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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, June 17, 1818
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ft it i bJLS tlir . . learned friod would not U abta to remove, to - doced him to wilbholl it. Wlial Uie contents of Iht snswer werv, tM jury v ... w ...., ta it w the pleasure of the Uefoadant'. (Mf M (hat it should be regularly pvved. Tbj ..M. Imnvar. darin? SOCSS pari of tot WOW, liear it wad. . end they would attentively lutea toivery wordof it it would spsakvoltmes. It wu wrtfteu a language, the effect of which be would e attempt toJewribe. - The ouly cause that Im could assign for the oca - production the J.ttar was, that bis teamed triesd was afraid the observations he might make upon it would tin s 'U. - lia?U of those to trftom to w drmin. hbualf. ! However, hereafter they 1 1 Utl., Wit would speak for . self. Mr. Col., shortly aerlnr"1 to lb. town of Uverpooi, aoaupo. n "7 affections. From we leiier """"r """ ' the jury would naturally toftr th. tow - P - rsoetveaojue 1 . - , L iKm. hfaimr.wi vi U" "1 herself, usher future and intwotu - that b. fii .if - dioff 'frf' - J. .uwgemehtof weddinS ,"""1 tiat forth, - rrsot. aad all the TTol shtge.lllsearriegeof la,T J, Ihedafaodaot'. fortune, wero baUd to family, i l was generally sOTpial ef mamejr. wat to be carried to e&rt imoMdUtely.aadthalho M, without delay, to become the legal protector and biuband of OrfarJ. Ho would road two or Ibreo notes that passed daring the period tho defendant was m tht to wo of Liverpool. The were to this ef. "My dear Mary - ftemg obliged te guto Up - too - Hall to - iaorTOW, 1 cannot. Dear w - 7 M:kn t&kulMof too. al least by uuu w n - - - - r lift. I have to beg that you wdleaako yourself porfecUy eatafiea upon every iuojec, xii'm: shall rer ho wanting oa mj part that wul Mud to yourcoBiiortanapeacow v My dear Mary Owiog to mj leaving here tor .' . I t tfAN Will ChikiWOlI to MOO at tWO 0 - OOC, I uuym J 7 KcoM teeioc me till tho oveoinff. I will f et to you aaeooaatl pearihlj can. la hasU, yours, very affioctionaUlji ' ' " ' Tno5. B. COLE.n Ho left Liverpool the d or the 23d, after hiving paid (bit vvit, and reaiaioed a fortnight, durins whtJi fortnifht hi atteaOoM were an - cw; and onreBMlUnff. Wfce. be lftUrer pooLba waacooaipuied by Mr. Orfort,trte Utherofthelady: Every thins bad pawed whh led the brother to beliere the deliodaot would eood be bii brolher - ia - law. 'They west toother U BrkJand - Hall, and pawed aome Uiae there. Upon thw - occaiioa, th defendant took aa opportooiiv of displayiaf hie wealth. He look kin te BlackpooL The brother ataid till the bejinuiaff of May, and when he went wajy ha wt too Mareroc uu jouowmg wwr w u Mr dearett love I vast spologiaa fcraot etritiar to too eooner; but to be boo set ! (What did dhakespcare say oa that subject? ' To be hooejt, u tbia world go, m to oeooe un picked eat of a tho map d.' The j ury would not Had Mr. Cole to bare beea that oue) "Tint (0 be bouert, which is always the moot correct way of proceeding. (He wondered ha did not (Mo bis owe maxim it has bee said he was a rood di viae who followed hie own instruction!.) I have beea ffloch encased for these last tew ' daw ( 1 took year brother yesterday to Cote, and to - day to Blackpool. This next week 1 shall be sauch engaged with regard to a purchase! have in view aear .this place.' About this day week f purpose leaving this feice tor Chester, and extremely sorry 1 am that I cannot by ijTerpool ; but yoa know the great b - jicuoa 1 najo crossing tpe nver." 1 nu jesi - Qcaan, it seembj. had a rraatobjoctioa tocrose - hut the fiver t i 1 . inn yt - - L - aeTe was an oid proverb on that subject) M To - morrow ln. Ryding and her family leave bore for Liverpool to we shall be unite alooe. Sincerelv do I wish we bad you amonzt us : the regard I have for you is of the bighc& sincerity, connected with the greatest finaoen - " (How little do men know of themselves !)ul only hope through life you will find me steady and a warm frieud one that will exert every nerve for your cowfort and peace ol noma my nappsnewis w se yon nappy. 1 should like you to get every article of dress you have to procure of a most costly nature, yet handsome .aud elegant very thing thai will become the mis tress of ITiriuand. - From these remarks do not imagine that I wish yoa to get bold of extravagant idea no such thing. Hike prudence aad economy, and retrenchment is the reigning Cuhkm of the day. I trust yoa have beea riding out for these last days ; it would be beneficial to your health. Don't imagine because you are absent, I do not think of yoa believe tne you are always uppermost in my thoughts. ,1 suppose you are fast preparing (or narrate. I forgot to ask you when ia Liverpool, whether you had heard of a likely woman to suit you ia the capacity of lady's maid? Tbe weather b delightfully fine, bat lain is wanted lunch. I fear next week we shall have it ia torrents. : I am glad to tell yoa all my horses are nearly recovered, and I think in about a week I iliall co numoce running them. . , " yours, very atfectioaaUly, . . ; , ."T. B.COLE." Vary soon after this letter, it was followed up by another, dated tbe Sd of May, in the follow - lug terms t - ; v My dear Mary - I received voor affectionate tetter, and was truly happy to (tad you. were so well, tinmediately after year brother left, this place, I took a ride to view Nateby Hall proper ty, and in tne act of Icapin; over a bcde, I sprained my ancle rather badly. In consequeuce of it I have been confuted to the house, and, to mend tbe joke, have been aeossitaled to submit to he carried up stairs in a chair at uigrt, and do we in the morning. I expect to be quite well la the course of two or three day?. This day Mr. Duncan bas been to Kirkland t be offered . Sir. Bailey 23,000, but U was refuted, and we nave yet one week to dechls opoa it. He has ' dropped th 10.000, and I intend to give him his price, J0.0OO. We expect M rs. Clarke, of 'Child well, here next wek, and 1 have to request a favor, that you will give us the pleasure of your company here next Tucsd.iy, 6th of M?y ; the carriage shttll meet you at Preston. " I should like you much to know my sunt, and I cinl't g. t such moot her opportunity. Tou can stay here eight or Ua days, and if, in the meao time, you i - aa procure the maid yoa mentioned io your letter ef yesterday, you had better bring her with von, and w can immediately discover whether she will answer or not. Mrs. Crnmbleholme is ' very sriooiy ill ; she may ge off aay hour. This affair aloe. wdl of course prevent me aU sendine; Chester races. Owing to this, no person will attend Croat this house but m v head groom to whose 1 will give permission. " 1 will thank jou to bring the will or wills with yoa ; ever; one that contains any thiiu in them relative to yourself any paper or document that win ta - utresi you now or Here utter. I must see them, as of ceftne 1 shall muks bit wdl nmZ Every care will U Uke of tho iprs. wtiicll ne of so great soiporUnce. I hope yea doat inn, 11 iBtwarj sot soe io ODeerve. taat - un say ln wv ETOiesi secrecy wui be observed. 1 rreeams you ka.eWn viewing Mr. HmthcoleS furniture ; my eacle Heury sent oe a caUlorue. um , iiium ,u wiiurs must oe van baadroeie. I shall tw very glad to see yoa, tar I bog U have every thin; settler! v Hj brrt m with rou, and may too ever receive from tne the leuderest and warmest affeitiou '. las, .raid of beia toe late lor post j excuse aU oiUuLei; 01 be tare ao tTica to look ii over Writtea id C1 hurrv love to aU.' ' ' , , ; : .'. v ;.. be ttmehtdci m 9r next) , , XtW - YORK ErVflffO POST. "WEDNESDAY. JtJNK J7. res CsomSur. W learn from Mr. King, a passenger in tba Mp BctU. frotn Gibraltar, that the Kir of Spsia bas issued a royal order rMtorinr Mr. Richard Meadr. an American who bas beea ieor confined m a Spa - nlshnmon o liberty 1 and tnat Mr. Meaoe nao MMimed hia Mercantile concerns at Cadis. 113s state paper wliicb our informant baa read, Is as be states a most humiliating document. ft not only restores Mr. Meade to his liberty, but it eivea kirn one af the best charactert. and thereby acfciowledgea the unjust and cruel treatment of .the panisi goreroment to - warda that'pentleman. Our informant understood that this was not until our government rave the Spanish monarch to understand that unless Mr. Meade was instantly set at liberty, letters of marque and reprisal would be grant - ed against the Spanish Commerce. .Tbu threat had the desired effect. " . .. Since the above was In type we have receiv ed the Royal Order aiwve spoken of. ... aAitojyor fAew - rorfe Evening PnL Our lord, the king, baring beea made acquainted with the consultatioa which, the com - ssittee of justice, with associates firnm that su preaie tribunal, made to bis majesty 00 the 4lh of ; October last, has' ajain miontely examined the proceedings touching the law suit pending be tween Ma. Uichard .Veade, a citizca of the j. States of America, and Jtfr. John Jtfacdeanot, a subject of his Britannic majesty, about the re covery of 1,000,327 rtalu and 20 nrnrmtd - t, whKb were ty Mt. K. JVeade deuverea as a deposit.' It appear tag satisfactorily proved by the sail proceedings, that the deposit was really made ia cash, that the royal treasury had ac knowledged it so, aad that in cooceaueoce there. mr. k. Aieaua couia not oe consUered a a bankrupt, nor be subject to the imprisonment was suffering ; and although the like ackoow lodgment of the said deposit had been made by several royal orders, by the depositions of the ministers of the royal treasury transmitted - to the said supreme tribunal, by the department of the secretary of state, by that of the royal treasury, and directly by the reclamations made by the same supreme tribunal in the coauaitlee of jus tice, hi majesty has been pleased to require a gain the cpiuton of the treasury department, touching a subject which bas such aa Intimate re lation with the credit of his royal treasury. By the exposition made by tbe said department, bis majesty has beea confirmed in the opinion he had long entertained, that the royal treasury could not but acknowledge that the aforesaid deposit had beeo realty and effectually made in cash, and therefore ought to return the same a. mount la the rame kind. In consequence there of his majesty has deigned to declare anew the aadJ - - r, that as sjieedUa - as - nossiUlo. the sum aforejiia De UvUvered to the chamber of commerce contutado) who has the cegni - xanceof the suit pending between tbe parties as aioresaio.. , . . . ' ; .. His majesty has seen realized with tbe greatest sorrow, the disagreeable conseqnences which were anticipated by Mr. Meade's arrest j this incident having raised perplexing difficulties in the important relations between the government of his majesty and that of the Vailed States of America, at the most critical conjuncture giv ing reason to the strong reclamations of the tatter in support of those of their minister at Madrid, supposed to have been neglected j exciting thereby, through the news - papers, the most unfavourable and alarming impressions in that country, against tbe interests ol bis majesty ; who has lately received information of the congress hav ing resolved with the greatest energy to proceed to make severe reprisals oa the subjects of his majesty. ' In conseqnsnce whereof, and the motives oa which the royal order of April 2jth, 1816, no Ion ger existing, and likewise those upon which the committee of justice of that supreme tribunal bad maintained the imprisonment of Mr. R.. Meade, being void, his majesty has beea pleased to re solve, Oat be shall forthwith be set at liberty ; that the said deposit be considered as duly and lawfully made, and at the charge of the royal treasury ; and that the law - suit ia all other points be continued as the law directs. Of which, I acquaint the secretary of that su preme tribunal, by virtue of a royal order, for their direction, and to the end of its most exact and speedy accomplishment. , God preserve your lordhip many years. At the Pnlace, April 50th, 1CI8 - (Signed) . , JOSE riZARRO. , To the Secretary of the Supreme Council of War. - The letter enclosing the above says, I send you a copy ot the lioyal order to the supreme Council of War. commanding them to take the necessary steps for Mr. Meades release wih. out delay. It is an interesting and important document, shewing the prompt and efficient effect produced by the decisive measures pur. sued by the Executive mid Congress of the United States, on the representations made them. Mr. Meade was liberated on the 4tb of May. ' The U. S. line of battle ship Washington, com. Chauocey, arrived at Gibraltar oa the 7th May, ia IS days from Mahao, and would sail for New - Tors in about 10 days after the Belle. She left the residue of the American squadron all well, and the crews in a perfectly healthy state. TUey bad recently appeared before Algiers uai Tttois, aod as snwal excited g eat respect at those pla - Tu whole squadron eras expected at Gi - braltar abecd the jyth May. I be plagae continued to rage at Algiers, aad was exteading westward. AU the slaps of the Russian squadron at Cadiz, have been formally condemned as unseaworlby. rm,ww:r itltttei - Vf folioe. ha t some fcnepMi tofcrmaUonof coutnu - w .. . . iw.,n. n twn. b tna name c i - t haps the most adroit la the UniieJI Btates. , Tea - 1,1.. th received a letter through the post of&oe, informing them that be could oe woou, . . - the house of a certain mas) bat ouwr suc nor Bomber mentioned. . The magistrates wun the high constable aa several officers were on th lrt rasterdav afterooon to find the place. and after a few' boars search were successful Th siuind the object of their pursuit shot npm a room, with a pair of loaded pistols on a table before him. and a very large amount of counter kit bank notes neatly put op in parcels and.all ready for issuing. They would havo flooded the country, for they amounted to at least ewe hundred thousand dollars. He is now hi custo dy, undergoing an examination. Our vigilant police have beea on the look - out for bis re - ap pearance in the city since lat fall. , We suspect that experience will, before long, shew us the impolicy of softening down the code of crimes and punishments, and will demonstrate the im perto as necessity of erecting he gallows In the place of the state prison. Counterfeiting must be punished with death, or there will be an end to tbe paper system. The following is a description of some of the spurious notes; - State Bank at Trenton, N.J tM dollar notes, letter H. dated April 1, 1813. Orange County Bank, five do. letter A. May 1, 1814. Mechanics Bank, five da letter M March 4,1815.' Mr. Noah says, he cannot perceive that .my explanations weaken the force of his objection otJBonday, tome publication of tne letter re specting Ilagermaa; and concludes with saying, that ha feels he has the advantage of Nr. Cole man, on the grounds originally assumed. Very mild and wonderfully modest, .Vr. Noah, lie was not wont to be so placid. But " discussion. - . on such topics is not deiireable." As you ptease, ir. From St. KutlcUiaa learn from captain Griffing, of the sloop Muaidora, arrived at qua. raotine this moruiug, that a fleet of thirteen sail of patriot vessels of war passed St. Euitatia on the 25th of May. steering south west. Their destination ooknow at SU Euitatia. . Admiral Biron's agent, however, had intimated that it would develope itself in about six weeks. The Hartford Bridge Company have made arrangements by contract to have an entire ne,w Bridge built over tho Connecticut river at Hart ford, to be completed by the first of November next. TAt art f iietmmins. A very neat work, io boards, has just made its appearance, entitled " 77k art 0 txemming, a teries of practical in $tmetim,n by J. Frost, many years a teacher ol the art at Nottingham, England ; to which Dr. Franklin's treatise is annexed; published by Mr. Callaudet, 49 Fultou - itreeU From a perfect conviction of the very great usefulness and merit of this little work, 1 feel it to be my duty to re commend it, in somewhat a strenuous manner, to the attention of the public. It will be found uciccn ve ana erroneous. . Toe book is accom panied by copperplate engravings, neatly exe cuted, illustrating tbe rule and precepts ef the master. From an examination of these, it will be seen - that tbe ideas which commonly prevail, as te the attitude proper for swimming, as respects tbe situation of tbe bead, the position of; the breast, and the posture of the body, are all wrong. Tbe book, we have no hesitation in saying, will amply repay the expence to every person desirous of acquiring so useful and so health promoting an art. Tbe council of appointment, at their sitting no the 12th inst. appointed William Paxton, Julio Jones, and William E. Gallaudct, public bo - taries for this city. ' Having republished from the Hartford Mer cury Mr. Channing's epeech ill the Connecticut legislature, fairness requires we should give the following denial of its genuineness.' From the American Mercury, Hartford, June 16. Mr. Charming. We have received from Mr. Channing the most positive assurance tht tbe remarks published as bis in our la. - t paper, on the subject of calling a conveutioo, were never made by him ; auj that he considers them as having been fabricated aud imputed to him with aa intention to do him inja - tire. 1 nose remarks we ri reived irom the same source from which we received tbe speeches and remarks of oiber gentlemen, and were hastily placed in type. We regret their iusertion, and tbe uuintended Injury that insertion may have occasioned. SAG - HARBOR, June 7. Arrived ship Octavi, Poet, from the Brazil Banks, with 1JMJ barrels whale oil, and the bone of IS heads. Boarded oa the Sd met. in the Gulph - stream a small schooner of about 30 tons, having do person on board, aor auy thing thai would give any intbrniatiou of her excepting the following letter, dated May S3, 1818. At Sea, Lai 31, Loog. 72. " The P. A. schr. Hornet, fell in with this ves sel and took out 'he negroes, they were without provisions or any knowledge of navf - alioo, and reported themselves having beea blown from Bermuda. At the tune they were fell in with Ibty were accompanying la American ship (the Hereof Boston) which vessel they were not permitted to goon hoard (as the captain said) fiom their number (7) nd suspicious appearance. I took them under my protect km a short time, but the badness of then - sails, and now saihn; m the schr. made me determine on taking out the ne groes aud abandoning the vessel, they had no papers of any description, and their ignorance of navigation induced us te take this step for their own safety. (Signed) A , fay tain, IP. C. A neVrseM, Isf. Lieut. JohnD. H adttrortK, Matter. March S, spoke ship Leo, Wm. Joy, 600 bbl.. of whale oil. ' . March 1 1, spoke ship General Lincoln, Chase, from Nantucket, 500 bbls. da. .March 12, spoke ship Tarquin, Barret, from Xantecket, jG bbls. do. Same day, ship Mas. sK - hnvUt, Backstrr, from Havre de Grace, Ship Knsa, , Lat. 37 8. all well, bound round Cape Horn. , . Prices at Gibraltar, May 13 - F1our 11 75, in amsil parcels Bice, 6 75, dull ; Tobacco, , - venauyi tri. 10 a"iS l - f. niarket .Wea,M JO a 10, wsnted 1 negro head, I a 15, ruing , , quick silver, 43 a45, plenty. - . T i..kstMt Marseiliee. April 17. Tobacco, Vuv 12 13 P' ,0 ,b Klcky n M 1 - 2 Hour, including oounxy, - h - fee24 a 87 cUU Kice 6a6 per 1W 10s. Upland Cotton Si cu. , - . Mr. Bantu btnrjU takes place this evening, and undoubtedly an overflowing house will give am pi j testimony of that high esteem in which he stands with the audience. He never appears but plaudits await him from all parts of the house, and deservedly. 1 would not be understood as meaning to make invidious comparisons, but low comedy of a particular description finds a better representative ia Dunes than in any actor on the American stage. . His Col. )ldboy, (not ode of this line of characters,) is one of the finest pieces oi acting we ever witnessed, and may rank with some of the beat personations of tbe late Mr. Uarwood. Mr. Barnes has our best wishes for his success, and if it would contribute towards it, we would gladly bestow on this subject an ar ticle of greater length. - MAKHIM), IjMt evenine. at Brooklyn, br the Rev. Mr. IVnndliull. , lir Josinh ovea. nroftusor of clumutry at Hamilton college, to Miss r ranees 3. olieioon. , . , u - - - r.v.vr, - .,.sr MAKIJfK US'i - CLEARED. ' - Bris Speedy Teace, Fosdick, ' - Savannah j - . . . u r euiitn Georgia, Bibcock, Serannah Bocert ti Kneelaad. Stbr Pennsylvania, Rodeo, et. Marks - l. luaiiuran Two Friends, Lake, - Norfolk Only Maugbter, I .m e, t?ottn True American, Bussett, Philadelphia . .i H Mr LI) in. UKK.Mt i - ijr. U. ! Khr. Fair Trader, Osborne, 4 days from Philadelphia, with suutir, iron, copper, etc. to L'Homiuediru It Brown, owners and '.fliers. .ch Tell Tale, Churchward, 72 hours from Norfolk, with rum and tobacco, to D Kcnaduy, Cornelius K Dufle, llum. and ttarkley.and the niastev on hoard 20 passengers The schr. Itikint? State, and Sea Serpent, had both arrived from N Yurk. ' bch Rising States, Yates, 11 days from St. Andi ews, with plaster to ortlt - r.' Arrivtil it quarantine. Sloop Musidora, Griffing, 15 days irom St. Eustatia, with rum, sugar, uoiasses, !C. to Gersbom Smith. Left brig William, Btudley, to sail io lit days t brig Mary, W adsworth. soou ; schr. Wm. el Frederick, Butler, tiiseWging ; Kaaipart. Woixl, sjon, and twoscbrs numes nut recollected. June 9, lat. :l, long 71, 15, spoke schr. Pbilo, of boston fioui New Orlea s, bound to Martinique, '4 days ,ui, all well. VM, lat. 36, 13, long It, 3. Kb. Young S. - a Horse, 6 d y from ew - YorX. ' S.oup Farmer's Ingenuity, Learning, 4 days from Philadelphia, with flour, to W Gallagher. BtLOW, Sch Martha, Simington, 3 days from Nor folk. One b: ig and schr. .until hH LAST EFRJfLVa, Ship Belle, Leslie, 36 days from Gibraltar, with salt, marble and tpecie, to Junes b Me - g ath, owners Passengers, baron Van Alter - stem, lr u W King, and two in the steerage, bailed May 10, in CO. w ith ship Fdwaid.Taber, for York ; brig Caledonia, fur Philadelphia ; ship Vigilant, Fosdick. of N York, for Anwter - daji ( ship Cliariotte, Remington, for New Oi lcans ; shp Jctterson, Urav, or riuladelplna for Cadiz ; and brig , ellts, of Boston, for .Havana. Sinn Juliana, of Philadelphia, sailed 2 days before for Marseilles, f - brig llux - er. ot N York, sailed 5 days betore tor . - ravma Left, ship Atlas, Green for Orleans in a few njUilax.. Spoke hi lat 34, long 7irarjiJ jjj 5day, rrDfti - wcwpurt for Havana. The brig Mary, Seaman, of Providence, at Cadiz S9Ui April; bhrp Ganges, Brown, 41 days from Liver - pool, with salt, dry goods, ic. to J H How. land and A Shepherd, owners, R Mi.rewood, A Christie, and G Dumnier U Co. CI passen ger in the steerage Spoke, May 5, on the floating light, ship William, of N York, from IS Orleans, fur Liverpool j day, parsed brig Favorite, of Huston, bound in. Suh Diamond. Hoi:kins, ludays from St. An drew, wit!) plaitei and grind. tonrs, to Ward K Biviiop. . A number ot vessels SaJed in co. for this port 5 passengers. &loop Supei ior, Storer, 2 days from Philadelphia, with flour, coi n meal, wine, cliina. dry goods, stoves, marble, Acc to P Grim, owner, t:arman U Uibblee, Geo Carter, P Care, J li Mur.ay A;6on, Smiths: Uailey, Rowland and Brante, A Labacli. and others. broop Rainbow, Tift, 6 days from Charleston', ballast. bloop Concord, Culkley, 6 days from Boston with sugar, lemons, filberts, corks, Ac. to G G & S Howland, J W Russell, Joseph Oa - born, and 2 J botes of lemons, to the captain. Gibraltar arrivals and departures, from A pril 3d, to May 8. April, arrived, brig Uobeit Cochra .e, Gurtin. 45 days from Wi.mington, and sailed 11th for Genoa j ship Atlas, Green, N Orleans, 72 sell Penguin, Taylor, Bahia.51 ; brig Caledonia, Jackson, Philad. 24 ship Jel ferson, Gray, do 39; ship EdirarV., l'aber, 12 davs from Taragonia for H York ; brig John Mm guiit, Perry, from Sl Croix, with rum. and sailed 28th for Leghorn : brig Reaper, Bowers, LN Orleans, 44, to proceed up; sell Major Cru - e - lian, WolU - n, Norfolk, 4jj ship Rote,! Trowbridge, of N Yo. t, 44 days from Cuba, and sailed 27tli fur Trieste. Ship Goe let, Correja, of N York, blown off from t. ner ifl'e, with part of her cargo on bo. id, put in leaky; sJnp Ju i.uia, Kvuns, of Fnilad. from Wilmington ; brig Uoxer, Humphreys, 47 days from N York, and 5 from Faval, for . - muni Arrived, May 3, brig Sw ft, tlaskell, 32 days from Messina, and 52 from Genoa, for Boston, first wind ; brig Manchester, Pieice, 45 d..ys from Palermo - , and 3J from Me ma, tor Bus - ton ; brig Eliza Ueity, Small, Marseilles, 111, for Norfolk. Arrived pi evious to May 8, brig Romp, 24 days from Boston ; brig Frances, Davis, Havana, 4J, for l rieste. I Cleared. April lltli, brig Planter, Blye, for Malaga ; brig Robert Cochran, Gorton, foi Ge noa, and sailed same day. ' 18th, brig Caroline Augusta, Well - , for Havana; JUth, ship Char lotle. Rein nig ton, for N O leans. PtUaduam Ufier, boaUm, Jtmt 15. 1 p. as. Arrived, hrie Mexico, Curtis, 40 days Iron Bel - fast, with sJi, horns, plais, Sic. ami 37 steerage patMMgcrs. ' Left, May 6ib, ships Mount Vernon, Kaou, for Baliiiuore ; and Diadem, lor Pliila - delpUia, to sail torn w.nd : HiUriua, of and lor iew York, loading ; ship Persctcrance, of Norfolk, condemned ; a trig Irom e York, jul nr rived in a king pa.sage i ship lies per, of and for rtewiork, auxnargea. spuxe yeslrnlay, scbr Huiiier, frutn Salon 'or New York, with spars. Schooner M'eira fackel, Atkins, from Ro - rlielle and Madeira, 72 das from the former, and 49 from the latter, with wine, fruit, sic. Sailed Irom Madeira titn May in co with schr. Wiliiam - at - Henry, Ames, for Morfolk. Lefl, bng Letiiar). Leretia, Srieal, for rw York, ia 10 days: hife Hecoverv, kuig, for Cape de Verds, IS; Rapid, Keene, Calcutta, in 14 ; brin Dove, Barren. Cdc oV Verds, ia t ; Wastnngtoo, Picketi, ior Anuier - daw, m 10 days, aad thence back ; b, ig Sphynx. Page, from Alrsaadria for Cauloo, pat io leaky , to sail in 10 days; brig Hebe, Pinllipf, from Aiexaudiia, just arrive. Markets deetiniag. Schooner Carnter, Stinsoe, sailed S days before Ioj Chartmioa. Spoke, May 31, lai. 40, long. 35, brig Mary Jane, Meruit, 9 days from Uath for Fasal. v - At (rrantie, scbr. William, Peddick, 30 davs fix a .Nee Gileaat. Spoke. Msy 16th, two miles ' ' . - '. below PlsAneminr. a erhr. 45 davs from BotoH 1 - June 6ih, klitude 5 - V 4d. loiiritiule 73. a Frem scaonaeriromouanaiotiueiiir Pi. lork Wh.lal. 38, 33, longiiude 69, 30, shin Augosu, Butler, S daysfroai li. Bcdtord, for llraxil Bankllth, Uie Harriet, vbon - ti, i days from Bristol for Havana. Same dav. schr. Canton, of. Fair Haven. from Cape Sable Bank, with 450 qts. fish I4ili, off Cape Ann, brig Jane, Downs, from Kennebunk iot maniniqur. - BOSTON, June 14. Arrived, ship Holofern, Sweet, from Calcutta, (Sand Heads 30th Jan.) Taoquebar S5tn, and Isle ol France S3d March. Left at the latter place, brie Jason. Briets. for Sumatra, in about 3 weeks, the onlv Amencaa vessel there. A short time previous to our arri , val at the Isle of France, a violent hurirane bad beea experienced at that place, and every vessel was drove ashore the Jasoa experienced some damage a frigate was drove ashore with 7 an - ' cbors ahead. The day after leaving the 8and Heads spoke English ship l.ord Chatham, from London lor Calcutta. June 1 Ith, lat 38 31, long 69, a shin - 2 davs from Baltimore for Amster dam. .. Schr Syren, Weston, 95 days from Trieste. Lett, I Oth March, brig Adriatic, Sanger, for Leghorn, SO days, the only American vessel at that Place. Sooke. Anril fist, lat S640. lone 10 30, the ship Blooming Rose, Prince. 37 days iromst Jagnrte Cuba lor Gibraltar. May ll'h, lat 37, long Sa 40, brig Wm. h James, Graves. it days from Boston for Gibraltar. ISth, SO leagues E. from Cape Ann, a schr 5 days from Richmond for Thomastown. Schr Sulon, Barges, 64 days from Lisbon - Vessels left before reported. Spoke, iune 1st. lat 42, long 52, Khr Ontario, lu days from Boston fur Oporto. 5th, lat 42, long 57, brig Sarah At Louisa, of Portsmouth, from Savannah for Liverpool. 9th, lat 4i 45. long 68, schr Hannah, Beach, 40 days from Luslion for Gloucester. Schr Adi lion, Ellis, SO days tin Trinidad, Cuba. Left, 8th alt ship United Stales, Luc - Belt, for Havana j brigs Moout Pleasant Eddy, Bristol, (RI) in & days; Cashier, De vol, loading fr do; Lawrence, for Savannah, 10 days; Khr Lorenso, Smith, from Core, (spanisa Maine) dia. ; Khr Columbia, Gil'rt, bad gone to take on board the ebVrts saved from the English ship Amelia, cast away on the Isle of Pines, aud was daily expected back. Passengers, Messrs. John B - liacque. cnlvodor Barcalo, Antonio Hernaa dex, l lioruas Hanson, and capt. Crocker Scbr Rambler, Rich, 1 days from Wilmington. N. C. left Khrs. Oscar, of Providence, to sail first wind ; Combine, Higgina, loading for Boston ; few v asels in put, aud most oi tlm Eng lish A Putrinf privateer arrived the 6th inst. from a cruic, and it was reported she had a large amount of specie en board the reported by dif ferent names. S hr. Elizabeth fit Mary, Prior, 67 days from Alirant. Left no American vessels. May I ltd, 30 miles W nf Fayal saw a brig runnins: for Fay - al, with a brig in tow. under jury masts. 14th, lat 40, long 3 1 SO, spoke brig Hindu, of Boston, HO days (mm Manilla, lor Amsterdam. 27th, scbr George Washington. Homer, on the Grand Banks, witu 000 fish. June 8. lat 42 80, lone 6130. schr Rambler, 5 days from Boston for Brotnen. 10th, schr Friendship, Chase, SO days out, HUqils nsu, on Uenrse'suanit. Ship Washington, Killeran, 43 days from Liverpool. Spoke 3d inst. between Tuscar Light and Bardsey Island, ship Congress, of Baltimore, it day from ravaniiah for stiver - pool, ith, lat 50 50, long 9, ship thauncey, ot f hiladelDlna from Savannah tortorx. autn, lai. 41 30, long. 50, English brig Albion, of Harrington, 20 days from St. Domingo fr,r Li verpool same dav, saw nve islands or ice. June i8th, lat 42 48, lung 64. a brightsided highdecked sch 6 days from Boston, lying to, did not learn where bound ; yesterday mom - Hig, Cape Ann li W. 6 lea. brig Jane, 34 hours from Kennebunk for Martinique. Flour at Li verpool 50s. Sch Packet, Foster, Philadelphia 7 days. At Quarantine, brig Caroline, Gorbarn, 14 days from Havana. Brif Augusta, Patterson, 17 days from Ha van a. .Spoke 8th inst. British sch Jane. 5 days from Mi. irk. for Bermuda - llHi), brig Poca hontas, of Petersburg for PhiUdelphia, full of pAsseiigrrs. 11th, sch. tame, from $t An drews for Philadelphia. 12lh, sch May - Flow er. from Boston for t. Eustatia Sell DvilpWaJJurgess. Lldays from Havana, Arr.ved at Gloucester, - yetrdj w.mshs;, sell. Hannah, Beach, 47 djys from Lisbon.. Left, April 27. brigs Oii - n, Nye, just out oil quarantiney bad not began tod iscaarge ; Itan - cy, Htt, ot N Yo in 0 or B days ; sclirs. fit P'im, Soule, of Duxbury, unc i Gen. Scott, Williams, do; in qturantinc, ship Pocahontas, .f Norfolk brig Atlas, and sch. Betsey, of Plymouth. Passed, going in, ships Constitution, of Norfolk, Voltaire, of Philadelphia and an hermaphrodite brig apparently new her stern painted green. THEATRE. AIR. BARNES BENEFIT. On WEDNESDAY EVENING, June 17, Will be presented, the operatic drama of FREDERICK THE QRr - AT. Frederick, king of Prussia, Mr. Pritchard Governor of the citadel, Jones Brant, an old quarter - master, Robertson Stock, Barnes . Matilda, governor's niece, Mrs. Barnes ' Charlotte, bis daughter, Groshon At the end of the play Mr. Baldwin will sing the favorite song of Professional Dinners. The Grand Wreath Dance, by Mr. and Mrs. Parker. After which, a new song (written and song) by V)r. Barnes, called, The Tight Stock, or the Bumpkin turn'd Soldier. To conclude with the romantic melo drama of THE BOLD BUCAN1ERS, . Or, The Diicoeery of Robitum Crusoe. Robinson Crusoe, . Mr. Robert sob Pariboo, chief of the cannibal?, Parker Bluff, a boatswain, Hilsots Windlass, Pritchard iptheese, ship steward, Barues fait, Crnjoe'i wife, Mrs. Groshon X Performance to commence al half past 7 o'clock, precisely. On Friday, the larorite play of The Surrenderor Calais, the melo drama of The Wood - mau's Hut, and other entertainments, for' the benefit of Mr. ROBKRTiON. " AMErxlCJtX MlSELM, y. voax lsanrcTiox. rfi The MUsEUM BAND will perform this evening a variety of the most celebrated irs, accompanied by the Patent Key'd Bugle the Hall will be brilliantly lighted, and every exertion ued to render the atertainment agreeable ai. l instructive. Jsna 17 It Stolen Itiand, June 17, 1818. fjj" STEAM BOAT NAUT1LU3 wUl (for this evening only) take parties on pleasure to Staten Island, to leave New York at 8 P. M. Siaten Inland at 10 P. M. New - York again at 11 and return at 12 o'clock. JOHN DEFOR.E5T, Captain. June 17 It . Notice, To atmer of Hackney Carring'j. fjr The owners and drivers of Hackney Carnages are informed, that Duplications forli - ren - .es are to be mude at the Mayor's office, oa M mday next, at lSnVlock. The printers employed by (be Corporation will please insert Uas notice daily until Tuesday ext. Je 17 PHLMX BAML ADlVlDENDof thrte prcrat for six monthf, eiKling tne 30th instant, bas beea this day declared pa vable to the stockholders ou the irs't of July neii by order of the board of directors. J. - 17 Im D. I. GEKE'VK, Cashier. hL 10O sarsaisby J17 UP LA NO COFVjV. bales superior quahty upland cotton, LE ROT, BAYARD ft CO. lKXTAMo - a.rHM!s, ricrtJUaea it4syTflti m w - sr w - i . XxlluAllltj, . WASIHRGTO 11 A L L , ' MR - MAFrEf, artist, mecbanlcian, pro. pnetor and inventor of this kind of soeT taclr, will perform every day this week. hLT' dsy excepted, at half prnt 8 o'clock uieva. ."I' Safooe of (lie WashmgtJ. Had. The first representation will be IWlequuT Prince by Magic i or, the UndKn LraLda! ante delivered of her enchantmenU. A fairs ornamented with all tbe fairy can prodoce, "t:re7. eWy to strike the eyes. by elegancy of dreiixZ iHsny transformations and meUHiorphosuadanU ed to the subject. Harlequin, transformed toa Prince, will be seen eating, drinking, helDinr himself at table, lighting aid e.tinguTshingPhi! ?h! toJWi TnVrformaa ces wiU be preceded by different dances andme - taoiorphosis. Tbe mechanism of the SDcctacU is well worthy the attention of the coenoiurs" 1 be decorations will present, The Grotto of 8L Patrick, In Ireland, reuown. ed, u it is yulgarly said, for the Wizards it cony An Ethereal Temple, descending from 1T. ven. A laodwape ia Switzerland, near Geneva, embellished by the metamorphosis of the Mill! Cart in a Mill, followed by duck hantitk., where will be seen the hunter firing his gun, the boaadt swimmiog is March of, and bringing live game to their master.' This will te preceded by k view of a swan, which, by its natural motions is wot thy of attention. I he spectacle will he ornamented by Psyche's ' BtihCand an alteeorical nor of Washington, and will be terminated by a grand marine view of tbe Fort of Messina, fa) the Mediterranean sea, between Sicily andXs - labria. a city cclelirated lor ita antiquity. The small houses of (he plot will be observed, placed by the government to aoccoer the Vessels that pais tbe straitaso renowned for it j... Vesnls - bf aN vises will ae seen sailing aad sals iter each other, as in a naval combat. Some win appear to ne suiirug at the distance of about - .0 mil's in the horizon. The illui .:ni.. complete. . . 1 ne JJirector wil think himself rewarded for his pains, if the public will deign to smile at Ma efforts, and encoorage bim by taeir presence. - He wtJI omit nothing in his power to deserve their favour. . Persons who wish to procure tickets will nlease apply at the office of tbe Waahingtea - Firat places I dollar teeeonit children to cents. Je 17 4t For BOHTOJ, The Khr ONLY DAUGHTER, cap. tain Luce, will sail pu Weduesdav next. aud take freight on moderate terms. ! Apply to WALSH A GALLAGHER, , Jel7 .. 66 iath - rtreet. Par rF - sAinghvu, A". C. The Khr EAGLE, R a well ; wdl sxl on Saturday next For freight er par - sage, apply oa boarl, at Peck - fLp, or to Je 17 It. b C. W. DAVENPORT & Co. . tor Lit AKfUOLy . The fast sailing coppered ship CAY - TON, capt. Rogers, (will positively sail oa the 20th instant) For passage, having good accommodations, apply Io the captain, on bea0, at pier a. 8, east river, or to it 17 A.UKAIIEC SUMS. . For LIVERPOOL, Tho ship INDEPENDENCE, captain Rcirson, now loading at pier ne 14. IU0 bales of cotton or light freight of equal bulk will be taken at a reasonable rate. Three more passengers can be well accommodated.: The ship will sail oa or before Sunday the 28th hub Apply to HENRY CART & Co, Je 17 4t 38 Mill - street (For Puitafe only) re the Itiand tf G REN AIM, : - .t . l I : . . . f . . . iiuudi. now loauinir aL me aiiunff xsasin. naa i i . . . i til . - i ample accommodations for a fey pasaengcra,, who will be comfortably provided for by an - f plying on board, or to . . .... v.. HE.VRY CA 1IY ft Ca v ... je 17 4t . 38 Mill - street. 4 CU t - pA SiOMALLS. 7T7; Cases of saperior quality, just landed - for sale at 67 South - street, by Junal7 CAMBRELENGArEARPOl, ' 1 UHUC.D A small quaulity of Chant - fij tiertin aud Romanes, in cases of 6 dosea ea ch, for sale by GULIAN LUDLOW, . Ho. 15 W hitch .U - Ki June 17 lw 124, SLOAH Ac MOLASSES. bhds I muscovaifosugar.pertefwnick 80 bbls is ef excellent Quality. , . 119 hhds 1 MalaazMaaolsjsee,gooda,tt - 17 tierces) lity. Laudiog fiom brig Swan. For sale by GOODHUE A CO. 'Je 17 44 South - st. . HIDES. 500 Calcutu cow bides, of prime quality, and in fine order, on board sloop Comet, at Burling - sliji, for sale by' " .' GOODHUB ft CO. i je!7 '. 44 Soiith - etreet. 1 ALCU I TA GOODS. b bales hue Ba U 4 bales Beer boom Gurrahs 3 do Ouzah Caussaks, now landing aad for sale by G. G. & S. HOWLAND, 67 Washington - street, Abo in ii lore, 40 bales Calcutta Goods, consisting of Baflais Gurrahs, Mamoodies, &awna,Cbecka, ftc. Je17 FLOOhr.VlA18 - .S50 Urge floor mats, ns long and round, 500 smaller do round, for sale by G. G. ft 9. HOWLAND, je 17 67 Waahington - atrert 614. TuUACCO. ... kegs ) Virginia fcaaufactured tebao - 53 half kegs, co, of the beat duality A brands, now landing and for sale by Je 17 Iw CORNELIUS DU B0I3. O Ut. A Kt.tli blids. prime St. Croix csgarss sv lauding on iner no 1, for sale by JACsf,s05 U WOOLLEY, . 75 WaU treet. Je 17 RICK. W iH - rcs Rue, landing irom sUir. Arabella, at Murray's ivharf, for sale by CLARK, MOORE ft CO Jel7 41 Soeth - stret LlVERPiXJL f.QAL f . OW Liftdlhg from English trig Elibu 100 chaldron Liverpool jsw pit coal, "f tdperior quality and large, and will be so.a w in lain to mil nurchaiers. whila afloat. ' APPlf on board, pier No. 9, East River, or to LAINO ft RADOJ.PH,. Je 17 6t 98 Vrsey - st y RICK 50,01,0 bard brickv hr sate bf ' JLM - AASU.f U. filters, , June 17 "183 Froot - st VT AILS, COPPER BOTTOMi, te, - i.1 ou caXS ajig. vvrougns xsaua 30 do Amencaa t do , S00 do Cut, assorted sisea . l.'.s - .... 3 bales Italian paper "' S00O lb. Copper Bottoms 4 casks Card Wirt, No. 33 . w , rr i t It . . ' uu inn uims - . . i ... m . . .Kj e jives o caieavrwnm snuie itiaw,iw"w 100 doe. hair and wire Sieves Vm lb Eogtish Shoe Thread ' .V 5000 - do do Seine Twine, inkt W aaia.. purchasers, for sale by ' - . CEBRAfcCUMlNO. ' - Je 17 76 Pearistreefc J hhds laadiog from sloop New - York1.8, rale leby Je 17 JAMES IPWOLF. J" - M foulh - vt 1 A - CMI.VA H'ARE. , boxes diniog sets, plates, Ac lanJiaj as for rase a 67 8ooth - reet, br : ' ' w : Jt 17 CAMJsUXENO ft IZEJkSOV.

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