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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, June 18, 1818
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I: - 3. ,1 1 ? .V - YEWT.Jifi ZSEjHKG FOT., - THORSfA Y.JUNE 18. sal of tie TVia of llcnrj B. HagerManfir W ('" nA intent to murder, commit - ted n l!uedUtrrf tidtpap'r, taktniiuttorlhand, by r.ntf Baton, F.tq. allornty at tow, published by Oram UX.lLp.v. CB. Cuiuidcriui: the abort time w which thU report has been compiled committal L ort... .t ...Mt K - rmmnnM,l. tho? certainly not free irom error, an uquinally an and accur; ts andmlercsting performarce. Weihallrwbo instantly disappeared, ot give even tbe sabatance of the evidence as jtt... L. . . . . I at. .1 - - . .l..t iuiv yi gu uie mtU I Hill ICftTV UIMt CUU.VIT ' - ' the reader of the report ifaelf. ffeitfier "hall attempt tojivear lenglii nor to am - iuge speeches of tbe counsel on eiiher aide. They appear to be,: ai well as we can judge, from re ollectio pretty nearly what rajdehereo We regret that Mr, Ptee'sconcIuding address to the) jury It not to be fotiod in the report, owing to the Iom of the reporter's notes. It was lbtened to wili unbroken attention and eridimtlv made a deep'tinpreaaioiM all those who were so fortu nate as to bear it. Never, on any occafion, did We bear tbii young gentleman at o, jit himself aol ftbly. . - ... .. .. ? By much the longest apeech was delivered by Mr. Van Wyck, counsel for the defendant. shall leare the reader to decide for himself whe - ther the representations of the evidence by Mr. V. W or by the opposite counsel is more in conform - ity to truth and fairness, and shall confine mv few remarks to the leading doctrines his speech ...... mi wsumony reiaung to meongm oi e con - . , ""u3 " Muu.u .J mwun improper in mis proeecuiioo, Nr. Van Wyck . .... . supposes tome provocation nitut bare been giv - cn, a aupposiuon la Uie very leelb of what the court bad just decided) and on this supposition it IV J I I I I j be build, another, viz. that.fgerman believed cr, capt. Bowoe. An edition of nearly 3000 coke bad been slandered by the prosecutor, but P'el fthis wrk, the Londou edition of which admits that whether this were so or not he cx - comprises nearly SOU octavo pag - s, was put to precly admits that it makes oo (lifflrence; but this kads him to consider th duties .nd faolt. of editors t whirh make a considerable na tof a rpeech of more lhan 18 pnges. lie begins with describing the character of the editor of this paper : u Whatever be undertook, wa supped to b undertaken with coolness ami deliberation. Hi. crevieue attacks upon other pern?. bore the sttimpef setUed med.tation, ot industry in col - lec.M? fects, and of a thorough peneverance to accomplish his object.' . Wh.a he struck, the Mow a as sure, fie was mppo.'ed to be ot.e ot those, who did nolhinar rafldv r.nlhirf in ilw heat of blood, and nothing of which his foresight did not trace the eikl and consequeuce." .Whether 1 merit the character which my ad - yersary ha, thus given me, I shall leave to others to determine; I confess, I can discern in it nothing that onght to disparage me in the e es of my friends, unless it be a disparagement that lo the performance of my editorial duties I am not moved by lmty resentments, thnt I do no - thing without first making mysislf well at quaiut - U, With iacta, and without well weihing the consequences. If this is Uie charge, I pleaJ pilty. Mr. Van Wycfe aays, ' TuWlc ofliccra and the conduct of public men are always legili male suljccts of scrutiny, for investigation and auimsdvertion." 1 his is precisely the rule of Conduct I have always adopted, and scrupulously observed during my Whole editorial career I cannot pretend to charge my memory with the numberless trifles that bave almost daily fallen from my pen during the eighteen years that this paper has been. in existence, but relviu upon the maxims I have steadily prescribed to my - elf, I challenge my adversaries to produce a single Instance to the contrary But Mr. Vat. Wyclr, a few piges afterwardr, forgets hi own distinction between ptil.Iij oiid priralu men, sa fir as to consider it the duly of editors to lash the great vices of individuals and be points out the ramb!er, the duellist, and the drunkard, especially the lat, as fit objects of public exposure and censnre. " Here (says he) might an editor lay on his lath ; strike at this fatal source of mischief ; draw forth to day the inebriated tot, and Xnnch wilh caustic, the bloat ed debauchee, who fragrant at every pore,' io - iects the atmosphere he breathes, and a walkio pestilence.1 This it all very well, and for aught I knew, may be.a very proper course for an editor to purt ue ; it is, however, not mine ; hut the remark 1 hve to make is, (tir.t it i, not very coni istent with the rule which Mr. Vau Wyck hail before laid down. As to the lalse and mischievous seniimc'Jt o penly advanced by Mr. Van Wyck, thatia cs of libels, the law afTords no adequate rvmedr. and that therefor individuals are justified in ta king the puniihment into theirown bauds, I cha ritably coupler it as advanced in a hasty mo nient, and therefore abstain lrom tlioe remarks upon K wbich a just indignation suggests. If this be really his atttled opinion, I advise him, from a regard tp decorum, to resign witlioot delay the of. fice of dislrict - atternry, to w hich he has lately been appointed, but which he cannot, with auy d etit regard to propriety, continue to bold. Wiih the exceptions abave pointed out, the speech b certainty not wanting iu ability. Lolltrici - We some time since spoke oftht pernicious practice of insuring lottery ticket, awl fcowmen'it a mraie of P'tventltig it. We amtioned the mode tl, tie iSlil. have adopt r"rpw,naro!y, timt .( drawhug it1 o very ,bort . time a. to .fford no eppr.rtna.fy for tasuraoce ; wl.ich is effected hy drawin t , ly the prieee oet or the wheel : in thi, ' , drawing is begun and fi.ii!hei in ten daTs at far tlat ; whe. - a with a. it motracUd t0 and , . aBdthRni"nUia. InconsequBrt oftllit para .. Krap'l,he - kee4wrQf,Beof,beprincipi . toryolt.rt called on me, to say they, hoped 1 i" my opinioo.eesm.e. it I an wn aHe - j ted il w ould defeat all our lotterii . in this rtAtt; ; for that half tl ticUi U RenrrU rkkiioed in tbrir hands the bejionirg . - .w.. B. , n:,isTra :rum fciying any more at & at ft a "Te. j ,. row before me a tchen,e nw nuasbf. - npebtiabrd of a lottery mlVmu.i. . oiN tie uxU. cltsi of the Crane? Statt Lotltry, which it t b drawn io ten days, ia M ct cunioruaity with tha Lnetttb lotteries. Mow ! ben 'nave to ask iftbii it practicable in Pennsylvania, what it there' to render it impractica lit. - ?.. Kmy 9 Tl K. lin fntin.l Iha'niilv pffa 0r jD,rance, so injurious, m destructive to the poore r classes of the people. H. b. W understand tc'wat so far from any danger being to be apprehended from tin not se ticket", tbe whole tottery, rising Ball "illioo, has already been purchased by the bouse " un - uopm. J The following bote waa banded me by boy I June 16A, 1818 . ,. . mm . I In vour notice of Ilasrertnan'a sentence, von l lJ.'f Mf he umtrf at tl.e fine of and came into Wurt prepared to ay it accordingly. I prelum by underlining the word guessed, you meant alily to insinuate that some of the court very impro perly communicated with him; now, air, it to happens that I know that he came into court that morning with a thousand dollar in bia pock - et t and I, the, refore at a friend to truth, hope you - hack the insinuation. An Impartial Sptclalor. I take it back. Statural euriotity - large aword fish was t&ken fast Wednesday by capt. Comstock, of the Iack Ugvid Porter, about 30 milce south of SanJy Hook. He u between 1 1 and 12 feet lot! - , lafgut part of the body five feet round, his four wet long, eye nine inches in circum wrence, and weighs about 80i) pound. He it 10 be een al Scudder'a Museum. cxiTuormnaTu unra Dyrons 4tb r..ln nfr uia fc,ik. ...v.. .r ' " "ul " wh (b .:, , cr, ,.; tttrt,iw.A ,1,. .,lm , ,i. " vi ifftrtt; Mewarufginnras, was published by Mr. Mur ray, ofUndon, oa the twenty eighth of April last. . A few copin of tin's beauti - ful Poem was, brought to this city by the Couri - p,c" at 11 ' lock on Monday last, and is this aa PUD"nea ny Mrk Mercein. We under Md t,,Rt ti,e wl'0,e wo,k completed in one printing office, that of Mr. W. A. Mcrceiu Miiacirjr, aud is, we believr - , an iiistance of i . . . ... die patoh in printing unequr.Mrd m this, aud probably net exceeded ia any country. Cornelian - Willirtm I'ax - nn Ifnllrlt .. nn;ni.i a ., ,M ' auu " ' ' ,U'a,n 1 di,on M ,tutcd Jlday. Tlk ,i. rv . T r . To , Ed,lt"' "f tht Foil. SIR, Keelin somewhat ofa nnnl fnr m,i mA presuming that you Ve not acquainted with lnfl nsuage of the pig, 1 thought it my duty to ? , a wj.y of tl.e.r procct - dings, hV X, " Ntional Advocate : you will there set your dan - "c" ' 'u,u "P0 &uilru "g3"'" " MLKTI.iG OK HOG3 This was a sptdal meeting tailed by an old sow belonging to one of tha aldtrmon of the city of.Vtw - Vork. ' The mtetii g was held in Broadway, opposite u.c im.ii. - r uiiH - r, aim on one oi tne evenings ou which the common council met. WJieri the number of pigs seemed sufErirntlj large to prevent the people from passing and iu - terruptii.jr thoir proceediu. the old uv tnnk the mud and sealed herself iu a large gutter, and i. - r.t - 7icu niitriu uu .ne tnouia iniorm them o! l - e pu pose ol tint mectmg. Silence beiug mi - miuntcly estahlhed, rhe addressed the meeting ina tery audible voice the substance of her dirourse hti reaily as follow : j - he said, that hiing probably one of tiio oldest rcfidents in this city, aud having for many j tars enjoyed Uie privilege ol thn corporation laws, and al. - o having the honor of btlungin; to one of tiie n. t nt al. lerm - !t:, she haJ taken lha liliertv of ealiiu" this uif -, in order ihut her felcw - ci:zciii might nx uoi some method to prt".e thoc ri - hti whith they hail long e..joyr. I, nud which had lever beeu called ir. ,:nt. li..u till tr;e!y. ihe then went ou and c.iu. - ii i. - 'ted ;h'. - m my privile - s - es ihr - er.j( ?d at ;r.,icl and which they would c.iti!iue t p. joy wt re it not for thed.iily - ations. t!ie :,:d ji.iHi.r atltmpts hud" tfi' - n mule by ae.craj belore, but that liitre ni ver hail bn - n such aittrm.i'ij attacks u.i.lo npon thoir liberties as al preent thai sumeofthe :ii!iat 'rant ol Uie cily had even gout "oUrn - t fix m a coii'pirai y to p - oin them t!l Uiat although thn hursclf could out rcvl the communicationa which were daily inserted iu the par,, hen master the alJeiuian could, oqJ that sh had heard hiui read every one of them ohiiile, and that thcrelbre she tuuld not be mistaken a lo the danger of her fellow - citizen ; Ibat it w a tviJeut to all present that something mast be done probably it would be niot advi. sble o he moderate at firnt, and present a iie - tiuon to tae co, pnration, manv of whom he w. creiliM informed, were Iare pig : lijat if they did not get redress in this method, ftttre Uine a new motor, in her opinion. uiero was tunicient m those commnnicatious lu smt:un an a tioft lur a libel p;ainst the editor,. and that if they would proc eed in Ini, way, she wa wc;l connnceu her m;i?trr would eive them a I! .the nsii. - lance in hit power, as he wis the owner of a srruat number other tribe, and know - Hi? a:sj to a great number ol her brethren jireaent biloageu, she had no doubt but that a trreat many more iu the corporalim would be actuated try tbosanienuuiies; that this was not an, mere wa a great prubahdity of her own iater bein upon the bench, and therefore llnv would stand a double chanco of aur.ceedma - am! puuisruig the entmiea of ti.e whole twioiih inbe ; that if they thought proper to iTocceil in the way the had last suggitcil, it would be necessary to apKiut a graud - jurr, who should bring in the indictment against them, aud that he would advl - e them to chn. - e three of the oldest and fattest pigs out of each ward, who siioul 1 constitute the grand - jury, aud before wlijtn all the communicationa intlia news - puiters conrrra - i'g them should be laid ; that there was a yonrj boar, whom she believed belouged to one t - f the ;dde.imcn, aud who, on acouut of his great abi - Utiea and indauendent spirit, ham, thiuwo down a liJv but a ftw days ago, should be cho - tea a nnorney lor me prosecuunn ; mat al present she had nothing more to say, bavin;, as she Mni.e',rr(i, done nil in her power to preserve thoir rights; she bad riven her advice, and old would n..t permit Uer to do more. Eoim gelidu tarlaote tenecta sanguis belietv frigeol i'te tflje'as mcorporc va - et." The meetme beitir couviiwed of tlieir danger, and L - nowiue : whit s'rKi; advocates tliey would have in some . th corpon.tion, im - wedialely elected a rraiid fr.wduyt. The m,jo' ilien aduurocd, haviuz maa t'ie reMutioos : " Resolv.,1, Ut, That the risi.t, of the h - t arf ';.?fu:'i,0rtedi?,f,i,eof opiwiCem. r '"'""'"rrfulfwadj, M retting' omuch aiu anc. from the noy aulermeui Revi! ve.1. Sr,d, That w. hold anctKr meeUor tw day w;ek ,r. the ,?lne p!lf e fr ,h, ,t , M vuiMimuee w wait cpoa Uie cor c r in be me ed mi prc a ih fli lori) To that poration with tha thanks of all the'tigtcf this city, for their hitherto friendly conduct towards inem. ' - . . t T,Kesolyrdt3rJ,Thftt the,, proceedings of tliis meotiu:; be published, and that, (knowing the great frieudihip A'oah bears to our race,) we give bios our p - irouage. rORCULUS, Sec'ry. f'ram tht jlHledgerillellirJlcctor, June 2. Captain Wright. - - Major Davis, of tbe U. S. hriny, in compliance with - orders from General Jackson, arrested Captain Obed Wright io Dublin, a lew days aaro, for the purpose of carrying him to Fort Hawkins, and securing him until in structions could be received Irom the 1 resident. Whilst in tins pin re, nn 1 hursdav last, tlie pria oner was released Irom ruatody bv a writ ha beaa corpus, before a Court cabled to determine the case. The Court, aftrr suitable investigation, decided that the orders of General Jackson were iiilormnl. as they contained no aneciflc ciittcRB aaiusi uie pri. - iiier, who was accorUin, ly rreaed flora custody. We understand Jait VVriaht has been arrett ed by orrler.of Gov. KaHun, and is now on parole in mis piace, waiting uie organisation of a coutl uamai. , Extract from the talk of Gen. William M'In. tosh, comraantling of the Creek Warriors, on his arrival at Coweta from the late campaigu auinai uie uoiiiics, lo Major Gen. Andrew Jackson, datetl Fort Mitchell, May 5, 1318. My friend, When I returned to tnv town. i ncarct wnn regret tlut mv uncle ( Howard ) anu family lutl been murdered, and that then - town was destroyed If an Indian kills white man, I w ill have him punished if a white man kills an Indian he ought to be punished. I wish vim to find out who has done this murder, and let me know what those In dians have done, that made Uie white men kill our people." F ram the JLiledeeviile Journal, June 1. In our subsequent column! will be fimnd the document relative to Uie release of captain Wright, by the civil authority, from the mill tary at rest of general Jackson, who had ordered him to be taken to Fort Hawkins and con - fined in irons, till the determination of the president should be known. The circumstance has excited considerable inquiry, and given rise to much difference of opinion. Some blame, others commend, the interference of the court. If captain Writtht were not in the sen ice of the United Stales at the time he commanded Ihe Chehaw expedition, pentral Jackson unquestionably had nothing to do with him and that he was not, is proved we think conclusively by the fact, that the quota aml. - tia lo which he belonged, tvu detached forthetole purpose of attntiii? in the reduction of Amelit W.I S I - . M itiunii, una not xo perform a tour ot duty on the frontier or in the IiMian nation, which was never contemplated, we are certain, by either the general t - overntneut or the executive of this state, at the time these tmops were call ed for and detailed. As soon therefore as A roelia Island wai occupied, the requisition of me presinent oemg complied with, tliev were entitled to their discharge. Their being afterward ordered into service bv an officer of the regular army, and kept several months, without the consent of the governor, was a flagrant luiauou or ins authority, and would probably ave been resisted as such in'hefirni but for the complying du - posiiion wbich (Jeor - u Has aiwavs mamtcttd towards the United States, lle.njr unjustly detained, the executive lud an uiiilotibted riht to withdraw the whole or any part of the detachment, vhenev - er it should be deemed expedient to do so. uence, captain bright is responsible to the militia authority of the state, and to that a - lone, for his conduct, unless a civil Drnserut inn jc instituted atrainst him for murder which would elicit the facts, and probably be as cood a course - as any. That lie nuhl to be brought rxiore some trmunal, and it guilty punislied, we are clearly ot opinion. The Chehaw Indians we are informed, esti mate the pi - opcrtv lost in the destruction of their town, at eight thousand do Hurt. The en. tire Cretk nation will meet al Fort - Mitchell on the 7ih of this month, to take the affair in to consideration. An intemperate letter, we learn, lias iren received by the governor iiom general Jackson, to which a spirited answer has been returned and a fbr.nal demand of iptain Wi - iht's person lias been also made, with which we presume the gnvei nur will not comply, if at all, till he hear from the president, to whom he has written on the sulject Fcrt - MitclteU, JlTiy5, 18 Id. Messrs. Grantlands Considerable, excitement having been produced hy tho arrest of captain Wright and his subsequent discharge, you are requested to publish the annexed documents relating Ihtrtlo, lor Ihe in lor mat ion of the put lie. Head Quarters, liiviiinn ot; Ihe South, May 7th IUl'1 SIR. Vou will stud c.rdeiivcr pvrncinaliy as you may dem most adviaabln, the enclosed talk lo Kinnard, with instruction, to explain the substance to the Cht lmw warriors. You will proceed thi - nce to Hartford in fleor - llirt.hnd ufe your endeavors to arrest and d liver ovi - rin irons lo the military authoirty at f'ort - Hawrin, caplain Wright of tnu ticorgit ss.ili - ia, wnoliM netn guilty of the outran - aain.t the w' - uien und utetniiiiafud men oi tht 'v. he - haw vi i.ige. bh..u!d Wright h .ie lJt llarllord you will roll upon the governor ot Georgia to aid you in ins aricai. lo enable you to exr cute the aliore order, you are authorize! to lal;e in coinnanv Hitn vou the Ttnn.KM. i s that weat tn.iu l:er Hitlv to ort - acof r, nndnivai', li r'U t .inkii m - ces - Jry, the arrival ol the licornr.ii now on t.virch under major Porter. Y..;i will direct th nt;ker commanding Kort llawki. - H to k 'epebpuin Wiiht ell - it eoiiCi.eiii. ul until the wnl ot the Prcideiit known. 'I he accmpMiying letter, for f!n; secretary ol, aht! goern';T of Gtoigot, yn will take charge el until jua re.irli a pnt tiite - A.lliaV JACkbU. Hi' .or rm'i turn e. filtjnr Jg.'tn .V. Daris, asst. ins gin't. Tiie iih!a.ccr this talk waa. that Ihe Che haws shpuid not attempt to take sny satisfaclion m - euea, lor me outrage comuiitled on thtin, lhat llieir istht - r. Ih l're - - :J. - nt of the U. States, aouiu see Uitm julil);U, lj ni.uiu lie lias report the circumstance. Dudlir.. Ga. 24th Miv. lfilfl. El a I am diiected hj mj ir gc - neriil Andrew Jack - on, coimniuuii; the tliri - ion eiflne aoulfi, arrest you, aim com. net you to t ort Hawkins, where you are to rem tin .intil tlie plea.urt: of the - tident of Uie United Stales be known on your care. You will, tlierefnre, con - ider yourself in arrest, on proceed accorqiGgly. liy order 1 aia respectlully ycur'a, ect. J'in M., Davis; asst. ins. g - n. U. S. army. Captaio Obed Wright, leorgir militia. Ciiamiier - , iUtli .M,y, 1318. Pietctit thtir honor, . Js.trt Wvnn, t d itm U.viii, and justices. J imes Kleimiig. y The court met tor the. p;ir.ov. of b. arirg 0!)f d Wrislif, who was nioosnt tu fe'ors them uoon writ of habeas r.r.rpus which is as follows : Gtorg'n R iMnin County. l sty ju - cire oi lit inferior Court. The petition ot Oied U ri hl sl.eiveth. that he - Uin - d in C'luiuement y unjor Davis, an oi - er in the L'nit - il Mnt.V service, asd he tliere - prays me neoem of a Ud ens corpus, to inquire into the cause oi Lis cocfioeeut and dt - tClltllJU. Seaborn Jones, Attorney for petitioner. May SSfh. IfclS. . ' Georjia - UaMwio Cotirfr. major, an othcer ia tiie Coiled States' aerviee. . If appearing from it pelitioo of Obed Wri;ht, he is now kept in rmrtodjr by Jen, ana be having prnyed a writ of haheaii rnrpin, y.i are thereto., Orrhv commanettd it joe firing be - kree,tthecojrt - bouae of this e - woty, by - i 3 ;bi on ri uie Ihe a cup or fell kcii waa way Irri.l from h who the an a f w her oar, gun ing the boor of eleven tiVlock of the fiffenora of day. the body of Die said Uhed Writbl, by what ever name be nay he kn'jwn.witb you, together with 11 cause ol bis commitment nrnTdcteutibn, that he may be dealt with according to law. Kail not. and have vou then and tliete this writ I Given und er my had this Sdo May, 1818. f William liivuis, J. I. C tlabeoM Corpus By toe constitution of the 4 United States and of the state of Georgia. - . . illd?eville, S3lh May, 1818. I have tbe said Obrd Wright in court, together with the cause ol his commitment and da - tcntioa. , John M. Davis, . Ast. ins. fen. U. S. army. ' ' Major John M. Davis, assistant inspector ge neral of the United States army, in obedience ta a writ of habeas corpus tins day served on bim, having produced tbe body of said Obed Wri?ht, mentioned in the habeas corpus, before the court, together with the cause of hu conflenient and de te ntioo : a' - . - l the court, on consideration, deem ed that no sufficient cause is shewn for his deten lion on motion, ordered, that he be discharged loruiwiui. ItobertWynn, William Bivin and James Fleming. G eorjria Baldwin county. I, Thomas H. Kenan, clerk of the inferior coartofsaid county, do hereby certify that Ihe precouing pajes coulaiu a true copy ol tha pro ceedings oa the trial of Obed Wright, iu conse quence ol his confinement and deteution, &c. uiven under my hand and seal, this 28th May, lOIU. Thomas II. Kenan, O. I. C. From the Gothen Patriot, June 16. Caution A sanz of Counterfeiters were re centiy apirehend:d in Wew - Yorlt, and among uie kiiis louna in ineir possession was some counterfeit five dollar bills of the Sauk of Orange County. These bills" are very well executed, but on a cioe ana scrupulous examination, and com panson oi one 01 the centime bills of a similar slump, the counterfeit is easily detected. The quality or Ihe paper is a little inferior, nod the colour of it not so regular es the genuine bills i nc wiion - pirns ia u nine amauer, ami not so wen exccuteil as tne genuine ones, narticu ar v the representation of the maid inilliiug the cow. 'I he signatures are written with a pen and very weli done, particularly that of G. D. Wickham, r rs i. mo' it is evidently wntlen with great t are tne signature of M. Kohmsin, Cash'r. is written with too heavy a hand. The lull we hate seen is dated May 1, 114, bns the ett r A. nt the top, and is filled un with (he name of A. Aus tin. It will be borne in mind that the genuine five dollar bills donot all contain the fnrure renrestnt - ; a maid milking a cow. JJirtrening Occurence On the 8th inst. a child of Air. Stephen Foster, about a year old, living near Chester. wast!rowned in "a kettle of water. Mr. Foster was from home Mrs Foster had left the child a few minutes, to do something out side of the door ; but she was so near as to be able to see into the room where the child was. When she retui ned into the house she found the child drowned, with its heat! in a kettle .'.here their was scarcely a pail of water. " It was their only child. Another Warning. On Wednesday last, a ffirl about 3 years old, daughter of .Mr. Moses Crawford, residing near the brick house in .iontague, Aiis ex county', N. J. was accident ly shot by her brother, a boy 10 years ok!. Mr. Crawford was at work in liis shop Mrs. Crawford was gone to meeting the little girl stood upon a chair looking out at the front w indow her brother was in the back room amusing himself with a loaded gun, which he uniiittn - tionally discharged, and the conten.s, consisting of a ball and shot were lodged in her back. She was still alive on Thursday evening, but little hopes were cntertaineti of her recovery. Tbov. June 1G. A Cow and her Calf were crossing the ferry ni ini ciiy a rew uays aiiiL - e, wiien tlie cow jumped overboard the calf immediately fi lowed, and seined its dam by the ear, and did not leave its hold until both were safely land cn, aiter swimming more man a quarter of nine. From the Washington City Castile. June 2. A gentleman ol veracity, latelv nrrived in thi cily irom Edinhure, (Scotland) savs thtt Ihe a gents ol the south American Patriots recruit in an open manner lor men, without interruption and that tliey are mustered and innrc.l.e - d ihroin - l the streets for embarkation ntLei:h ; nil this ia ne in tne lace ol day, and uuder Ihe eye of til oiiiisn auiuoriues. Fnm the - Xational Intelligence June 1G. 1 he fngate Gui mere, it appears. lu und, r gone a thorough repair at BosUm. and is m - e pared fir a voyage to St. Petersburg, whither j , . - s - uij. our min.Mcr lO Uussia, who ii in this citv at present, waitin - - only, it is believed, the Presidents return, to lake I, is departure tor Uoston, where he ii to embark. Of the President, we have heard nothin - r these three days. He is expected to return to the city within a day or two. NF.W - LO.VDO.V, Juue 17. The ship Uetsey, Fortescne. mx - ter. of Phi. ladelplna, with a cargo of Corn, flour and whis - key, bound for Bottou, went on shore iu a thick tog on the 10th in - t. at one o'clock P. M. about leagues wt of Moutauk liifht - house. Cant. Ice, of the E cglc Reveuue Cutter, being ou a rui.e off lilock I;iand aud .Vontauk, observed tha ship and went to her relief: being unabie to iierou arier great exertions by both crew. uie nmio'K a uccx load ol tho whi'kev, from tiie after hold aud brought it here. Capt. I.e di.paUhed iainiediatcly lo her relief tiie sioti,. e. leaner, r - api. uogcr, who on the t - Uh turned from the hip witii S00 barreh of flour, 10!) do. whiskey, rnme corn and small articles, which wero lauded, anJ the floop sailed again am nay lor the ship. AuuUay aud Monday sea was sohiijh a to prevent any vessel from going along side. On Monday night (he ship remained agrouui, but had not bilged, nr.d there was a prospect she wouIJ be got off and the principal part of the corn saved, the oaly article remaining on board A Uap.n the eveningof the 9lh Mav last, man named El hu Miller, having "liken a to mm h," wandered to a precipice not far north of Biockwy's Icrry in Lym. - , and not knowing where he was, deliberately walked, rather reeled to its brink, from "which he 45 fe t perpendicularly among tlie rocks below. He was found the next morning, ta - up anu carrieu nome. liis life fir a while almost despared of , but he is now in a fair ol recovery. SAVAXXAH, june 6. From the toulh Arrived at i'ybce yesterday morning, the U. S. ahr Lvnx. lif - nt. romrll Joha K. Madistfl. Capt. John H. Elton, formerly of the Sarannr, came paesenger in ber Wearehrirt'V tnseeamnntr u thl nllnr sn,l dlstiuguiihed officer. We understand cant. E. rune time since rcouested in h. ri..,,t Lis commr nd, which has been granted, and ii now ou bis wiy to the north. Capt. Dallas, went ttirou - h this city a week siuce. has ar rived at it. Mary's and bu taken command ofj Saranac. We rresume it is the inlentnu. of captain Litcn, to resume the command in the course ol a It w mouths lie has had tome active t ar.luous du'ies to perf ra. and wish him r - ejy rtoralion of he ilth. The L. f;. ship Joha Adams. ca.n. Tfenlev - to sail tr N. York in a f - w dars, to change rrmmenL Ci4. 1111.. .;h iu. s, " I rromeiheus. Finch, Lynx, Madison, and vrsael Ujy, remain on the statioo. We learo that a duel took place la4 woek at Fcraandint, between lieut. Samuel W. Down anj i,.ut. uuianey, of the mariues. Tha . - . v oy i a"! sed anu from (via burg. fax, days, put brig S. beth, Vnrlr. this' latter waa severely Wounded; and, the ball remained near the back bona. ' """"7 inawiiii ui. jmrji, m winii several of the rtficers cf the army and navy, A nfT..K - I 1. ( . W ! L' with a number of citirent, were engaged. ; CoL ..Yr - ...r, - uv vurai, "mo - uuuucu. W e have not learnt Uie origin of the dispute, uruner tio we Know any oi u.e parncuars ol Wis uupieasant rencontre. Extract ta tht Edilort. Fcrnandina. June 2. J3I8, "A friend of mine has just arrived from St. Augustine, who informs me that an American aliVn had sim infAlliaf! fmn ,11 fi.f,nf, .the captain states lhat he was boarded by patriot privateers, anu rohhed Dy Ihem ol all the property on board. A report ia current here, that a force has landed nt Musoueto, but from what I caa find out, I behove it to be a gang Airirans, vnom some patriotic Americans at An - gustine have gone, it is raid, to drive away. It ia certain that the governor of Augustine has sent off tho deputation of Indian with good advico to make peace as soon as they can." . NEW - ORLEANS, May 50. A fire broke out a little before 3 o'clock this morning, in the large bnrk building ocrunied by Madame Fourie, not far from the Louisiana Bank?, and ailiruntns the Post Office, in Rovl. street. The niortiiniT be ins fortunately wrv calm, (he progress of the fl.inte extended no farther than the destruction of the bouse iu which mrj originated. 11. lilt ifntlf.rBi" - nrr. n...n... Mn - - tr ... . . . board the shin Ganges, irom LiwrnonT ri - liirn ' "" neany tnaiiKS to uapt. Uilbert Brown, hiaollipersaud men, for their bumano and kind treatment to us during our voyage to tins port. SiirneoV bv ) lti, - hl JJ.. ( 'o ht half of the " . 'i ........ ( I homas Jones, ) 4 - ""'o". MAR HIED, On Tuesday evening, bv the Rev. P. S.Tcn Rroeck, the Itev. Robert Gibson, of Charles ion, Margaret Sim vesaiit. onlv dau; - !.. tcr ofDirck Ten Uroeck, Esq. Last evening, at State,, Island, Gilbert 14 - vingston Thompson, of the city ot New - York, Esquire, to Miss Arietta Minthorne Tompkins, daughter of Daniel I). Tompkins, vice Dresi - dent of the United Statca. DlblK Laat i evening, in the 78h vear of her aire Mrs. Anue Cox. 1 ler friends and relations are luvited to attend her fuuei - al to - morrow mom ineat eleven o'rluck at her late residence, Union Hill, Vcst Chester, without furthrr invitation Rrt:xi.a post marwe list. CLEARED. Brig Hammond, Fowler, St. Croix Lawrence k Retts Alonzo, Green, Savannah Ohio, Carman, Amsterdam J C jCimmerniiinn tchr Hal, Davis, Savannah ik sr . t I u "u - ler J"" - . Superior, Cole, Mackarel, Holmes, Jamaica Patrick, Avmar & Co. Relief. Ilaxter. iwil.n.l Sloop Aurora, Hull, Providence Mary, Bulkley, Uoston Juliana, Sturdevant, do. ancv, Marshall, Philadelphia Jimrr.w i his riJKf.WUO.V. Rrig Only Son. Rollinson. 8 davs from Rich mond, with flour and tobacco, to Walsh and l.allagfier, Uoorman : Johnston, Trokes, Da - vidson Al Co. C Dubois, Thornc & Hawxhurst, uiurter a Williams, and O Luke. 5 passen gers. Sch Harmony, Ferris, 3 days from Uarnsta. uie, wun piaster, to Ward & H.slMip. Sch Kemdeer, Cruwell, 8 ilaya from Yar mouth, with plaster, to thecapuui. UKI.OWf One brig anil two scht s. .1 HUH f it ..AST EFF.fii'LfC. Brig George Washington, Wilson, 25 days m? '4C""''. "ml 16 fm B.le, wi h cotton and tub.. ceo. to Uocert & Knee land, D Schenek, S Robinson A: Co. J and C Ifolton, II C Rossetter, Winter & liolton, A M'Grcgor k Co. and F & A Hninel. 14 pas aengers. hailed in co. with bi ic Alabama, for itumnioi - e, and barque Mary, Steward, for Li vcrpool. Hritish brig Amethyst, 43 davs from Fal mouth, Jam. via Havana, with rum, molasses, &c. to Wni Teniaon. Three passengers. So news. Sch Archer, Butler, t4 davs from Havana. ' . I , ' . . . wun moiasses,, seirars. etc. to K llulk - ley, Bailey k Rus.ell, Jarrres D'Wolf. jun. and others. Left, ships Aunrusta. of Salem, load ing for Euiopn Mary. Mofl'at. for N York in 6 days ; brigs Mary.Ann. for Philad. in 7 : J inu s Coulter, do in 7 llenr - . f.r v York. In:., sugar , Juno. Hopkins, for RristoL R. I. . Bet - . ..w..... sey. Ropes, for Salem, loading. Sch .Marlha, Simington, 5 days fiom Nor - folic, with dry goods, tic. tn W Coleirate and Co. Roonnan Sz Johnston, E Talbot, and W G Jones. Captain Porter had arrived at Norfolk with a sch that lud been ashore at Hatteras beach The ship Hercules, capt Cobb, for Liverpool . . went to sea yesterday at noon. AtSligo, brig Thames, White, from New YorS. NonretK, June 12. Arrived, sch Coaster. an iime, irom A Vors. and 4 davs from San hhok .. . - ich Brothers, De Hart, 4 days from N York Palladium office, Uoston, June 161 P. M. I Arrived, brig Frances, Groves, ef N York. 36 nvs irom uoiieuour?, wun iron and hpmn Left, Miy 9, no American vessels, ana none at Copenhagen, April 29. An American brig to be from Lremen lor St. Petcrsbunr. r - s. EUiueur about .pril 20. An American ship a Drig, (latter a long pilot - boat built vessel) were at anchor nt Llsiueur, 29ih. poke no - tiling. Schr Pocahontas, HowIauJ. 9 davs from rhil - aaeipma. OfTice of the Freeman's Joitmel, Philadelphia, June IT. Arrived, ship Halcyon, Wooster. 43 davs I jverpool. Sloop Native, Ripley, 12 days from Boston Brig Pocahontas, Post, from Londonderry. vorK; with merchandize, and 32 pas sengers. Tleiades, Hutchinson, 50 days from Ham Sch. Spring Bird, Vosst 17 days from Hali with 65 passengers. .ich James Monroe, Moody, 12 days from Eastport. Sch Julian, Johnston, 7 days from St. Andrews. Sch Fly, Hallett, 7 davs from Boston. Charlestons, June 10 Arrived brijj Are thusa. Holmes, N York 12 days. U. S. sch Lynx, Lieut. Madison, St. Marys 4 and 12 hours from Tybee. The Lynx in here for provisions and men. The U. S. Saranac, was still at St Marys.. The U. corvetteJohn.Adams.Com. Henly, is' ordered on to New - York, and was to kail from St, Marys next spring Alxxxn - bhia, June 15 Arrived, sch Eliza - i - now, 17 days from Boston. &cn Sally & pally, 1 roU, 8 days from New Sch Merino, Calvert, 10 days from Newport. Sjvixjum, June 8. Arrived schooner Echo, Swascy, o t Thomas 12 days The sch Laura, Robinson, arrived there on the 15th ult. in a passage o 12 days. Wothing inloesting from L two of - . , AOIToIkJat .. 7. the a "tj A able sale 3 For O Russia Je D aluon lie 7u Je V at 57 Je still the Ppanincj Maia, ilarketa at PtTlin - ?. : I Coffee 2 1 cents Ef ..... . .ami scare? ; sugar 9 run ican roducc dull anduo Salea - dull mid no aaW va American MEW - LONDON. . nrw l J ,, . 'e Andrtw - Jackson, fiillsU, 7 days from Bermmh . i us.i, .lunp atuviueur, iii 4 or 3 days .or IS York - J sloop William Si Henry, for do la 5 tlays. THEATRE; MR. ItOBERTDOJS BEXlFlT. . 0n FRIDAY EVENING, June 19. moo presented, L. aF SLRHAD.H OF CALAIS, M - u?iace de tt. Fierre, Mr. Robertson J"'Ja ... Mrs. Karnes ""' - ta' lavorne oaiiei dance, called I . ' 'I HE "STAT UE, Or, Cupid's llidin? riacn. At the end of the ballet, Mr. Robertson will sing, in the character of a negro sailor, a ds. senption of the balUe of Champlain and rlatts burgh. , To conclude wilh the melo - drama of the 1VOODMA HUT. Schampt, . Mr. Pritrhard ! Ctj Performance to commence at half pait7 ' rclueiJr; On Saturday.Mr. Prilcbard's benefit. Olh.n aud Ihe comic ballet of Donald of Dundee, with other entertainments. . . Consignees oi (innda h !,; nu i bit, are inlormed Ibat itermisnon lm i - vk tamed Irom Uie Collector, to stnd alt goodi t0 the Public Store, for which permits art; not seat ou boaid in five days time. Je 1 U. W. ROGERS CO. ' KOTICK. ' ffcT - IK Richard I'errv bavailee. inn nfru h Elisabeth Savadrie, fonner'y of tl.. r. 31 . ,p!"a V. ,'.v" ' " d' ad. his leeal ? ' .?r:,"a"r0'": "PI"? lo Mr. Wm. f'"7 f V " ,r..."V,Vi5?' 1 rh""lt tage. " ""'"5 .".or itwradvan - J he said Richard Fcny Pavad'e who wi. . pnintor by trade, was in Engl.mVin the sear 1'' - . from wln nee lie rt turucl to I'hil ..i. f. i.:. ' lh year 1794 : in Ihe 179 J, be is sui - noa. ed to have resid - d nt Mr. Robert Maxwell's, i:i Middletnwn, Delaware Couuty, Maryland; and afterwards ut Doiming'a Town, from whence he is siipHieu io ii.ive reiuovrd to New - York. .. R. If any l erson will rrniluren but rrir. ficate of the death of the sai.d Richard Kivadg, he will, on pnxluring the same, to Mr. WJjn. ba. vadec, receive from him 5 guineas, as a rewatd t'ur his trouble. Any iul'iriuation respecting tlie above n.ioied person will be thankfully receiied by , ij.MlTH 4: GARMS, Jelllm 31? I'earl - street, New - York. For Salt, freight or (.turner, The aubstautial well buill achr. KKA. RELLA, T. Hardwirk, master, budt iu I harleston 8 years since of Ihc bett nmteiiuls, aua ny a laitlilul workman j is well found, and carries BIM) barrels. For term.' ai on hear,!. Mi.rnc. uharf II .!!., . - s SAUL. ALLEY, June 18 93 Fine st. FOti WA A H VT5 TOfii, ,V. C. Theschr. MORNIMG STAR, Hun - kins, master, lying east side Peck - flip. will tad on Friday next. For freight or passage. apply on board, or to je 13 R. & C. W. DAVENPORT CO. For Sale, Freight or Charter, The ship THO.M S NEL.VOS, just ihfii arrived from New - Orleans; she is a full built, strong vessel, well found, burthen about 3U0 tons, can be sent to sea ut a trifling expence - stie now lies at Brooklyn, where she may bu examined. For terms, apply to B. W ROGKU4 Si CO. je 18 3i I'earl - street. ' For i - K.KjktilLK - sLUtiU, The scbr THREE Slol'ERS, red. lard, master ; having Ihe greater part . . . . . t ... ... r For realaer of freisiit or ra,sa,.. anil luard, at Murray's whaif, or to HENDERSON & CAIRNS. J H 8! l'ine - at. it anud to t 'barter. iy A giod ill IP, of aliout 30d lon to it'jd in a southt rn imrt for f 'uzland. Appiyto WALSH Si GALLAGHER, J" lo 60 Soulh - alreeL . 'I MM rLAILS, OLD COPl'Lti, Si KKAiS. 1 boxes Tin 1 l ites i'tXKJ Ih. Old Copper A quantity of Brn and rnnimAlinn. . . . For sale by TUCKER K LAURIES, ' CV Sooth street. JO MAaO.Vi PROPOSALS will be receiver! at No. Jit IV - ..I. n . r - L.... i - . ia'. . . .7. '" . .' nouse.a - citcjui v hiiii iii:iii i ri ra ititr i a tavern, aa corner of the bowling Green aud stats - Je 18 street. UAUr MARUAUX i: SAUTKRA'E. LYNCH, jun. (at No. 40 William - street) . has imported by the Illinois from Bordeaux. few of claret of the celebrated vintage ef 1811, and Sautcrne of 180.'. which he offers far sale, and can recommend them of the first qua - - Je 18 lw 20O, h Him Lt:.iu. ' V - l' kegs English white lead,ground in oil .ni ivbiuir uoiu. rorauiecy 1 ILhtll LAUKIbS, J 13 29 South - st. HtJ.VMt.RH.HTii. FEW cases gentlemen's willow hats, suit for the present season, just received and for by SAMUEL WILLIAMS, June 18 3t 123 Pearl st L1HE.M1CAL, CuLUK&, Ac. Epsotu Salts in casks of 2cwL Lump Majncsii, in cases Do do small squares Calcined dn iu phials Rocbellc Salts, Acid Tartar Citria Acid, Blue Verditerin firkins . , . Patent yellow, Kings Yellow Rrgiilus of Antimony GUSS, BUTTONS, Szc. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished Dj do in wainscoat casts, liuefy ijished with apparatus complete Duelling Pistols, in cases Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Bella Gilt Coat and Vest Lultous Copiterplati - s for engrascrt Mallicmaticat Instruments Rolling Paralel Rulers Mariners compasses, telescopes Opera glnsses, microscopes setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. sale by ' J. LAMBERT, ielS i 3 Courtlandt - street. CtAli 6M.XS UMiiur.a. aw w skins, suitable for trunk makers, and 5 casks Lritlics, landing and lor sale by JOS. USBUUt 18 28 South - street. UCK oi sLGAIi. - . lotibolU Kusiaduck. 6 bags Calcutta Siwars, landing irosa (TonroiiL and fnr iiti. hr JUS. t51iurvi.t Jel8 t8 Sosifh atreet. lt'i: IKO.V ;u tons St. I'eUtabU'li clean ileniD. and tons old Sable Iron, forale in lots to tail pucbaseas, by ., 18 S - 3 Soulh - atreet. U.M 08 puns. ot. Croix Kan, sanding lro achr. Martha, weatside C 11. siip, loraa South - street, by 18 EOORUAN It JOtlZSiw

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