. reaiiouahle terms, the following r r.'iu n Uonds, oz : 2 boxes thread laces . 1 2 cast s chrytocal and silver watches 21 packages hanging paper 1 c.a - chip fl it 2 do !intn cambrics 2 do band necklaces 2 cusi.s tliulie lace shawls, and embroidered narrow tliulie lace 1 case hair net 2 ca h - s pmnelle sIiopj ; 2 do cologne water 1 do anticie oil and poiuatuni 1 do artifi. i..l ll nvers 1 do silk stockings aud gloves 1 do small cheks 1 do mock jewellery 6. VENTROUX IIF.RSAN. Je 16 lw 42 William slreet. .4 DtJUMi iHrl.Yt.. JT hhds sewing twine 6 do seine aad herring do 4 doaiatka.rtl do Received per brig Henry Clay from London S 6 TORE, Iron wire, No. 1 a 111 Whiting, copperas, c. , Cables, cordage, ir. made of first quality. JONES & CLINCH, Ja 16 lw Coffee House slip. RICK 50,000 hard brkks, fur sale by ANSON . PHELPS, June 17 lfi3 Frout st. TO PR1N l fcRS. I 'H REE or FOUR pressmen will find inira J. diate ai,d constaut tiuploymeiit, by apply iugto 1. FANSHAW, X.. VII S l.lnni. N. B. None but good and steady workmen uted apply. A sup - r - royai l ress lorsaie ai uie ituwve pmce. Je 1 at EV1TI.OVME.NT WANTED, 13 Y a youmr uian, ho is engaged ai present iu I ft . iru, - mili...i ttiilir n...if .irft itn, nn his lime ; could devote the other hall of his time to the business of another law odice; or would undertake writing oi enKrossing ol any d - .scriptiou, iiy the folio oroiherwise ; or would take charge ol a wt ol books, or nuuie Liiosill entirely to the haili.essol a rleikin geuerai in any ouir, riui .low. up mi - rmn tih. where constant c:n;"ilor - aient would Her ; can give the most respectable references aod good scca.ity, or a uep.sit, lur the faithful discharge aid safety tl committed to his" care. Any ge - rtleweJi wishing orwaotiog a person m that carwciiy hiii e - c sppl.i by letter or othersyise, to Xv. rt. J. '"' office of the oil. J - I6I TWO or tbre single tregticsneo, or f mau and bi. wif. cau b. l.nduif !y ac - cooimv1a'.d with board aca csctweoi " No. r39 Broadsrar. V - - '" REMOVALS. t;t MACKlEj MILNE i CO. yed to No. 61 Pwe - strestt - tave remo may 4 .'JOHN A BUM. WILLLNKii CO. have removed from 75 to 79 Washington - street. . ' MiTAJioarnosis, ricrvustsisuK k maritimjc THEATRE WASHINGTON HALL. MR. MAFFEY, artist, mechanician, proprietor and inventor of this kind of spec tacle, will uerlorm every dav this week. Sun day exct pted, at half past 8 o'clock in the eve - mug, in ine uiand Saloon oi me wasmugioo Hall. 1 he first representation will be Harlequin, Prince by Magic : or. the handsome Branda. maute delivered of her enchantments. A fairy ornamented with all the fairy cau pioduce, agree - aoiy to sirme uio eyes, liy elegancy oi aresset. Muny transformations and metamoruhosisadaDf. ed to tlie subject. Harlequiu, traiisioruicd to a Trince, will be seen eating, drinking, helping himself at table, lighting and extinguishing his candle like a living person. Those performances will be preceded by dilfercnt dunces and iue - tamorpnosis I he mrcliamsiu of the spectacle is well worthy tlie attention of the connoiiseurs. The decora! ions will present, . . The Grotto of St. Patrick, in Ireland, renown - ed, as it is vulgarly said, for the Wizards it cou - IU111S. An Ethereal Temple, descending from Hea ven. A landscape in Switzerland, near Geneva, em - beliihed by the metamorphosis of tho Millet's Cart in a Mill, followed by duck hunting, where will be seen the hunter firing bis gun, the bounds swimming in search of, aud bringing the game to their muster This will be preceded by a vi w ofaswnn, which, by its natural motions is worthy of attention. 1 . ' Th spectacle will be ornamented by Psyche's Ballet, and an allegorical met amorpriosis in honor of Washington, and will be terminated by a grand murine view of the Fort of Messina, In the Mediterranean sea, between bicily and Calabria, a city celebrated lor its antiquity. The small housts of the pilots will be observed, pla ctd by the government to succour lliu vessels that pats the straits so renowned for its danger. Vessels of all sizes will be seen suiting and saluting each othei, as in a naval combat. Souie wiil a appear to be sailiug at the distance of about 4M units in coiuck'te. mlts in the iionzou. The illusion will be The Director will think himself rewarded for his pains, if tlie public will deign to sn.ile at us enuits, ana encourage hnu by their prtsence. tie win emit nothing in his power to desene their fi.vour. Tersons who wish to procure tickrts will phase upply at the efiice of the W ashington - wall. First places 1 dollar ; second places 50 rents children '.'scents. Je 17 41 'It HE public are respectfully informed, that L ANDREWS 4 MEG AREY, of the city ol London, and of New - York, are appo'uftel agent for the sale of Rowland Si Sou's Inroinnarabti Macnuar Oil, the greatest discovery ol the age ; warranted to a (lord tho greatest nourishment In the Human Hair ; prevcut. its being injured by illuesf, accouchuienf, travelling, change of cli mate, Kc Removes the scurf, harrhuess and dryness, renders it soft and glossy, prevents it IliogolTor turning gi'ey, creates a thick growth on the baldtil flacei, makes the hair strong in curl, which it keeps in damp - weather, xcrcis,, Sic; imparts a pleasant perfume, and produce. whiskers, eyebrows, 4c. The proprietors war ra it Hs innocence, and to improve the bair from infancy to the Tatctl pen - id of life. Its incstiinuble properties have gained it the patronage of the prii.cipal nobility of Europe, and as its great and deserved popularity has occasioned spurious imitations, composed of deleterious ingredients injurious to the hair, not only us England but in America also, it will in consequence be necessary to observe that ach genuine brrttve ts signed on tne lanel in red ink A. HOW LAND KbUN. Sold wholesale and retail bv the agents, je 16 3t 20 Wall - tfreet. DF.AF AXD DUMB J AMES HUNTER, teacher of the deaf and dumb, (from Scotland) respectfully in forms the iniiibitants of Brooklyn and its vi cinity, that he has taken the room format y occupied us a school by Mr. Devenne, where he will comnr - nce on .Monday the 22a insrrto teach those in the above situation to articulate, read, write and cast accounts lie will also teach reading, English grammar, writing - , arithmetic, book - keeping, geometry, land snr - veyiflg, Ac. He can pr.'duCt ample certificates of his abilities as a teacher and mural character. He can accommodate a few children with board ou reasonable terms. N. 11. All orders for Mr. Hunter will be received at GU VNT THORBURNS' seed store, je 17 4t 20 Nassau - street. A CHORISTER W ANTED, IN one ol the Epircopal Churches in this city. 1 Any pcMon wishing to engage as such will please mane application to J. M. HOYT, Jel7 4t No. 1Z5 Fn nt street. t.UAiilJING. . FIVE or six gentlemen ol sirndy hahits, ot two small families, can be accommodatrj in a small fafmily, No. 55 William street, on (lie comer of Pine street. Also, gentlemen accommodated with dinner. Je 16 lw C H1N ESK1 VOR Y - HA N DLE PAIUSOLS. M' ARTINOT and ROE, umbrella ami parasol manufacturers, at their old es tablished store, No. 00 Maiden lane, have completed their assortment of umbrellas and parasols of every description and of the best oup.lity, sorts of the latter with Cbiuese engraved ivory handles, Which they will dispose of at such prices as tbey trUst will ensure them a continuance of the liberal patronage they bave been favored with. Country merchants are requested to call and view their assortmcut of the above articles," as they will he supplied on liberal terms. L'mbrellus and parasols neatly bound and repaired. Je II IMOtiClw OAKD1NG. Gentlemen and families, can be accommodated with genteel board, it 166 Greenwich, corner of I)evtrect, where every attention will be paid, and their sku - ation made ap - ecable. je 14 2' 35.00U JJOLLAJt PHLIE. OS Wednesday next, ihc fiist drawn num ber in the Millord and Owego Road Lot l ana uwego no. s. . aXTU to purchase a three story bousa o the capital prize of yy fa ,0HW,p,r,lrfn - clty. A line ad - who wish for a chaiice Ljj fo p. p. mentioning situation and price. to tc - rv, wiil be e.ititlcd 35.000 dollars. Those of this oreat nrize. may obtain it at G. and It. WATTES, Truly Fortunate lottery and Ex change Ollice, No 54 - Ma ilen lane, on me very lowest term, they are determined to sell lirkets in this sod in tlie ng Medical science Lotlr. - v, Mt lc.t at cheap as at any other office in tips ci v. The only pne ol d.,uw dollars ever d s'wn in this city, was obtained at Wa les ofRre in a, half, quarter and two eighths - paits. NEW TARIFF. f I'ST puhli.l erl. a new di'ioa or be Tanfioi ,j Duties oftlie t'nited Etaits, with lia altera - iuns oiadr. ty Longress iu msi tession, ai na - tMiirally orrans - c', in apmplilet lorm, with a letter of instructions frwri .the coiurrtrcllcr of tlie tiensiirv to the coll' ctots o. the cuttinas, and e - verxl ir?t..T':i co - nmrri!il remr.rks foraal by DAYiTUtiNEH, printers and statuwers, So. 84 Water street It may also be t.r - iabtrd at I he. boon stoic ol .yiessrs. s words. LOU rjtrl street,. T A. RootUs, 133 Pearl tttU P. An ierrf v.psicr, til Wail stss - c:, r. BurlskU, corner V all and E'oa,J (trett. aod Prior ir DtMi:ine. 1 111 WaWr ttsect. J 1731 PUBLIC SALES. ; BY W ATA Nl EL O. iNfiRAHAM. ' - lt .Saturday, the 27lhsusr. - - ' ' , l 1U O CIOCK Q tlie Alifttoa nouiu, a M """ " ty of household furniture, consisting of buieaus. chairs, tables, Ac. kc. 4tc By order 1 Unsr snerin. i - t - SUA HULK tOli tiUILOIJiU, ke. ' TH E proprietors of the southern marbl qua 1 ries, near King's - Biitke, give noti'u that' the.y have on baud, and are receiving", at th Ktng'i - tsnage Marine and - luro, iooios lUach - street, on th Hudtou river, an exlcnsiva slock of niaflle lor building, of the iullowing de senp'aons, viz '. Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone ChimuFy.PitCct - ' Facings Colttmnt Watartabla 8teps Platform) Sins, Liutcls Arches Also Lima of the best quality. frF A consUnt supply of the above maUrhvl may be calculated upon ; aud those desirous of purchasing, of making engagement?, will apply ; P7iL4 i.iiDhowj Feb 11 At the Yard.: STOUK l t I.HT LY BliOAUH Ak . PI LIAS VALENTlNTyiittiiding toreliiiCjuish i llm hor.liellinir busniets. oilers to let the store 104 Broadway ; it is a Cist rate stand for a retail store. ELI A3 VALENTINE havinc taken his brrv ther SAMUEL into partnership, the COPPER - . TLA I L r KIN J LM business will in mtuie oe conducted under she firm of Elias & Samuel . Valentine. Odice 34 Spruce - street. ELIAS VALENTINE, .. . .. SAMUEL VALENTINE. Orders from any cart of the union, executed with nealntss and despatch, and on the most re. suitable terms. Jelo .NOTICE. frr All nersons havinc claims acainst the tsJ tate of J aiues Douglass, stonecutter, deceased, are requested to - present tnem without oeiay to Horace II olden, r:q. Iio. ui f unon street, tor adjustment. 'Those who are indebted to said estate are informed, that immediate pay meat must bt made to prevent prosecutions. WILLIAM hllARP.S Executor. SAML. iN. SHARP, j Je 13"lw" NOTICE. (T William Ddworth and Abrm. Voorbeei having entered into co - partnership, Jheir business will be conducted under the firm of ; . DILWOKTH.& VOORHEES, No. 190 Water - street. - thiv om.a roa sale, 22 bales came's wool, 1st quality 4 cases French do. 1st do. . Russia hares wool, beaver, tie. je 15 lw ' fJT Tho Subscriber has opened an establish ment which he has entitled the ULUOM1NU GROVE GARDEN, ala.ut three quarters of a mile from the Brooklyn ferry - stairs, on the Jamaica Turnpike road, opposite capt. L. Brow - el 's, Where lis solicits liu paironnge oinis iritnus aud the public. He has laid iu an assortmcul of tiie choicest Wines and Liquors tlmt tha New - York mai ket atTirdt. AIm, at all times, at lb ehortest notice, he will furuish Chocolate, Coffea nd Tea. Rtluhes. Sic. 'I he Garden is hand - mulcuid very shady, and from the garden thoro is a beautiful prospect of tlie Narrows, Ktttea - Island, Ac. ,, tvAWDll., - ' June 16 5 JiiSE OF TICKETS', . t - iTr Tickets in Uie Millord & Owego Road Lottery, will rise to - niorrow, immediately after the drawing, to R30, previous to which they may b Isms - at t'M.' Medrcat Sclcwasr at ' 26, of BENJAkllN BOILER, je 16 2t 27 Wall - street. . " NOTICE, ' ,. 7o otrner of tiacknry Carriagu. 0 Thu owncrt iind drivers of Hackney I'uinagt's are iiu'ornied, that applications forh - . enses are to be made at the Mayor's odice, pa Monday next, at I o'clock. . 'The printers employed by the Corporation will please insert this notice daily until Tuesday next. Je 17 . - PHENIX BANK. DIVIDEND of three or.cent forsix months. ending the t'tii instunl, hs been this day declared payable to tlie stockholders oo the Grit oi July next, tiy order fl the ooaru oi oireciors. Jel7 Im D. I. GEEENE, Cashier. tVUHTU OF JULY JLUILtE. BOOTHS Places for erecting of booths at the Battery, may be had, uutil Friday tha ioili instaut, by applic'atiou attheQajstalf oulbo Battery. 'Those persons who occupied them last y. ar will have the preference by applying soon. jo iu oi jyjii.' ui.y,ui.H. FOURTH JULY JUBILEE BOOI HS. - Places for erecting Booths at the Park and Bowlint Green the 4th July next. will he assigned on 'Thursday the lSth iusiant, at the city - bull, between the hours of 8 and 10 in I he forenoon. Those m rsons who drcupied them last year will have tb - preference, if applied for until Friday the 20th instant. .. Je 16 PASTURE, T' O be let for the sea - on, ten acres excel lent Pasture, situated on the Light Ave nue. - directly in tne rear oi ine new sionu church on the Bloomingdale road. It is under gowl fence, and mostly rrd and vhtte clover, and well watered. For terms, apply to ' CIIMBER j U t O. ie 16 lw No. 48 Wall - st. New - York. ti WITEK. J ANTED, a waiter, who can produce goo V V rerciitniuendations no other need apply. Enquire!.. t SI Park Place, or 43 Water - stteeL Jl6 4t WANTED, WHITE WOMAN, to COOK and do the rv kitchen work ol a small lamiiy Ai - plvat this office. je to t TAN! ED. a COOK the best reciUMsiea - V V da i ions will be required. Apply at No. Je 16 1 9 Bridge street. 1 WANTED to hire, a Pew. in bt. John'a t T Chapel. Enquire at No. 58 Hudson street. ie 17 iw . WAVLEiJ, s FROM 10 to 12,000 d illars on real security, for which 7 per tent, per annum will be giv - Aw',jr b'lEECKER k LEFFERTS, ; 1 je J7 w . 39 t illiain streetj an. I left at No. 5 Broadway, will he alteuded to. Je 17 ait ' ' : ELF.t'HAN I 3 JlL. 4 GRAT Dropor ti.Mi of the cargo of the brig ix. Jane Maria, will be stored and sold by tb cask, in quantities to tint purchasers . This oil ills Dviieved is fas pure aua Doras as wtll as scny - inei strained sperm, oil, and it more yaluaUrf - for the ose of curriers aad wool maiyufaiircTt. forsaleby . J. BiERS, .. Je I I zi tsurung slip. IO J Hi. PClilC. ,: EOH sale an ex client (LoaJon made) patsct M.ingle This' article being of a different c xistructiou fo t!ys'oeraMty ct' Mangles, b. srorseu wi;n wer. icn rnm.r, is nn. tm uaoisi to gi t outof ucpai. - , not do the varks rec,uia lo be lakcu la titccs to clesty Wnrni:teJ in par - ' feot ord - T Vjiquire at 2a Jlia - stretL . Jisne IS tw - ."!' TO Alt 41 TO. t?oa l - ts.i - T r - re w Mxnalinit 1 J - No. Upilal - stre, - Price 41C0. J IS St J. W. JAP.Y13.. . ( t

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