The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 16, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1818
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. r rr rh eleeant fast wiling coppered ship ' II 5 - TW."!?,,...,... l,l,. matter - fiiatcbed Immediately oq discharging WJ1 b j, - or freight or passage, ap - S?&. oo board, eut aid. of Fly - JW wharf, or tOg w R0GER3 & C( ' 235 Pearl - street. Jew 2t)v Spanish ox hid,landinj at Brookljn in good order ' tole? prim cottoo ""y naM ba,M AmI imperial tea, I! untreis cargo hau' in,portc(1 ,ttle,y froffl T.oitable for the New - Orleans market FlW20 barrel! prime pork, for tale by MW r HENRY COWING, 191 Front corner of Fnlton - itreet. J1J rFrKBRANDY. bb barrel Cider Bran - dJ, lanum - 6'. PHELPS, . lira r ront sireci. :Tv?GLlSH HAMS, BACON, c.lJuk re - K .iived by (lie subscriber, Double Glouces . - - - : E r7 no rth nana nne - ippit; snr. ..j W, IW n " . vrtihrri! and Wi tsh re Hams ".nd flitches of Bacon, ofa superior quality vZnih Lard, in bladders, and small limine JfitdBri - tol Stone Ware ; lar5e Bottle. Pineiaad Demijohns ALSO. A eeneral assortment l Groceries, I uh Sau . k.e. for sale cheap, for cash, by 157 Greenwich - street Besl Havana Scgars, in qr. boxes U 16 m - TRAFT, on 8avuiuiah,at sight, ior$l000 Afor.aleb3AcKsoN&WOOILFy T - - 75 Wall - pirett. l - .uiu pmr iiMKV'l'. BOOKS, AWARDS for printers visiting, 4 c. gilt and j pIMn et'eos, of nil i Cart! for paying, coloured and plalo backs flans of the riiy of London, folded on canva :Do ofihe countr a nuit ".. Picturei of Londun, with plates p3 of Edinburgh, do Wattont, tnttructions for the deaf and Dumb, with a volume of pules furfh'i Flora of North America AiMwertli's Lntin Dirtionuries Bsrbw't Mathematical dj Tuckey' Expedition to the Congo in South llrake't fchakipesrr - and hii tims ytmoirt oi Df. VVation, lliUp of Landtff G - idmii'l livet nl the Phillips' EncyclopsKlia Uritnnuita Mmoo'i Uktionary, qunrto Kelly's Umrerial Cninbut Lncit't Workf. fli KirkpitrirkV Kingdom of Nepaul i'dtrsrd't Bofannic Gnrdcn lieivmnat, Fletcher, LtQ Johnson and hakt - penret IVorks fi'iltboo, RclJio, Robcrteon and BolinghrokcV Wo'Si Hogvth't Works by Cook, Imperial Folio Do ., do ' Quarto . Carey's Atlas, folio ArrriiTimilh's do quarto U'jthminy rare and valuable English work, i Jiilrated with portraits acd elceantlr bound, I f I I WU L'D t1 tat fair iiy j.ijAuntLui, J IS No. 3 Uourtlandt - street. H VOS, 7i Wahiiigton lieet, oilers for sale 19 bales Cconria Unland Cotton 170 demijohns of 5 gallons each A few dozen watch springs and chains. je!6 Iw 01 Bales prime upland cotton 100 hhdj quercitron bark, of excellent quality, for sale in lots to suit porrhaiert, by CRIS WOLDS ii COATE3, J,;g . . , 6' Bouth - tt. w ' r. r. . - - - - . JJ Bales lnJiu5 from ship Thomas Nelson, fcrtalsby K.LLIA'4 FLECKNER, Who hare For Sale, Lignum vltse, a few too . Eni;lih cor Jovan and toal Uathcf . Hosiery, a small neat assortment Laces, Veils, Lace shawls, fee. Sheet brass, of various sizes - tRugiaheetiiig3 Juno 16 Iw LU ),M ES I IC GUU Do. f Tr.M. CAMI'BELL, Manuiartiirer, cffr V V for sale on reanonablc term", at his store 197 Pearl street, a fresh supply ol tlie following g"ot!, vit. 15 - - 0 pt. white millineti,.hndnmely bleach'd d !! k do and linidi'd 2il casts blearh'd and unblesch'd he'tiii); 4 thirtinp ; together with an assortment nf rliwi knitting Mid wwine cotton. . - J - 16 . I lLXlAKTTri, Ac A Reneral ttirliiiiit 1 I nf tnillinlffl. ftliirfinL't. ahtvtin?. flnM kttlUin' and sewing cotion, lor sale low, by WM. CAMPBELL. Manufacturer, Je16 197 Pearl street. C1HIM I r L'li.M I URr.S. 5 trunks lor J talepy P. REilbEN Sz CO. J 16 Otittl l.r.AU. a3 roll', lor sale by tO HUKU fcEWALL, Oi boutb - st. 16 H ICE. 75 tierces first quality Kice, landing tliii day, for sale by AN SONG. P3 FX PS. Jel ' 18 J Front utreet. 1 1'aT received by tlie latet srrivais from Ua - J vre de Grace, and fbr salt by the subscriber, oi the roost reasonable Wrtui.' tb following r . r . r ..... irencn vjontu, iz : 2 boxes tnread laces ' 2 cais chryiocnl and silver watches ?l packages hanging paper . 1 case chip fl it 2 do linen cambrics 1 do bead neckUces 2 cases thulle ince shawls, and embroidered Barrow triune lace ' 1 caw hair net '3 cases prunelle shoes : t do cologne water I do antique oi! and pomatum - 1 do artificial flowers 1 do silk stockings and glores 1 do small clocks - ' 1 do mock jewllerv ' ' G. VENTROUX HERS AN. Je161w Wi tVillitim treet. rPHE subscriber will land tomorrow, from the X fcnz Pixarro, from Upoito, six tnivt ol ilit nicest old red port wine, in cas'd Pp and ol Its M Roris" brand. Price, if taken irom the on, 1 - 2 per gallon. ItOBERT GILLESPIE, Je 16 112 Front street. ll ICE U COPPElt MOLT. 7U casks prime rice, a quantity 114 inch copper bolts. rsaieoy GltlbW OUM iL CO ATES, j!6 68 south - street. - no. i, 0iiie ine rara, 4 Aboxes SicUy LEMONS, in fine order, in xl lots to suit purchasers. Je 16 4 SKH'tMU Tif'tfK. InVb sewing' twine do seine aud herring do 4 dotaackarel do wiTed per bri Henry Clay from London , IN STORE, lowirs, No. 1 a 18 "biting, copperas C. Wes, cordage, 4 c. made of first quality. ' JONES k CLINCH, lw Coffee House slip. kt .... n , F.v . BOARDING. Cor six gentlemen oi steady habits, or .i"? families, can be accommodated in amily. No. 55 William street, on th of Pio street. Also, ctallemen acconi "aaled with dioner. , " j, 15 ! fSTOtK LET'Zy BaoADW.1T. MS VALENTINE Mending to relinnohh j tiie bookselling business, oner to let the store 104 Broadway fit it a firtt rate ttand for a retail store. . . elias valentine havinr tftVn liia hm. tlier SAMUEL into partnership, the COPPERPLATE PRINTING buiiness will in future he conducted under the firm of Eliaa ii Samuel Valentine. Office 34 Spruce - street. EL1A8 VALENTINE, 6AMUEL VALENTINE. Orders from any part of the union executed with neatncsi and despatch, and on the most reasonable terms. Jel6 PAH TV RE, npO be let for the season, ten acres excel - X, lent Pasture, situated on the Light Avenue, directly in the rear of the new stone church on the Bloomingdule road. It is under fCQod fence, and mostly red and vhite clover, and well watered. For terms, apply to CHAMBERS te CO. je 16 lw No. 48 VVaU - st. New - York. 10 JUH. PUBLtJ. FOR sale an excellent (London made) patent Mangle This article being of a different construction to the generality of Mangles, is worked with a deal less labour, is not liable to gt - t out of repair, nor do the works require to be taken to pieces to clean Warranted in perfect order Enquire at 26 Joliu - slreet. June 16 1w A WAITER. VAT ANTED, a waiter, who can produce good v t ru cuiiiiiienuawtHw ;nu omcr ueea appiy Enquire at 21 Park Place, or 243 Water - street JelC4t WA.NTED. A WHITE WOMAN, to COOK and do the kitchen work of a tmall family. . Aiply at ii.n omce. Je !6 ,"AN' TELt, ft COOK ; the best recuuimeu dations will be required. Apply at No 9 llriilge ttreet. Je 18 6t E M PLOY M E.T WAS I ED. Q Y a youne man, who is ensnsed at present in I J a law office, which only occupies one half nil lime ; could devotu the other hail of his lime to the buii'iPM ofanothfr a.v oilk - i - : or would uu dertakc writing orenroising of any deicriptian, hy (he folio or otherwise ; or would take cbare ol a ict of hooks, or confine hiins 'If entirely to the luii,e8 ofa clerk in general in any ollice, either inlaw or mercantile, where constant employment would oflerjean xivellie moit respertahle relercnccs and good secuiily, or a deposit, for mc milium oimnarge una salty ol any thiug coinmilled to his care. Any eentleman wisliinif or wanting a prripn in that capacity will please apply, by let'eror othrwiie, to K. 11. I. at the ollice nf the Fmi'.ii); l i ft. Je 10 1 u" r n WO , JL man or three tingle gentlemen, or a geutle man and hii wife au le hain'..ouiely ac commodntrd with hour J and excellent rooms at No. IJ9 Hroadwav. JunelC4l, r'lHE public are rcpeclfiiily iiil'nnned, that JL ANDKEW3 i MF.GAREY, of the city of London, anj of Nr v - Yorlf. aro apiiointel agents or the fao of Rowland & Sou's Incomparable Macastar Oil, the gu ate.t ih?covery of the age ; warranted In nhord the greatest nourishment to the Human Hair ; prevent its be;ng injured by illness, accouchoient, travelling?, change of climate, fcc. Keaioros the scurf, harshness and dryness, reuji rs it soft uml glossy, proventt its falling off or turning grey, creates a thick growth on tho baldtil placet, makes the hair strong in curl, which it keeps iu damp wrnllicr, exercise, Sic. ; imparts a pleasant perfume, and produces wliisken, eyebrows, 4.C The proprietors war rant its innocence, anu to improve the hair from infancy l.i the latest pcrivd of lifo Its meftimable properties have gained it the patronage of the principal nohility of Europe, 'and as its great and deserved popularity has occasioned spurious imitations, composed of deleterious ingredients injurious tt the hair, not only in England but in America also, it Will in consequence be necessary to observe that each genuine bottle is signed on the label in red ink A. KUWL.AM) At bov. - . Sold wholesale and retail by the agents, je 16 3t 29 Wall - ntreet. NECDOI'tbol the Lile ol Richard VV'ai ton. rJishop ol LaiidalT, written by himself at diRerent intervals, and reviM - n ui la 14, puri - lished by his too Kifharl Watson, L L D. prebendary of LaodaiTaod Weils ; 1 vol. Uvo. price $t 75. A Series of Discourses on the Christian Revelation, viewed in connexion with modmn astronomy, by Thomas Chalmers, D. D. miniiier of the Iron Church, Glasgow, price $1 75, 1 vol. 8to;$1 25, I vol Itmo. Oljiervatiom on Lord Ba'hurtf's Speech in the house of peers, on March 18, 1817, tent sealed to cir Huama Eowc, to tbeaddress of Lord Liverpool, on tlx 7th day ol October, 1817, price to rents. Biberanhia Literaria. or Biozmpliiral Sketch es of my literary lile and opiuions, Dy 6. T. Cole - ridge, Lq. price $1 Ca. Womn, or pour et contre, a tale, hy Maturia, author ef Bertiam, tec. tec. price 2 dois. Just received and lor tale at the Minerva Cir culating Library, No. 2G5 Broadway, opposite the Mus - iim. Je lb fflWO X eligil steady PKEcs WEN will bear of an igible situation, where th;v may continue for at least tWo years, by applying to T. 4: J. SWORDS, Je 16 160 Pearl - tt. 'I'HK ATHEiMEUM, or Spirit of the English 1. Magazines, published regularly oa the 1st and lOth ol every month. Contcnit nf A'o. 29. The hill of raves, with other poems, by YVm - Rend, Esq. Gypsies of ff'sse - Darm'tadt. Mr. Pananti's late captivity in Algier's. Form ofthe trial by battle, William Aslifordv. Abraham Thornton. Animal and vegetable food The Arctic expeditions Rhododaphne, or the Thestalian spell, a poem Extracts from a lawyer's portfolio; false judgment Cornucopia : proofs of affection ; Swedish Apparition : habits of the teal i extraordinary case of a soldier wounded at Waterloo j the Titi ape ; Chinese forms and ceremonies. Parliamentary anecdote, singular advice, some observations on the effect of a;reen Tea, aner; dote of Bcrnadottr, domesticated Seal, Chinese generosity", Arabian horses, anecdote of an an - eient Banneret, anecdote of loclrdoa, Queries, Young's night thought, Animal Flower, banns oi Marrijce. Biographical Portraits. Jaque Louis Dav id. Time's Telescope for June. Nicomedo,Cr - olire bymmons, f t. Boniface, St. Barnabas, St. Albto.'SattleofMrnt. fct. John the Baptist ; Snnemitioui ceremonies of midsummer ave ; it Peter ; Plagiarums of Lord Byron. Subscription onlv f 3prannum. received by A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Brtndway, eorner ol Cetlarttreet. Je 16 LORD isYKO.Vd fourth canlo of Cilll.DE HAROLD, with other poems in press, and will be publihed by A. T. GOODRICH & Co. Je 16 124 Broadway, corner ofCtxr - l. FLOUR. CO hbls superfine Farm Mills 100 do do Couitry ltHi do do Lynchbarg, For sale at 10E Front ttreet, hv Je 8 TROKES, DAVIDSON ft CO. BLUE NANKINS, kr. - 1ftn0 pieces blue Nankins 1st Chop, entitled to debenture ; a l Ltb. I I - J - i, lltbr. , fhM - ked Sarsnets. Levantines, Sewing; Silks Vc. for sale ........ crm I f ny nuivL' rr."iU Je 9 65 Sooth - street. RICHMOND FLOUR 24R bhls. branded Bent Creek, landing this day from tchrs Fanny Mary and Lady Tompkins from Richmond, for (ale by UlVIC BETH'TNE ft CO. J 8 St Coflie Hoase - alip. irjnmrAiiE, cvtlzxt u Bristol goods. ' THE subscriber have received by tbelate arrivals from Liveroool and UristoL ah extemive supply of Hardware and Cutlery of every description, which thev offer for aaie to the merchants from the country, in such quan tities it may be wanted, at a low advaitc) ana liberal credit. They have also received on consignment and offer for sale by the package 60 casks and cases of Birmingham Hardware, consisting of most of the staple l. .'.LI a articles in me line. 10 casks of Kenyons warranted hand, pan' nel, tennant, sash, &c. Saws. 6 cases do warranted mill, pit and cross, cut sawt. best steel plate 10 casks of Kenyon's tiles of every descrip tion 100 caiks best oualitv Enelith Porter 30 do assorted Glass Ware, cuusittiuz of tumblers, wines, decanters, white and green phials, 4c. 10 crates of Stone Soda Jugs 10 cases of English men's and boys' hats 200 bundles of warranted llalback's German Steel, direct from the Manuiar.turv of J. ii C. Halbach 4c . - on, of Rcmtcheid. 10 tons of London horp L Steel 5 do Crawley Steel 8 thousand ifnur!ride fire Brick Tin plates nfthv different kind Black do do B. W. KOH ERS it CO. Jel 235 Pearl street, RON. 11)0 tons Old Sable Russia Iron, P S 1, L for sale at t5 bonth - street, hy HURD Ai SEWALL. Je It 65 South - slreet B EN GAL INIHGO. 5 caies, eutitlcd to debenture, lor sale by PETER UEMSEN & CP. Je 11 20 .Souih - ftrr - et. HIDES. cow hides, if large size and very prime quantity, just received and lor sale by GOUUIILF. te CO. je 11 41 South - street. D Hi - WlillE LEAD. KM) kegs, just ree'd iiom the .xew - iorii Juead noikt, lor sale at 07 feoulh - stieet, hy CAMB KELENG & PEARSON, Je 12 67 Somh - ttreet. UERCIl'lt,ON HAUK..40 hhds. tiuercit - Vli ron uaiu. oi very superior quality, lor salt i ' r - ii, .'uu . Je 12 67 Washington - street 'I TOBACCO 57 keg Kichne'iid niaiiuueinr J. ed Tobacco, branded M. Price, iNo. 1, b:c landing from st hr. Monroe, lor snle bv WAI.sll te GALLAGHER, Je C f6 South - tlreef. I JED WINE. 10 pipes Catalonia ine, a J - l good substitute for Claret, for sale by GOODIUE & CO. je 5 44 South - street I 111INA SILKis J Uht received u consignment riintisiiiig oi Hlrti k, changeable, blue and gnn Silichews Black and eiianj'eahle barni Is liiack Cainl.lels, coloured Levant) aes Black ind coloured Crapes Embroidered aud Damask Cra;e Shawls Sewieg bilks assorted colourt First Chop 4 - 4 black, 1 willed and Tinged Ilkft Iii'h coloured Coiira,,. 2'Ja iu yds. lor sale by PETER REM: - EN & CO. Je 2 ili a u;li - street. C MOTION KU.M. - (iu bales .riuie Upland J totton, 4U hhds. 3d ;.nd 4h proof Grenada Rum. landing from brig Ttli'trapli, from Chariettuu, dtid rcbr Ontario, lr.nn Njr(blk. far snle by BOOKM AN te JOIlNh I ON, Je9 57 Niuth - strrct. ClOTTi'N and TOBACi. U - iu store and J landing. 1 1 (l hales Geo. L'p and Cotton 2'5 do Niw - Orlraus do 20 hbds. Tobacco. Kor sale by POTT M'KINNE, ray 2!) 6 Hoath street. H rtfuig fatter, klfdica - e. mtui - UtUJrmtlUry I Y E' KIVED by the Criterion, Hercules, and LL mercury, lor sate by L. STANSBIE, 101 Pearl - street. cosrsiSTinc or - Fine thin hot pressed giit edge London super nne 1'ost I'i.per Fine thick do do Middle yellow wove do do do Fine yellow wove Foolscap do Laid Foolscap, L id pot Blue wove thick Folio post Pine copying paper, wood ccrews Banbury Locks Black and bright shackle Padlocks Rat traps, till Locks, cast butt Hinges Curry combr, &c Gilt Chaini, ScaIi, Keys, Ridicule springs Amulet Necklace! - , Ornaments, tec. tic. Je 12 lw KING M MEAD, i"6 Broadway, have jut received and now offer lor sale, one trunk, containing Main and ugurea innia aiuii itiuiuns Mull Muslin shawls, lot", souare and circu lar, richly tamboured Mull and iMaynsuoKiumooiirea nams. Muil Pelerines, richly tamboured Elegant Drcstes Mull trimmings for inserting Mull Cap Pasterns and crowns for infant's caps And. a few real Cashmire shawls, of very u - perior quality. ALSO, I rase he si niac.K iiauan i.usinngs 3 do best black andcol'd Nankin Crapes I do of rich fig'd Nankin do 1 do of Tarob'd Nankin Crape Dreieei, very rich 1 do of do do di Square Shawls, 8 - 4 and 9 - 4 2 do of French Satins, assorted colours 1 do of Grten Levantines, double chain 1 do o green, changeable asd biat k Florence I do of 8 - 4 White Merino Shawls, with rich mantle and deep palm and vine borders 1 do of 4 - 4 and 5 - 4 hdkfs. merino, assorted colours I.J n mtilil ,nn n llinM .km' m,TV,ari,f 111", lUlll... iii" ....u.... u.l., they have a very extensive assortment of fancy and staple goods, which are offered on their r .on. usual uncrai lerrns. jri..i OH1.NGLES 100,000 52 - inch Cypress shin - O eles, lor sale by Je 15 R. it C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. HO.YlEol IC & Ol'HER WAREb. T HE subscribers keep constantly rn hand an extennve assortment cf the tollowing goods, vn : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Popei Heads Crumb Brushes Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Bellows, fancy and Hearth Crushes, fan common cy and common Do for Blacktmiths Hall and Et.try Man Head ao oo oo Cloth do do do Weavers do Whie Wash do Shoe te Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and ash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cordt, Clothes fails and I uns Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do W hips of every de scription Seine, sewing, wrap ping, baleing and ball Twine Fish Lires Lines Shoe t sadlers Thread Sash Cords, Trace Rort Wrought and Cut Dearborn's Ballao ces, tec. Vails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail no li beral terms. CEBRA CUMING, It 2 78 fearl - street. REWERV. For sale, a bargain, Brewery ti Malt Hons connected, in the city of Hudson. Th buildirgs are stone, and par ticular! well calculated lor the butiness. It it situated m the midst of a barley country, and has many other advantages. It is certainly an object tor those wishing to engage in tb's butiness. It is the only brewery la the courtry. fhii ITopei ty will be sold cheap. Terms libe ral ; title good. For further particulars apply o M. MULDEN. No. 78 Maiden - lane, ftew - York ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. Jan 13 tf . eVr Fit MARSEILLES, ' Th elegant New - York built copper - iied ship CORSAIR, J. Barker, master, t dd uia wsuk.' For freight or passage, apply to capt. B. oa botud, at pier No. 5, North River, or to C. G. Si 6. ROWLAND, J15 . ; 67 VVashingtnn st. FOH HAL.E. Th. . : 1 : ..k. t D I D T I V iiX burthen 132 tons, will carry ItOO l.blt . S ers old, was copi red last summer with hea vy copper, and baa had $1000 expended on her sails and rigging within the last two months, and is well found in every respect, lies at pier No. 9, E. R. Apply on board, or to DAVID G. GILLIES, Je 15 76 Broad street. . for JiUaJU.V, Thaichr ONLY DAUGHTER, captain Lues, will nil on Wednesday nut, anJ lake freight on moderate terms. Apply to WALSH k GALLAGHER, Je15 . C6 Jt'outh - street. tun s. - tin. The staunch tchr FANNV. iul arri - iMved from H avre, 145 Ion burllicp, will ca.ry 1100 bbls., built at .Norfolk in llii5 for a packet between that port and this ; is well found and can be sent to tea at a trilling expelice ; lies at pier no. 8, E. R. Apply on board, or to i - DAVID Gs GILLIES, Je 15 70 Kroid - s'reet. r'tjrt i.i l.h, The schooner ARABELLA, 1C0 tons burthen, built m Charlctton, S. C. two ear. siuce, of the best materials that country alforJs,and by a faithlal wcrlinian.but prove too lre for the butiness rl.c w;ui mtepded ; stows 300 lierces of rice For terms apply on hoard, or to ' ' . A AUL ALLEY, June la (8 Pine st. , rf. for Ul t.HHUVL, iit ' (To ail tile instant,) tii TheshiaCATO. Richard Ropers. ina.lHi. For fr - irlit nf 111 tlAie of cottntt. or passage, having ood accommodations, apply to mecapiaiu, on uoaiu, ai pier no. n, or to le 13 . A. HR AC IK te r'ON'X P.Ijs.JOi r'JJi ,1'vvMJA, fcfSl j it ocrt. .. patiigerscau be accom - S&U&imodalcd in tl.n cabin of the remarkably li'io Iiriti?h brlj - K TIliN, to ?ail hr London about ihe 26ihint - For i.erm', apply to capt. Mason, on board, at Jones' whirl, or to ROBERT GILLESriF, June 13 ' 1 12 Front - st. . for .UV. - LV.YAH. , A IJ y l . K L K 111 ILJ I,l.,.l.l, IAJVI, Tl. I. . . I...:. - T - 1 , v - I' H 1 master, will receive t. - ciuht until Vcl ncsday ne.t, at vhich time the will positively sail. Apply ou kuard at MurrayVwarf, or to Tim. HAKKOV, je 13 4t 01 Soitth - stiect. PV LEDVARO Ai CO. ;Xo. IU4 Pf rl st. have on hand hii exten - ive and complete assort merit of Hhrdware, contisiicg of Walilron's prime grass and corn scythes Steelyards i trace chains Carolina hoes ; fine guns; anvils Vii es j frying pons Mraw and hay knives h8Dd ""j Minion'. English shovels; patent plane irons Adzc,chisaelt, gouges Patent post coffee mills Files, raspt, hinges ; screws, hammers Iron, brait asd plated candlesticks Plated cruets Brass and slats cabinet furniture Locks of all kinds Mortice locks, with glass knobs Cutleiy ol all kinds, in great variety Spoons, buttons, Siectacles, Chains, seals, keys, tec. Also, a very handsome assortment of girth webbing, common and plated saddlery, paiticu - larlv calculated for tlie southern market. ...ZTUa n h " assa mi (NtinswaLUr mw stoods and will be sold iu quantities to suit purchasers, on the most reasonable terms. Je 1 5 tr ii C. W. DAVEM'OKT U l O No. 35 11. Peck slip, offer for sale, 10 hhds. Mutcova do ."riigar, 1st quality Je 13 Ii!'' BLUE. 2(1 hoses, manufactured ul 1 Baltimore, and of superior quality, lustre ceivedaud lor sale by G. W. TALBOT, jc is nue - street. SEVENTEEN pipes Gin, ol ihe C'riuiaton Diilillery, juit received nnd or tale hy GEO. W. TALBOT, Jel5 5 Pine - street. MCS PA III). 50 boxes line new bottled Miibtard, just received fiom Hull, and for ale by D. BET1IU.VE Si CO. jel3 82 C. II. slip. I RISH BUTTER. 91 kegs, just received and I lor sale at 57 rou!li - Mreel, cv Je 12 FOORMAN & JOHNSTON. r OlLINEl TS. 2huies ol i'oilinett Vest I ing't, ofthe newest and most fashionable Colours, received per ship Courier, nnd for sale by ANDERSON ii SHEA RER, Je15 2w nt 131 Water - street. tCJOUTIIEKN FLOUR. 220 bbls. best su. rO perfine Mountain Flour, landing east side Old - slip, from schooner Only Daughter, from Fredericksburg, for sale by , , A. D. DUFF, je 15 3t 83 Washington - street. THS. 2 cases superhne London Cloths, blue nnd blacks, received per William, and for sale by HURD & SEWALL, je 15 65 South - street. I) CM, SUGAR, tec 74 hints aud 02 bhls. V prune M uscov a lo Sugars 31 do. St. Croix Hum 6 do. Molasses, and 4 tons Lignumvitsc, now landing and for sale at 81 Pine - strcet. HENDERSON & CAIRNS, Je12 OLD KENTUCKY TOBACCO. 44 hhds prime Old Kentucky Tobacco, will be landed on Tuesday,, from the ship Thomas Nelson, from New - Orleans. for aale bv ROBERT GILLESPIE, jelS 112 Front - street i. J tierces prime Rice, landing from sloop Virginia Trader, from Charleston for tale by D. BETHUNE & CO. Jel3 92 C. H.tlip. OTTON. 9.' bales New - Orleaiw Cotton, landing from ship Thomas Nelson, t;om New - Orleans. In stoie, 150 bales do. for sale bv N. ii. D. TALCOTT, je 13 64, South - street lLOCR niiis. tuperline Virginia Hour r 42 do fine do. 13 do Middlings, ree'd per schr Onlv Daughter, from t roilenclihurg, lor sale by V ALSH ti GALLAGHER, C6 South - street. in Slarr. 500 bhl. Richmond supf. Flour, branded Bor.t Creek, anety Mills 3j0 di Fredericksborc do Je 13 T INENS. 2 case. 4 - 4 Linens, received per M - A enus, and for sale by HURO L SEW.VLL, f 13 65 South - street. - iiTTi.. Aic 60 bales prime Upland. Cot O loo, landing from tch'r Lucy, from Savau - nah, forleb, SAl,L AeLKY, Vo Pine street IV STnilF. IU, L.U rtr'tma nnl nart SOItare, for mi uuica uf - '. - 'j , - r' , , - air in lolf to tait purchasers. Je 12 COT1 ON, DEER fKUis i uuai i - ". 71 balee prime Uplund Cotton 11 dn do IVerSkiat, . and 2.5 caMi Gum lilemi, suitable for the 5pa - ish tuarlret, for sale by p - - . m.y 3U AUL ALLEY, Puje - t. . - . - : .' . ii L - ul REMOVALS. tr7 JOHN LORIMf.RGUAliA attorney at law, has opened his office at No. 43 Chsunber. street, near Broad wey. . mav 16' 4 . - tt MACKIK, MILNE K ved to No. CI Pine - street. CO. have n ue n.ay 4 . JOHN A BUM. WILL1NK 4i CO have removed from 75 to 79 Washington - street je II I Of KKAVU (loyal t'nnting Paper 1 OvF 25 do fine WrslMig Demy 20 reams thick Folio Post paper 4or sale by COLLINS ti HA. W AY, June 15 lw 2:10 Pcarl - ttreet. TO AK l is 1 ti. FOR SALE, a Lay figure or Manakio, at No. 8 Lispeuard - itretst. Price $100. Jc 15 Ct . J. W. JARVIS. tOGNAC U l; ANDY. 26 pipes 4th prmi uiu ocnac Brandt, ol suinor Divor. now landir iroru ship Him. is, from Bordeaux, und ior sate I REDERICK RFICHARD, 4 William ttieet. Jel51w IKlsti l.l.N EN t;, JJlAfEKs, illEETliGS, :.. LARGE and various assortment of the fol lowing goods just received by the latest arrivals from Dublin and Belfatt, are offered lor sile on reachable terms 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens iu whole and demi pieces 7 - 8 and 4 - 4do coarse half bleached, very strong 7 - fl lawns, 4 - 4 sluetuigs,' very strong and low pricetl 5 4 sheeting?, 3 - 4 brown anJ bl.ick liiin 3 - 4 diapers, 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 table diapers 3 - 4 Linen ' . . . 4 - 4 lineu reunruita, 7 - C dowlas, lonjfvnd book tild . First quality Irish tail duck 4 4 cotton whirlings Colomf tbreadt. nixorlcd THOMAS MIFFMIN, June IS Iw No. 6 Depfl'ler.,1. (M)IA BAG SUGARS. i.agt while M do brown, lH do double boiled white, en tilled to debenture, and lor ttk, it applied for in a day or two, i y G.G. fcS. I lOW LAND, 67 WashiiiKton - ttreet Who havo in store a general assortment ul In dia l iece toods. Jr 15 ICHAI.iNl TIlUACCi.'. - IIHMn.tls pouii: Richmond Tobacco, an entire parcel, for iaie on ion it ion. oy WALoIIk GALLAGHER. J 15 tit; S ifl. - ttreet i I. .. .. t... - r iN EW - uitCI A:S CDI'i'U.N 37 hal.;s. nrnne Cotion, received per ship 'I bom as .piioii, ana brigs Argo nnd Standard, and lor ale by W ALS11 & GALLAGHER, Je 15 6fi Hnulh strvet ,4 GvV Wa.NIED, to instruct Im children, under ten years, and to astist in family sewing ; a person in years would he pre ferred. Relcrence of respectability will be ra - uircd. A disposition to render herself useful, and moderate term., will insure a respectable and comfortable situation to a person properly qualified. Application by letter, with reference and terms, to be tent to tlie printer of this paper, addressed to Mr. B. will, if satisfactory, produce a reply. Je 13 1 w TliHft. DULLAHU Kt.i Alii). S' OME person entered the bedchamber ol bouse 96 Chapel - street, on Thursday night last and broke open the subscriber's trunk and took several articles therefrom, amougst which was a iouble - caaed silver watch, t aped, maker's name, Van Wyck, New - Yoik, No. 4573. The above reward will be given for the watch, and Fen Dollars on conviction ofthe thief. Wauuli - makers and others are requei - ted to stop it if of leretl lor sale. June13 3t D WIS SUMNER. 2) MtMCH.IMS AD fHlSi KliH. YOUNG man of 20 yean of age wislics a situation in a Counting - house, or a store ol any respectable kind, as he has a knowledge ol buuiiiess, and hi j references respectable, to any person who may want, ho would make himseli useful in any way Ho tin been hi a printiii ollic e for some time, and understands Proof ' ihr.,1 reading A due lor A. at tins ouice, will tie a tended to without delay. June 13 3t FOR SALE, t. . AM . . lIKSThe inai! me iiouse anu ioi ro. zi urcnaru street, now occupied by the subscriber. The lot is 2i feet front and 100 deep. A furthur de scription of the property is deemed umicce - iry, as it, is presumed no one will purchase without first viewing the premises. If not told before the 1st of August at private sale, it will cn '.hat lay be put up at public auction. JAMES' KV0X, June 12 lw 27 Orchard it. fjnilE subsc. iker for the belter tr.coiiuno - JL tlat ion of merchants and others, has thought proper to open a shop No. 99 Washington - street, next door to the corner of Rec tor - street, where lie intends carrying on the rlumhmg Business in all its various branches N. B. He (.till continues to carry on the bu. siness at the old stand No. 342 Water - street. All orders left at cither place will be punctu allv attended to. je 12 2w CALEB 8 B ROWER. BOARDLvG. Gentlemen and families, can be accommodated with griiteel board, at 166 Greenwich, corner ol Dey - street, where every attention will be paid, and their situ ation made agreeable. je 14 2w' OMLDK HAROLD. Moset ih.iuas, i'hi - KJ ludeipliift. bai tust received tlie fourth Can to, of the above poem, and will immediately puf it n pres. Je lo .it I HE ART OF ."jWIMMISG. ASERI Es of Practical instructions, on an original and progressive plan, by which the art of swimming may be readily attained, wilh every advantage of power in the water ; accom - f'Auied with twelve copperplate engravings, rom. prising twenty six appropiiate figures, correctly exhibiting end elucidating the action and attitude in every branch of that invaluable art. " The exercise of swimming is one ofthe most healthy and ogreeable la the world." FRAKK1.IK. By J. FROST, many years Teacher of the Art at Nottingham, England. To which is addL.I. DR. FRANKLIN'S TREATISE ; also, some Auecdotet respecting Swimming. J ut publii bed, and for sale by J. Fasthurn & Co. Broadway; A. T. Goodrich, 124 Broad way ; E. B. Gould, Broadway ; D. Iongworth, 1 1 Park ; L. I F. Lock wood, 1 10 Chatham s; J. C. ToVen. 9 Bowerv ; Dodge 4 Sayre, Wall - t j KirkA:Mercein,22 Wnl.t. ; Prior - Dunning, 111 Water - it.; Collins te Co. 189 Pearl - St. : 5. Wood Si Con, vol ienri - si. nn oj uic publisher. P. W. GALLAL'DET, . 4 iultoo - sireei. Trice one Doller. Je 15 lw $70,000 35,000 10,000 ; several of 1"00. All lo be drawnin 1 1 days driwing, in the Mil f..rd ami Owego Road Lottery. NEXT W EEK, oil Wednesday, the first drawn numher will be entitled to the se - cn.l grand capital rnie of Tliuty Five Thou sand Dollars ; and as the highest pnre, ur,d most of the prises yet drawn, h w been sold at Truly Lucky Offica, 12 Broadway. Adteuturers are advised to be particular in pur - chasins tl) - ir tickets I t the PRIZE SELLING OFFICE, ti., ??71. which drew the 10AO drl:ir priw. :.nUiiiharet.sad No. SIsO, a rn3 ol KMhi dolloit, sold io whole ticket. The 10,00(1 dollar prise was iintHediatcly piid at the lurkynke. Tickets and shares in the Great Medical Wh ence Lottery, which will commence drasring Aug. 4. Highest IV tes 100,000 dollars : 50,000 c!t 20,000 do; 10,000 do . 2 of 5,0 JO do 45 of I JOOO 4. je 15 2t PUBLIC. SALES. " i - ' ; BY KATAMF.L G. INGRAHAJf. , ' fca turn - ay, the 27 ibinsi. At 10 o, lock at Hie Auction Room, a ot tiLU'hr Uf - furnilure, Consittins ol buie: os, hair, tables, Ac. 4;c. tec. Bj order of the' cnerin. BY SAME. PAXTOrf.fcCO. ' Wednes,y. 17th inst. - X o'clock at No. 7J Bra id - street, an eiteu - si y assort roent of elegant and warranted Cabinet Furniture. Gnosis! intr ofsidehoardt. secretaries with book: cates, bureaus, Gierian tofas, sets ol Hitting ta - ; bles, piller and law r aril do of a superior quality, dining nnd tea do carved and plain bedheads, ladies' work & candle stands, ir. worthy htlea - tioa, tnd may he viewed 3 days previous lo "be tale. Catalogues ready the altrmouii preccdio( the tale, when tlie terms will be known. Je 12 BY SAMUEL HAYWARD CO. Tomorrow evening, at early candle litrhf. The most valuable library which has been of fered at auction for many years, consisting of law, physic ami divinity, among which are !' thleworlh's Diclioiiarvol Commerce, 2 vol. M. Lond. ; Lor ke's Works, 3 vol. fob Loud ; t h in - her't Dictionary ol Arts and Sciences, 4 v'4. fl. London editnn and full of plates; AnquelJ Uimrrsal History, 9 vol Lnnd.calleilra ( Cir p - , lal's (,'beniuti v , t vol ; Syd nbain'n Works ; Do - , meilc Medicine s Brown's Dictionary und Con . cordant of th Hoy Bible, lr.d cr,p, plates) , VUiiru iTiuieria .(icon a , fin nu - jixs - iiiru 3 vol. Jjondnn ; Acrum's chimistiT, f vol l lisr ton's Cullen, 2 vols ;S.'oit's lam. Bihhj.i all gilt,' l.ond. copy ; Jusepfiiis, H vols ; spectator, o do. Archer's Serrnon'sS vols ( Johnson's Lives of the) foeit, 2 vols ; lainptiRll't I'oiiucnl BUivey M Britain ; DiittePs spiinish Nature Displayed, ll vote; "niith's Wealth of . Nations, 2 vols; War ren's America. 3 vols ; Reeve's Discourses : Dun - , can's Cicem ; Haller's Phisiolngy; Museum of. r reneh fSlonuments ; 1 itsot on Health ; Cuvieri Theory ol the Earth ; France by Lady - Morgan, &c. tec. ' Cntaloeui s ready at the aactinn room;' No, 30) BroadWHV. Je 16 MAltULt. tVK lWILUI.Vlr, ie, F jTl H E proprietors of the southern marble qna jL ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, - at tha hvig't - nridge .V a role and J.tme - lard, loot of Beach - street, oo the Hud - ou river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following de scrip! ions, viz : Coping Watertable Steps Platforms Sills, LiuttU Arches Foundation Stone Cliimnry - Pieces; ' Facings Columns Also Lime cf the best quality. try A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon; and thorn desirous u purchasing, or making engagements, will apply lo rnA Li;UL.uw, Feb II At the Yard. NOTICE. f7 All persons havine claims against the es tali - of Jamet Dtiuelass, stone coffer, deceased, are requested lo present them without delay to Horace Holden, Esq. No. 131 Fulton street, for adjustment 1 hose who are indebted to said estate are informed, that immediate payment must be mode to prevent prosecutions. JOIli ilr, r Mi - K, i WILLIAM SHARP, Executors. ' SAML. N. SHARP, ) Je13lw NOTICE. (Tj William Dilwortli and Abrm. Voorlieet having entered into co - partnership, their bu siness will be conducted under the firm of ' DILWORTH & VOOHHEfc.8, No. 190 Water - street. ' tbsy errs for ssub, 22 bales came' wool, 1st quality : i . 4 cases French do. 1st do. . .!. Rusftia hares wool, beaver, tec. je 15 lw - ' J lJUl.LA ha HHrVA HI). WATCH LOST OR STOLEN. 4 Tor near tlie Are iu Anthony - street, on tho IX 9th inttaut, a plain gold capt French watch, a Newark made gold cliaio with long links, S large Englith teals set with cornelian stone, pat - terns alike, and 3 keys, one of which was of rer;ii gold. The above reward will he given on the deliv ery of (he same at No. 131 Greenwich - Street, or for any information which may lead to their recovery. Walrli makers or others to wnom they may be offered for sale would confer a particular favor by stopping them. June II IW Ul.QHK CUI - fKK HUUtHC. r1 HE public are respectfully informed, thai JL the subscriber bat taken the above haute, (formerly Globe Tavern,) No. 143 Water - st Gentlemen who with board by me day, montB or year, will find excelleut accommouauoos at the Globe l olke House. I ns lame win ai ait times be well lupplied with the varieties ofthe market, and the liquors of tbe choicest and most select kiud that can be procured. ; Having, for several years, been employed la one of the first hotels in England, the subscriber flatters himself, from his experience and attention to his butiness, be will merit a portion of public patronage. - . JAMES SINGER., N. B. His friends, and gentlemen who are dispoted to favor the subscriber, are respectfully invited to partake of a cold collation, at twelve, o'clock, on Monday next. Je 12 lw BATH. THE sohsrrilier retpecttully informs the clfi - xens of New - York, travellers and Invalids, that bis house at BATH it now open for their re - eption i its situation is, probably unequalled oa the continent within a short distance of the city and in view of Sandy Hook. It presents tbe finest prospect, and lor salubrity of air and the id vantaget of Sea Bathing is probably, without rival. He has erected several new Bathing Houses, and a floating bridge to receive th steam - boat his larder is we I stocked with all tbe delicacies of tlie season. Travellers from U southward can be accommodated with Boardinf aod Lodging on reasonable teroit, aud traoiient persons will find it Uahhy and airreeaHe re - eat JOHN COLEMAN. ' A CARD. jL ffcfy - The subscriber resiieciiuiiy nmiues iw pubiic, that passengers for BATH and the NAIU V .vww tL. tara boat Nautilus will, on Sun day next, and until further notice, be taken froaa ii.ii i 10 o'clock in the forenoon, (m - trad of 5 o'clof kin the morning) and will I called lor agaia about half pait 4 in tlie afternoon Pleasure boats can come un with safely to tbsj bridge. Juriii cui - r.ivi An. Je 12 Ira " ; KAsioii aid icrai rHKM tsw vlis, via hrw - brdsiswicx. Passengers wilHttive) ew - York every Monday tt. .? .r: atin rnciay, at ii - ""cirxit. A. in in tbe ttram boat Oiivl Bim h ; lode at Nw Bni'.:twick ', leave there early next morning, and arrive at Etstoa at 4 o'cioi k in the niu - rnoon Keturnns;. irave E.iston every Tuesday Mid Friday, at 5 o'clock. a m. loocs at new Branwscit ; arrive at Aes York at 10 o'clock next monikur, ia Uie steam hoht Olive Branch. The stege conoected with this line is a good fonr - hnrsr tage. .' - . .' I'assage Irom (s. Krumwirk to r.ejrtoft, JiU from Eatton to Bethrehem, 75 reors. Fw seale in ihe above hne, apply to Mr B. JAiU.s, ax :ie PhJlndeipt ia Union Line Steam - Boat OrJioe, aorth side ot the battery. KOBEKT L.F.TS0N, Proprietor. Jel3tf : ' IDER Hria.Sl' V . OO Ixscrr s Cuter ttrao - ,1 f 3 V . J dv. iust receive!. "' j w . ANSON C. PHELPS. 133 Front stmt. JelZ . e - rl

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