The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 15, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1818
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... R iHeT. of b J torn Norfolk, eLEttti .,daV; Charles Henry,ofaud 55 ir.u.tatia .lav s hri Came - kon, l7Ul!VV .w) canto torn ana usauiarcius , ' .. rnsabeth. H.ooiusou, twi wen sch ir. 'u wan.. & Kim. nwgh.wiui. - i - v i ler,3r' pner. Bourne, 4 days from N Bed - r Van Nortwick & Miller, ford, tu J" - " brLOW, encb Galliot, 43 days from Havre, to L So1 Henry ciay. 47 days from London, to J BrisUu co. Bfrh.rlotte Cordelia, 3 days from North larker r .a. I ,Lnd one ship, unknown. Art ship Courier. Bowne, 4? days from Li - goods, ,0 Wr',lfa verIinci thompson, Jeremiah Thompson, . M&l, owner, David, Thoma. BeJ - wJTj Dwisht, John Asp.nw nil, Jo Va - &,,2Yi'lta.c WiKhHm,Saa.l. Rhodes, Setl.G. n?' tvm Rowne. Wm. Weyman fcCo Major MfT .1 r Knoch Dodgson, Lord fc Ohnsteail, . i - PniMfJ i ?Zri Haiht, James Grahnm, Selah ttrr Mki! Fisher fc Godd.rd, D. Haddcr.. A SfTiiY rnmneUI, Lambert Brother. G.W Selah Strong k A.kG. ,..., L.mbprt Brotlien . U.wrngp, ? IZ Raoclve k Co. B - W. Roper k Co. Kn,0 """i. e. , Shearer. Chan. L. K A WW VV. Ma.;. Anson Sherman, Wis ft Upson. Otis U Sww, '"""t0""! j f, fi. UA Win. Mitchell, Oau - I V m.h, J : . i . - wi.i e Unrannil. nun to oruer. 3. "er MeSr.rMose. Ro,er., John CsS. U. KT rt Wn.. Mitchell, Ueor?e , Mm Shiiln , J" Dvett, Jan.e. Kp, Robt. !j. .1 - ioTjoho be R..yicr, Geo. 3 G.b?on,and I ll. - nry &",o.n...l40inlhe .teernee. Left, M.y ?, ships r, Ad.m.,f..r New - York, lew dyi ; J.i - i. - rIr. Manhall.d'o. 15th May ; Wanhmston, iraii, Boiiou, 3d May: Martha, Glover, do. T Livernooi Tinder, Fenno, rfo. do. ; Jane, i.'wu.PJiilnil. 10th May; Dido, Max - ell, do , lui. M,. W. P. Johnson. Gillies, do. uue. : fernpoo, Beyle, do. not docked ; Nru - Jersey, llnH - Hncon. Aleiandria, unc. ; ilminfrton i l ,vfnol Packet, l.nmliard, ew - Bedtord, do. ; b'11?Wi.rT, Oatr., BaUiinore, do. I he ''ip I a - cifir, Wiliiann, arrived at Liverpool lt M.iy 1 he mini in t'omine oi:t nil 2d May, I he lni I'aWoois, with los of her main mast, bniind in. Off Point Unns, passed ihip Kuphrntes, IV Cost, boundinto Liverpool, tin the th May, in Int. 47, Ion?. 16, tl' Courier !o?t her Tore nnd main top fl,'nt mnnti min ynnl and foretop sail yard. (Hi hfc'lnia? mo'riiin? n vpokrn by the brie l, from Dublin, bound to ew - Vork, h' polittb tore down upon u to know u e neofled sw(iuce. Mv I ltli. lit 40,30, Inn?. 13, W. was liMrJcddr the Republican ovriim. - nt hr. La Ojfunti.i.rominandi - ri by Tlios. A. Bass, GO days, out from Benns Avres, on a cruise, and treated vlittlr. On the Pih, in lat. 41, Ion. O'.'.W.Kaw (We lr;e l - of ice. On - lib June, died, Mojm Kennard, sinan, of Massachusetts. t).i Sitorday, ottttie Mook. spoke bi ig Kluabclh, from it John. N. B. tor .V York. Ship Chase. Vox bet, 13 days from St Croix, via S. Thooa. 11 J.iv from the lattr, with nun and irtr. t Mi lick, Robert il Srm, !. &. II Cruder, RP. Midler. Arintr.,ni, Hazleifelli; ii Co. Lim - incVCeti, S. Hard It G. I.. I - etnv Passrn - ffn. C. L. unbolt. 'ii, fcii. rniiimainlant at M. Thomas. J. K. Eckhaid, ifaml. M.batt, John Cu - iurs, Messrs. Moi;.in, Ll.indy and Overman, adsrrrtf. Left at St. Croii, ship Viifinia, Kids - , New - York; bric Maiv Ann. Piovidince, aiManr, Philadelphia. At St. Thoinns, U. S Vip ll.,rnrt. CSdnvs from Porlau Prinre, all well, knrnd to the southward, In ail 2d June; ship .VtruMrMjtiMA.Mvrs, just ar in 4'l days from llf:Mix ; Ktlnii iJeratur, Norfolk; loin, Balli - re ; Mjry, Norfolk. SrjglViver, Kdale, 6 davt from Charleston, tii cotton, rice. Si dry eoutU, to S. Alley, llirkf, Z.vvrence fc C A Jones, and S. S. GtHlyer I'aseneer, EtitaPmith, Matilda Ashlev, J. Fennel, B. Mood, and 9. Swift. SliipCVies, Calleoder. nrried at Charleston ti(h insr. fioin Liverpool. tn Thiirsdav Ml miles N. C of Cape Hatlerai spoke bi it Deealnr, 4 days from Providence for Wilmington. Cleared at Chat lesion, 6th, sliip lilo, llionson. Liverpool ; ichr Anabclla, ilaid - wiik, for New Yoik. Bne Havm iker, Crocker. ICdavs from Savan - Tt.ih, nitli roll on, i, Jacob Barker. Ie Khain & e 1 - esscrt, .1. F. White, nud I). II Wickhain. Pas - S'lifers. Mevsr,. uc, tiood.peed, Kellofs, F.lton, Ifart 1 lliimnhrey. On Friday morniiif. M lea. 5. K. Sandy llook, spoke ship Amity, from New - York for Liverpool. Brig Fair American, Marshall, 6 days from Savannah, with cotton. In Riplev, Center it Co. H Thomas, and T. C Butler, jr. Passs - neers, Mrs. llwtsonii faniilv, Mrs. Nichols, Miss Cannnr, ! Mr. M.J.Ji hnran, D. Neslrr. U. Norton, and W. Perkins. Sailed in ro. with Favoiite, Farrin, for Ball, ship Cdu. Bardin, for N. Orleans, and a brie from Havre Left, bn? White Oak, B. - tti, for Havre, 9th; sliip Spartan, Collin, fordo, llth ; brig Georsia. West, for New - York, llth Bri' Standard, Cook, 24davs from N. Orleans, itlitbbacco and cotton, to Riplev, Centet f Co. CapihHen? te Pearson, W. Bostwitk, P. II. Si Vnck & Co. Walsh &. GallnQher, and others Passengers. Messrs. G. Bi adish,"J. Bartow, J. R Peters, J. Goodtale, V. Bostwirk, J. lledpes, YV. k G. Sharp, H Hnnna, J. Mxssev, YV. Eastham, A. P Hoiijjh, and Rev. J. Chamberlain. Left brig Washington, for New York same day ; brip Alabama, fr Bait, in a few days. Sailed in co. with schr r.iperiment for Hnvnna ; brijr Hornce, for Ainsiprriam , a Br. brif for Trinidad, and 8 other vessels not recollected. Spoke in the rivrr. bound up, lirif Cobosse Conti, from Boston, and schr Ann Maria, from Mobile. Bne Pnarro, Churchill, 34 days from Oirto, villi salt, w,ne and fruit, to II. k C. Wells, ol Hartford, R. Gillespie nod other. Left, Mny II, tup Holla, Morrison, ar. 30ib April ; brir Mary - Und, Geoghepan, fur Baltimore, 16th; Virpinia DeLaroche. fordo. SOili ; Planter, llurd, disrh , chrs. St. Alichael, Sainiiton, for Boston, I4t! ; wphy r, for do do ; Fayette, from N. York, dis; Favorite, do do; and the following at quarantine Wig Agent, Sedgwick, Baltimore ; sihrs. Belsey, Faster ; France Maria ; Adeline, Rmmiey, all from Euston : Gold Huntress, Bnrnham, from Ikubury. At anchor out side the Bar, brig Plan - tr, Cone, from FrcderickslMirg. There were nine lull caipoe of corn afloat at Oporto when the P. eft Markets on the decline. May SI.lai.3J. Irnig 41, passed a ship believed to be the Huntress, from New - York for Canton. LScbr. Arabella, llardwick, 6 day from Char - nton, w ith cotton and rice, to S. Alley, J. B. La - nta, jr. Clarke, Moore i Co D. Betluine ti Co r - Oepaii, L. Oiit, and W'anlell d Van Beuren iHengen, Mrs. Lrttine, Air, llohnan, "nil anl ert, Miss Letlme, Messrs. R. I.atii - er, 3. Clark, F. Kliodes , T. Eccteston, and J. II Kassell. On the 1 1 ih, off Cape Look Out, spoke Shd Gen. Wade liamMon, 3 dsfrom Pbdad. ur Charleston. 1 - ih, off the Chesapeake, saw p Telegraph, frmn N. Y. for Charleston. S:hr. Venus, YalliK, 17 davs from Si. Pieres artiniue, with molasses, to Tims. Barroo. Lett Jy t7, brijs Neptune, New Haven ; Horizon rorumouth, N. II. ; Blakely, S.iW - in ; Corpora Jinn, ;io,irf.,ier . lchr. Mary Washington, Tol lUndinit ; Nancy, or do; Thomas & William, Chetrv stone ; sloop Rubv, Amevbury aelir Udvidere, Johnson, 3 tlay from Pelers - rt, with rolloa and tobacco, to J. ItC. Seguine, Ja i Thompson, Robertson il Kelso, and In the River, spoke schooner Ale lander, "J .Native, both from New - York, boand ui. liooner K'mi.Wli,, Rii.i . .1,. . r. JV 8. C. with coiiou, rice, he.' to . Cibbs, L ..' 3 rc"n' 41 a' " Cmt. r'assen. L ,.rTvlor A - Marain and family. Miss i C - C Lathmp, and 13 in the steerage foa ur"ur Hink, in 6 day from Charleston. l!.Lr,crand tce tn A. G. Phelps, J. II. L - Wine W"rd 41 s"nd' snd H. eld JuneS, off Cape Hatteras, spske sloop jrt Jackson, 17 davs from New York for Ja,' C. Same day, (poke loop Liberty, X IS'"York - Leftchr. Independence, ant. n,n 0i",, ,00P Uod Imeat, for do. sd) paenger, S. D. Williams k A. Ru - Tse, Russell, 6 day from Washington, h aaval iiores, t R. k C. W. Davenport. i - i, I.ord. Day, Downs! r.asirmrn, nenij i Pl Harm." fteiidrickf, Geo. Bell, Robert jKUon, H"'" ijki,,,, v. W. Woolscv k Co. 5 Mrhk Brookes, w.u. nouy, n .... - ... - ? j i, r etewart & Ortley, Joseph. W'riglev, W aJi I - S. Kennedy SSI Raiucv &Co. Boggs fc Thompson, Rogers, :hrJf Schr LeiliM, Thorp, 1 1avfroui Charleston. wills rice fccotK H,Coil. Rush k. Mulford. and 1. W. Sclunidt li Co. Sloop Atlas was to soil for N. Yoik in 3 days ; schr. Thatcherffrom do. in 4. Schr. Munificence, Asliby, 14 day from Eden - ton, with naval stores, fish and staves, to Wa ring i Kimueriy. Schr. Britaunm,Bunre, 12 day from Halifax. with piaster, nud 14 passenpers, to Ward & Bishop. Sloop Pa Let, Daskom, 9 hours from Morwalk with 30 passengers. Sloop IVngon, 15 hours from N. Haven, with mm, sugar and beef, to B. Ilustare, and the muster. Sloop Elira k. Mnrv, TrexlwclU dav frojn Nor folk, with corn and tobacco, to Marx &i Liusley. ?chr Martha, Smiington, was to sail next day for New York. Sloop AlUZe.ra, Levy, 6 days from Savannah. with cotton. 11) pansenpers. Sloop Packet, Libby, 6 days from Philadelphia, wish bricks. Sloop Decatur, el!, 3 days from Ncwhern, with naval stores, to Horton Si Woodhull, Hver, Bremner &i Co. and J. strong. Sloop Gen. Jack son, for N. York, sailed in co. Sloop Catharine, I aider, 6 days from Charles ton, with tar, io K. Boberts. 4 days since, off Hat (eras, spoke sclirr reemason, from Noilolk lor Havana. Sloop Huntress, Beecher, from N. Haven, a ith rum and cider brandy to the master. LLOYD'S List, April t8. The Diana, Clifford, from lioslnn, to Liverpool, ran on shore on the Snnd at Beaumaris on Thursday, but was got off next clay careo consiiteraiily damaged the Autumn, Batchelor, from Quebec for Dund was totally lost with, all her crew, at Iceland, on the 2Jlh October last. Gravesend, 25lli. Sailed. Ceres, Adev, Baltimore; ?7rh, Swallow, Philips, for New - Orleans. Off Dover, 2Cth, Pedlar, Davis from Boston, for Antwerp ; Milton, Tho - mns,froin Batavin, for Amsterdam Sailed from Cowl's, IVith, Ophelia, Prm - lor, for Amslordain Fisher Ames, l - cu is, for Copenhagen. Off Plv mnulli, illli, Paragon, Miller. Bengal ; tieueral WHIiington, Leacotk, Norfolk, fttielalirr passed Deal t'JIh 1 At Holyhead, 23d, John Winslnw, Hodges. Savannah Hi Southampton At Bristol, 27th, Wm. Henry, from Wilmington. Al Liverpool, i'filb, Murv, Otis, Baltiniure. At Clyde, 21st Ghuthoriie, 1'tillinnn, New - York. At Dublin, 2'Jil, George, Smith, Boston. Al Cove of Cork, IXih, Andrew, I Jallinwav, t'hiladelphia. At Kel fast, Kd, Hesperus, Brown, New - Y'ork. At Deal, lh, Henry Cltiy, Ihomns, from Laudon lor N. York ; Ceres, Adev, for Baltimore. At Lisbon, llth, Orion, Nye, New Bedford. 18th, Pocahontas, Watkins, Norfolk. April i!4. The Mary, of Charleston, Edwards, from Wismar, lor EnChiud, ran on shore on Sraw, Tlh inst but was got oir asain, alter ilist - haring part of lierrnro. of wheat, without any apparent damage. At tlie Tesel, 1'Jlh, Susan, Orue, Virginia aiid Darttiinuih. L'ic;W, .Wuwl. Ar. week pait, Mary, Otis, Baltimore ; Harciny, Roberts, N. Orleans ; Indian Chief, Wntson, Norfolk ; Andiew. H.tlha - wav, Piiilad. : Indian, Biirnahi, Chai lesion ; N. Jersey, Hodt:kiiison, Alexandria ; Win. P. Johnson, Gillies, Pliilnd. ; Bostmi, i inlev, Suvanuah ; Abeona, Lew is, Alexandria ; Phnux, Low, Char - lesion ; Marv, New Orleans ; Dykes, 'J htmipsoii, Savannah ; Sampson, Ho vie, N. Orleans. The Othello, Snell, hence to N. Yoik, .it Newrv Sailed from Liverpool, ?4di. Thoma. Ca - lslon, Strachan for Belfast and Phihoh lt liia. WCEBKC. J.oe I. - Arrived, slip Mary, Knesl 40 davs from Liverpool. Briir Ampliitrite, Dawson, 13 d.tys from Suti derlaml. Rri Isabella, Lnvrmn, 64 days from London Ship Bunion, Richardson, 64 day from Lon don. Ship Montreal, Service, 44 days from Creen - nck. Bri Eclipse. Moore, 59 days from Greenock. Ilri2 Prince of Ausluriiir - , Doual..l,4Jd.ysfroin Dublin, with )Si SPlllers. I'ria 1 l.omas, I rury, a:.' Hays trotn Liverpool I I e si. ill KiissiaCoti pariT, Irnni Luulon, with a cargo is totally ln?t in the ice od Cane Chat. Ti e ship Fame has the crew on board Urig Europe, Henuert, 63 days Irom 1'orts. nmutb. Ciis Cuoiherland, Smith, 41 days from Liver pool. Brig Maria, Ditchburn, 54 day from Liver pool. THEATRE. Mr. J lurlev1 Benefit. THIS EVENING. JUNK 15, 1818, Will be presented, tiie Conudy of KNOW YOUR OWN MINI. Miilawour, Mr. Roln - rtson D.ishwood lltlsoo Malvil, I'ritcbard Bygrove, Jones Sir Harry tovewif, Dnrley l.sdy Bell, Mrs. Darley Mis Neville, Miss Johnson Between the Play and Afterpiece Mis Jolinion will sing " Young LocUiiivar," accoinpanied by herself oa the Il&rv. as composed by Whit alter from Walter SloII's Celebrated IVem of Marmion. To which will he added, the Melo Drama of the FALLS OK CLYDE. Ellen Enfield, Mrs. Darley. In act 1, a Scotch Dance, by Mr. and Mr. Parker. ' XT' Parformance to commenca at half past 7 o'clock, precisely. t t tt A nutting ol the senior Class ol Columbia College will lt held in Dr. Wilson's Lecture RoomTiu Airtting, at 8 o'clock precisely. Punctual attend iiK - e is requested Je 15 It NO I ICE. (EJ William Dilworth and Abrm. Vooihees having entetv'l into co - partnership, their business will be conducted under the firm of DILWOItl'll Si VOOKHEE5, No. 190 Water - street. tuy orrkR ma s lk, 22 bales came wotd, 1st quality 4 cases French d . lvt do. Russia hares wool, beaver, &e. - je!5 1w Fur ULiKLESrOX, Thm n.rbn i,l,n MAKY.AVV. J. Pine, master, having 3 - 4ths of her cariro on board, will sail on I uesday lbtli weather permitting. Forremainderof freight or passage, apply on board east side Burling - up, or io AN'SON G. rilELPS, ja 15 183 Front - street. TV. .k. kPIRTlX vi' - tAiburtheo 13 tons, will carry 800 Ml 3 ysan old, was coppered last summer with heavy copper, aod has had 1000 expended oa her sails aud rigging within the last two mouths, aud is well touud ui every respect, lies at pier No, 9, . IL Apply on board, or to DAVID G. GILLIES, J 15 76 Broad - street tor bOMVX, The schr ONLY DAUGHTER, cap tain Luce, wdl sail on Wednesday next. aud lake freight on moderate terms. Apply to , WALSH I GALLAGHER, J 15 66 Soitth - tlreet. The etannch schr FAN NY, just am - ved from Havre, 145 tons burtU , will ca ry 1 1 00 bbls., built at Norfolk id 13 1 for a pa. - kct between that port and this ; is well found and can be seul to rea at a trifling eipence ; lies al pier uo. 8, E. R. Apply on board, or to DAVID G. GILLIES, Je 15 70 Broad - street. tVti SWL, i The schooner ARABELLA, 1W togs burthen, built in Charlestoll. S. C. two year voce, of the best materials that country aords,and by & Uitnlul workmanut proves ioo largo tor the business b was iutended ; stows JOG lieices of rice For term apply on board, or to SAUL ALLEY, Juno 15 Pine - rt. CI LO I tti. 2caes superfine London GloUis, blue and blacks, received per William, and for sale by HL'RD ft SEWALL, j " U SouthtreeL t l. . . , . . . I . ....A,.aB to ad in a week. . For freight pr passafet "PP'T to Capt. B. o board, at pier No. 5, North Ri ver, or to li. Vi. K S. HOWLANU, . Je 15 67 Wa - - hinRlott - t. 1 lt I - r - A.Mi Royal ('Hating Paper X OU 25 do fine Writing Demy 20 reams thick Folio Tost paper for sale by COLJ INS tz HANNAY, June 15 lw 230 Pearl - street. TO ARIIslS. FOR BALE, a Lay figure or Manakio, at No. 8 Lispenard - street. Price $100. Jel5 3t J. V. JARVI3. COGNAC lUUNDY. - 2t pipes 4th prof Old Cognac Brandy, of superior fl.uor, now landin; rrom ship iliiooii, from Bordeaux, and for Sale by . FREDERICK REICHARD, Jel5 1w 4 William - street. IRISH LINLNs, U APLRa, MiEkTISGS, A SY. LA RGE and various assortment of the following: good jut received by (he Utest arrivals from Dublin and Belfast, arc offered for sale on reasonable term.' 4 - 4 aud 7 - 8 linens in whole and denii pieces 7 - 8 and 4 - 4 do. coarse, half bleached, very strong priced 7 - 8 lawns, 4 - 4 sheetings, very strong aud low 5 4 sheetings 3 - 4 brown and black Tinea 3 - 4 diapers, 6 4 to 10 - 4 table diaper 4 - 4 linen rcmuants, 7 - U dowlas, louz and book fold First quality Iri?h sail duck 4 - 4cottoD shirtings, Colored threads, assorted THOMAS M'FFERN, June 15 Iw No. 6 Dcpeyter - st. ' IHMUNEl Ta. 2 bales ol I oiiuiett Vesl - L in's, of the newest auJ most fashionable Colours, received lvr ship Courier, and for sale by ANDERSON ti SHEARER, Je 15 ?w at 131 Water - street. tOUTHKKN FLO'v.:li. 220 bids, best tu - perfine Alountain Flour, landing east side Old - slip, from scliooner Only DatigliUr, Irom Fredericksburg, fur sale by A D DUFF, je 15 3t S.? Wasiliiiigtnn - atrrcl. NEW - OKLr ANo COTTON. 'it tn:et, prune Colli ti, receive'! pt r ship Thomas Nelson, and bris A ro and Standard, and lor lale by ALSH & GALLAGHER, J 15 bS South xtreet. INDIA o. - kU SLGAKs. VOti i.;.ss wt,iic, I 50 do brown, 'ii do double boiled while, oi - 1 titled to debenture, urd let sale, il applicJ lor id a uay or two, i y G.G. J S. IIOW LYND, t7 W'ubliiirjctiw - strcet. V'ho have in store a genera! assortment of In di.i I'lecc tioods. Je 15 11 IctlMO.N D lOiiACLU. lWhl.ds prune x. Ku luuonu toiiacco, au entire parcel, lor saw on low terms, hy WALSH Jc GALLAGHER. Jo 15 6o' South - street. 13 V - L hav l.f.DlAtUJ . CO. No. IC4 PrnM - ti. ave on hand nn extensive and rumuiete as - stirruieiii oi iiaruwarc, coiiiisun oi Waldron's prime grass and corn scythes Steelyards ; trace chains Carolina hoes ; line gum ; :.nvi!i Vices; frviiig pans Straw and hay knives Mill, pit, X - cut, haud and) m mv - i .i PannJlsUs, Jlillmglou's English shovels ; patent plane irons Adze, chisHt ls, gotiges Patent post crll'ee mills Files, rasps, hinges ; screws, lmmioer Iron, braes nad plutt d cuudlesticks Plated crutts Braes and glass cabiutt iuiniture Locks of all kinds Mortice locks, with glass knobs Cutleiy ol all kinds, io great variety Spoons, buttons, spectacles Chains, seals, keys. tic. Alio, a very handsome assortment of girth wcrimiig, common and ptnted suddleiy, paiUru larly calculated lor the southern mnrket. 1 he above are principally new goods, and will he sold in quantities to suit pun haters, on the mnsi reasonable icrms Jeiati MHINGLES 1110,000 J imh Cypress shio O git s, lor sale hy Je I j R.i C. W. DA V E WORT Si CO. tl C. W. DAVEM Oil I () Nn. :f. V. Peck slip, offer forsale, 10 lihds. Muscova - augar, 1st quality Je !3 ISM Jf Ba BLUE. 40 boxts, manufactured ut altnu'ire, aod of sur - erior quality, just re ceived and for sale by G. W. TA LBOT, Je lo 53 rine - st - j;t. SEVENTEEN pipes Gin, of the Cranston Distillery, just received and for sale by GEO. W.TALBOT, iel't 65 Pine - street. 1 OA UDl.NG. Gentlemen and families, can JLr be accommodated with genteel board, at 166 Greenwich, corner of Dey - streei, where every attention will be paid, and their situ ation made agreeable. je 14 2w ClHILDE HAROLD. Mo' I'm mas, I'm - ladelphia, bus iutt received the fourth Can to, ol the above poeiu, and will immediately put it to pn - . Je 15 3t 'I HE ART OF SW IMMING. A SERIES of Practical instructions, on an original and progressive plan, by which the ar i oi swimming may he readily attained, with every advantage of power in the water ; accompanied with twelve copperplate engravings, coin prising twenty six nnpropiiate Cgures, correctly exhibiting and elucidating the action and atti tude in every Diancn oi mat invaiuanieart. " The exercise of swimming is one of the most healthy and agreeable in Die world." I nA!V - I.I7. By J. FROST, many years Teacher of the Art at Nottingham, Eagland. To whi h is added. DR. FRANKLIN'S TREATISE ; also, some Anecdotes respecting Swimming. Just puhlirhed, and for sale hy J. Fastbtim ti Co. Broadway; A. T. Gootlrich, 121 Broadway; E. B. Gould, Broadway ; I. Longworfh,' 1 1 Park ; L. F. Lock wood, 1 10 Chatham st; J. C. Totten. 9 Bowery ; Dodge k Savrc, Wall - : st; Kiik&Mercein, Wall si. ; Prior Dun - ! aim. Ill Water st. : Ccllint Si Co. IB9 Pearl st. ; 3. Wood it Sons, 261 Pearl - st. and hy Uie publisher. r. W. G ALGAL 1E1, 49 Fulton - street. Price one Dollar. Je 15 Iw iTO.OiK) 35,000 10.000 ; several of 1000. Al! to be drawn in 1 1 days drawing, in the Mil ford and Owcgo Road Lottery. NEXT WEEK, on Wednesday, the irst drawn number will be entitled to the st - - corn! grand capital prize of Thirty Five Thon sand Dollar ; and a the highest prize, and most of toe prises yet drawn, have been sold at ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Offica, 122 Broadway. Adventurer are adviser) to be particular in purchasing their tickets at the PRIZE SELLING OFFICE. No. 777 1, which drew the 10.IM0 dollar prize, was sold in shares, and No. 57 J6. a prize of 1000 dollars, sold in whole ticket. The 10,000 dollar prize was immediately paid at the lucky office. Tickets and sh:u - es in the Great Medical Science Lottery, which will commence drawing Aug. 4. Hisrbest Pnies 100,000 dollars : 50,000 do : 20,000 do s 10,000 do . 2 of 5,000 do 45 of 1000 do. je 15 MUSTARD. 50 boxes fine new bottled Mustard, just received from Hull, and for sale by D. BETHUNE il CO je 13 v - i c. H. sup. I RISH BUTTER. 91 kegs, just received and L for ale at 57 South - street, r.v Jeli BOORMAN JS JOHNSTON. L - s IDEK BRANDY. 60 bsmeis Cider Bran - t dy, jast recti ved. for ale by ANSON G. PHI LPS, j 13 183 Front streeL Vft) i lie cugani rtew - iors; ouui vuffc - IH2edshipCORSAtr. J. Barker, master, rfT - . tor LIFE npoor vfi . (To saJl the 20lh insUnl,) TheshipCANTON, Richard Rogers, master. For freight of 150 bales of colton, or passage, having good accommodations, apply to the captain, on board, at pier do. 8; or to Jel3 A.GR4.CIE& SOS. Six or seven passengers can be accommodated in the cabin of the remarkahlv lino British brig 6KEEN, to sail lor London about the J6!hiDt For terms, apply to capt. Mason, oa board, at JonsV wharf, or to ROBERT GILLF.SriE, June 13 11? Front - st. for .ST,J VJjV.VAll, The packet brig LP, V A NT, Wood, master, will receive frcirfit until Wed nesday nest, at which time she will positively sail. Apply on board at MurravVwImrf, or to THO. V, AKRON, je 13 4t 61 Soulh - street. RUM, SUGAK. Aic 74 lihds and 62 bbls. prime Mascot a lo sugars 31 do. !t. Croii Rum 6 do. Molijses, and 4 tons Li:;uumviia:, now' landing and for sale at 81 Pine - street. HENDERSON Si CAIRNS, JelS rfkLD KENl lCKY TOBACCO. 44 hhdi V prime OUl Kentucky Tobacco, will be landed on Tuesday, front the ship Thomas Nelson, trom New - Orleans, for sale bv ROBERT GILLESPIE, je 13 112 Front - street. G wuonyfvcK LOf .', fcc. trunks of Woodstock gloves, drawu scame, BS'orted colors 10 dozen Norway doe purses, assorted colon ' 20 dozen Norw:iy doc leather, for waistcoats, brtrcuts, tc. asenrted wlute and yellow For sale by GEO. M. WILSON, Jo 13 130 Water st. RUSSIA SHEET IRON. 17UVK tuns Russia Sheet Iron, treble and I double rolled, larpe sheets, very hand some ami pcrlcclly free trnm rust, landing this day. IV STORE, Cut nails, tOl sizes, best quality English wrought nails, fine drawn Dai iron, S - .tvcies, Russia, English and Ame rlcan, all sizes S'.ccl and cuttings of all kinds for sale by ULACKVYELL cV M FAR LAN. je!2 1w CI LA RET and MADEIRA WINK, Vc - 35 asks old claret wine, fit for botriing, 140 cast s do ol superior quality, eutitltd to in Denture 50 do do middling quality p;pes old Inuu .Madeira, high flavour d uj. Low pneed do (or sale bv ISAAC F. ROE, 98 Wall street. je 13 Iw 4 1 1 tl.lMt. HICt.. " tierces prime Ri'.'e, lauding from sloop irgiuiu Ti adcr, from Charleston for sate by D. BETH CNF. Si CO. Je 13 S2C. H. slip. J r G : .MEAD, 175 Broadway, have just IV received and now offer lor sale, one trvnh, containing Plnin aud liiun d fndia Mull .Muslins .Mull Muslin Shawls, long, stjuaro aud circular, ri lily taniboured Mull arid Nayksonk tamboured Hdkfs. Mu I Pelrrim s, richly Ininbeured Ehgant Dresses Mull trimmings for intertirg .Vuil Cap Pattern and crowns for infant's caps And, a few teal Cashmire shawls, of very .su perior qnaiity. ALSO, I rase best black Italian l.usiri - gs 3 do best black andcol'd Nankin Crapes 1 do of rich fig'd Nankin do I do of Tamb'd Nankin Crape Dresses, very rich 1 do of do do do Square Shawls, 8 - 4 and 9 - 4 'i do of French Satins, assorted colours 1 do of Grtea Levnntim - s, double cbaiu 1 io of green, chnr.geable and black Florence t do of 8 - 4 White Mrino Shawls, wifh rich mantiu and deep pa'iii and vine borders 1 do of 4 - 4 aud 5 - 4 bdkir. nuciino, assorted CMo'irs And, in addition to those alwve enumerated, theyhaiea very extensive OHortmcnt of fane and staple goods, which are offered on tl.i usual liberal terms. Jel3?t HF.MUIK1). JAMES P. AN DOE 1 7 Park, recently occupied as a Ltdics' Auction Room, where he intnuds establishin: himself as a first - rate GROCER, aud intend selling tor cash only, aud at such prices as wi make it the interest of the cash purchasers I call a above, where he has for sale a general assortment of Teas, late importation Pure olJ cognac brandy, of superior quality Jamaica spirits, Holland gin, American - do Madeira, I.. P. Teneriffe, Old sherry, Port Si other wines London and American porter, Colled cider Sperm, oil and candles Fine old Holland and American chee , Well flavored raisin.', Figs, Prunes, Almond Spices, Best Spanish cigars, Draught porter Sweet oil, Sc. Constant attendanco will be giveu, aud all favor duly appreciated. June VI tf TRAPS. TMIE newly invented patent Bot Traps, for I sale at YJU water - - treet. Je 13 "10TTON. 92 bales New - Orleans Cotton, V landing from shin Thomas Nelson, from New - Orleans. In store, 150 bales do. for sale bv N. 4:. D. TALCOTT, je 13 C4 South - street. 1 LOUR 490 bbls. superfine Virginia F 1 42 do fine do. 18 do .Middlings, ree'd lour per chr Only Daughter, from Fredericksburg, for sale by WALSH ti GALLAGHER, 06 South - street Jr. Store. 500 bbls. Richmond stipf. Flour, branded Beflt Creek, I anety Alms 3i0 d.i Frederic Usbur do Je 13 f IN EN?. - 2 cases 4 - 4. Linens, received per JLA Venus, and fur sale by HURT st SEW ALL, je 13 65 Suutlj - FtteeL H ritmg Fairer, Hardwa e and (tilt ewtery UELEIV LU by tlie Cl Mercury, for sate by tlie Criterion, Hercules, wd L. STANSBIE, 101 Pearl - street. COKSISTINCI OP Fine thin hot pressed gilt edge London super - uae i ost raper r ma thica no no Middle yellow wove do do Fine vellow wove Foolscap do do Laid Foolscap, Lnul pot Blue wove thick Folio pott Fine copying paper, wood Ircrcvrs Banbury Lnks Black and bi!it'e Pad be Us Rat trap, till Lccks, cast butt Hinges Currycombs, kc Gilt Chains, Se tls. Keys, Ridicule prings Amulet Necklaces, Ornaments, kc. kc. Jel21w Of TON, kc On bah prime Upland, Cot VJ ton, landiog from scu'r Lucy, Irom Savau cab, lot sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine street. IM STORE 227 balesmm'ly prirne and part qunre, for sale in hit t suit punbascrs. J COTTON, DEER SKINS At GUM ILLE.VII. 71 bale prime Upland Cotton II dd do DeerSkio. lustl 25 cases Gum lllemi, suiuble for the Spa - ALLXY. W Pie - .t. A REMOVALS. frr JOHN LOKlMERGilAHAM, attorney at law, ha opened htsotflca at No. 43 Chamber - street, near BroadWtry. may 16 4w . tit MACKllwMILNE sV CO. hav rin.i may 4 Vt d to No. CI Pine - street. c rfv,ili niMitvi. svisk - s.vrv L 0. removed from 75 to 79 Washington - street, jell A It'll I I I L.' t. 1 - 4. t TO TIIE PUBLIC. fr7 - MR. MAFFEY. Artist, Mechanician. Proprietor and Inventor of the Metamorphosis, Pirturcsuue and Maritime Theatre. ' Having performed at Phiiadclphiu two mouths who. great success, nas me nonnr io inio'in me ixitdir, that he has recently arrived from Europe, where he has displayed his admirable scenery at un me principal courts ana capiun cities in tuai puarter of the globe, aod received the most flattering and distinguished mark of their gratitira - tion'and applause. Having visited this country in order to indulge tha public curiosity wild the display ol his talents, he respectfully solicits from the inhabitant of New - York that Datrmaire which theT are wont to afford to all those who have not abused the public confidence. He will shortly commence his exhibitions al the Washington Hall the preparations indispensable for organizing the mechanism of the Theatre, alone prevent hira fioua annotntina a certain day lor the opening. i nis consists or rANTOM I T t. MACHINERY, performed by Mechanical Figures two feet high, moving und a til. g with all the ease ol animated being. Inert wood teems to rccuve vitnl functions u the hands of the directing artist. The richness and elegance of the costume and drnjiery surpass. The Interludes will he tilled with BALLETS and other DA V CES hy the characters, rho will perioim with all the grace, dexterity and ease that the art re quires, and in the style ol various nations, such auie uersstan, h.nglish, tltscayan, rpumsli, I. re loon, l urkuh, Chinese, r rent li, Kr. act ompau - ed by a variety of AUt gnriciii Mciniuorpoos and i runsDj - Mirations, wini;ti will till II ie ntccla, tors with deitght and astoucliinijid. The scenery is from the hands ol tlie most dis titiguished artists ; the correctness of the design, the beauty of the colouring, the elesaucn of the slyle, cannot fail lo produce the most happy and Halt ei in? ellect The changes are operated in the aine manner as those nt the Grand Opera House at Paris, where IVloiisnMir Mafley has u - si.'t. d lor Hi year lu these scenes the eye will be fascinated with the nio - t sublime 'and picturesque prospects: such as, the grotto of jt. Patrick, in IrclanJ ; a variety of vii ws in Kwitieilund; the garden ol Chame Braiine, at t lenua ; the church of Notre Dame, at Paris ; the Place K toire; nn nmient vault ; the superb palace of Die doge of Venice an Aeriau temple ; the palace of I'lulo; tlie tu terior ol tho infernal regions; the island of St Helena; the fort of Messina; battles cm the lakes, ftc. For the first representation, persons who wifh to procure tickets beforehand will please applv at the idlicecl the Washington Hall. ''" r irst places fl ; setoud places 50 cents ; t lul lreni tents. Je 13 2t A GOVERN ESm WANTED, to instruct 3 r& rhil ldreti, under ten yen"", and to assist in family sewing; a person iu year would be preferred. Reference of respectability will be re quired. A disposition to render herself useful, and moderate terms, will inrure' a respectable and comfortable situation to a person properly qualified. Application by letter, with reference aud terms, to he sent to the printer of this paper, addressed to Mr. B. will, if sati .factory, produce a reply. Je 13 Iw A LO T. bunch of KEY'S, the finder by leaving them at No. 21 Wull - strtet, will receive a compel) nt reward. Je It 31 TliHEt. DOLLARS KtWAtiU. JOVIE person entered the bedchamber of J house 96 Chapel - ftrcet, ou Thursday night last and broke opto the subscriber's trunk and took several articles therefrom, amongst which was a double - cased silver watch, caped, maker's ukuic, vau "yt, isew - ioia, io. loJ. i oe thovo reward will be gii - en for the watch, and I en liollarsou convKtioa of Ihe thief. Watch makers and others are requested to slop it if of fered for sale. June 13 3t D VIS SUMNER. BATH. THE subscriber respectfully informs therifi sen of New - York, travellers and invalid'. that his house nt BATH is now open tor thtir re - a rival. He has erected tevtral new Bathing nouses, mid a iioatins nridge to receive Hit steam - boat bis larder is well stocked with all the delicacies of the season. Travellers from the southward can be accommodated wilh Boarding and Ijodging nn reasonable terms, and transient person will tuid it a healthy nnd agreeable re treat. JOHN COLEMAN. A CARD. ft - The subscriber n.siiectfully notifies the public, that passing! fs for BATH and the NAR MOWS in the steain noat Nautilus will, on ouie day next, and until further notice, betaken from bitc - llall at 10 o'clock in the lorenoen. (ins tead of 5 o'clock in the mornini) and will I e cal led lor again about hulf past : in the alterooon. nt asure boats can come up wi - li safety to the bridge. JOHN COLEMAN. Jellro 'U Mi.HCH.1jVj S .y. l'ltl. t LH. A YOUNG man of 20 years of age, wishes a il situation in a Couutiug - house, or a store of any resptctahle kind, as he has a knowledge of business, aud his references respectable, to any person who may want, he would make himself , useful in any way He has been in a punting office for some time, and understands Pronf - thtet reading A line for A. at this olhce, will be attended to without delay. June 13 3t jOt FOR SALE, SJufJXThe House mid Ut No. 27 Orchard - street, now occupied by the subscriber. 1 he lol is 29 feel front aud 100 deep. A further de scription of the property is deemed unnecessary, as it is presumed no one will purchase without erst viewing the premises. If not sold before the 1st of August at private sale, it will on that Jay be put Uj at public auction. JAMES KNOX, June12 1w 27 Orrhard - st T". IE subsciiber for the belter accommodation uf merchants and others, has tiroirrlit nmnpi irk tinra a slum Kn. C1Q Wash. I mr,.,ii.t,.t npst firing to tlie forliep t.F Her. - - - - I or.kt.xet. where he intends carrying on the Plumbii!!? Business in all it various I ious branches. I N. B. lie sttil continues to carry on the bu - iness at the old stand No. 342 Watcr - street. All grd - rs left at ei.her place will he punctu - !lv attended to. jc 12 2 CALE3 S. GROWER. EASIOM A'D BSIBI."'" " " - 1 BKW - lRCaSWK. (gj - fasrrngvrs will leave New - Y'ork every Monday and Friday, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. ia the steam boat i., Hianeh i lodge ai xsrw '""" V.'" , . . ,u () . ...a.!. 1. . 1. n h"r early next morning, and arrive i evasion .i a ..virJlc i the aflerneon. Returnifig, leave Eastoa every 'i m May and t nday, at 5 o'clock, MJee at New Bmnswick ; arnve at New Yoik at 10'o'c'ock next morning, in the steam - oat O.ive Urii cn. I ne siage conueciea wim this lineisanod four - horse stage. Passage froii Hrims k lu r.artoa, a au ; from East w !i Bethlturru, !i Cents. For ets thealiove It, e. npnly t - .Jir. i;. JAUULb, at the Pbiladi - lph s. L'.iton Litic Sleau - Rout Office. aorth ide of the h. - i cry. nubx.1tT LiEiao, ircprietor. Je13tf ception ;iis situation is, probably unequalled on I ine con mem - wiiiiid a sr.on aisiance oi me cii v flnrl si tout nf Ssttttr f Isu - ils It uratoi f ii.n 1 I ncs t ri:L and lif Vh.i.n h7 tu n.ii - ,.. r,f .. Raih;,., i. s, to of flat to . ,vz cu',, package Sale (which will l) ,, - , ,u pa, .,lreet, on . Ih't.) will be ready lbr Monday uiorumg.aml the good PUBLIC SALES. ' ; ' ' BY J. QOVRLAY. . r r Monday Eveumg, - , Part of very valuable library, th property of a geotlemao leaving this city ia the course of tha week, among which are many fine Londoa " copic in elegant binding, viz. Henry's bible, t vol, plate ; Dow' Hendottan, 3 vols. plabM ; Brown's quarto concord nnce aud dicUonwy ' Bealtic' mor. science, i ; Dallas's history oi tli Maroons, - ; Blair's lectures. 3 ; Black - tone's coaimebt 4; Bacon's abridgment, 5 linmejoii's elemt. science aod art, 2; Letters oo lha Highlanders, 2; LoDdoo superb, Dum' lord and East, 3; Catherine, Ik 3 vol; Guth - rey'sgeog. 2; Acerbis travels, 2v. together with a great variety. ), 10 reams writing paper, quills, lead pencils, pocket books, ink powder, tic. the whole to ba sold, and as the evenings, nre short, shall be liiaukfui for early convening. June 13 2i BY SAML. PAXTON.&CO. Wednesday, 17th inst. X o'cloc k at No. 73 Broad - street, an extensive assortment of elegant and warranted Cabinet Furniture. Consisting of sideboards, secretaries with book uses, bureaus, Grecian sofas, sets of dining tallies, pillar and claw Card do.of a superior quality, dining and tea do carved and plain bedsteads, ladies' work & candle stands, Vc worthy atten - tion, and may be viewed 3 day previous to the side. Catalogue ready the rdleruoou preceding the isje, wheu the term will be known. Je 12 By MIU.S, MLY7V.Y tl CO. Tuesday, IGlhJune, An eulire invoice of best EuglUh plate looking glasses, looking glas plates, Brussels ani KidJcinimstcr carpeting and rugs, mahogany chairs, and a variety of other articles of the latest Euglish and Freoch fashion. Consisting of 33 richly gill and new styta sua glass trom 45 by 20 lo7U by 30 in., 23 chimney do 31 by 24 in. with ends of 24 by 10 in. fee. 16 ' superbly ornamented mirrors, carved arches, cat glass p:u,s from 2 to 4 lights, 1 2 best Brituh silvered plaits in blind frames 60 by 23 in. C5 do reeded iranies 3 Iby 22 to 44 by ? in. I '100 best British universal plates it out SO iy 1 1 to 54 bv 39 inches, 3200do6by5to 16 by I2in. 90;htets "tin foil suitable for ihe above, pieces elegant Brussels car p ling of newest ttyle. 3 do border Ui match, 4 do Kidderminster do 24 elegant imperial I. earth rugs, 1 1 Brussels bedside rugs, Si fashionable mahogany chairs, hair bottoms and brass nioulkings, 2 London rnadt piano fortes, aud a great variety of new aud fashionable furniture. The larpe glasses, mirrors, carpets and rog. will be - .old it! lots to suit purchasers. The hair in setts. The silvered and unsilvered plutes, w ill be sold by the package to dealers, rn a liberal credit. The above were shipped by bouses of the first respectability in Europe, ind it is believed, that the quality is as good as can be sent. - M I U - E ffT" All persons having claims sgaiost the es tate of James Douglass, stonecutter, deceased, arc requested to present them without delay to Horace rioiiien, o. ui r niton street, lor adiusfuieiit. 'Those who are indebted to said estate nre informed, that immediate payment must be made to prevent prosecution. juii.y mci rit.ri, l WILLIAM SHARP, Executors. SAML. N. SHARP, ) Jel31w JVC - TICK. rrr MILLS, MINTON fcCoVsal of superb London made looking glares, silvered and nnsil. vered lookingglas plate, Brussels and Kidderminster carpeting and rugs, mahogany chair. pier table, Grecian tofas, Paris paper hanging ui setts of a variety of views, elegant mirrors, fee. will take place on Tuesday next, the 16th, at 10 o'clock. The good will be ready for examination on Monday morning, and may be viewed until the hour of sale. June 13 f'amtltar Lectures ujton Hnluk Grammar. ffy - 'The subscriber will commence course of familiar lecture upon English Grammar, with uew class, composed exclusively of Ladies, on Monday next, at 87 Chamber - street. The Leo - tures will commence everyday at 1 - 2 past five in the tuning and continue one hour. The usual lumber is forty ; tome classes require more and ,omi less. C. M. l.VGERSOLL. Je IJ t i Mr. CATALOGUE for D. Dunham. take place ia Tuesday mora - delivery early prepared lor "xaonuagou. In this assortment thera are about 30 cases fine and common hats, superfine,' 3d and common broad cloths, casimeres, a great variety of English and Scotch goods, and a few bales India romall hdkfs, castors, fee. June 13 21 AYOCNG wan hetwevo 15 and 17 year of age, of respectable connections, who will think the advantage of ncqmri.ig a knowledge sf busiuc a umc ient remuneration for hi service, may hear oi un eligible situation in a wholesale . drygood commission store, hy writing a line, di - ice ted to O. S. A, mentioning real name aud address, and leaving it at this office. Je 13 n LOST, yesterday morning, either in Fulton - street or Broadway, a ladies' black silk bag containing pocket handkerchief and a gilt ring purse, wilh 3 ten dollar bills and a half eagle The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaiins it at No. 244 Pearl street. June 13 2t TEX HOLLARS REWARD. WATCH LOST OR STOLEN. AT or near the fire iu Ant bony - street, on the 9th instant, a plain gold capt French watch. Newark made gold chain with long links, 2 large English seals set with cornelian stone, patterns alike, and 3 keys, one of which was of green gold. The above reward will be given on the deliv ery of the same at No. 131 Greenwich - street, or for any information which may lead to their recovery. Watch - makers or others to wnom they may be offered for sate would confer a particular favor by (topping them. June 11 lw OLOBE COFFER HOUSE flllJE public are respectfully informed, that JL thai subscriber ha taken the above beuse,. (formerly Globe Tavern,) No. 143 Wster - rL Genttemen who wish board by the day, month or year, will find excellent accommodations at the Globe Couee House. The table ut ai an . ... - m , , times oe wit ut ,... - , of the marker, sou me uijuui v, un iwum sums most select kind (bat can be procured. Having, for several years, been employed ia one of the first hotel in England, the subscriber flutter him - clf, from bis experience and attention hi biu - iaers, bo wdl merit a portion of public patronage. : JAMES SINGER. N. P. His friends, and gentlemen Who are dispose J to favor the subscriber, are respectfully invited lo partake ol a cold collation, at twelve o'clock, on Monday nexL Je 12 Iw BREWERY. For sale, a bargain, a Brewery K - Malt House connected, in the city Hudson. The buildirgi are stooe, acJ par ticularly well calculated for the business. It is eituateJ In the midst of a barley country, and many other advantage It i certainly an object for those wishing to .enga. Ia th - S bow ers.. It ui tLe only tr wrr w courirv. rhit s,r jneef will be jld cheap. . ersn iioe - ralj til.e cx - d - For fjrthe particvilar epply "1. MUL3T.N. No. '73 ti Uss - lane - New - Ymk or J. NIXON, Jr. tr t JuuelStf .

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