Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 12, 1937 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1937
Page 14
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n :! - ] ] *, J 3 ,j' 1! FOURTEEN / MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 12 · 1937 LIGHTER RUNS BOOST LIVESTOCK HOGS ADVANCE 10T02MENTS .Better Grade Lightweights - Bring From $10.10 to $10.30. CHICAGO, (-^P)--Livestock receipts lightened Friday, producers evidently holding back offerings in hope of belter prices. Initial activity in hogs was 10 cents higher, later getting up as much as 25 cents for \yeights'Under 225 pounds. Better grades in these clashes brought fvonv 510.10 to $10.30. ' ' . Cattle generally, held steady, with some beef steers going for as high as S13 to shippers. Fully hall the fat lamb supply came in from Colorado, with early sales ranging up ' frpm. §12,60. Sheep were fully steady.- Local Livestock AlASON CITY--For Friday UOGS Fifteen cents higher. Good light lights ...140-150 $7.40-7.10 Good.light lights ... 1SO-1UQ § 7.00- 8.10 Good lights lfiO-170 5 8.60- 8.90 Good lights 170-150 5 9.05- 0.35 Good light butchers 1BO-200 £ 9.35- 9,65 Good light butchers 200-220 $ D.55- 9.85 Good me. wt. butch. 220-250 $ 9.55- 9.83 .Good me., wt. butch. 250-210 $ 9.55- 9.85 Good me." vrt. butch. 270-290 $ 9.55- 9.85 Good heavy butchers 290-325 5 9,45- 9.15 Good heavy butchers 325-350 5 9.35- 9,65 Good heavy butchers 350-400 5 9.20- 9,50 Good packing sows . 275-350 5 0.10- 9.40 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 $ 8.90- 9,20 Good big heavy SOWS 425-5QQ 5 8.70- 0.00 Good big heavy sows 500-550 S 8.50- 8.80 ITlie above is a 10;30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs-. The difference in price is for short and Jong haul hoes.) CATXLB Choice to prime steers ...... $10.00-11,50 Good to choice steers ..... 5 8,00-10.00 fair to good steers :.. s 6,00-8.03 Low grade steers 5 4,00- G,OD Choice to prime yearlings .. s, 9,00-10,00 Good to choice yearlings ... s 7.00- 9,00 Pair to Eood yearlings .... $ 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair yearlings .. 5 4,00- 5.00 Good to choice heifers S 7.00- 0.00 Fair to good heifers .....'... . $ 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair heifers .... 5 3.50- 5.00 Choice to prime cows ..... S 5.00- C.O Good to choice cows S 4.50- 5.0 ~ : Fair to good cows s 3.50- 4.2a Fair to good cutters '..*.*.* S 3.50- 4.0 Common to f a i r cutters .... § 3.00- 3.5 Fair IP good canncrs s 2.75- 3.0 Common to fair canncrs .... 5 2.50- 2.1 Good to .choice bulls ,,..,.. s 450- Light bulls 5 4.00 Calves, gd. to clioice $30-190 $ C.OO- 7.0 Calves, mcd, to good 130-170 $ 350- 5 0 Calves, infer, to gd, 130-190 5 3.50 d'wn LAMBS Lnmbs, gd, to choice 70-flO $ 7.7o- Lambs, mcd. to good 70-50 $ n.75- 9.75 Lambs, fr. to medium 70-90 5 5.75- 8.7; Lambs, common s 5.75 d'wi Yearlings, gd. lo cK. 70-30 S 5.00- 6.00 yearlings, medium la good 5 4.00- 5.00 YcarJings, fair lo medium s 3.0- 4.K Yearlings. culJs 5 2.00- 2.50 Native ewes, good to choice 5 2,00- 4.0C CuDs. ewes S 1.00- 1.50 Elicits. $ I.OQ_ 2.00 Wethers, 2 year olds ........ s 500- 600 Werners, old 53.00-500 BncU lambs SI lows.' · No dock on lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. BOND YIELDS PERCENT 8 :uiVw/i^L/ i ir_i_uo i. ALL COVERHUtHT BOHD5 DUE Ofl' CALLABLE AfTEH '8 Y Z. IS MUNICIPALS fHlGH Gfl«OEj-STANASO STATISTICS 3. 126 . CCPPOHATC5 C3O EACH A l l . At, A B««-MOCD^S : --r rift r--= : 1 PERCENT 8 I I I I I I I YEARLY STATISTICS Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Friday WATERLOO--Hogs lOc hi e her. Good to choice 140-150 IDs. S7.53G7.85; 150-160 Ibs. S8.05I5JB.35; 160-170 Ibs. $8.G5®8.95 173-180 Ihs. $9.2089.50; 180-200 Ibs. S9.50 ®9.80; 200-280 Ibs. S9.60K9.eO: 29D-325 Ibs S9.50S9.80; 325-350 Ibs. 39.400970- pack ing sows 275-350 Ibs. S9.10E9.40; 350-42a IDS. S8.Q5E9.25u 425-550 Ibs. S8.BO®9 10 CEDAR. RAFlDS-Good hogs 140-150 IrS'tln' 1 !!® 7 83 ' 15 °-lTM Ibs. $8.05(38.35 1CO-170 Ibs. $li.55(KB.85; 170-180 Ibs ?9.15 ii?9 4a: 180-200 Ibs. ?D.50®0.80; 200-325 Ibs $9.GOS9.90; 325-350 Ibs. S3.43®9.75; good packers 275-350 Ibs. S9.05«9.35' 330-4' CHICAGO ^LIVESTOCK. (Friday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, W--U. s. department o£ egriculture-- HOGS, receipts 5,ODD; including 1.00(1 direct: market uneven. 10-25c higher than Thursday's average; weights under 220 Ibs. generally 10-25c up; up more on JiElit hehls and pigs; packinR sows strono tn lOc higher: · top S10.35; hulk good and choice 230 to 320 Ibs. slOOofu' 10.23; 160 to 220 Ibs. Sa.75»r; 10.30; most pins S7.503B.50; bulk pood 350 to 550 Ibs. packing sows S9.40T?9.70. CATTLE 1.000: calves 500; slaughter classes generally steady; around two loads 1,230 to 1,423 Ib. beef steers S10.75W , 13 to shippers; others mostly $9.50 down; strictly good and choice heifers absent; most of crop SG.25fft7.:iO; low cutler and cutter cows S4'ii.'i.25 largely; beef cows upward to S7 'and better; hulls and vcat- crs steady; weighty sausage bulls $6.GO; scleclcd vcalers S10; bulk SMJ9.50. SHEEP G.OOO; including 200 direct; fat lamb supply around 50 per cent from Colorado; opening trade slow; 25-33i: higher: early sales (o shippers and city Butchers S12.CO; strictly choice handy- j -weights higher; few odd lots choice nn- lives S12.25®12.40; most Ihrowotits SIO.SO T/ill; sheep fully steady; small lots choice light xvolght ewes S7.50. SOUTH ST. r-AUi, T.IVESTOCK (Friday Mntkcll SOUTH ST. PAUL, OT--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 2.500; slaughter steers''sleady to strong; most sales $8^9; good grades flliotcd S10.503II.50 or more; she stock jfully steady; medium to good heifers SG.7off9.75; medium to good beet cows S5.75S7; low cutters and cutters $3.50ft 4.75; bulls fully steady; heavyweights -jo.75fro.2a; stockcrs'and feeders scarce, steady: calves 2.300; strong to 50e higher: good lo choice mostly S7.50S8.50; strictly choice SO; few S9.50. HOGS 5.700; opening slow, strong to lac or more higher: good to choice 200 to 300 Ibs. mostly sio.05: shippers bid- dins around $10 on 170 lo 100 Ibs: few good cows bid S9.40; average cost Thursday S.G3; wcicht 210 Ins. S n E E P 1.500: run largely slaughter Iambi; sellers asking sharply hlchcr on fat. Iambs or above $12.25 on best kinds: undertone strong to higher on slaughter ° Ch °' CC I a m b Thursday , sioux cm- LIVESTOCK. (Friday M a r k e t ) SIOUX CITY, m--U. S. department of Agriculture--· CATTLE . 1,0(10; calves 1HO; slaughter clecrs, yearlings and she stnck moderately active, fully slMriy; stockers and feeders scarce, litllc- chanced: fo\v good fed yearlings around $10.25« 10.35: nm.lll short feds down lo $7 and below; nrlme necves absent and nnoleri above S13.75: /ew short loads m e d i u m heifers 900 Ibs down S7.50srs.50; most beef cows S5CE fi.50; culler grade: few common and medium slochcr steers Sn^fi.riO. Current stocker and feed cattle ouoiations: Steers r.50 lo BOO Ibs. good and choice $R.50[R8.75; common and medium S4.7oS?B.50: 800 to 1,050 Ib. good and choice Se.SOStS; common and medium S5 (fTC.50; heifers goncl and choice S5.SO»1; common and medium $4,50615.50: cows jrood $4.25^4.75; common and medium S3.75fi4.25; calves (steer) good and choice $6.50^18.75; medium SoQTff.SO. HOGS 2,500; mostly strong lo lOc hfph- cr; practical top S10 to all interests; package 510.10; built r»oorl and choice 100 1o 300 Ib. butchers S9.B5W10; ICO lo 190 Ibs. $a.40?T!).85: 140 to 160 Ibs. S8,SO(S9.40- sows mostly $3,50; feeder pig seWS.!:.- Btapj largely SOfffl.SO. SHEEP 1,000; no carlv fat lamb action: Indications'firm with Thursday's uneven close; best fed -woolcrl skins held around £12.25; fat ewes scarce; choice quotable to S7.35; late Thursday lambs 20e to 40c higher; top (12.25; bulk $11.05612.25. ' KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. (Friday Market) . KANSAS CITY,- W*;--V. S. department bf agriculture-- TIOGS 400; no directs; good to choice 170 Ibs. up strong to IOC higher t h a n Thursday's average; lltihler weii'liis scarce: medium grade] all welchl* dull: ton SIO.1.1 lo nackcrs: good to choice 100 Ib*. lip $]0«Tlo.iri: few 160 lo 110 Ihs SU.SOW10; sows $9.50 down; slock pigs scarce.. CATTLK MO: calves 300; kllllne classes fcf cattle, generally.cteady; few steers of- lereo; but otherwise mostly a cleanup OTTUSIWA--Hogs 10= higher; 140 to 1=0 Ibs. 57.60f7.90; ISO to 160 Ibs. SS.ltlf 8.40; 160 lo 170 Ibs. S8.GOffB.00; 170 to 18 200 i 59 -?"'* 0 ' 50 ' ISO to 2m lbs - S3.4te!).70 P' 5 ,2S l!l i P £ 0: ^ { ° *° lbs ' W--WSS.TO: 331 o 400 lbs. 59.3fKiO.GO: packers 275 to 351 lbs. 53.IOSS.40; 350 to 425 lbs. S0®330 425 to 550 lbs. SS.85Fl!MS. »·'»·'··«' AUS.TIS--Iloss: ]5 C lii B l, cr ; Eoo[1 ,, ^o'Jbs 18 °o-° 2 °° I? 8 ' * 9 -% lB ' 85 : 2m li 3.90; 325 to 3SO ibs. S0.50STi).80; 'nacklni sows, good 275 to 530 lbs. 5969.60. COMRI.VRD 1IOO ifKCEIPTS. DF.S MOINES. M-i-Combincd hoi; re cclpls at 22 eoncentrallon yards and 9 packing planls located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Friday were 10;00 compared wilh 22.000 21.000 a year ago. Ten cents to mostly 15c higher, spots on lights- up more; undertone slronc- loadinc continiiL-d light. ="ong, Licht lights 140 to ICO Ihs. good aud choice saroo; light wclBilts 160 to ISO Ibs. sooti and choice Ss.9j«t9,65 : iso to 200 1 is., spod and choice 53.COW10; medium IS 1 . 1 ' 5 -'J° '°, = 20 Ibs. good and choice o'ulO.lS; !20 to 250 lbs. good and ice $9.755110.15; heavy weights 250 lo 1 --,-n,. Sood and choice S0.75K10.1S: 230 pacHne sow5 °'r and }Ml: ' : * aos ®' 1 ''.lS: S.fiO: 350 .to 425 !bs° c iod Ig.fa^.Bfl^SS lo 5:0 lbs. good S8.OOfO.30.' ? 0 / 1i C!llors '"".' Ci »!vc5 firm; stockers feeders unchanged \k-llh fairly broad week-end .clearance; two loads good light wcjght short fed steers $9.75 and sio- few butcher heifers 5S.25Src.75; butcher " SHEEP .1,000; Iambi fully ISc higher- ·i°. OP h 5 B lo 25c h| c hcr : top lea lambs O M A H A LIVESTOCK fFrliia.v arjtrlcc!) :°ttirc- A ' t *''~ V ' S ' dcpatlmc "' "' agri- HOOS 2.500: it) to is cents lilshcr- ton h ^ in"' 3 " Ibs - I4(MGO )bs - sa ' ; , 800; Mlva 00: C0l « slc '-«iy io «'cr: sleers SD,50«T10- heifers 5 '·-'=·· C l l l t c « "SOitS ·-· -n s ; , v " lcrs . R . EP .l.oOO; Iambs strons to 10 cents r; bulk; igp S12.25. . . . . ^ - K FORKCAST! CHICAGO. (,7V-OIficial estlmalcd live- UI 0 Ioo C ' P i S 10r , Sl ""-' 1 »y: Hogs 4,000; ame luu; sheep 2,000. Representative Sales _..,,., (Friday JIarkcl) a E S^R^e nt a?ive d sS?e r s l . mCnt °' HOGS. leavy Welgilt-- [Lights-278 10.30184 : S 4 10.20 )().2aj92 J84 / 10.15 30..10 Ofl 171 .' ]u 10 10.30]91 -'Ul 10.00 ILight Llghls-- 1D.SOJ07 J57 3.7 S 144 9.25 4 .110 8 346 0 .. 554 rlcdlum-- 8 247 '* 238 T4 221 3 201 ileers- 1420 1405 1237" 1168 1128 102B 1004 912 CATTLE. I ftcUeri 12:351 To )0,75|13 10.25,3 9.50;14 9.00;Cows Sl| is SIIH 7.17 B52 076 703 710 1312 1230 1180 1005 *"ir.r.i-. Colorndo Lambs--_|Fcd Wcslcrn 37 I!! IB IS 142 iWCS-- 2 7 1 94 .in 102 un iru; 152 101 12.r,n| 12.501120 12.50I42T 12.4HI23R .12..1S1217, 12.11 7.5(1, ·Hit 92 I.I. 7.40 7.00 fi.7.1 IS.25 7.50 7.00 6.2S A.OO 4.25 . 12.KO 12.50 , 12.4.-) 12.2.1 Hides Quntattoaj Tarnished by JVolt nr tun, SOg.Flflh Street BonUbweit HOUSEI1IDES . Horsthldta WHEATDROPSJN LATE DEALINGS Rain, Sleet and Snow Ovei Southwest Bring About Price Tumbles. . CHICAGO, (/P)--Rain, sleet and snow southwest brought abou' wheat price tumbles late Friday that exceeded 2 cents a bushel. Losses of approximately ',,,-. cents for wheat since the middle of the week were shown. On the break in values, however, some mill buying of wheat developed. At the close, wheat was 1% lo 1% under Thursday's finish, May 51.3.5% to $1.35%, July $1.18% to 51.19, Corn is to 2y 8 down, May $l.OT.~/s, July $1.03%, oats =i to 1 cent off, and provisions varying from 37 cents setback to 5 cents advance. CHICAGO CASH GKAI.f (Friday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. (XPj--Casli wheat, No. 1 Hard Corn. No. 3. SI.12: No. 4. sl.loial.ll; No. 3 yellow Sl.ll'.iljJl.H: No. 4 yellow S1.09S1.11U; No. 5. Sl.OGcni.d9; No ,1 while $1.15; No. 4 while SI. 12^; No. 5 w h i t e S1.0S!4; sample 51S1.D5. Oats. No. 1 wliltc 51=!ic; .No. 2, 50,1S. 51'/ ( c; No. 3. 5Hie; sample 43c. Barley, No. 1. 51.35! Iced 73«i87c nom.; mailing SI ©I.35. Timothy seed $5.2585.50 per cwl.; new afto.23. Clover seed $2S$t30 c\vt Lard: Loose 512.50; tierces 511.87; bellies SIB.G3. · : ._..-. . . Mason City Grain · MASON CITY^For Friday Wo. 3 yellow shelled corn .. .$1.05 Mo, 4 yellow shelled com '.. .$1.03 3arn corn 95 C White oats, No. 3 44 C 3arley : 60-85c Soybeans,,No. 2 yellow $1.35 I - n i D A V CHAIN CLOSK WHEAT-May July opt. ..,, CORN-day iicxv .lay old ; nly new uJy oil! . icpt OATS-- High 1.37 1.20 1.17% 1.0(1 .99?; . CHICAGO. «*) -- i-ow Close 1.3311 1.35"ii l'l6!i l!l6U 'uly ......... .43S; iept ·.«!/, IOYDEANS-- . 1.00U 1.03 a ,« .42'. .40!', 1.07'k l.ll»'/« uly RYE-- ·'ny uly iept BARLEY iSay .... .ARD-Mar ay uly ... :erl. BELLIES May uly .... 1.51 . 1.50!'* 1.01'/, . .3 4'.4 .12.05 .13.15 .13.40 1.07!', 1.07',i 1.00 Vi l.OO'.i ,93'A .93»i .81 12.62 12.82 12.82 13,05 13.05 13.27 13.27 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN*. ( F r i d a y Market) MINNEAPOLIS, (^--Wheat 41 cars; He lower: No. 1 heavy dark northern 60 Ibs. Jl.49','-iiJ-1.5a'A; No. 1 dark northern 53 Ins. $1.48',i«U.57','«: 58 His. JI.47V* W l . S t i W ; fancy No. I hard Montana 14 er cent protein S1.43AQil.45'.i; grade of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana vintcr Sl.Wifl I.3fi'.'»; hard amber d u r u m s'o. 1, $1.47ffll,65; No. 1 red d u r u m $1.33@ Corn: No. 3 yellow Sl.14igi.17; 2Vac ower. Oats: No. 3 w h i l e 46?ii?4a',ic. Bull hides' '..'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. BVsc ·c^urert nldcs half cent more a pound ilosalu dealer: In wholesale lou" Spot 'Domestic "wools were mostly quiet n ofieriri U R, yCXS " how!tl m «e,Interest Purcliascs, confined mainly to small ots ursently needed, included short '«ich comblnff original bag tcrrilnry ol at around *1 scoured basis and av- ra«e lo good French combing territory 1 o r i B i n n l bags 'at 51.02-1.05 scorned- Wliat became of the oHl-fash- o n e d come-hither revivalist? udging by the tone of voice, he s now making the sale talk on he radio.--Kcwance Star Courier. SAFETY DRIVE IS CONTINUING ·Jeadquarters Maintained at .".42iyFirst National " Bank Building. 'The Oe'vro Gordo county safety council membership campaign is continuing, according to- v reporls from the headquarters office at '421 First National bank building, where application blanks are 'available. ' "There is evidence every day that the campaign is continuing," said H. C. Brown, member of the campaign committee, who is acting chairman in the absence of F. W. Vorhies, who was called to southern Iowa by the illness of his father. - You can tell when the dentist Is almost ready for you. You reacn that part of a magazine story when the gal seems doomed.--Wisconsin Slate Journal. Yes, we have two classes, the Haves and the Have-nots. But the class that saves America is the ExpecUto-haves. -- Fountain Inn Tribune. Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS. (Friday Final Quotations) By The Associated 1'ress Al Ch Dye 250 Lib O F Gl Am Can lll*i Am Sm Sc Re 103};t Am Sugar Ref. 49Vx A T T I73*i Am Tob B B3 Am Wat Wks 24!4 Aiutconda B7','* A T S F 84'i Auburn Auto 30 U Aviation Corp 8','a Bait Ohio 3GR1, BarnsdaU 32^2 Bendix Aviat 2G Bettl SU 102 Borden 27% Berg-Warner Jll}* Can D G Ale 321i Canad Pac '16 Case : 159 !i Chi .5: N W 5=1 Chi Gt West W, C M St P S: P 2*i C K I p 31,-. Chrysler 12'J^\ Col G Ac El lG*i Coin Sou 3 Con Edison 40V. Con Oil Gl'.i Con Can Cont Oil Del Corn Prod ti83i Curliss-Wrisht 7^1 Deere ; Co 130U D're t Co pf .10 DuPont de W 171 Gen Elec Gen Foods Gen Mot ' Gillette ood'r T R udsaji Mot 20H Illinois Cent 3fi^a arvcst 107 Uit Kiel; Can 7U'« I T T 13% Johns-Manv 14311 Kresgc 26 ;i 60 42T. KO'.b I Bit Maytag McK Rob 14i Hid Cont Pet 33^: Montg Ward 07? Morrcll Co 43',4 Nash Kelv 22',i Nat Biscuit 3ti/ Nat Cash R 37'A Nat Dairy Pr 2V. 1 , Nat Distill 32*1 Nat Pow Lt 113 N Y Central 52** Northern Pac S4-/2 Oliver Farm Packard Mot Par Pict Penney Pcnn R j R Phillips Pet Hadio Hey Tob 13 Scars Roeh Shell Union Socony Vac Sou Pac Std Brands Sid Oil Cal Std.Oil Ind Slrf OH N J Stewart-Warn IS Studebaker Swift Co Texas Corp Tex Cull Sul 3914 T E m k Roll B 69V* Un Carbide 10731 Un Pnc mii U n i t Aire Cp 33 United Corp S'.i U n i t Drue, 34Ti U S Ind Alco 35;i U S Rubber C7 U S Steel 124 Warner Pjct 15!i West Un Tel 75 A west El M 150 Woolworth 53 = 1 Wrleley Jr 48 51 94 32% 19\i 'CS'.i lo', 481'. 48 18% 27% 14!' ClIIOACiO STOCKS. (Friilay I'lnal Quotations) Cities Service -I -feilmann Bre 10 atz Drug ISM Nail Standard 3.1'V Northwest Bane ]3^i Quaker Oats 120 Rath Packing 371i ^"OKK Switch J 1 Swi " Libby-McNeil 14'/ a | Swift Inll -?'?i w f st .? orp 12 'il U t i l i t y «c Ind rail Leather l ? s | Z o n i t t i Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAAISON BROTHERS AND CO.. Mason ctt.v Offico In Baglcy-Bcck Bldg. Telephone No. 7, BOW J O N E S A V E R A G E S ,,, . I n d l - Halls mils. sc 101.24 GJ.42 32,00 "CHICAGO STOCKS d C o r p 5 64 Mrnr =l'l Fields 2D'/. NEW YOBK CURIJ Am Cyan B 32* \ln Su Po Co 2'ji irk Nat Ga A 11 !i is G El A 3'.i -au Ind Alch fi4 Can Marconi 2 El Bd i Sh 23,1 ·ord M ol Ca 25 V, Hud B M 5*371;, Hum on Co 84 Pcnnroad Corp SVi S O Ky Co 1D!V Un Gas Co 12^ Un LI Po Co B-i Utl! P LI Co 1 NEW YORK Alaska Jim HU Allegheny 5 Am fit For Po lllfi, Vm Cr Su Co 28^ Vm C t F, Co G7 \m Pow u 13',V \m Roll j\1llls -n^i Am n A: s Co 2o"?5 \nier Tob Co 8$' \rmoiir Co I H i Ann is Co pf ssqi As Dry Gds 2K, All net 3.-,% B a l d w i n Loco 95- Brlgss Mrg Co SO'.i Icndlic ^iV-j Judd Mf fl co 12^i urr Add "4 Bycrs A M Co .11% Sat Tractor 98 CCL- de P.TSCO fil'.~ Giles i- Ohio CS Chi Gt W pfcl Ifi'i CMSSPiP pfd 6% Coea Cola Co 152 Com Credit San Com Solvents l l f ^ i Cont Motor .I'* Cudah.v Pack 4ni,i C u r l - W r Co A 22 list Cp Srac 21'it iplas Airc (!.-',; Salon Mt~ Co 24'.b El Atilo Lile 43H SI Pnw LI 23Tn Erie R n Co 203!! ^ire T fc Hu KJ'l "oster-Wheol 45 ccport Tex 2£=!J Gen Am Tran 7B GHdden Co 46-1J, Gobc] c'.'i Gold Dust 14'.;, Graham Paige .TO STOCKS Gt Nor pld 53'i Hahn DC Stor 20» Houston Oil 153-, Hudson Motor 203a Hupp Motors 2','n Intl Carriers (Hi, Indusl Rayon 3S',k Kelvinalor Co 221,2 I-imbcrl Co 21 3 ,i Liciuid Cb Cp 51^i I.orlllartl 24=^ Alack Truck 60 Maliilcsoii AT 39=i SIcLeiljin Sirs 17 Minn. Mol 1m 15(4 M K «: T .» Mot Products Sliil No Amer . 27 3 ,'t No Am Avl' lo Otis SlMl Co 2.-)!! Owen 111 Gl lf.3 Packard Mot 11',', Park Utah Cop 7 P l y m o u t h 2.iV« Prnc i Gam IM'.i Pub S of N ,T 43'.i Pure Oil Cn 22 Purily Bakery 21 !a R K O BJi Hem H.incl 27'j nco Motors nv, Simmons Co 54 l / 4 50 Cal Edison 2H 51 G ,t E U'/, Tide W A Oil 20 a t u s inn Aich sa-i, U S Smeller lOO'i Util P Lt A 3Vi V.inadJum 37% Un Gas Im 14',;, Western Un 75V1 Worth Pump tt'f, Yellow Truck 34% Youngs S T DSSi INVESTMENT TRUSTS. (Uy Tlie Assnclated Tress) Bid and asked' Friday: Corporate Tr Sh ..... 314 Corporate Tr Sli AA Mod 3M Corporate Tr Sli Ac Sor 3.00 Mvldond Sli ...... "13 .'aryland Fund ' ' Nationwide Sec Nationwide Sec Vic for Amer Tr Sh for Amer Tr Sh 1955 quarterly Inc Sh tclcctcd Am Sh Inc Super Corp Am Tr A '.lo'.TB 4 95 2.34 lee , . 3.78 10.55 16.42 4 5-» 2.34 31.76 S.05 2.50 SI.43 37.03 lo'.so .1.1(1 1.19 I I.OIIR. · ( T r l i l n y M a r k f t ) MINNEAPOLIS. l,r, - Flour. carlo.Kl fits, a b a r r e l i n . D f l lb. cotton sacks: Fam- ly patents, me lower. $7,5d'o7."0: stand- rd palcnls, lOc Inwcr, }7.35(U1.55 Shipments 21.377. Pure bran Standard' .. U S El I, it P A ........ 19 on U S El t. P B ........ .1.00 U S El L ,t P Vic ........ l . l l STOCKS RALLY TOWARD CLOSE Gain Buying Support After Selling of U. S. Bonds Causes Drop. * . NEW YORK, (.^--Heaviest selling of U. S. government securities in more than a year helped 1 to chill stock market sentiment Friday, but lute buying support reduced or canceled early losses of fractions to 3 points. Steels and Motors, off during a flurry of offerings after · noon, came back for gains before the close. Leathers a n d Aircrafts pointed upward. The majority of carriers and u'tilities had difficult going. Except for one of two intervals the activity was relatively slow. Transfers approximated 2,300,000 shares. Curb Market NEW 'YORK. If,--A few specialty snares -worked forward for fair gains in the curb m a r k e t Friday but price changes as a ^vhole were narrow and mixed. Gamers of from a point lo around 2 included Aluminum Co. of America. Haymond Concrete Pile, and Thew Shovel while Aluminum Ltd. \vas up n b o u t 4 In fair volume. Fractional advances wore registered lor Wayne Pump,' Atlantic Pacific. United Light S: Power "A," and Pantepec Oil. Fractionally lower \vere Atlas Plywood. Niagara Hudson Power. United Wall Paper, Berkey't Gay, Gulf Oil and Lake Shore Mines. Bond Market ,. v , ' , *)-T"* bond market drifted a Jitlle loivcr Friday in the quiet trading. , H Losses of fractions to a point or so were suffered by Allegheny 5s. American Telephone 3'As, Norlh Wcslcrn 4%s De^ 0lt , Ed ,' so " ^'.is. Great Northern W-s, Great Northern 4s. \Vatkcr 4'/,s Inlernationnl Paper 5s. Missouri Pacific 5s, New York Central 5s. Pacific Gas 3Hs St. I-onls San Francisco 41is and Southern Railway 4s. A few issues showed resistance to the downturn including American Foreign Power 5s. Bethlehem Steel 4',is, National Dairy 3".is. .Pure Oil 4','is with warrants and ioungstown Sheet Tube SVjs ," TM . Treasllr y lc "ins dipped for losses 1-32 to 7-32s of n point or more. Losers Included the 2»ls of 1954 t h e WiS the 25 and the S'.xs of 1Q4G. ' ' Fractions were chipped from the for- eipn list. A r g e n t i n e ITS. Brazil 6i s and Columbia s were among South American issues under a little pressure. ' Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES (I'rliliy Market) Potatoes' 81; on track 293; total U. K. shipments U42; old stock weak supplies moderate, demand slow; sacked ier cwt Idaho Russet Burblmks U. S. No. I = J , 23(53.45; occasional outstanding car higher; Colorado Red McCIures U S No I. S2.90S53.05; Russet B u r b a n k s iMl-IIy' graded $2.85; Wisconsin Round Whiles V. S. No. 1, few sales S2.15fi2.40- U S Commercial $2ffi2.10; Cobblers U. s. Commercial seed slock 52.55; Michigan Rus- ·tet_Rurats U. S. No. 1. S2.I5; Minnesota Cobblers certified seed few sales ?3 10- Bliss Triumphs partly graded $2.GO: new stock barley steady; supplies moderate. demand slow; track sales, cnrlots bushel crates Florida Bliss Triumphs U. S. No I, $2.15S2.17',i; U. S. No. 2, 52.05. NEW YORK SUGATL. NEW YORK. (,?-- Raw sugar quiet Friday and the undertone easier. No sales reported. .Futures irregular. Refined unchanged at 4.80c for fine granulated. Teachers Trackmen Run Heavy Schedule CEDAR FALLS-- The Iowa State Teachers college track team, defending champions in the North Central conference, will compete in 10 meets this year, L, L. Men- denhalf, director of athletics, announced Friday. Two indoor meets are scheduled for the Panthers, with the North Central relays at Naperville, 111., liiis Saturday serving as the opening for the 1937 campaign. It will he the twelfth track campaign for Arthur Dickinson, Veteran Tutor coach. The other indoor meet will find :he team at the annual Armour Tech relays in Chicago, March 20. Joe Marty Only Rook With Chance for Job C A T A L Z N A ISLAND, (#)_ Manager Charlie Grimm ot the Cubs had his first look at rookie outfielder Joe Marty and expressed pleasure over Marty's batting style and evident power. He 15 the only rookie given a chance to make the regular team. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City (Bid and Asktd Thursday) Cent St El 6 pet pfd ($25 par) 10 Cent St El 7 pet pfd ($25 par) 1L Cent St P L 7 pet pfd .... 16 Cttamplin Rcf la 7 pet pld. .. 100 Creamery Package com ..;... 24 Hearst Cons A 22H, Ceo A Hormel A pfd 104 Geo A Hormel com 21 Interstate Power 6 pet pfd .. H Interstate Power 7 pet pfd .. Iff Iowa Electric Co 6Vfs pet pfd S3 lowa-EIeclric Co 7 pet pfd .. 54 la El Lt : Pow 6 pet pfd .. 69 la El Lt Pow 6W pet pfd 70 la El Lt 4: Pow 7 pet pfd .. 73 la Power Light G pet pfd 102 la Power Light 7 pet pfd 103 la Public Serv G pet pfd 9S la Public Serv Cvi pet pfd .. 97 la Public Serv 7 pet pfd .... 38 la South Util 6 pet pfd eiHi la South Util fi'.i pet pfd .... 67 la South Util 7 pet pfd ...^.. 75 Minnesota p L 6 pet pfd S2 Minnesota p L 7 pet pfd fl7 Northern St Power 6 pet p f d ' as Northern St Power 7 pet pfd 93 N W Bell Tel 6',i pet pfd .. 105 N W St Portland Cement com 28 R a t h Packing com 32 Sioux City G It El 7 pet pfd 100 United Lt Itys S pet pfd .. 83 United Lt Rys 6.36 pet pfd 84 United Lt 4: Rys 7 pet pfd .. 92'/i Western Grocer pfd 99 Western Grocer com 18 251! 23 107 22 17 19 55 56 71 72 75 184 105 98 99 100 69" 77 94 99 SO 95 102 84 ;· SoU 94 V4 102 20 Produce MJMSKUU, DEAR. NOAH=-|F THE AUTO WHEE.C. SPOKE: TO THE. /MISS IN THE EMS1NE, ,' WOUL.D THE CRANK LOSE ITS TEMPEe? MRS- SF- 1NALUS , PA. DEAR NO^H= BECAUSE MV DAD IS A PK12E FIGHTER, is THAT ANY REASON' TO WIT A\Y BOY FE1ENDS FOfS. MONE.V?, .SCR.M1C TlLTaS. DATTeN,O. MASON CITY--For Friday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 18c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over .. 12c Under 5 Ibs. 8c Stags, 5 Ibs. and over lie Stags, under 5 Ibs. ; 7c Cocks 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 19c* Eggs, cash '.' 18c s Butter, Iowa State Brand 40cr Butter Corn Country 39o Butter, Kenyon's ..39c Butter, Very Best 40c Butter, Brookfield 39c Potatoes, russets, peck 75e Potatoes, cobblers, peck 57c 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. C H I C A G O P H O n i i C E '(Friday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO.' (jP--Butter 7,741, steady; prices unchanged. Eggs 18.21G. steady; extra firsts local NEW YORK PROnUCE I Friday Market) NEW YORK, H'j--Eggs H.855, about steady; mixed colors unchanged'. Butter 6.037, f i r m and unchanged: ext r a ' ( 9 2 score] 35£(C.~ Cheese 29,505, steady to (inn; unchanged. Live poultry, by freight, easier; chickens Hocks 19c; fowls Leghorns 19c; other IreJght prices unchanged. P R O D U C E FUTURES. (Friday a f n r k c t l CHICAGO. Wl--Closed: Billtcr f u t u r e s : Storage standards March 34c; November Egg futures: Sloracc packed firsts. March 24!ic; tirsls April 24V«c; firsts May "l^itc: refrigerator standards Oclobcr 2£c. Potato futures: Idaho Russets Maich No. 1, S3.JO: March grade A 53.03: April grade A 53.30. G O V E K N M K N T TlONnS. NEW YORK, W--U. S. government bonds closed: Treasury -U^s 47-52 117.2B Treasury A? 44-54 113 Treasury W n s 40-43 June 106.S Treasury 3^iis 43-47 107.3 Treasury 3','ns 4U-49 Treasury 3s 51-55 103.22 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, as. ' No. 49liO. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executor of the estate of Frank J. Hanlon, Deceased, late of Ccrro Gordo County. All persons indebted to snid estate are requested to make Immediate .payment; and those having claims affainst (tic same will present them, duly authenticated, "lo the undersigned for allowance, and file In the office of the Clerk of the District Court. EARL SMITH. Executor. Smith Fccncy, Attorneys. Dated March 4th. 1937. ·;. -S. H. Mac-Peak. Clerk District Court. By--Marsarct Rllcy. Deputy. NOTICE OF T H E APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR STATE OF IOWA. Ccrro Gerdo County, ss. No. 4355 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the underpinned lias been duly appointed and q u a l i f i e d as A d m i n i s t r a t o r of the estate ot Charles W. Damon, Deceased, . l a t e of Cerrn Gordo County. All persons Indebted to said cslate .ire rcnucstcd lo make inmcciiato payment; anrl llio.c h a v i n g claims against Ihe same w i l l present them, duly a t i t h c n l i c n t c d . Iff the underpinned for allowance, snci lile In (he office of Ihe Clerk of I h c District C n u r l . EDMUND ,T. PEAKE. Administrator. . Smith ,t Fccncy, Attorneys. Dated March lOlh. 1037. S. H, MacPcak. Clerk District Court By--Marc.lrel nilcy, Deputy. Lodge Notices QUEEN BEBEKAtl LODGE NO. 108 X. O. O. F. HALL 7:30 P. M. Meet 1st and 3rd Friday ol each month. 1 - - U3AMAN. N. G. Ph. 35-Ct S- 8 MAUDE MAXSON. Rec. See. Ph Fin. -See. -Ph. HARDING LOnGE NO. 6I! V F. AND A. M, 7:31" P. M, Work In 2nd deBioe Trl,, March 12. P. L, HUDSON. W. M. Phono 1727 C. C. HALPHIDE. See'y. Phone 249 BF.NEVOI.ENUB I.OnGE NO. 1(5 A. F. AND ,\. SI. -,-M p. M. Suiert communlcatton first Thursday of each month. C. H. JOHNSON, W. M. P. D. QLLBERT, Sec 1 ?. 1 CHAPTER 43. HELEN MARKINSON phoned Janet, still in bed in her New York apartment, to join her at th Westchester Biltmore. "Tuesday?" Janet clutched the telephone with her Jeft hanc and reached with hex- right for th little leather book on the bedside table. She found it, thumbec through the pages and, settling baclc on her pillows, she said into the instrument, "It sounds like fun, Helen. Do you know I've never been to the Westchester Biltmore? What are you going to wear?" Janet's maid brought in hei breakfast tray and set the little table legs up on the bed. Jane wrinkled her nose as the appetizing scent of bacon and buttery toast assailed her nostrils. She made little signs to Katie that she would be finished with her conversation in a moment and to pour her coffee. "All right, 1 ' she said, "then it's settled. By the way, since yoi. want me to get a man for myself would you really mind very much if I brought my husband? It's such a long time since I've been out with him, I think it would be rather nice." "All right, davling," H e l e n Markinson's voice c a m e over clearly. "Be sure and put it in the book, the date is the, 26th. And you might remember, your husband is no stranger to me. I met him at ,MabeI Newbold's a couple of weeks ago. Please bring him." After Janet had put the telephone back on its stand and replaced it on the table, she discovered that she had lost her appetite for her breakfast after all. She sipped -her coffee, nibbled at a piece of crisp toast and, in a little while, sent the tray with its u n ' t o u c h e d delicacies back. Strangely enough, she found that the morsel of,toast had stuck in her throat. . Because there had already been a l u m p there. She - bin-rowed down into her pillows and beat her palms on the softness beneath her. The ache in lier throat, never dissolved into tears; it became a hard pressure baclc of her eyes that were momentarily stormy with a kind of desperation. I almost escaped, she -thought, but I can't get away. She was thinking of the pattern if her lite. She was thinking of :he luncheons she gave, and attended, at "the smart spots;" the casual way she fitted in appointments with the hairdresser, the nasseuse, the dressmaker, in with ier business hours. She was think- ng of the "dates" she had to fill n her time. She was thinking of .he expensive clothes that did so much to make her. a frequently photographed woman.;; Reading from left to right, Mrs. Spencer Dean, Mrs. Joe3 Paynter, wife of the popular screen actor, Mr. Colby Longworth and Mr. Spencer Dean St the El Morocco. Or-Mrs. Joel Paynter, wife of the noted stage and screen actor, was one o£ the smartest dressed women at th? opening of the United Hunts Meet. Or-Mra. Joel Paynter, wife of the stage ;-,nd screen star, snapped on .ier daily departure for her office. Mrs. Payntei- believes that.every woman married to a career man should have a career of her own. Mrs. Paynter is engaged in an ambitious business having to do with merchandising and advertising. "Everything but the funny papers," she said alound. Oh, Mrs. Joel Paynter was very much the pert, chic young matron! An ideal wife for a matinee idol. You seldom saw her with her hus- oand but you were aware that .here was a Mrs. Paynter. The rumors were that she was important socially since you generally saw ier name connected with other names in the social register, albeit :he Paynters were not in that exclusive little volmue and never would be. Mrs. Paynter attended the polo matches at Westbury. Mrs. Payner WKS present at the opening of 3elmont. She is usually to be mind at the night clubs on important occasions. Yes, sometimes she is with Mr. Paynter. They make a very charming couple. I wonder where she gels her hair done. I wonder if she has her clothes made. She wears black and vhit.2 so smartly. . That was the Mrs. Paynter that the world saw. That was the Mrs. ·Paynter that Joel Paynter saw. Not the one t h a t Russell Bede knew. Not the Janet that she really was. Burying her face in her pillows lo hide the desperate expression in her ryes from herself, Janet hated the girl that people saw. I don't like this chromium room of mine. I don't want that black,taffeta-garbed maid. I loathe going to the hairdresser and having my hair dressed high on my head because the. waistline of my evening dress demands an empire headdress. She'didn't say these things but she was working out her rebellion thinking them. I don't want to live in a pent- house. I want to live in a house- with a back yard that has . a clothesline in it and geraniums in. the windows. I want a garbage can that I can press my foot to and have the lid fly up. I want to mix things with my own hands and stick a hatpin in a cake to see if it is done. I want to darn Joel's so:.*, I want to sit beside him in the movies and play bridge with him and the young couple who lives across the road. I want to tell the girl across the road what my husband said about the election. I want to go to market and pleasantly debate about whether we should have spinach or carrots, I want -- "1,' truffles and Pate de . fois gras and caviar by the pound. I've got sables and diamonds but I haven't even got a hatpin," she said aloud. · The maid popped her head in the door and said, "Mrs. Paynter, Mr. Paynter left his studs in his shirt. Shall I take them out?" "No, I'll do it," Janet reached for the shirt. The studs were black pearls. She -sighed deeply. Black pearls! A man who wore black pearls couldn't ever be expected to wear sox his wife had darned. "Draw my bath, Katie," she said, "and use the pine salts today please." In her fragrant bath she tried to relax, erase the furrows that were crinkling thesmooth surface of hpr mind with which she faced the day. Slie tried'to think of Helen Markinson's party. She'd wear her white creep trimmed with the sable bands. Or perhaps she'd wear the ice blue satin arid her silver fox cape. Oh, what difference did it make what she wore! Angrily, she let the water down the drain and hurriedly dried herself. ' She dressed carelessly and was sorry at luncheon that she had done so. She was lunching with some friends who were east from Hollywood. One of them was Har~ ; riet Casey, now editor of Screen View magazine. Harriet was her usual sharp self, full of gossip and leading questions. She said something about Crjris jaynor touching heights un- qualed in filmdom and Janet knew that she was speaking directly to her, asking her the unspoken question: When was Joel returning to Hollywood to rein- tate himself with his public? Janet was : amazed to discover- that she had been thinking so lit:le of Joel's career that she had not considered it. She didn't. even know what Joel was planning to do. His play, was still playing to a capacity audience but it must surely close by summer. .Slie had. takeniit ;for granted '· that when the season was over, [hey v/ould return and Joel's op- lion would be picked up. He was still Joel, wasn't he? And Hollywood had skyrocketed him to fame. Surely his place should be waiting for him. But his place wasn't! That she knew. Chris Gaynor was Joel's successor. Janet -shook off the chill that she ftlt with her knowledge that anything can happen in Hollywood and the chances were it wouldn't DB good. It was just that Joel ladn't been talking about it lately ind shp now read something into his silence that wasn't there. She did not want to go back tn Hollywood. Nor did she want to continue living in New York as she was. But she had a longing to go back to Hollywood because she wanted Joel to reign again. ^he left the luncheon party and went directly to a t e l e p h o n e . She'd have to talk to Joel about it. (To B6 Continued) . Veteran Field Sets Out at Tank Events BLOOMINGTON, (/P)_One of .he most experienced fields in listory started the swimming championships of the Western conference here Friday. Michigan, Northweslern, Ohio State and Iowa, the defending champion, appeared to have the class of the field. Michigan was he favorite to take this year's tile. At least seven current records vere expected to fall. Chicago Junior Set to Lead Court Five CHICAGO, (UP)--Kendall Pe- ei-scn, Long Beach, Cal., junior vas named captain of the 1937-38 Jnivcrsity of Chicago basketball earn Thursday. Petersen, a guard Iso was an end on the football earn. Paul Amundson, junior cen- r er, was named honorary captain or the season just closed. WANTED HIDES and FURS Carl Stein 1 1 1 6th S. W! Phone 470 HORSE SALE I will sell at Public Auction at my sale barn MANLY, IOWA Friday, March 19, at 11 a. m. ISO MEAD. OF HORSES Tins is llic best lot of dorses I have ever solil. Sale to be held under cover regardless of weather. OSWALD STRAND Auctioneers; J. R. Donscy t Fred Rowan, Carl Shelmq. % w ^i?^gji?:^:foya^

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