The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 2, 1944 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1944
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

g Thursday, March 2, 1944 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 26 BABIES ARE IN MOVIE SCENE Get $75 a Day for 20 Minutes of "Work" By JAMES LINDSLEV Hollywood, (IP)--This is about babies, and if you don't like babies you'd better quick turn to the ·want ads or the war news on page 1, because 26 babies are involved, and if you dislike babies that's a lot of babies to dislike all at once. The babies, who range from 3 to · 8 weeks of age, are working in a maternity ward scene in "Casanova Brown," if you can call it \Vorking when all they do is lie around in their cribs and squawk and utter infantile noises of derision at the eight nurses who hover over them constantly. This is reported to-be the largest .number of babies ever assembled on one movie set. The studio people got the babies by perusing the vital statistics columns in the daily papers. Soon as a baby was born, a suave gentleman from the studio called on its parents and said the youngster was badly needed lor an acting job. Los Angeles' birth rate being what it is, the task of mobilizing the platoon of yowlers wasn't too difficult. The whole thing is under strict supervision of the board of education. The nurses are responsible ·to Mrs. Veta Geddes, welfare supervisor for the board, and her two assistants. Mrs. Geddes, a handsome gray-haired matron, is on hand at all times to make sure the children get the best possible treatment, and a reasonable facsimile thereof won't get by. The children can be at the studio only 2 hours a day. They can ^ be before the cameras only 20 minutes a day. They can be under lights only 30 seconds in a row, and if you can't get your shot in · that tune, the heck with you, Sam Wood. The infants are paid $75 a day. Adult extra players get $16 a day. Did somebody say Hollywood was a dizzy place? Presence of Nazis Causes Finns Worry By DEWITT MACKENZIE Associated Press War Analyst The Finnish press Thursday was taking a hostile view of Moscow's armistice terms, and FinnSv in Stockholm p r e s s e d GENERAL'S SON--Youne Arthur MacArthur, son of America's Gen. Douglas MacArthur, accompanies his mother on a shopping tour in Australia where they are living. The lad recently celebrated his 6th birth-anniversary. Alcoholic Beverage Cost in 1943 Reached Total of 6 Billion ex- the o p i n i o n that t h e i r country wasn't likely to accept the red proposals, mainly because she couldn't afford to withdraw her t r o o p s from t h e i r present positions as^ a preliminary to further talks. MACKENZIE However, Helsinki presumably is sparring for position. Finland's alternative to make peace now is to invite disaster by continuing as an ally of the Hitlerites. America, giving friendly advice, has warned the Finns that they must quit or their blood will be on their own heads. It's an anxious moment not only for little Finland but for all the united nations, since her submission undoubtedly would set in motion great events favorable to the allied cause. As the signs read, capitulation by - the Finns might impel Bulgaria also to desert the axis. Realizing all this, you get an added significance from Marshal Stalin's statement to President Roosevelt that he believes the final defeat of Hitler is near. Stalin's red armies have set the Hitlerian battle line in Russia rocking until even its extreme flanks are being shaken those flanks are Finland in the north and Bulgaria in the south. These small countries were Hungary couldn't long stand the strain. And finally, I believe the defection of both Finland and Bulgaria would force Hitler to pull his eastern battle-line back to a point close to his own borders. There he would begin his final defense of festung Europea--his inner fortress. Meantime the western allies might already be beating against his western wall. RESUMES BUSINESS Fenlon--E. J. Capesius, D. V. M., whose veterinary practice here was interrupted by service with the U. S. armed forces, has decided to locate in Fenton again. Capesius, who was a first lieutenant in the army, was retired last fall because of a knee injury. He spent several months overseas, Student Perishes in Blazing Frat House Boulder, Colo., (/P) -- One student perished_ and another was injured seriously Wednesday in a blazing fraternity house at the University of Colorado. Eighteen year old Norman Bessce of Denver, a freshman, was trapped on the 3rd floor of the Phi Gamma Delta building and suffocated. John Sullivan of Des Moines jumped from a window on the 3rd floor afld was injured. ORANIZE V. S. W. UNIT Manly -- Mrs. Mabel Brown, president of the United Service Women here, took her officers to Fertile where they organized a unit. Mrs. Carl Rice. 3rd district Woman Married After Being Erroneously Told Mate Was Missing Indianapolis, (U.R)--It took the war department, the Red Cross, and a judge Wednesday to straighten the tangled marital affairs of Mrs. Ethel Barr, who had married a 2nd time alter being informed erroneously that her first husband was missing in action. The judge settled the triangle by anniiling Mrs. Barr's 2nd marriage but granting her 2nd husband the status of a roomer in her home. Husband No. 1 went back to the war. Mrs. Barr told Judge Judson L Stark that he was married to Sgt Walter W.. Barr Uefore the outbreak of war. The war depart- ment in January, 1942, informed ler that Barr was missing in ac- ion after obtaining a divorce and remarrying. She said her allot- ,nent checks had been stopped. Mrs. Barr consulted with the Red Cross who reported the same findings. Last June she was married to Robert Utley, a friend of longstanding who has a 10 year old daughter. Seven days later" Barr returned home. His return was followed shortly by bunches of his letters written as long as a year and a half previously. Then Mrs. Barr learned of the existence of 2 Sergeant Barr overseas. Mrs. Barr had received the wrong reports. Utley volunteered to leave the household. Judge Stark granted the annulment, but told Mrs. Barr tha' Jtley could room at her home- since his daughter would receive setter care there. It is believed the E s t o n i a n s came originally f r o m the Ural iioimlains, between Europe and Asia. FRAMES MADE-TO-ORDER Any Size--Any Style Latest Mouldings RUSSELL PHOTO STUDIO Next J. C. Penney Co. Phone 2272 GARNER SOLDIER HURT Garner--Sgt. Don Frein was slightly injured according to word received here from Italy. A land mine recently exploded near him and Frein suffered severe shock and an injured finger which necessitated hospitalization for 3 days. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help IS Miles of Kidney Tube. Flush Out Pouonoiu Wuto If jtrabaTa an excess of acitia in your blood; yoaf 15 miles of kidney tubes may be overworked. These tiny filters and tubes ara working day and night to beta Nature rid your aQratem of ezcesa acids ana poisonous waste. When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous natter to remain in TOUT blood, it may cause nagginc backache, rrteumatiepaiio; k^ pains, l«a of pep and energy, getting up nicnto, awelling, pufEness under the eyes; beadachea and dizziness. Frequent or scanty Jtassages with emartiog ncd. Burning aome- tirnea snows there is something wrong with, jour Icidneya or bladder. time tension also may have had something to do with it, the department said. A breakdown showed the greatest consumption increases were in distilled spirits. Beer, which represented nearly two-thirds of 1934 expenditures, accounted for little more than 40 per cent last year. Total beer consumption rose substantially, however, the demand for the bottled type having grown from 10,000,000 barrels in 1934 to 44,000,000 last year, the department said. Although wine consumption rose from 1934 to 1942 when the demand reached 112,000,000 gallons, it fell in 1943. Partial grape crop failure and allocation of grapes to other uses were blamed. Washington, (IP)--Americans in 1943 drank $6,000,000,000 worth o£ alcoholic beverages, the department of commerce s a i d Thursday. The per capita expenditure for 1 seized upon as buttresses by Hitler potable alcohol in all its forms w hen he attacked Russia, was §46, compared with 539 in Bulgaria long has been flirting 1942 and §26 in 1939. Consump- l w ith the idea of deserting the nazi tion was 17 per cent greater than master, but fear has kept her in in 1942 and 80 per cent greater i ine observers in Washington feel than in 1939. that Bulgaria probably will be The amount spent on liquors governed by the results o£ the was almost 7 per cent of expen- soviet-Finnish negotiations. If the ditures for all goods and services, Finns get satisfactory terms, which the department estimated, at-1 are caculated to safeguard them tributing the 1943 increase to rises from Hitler's wrath, then Bulin employment and income. War- | garia may follow suit. One of the greatest difficulties both Finland and Bulgaria face in such a move lies in the fact that they are occupied by nazi troops. There certainly is a strong possibility that both countries would become temporary battle grounds, until the Germans were cleared out by force, or were threatened with being: cut off and annihilated. Getting Finland out of the war and clearing that country of Germans would have an immediate and far-reaching effect. For one thing it would help to make the Baltic states untenable for the nazis and expedite the red advance in this territory. It would release the red navy into the Baltic sea. It would relieve the German menace which long has hung over Russia's great Arctic port of Murmansk, and permit a free flow of supplies into the soviet from the north. It would in due course release large num- chairman, of Mason City, gave an part of which time he was hospi- Durobfe, Black or Brown 27" COTTON SHOE LACES With coupon A » at Walgreen's. RIGHT KSERVED TO LIMIT QUANTITIES 1O1 SO. FEDERAL CLTO happy relief arid win help the 15 rniles of kidaer tuM* flush cat pwonona wajta from j-oartliod. Get LEAVES FOR WEDDING Manly--Mrs. G. S. Westly left Wednesday evening for St. Louis, Mo., to attend the wedding of her son, Lt.- G. Travis Westly to Miss Edith Wat line. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. Wathne, of S(. Louis. The bridegroom, well known in this locality, is the son of Dr. and Mrs. G. S. Westly, and will be stationed at Carlisle Barracks, Pa. bers of red troops from the Finnish war and permit of their use elsewhere. Bulgaria's desertion of the axis would be to the Balkans what a lighted match would be to a keg of gun-powder. The whole peninsula probably would blow up in Hitler's face, for Rumania and KRESGE'S Bonnet 59c \ Toddlers' and Tots' j^ CO AT SETS 2»« Double breasted coats with matching Eton caps for boys; coats or capes with matching hoods, caps or bonnets for girls. Lined wool and rayon Shetlands, unlined cotton gabardines with Du Font's water repellent coated finish. Choice of red, navy, copen, rose. Sizes 1-6. AT OUR FOUNTAIN Special for Friday and Saturday (Served 11 A. M. to 2 P. M.) ROAST CHICKEN Whipped Potatoes -- Dressing Giblet Gravy -- Vegetable Home-Made HOT Roll -- Butter Choice of Coffee, Tea or Milk All For { THIS IS WALGREEN DRUG MONTH-31 big money-saving dayj of \ featuring special values in Drugs and Everyday Needs. Got you' shdrc! J SOAP--'For a Facial Coekiair WOODBURY EPSOM SALT ··»··········^················* ·* »*··* ( HINKLE PILLS NORTHERN Fine U.S.P. Quality .BORIC ACID POWDER Soothing Wash. « fm Pound Ltmtt 1 , i / SOc Tube MOLLE Shave Cream Speedy Brushless (Li-it 1) Pint AND COMPUTE \ INCOME TAX GUIDE Sompfe Returns 5Oc Hydrogen 1 PEROXIDE General Antiseptic (Limit !) 'SALE OF VEGETABLE AND FLOWER SEEDS Reg. lOc Poet. 7 3 tot C I7e Wa/green's' Magnesia Tooth Paste Combats Acidity 9 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. SI Jar PREP Tonic-action SHAVE ·2J*-ox. J*r Johnson's' Baby Cream Skin-saothing NO EMPTY TUBES NEEDED NOW Tooth Paste and Shaving Cream moy no\v be purchased without empty tubes. Bottle of tOO (Limit 1) 60c Size Mar-O-Oil Shampoo No Dulling Film 29* (Limit 1) SOFTER, SAFER TOILET TISSUE Large Bar IVORY SOAP Velvet Suds" Complete, New Variety GREETING CARDS For Every Occasion to It clearly answers 750 questions. No Help Needed FREC! SOc Hawa-Hi CREAM COLOGNE Wide assortment. Excellent quality- Sure-Sprouting Giant Vi Pound Jar $1 D and R CREAMS CoWor CO* Cleansing .. U«7v With Purchase of 50c or More L'ADONNA TOILETRIES Choice of fntire line 50 C Triple He fined! MINOYL HEAVY MINERAL OIL Pure, clear. OA Pint Size...OH Give Yourself a Permanent. . At Home! COMPLETE CHARM-KURL WAVE KIT 59c BISMADINE POWDER Effective Antacid: 5-ounccs COUGH SYRUP 'While Pir-.cS- Tar: 3-ouitcrs Shampoo, wave set. solution, 40 curlers. For Lasting Curls VICKS VAPO-RUB C/.psr Rub for Colds; 3ic Size PURE CASTOR OIL Fine U.S.P. Quality; -l-ouncea. BALM-BARR FOR A\ "BODY-BEAUTIFUL" For the face, hands, body. 49c It Acts Two Ways 60c "RENT FOR COUGHS When due to colds. . . You Save 27c WALGREEN'S PURE ASPIRIN 35c DR. SCROLL'S Super-soft Zino-Pads MAGNESIA TABLETS , Antacid. 30 for HIGH-POTENCY VITAMIMS It's lanolin-rich ..leaves skin soft and satin-smooth. Try HI OLAFSEN AY-TOL J7J For A-B-D-G; 100 Capsule* . . . .* -- SQUIBB COD LIVER OIL Finest Quality; 12-ounces TOBACCOS OLAFSEN B, TABLETS "Pep" Vitamin: 3 rug.. 100 for FREE VIMMS All 22 "B" Parts BEZON Natural B COMPLEX A Ml 30 Prince Raleigh Dill's Vilimiiu - Mineral? Me Site FREE When You Kay I^irse Size, t Value lor BENEFAX A and D ffigh Potency; 2S cxpsul COD LIVER OIL --Pure Imported: Pint 51.25 PETROLAGAR All Numbers Box of 96 STAMS TABLETS · 8 Vitamins · 9 Minerals Bonded PRO-PHY LAC-TIC Tooth Brush SOc Tube MENNEN Lather Type Shave Cream Heatproof Gloss CUSTARD CUPS With Coupon 3 -1 · ([frail 6 cn! r ) At VYalgreen's

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