The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 13, 1937 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1937
Page 7
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 13 H 1937 SEVEN ;TY H E L P I N G T H E H O M E M A K E R By MRS. MARY MORTON Menu Hint. Creamed Potatoes and Peas Celery or Carrot Sticks. Apples on Sticks Milk This is a luncheon for the children--and mother, of course. I have given it a ne\v interest by serving apples on sticks for dessert. They are pretty, good .food, and the youngster will like them --especially if mother plans them ' as a surprise. Today's Recipes APPLES ON STICKS--Twelve 'red apples, 12 skewers, two cups sugar, one-half cup light corn jjyriip, three-fourths cup water. Prepare apples by scrubbing and thoroughly drying. Insert skewers. Put sugar, corn syrup and water into the top part of a double boilen Heat over a slow heat, stirring until the sugar is dissolved and the boiling point is reached. · After that, do not stir. Cook to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, or until a small amount, when tried in cold water, is very brittle. During the cooking, any. crystals which form on the sides of the pan should be wiped down with, a clean, damp cloth wrapped around the tines of a fork. As soon as the syrup is cooked to 300 'degrees plunge the .pan into the lower part of the double boiler which should have boiling water in it. This prevents the syrup from cooling too much during the dipping. Now dip the apples one at a time into the syrup. As each one is dipped, hold it up and twirl slowly until syrup completely covers apple. Place in rack and let cool while other apples are dipped. These are best dipped and served the same day used. they are Blinds Made Useful. The renewed popularity of Venetian blinds brings up the question of why ordinary window blinds or shutters have fallen from their useful beginnings to the pointless role o£ decorations. It is probable that the difficulties presented by the universal use o£ screens account for their lapse into disuse. Blind operators worked from the inside remove this objection. PAROLE BOARD TREES BURGLAR St. Louis Man Had Served Three Years of His 15 Year Sentence. DES MOINES, (fP)--Iowa parole board officials said Saturday John .(Buddy) Lugar, one of four St Louis, Mo., men convicted of possessing burglary tools after an attempt to loot the Capital City State bank, has been paroled. The burglary attempt occurred Dec. 12, 1931. Lugar was released from Fort Madison penitentiary by the parole Board Feb. 9, afler serving a little- more than three years o£ his 15 year sentence. Board officials said Lugar's release followed arrangements with friends of his in St. Louis who gave him a job there two days afl- er his release from prison. Letter From Judge. Matt Coney, Dubuque, board chairman; admitted'the board received a letler in behalf o£ Lugai from a Judge Joynt of St. Louis but said the letter could not be made public because of a pledge given attorneys representing Lugar. Lugai- and William Engler, Edward Wilhite and Wincel Urban were each sentenced to 15 years in prison on burglary tool possession charges. Heard by Watchman. Police surprised a robbery gang in an attempt to drill through the bank vault wall from an adjoining building, after :a watchman had reported hearing "tapping' noises. · The officers found a valuable kit o£ tools, including new acetylene torches, lead tipped hammers chisels, nitre-glycerine and other burglary apparatus. Sections hac been marked off on the vault wal where the culling operations been interrupted by police. '. The four men were arrested in the bank building by police, aflc they had allegedly crossed a roo and enlered a private office. B'rock Has Flared Skirt and Fitted Bodice Buttoning From High Neck to Waistline. You'll be ready frr the Easter arado and afternooVi parties in his youthful little tight-fitted odite and flared skirt dress. It is made of silk, crepe printed n white motifs on a dark background. The crisp snowy white pleated irgandie collar rides down the rorit of the bodice. The short auffed sleeves repeat the lingerie accent in the cliffs and pleated rill. Une the same pattern for an equally smart dress with V-neck and rever collar of beige or aqua )lam crepe. The V-neck model will look ex- remely smart for summer in linen or cotton prints. Yuu'll have lots of fun sewing it rom starl to finish. The pattern ncludes a diagrammed Sewing Chart. Style No. 2G27 is designed for sizes 14, 10, 18, 20 years, 32, 34, 36, 38. 40 and 42-inches bust. Size 36 requires 3 yards of 39-inch ma- erial with 1% yards of pleating. Send fifteen cents (15c), (coin s preferred) "for pattern. Write plainly your name, address and style number. Be sure to state ;ize you wish. The spring fashion magazine is 'ull of fashions for you and your family. The price is only ten cents per copy. You will find it of tremendous help in selecting your lew cruise clothes, your spring outfil, and your early summer colons. You have only to study yourself and take your choice for there s a flattering silhouette for every type p.nd figure among the new models. Book costs 10 cents. Send lor it today. Book and pattern to- rether 25 cents. Do not send to Mason City, but' nddress Globe-Gazette Pattern Department, 160 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Switchman Killed in Railroad Mishap MOLINE, III., (/P)--Robert Otterson, 63, a C. B. and Q. switchman, was killed Saturday after noon when he was jerked from the footboard of an engine by a plank' which projected above th rail at a crossing. With Tight Fitted Bodice GLOBE-GAZETEE PEERLESS 15 CENT PATTERN 160 Fifth Avenue, New York City ; By DIAMA PAY Betrothed Mr. and Mrs. George Powell, 322 Beaumont drive, announce the engagement of their daughter, Aiiene Louise, to Richard Louis Bond of Louisville, Ky. The wedding will take place early in June in the Little Church Around the Corner. Miss Powell, a graduate of the Mason City high school, is employed by the government in the navy and. marine department in Washington. Mr. Bond is branch circulation manager of the Washington Times and Herald. Mayor of Iowa City Agrees to Approve Payroll of $2,000 Your Federal Income Tax No. 32. Checking Delinquents. IOWA CITY, entire city payroll ot more than $2,000 due next week, will be paid on time, Mayor Thomas E. Martin The Bureau of Internal Revenue iias at its command many sources for checking up delinquent taxpayers. One of these is the "information at source" provision of the revenue act, under which persons "in whatever capacity acting," are required to report; to the- Commissioner of Internal Revenue a Washington, D. C., payments to another in any calendar year of $1,000 or more. If the recipient is married, reports need not be made o£ salary or other compensation for persona services unless the payments aggregate $2,500 or more. 1C the marital status of the payee is unknown to the payor, the payee is considered a single person for the purpose of filing an information return of salary or other compensation for personal services. Includes Wages. Fixed or determinable income includes wages, salaries, royalties premiums, rent, interest, etc. / separate return of information fo_ each employe is required o£ employers. The .requirements are no limited to periodical payments, bu a single paymenl must be reported Corporations are required t make a separate report of dividends or distributions for each in dividual, citizen, or resident o£ the United Slates, resident fiduciary or a resident partnership an member of which is a citizen o resident, who was paid $300 o more during the calendar yea 1936. Domestic corporations are required to make a return of infor mation · of dividends or distribu tions amounting to $150 or mor made during the period form Jan ], 1936, lo July 1, 1936, inclusive to any shareholder who is a non resident alien individual, a non resident alien fiduciary, or a non resident partnership. Must File Returns. COURT INTEREST HIGH-B1ERMANN )iscontinuing of Postal Savings Is Supported by lowan. WASHINGTON ~- "No other question while I've been here has aused so much earnest discussion ;s the proposal of the president hat congress authorize him to appoint six new justices of the supreme court," wrote Hepresenta- ive Fred Biermarm of Decorah, owa. "I can hardly make a worthwhile guess as lo the outcome," he continued. "Both sides claim a najority' in the senate. In the nouse, there is strong difference of opinion and. there is a remark- ibly large number who are with- lolding judgment. It looks as it he senate will act first. Hereto- ore the house usually has acted irst on highly controversial maters. "Meanwhile letters, petitions ind printed forms stream into every member's office. I was told hat a certain senator had six persons employed four hours one day ust to open letters and most o£ hem pertained to the supreme :ourt question. Opposed by Some Liberals "It is interesting to note how prominent men divide. Some of he so-called liberals and radicals lave lined up against the propos- il. Notable are Senators Wheeler, liram Johnson, and Borah. The ^resident o£ the Farmers' Union, Vlr. Everson and Congressman Lemke, author of the patently unconstitutional Frazier-Lemke bill, uive declared against the president's proposal. I was interested :o note the widow of the late 'resident Taft, who also was chief usticc of the supreme court, is with the president on the question. "From 1789, when this repub- ic began to function under the constitution, until 1937, there haye jcen enacted 24,902 public laws. Of these the supreme court declared 73 unconstitutional. Would Abolish Postal Savings. "The postal savings bank system came into being after the campaign of 1908 in which W. J Bryan had advocated the government guaranty of bank deposits It has served a useful depository for people who preferred safety to high interest rates. Now, however, we have safety of bank deposits through the federal deposit insurance corporation. "Therefore, it seems to me there can be no turther need of the postal .savings bank system. That is one activity the government surely can get out of without doing any harm. Today there is ?60,000,000 deposited in the postal, savings banks of the state o£ Iowa. Only 51,800,000 of that amount is rede posited in Iowa banks. said Saturday after early reports] All persons or organizations act- declared the mayor would hold up the payroll, the last under the present eily administration, because of a rift between the mayor and the city council. At a council meeting Friday night, the aldermen--only five were present--voted three to two to pass a resolution involving payment of $3,127.20, Martin opposed the resolution which did not cover payment o£ legal fees for Attorney D. C. Nolan, law partner of the mayor. "I will not sign the resolution," Martin said Friday night after the council meeting. A special secretive meeting was held Saturday morning, and with all seven aldermen present, a resolution providing for the allocation o£ funds necessary to make al! payments was unanimously passed and was signed by the mayor. W. R. Cother n, M. D. Rectal Specialist SILENCE MAY BE GOLDEN but you may suffer in silence with rectal trouble and it will never get you relief or cure you. Why npt come to me and be cured without operation, loss of time or great suffering- and at small expense. No charge for examination. Private diseases of men and women successfully treated . ^Office: 311/4 East Slafe St.--Over Yelland and Hanes ing at any time during the year 1336 as broker or other agent in slock, bond, or commodity transactions (including banks which handle clearing orders for depositors or custodian accounts) are required to file returns of information on form 1100 with respect to all customers, depositors, or accounts for whom or which business was transacted during the year. A separate form 1100 must be prepared for each customer, depositor, or account for whom or which business was transacted during the year, and must show the name and address and other information provided for in the form. Information returns are carefully checked with individual returns of taxpayers. Thousands of delinquent returns and additional revenue amounting to millions of dollars have been secured as the result oC the examination of information returns. DUKE EDWARD'S CAUSE BACKED Lloyd George Is Opposed to Cutting Him Off From Royal Purse. LONDON, (/Pi -- David Lloyi George, Britain's World wa prime minister, championed thj Duke of Windsor's financial fu tui-e Saturday with the assertion that cutting him off from th royal purse would be "the heigh of meanness." The News Chronicle said tlr elder statesman would protest ti the committee c o i ·. p i 1 i n g tin king's civil list, an outline of pros pective financial outlays, agains any lack of provision for the ab dicated monarch. The duke is in EnzcsEeld, Aus tria, self-exiled and awaiting lh day when. Mrs. Wallis Warfieli Simpson will be free to marry h,im. Lloyd George, who will be member of the civil list commit tee, said "It is scandalous i£ th ex-king is le£t out," adding: "All the members of the roya family have been provided for ex cept the ex-king, who it is gencr ally admitlcd, behaved very cle ccntly. "He abdicated in order lo mak no difficulty for the reigning king if there is made no provision o any sort lor him--well H is lh height of meanness. There is touch 'of vindictiveness about it. The duke, meanwhile, was re ported to have decided to pui chase a 530,000 airplane after sell ing a plane bought when he wn Prince of Wales. The old plane which has flown 25,000 mile cost 525,000 in 1933. Herb Pennock Gives Lesson on Throwing SAHASOTA, Fla., f^P)--Wise, old Herbie Pennock, who has been in the American league since 1912, took the Red Sox rookie pitchers out nn the firing line Saturday and gave them throwing to first base, a trick leaguers ever learn. few minor Lewis Turns Back at Picket Line Mollison Has Asked Wife, for Divorce LONDON, W--Capt. James A. Mollison, Australian long distance flyer, said Saturday he has asked his wife, Amy Johnson Mollison, for a divorce. "There is no ill feeling," he said. "We are just going our own ways." The Moltisons--both noted flyers--were married in London July 29, 1932. They announced last October they would separate. HITCH-HIKING BANDIT SOUGHT Asserts He Wants to "Plug the Guy That Killed My Buddy in Texas. John t. Lewis, C. I. O. leader and one of the chieftains of Labor's Non-Partisaii league, is pictured iu a Washington hotel attending a meeting of the league which is working on behalf of President Roosevelt's court iilan. Later, when Lewis came for an evening session al the hotel, itc found that waiters, waitresses anil cooks had struck and had formed a picket line. Lewis, although listed to talk, refused to RO through the picket line. A Line O'Pipe By T. PIPE Stick to the Pipe--Let the smoke blow where it will. Two More Bodies Are Brought Out of Mine Wrecked by Explosion LOGAN, W. Va., (#)--Two more bodies were brought out of Macbeth mine Saturday, leaving seven others still hidden by debris which choked the wrecked en try- way-}. The bodies were those of Earl Gearharl, 28, and James Wiley, 32, both machine men. Of the 1.8 who lost their lives in the explosion Thursday night, the bodies of 11 have been brought to the surface. The rescue crews kept doggedly on at. the search for the other seven, believed to have been buried under slate and shale. Correct this sentence: "I'll give you the story of the capture," said the government agent, "if you'll keep my name out of it."--Dubuque TcIcsraph-IIcrald. .i President Raps High Court. The president he doesn't like, Our highest court no more; He seems to feel perhaps ils days, Of usefulness are o'er. II would, he says, quite possibly, Be for the country's weal, .[ we could have a supreme court, That smiled on the new deal. The president he sort of feels, We need some younger blood, To sit upon the bench and say, What's for the country's good. He'd like to make a trade-in on, A brand new modern court, The ancient mode) is no more, Deserving ot support. -- O -At any rate people now know there is a supreme court. · --a -And perhaps the S. C. has some of it coming. When decision afler decision is decided 4 to 5--when four ot the brightest legal minds in the country say its legal and 5 others, supposed to be equally as bright, say it isn't, there is something radically wrong somewhere. On the face of it it looks as though the decisions were rendered more on Iho private opinion of the judges than on Ihe facls.ol law involved. ^ A It won't be loiiff Jioiv until we sitter downers and slayer insiders can use spring fever as an excise for not Koine forth lo work on lawn and garden. -- O-Nol that it will do us any good. l£ [here, is anything that fails utterly to impress- the goorl lady of the house, it is spring fever as an excuse for not working. A For anyone \vlio really cares, for Mic bifrffcr and better thing: ill lite, who love truth and vcr- acil.v with an overwhelming adoration, we suggest flic reading of Tall Stories by Lowell Thomas. It is a book that is fillet! with actual facts anfl experiences and is most refreshing- after reading much of the present (lay literature. It may he hail at I h e public library. We recommend it most heartily. -- 9-Spring or no spring, we have our first boquct, or should we say spray, of pussy willows, thanks lo Bert Street and Paul Spellman The fiisl real breath of spring. _e -- Abraum is a red oclic'r used in cabinet making to give a red color to unseasoned mahogany. --Amazing News Item Not since we beard the las amazing announcement by a frenzied wind bag of a radio adverlis ing person have we been so utterly amazed as when we read llv foregoing amazing news ilem. It i so astounding, so stupendous, si surprising, that we are complete ly flabergasted and unable ti comprehend the full import of the facts as printed. _e_ Perhaps those who have an cdu cation pertaining (o the use ant abuse of red ocber and its signifi cance in connection with abraum will readily ffrasp the connectioi between the two. Rut those of u whose minds have been trainei along a more scientific cnurse wil have more or less trouble in tlcal ing with the problem. In any case it is the hone of the writer tha the Information imparted will ere ate no unrest in the lives of thos who, in the .search for knowledge may yet pause (o rcail and nomle upon the sweet mysteries of lif as U is lived. -- 0-A LITTLE OCHER MIXED WITH RED, IS VERY BEAUTIFUL 'TIS SAID, -- O -The height of something or oth er. Raising wages 10 per cent an icn raising price of product 10 cent to cover the wage raise. Vs if wages were the only expense nvolvccl in the operating costs of ; ie business. Vlio Wants to Sell a Buff White Duck? WANTED--2 Buff, white Indian Runner drakes. --Classified DES MOINES, (/P)--Des Moines police looked for. a hitch-hiking bandit who wants to "plug the Buy that killed my buddy in Texas." Archie O'Tool, a bookkeeper, told police the bandit was lying in the back seat of his cav when he stepped into it Friday night. The bandit, the report said, forced O'Tool to drive him about the city and told him he resembled the man who killed his Mend. "If you're not the man I want, O. K., but if you are, it's going to be too bad," O'Tool said the bandit told him. Afler O'Tool established his identity to the gunman's satisfaction, he said, he was robbed for 51.50 in cash and his automobile. Ray Harrison, Des Moines attorney, said a bandit resembling the revenge seeking gunman threatened his li£e, robbed him of $26, and stole his automobile after forcing him to drive to East Des Moines. Harrison said "a man from Ames" was with him and that after he was forced to get out of the car the bandit drove off with the "man from Ames" who was later released. ad. -e- Ye Col Conductor Takes A Stroll Mr. and Mrs. Harry Deeiiz walk isl as we leave Ihe house. A nighty fine looking couple. And is good as they look. Can see no sign ot spring in the Frank Fuller jarden. But know the ground is all ready lo burst forth in a verdant array of leaf and bud. Harry Marston's dog Smoky comes to ncet us. We find a stick and the .wo of us have a stick pulling contest. Smoky wins os usual. Sturdy youngster with red wagon in the 400 block stops to tell us about his wagon and const:; along beside us unlil he loses his shoe which :auses considerable aggravnlion. Shiickiesl looking place in u'orth west part of town. The old hole! building al corner of North Monroe and Third. Too bad il cannot removed or remodeled. Not a oad building corner. Willow creek las done a lot of receding since its hist rampage. May it retain its present girlish figure. Stop in at Chapin and O'Neils to order ton o£ coal. Filled with apprehension lest good looking office manager mentions coal bill. Tries to sell us an automatic stoker instead. Parking torn up at Mason City millworks. That's where Bob Dilzler works. Maybe someone lost a dime. Call at Fanners Co-op Gas and Oil lo see our friend Mr. Jensen. Out calling on the trade but have good visil with Mr. Welterling in charge of office. He is an easy man to like. East on Fourth street, stop lo watch Wolfe Bros, loading a car o£ scrap iron with magnet crane. A regular picker upper and letter downer ovitfit. Crystal Lake coal bins pretty well filled with fuel. No shortage this year. Take a look in pawn -shop window. The last hope of the hopeless. The Gal- laghers, John and Dan bolh smiling. New cars arriving once more. Happy clays are here again. Curtis Yellaricl gives us hail Columbia for mentioning the strings and rope on his front door. But refrains a heap from telling us wherefore. Meet Harry Brown in front of First National. Has the faculty ot making one feel be is glad to meet one. Does writing insurance make men friendly and likeable, or do only friendly and likeable men lake up insurance? Signs of early spring. Kids playing marbles. Cold raw wind blow- i n R. Thermometer descending. Persons walking on other persons lawns and raising heck with them. -- e-School gals with bare, chapped looking knees and red noses. And not a robin in sight. And so homo and try and talk the Missus into an early supper. Walking is an appetizer rising occupation. As this is written, that first robin is .still exceedingly conspicuous hy its extreme absence. We have able scouts posted in all parts of the county, but reports from them arc all blank. Scout L e s t e r Campbell at Dougherty docs report seeing one lone blackbird, hut further than that lie refuses to commit himself. -- O-This has been a most remarkable spring in one way. It is the first on record wherein someone has not seen, or believed they saw, a robin long prior to March 11. It's a rather spooky siluation. Furthermore, it's agin all the laws Washington Nats Get Game for Day Drills ORLANDO, Fin., (ff 1 )--T h e Washington Nationals divided into two teams for their first practice game of the season. Some observers said the line-up ot Shanty Hogan's team was a tip-otf on a change in the batting order. Freddie Singlon held the cleanup post, vhich Johnny Stone played last year. LIQUOR STORES PROFIT STUDIED Committees of Senate and House Asked to Keep It in General Fund. Iowa Daily Tress Bureau DBS MOINES--Appropriations committees in the Iowa senate and house were hearing another financial theory Saturday--that state liquor store profits are needed lo keep the state general fund in balance during the coming two years. All senatorial debate to the contrary, the slate comptroller's office issued a statement to the appropriations committees advising that "liquor profits should not be disturbed and in no event until after Jan. 1, 1938. If they are we will probably run a deficit and stamp warrants not paid for want of funds." Action Put Off. Meanwhile the senate had deferred action until 10 a. m. Monday on a bill by Senator E. P. Donohue (Rep. Chickasaw) providing thai liquor profits go into the state office building fund until $3,000,000 had been collected. Also pending in the senate is a measure which would appropriate liquor profits for construction of buildings at the various stale institutions under the board of control. The statement to the appropriations committee from the comptroller's office referred to the fact that liquor profits since February, 1D3G, had contributed $1,200,000 to the state general fund. It also pointed out, however, that the last legislature left a gap of 51,500,000 between appropriations and actual expenses. Thus, liquor profits have provided all but $300,000 of the so-called deficit. 9 million Annually. The annual state property tax levy should bring in $4,500,00(1 each half year taxpaying time, the annual levy for state purposes totaling $9,000,000. "The first half payment in 1936 was fairly satisfactory, but owing lo the drought the second payment was not, nor do we think the first payment in 1937 will be," the | statement continued. "The liquor profits, If held in the general fund, will help to some extent in talcing up this deficit." Any subtraction o£ liquor profits means higher property taxes, the statement pointed out. "Any amount taken from liquor profits after Jan. 1, 1D37, must be added to the lax levy in September, 1937, to become due Jan. 1, 1938," it concluded. of nature. It's a phenomenon of unusual proportions. -- · -WHEN NO ONE SEES, OR THINK THEY SEE, A ROBIN IN, FEBRUARY, 'TIS TIME FOR EV- ' EHY ONE TO FLEE. --e-T. Pipe: If you should happen to come over to my place and get to talking while the bigger and better V,» is around, don't mention anything about how come we didn't go to see the niece of the b. b. '/ got married like 1 was telling you we were going to do. She is a litlle touchy on the subject and it is best not to get her riled ,up. And mentioning the wedding we didn't see always gets her highly agitated. We had planned to go alright. She bought a nice wedding present and a new dress and hat for the'occasion. Me, 1 gets the car oiled and greased and gassed. And when I brings it home, the driveway is very muddy so for fear I would have trouble getting car out o£ garage in morning, I just drives it up over the sidewalk and stops it there. It is plenty muddy but I figures I can back it out from there o. k which I could have only that night it rains n bit and then turns cold to about 5 below zero and next morning there stands the car up lo the hub in nice, solid, hard-as- rock frozen mud. Dynamite could not have got it loose by noon. And the last train had just left. And soon after I wished I had also just left. Hoping you arc Ihe same. --Amos. SCHOOLTEACHER KILLED IN CRASH 6 Others Injured on Way to Girls' State Basketball Tournament. ATLANTIC, (IP)--Miss Margaret Bernatz, 23 year old Farragut school teacher, was killed and six other persons injured a- halt mile west of Casey Saturday when their automobile skidded into n ditch and overturned twice. The parly was enroute to the girls' state basketball tournament at Des Moines. Miss Bernatz, whose home was- in Spillville, was thrown from the car and her skull crushed. Others in the machine were not seriously injured. The car was driven by Mrs. C. K. Phillips of Farragut. She is believed to have lost control ot Hie machine on the slippery pavement. Others in the party were: Miss Annabclle Woodward of Lewis, thrown, clear of the car with Miss Bernat?.; Hal Davis, Robert Long, D. Barton and Mr. Phillips, all of Farragut. The parly had planned cheer the Farragut team in semifinal to its tournament g a m e against Watervillc at DCS Moincs Saturday afternoon. Americanism: Despising the pious hypocrite; pretending lo admire crazy art in order to seem "cultured."--Dubuqnc Tclcgraph- Hcrald. We Guarantee Our Laundry and Cleaning Service -- and Prices Are the Best The prices of materials we use have gone up, but we have ROUGH DRY used to be 9c How SEMI-FINISH used to be I2c Now J[ Qc We want to do your Laundry -- and WE SOLICIT YOUR CLEANING BUSINESS. Courteous Drivers. Give us a call. Mason City Laundry Cleaners PHONE 738

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