The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 15, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1818
Page 4
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I " i fTfAXCERi k rrirr.Rr.AS Jjiuct J .aim. of IU Iowa of. VV ' - itUjinrtdf county ol ttichuiond, and it&le - v . ivii indebted onto rJenrv Duvii, ol the isuu place, 4 and by certw hood ur oixuiao. uanux date tlie tenth day ( December. u the year of our Lord, one thousand tight ,..,.', rl mdumiRD, in llie penal imnol twtue ... i, .,i..i n.. dollar, lawlul monev of tbe United Slate, conditioned for the payment of ait buidred and forty Dve dollar ana any cenit, lawlul money aforesaid, with lawiul intecctt lor the tame, on or before the tenth day ot'May, then - nest MiMiag the tluU ol mid bond or obligation, forth bettor securing and more aure payment ol tbetud tan of aacaey mentioned to the taid bond or obligation, according to Uie trve intent aad mtaAu.4 thereof, did, together with Abigail bit wile, on tbe laid Uutii da of December, in um yearaioretaia, mortgage i u Davis, all that messuage, (arm, plantation, fait meaJjw and premisei, utuatr, lying and being id the town ofBouthfield, county aqd ttateafore - said, and it butted and bounded a luiiowi : oe - ginuing by the easteroiost corner of the land of Corutliut Van Butkirk, aad running Irom thence by hit line, north ibrty teen dcgrttt and thirtr minute, west thirty five chaws and tixtj links:' theuce oy two nisnwaj, j - . shm. ,Wm. - i and twenty minutes, east foaiUeo chain, to the corner of the lind of Uaac Simon - son : thence by the line of llie taid Isaac fcimoo - on and Ferine, touth forty seven degreei and thirtr minute, eatt trry oue cnaint and tixty links, to the land of Jacob Vreeland; theuce a - long taid Vreeland't ltae, touth filty one degreei awl forty live uiiuutes, wett twenty chains and tixty iiukt, to the place of beginuing t con - taiuing within the bouuds and liaiitt Uiereul eigh ty eigtit acret and one half an acre oi laD,: ; bounded tonthwctterly by the taid Corntliui Van Buskirk't land t northwesterly by the taid highway 5 northtait by tlie land of the laid Isaac Suoonson and ferine, and southeast by the lauil of taid Jacob Vreelund. Alto, a certain piece or parcel of talt meadow, lying in taid town, near a place caihsd OM Town t beginning at or near the corner of Cornelius Martiuo'i meadow, Mid ranoln from thence tooth twenty nine de - gtves, east fourteen chaint and fifty liukt;thtnce ' north levtuty lour degrees, eatl one chain forty three linka; thence north tweuty nine degrees eait fourteen cbaint and fifty .linki, to the fence 1 inence mutn twenty lour decreet, west one chain and forty three linki to the place of beginning ; containing two acre of talt meadow j bounded toulhweit by Corneliut Martiuo'i; southeast by Utecreek , noruieaii uyjonn ivei - tfetat, and northweit by meadow ol Stephen Martioo. Alto, that certain piece or parcel 01 talt meadow, tituate and' lying in the town 01 Morthfield, county and Ute eforetaid, on the i i - atterly tide ofTuniio.i't creek (to called) and Cherry Tree Creek ; bounded westerly 'by the aid twocreekt inorineny anu cuneny oy meadow of Captain Richard Courton, and toutheriy bv meadow of John Merreil ; containing two acrek and a half of talt meadow, he the tame more or lett ! together with ail and lingular, the edincct, baildingt, rigbtt, membert. privilege! and nppur - Tt.najces. tlk.reu .to belonemg or in any wise ap nrrt - .Tnin!? : with a tower in the taid.mortgHce contained, that if default thould be made, in tin. fiayment or the laid turn 01 money meutionuii in be condition of the taid bonder ol. ligation, and the intereit which thould accroe thtreon, a the time tpecified for the puyiuent tin 1 tof. that then it tb - Mild be lawful for tu mid Henry Davit, hi; heirtj eiKCutort, ailmmiitraturt and aMignt, ( il and ditiote of the taid. preraiet at puhiir auction, according to the act 01 ti) - hgisluture in tacb caiet made aud ptovided ; which .should b a perpetual bar, both in la if and equity, a - gainst the laid Jaiuet Jamet and Abigail tut wife, their heira and attigns and all other per - tont claiming or to claim the taid pre nine 1, by, from or under, them, or any of them. And ivhcrea! delault hat been mndLMnttie pay meat of the taid principal turn of tit humlitd and forty five dullari and fifty centt, and the nine with the intereit thereon remaint due and unpaid Notice it he reby eiven, that punuant to Uie act in tucb caie made and provided, all and lingular the fireioiiet above particularly rumtioui d. with the hereditament! and appurtenance!, will he told nt uuhlic auction or vendue, at the Tou - tine ('i (T(e How. in llicc itv of New Voru. on Wedm - tday, the 4th day of November next, at lfo'clocK at noon, liatedine iiuiaay 01 may, in theyear of our Lord one thouiand eight bundled and eighteen Tnyl31aw6m HENRY UAVI3. rROol'EC Tt'S to rcautniiifi by 6CBscmrrioi A MAP OK MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. f 1 Ml E publication of thit Map hat been under - J. Uikcn with the impreiiinn, that it will exhibit intorraation, highly interesting at this event - fol crhit, and the valuable Mapi which the an - thor hat procured, durinehUaevernl tourt through Mexico, in the yeart IUu6, 1807, 1813, 1813, 1815. 1816, and 1817. induce him to beleive that tbe Map, with even all it imperfections will be much the moil perfect which bat appeared before the public. ' This Mnp will contain the latttt and best in - formation Irom the diicnveriet and poisesiioni of the American, Spanish, Russian, Britiih and French travelleri and navigator! and rcpreten - tiog the claimt of their reipective government oa tt.e Northweitcrn coait of America. The Map will include that portion of Nrrth America, whii h liti between the Uthmui of Da - rien, and lhe4!ith degree of North Latitude, and from the Miimsippi River westwardly to Uie Pa ific Ocean. In lire the Map will be about six hy five foet, and will be projected on a icale of 40 miles tn the inch, to be delivered to the tubtcnuert at HI - teen dulluri t ach. N..tche. March 7. Iftlfl. no7tAu1 .. Ji.W t AJfCY STuHh, So 7 .asiu - itr. - et. w irirT f. Mna p v. r. are of opinion, that it ii an ingenious, uiejut and convenient invention, that w id materially assist all pcrtoot deiirout of tive viewt frotn nature. JNO. TRUMBULL, AH. ROBERTSON, SAMUXL L WALDO, JOHN RUBENS SMITH, WILLIAM DUNLAP, t , i H. JARV1S. The above workt are for sale by , - , . LAMBERT, J3 1m 3 CVurtlnndt street. TO THK INHABITANTS OF KEW - YORK. aire sunriort Il I.,. preraitet ot.37 and 33 Sprue e - ttrett,(iMeU. -,4 wnere ne nat at considerable - jichu i.uiiiiiieiy anu every couven ience to ensure their future favours Piece Goodi dy'd anv fancr rnln. ished in superior Style; Ladiet dressei, iilk. t;nn. ycivet, uamasu. moreen. .cran. r.,i. thawU. mantJet, peli'tet; bomharetin, ju - ckaned and dy'd any fancy pattern, chip, itraw, and leg Ik - rn Bonnets dy'd. Blnck, for mcHiroins. on thortett notice : mo reca furniroret ckan'd.dr'd aad water - mhrksxl ; Dui - p - iag, etc. , tuj io im v . - v ' ; i . 1 i .. - . StvUumDiilrietefi'tu'YorL,. TttlH remembcreJ. tiiktuo tha twenty aiatli ,D day ol Ausiitt,in tl lorty tecor.d y r of Uie ludk - ptniience m uie uniieu cum of Aaietica. Daniel l. Arden. of 0 taid dittrkt.hath dermtitcd in thit of fice Uie title of a book, Uie right whereof hr claimt at proprietor, in tha worar ana nguret iouowwb, to wit j Heading made eay ; or, a new guide to knollinv ai,H rvnriibef - in four Dartt. lit, contain ing variout blphahetn, and nearly two bundled jpellingand reading kttont, by regular grnda - tiont, Irom the moat eaiy to the difficult, and in which Uie wordt are diweo ana accrniru, uc - cordial to the pureit pronunciation. Id, a vocabulary of wordi, nearly alike in aound, but different ia ftelling and tignifkation. 3!, lettoiu in reading and reciting. 4th, outline! of geo - gtaphyt aiketrbof grammar t abbreviation! ; tafiliiiiifcUcal tablet ; and prayers for the oteoi tchoola. Tbe whole rendered pleating and im Iweuive by neat ami appropriate cutt. By Wil iam Little, A. M. In conformity to the act ofcongrettof the United State, entitled " a act for Uie enroura;'! - mentoflearnine. bv tecurins tliecooieiol'muin. chart! and booki to the authort and proprietor! olMtrb copies during the timet therein mention ed," and alto to an act entitled " aa art nipple - mentary to an act, entitled, an act inrtiie cixou - ragement of learuin, by leruringthe copiet of maps chartt and boolu to Uie authort and pro pnetoii of iucr cnpiei, during the tirnei therein mentioned, and esiending the U. - nrliii thereof to the arti ofdeaigning, engraving and ttching hii - torical and otlier prinU. nuut.K I I I..a, Clerk of the touthcro dutrict of ew York. Je 8d4w MAUUUANY 6UKAS. CHAIIi A.D CAUi - NET FliRNITUUE, Jlfo. 49 UKEK MAX - STREET. 'PIIK luhicriber begi leave to return hiirin - 1 rere thank" to thoie Incliei and ecntlemen who have b in kind enough to houor him with theircornmanilt, and to inform there, and the ad mirer of handioroe furniture in general, that he hat on hand tome very elegant Kfh, clmir, card, Pembroke and eitending patent dining tn tilet, grnnd udeboarn, inlaid with high poliMied ornamental hrait - workaad rore - wood; caid tablet to matrh, Grecian cou lir, tofei, chain: lounge, music itoolr, chain, Uc. Alro, a library itepchair, the utility of which he paitiru - larlv recommemlt. .. All furniture warranted of the btt quality and ivorkmaniMp, and ol the oewett Europe an l.itli - Orden escculeil to any part of the union to any drawin?, cu the moil reaiouahle tcrmi and punctuality lor caili. : Lariiet or geutiemrc having funry woodt, may hHve them manufactured to any article tiiey with, hy applying at above. . mv 3l Sim A. M. HAYU'OOO. 1 1 AH. &;c a0O hbli 'i'ar, and 1 Co tt tiHax L allot! and lor tale by my 30 R. k C. W. DAVENPORT&CO. A hnuie and farm on Thnwr't IVi - clt. in Ihb town and county of Weitcliteler, fQurteen milet from Aew - Yoik. The farm crtntiiim a - bout one hundred acret of excellent land in good lenre, a large ham and other convenient out buildings a good bmie two itormt hch, with four room! on each flur - r, elegantly litu ited on the hank of the Eu't River ; the lilu.iticu un commonly heaithy; the neighbourhood the moM reiH.' trilile ; abundance ol fruit of the het k lec - liou ; h ale and thcll iih in greit variety taken before Uie house. For further information apply to Uie lubtrrilitr on the promise. 1 my 1 m Mr.rillvN II. Iltir t MA. CITY CO.MMEHCIAL t - CIIOOL, 3 nooSKVKIT - SIRKKr, v BY ISAAC F. II K A G G. Lute teacher of penmanship in the Acllphiichonl. 1 1 lilt, apartment! m thu establhmeut are hl - i. ted up with a superior degree of nealncsi. l'he Young Ladies Room, coinp'.ctelv distinct from the others, it is believed w ill not merely I e found comiuodii.ut hut ccmt'TtaLil.? and el'gant A Drawing Master, o( eminent cua;ifiraiion, (recently from Lond"n.) is engaged to give in - iirucnun in mai orancn mice in ue wieic. 111s elegant collection of specimens in rare flowers, velvet paintings, lur.dtcape", Kc. will gladly In exhibited to sm h ai may re pleated to call. The terms will be very moderate, and the ex ertions to render landscape drawing, Ac. interesting, by the preparation ol views expressly for the school, and occasional practice from Nature, with clear illustrations of Hit) rules of peripect - ii e, it ii believed will in - ure nicouragement. In arithmetic, the piincipal it deteruiined to spare no pains to support the hch character which the recent examination of hit pupils hat guen rise to. The facility with which complicated celculaliont were performed hy many ol his pupili, in the mind, without any aid to the me mory, however it may have impressed with tin idea of getting by rote," ws! the reult of frequent practice alone, and provi 1 that boys may he taught all the facilities which are crinmonly the resultof long practice in counting houses he - fore they leave school. Applications for I lie ndunsMon of boys, will be received on or after Uie 1st r.f June, ugainsl which time itii mUnded to increase the arcom modations. mv i'G lin iMe of.Veip ForHr. m. I N pursuance of a decretal oriie.r of the boiior.v J h!3 the court cl hanceri of this siate. benr - ing date the filth day of June, ISIS, will he sold at public auction, at the Tontine Colfre House, mllie city ol W. irirlr, under the direction of the lubii riher, one of the mailers of the uidcourt, on tlie 3d day 01 July next, at 12 o'clock at noon, all tliattertain dwel nig liouss nnd lot ol cnum! situate, lying and being in the city of Nw York, and in a certain indenture made the y r - liichar lllartthorne, John lilus, H illiam Hart! Lyout and Pain. They have also a general as - horne Thomat Ustick, J .metOndt rdonk. Mart ortmtntof the newest Pant rAEHlOb; Con - Titus William Uititk, Jane Hartshorn nnd listing of I Ueborah Ouderdonk, of the hrtt pari, and Ed Ladies' white India muslin morning dresses, round Ehnendnrf, of the scond part, is described lerm!v worltl asfollows, to wit : All that certain dwulliun Silk ipeucers of the mott fatliionable colors !)0,"e un1 lo of Rround, situate, It ing and being also beautifully worked - I ,n "r tcon'' ward of the city of New York, and Linen cambric pocket handkerchief", superb ly worked and richly embroider, d And a few vtra thread lace V Eli.3. All qf which havebeeu received by the latest arrivals cles) for sale to the public in general, aud par UcuUrly to Uie fade.. Jeti I4t PUBLISH tl) THIS Dll . A PRACTICAL TREATISE on PERSPEC - known and dtstingtl.ed by the number sixty - nine VN illiaiu street ; whx h said lot is bounded from France, and are now offered (together with side hy the house i.nd lot now or formerly their other extensive assortment of fancy arti in front by W illi. mi stn.ej, on tlie northwest tide by the house and lot of crnund now or lormei Iv the property of David Johnson, on the totiihcait of Peter Hcuriirt : containing in I. rp with in firiil wise Dated New York, June 9, lHlli. P. G. HlLDRETH, Master in Chancery. Je 9 dtt Je2 12t I O LET, A pleasant bac k room, at bo. 56 Wall iking accurate perspec - street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Possession immediately. J4 Apply in th front olGcc. To be told el pitlltrattttion. At the Tontine C' lT - e House. Tuet - day, the 16th June, at 12 o'chx It, tlto following estate of Jacr.hut Vtrveclen, dLceased, tj close Uie coorern : Tbe two slorr brirk front honso nnd lot of ground No. 22 Walkc - r itreet. 1 he houe is 2j V L. .. tin j j .. . leei wi"e ny nnoin 00 oeep, nna well calculated to accommodate a family. The lot it 25 hy 100 feet. ALSO. 3 lott of ground, on tbe tailerlv tide 01 lbomp'on ttreet.oei ween Urund and tjroome - I... P . i'crii cn - l . . A . , . . ..... nnd h - r. iT . e,vei, ",ia hit ffinu.ts "reeii ; eacn 1 ,a itzjieei wide and Ha deep. . - r - 1 his arrivfd Irom Eniland "ey W lately ow n n'lrd Willi earUl. Anxioottomerit acwilmuat.ouofUitiriro,,: ARTHUR SMITH, I r aud .u..." pairon - i. N. BLELCKER,) - - "" 4 , THE FIXE ARTS. MONG8T the prsent niiTnerous exhibitions ' - V oflhiscitv. M. PACS" M ,tor. 1. 11 ,i. .i the lovers of . - ... aa.t.. ,,i,ajv,.li ..a.. - gen - itne works of old Piasters, will V '.". '"lUM.liY Or HAlVnVf.B Nn Wn tU... .. .. . . ... , - - - - - - - ine 1.1m ,'.r ,iy,!n,''r Mention, and preint - xter?e BJ,,'r,,l",'le,texPn woit xier.sie eiatinrHtinn IhroH,.''' anil restored lo ialu ' ""PWCliascd at Uieir utmost U.JT 3C0 U WHEATON'3 ITCH OINTMENT. aHE long and tucceiifut ore of thit ointment it a aurtkieat recoouaeodation, at it bu been found to be a pleataut, tafe and certain te - inedy for that diiagreeable diieate in all itt tta - 5et. - It it for tnlem the city of New York, by . A. ii W. it. foit. No. 41 William - ttreet ; I. U T. Clark, No. fci Maiden - Lane ; II. H. Scliirflilin ti Co. No. 193 f earl - itreet ; Lawrence : Keefe. No. 195 Pearl - itiret t Hull k Hownr, 148 l'earl - itrect f L.Murray, 313 rearl - tlreel J. M. tiradhurit, 314 fearl - ilreei ; John feolord. No. 4 Klet her - itreet 1 Uuryee Si for, in f earl - ttrect ; John C. Morriton, lKtl Greenwich ilreet; John P. Fiiher, 10d liroad - wuy ; Waiter. Seaman, cornel of Cbamber - tt. aud Broadway, and alio in Chalhaut - rtreet ; and in tbort it may be procured at mott of the Drug bloret in tliit eity Alio. in .Philadelphia,, of S. Withered k Sons ; George Hajfiell ,Nur;h i. Ro gen, and almott a3 the druggi.U in the principal townt in tbe United Statet. LIKEWISE, WH EATON'S JAUNDICE BITTF.R9 maj be had at the above placet. jan i2 6m VALUAtiLE KLL to - - Km tfALE,' MA NKW - TORK. a i. ana. a a vw 171 VK Iota of ground on ti . wich - ttrcel, letiveen ' IH THE tlTT OF the weit tide of Creen - Vettry and Dctbroi - tet - itrcett, 5 by til). Four do in the rear of the above, fronting on t!iefat tide of Waihington - ttrect, 2j hy (III. Fight do in the block below, hetweeu Wath - iugton oi;d Wcst - itreeli. In Montgomery Counly. C000 acrei of Land in Lawrence'i purchase, neur Fait Canada Creek, on the north tide of the Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15.162 a. - res of Land, in the towns of Mount Morru and Dayton. In Y.trrx County, acres of Land in the lownof Barrymore. In the County of Lewii. 1250 acrei of land in Catteriaiid, Chastania Puichaie. In Saratoga County. 2I50O acre! in Palmer's puu hasc. Fn)uiro at theoCice of lite luhicriber, S4Ce - dar - eirett. BF.V. ROCIN50V. rnh 17 tf UKKGEN ORI'IIA - No Ct'URT. Of the Ttiui of March, 1S18. Cathnrine Schuyler, Administratrix ic. r ol John A. 2 - chuyler Rule, under Statute. deieAStd. 'IIIKcourt orili.r Hml direct. That Cathaiine L huyier administratrix of the goods, chattels and credili 01 John A. tchnyltr, tlcceaied, give public notice to the crtditon of the dere - di. - nt to hiing in theirclaimi and demaodt ugaiunt the estate ol the mid d cedent, on '.r t'efore the firtt day of May, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred nnd nineteen, by pulling upnoticei to thalefhet in five of the molt public place in the county of ler?i;n, for the tpace of two months and advertising tl.11 lame lor the like ipaceol time in a neipapt r printed and puh - lulied in the Mate of Nt w - Jeriey, and in a newi - vhfH r pi inted and puhlitiied in the city of Ne w - Yi'fk. A true tranicript from the record. np2fi'.'m JOILV A. BO U, Sur'gafe. G. laAUNDEU'a PA J EM KAZOK is i UUP. You that wish to ihave with ease, Buy of Sauhdeks il you please ; Hit Razor Strop, peculiar iuh, That sharpstho Razor with atom h. SAUNDERS rrsectiuliy ioli its thoe T. who have not got his Patent Rizor Strop, to furnish themselvos with Lis new invented Razor btrrp, and Metallic Compou'.hn. No gen tit man who once makes trial of one of the Strops now oirefed, will evertry any ot!ici8;;nd such is their formation, that ever so much ne will not ?;ive the razors that roundness whi. Ii renders the iest oftl eru useless, and which is well known always to follow the application of all Ihote hither to invented. 'I he altove strops are in gemral use in Nt w York, and are distinguished from all others. I5aibers w ho have used than eav more in their piaite than I can myself. ti. SAl'NDEllS, 1U Wall - street. Also for tale, Rarnrs, Soup, and every ulen - sil for Shaving, of tha first (iiality, with a superior nssmtratut of I'erfinni ry, llair - Powdtr,:t, from Smyth's, New llond street. London. Is. n. ine most liberal allowance msde to dealers. my 22 u5Ki TO LKT, . SJr.ssI The elegant 3 tlorv bouts No. 7 Hud - sou street, which commands a pleasant view of the 1 aru and river. Possession may U bad in a few diys. Also for sale, the furniture of said bouse. It is of the b?tt quality; well fitted, and tuitable to a genteel family. Apply at alovc. mylltf ELEUAXT Pl.iJYO VUKTES. 103. WILSON, 14 Maiden - Lnne, has just re - I reived by the Venus, a large assortment ot Piano Fortei, Patent Flutes, Flageolets, AiC. manufactured exprcly for him by Cle - menti li Co. London. Alio, Piano Forte Strings in sets , new iuu - ic, and every article in the musical line ; instruments taken in exchange, and tuners provided. my 29 tf I twenty five leet, io the rear twenty eiht iett;! in nepui on we touin side twenty one lei t. and on the touth twemy seven leet four and a mil inches, le the same more or lent tcztther trill, i.ll niirt i.nm.i.r iI - .a UVL, adapted for Uiose who pracUce purteuanrei to the ttine helonsins or in uuv landscane Daintms or drawinir irom nature, Also, THE PERSPEC10URAPH, for tak ing viewt. We the undersigned artists, resident at New. York, havinguispected Basby't persoectoraph MEDICAL AID. TAR. CORN vt ELL, who is VJ it member ol the Coriora 1. n of surgeont of London, and - ho has had much experien in the line of hit profeision 1' r more than twenty Tears, n lately arrived in this city, and brink well apprised of Uie great t'r.Ktli ..I - .ine generally takei to introduce a medical gentleman into pructire in the common reserved way, lakes this method to inform the public, thai he ha taken the situation. No. 2:1! WATER - STREET. corner of Dover - street - his door in Dover - street his name on the door hii iigu, a Mortar; where he will be found ready to wait on those that p'eate to apply mrhis medical aid, in the different branches ef surgery, and Uie practice of Physic generally. As. also, in ali case 1 of imcntency. nnd a rer taiticoini lnint. incident to I 0U1 icx, in which ho has had ere it. very great, experience in the cure of thousands, without one houit detention from business, or chanue cf diet, cr a possible di - coverv bvlhe most lulimate tnend. fr - V - And in all cases ol confidence, the great .... . .... 1 ,, - , clsnrecy will be tuicuy oi.serveo. ne ni uo shopman, oranyptrson in p rtneralap with him. N. B. Atlendvnre will le given to patients from sun - rise until 9 o'clock in Uie evening. JeB lm IO LEASE Oil OR SALE, I That elrg - .tiit modern huilt house, situate at tlio corner ol Sands and wasnmgion sireeu, Brooklyn Its sire is thirty - one feel front by fifty feet deep, ill rooms to arrunged as to combine every convenience wr a gcoteel resideuce. It will I sold wiih two or more lots of ground, at the option of the purchaser. 1 trms, cue lourtl cash, the rot iu such payments as w ill be most convciucut to purchaser. Apply on the pre mises to C. UALL. mny 2.1 tf LVE.LVO H.ilH MAXL'EAC'JOHY, 76 Chatham - street. "TnilE uhscnbcr returns his thanks to the JL public for their former patronage in th line of his protesjiou, and hopes fur tlicir future support, lie likewise informs them that he has on band a c His taut supply of curled hair, mauu - 1 factured esprelv for matrasses ou an improved j principle ; an'l likewise guaranteet the hair sold by him to tie free from any impure smell, being well scoorcd, boiled and baked, and being Cia - onfactureJ by machinery, has an advantage over any other hair manufactured in America its very texture and elasticity making it a saving of tweuty - nve per cent lo Die purchaser. WILI4AM JACKSON." Ti. B. Merchant! and the trade in general will find it to their advantage to call as above. 30 bales oflair in itt ruo - h state ; 6 bales of long horse - taili ; 2U00 lbs of Ion; hair drawn 30 inches, cFubbed ; COO dozed hair sieve boUom For rale as above. my 5 2m DRIME BE' F. St'f) barrels for sale by X CAJ.B.JCLENG K I EAltau.v, Je 9 67 South itntt. pfJST COACir Atm STEAM - BOAT LINES, VIA POWLM - IO" ii KLIZABKTHTOW rOIHT (Through in One Day.) ' t NEW Line of PostCoachct with every Cbn - J' venience for pamugert and baggage, on Springs, . ... T ' The Poit Coach will ttart from the Coach office, No. 1 Courtland - itreet, near Broadway, N. York, every morning, (Sundayt excepted) at 5 o'clock, by way cl Newark, Eliiabethlown, Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton nnd Bristol, and arrive at Fhiladelpliia - tbe tame af.emooc, at 4 o'clotk. . ' A second Line of new'Tdtt Coachet will ttart from New - York every morning, (Sundayt excepted,) at 10 o'clock in the fcttarn Boat Atalan - ta, lo!ge at Tr. - nton, and arrive' at lliiladtlphia, in aSlenmGtnt, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dullari. P. S. Pasicngert ore r.quested fo call and take their seats at tbe Cilice No. 1 CcurUandt - itreet, New - York. United Statet lail Coaih, for rinladtlphia, Baltimore' and Washington City, with every convenience - for pass'eiigtri and baggage, on iprings. The U. S. mail coach will itart from the coach office, No. 1 Court landt - ft. New - York, every day at 8 o'clock, P. M. and arrive nt Philadelphia next mnriiicg at6o'clock. Only C pas - lengers atloiitltd. r or teatsinthe ahovenamed Linet, apply to THOs. Willi FIELD, at the old tstai.lifhed Ccaeh. aad jtebiD Boat oBice, No. I Cotirl - laudl - ttiti t, near the corner of Broadway, New - York ; or to A. T. GOODRICH & CO Ny. 121 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, Nev - York. frt - Ail good and baggage at the rik olthe owner. JOSEPH LYON, tiONS ii CO. N. B Expretaet sent to any ptrt of the Con tinent, by THOMAS VVIHTFIELD. my 'M 5rC IMO.N LINE 3 5s2 FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twei,ly - tive iniltt land carnage, via New - Brunswick ar.dT.cntoii. In new post coache $ 3 Do good stogi t 4. Do lorecatllc or dc - ck pnssengers. 3 50 Crnntcud by the steam hoats oi.ivjc ERARcn and PHi.AiiKi.ruiA. Ih ileum boat Olive Branch will leave New York every day, Sun - dny'i excepted, from the north side of the Battery, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. Passenger! will lodge at Trenton, and take the steam boat Philadelphia, 10 aitoriivc in Philadelphia &t 10 o'clock the next morning, in time to take the Union Line Baltimore steam boats. This line hat a connection with the belt boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk; as also those of the North River and Sound ; and their several arrivals are calculated to caute little, if any de!y. '1 hit it a speedy and certainly the mott convenient route, at the passenger will leave New - York after the banks open, and arrive in Philadelphia before the l.ouri of business, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, tbe land carriage being much less than by any other route Le - twrm the two cities. For teats iu the ahoe line apply to WILLIAM B. JAQUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Cilice, in Mar - kethi Id "tret t, north side of the Battery, between Cretuwith and Washington sliccls or to The CAP PAIN on hoard. All gooilsiiud b.igg'igc at tne risit ol the owiur. ap 1 BVtiFi - SUkE MAIL COACHES, tun nui.ADKi.rni a. rvv. if Oq - Leave New - ork 5rt! eveiy iiornins (Sundnv'stx pttd) at tlo'c lock, nnd nr - e 111 1 hiladelpnia next day t dinner. l'he publick hoiisct arc good, aud reasonable 111 their charges. Thedrivers, horsei nnd coach - el are not inferior to any othen now running between these twofiliei. The beautiful country, and the excellence of the roads on this rout, connected wilh tlie safety, comfort, and reasonable expencst, are helrived to be strong inducements to travellers in giving this line a decided prefer ence. The ttriclest attention will be observed hy the proprietors in giving general sat inaction. All hossrnse and packages will go at the risk of the owmr unless insured and receipted fur by the clerk ol taid Uiice. Stage fare only $5, with a generous allowance ofhaugagc. Partiet wishing to travel at their leisure, may ine .i)ai:n itii icjtniui'ir terms exclusively to themselves, hy np iiigon day pre.viouj to starting. For le. - .ts apply nt Northern Hotel, No. id Courtlaiidt - itrect, New - Y'ork. t?r - v. - e t'rv ap 2 Propri - tor. NO I ICE. For the further acenmroo - l dation of tbe puhlic. the de L L!L - irSbi f parture of the Firefly fron lfr.xAt&&?2 New - York and Netvburgh will be in (uture on the following days : Leave lew York on .viond.iy, Wednesday and Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave Newburgh on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 8 A. M. I he above nrninrrmcnt will commence bv trie Firefly leaving Newburgh 011 Sunday, the 24th May. I he Western Stage leavei iewtiurgh immc diafely after the arrival ol the Firefly. my 22 , NOTICE. 0 - Steam Boat Olivk Branch will sail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round r . . . . . - j.'geryf 3 wcn isiann, andotrasicn - ally, il the wiuJ und tide will permit, to the hook. 1 his beautiful tail will contribute both to heallh and pleasure, and it as cheap a re - crcaticn at ran be found. Parties who mean to partake ol Uiit amusement will, if convenient, giie in their names the day preceding, at tne i.r.ce in Marketheld street, iim inside oiuic buttery. Dinner on board, at the ususl prices. Passage bs children lulf price. my lfllf "Oi SAfA . leasehold Propc rty, more valuable than rrul f - tate. I bat pleasant situated Mouse and Academy No. S'.l Whito - strett. betwei - n Broad way and Churc h - street, thirty years of (he Lease un - expired ; all improvements to he paid for, hy valuation at the expiration of the term. Ground Kent thirty (muuds per annum, for particulars enquire ot lieorgc 1 Kit, Cornclia - sliect. urern wich. Je2tf LANDS. (7 - STEPHEN li. MUNN, No. KG P. arl - ttre. - t, New - York, purchases Lrinds in the Illinois Territory, which his been set ftpsrl for the I de Army, letters from the country giving a description of trio patent and th price aktd lor each lot, will b? attended to, ilT'osl paid. my 15 DSCtf j ANDERSON, at his manufactory, 55 Mai ti . den lane, h'is on hand a line assurtment of &PLCIACL1.S, in gold, tiiver, plated, gilt, neel and tortoise, shell irames, with convex, con - rave, orgreen eyes. Alo, pebbles, gngllct for wean eyes, opera, rending and magriymg :asi - es, eye glasses set with gold or lilver lor tlie short lighted, botany al glasses, linen proven, and Sctacle cases ih a variety. J. A continues to manufacture Canct in every variety, and hat on hand a very e lee ant assortment ol moid and other Canet. mounted to suit every taste, wholrtaie and rclhil discount liiier - M tt wlinleta'c denh is. ftT CAN Kb awl SPECTACLES made and repaired to order ocw glnits fitted to oid frames, and every attention paid to those stho appiy ior ectiutiis, my - ji 10 TUZSOyXQ STEAM B0AT - L1JE ffC I ' view of accommodating the wh mm ' f nntTpublic, bytxtending the line a'" Norwich, intend iitaking the experiment with the Fulton, Capt. Law, and thit route (if found practicable) will be continued during the teason. The line will in future be from .New - York to Norwich, at follows : l'he Connecticut, Capt. Hunker, will leave New - crk every .Vontlai, H edruidcy and Friday, at tt o'clock, in the morning, for New - flat en. The Fulton, Capt Law, will leave Norwich at 6 o'clock in the morning of the tame days, touch at Jftw - Londm and depart from thence for JYew tlarm nt it o'clock. The boatt will meet at .Xew Harm, and depart from thence every Monday, ll'tdnrt - day and Friday, nt 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut for YYr - For, and the Fulton for Atr - London and A"oi u Uh. mh 1 7 STEAM BOAT NAUTILUS. a.3. At 1. 1 he steam boat N AUTI LUS will hereafter run as EU 'xfJlljf follows, except - on Sun - dat. I.EAVS KKVV - TORK, 5 o'clock in the forenoon, 11 do do 11 di do il o'cloc k in the afternoon. 6 do do f.r.AVR STATE!? ISLAM), At 1 - 2 past 6 in the forenoon, 1 - 2 past 9 do 1 - 2 past 13 in the afternoon 3 o'clock ' do 1 - 2 phil tf do 0! SUNDAYS I.EAVaC NkW - tORK, At 5 o'clock in the morning, 10 do do I o'clock in the afternoon, 4 do do LEAVr STATE IM AM), At 8 o'clock in the forenoon, 1 - 3 past 11 o'clock u 1 - 2 past 2 o'clock iu the afternoon, 7 o'clock do Passengert to the Narrows and Bath will, for (he present, lie taken down on Sunday morning, in the 5 o'clock boat, and he culled lor about half pact oo'th ek in the tvrmiig. The fare toStaten IMand will Lc Jj cents, aud to Bath and Uie Narrows, 50 cent. Children hall price. The NAUTILUS is a m w bo .1 r.i'irreal speed in fine orde r, with good ucccuimodntioni ; and is pr polled on tbe L11 ingsln and r ulton plan. On account of llie pleasantness 01 her tour, tiie advantages of Sea Hnlhini; nt the pliu - es she visits, the variety and her.uly of the prnfptctt they aifoid, the cheani ss ol'tlie fare, aud the exccl - it lice 01 il.c ri iir - liu.i ins di ll nrccmmod.tiioi.! on board, excursions in the Nuliltis lor pleasure or buiintss, will be found expeditious, agreeable and healtiuul. As she ii fitted for the transportation of Horses and Carriages, and the wharvef and floats at New - York, Staten - ltlnnd and the Horse - boat rcrry atthe Blazing star, prepared for sale and commodious embarking and landirg travellers in the Post Chimes, or in private tar - tinges between New - York and Philadelphia, Trenton, Princeton, New icli, or Wood - bridge, will find the route hy the Nautilus nnd the Turnpike! acrosi Stuten - Llnnd to New - Brunswick, the shortest, cheapest and most pleasant that can be selected. JOHN DEFOREST, Captain. Slatcn - Waud, 27th May, 1313. my 29 Ira " .NKWIlCHlill Hill lAMAMlAK.VA.MAtL - ttAOtV IIIRIK ll.MH A UKF.K. 'N.T''j I EAV KS Newburgh evc - .. - - A ' - ry Sunday, '1 m sday, yX . j - .'.'jgHC and 1 hursdny mornings, id " " "V lhr t.'.l.fla, U.,. Moiiigomtiy, Bloomingburgh, Monlirello, by VN hite I.v.he, Coshecton, Mount Pleasant, (.real B ml, ChMidiigo Point, Otvrga, Ithica, and Ot - 1.1A.1, toCniiRiidaigua. lt' - lui nir g - leaves CanamUigiia every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, the Uiird day in lime to take the Steam - boats which airivc ia New - Yo.k the following moniinjr. fjfj tiiav it ixi'icltd tUitt nl Uuui when the siiam - boats alter dayi of iuuiaig, that Hits linr in1 alter 30 an In mrtt them. The whole route will he perfumed in three days, from the first of May, until the first of November and from the Unit of November until the fifteenth of December, and fi - .m the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days .aid from the 15th December, until the fifteenth of March the tame line will be continued to tlie city of New - York and run from thence to Caiiandaijnia in four days. Passcntrers travelling fruin New - York to Canan'inHTtia, Niagara or UufTulo, can leave N. Yoik in the evening st cam - boats, and arrive in Can:uu.uitia in lhree days a distance of three hundred miles. The line is well furnished with gwd, new carriages ; good horses, and careful ai.d experienced drivers Every attention will be paid to render tbe passage of the truvuler safe, easy and expeditious ; ana it is believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. CTj FAKE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS X. It. A b ancli of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owcgo Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, Kc. V BAGGAGE, as usual, at tlie risk of the owm rs. David Godfrey, Bloominghurgh," F C. St. John, Mount Plentant, L. Si R. Manning, Chenango, vPropric - Luther Cere, Ithica, 1 ton. Samuel Greeuliff, Geneva, I Oliver l'htlps Lansing, J lull 14 ddn jYOKTU HIV EH. STEAM - HOATS. frt - Onthf llth of May, ,1 ! ) . . - .. .II ' . risiin K running four times 11 week. UlTai!K; : A Boat will leave New - York on Tuesday, at 9 A. M ; Wednesday, at f, P. M. ; Friday, at 9 A. M. and Saturday, at it V. !1. of each week ; and a boat uill lerue Aliiary on .,1011037, Wed nesday, 1 tiunday, and CA'.urday, at a A. .!. The hl. - .ve arrai.geiutnt by the ( h'uicellor'i leaving Alhany on Monday, the llth May, nt9A. M. nnd die Richmond leaving New York on Tim sday, the l?Hi M 9 A. M. The Firt - riy Icavtt New - York nn Tuesday, Thursdny nnd Salurc'ny, at 9 A. M. for Newburgh, nnd rrlurns on Mouday, Wednesday nnd Friday, nt tf A. M. my 2 UA rfV.V'S .l.Vaf I - BlLIOUa PILLS. 1 ' 1I1C1I have been attended with a digrct 01 success hiirhly irn.telul t the invtnl - oi's feeling., in scteiul u..r!s of the West lm.ii s. and the s - julln - rn and Middie St'iti", particularly in New Vuik. Iplu'a, Bal'.id.ore, Jv'r. Thtoratiun ofihtse pilis are psrlettly mild, to as to ih - u - td by Lec.out ia every Situation and of every ne. They arc excellently adapted to carry of 111 - perrl us bile, and prevent its morbid secretions j to restore and amend tl.e apptile ; to product a free penpiradon, snd thereby prevent colih ttliich are oiten of fatal ci.oseijurnce A dose never fails to remove a ci.ld, if taken on its first apriesrance. They are aa infailib'e preventive 01 Bilious and Malignant Fevtr, and should be riocured for ue, by every enroian nnd traveller. Prepared and mid at LEE'a Medicine Store, No. 40 Maiden Lamr. Drngcisti and country store keepers tupiiljed on liberal lerni". my IS TO LET. A dry Cellar, under - the hous No. 29 Pine - Hire. I. J.n'piue of MR. SMEDES, my 11 tf . 1U4 l'earl - sireet. WANTED a while woman to do kitchen work, and white girl from Hf 1C years of ag - , to do the ui;p.r family. Apj - 'y at this ofii. e. a small . Je5 ' k sUKifila" psblicltoow hew to di, - !,, . . ' tween thingt that differ. W be D OCTOE. HORNE, formerl, of the city of London, an . mber of the faculty of pbv,;t and it - rgery there, deemt it ty to repeat tome onservationi . tlie abuse of MERCURY, a rath, mtiitrriminate, and unquah. fied cse t.Sercof, tin been produl tive of infinite .nisrhr ' nTT anai we. annually niercurifthzed out of eii 1 ence. 1 he disease vie have in view owei it? fc. tal retultt chiefly to tbit tource. VVhsl a nilt that a young man, the hopt of hi lountri, aod the darling o hit parents, tf.ould be tnitcEed . ..... . .11 .. ' - ". v . . - pio.t.ri ana enioymentt of lif. by UieconsequemetPfone ung - jar.led moroett and by a .iiPtase not in itt own nature fatal d j j n i uie prospecit and enioymentt oflir. which only pr:ivc to from ncjrlcct cr imn'rn! ireainient." A cent eman. Hat n. ii,. :r." tient) .now perfe.ctiy hear'y and well, 'had hec. under physiciant of ger.ei J practir e, tix Dr. lLiby a gentleman of city) hi, bones were canont, and hit flesh dropping from them , bis fnendidrt lared he could not porubly iri . two niorthi longer. Thousands exiriWnrall. know witnw hot ease ami tfctv Dr. If " catet tf,e sevettit cases, aud conlirmt the con.ti" lution. The Doctor't plan (advertising) ccnniy vt Buara uie puonc agailltl the abase ! mercury, r.nd other fatal delusions, held forth. - . icr.ui;,, un it lore, navins contmrVH : rfrse.r.1, mcrriore, having contracted a . . . Ifl ! 1 vate disorder, or tuspectmg Inter.t prison admonished not ta tamper with their tion, or conceal the disorder, till pait reco ar coiutita. const ry ; othershaving the r - ma!iii of nn ih ,." or otheris.puritiet of the blood, atwellaiotu! er complaints of a delicate r.ulure, in eitiiep ..iuuiuicui. iiiui i posienry, and do JUilict to their consciencti, by rnakiutj applicalio. iu ur. 11. at ma 01a ar.u resnectnhi. le cstit. lishmi - nt, No. 34 Water - street, four houiet west rOld - ihp, to obtain Uiat picmpt atsisnce - iime uu uiiticu to prevenx disc;. .sure. And her let me claim your stnout atttuticr. Rrn,crnh' , 4 superficial cure is no cure at all ; n,,ltiI ,(le 0" .ineis radically done, you will certainly hart he disorder hrejk out aaiu wilh re.lm.i.di tt' - t.!! n.nA f'..t..ra. . , - ' W1JJ"1 " '",V - ",, I'e.'iiam t iCn will he too late for remedy. D, n't you often ae..i !. the ttrccti misctitble, mutilated I.eiVs, wiii ,! even a hit of note on L'.eirface? I hesee cb yon. T. I. ' e wirani - IJ. - . It's, character for tkill and stuhhorn intc riiy being universnly bnnivii 1,, thitcitv 1' r ILlOt, guarantee to pMienti t:,at delicai y iQj ,,. crery hitherto unknown, and having . e . . . t - ...u.imi 11. a, ractice for vwrs, exclusively tn n.. riiaeasct of the bliod sy' - m, they may safely cu. i clatfe on (J.e isoit decided advintaget in tt. sult - ng I T. 11. lilects eradicated in t - jy cr three wcekt. strictures reaiote.l withoui bougies or any oil. lt instruircrit - , and all debihtitt; likewise til !d ulceratiir.', Iitula'i lir, A plurality cfoi!iei! aru prnric'.p.l, and to sila. tied that patienls are not cxiMised toe.irhr.d..,'. observation. Opt 11 till hKlfpantO in Uie eveniii". Ai; pcisoimcoiicerrtod invited to be fix ' ailing, and speaking wilh Dr. II. which it irtg cfcost. And here tlie Dot - tor cannot avoid tin niprtision cf j:? for innumerable reroiu - mendatiurs, and lor ti e derided preference fit is pretinied with just cause) long given him by a jijiliciouj public. N. I. All letters must be poit paid. Dr. Buthacju. Aug 27 lv i tu.y. jy.t. EVANS' supcrioi Jln.ethod ofcurirg a certain Disensi'l isnniv univer - t.illy acknowledged in tuil city : hit mode 01 Ire dinenl is (lerfcctly mild, tnfe, e - ptdiiioiis. and hn chargi 1 In every it ' J&ylr7i,an'"e " warnd.n a curt, A;, . v ..:ind will return tne pay ii lit VVv '''i! ;Il!lx' b perform agrteabit '1 lie si rii u si secrecy always observed. arc iuny persons in this city and its si - cinity, lal' - oring under variout chronic diseases, such ns iCam ers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of the urethra, Karhler ttl.d kidliies, old complicnted complaiiiti of a certain nature, biliout and other obttruu. Iiiiit, rheumatism, ic. which they consider inm - rahlc, thry can certainly be cured fin general) by Replying at Dr.EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 9, 1 etk - tlip, having practised in exMnivi hmpitalsin furope 12 year, fiudi.r tome of U.e rirst Surgeons and l'htiiciant in the world, not made thoie obitiaate thseaset hit constant itvdy for 311 years. . tier 11 fX3 The subscriber having recently rcturntd from England with an important improvement oa the artificial tpriug LEU, he taket tbit method of informing his friends and the public, that all those who are so unlcrtanrte as to re In want 01 a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. .Vfc lf DnESSLYQ ROOM. AFRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - ttreet.Juit re - . turned from Paly, has tbe honour to inform the gentlemen, that he cutt and drestet hair in the lutes t style, and in a mat nrr so at to adopt it to the 1 hi tiognomy. He hat for talc a quanti ty ol KAZOKS of the first quality, if they ao not please on trial, the purchaser! aie at liberty to return them, and receive the money. He has iiketvi'c procured avery fine hone, and engages to reitore rnzon to a very keen edge and ihould they net cut he will receive no recompence. Those ger,tlemen who may please to honor hint with their patronage, may depend on the most particular and respectful attendance. Fruiiw nto has.iu;t received a few setts of the celebrated Manguim False Back Razors, warranted of Damascus steel of a superior quality. ! Amateurs may shave themtelvet luxuriously. : i. li. Gentlemen whotubtcrihe by th quarter will have their razors, Ac. kept exclusively for f hemtelvet. 1'. S. A g'lod journeyman wanted. Apply a aimve. - mh 6 U' mm may tav - 'ir."y.'. - .; - AC0ITAt tapply of la diet Beaver HaU, fresh from Ihemt nulactoiy, tui'ir hie lor the tooth era market, and packed at - the sliortttt noutt. I at J. WILSON'S, ' 160 Broadway. IVOMEX. - WOMEN, or Tour cl Conlre, a tale by Ma - turin, author of Bertram, Milesian Cbicb, Tbe Fatid Revengs, &c fcc! volt, price received and for sale at tho Mmerva Circulating Library, No. 205 Broadway, opposite the Mu - .eum." . ' " NEW - YORK: PRIXTEI) Am PUBLISHED MICHAEL BURjVHAM Cf. NO. 4 Wll.l.lW - THKT OITOSITK TUB BAXK ColTBE - IIorlK - iii

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