Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 25, 1931 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1931
Page 18
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1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE STEADY PRICES HELD IN SWINE Demand for Good to Choice r Steers Strong but for - Others Poor. CHICAGO, March 25 . CffO--In- creased receipts of cattle consisting largely of wheat packers classify as trashy offerings, canceled the ef- ;fect of the strong closing market of the previous day. Inquiry for good jto choice steers.was broad enough but medium and inferior kinds were 'not wanted. Packers received two cars of cattle direct-from Milwaukee out of the estimated run of 10,000, which was 3,000 larger than the "advance car report had indicated. Hog prices were held steady on a Bupply of 16,000 \fresh and 5,000 stale hogs. Packers received direct consignments of 2,000 and .they were not evenly distributed. Choice lights taken by yards traders and Shippers at $8.10 equaled Tuesday's top. Butchers of substantial weight went at $7.35@7.40, but the major packers did not give the early market good support. None of the 7,000 sheep and lambs yarded here today went direct to packers and with all buyers 3n the market higher prices were in-evitable. Lambs of quality were well above $9. . ·'· Hogs closed very slow, butchers mostly IOC or more lower. Cattle finished stronc to 25c higher ana steep fairly active, strong 'to unevenly higher. 5.50; utocker and feeder steers, good and choice (all weights) $6.75@9; common and medium (all weights) $5.25^0.75. IJVESTOCK FORECAST. . CHICAGO, March 25. upj-OHMal estimated receipts tomorrow: Cattle, T.OOO, BOGS, 23,000; sheep, 13,000. ^ ' LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAOO, March 25.--Estimated recelpls of hoes, 25,000; cattle, 8.000; sheep. 10,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO, March 25. (.«-- Representative sales as selected by the U. S. department of asriculture- Steers-21 31 18 24 20 39 13 21 20 21 13 13 20 IS 26 20 18 16 1490 1448 1JQ5 885 1397 1200 1398 1172 1328 1091 1350 081 9901161 1107 916 962 881 Heavy- It 364 41 335 63 303 53 287 65 272 39 255 Medium-- Local Hogs ·" MASON CTTY, March 25.-- Best sorted lights, 180 to 230 Ibs., $7.30; best medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 Ibs., ?7.10; best heavy butchers, 270 to 300 Ibs., 56.80; best prime heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs., $6.60; best packing sows, SOU to 350 Ibs., ?6.00; best heavy sows, 360 to 400 Ibs., $5.80. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK ' CHICAGO, March 25. t-TJ-- United Elates * e Ho r G3 C lVooof B ^000 U di^t; slow, mostly steady; spots strong; top S8.10; bulk 160210 Ibs. 57.90®8.10; 220-320 IDs. S7.20® 7 85- pigs 57-25®"=: Packing sows 56.35® 675 I g h t lights 140-160 Ibs. S7.80®810; llEht welEht 160-200 Ibs. S7.85@8.10; med- Jura weight 200-250 Ibs. S7.5008.10; heavy height 250-350 Ibs. 50.90@7.65; packing sow! 275-500 Ibs. *6.35@6.75; slaughter pigs 100-130 Ibs. S7.25®7.85. '. ' CATTLE 10,000; calves 3,000; good and tholcc steers predominating in run; early trada fully steady with shippers setting price pace: 511.00 paid for 1.487 Ib. bullocks' numerous loads with weight 58.75® HO 25* lower grade weighty steers about steady and light kinds steady to 25c lower; 'best yearlings early 510.35; liberal supply irtVnEs In run; mostly 25c oft, In- more.: Elau^i^r_,cattle and rs. 'gooa and choice 600 Si' 900-1100 Ibs. $S.50@10.75; lb. J8.75@10-75; 1300-1500 Ibs. S8.75@ll. common and medium 600-1300, Ibs. 56.25» 8.75; heifers, good and choice 550-850 Ibs. *7®925- common and medium S*^o.*3, low cutter and cutter 5304.25; bulls (yearlings excluded) good and choice _ (beef) S4.2505.75; cutter to medium 53.7504.55, vealers (milk fed) good and choice 57B B.OO; medium 55.50O7; cull and common J4.50O5.50. Btockcr and feeder catlie. Steers, good and choice 500-1050 Ibs S7.50 @8.75; common and medium S5.50©7.50. , SIOTJX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY. March 25. OTJ-- U. S. de- .^CAM^Vo^^aWes^OO; slow; few bee. steers and yearlings 2Sc lower; many bids off more; she stock weak to 2Sc lower, ·bulls easy; vealers little changed; stocken and feeders scarce, about steady; to***°e feds 1,126 Ib. steers 59.75; good 1,456 Ib. buHocks SB; bulk salable around 57.25 S.25; few heifers $7.50 down; most cows X4.25@5.25; medium bulls mainly 5* down. practical vealer top ?7.50; scattered lots , ."SoB SaS. f"r?y acuve to shippers for 160-190 Ib. butchers, steady to 6c higher. Native 225 110 162 117 ' 132 220 1C 20 S 20 34 61 49 30 146 230 227 220 209 202 Lambs-88 81 · 90 93 79 77 105 75 101 98 70 72 59 Heifers-11.00 35 611 10.85 IB 830 10.50 15 834 10.3S 14 797 10. US Cows--· 10.00 12 1322 9.73 11 1H3 9.65 10 1068 9.15 6 h28 8.40 8.MS 7.90 7.75 T.65 7.25 T.UO B.bO 6.25 HOGS. Light Weights-6.85 58 104 7.10 T7 137 7.21) 21 182 7.30 65. 178 7.40 41 169 7.55 60 161 Light Lights-- 8.60 7.50 7.00 6.50 '6.00 5.41) 4.M 3.25 EARLY ADVANCE IN WHEAT LOST Trade of Liberal Volume as Result of Farm Board, Hands-Off Policy. CHICAGO, March 25. #') -- Wheat rose today 2% cents above yesterday's bottom level but ran into profit taking that wiped out much of the advance. The strength shown was largely associated with moves' - NO CLEAR TREND IN STOCK TRADE Market Backs and Fills in Welter of Conflicting Forces. NEW .YORK, March 25. (/P--Thc stock market backed and filled un certainly in a welter of conflicting forces today. Freight car loadings and electric 72 31 55 18 154 140 141 134 7.60 7.05 7.80 7.90 7.91) s.oo SHEEP. Fed Western-- ).rm 240 83 216 85 800 "2 950 93 210 97 Fat Ewes-- . 8.85 S.75 8.65 8.60 8.35 8.25 8.00 7.75 7.50 7.25 7.00 115 12 S 140 167 180 8.10 8.00 8.10 8.00 7.90 8.00 8.00 7.85 7.75 7.60 9.00 S.oS 8.75 8.75 8.50 5.00 4.8.1 4.75 4.50 4.00 by the grain stabilization corporation that apparently precluded anxiety about any dumping of wheat holdings on the part of farm board allies. Trade was of liberal volume as a result also of the farm ^ Q year board's announcement of a hands- shares were off policy regarding the 1931 crop. Wheat closed Irregular, «e lower to 1 Vic higher; corn « G1 Vic ,up:t oats W ® « o advanced and provisions unchanged to a rise ° Notwithstanding that announcement of progressively higher selling quotations by farm board allies would only apply to wheat on hand already, and not to the new 1931 crop yet to be harvested, the bullish effect was more pronounced regarding new crop deliveries than on old. June wheat, generally reckoned an old crop delivery showed % cent Initial decline. AH other deliveries scored Immediate upturns ranging from % to % cents, with July nnd September .displaying the greater relative strength. Corn and oats sympathized with, wheat strength and, with'better eastern demand for Provlsoins were steady, keeping in line w:U hog values. CHICAGO-CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO, March 25. (m--Wheat No. 1 hard TDV-e; No.-l northern spring 79Wc; No. 2 northern spring 79Kc; No. 3 dark rlhern 76%c;'No. 1 mlied TSViC. Corn No. 3 mixed 59Vi®60c; No. t mixed r%«T58}i:; No. 5 mixed 50c; No. 2 yel- w 61Ji61Vic; No. 3 yellow 59®61c; No. 4 ellow 5S@59l4c; No. 5 yellow 36!i@57',ic; o. 6 yellow 56c: No. 3 white 60%®61 Me; o. 4 white 60c. Oats No. 2 white 32@32«c; No. 3 white STOCK LIST NF.\V YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, March 25 Final Quotations. Air Heduo 98:51 Johns Manv Allegheny 10 Al Ch t Dye 154% Allls Chal Mfg 37 V, Am Can - 128 Am Car i Fdy 3314 Am Coml Al 10 Am For Pow 46 Vi Am. Intl 20% Am Loco 28 Am Pow L 5S Am Had St San IS'jk Am Roll Mill 32 . Am Sm 4 Kef 49V4 Am Steel Fdra 27 fi - - 58V 4 77 33 V a 14 Vi Am Sug Ref A T T Am Tob B Am Wat Wks Anaconda Arm of 111 B Atchlson All Ref 'Auburn Aviation Corp B 4 O BarnsdalL A 120 72V. 3714 orden org Warn rigES urr Add an Dry Hog Markets Bv-THE ASSOCIATED PBESS Hog prices at Iowa markets Wednesday rFDAB BAWDS--Prime hogsi Mediums J695®T^5; heavlel !6.65®0.85; lights I695S5T.15; packers 55.65®6.15. DES MOINES--1.100; steady; prime llEhts S7@7.40; prime mediums. S6.00®7 ; 3V prime heavies S8.40@7; good packers S-.oC ®oraUMWA_Unchanged; 120-150 Ib. %£X\^^pji/j»t Peers' ^o?^aSrs'1i£ ^ «£ WATElfLOO--Prime hogs, "0-"0 'DS S7SS7 30- 220-250 Ibs. S6.90O7.20; 250-29 IDs S6.65®G.9S; 290-320. Ibs. S6.40O6.7,. 320-350 Ibs. ?6.30®6.65: good packers 55-7 @6.10. -· sss . Timothy seed $8.25®8.75. Clover seed $11.75(?19.25. lard 58.95; ribs $10.87,; bellies S10.S7. MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, March 25.--Barley · · · -30° Oats 22C Shelled corn, No. 4 4Js Ear corn 40c as re .ch 21 .1 is ex 75% 12 VI 23 '.4 6311 75 H 28 W 22\i 291k 3814 power production, as reported fo the latest weeks, made better show ings than normal seasonal trend had indicated. Tho weekly stee trade reviews, however, reported tha first definite halt in the.uptrend m steel mill activity since the first of again turned over feebly in small volume. The list ge nd T x AV worked- higher during the morning, em st sold off around midday, and turned upward again in early afternoon, under the leadership of American Can and Radio. Coppers were under conc -- -^ siderable pressure in the midday de- case cline, American Smelting losing 2. cerro de Pasco 26 Westinghouse and Allied chemical lost as much. National. Cash Register lost 3, and' Columbian Carbon 4 Pere Marquette dropped 10 to, the lowest since 1925. Auburn shot up to another new high above 250, .then feU back only to receive another thrust. Mullins was again given i (Whirl, getting up 6 points. McKees port and Continental Can each rose about 2 to new tops. U. S. Steel sagged a point, then rallied. The steel trade reviews reportet that the recent' Increase in prices for heavy lines had as yet /liled to prompt any important br Electric Power Prodi: ported for; the week end showed a smaller declina pected for this period, and was -only 2 1-3 cents under the like week p lasb year, the best comparison i recent months. Call money was again firmer, pre sum ably reflecting governmen withdrawals from banks, outside ^of ferings under the official rate of "·" k c t so Kelvlnalor Kennecolt Kresge Kroger Llgg 4 My B Loew's Loose Wiles Lorlllard Louis G i E A 33V1 Mack 40% Math Alkali May D S Maytag McK t Rob If ex Sea Oil Mid Cont Oil II K T Mont Ward Mot Wheel Nash Nat Bis Nat Ch Reg A Nat Dairy Nat Lend Nat Pow 4 L N Y Central N Y N II H 27 32 VI 8D!' ; 58S 54 tJ 1S 20', 37% 17V. 13 It 18* 13 26 S ISVa 39 82 31 50 124% 43 Vi Iowa Falls Knights to Attend Easter Services IOWA FALLS, March 25.--The knights of St. Elmo commandery 48, Knights Templar of this city accepted an invitation to join in the Templar Easter services at the Congregational church in Mason City pril 5. The invitation was extended Antioch Commandery No. 43 of Maon City. A like invitation has been iven the commanderies at Osage, Charles City and Albert Lea. Swea City School Post Sought by 30 Applicants SWBA CITY, March 25.--Thirty applications for the position of superintendent of the local schools were interviewed by the local board yesterday afternoon and evening. Superintendent Hugh Logan, who has been here for the past four years, has handed in his resignation. · i ' 42 V, 7 25 « 38 W 24 W 1627S 25% per cent virtually disappeared. GrainFutures WEDNESDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, March 25, (/P)-- Curb Market . \ closely sorted 180.210 Ib. weights .up to May S7 20W7.00; 220-250 Ibs. . hK 250-200 Iba. 57.20®7.70; 4 Packing sows 275-350 ' Ibs. 6.25 350-425 55.35^5.75. 290-351) g s - . S5.85® Ibs. S5.5006; 425-550 Ibs. . heavy roughs down to OMAHA I-rVESTOCK. ' OltAHA. March 25. W-- U. B. depart- ^'SOOB H^OWtoSSln, 72 direct; une,^; mostly 10-25C lower than Tuesday's ayera:^, Sp $7.60; 'bulk, iao-215 ib. weights ; 57.35£ 7.50; 215-250.. Ib. butchers S7.10@7.40, 250-320 Ib. weights 56.7507.10; 320-375 I b. averages J8...60@7.25: packing cows. SB.15 '"TM*; feeder pigs 56.5007; average cost. (tlrst half) ,,,.,... (last half) MEDIUMS-April May June ........ Sept -·· HEAVIES-April · May June Sept. (first half) Sept. (last half) Offered .....8.45 8.75 9.50 9.50 0.00 Bid HOO FUTUHES. CHICAGO, March 25. (/TV-Hog futures: Bidding SS for light hogs, »TM3 Jor mediums and S7.25 tor heavies to arrive tomorrow : Grade. LIGHTS-April .... May Juno Sept. Sept. a.25 8.40 8.75 WHEAT-Mar. old. now.... May old n e w . . . . June July Sept CORN-- . ilar. old.... new... old new... July Sept OATS-Mar. old... . May old. .. . new... July Sept. ....... RYE-Mar. new... May old.... new. .-. July Sept LARD-Mar. ....... May July BEI..LIES-Hay July High -80% .80H .81)4 .82% .711i .60% .61 .64 .6554 8.00 ....8.50 0.25 s.oo .39H .39% 0.15 Low .7934 .80 .81% L71V4 .60 .50% .0051 .62% .63 'A - . .32'A -321i .38H .39% .40 VI Close .80VS .80 li .81^ .82V» .7114 .60-% .60% .8114 .63H, .63M .65 .05 .30Vi .32 . .32% .37 .3914 .39 H 8.05* 8.07 9.12 11.00 11.15 NEW YORK, March 25. (/TV-The curb market was dull and on the whole fairly 'tcady today. Professional activity accomplished little In either direction, effecting fractional changes in ali groups. A few Blocks were well supported. l*oro corporlalon turned over at a rapid rate, and easily bettered yesterday's top tn«, selling above. 14 into new high ground for the year Aluminum. o£ America, turned reactionary but tho loss was moderate. , Specialty Issues shared in the general sluggishness. Utilities drifted slightly lower and there was also an easier tone to most of the oils. Standard of Indiana held In the neighborhood of 31, which was little belter thai Jta 1931 low. Cities Service was about steady and Vacuum-occasionallyJ*penmmt- ed with higher quotations. The rise in dally crude oil production, making an Increase o nrovlmatelv 150.000 barrels for the past P eT vS,!?! was not particularly encouraging to the hairasscd petroleum stocks. Call money renewed at 2 per cent. Ches £ O Chic Ot W Chic Gt W pt C N W Chrsler Joe aCola Col Fuel Ir Col 0.4; E Col Grapho Coml Solv Com with So ^ongoleum Consol Gas Conll Can Contl Ins Contl Mot Corn Prod Cudnhy Curtlss Wr Deere pf Drug Inc Du Pont Eastman El Pow L Eng Pub Ser Erie FlsS Fox Film A Freeport Tex Genl El Gen Foods Gen Motors Gen Pub Ser Gillette Gobel Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Grah Paige Granby 2054 Gt No Ry pf 65 Gt No I Ore ctf 21b Gt W Sugar 10;s Grig Grun Hahn Hartman B Houston Hudson Hupp 111 Cent Tnd Ref Int Comb Eng Int Harv Int Nick Can I T T 190 §7 53 'A 141- 53V 10 4 6 . 2', 42 To Willis A. Babcock, William Hamblin; anrl to Whom It May Concern: ,. · ' , . . The Commissioner appointed to locate a road sixty-six feet wide commencing at the northwest corner of Section 19, Township 96, Range 20, West of the Fifth P. M. and running east (the center line of the proposed road being the north line of the Northwest Quarter of tho Northwest Quarter of said Section 19, Township 96, Range 20) and terminating at the i ortheast corner of the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 19, Township 96, Range 20, has reported in favor of the establishment kinds, real, personal and Systl^A-Sa-rsSs: elation or corporation. To own^Dy ^ ^ rporatlon, and to enter sell. law. and with any person, firm, i or corporation, public, private or wu»« 1 J°{- To draw, make, endorse, ««';·,?',,?;: avernte and Issue promissory noles, war- Snts bonds, debentures and other nego- liable and transferable Inslruments. This corporation shall have the «*«»!»"";*! fully as an Individual, to Issue bonds, neben- 1 tmes. and evidence, of Indebtedness of all Snds, whether secured ty^^rnortBase. pledge, deed of trust or thereof, and all objections thereto, all claims-for damages, must be filed in the Auditor's office-on or before noon of the eleventh day of May, A. D. 1931, or such road will be established without reference thereto. Dated this ninth clay of March, D. 1931. ARTHUR HARRIS, County Auditor,. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. . a spec 13 W 11 " 11« 106% 48 '.i 4 83 li 47 Vi 5 7G 102% 170 VI 57% 48 30 W 39',1 521.4 31 48 911 5« 60% 23'A 11% 74 3 a 3 VI 05^ 19 37% Nor W No Am No. Pac Oils St Pac O E Packard Para Pub Paths Penlck Ford Penn Phil Pet Pills Fl Proc Gam Pub Serv N 3 Pullman Radio Rad K O Rem Rand Reo Rep Stl Key Tob B Roy Dutch St L Sen F · Sears R Shell U Simmons Sinclair Skelly So Pac So Pr Sug So Rail Stand Brds St G E St Oil Cal St OH N J St Oil N Y; Stew Warn Stone Web Stude Superior Oil ,Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Union Garb Un Pac Unit Alrc Unit Cif Unit Corp U S Ind U S Rub U S Smelt U S Stee! Ut P L| Vanadium Ward Bak Warn Fix W Mao- West Air West E Mfg 81' Willys ov Woolworth Yell Tr YounK S W 35 100' 02- ai 25 2-P/l "'I' 22 ', 3Sl'i 41 58 = I 7% IS U'/i e 99 !'j 14 53 »J 20 45 ij 22'.: 52% 24% IK 20 -h. 51 57 Alo 100.. 3SV, SVa 29 ii S7 isy 23 146', t A 201,4 75 V A ey. 14 16V 34V CHICAGO STOCKS. Bond Market NEW YORK, March 25. (m--The bond markVt moved In an Irregular narrow way ""sporadic' activity appeared in all Broups bulges of many individual Issues were re- 5ft XJ^S of October 1961 CHICAcfb. March 2 Ccn Pub Serv A 19% Nat Leather Cities Servlco. 19'4 Nat Stand Gr akes Alrc 4'.6. Orlgsby-Grundw 514 Insuli Ut Inv 45W Koll Switch 5W Llbby McNeil 1371. Majestic H'hold 4S Mid-West Ut 23 S M-W Ut 6 pf 100 Mid Un pf 3044 N. W Bane . Quaker r pats Rath Pack Stclnlte Swift Co Swift Intl U S Gypsum Utll Ind Zenith 1 33 32 * 152 20 29 " 39 Y f 48% TOLEDO SEEDS TOLEDO. March 25. (jTl--Clover seed cash domesllc old S14.00; domestic new IM.25; choice cash old $14.00; cash new $14.50. ' Legal Notices NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL In District Court--No. 4081 January Term, 1931 STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified that an instrument of writing purporting to b«! the last Will and Testament of Michael Berry, d e c e a s e d , dated July 14, 1930, .having been ris day filed, opened and read, Monday, April 20, 1931, is fixed- for tearing proof of same at the Court House in Mason City, Iowa, before he District Court of said County r the Clerk of said Court; and at o'clock P. M. of the day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, if any they have why \ said instrument should not be probated and 1 allowed as and 'or the last Will and Testament of said deceased. -Dated at Mason City, Iowa, March 23, 1031. . S. H. MacPSAK, Clerk of District Court. By Margaret Riley, Deputy. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, In District Court--No. 4080 January Term, 19 SI STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss: To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Truman A. Potter, deceased, dated June 9, 1919. having been this day filed opened and read, Monday, April 20, 1931, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Mason City, Iowa, before the District Court of said County or the Notice of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation of the RED BALI, TRANSPORTATION COMPANY, Inc. To the Public: That at the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Red Ball Transportation Company, Inc., a corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of Iowa, held in the office of the company in Mason City, Iowa, on the sixth day of January. 1931, after due and legal notice had been given to the stockholders thereof in conformity with its Articles of Incorporation and the laws of the State, at which the requisite majority of the stockholders of said corporation was represented, the following amendments to the Articles of the corporation were adopted by unanimous vote of the stock interests of said company as shown below: Total number shares of stock outstanding 100 Total shares represented at this meeting 100 Total shares voting in favor of amendment .100 Amendments: RESOLVED, That the Articles o£ Incorporation be amended as follows: By striking out all of Article One (1) of the original Articles of In- HIK shall have -the power, meeting of the stockholders or at meeting called for that purpose, to ------the sale, assignment, transfer, conv«yii or other disposal of the property ana "="" of this corporation i as an entirety on such terms and conditions as may, at such rfleet- In^ b* determined. This corporation shall have all the power necessary or tacUenlal for the convenient transaction of the .bust ness for which it has been organ zed, or necessary or suitable for the accomplishment, of any or all of the purpose* or objecta herein enumerated, or which shall at any time appear conducive and exped ent for the benefit o£ the corporation, cither as owners of, or. Interested In any Pr°P°"- The foregoing provisions shall be conatruea Doth as objects and powers. It being herein expressly provided that tho *°«S° lnp tt"TM.! eraUon of specific powers shall not he hel'l or construed to limit or restrict 1n any man ner the powers of the corporation. _ The authorized capital stock of this corn- oration shall be $25,000.00, divided Inta.240 shares of 5100.00 each. No stock shall bo issued until the corporation has received payment in full of the par value thereof, cither In cash or property at Its reasonable cash value, as provided by law. This corporation shall commence business on the date of the Issuance of the certificate of this Incorporation, by tho Secretary c- the Stole of Iowa, and sba.ll continue for a period of twenty years thereafter, unless sooner dissolved, as provided herein, or bylaw. Two-thirds of all stock Issued and outstanding .may, at any regular meet UB ot the stockholders, or at a special meeting called for that purpose, .authorize the d!s- rtn ,,F this corooratton. and the seltli- GBAIN OPEN CHICAGO, March 25. /P)-- 9.00 May JOO calves; fed steers and yea"r?lngs~slowrWalc to 25c lower escept ietter grades wanted on shipping account about steady; she stock slow, weak, hulls and vealers steady;, dockers and feede.s Scarce, steady; fed steers and yearlings 5'» 8.75; weighty steers S9.05; Wg wei E hi» a,-TM Ibs. »6.25: light steers S9.70; heltera tnostlv $0.500.7.75: fed loads S8«8.25; bulk beew cows SI 25®5.75; cutter grades $3©4; med- to hulto S3.7584.25; practical top vealers iS.50; good to choice heavy calves S6«J8 -atodters and feeders S788; yearlings $8.50. SOUTH ST. PAUL MVBSTOrK.' ,, ' SOUTH ST. PAUL, March 25. UP1--U. S. department of agriculture-- _..«.. TATTLE 2100; all classes In meager supply slow; early trading about sleady ·with general undertone weak; few 0*4}"° lureelv !425iS5.50 on fat cows; butcher he\fl« 55.5006.75; light weights and yearlings to $8; cutters S3@4; medium grado bulls largely $4@4.25; outstanding kinds to 14.50: feeders and stackers unchanged. Calves. 2,800; vealers steady to strong ? with Tuesday's close: good grades mostly J8.50, tew toVr: choice kinds largely *8.50; closely sorted offerings largely *9. HOGS 10,000; general market steady to .trong- In spots 5-10c higher than Tuesday's average; trade active; better grades MO-MO Ib. weight* S7.40S7.60; top J7.60; better 240-280 10. averages J7.25®7.40; 260-310 Ib iveraees S707J5; 100-140 Ib. »2l E hts S7.UO ©7.75; steady r to 15c higher: sows mostly SSsiais; average cost Tuesday $7.28. jvelgSt 232. KANSAS CITT LIVESTOCK. -KANSAS CITY, March 25. W--U. 3. de- MASON CITY, March 25. Cash Quotations by E. Q. Moree. EGGS Eggs (current receipts) 14c ..13c ,.14c ..11 .. 9C ..12c .. 7c Stags Heavy hens, 4V(. Ibs Light hens · Old cocks, heavy ........ Ducks ' · · Geese · Merchants Quotations. Eggs, In trade -. · · · · F.ggs, cash ....' Butter. Plymouth Butter, Clear Lake Butter. State Brand ....... Butter, dairy . ,18c ..16c . .3fic . .33c . .36c . .2!)c WHEAT-Mar. old... new.. Tblay. old. .. i new. .Tune July Sept. .. CORN-Mar. old. new. old n e w . . . . .luly Sept. .. OATS-Mar. old. new. Hay old. new.. July Sept. RYE-Mar. old. new. May old. new.. July Sept. LAUD-Mar. May July BEI.UES-- May July Close Yr. Ago. l.OS'.i l.OS',4 .43% Close Ycs'd'y. .79',' .79% .81 Vi .82 'A .72 .59S .50% . .60'A .62% .63 .64 6 .04 « .31% .31% .32 .324 .36 .38 «i .38 'A .40 .4051 New YorH. Chicago and St. Louis .10.15 .10.27 ,.10.52 ,.13.10 . .13.20 Open Today. .80 .80 .81 Si .82% .71 li .Boy t .60% ' .60% .61 .62% .63 » .61% .64% .32 - .32U .37 .30 .30'A .40% 8.07 9.12 held . to Tuesdays closing level. First 4' - - , Fourth 4/,s 103.21. Treasury 4 'As 111.26. LAMSQN BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 Clerk of said Court; and at 2 11.00 11.15 OUA1N MABKET WTTBB he a r o uucd in another advance ,,, i . the n"w crop months, with TMst of th« m held. News of the day. wa. TM^ J J U V L U L , jr , . . . . . - - - - · - Potatoes 35c and 40c a peck PRODUCE FUTURES. CHICAOO, March 25. lilt--ESE futures closed: Storage packed flrsls, March 21c: do. April 21 lie; refrigerator standards, Nov. 2 *Butler futures closed: Storage standards March 25%c. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO. March 25. Opt-- Poultry, alive. 1 3 cars, 20 trucks, easier; fowls 22c: broilers 38ffl3Se; roosters 15«c; turkeys 2Cc: ducks I 20@23c; heavy spring ducks 27c: geese 15c. CHICAGO PRODUCE un7S^- G ?rarery h « 2 . 5 ras'«^ % rr^o.r,=orer 2 7T^crg a t^ 80 score); 26'.46'27c; seconds (86-87 score) __ L 01 aBritunu.c-- ven . 210 | bs iJowS 0 »teadTto strons'wlth TOM"'*'' "JI .ge; heavier!-weights dull; top $7.85 on 100220 Ibs. good and choice 140-160 1)«. JJ.MW 775- 160-180 Ibs. S7.35@7.80; 180-200 ib*. 17 50«17 85; 200-520 Ibs. S7.SOW7.65; 220- SSbllM.ST.400i7.83; 250-290 Ibs. $7.15{f 765: 290-350 Ibs. $7@7.30; packing sows 275-600 Ibs. W.eS^S.BO: stock pigs, Eood and choice 70-130 Ibs. S78T.75. CATTLE S.BOO; calves 800; fed sleers tending lower: other killing classes steady to weak; stackers and feeders alow, steady Bteere, good and choice 600-800 Ibs. S. 750 10- 000-1100 Ibs. S7.75iJ.10; 1100-1300 Ibs. *7i.75«10: 1300-1500 Ibs. »7.7.WO! common and medium 600 Ibs. up JR.2507.75: heifers, good and choice 550-850 Ibs. JB.75 @fl; common and medium 550-850 Ibs. S1..5 CH6.75; cowl, good and choice 55(3625; common and medium $4®5; low cutter and cutter S2.75W4: vealew (milk fed) medium . . firm: extra firsts 19«c: fresh Braded firsts 18%c; ordinary firsts M«": storage packed first* 20',lc; storage packed extras 20%c. NEW YORK PnOIlUCE. NEW YORK, Itarch 25. (jr-Butter 12,127, steady, unchanged. Cheese 193,216, steady, unchanged. Fc-ca fl.707, steady; mixed colors, extra flrsti 20®20'ier ft"' 19W@l»Ke; second 18TM4®IOC! medium first 17W«17%c: dirties lie! checks 17c; slorace packed, closely selected first 20«20Vic; medium first IBfi IS'.ie; rtlrtles lS'/4c. Nearby and nearby western hennery white, closely selected extra 21®29ttc: average extra 23c; nearby white mediums 2U4ffl22',. JflNNEAVOLIS CHAIN. MINNEAPOLIS, March 25. (,TV-Wheat, 125 cars compared to 30 a year ago. Market ",io higher. Cash No. 1 northern 75^« I 7SVic; No. 1 dark northern 12, 13, 14 Mid 15 per cent protein 75S®78y,c; No. 1 rtarlt I hard Montana 14 per cent protein 74-Mc; to arrive 73%c; No. 1 amber durum 70S74c; i No 2 amber durum 68©71c: No.' 1 red durum 63=; May 78%c; July eStte; September eo»ic. Corn--No. 3 yellow 53WS5C. Oabi--No. 3 white 28',i@2SXc. Barley--SS'fl'SZc. Kye--No. 1, SSKraSBttc. Flax--No. 1, jl.5iei.B3. KANSAS crrsT GRAIN. KANSAS CITY, March 25. (.TV--Wheat-73 cars: unchanged; No. 2 dark hard nominally 70«fM3'Ac; No. 3 nominally 69'A? 72c; No. 2 Hard 70.4@71c; No. 3. 70®72c: No. 2 red nominally 72'AIS73'Ac; No. 3 nominally 71®72%c. , . , ,, , , , Corn--17 cars; unchanged to Ic higher, No. 2 while 5c; No. 3, 52i*S?54c: No. 2 yellow 55«c: No. 3. BZM«f54Wc: N o . 2 mixed nominally saline; No. 3. SO^e "oats--5 cars: VIP 'Ac; No. 2 while 33%c; No. 3, OMAHA GRAIN. KANSAS CITY PRODUCE. KANSAS CITT. March 25. I.T1-- Hens U . i r. /milk led) medium flnBc. Butter, creamery 32c; In large n,uan- w!«TM./.S^ ---- OMAHA. Itarch 25. iVPl--Wheat--Hard No 1 71'/i,c; No. 2. 7l!ff71'/4c; sample hard B6c- northern sprinK No. 4, 05c; mixed "cSJU-Whlta No BW 3°; MJP52UC; yellow No 2 B2C' No 3, 50»51',4c; mixed No. 3. 49'A !fBI)"jc; No. 4. 4R'^5T50c. Oats--Sample 27'Ac. ^ NEW YOHK POUI.TJIV. NEW YORK. March 25. (^1--Dressed poultry steady, iinchonKed. ..... ,. Llvo poultry steady, fowls, by frelBht Jl 5?2.ic; express 20®25c; roosters, express 12 £^"^ ^^"j^^fe -oterruid^m va-jMs^S to disposal of the present *oWlnB« of tnc board, as he stated In an address that the a«MB« indicated this spring and fal would bo arl Important factor In determining the board's policy as to the sale of wheat now held. The government report on ««. en "TM ry^n^inclirtlorSTarry 11 ^ fh'e ° ^MA.S^Sr«t?t^t ffMag s£ -p'rociduvr^o^ v°r v% of our hard wheat for April shipment at approximately 70c elf Liverpool, which about .niuilii lha nrlce of No. 2 Manitoba, from Vancouver As thfs wheat will likely arrive In England some time In May. It may be suggested that the price Is about 9 cents over the Liverpool May. This gives some Idea as to relative value of our new crop wheat in comparison with competitive countries, and If the ratio Is maintained our No 2 hard Is near an export basis for deferred shipment. Very little «port business was reported, but underlying sentiment said to be much Improved. Considerably colder weather is likely over the winter wheat bell by Friday morning. Suggest a trading poslllon for the present with preference for purchases on breaks. CORN--Tho gr«al Improvement In cash demand nvemlght nnd higher prices In.the spot - market gave corn a strong undertone, altbo the market was unsettled at times by profit taking and the selling of corn against purchases of wheat. The close was at best cvcls of the session. Favor purchases on recessions as long as wheat maintains firmness. Liverpool due Uc lower. NEW YORK STOCKS A P P C 10% Her Cho C 100 Am Beet S 4Vb Hstn Oil N 13% Am Metal 21 Inland Steel 66 Am Tob 117% Kelv Corp 14% A Z L S 7 Lambert C 85% Arm G B l ! Si Liq Car Cp 42% Am C F 33% Math Alkali 26% As Dry Gds 27V= McK Hob 13% Baldwin Lo 27 Muns W I 28',« Briegs M C 22 '/ t Nev Cons C 13 Best Co 45V(i Otis Steel 14 Vi Bur Add M 30% Pathe Excge 2% Bush Term 27 Fills Flour 3o Butte C Z 1% Pur Bak C 50% Calif Pack 45 Reo Grnd O 7T'd Com Solv 19Vi Reo Motors 8% Cont Motors 4 Schulte R S 10 Vi Cont ' Oil 9% So Cal Edi 51 Vi Cud Pack 47V;, Stand Brnd 20 Cur Wgh p 7'A Tooac Prod 3 \' 3 David Chem 19'/t U S R I 32% Frst Natl S 54U Vanadium 75 Vi Fisk Rubber % West Myld 16'/ 2 Gen Mills 48 ?i YORK CURB QUOTATIONS Amer For P 28% Nat Pub S 20 Amer Gas E 80 Niag Hud 14.V6 Am Sup P 17% Nides Bern 21% Ark Nat G 5% No Amer Av 9% Asso G E 22% Pennroad C -7 Can Marconi 3% S O Ind 31,% Deforest Rad 7% S O Ky 21% Durant Mot 3 Transcont A 7 Eisler El 6 United Gas 10 Vi El Bd Sh 57% Un L. P A 31% Ford Mo Cn 28y 3 Util P L 12% Ford Mo En 17% Vacuum Oil 56 Fox Theaters 5% Walgreen 27 V4 Hudson B M 5% CHICAOO STOCKS Allied Mo In 2% Hart Carter 10 Auburn 239 Hormel Co 25% Bendlx Av 23% Keystone S 12% BorgWarn 28% Nat Leath 1 Butler Bros 6 Nat Stand 33 Cont Chi C 9/t Quak Oats 152 Chi Invest 4V* Unit Corp 5Vi Cord Co 137s U S Gypsm 48% Gt Lakes Air 4% Util Ind 8% Grigs Gru 5VA U S Radio 33% MINNEAPOLIS STOCK First Bank Stk. Corp. 22%. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET CASH SALES Flax ?1.51@1.58. vJitii**- *-*·*- laiii-j w -- - ·-· o'clock P. M. of the day above mentioned all persona interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause, if any they have why said instrument should not ba probated and 1 allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of City, Iowa, March 23 ' 1931 ' S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk of District Court. By Margaret Riley, Deputy. corporation and substituting in lieu thereof the following: "Article One" "The name of this Corporation shall be The Brewer Tire and Battery Company, Inc." RESOLVED further, That the Articles of Incorporation be amended by the addition of the following article: "Article Ten" "This corporation shall have the right to enter into retail or .wholesale . mercantile business and especially the right to buy, sell and convey personal property, such as automobiles, automobile tires, tubes, batteries and all accessories, and shall also have the right to buy. sell, incumber and deal in real estate, either in connection with the .... -I 11H u i m i i a . . The affairs of this corporation shall DO conducted by a Board of Directors, ot not less than three nor more than seven Directors, and until otherwise fixed by the stockholders, the Board ot Directors shall consist of three members. The Board of Directors shall have general charge ot the business and affairs of this corporation, and all the powers of this corporation are vested In this Board of Directors, except as pio- vlded by law. and subject to such action restricting such powers as may be taken from time to time by the stockholders, cither at the annual meeting, or any special^ meeting duly called therefor. Until their successors aro elected and qualified the following named persons shall bo such ulr«J- tors namely: Paul Kalfas of Chicago, Illinois Paul J. Tailor ot Mason City, Iowa, nnd Frank Photiades of Mason City, Iowa. The officers of tilts corporation shall be the President. Vice President. Secretary and Treasurer, and such other officers as the bylaws may provide for the convenient transaction of Its business. All officers and directors of this corporation shall hold office for one year, or until their successors are. chosen and qualified and any stockholder may r.old one or more offices of this corporation. Any vacancy In any office or in the Board 'of Directors, may be filled by the remaining directors until the successor of the person thus chosen to fill such vacancy Is elected by the stockholders, and has duly qualified. The office of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by the same Person Until their successors are elected and qualified the following named persons shall be such officers namely: Paul Kaifas. Chicago. Illnos, President. Paul ,T. Tailor, Mason City, Iowa, Vice President. Frank Photiades. Mason.. City Iowa. Secretory. Frank Photiades, Mason City. Iowa, Treasurer. All conveyances of real estate and ^tha execution of all deeds; morlgaBes, assign- ^r^^s^^s^TM%~ on behalf, of this corporation, either_by t,,, President or Vice President, nnd shall - b e countersigned by the Secretary, and ·when any conveyance of real estate Is executed to the - President or Vice President and countersigned by the Secretary It shall be blndlnT Sd conclusive upon tills corpora- U °The Board of Directors shall have power NOTICE OF THE FIRST MEETING OF CREDITORS In the District C.ourt of *e tTnltcd States for the Northern District ot Iowa-- Central Division. of Seth M. Myrick, tire and battery business or as a separate business." The president and secretary of this corporation, Helen M. Brewer, was duly authorized and directed to sign, acknowledge, record, publish and do all things which are by law required to exeeuce, complete and carry into effect the above amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, of said Corporation. We, Helen M. Brewer, president, and Margaret Schultz, treasurer, acting as chairman and secretary, respectively, of said meeting, do sssrsfc ss-s:. Jf at Th'e"'annual meeting of 0 , ar SSSK - the stockholders , , hereby certify the above a true and correct statement of the proceedin In the matter Bankrupt. No. 3008 In Bankruptcy To the creditors of above named Bankrupt, of Mason City in the county of Cerro Gordo and district aforesaid, a bankrupt, v Notice is hereby given that on the 20th day of March, 1931, the above named Bankrupt was duly adjudicated bankrupt and that the first meeting of his creditors will be held at the office of the under- aUrned referee, at 9% East State St., Mason City, Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, on the 8th day o£ Anril 1931, at 10 o'clock a. m.. at which time the said creditors may attend, prove their claims, armoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact such other business as may properly come before said meeting. The bankrupt is required to be present. Mason City, Iowa, March 20, 1931 HOWARD M. R1EMLEY, Referee in Bankruptcy. NOTICE OF THE FIRST MEETING OF CREDITORS In the District Court of the United States for tho Northern District of lotva -- Central Division. In the matter ' of Edna Myrick, Bankrupt. No. 3009 In Bankruptcy To the creditors of ahove named Bankrupt, of Mason City in the coimty of Cerro Gordo and district of the stockholders at the above meeting. We also certify that we are the owners of the entire stock of the corporation. HELEN M. BREWER, Chairman MARGARET SCHULTZ, Secretary In conformity with the above resolutions, we the President and Secretary and Treasurer of said Corporation have executed this instrument, and do hereby sign and acknowledge the same, for and in he- half of said Corporation this sixth day of January, 1931. HELEN M. BREWER, President and Secretary MARGARET SCHULTZ. Treasurer. "'ThTprl^e property ot the stockholders of tnl. corporation shall be exempt from liability for all corporate debts, and Ua£ itv of this corporation, and this aruc u "mil never be amended without the unanl- does not adopt a. corporate seal. Anv of these articles, except Article all stock Issued and outstanding. OLVMTIA. INC. Bv Fnul Kalfas. Us President, By Frank Photladcs, lUs Secretary. MAD LAUGHTER * * .* * * * * A Thrilling Mystery. Story By MILES BUKTON NOTICE OF INCORPORATION OF OLYMPIA, INC. Notice Is hereby Riven that under and h virtue of the laws of the State ot Iowa, and amendments, thereto, a corporation for pecuniary profit has been organized, and has adopted the following Articles of Incorporation, to-wlt: The name of this corporation shall be Olympla. Inc., and Its principal place of business shall be at Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. The, general nature of the business to he transacted by this corporation, shall be as follows; .To carry on the business In the United States, and particularly In the State of Iowa, of furnishing meals, food and lodging for peopled To buy, sell and deal In, at wholesale or retail, or both, all hinds of foculstuffs, to buy and sell, either at wholesale or retail, or both, candy, syrul. (Coptlnucd- From Conilc I'ase). the door creaked on its hinges and the light of a torch shone into tha -4 room. Arthur was leading, with Ben. ^ close behind him. Dick waited until Arthur was just Inside the door^J then, putting all his force behind th3^« blow hes wung his fist towards the point of the rnan'a jow. But, halt dazzled by the unaccustomed light of the torch, he missed his aim, and struck the unsuspecting Arthur full on the shoulder. The man uttered a , shout of amazement, and reeled heavily against the doorpost, the torch flying out of his hand and leaving the cellar in darkness. (TO BE CONTINUED) , , , . · nuts, popcorn, chewing sura, clgarn. tonar- MISCELLANEOUS HIDES CHICAGO, unchanged. HAY MARKET March 25. ay 30 cars. Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros 308 Fifth Street Southwest, Horse hides $1.50-$2.00 Cured heef hides Green beef hides MINNEAPOLIS FXOCR. MINNEAPOLIS. March 25. Ml--Flnur un- chanccd. Shipments 27.673. Bran *10.50{j2n Standard middlings I10W19.50. NEW YORK SUGAR. NEW YOHK. March 25. (vVl--Raw sugar unchanged at 3.25C spots duty paid Fulure.i at midday 2 .polnu net lower. Refined unchanged at 4.3Sc. aforesaid, a bankrupt. Notice is. hereby given that on the 20th day of March, 1931, the above named Bankrupt, was duly adjudicated bankrupt and that the first meeting of her creditors will be held at the office of .the undersigned referee, at 9% East State St., Mason City, Cerro Gordo County; Iowa, on the 8th day of Aoril, 1031, at 11 o'clock a. m.. at which time trie said creditors may attend, prove their .claims, anpoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt. and transact such other business as may properly, come before said meeting. The bankrupt is required to be present. Mason City, Iowa, March 20, 1931. HOWARD M. RKMLRY, Referee in Bankruptcy. co, ices, Ice cream, soda water and sof drinks and confections of all kinds, Including any and all kindred products used In the manufacture and sale of the above described food stuffs. To manufacture and prepare for market, keep and sell at wholesale or retail, or both, any and all food stuffs, products and materials kept and sold In a cafe, confectionary slore, restaurant, lunch room, eating house or hotel. To own. build, erect, operate, equip, maintain, lease and control holels. cafes, restaurant, sandwich shops nnd confeclionary stores. To own, build, erect, equip, operate and maintain a factory for the making of candy, ices, ice cream, soft drinks, and confectionary of all hinds, and to own. build, erect, equip, oper ate nnd maintain a haHery for the making of brend. cakes, pies and all kinds of baker coods for sale at wholesale or retail. To purchase, or. otherwise acquire, to hold, maintain, develop, lease and sell, convey or otherwise handle and dispose of real eslatcj To' provide, own, furnish, equip and main 1 tain a bulldlns; or building* fur any an'! nil uses Incident to the uses for which this corporntton IB formed. To acquire, by purchase or by any other method nnd manner, any good will, rights to property of all DO YOU NEED MONEY? department and reason- Our personal loan offers good service able terms. C. E. Brooks Co. 209V 2 1st N:itl. Bk. Bldg.. Ph. 280 t LET US EXECUTE YOUR ORDERS for listed or unlisted SECURITIES on any Stock Exchange · Investment Department K1RST NATIONAL BANK Mason City

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