The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 2, 1944 · Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1944
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

· 6 Thursday, March 2, 1914. ' MASON* CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DISCUSS VIEW OF GILLETTE I Think Senator May Be · Impelled to Run Again f E. P. CHASE ·; (lou-a Daily Press Writer) | Washington-- (1DPA) --Senator \ Guy M. Gillette might be said to j be "in the lap of the gods" so IAr \ as running Tor re-election is conj| cerned. The situation at the mo| ment seems to be that Gillette has I not given up the idea of retiring £ from public life at the end o£ his £ present term in January. However, '. it is understood that his position v. : is that if the people who elected · him, and who really give the com; mission for the senatorial job, de; mand that he run again lie might j be impelled to reconsider his or- · igmal intention. f Jake More, Iowa democratic ' state chairman, has sent out Gil: lette nomination papers. When · the necessary signatures have been : appended Senator Gillette will be , forced to decide as to his course. .;:· There is no doubt that his party : leaders, both national and stale · i so much want him to vim they i i can taste it. Just how Gillette c i could run on the same ticket v/Ilh ' i the president seeking a 4th term, ; { is not clear, as the Iowa senator ; \ has beea most vehement in ex! i pressing opposition to the re' I election ot the president. But may; ; be F. D. H. won't seek a 4th term. MIGHTY ARMS--These 2 "arms" of a ship's strut, being machined in the Kearny, N. J., plant of U. S. Steel's federal .shipyard, weigh '15 tons. Each arm is 15 I'eet long, bracing part of propeller shaft at ship's stern. OSCO DRUG SAVINGS GOT RESULTS -- When President Roosevelt named Secretary of Slate Hull, Secretary o£ War Stinison and Secretary ol Treasury Mprgenthau members of a commission to study, ways and means to get Jewish refugees out ot the clutches o£ the captive forces before all are extermined, he carried out the objective of a resolution introduced in the senate foreign relations i Gillette. committee by Senator BOTH OPPOSED -- Both Iowa ·enators, Gillette and George Wilson, voted against the United States paying $1,350,000,000 to the United Nationas Relief and Rehabilitation Administration to help rehabilitate the devastated nations of the group after the war. Both opposed the United Slates giving so large a portion o£ ihe 2 billion dollar total fund in the face ot our lone vote against 40 odd of the other countries. Senator Wilson said that, in his opinion, it would be better business for Uncle Sam to put up the other 650 million and thus control the whole show. He is concerned about possible s e c r e t committments made by the chief, executive with other nations. Isle By-Passing Strategy Shown in New Invasion (EDITOR'S NOTE: William B. Dickinson, southwest Pacific manager of the United Press and the lirst reporter to land with U. S. forces ou the Admiralty islands, reveals in the following dispatch the strategy behind Gen. Douglas MacAilhiir's "island by-passing" plan.) By WII.I.IAM B. DICKINSON Advanced Allied Headquarters, New Guinea, (U.R)--The Admiralty islands invasion provided a perfect demonstration ol the strategy of Gen. Douglas MacArthur to move with the smallest possible losses to points from which Americans, c a n . strike, tellim MASONIC HEAD--Cliff .Tory of Sheldon, grand master of Iowa Masons, has been in Washington attending a national meeting of Masonic masters. TALK MITCHELL FOR GOVERNOR--There has been considerable talk in Washington to the effect that R. F. Mitchell of Fort Dodge, recently rumored to be in line for a federal judicial appointment, might be the democratic candidate for governor of Iowa this year. Iowa Nurse Is Killed in Action in Italy Atlantic. Iowa, (fP)--LI. Gertrude Morrow, an army nurse, was killed in action in Italy Feb. 7, her father, M. M. Morrow, was advised Thursday. Prior to landing in Africa a year ago, she had served aboard a hospital ship which was blown up. Lt. Morrow had been in Italy since the Salerno action. She was a graduate of a Des Moines high school and o£ the Iowa Methodist hospital in Des Moines. Lt. Morrow enlisted in : October, 1932. A brother, Lt. Charles Morrow, is in overseas service. blows at the heart ol the Japanese empire. While the operation in one sense could he called ''island hopping," it Is far different than that pictured by the average person. Probably it u-outcl be more accurate to call it "island by-passing." Seizure ot Momote airstrip was the latest in the series o£ such operations in this theater, including those at Cape Gloucester, Arawe, and Saidor. None ot them has been costly in casualties. But they have resulted in practical neutralization of all Japanese bases such as Rabaul and Kavieng in the rear, and as the communi- que pointed out, they mean the ultimate loss 'to the Japanese of some 50,000 men isolated in that area. The operations represent a new technic in amphibious warfare, u technic developed from necessity because the Japanese possessed so many far flung strong bases. But it was a method that could be developed only because the allies maintained air and naval superiority, perfectly coordinated with ground forces. Thus, it is no longer necessary to seize an entire island group or even an entire island, wipe out the enemy, and move on again. Instead, the allies can seize strategic harbors and airfields--as at Los Negros--hundreds of miles nearer Japan than the outlying enemy strong points. They then can establish the necessary perimeter to protect the TRY TO GET CORN OFF FARMS Need to Avert Shutdown of Processing Plants Washington, WP) -- Government food officials arc searching loi a painless method of pulling upwards ot 75,000,000 bushels o! corn off farms during the nex' several months to avert a possible shutdown oC '·processing plants using the grain lor fooc and industrial products. With furii supplies running short of demands of livestock feeders and other users, only driblets of the grain are movinj to market. Most farmers prefer ti use the corn for livestock feed ins than to sell it. They can maki more money by converting it inti livestock products than by sellinj at present corn ceiling prices. Officials said that unless some means can be found to increase the flow to market, processing plants may be forced to slo\v down or close altogether. A similar corn shortage crisis developed last summer and number of processing plants hac to close down. The governmen ', Youx taste will V ? approve its delicious flavor ??*' Your thirst will : okay its refreshing tang It will be ·aimr to l u p p l y y o u w i t h more HIRES if you return your tmptmt. New bottle* arm score*. Th* gloii industry n buiy with war pro- A duct ion. holdings, build up air and naval strength in the area, cut the Japanese supply lines, and forget the enemy forces to the rear, leaving them to starve or attempt evacuation under allied air and naval attacks. This cloe^ not mean that the Pacific war can be won without heavy fighting and heavy American casualties. Both MacArthur and Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, commander of the Pacific fleet, have stated that if the war is to be won. allied group forces must ultimately meet and defeat the main Japanese armies on land. However, there is an excellent possibility of a r r i v i n g at the point where the allies can deal war-winning blows without fighting long series ol' bloody engagements for minor obioctives'. The next move in this theater is not entirely clear at present. But Wednesday's communique of the admiralty operations pointed out t h a t the Americans now were w i l h i n 1,300 miies of ihe Philippines, and it seems obvious any move to establish a f i r m supply line must take into account the necc^iiy of seizing Philippine bases In addition, allied possession of strong bases in the Philippines would cut Japanese supply lines southward to the richest part of the vast empire they seized in 'he first clays after Pearl Harbor. Below the Philippines lie the Dutch East Indies. Malaya. Burma, Thailand. Indochina, and Borneo, from which the Japanese have been drawing considerable supplies of oil. rubber, t i n . iron ore and other raw materials. In connection with the problem of retaking the Philippines, it was pointed out that there were many Mtincls in the group which might be used for the supply line c u t t i n g purposes, t h u s eliminating the necessity of storming Luzon and taking Manila. was finally able to get them going again only after requisitioning limited commercial stocks and persuading farmers to market additional grain. Products made from corn are essential in a wide variety ot war industries. Among then- are materials needed in the manufacture ot airplane engines, tanks and other implements ot \var t starch for explosives and textiles, and adhesives. In addition, corn is needed for the production oC corn syrup, corn sugar, baking powder, special vitamins, jams and jellies, corn S''its, hominy and corn meal. Aside from voluntary market- ings by farmers, there appears to be only 2 ways of drawing corn off farms. One is by a process of requisitioning. The other is by changing price policies which would make it more profitable to sell com itself. Officials said no move to requisition supplies was being considered. A change in price policies might involve an increase in the corn ceiling price, or a reduction in ceiling prices of livestock, particularly hogs because the latter are the major consumers of corn The government raised the corn ceiling a few months ago from SI.07 to SI.16 a bushel. Chicago basis. Trice stabilization agencies were said to oppose a further increase. The ceiling price on hogs is S14.T5 per hundred pounds Chicago basis. There have been reports that this price might be reduced to S 13.75 for hogs marketed after next Oct. 1. None of these 3 methods art without objections, officials snid Hence, they would like sonv suggestions. 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Cascade* Internal It.lth. Invented by ilic laic Ch«. A. Tyrrell, M.D.,*he designed ii 10 scientifically cleanse the entire length of ihe colon in an easy, p r i v a t e , comforublc. effective and economical manner. I M M E D I A T E RESULTS--the I n i e r n n l Bath eliminaies ihe use of laxative* and cathartics. No In** of time, u n c e r t a i n t y of action, or social embjrnissmcm f o l l o w s the I n t e r n a l Bath. Non-habit forming, its use lends to encourage tile r h y t h m i c action of normal elimination. FREE--You may t u \ e a copy of a Ji-pa.ue booklet entitled, "Why We Should liathf Inicrniilly." It discusses iii simple language why this rational method is M I ' e f f e c t i v e . Investigate the merits of Internal B.nhini. You may find its Unless relief a godsend. Slop in {or your copy NO It'-'. 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