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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, June 15, 1818
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moniuv, ju.neIs. Cturt of Gen ml Sessions ef the Pcaet.On &tnrday Jest the court, coosbtinf of hit honor the Major, and Messrs. Munron and Tborpa. aldrmen, pruoeuoccd teutciiee against Ilenry B. llagerman, who wat convicted by the verdict of a jury of aa assault and battery of the M AigA - es iwur." not a ij liable of justification or palliation of the offence was offered : It ram be (ore the court as an assault of the mitt agr rated nature, committed without a shadow of provor - atiou. For this flagrant offence, thus corn - milled in the city of New - York, the chief magistrate did not sentence Hie criminal to personal impr sonment in the Bridewoll or Penitentiary, bat, merely fined him $250 ; which he seems to have pusttdat, for be came into court with that torn in his pocket an J paid it down. Mr. Colden gave as his reason for not fining him in a larger am, that, as aa action had hern commenced tor damages, to take mora from him now, would be to pay into the coffers of the state, what ought to go into the pocket of the injured plaintiff : Jcind of reasoning, by the way, that would go to prove that the fine ought to have been but eii cents ; which would have been more consonant ta the prioc'ple avowed, and, moreover, would hare sounded quit as well in the ears of those who hear J it But we are at a loss to conceive fiow this could account for not imprisoning. II i a great thing, however, to hare the law of the land settled and made public, that society may know what to depend on. During the late mayoralty of Mr. Radcliff, the price of aa assault, very inferior in magnitude to the one in question, was J 500; the price, during the present maj - . oralty, is reduced to one half the sum, though the assault is carried to an extreme that leaves the wounded man barely in the possession of lite life, and no more. It is sometimes the boast of Americans that we are governed by known laws, steady and impartial in their operation The defendant offered the court an affidavit to shew something in initiation of the punish meat, which affidavit the court received; but the complainant having handed sundry affidavits also, shewing facts that tended highly to aggravate the assault, the defendant's couusel were permitted to tske back his affilavil, bud the court then declined to hear read those offered by the compiaiiiaaL Thus a new point in practice is established; by which assaults, the most aggravated, and the mildest and most unprovoked are considered in the same light, td the same punishment awarded io all cases. It b said by those who were present, of whom I was not one, that Mr. Colden made a very handsome, some said, a very elegant speech, on the occasion, in which, (to borrow a phrase from the late Jo Leathers,) he gave Hager - man some sharp words. The following are copies of the affidavits offered to be read in court on the part of the com plainant ; and relate to the ot iginal publication which the defendant declared by his counsel in court was false and libellous. Readers are left ta judge sortheavalves. NLVV - VORK GEN'KRAL SESSIONS. ThePtcple, UtatsofYork, Henry B. Hagtrman. ) Vuttr " Abraham Myer, being duly sworn on his oath, depoteth and saith, that on the twenty seventh or March last he wrote to William Coleman, Esq. of the city of New York, a letter from which the following is an extract, viz : M Kingston, (U? ter Co.) March 17, 1818. Willlem Coleman, Esq. Sir, I trust you will excuse the liberty I have taken, to direct Ibis letter with its enclosure tq you - My motive is to enmmunicate to you for publication, if you shall think it proper, the grounds or the soit. Mrs. Radcliff, the plaintiff, keeps the stage - house in this village. Ha - germao. together with Geo. Steddiford, Gen. Van Buren. Col. Variao, and others, (the Court Marlial) pat up at her house, three weeks yes terday, on their way to Delhi, (Delaware roun tyj : Hjgerman and Gen. Steddiford slept in se parate beds, in the same room. The beds were as good as any gentleman would desire no oh jpc'ion was made to them. Alter they had left Airs. Kadchff's, the went up to the room, ami found the glass of a framed picture, representing Bonaparte chained to a rock, 4c. broke in pie ces, uii'l on taking off the bed clothes, she found that the contents of the chamber pot bad been carefully emptied i.i the bed. Some of the mem bers of the Court Martial arrived in town from Delhi on Saturday nij,ht last. Mr. Hagerman and gome ollf rt did not arrive until Sunday, and hf , after taking breakfast, went on his way, through a bad rain storm. Mr. Radcliff was suspicious he m the perton that was guilty, hut being determined lo know toe truth and have it known, slie obtained 'wo warrants from a justice cn Monday evening ; one against Gen. Van Buren nd the oilier against Col. Varian. Upon the trial of the suit against Van Buren, Geo. Steddiford was callrd as a witness by the plaintiff, and he testified lht be knew not who had broke the pk ture, but that he taw Mr. llagerman empty tle pot in the bed that be saw it too late toive - vent i or he would have prevented it. These two men were alone in the room at (he time Afu - rtlie Urneral's testimony, the' suits wen born withdrawn, and I was directed to proceed si have against Hagerman." And this deponent, on Us oatb aforssaid, further states, that so much ol the above extract as relates to the trial therein aieutioced, and to the testimony of Gen. Steddiford oi. said trial, it substantially correct aad true That this deponent attended said tria; ia behalf of Mrs. Radcliff that alter Gen Sted diford was sworn at a witness uo said trial, tiiis deponent ak - d him whether he knew any thing about lie breaking of a picture at Mrs. Rad ClIIPs, fct the time Ue Coert Martial put ap at tier House. Jle answered he did aot. This deponent asked hiia wlietltet he knew that a chant ber - pol bad been emptied into one of her beds, liu answered be did know it. This deponent asked him whether he knew H from personal oh Krvati'in He answered h did. This deponent akeehis who was m the room when it was time He answered Henry B. Uag'tuau and himself alone. This deponent then replied tn bun ia list following words, via : " Ot rourw This ie a copy of the paragraph ia the E IW, M April JO. Central, ft Wts not yourself thai did jt II aa wered certainly aot, and had I teealtw time t have prevented it, I should have prevented it Aad further this deponent taith not. . . ABM. MYER. Subscribed aad taken this 8th day of Jane, 181 8, before me, ' Ch'r. Tappen, Jun. CI', of Ulster Co. Slait offftMhtOtk, I . UUterCbwty,u.S Truman Cowles, of Kingston, Ulster County being duty awom, ears, that the trial of the suit, io the annexed deposition of Abraham Myer mentioned, between Mr. Hannah Radcliff plaintiff, and Bcekman Van Burro defendant, was had before him on the twenty third day of March last - that oa said trial Gen. Gerard Steddiford was sworn and examined as a witness on the part ol Mrs. Radctiff,aad that the evidence be gave was substantially and nearly verbatim as stated in the affidavit aforesaid of aaid Abraham Meyer. Aad further saith not. , TRUMAN COWLES. Taken and subscribed, this 9th day of J toe, 1818, before me, Ch'r. Tappen, Jun. Cl'k. of Ulster county. Slat of JVVw York, ) Litter county, tt. ( Hannah Radcliff, of Kingston, Ukter county, being duly sworn on her oath, deposeth and saith, that on the fifth day of March last, according to the best of her recollection and belief, gen. Beek man Veu Beurco, gen. Gerard SteJJiford, Hen ry B. llagerman, and others, put up at her bouse in Kingston aforesaid that said Steddiford and Hagerman lodged ia separate beds in the same room in the second story that the beds were perfectly clean and good, as good at ought lo be desired by any person that on the morning of the sixth of March, after the before men' tioned persons had left the house, she went to the said room, and after having uncovered one of the said beds, a bed with good chintz curtain, she perceived that the contents of the chamber pot (about half as much as would fill a large ont) bad been thrown into said bed on the under sheet and then covered with the upper bed cloth that the glass of a picture frame was also broke in said room during the stay of said officers at her house And this deponent further says, that she went into the room as before stated almost mmediately after the said officers had left her bouse and that about the time when said Ha - germaa left the room before mentioned, the beard a noise in the same resembling the breaking of earthen or glass and further he saith not. HANNAH RADCLIKF. Subscribed and taken this 9th day of June, 1818, before me Chr. Tappen, juu. clerk of Ulster co. Slnta of Stv Yprki ) Ulttcr county, tt. Benjamin Oilrander, John M'Lean, John Chollctt, and Martin Elmendorf, of Kingston, Ulster county, being severally sworn uion their oalhs do say, aiul each for himself saith, that they served as jurors upon the trial of the cause, on the twenty - third day of March lad, mention ed in the annexed deposition of Truman Cowle, esquire that general Stedliford was sworn and examined as a witness on said trial, and that the evidence given by him was substantially and nearly verbatim as stated in the deposition hereto annexed of Abraham Myer and farther they say not. John M'Lcan, John Cbollett, Martin Elmendorf, Benjamin Ostrander. Subscribed ami taken this 9lh day of Juue, 1818, before me Chr. Tappen, jun. clerk of Ulster co. STATE OF SEIV - YORK. The Teopte, ) vs. S AFFIDAVIT. Henry It. liaccrmaii. ) Wilham Coleman, the prosecutor in the above indictment, beiug duly sworn, deptweth aad saith. that ou the 3d day of April last, he received the letter above men Hoard iu the affidavit of Abraham Myer, which concluded by referring deponent, who was theu not personally acquainted with niin, to four gentlemen of rcscclability for his character and standiug in society ; before he published the communication he went iu search of them, but did not succeed in fintlin either of them, but that on returning to his o.'Fice he found there his honor juae Emott, of pluh keepsie, to whom ho mado known the object of his errand, and enquired of him if he knew Mr. Myer; he answeted, he knew him well, an:! that he might with perfect safety place implicit reliance ou any thing he said ; on which dejo nent handed the letter to the compositor fir publication ; accompanied with the sin'n observa tion that it was hoped for the honor of maultuoj that the fads mi - l.t not be true, aJillr that 111 name of our corrt?ionderil was at the service ol the implicated. That the aforesaid Henry II. llagerman never came to the deponsnt, or sent tu him in any way a denial of the farts charged upon him ia the publication, nor made any explanation or palliation in relation to the same . f he ha 1 done m, he would have readily pub - iihed it ; nor did he know that he had even in curred his reseutment, till Saturday the lfitli ol (he same month, when the first intimation he received that such was the eve, was by & kuock down blow from tome uofcen hnud. (signed) VM. COLEMAN. A want of room, alouc, 'prevents my answer ing (he insidious paragraph, iu the National A 1 - vocate of this morning. Lattttfnm Eurnjte. The pilot - bofit Ram bler came up this mo.tiiog from below, and brought us Iri4i pa,ert to the Clh of May, con taining Loodou dales to. the 3d of the same mouth, three days later than ver. brought by the pac ket Courier, which :0 - rived yesterday from Li verpool. They wre procured from the brig Pocahontas, Post, t trued by Simeon 'mith, of this city, armed f Sandy - Hook, on Saturday, iu 33 days (rem L Bdonderry, with bricks, tome matchaudixe, an. pai.eogers, and proceeded for Philadelphia, t .eft. May 1 2, ship Grand Tork, Viuereau, for V jfork the loth; brig Newtoa, jren,lordo.ttheMlh. Passed at the harbor's taovPh, the Ar pPenevenuic, from New - York a The ship Pa uix, expected from New - York, had . e - skip Alexander - Buchanan, Clements, 18 days Trom Londonderry, for St. John's, N. B. - May 30, laU 43, 45, Ion. 40, spoke ship Eliza - Ann, 22 days from London for Nova - cotia. 31st, on the Grand Bank, tpoke tchr. Bird, with 4300 tun. Jane S, tpoke tchr Caleb, of Newbury port, wilb 5500 fish. 7th, lat 42, Ion. 57, 30, tpoke ship Thomas Gels ton, 33 days from Belfast, fur Phi ladelphia. The ship Foster, Morao, and the brig Hector, tailed from Londonderry for New - York two weeks before the Pocahontas. Flax - teed was 4 14s. Irish currency on the 12th May, and falling fast. Among the passengers on board the Poc hoaUu, are Mr. John Kitox and family. Advertised in the Belfast Newt - Letter, April tl, brig Mexico, Curtis, for Boston; ship Mount Vernon, Rawson, for Baltimore, first fair wind after the 23d of April; ship Diadem, Dodd, for Philadelphia, first fair wind after the 25th April ; ship Robert, Thompson, for N York, at Liverpool, expected about the 23d April, when she will meet with every dispatch ; ship Emulation, Jenkins, for Newport ; ship Othello, Snell, for N. York, to sail 1st May ; ship Perseverance, Rooke, for Norfolk, to tail first fair wind after the 25th April ; thip Thomas Gebton, for Philadelphia, to sail first fair wind after the 4th May. bhip Hesperus, Brown, daily expected from NYork, to sail again in 3 weeks. ' From Dublin papers to the Ctb of May, re - reived at the office of the New - York Evening Port, by the brig Pocahontas, in 33 dayt from Londonderry. LONDON, April 28. The Milton, Thomas, arrived off Dover from Batavia, was boarded 6th March, by an Lnjihsh brig of war bound to St. Helena, with a carriage and horses for Bonaparte There is no doubt that the whole of the plans of the chancellor of the exchequer will meet with complete success. The fuuds are advancing this morning, and from their continuing so much above the price at hich the subscribers at the bank have the option of funding, ageucral opinion is entertained lhat the whole sum of twenty - even millions will be funded. Tfce 15 per cent to be paid at the bank to - day for the instalments of the subscription is stated to be nearly completed. The duke of Wellington, almof t wearied out witli the new obstacles which e verv da v obstruct ed the ne'ociatioos, was on the point of quitting Paris. His grace had, no this occasion, a per sonal interview with the kin?, and after an hour's audir.ute deferred his departure. By letters received yesterday from El.'ineur. dated the 18th instant, it appears that the nu merous vessels from the Baltic detaiued there, wind bound, for Eugland, had at last been enabled to put to sea. Intelligence wat received yesterday from the Island ol Ceylon, by which we arc hsppy to learn, that the insurrection there was by no means so lormidahle, as had. at first brm imn - int - d. The dispatches are dated tlie 13th DervrnUr, and iney iiau,iiiai in me moutu or September last, spirit of dissatisfaction and disturbance partially manifested it 11 in the provinces of Wei lasse and Ouva, within the Keadvan territory. pruicipally excited by a Malabar Chief, who had collected an armed force of about 0U per nio., uni isiura a proclamation, etaline; tut chums to the kingdom of Kandy. Mr. Wilson, me nesiacni at ttadultn. immediately nroreeiled with a small military detachment in tlie direction oi ine insurgents, and came up w:!h a considerable tiartv. llavine unfortunately tert.irMd him self ironi the detachment undur'tiis orders, in the hope of persuading tlm insureents to disperse. and thus to pre v nt any effusion of blood, he wat attacked and killed oa the spot. The servant who accompanied him died the next day of the winirnn wu a ne receivea ni iiie tame lime. The trooi sent in pursuit of the insureents hnd htee very successful in dispersing them Many ( those who had originally joined had submitted and returned lo their duty, and there wat every reason lo hope thai the leader of (he insurrection would soon be intercepted by tome one of (he military detachoien't who were actively in pursuit of him. LONDON. Ma 2. The lettera from Cadiz, received yesterday, state, that the Russian squadron was expected to sail for South America early in May Letters have been received from Brazil, dated the 24h of February. They state that Artijras, enraged, at the comment made upon him in the Journals of Buenos Ayres, and apprised that an expedition h?d been sent against him, and disembarked at F.ntre - i ios, had caus. ed the lnliubitant of Monte - Video, whom be had in prison ia llervidero, to be beheaded ! Some of his officers had rebelled against him, and he in consequence obliged io dividehu forces. Oneof th. se officers. Erena, hail summoned the troops nf Htienos Ayr - a to his assistance, but was defeated Sainanico, another of his olliccrs, had foimed a party a - gainst him. l'oriuucsc troops were also on lUe.r march to bring him in action. I he Supreme Director of the Government of Ducnos Ayres, Pur.eydon, was to send a reinforcement ol 500 men to aviat K.ena. But the Uirectorhad lost iniicli of bs power, whilst Artigiis'ii party in Buenos Ayres iud been alrenglheiu - 'l by his victory ; and it Was very much doubted whether he tiie Uireclo ) could any longer maintain his station fjr informa tion hud been received thai another army had Deen defeated a l atcaiiuaiii - , byllie Itoyalists, on the bill nf December i and, in consequence of a jreneral movement nf the Royalist Army, the Insurgents were prep. .ring tn cvaciuic Uiili, h..uir already earriid sume E'lropcau la'iiiliei Irom thai cxpil.t! tn Memloza The Paris Papers of Tuesday iirrivrd last nilit, and those ol ibit morning. In mentioning llie Cham tier ol (M'Uties, it will lie suilicicnt to aav, the Budget t'llt I'lolinuet to be the object of their delihrratioiis. Thi President, on Tuesday, comuninirnled the ilcath ol M. Goupy, senior, D puiy for the Sfeme. Twelve; Mi.m'er, according to lh usual practice ol t'.e Chaiu'x r, w nnmetiiately nomina ted to attend the fuutrj of the ihvei - .sed.' The proceedings at Aib have lost some thins of their interest, the depositions ugamst the artaied have termienled. IN cusi inally, howe ver, tliey are tliversifi. - d bv the indolence nf tlas - lide, who seems to unite the imcnetrable aiu - rance of a ruthan to the maliniiy of an assassin. The monstrous series of per ju:it.a which this trial Iris duclov d. do not t' - iid to cntivey a very i avourable notion of tin - moraii'y that prevails in France. Some of tl.e vi'ilne:s, when they are remmded that wl.M lliey are s iyinf ii directly con'raiy to what they before nsserlrd, rtplj, witn lte almost cmnriatenty, kqow ii ; iui I mean to tell truth now." At other times, trie ririsoners abuse e - rcti other in the m si sturrilnus anzuase. In sliort, it wauld be diijcult to re cognise io this trial, any of those sokma and se vere attribute whicn nurnt lo im - iook to me ai - pewsatton of justice. With re?ptct lo Madame Manson, the bat had a relapse of her former mysterious fit, and, io the lut sitting, refused lo explain any thing, observing merely that the would do so, at a proper lime aad place. 1 reexaminations, however, are c - mcluded. and M Fualde. addressed the Court in a speech, which was li'teneH tt. with profound Mien. e. His Ad vocate. M. Taj in, followed, and was expected to conclude his pieadin;s on the ensui' i day. Oa Thursday, before Mass. the King deigned to receive, with macb condescension, Madame CJatalani, who solicited toe favour of presenting, before her departure the homage w ber respect end gratitude to hit Majesty. wm arrested two mMtajiince.ta. bstardeat M ee vtnuurnnour, a oe'tn . i - Jcer, woo 14, not arrived. Jba tl. Id. 48, loa.34, tpoxe a a ffcera wm a violeat storm ofThtmder, wifJ) hail and rain, oa Monday, at Paris .,.,, t rench r una. m moy, r io ic 50c. Bank Stock, t,65if. Toesday, r iv per Cents 68f Bank Stosk, 1,55Af From various pans oi mo country, are daily arriving here to embark for America. Many of them come from the counties of Mona - rv.n. Darrv. Lc. t sothaJ. notwithUnd - 7 : - - - - " . .;. v ., t il,. purjoe, the numbert tbey want are tpeedily nnnlied. Manv of them are in rreat poverty, nt' uie various sdipi wuich arw and have scarce a shilling alter paying their pas - sage - money. Belfast Jfeun - LeUer. Mrhmrlialu A ceulent. On the 27th of March, in latitude 39, 28. N. and longitude 58, un board ihahris - NvmDh. Hexrkiah Smith, master, from New - York to Belfast, Adalph VVahast, of Havre de Grace, (the captain's apprentice) leu rrom tha mainton - sillant - vard. ttrucK ine main - cuain, was nearly killed, and fell into the sea : he made little motion with his hands, and planks were thrown to him, without the desired efiect. ia a few minutes he sunk to rise no more, before fur ther assistance could be rendered him. PARI5, April 28. Scenes of a disaereeable nature have lately taken place at Caeu they originated in a dispute between a navy officer aud an inhabitant ol the town. A letter was addressed to the judicial authorities against the Frenchman ; and tbomrb this measure was blamed by the English residcut at Caen, the tribunals took cognizance of the complaint, and condemned the Frenchman to sixteen franca fine, to the costs of the trial, and month's imprisonment. An altercation ensued on this subject between a Mr. and a law student ; a duel was the consequence, and the latter gentleman was killed. The conduct of Mr. is acknowledged on both sides to have been irreproachable, but the effervescence being great among tne people, hit parents prudently urged his departure. In the mean time, the curate added to the popular irritation by refusing to inter the body of the student. The municipal authorities in vain urged him to comply ; he was deaf to all their intreaties, and beedlees of the consequences that mi?ht ensue. A clergyman, in a neighbouring pariah, at last was induced to perform the funeral service, and the ceremony took place by niht. as all the companions and friends of the unfortunate young man had agreed to attend. The Engliih, during this period, were under considerable alarm for their personal safety, and solicited efficaciously the protection of the magistrates and armed force of the town I be young Frenchman, who is now lying iu prison under the sentence of the court, has sent a challenge to the Englishman who accused him ; it Li therefore to be apprehended the affair is not eutircly finished. DUBLIN, May 5. The London mail of Saturday arrived late in thr forenoon. Tl.: Paris papers of Tuesday last bring no - iniox oi iresn imonanre. A U pu'y imoj the Indrpenufntt ol panisti Ameiiea, has formally protested against liie an nexation cf the Floridas to the territories nt the Uuitud States. He has made bis protest in the narce vt the inhabitants of Peru, New Grenada, and Mexico. Tiie Omnium of the subscription to the New Stock ol J 1 - S per cent, has risen to a premium of percent. Mr. Vansiitart, in the course of his speech on F rid:iy last, gave very strong assurances of the pacific disposition of the American Government. The policy pursuing by them is, in itself, tha very best pledge of their wise resolve to cultivate peace. They have repealed all internal taxes, and made their revenue altogether depeudeut upon their foreign trade. Through one of our private channels, we have the following communication respecting the stale of the English Funds on Saturday evening, May x. " The new Sleek. Rise in Hit Fundi." The whole ainoui.tin (be new 3 1 - 2 percent, Mock is agreed to be subscribed ; and. according to this arrangement, 5 per cent, on the total sum was paid up this day. Matters being thus circumstanced, and the situation of thuics hain; been fullv made known, the option for the funding ol Exchequer Bills rose from 2 per cent, to 2 1 - 2 per cent., and the whole amount of Exchequer Bills was lunded accordingly. . Consols and Uie other Stocks rose in the natural proportion, and the former sold for the Account at 8 1, which i a con siders advance. Among the causes that have contributed to this rise, is the advantageous view taken of the Funds by these Houses, which very lately thought there wat a different prospect, aud whii h told to a large extent. They have now bought back a great portion of the Stoekthev somewhat unluckily partid with. Money it verv abundant ; and we know one eminent at' k dealer, who, from the surplus ol floating capital, hat at much, this evening, as 100,000 iu the bands of his Bankers. " l.ittle or nothing it doing in the Prussian Loan the siieculators not being perfectly satis fied with the nature (f the security ; and the nro - 'iiginus interest allowed it not deemed to he a sodicient r.omensation for the risk iorurred. Some uncertainty is occasioned, from the dedi cation of the Government oi Berlin to regard to a previous Ijoan. lie oi English eiocgs, on naiuraay evening, were as lottow : Red. Ann., 80; Con sols, 80 7 8; Uo. for Acc unt. Ul " UELFAaT, April 21. Yesterday about two o'clock, Gilbert Kir - kir, who was about to embark for America, was arrested for debt in the parish of K ilead, when three persons of the name of Christy came to rescue him, one of whom struck John M'Culloek, at whose tuit he was arrested, such a bolw on the head, that he died about two hours alter. One of the party has been apprehended, and the other two have escaped. BRUSjtS, April 22. Many English Officers, who have for tome time resided in this kingdom, have been recalled to England They tpeak of dispositions, which cause a belief of a serious misuiidt - rstaad - ing between Lnt.iin and the Uuited Stales. Cap). Win - lour who hat arrived at Boiten, and who left Gotteiihurgh May 5, informs thai BERNADOTTE was crowned a few dajt be fore. All was tiaoquil in Sweden. Our correspondent at Philadelphia writes as, that the polacx - a brig Alligator, Hill, from Genoa, was ruck by lightning on Saturday even ing, while lying at the Lazaretto, the foremart shivered to pieces, aud one man in the forecastle Killed T!y the arrival this morning, of the British brig F.lizabcth, we have received Halifax pa - pars, u June 2. The Ocean, from Belfast, arrived at Pictou, the 23th May, with 115 passengers. A ship from Ireland, for Mirimichi, wat away amongst the ice, off Cape North, on the 2lt ultimo, the crew reached the shore, two of them afterwards died with cold and fatigue, the ship's name was the Caroline, captain Car rie, of Port AfTerry. Halifax, June 1. Arrived, Duke of York, capt Price, N York, 9 days. Brig Commerc - , H - mer, Boston 5 days. Briw - Waterloo, Findl y, Boston 7 days. Sch Sprinir Bird, Edwards, N York 7 davs Cleared, brie; Elizabeth, Green, N. York schrs Springbird, Vats, Philadelphia i Parker, Mamrl, Boston j Britannia, Bruce, N York. A brih - from Scotland for this place, was cast away tn the eastward a short tune since the crew, twelve in number, with llie excep tion of the carpenter, who has arrived in town in a very crippled state, perished. The brigs name was lb e John, of Lilh. PicTor. Msy 15. Rrvix al of TraJe. On the 12th inst nearly iV" V W "' Prt l rem nnuun, ana more ate uaiiy cxpccica. on - in a Jl pptbilntfttt The f otracil ct appointment j met at fte chamber of the governor at Albany, Wednesday the 10th instant, and made a number of appointments ; among them were tne following : James L. Belt, it re - appointed sheriff of the city and county of New - York. Pierre C. Van Wyck, it appointed district attorney of the city and county of Near - York, in the room of Hugh Maxwell. George Met calf, for Richmond county, Eli - phalet Wkkcs, for Queen's county, and Edmund Suffern, for Rockland county, are appointed district attornies. Asahel Clark, district attorney for Warren county. Etxract of a letter from Liverpool, May I. " The several arrivals of wheat and flour the last few days have caused much dullness in our markets; our present prices of the former are 13s a 13 6, and of the latter 50s a 52s, but altogether nominal, aud we aro of opinion may go lower. Cotton is dull this week, but prices remain at 21 a 23d ; Orleans 21 a 2s, and Sea Islands, which are higher, we quote at 3 5 a 43. Rice is at preseut dull, small lots have been told bond, duty paid, at 37s a 3Rs. Tobacco is not to brifk demanded as it was, owing to the arrival of 2 cargoes of Virginia loaf, we name 6 1 - 2 lOd ; stemmed, 8 1 - 2 a I Id, ashes are dull, but prices seem to have settled at 56s a 57s pearli 57s. Hops are not worth more linn 18 to jC13. Flaxseed it dull in Ireland at 5 a 6 per hhd. Staves steady at former quotationr." Front Ou Boston Centinel, June 13 Afore tta - serpenlt.XVe ran vouch for the in - tclligepce and veracity of the medium through which we have received the following iuforaia - tiou, so interesting to the uaturalista of ourcouu - try : Passengers just arrived from Eastport, report, that a capt. Haggcn's of Frenchman's Bay, ar rived there a day or two before they left, who informs, that about 10 leagues S. S. w. oi ivion bean, he saw an object at the diitauce, as he supposed, of about a teatrue, winch. uau me ap pearance of a whale. As ne drew nearer, mis animal suddenly rose with his head about 5 feet out of water, and came Inwards the vessel with aFtouidnne; velocity ; he came immediately along side the vessel, so near that he could have reached him with an oar. and extended beyond the vessel considerably ; the vessel is 00 feet io length His head appeared about ttie size ot Ins long boat, with a w bite spot on his breast, without fins, and covered with a kind of shell, of quite a dark colour. He had several bunches on Ins head, and his motion was of an undulatory kind j his tail shaped like that nf a whale t his body about the sue of a grampus, say lour Icet diameter, lie soon disappeared, and very soon he saw two others of the same description, but considerably smaller. They came immediately before the vesstl, ana when within lb leet lie fired upon one of them, when he immediately disappeared, with a motion tn quick as to thro the wate r on board the vc - .se!. 1 Ins animal spouted the water downwards. His men were so much alarmed with the appearance of these animals that they ran tin the shrouds. Lapt. I up. gens is represented as a man nt perfect veracity, in whose testimony entire confidence may be placed His deposition before a maeistrate we understand will be taken, and forwarded from KastporU June 10, schr. Gen. Brewer. NATCHEZ. Mav 16 From Galrttloim. We are indebted to tlie politeaett of Dr. J. Ii. Robinson, of this city, fr the following extract of a letter from Dr. John Sibley dated iN'ATCBiTocHF.s, April 25 Yetter 'av three gentlemen arrived here ittni Galvestown ; thev brought a of letlns tu myself and others, from which, ajid the verbal statements of these geutleuiun, it appears that on the 1 7Ui insl. when tlx y left Galveslowa, none ol tlie United Slates armed vessels had made iheir appearance. Luffilte, the younger, was on the Island, with near one hundred persons, principally those belonging to the vessels in the harbor, a - bout ten sail i helad burnt the thip Campeachy and some smaller prizes ; that a bri" wat brought in a prize, lately taker, by one ol l.aflitle't privateers, hound from Havana, to Pcnsacola, with a valuable cargo, consisting of wine, rum, brandy, fruits, 3 or 4 hundred pieces of velvet, a luantity of soldiers' clothing, A - c. There are no negroes there, nor at any place beyond the Sa - 1'ine, eicepi cn me isinno, oeiunsiuff me of the vessels ; but it was reported at the iland lhat one of the privateers from that place h id taken a ship with three hundred negroes, but expecting some armed United States vessels theie were atrain lo come in with them. " Thev further state, that Cocper, the harbor pilot, had four d out a new channel, through which they could bring in vessels drawing 17 feet water wilb great safely. " Thev further state, that on the 12th instant, general Latlemand, with bis party, consisting of about 130 men, left the I - land and came to the AcesVesaw Bluff on (he Triuity, which is about 12 miles from its mouth, and more than 30 from Galvestown, took possession of that position and were forlifving it, and preparing to mount tome cannon. J bis parry all appear to tie genucmen on aa equality, though they olerve the strictest order ; they have nothing to do with the party of LafUlc, nor any connection with any priva teering. Tha vesel that brought mem irom Philadelphia had gone to New - Orleans, coro - manded by a captain Humphrey. One of the gt. - .lleman has informed me that he came irom Galvestown to the Arnkesaws with gen. Lallo - mind to assist him ; thiy crosd in the bay several narrow ridges of bunks of shells over which there svns not more than three feet water ; and it was the opinion that by oieniug a channel through those shells, which is ea'ily done, a passage for vessels of considerable size would be o - pened into the 1 nnity river, urn. L.aiirmanu and his party appear to hold the government of the United Stales in the highest consideration and respect. Tbey expect, in ft short time, lo be joined by many more of their friendsthcy avow their intentions to be agricultural. " Some persons nave likew ise just arrived here from St. Antonio, who say that there are at that place about two hundred men, includ ing mdilia, greatly distressed by the Indians, who harass them in the sight nf the lown and they are in want of ev ry thing comfortable j they say, that, by letters from Montclroy, they understand universal distress prevails through the whole kingdom of Mexico ; that there are thirteen different commands of the Patriots acting seperatelv, and that tlie Royalists re gard that kind of disunion amongst tlie I'atriots as fortunate for them. The fine stocks of horses, mules, sheep and cattle, that almost literally covered the country between at. An - tenia and River Grand, are broken up and destroyed. PHILADELPHI A. June 13. We are) desired to state, that when the Balize & Bethiah & Better taitcd, .New - Orleans, was periertlv healths and fiee Irom l'eiluw f tier or Small Fox, and that the aiarming report under me reiertourg neaa a lew aays since, is incorrect. l?ri Attieator. The britf Alligator, captain Lock, from Alexandria and Genoa, arrived some time ago, at the quarantine ground of .New - sork. wheie her cartro was ordered to be landed. With the particular circumstan ces that led to this order, we are unneq'uint - ed. Whether it had been ascertained that the plague raged at either of those ports at the time of the Alligator's sailing, or arose from mere aprVeheosioo, we cannot say. If we mistake not, some ot the crew bad died on the passage. Late on Thursday afternoon last' inform. " tion was received., that tlie Alligator had arriv. ' tu opposite mis city, wixnout naving Deeti vi sited by the Lazaretto Physician. The Board of Health immediately assembled, and direct ea the Health otticer to order the brig; and her crew forthwith to the Lazaretto, there to await die order of the board. The captain, pi. - lot and crew, are forbidden to leave the vet. sel without permission. To prevent any dsn ger that mi;ht possibly arise from the captain I or any of the crew obtaining - permission to county of Philadelphia, an express was sent to the Lazaretto Physician with a copy of the proceedings of the board. The promptitude and zeal displayed by them on this as well at ' on other occasion that has presented, entitle . them to the gratitude of their fellow citizens, and aflbrd the surest pledge of the vigilante With which they will continue to guard the ci ty against the introduction of disease from a - bruad. '. City Gazettee Office, Charleston, 1 June 6 noen. By the British schr. Trio, rapt. Fuflord, in 4 days from Nassau, we have received our regular file of the Royal Gazette to the 1st inst. Tbey ' contain nothing of importance NAfcSAU, N. P. May 13. The American schooner Betsey, Grafton, from Havana bound . to Rhode - Island, has been wrecked on the Finn - da Reef part of the cargo, consisting of mclaj. scs, has been saved and brought to port. - - May 23 On Thurwlay the mad boat, Sir - . ly Curtis, captnin Finder, returned from Crooked Island, having on board the March mail from England, landed from the Blucher Packet, capt. Porock. On his passage up, capt. P. saw two privateers lying at anchor off tha south end of Long Island. On Thursday, the sloop Fairy arrived hre from Heneagua, with 06 Africans which were seized there by the collector of the cairos. These people were landed at Heneagua from a Cnrtha - geuian cruiser, which had captured them in a Spanish slave vessel, and put them on shore until the privateer could procure provision for them. The collector of the caiens having beard . of the circumstance came down to Heneagua and took them on board the Fairy, Ont white man, belonging to tne privateer, was left in charge of them, and has accompanied them to this port. , May 27 Arrived, brig Juno, Miller, Phila delphia. Office of the Charleston Courier, Sunday morning, June 7. ?. We learn that the rice fields, in Georgetown District, have been assailed, with. in a few weeks, by a new and heretofore un known enemy the Rati who have made ic - i ious inroads upon th:s important ttaple ot our country, in its infant state. It appears that they have taken up their habitations in ihe adiacent banks, from whence they sally out at night, and commit the most destrue - ' live ravages. No etti ctual expedient nas yet. been devised for destrm ing - tliem it is said they are so numerous, in sortie iieMt, that thirty have been destroyed by amg!e discharge of a musket. Retort of actual talcs fur week past. Cotton Sea Llatid, 70 a 75 cents per pound. S.mtee, 75 a 78 ; Short Staple, 31 a 33 ets. Hire Prime, $612 1 - 2 second qual $ 5 1 - 2. Ilry Goods Very little business doing, and no essential variation in price. Cottons Maintain the quotations of last week, and considerable sales of Upland have' been effected, particularly in the lower quail - liA ' Rice Also is held at our last weeks quotations sales not extensive Naval Stores and Tobacco Have experienced no material variation. ' Freights 1 Md a 1 l - 2d is obtained for Cotton to Great Britain. Stoeks Have still further declined tin, our last. Arrived, ship Cere. Webber, Irverrmol. 56 davs. On the 19th ult. lat 23 8, Ion 59, spoke sch Francis, Burt. 13 days from New York for Barbaeloes - On the 3d inst lat 33. long 78, spoke ship Benjamin - Rush, 2days from Savannah did not learn where bound. British sch Ti io, Fulford, Nassau, X. P. 4 days, with specie. ' Sch Leander, Wicks, Trinity, (Mart.) 11 days. Left brig Good - Intent, Fro;t, discharge ing ; sch F.quality, Stallard, to sail in 13 days, uncertain w here for : and sch Sally, just sold. On the 1st inst. lat 29 SO, Ion 70 30, spoke sch l ook - Sharp, 13 days from Philadelphia, bound ta At. Thomas. Sloop Gen Washington, Coates, Savannah, 1 day. Spoke in tlie nvcr bound up, ship Juliet, 14 days from Bath, and sch Juno, of Net York, 5 days from Havana. Cleared," ship Ceres, Callender, Liverpool i brig Dover, Esdall, J York and Providence t sch Union, Swain, N Orleans t Louisa, Thorp, X Yolk : sloop Ann - Maria, Fowler, Providence. Mrt. Darlrt farewell bcnfit - Tht eveoksf the prnccedt of the theatre are appropriated U the benefit of this deserving and amiable actrtes, anJ still more amiable and deserving wife, ne ther, and woman. Her lady - like deportmtat has gained her the good wishes of all with who the ia acquainted. We are pleased to see all the papers in the city vying with each other ia their endeavors to excite a public interest in her favor, both on the rcore of professional and personal worth. None more than ourselves would rejoice at the compliment of an overflow. We join io expressing our regret, that this it the last season of her appearance on our boards, which she exchanges for tho of Philadelphia. MAKKIID, At Flushing, by the Ktv. Mr. Bulkier, Jamca Campbell, Lsq. of this city, to Miss Mary - Awl tlaz ird, tiaushlrroi joi.n iiaxara, r.tq. ui nmi a, IOiifc llnnd. ., At Kinderhook, Duck Gardenier, Fq RrtZSlMi POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. Ships Triton. Williams, New - Orieaot iiary, onaw, u Commerce, Garduer, do Brigs Hope, Pilsbury, Richmond Cambrelcng & Pearaos. Hunter, Nickerton, Proyideare Jeaa, olarphy, Savanoan r It. Jacobs. Schr's Antelope, Fash, Savanaah Frederic k'burf Charleston Haveeoah Baltimore St. Thnmai C. R - Cuffie.. Alcaaadna St. Maryt Boston. Boston Bermuda JosOsbors) Providence Bailer k Russell S - jrah - AnD, ranou, F.liza, Weeks Huntress, Napier, Resolve, Watrous, Lycurgus, Potter, Sloops Susan, Rogers, stranger. Parsons, B iston, Rogers, Victory, Haw lev. Warren, Mason, Ann, Studiey, ARRIVED THIS FOREXOOtf, British brig Elizabeth. Green, 11 days from Halifax, wiUi coal, to P Dustan 15 P"" - Schr. Joseph, Hopkins, 18 days from St Barit, with molasses, sugar, ram, he. to Messrs. l - hra, Jahnll. Howlaod.A. S.Hallett, Betkmaa, Bray & Co. Hyer, Bremner h Co. and B. Hopkins Lft,tUp Amiable Myers, of New Yo, from Bordeaux ; tmg Lsina, of Boston, fP" ingj tchr Ames, of and from Newburyport, di - charging Sarah Ann, Baldwin, of N' from York, discharging, to aad next day lot

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