The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 12, 1937 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1937
Page 16
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. aqESSaaM^^ * -vA* t ^-i II 1 ^ SIXTEEN ..MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 12 · 1937 j ^ Board Proceedings KEGULAR -JANUARY SESSION 1 January 25, 1937. SEVENTH DAY - = The Board of Supervisors o£ . Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa, met pursuant to 'adjournment. Thore were present Supervisors Harry Sondcrgaard, Chairman; C R: Patton and R. D. Bobbins. Absent None. Minutes of last meeting rc^d and ap- oved!. The Board ' approved the appointmen' proved!. ' ' , . the official bond of W. 'assessor. 'of J. C. Buchanan as Deputy Sheriff without compensation. The Board approved the official 'bone of J, C. Buchanan as Deputy Sheriff and Orr, deputy -Board examined the annual report oi John Dougherty, Justice o£ Peace: W. C. 'Jessup, Constable, and C. L. Loomcr, Constable.. The following resolution was offered by Supervisor Robbins; Resolution. WHEREAS, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. is the owner arid JtoWer of Tax Sale Certificate No. HSOO covering the Tax. Sale of lot No. 409, Midland Heights, an Addition, to Mason City, Iowa,-and WHEREAS. Mildred. Kuhlcmler, the owner and holder of Sewer Assessment Certificate No. 7733 assessed by Ihe City of. Mason City, "Iowa, against said Jo! No. 409, Midland Heights, an Addition to Tilason City, Iowa, has made application f p r ' t h e assignment of said Tax Sale Certificate- No. 14800, said application tfeing made ·.pursuant to Section G011, Code oJ Iowa, and . . '\VHEREAS, the said application for an assignment is : attended by i check in the sum of $33.43. NOW, THEREFORE be it Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo Co unty, Iowa, that Supcrvis or C. R. Patton, member ot the Board of Supervisors of CCLTO Gordo Counly, Iowa, be and he is hereby directed to assign the .said tax sale certificate No. 14800 for 'and on behalf of the said Board oi Supcrx'isors and Ccrro Gordo County, Ipwa. to the said Mildred Kuhlemicr. .Motion was made by Supervisor Rob- hins, seconded by Supervisor Patton, that the foregoing "resolution as ottered be adopted. Motion carried. AU members votlnp aye. Resolution declared adopted this 2jth day ot January, 1937. Supervisor Rabbins offered the follow.resolution: Resolution. I Whereas, the Stale Legislature of the State of Iowa has passed a law entitled "Emergency Feed Loan Act" House File No. 1, adopted by .the 47 tu General Assembly, State of Iowa. Now Therefore, be it resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, that no application, made under the provisions of said act, f o r ' a loan shall be, approved until adequate collateral is furnished secured by a firsf mortgage on said collateral, .Motion was made by Supervisor Robbins, seconded by Supervisor Patton, that the forpgolng resolution as offered be artppted. Motion! carried. All members voting aye. Resolution declared adopted this 25th day of .January, 1D37; The Board met in the mailer oE Drainage District No. 42 and levied an additional assessment in - t h e sum of $300.00 The Board examined the official report for road and bridge work for the year 1936 of the County Engineer. This being the day and hour adjourned to lor the purpose of accepting bids for 400 pieces 3" .\ 12" x 38' Class D Fir Bridge Plank in the rough, the Board proceeded to open the. bids .submitted. 1150 bid of Woodford-Wheelcr Lumber Company of Clear Lake, Iowa, in the sum of $8G2.08 being the lowest bid, a motion \vas made by Supervisor Patton, -seconded by Supervisor Robbins that the Chairman of the Board be and he is instructed to enter into a contract with the said Woodford-Wheclcr Lumber Company, Tor and on behalf of the Board in accordance with the bid. 'The foregoing motion was carried. x-oting aye. AH the members ,Motion was made by Supervisor Patton, seconded, tiy Supervisor Bobbins, that, pursuant to the provisions br Section 5316. Code of Iowa, Lola M. Brown. Overseer of the Poor, be, and" she Is hereby instructed lo serve notice or to cause notice to be served, pursuant to the provisions of Section 5315, Code ot Iowa, upon the following named persons to depart irom Cerro Gordo County. Iowa; Laverne Bcrton; Del Witt and family; The foregoing motion carried, all mcni- tei"i voting aye, Motion was inadc by Supervisor Patton, seconded by Supervisor Robbins, that the compensation ot Thea Gilbertson, employed at the Courtly Home, be «et at 550.00 per month, effective as of January 3, 1337, and that the compensation of Christina Yount, employed at tlie Counly Home, be set at $55.00 per month; effective as of January 1, 1937. The forc- Roinp; motion carried, all members vot- inc aye. Motion ivas made by Supervisor Rob"bins, seconded by Supervisor Patton. lhat the Board increase the allowance of the amount allowed on Domc.slic Animal Claim No. 1C, Earl Eoehnke, said increase bcinR In the sum of $22.00. The foreRO- Ing motion carried, all members voting aye. ·- Motion was made by Supervisor Robbins, seconded by 'Supervisor Palton, that the. Board grant an additional sum ot Sfi.25 on Domestic Animal Claim No 1 which was filed December 12, I93G, by Virginia Mutlancy. and Auditor was authorized to issue an additional warrant in the sum of 56.25. The foregoing motion carried, all members voting aye. Appropriation of County Revenue to the Several O f f i c e s or "~ County "Government. A resolution relating to the detailed appropriations of the general revenue accruing to the several f u n d s of the county Jor the fiscal year beginning January 1 and ending December 31,. 1937, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter '2G4-c1, Code of 1Q31. BE IT RESOLVED " b y the Board of Supervisors of. Ccrro Gordo County,. Town, that the amounts as shown in the iirat column ot table below, arc appropriated- for the year 1937 from- the various, funds oE the county to the several offices and departments of county government for the purpose set'out in detail In the budget now on file in the office of the county auditor and which is hereby adopted ihis 23th day of January Departments their loans In full and it Is most impossible to secure desirable loans at Ihe excessive rate of 5 r ,o, Whereas, the plate Comptroller charges the County 4}$?i on all permanent bchool Fund money whether loaned by the .County or not resulting in a loss to the County and to the Taxpayers thereof. Wow, Therefore, be ft Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County,. Iowa, that it is of the opinion that the present session of the legislature shall reduce the rate of Interest to the County to *.'* and the Auditor be and he is hereby ordered to mail copies of this resolution lo the Senator and Representative of. this District. Motion /was made by Supervisor Robbins, seconded by Supervisor Palton, that the asse55ed\valuation of the NWV* SW/i Section 5-9B-21 be apportioned for the year 1935 taxes payable in 1937 as follows : North 235.16 feet of the west 34G.1S feet oi NWftSWtt of Section 5-96-21, Assessed value to be $147.00 N\V'A SWA except North 235.16 feet of west 346.1G feet. Section 5-9S-21 Assessed v a l u e - t o he SISOQ.OO. The foregoing motion carried, all members voting aye. : Motion was made by Supervisor Pat- Ion, seconded by Supervisor Robbins, that Ihe assessment for a dog ass ess cc to OJaf Aamondt, 2nd Ward, Mason City for (he year 1S3B I assessed on roil No 1103, be cancelled as the duplicate roll does not show the assessment and upon affidavit of the assessed that he did not own a dog. Motion carried. aU members voting aye. · . - · . - · Motion was made by Supervisor Patton, ' seconded by Supervisor Bobbins, tjiat the Board authorized the transfer of $13.653.08 from the County Poor Fund to ihe County Insane Fund as the Poor Funds share of the expenses for care and keep of indigent inmates al the County Home for the year 1936, and that a transfer be authorised transferring the sum of 50,393.42 from 1he County Insane Fund to the Counly Poor Fund as the share of credits due the Poor Fund from the receipts of the County Farm for Ihe year 1936. The foregoing motion carried, all members voting aye. Board aiUhorized the cancellation of the head tax of 50c assessed lo Dan Kinir 50*-5ih St. S. W., Mason Cily, for the Motion was made by Supervisor Patton, seconded by Supervisor Bobbins that the payment of the-claims o f - t h e persons as · listed immediately follow- Jnfj bo ratified, approved, and confirmed. Motion carried, all mem bcrs vot ins aye Andersen, A. C., Repairs D D 108,111 .'$ T 1( Brahcny, F. Stephen, Refund OAP ;.. 4 0{ Brown, J. R., transportation .. lalal Blunt, George, salary 45 oc Carver, Bell, local care ! ' IG!O( H. Channon Company, road maint, ^ TT 33 gt Clear Lake Auction Co., stock Co. Fa rm 3 ^_^( Clear Lake Reporter, hoard proceedings [ ....*. .. 1?3 Tl C. M. St. P. Fac. R. K., freight" maint. . , , , " . ,, . . C. N. W/By. Co.. road maint!IJ Clark. C. F., b a i l i f f 30 00 County Treasurer, road const....'. 316''0 Cromer, F. E., help aud tax acct ;....' Dcclina, John, fox bounty !." Dickson, Marion F., fox bounty Diercks,, David D., fo* bounty . Doden, Herbert, fox bounty Farmers Co-op Co., orain Co" Farm Farmers Mutual Insurance Co" jnsurance ..., j B3 55 Frahm, Peter Jr.. per diem ."I 43 vi Grobaty, R. G., fox bounty .... a'oo Harms, Jake, iox bounty 4 0 0 Haugcii, Gus, fox bounty Hmtzon, F. G., fox boun(v n 00 Holder, R. E.. D. C. Reporter .... H4.95 Jefferson Trans. Co., trans . Johnson, Mrs. Mildred, school nurse John Lucas : Co., road "ra'alnV.!! **.,,, iv"55"S!V £»«£*· fox . bount y ·· *» , McCauIcy. D. .. rent .......... . . ., .......... VlcGuire, J. p., trans ......... tfeekcr, Lee, salar ....... 700 i' G T.^v^w*, xjuu, salary . kleurs, Alex-, fox bounty "." ,, uu North la. Fair Assn., [air grounds 128.84 Northwest cm Bell Telephone Co.. phones : tolls 15940 ., s O'Hearn, Frank C., trans ....... ,," JJtcndorf. Harry.' fax bounty .. 'agel, Edith, salary ........ 'arish, Grace, mlge., salary .] J ]ail , ., . Hospital Clinic, med. aid 40.00 19.10 22 50 127 'so 'atton. C. R., Supervisor !!!!!' etcrscn, Gco. P.. permanent Improvement , 'rice. Dorothy, Help Triasi".'".".'° 41.13 5.H Railway Express Agency,' OAP' ERA. Co.. rd. maim ' Rockwell Water Dcpt., road. maint. 25.91 H1.30 lobblns, n. D.. Supervisor Roderick, M. D., Assessor ..'.!.'.' b b on iussell, Clyde, repairs J a i l .... 2754 Schanke, A. M., postage Co. home, OAP, auto, Sheriff. Treas., atty ' Schanke, A. M. Co..' Insurance Juo..^ Stleppelman, Clu-is, indemnity ., 4512.1 Sondergaard, H.. Supervisor .. no 10 :ait, Lloyd B., D. C. Reporter.. 110.00 Thornton, Win., Dup. OAP re- ioo 3,00 4.24 2.00 12.00 Motion was made - by. Supervisor Patin, seconded by Supervisor Bobbins, lat the following claims be allowed and hat the Counfy Auditor -be and he Is .orcby instructed lo draw warrants on he appropriate county funds in payment thereof. Motion carried, aU rncm- Tcitjens, Merrill,.[ox bounty . . Veslcrn Union, telegrams ERA.. Vosburgh, O, E., fox bounty .... vmlers, Leon, fox bounty Volgamot, Leo, repair jail ... Vooldridge, Edward, fox bounty loy, Willi if aye. Ham p., ?c bounty Daniels, Joe, cng. cars Klipto Loose Leaf Co,, office supplies Coring Farmer Supply Co, office) supplies ;· ·· . C. Mlllwork Co., ct. hse". equipment h ulh, J. C. Co., equipment' '. Shepard, Frank C., office supplies · U. s. Automobile Truck Guide. office supplies ; . . , Utzhuscn, Henry, trustee !..!.! Carrott. Frank, trustee ^relder, J. \V., trustee .,,.,,.,.. cnkins, John, trustee Lhierican Law Book Co., books.. American Surely Co., Trcasur- 4.00 4.00 10.00 Laurel, Book Co., school booK5 Larson, Bertha, aulo help. . .. Lehman, E. O., OAP Dep. . Lerach. Mrs. M. D. OAP Dep Lincoln, A. E., nshcs ... . McCulloch, n. A., M. C. Dep. As. scssor .,..;: , _ , JM. C. Globe-Gaietle, of lice "supplies :..... Mason, M. L., misc., miscl. atly-i rent ' Newson and Company, scliooi books -.. v ....... . . Rector. O. A., M. C. Dep. Assessor Scott, Foresman Co.i schooi books Shaffer, i\ B.. atty. Its., phone Shipley Printing Co., supplies .. Stueland, Lafo Elcc. Co.,' equip. Tliomas, B! 'R'.| 'd'c'pV Assessor;·!!! Thomas, Hazel V.. visiting schools western Grocer Co., supplies ct. Wisltard, Mildred, help aud. Counly Treasurer, bounly-gopher Co-Mo Pholo Co., office supplies Mason City Waterworks, water court house ... Phalcn, Tim B., lodging, board prisoners L. Smith Corona Typewriters p. . . . ...................... Wilwer Grocer Co., supplies jail A, P. Tea Co., provisions .. A. P. Tea Co., provisions .... Beery. Mrs. Minnie, rent ..... '. .. Burmelster Grocery, provisions .. Carter Coal Co., fuel .......... Cornwell, Chas. E.,' rent ........ Curtis Grocery, provisions ...... Cut Rate Grocery, provisions .... Daly Realty Co., sewing ,......, Eddy, G. A., fuel .,m ........... Farmers Inc., Co-op, Soc,, Dough- Iowa Emergency Relief Admin., supplies ERA ................. Jones, Dr. H. K., medical aid ..Lightbody. Mary, rent .......... Marsdcn Grocery, provisions ... Merkcl Company, sewing Moore, L. A,, rent Mullen Sons, J., provisions-.. Page Lbr. L. A., Ply. fuel .... Pallis Croc., N John, provisions . . Piggly Wiggly Groc., provisions.. Pioneer Fed. Savings .- Loan, rent .................. . ,, .-. ____ SI. Mary's Orphan Home, care juvenile ......... .............. Smith. Rita, cash allowance ..... Sterling Groc. No. 3, provisions.. Thompson-Dean Co,, provisions Walgreen Drug Co., medicine .. Wright, Dr; C. £., rent ........ Alambis, Steve, rent ...... ....... Ashland Grocery, provisions . , Barrett Bros., provisions ...... Briggs, W. A,, rent ............ Cavanaugh, Catherine, allowance Clear Lake Grain Co., fuel .... Cole, A. J.. drs. not in contract.. Diamond Brothers, provisions .. Farmers Elevator Co.. f u e l ...... Farmers Inc., Co-op. See,, Dougherty, fuel .. .................. Farmers Inci Co-op. Soc., Sheffield, fuel .......... . . . . . . . Fleming, Mrs. H., rent ....... !.. Funk, Edna, local care ,, ...... Gotdthorpc, Bertha, rent . ..... Govig Grocery, provisions ...... . Grippcn, D. W. Co.. supplies .. Grupp, Carl, provisions ...... .. House of Good Shepherd, care Juvenile ......... ,. . ............ L G. A. Store, provisions ...... Johnson Gecr, provisions ..., Kelly, Joseph P.. quarantine .... Kelroy Fuel Furnace, fuel .. King. Dan. rent ............... , ATabb, D. S. Co., provisions ...... M. ,C. Bldg. Loan Assn., rent.. Orange Front Grocery, provision": PiBgly .WiggJy Groc.. provisions Peshak. F. A., provisions . . . . . Randall, Funeral Home, trans burial ..... .................... Hondorgaard Produce Co., transportation ........ Sinclair Refining Co., fuel p'oor Schacfer, W. H., provisions ____ Smith, Mrs. B., rent .......... Smith Grocery, provisions ..... Standard Oil Co., fuel poor .... v Steinkamp, W. P., rent ........ Smith. Jas. F., care institution .. Tatum, Frances, rent .......... Van Every. George, rent ........ .vcDSler Lumber Inc., fuel est Hart Lbr. Co.. fuel .""! .Volfram Grocery, Theo., provisions ......... j , ............ kVoodford Wheeler Lbr. Co ! f ucl Younsblood,--J. B., rent . . ! , . . ^armors Co-op. Co., HAVi., fuel Alccaulcy, D. W., rent ..... . Adams Drug Co., medicine ..... Adams Drug Co., medicine .. Allison Coal Co., fuel '....,, American Optical Co., miscJ. ,,*. Ashland Grocery, provisions °°- provlsions c °" provlsl ' ons 2.06 62.50 BE.QQ 36,00 4.50 1 32.00 52,00 '4.42 56.00 6.35 12.50 56,00 0.14 5'"' 25 · .15 1.22 14 01 559.80 3. HO 22.02 JO.OO 9.00 7,75 lfi.60 7.QO 14.18 21.92 30.00 3.32 210 300 7.00 g.ia 208.75 7.00 5,10 47,54 13.2G 40.00 16.00 24.48 12 24 40 7.00 7.oo 10,70 13.18 7.00 3^ oo 24.50 18.55 40 07 3.25 2648 33 oo 7,00 2 1 4 . 2,08 15 90 10 OQ 2080 J4 45 600 3 3* 7 QO n*gg 800 520 13 46 5 10 66 00 i o o s'oo 2 5 0 0 9 ro i 4 ,'w G ^0 1021 13.92 ?,0J 23.82 7.00 1.27 .70 76.26 13.32 27.70 154,51 24,27 No. Fed.) /. l ° nS A. f. Groc. Co., provisions (Clear Lakel 7 6 , £ r C l' oc ' :i 2f' Provisions lHli'.B7 6.00 7.00 188.00 J72.C4 14.00 GB.47 2.CS 5.71 fi.02 25.0^ 14.00 10.00 63.01 3.32 10.00 27.40 32.84 10.20 400.00 4.52 102.60 238.53 Jakcr, Mrs. E. J., rent Beck, c. F.. rent """ Bcloit Childrcns Home care iu- vcnlle ' Block W. G. Coal Co.. fuel'. iloker, Mrs.' Ida, rent Jrltven Grocery, nrovislons '.'.'.'. Jrown. v LoIa M.. ERA car Irown's Grocery, provisions .... Buehlcr ^c Bishop Grocery, provisions , _ uiz, E. E.. provisions'...!!^ Carver, T3elle, local care . . Casey Drug Co., medicine '"." -entral Pood Mrk!.. provisions -. Central Heights Grocery, ni-r*. Visions Heights Grocery, Cerro Gordo Counly Insane Fund", provisions indrlch, J. c., f u e l Chapin ., ........... Coat Co.. fuel . . . . Chicago Meat Mrkt.. provisions" Chicago Herald Examiner, sup- Christian Home' Orphanagc'/'care juvenile . . . . Clark Co., E. W. rent . ' ! ' ! ; ., . ., . Jear Lake Grain Co., fuel . . Corner Drug store, medicine .. Crystal Lake Ice Fuel Co fuel .......... ............ ' :urt!s Grocery, provisions'!!!"^ Jaly Realty Co., sewing . . . DeNeut, Richard H., rent ..... Diamond Grocery, C. L., provisions. , . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . ' 4 liamond Bros.. M. c., provisions )ix!e Block Coal Co.. fuel :ddy Lumber Co,, G. A., fuel £via ^Icat Grocery, provisions Ewy, J. J.. provisions . .' ........ 3S.CO 7.00 18.08 6.32 14.80 7.75 35.00 15.05 31.40 J5.60 15.D2 111.37 48.85 Appropriated Expended General 5150,802 n ..-'-- Poor ; Emergency Appropriated In Poor Fund Court Expense . School ........^.. State InVdne ,. ty Insane ol Librar School Library Fair Grounds , Soldiers Relief T. ,B. Eradication Poor Fundinp Bonds '...I Domestic Animal ;.,. . .Teachers Institute ' Sec. Road ,Construction !!!!['. Sec. Road Maintenance .......; Fj'nc Fund The foregoing resolution was adopted by .the Board of Stipervisprs in regular session on this 25th day of January 1037. The vole thereon was aR follows: Ayes, Supervisors Patton, Robbins, and Eondercaard. Nays, none. Board, adjourned to meet February 1, U937. : ' 1 · · . ; HARRY SONDERGAARD, . . . . . · Chairman Attest: , . A r t h u r Harris, Auditor. Keiular J a n u a r y Session, February 1, 1337. _ _ . EIGHTH DAY The Board of Supervisors of Corro Gordo Counly, Iowa, met In regular ses- Mon pursuant to adjournment. There ·\vere present Supervisors Hnrry Sondcr- CTard. Chairman. C. R. Palton, and R. D. Bobbins. Absent: none. Minutes of last meeting read, and approved. Supervisor Patlon Introduced and read the following resolution-and moved Its adoption, seconded by Supervisor Rob- nins, and after due consideration thereof, Ilie Chairman put Ihe question upon the adoption of said resolution wilh all members voting "Aye." Resolution. Whereas, The Permanent School Fund Interest rale is fixed by Inw at live Per cent, section 4488, Code of 1035 and · · . . , Where**, jnanjr borrowers have paid 117,126 24,210 15.772 12,282 31.200 2,334 5,133 15,875 54,1100 4.001) 32S) llli.083 108,125 60(1 .1936 §Hn,Ofi3.07 123,437.43 25,484.36 1.1,481.05 15.0S7.SS .1(1.5120.mi 2,184.00 2,783.110 10.880.34 · 12.1.33 46,32.1.83 2,602.90 253.23 " 143,043.31 ·104,202.53 598.84 Expended Net , Anticipated Total 1335 Balance liccclpls Avail, 1-1-31 1037 able 1037 ?123,39S 562,124 $111,152 $17G,i7B m,626 lil.MF !H5,n20 117.123 " ' 42,7fi8 20.31G 13,402 8.530 41,1154 1,900 5,004 10.602 Receipts 1336 Receipts 1035 22 221 1S.7BI 11.B70 31,740 1.717 2,751 12.331) 1.031 38.568 2.152 279 119,428 90,757 472 4.452 2,230 3,752 1,3.18 434 12!) 5,105 15,875 22,907 6.454 U9 34,211 8,151 10,81'j 51.S3S 2,500 son B1.E12 100,574 3.000 24.767 15.772 12,282 42.390 2,334 5.133 15.197 15.875 74,503 (1,954 329 116.083 · 108,725 18.016 ?122,31B §128,343 47,102 28.136 14,637 10,730 19,796 2.002 2,816 12.151 13,656 45.425 4,232 303 100,040 S3.294 5,467 43,671 21.102 13. CGI 9,052 27,260 ·1,935 , 2,662 11,092 421 3,934 28.1 225,416 38,508 8.103 . 5.00 4.00 ..... . ---- . Carstens, ~AI. K., trustee . . . . . . . . Cromer, F. E., cnuip, ct. hse ..... Pedersen. A. M., trustee ........ " Timm, Fred, trustee ........... . Walch, John, trustee ............ ·Yelland Hanes, equip, ct." hse . ' off. S1.P ............. .......... Cromer, F. E.. help auditor ---- Glcason, W. H., Assessor ...... Brooks, Clyde E., Dep. M. C. Assessor ......... ; ...... , ..... Boomhower, Hardware Co., repairs, supplies ................. Brown, H. L., Dep. M. C. Assessor ............................ Butler. William P., compensation trustee ...... ' ................... Cadwell Transfer i: Storage Co.. dray ........ .. ...... . ..... ...... Carroll, Angela, help Ireas. ...! Christiansen, Mrs. C. B., OAP · Deputy ...... ·. ........... Clear Lake Mirror, Publications ---- . clear Lake Reporter, publications ' 19 40 Crescent Printing Co., school . books ......................... ag| DiGreaorlo, Mafalda, help Ircas. 42.50 First National Bank, supplies ____ .97 Fisher Typewriter Co., OAP cxp 1 23 Fleming, E. E., M. C. Dep. As. sessor ......................... 5R . nn Gmn if Company, school books . 2.72 Harris. Arthur, Co. Auditor, to DCS Moincs ....... ........ ... 450 Kchln, F. A., M. C. Dep. Assessor .: ........ . . . . . . ........... . -36.00 Xcescl, A, W. Son, iiuuianca.. 6.00, :s,oo" 06.00 Farm' Products, provisions .. 5.70 Farmers Inc. Go-op. Soc., fuel .. 332 Farmers Co-op Co., fuel 6303 Farmers Elev. Inc.. fuel 6s'40 Fanners Elevator/fuel . j'a" Farmers Co-op Co., fuel ...... *lo's2 Fekkcrs, Nellie, cash allowance.. s'oo Fireside Fuel Co.. fuel '7636 Forehand, Mrs. Heda. local care 20 00 Franchere. c. M., rent 700 N. Frudden Sons, fuel : 2384 Pullerton Lumber Co., fuel .... 332 Gehler, Florentine, rent 7 oo Gilpin. Keith, misc. ERA a75 Govlg Grocery, provisions ...;.. 12.75 Green Coal Co., fuel 297.17 Grimm. Wanda, local care 2500 Grippcn, D. W. Co., supplies ERA 3 GO Hagenson, Mrs. Nick, local care 124.32 Haggerty, Mrs. Elizabeth, care juveniles 14000 Haugen, Mrs. Wallle, rent 5 oo Kauver, Mrs. O. P.. rent 7.00 Hcaford, C. W.. burial 12.00 Hclgen. Ida O., rent ^ 5 oo Huff, Mr,?. James O., rent 700 Ideal Grocery, provisions ....',, ^'41 IGA Store, C. L,. provisions 5X03 IGA Slorc. Thorn., provisions.. 5.00 Imlay, J. I., Iransp 20 40 la. Emergency Relief Adm., relief 1M1 57 la. State Employment Service, rent NRO Jackson. Wm.. Kelroy, John, rent .... ....... ... Kcnison. E. E... mlse. ERA ...... Kirchoff. Nellie, rent ..... ..... Kirk Service, Garasc,^uei ERA; 20.00 rent ............ . 7 oo 7 0 0 423 car Knapp, Calla, rent McAuley, A. E., burial ........ McDonald, Dr. J. E., medicine .. M. C. Waterworks, setying ...... Nichols, Gordon, provisions .... Northern Lumber Co., fuel Northwestern Distributing Co., provisions : ;. Mack's Food Market, provisions.. Martin. Mrs. Wn,, rent , M. C. Cemetery Assn., burial .. Meany,-J. F.. medicine Miller. Paul F., rent Mitchell Grocery, provisions .... Moore, A. T,, rent Morris Food Store, provisions .. Motl, O. J., fuel Mullen Son, J., provisions .. Murphy, Eugene, rent O'Hcam, Frank C.. mlge. ERA .. Penney Co., J. C.. clothing -, Peters, Dr. A. C., Drs. not in contract : PiSSly AVigfily ' Store,, provisions Plymouth Cash Groc., provisions Pool, Prank, provisions Porter, Dr. J. T., dentist Porter, Mrs. Orreri, rent Fresco It, W. O., provisions .... Prescription Shop, medicine Sani RsizL-s Dcpt. Store, provisions . . . . . . ^ Randall Funeral Home, burial .. Redmond Shoo Store, clothing .. Reliable Implement Co., fuel .. Richm, Laura, rent ..., Rockwell Hospital, hospltaliza- tlon , Rose, Mrs. Irene, local care .. Terry's Grocery, provisions Tice, Dr. C, B., drs. medicine .... 3t. Joseph Cemetery, burial .... Schcrmerhorn Dairy, provisions 3coben, Mrs. Anna.-local care .. Schwab Grocery 1 , provisions .... Smith Grocery, provisions .... Sondrol Co., -provisions .1...... Sterling Coal Co., fuel Sterling Grocery, No. 2, provisions ..: .'.,.Sterling Grocery, No. 3, provisions ' Sterling Grocery, No. 4, provisions . ; Slory Hospital, . hospilalifcation.. Wallis. V. M., renl Winters, O. S.. rent Wolf Bros. Coal Co.. fuel \Voodford-"Wheeler Lumber Co , C. L., fuel ....! Woodford-Wheeler Lumber Co., Mes., fuel YelJand Food Market, provisions Sanies, James, rent Baxter Grocery, provisions Bclmond Lumber Co., fuel ...-.., Champlin Refining Co., fuel ,. Consolidated Coal Co.. fuel .... Craig. Airs. A. Vf., rent ; Egloff, Dr. Wm. C., Secretary, drs. contract Farm Products, provisions ... .\ Oluf T. Hansen Co.. provisions.. Ford Hopkins Drug Co., medicine [G A store, provisions Kelroy Fuel Furnace Co.. fuel Kropman Grocery, provisions -. Park Hospital. hospitalizaUon.. Patterson. L. W., transp.. burial Page Crane Lumber Co., f u e l . . Piggly Wiggly Groc., provisions Kiiiscth Grocery, provisions .... Pletka, John, rent St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital, hos- -pitalization Sterling Grocery No. 4, provisions Ford Hopkins Drug Co.. medicine Bowcn. S. B.. construction Yclland Hanes, construclion.. Adams, J. D., Co.. maintenance.. Daniels, Joe, maintenance ., Davcy. Hugh i- Son, maintenance DCS Moines Steel Co., main- lenance ;. Glbbs Cook Tractor t Equipment, maintenance Hindman, C. M.. maintenance .. Knutson. Hardware Co., maintenance Mack International Truck Corp., maintenance ..,'... Nelson Son, maintenance Pritchard Motor Co.. maintenance Skclly Oil Co., maintenance Bomis, c. F., maintenance Dukehart-Hughcs. Tractor and Equipment, maintenance Farmers Co-op. Eoc., maintcn- nance : National Pure Water Co.," maintenance Standard Oil Co., mainlcnance!. 17.81 7.00 38.00 7!ea 3.76 9.96 15.50 16.93 7.00 30.00 3.50 9.00 11.42 7.00 03.12 9.96 10.81 5.00 51.30 14.43 20.00 3.45 9.18 13.06 1.50 7.25 26.50 29.52 201.30 60.00 16.55 36.52 8.00 5.50 136.70 4.28 20.80 C.OO 4.48 6.00 62.41 15.01 18.37 178.81 23.33 9.15 7.00 9.00 81.63 29.81 1G.GO 6.94 7.00 10.15 6.64 13.M 49.80 676.25 4.58 27.73 21.07 15.30 09.72 20.40 288.55 63.00 73.03 92.02 7.30 '7.00 327.30 7.00 1.52 268.88 56.24 116.41 5.83 435.BO 3.00 34.30 17.83 3.35 6.18 4-85 6.58 o., m a n e n a n c e . Standard Oil Co., maintenance .. ., Thomas Machine nance Co., mainte- 2.23 13.30 3.50 44.40 .61 111.84 4. IS - 10.16 Railway Express Agency, express Adams Co., J. D.. maintenance Anshtitz, R. A., maintenance..,. Seattle Garage, maintenance Boomhower Hardware Co., maintenance Bruchners Garage, maintenance ! Casey Drug Co., maintenance .. Central Aulo Electric Co,, maintenance Channon, H. Companv maintenance Counly Treasurer, mainien'aricc!' Davis Auto Badlator/ maintenance . Farmers Co-op. Co., nialn'tonance larmers Co-op. Gas : Oil Co., maintenance J 195 4 Finlayson. Andy, maiiilenance .. H.-uina, S., inainlenEUice . . . . Hofcr Oil Co.. mainlcnance . International H a r v e s t e r Co. maintenance International H a r v e s t e r ' 'co.i Maintenance Jensen, W. L., maintenance"!'!" Knycnay Engraving Co., maintenance t Xiiescl, A. W. t Son, 'maintcl nance , \ Krusgel. Max W.. maintenance!! M. C. Hardware Co., maintenance M. C. Waterworks, maintenance Sondrol Co., maintenance' Northern Oil Co., maintenance . "age Crane Lumber Co., maintenance Slog-Mason City', Co.,"'mainte- .nance Northern Oil Corp.. maintenance Claus, E. E., Bailiff D. C Deibler, Audrey, clerk grand jury Phalcn. Tim H., Sheriff, transp. prisoners Robertson. J. M., mlge. sher'ifi Phalcn, Tim R.. mige. s h e r i f f . . Mason Cily Fruit Co., provisions Crystal Lake Ice Fuel Co., fuel Slandard Oil Co., gas it oil'!'!! Boomhower Hardware Co., supplies Central Auto Electric Co., repair Clear Lake Auction Co., slock . Damon's Inc.. clothing ... Hagerman Sales Co., grain . Iowa Tea Co., provisions Col farm Iowa Shoe Brokerage'co.,"cloth- ing McDonald, R. J., supplies Maroncy. J. P., supplies !.. Olson. Palmer c.. provisions . . Pauley, n.iy E., Co.. repair .... Plialen. Tim H.. transportation . Prusra Hay E., Co.. Inc.. clothing Purity Bakery, provisions Pllth Co.. J. C., repairs Halzes, Sam Store," clothing "ctMOc-S- Freight Motor Carrier, freight ; Sondrol Co., clothing county farm Thomas Machine Co., permanent Improvements -. Webster Lumber Co,, repairs .'.. Western Grocer Co., provisions.. Ulcn A u t o Body Co., machinery Norlli Iowa ' F a i r Ass'n., f a i r grounds . qulnn.cH, Frank Albert, refund OAP Thornton. Wm., refund OAP . !! Firgard. N. P., refund OAP . .. Firgard, Mrs. Johanna, refund OAP ; l u The Board examined the following reports of the following officials: Roe Thompson, Juslice of Peace, annual re- Port fees In civil cases for year 1936: Roe Thompson, Justice of Peace 1936 annual report of fees in. criminal cases; F. W. Brown, Constable, annual report for 1938; County Superintendent for the monlh of January,. 1937; Steward, County Home and Hospital for the month of December, 193G. Board entered into contracts with the Mercy Hospital and Pork Hospital for the hospjtnjiralfon of Indigent persons who may be sent to the said hospitals under the direction o'( the Board of Supervisors. Motion was made ny Supervisor Patton, seconded by Supervisor Robbins, that, pursuant to Ihe provisions of Section 5316, Code of Iowa, Lola M. Brown. Overseer of the Poor, be, and she is hereby Instructed to serve notice or lo cause notice to bo served, pursuant to the provisions ot Section 5315, Code of lown. upon the following named persons to depart from Ccrro Gordo Coun- f" 1 TM 1 Schlllti! Carmen Ramirez and f a m i l y ; Willis Roy Palilelle and fam- . The following resolution was offered by Supervisor nobbins: Resolution. Whereas, Ccrro Gordo County. Iowa. Is me owner and holder of Tax Sale Ccr- ;?'« Nrw. 14572. 1M40. M5S3, and (0 ,whlch,.,Jax -sale, certificates were 4.G4 .34 34.5a ·10.lil . 6.7S .50 204.59 40.43 8.50 .35 1028.1G 9.25 24.17 4.78 ' 2.47 1.37 23.13 19.88 54.00 1B.OO 46.30 55.75 249.B7 3.34 107.11 101.47 12.84 7.82 151.14 1.33 10.70 14.49 46.GG 14.04 34.50 -1.53 22.07 16.37 17.00 4.09 29.14 1.45 31.71 22.74 7.24 '«142.80 7.50 1.00 issued as a result of the sale of lots Nos. 14, 218, 223, and 230. Midland Heights, an Addition to Mason City. Iowa, and Whereas. James H. Hardy, · the owner and holder of Sewer improvement certificates Nos. 7057, 6999, G994, and 6387, xvhich improvement certificates were issued by the City of Mason Cily, Iowa, for improvement of the above described lots in Midland Heights,-an Addition to Mason City, Iowa, has ' made application to the Board of Supervisors · of said county for the assignresnt of the said tax sale certificates, said application being made pursuant to the provisions of Section fi04i. .Code of lou-a. Now Therefore Be It Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, 'that the above described lax sale certificates be--assigned 1o the said James H. Hardy, and that C. R. Patten, member, of the Board of Supervisors, be and he is hereby instructed to execute an assignment of the said tax sale ccr-- titicates for and on behalf of .Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, and its Board of Supervisors. . Upon motion of Supervisor Robbins, seconded by Supervisor Patton, the foregoing resolution as offered was adopted. Motion carried, alt members voting aye. Resolution declared adopted this' 1st day of February, 1037. Board adjourned to meet February 15, HARRY SONDEHGAARD. Chairman Attest: Arthur Harris, Auditor. Regular J a n u a r y Session. February 15, 1937 - NINTH DAY The Board of Supervisors of Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa, met pursuant to adjournment. There were present Supervisors Harry Sondergaard, Chairman. C. R. Patton, and R. D. Robbins. Absent: none- ' Minutes of last meeting read and approved. The following resolution was offered y Supervisor Palton: · Resolution. ' Whereas. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. Is the owner and holder o£ tax sale certificates Nos. 14123. 14124, and" 14125, which tax sale certificates were issued as a result of the tax sale of lots 7, 8, and 9, in block 5, Young's subdivision of a part of Section 11-96-20, and Whereas. H. A. Dwelle, the owner and holder of Sewer Improvement Certificates Nos. 7388, 73S9, and 7350, Which improvement certificates were issued by the City of Mason city, Iowa, for the improvement of. the above described -lots,.-has made, application to the Board of Supervisors ot Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, for the assign- Xaw, Therefore Be It Resolved by (lie Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, that the above described lax sale certificates be assigned lo the said H: A. Dwelle, and that C. R. Palton, member of the Board of Supervisors, be and he is ^.hereby instructed to execute an assignment of t h e said tax sale ccrlifU calcs, for and on b e h a l f / of ~Cerr"o ;unty, Iowa, and.'its Board Gordo Coll.. of Supervisors. Upon motion of Supervisor Patton, seconded -by Supervisor Robbins, the foregoing resolution as offered was adopted, lite vote thereon resulting as follows: Ayes: Supervisors Patton, Robbins, and Soniiergaard. Nays: none. Resolution declared adopted this 15th day, of February, 1937. Board approved the appointment of the following named persons as Deputy Sheriffs without Compensation: Lola M. Brown, and Gco. P. Farrcll. Board approved Ihc official bonds of Lola M. Brown and Geo. P. Farrell as Deputy Sheriffs without Compensation. Motion was made by Supervisor Rob- tons, secorided by Supervisor Patton that tlie compensallon of L.- L Raymond, Automobile Clerk, be reset at $155.00 per month same to be · cffeclive as of January 1. 1031. The foregoing motion carried. alKmembers voting aye. Motion was made by Supervisor Patton, seconded by Supervisor Robbins that the taxes assessed against tlie West twenty-two feet of tile East Forty-four feat of lots 7 and 8, block 10. Swalcclalc Iowa, for tile year 103C. payable in 1037 be abated anil cancelled for the reason that the said described property is owned by the Town of Swalcdale. The foregoing motion carried, all members voting Board authorized the cancellation of the 193S road poll tax assessed against. A. T. Hansen. Falls Township, for the reason lhal lie exhibited a receipt allowing payment in Floyd County'where he lived prior lo March 1. 1936. Board remitted the personal nroncrtv taxes assessed against E. O. Knapp in Grimes Township for tile year lo^o jt appearing that the said personal properly laxcs are not a lien against any real estate.. Board adjourned lo meet February ; 23, HARRY SONDERGAAHD. Chairman Arthur Harris, Auditor. ... . Attest: ' R«f ular January Session, February 23, 1937. TENTH'DAY The Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, met in regular session pursuant to adjournment. There were present Supervisors Harry Eon- dcrgaard, Chairman, C. R. Patton, and R. D. Robbins. Absent: none. The Board approved the appointment of Virginia Emery as clerk in the office of the County Attorney, said appointment being effective February 1, 1937, and set her salary at SGO.OO per month. Board met in joint session with the Boards of Supervisors of Franklin County and Hancock' County in the matter of Joint Drainage District No. 1, Franklin County, No. 31, Cerro Gordo County, and No. 86, Hancock County. Board authorized the canccllalion of Ihe 1930 assessment of personal property assessed on roll'No. IOSS, 4th Ward. Mason City. Iowa, to Frank Zemenek because of error in assessment. · Motion was made by Supervisor Patton, -seconded by Supervisor Robbins. that, pursuant to the provisions of Section 5316, Code of Iowa, Lola M. Brown, Overseer -of. the Poor, be, and she is hereby instructed to serve notice or to cause notice to be served, pursuant to the provisions of Section, 5315, Code of Iowa, upon the following named persons to depart from Cerro Gordo County, loiva: James Straw, John Banner and family: Joe Chavez and family; : \Vm. But- terfieltt; pimenio Martinez; Bastian Munnick; GuadalUpe Garcia; Aurello Silna. The foregoing motion carried, all members voting aye. Supervisor Robbins offered the following resolution: Resolulion. Whereas, the Board of Supervisors did on the 23rd day o£ November. 193G. adopt a resolution declaring a bounty on foxes of $2,00 a head on adult foxes and $1-00 a head on cub foxes, and Whereas, it is now deemed best and wise that tlie said bounlies be reduced. Now, -Therefore be it Resolved by the Board OE Supervisors that froih and after the passage of this resolution, that the bounty on adult foxes should be $1.50 a piece and on cub foxes $0.50 a piece. Be it -further resolved that the resolution, as-adopted on the 23rd day of November, 1930, be in full force and effect, except as to the reduction In bounties as Dy' this 'resolution set. Motion was made by Supervisor Rabbins, seconded by Supervisor Patton, that the foregoing resolution as offered be adopted. Motion carried, all members voting aye. The Board remitted the dog assessments for the years 1929, 1930, 1931, and 1933, against Agnes Enly, 1113 So. Washington Ave., Mason City, Iowa. Board also remitted the personal property assessment in the sum of Sla.OD against Agnes Ealy, 1113 So. Washington Ave Mason City, Iowa; for the year 1936 payable in 1937. , . Board authorized the cancellation of the road poll tax assessed against Emil Amdt,' i°- Mason Township for Ihc 'year 1935. and in 4th Ward, Mason City. Iowa, for the year 193G on a Doctor's affidavit of the asscssed's disability. Board adjourned to meet February 25, HARHY SONDERGAARD, Chairman, ·cst: A r t h u r Harris, Auditor. Kcgular J a n u a r y Session, F e b r u a r y 23. iy:J7, ELEVENTH DAY The Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, met pursuant to adjournment. There were present Supervisors Hairy SonderRaard, Chairman C. K. Patton, and R. D. Robbins. Absent; none. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. The Board authorized Ibe Issuance of Improvement Certificates based oh waivers filed by the land owners in Drainage District No. 42. The Board met with the Boards o£ Supervisors of Franklin - nad Hancock Counties In connection with joint Drainage District No. 1, Franklin County No Sff, Hancock County, and No, 31, Cerro- Gordo County* Board ncljourncd to meet Marcli 1, . ,, . Attest: HARRY SONDERGAARD, Chairman. Arthur Harris. Auditor. Leaves for Inwood. "WODEN--Mrs. M. L. Twedt lefl Thursday for Inwood for a two weeks' stay at the home oC her daughter, Mrs, Blanche Bcrkland, who recently underwent an appendicitis operation. Brought to Hospital. ROCKWELL -- Walter Murphy o£ Dougherty was taken to the Rockwell hospital Wednesday for a minor operation. PUBLIC SALE! The followins property wilE be sold at public auction in S WALED ALE, IOWA Monday, March 15 Commencing at 12 o'clock noon: HORSES -- LIVESTOCK -- MACHINERY 80 HEAD OF HOKSES--Consisiingr mostly of young horses from A to 8 years nld. Several good brood marcs in foal. One mare with suckling colt 2 weeks old. These horses are alt domestic raised and of exceptional quality. 30 CATTLE--Consisting of steers, heifers and cows. Some New and Used Machinery Term's--Cash,-or arrange with clerk for credit. Lunch .Served at Sale Barn by Catholic Ladies Aid. ; JOHN C. JINDRICH Ora Bayless, Auctioneer National Bank of Thornton, Clerk PUBLIC SALE As I will quit farming I will sell at Auction at the farm located 1 mile east, 1 mile south and % mile cast of Hanlontown, on Tuesday, Mareh 16,1937 Sale to Start at 12:30 P. M. 5 HEAD OF nOKSES--Bay mare 10 yrs. old, wt 1405- grey mare 10 yrs. old, wt. 1400; bay gelding 5 yrs. old, wt. 1300; mare, wt. 1400; colt coming- 2 yrs. old. ^ 21 HEAD OF CATTLE--Milk cow fresh 1 montii; springing heifer; 18 Z yr. old steers; 1 ycarlins steer. HOGS--7 Spotted Poland China brood sows will farrow in May. 19 TURKEYS and some CHICKENS, 20 Bu. timothy seed; 2 sets breeching harness. Full line Farm Machinery and other articles too numerous lo mention. TERMS--Those wishing credit sec clerk before sale. PETER BRENNO Carl M. Sheimo, Auctioneer Citizens Savings Bank of Hanlonlown, Clerk A U C T I O N In order to settle the Clifford Knowles estate, 'I will sell at Public Auction on the farm 1 mile west and % mile north of Manly, on Tuesday, March 16 Commencing at One O'Clock 86-HEAD L1VESTOCK-S6 34 Pigs Weighing- from 150 to 175 Ibs. 2 Horses 1 Bay Gelding-, wf. about 1200 Ibs. 1 Black'colt, 3 years old Some Seed Corn ,50 Cattle . 18 Milch Cows Most of these are inilkliif now Roan Bull 12 Steers Tliesc are yearlings, two- year-old and three-year-old 13 Calves 6 Heifers Mostly two-year-olds TERMS--Cash or make arrangements with clerk before sale. No stock to be removed until settled for. WILBUR KNOWLES J. M. Robertson, A'uclioncer Administrator Manly Sfafe Bank, Clerk AUCTION I will have a closing- out sale at my farm 1 mile .cast of Clear Lake and 7 miles west of Mason City on Highway 18, on Monday, March 15 Sale Starts at 1 O'clock 36 -- Head of Livestock -- 36 II HEAD OF CATTLE--10 fresh milk cows, liish grade, heavy milkers (7 Guernseys, 1 Brown Swiss, 3 Holsleins), 1 Guernsey bull coming two years old. High grade. 2 HEAD OF HORSES--1 youngr roan mare, 1 good work horse. 23 HEAD OF HOGS--16 fall pigs, C brood sows, 1 spatted boar. 2 electric Hinman milking machines, 1 Sharpies separator, electrically driven, 1 16 ft. line shaft with 5 pulleys, 6 10 gal. milk cans, 4 5 gal. cans, 25 ' tons good ensilage, alfalfa and other items. FARM MACHINERY, ETC.--3 waffons, I sled, endgnte seeder, Hayes corn planter, mower, spreader, plows, disc, 1 set harness, 1 saddle, brooder house, seed corn dryers, George Sheridan J. M. "Jack". Robertson, Auct. F. P. Walker, Clerk Combination Sale On'farm localed 4 miles northeast of Mason City on Plymouth road, or 1 mile north and 1 mile cast of Ideal Sand and Gravel ' Tuesday, March 16 AT 1 O'CLOCK 12 HEAD OF HORSES--1 black gelding 3 years old, broke; 1 colt two years old; 1 colt one year old; 1 bay team, weight 2600; 1 white horse, weight 1200; 1 black horse, weight 1400; 1 black mare, weight 1200;. 1 dapple gray mare, 9 years old, weight 1100; 1 gray horse, smooth mouth; 1 bay horse, smooth mouth; 1 6 year old bay horse. 9 HEAD OF CATTLE--1 Guernsey cow, wilt he fresh about June 1st; 1 roan Shorthorn heifer springer; 1 while Shorthorn cow, will, be fresh May 15th; 1 roan cow to freshen soon: 3 yearling heifers, 1 veal caff, 1 Guernsey bull. MACHINERY--Wagon and rack; 8 ft. disc; 3 section drag; Deere No, B corn planter; 5 ft. McCormick mower; John Deere two row cultivator;-drag cart; single row cultivator, 14 ft. seeder; Oliver 16 inch sulky plow; 40 ft. grain elevator;. 14 inch thrcc^ bottom John Deere tractor plow; 1 John Dccrc hand corn shelter like new; endgate seeder; DeLaval cream separator; l'/i II. P. International gas engine; 1 set harness; 6 horse collars; 1 saddle; some furniture; 1926 Star 4 door sedan in good condition. 15 bu. of potatoes and many other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS--Cash or make arrangements with' clerk before sale. No property to be removed until settled for. VIVA DYRE, Owner Ora Bayless, Auct. Northwest Savings Bank, Clerk Public Auction As the farm was sold and was unable to rent another farm I have decided lo quit farming, I will sell at auction at farm lo-' 'cated 2 miles straight north of Hanhmtown on gravel road, the following 1 property, on · · ' . · ' Monday, March IS, 1937 Starting at 12:30 P. M. 5 HEAD HORSES--1 bay mare 5 yrs. old in foal, wt'. 1600 Ibs.; 1 blue roan mare 9 yrs. old, wt. 1750 IbSij 1 bay mare, wt. 1500 Ibs.; 1 black team. 31 HEAD CATTLE--11 good young Holstein milk cows, 4 just fresh, 5 will freshen soon; 7 yearling Holstein heifers; 3 calves; 10 yearling Hereford steers. HOGS--3 Chester White brood sows will farrow last of March; 4 sows; 1 feeding pigs, wt. 70 to 150 Ibs. 100 BARRED ROCK PULLETS--Brooder house 8x10 ft.; 40 rds. 32 in. woven wire fencing; 25 cedar posts; 1 set harness; 10 ton clover hay in barn; 6 ft. ensilage in silo; 200 bu. oats; 20 bu. yellow seed corn. FULT, LINE OF FARM MACHINERY 7 TERMS: Parties wishing credit sec clerk before sale. i Jacob Hansen, Owner Carl M. Sheimo, Auct. Citizens Sav. Bank of Ilanloniown, Clk,

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