Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 27, 1931 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1931
Page 4
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^aeuKiiSizsei^a^^ MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 27 mi. Officials; Discuss 'Road Beaiitification ATI^ANTIC CITY, N.. J., March 87. (TJP)--Beautiflcatlon of the roads of the country was one of the main points of discussion at the Jneetlng 1 of the Association of Highway officials of the North Atlantic elates: The example of Caps May county, N." J., was cited to show what can be done In Improving" a highway when the entire resources of the county are placed behind the activities of the citizens. The Rose highway, running the length of the -county, is said to be one of the most attractive roads in the country. Both sides are lined with rambler roses. Customers forVPoor Farm. ALBION, HI., March 27. (UP)-Edwards County poor farm is for sale because of lack of patronage. No one, except the keeper, lives there and his contract expires in March, 1032. "Unless someone applies for admission the farm will be sold to the higheest bidder. POMTICAI. ADVERTISEMENT rOMTTfiAT. ADVERTISEMENT Peoples' Candidate Reduction of t a x e s {Widows and Old Age exemption). Clean and economical administration. Your support solicited. G. GRUPP FIVE CANDIDATES FOR COUNCILMEN Spring- 1931 are charming -- both from a standpoint of clever design and harmonious color Says Mrs. Ruth Campbell Bros. LARGE STOCK Contains just the pattern and color that will harmonize best/ in your home. Come in Saturday and see the new- Spring showing, we'll be glad to help you in your selection. Manning Bros. 32 East State St. Phone 930 HIIER WOLF We Carry a Full Line of MASSY HARRIS and MINNESOTA IMPLEMENT and When yqu are in town stop In and let us show you a full line of Farm Machinery. NORTH IOWA DISTRIBUTING HOUSE "Save Thru Group Buying" 327 SeoDnd S. W., Phono 3937 ? Easter Shoe Styles! =^ ofTmmeifsavmof^'fces..., 4pODlstinctive Styles \ fomen, Otnettt at Upto'4^ All the elegance and-bcauty o( a Style Queen . . . these beautiful Spring Styles will enhance your Easter ensemble Never has Tradehome offered' such an array of beautiful shoes at such attractive prices. Stylish Shoes^i boysjac'ms- . i -in. ^L^""" ^ aoxetisofsMes * I ^ VOMSIDENCfi" 18 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. 18 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE --Photo by Kirk Studio C. E. COOPEIl --Photo by Washburn G. GRUPP --Photo by Kirk Studio \V. J, PAGENHAUT ·yWO councilman are running for 1 re-election with three other candidates in the field against them In the city election to be held Monday. Herman M. Knudson and Mier Wolf are the candidates for re-election, while the others in the race ars: C. E. Cooper, former building commissioner of Mason City; W. J. .Pagenhart, Northwestern railroad engineer, and G. Grupp, South Federal avenue meat market operator. Alt the candidates filed their nomination papers a week ago. each one having more than the required number of 10 for every 1,000 inhabitants in the city. The number of signatures on various petitions was as follows: Cooper, 307; Grupp, 299; Knudson, 448; Pagen- hart, 418 and Wolf, 428. The voting will take place at the following eight precinct polling places: First ward, first precinct, school administration building. First ward, second preeinct, Mason 'City Lumber company, 4 Fifteenth street northeast. · Second ward, first precinct, assembly room, courthouse. Second ward, second precinct. McKinley school, 1510 North federal avenue. Third ward, first precinct, Lapiner garage, 117 South Delaware avenue. Third ward, second precinct, Roosevelt school, 1520 South Pennsylvania avenue. Fourth ward, first precinct, Crystal Lake Ice and Fuel company, 11 First street southwest. Fourth ward, second precinct, Speedway garage, 03 South President avenue. The polls will open at 7 o'clock n the morning and close at 8 o'clock in the evening. HERMAN M. KNUDSON School Equipped to .. J---~* - '·?· - r F:t-m^-···· '^ Teach ifen CHICAGO, March 27. (UP)--For the first time in Illinois, a school-. room has been outfitted with complete hearing equipment for deal children. The children, many of whom have been able to distinguish sounds faintly, are now expected to "learn" to hear within a short time. Equipment for the deaf children was installed by the Chicago women's aid, which also has equipped a number of Chicago churches and the Goodman Memorial Theater with hearing attachments. Would Form Third Party. DES MOINES, March 27. (UP) --Howard Y. Williams, New York, secretary of the Legion for Independent Political action, will speak at the public library tonight. He is here in the interests of formation of a third political party for the 1932 elections. Not Only at the but every day, in . your own h o m e , there is a place for flowers or plants. Why not come out to t h e greenhouse and enjoy the Easter lilies a n d o t h e r spring plants.. You will f i n d just the p r o p e r thing for your h o m e at the price you want to pay. Strictly f r e s h , home - grown stock. Plenty of parking- space. Reserve Your Easter Order Now STOLEN Man Held for Authorities at Cedar Rapids on Car Deal. Three automobiles were stolen from Mason City Thursday night, according to police records. One was recovered by police here, one was found deserted at Manly and a car stolen from Cedar Rapids Wednesday, waa-.recoyered by local, police. ' · ' Mei-11 Sims,: 112 'Madison avenue northwest, stolen from hi front'of his home between 7 and 9 o'clock Thursday evening was found deserted at Manly Friday- morning. The doors had been left open and the car was filled with snow. A report of the recovery of the car was telephoned to local authorities by officers at Manly. Ross Eggers, 117 Fourth street northeast, reported his car stolen from in front of his home sometime during the night. It was a Tudor model A Ford and carried license 99--2991. It has not yet been found. A Wolverine coupe stolen from Cedar Rapids Wednesday was taken by police on South Federal avenue early Friday morning when officers arrested Robert Murphy, 28, Waterloo. The car was spotted parked on the. street and officers waited outside the Venice cafe until Murphy came out. Officers asked Murphy if. the car belonged to him. He def clared it did not and said he was on his way to the railroad to catch a freight train out of town. Police searched him and found keys which started the car at once. He is being held for authorities at Cedar Rapids. Albert J. Killme.r, 903 North Federal ave., erported his car was stolen between 8:30 and 10 o'clock Thursday evening from near Park hoapi-; tal. Officers located the car on Second street northwest near Monroe avenue about 11:30 o'clock. cities of Importance were New Tork, Boston and.Philadelphia., "Harvesting was still done by tools little different from those used In Biblical times for little progress had been made in Instruments until 100 years ago." Pacific Coast Tour Planned by U. S. Band WASHINGTON, March 27. (UP) --A national concert tour extending to the Pacific coast will be made by the U. S. army band early next fall, the war department has announced: Jt will be the first time the famous musical organization has gone ao far west. Itinerary of her tour includes Pittsburgh, Chicago, Minneapolis, and cities on the main toe of the Northern Pacific railroad to Seattle; thence to cities., in Oregon, Washington and California, and eastward via the Southern Pacific thru Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. The trip will be made during September and October. SUFFERED FOR 50 YEARS Story of Reaper Told Before Y's Men's Club Meeting at Y.M.C.A. A. word picture of the first reaper of a century ago being drawn down the road wtyle farmers, working in the hot Virginia sun to harvest grain by the la.borlpus process men had always used, straightened their aching backs to laugh was drawn by F. E. Relshus, manager of the International Harvester company before a meeting of the Y's Men's club at the Y. M. C.. A, Thursday evening. "The marvelous ihing about the machine was that it worked," Mr. Reishus declared. "That event ushered in the most wonderful 100 years of progress the world has ever seen. . ^ "The reaper did more than straighten up farmer's backs. It released their minds as well and made possible the wonderful area, of progress. Only about 25 per cent of the population is now required to work to produce the food necessary for consumption while 100 years ago eight or nine-tenths of. the population found it necessary to engage in farming, "A century ago little Industry such as we know today could be found. The team locomotive had just been Invented in England and the steamboat was only beginning to become popular. "Near our territory Indians were still being fought and the only IF you suffer from constipation, lead this enthusiastic letter from Mr. R. J. Foster, 108 Broadway, West Plains, Ho, "I have been constipated for the last 50 years -- taken nil kinds of drugs with only momentary relief. I have been using your ALL-BRAN six weeks. It has giv^h me permanent relief. I can heartily recommend it to be a certain remedy for constipation." ··' Eat this pleasant cereal and overcome constipation in a natural, Eafe way. Two tablespooh- fuls of Kellop-j-'s ALL-BRAN daily. In stubb I n cases, serve -with each meal. Do thia and panish pills and drugs from your life. KeJlogrg'a ALL-BRAN also adds needed iron to the diet. Look for the red-and-green pack- ega at your grocer's. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. A L L - B R A N Sergeant Retires; Record Is Unusual FORT BLISS, Texas, March 27. (UP)--Sergt. Frank E. V. Payden, soldied since 1902, was retired here this month after a-record probably unique in the United Sttaes army. Tho in. the army without Interruption for more than 30 years he was never In combat. Payden was a lieutenant during the World war but. superintended the gathering in Michigan of lumber for airplane manufacture. · ! He was stationed on the Mexican border with the Seventh Calvary for many years and also served in the Philippines but never tasted the smoke of battle, he mourns. A politician is a man who has tha 'courage to try any desperate experJr ment if It isn't his money.--San Francisco Chronicle. roj.rnrAi. ADVEBTISKMK.VT POMTICAI. ADVERTISEMENT JUST A WORD TO THE VOTERS OF MASON CITY I with to again announce my candidacy as councilman in the coming election. Also will say, in answer to numerous Inquiries, that I cannot see how It is possible to make the Manager or any other form of City Government an issue in this election. Our present form of Government can be changed only by a vote of the people after having been in effect six years. A councilman hag only his vote, the same as any voter, therefore, the form of Government la entirely up to the people. The success or failure of any Government, however, depends .on the men who are in position to control it. I am one of the average taxpayers here, and as such am interested in the reduction of taxes. I have made no pledges or promises to anyone, but if the voters of Maaon City see fit to^give me their support I will pledge my. self to be fair to all regardless of his position and I believe my past record as Building Commissioner will help to verify my sincerity In this .statement. ' r ' Thanking you for the support you may see fit to give me, I am, Sincerely yours, C, E. COOPER, Former Building Commissioner "A Fine Sink" Says Mrs. Campbell On the /stage, at the Cooking School Mrs. Ruth Campbell, noted food expert, called attention to the modern sink from the W. J. Daly Company, She said, "This is a fine sink and I am proud to have it here." The Sink was installed by Daly's. It is modern. During the Cooking School it has been used by Mrs. Campbell and her assistants. MRS. .KUTH CAMPBELL AT DALY'S YOU WILL SEE THE LATEST PLUMBING FIXTURES . . . YOU'RE INVITED TO SEE THEM. DALY Co. PLUMBING 32 2nd STREET N. E. HEATING PHONE 245 THE YEAR'ROUNDS A Welcome Everyday Food! Use PURE Lard in All Your Cooking Many leading domestic science experts prefer Decker's lowana Leaf Lard to all other shortenings. Says Miss Henrietta Schmidt, of the Kenwood Institute of Culinary Art, Chicago: '-Wherever the reoipe calls for shortening- use that good Decker Leaf Lard . . . IOWANA! You will never have any lardy' flavor. Your cakes, cookies and pies will be finer than ever before. What's more, you will have saved money." Yes, and you will have patronized a homo Industry! You will have given liberal encouragement to the agricultural prosperity of our community[ Accept NO substitutes! Insist upon PURE LARD! Appetites may glow with winter snap or wilt in ths summer sun--there's one dish which keeps its appeal ALWAYS. Those crisp and savory slices of fresh-fried Decker's Towana Bacon. What a flavor--sweet and mellow--real country style! Use This Good Decker IOWANA Bacon To Flavor Other Dishes! Decker's lowana Bacon combines dellclously with so many foods. Besides serving U with either of those eternal companions, eggs or pancakes, use it for garnishing your roast chicKen, veal, game and macaroni dishes. Diced and fried, it enhances the flavor of such salads as potato, lettuce, and egg. And wouldn't your family enjoy a double-Decker bacon sandwich? The Taste la SO Good! · Serve DECKER'S Ham for Your Easter Dinner Decker's Vacuum-cooked, Hickory-smoked Ham la a. treat WORTHY of first place on the festive Easter table. So mellow--It just melts in your mouth! So tender the fork breaks it, and ao different in flavor. Decker's Vacuum Cooked Ham is a delicious, ready-to-serve product that will simplify Easter cooking considerably. You may attend Easter Sunday worship and know that a delightful ham dinner may be prepared In just a few moments--after you return. Anff it will be the finest Easter dinner that you could prepare. Decker's Vacuum-cooked Ham is a far-reaching dish--no bone, no skin, no surplus fat. Being ready-cooked, It may be heated quickly. There are two sizes to choose from.--whole and half. Have a container or two in your refrigerator all the time. It will save yoxi many embarrassing moments. You will be prepared for unexpected guests or for a luncheon when friends dtpp in. It's quickly prepared and easily kept on hand. You will want to order your Easter Ham EARLY! Make it Decker's HicL/y-smoked, Vacuum-cooked Ham in cither whole or half size, or that good lowana Ham! Every market has it. You will add to the day's rejoicing by placing this feast before your Easter guests. VARIET* fOR EVERY MENU IS REPRESENTED IN DECKER PRODUCTS J 1UCACU JUCU0

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