The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 17, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1818
Page 3
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STARCH. 61. aCKSO: WOOLLeV Tj oflertfor sale,, . . - hfcdt. Claret Wk: 4 - ftHrcAtet) - . - , t: .Jved r Uo from Mf " e title . ALSO, : !,l(iia Glat Tumbfen ' ,t5do rj$ do CPf,ANDt. . ifj iooice of French Silk Goods brVkt, received from Havre. nd U - wuutL ISLAND a ALT. T flEtubscriher ere. authorised to contract for cargoes ofnlt deliverable on board at T.rksbl3. Bills on Africa will be recelv - .rTvmeot. and importers oflhe article will JtteKl"escr.iderable advantage by aluoS co.tract.i...r..KER& LA(JRlE , t9 South - treet iiK4rJLffn DUMB. - riur4 HUNTER, teacher of thedeaf and ,1 dumb, (from Scotland) respectfully in - r. am irtt. - hit.nts of Brooklyn and its vi - .b. t. has taken the room formerly Keda tcbool by Mr. Devennc, where JTwai commence on Monday the 22d inst to - i write and cast accounU ; he will alt. '"T7. a; Fmrllih grammar, writing. arithmetic. book - keepingV geometry, land but. mine. c. Ho can produce ample certdH - cttetV bia abilities as atcachef and moral ebaracter. He can nccommodate a few children with board on reasonable terms: X. B - All orders for Mr. Hunter will he re - GRANT THOliBURXS' seed store, je 17 4t - ' ' W Nassau - street. J UST publislied and for sal by T. tl 1. B WORDS, No. 160Pari - strtet,aSt7t - JB0V, delivered in evcral churches and chapeh Ttbs 1 rolestant Kpi.copal Church in the city of S.w - Vork, fjr Uie benefit of the New - York fiiUs and Coairoon Trayer Book Society, by the Re. ThomM Lyell, A. '.V. rector of Christ Church, New - York! publislied at the request soil for the benefit of the society. Je 17 ELEPHANT! OIL a GRAT proporlinn of the cargo of the brie. Jane Maria, will be stared and sold by the tvk, in quantities to s'lit purchasers . litis oil itis kdieved is u pure a it J bnrns as well as sum - lierrtrsioed srm. oil, and ia more valuable far Die m of carriers and wool miuiufacturers. i'ors.'el) Je 17 I a w n a 29 Biirtins; slip. A L'H JiUa I fcii V AiM i'EU, JS ens o the Episcopal Churches in this city. Any prrson wishing to engage as such will Fleas umke application to ' ' J. M. IIOYT, Jel74t No. 1M Front street. WANTED to hire, a Ptw, in Ut. John's Chapel. Enquire at No" J8 ttudaoit - street je V lw, FROM 10 to 12,000 dollar, real security, for which 7 per cent, pet annum will be giv - ; 'bj eecker & lefferts, Je IT 1 w 39 WiHimstrcf.t. lAAM EDtoperciiaseathree story house V in the lower part nftbe city. A line ad - drened to P. P. mentioning situation and price, tarf left at No, 6 Broadway, will be attended to. Jel7 3tt - FOR SALE, a pair of stout family HORSES, with or without a CARRIAGE, aOla perfect order tor a Jonroy of any distance, fie carriage having just been painted, and thr home warranted to be fresh and roanJ, not having been driven 100 miles during the last six mouths. - They stand MR. SLOWLEY'Sst - fcles, and Ihs carnage ai MR. LAWRENCE'S, Cxnck - maker, John - street. The pretcnt owner liana so little use for Uient, that he will dispose of the who on very rcaMnalde terau. Apply as above ; or, at 45 Barctey - strceL Js 17 od2w ritile. Fourth Canto of Child Harold's hil J. grimage, wilhher poems, by Lord By no, is this day published an.1 (or sale by A. 1 GOODRICH K CO. .Ho, 144 Broadway, .corner ni Odar street J s7 TO FtUN I ER - J. nHREE or FOUR pressmen will find imros - Jl diate and Constant employnient, by apply, iosto ' D. FAN81UW, . - No XOhlbat - iane. X. B. None bat good and steady workmen - netdsppiy. '. . A moer - rojal Press for sale at the above place. JsH3t CKER.VIAN'S ReposAory ot Arts, Liter lure and Fashion, ate. for May. U Belle Assemblce, being Belles court and Cxliioaahle Magaxioe for May Tfce Literary Panorama and National Regis - wr lor may Ths Naval Chronicle for April New Monthly Mngaziue fur May It Monthly Macazine for April. Just ceived and for sale nt the Minerva Circulating Library, Book and Stationary Store, No. f6i nrosnway,. opposite tne wswnm. je u T EW BOOKS. Women, or Pouret Coutre, X v by the author ol lierlram, 8 Toll , Fudge Family CtuUle 11 a 'old's Pilgrimage ' Rambles in. Italy, by an American .Phillips' Astronomy .Phillips' Mineralogy Life of Martin Lather, by John Korli ' , Rob Roy Guy Mannering Tales ot My Landlord Antio - sarT: Waverlv With inny valuahl worksin Botany and Mi ""uosyi 'or sale at Cto, J wan ttnet. C. WILEY at CO. ALSO, for sale at abore, French, Hpanish and fcian Dictionaries, Gramraar and Exerci - s vivarioos kinds. Je 17 NEW TARIFF. J VST publislied, a new edition oflhe Tariff ol Ditties of the United State, with 'he altera not made by Congress the last session, alpha - tairallr arranged, in a pamphlet lorra, with a ro4 mitracdons from lh cotnptnner of the veatup to the collectors of the customs, and se - Ur4 inleir - iting commercial remarks, lor sale DAY TURNER, printers and statiorvrs, No 84 Water street, ll may also be oMnined me Boon - store or Meurs. tsworai, iw reari ffrpl - P A tj I 1. I OO mi mAr. f A i.r. Wall street, P. BurlseH, corner of "in sad uresd street, and rnor Dunning, ji srr stseet. J I73t AUCTIO MukEajidLADOFFiLE, No. OaiuiM. iIm l!lir. 'PHE honorable council of appointment hav nig commissioned the suUcribcra on of suctinoeers for the county m Oneida, he of - bis services to the merchant ia New - York wt)0 Maw Ka mmIIhaJ l .1.. ikis m n i , J tciiim j aUasir i lai in miiw mji - jSfor the dpott!f by public or pria' tale, Jb merchaodiae tt eueriilljr wide! in Ihe mT1 coooiry. Account will be render Kl frmitfaiV itfrsiririltfl tm - irf til - Tavh - nnl JJ'tearl ahes, of approved notes, payable at j - "" nere and collectable throuD the nana ? "(W York, and ilrtrt rmnn'i'ntK . with order York, and strict coupliancs with orders . H alio ContiiitifHi KSt 1 - nit nfTtrM. whr evrv rnMU of wild lands ami imoroved farms . - wjm lasvts u4r - a iminvssju - HCOtTfVrf WlA s - l.:k:..l faMM.ns. m...A a ft aiuuiicu iiv; - c in cai;iir(. niv " woatevtrmade unless sales are tCcct i ai """"'cations (post pid) will be attend - tsiliil? f0 Prtcinr inleraiation givuu as - w i iue atrai obmts. by anrtre suae : at VncsMay.lBlC.' r. livunmiKi. - J 17 lawiw siooo hoiijLn prize. . : Wednesday next, th first drawn num ber in tbe Mil ford and; Owego ttod Lot tery, will be entitled to th capital pme of B5.UUU dollar, mote who wisu tor cuance of thie great prize, mty obtain it at G. and R. Truly Fortunate Lottery and Exchange Office, No 54 Maideu.lanc, oo the ve - ry lowest term, as they are determined to iell ticket in UiU and in the ensuing Medical Sci ence Lottery, at least a cheap as at any other office in this city. The only prixe of 35,000 dollars ever drawn in this city, was obtained Waite omce in a bait, quarter ami tiro eighths parts. je 17 3t I OTTERY NOTICE In eonseou. - ol Li some persona depressing the price of TICK - LIS in ins Minora ana wwego (load Lottery, we inform those who wish chances, that we will sell ai cheap as any other person. All prises sold by us will he paid at our office ; the tickets warranted to be undrawn, and books kept for ex animation, gratis. We solicit the preference at toe sane price. Mo. 7771, a prixe or J 10,000, was sold lu mares, and immediately paid nt ALLL.VB Ira ly lucky flice, No. 122 Broadway. je i t J Distillery, just leceived and (or sale by uLUi tV. 1 ALaDVJ I , Je 15 55 Pine - street. 260 UlDtX, CO7UV, ke. Spauisb ox bides,laudins at Brooklyn in good order 40 bales prime cotton, mostly square bales 10 chests Imperial lea, Huntress cargo 30 cafes men's hats, imported lately from France, suitable for the New - Orleans market. Also, CO barrels prim pork, for sale by HENRY COWING, 191 Front comer of Fullou - street. Tune 16 Iw - ".' C1DEK BRANDY. 8S barrels Cider Bran - dy, landing this duy, for sale by AASUil O. rtlL.L.I'3, Je16 183 Front street. ENGLISH HAMS. BACON, ax Just re - eived bv the suhs. riler, Double Glouces ter, Dolphin and Pine Apple Cher w,of a very superior quality ; Yorkshire and Wiltshire Hams ; sides and flitches of B .icon, of a superior quality; English Lard, in bladders, and small brkins ; Glass and Bri - tol Stone Ware ; large Bottles Pipes and Uewijorins ALSU. . A eeneral assortment of Groceries, Fish Sau ccs, fee. for sale cheap, for cash, hv 157 Greenwich - street. Best Havana Segars, in qr. boxes JelClin a DRAr I , oo oaviuinah,at tight, lor J 1000 rx. lot sole by JACKSON & WOOLLEY, 7.5 Wall - street. Je 16 CARDS. PARCH WE YI , bOOhS. 1ARI)S Air rrmlr. viitiiic. Ac. silt and VJ plain eilget, ol all nzes Cards rbr playing, coloured and plain backs Parchment Skins r printers Plans of the ci'y of London, folded on canvass Do ol tin: country 24 miles round London Pictures of London, with plain Do of EdiuhurKh, do Watsons, instructions for thedeaf and Dumb, with m volume of plates Piirsli's Flora ol' North America A ins worth's Latin Dictiunnrit Barlow's Mathematical do Tuckev's Expedition to the Congo in South Africa ' Drake's Sbakspeare and his (ion s nlemoirs ol ur. waison, isistiopol Lanuan Godwin's lives of IhrPbilUps' Encyclopaedia Britannica Johnson's Dictionary, quarto Kelly's Universal Cambist Locke's Works, folio . Kirkpalrick's Kingdom of Nepaul Edward's Botannio Gardes Beaumout. Fletcher, Ben Johnson and Ehaks - fteare'a Works - uirioon, uonin, nooeiison ana uotingDroae - s WorKS Hogarth's Works by Cook, Imperial Folio Do do Quarto Carey's A tU, folio . ., , - ArrowtDiith'l do uonrto With many rare and valuable English works. liiusira'ea wun poruaiu aon eieeaniiv nouno, ibrsaleby J . LAM BE BT, je 10 no. 3 u.iurtiruidt - atreet. IT V'OS, 73 Washington - sueet, offers for JLX. sale ' 19 bales Georgia Upland Cot'on 170 demijohns of 5 gallons each A few dozen watch springs and chains. je!6 lw . VlvF Bales prim upland cotton 100 hbds quercitron bark, of excellent quali ty, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by GR1SW0LD3 & COATE3, JelC - C8Soulh - t. DRY UuUDa. FANCY plate Calicoes Marseilles Quillings, royal rinns Superfine calicoes and White and printed sat chintzes eens 4 4, 9 - 8, 6 4 caabnc Cotton brown bollands Swansdown, toilanetU, muslins Cambric jaconet silk stripes Plain tamoor'd it sew Cotton and woisted ho ed mullt siery Plain and tambor'd Irish linens A theetint hook mtiinns Buttons, bed ticks 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 cam Fine and tuperhoe cas - bric ginghams Black and col'd cambric j Velvets and cords, beaver gloves Fancy rrnratt, twilled and plain M nd rat s hdkft, pint Hair cord cambrics, coltoa balls Whito At col'd threads Silk, kid, and cotton gloves silk hose, silk floren - tine Black bomhaxeens Florence silk, ribbons, galloont Florences, plain and figured Virginia satins, plaid Justringl r'ring'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins F oruiturt calicoes, and cbinttcs 4 - 4, 9 8, 6 4. 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 printed cambric shawls 7 4 A - 8 - 4 imitation do. 8 4 cassimere do. Bandanno, longet and si'tersoy hdkfs. Pocket bdkfs. while and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities Jeans, cotton catsimer .trqied Florentines Brack io Madapollum and steam si meres Yorkshire fin and so perfine cloths London do do Superfine ladies cloths Bora os setts, ratiuclts Imperial cords, vipo ma casstraeres Storkinctts, plain anil n&h'd Flannels, baixel Ferrells, worsted bind nigs Shirt buttont, cotton lace ' Paris oetts and souffle cause Blnrk and white Ihullt lace Leno snawls, Ettopil as gewirg silk, assorted colors l.inpn cambrics Table clotlis, 6 - 4, 7 - e 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Dimities Fancy Leno, k figured Nutnns Cambric. Trimmings, t Hounces . Seersucker Gingb Romall Hdkft. Silk Cbeck - Ginghamt 2 & 3 col'd Cambric garneats Oil Cloths Brown Linens Merino Shawls Cotton handannoce 9 - 8 cpl'd strip'd jaco - irttts loom shirting India msslins, Ac - iiC Received by the late arrivals and for sale by HAbULKII AUSIWi mh S4 dActm 167 Peart - etrecL i.UGAIt - 50 boxes Urowa Havana Sugar, O landing from ship Sterling, from M attains, lor saie ny . N.&D.TALCOTT, Je 9 64 South - street xTEW - ORLEANa COTTON 37d bates. L?i print Cotton, received per ship Thomas Nelson, and brixs A rzo and Standard, sad for sale by WALSH Jl GALLAGHER, Jt 15 . C6 S .th - rrret. f AV'ANA MOLAStEi. 114 hiidslan - iedoa IX Stevens' wharf, and for tale at 67 Bwtb - street, by lo J v CAMBRELCNQ It PEARSON. )fri!inf Papr. Uarixoi t kn4 Gill JtutuCry. RtCUVtU by the Criterion Htn ales, and Mercury, for aaie by - ' vL.STASSElE, - ' ... '. - ' 101 Ferl - Uet . , coirsiSTiae or Fine thin hot pressed girt ede London super - fane fost Paper Fine thick ' t do do . Middle yellow wove ' do do do Fine yellow wove Fooltcap do, Laid KooUcatt, Laid pot ; Blue wore thick Folio post . - " Fine copying paper, wood be re wi . Benbary Locks " ' ' Black and bright shackle Padlocks Rat traps, till Locks, cast butt liiflgei . . Curry coiulm, lie Gilt Chains, Stl Keys, Ridicule springs , Amulet Necklaces, Ornaments, be &c. . Je I21w OuiNAC BkANDV. Xd Dtues 4tu orool J Old Cognac Brandy, of suehor flavor, uow lanaing iiom siup iiuoois, irons uaroeaus, and lor sale ny FREDERICK REICHARD, Je151w 4 William - street. IRISH LIN EN b, DIAPERS, MJEET1NUS, A ftc. 21 LARGE and various aswrtment of the ful - wing goods just received by the latest arrivals from Dublin and Belfast, are offered lor sale on reasonable terms 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens in whole and drnii pieces 7 - 8 and 4 - 4 do coarse half bleached, very strong 7 - 8 lawns, 4 - 4 sheetings, very strong and low priced . 5 4 sheetings, 3 - 4 brown and black linen 3 - 4 diapers, 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 table diapers 3 - 4 Liuen . 4 - 4 linen remnants, 7 - 8 dowlas, long and book . fold First quality Irish sail duck ' 4 - 4 cotton shirtings, Colored threads, assorted THOMAS SUFFEKN, June 15 Iw No 6 Depeyster - st. Mill ltA(; AlKiAKS. .VlMI lixva whllr. All An hmiHi. "2 do dnuhl boiled white, ra tified to debenture, and for sale, if applied for in a day ot two, uy , U. U. N 9. tlUVYLi.MU, 67 Washington - street. Who have in store a general assortment of Id din PU - ce Goods. Je Ifi I RICHMOND TOtiACCO lUOItiitis prime A I Richmond Tobacco, an entire parcel, lor sale on low terms, Dy WALsIIk GALLAGHER. 15 CM Soiith - sto et. f 1U11 UN, iit Hi) bales prime Upind.Cot VJ ton, landing irom scut Lucy, irooi Savan aah, for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 93 Pine street IN STORE. 227 bates mostly prime and sale in lots to suit purchasers. part square, for Je 12 3 V. LKDYARD & CO. No. Iu4 Pearl - st. L have on hand an extensive and complete as. sorlnient of Hardware, consisting of Waldron's prime grass and corn scythes. , .Steelyards ; trace chains Carolina hoes ; fine guns ; anvils , V ices ; Irving puns Straw and hay knives 1 fllL&i? - andi mi' English shovels ; patent plane irons Adze, chiesels, gouges Pateut post coilee mills Files, rasps, hinget ; screws, hammer Iron, brats aad plated candlesticks Plated cruets Brass and glass, cabinet furnitute Locks of all kiuds Mortice locks, with glass knobs Cutlety of all kinds, in great variety Spoons, buttons, spectacles, Chains, seals, keys, He. Also, a very handsome assortment of girth webbing, common and plated saddlery, pattict - larly calculated for the southern market. The above are principally new goods, and will be sold ia quantities to suit puithasers, ontlic - most reasonable terms. Jelbii, R AiC. W. DAVENrORT it CO No. L Peck slip, offer lor sale, 10 hhds. Muscnvn - Sugar, 1st Cjiwlity - ' - Je T3 do OUl'HERN FLOUIL 2.1) best su - J perfine Mountain Flour, landing east side Old - slip, from schooner Only Daughter, from Fredericksburg, tor sale by . A. D. DUFF, je 15 3t 85 Washington - street. CLO I Us. '2 cases superfine London Cloilis. blue and blacks, received per William. and for sale by HURD tz &EWALL, j 15 65 South - street. 55 klV - OtiLtAjVa COJ WjY. Bales landing from ship Thomas Nelson, lor talu by ELLIS k FLECKN ER, . tYliB have tor bale, , Lignum ritae, a few tons English cordovan and soal leather Hosiery, a small neat assortment Laces, Veils, Lace shawls, kc. Sheet brass, of various size Russia sheetings ' June 16 lw DUMESl'lC GOODS. W.M.. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, cflrrs for tale on reasonable terms, at his store 197 Pearl street, a fresh supply ol the following goods, viz. lout) ps. wnue miiiinets.nandsomeiy biearn'd ISO do black - do and finish'd 20 case bleach'd and nnbleach'd theetingt k shirtiogt ; together with an assortment of floss knitting and sewing cotton. .. 16 , ILLlNE'i'TS, Ac A general assorUntut 4.W.S. Ol luilillicti, iitiillizv, lueeuiigc, uui knitting and sewing cottou, for sale tow, by wai. tjA.Hrufc.LLi, manuiaciorer, Je 16 197 Pearl street. C1HIN i'Z tale by FURNll tRES. 5 trunks, P. HEM SEN ll CO. lor Je 16 JtiELI LEAD. 33 rollt, lor tale by J HURD St SEWALL, 65 Soulb - tt. Jel6 I f ICE. 75 tierces first quality Rice, landing L A this day, lor sale ty ANSON G. PHELPS. Jel6 183 Front street. I UST received bv Hie latest arrivals from Ha J vre de Grace, and for sale by the subscriber, on the most reasonable terms, the following r reach uoods, vit : 3 boxes thread laces t cases chrysocal aad silver watches - ' SI packages hanging paper 1 case chip flat v 2 do linen cambrics - 2 do bead necklaces "' 2 cases thulle lace shawls, and embroidered narrow thulle lac 1 case hair net . 2 cases prune lie thoes ; 2 do cologne "water I do antique oil and pomatum 1 do artificial flower I do silk stockings and gloves I do small clocks , ' '' I do mock jewfllery G. ENTROUX HERSAN. Jt 16 lw 42 William street. 4 0.tyiAU Jit JAiC. hhds sewing twin do - seine aad herring do 4 doatackarel do Received par brig Henry Clay fro in London IN 5TORE, Iron wire, No. I a 13 Whiting, copfMras, Ac.' Cables, cordage, Ac mad of first quality. JONES ft CLINCH, J 16 Itr" Coffee House slip. RlUE At COPPLlt BOLTA. 70 casks prime rice, a quantity 1 XA inch copper bolts, for stir by GRIS WOLDS COAXES, Jt 16 ' 68 Southtreet iUXMLA, eyjAAAS P. A A DOE, ' No. 7, opposite th Park, A rkboxes Sicily LEMONS, in fine order, is lotito uilparcrraeT. .. J 16 to to 3 ry is 9, at r ft. Fir M3RSKILLP.S, ' i .,rblSnl''' - York built copper - A2idship COR3AIR. J. Barken muter. Mil iu a week. For freight or passare, apply capt. B. oa board, at pier No. 5, North Ri - Ter. orlo O. O. St 3. HOWLAND. . J 15 ' 7 Washington st Ths bit saUinr schr bPARTAN. burthen 133 tons, will camr 800 Lbli.. years old, was coppered last summer with ha - copper, and has had $1000 expended oo her sails and rigging within the last two mouths, and well loaud in every respect, lies at pier Mo. K. R.. Apply oo board, or to - DAVID G. GILLIES, Je 15 76 Broad - sireet. . r - 'OH SALE, The sUnnch schr FA N N Y, just arri - ved from Havre. 145 tons burthen, will carry HOObbls., built at Norfolk in 18 IS for a packet between that port and this ; it well found and can be sent to tea at a trifling expence ; lies pier no. u, L. ll. Apply on board, or to DAVID G. GILLIES, J 15 76 Broad - street. The schooner ARABELLA. 100 tons burthen, built in Charleston, 8. C. two year since, of the best materials that country affords,and by a laithlul workman,but proves too large lor the business she was intended ; stows 300 tierces of rice For terms apply on board, or to SAUL ALLEY. June 15 98 Pine st. , f.iljliJiUK fUH LUX DON, Six or seven passengers can be accom - L.modatedinlhe cabin of the remarkably hno British brig SKEEN, to tail for London about the S6lhinrtr or terms, apply to capt. 'Mason, on board, at Jones' wharf, or to ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 13 1 14 Front - st. For SAVAXjVAH. The packet brig LEVANT, Wood, master, will receive freight until ed newlay next, at which time she will positively sail. Apply on board at Murray's - wharf, or to THO. H AKRON, je 13 4t . ' 61 South - street rr - For UHAULESTOV. The sloop MARY - ANN, J. J. Pine, master, having the greater part of her cargo on board, will sail to - morrow, weather permitting. For remainder r freight or pan sage, apply on board east side Burling - slip, or to ANSON O. rllELf, je 16 lf!3 Fronl - ftreet. Fer likliUVL, (knutund.) The coppered ship ANDREW ACKSON, Morton, master, having most other cargo engaged, will positively sailnu I uenlay S2d inst. r or freight olabout 750 M1. - or passage having excellent accommodations, apply on board at pier No 22, near Peck - tlip, to P. SCH ERM KRHORN & SONS, or J 16 B. W. ROGERS U CO. tor freight or Cio; Itr, A first rate coppered and coper fastened SHIP.about 250 tons Apply at the omce ul P. A. 6CI1ER.V1 ERHORN k CO. 93 VVahlngton - street or HENRY COIT. June 16 tf 91 South street. for freiglu or Charier, The schr URCHIN, capt. Paul, 100 tous, a very substantial good vessel, and tu tius order for any voyage. Apply on board, at pier 10, eatt river, or to JOSEPH OS30RN, Je 16 28 South street. tor uyKHtUOL, mnntpra. Waiiain Adams, master; elu is 23 1 tons burthen, only two years old, and will be dispatched immediately on discharging tier inward cargo. ' or freight or passage, ap ply to the waster, on boadreast tide of Fly - mamer, wnan, or to B. W.ROGERS & Co. Je 16 S35 Pearl street. Ij lii BLUE. iO boxes, manulactured at 1? Baltimore, and of superior unalitv. iust re. ceived and for talu by O. W. TALBOT, Je 13 bi I'me - street. T Ol LINE ITS. 2 hides ol Toilinelt Vest - ing's, of the newest and raott fashionable Colours, received pnr ship Courier, and for tale by AnUr.luU.1 iz snbAliEil, Je 15 Sw 1 at 1:11 Watnr - Sireet. V Ell I OLD PORT WI NE. THE subscriber will land tomorrow, from Ihe brig Pizarro, froin Oporto, tix pipes of the choicest old red port wine, In cas'd piea and nf me " ttnriz" orand. rrice, ll lauen irom me wharf, $i 1 - 2 per gallon. Je 16 H Front street. LANDS. ffr - STEPHEN B. MUNN. No. 226 Peart - sire) t, New - York, purchases Lands in the Illin ois Territory, which has been set apart for the late Army, letters from the country giving a description nf the patent and Ihe price asked for each lot, will he attended to, if f ost paid. my is i7kv.ii r sVX The subscriber oners for sale his rest - tUuiSdence in Ihe town oi Fairfield, state of Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, on the Boston road, about half a mile from Long Island Sound, 55 miles from New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house and oul - houses are in excellent repair. Tbe fruit yard is well stocked wun a variety oi.peacnes, apricots, merries, pears and strawberries. There are in the vicini ty academies for the education of youth of both texet. r rom one to six acres of excellent land at the option of the purchaser, can be had with the nouse, anaine purchase money, ll uesireo, ran remain on interest. For terms apply to ISAAC M ELY. Esn. 76 John street. N. York, or to the Hon JONATHAN SPURGES, Fair held, Connecticut, my 6 cl&ctl DAVID ELY. CHINESE IVORY - HANDLE PARASOLS. M ART! NOT and ROE, manufacturers, at their old es tablished store, No. $0 Maiden lane, have completed their as sortment of umbrellas and pa rasols of every description and of the best quality, some of the latter with Chinese engraved ivory handles, which they will disDM ef at such prices as they trust will ensure them a continuance of the liberal patronage they have been favored with. Country merchants ar requested to call ar1 view their assortment oflhe above articles, as thev will be supplied on liberal terms Umbrellas and parasols neatly bound and re paired. . Je ll uiuttc rriWO or THREE gentlemen may bescCom L modated with board, with or without lodg ing, in a private family. The situation it on of the most central and pleasant in the city ; terms moderate. Farlicuinrt may be Known oy appii cation at 74 Chamber - street, near Broadway Jel0eod3t BOARDING. Gentlemeu and families, can be accommodated with gvnieet board, at 166 Greenwich, comer of Dey - stree", where every attention wilt be pxiti, and their situ ation made agreeable. . .1 - iHll.lll.' H AkilLD. Mama 1'homns. - Phs V ladelphia, hat jut rectived the fourth Canto, of th abov poem, and will immediately put it to press. - , . . ; , . J L 3t . .' BOARDING. FIVE or tig gentlemen cl steady habits, or two small famiU, caa he accosnmodsted to a small family. No. 65 William street, oo the eerier of Fie street. Also, gentlemen atorlared with ditroer. ' . , ? J B IW at ved 1 J. . nis to hy ol me or a , REMOVALS. ID JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, attorney law, has opened his officii at No. 43 ChniW - street, near Broadwuv. : :. may Itt 4 w ti.t MACklE. MILNE Ai CO - late rsHio ' may 4 to No. 61 Pine - street. ' JOHN ABKM. WILUNK AcCO. hve rerooved from 15 to 79 Washington - treel OH KEA.V14 Royal Pnuling Paper OVf 25 do fin Writing Demy t - 20 reams thick Folio Post paper Lr sale by COLLINS U 1IANNAY, , June 15 Iw ' CJ0 fearl - street. TO AR I IS I S. : FOR SALE, a 'Lay figure or Marnliin, at No. 8 Lispeaard - strtwC Price IW. ' J15 3t J. W. JARV1S. - EMPLOYMENT WAN I ED, D Y a yotmc man, who is engaged at present in j a law othce, which only occupies one hall time ; could devote the othor hail of bis time Ihe business of another law office; or would undertake writing or engrossing of any description, the folio or otherwise or would lax chaVg' - a set ol books or coufiue hiios jlf entirely to Hie busibess of a clerk in general in any office, either inlaw or mercantile, where constant employ ment would offer; can give Ihe most respectable reierencr and good security, or a deposit, for laimini discharge and salely of any thing committed to his care. Any gentleman wistiiux wanting a person in that chdkcii will nieaui apply, by Ictkror otherwise, to K. H. I. at the onicw i inv jt,VHnmg I'osl. Jetolw Fl V O or three single gen tinmen, or a tootle. X. man and bis wife can be handtnmelv ac commodated with board and excellent rooms at .'P. SXl Broadway. June jfi 4t rUE public are respectfully iiifornied, that JL ANDREWS & MEGlkEY, oflhe cityoi London, and of New - York, are appoint 1 agents for the sale of Rowland Ar Bon's Intomnarubtt Macauar Oil, the greatest discovery of the age ; warranted to afford the greatest nourishment to the Human Hair ; prevent! its being injured by illness, accourhment, travelling, change of climate, &c Kemoves the scurf, harshness and dryness, renders it soft and glosry, prevents its falling off or turning grey, creates a thick growth on the baldtit f.taett, makes the hair strong in curl, which it keeps in damp weather, exercise, &c. ; imparts a pleasant perfume, and produces whiskers, eyebrows, 4c. . The proprietors warrant its innocence, and to improve the hair from iofaccy to the latest peri d of life. It inestimable properties have gained it the patronage of the principal nobility oI'Ej - rope, and as its great and deserved popularity has occasioned spurious imitations, composed of deleterious ingredients injurious to the hair, not only in England but in America also, it will in consequence be necessary to observe that each genuine bottle is signed on the label in red inU A. ROWLAND ti SON. Sold wholesale and retail bv the agent, je 16 3t 20 Wall - Htreet. A GOVERN ESS WANTED, to instruct 3 children, under ten years, and to assist iu family sewing; a person in years woulJ be pre ferred. Reference of respectability will he re quired. A disposition to render herself utelul, aud moderate terms, will inture a respectable and comfortable situation to a person properly qualified. Application by letter, with reference and terms to be sent to tlio printer of litis paper, ad - Iressed to Mr. B. wilt, if satisfactory, produce reply. Je 13 lw BATH. T1HE subscriber resDecli'ullv informs the citi X xrns of New - York, travellers - and invalids. that his house at BATH it now open for their reception tit tituation is, probably unequalled o trie continent wiintn a snort instance ol tne citv and in view of Sandy Hook. It present! th finest prospect, aud lor salubrity of air aad the advantages of Sea Battling is probably - without a rival, lie ha erected several new - Bathing Houses, and a floating bridge io' receive the steam - boat his larder is well stocked uith ali the delicacies of tlie season. Travellers from the southward can be accommodated with Boardiog and Lodging on reasonable terms, and transient persons will find it bealthy and agreeable retreat. - JOlJN COLEMAN. A CARD. frt" The subscriber rrsiieclfiilly notifies the public, that passeugers for BATH and the NARROWS in the steam boat Nautilus will, on Sun day next, and until further notice, be token from W Into - Hall at 10 o'clock. th rMnasm. (ins - tead of 6 o'clock ia the morning) and will be called for again about half past b in tlie aftetwoni). Pleature boats can come np with tafety to the bridge. JOHN COLEMAN.. Je It Ira QLOLtE COtt'EE HOUSE. THR publio ar respectfully iidbrared, thai the subscriber has token the abov husc, (formerly Glob Tavern,) No. 143 Water - tL Gentlemen who wish board by the day, month or rear, will find excellent accommodation at the UloD l - out lions, i n iaoi win i n timet be well supplied with th varieties of the . . . . .m ..... .11 . - maraei, auu mo liquors vi uiv luuici wvt select kind that can be procured. Having, for several years, teen employed in on of th first hotels in England, the subscriber flatters himself, from his experience and attention to his business, he will ment a portion of public patronage. Wanted to experienced Cook and Chamber maid, good recommendation will be required. Je 12 If TEA" UOLLA ICS REWARD. WATCH LOST OR STOLEN. ' AT or near th fir in Anthooy - street, on ihe 9th ioilmit. a plain gold capt French watch. a Newark mad gold chain with long links, 2 lirre English seals set with cornelian stoue, pat terns alike, and 3 keys, one of which was ol green gold. The above reward will ne given on in oeuv - crv of the same at No. 131 Greenwich - street, or for any information which may lead to their recovery. Watcn maxers or oiners ut wnom they may be 'offered for sal would confer a particular favor by stopping tnem. June 11 lw JO Tlie. PUbLiC. P OR sale an excellent (London made)pMat Mangle Thi article being of a different construction to th generality ol Mantles, tt worked with a deal less labour, is not so liable to get out of repair, nor do th works require to be taken to pieces to clean warranted in per feet order Enquire at 26 Joho - etretl. June 16 lw WANT ED, A WHITE WOMAN, to COOK and do Ihe kitchen work Ol a small family. A l'ly (Lis office. ' ' ie 18 a r a.TKIJ. a COOK the best recomuiea - VV datlont will be required Apply at no. Jel6 61 9 Bridge ttreet. XASTOH AUD MTBLKnass ... wKw - aacnswicK. ftT - Fasseoger wiuieavr w - iora. evry nivmimj Friday, at 1 1 o'clock, M. in Ihe steam boat Olive Bunch I lodge t Nw Bra. - swick ; Uav her early next morning, and arrive at Eatton at 4 o'clock In the afternoon. Reluming, leave Easloa every Tncsday r - nd Fnday, at 5 o'clock, A. M, lodge at New Brunswick ; arrive at New vrk at iJ o'clock next morning, in Wis tears - hoat Olive Branch. The tag connected with it,; liaa is a rsorf four - horse stare. Passage from N. Brunswick to Eatton, $3 50 ; from Eastoa to Bethlehem, 75ents. or alt in tbe abov line, apply to Air. B. JAQL'F.S, al tb Philadelphia Union Line leam - BoatOSke, north tid ot the rtatirry ROBERT LETgO.rroprletor. JtUtf y , ' No. t ntrni len rino able .. law, fol. 3 to . ' ' .:, - ''; PDHLIC SALES. - ''. .' ' r"""""t" i il . 1 i '.; BY NATANlELOi INORAllAM. . - fy. tutunlay, the t - 'thirikt. : .; At 10 o'clock at l!e Auction Room. OoanU - of household fumi lure, cousisling of bureaus, chairs, tables, Ac. tc. A;c. By prdcr of ti. oucric ; . . - : T , BY M ILLS, MLf TOJf Si CO. To - morrow. ' - ' ' "' At hatrpast.9 oVl.xk, at their Anctioa Slor US Pearl street, a general assortment o French and Briliih Dry Goods, amebic which era cnsi - s but k skin gloves t .1 do assorted gUvvs cbiMrcQS aproot ; medalliwn purten ; I cus 4 - 4 merino shawls $ I box tuper thread lace ; I do linen thread hose ami half hose; 1 do wol - surges ; 1 do book aud lace nilt musluM ; 1 dofdiiti 1 du flue linen Cdm'uiic , t uo grecu, gingham umbrellas ; 2 do 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 lavatoin shawls 1 do tooth brushes; 1 do imitation 0i shawls, and a aumbtrwr' other articles. Also 4 Mtet ssxony olue, black and laslnon - assorted, Lontlon. superfiriei csoths, at A - mofftTitctrdit. : " ' 7 ' , ' , Also; at 4 month credit. 10 cases fresh ira Borted French oods, consisting of linen ( tm - net i carnwic hdkls. t rich nturrd tnnera ana sattiB ribbons in garnitures ; silk hah hoser t green and assorted tWencss ; tupei iniitntioaj merino shawls assorted ; buck skin glove thulle lac Ac. .. . , BY SAMUEL 1IAYWARD CO. - s Tomonow evening, at early caudle light . ; The most valuable library which has been offered at auction for many years, consisting ol phytic nd divinity, among' which are Pos - thlewar'.h's Dictionary ol Commerce, t vol. fol. ' Lond. i Locke's .Works, 3 vol. fol. Londt Cham . ber's Dictionary ol Arts and Bciences, 4 vol. London eoition aad full of plates; Annuetil Universal History, 9 vol Lond.calfextra ; Chp lid's Chemistry, vol ; Sydenham Works ; Du mesiic Medicine t Brown's Dictionary and Con cordawe of ths Holy Bible, Lond. copy, plates Cullno's Materia Medics t Bacon's ahrideement vol. London ; Accnro's c himistry, 3 vol S Oar - ton's vUiien, j vols ; Broil's ram. Bihie.callgiit, lAioa. copy t Just pons, o vols. ; Spectator, O do. Archer's Sermon's 2 vols ; Johnson's Lives of th Poets, '2 vols ; Campbell's Political Survey of Britain ; Duttef's Spanish Nature Displayed, S vols ; riinitb't Wealth of Netions, t volsj Warren's America, 3 vcLs Reeve's Discourses : Dan can's Cicero llatler't Phiiiofogy j Museum ol French Monuments j 1'issot on Health ; Cuviet's Theory ol tlie Earth ; France hy Lady Morgan, Sec. kc. '" . Catalogue ready ot the auction room. No. 300 Broad wrv. 1 Je 16 St MAHUL& tOi HUtLltJjSU, te. FV H E proprietors of tl - southern marble qua ' JL ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and ar receiving, at th KingU - Pridge Marble and Lime - Yard, foot Of Beach - street, on th Hudson river, an extensive stock of morbl lor building, of the following de scriptions, viz Ashlar Coping Foundation Sloan ChimneyPioCMy . Facings ; ' Column WaUrtabl Stop Pliitforott Sills, Lintels Arches . Also Lime of the btt quality. fTr" A constant supply of the above materials . may be calculated upon i and tho desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply . - ' EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At to Yard. STOitX TO LET IS BROAD A k . ELIAS VALENTINE intending to relinqwisn the bookselling business, offer to let th store 104 Broadway , it is a first rat itaad for a reiau ttor. - ; , . . . - - ' ELI A3 VALENTINE having token hi bro ther SAMUF.L uitn pnrinerthits the COPPER - i la i c. t'KiA i iau nnunts win in mtur c coaductod amter the firm of Elia Si Samuel Valentine. Offn 34 8pruc - tret. '.. , EI.IAS VALENTINE, - . . , .SAMUEL VALENTINE. ' PrdeTt from any part of tht opioa, xecotM wilb oeatness aua despatch, and on the most sonahle terms. , , lo - NO I ICE. a t fj All persons having claim aaiest th t - : late of Jnmes liouglass, stone cuer, sirceaseu, are reouealed to nrcsenl llim without delay to Horace Jlolden, Esq. No. 131 Fulto street, tot adiustraeat. '1 hose who are indebted to said' cstute are informed, that iuuMdiate payment inuttbvadeloprventiisecoKins. - JOHH Mt.irix.rii - ' WILIJAVl fcHARP, KcutoriSl . bAML. N. EHARP, J131w ' ' - . NOT KB. . ' . ' trr William Dilwwth and Abrm. Voorhees aving entered into eo - partnmhip. their 60 - tUics. will k conduct e4 under the tirraoi . , , D1LWOUTU b VOORHEES, , , , .. v.. No. 190 VAter - tret. r ' txxy orrsa tea !. . . - . ' ( 25 bale camel wool, Ut qulity ' - ' 4 case French do. Itt do. ' - ' ' v - Russia hart wool, bearer, &e. '" " j I w NOTICE. - rf7 The Subscriber bat opnd to establish ment which h has entitled th BLOOMING GROVE GARDEN, about thre quarters. of a mil from th Brooklyn ferry - stairs, on tna Jamaica Turnpike road, opposite capL L. Crow - . er's, wher he solicits the patroaag ofhit friends and tlie public. He has laid in an assortment of th choicest Wines and Liquor that th New - York market affords. Also, at all time, at th shortest notice, he will furnish Chocolate, Coilee and Tea, .Relishes, fcc Tb Garden is hand' sum and vary shady, and from ths garden there it a beautiful prospect of th Narrows, btatsn - .... . ni UDIP island, ac. utiu" Jn 16 2w . ' - . JliSE OP 'TICKETS, . . nr Tickets in th Milford ft Owego Road Lottery, will rise to - morrow, immediately af - Ur th drawing, to R:0 1 previous to which they may be had at f'29. Medics! Science at C26,0I ' ' XXAJ A Jil.V 1IUIU.D, . . je 162t , - . 27 WalUtreet. i70,OtK $36,000, f 10JXW. - wr.tlT ROAD LOTTERY drai draw again KJ to morrow, when tb first drawn number will be entitled Jo $500, and to - morrow week, Ihe first drawn will be entitled to 35,000, and 10th J!y $70,000. 1 hit rnnu i - oiier n sv rompleled on the I7lh ! chances can b tupplyed al GILLESPIE'S, No. 114 Broadway, opposite City. HoteU , . J 16 2t , - - - t - oURTU OP JULY JL BU.EE. TIOOTHS Place for erecting ofoooth at 1 1 tha Battery, mav bs had, nutil FridaT tha StiUi instant, by spplicatioo at th fl - itUffon lb Kaltarv. "Thot persons who occupied Omxu last year will have the preference by applii ig tocxw;. Je IS nl - Jun.i stai..s - - : FOURTH JULY JtJblLF.E - ' BOOTHS. - Place for erecting Booth at ts Park and Bowline Green the 4th July next. will be assigned on Thursday the Itttu sonant, at Ihe citv - halL between th hour of 8 cod 10 in the forenoon. Tbote persons wWoe - cupied them tost year will hiv thejnteference, if applied for until r nnay toe xo'n ysinni. . is TO be let lot tbe e on, ten acre excel - lent Pasture witiialed oA th i sA Ave nue, directly m the rear ot tna m i church on the Bloom in Rdsle road It is under good fence, and mmtly nd aud wA clover, and well Watered. For lerw, rply to C1!MBEK At I O. je Id lw No. 48 Wall - et. New - Tork. J , . A waJiul. - i ' WANTED, a - aiie. who e . rTCCnavrrHl;.oJberd npi lqtrrrctat 21 Park Ptsw, w M W MHUt Je l4t ' ' :' ? . .. . V . A ' : ' c v ' - '., ! '; - . ' s ';: j i r. v V I" , i - j ii . C : i ',V: s( . i . .. ' i :'.t h

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