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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1818
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rflC Th fct regular packet tchoon - wir ft. Henrv Beetle, mailer, will frr,5 what freight an J passengers may offer, Z Tbariday next - APP'r on board Fmc - t' ilQGERT ft KSEELAND, 70 South - t. i - , . Who hate for tale, 'i . - n bales prime upland cotton, just landing. - " Jon it 5t - ' fWJ'0lT - Al - f'JiIjrCE. The sclir. SALLY, captain Mather. For freight, of lew barrel, or pas - 8' Pl 7eniTH X. IIIT11RF.I.L. or to '"' 1. U MOSTAL'DEVEKT, " 96 Wsll - street. iVor jiMbTt - HDAM, ' lf ' The brig Ohio, hat commenced load - Lxkt this Jay, and will bo diipatihed a ' .kl uk inst . havimr three fourthi of her cro engaged. ' For freight of the remainder or ptsiage, apply to Captain UAIWMJ!, on ooara, St pier No. 6 H. R. or to - J, U 4.1.II.U.Il.' v J 10 5w 77. Washington - street. FOK THE IsLE ur rnA.n The New York built !up AMbiti - burthen 490 ton, coppered ana fastened; ; mailer, ill tail in about j weeu. f or ireigm oi boiimu"" - r - cf mercbaudue or specie. and passage, having elegant accommoiiiou., apply to the matte ron board, or hv juneft - CHAS. HALL, 1 B earer - sL ',. inr Madeira ' A gool Vessel, bouud to Madeira, may 'ihave about 800 barreli on freight from UOBERTGlLLF.SPIF.. " . for UHlsTVL, Angtand,) ' itf (A regular trader,) ? 13 " The elegant fast tailing coppered hip AiSUREW JACKSON, Thoma T Morton, flutter a considerable ran of her cargo being engaged, will be dispatched without delay For freighter passage, hiring excellent accommodation, apply ou board, t pier No. 22, near Feck. ' dip, or to ' " PETER SCHERMERHORN SONS, Or B. W. ROGERS & CO. Who offer for tale. 10000 Stomhridge Brick 60 caiki patent Shot SO do bar Lead - 100 barrels Spanish Brown tO caiks Porter . - . Now JaaJinj; from the Andrew Jhckioo.,,.', , ; ' J i ' ' - . For AM S TEH DA&U Hi The regular trading bri j OHIO, E.' iiCarinan, master . hat part of her cargo nrarcd. nd will be dispatched without lie - lay. For freight or pasiage, (hav ing Very gfrfid accommodations,) apply to the mister on board, at pier no. 5 north river, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, my 27 tf No. 77 Washingten - st. TO tit: LEASED, ON favorabls term, for a long term of years, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, S0i feet deep, extending to Crotby - itreet, between Hei - ter andTrand - ttreats. ' t lots in Water - ttreet, near Catharine - market. ' 1 lot ia Waler - itreet, between Fultou and Darling slip. Also, tsvaraj other bU in the 5th, 6th, Slh Mul.lOlb wardi. For particulars, enquire at Ha. 30, Chatham - rtreet. way 8 f RICHMOND FLOUR to TOBACCO 250 'XV bUs superfine flour, liaiall,i brands 435 do', do . do country do 60 do fine ? do do do , do X , aaiiMtanfs - 63 hhJi prist old and new tobacco . . " 4 do do" new tobacco, fit for manufacturer! For sale by ........ Vf.&S. CRAIG, ' may 29' B4 Front street. MONEY iO LOAN ON MOHIUAUE. Aifif DOLLARS are to be had on unin. ftU Uicooihered property in the city. In quire of ANUW. STOCKHOLM, Stock and En - nance Broker. reyWtf No. 68 William itreef. - rlME. - 60 cases Claret Wine, cootainiua ?T 1 doten each. 16 do do 3 dozen each, of the growth of Braone Montno, vintage 1810, received per brix South America, front Bordeaux, aad for tale by . A GtlAClE k SONS. y28 TTKNTUCKW TOBACCO 14 tihdt linui IX. Kentucky Tobacco. Undine from tchr. Keoefco, west side Burlins slip, for tale at 63 Washington it. CHAS. L. OGOEN ft aiy tf ABR. OGDEN - 1.WENCH tiOOOsi. JOH received per X Manchester Packet and other late arrivals, . 1 box Cringed taffota and satin ribbons, lut . tfiugs and garnitures t box silk ihnwls and bdkfs. . 1 box kid gloves, black and colored; buckskin gloves - ', - - 1 box while tulle 4 - 4 ... ldo thread lace . , , . ,' I do green and black fiornce - lbr sal by - FHEDER1CK RICHARD, - - t 4 Williasi - ttreeL Also Cologne aad lavender - waters. Jell 2w CIO i I OX t. TOBACCO 4i Dales prim New Orleans Cottoo 16 hhdt Kentacky Tobacco, landiag from sclir aeiiy, lorsaie oy . . ... STEVENS ft MACTlEft, - .. Jel0 7t - 157 Soulh ttreft. OHIi' el'trr. HU IiIjIi Richmond Mnp kj Dim, m very topenor qaaiiry, landing Iron .Khr. Louisa. IN STORE. . - 600 hhls Richmond, city and country brands: mpcrnae r invr, lor rft at wo r mrn - wrreL, dv TKOKES, DAVIDSON ft CO. Jell lw - j - Tt IBHe.R'1'o titar DOUBLE tiROWN n STOUT. 80 raikv M - lected hr a friend m London, supetior to any in this market, lor t we oy , . , , " : d. lynch. unr. iellm ' v No. 40 William street SUPER COMPANY FLAG HUKFS Elegant patterns, Kr tale by - ay3q .MARCH ft LOW, 210 Broadway. WHITE LEAD, He. ic tjy w kers lndon White Lead in oil - 30 barred do Dry White Lead 8 tons Red Lead V , . . 30 barrels Bristol Red Ochre . Stt ilo Venetian Red ; 2 toot fine Litharge 0 hotehend Whiting 60 caiki Pirit While 2 hhds. Verdigris SO tiercm I rem Yellow Ochre 5 kegt Vermillion - - 4 casks Prnsnan Blue, 4001b. ... 1 .... Crome Yellow i Patent Yellow Spanith Brown, . - Venetian Red, . Teilow, , ; UN OIL. - flack, ... ., - .. ... Verdigris, J - - . . mpb1ack t Ivory Black ; Perple Brown - - . .Z nrpeatine ; i.tnt'eeo UU ,400 boxtt Wlodiw gims. assorted Vate on the lowest terms for cash pr at 'eter'schermerhorn hSONS, " ' - M.. - .,., 243 Water - street C01TO..40 bales Upland Cottoo, landing H corsair, ii Dmoami. tor sai or 1 1 1' n ir i r .t i F r ' 9 'e 11 191 rront, comer of fultco - ttrect. TTaRUWARE, CUTLERY kt. - t caiki XX bcouruprirg Lockr " i ' 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards ' I do chest handles, tic. ' " .' ' I do screw plates, scale beams, ic, . ' 1 dq brass cocks, &c. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets ' '. 2 do tin'd poll and sauce pant ' S do fine padlocks ' 4 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, &c. 2 do hanimers, pincers, locks, &c. ' ,2 do HL binges, AlC. 4 do anvil . , 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black lu bright vices; 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cot nails and brads, from 3d. to 20L Also, a large and general assortment of goods openoa the shelves, for sale at the most reduced prices, by ADAMS & BLACK WELL, may 7 15 Pearl - tL JAMtt L)' v OLK, Junr. hat remuvid from 67 Front - strret to 54 i$outh - street,and offers Irtr sile , - 52 ce room south A mrrican Tallow to tons clean St. Petersburg!) Hemp, few bolts first quality Kt'.ssia Uuckj Ger - man itf i in uozes, cniiueu 10 araw bailt. 16000 lbs. Green Coffee do' ' 25 boxes China table tetts 173 piecet each jti nnni pure tpims I rnse flatil'MS. my 5 Jk C. iNK.IIOLa, it. Mi, Pearl - street, have . now for tale ii cases white and striped Marseilles Quilting 1 do white and striped Jeans t do black Smrhewian.t black Sarsnctt 3 do coloured Canton Crapes 1 do tine black French do 3 do black and aeiopcd leuiog Silk 1 do assorted Kid Gloves 1 do of mens and women's silk do I do 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 Cambric Muslin 3 do 4 4 and C - 4 Book do t do Jaconet . do 1 do plain and teeded Mull do 2 do 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings I do Linen Diaprr 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, I do 7 - 8 Ions Latvn fine 2 do brown do 3 do Cotton Plat 1 1 las 3 do striped and Carlisle Gingham 3 do Madrars ana Naval Victors lldkfs. 2 do Imitation, Merino, & Damask Shawlt 3 trunks Plate and superfine Calico 3 do Furniture Chinli ' 2 bales Mack and assorted Bombazetls 2 do bia k and blue Broad Cloths 2 do red and white Flannel. Je23w HAllDIVAHE, CUTLEHV. U BRISTOL coons. rjlUE subscribers have received by the late JL arrivals from Liverpool and Bristol, an extensive supply of Hardware and Cutlery of every description, wlncb they otter tor tale to the merchants from the country, in such quantities as may be wanted, at a low advance and iberal credit. They have also rece ved on consignment and offer fur sale by the package CO casks and cases or IJircnmprham Hardware, consisting of most of the staple articles in the line. . 10 casks of Kenyons warranted hand, panne), tennant, stub, lie. Saws. 6 cases do warranted mill, pit and crosscut saws, heat steel plat 10 casks of Kenyoa't tiles of every descrip tion 100 caiks best quality English Porter 30 do aosorted Glass W ore, consisting of tumblers, wines, decanters, while and ' greea phials, tVc. 10 crates oi' Stone Soda Jugs 10 cases of Knglisb men's aud boys hatt 200 bundles of warranted llidbaik'e German . fileeL tit:t iroioia - ASnaiaiUry w t. . . C. Umilm:k k Ooa, of Reasscheki. 10 torn of London l.onp L Steel . 5 do Crawley Steel 8 tbouiand Stourbridge fire Brick Tin plates ot the different kinds Black do do B. W. ROG r.RS It CO. Je2 2J5 Pearl - street. GKI.NI bTONES, BRISTOL WAKt, UOl - TLK'3, Ac 600 small site Grindstones, assorted ' . 20 large do do 6 to 14 cwt Weight, each . 80 crates Brirtol Ware Gallon Si half gallon Bottles for wine ." Champaign faU site Quart do London and wine Pint do. (in small lite Hampers) Gallon ft half callon Demijohns - Long tipped Pipes, from 16 to 21 inches Larce bowl Nearo do. and 1 cask F.neliih Shoe Thread, just received, and for sale by ". WILii.lA 1 UUT1jI.I, Je8 lm .164 Watcr - strret. NAILS, ANVILS, &c 21 bnu drawn Rom ft Clasp Nails, assorted sixes 100 casks Deck Spikes, from 4 to s inches 5 do Sledge aaJ Hand Hammers . 2 do Black and Bright Vires 50 Anvls tust reoived ner ship Hercules, frm Liverpool, and will be told in lott to suit pur hasers, atBI Pine - street, by J t? v HENDKRSOM i CAIRNS. iiAVaaa eUoAR, t tL.uovv, uc. IX 50 buxeilirown Havana Suar, entitled to drawback. 1 80 cerooos South American Tallow 64 boxes Roll Brimstone, and 18 cases Tumhh - rs. Landing and for tale by JAMES D'WOLF, Junr my 12 M Boain reei. - PL.A3tr.rt.Or PAKla MA.NtFAC IUK1, At tho loot of Harrison - street, North - Hirer, lATHKKE manuiactured Plaster, forcorni - V V Let and otber on - noses, mav be had, war - ranted of the first quality, at eitc dollar and littn - Ijlfire tenli per luthcl. in he manui'actorv is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a regular apprentice ship to the mason business. mh2l .JOH Bir - ns. f Wl: fLrtTh: THA (JH. - CMA LYS, e. JL . 200 boxes tin platet 23 casks Traces Brass Wire No. 9 - 60 casks Roman Cement, now landing, and (or sale by ANDERSON ft SHEARLR, .131 Water - street. Wka hart in ttore. . Patent and common Carolina' and Virginia Hoe . , Sheet Bras of all sixes " Brats and copper Wire London made poc ket Books and Wallets Ladiet work Bxet Sic. my & HOVtKSTIC Si OTI1ER WARES THE subscriber keep constantly on hand an I extensive assortment of the following goods, viz Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Pones Heads Crauih Brushes Brooms ; Duster, or Counter Brmhet Hearth Brushes, fan Belloivt. fancy and ronunon cy and common Do for Blarkimiths Ilafl anrt Entry Mats tiean oo oo ao Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do ' Shoe ft Scrabbir. do Paint Brushes and SassiZi'ool Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row ' Furniture Brushes Horse - do Bed Cordt, Clothes Linet Fash Cords, Trace Ropee ' VVrotight aad Cat V.iU nrl Rra.U Pails anil I ubt Wheel - Barrows . Fine Wire SieTe Do. Hair do - Whip of every de - acriptioa Seine, sewinr, wrap ping, - baleing and ball Twine r;h Lints ' Shoe k Sid ten Thread Dearborn's Ballae - ces, ftc. Which they will sell wholesale or retail oa liberal term. . CXBRA k CUMUtG, .let - - i - TS Pearl - ttrttt. ' WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, uns. .ALEXANDRIA FLOUR 46 bairels, XX sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, Je5 - 112 Front - street D LYNCH, un. (at No. 40 V itliam - ttrt,) . has on band the following WINES and LIQUORS, selected with judgment by himself, which he offers at wholesale and retail, toor - anled pure, at imported ' " ' ' . ' iShS I . Madeira, from 3 to 18 40 qr cask. $ ' wod. Old Madeira, in bottles, from S to 20 years , Champaign, B urgnndy, Claret bnd Saaterne, of very tnperior quality . 7 pipes dry Lit boo, 7 years old , 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Boracha taste Port, in pipes and bottles Table wine, fcr its quality, the cheapest in America Tenerifle, in hhdt. Old Brandy, do. Ram, do. Gin, not reduced 500 demijohns, containing five gallons each SO groc wine bottles N. B. Those in the trade, and country deal ers, will find it to their account, to supply them wives with and Honors at the above esta buihment, astbey will b certain to obtain arti cles of the first quality, at the lowest price,, and pure n imported. , mvu - im O C Yi HLS. 33 dozen, lor sale by O J. D'WOLF, Jr. my 14 ' 54 South - slreet. . HbMUVED. TAMES P. AN DOE has taken lb store No. if 7 Park, recently occupied as a Ladies' Auction Room, where he intends establishing himself as a first rate GROCER, and intends selling for ca.!i only, and at such prices at will make it the interest of the cash purchasers to call as above, where be has for tale a general asrtmait of ' ; i Teas, late imor(ation ' ' i Pure old cognac brandy, of tnperior quality Jamaica spirits, Holland gin, American do Madeira, L. P. TeneruTc, Old sherry, Tort ft other wines London and American porter, Botledtider Sperm, oil and candles Fine nld Holland and American cheese Well flavored raiilns, Figs, Prnnes, Almonds Spices, Beit Spaoith cigars, Draught porter - Sweet oil, ftc Constant attendance will be given, and all favon duly appreciated. June 1? tf . RU' - U SHEET IKO.V FIVE tons Russia Sheet Iron, treble and double rolled, large sheets, very hand some and perfectly free from rust, .landing tins cay. IN STOKE, Cut nails, all sizes, best quality; Knglisli wrought nails, fine drawn liar iron, Swedes, Russia, English and American, all size Steel and custing of all kinds for sale by BLALKWELL ft M'F - VRLAN. jelSlw ( H UOns'lVCJi GI.OFHS, .e. I trunks of Woodstock gloves, drawn seams, assorted colors - 10 dozen Norway doe purses, assorted colon 20 doaeo Norway do leather, for waUtctats, breeches, ftc. assorted whit and yellow For sale by GEO. M. WILSON, J 13 130 Water sU C1LARLT and MADEIRA WINE, &c J 35 casks old claret wine, fit for bottliae. 140 cases do ol superior quality, entitled to notvnlure v iOdadn nJrlUn. n - - l - " 2 pipe old India Madeira, high flavour'd 2 'do. Low pr.ced do. for tale by . ISAAC F. ROE, je 13 lw ' 93 Wall street TRAP. nted paten t r'HE bewly invented patent Box Traps for J sale at 130 Water - street. Je 13 OCT The Commissioners of llw Canal fund will in in pursuance ot the act, entitled " an act respecting navigable communications between Uie great Western and Northern Lakes, and the Atlantic Ocean,M receive sealed proposals until 3 o'clock, P. M. on Vftdnetday the 15th day of July ntxt, for a loan to the state of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to he paid to the Coin - mi'stonert in two equal instaimentt, we nrst, on the but day ol August next, and the oilier oo the fint day ot Octotwr neat. The proposals must be addressed to the Comptroller. I be rate ol interest it not to exceed tix per cent, per Annum, payable quarter yearly and the principal it to be reimnursame at me pleasure of the government, at any time after the Grit day of July, 1837. The officer appointed fortlve purpose in the ci ty of New - York, will issue transierahle certifi cates of stock to the Lenders, aad will attend to the trantferof stock, as the sansemsy be requir ed. The interest will be paid at the Manhattan Bank, in the city f.f New - York, to the stockhol dert residing in the southern district of this stale, and out of the state, and to all others at the New - York State Bank, in the city ot Albany. Th Roarit will meet at the Sex - retarv's Office on the said 15th day of July next, at 3 o'clock f. M. to open and determine on uie proposals tnai shall be made, by orier oi me Boara. JOHN TAVLER. President Albany. June 8. 1818. Je 11 Ijy 15 INTERESTING WORK Anecdotes ol the life of Richard Watson, Bi?hop of landaff, ritten by himself, at different intervals and re vised in 1814 Published by his son, R. Watson, L. L. B. Prebendary of Landaffjc Wells, pric $2 75. Also, the life, deeds and opinions of Dr. Mar - tin Luther, translated from the German, by John Korts, price I,. Rob Roy McCresor. a drama in three acts ; from th celebrated novel of Rob Roy, price 25 cents. An Elementary Introduction to the knowledge of .Vineralofr, by W. Philip, with notes and additions on American Articles, ty Samuel L. .Vitcbell, price, gl 25 juit received and for sale at the Minerva Circulating Library, 265 Broadway, opposite the Museum. . . . June It SALT WATER BATH'S. J HE New - York Salt Water Floating Rath, is now open at the foot of Barclay - street, (North - River,) for the accommodation of Ladies, and Gentlemen. A LSO. The Marine Swimmin; Batb n now open at Anion'! wharf, near the Battery, for the accommodation or Gentlemen only. 03" FOR SALE One large - Vat or Cistern ami a pair of patent chain Puuips, apply at the Batb, or at 315 Broadway. Je 12 A M? MUSIC. JUST pnblirhed and for sal at WILLIAM DU BOIS' piano fort and music stare, No. 128 Broadway, . Thin am I my faithf a I fair ; tbe soldier's bride ; and from childhood's dawn t noon of youth at sung by Mr. Philippe. Ah can I e'er forget tbee love The celebrated echo song ' , . Th inspiration, sacred melody . The Saxon air, with vamtioas, by Cramer Haydn's celebrated coozonet, My mother bids me bind say hair, as a i ondo Twenty - four sonatas, for young performers, by N. B. ChaHotier " The Saxe Coheurg waits, with variations The Sophia Walts The itorm rcodo, by Steibelt ' Jelf MADURA ft PORT H'lJVE. f Qr. casks Madeira, and 6 hhds white port wuie, iwsaio ov . i - ' - " ROBERT GILLESPIE, .JunntO U2Front - st' tJrVfctl t'lL. 'A chests Florence Oil, 3'J btt - O ties each, for tale fiy J CHAS. L. OGDEN. ft ,ABR. OqDLN, , 1 63 Washington - street. Je 10 L'HlNA SILKS Just received a consignment coiisiMingof - , .. Black, changeable, blue andereen Sinchewt Black and changeable Sarsnets a Black Caroblets, coloured Levantines ' Black and coloured Crapes . Kmbroidered aad Damask Crape Shawls Sewing Silks assorted colours f irst Clioj.4 - 4 black, twilled and frineed Hkf High coloured Concans, 29 a 30 yds. foe sale oy rU fcU. KfcAISKi ft CO. Jtt - 26 Soulh - ttreet. COTTON and TOBACCO. - lu ttore and tanning, . y !I80 - fea1es Geo. Upland Cotton sua no new - urlenns do 20 hhds. Tobacco. Kor sale liy !. POJT ft M'KJNNE, my 29 ' 6 South street. Om, FOHSALL, AMjThe House and Lot No. 27 Orchard street, now occupied by the subscriber. ' The lot is 28 feet front and 100 deep. A further de scription of Uie property n deemed nnuecessary, as it ii presumed no ou will purchase without first yiewine the premises. If not sold before the tit of August at private sale, it will on dial day be put np at pullic auction. JAMES KNOX, ' June 12 1w 27 Orchard st, rlillH subsC'iaer tor the better sccommo - JL dation of merchanU and others, has thought proper to open a shop No. 99 Wash' intrton - street, next door to the corner of Rec tor - street, where he intends carrying on the Plumbing Business in all its various bi anches N. 0. He still continues to carry on the bu siness at the old stand No, 342 Water - street. All orders left at cither place will be punctu ally attended to. je 12 2w CALEB 8. RRQWER. 1 RKWEK Y. r'or sale, a bargain, a brew MJ ery ft Malt House connected, ia the city of Hudson. Ihe bmhlirgi are stone, anil par ticularly well calculated for Ihe luincs. It is situated in the midst of a Parley Country, and has many other advantages. It is certainly an object for those wishing to engage in th't business. It it the only brewery iu the couclry. This properly will be sold cheap. Terms liberal; title good. For further particulars apply (o M. MULDF.N, No. 78 .Maiden - lane, New - York ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June 13 tr ...... FOli is.lhk. Leasehold Property, more valuable than real Estate. I hat pleainnt siluatea Mouse und Academv No. 39 White - street, between Broadway and Church - street, thirty years of the Lease un - exnired l all improvement! to be paid for, by valuation at the expiration of the term Ground Rent thirty pounds per annum, for particular! enquire of George Pick, Comelia - itreet, Green wich, - j ii UATTINKTT WAHfS, made ol bea IsUinU kJ Cotton and ized in the chain, fortnle by . - .,Wm. CAMPBELL, Je S 197 Pearl - ttreet MONT - ALT A For SAbKor to L - siT, and immediate possession tiven. the beautiful place called Moot - Alta, seveu miles from the improvement, with a laree cameo wen stocaea with s - eeetables a variety of fruiff with every convenience for a family. For terms, which are very reasonable, and if sold a Ions; credit ei - ven if wanted, apply to N. ft P. TALCOTT, 64 bouth - street. Je 12 I'UHLISUED THIS D.tX, A PRACTICAL TREATISE on" PERSPECTIVE, adapted for those who practice landscape painting or drawing from nature. Alio iHtlxiisixiiuunani, lor tax ing views. . We the undemened artists, resident at ftew - ' York, havinx inspected Busby's perspectoeraph. re of opinion, that it is an ineeaious, utelul and convenient inyenti"o, that will materially assist all persons desirous of making accurate perspec tive views irovi nature. JNO. TRUMHUhli, 9tB. ROBERTSON. 8AMU - L U WALDO, JOHN RUBENS SMITH, WILLIAM DUN LAP. J 11. JARVIS. The above works are for sale by . , J LAMBERT, Je3 lm ' 3 Courtlamlt street. TO 1HK INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, AND ITS VICIBITT. W rM. BRYAN, Dyer. Are. from London, eratefully acknowlertices the liberal en cnuragrment he hat received, from hi friend and the public, since hi arrival Irora r.ngiand Anxious to merit a continuation of their patron age and support, he hns taken those extensive premise Nos. 37 and 39 Spruce - street, (late Lit tle George - street,) where he hat at considerable expense erected machinery and every conven tence to ensure their future favours. Piece Goods dy'd any fancy color and finished in .superior stylet Ladies dresses, tilk, sattin, velvet, damask, moreen, crape, veils, shawls, mantles, peli'ses, liomhazcens, ftc. cleaned and dy'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, and leghorn Uonnets uy'u. Black, lor mnutninz, on shortest notice j mo reen furnitores ctean'd, dy'd aud water - marked ; noi - pressinr, wc. my iu im WANTED. A SITUATION is wanted by a young Man, t to travel with a siople Gentlemau, either by land or water. He understands the care of hordes, and would prefer travelling by land ; but it either should offer, be would have no object ion. The best' of recommendations can be given, if required, by applying at No. 33, Nas sau - st. NeWaJTork. ' ' June 11 1w WAA'T t0 TO UIHK. A furnished lodging room, south of Chamber . street. Apply at No. 66 Pine - street. Je 11 1w THE ART OF SWIMMINCi. A SERIES of Practical instruction.!, oh an original and progressive plaa, by which the ait 01 nwimminx n v be readily attained, with every advantage 01 power in the water ; accom panied with twelve copperplate engravings, com prising twenty sia Bjin(Mi.uc vguro, correciiy rxniDiuns ami eiuciuaiuig uie iniun mnu Bin tude in every branch of that invaluable art. " The exercise of twimming it one of the most heallbj and agreeable lathe world. w laaxEiJV. ByJ.'FROST, many years Teacher of the Art at Nottingham, Kngtan'l. To which wadded. DR. FRANKLIN'S TREATISE ; also, tome Anecdotes respecting Swim - Jet pobfiched. and for sale by S. Fast burn ft Co. Broadways A. T. Goodrich, 124 Broadway 1 L. B. Goeld, Broadway : D. Loo worth, 1 1 Park ; 1 4: F. Lockwood, 1 10 Cbniham ft; J. C. Tottn, 0 Bowerv s Dodge k Hayre, Wall - st; KitkMercein,2WaU sc; Pnor lu - oing. III Water - st.; Collins ft Co. IWfe.rt - st. i i Wood ft Sobs, 261 Pearl - st. and by tbe publisher. P. W. GALLAUDET. r , - 49 Fulton - street. Trice one Dollar. Jel51w FOK SALE. ' (Or exchanged for proper) r in thit o'ty) A beat country ttouse iu (be vicinity of Eli zabeth - town, (N. J.) beautifully siluaUd on the post - roaj ; at prestnt - in the occspntton of linct Grant. Ii contains eight rooms wiln a piazza in front and rear, a good kitchen, wash - house, milk - room, and teller , there ia also, a coach - house, stable for two horses, and other convenient out buildings, all in good repair, about an acre of land, laid out in a handsome garden and orchard, which afford a varieU of choice truit, asparagus, ftc and a well of ex cellent waer, wim a pump. Terms will be made liberal. Apply to ' . JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, Je 1 lm 75 Wall street. PROSPLCrUa FOR rCBMSrllRG DT SOBSCRIMIOIV A MAP OK MEXICO AND 1XUIS1ANA. . TM1E publication ol this Map hat been undertaken with the impression, that it will ex hibit iniormation, highly interesting at this event - mi i mil, una me vaiuauie maps wmcn Uie au - tlior has procured, during his neveral tours throuzh Mexico, in the years WueUH 1U12, 1813. 1815, l!i 16, and 1817. induce him to behave that the Map, with even all it imperfections, will be much the most perfect wliith has appeared before the public. . 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Mr. Park stated, that the plaintiff in this case was Mary Altre - Orford, and the defendant, Thoe. UuUer Cole, Esqn The declaration set forth, tliat in consideration the plaintiff would promise to' marry the dtttudunu he, the dofendaot, undertook to marry tht plain tiff ( but that instead of to doing; he had aianied another woman, The defendant pleaded tbe ge neralitsue. - ' . , .. w Mr. I'ofiping said he had the honor to attend at counsel lor the (Jaintiff in this cause, the na ture of which the jury had beard from th state ment made by bit learned friend, Mr. Park ; aod if be shoal J feel a difficulty in the opening of tbs) cause, it would arise, he hoped, from no improper or blameable feeling. He had known the family, of which the plaintiff was a part be bad known it from its earliest youth, and that kuow - ledge bad continued to thii day. , Of tbe plaintiff be bad no personal knowledge ; but from the accounts given him,' he bad no doubt that she well memtnmed the credit and respectability ol the family 10 which she belonged. Ahe was a lady of the age of twenty - nine ; the was the daughter ot a person whom he had known early in life, Mr. Orford, a inrgeon ot great respeclahility and character, who bad lived many year In Warrington : her father was a man in exteusive business, ami who had betides Cinsidarabl real and personal property. She was one of four children. In 18 10 her father died, and hit widow, Mrs. Orford, who had connections in Liverpool, changed her residence from Warringtou where she wai boro, and went to Uvrrpool. Soon after an intimacy commenced belweett the defendant' family and Airs. Orford'i, for Airs. Orford was connected by marriage with his family, she being hit mother's first cousin. It wan therefore natural to suppose that an introduction between these families would lU place, and that it would increase o as to become a familiar intercourte The defendant, Mr. Cole, whose bame wai originally Puller, wai the son of a person of that name living at Liverpool. The dcfendant'i father had been once a person of fortune, but of late years had only an appointment at the port of LiverpnoL He was what wat called one of the Searchers in the Cutouii. In consequence ofthir familiarity, Intercourse, and visitiug, (he present plaintiff and VI r. Cole became acquainted. Mr. Cole had succeeded to a rer large fortune by the death of an uncle. He had re - civf d in accession of fortune, and the mansion houe called Kifkland Hall in the neighborhood of Garstang. The dilWidant's mother had the superintcndanccofliis hounhold j and Ihe fam liarily between the families having borq Continued, Mrs Butler, in February 1817, being theu at Klrkland Hall, wrote an invitation to Uie mother or the plaintiff, preeting her and her, daughter, of whom ihe had a perfect knowledge, to pay her visit at Kirkland - ltall. aid she accompanied her request by a statement that it was on the part of herself and Tier son.' ' Mrs. (V ford had been Tor many years in a precarious statu of health, arid he was sorry to say, that at this day it wai aoumiui wnether she was in exi - unce j he regretted it the more, because her testimony would nave reen material lor the plaintiff. Mr. , Orford had declined the' first invitation nn account ' '. of the t'.ate of her health it was renewed, aoA iq March, Mrs. Orford and her daughtrr having received a second aud third invitation, Vtliss Oi ford accompanied her mother to Kirkland Hal), where the mother of Mr. i'oia wa - bhe w .T " . - ' . i - " attention with all the sincerity of friendship. f.Vey seas paid to her 1 every possible civility shown her ; every thing war done to convince the parties that the visit wa not only considered as ao obligation, but as a source of great satisfaction. Mri. Butler had Ion; known lirs Orford and her mother. She knew,' what nobody could deny. that Miss Orford wai well educated, accomplish ed, lensihle, pruJeot, aud, he miht add, a lady of consiiSrable beauty. The defendant's mother seemed pleased at the visit of her two friends. and the defendant, Mr. Cole,' appeared uot less to. After they had passed some days at Kirk - land Hall, there could be no doubt, from the letter he would read, that Mr. Cole bad become, and that long before this Tint, in love with this lady 1 and accordingly, when Mrs. Orford had airing in nrrcarnajo, no ailed himself of the opportunity of his sentiments to Miss Orford. . I his was com municated to both their parents, and was perfectly satisfactory to both. Miss Orford remained a fortnight at Kirkland Hall, during which time it was understood by the defendant's mother, that her son had betu paying his addresses to Miis Orford, and that his addremt so paid had received the sanction of both thwr parenlr ' There could be no doubt on that subject ; and in the sequel the jury would be salirfisd that th defendant's prnals of marriage were with the approbation of his father nnd mother : he stated this without foar of contradiction. The defendant's fat:ier he understood, was In court, and might, if he pleased, come forward and deny tho . . fact on ath. Tbe introduction, therefore, to that state to which the parties looked forward. was made With the full assent 01 tbe. parent el each. Tlie pluiutiff and her wuth r left lurk land IIallahou.t tli 24th of March, and cam back to their place of residence at Liverpool. Aany days had not pasted before Miss Orford receivd from th dcleudant a letter which h would proceed to read. It would b found to contain a full confirmation of all th antecedent matter be had Hated to the jury. I he letter nai dated Kirkland Hall, March 27, 1817, and was io these words: . .. . - . ., " My dear Mary A tense of duty ami respect which I bear for you and your family, now calls upon me to address you. In all ras, and in every situation in life, there is a respect which we owe to ourselves, and that respect will invariably be given to evry individual whose character it mingled with Uios virtues which adorn; the humau mind. Since you were her, I have well weighed the subject of Mltlemanls, at well at very other important point, aud my legal advisers judg it to b more correct, that a saau in my sit uatioo in life, on the point of marry ing any laJv brinffiojr no fortune, ought never te becaU - ed upon to make settlement, bet left to hi own ' honor and generosity. . If there b real affectn, ihis can be 00 barrier ; ami permit tie to ask you candidly and openly, could yoo leal perfectly ' happy in baying to leave your mother and brothers .' This is an important point which quet - . tion, I trust, will be ingenuously answered by ywi when yoa writ. , 1 am extremely sorry that I am deprived of the pleasure wf tisiling Liverpool tli ess week, bul hop to tave an answer which will disclose to me the ril cotnaentt of your heart apoo these weighty subjects. I beg, along with my mother, onr regards to yonr mother and brothers, and believe to te remain, with the highest tuittem, yurs, vary sincerely, , . . 44 T, tt.COid" He Understood an answer was written by ihe lady to this letter of th defendant, and be called upon hit learned friend to fire Dim ine answer la that, letter. . Hit learned. Inena, st seesneu, did not attend to hw call ; hot fa answer was. to be withheld till he made it enatler i pr - jos, asd ctwjQ'Jy till b emilJ hav no oppa - niiy ot making a single comment upon T wa . Mr. Cole all cvrr - yv wepto. It was a Utter wh."ch wocU do honcr to the wnirr of il; aad ear hew that nolh.o - fcutt... m I: . 1 i ' . 1. . ' I .. ' - . 1 . :, . '. l 1, ' W'' il .V .. '"i'i V ". f ,: n ii ,1 7 '. it - .'if: it V v i 1 I - 1 . I - ... 4 '

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