The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 24, 1939 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 24, 1939
Page 16
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16 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE _ _ ·--- -.,..... W v, J ., \sj.± j. \jx^vj3rj-(jA^jizji isj Hogs^ Stead^joJ5jC^nts Off in Chicago MOST CATTLE n ?^»" J s5--.... WHEAT PRIfiFS I ,, crnni/o rvTctin ADCMUfUllunrn i s l r , r 4 ' -- ' " ' ' » " · · " Receipts of OIOGKS EXTEND ARE UNCHANGED nip fw RFNT (*«,,,, P^. ocnmirnw, «»r FRIDAY. MARCH 24, 1939 MOST CATTLE ARE UNCHANGED Fat Lambs 10 to 25 Cents Lower;" Swine Receipts 6,000 Head CHICAGO, (£)_Hog prices were mixed Friday with choice light kinds selling fully steady while others were off as much as 15 cents in spots. Most killing classes of cattle were steady and fat lambs were 10 to 25 cents lower following Thursday's 40 to 50 cent higher market. Hog receipts in the open market totaled 6,000. The market topped VALUE OF FINE SCHOOL HEADS 800: « f i . « · seers, s e stock steady to weak; bulls weak: vealers Mf* y: St 5 cke ". feeders nominally «l-£ : ,, g l 0 i ' earlin ss and light steers ; heifers scarce; bee/ cosvi J5.75 , ; practical sheep too vealers $9.50. .=ri early fci ds around 25 cents lower, asking stronger; early bids fed wooled Iambi P * · ' bu!k held , d wooled Iambi above; f , · . · ..^.u 9*.»rv auu duuve; choice fed western ewes to 53.40- other classes not represented. SIOUX ClTiT LIVESTOCK (Friday Market) SIOUX CITY. W)-CATTLE: Salable receipts 700; calves, salable receipts 25: supply tersely small lot truckins; choice H I I I '., mos L classes moderately active. little c at $7.80 with good and choice 160 to 230 pound hogs getting from the top down to 57.60. (U. S. Department of Agriculture--Salable hogs, 6000; strictly choice ligSt hogs, fully steady top with Thursday's average; others slow; steady to 10 cents lower- closing at full decline; with spots 15 cents off on medium weight and heavy butchers; top, $7.80; good and choice 160 to 230 pounds $7.60 to §7.80; 240 to 280 pounds, 57.25 to $7.60; 290 to 330 pounds $6.90 to $7.25; good 400 to 500 pounds packing sows,' $5.25 to $5.60. Salable cattle 1,000; salable calves, 400; most killing classes steady; very slow on steers; cutter and common beef cows fairly active; demand continuing broad also for common and medium steers; no choice steers here; very few above $10.50; general undertone bearish on steers, heifers and cows; unevenly lower than week ago; stockers slow, steady; feeder dealers have around 300 head well fed light stockers to be shown early next week; these scaling 650 to 800 pounds; cutter cows, $4.51) to $5.75; practical top, weighty sausage bulls, $7.00; selected veal- ers to Sll.OO; light offerings, $9.00 to. S9.50. Salable sheep, 12,000; late Thursday fat lambs, 40 to 50 higher; top, $10.00; bulk under 102 pounds, $9.75 to $10.00; only a few 105 pounds lambs remaining at $3.65 down; sheep, steady: best ewes available, $5.65; averaging 146 pounds. Friday's trade, 10 to 25 lower; active at decline; bulk wooled lambs under 100 pounds, $9.75 down; top, $9.90 to shippers; few weighty Jambs, $9.50; sheep weak; good to choice few western ewes, $5.00 to $5.50. H I I I '., a c v e little changed: car eood 890 Ib. yearling SIO; several sales 5989.50; prime quote * ; S?i .i lew Slnc "y pri gocd "« ht quoted quoted heifers around q u o e aroun $10.50: scattering medium to good cows *=.7.-g7; cutter grades S4.50g5.25; stock- and feeders scarce. GS: , Sa . IabIe "tceints, 2,500; slow. ^"^ ltWer - m ° st 'y 10 cents off; if, K , u sh 'PP ers *" *°ice around ?:, ^ Utch 5«: fi°°d an* choice no-260 ulchers $6.85S7.10; packers stoppinE · =60-230 Ib. bulcheriV«S®M3?290* WHEAT PRICES DIP ONE CENT Good Crop Weather Reported; Liverpool Quotations Are Weak' CHICAGO, (#)--Wheat prices dipped almost a cent Friday on reports of good crop weather in the southwest and weakness at Liverpool, with easing European tension, but then rebounded to close only a shade lower than Thursday. Commercial purchasing attracted by the lower quotations helped to rally the market. Wheat closed unchanged to 'A lower compared with Thursday May 6T-X, July 67%-%; corn unchanged, May 47%-%, July ; oats unchanged to H down. SHEEP l T SHEEP: Salable good JO ! ^w $7.50. receipts, 2,000; fat s , , ; a lambs uneven, 10S23 cents lower; good and choice led wooled skins S925(i94o- package 112 ib. average 59; deck a?«wd S3 Jb. recently shorn sa.IS; other classes scarce; choice fed western ewes quoted to Sa.40; package shearing lambs $8.85. KANSAS C1TV LIVESTOCK (Friday Markcl) artment irly ac. r an Thursday s average; top $7.30; packers S7.25 down . p a c e r s . down: good to choice 160-260 Ibs.. J7.10® SOU.I/4T H 70 ' 300 lbs " *".90e7.ioj °dd sows $6.33 down. CATTLE: 230; calves SO: killing classes f cattle sloiv. steady in mostly a clean- Local Livestock SHEEP: 3.000; lambs steady to strong; sheep strong to 25 cents higher; best fed °' CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (frid*T Market) m . *-Cash wheat, sample mixed, 67; sample hard 6H4. Com, No. 3 mixed. 4S14ia46V; No I yellow, «K»«; samp , e g^d 43V4 ^ * Oals. No. 1 feed. 28 '/,s « m p|e ^e, V fr *"·-, 2 . white M'A'SMK; barley malting. oZe62 nom.: feed 3S5J12 nom. Soy beans, No. 3 yellow. 88. Timothy seed, *2.85@3.15 nom · red clover SUgie nom.; red top f9.25fi9.75 nom. Lard rT! erces - ' 6 - 30 nim ; lo ° se ? 5 -ro nom.; bellies, ?8.87 nom. Receipts of Motion Picture Theatres by Years Mason City Grain MASON CITV-For Friday No. 3 white oats 22c " ..... No. 3 yellow corn ........ "33Ac New ear- corn .......... 3Q C '.25-35c g ° od ; odd ewes Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS I « ' W-Cood hogs. 1401=0 lbs.. I6.65S6.80; 150-160 lbs 1683ft 7; 160-170 lbs., W.S5S7.I0: 170- 80 lbs -2I; 180-120 Ib". S7.I5®7.30: 230- I W»S®r.M: 2SO-270 Ibs.. 56.80® I" 290 lbS " 56.6566.80: 290-325 lbs. f6.tog6.60; 325-350 Ibs., ?(f.30g6.45: good Packers. 275-350 lbs.. S6.10e6?25: 350-425 ^-. 55-9586.10; 425.500 U,,.. $5 .809M? 500-350 lbs., $5.65@5.80 Caltle steady _ : ., bs.. 57(57.10; · .25-. 180-220 Ibs. $7 25 ; 250-270 MASON CITY-- For Friday. HOGS Five to 10 cents lower. Good light lights ...... 140-150 $5.80-5.90 Good light Ijghts ...... 150-160 $6.30-6-10 Good light lights ...... 160-170 S6.70-6.80 Good light lights ...... 170-180 SG.90-7.00 Good light butchers .. 180-200 $7.10-7.20 Good light butchers ,. 2DO-220 $7.10-7.20 Good me. wt. butchers 220-250 S6.95-7.05 Good me. int. butchers 250-270 J6.80-B.90 Good me. ivt. butchers 270-290 $660-570 Good me. wt, bulchers 290-325 56.45-6.55 Good me. wt. butchers 325-350 S6.30-6 40 Good heavy butchers .. 350-400 J6.15-625 Good packing sows ... 275-350 J6.10-6.20 Good sows ............ 350-425 S6.00-6.10 Good sows .. ....... ... 425-500 $5.90-600 Good sows ............ 500-530 J5.90-6.00 (The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prime steers, heavy Slo.00-11.00 Good to choice steers, heavy S 8.50- 9 50 Medium to good steers ...... $ 7.50- 850 Fair to medium steers ...... t 6.50- 750 Plain to fair steers ....... ,.. l 4.00- e.'oO Choice to prime yearlings ---- 5 9.00- 9.50 Good lo choice yearlings ... 5 8.00- 9,00 Medium to good yearlings ... s 6.50- 7.50 Good to choice hei/crs ...... $ 8.00- 3.00 Medium to good heifers ..... 5 7.00- 8,00 Fair to medium heifers ...... 5 6.00- 700 Plain to fair heifers ........ .. $ 4.00- 6.00 Good to choice cows, heavy ., s 5.75- 6.25 Medium to good cows .. ...... $ 5.25- 5.75 Fair to medium cows . ....... S 4.75- 5.25 Cutter, ...................... j 4,00. O5 £a°"ers ..................... I3.oo-4.oo Good to choice heavy bulls . . s 5.50- 6 25 IJsht bulls ..' ................ S 4.50- 5.00 Calves, good to choice 130-190 S 7.00- 800 Calves, raed. to good 130-100 s 6.55- T.M Calves, Infer, to med. 130-190 t 2.50 d'wn SBEEP Genuine spring lambs, good to choice ....... ..... 7C-M t 7.50- 8.M Spring lambs; good to choice _ ···-·; ................. 70-90 J 6.00- 6.50 Spring lambs, medium to eood ........... ............. 70-90 J 5.00- 5.50 Spring lambs, common ...... $ 400-500 Native ewes, good to choice $ 1 50- 2.25 C"ll cwu .................... SOctoJI.OO Old buck, ...... . ............. 50eto* MIDWEST LIVESTOCK Livestock prices at midwest markets J noay: AUSTIN. Minn., Hogs SgiO cents lower. 140-1=0 Ibs.. J3.80G6.10; 150-100 lbs. $6.2566.55: 160-170 lbs.. S6.5056.80: 110. 180 lbs.. SS.75e7.03; 180-210 lbs.. SS 9oe 7.20: 220-250 Ibs.. S6.75S7.05; 250-210 Ibs $6.6086.80; 270-290 Jbs.. S6.40fiS.70- 290- S25 Ibs.. S6.25«6.5S: 325-350 lbs.. $6.10« 6.40; 350-400 Ibs.. J6S6.30: packing sows 275-350 lbs.. $5.90«6.20: 350-425 lbs., S5 60 SB.IO; 425-550 lbs.. S5.7BS6; 550 lbs. and . . packing sows. 275-350 lbs 56 ISff " 4 ® ^VHEAT-- May July Sep. ....^.TM CORN-May July Sep OATS-May July Sep SOY BEANS-May July Oct RYE-May July Sep I.ARD-- Mar May July .. Sep. .. FBIDAT GRAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, Hifih low $ -67»i .67 Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS (Bj- The Assodalrd Priw) .. Frld»y Closini }iiot.lions Air Reduction 54"; Nat Lead Al Ch tDye ]66'/ 4 Allied Stores 91 j Am Can B9 1 /* Am Sc For Po 27a Am Loco 22 Am Had St Am Roll Mill Am Sm R Am Stl Fdrs .29 i .27 !i .87V, -86'A -76 1 /, .68 MV, .20','. . 6.-M) . 6.55 . 6.72 6.33 6.52 6-67 Close .61'.', .49 ii .50 Vt .S7'l .SSli .76'A .44 6.25 6.33 6.52 6.70 20% 0 Cattle: Tone slow. Prices unchanged. rTM COMBINED HOG BECEIPTS DES MOINES. W _ (U . S. department of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration yards and 10 packing P oX '"??-'" in in " riw !»«, a' n | southern I,linnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Friday were '4 400 Moderately active; steady to 10 cents lower, mostly 5 cents oil: loading liml changed from Friday's 24.400. Barrow! " S00d and chol:e . 1SO-180 lbs 180-200 lbs.. SS.90S7.40; 200! 220-250 Ibs., W .7s ra - 5 a 7 - l ( l: 2M-3SO lbs. packing sowi. good: 275-350 LIVESTOCK FORECAST s t * G 9 V f^- 0 "^' 1 «stlmaled live- h^ iS c \? b fcr Saturday: Cattle 300: hogs 100; sheep 3.000. Representative Sales Price ,, (Friday Market) CHICAGO, (^-Representative sales: HOGS Vo ATI- Heavy-+1 25S 38 290 52 311 Medium-- 51 ALBERT LEA. »inn._ Hogs 5 cents lower: 140-150 lb!=.. S5.9566.10: 150-160 TM~i^ 6 -S? ffB - 4S: J6 °-' 7I lbs - SS.7I«6.6o: 170-180 lbs.. S7«7.15: 180-220 lbs.. S7.109 ..25; 200-220 Ib!.. S6.90S7.05: 220-250 lbs I6.90R7.05: 250-270 Ibs]. S5.65«6.80: ao". =90 ibf.. $6.4556.60: 290-325 lbs., SS.ajfi 64a; 320-350 ]bv, SS.15«6.30; 350^00 Ibs SSSB.ID: sows. 275-050 Ib?.. iS.05g'620- Its.. S5.90.S6.05; 4Z5-SOO lbs.. S5.73 Iff! ' 224 200 230 200 220 5 leer: 20 13 19 JO Lambs-93 91 99 103 191 62 184 5(.Mi 37 167 7.53; Light LiKhls- T.00| 24 155 13 1« 7. BO | 7.70] 7.601 SHEEP Clipped tambs-- 9.90 (50 9.85[SIaughter Ewa 1150 1150 1000 9.75 .. 9.50i 62 CATTLE fHeife SI! M. 18 0.50[ 10 10.001 =0 9.00,' 645 750 740 5.50 5.00 9.00 8.50 8.25 Miscellaneous MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN (Frfdij- Market) MINNEAPOLIS, VF, - \fhezt receipts irtday, 137 cars; 52 a year ago- Quotations !i cent higher. Cash: No. I heavy dark northern. 74Vkai7y,; dark northern. Ao. 1, 74.,®76,k: fancy No. 1 hard Mon- . . rum. Corn. No. 3 yellow, 425«e43*fl' Quotations !i cent higher. ' Oats, No. 3 white, 27 '/«« 2SVt. Barley, 30^tM. KANSAS CITV GRAIN (Friday Market) KANSAS CITY, Iff-)--Wheat: 109 cars; U cent higher to ] .~i cent lower: No 2 dark hard 70VVS74'.'.; No. 3. 6S','«fi74V.- No. 2 hard. 6TAffi71i: No. 3, 66S69% : No. 2 red nom.. 66',ifi6aVi; No. 3. 6514 Com: 10 cars: V.iitli cent lower; No 2 white nom.. 46^47!',: No. 3 nom 45'4 46V,; No. 2 yellow. 4BU; No. 3 nom.; 44 *l4a!«: No. 2 ntlxed nom., 44',4«'15^'.: No 3 nom,, 433*£-44V4. Oats: 3 cars: unchanged; No. 2 white nom.. 29?i«i30V*; No. 3 n o m , ·'OVjCfg^ Milo maize, nom.. 75g81. Kafir: Nom.. 15SBO. Rye: Nom.. 445S45. Barley; Nom.. 34%B41. OMAHA GBAI.V OMAHA. (,D-- Wheat: Dark hard. No 2. 7054: hard. No. 2. 65ft; No 3, 6W, n o r t h «fn spring', Rye: None. Barley: None, Com : None. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300. Mason City 17 «H -- 28'i Am Sue Hef 20fi Am. Tel d: T 158 ij Am Tob B 83'i Am Wat Wks ll»i Anaconda 27^ Armour 111 4-*'. At T S F 33?i All Heiin Bait Ohio Bamsdall Bendix Aviat ''aaj, Beth Steel 673; BoeinR Airpl 26y 4 Borden 19V4 Borff-Warner 27!^ BridRpt Brass 12*« Budd Mfg 514 Can D G Ale 16V4 Can Pacific 4Ji Case S3 Cater Tract 47 Ches t Ohio 35'i C H I 4: p it Chrysler 75'i Col G Js E 714 Coml Solv 11 ' Cmwlth ir Sou 114 Con Edison 32 Con Oil fir. Con Can Con OH Del Corn Prod Curt-Wright Deere Co Eeerc pf Douglas Air duoPnt Eastman El Pow T-t Fairoanks-Mo 36 Firestone Gen Elec Gen Foods Gen Mills Gen Motors Gillette Goodrich 20i Goodyear 31?i Gt Nor Ry p£ 25'/., Homes! ake 6-t'i Hudson 6"=, 111 Cent 15' Int Harvest 5Ky a Int Nick Can 49=', Int Tel T ' Johns-Manv 85*i Nat Dairy Pr 151^ Nat Distill 27'/. 391, 27 63 68 149 23 42'' ·56 »; Nat Pow 5c Lt N y Cent 17S4 No Amer Avi 16 J /i North Amer 22K Nor Pacitic 11 Oliver Farm 23", Otis Elevator 19'/ 4 Otis Steel 11 Owens III Gl 63 Packard 3*i Param Pict SU Penick For 52 Penney 82 Penn Ry 2QK Phillips Pet 37 Pioct Gam 56i Pullman 30*; Pure Oil s Radio 751 Rem Rand 13?i Repub Steel lail Bey Tob B Sears Hoeb Shell Union Simmons Socony Vac Sou Pacific Std Brands Sid Oil Cal Sid Oil Ind Sid Oil N J Slew-Warn Studebaker Swiit Co .. Tex Cult Sul 30 Tim Roll B « Transamcrjca 6V Un Carbide £0y« Kennecott 3§*a Kcesse 23 Lambert 151^ Lib O F Gl «i Loews 4314 Harsh Field W, Maytag sii Midcont Pet 14i llont Ward 48}, Nosh-Kelv - ?i'« Nail Bisc Z71i Nat Cash. Beg 21?i Union^Pacific 98 Pnit Air Li 107, Unit Airc Cor 3ZVi Unit Corp 3 Unit Drug 6!i U S Gypsum 9S!4 U S Ind Alco 20% U S Rubber 43'i U S Steel 57 !1 Walgreen 18!i Warner Pict 5% West Un Tel 2014 West El t Mf 105 Wilson Co 4^a Woolworth 47'/« Wrigley Jr 78i Yel Tr C 1711 Yngst Sh, T 43»i 11V, ISik 28 H 27 IDS 18% STOCKS EXTEND RECOVERY MOVE Slow Advance Inspires Profit Taking;' Close Is Somewhat Lower t ^ E i V(1 . YORK ' ^-Stocks extended the recovery March by 1 to 3 points in -Friday's market, but the slow advance inspired profit taking and closing prices were well under the best. After a moderately active opening the ticker tape began to loaf. There was a pickup around midday, then the sluggish pace was resumed. Transfe 650,000 shares. approximated Continued firmness of foreign markets, apparently buoyed further lull in war by worries served to maintain the modest Duymg urge for domestic securities, brokers said. Bond Market YORK, UP]--Led by fairly active lurchaslnjf in rails, the prices of bonds nroughout the market list rose Friday The upward trend, begun Thursday vas well in evidence during the morning n all sectors. Acain the rise was dls- aiguished by relatively small transac- lons. Apparently bondholders were re- uctant to dispose of. their holdings. Northern Pacific 4s and 5s attracted nuch or the buying attention, resulttne n gains of about a point. Southern iail- "Jyl,?' is vv ", ere u . p 1Vt poUlts befare ""on- Other advancing rails included New ork Central 5s, Missouri-Kansas-Texas s. Nickel Plale 4'As and 5«s, Illinois Central 4y,s, and Alleghany 5s. Utilities, too. shared in the advance iigher prices were Daid (or International Telephone 5s, International Hydro Etec- ric 6s, and American and Foreign Power V- S. treasuries gained as much as 6-31 oral on smal! buying. Brazil 6'/js head- eenerallj" advancing foreign list, registered stronc gains for Italian ARTS STRESSED BY DR. HARPER Teachers Also Hear Rodney Fox, Iowa State Instructor Dr. Earl E. Harper, head of the line arts department of the State university of Iowa, addressed approximately 80 teachers at a noon luncheon in the Eadmar hotel, his subject being "The Spiritual Ministry of the Fine Arts," in which he stressed the ever-important place of line arts in the world of today. "There is much turmoil, struggle and ugly strife in the life of man even when nations arc formally at peace with one another," the educator stated, adding that "that condition is aggravated in such a fr a £. as the one in w hich we live. It there is to be peace in the world our time for most of must find it in our consciousness. us we own inner . "The dignity o£ lite and of human nature have been ruthlessly trampled upon many times in the history of the human race but never more viciously than today Beastly thoughts are inculcated in the minds of men by means of powerful propaganda, let loose by governments who hold the power of life and death over every subject. Unspeakable indignities are heaped upon the bodies of men and women. Physical life itself is reduced to a mere existence without the creature comforts which civilized Men somehow thought he was heir to, ofttimes without even the barest necessities to maintain health and strength. "In Must Retain Poise the midst of such exper- 'reduce t). s. BONDS NEW YORK. w - U. S. government nonds closed Friday- Treasury 3V.S 46-49 110 28 Treasury 4!'s 47-52 ...... iin 11 Treasury 3s 51-55 . . ^ I H ' ! * 10912 Federal Farm Mtg 3s 49 ..'I"*I[." 1034" Home Owners Loan 2^s 49 ... .' 101 Home Owners Loan 3s 52 ' 1086 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Becfc Building. Telephone No. 7 CHICAGO POTATOES (FrU.y Market) , , ' '-^-l"- S . department o f ffi fri lu "»-Pfc1oe 78. on track 225 total U. S. shipments 890; old stock, sup! Pi es moderate, demand fair; Idaho Rus- bout o m v , ' a o u 5tK " 1 --- '"'· quality slightly weaker: other varieties stead steady; sacked, a cwt.: Idaho _ SI .4 5Sl ,.W ac- n n d sizc; "tbraska U. S. No. i . . - . . o. I t , , - " sln Roun[ I While. U. S No . $l.]3«1.22li; u. s. commercial. $l "a- OTTU.M1VA, ogs unchanged. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Friday Marfcet) SOUTH ST. PAUL, W-(FdCT3l-Stale Marct ScrvIre)-CATTLE: 4,000 salable! slow: slaughter steers and she stock steady; undertone weak: medium l= t ^,- stecrs 5 a ' 25 «3-50; good heifers S8,50iJ9,£; n-.ost iccf covs S5.50«iSSO- low cutters and cutters $435.25; bulls strong, top $6.7.5; calves 2.500; vealers steady; good to choice $8,503 10; slockers and feeders /ully steady; most steers i7 . HOGS: ROOO salable: opening sales steady: early top S7.25 on strictly good and choice- 170-230 lbs . l , - 5 ? ' Mlab ": «upply largely slaughter Iambs; no early action: sellers asking stronger; good to choice Iambs Thursday SS.25e9.E5; balfc $9.50 Di Bliss Triumphs. and b:l ". S ,· , y os - P" «"» u. s ii' *";»*: Minnesota BW River Valley ' «·" u - s - *° New stock steady: supplies moderate; demand | 1Btl (; Florida MJM T · U. S. No. I, bushel crates. S2.12'i82iv Texas 50 Ib. sacks B1I» Triumphs, u s ' lio. 1, few salcj. SI.90. NEW YORK SUGAR Bid and Asked Friday Cent St El 6 pet pf ($25 car) Cent St El 7 pet pf ($25 par) Cent Et P i- L 7 pet pf Continental Gas Elec pf... Creamery Package com . Hearst Cons A George A Hormel A pf ,','.'.' George A Hormel com Interstate Power 6 pet pf Interstate Power 7 pet pf loiva Electric Co 6!i pet p' Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pf la Elec Lt Power s pet pf la Elee Lt : Power 6^4 pet pf la Elec Lt Power 7 pet pf M la Power Light G pet pf 102 Ja Power Light 1 pet pf 103 la Public Service S pet pf 96 Ja Public Sen-ice G!? pet pf 97 la Public Sen-ice 7 pet pf 100 la South Ulil e pet pf 28 la South util CK pet pf ... 27 la South Utll 7 pet pf Minnesota P L 6 pet pf .. Minnesota P L 7 pet pf Northern St Power R pet pf Northern St Power 7 pet pf N W Portland Cement com Halh Packing 5 pet pf Sioux City Gas El 7 pet pf 93 United Lt Power Class A 1'i United Lt Power Class B I'l Uriiied Lt Power pf 29' United Lt fc Ry 6 pet pf 78 United Lt Rys S.36 pet pf 79 Lmited Lt Rys 7 pet pf 88 western Grocer pf 75 Western Grocer com 4 9K a 10 4'A 55', 90 92 1SB 20 47i 5H lOi 107 24\i 25',4 5 SVt 5 7 23 31 30 32 60 62 61 63 63 75 104 105 27 79 87 62 70 23 102 102 2« 29 .11 BI 72 25 10-f 95 ai 90 80 6 BOW JONES AVERAGES lids- Bails ,r MtA! ON CITY-For Friday (Quotations by Swift Co.) -eavy hens over 5 pounds .. .14c Heavy hens aver 4 pounds, including 5 pounds 13 C ight and Leghorns iflc Sgs, Specials 13. Eggs, No. 1 " 15c Eggs, Under Grades \nc Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 12-14c» Eggs, cash 12-14c Butter, Iowa State Brand 30c Butter, Corn Country 28e Butter, Plymouth ... " 3(v Butter, Very Best " " 28c Butter, Clear Lake " 28e Butter, Brookfield " '28c Eusset Potatoes, peck ....'.."." 34c Early Ohio Potatoes, peck . .32c ·EDITOR'S NOTEl-These rep. resentativs quotations were obtained by calling several grocery CHICAGO POULTKT IFriday Markelj lv -. »ve. 30 trucks: l-S ^ Bock chickens easy; balance eady; hens. 5 lbs. and under. 19-A: ' cns ' SPri " 8S ' . Rock broilers " J.-EW YORK PRODUCE NEW YOHK" to^J%t£ l 15.*n. easy Jllxea colors: Extra fancy selection. 19% 22, standards ·.WV.'wy,; firsts. 17; mediums IS'.',-. dirties.-No. 1. IS'/.- averaee n C »' 15S: St ° raBe acked fl Butter. 423.150. er than .extra. change"?' .150. easier. Creamery hich- . Z4'A«251i: extra (92 score) CHICAGO PRODUCE (Friday Markrt) iences, whether one is actually a victim in the grip of savage tyranny, or whether one looks aghast upon the scene from afar, it requires an almost superhuman effort to retain any poise, any semblance of human dignity, and full consciousness of human worth. 'And in the grip of such forces as have been let loose in the lives of men today how terribly impotent men are made to feel I am not prepared to say that the peace which men crave, the poise which men need, and the power without which men suffer frustration and defeat, are to be found only through the fine arts. "But these arts have their great and effective service to render. Arts Can Give Service "I believe that any normal man or woman can experience the life- giving, inspiring, soul-uplifting influence of the fine arts. I cannot help but believe that if men will hear and believe testimony as to the service the arts can render them, we shall have a much wider participation in support o£ the development of art in the life of America, for its inclusion in the curncular program of schools colleges and universities, and for its inspiring practice in galleries theaters, concert halls and opera houses. . ^ "When the walls of life seem about to fall in upon us, when the facts of life seem too hard to bear too bitter to accept, then, not as an escape from life, but as a^progress into a realm of life which ill too many never enter, men should turn themselves to music painting, sculpture, drama, literature and architecture. HEAR TALKS Prudence Cutn'ght Speaker at Luncheon Conference Here Prudence Outright, assistant superintendent, Minneapolis public schools, addressed a troup of about 100 superintendents and principals at a noon luncheon at the First Baptist church, speaking on "The Relation Between Curriculum Study and Supervision." Paul B. Norris, superintendent at Thompson, was in charge of the meeting. Miss Cutright said that the curriculum movement was justified because of a need for education lhat will contribute citizens who will help in the building of a democracy. Not Anti-Social Progressive school education she said, has shown the way to do some things in an active way in developing a type of program that will develop the kind of citizens needed in democracy that will be anti-social. She. defined the curriculum as every experience which influences a child and said the school should be concerned with community affairs. Tiie purpose of revision of the curriculum is to improve teaching. She said she wasn't concerned with printed curriculums but with what takes place in the school room and she believed that supervision and the curriculum construction overlapped. Discussed Phases She discussed briefly several phases of progressive education including forum dicussions new development in report cards, achievement cards, etc. The problems of the child in his community must be understood before a school program can be constructed that will meet the needs of that child, according to Miss Cutright. Death Notices t ROWLEY, Mary Katherine, 78, died at a local hospital at 5 o'clock Friday morning following an illness of four days. Funeral services will be held at the Holy Family Catholic church at 9 o'clock Saturday morning, with Father R. P. Murphy in charge. Burial will be at St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery. The Rosary will be said at the Patterson funeral home at 8 o'clock Friday evening. The Patterson funeral home in charge. STUDER, Frank August, 55, died at his farm home southeast of Rockwell about 12:25 o'clock Friday morning following an illness. Funeral services will be held at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the residence and the Christian Springs. Burial will be in the Nora Springs cemetery. The Patterson funeral home in charge. at 2:30 o'clock at church at Nora Card of Thanks To the neighbors and friends whose kindness and expressions of sympathy meant so much during the illness and death ot our father, we extend grateful thanks. --The family of the late Wm. Alitz. Funeral Director* PATTERSON Funeral Home. A service for those who care. Ambulance. 322 M. Wash. Phone 1140. M A J O R - R A N D A L L , Funeral Home-AmbuJance. Ph. 511. Efficient Service plus Reverence. McAULEY and SON F u n e r a l Home. Complete service, day and night 8 S. Adams. Phone 651. MEYER Funeral Home. Efficient and Courteous Ambulance Ser- Tiee. 126 Third St N. E. Ph. 1505. Christian Zeidler Services Held at Rockwell Residence Funeral services for Christian Zeidler,- 84, Rockwell's oldest businessman, who died Monday were held at the home in Rockwell \Vednesday, with the Rev Alec Russell of Gilbert in charge of services, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Marsh of the Congregational church of Rockwell. Mrs. J. C. Kaiser of Rockwell was in charge o£ music. Attending the services were John Zeidler and Mr. and Mrs. Jess Calvert, Milwaukee Wis George Troeger, Waukesha, Wis'' Mr. and Mrs. John Earth, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Messerschmidt and John Jesmore, Marble Rock. Pallbearers were John Wike Fred Nelson, J. C. Mikkelson, Elv;n Moorehead, Ernest Witte, and Grant Peterson. Burial was at the Rockwell cemetery. Money to Loan 8 414 MONEY for real estate. L. H. Rud, over Penney's, 1447. Flat Rate Pay Plan Borrow $ 50. Pay $ 4.20 Per Month 100. " 8.45 " " " 200, " 16.80 - " " 300, " 19.95 " These Payments Include Bolh Principal and Interest on Balances SECURITY LOAN CO. North Iowa's Oldest Loan Co 321-322 First Nail. Bank Pho'na 412 MONEY FOR ALL = Purposes ' We make cash loans up to $300 on your automobile. Cars refinanced and payments reduced. Midland Inv. Co. 101-Ist St S. E. Phone 670 Corner So. New City Hall Can Find Aspiration ak and find IJlitj. s i'i ............ 14!B 2 29-8t 24.15 Total Sales ....................... 650ilX ) 0 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 31i Cit Ser 71;, Cord Corp 3 Harsh Fidds m, NEW YOEK CURB Am G Elec 36K Lockheed Am SH Pow Co ?i ·" As G El A 13-16 El Bd : Sbar 10 Ford Mo Can 20} i Ford Mo Eng 4 29Ji wiag Hud Pow ai 3*ennroad Cp l?i Un Gas Co 2H Un 14 it. Po Co 2!'« 43i -- WANTED -HIDES and WOOL HIGHEST PRICES PAID CARL STEIN 111 Sixth St. S. W. World futures were steady, t h.eher to i lower. Wall street wolil lakln * a " d Proteste *" a at , .]5. « a n * a " d Proteste H1« *i" apparent. July was qlra[cd t 1,18 or ', higher, while December was fraction lower at J.]5. . "** in a " uic! market was unchanged at 4,30 to 4.50. Britain Counts Motors Re- LONDON, (U.R)_For the first time mechanically propelled vehicles in Britain now number more than 3,000,000. The Ministry of Transport in its annual re- Hanlontown P. T. A. Will Meet Tuesday HANLONTOWN-- The Hanlontown P. T. A. will hold the March meeting on Tuesday evening at B p. m. The program will be in charge of the alumni. Among those taking part in the program are Mrs. Olaf Lund, Mrs Martin Austin, Mrs. Lawrence and Am C Sug Co Am C F Co Am Po 1,1 As D Goods Baldwin Loco 14 : Briggs Mf Co 24 Byers A M Co 9 Chcs i Ohio 35' CMSP P pfd Congoleum 35 C-W Co A 34: Dist Cp Sca E IS- El, Auto Lite 3,T Erie R R Co Fosl-Whccler Frecport Tex Gen Am Tra Glirtrien Co Gobcl Houston Oil Inspiration Indust Rayon Kroner Lid Carb Cp Lorillard NEW TORK STOCKS 22 22'i 341, IT 22% Mack Truck 24 3 1 Mathie Alk 27V4 Minn. Mol Im 5 Motor Prod 14H Ohio Oil «H Packard Motor 3T« Park Ut Cop IT, Plymouth so 1 . P S ot N J 35'i Pullman 30% Purity Bak 15! R K O i Reo Motors St Joseph Lc Simmons Co S Cal Edison Spcrry Corp St G E T W As Oil U S Smelter Vanadium On Oil Cal , Un G (t Imp 12' \Vhite Motors 10 Worth Pump 17 1". 38 H 2V.i 26V4 26't gfs 27.609; steady; fresh graded, extra sts, local. 16'?; other prices unchanged. CHICAGO PRODUCE FUTURES (Friday Market) CHICAGO, (ff) -- Butter futures storage standards: Close, Nov 22V! SIO TM«e Oc^ K 13?" tUr:S ' relri «rator standards. Storage packed finis: March. 17%. Hides S0« x. orseh 'ttk's "* "' n °" Bro *- """· H OBSEH1 DEs"""** 'GREEN 'BEEF'BIDES * 2M From 15 lbs., up r,. From 15 lbs., down ? * Bull hides ..'."'."'.','.'.'.'."' I BOSTON WOOL BOSTON, (ft-iv. S. department of agriculture)--Little business ivas trans acted on spot domestic wools on the Boson market Friday. A lew small lots taken tat pacing out were bought a Prices prevailing earlier in the week An occasional user placed orders for lim- h£ "ThViH"* o£ ccuntry pack * Iol sTM inrce-eighlns and quarter blood brieht fleece wools for delivery in l atc A « . ration m this hour by turning from time to time to the fine arts. Perhaps there may be a serv lc e rendered mankind through the ministry of the fine arts which will powerfully affect him in Ms social relationships, and in his P0litical Bought and "But whatever may happen, the best and noblest th their , t and noblest things in life find eir expression in the fine arts Instead of withdrawing ourselve awing ourselves of IS' r ^ Ellsworth Kisner. The retail value of 58 foods in the Giants Get Session After Loss to A's BATON HOUGE, La., (U.R»-BiII -Terry put his Giants through a strenuous practice session before going to New Orleans to meet the Cleveland Indians Saturday The Giants lost their second straight exhibition game in seven starts to the Philadelphia Athletics 9 to 7 Thursday. It evened the Giant-Athletic series at two victories each. Mayan Ruins Found VERA CRUZ, Ruins that the Mexico, (/p)-- National Geographic society has announced are unmistakably Mayan have repre- United discovered the pre-war and recent depression levels. _ been a ' Tres Zapotos, in Vera Cruz state. The ruins are much more accessible to visitors from the United States than the famed ones of Yucatan, WORTH COUNTY CONTRACTS LET Kensett, St. Ansgar and Albert Lea Firms Awarded Contracts NORTHWOOD - The Boyeft Construction company of Kensett and Falk and Lilzelman of St Ansgar were awarded a joint contract for grading and graveling secondary roads in Worth county at a meeting of the board of supervisors of Worth county Thursday, the amount of the contract being $35,497.16. on'raci Sorenson Brothers and F. C. Nelson, both of Albert Lea, were awarded a joint contract for graveling work, the amount of the contract being $23,595.95. The work included in the two contracis includes grading, graveling and incidental work on 3086 miles of secondary roads and approximately 174 miles of re-surface graveling under BWA pro- the stress, strain and danger of nn«l,t Va . yS '" Wh1Ch WB l i v e - We ought to gtve ourselves to those pursuits more vividly than ever before. The message and mission oi art is abiding and eternal The enduring verities of human life are bound up with song, picture sfory, and cathedral," he said. ' Emphasizes Value The speaker emphasized once more the material and educational value of the fine arts, -asserting Yearly Meeting of Swea City's Viking Club Held in Cafe SWEA CITY--The Viking club held its annual noon day luncheon at the Christensen cafe on Wednesday. The club is the sponsoring swimming pool project and various projects of this type will be given consideration before an attempt will be made to start construction. Start Out with a clean slate. The spring season is coming so why not pay off all those old bills with one of our 530 to 5300 loans? We have a payment plan to suit any income. See us today. Humphrey Finance Co. % No. Fed. Ph. 578 Iowa Track Squad on Way to Chicago Run IOWA CITY, {/P)_A six-man University of Iowa track squad including members of the crack mile relay team, left Friday for night Chicago Relays Saturday ,,.£. red and Carl Teuiel, Milton auiig, John Graves, Ed McCollister and John Collinge made the trip. The first four are regular members of the relay team, Mc- serves as an alternate r « « - - a ^ r n g they offer man an opportunity to discover, express, enjoy, and en- shnne forever his noblest thoughts ideals, and aspirations" Rodney Fox, iournalism instructor at Iowa State college also spoke after the luncheon, warning he tutor " the tutors that we ar e facing I hope I'm wrong, and that there is no war, but I can't see it any other way," the former Globe- trazette reporter said. "It's not the war itself which I fear, but the chaotic conditions which will result from it, that will be our problem." "Have Important Task" That is why you and I, as teachers, have so important a task at this time. We are thj ones who -lY e e trc mendously responsible role of implanting the instruments of knowledge In the leaders of tomorrow " Mr. Fox was introduced by Dav!d B. Kaufman of the Globe- gazette news staff. Thorell B Fest of Spencer was toastmaster during the program. and Collinge is a hurdler. Long Island Winner in 24th Cage Game PHILADELPHIA, (U.B --Long Island university, New York's nomination in the current crop of national intercollegiate basketball champions, won its 24th game'of an undefeated season here Thursday night, defeating Virginia Union college, national Negro title- claimants, 61 to 50. Johnny Torgoff led Long Island s attack with seven goals and a free throw for 15 points. Leroy Kennedy and Karazo Hyde topped Union with 14 apiece. If You Need Money for old bills, sickness, taxes, insurance or for any other purpose consult us about our Family Finance Service. Time Payments Refinanced. Auto and Furniture Loans. $30 to $300 United Financial Service "Family Finance Counsellors" 15 '/·· N. FEDERAL AVE Over Ford-Hopkins Drug Store When You Need MONEY QUICKLY See, Phone or Write us for FREE INFORMATION · On loans up to $300.00 Anywhere in North Iowa. Terms are very flexible and can be arranged to meet your greatest convenience and without embarrassment. Courteous, friendly service. You will like it here C L. PINE LOAN CO. Second Floor State ar GIVE CONCERT SUNDAY . .THOMPSON _ The Thompson high school band will present a pre-contest concert Sunday at 2-45 at the school auditorium. Twelve numbers will be given with Daniel Martino, instructor, and Miss Ruth V. Sawyer, assistant. We Own and Offer For Sale ' First Mortgages on Mason City Homes. E. W. Clark Co. Money to Loan FHA Loans Build This Spring. --Rates. Most Favorable Terms. Full Protection to Owner! Lowest L. D. Beckett Foresters Bldg. Tel. 87? Need More Money) car or Lose S300 on Guess C L E V E L A N D , Ohio, (UR)_ TlMeves, confronted bv two safes n a grocery had time to open but one. Their gue=s was bad. They opened the one which contained no money, neglected the other which contained $300. Death Notices - J, ^1 ® A £ E 5' B ? rbara Jean, s'months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs ^·'T S -m. Bak J r ' Cent "l Heights, died Thursday evening at a local hospital. Funeral services will be heid at the Patterson funeral home Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, with the Rev. William Galbreth, associate pastor of the First Methodist church, in charge Burial will be at Memorial cemetery. The Patterson funeral home in charge. If the payments on your ,,, other installment purchases aTM too high let us reduce th?m to smaller, more convenient amount and also provide extra cash for things you need Come in, Phone 727, or Write Home Loan Finance Co. 204 Foresters Bldg. Mason City Optometrists 1 ] ^^ps^eTr^u^ tor headache and eyestrain S Or. Knutson, Opt, Weir Bldg.

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