The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 16, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1818
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' - ro r ruitun at" tvwcRirTioi ' A MAP orMlJiiCO AND LOUISIANA. . WJ1 imUkation of ttisMap bsbee ander - JL Ukea with the impression, that it will ex - ' lubit information, highly wUrestiafattiseveat - fnl nd the valuable Mao which the aa - ' fitot has procured, daring hit k vera! tow through i n,A IRId Mexico, ia in year zouo, joui, loi. ioiji 1815, lSl, aa 1817, induce bin to beleive jiat tM nap. wtuerea ui in impenecuoiM, win d mach the most perfect winch bu appeared oe for the public. This Man will cootala the latest and best in formation from the discoveries and possessions Mthe American, Spanish, Russian, British and ' French traveller and navigators and repress - ,'tiog tbe claims of (heir respective governments a in .norm western coast 01 America. Tbt Map will iacluda that portioa of North tfiuscnca, wntcn lies oeiweca ute i.uunu. vi rkn, and th4Uth degree of North Latitude, aid from tbe "Mississippi River westwardly to tbe ratine iscean. In mm th Mn wilt h ahnvt iii bv five feet. and will b projected en a acale of 49 milet U we wen, to m oeuverca io ine suustuucn m - teea dollar each. ' ... Natches, March 7, 1818. apTtAal No. 7 Nasssn - tret BALLET ft MR3. GOGUET, keep a fee - tory t Artificial Floutrt, and store of F tm - rfOoodt, imported from the bett factories of Lyons and Pari. They bar also a general as - sertment of th MMt Paris FASHIONS con. sitting cl 'Ladies' whit India muslin morning Iree, elegantly worked 'Bilk spencers, of th most fashionable colon, r' also beautifully worked "; Linen cambric pocket handkerchiefs, swperb - - . Ir worked and richly embroidered ' And a few exre thread lace VEIL'S. All of which hare been receired by lb latest arrival from France, and are now offered ft ore Hit r with (heir other extensive assortment of fancy arti - rlei) for tale to th public in general, and pr - ticuUrly to the IneV. J 6 14t A' Mr iuuign a iJ mo ms. - i m a PRACTICAL TREATISE on PERSPEC TIVE, adapted for those wbo practice landscape painting or drawing iron) nature. Aho, THE PERSPECTOGRAPH, for tak ins views. We the undersigned artists, resident at New - Tor k, having inspected Busby's perspectograph, are of opinion, that it Is an ingenious, useful and convenient invention, that mill materially assist all person desirous of miking accurate perspec five view from nature. JNO. TRUMBULL, AB. ROBERTSON, SAMOVL L. WALDO, JOHN RUBENS SMITH, ' WILLIAM DUNLAP, J. II. JARVI9. The above work are for sale by J. LAMBERT, JeJ 1m 3 Courtlsndt street. TO TH INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, aid in V1CIWITT. WH. BRYAN, Dyer. IE, from London, gratefully acknowledges the liberal en - rcangement be has received, from his friends aad tbe pablic, since bis arrival from England. Anions to merit a continuation of their patron, age and support, be has taken thme exteusive premise No. 37 and 39 Spruce - street, (late Lit tie George - street,) where he has at considerable expense erected machinery and every convenience to ensure their future favour. Piece Goods dy'd any fancy color and flushed in superior style; Ladies dresses, silk, sattin, velvet, damatk, moreen, crape, veils, shawls, suantlea, peliise. bombatrens, tie. cleaned aad dy'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, and Mehorn Bonoeu oy'd. Black, for mom nine, on shortest police t mo reen furnitures cleaa'd,dy'd and watcr - roarkel ; not - presmnf;, nc. my il irn filHt bauKuulesof all the banks between JL this oily and Albany, received at our Ex Chung Office at 3 - 4 per cent discount ; of all tbe banks above Albany I 14 discount ; and all Con tteettcul notes at 3 4 per rent diKOiint. I.mGSTOJf & TRACT, 29 Wall - t. directly under the Exchange bank j n tw FOR aALfc. A LOT of land, containing between sixteen - tJS. and twenty acres, adioining tne village 01 Bloomingdale, frontiag on the Tenth Avenue aod Hudson River, adjoining on the south the country seat of Mr. JobaH. 1'alman - Tbe terms will be reasonable, and two thirds of the purchase money may remain secured by bond and mortgage. , ALSO, two lots of ground, twenty five feet by one hundred each, situate on th east side f Forrvth street, about 150 to 200 leet north of Dflancy - street. If out disposed of at private sale, tbe above will he offered for sale at auction, on Wednesday, CUiJulv. For further particulars, apply at the Mutual insurance uuice, no. b'i wall street. Je II lm WANTED. A SITUATION is wonted by a young Mao, il to travel with a single Gentlemau, either . by land! or water. He understands the care of honea, aod would prefer travelling by land 1 but it either should oner, be would have no object ion. . The best of recommendations can be given. If required, by applying at No. 33, Nas - aau - ct. New - York. Jonell lw WAMl t.U TJ HIM:. A tarnished lodging room, south of Chamber street. Apply at No. 66 Pine - street. Je 11 lw KEW - TOKK BOTAKIC CARDBH. MICHAEL DENNISON, CURATOR. TTIs establishment is situated at Rose II ill. I X near the joaction 01 the Blooniinjrdale and li wrlem Roads. It comprehends about five acres of excellent land capable of the highest improve menu. - The rronrietorof this beautiful snot has obtain - ed a lease of the land for the term of thirty veara. He has (besides the enclosures, shrubbery, and Other improve merit,) erected one of the Inreesi and most convenient tree houses in the L' - iled Slates. He sulicits the citizens to patronize his ell arts to reaaer nis garden cmipiete in every re pact, by a moderate annual subscription. - He propose that each contributor of fire dol lars smu be enmiei to receive the value seeds, dowers, plants, fruits, or sny other produce of the garden. Bv such an accommoda tion to him 00 the part of the public, he will be eaabhd to procure the greatest variety of foreign and aome - tic regetaoies, and to grauly the taste . . - r 1 t - ana expeciaiinn 01 on inena. Persons indioine to enter their names as en Ccnrageri of the design, are invited to call at the garden, where the fullest information will be given. my St 1m TO BUILDERS. Or those wbo may wish to erect three elegant buildings or factories. I .VTS .l7 y 80. more or less, with the a - i uuiimne.s thereon, in the centre of Vetey - st i'vura aeparare or toeetner. Al.Srt 1 iAi? ,eintiH'r, the Building thereon, 11 Bowcrv. 44 hv 1r, , r.1 ? - r,' J""""'01" " - "w, near tieekman - st 1 lie advertiw - r h i.,. - .m .n Jl " . fT FOR Sjtr.y. .A farm of between ,IIty tPvell. acre, satiate 00 tbe wet bank nf m.. l and cae mile from tbe vitiate of CooneMir... - ' On it are a new ton bouse 54 feet square ; a oe w m ihivk, oarn, etc 11 lorms a desirable es HMislimeot for a gentleman wishing to retire inM the country, as its situation, as to prospect, COBV - nicnre to market, ftc. is not surpassed bv any in the interior of the state. It will be sold low (breath, en a credit, or exchaneed for pro perty in uuscnr, gooas, fee. Anpry to n.v. h r. SF.DuAicjr, tnj 7 tf Iaw Building! - rr. II niMKivmL that oa the twentv ninth IS An of karatt in the fortv FCOnd Tear of , the independence of the United States L 8.1 of America, Daniel D. Arden, of the sv - . eaid district, bath deposited In this the title of a book, the right whereof he claims u proprietor, ialbe word ana Bgmres loirawiw, in mit i lUadine wade ease or. a neweuide to pellingand reading fin four part. 1L contain ing varion aipoaoeu. ana swnj i owm - nwllingand readieg leeeoos, by reipilar gradation, trom the most easy to tbe dithcult, aod ia which the words are divided end accented, ac cording to tbe para Pn betary of words, eesrfy i laxly recommends. ironunciation. Id. a voca alike ia sound, but dif ferent ia (peUtax and signification. 3d, lesson a iMdiiic and recitintT. 4th. outline of ceo - rnnhvi aeKetcnoi KramiBar : auureTiauoiw , arithmetical tables i and prayers for the use of rhoola. The whole rendered Pieasins aod im pressive by neat and appropriate cut. By Wil liam Little, A. M. In conformity to the net or congress oi me States, entitled ' an act for tbe racourase - mcntoflearaine. by securine the copies of map. charts and books to the authors and proprietors of surbcopie. durins the times therein mention ed," and also to an act entitled " an act supplementary to an set, entitled, an act for the e ncou ragement or learnine, try securing the copies 01 maps, charts and boob to the authors and proprietors of such copies, durins the times therein mentioned, and extending the benefit thereof to tbe art of designing, engraving and etching historical and other print. Clerk of tbe southern district of New York. Je8d4w MAHOGANY M)r Ab, CHAIR AND CABINET FURNITURE, u. 49 BLEKM.1Jf.STlEET. rI"MIK subscriber beg leave to it turn Iris rin - i. cere tnana to those ladies ana gentlemen wbn Lave been kind enoush to honor biro with their commands, and to inform them, and the ad mirer 04 handsome furniture in general, that he has on band some very elegant sofas, chairs, card, Pembroke and extendiac patent dining ta bles, grand sidtboara, inlaid with ingh polinei ornamental bra - s - work and row - wood, card tables to match, Grecian couches, sofas, chaise tounse, music stools, chairs, &c. Alro, a li brary step chair, the utilitv of which be cur tic u . All furniture warranted of the let quality and worKmansmp, ana oi ine newest European lasri ion. Orders executed to anv part of the union to any Jiawin?, on the most reasouable terms and punctuality lorcaib. Ladies or gentlemea having fancy woods, may have them manufactured to any article they wisn, ry applying as anove my : Ira A. M. HAYWOOD. tx)Jt aw . a;, . A bouse and farm on Throe's Neck, in tbe towa and county of Westchester, fourteen mile from New - York. The farm contains a - bout one hundred acre of excellent land in good lence, a large hare and other convenient outbuildings, a good bouse two stories high, with four room on each floor, elegantly situated on tbe banks of tlie East River ; the situation uncommonly healthy i tbe neighbourhood the most respectable ; abundance of fruit of tbe best selection ; scale and shell fish in great variety taken before the house. For further information applv to the subscriber on the premises. my 1 m STEPHEN B. HOFFMAN. CITY COMMERCIAL SCHOOL, 3 KOOSBTKI.T - STRKtVr, BY ISAAC F. BRAGG. Late teacher of penmanship in the Adelphi school. rVHE apartments in this estahlUhment are fV - jl. tea up witn a superior degree 01 neatnefs. l'he Younr Ladies' Room, completely distinct from the others, it is believed will not merely be found commodious but comfortable and eWgaot. A Drawing Master, ol eminent qualiheations. (recently from London,) is engaged to give in struction in tnat 1 ranch twice in the ween. iti eleeant collection of rperimtns, in rare flowers, velvet paintings, landscapes, Kc. will gladly be exhibited to surh as may be pleased to call. - 1 he terms will be very moderate, and the ox unions to render landscape drawing, Ac. inter Mlinr. Iiv thenrenarution nf views exnrptlv fur the school, amf ixxHsional practice from Nature, wnn ciear inunraiKHis or ui ruies 01 perrpeti ive, it is believed will insure encouragement. In arithmetic, the principalis determined to spare no pains to support the high character which the recent examination of bis pupils has gisen rise to. Tbe facility with which complicated calculations were iierforiued by many ol his pupils, in the mind, without any aid to the memory, however it may have impressed with tie - idea of" getting by rote," was the result of frequent practice alone, and proves that boys may lie taught all the fiicilitie which are commonl the resultof long practice in counting houses, before they leave school. Applications for the admission 01 noys. will be received on or after the 1st of June, against which time itis intended to increase the aecom - modations. ' my S6 lm btutt o.Yetv ork, $i. N pursuance of a decretal order of the honorable the court of chancery of this state, hear ing date the fifth duy of June, 1010, will he sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House inphe city of N. 1 ork, unuer the direction of the subscriber, one of the masters of the saidcourt, on the 3d day ol July next, at Vi o'c i li at noon, all that certain house and lot of grouii'1 situate, lying and being in the city of New York. and which in a certain indenture madu tbe se cond day of February, in the year of cur Lord one thousand eigbt hundred and nine, twtwteti Richard llartshnroe, John litti, Wuliam Harts home, Thomas Ustirk, James Onderdonk, Mary I itus, wtiiiam ustick, Jane llarunorue and Deborah Onderdonk, o the first part, and F.d mnnd Elmendorf, of the srond part, is described as follows. 10 wit : All that certain riwellirg house ano lot of ground, situate, lyine and be ine in the second ward of the city 01 New York, and known and distingoshed by the number sixty nine William street : which said lot is hounded in front by William street, on the northwest side by the bouse and lot of ground now or formerly the propei tv of David Johnson, on the southeanf side by the house and l it now or formerly o Peter Bogart ; containing in breadth in Irtni i wen 1 y nve ieei, in ine rear iwemy eigm leei in depth on the south east side twenty one feet and "O ine soain twenty seven leet lour and a blf inches, be the same more or less; together with sdl and singular the hereditaments and ap purtenances to trie same helonging or in any wise appertaining. Dated New York, June IB18. . P. C. HlLDRETH, Master in Chancery. Je 9 dts 4ST I O LKT. kAiV A pleasant back room, at no. 56 Wall street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Possession immediately. Apply in the front offic. Je4 THE FINE ARTS. A MONGST the present numerous exhibitions JTX. of this City, Al. rArr Batters himself that tle lovers of rennine works of old nisster, wi Gnd bis GALLERY OF PAINTINGS, No. SO Wall - street, worthy their attention, and present ing them at the smallest expense with the most extensive rratibcntion. N. B. Old paintings repaired and restored to their original lustre, or purchased at their utmost value my th ti r?RES,i LONDON V 65 boxes first quality MUSTARD, Kc London Mustard, white glass quarter pound bottles of six dozen each, mit landed from ship Ann Maria ; and. Powchons Tea. of a remarkably boe quality. A . : ? ana 01 a ociitioui uavour, pui np in vaiuou, l - t lb. papers, for sale (retail) by AIK1N ft WILSON, Jme5 10t 8t Front street. Qi MONT - ALTA. For sal or to let. the beautiful place caueu niont - Alta. seven miles from the Ci Hall, on the North River, adjoining lord Coor - tenay's. It contains 20 acres o rand under im provemenu with a lanrs nrden in rood condi. oon, a variety of fruit trees, and every ennve - ""y may require. or terms, which '.V , KWU1 na " sold a long credit given Wished, apply to 6 N. ft D. TALCOTT, "P w 64 Sculh - iL tvnEATdX'S ITCH 0I5TMEKT THE long and successful as of this ointment is a sufficient recommendation, as it has been found to be a pleasant, sale and certain remedy for that disagreeable disease ia all its sta - 5es. ft is for sale in tb city of New - York, by . A. ft VT. R. Post, No. 41 William - street; f. ft T. Clark. No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; U. H Scbiefleliaft Co. No. 193 Pearl street) Law - reoce ft Keese. No. 195 Pearl - street i Hull I Bowne, 14 Pearl - street ; R. ft L. Murray, 313 Pearl - street i J. M, Bradburst, 314 Pearl - street ; Jolm Peoford, No. 4 Fletrher - street ; Durjce ft Poe, in Pearl - street; John C Morrison, 188 Greenwich - street; John P. Fisher, 100 Broadway ; Walter ft Seaman, cornel of Chamber - !, and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured at most of the Drug Stores in this city Aho io Philadelphia, of o. Witlierell & Sons ; George Hanell .North ft Rn - eer, and almost at the druggists iu the principal (own in the United State. , L1XF.WI3R, WH EATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above places. jan if 6 in VAbUAbLb Khftij fcb rOK sAI.K, 1ST THE (ITT or hxw - vork. IflVE lots of ground on the west side of Green - V wkh - street, between Vestry aud Desbros - se - streets, tS by 80. Four do in the rear of the above, fronting on the east side of Washington - street, 25 by 80. Eight do in the block btlow, - between Washington and West - street. In Montgomery County. 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase, near East Canada Crec!:, on the north side of the Mohawk. In FranLlin County. 15,162 acres of Land, ia the towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. In Escx County. , ?E32 acres of Land in the loweofBarrymore. In the County of Lewis. 1350 acres of land in Cisierland, Cliaseaois Purchase. In Saratoga County. ' 9600 acres in Pnlmer's piirrlime. Enquire at the office of the subscriber, 34 Cedar - street. BEV. ROBINSON. mli 17 tf ORPHANS COLlvT, Of the Term of March, I81S. Catharine Schuyler, Adminntratrii," Ac. f ol John A. Schuyler Rule, under Statute, deceased. riHE court order and direct, That Catliarine J. Schuyler administratrix of the goods chattels and credits of John A. Schuyler, deceased, give public notice to the creditors of the dece - dent to bring in theirclaims and demands against the estate ol the said decedent, 00 or before the first day of May, in the jtar of our Lord eighteen hundred aud nineteen, by putting up notices to that effect in five of the must public places in the county of Bergen, for the rpare of two months, and advertisinc the same for the like space of time io a newspaper printed and published in the state of New - Jersey, rndin a newspaper printed and published in the city of New - York. A true transcript from the record. ap 28 Sm JOHN ABOVD.Sur'gate. G. SAUNDER'S PATEN I RAZOR STrtOP. You that wish to shave with ease, Buy of Sacbderj il you please ; His Razor Strop's, peculiar such. G That sharps the Rasor with a touch. 8AUNDEK! respectfully solicits those w ho have not sot his Patent Razor Strop. to turnish themtelvts with his new invented Razor Strop, and Metallic Composition. No gen tlrman who once makes trial of one of the Strops now offered, will ever try any others; and such is tlieir lormation, tbat ever so much use will not give the razors that roundness which renders the best of them useless, and which is well known al ways to follow the application of all those hitherto invented. The above strops are in ceneral uc in New York, and are distinguished from all others. Barbers who haw used them sav more in their praise than I can myself 18 Wall - street. Also for sale, Razors, Soap, and nry utensil for Shaving, ol the first quality, with a sope rior astoitm ot of Perfumery, Hair - Powder, ftc, from Smyth's, New Bond stteet, London. N. II. The most liberal allowance made to dealers. my it rov 1 1 tr TO LKT,. The eleeant 3 store house No. 7 Hud son street, which commands a pleasant view of the fork and river, fossessioo may be had in a w davs. Also for sale, the furniture of said house. It is the best quality; well fitted, and suitable to a genteel family. Apply as above. ELKVAXT tlAm VOKThS. OS. WILSON, 14 Maiden - Lane, hmiustre reived hy the Venus, a large assortment of excellent Piano Fortes. Patent Fletes, Flam lets, ftc. manufactured expressly for him hy de menti ft Co. London. Also, Piano Forte btrings Mis, new music, and every article 111 tbe mu tical line ; inst - uments taken in exchange, and uners provided. my 29 tf MEDICAL AIO. TiR. CORN V ELL, who is Yj a member of the Corpora - ion of Surgeons of London, and . bo has had much experience in the line of his profession f r - ore than twenty years, has 'atelv arrived it this city, and 1 eing well apprised of the great f eiii . . iii ii eoneraiiy taiics to iniroauce a medical eer tleman into practice in the common reerven wi v. 'sues ims meiuua iu unuiui wit public, Itut he bai lauen tne snsanon. No. l8 WAl.R STREET. corner of Dover - stieet his door in Dover - street Ins name on the door hil lien, a Mortar where be will he found ready to wait on those that please to apply for his medical aid, in the different branche s of surgery, and the practice of Physic generally. As, aiS'i. in ail cases oi impoiency, ana r tain romnlamt. incident to both sex. in whicl he has had ereat. very ereat, xperienre in tbe ure 01 thousands, without one Hours detention trom business, or change oi met, or a potiiuie discovery by ihe most intimate iriend. frr - And in all cases oi commence, tne ereat est k crecy will be strictly oliserved. He nas no shopman, or any person in partnership with him. N. B. Attendance will be given to patients from sun - rise until 9 o'clock in the evening. J8 Ira TO LEASE OK t OR SALL, That rlezant modern built house, situate .u ihe comer of Sands and Washington streets. Brooklyn Its size is thirty - oaefeetlront by lilty feet deep, its rooms so arranged as to combine every convenience for a genteel residence. It will be solJ with two or mors lots of ground, at the option of the purchaser. Terms, oue foorth cash, the rest in such payments as will be roost convenient to purchaser. Apply on the pre mises to C BALL,. mav 23 tf LUHLED H.liH M.iAUtACJOHl, T' 76 Chatham - street. HE subscriber return his thanks to the public for their lonnsr patronage in the line of his profession, and hspes for their future rapport. He likewise informs them that he has on baud a constant supply df curled hair, manu factured expressly for matrasses, on an unproved principle ; and likewise guarantee th hair sold by him to be free from any impure rmelL being well scoured, boiled and baked, and bein" manufactured by machinery, has an advantage over any other hair manufactured in America its very texture and elasticity snaking it a saving of twenty - bye per cent to th purchaser. WILLIAM JACKSON. N. B. Merchants and the trade in general will Cod it to their advantage to call as above. 30 bales of bair in its rough state i 6 bales of long horse - tails ; 2000 lbs of long bair drawn 30 inches, clubbed i 600 down hair siev bottoms. For sale as above. my 5 2m PRIME EKr. W barrels, for sale by CAMBRELF.Q VEARSON, Je 9 67 South street. POST COACH Asm 8TEAM - BOAT USES, t rUK FUILADEWHIA. via rowiu - nooB ft hxisaixtbtowji roT (Through in One Day.) , ANEW Line of Post Coaches with every convenience for passengers and baggage, on Springs. 'J'he Post Coach will start from the Coacb office, No. 1 Courtland - street, near Broadway, N. York, every morning, (Sundays exceptrd) at 5 o'clock, by way of Newaik, Elizatwthtown, Brunswick. l'rincton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the same afternoon, at 4 o'clock. .,, . . A second Line of new Pest Conches will stirt from New York every morning, (?und;ijs excepted,) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalun - ta, lodge at Trvnton.and arrive at Philadelphia, in a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'llotk. - Fnre 5 dollars. P. S. Passeujcrs are requested to call and take their seats at the office No. 1 Cc - rtlandt - street, New - York. . ..,,,.. United Slates Mail Coach, for rhiladelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for passinccrs and luggage, on springs. "The U. S. mail coach will start from the coach office, No. 1 Courtlandt - st. New - York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Phil' delphia next morning at 60'clock. Only 6 passengers admitted. For seats in the above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old estai iitlied Coach, aod Steam Boat office. No. 1 Court - landt - stieet, near the corner of Broadway, New - York ; or to A. T.GOODRICH ft CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - ork. fr - AII goods and bagstnpe at the risk of the owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS ft CO. N. D Expresses sent to any part of the Continent, by r THOMAS WHITFIELD, my 30 ' i ll It I II I f. A 1) I, I 1' 11 1 A. Tweutv - live miles land carruji, via New - Brunswick andTientoti. In new post coaches J Do good stages J 50 Do lorccaslle or dec', passengers, 3 50 Connected by the steam boats olivk brakch and rHLADM.rHtA. The steam boat uuve Rr.mi h will leave New York every day, Sun day's eicepted, from the north side of the Battery, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. Passengers w ill lodge at Trenton, and take the steam boat Philadelphia, soastoarrive in Philadelphia Bt lOj'clock Hie nexi m Jr.ii'g, in nine 10 mike uic vuivm umv Baltimore steam boats. This line has a connection with the best boats ou the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as also those o the North River and Sour.d ; and II eir several arrivals are calculated to cause lit tle, if any delay. This is a speedy and certainly the most convenient route, as the passengers will leave New - York a'ter the banks open, and arrive in Philadelphia before the hours of buines, without fatigue in travelling or want of ilerp, the land carriage being much less than by any other route between the two cities. For seats in the above line apply to WILLIAM B. JAQUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Offi. e, in Mar - ketfield street, north side of the Battery, between Greenwich and Washington streets, or to The CAPTAIN on board. (7 - All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. P day to dinner. UNION LINE. SVVlFl fctlih MAIL COACHES, roR rniLADELrnia. j - A ' I . . ... V - 1. eveiy morning (Sundny'sex ceptedl at Ko'clocK, anu ar - . ' u.:i.J.ul.;. . . The pnblick houses are good, and reasonable in their charges. Thedrivers, horses and coaches arc not inferior to any others now running between these two cities. Tbe beautiful country, and the excellence of the roads 00 this rout, connected with the safety, comfort, anil reasonable expences, are beleived to be strong inducements to travellers in giving this line a derided prefer, ence. Tbe strictest attention will be observed by the proprietors in giving general satisfaction. All bnggnge and packages will go at the risk of the owner unless insured and receipted fjr by the clerk of said office. Stage fare only $o, with a generous allowance of bapgnge. Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage (tie loacn on reasonaoie terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to stnrting. r or teats apply at inonnern iioiei, no. i j Courtlandt - st reet, New - York. LXOA, fcUN5, A CI. ap 2 Proprietors. NOHCK. For Ihe further accommodation ol the public, the departure of the Firrtlr from sSNew - York and Newburib will be in luture on the following days : Leave New York on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave" Newburgh on Tuesday. Friday and Sunday at 8 A. M. Tbe ahove arrangement will commence hy the Firefly leavine Newburch on Sunday, the 24th Mav. 'I he Western Singe leaves Newburgh imme diately after the arrival ol the Firefly, mv 22 NOTICE. fty - Steam Boat Omve Brakch will sail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round tiSlAfen Ulnnn. ann oc.r&fion ally, lfllie winJ and tide will permit, to the hook. This beautiful sail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and is as cheap a re creation as can be found. Parties who mean to partake of this amusement will, if convenient, give in their names the day precedine, at the office in Marketfield si reet, north side ol the Bat tery. I (inner no board, at the usual prices. Passage fts - children In If price. mv 13if MILLINERY, ftc. IOHN WINTRINGHAM, Milliner, No. 12i I William - et. respectfully infornus his friends and the merchants in general, that he has moved from No. 117 William - street, to the ariove .o. where be CRIMPS Satin, Muslins, Ribbons, Crapes. Rc. at the shortest notice and lowest prices. Also, Fancy, Larc, Sattin, and Crape Tnmminzs. He has constantly on hand, split straw, and lyoghorn hats, turbans, turbau fronts, collarets, AC. One case superfine white chips, just imported and for sale by the dozen or single. rrn Store No. inV illiam - street to let, and number of glass cases for sale. Je8 In T ANDERSON, at Lis manufactory, 55 Mai - . den - lane, has on band a fine assortment of Sr?.C 1 ACLfcS, in gold, silver, plated, gi'.t, steel and tortoise shell frames, with convex, con cave, or;reen eyes. Also, pebbles, eogalev for weak eyes, opera, reading aod magnifying (lasses, eye glasses set with gold or silver for the short signied, Doiantxai glasses born proven, anJ spectacle eases lft a variety. J. A. continues to manufacture C - nes in every variety, and has on hand a very elegant assortment of sword and oilier Canes, mounted to suit every taste, wnotrsale and retail discount liberal to wboka'e dealers. fr"r CANES aad srECTACLF.3 made and repaired to order new classes fitted to - old frames, and every attention paid to those who nppiy icr?pecuciri. my ju its THE S0UJVD STEAM BOA T - LAT. C' - "T - - me proprietors, wiin a 1 I . . nt ri - Aniiundiilinr the ' y public, ij extending the line Nnyufieh, intend making the ei(nmul with tbe Fulton, CapL Law, and this route (if found practicable) will be continued during the season. " The line will in future he from New - York to Norwich, a follows : The Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - York every Mondny, Wrtirutday and l - 'ndr.y, at i o'clock, in the morning, lor New - Haven. The Fulton, Capt I .aw, will leave J'vruieh at 6 o'clock in tbe morning of the same days, touch at A'm - Jmi!an and depart from tliti,re for JVeif Harm at H o'clock. Tbe boats will meet at jVeir - Harm, and depart Iromtlu nee every Monday, Pl'rdnrs - day and 'rwfay, nt 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut tlit Jf tit - York, and the Fulton for J'twLondon and Ji'muich. mh!7 STEAM iiOAT NAU'l'lLUS. yy l'he steam boat NAUTI - .tJS will, hereaibr run as rlnllows, except on Son :day. lkavk aF.w - yoRsr, At 5 u lock io the forenoon, U do do 11 do do 2 o'clock in the afternoon. & do do I.KAVB STATS' IV ISLAND, At 1 - 2 past 6 10 the fureuoon, I past 9 do 1 - jat 1 J in the afternoon 3 o'clock do 1 - S past 6 do OW 8CM1AVS I.F.AVB nr.W - TORK, ' At 5 o'clock io the morning, 10 do do 1 o'clock In the afternoon, 4 do do I.EAVr STATKH ULAKD, At U o'clock in the forenoon, 1 - 2 part 1 1 o'clock do ' 1 - 2 past 3 o'clock in the afternoon, 7 o'clock do Passengers to the Narrows and Bath will, for the present, be taken down on Sunday morning, in llieSo'clock boat, and be called lor about half past 5 o'clock in the evening. ThefnretoStaten bland will be 25 cents, and to Bath and the Narrows, 50 cents. Children half price. The NAUTILUS iianew boat of great speed in fine order, with good accommodations ; and is errpelied co the Livingston and Fulton plan. On account of the pleasantries of Per tour, tiie adtantages of Sea Bathing nt the places she visits, the variety and beauty of the proitiecls thev a (lord, the cheapness of the fare, and the excellence of the refreshments and accommodations on board, excursions in the Nautilus for pleasure or business, will be found expeditious, agreeable and healthful. As she is fitted for the transportation of Hones and Carriages, and the wharves and Heats at New - York, Staten - lsland and tbe Horse - Boat Ferry at the Blazing Star, prepared for sale and cemmodious embarking and landing travellers in the Post Chaises, or in private carriages between New - York and Philadelphia, Trenton, Princeton, New Brunswick, or Wood - bridge, will find the route by the Nautilus and the Turnpike across staten - lsland to New - Brunswick, the shortest, cheapest and most pleasant that can be selected. JOHN DEFOREST, Captain. Stalen - Itiand, 27th May, lfJlti. mv 29 Im Nkw BCllin aie' taa AMI AIO l - a MAIL - STACK1 THRFK TI.MK8 A WEEK. I EAVES Newburgli eve - I Sunday, Tuesday, and J hursday mornings, at three o'clock, runs through Mrntgr.mrry, Bliomingburph, Montirello, by White Like, Cohecton, Mount Pleasant, tlreal Bend, Chenango t, Owega, Ithica, and Geneva, tnCanand.iigua. Retiuni.'ff leaves Canandaigua every Monday. Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgli, thettiird dav in 'ime to take the Steam - biat which arrive in New - Yoikthe followinjr morninp. (Tj ( rnav bt erptclcd that at all limn alien the tttam bcatt alter tlieir daii nf running, Mar thu lint will alter $0 ai to meet them The whole route will be perfumed in three days, from the first of May, until the first of November and from the first nf Novembei until the fifteenth nf December, and from tbe fifteenth of March uniil the first of May, in four davs and Trom the I5t!i IKcember. tin til the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canaorlaifrun i:i four days - Passenircrs travelling from Nrw - Yorlt to Caiiandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, tn leu e N York 111 the erenuiff steam - boats, andarnvein Cansmlaigtia in tlrredays a distance of three hundred miles. The line is well furnished with good, new carriages ( croocl horses, and careful and experienced drivers fcvery atten lion will be paid to render the passage ot the traveller sale, easy ami expeditious ; and it 1 - . believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. (fj - PARK from Newburgh to Canandaigu FOURTEKN DOLLARS. X. II. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to A uburn. Also, line runs from Owepo Tinjra Point, thence through Newtoivn and Painted Post, to Bath, ftc. BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey. Blonmincburgh,' V.. C. St. John. Mount Pleasant. L. ft R. Mauning, Chenango, iProprie Luther Gere, Ithica, I tors. Samuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, rah 14 d6m JfCHTIi HIVKR STKAM - BOATS. AiCJl JBVt fjfl. r"WTrWW - Sf frt - Onthe 1 1th of May, tbe Hosts will commence running four times a week a follows : A Boat will leave New - York on Tuesday, at 9 A. M : Wednesday, at 5 P. M. ; Friday, at 9 A. At. and Saturday, at 5 f . M. ol each week and a boat will leave Albany on Monday, Wed nesday, 1 bursday, and baturday, at 9 A. M The above arrangement will commence by the Chancellor's leaving Albany on Mondaj, tbe 11th .May, at 9 A. M. and fie Richmond leaving new lorn on lur - sday, ine iztn at 3 AM. The Fire - Fly leaves New - York on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New hur'b, and returns on Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at 8 A M. my 2 WJVA'S AX1 1 - BlLlOUii PILLS. l HIGH baveheen attended with a degree V ol surctst hiiilily eratel'id to the invvnt - ot's feelings, in several pris ol the West Indies, and the Southern and Middle states, particularly in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Arc. The operation oi these pills are perfectly mild, so as to be used by persons in every situation and of every nge. They nre excellently adapted to carry of su. perilous bile, and prevent it morbid secietions ; to restore and amend the appetite; to produce a free perspiration, and thereby prevent colds which are oiten of fatal consequence A dose never fails to remove a cold, if taken on its first appearance. Tl ry nre an infallib'e preventive ol Bilious and Malignant Fever, and should be procured for use, by every seaman anil traveller. Prep tred and sold at LF.L'S Medicine store. No. 46 Maiden Lane. Druggists and country store keepers supplied on liberal terms. my 15 TO LET. A dry Cellar, under the house - No. 29 Pine - street. Enquire of MR. S.MEUES, mylltf 134 IVarl - street.. WANTED a white woman to do kitchen work, asd a white trirl from 11 to 16 years of age, to do thcrujper work of a small laruily. Apply at this office, Je 5 A s&KtnUx Pbfie katw kw L dlstinLuul W - 'svu sinufc uini. UILPU ft DOCTOR HORSE, iaer of the city of l.oudou, ' member of the faculty of p,.vri and urfrerr tliere. deems ir ty toreratsomeoriiMrTatinrue. ' the abuse of MERCURY. rash, indiscriminate, and unquil,. ed use thereof, las been produc. five of iufinite aiisrl.ier ' ert... - lands are : annually mercurialized out of exi 1' ence. The disease we have ia view owes its f,. tal results cluedy to this soorce. What a ni V that a young man, the hopes of his country, ai! the darling of his parents, should be snxtdied T - wsy from oil the proscct and enjoyment of hf. Jj l. . ' ungaaroed moaenL and by a disease not in its own nature fatal, an which only proves so from neglect or immorVr ireitment.'' - A gentlernnu, (lat. Dr. ?'7n. tient 1 not nerf..f - il nn ..11 . . ; ' ' . 1 J 3 hum nrvji. DUI lu. under fhysicians of genci j) practice, six vesrs and repeatedly suli vat, d; when recornmen3edt Dr. H. (hy a gnntlpmau of this cilv Li. ' were cam u and bis Uesh dromuns - t,r.. i bis friends declared he rould not posu'bly survivi two months ranger. Tlwusands excniLenfaii. kunwwtthwhat ee nnH u.t li. u tution. Tbe Dortoi's Plan (advertising) u Ji cessary to gnard the public agaiast tlie abuse i mercury, sud other futal delusions. I.ei.1 r.i. r.i. irio - .ii., uniciure, imurg coBiracted t Dli - ife disorder, or suspecting latent poison, are ailmonislu - d not to tamper with their consuls, lion, or c onceaJ the disorder, till past retov ry ; otuersiiavhig tlie reaiains of an old can" zt other impurities cfU.e Hood, as well as oth! er complaints of a delicate nature, in either lex. should remember posterity, and do justir - w to their corsrieuce;, hy making appifcaft to Dr. H. at his old and respectable emhl liilimi nt, No. 64 Water - street, foar bouses wni of Old - lip, to oltaln that prompt assistance s lone calculated to prev ent disclosure. And ber let me claim your serious attention Remenihte a superficial cure is no cure at all; unless thebl. sinens is radically done, you will certainly base the d.sorder break out again with rednnhiLi : hgnify, at some future period ; perhaps Uen will he too late for remedy.'t vou ,.AM " the streets miserable, roulilated (holt even a bit of nose on their face i Take w - - Ifceseechyou. ""' pr. it's, cnaractcr for skill aod stubborn gn:y being universally known ia this rir. 1 804, guarantee to patients, that delicacy 'and s. '.cvllilh(HAim1riinun .U L. - l - f. . 77 .... j ....... am, un. nip conuied bis irartire for years nasL erlu.i. n. : . , - t - . ..j v uic :uren diseases of the blood system, they may safely caV rulate on tlie most decided advantages in con. lultirg Dr. H. - tsieets eradicated in iws or three weeti. Slricttires removed without bougies nr any oth. er instrument ; and all debilities i likewise sli a uicerauunr, usuiia'i otr, A plurality of offices are prorided. and sn ;. ited that patients are not exposed toear.h nfh.ri. observation. Open till half past 9 in tlie evening. . . , wwhriwu aic ijjviicu w lie ire in idling, and speaking: with Dr. H. which is tna of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid the ipressionofcralitudefor innumerable rernm. mrndations, and for the decided preference (it is prcsuiuen wiin just cause; long given mm by uuicmus puiinc. n. k. All letters must te pott paul. . - Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 U QU.H A.7P JVOA lMtUil - T1U.Y. TAR. EVANS' superiM J - Sjnethod of curing a certain Disease, is now universally acknowledged in this city ; his mode or treatment is perfectly mild, safe, ei - peiuuons. and bu cnars reasonable. In every ill - stance he wnrranti k em.. !and will return tbe pay if be Zdoes not perform agrecabl Ato contract. I'i... a,ri - tit serrer ilwira latere are many persons in this city and its vi cinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, such as cancer, ran lusrirnic airers, acoiia ir kings evil, nsruias, diseases or, the nreura, oladder and kidnies, old complicated complaints of a certain nature, bilious and other obstrsc - lions, rheumatism, lc. which they consider incurable, they can certainly be cured (in general) hy applviuc at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 9, Peck - slip, having practised in exUlsiv hospitals in Europe 12 years, under some of to first Surgeons and Physicians in the world, nsd made those obstinate diseases his constant stsdr n .,ra. n. I T f The subscriber baring recently returned fcom England with an important improvement ca the artificial spring LEG, lie takes this method f informing his friends and the public, that aa hose who are so unfortunate as to be In want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. . Jan re WT. PURVIS. JfElV DnKSSIA'G ROOJV. ' . FRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - st,rect, Just re - L. turned from Italy, has the honour to inform the gentlemen, that he cut and dresses bair in tbe latest style, and in a mar ner so as to adopt it to the phisiognomy. He has for sale a quantity of RAZORS of the 6rst quality, iftbeyd not please on trial, tlie purchaser are at liberty to return tuem, ani receive tbe money, n b likewise procured '! very fine bone, end engages to restore razor to a very keen edge aod snoul1 liny not cut he wiil "receive no recompence. Those gentlemen who may please to bonorbiil with their patronage, may depend on tlie most particular and respectful attendance. ' Fiumi - nto has just receivid a few setts St tli celebrated Mart;uim False Back Razors, war ranted of Damascus steel of a superior Quality i ! Amateurs may shave themselves luxuriously. I IV. U. lientlcmen whnsubicribe bythequsn ter will have their' razors, Ac. kept exclusive!! .'or themselves. P. S. A good jouraeymao wanteJ. ' Apply as above. mb 6 1 may 27 ACOVITAI1 t,pty ofh die Beaver Hat, fresh from tbe nulaclnry, suits - ble for the outs - era market, aa packed at t shortest aoticf, J WILSON'S, 160Broadwsj. IVOMEJf. WOMEN, or Pour el Centre. Ule by Ms - turin, author of Bertram, Milesian Chus The Fatal Revenge, kc. kc. 2 vols, price $2 - received and for sal at the Minerva Circulata Library, No. 265 Broadway, opposite the M Je I VEW - YORK : P RUSTED A Jft) PUBLISHED MICH A EL BURJOIAM CO. - ' No. 49 WiLUAM - Tttrr ovroaiTK t , - bASIK CorfKK - HoCSK '

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