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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, June 16, 1818
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XKtrronkxyusLo post. TUESDAJ, E 1. Hi National Advocate, of yesterday morning, contained a Ion, partial, and intidiou arti clt, wtpecting the can of Tht Pee fie j. Uager - wan, calculated to make rrrontou imprecooa M the public mind, and, which I tboold cot bare ci pecUd (ria my man of candor. 1 shaft, how w, pan it by with a brief answer, and leave the public to decide between n. It chiefly re htc to the original publication, which, Mr. Noah say, was ohj action a,ble po three grounds : First, that it the publication of an indecent letter, quite unfit to be read at a tea - table; te condly, it related to the conduct of a private man, and, therefore, the public bad nothing to do with it. I am at mue with him on both obje lions. Lanly, that Hie affair wat already in the ban Jj of Justice, and was. therefore not a proper subject for disscussion. Of these in their order. Mr. Noah confound two things distinct in themselves? ad action, and the mention of an action. Now a moment! reflection will satisfy any owe, that the former may be improper, and even indecent, but the term in which it is spo - ken of and reprobated, larh a not to offend the most sensitive. Every day furnishes inetan ret of this. And I detir no better instance to j'.lastrate my meaning, than I And iq bis own ar ticle, now before me The name of Hagerman, it aeems, was written on the public fences, and an indecent epithet tacked to it. This was cer tamly indecent, or, at least, indelicate ; but Mr. Noah finds no difficulty in mentioning it, whic h he does in the following words i Ten thousand autographs conveyed the charge throughout the Union boys were urged to write his name on the walls, coupled with indecent allusions. - Wherever be turned, these things met bun in the face." This is conveyed in proper words, out it could hardly be made the subject of dis Course at a tea - table, any more than the action of Hagerman at Kingston. Suppose it Were enquired at a tea - table what the indecent allusion Wat f Mr. Noah will pardon me for saying there is more of affectation, than of manly tense in his remarkt. At to the 21 pointy that Hagerman wat a pri - Tate individual, and, therefore, the public had no interest in uYconduct. We perfectly agree with Mr. Noah that the faults of private person ore not fit subject of public censure ; but the express contrary to the fact : he was a public officer under the United Stales, be is so spoken of in Mr. Myer's letter i nay, by Mr. Noah himself, in this very article, he says he was ju Jge - advocate of the court - martial.' Mr. Noah says, that the publication was improper, because the letter itself informed me that a suit was commenced, ami therefore was not a subject for dutuuiotu This is true. But here again Mr. Noah talks loosely. Did I tf - rust it f Did I attempt to excite or inflime ? Was there a syllable calculated to prejudice the public mind ? No : I barely published the fact, according to every day custom of mentiooin arrests for crimes and misdemeanors previous to indictment; preceded by the remark, that I hop 4 it might not prove true. , , Was this discussing it, or attempting to inflame the public miud ? ' What Mr. Noah tayt about the liberty of the tress, is sound sense. But how long shall such cntimeots prevail here where corporal puuUh tnent It inflicted for petty larceny, and a nominal fine (conjjdericg the defendant's means) awarded for an assault and battery of the " highest nature ? Take care Mr. Noah you dp not betray (he cause which yon have undertaken to serve. You speak of the precious liberty of the press, and wish it should be held sacred : beware then bow you venture upon defining the exact limits beyond which this "chartered libertine1 must not be suffered to range.' Capt. Thomson who has arrived at Philadelphia f. offl St. Domingo, which place he left the30tli May. informs that as he was coming out of that port, he was boarded by a schooner belonging to the United Patriot squadron of SI tail, then in ij - :h', and treated politely. The Spaniards expected an attack and were fully prepared to repel it. A duel wat fought at St. Louis, on the morning of the ICth April, between captain Ramsey and captain Mai tin. The former was shot through the body, and his life is despaired of. 1 The morning papers iufortn us that the ship Foster, from Londonderry has among other sitings brought out a Hog which weighs fifteen hundred yiunit. What an excellent street - scavenger be will make, if the corporation do not restrain him from running at large 1 A teal was caught at Amboy last Sunday, and was brought to this city yesterday. He b kept for a show, price 12 12 cents - It It mentioned in the Quebec papers that much injury has been done in tint district by fire in the woods. Several log houses have been burnt and the settlers with difficulty saved their lives. - .' for the Vfie - Ieri Etrnirg Pott. Mr. Editor It has been ssigely said that Minis the age of wonders; that it is, I thu.k none WiU deny afier perusirg the following circular. It was received a few Jays since from n corret - pondeitt in St. Louie, who writes, that the author, captain Symmes, is a 'very respectable nan, a man ol inUUizntce, anil really sane in muid. He io states, thatSymmet is diligently iigsged m forwardm - hu Kheme, and that upward of twenty credible pcrtoua have actually CIRCULAR. Liehl greet 1, to lhj e - .wot, - W ifinim; St. Louis, (Viusouri Territory,) 'orU mefica, April 10, A O. 1B18 TO .4 LL TUK n - QUi.U ! I declare the earth is hollow, and habitable wfhin; containtnraaumWr of soIh! rir..i spheres, one within the othrr, and that it is open at the pol" U or 16 decree. I ieo m. i:r. in "tpport of Uiis truth, asd am ready to explore the hollow, if tlve world will support aud aid ate in the smdertakiog. J NO. CLUVES 3TMME3, of Ohio, late Captain of Infan'rv. a. B. I have ready for the press a treatise it I to U 1 on the vrincitle nf alter, wherein I tbowl Dreottoi ibeanoveMuuons. account sor u phenomena, and ditclote Doctor Darwin's golden dm Doctor tvarwurigoweu ' My terms nra the patronage of thi and the new worlds. I dedicate toBV wife and her ten childrM. 1 select doctor B. L - Mitchell, sir II Davy, and baron Alexr. de Humboldt, as my I ask one hundred brave cnmpanlont, well e - quipped, to start from Siberia in the laU season with reindeer and slays, on the ice of the frosen sea I enrage we find warm ana rtcB tana stock ed with thrifty regetables, and animals, if not men. on rearhinr one degree northward of lati tude 82. We will return in the succeediug spring. C S. To his excellency gov. Wm. Clark. We often bear it boasted that the citizens of the state of Connecticut, are the best informed of any in the Union : that they are all, te a man, fit for legislator. But we mutt be pardoned if w say we do not think the following specimen affords any great evidence of the fact - From the Connecticut Mirror, We copy from the Mereuru. the tnecrhet of Air. uurrowsaud Mr. tjhannin?, upon the sub jectof a new constitution. Ihey are perfect specimens oi lite style ana the reason in, with wntcn pese leaden ol toleration influenced their brethren to proceed manfully, in displacing the most lauiuui magistiates and officers, aud in prostrating the long - tried institutions of Connecticut. It is fortunate for the reputation of the stale, ihat the speeches of our reformers have not been published in their oriziual nakedness : but we think that, at le art, a small specimen of their language and arguments, thould be teen by the people. To avoid any imputation of unfairness. we extract frem the reimrts of their friends, the speeches above mentioned. If people inquire how it was possible that lcgulsdors, in the exer cise ol tncir solemn trust, could, bv such reason ing, De misled to adopt many measures which were auopleU during the late session, we answer, they were uot to milled. Night after ni;;ht was me representative's chamber crowded with par. tizans assembled iu caucus, and, without wsijh - in, without hearing the argument opposed to uieir measures, me ueieruiinalion was taken which fixed the fata of laws and of appoiulmcuts 10 otnecs. "Mr. Burrows in a speech of considerable length, advocated the calliu: of a convention to form a contituuon of civil government. Let us said he, form a Constitution lor to let the people nov wnat it s. I am told by gentlemen that we have a constitution, coiuiilinir partlv of tlie charter of Charles II, and partly of usajres and customs. It is impossible for me. for to tell what is iu the main. I would have a constitution' VI r. Speaker for to tell the peonle what the con - ililutioo is. The reason I would have a constitution is, for to make the constitution as simple as poMible. The more simple a piece of machinery is, sir, the more easy it is for the beholder to understand tlio nattiru of it, ir. This constitution otijht to be made for to scenre the "Sh'a of the people - lor to do:ine the risht of suffrage for to limit the power of the lesisla - ! ture for to define and secure 'he rights of con - rii - nce. Without a contitution. sir. it is easv fr the legislature to epiires the poor people. hoe sir, the bill upon your table will pass for citable the people for to form a constitution of civil government for themselves." " M. Chauninsr. Mr. Speaker I think, sir. the subject under the consideration of this hou?e, one of boundless magnitude. I have been so much engaged npnn the committee of finance Jtat 1 nave not been able to give to it that ma ture consideration, which its unimmaKinabte im - iortance demands of the members of the legila - ure oi ionneuirut. 1 am excessively sorrv. ir, to see the least iudicatiou of opposition to the great, vne important, tlie very important subject now tinier the consideration of tho deliberation nfthe immediate repretehtntivMof the people nf me tu'.c ol Connecticut. I understand, Mr. Speaker, from the various parts of the whole state of Connecticut, assembled meeting of the numerous people, were very ceoerally and very - .......ii - ....i. i . ' .i ... ' ., uiuvuimiij niiriiueu. riwn um unequivocal elucidation of their deliberate reflection upon mis unparailelled surject, we ccrtainlr, sir. Irarn their uii)iat'ed opinion UXMi a subject which has, from the earliest sr of aotiquitr. down to the present very eulightened period of the world, occupied and overwhelmed the so lemn cooiJeratioo of the create l statesman hope the biU will pass.' A democratic paper printed at Hartford Kxlracts from Loo Jon papers to the 8lh of May, received by the ship Draper from Liverpool. Liverpool Ma: - ks,ts. FAtract of a letter, May 9 " Dm ing the past three weeks the r ivals of cotton have ben very heavy, being upwards of 34. 000 bays, ch cfly the U. - t;iles and H axil sales during the same time only 11.3o0bMj (Jur market has in come - quence been declining, and we cannot quote L'pUnds t more thii 20 a 21 1 - 41 fir very (food. 21 12 i a.kcd; New - Orleans, 2i 12a 2i Se: Inland - , os 3, 3i 9 and up to t here will pioliably be more business doing in the market soon, but as a large proportion of the late arrivals will be soon landed, any revival nfthe demand will prnlubly be fully met by a disposition to sell. Of Fiour, the sup - p'ies continue large, and there is so little disposition to buy, that prices can be considered little else than nominal ; .50s would be taken treely, but it ottered even at 4Hs it seeim doubtful whether there wou;d be buyers at ar.y extent. 1 here is a demand for good wheat, but the Mipidies from the continent being hea vy, and iikely to be considerable, though but ntlc has come m fom America, prices are de clining. It may be quoted at I'ii 3d a 13 3. the five weeks average, received this morn - in?, is bS rf. A - ihes, Pots 55s to 56 - . C Pearls 56s 6 a 57s 6. dull, and looking down - , Rice 45s a tin 6 ; in bond 3d a ZT, steady ; Terpentine 13s a 19 i Tar ltis 6 a 10 i, steadv . Bark ISs a :ts. very dall. I.O.DO., May 7. When tho bt slitpi Ul tt. 'leleua, H.miiv parle still ontinued in a sour m o I, took no et - ercis r, and refused to see any vi - itors. In coDsrqunnce of the muumlerstunding be tween count Monthokon ayl srm. (iour , at t. Helena, the latter ha returned to Knrm.r in the Camden. It is stated that lluonapartt peremptorily forbade the decision of the quarrel by duel. Mr. Ua'colm, at who - e house llu na - parte resided when he first l in led, ha also re turned tn l.njhnd with his family. The ridiculous reportt circulated yesterday, thst a ecrei corresimndence hxl beeu detected at tt. Uelcua, are without the least toundation. The celebrated chieftain, sir Grrjor Mar Gregor, nhosoexploits in 6oulh Aincnca have been the theme of to much conversation in hn bind, had a narrow escape a few d.ys ago, fpy the accidental overturning, near vv, of a te roach, in wliich he was a passenger for Ed uiour - h. A young laity in tne coacn nau ner collar bone broken, and was to much bruised that she was obliged to be left at Wooler. 1 he celebrated Iavalclta is said to have rest drd in Scotland for a considerable time past ; aud it ts added that he is now in lndon. The Duke of Wellington and suite from France. was landed at Dover on the td of May, from the i.'ira uuncan racket, and proceeded lor Loo. aoa. GLASGOW, May 5. The American Consul at Havre, after notifying that Messrs. Gallatin aud F.ustis, the com - missiGoers ten, to France, for the pnrpose of or - ;ociatig a Coeoa.rrcial Trtilt. Kuj - i :,. obuinin - their object, adJrestcJ a letter dated uavr lit we prenucui . .. - . v .. - - - - - American ships and cargoes in Fraact. He concludes thus : " It rust be obvious to you that there are just greauds for oimlisfaclioo, and that thev will, when known, tend rreatlv to in jurs) the commerce of thit place with Utn United Statea." The chamber nf commerce gava no reply whatever? there wat in. consequence a public meeting held, at which tbo merchants patted several violent resolution reflecting on the French government and the great exactions imposed on the trade of America. Tba following article is ettracted from a Falmouth, (Jam.) paper, of the 6th of May. Painful as it alwavs is to censure the conduct of public characters, it it particularly unpleasant to. speak with disapprobation of aim to whom the honor of the Bntuh Dag it in any wise entrusted. Of the urbanity of the admiral at present on this station, we have heard with pWure. Courtesy of manner is no lets suited to the quarterdeck than to the drawing - room ; and the naval commander who unites refinement wit h bravery, deserves and obtains peculiar commendation. To this praise sir Home Popham it entitled. He it, we have heard, a gentleman of literature ; be it known also to be both assiduous aud ingenuous. These just acknowledgments to the rear admiral will secure tins article from the suspicion of having proceeded front motives either personal or otherwise unworthy. Hot there are considerations of public duty, paramount to any feeling of respect for an individual, under the impulse of which it would be culpable to remain silent. - The public are aware that some sliort time ago, a vessel from St. Domingo anchored at Port lioyul. The persons on board stated that they had dispatches for the governor of Jamaica, anil for the admiral upon this station. Of the correct and dignified conduct of his majesty t representative, upon this occasion, it is uniiccessary now to speak ; it wat exactly what it should have been. What were tlie contents, or the subjects of these dispatches, it is now unnecessary to inquire. The bearers of these documents were negroes and people of colour. With such persons the governor of Jamaica could have no personal intercourse. They niiht be rich, and good, and enlightened, and religious : all these are erson - al and private qualities ; but they came in a public capacity. It was in public capacity also, that Ihcr be came known to sir Homo I'opham. 1'et he re - reived them. He invited them to dinner ! They Jined with him and with hisfaoi.ty ! He placed his wife between two of these black men ! Kav, he tent hit owo carriage, tcith white tenants, to convey them from the landing place to his house ! and afterwards to reconver them from hit houte to the waterside I Did sir Home Popham receive these neonle in their public capacity ? If he did, how could he presume to act in direct opposition to the known policy of the Crilith government, which dis claims any intercourse with the people ol et. Do - ruiuro, any recognition of their functionaries. aud any public knowledge of their existence .' . Did he receive them as private persons ? .4 re theu the associates of a British admiral stationed at Jamaica, to be selected from a coouunnity ol negroes' Are all considerations of public propriety to be sacrificed to personal preference ? is it any atoocmeut to the outraged fcelinrsol ladv Popham, that three respectable merchant of Kingston submitted to the degradation of bein; present r Is nothing due to the sentiments, the interests, and the safely of thi island ? But it is innecotoary to expatiate upon this subiaet. The just indignation of an intuited people will reach sir Home ropham through another channel. Translated from a file of French Papers, re ceived at the otTice of the IWon Intelligen cer. Paatt, Aptiiai Garnerin, the Aeronaut ha made another attempt to ascend in his balloon, but wat obliged to decend in consequence of bad weather. flaeards in Pans announce tor Thursday, April 30th, the astrrikion of the famous ner s - tat, L'lris, which w ill take pla. e from - dena of the Luxembourg for the benefit of the sufferers by the fire of tlie Odeon. This Gigantic tUI'oon whici is 72 feethiih, 141 feet in circumference and the capacity of which is 47,. SZ cuhic feet, will be inflated by a n w mode, more expeditious and less expensive than that usually employed. The experiments conducted by Mr Labeau tiie ascension by Mr. Maniclcr. From the M'eio - YorkOatftle. Quarantine Regulations. W have freej'tmt - ly heard it rcurtrkud, that the HtR th - Ofn er has too much power, and that his discretion oi - ten operates against the interest of the merchant, and dejineUly favorable to lighters. Iu pursuing his important duties, the Health - Oificer, we believe, is under no influence. In favor of this ciiuoo, we appeal to thoie who have applied for favors rispcctics; particular vei - sels and cargoes. The quarantine laws ar hi guide ; and it is believed, lliat if more i - ower was vetc.l in the Health - Uihi tr, the affairs ol that establishment would bear less I ii;mo the commercial community, as it often happons that vessels are compiled by Itic to perlorm qu. - trah'.ine, that could wi:h t faf,.(y t0 the Ueallh of the city, be liberated Tne law is lame and o' - 'ght to be aucmlcJ. It i to ! pre umed that every genlluuian who is apptiiiiind to this responsible oi&cr, v.'iil!.nve''..Miisi. - n.s, and therefore ouht nut to be bouud by any set of regulations mhdu by pciru unai quainicJ with the su'jcct ; or by meii unprincipled enough to make lawt to further the views ol particular individuals. It lias been asked what ;ve ri?e, in in? season, to the regulation wtMi ot ii,;"i testis li. im the e;i - twarl, loiJed with Plater of Paris to proceed tn the quarantine - onnd for ex imina'iou ; - ind whether trrr a tine one was stopprdor o - bligcd to perform quarantine As well mcht the river craft from Albany and F. - oous so down to the Heal'.h - Oificer and pay their fee, and tlun come up ami unload If it be nc - cesary that the income of t'le Health - 0:1'k er should be ii rta - nl, givehim a hau l. - ome - atary, tnd not prrplet vc . Is and commerce with de'ention ai.d expet.. - n uieroiy to swell the leer ot Tho writer nf this article is aware of the high unpoi inner oi a eorreci quaraulme ; but he is al - o mre, that more regard has been paid to tbo incim? i f ceruuu individuals, than t - J the he .1th of liw citv. A. C. From the PMIaMphut Pctnicrotic Prtrt. " While we applnii.l the tlrr.isirn ar.d energy of rneral J. :' - n i.i the (j 11, we cannot but regret to see liiin cxiiibit ou alino't ail oxannL a cry vindictive temper, and irJa'ge is the most violent language, whenever Tie imijinei any one tomes in contact with his authority .' From the .iurora. CeneralJackritn The ministerial papers have beeun the cry against reneral Jackson. Hit offence is Lit splendid public services; they operate as a foil that is painful lo tiWe pinnies, who mut rtrain their necks to lojk, without being able to reach his height in two facts any be seen the whole nf hi sins. New - Orleans saved, and the enemy who tor. vivej driven into the tea - without beauty or booty. The claims oTthose who envy bim. Washington conflasratod the execnti re of the nation in all its deoartmsott put tn flirbt v a picqcet guard of Britiah troops, and 90XX) fire - 1 . U . mmmiI iVnilrtnAiY Vi V the f Soviet gauicreuon uis vuuu( . j fugitives. . ' When the country seas, looking aronnu lor a man worthy of their confidence to reward with first honor tlwutand looked to gen, Jackson be was not only very geuerally spoken oi'for pre - , tideut, but it wat contemplated in many cf tbe ilatet to put him in nomination this" was a crying tin, and tbe pimp of court politicians were et to work b defame bim the most erandalout torie were put afloat by 'hose rteature that derive tbeir nurture about the public dung - hill. From the Boston Daily Advertiser. Tbe following are the remarks of Duanc, in tbe Aurora ol Saturday last, on a paragraph from a federal paper, in which it wat, among other things, observed, that "all the heads of departments are of the democratic party the foreign ministers, commissioner and ogeutsol tbe tame stamp." This it not true Mr. dams never was, nor it he now a democrat hit opinions are exactly those of his father, that a republic means any tiling or nothing ; ne always neiu me uoc - trine, that the congress, like the British parliament, thould be omnipotent, that is superior te tbe constitution. Mr. Madison and Mr. Monroe have acted upon this principle, in the yazoo, the bank, and the Florida war, making and sending of ambassadors without consent of congress or senate. Mr. Pinkney had always too much magnanimity to affect being any thing but a federalist ; and though he accepted office and sought it, he never played the hypocrite like Mr. Adams and Mr. Calhoun ; the latter gentleman, thoigh a Carolinian by birth, and the son ol a most worthy and open - hearted Irishman, was educated at Tale, and has studied what Abraham uithop dl never be forgiven for revealing his politics hang very loose about him and indeed he cannot be properly accused of any prtnriplrs but an inflexible devotion to No. I, indifferent alike to every thing che. Mr. Monroe, Mr. Crawford, aud Mr. Wirt, are all Virgiuia no man can tay that the government of Virginia it a democracy." From fAe Washington City Gazelle, f 'aiuaO'e improvement. Mr. John Henry Tilee, lute from Leintic in Germany, hn made a valuable discovery in the mode of ttiti'ttiiug lints, by which thev are made water proof, v e have seen one ol these hits immersed in wa ter for twenty - lour hours ; when taken out it was perfectly stiff and in good form. Though bats made in thi way are rendered perfectly waterproof, yet they are as soft, light and pliable as any other. Mr. Tilsco it at present encased with Mr. W. II. Hamer, of this place, in the manufacture of these w;.ter - prool hats ; Iroui whom alone tiiey are to be obtained. BALTIMORE, Juno 12. From Jamaica. Uy the arrival of the llritish brig Delight, capt. Trott, from Kingston, Jamaica, we have received files of tho Kingston and St. iagode la Vega Gazettes to the 2Jd ult. in clusive. The Kingston papers contain a very long re port of the trial of capt. Bene Beluche, of the privateer General Aritmendi, for piracy, on the charge of having, on the 13th April last, assault ed one James Scott, whom he put in great bodily fear of hit life, and taken from the said Scott a boat, kc. Tbe jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Information had been derived, bv the sloop Dolphin, arrived at St. Jago on the 20th ult. di rect from 6't. Domingo, that Aury effected a landing, some time in the early part of May at Ytmaoa ; and after encamping tome troops, pro ceeded to Palanque Kay, a few leaguet to lee ward of the city of St. Domuigo, where he had established hit head quarters. In consequence or this intelligence, nil the regulars and militia at the capital had been put under arms, for the pnrKwe, a was said, of marching to Palanque todiModgn him. It will be recollected that ba inana is to the eastward of St. Domingo, in the bay - ef tba nmr name ; it is taid to hava the advantage over all other placet at a maritime port, which renders ft capable of protecting the whole xulf of .Mexico, to which the bay is in reality a ley. B4.LTIMORF., Jnne 13. Arrived thit morning the brig Strong. Gerry, from Leghorn, and 4H day from Mni.isa, with a large quantity of marb'.e for the Faniiit Monument and the bxehange, now in r'resion. Leit at Malaga, a . i ork brig, name unknown, iing at quarantine. APPOINT VENT3 Made at tbe pr sent session of the Hon the Council of Appo ntment. June 12. Kinjrs Win. K .Dean, Wm Spader, auctioneer!. Q'.irens, new general commission Singleton Mitchell, James Denton, Gerrit Fiirman and Henry O. 'eaman, and justices, James Collwcll, Rmjamin Ellison, Charles Powell, Lucius Kellogg, of Oysterba), Daniel Lawrence, Aaron Furman It Daniel Riker, of Newtown, Daniel I .ml lam of Jamaica, Gerret Laton, John Schenck jun. and Daniel Kissam, jun of Xortti Hempstead, tvm. Molt, Oliver Uenton and Richard Beedle of Hempstead, Richard Cornell, Benjamin Arisen, and James Blood - good, of Flushing justices ol the peace F.bene - t .r Seely, Nicholas Wyckoff, Joseph Pettit and John W. Seaman, commissioners to take acknowledgment of deeds, &c. Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, foi Washington county June Term, IH1U. Uceiling i Crancli, t hief Justice, v delivered the opinion on the Buily's Endorsers i Court - By the Court decreed That in an action by n F.ndorsee vt Endorser, the plaintiff innt prove a demand mad on the drawer on the third lay of grace notice to the Endorser on the next day. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office nf the Freeman't Journal. ) I'hilmlelphia June 1 i. $ Arrived, sloop labella, Donnelly, 5 days from Charleston. trl - Hip Hetty, West. 3dnys from Norfolk. Mir Wi lii'in, York, II days from K as t port. Capt. Thomson of the Lovely Lydi, left at ft. Domingo, 30:h May, brig Sally Ann, Clark, of New London, for the coat t load with ma - l ogmiv, in a few dai ; the ship Pilgrim, Browa, of .ewluiryport, sailed 26lh for Aquin, to load with fustic, logwood, A:c. ; tlie brig Muskingn. Duckeiidorf, was loading on the const. Coming out, the L. L. was hoarded by a schr. helongirg to the United Patriot tquadroo of 21 sail, then ff treat' d pohtelT. The .Spaniards expected I a attack, and conceived themselves fully pre - psrea 10 rr jh - i n. Th: ship Cordelia. Midlon.'cf and for this port from Littvin, has put into Fayal in distress, and espected to be condemn' d. No Arrivals at the Lazaretto. The City Inspector reports the death of 41 persons, from the 6th day of June to the 13th day of June, 1818, of the following diseases Child bd, 1 ; consumption 4 ; convulsions t ; contusion 1 ; dropsy in the head 1 ; drowned I ; fryer 1 ; intermittent do 1 ; typhus do li ; bse - rnnrrhaee I ; hive or croup 1 ; infanticide 4 ; insanity 1 ;lork - d jaw I ; old age 1 ; worm 1 ; pattey I ; pleumonia typhodtt I ; plurisy 1 ; till horn 6; suicide by laudanum 1 ; taliet me senterira 1 ; teething 1 ; nicer 1 ; whooping cough 1 ; GEO CUMIXG, City Inspector. DIED, . Ttiis morning, at 4 o'clock, in the 16th year other age, Miss Mary Hamilton Bruce. The friends and acquaintance of her father, Wil lum Bruce, and alto of Alex J !Lamdtnn,are requested to attend her funeral tomorrow afternoon at 6 o'clock, from No. 139 Broad .ray. r . KSiatiNQ POST X MXL Li V . . . ,' CLEARED, ' ' . Sloop Lydia, Nirkersou, Boito .Neptune, Hopkhs, .' B - '.timor" Regulator, Sew! - , ' New - Bllor Schr FranhliD, Gibbi, Ni - wpord JRRlkT.n fHIS; FORRffO - JK Schr Aurora, Hail, 8 dayt from Boston, with molasses, rum, pepper, canvas, Ac. to W Davit, and other. Schr Relief, Baxter, 7 dnyfrom Portland, with icm, oap, ather. Ic. to Fiih & Grinnell, and Van Notrick S Miller. Schr Saliy, Brown, 10 day from Nantucket, with oil, toF Jerkins & Co. Sloop Lady Hamilton, Prior, 8 day from Richmond, with coal, to (he master. Sloop Kliza, Coleman, 4 tliyi from Nantucket, with oil and candles, to tho matter. Sloop Patriot, Crosby. 4 dayt from Nantucket, with oil, candle and whalebone', to order. Sloop New - York, Chunk, 3 dayi from Bristol, R I with rum. Sloop Ann, Comttock, t diys Providence, R. I. w ith domestic goods, lime. Ac. Sloop Maria, Spellman, 2 days from Providence, with rum. - Sloop Eliza, Davidson, 1 days from New London, with sundries, to the master. Sloop Faroe, Hale, S days from Warren, RI. with rum and molasses, to Bailey At Russel. Sloop Comet, Bradley, 3 days from Boston, with beef, ginger and dry good's, to P Kemccn & Co. and others. BELOW 2 shins. Cleared at Greenock, April 20, thip Union utnir, lor iew - i orx. Advertled to sail from Greenock on the 15th Mar. for New - fork, the ship Harmony, Sptnce. The Dew ship Martha. Suetchlev. was to sail from Liverpool for New - York, about the 20th of may. Ship Minerva, from N Orleans at Havre. Ship Ocean, Foote, from N York at Dublin. The Highlander and Ih - ittannia, both from N Yuiki have been spoken by vessels arrived in England. ARRlVF.n I.JST F.VFJfLVG, Ship Draper, Adams, 35 days from Liverpool, with dry (roods and hardware, to B. W Ro - gers L Co. S. & J. Hudson, J. Thompson. F Thompson, T ?earth, Otis & ?wan, R II Sajrer, F. Lyde, W Manks, J S Bailey, S Brown, .1 Fox, C M'F.vcts, G .Suckley, A Van Nest, J Bates, J Woodhead, Dunham & Auchincloss, H & G Barclay, W fielded, Kelly, Morrison & Clswson, J Clendining A Son, A S Norwood, J Varoy k Co. N Rogers & Son, .ands, Spooner & Sands, I. X. J Demmmg A: Co. Atkinsons A Fleming, J Kendall, J Charters, II Brothers, J Heard, L C.&i'V Hammersly, Smedes tk Can - field, J Dixon, J Trtielock, Day, Downs and Fastburn, W Mitchell, J Wigham, J W Schmidt fc Co. Marx & Linsley, J St N Haiglit, J Adams, Forniquct & Wheatly, Kip&lnia ham, D I. Dodge, T 4: J F Lawrence, W A Roberts, R Rauicy & Co. A Sorgenfrey, S 1 Tnbias tz Co. D Hadden, J W Seaman k. Co F. Bobbins, H K Tolcr&Co J Tnler, Taylor; Hinsdale, Stout Sc Piatt, T Dotnii, Marsh and Brooks, N Hoirers & s'on. If W IX lavan, W W k T L Chester, J Whitehorn, R Kingsland k Co. W W Kenny, W C Holly, Sigoumcy and llaydcn, T Seanh, T and II Demilt, J i.rav lluid k Sewall, Lawrence, It .pelve k Co. J G Pietson k Brothers, J Carrow, Shipman and Lord, T Wright, Loid 4 Otmsted, Aikin, Fisher k Goddard, B Marshall, Smith i Hubhrll, Ma jor & Gillespie, S Krown, J Givan, L Slansbie, J Cooper, W Brycc. L Rollins, 1 redwell k Kis sam, G Diimmer Ik Co. .nd liver, Bremner & Co Passengers, John Brougli, and 47 in the steerage, tuileil Aprd 10. Met an American shin going in. , Ship F.dwin - Bolton, sailed in co. for the Baltic. Left ship Jane, Fergus, for Philadelphia, next day; Julius Caesar, for N oik, IJth ; t - hip Martha, s - ketchley, for do. 20th ; Favorite, Hart, for Bostoh, QOth. Ship Foster, Moran, 40 days from London derry, halltst, to W & S Craig. Schr. from N York, had jut arrived at Belfast ; brig lle.en. Frost, sailed 2 davs before for N Y'ork Spoke. May 29, let. Ai IB, long 43 S3, ship Margaret, Kelly, of Baltimore, 26 day from N Orleans for Havre June 2, 1st 33 47, long 53 3.1, brig Trident, of Kennebunk, 10 day from N York, for Bordeaux. Passengers, Air. Atkinson, and 51 in the steerage French ship Galalhce, Dupin, 54 days from Havre, with plaster and burr stones, to L Sol lier. Passenjrcrs, Messrs. A Brodart, and P Scnvon. poke nothiiifr. Brijr Henry Clay, Thomas, 48 days from jon. don, with hemp, iron and dry goods, to Jacob Barker, owner. P Kemsen ft Co. A W borgin by, J A k W B Post, Goodrich & Kellogg, Collins & llannay, KukK Mcrcem, A Kinder, RPearsall.J W Sampson, J M'Call, Dr. Ho sack, Jones li Clinch, J Bowerbank, P A Me - sier, J F.aslburn, J Funshaw, II k G Barclay, J Lambert. D Bryan, IS, shop Hobart, It L Li vingston, II Leavenworth, I Levi, R Bach, Rev. Mr. Milnor, Day, Downs k Eastbum, the Captain, and to order. Passenger - , Mrs M A Mude, It Lambdcn, C Row land, J Corleth, M Steward, S Reid. and 7 in the steerage. Left at London, tiups lto kingham, Williams, for N York, 1st M.y ; Radius, Delano, fordo Favorite, Kennard, for Baltimore in 5 days. Sch Chailotte Corday, Pike, 5 dayt from E demon, with staves and shingles, to J Johnson k Son. Anion? the vessels which sailed from this port on Sunday morning, was the beautiful new ship Marcus, capt Hilliard, for Havre, intended as a regular packet from hence to that port. Lloyd's List. May 5. Arrived, Bannon, Owen, Baltimore. Olf Plymouth, April 30, Philip Tab. Virginia ; Massachusetts, Boston, for Amsterdam. Off Falmouth, 1st, Isabella, from X Orleans for Havre. Off Tiiscw, Apri. 28, Chatham, from N York for Belfast At Belfast, 26th. Hibcrnia, Filzsimnions, Charleston Oll Texel 23th, Ophelia, Proctor, China and Cowes. Helvoet, 29th, arrived, Juliana, Auger, N York. At Havre, May 1, Hector, Shcl don, Charleston ; Repeater, Allen, do. At Quilebeuf,21st, ne, Destebecho. N York. At Leghorn, 11th, Maria, Lone, Alexandria. At Falmouth. May 4, brig Nancy, Packard, 2i dayt fiom N York for order. LIVERPOOL, May 8. Arrived week past, Caledonia, Swain. New - York ; Gen. Hand, M' Neal, New - Orleant; Luphrates, De Cott, New - York; Unify, Thompson, Philadelphia; Wood - roo Simt, Ealet, do; Liverpool Packet, Burkctt, do; rimma Matilda, Anudtl, do; Edward Downs, Hodgson, XMew - Urleans ; racitic vvuiums, New - York ; Rodie, Milhurn, New - Orleans ; Halliday, Stewart, Charleston ; Diana, Clifford, Boston ; Active, Brown, Savannah ; George Washiueton. Hallani, do; Mary Ann, Stubbt, do; Orozimho, Paddock, Baltimore ; John Bulk - lev. West, t'hiladelptua ; John, bhaokland, sa vannah ; Congress. Kiiik, do; Willmm, Brainard, New - t)rleans ; Atlanta, nose, Baltimore, bail ed. Mar I Washinaton, Kellcran. for Boston. 3d, Liverpool Trader, Fruno, for do ; Robert Thompson, rs. Iork. Mil. jane uoraoo, tco - hertt, New - Orleant ; Rirhard Fmdiattr, do ; Ganges, brown, iew - lork. l he vVhnrt' n. Frost, airirrd at Falmouth, aw on tbe 8 It) April, fen American thip from N. York, dismasted. Off Liverpool Mar 4. Gen. Washington. Pott. fnm Richm indr' I Tbe Atlas, from Alexandria, at Cork. At Dover, May 5, ship Philip Tabh, from A - merii a. CHARLESTON, June 8. Arrived, British hrig Higlander, Donald, Dundee, 70 days. On the 21st May, was boarded by a Spanish Patriot' privateer, who took from us a barrel of beef, some spirits, kc tlie City of Ldiuburgb was boarded at tbe tame time, and robbed ol three barrels of beel,tVc - May 2J. (poke brig Levant, Hall. 13 day from Portland, (Maine) bound to Guadeloupe. June 3, bit 3140, loog 7 20, spoke brig Bulah, Morgan, 17 dayt Iron N Or - k - ant, bound to Copenhagen. Swedish Ketch Laura, Volgert, Stralsond, 60 day. Went to tea yesterday ehip Milo, Bronson, for Liverpool ; bngi Commerce, MesKrrey, far Havre ik Grace ', Dover, Esdatl, for Tfork atd frovideisce, K. 1. J tchra Arabella, llaidwictr for ?l York; loniia, - Thorp; for NYorfc. ; lielow last eveuing,, U. 8.. brig f rometbeas and Khr Lynx, from SL Mar'. . ' iAui i.viuur;, jiuia 13 Arrived, brig Ala. bama, Hamilton, from New Orleans, 18 day ami 14i,.li.. fl: - . u Brig Lros, Boyle, 16 day from St. Thomas. Schr ttunt"r, Perley,'41 days from Cape Hen. ry. 1 he tchr. f riends belonging to and from St. Thomas, for tbe Capt, was cupturr d by an open boat on the coast, the boat was manned by ten mulatto, s and two white men. the schr hart V cargo of dry goods valued at $25,000, and 20,000 in pt -, me uoui was given 10 me crew 01 tlie Khr. who brought her to Cape Henry. Schr Lucy, Coleman, 16 days from St. Jago, Cuba. ... Schr Tattler, , from Salem. - Sloop Oswego, Gavit, 14 days from St. Jago, Curia. . . Bostojv, June 13. Arrived sch Sarah Aim. Lombard, 7 days from Savannah. Sch Packet, Foster, 7 days from Philadel - phia. Sch Dolphin, Burgi. 13 day from Havana. Steam - boat Massachusetts, from NYork. Arrived at Quarantine, brig Acadia. Gels. ton, 27 days from Trinidad. Admiral Brion passed ht. Kitts on the 28th May, with a squadron of six sail, amontr them was the ship Emerald, of i4 guns, two brig and three' schooners, with arms and ammunition, for Carraccas. THEATRE. MR. BARNES BENEFIT. On WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jnne 17, Will be presented, the operatic drama of FREDERICK THE URF.jtT Frederick, kins of Prussia. Mr. fr;i.l,,..i " c m itvuaiu Govcniorof the citadel, Jones Brant, an old quarter - master, Robettton b, Bames Matilda, rovernor's niece. Mr. Charlotte, his daughter, Groshon At the end of tho play Mr. Baldwin will sing the favorite song of Professional Dinners. The ' iiraaa tvreatii nance, oj ivir. and Mrs. Parker. Alter which, a new jong (written and sung) by Mr. Barnes, called, The Tight 6'tock, or the Bumpkiu turn'd Soldier. , 1 o conclude witn me romantic mclo drama of ' THE BOLD LUUAN1ERS, Or, 77ie Discovery of Robinson Crusoe, Robineon Crusoe. Mr. I'ariboo, chief of the cannibals, Parker lil'iff, a boatswain, Hilton Windlass. Prilrhirrt Nipcheete, ship steward, Barnes litis, Crusoe's wife, Mrs. Groshon , iLr Performance to commence at half oast 7 o'clock, precisely. On Friday, the favorite play of TheSur. reuder of Calais, the ratio - drama of The Wood, mau's Hut, and other rntertaiunicntt, for the benefit of Mr. ROBKRTAON. LOUT, f7 Yesterday morning, in passing from Fo. ton - street to Fly - market, six silver Tea Spoons marked T. A - II. on the handles A liberal reward will be given by leaviuj them at SI Fulton - street. June 16 It NOTICE. The Subscriber hat opened an establishment which he has entitled the BLOOtflNG GROVE GARDEN, about three quarters of a mile from the Brooklyn ferry - stairs, on the Jamaica Turnpike road, opposite capt. L. Brewer's, where he solicits the patronage ofhis friends , and the public. He bat laid in an assortment of the choicest Wines and Liquors tliat the New York maiket affords. Also, at all times, at the shortest notice, be will furnish Chocolate, Coffee and Tea, Relishes, kc. The Garden it haud - ....... .1 .kn.tu - .l r. 1 1. . M . I. - u RUIUC .11. rtf.l.4J, ...... full, uWftlUEU f w a ueauuiui prospect ol the narrows, Btaien Island, A c. L. CAM BIZ. June 16 2w RISE OF TICKETS, CCT Tickets in the Milford k Owego Road Lottery, will rise to - morrow, immediately after tlie drawing, to R IO ; previous to .which they may be bad at Medical Science at $26, of BENJAMIN BUTLER, je 16 2t 27 Wall - street. (Xj The first drawn number TO - MOKItOYV afternoon, in the Grand lload Lottery, ill be entitled to $500 j and the fii st number on the nrxt day nf drawing will be entitled to the Capital prize of g - 'tj.OOO. The splendid pri.'. zes of g'o.OOO, 10,000, kc. must be drawn in a few days. Tickets and shares for tale by R. V Al'i'E, jun. lo6 Broadway, who has alrea dy sold and paid in the present Lottery, prizes', of $5000, 1000. 4c. "je 16 35,000 DOLLAKS 'piIE 10th drawing of the Grand Road Lotte - L ry to - morrow Jl 4 o'clot k the first draw uumlier will be entitled to $500 ; and the lit drawn no on the following drawing, to - morrow week, will be entitled to $J5,000. This 3d Grand Capital Prize may be purchased at GRA - Clr.s, lltj Broadway, where these faluahle chances are now selling at a small advance.and on such terms a cannot but be satisfactory to ad - veuturers at their office. le 16 ' $70,tNi0, $Jo,Ou), 410,000. OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY draw agaia to morrow, when the first drawn number will he entitled to $500, and to - morrow a week. Hie first drawn will he entitled to $35,000, and 10th July $70,000. Thit grand Lottery is to be completed on the I7(h July, those who with for cliHiiccscan hesupplyed at GILLESPIE'S, No. 1 14 tsronnway, opposite viiy uotei. Je 1C St v . FOURTH VF JULY JUBILEE. BOOTHS Places for erecting ofbooth at the Battery, may be had, until Friday the . 26th instant, by application at the flagstaff on tha battery. Those pertooa whooccupicu them tail year w.'.I have the preference by applying toon. Jelt ot JUlM Uf.cur.vv. . FOUR I'll JULY Jl'BlLEE. BOOTHS - Places for erecting Booths at the Park and Bowling Green the 4th July next, will be assigned on Thursday the 18th instant, at Ihe citv - ball, between tha hour of 8 nnd 10 ra the forenoon. Those persons who occupied them Inst year wiil hive th preference, if applied for until Friday the 26th instant. Jel6 For OJV, l The sloop MAKi - ANN, J. J. fine. .yy.mictfr bavin? the greater part of her cargo on board, will sail to - morrow, weather permittincr. For remainder oflreight or pas sage, apply on board east tide Ctirlinjj - slip, or to AiNSUiM G. fHEL.ra, . , je 16 133 Front - street For RRtStVL, England.) The coppered thip ANDREW XvTL'.JACKgQN. Morton, master, hatiot; most ol her cargo eiaged, will positively sail on, Tuesday insL For freight of about 750 bbl or passage having excellent arcommnuauow, apply on lard at pier No. W, near Feck - sup, us P. SCHERM ERHORN k SONS, or Je 16 B. W. ROGERS & CO. tor Frcieht or CAarer. i A first rate coppered and copper tasteo - ea oinr.aooiii ov ui 'lyvj olliceoJ P.A.SCHER.VIEIiHOK.Nl0. 93 Va?hington - ttrect, r HENRY COIT. Jane 16 tf 91 South rtreet. Sirie A're,iAi or I'hartrr The .rhr ITRf. - HIV. cant. Paul. 100 .tons, a very substantial rood vessel, and in une order for any voyage. Apply DO poaru, at pier 10, east river, or to JOSEPH OSBORN, jglS - , t88outb - treet. asHttatsatstjjsv . a

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