The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 16, 1945 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1945
Page 10
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E D I T O R I A L S -"Suicide" Pilots in Japan Are Promised Passport to Heaven /~\NE of the most interesting re^ ports about the war in the Pacific to come to our attention recently, is passed along by the office of war information. It has to do with what the Japanese are calling their "Kamikaze nyers." Even before our invasion of the Philippines, there had b e e n a number of Isolated Tokyo reports of pilots blasting t h e m s e l v e s against targets "for country and ,emperor." But not until last Oct. 25, 5 days after the Leyte invasion, did Tokyo unveil its so-called "kamikaze corps" in propaganda picturing the organization of suicide units to defend Japan's "basic sea area" against allied "material" superiority. From Tokyo broadcasts it appears that the navy was the first to organize the suicide units, with the army following in swift pursuit. Since October, the Tokyo radio juid the Domei agency have mentioned 35 kamikaze units, said to be made up of 4 or 5 flyers each. Among them, according to Doraei, is the Shinten unit to defend Japan itself against "the extremely highflying and *peedy Br29 bombera." Japanese propagandists, who have ascribed to the 'kamikaze corps the motto of "One Plane Versus One Warship," 'say the flyers are mainly "rosercheeked youngsters" between the ages of 19 and 25, all trained to give up their lives for the emperor and all told that they will be apotheosized 'as "godsTM after death. On Nov. 28 the army and navy ministries announced that, after death, noncommissioned kamikaze officers would be promoted to commission rank, with enlisted men becoming non-commissioned officers. Before-.taking off on a mission, Tokyo propagandists say, kamikaze flyers are given final cdm- · mand instructions revolving about the theme: "The fate of the nation rests on your shoulders," "Let your life pass for the sake of his majesty," "The eyes of the whole world are on you." According to the propagandists, the suicide flyers, are also told to avoid fights with allied interceptors, keeping in mind only their job of ramming the.chosen target. Escort planes, the propagandists say, accompany the kamikaze suicide units for the purposes of guiding them to the target, fighting off interceptors and reporting the results of the mission. The escort planes are, however, like the kamikaze aircraft themselves, also vulnerable to interception and anti-aircraft fire. .Although. Japanese propagandists have issued s a n g u i n a r y ' claims of kamikaze-successes, the Tokyo radio · has admitted that Japanese commanders f are often unaware of the results of kamikaze missions because of the inability of the escort planes to report back. . One r e c e n t Tokyo broadcast claiming a kamikaze attack on allied ships in the Sum sea, for example, said: "As our escort fighters were kept busy by American Grumman fighters, and the. special attack planes did not come back either, .We do not really know what happened." ' ·\\! "CRITICAL STAGE OF THE WAR" \W Did Ycu Know? By The Haskin Service EDITOR'S N O T E-- Beidcrf »villln 5 tb«nuetve3 of this service f*r aaestfon* of f»ct -- not council -- cb««U kljn Ibtlr futl name ftnd itfdrcsi ano* inclose if c e n t s for tctarn postage. Address Glohe'Gazetto lafonutlu B n r e a u, Waihliiflon, D. C. What is the largest industry in the U. S.I The aircraft industry claims to be the largest, with a planned 1944 production of 20 billion dollars. ' Hpw soon after birth does a baby smile? About 4 weeks'. How many rooms are there In the portion of the white house reserved for the president and his family? The 2nd floor has 7. bedrooms and baths in addition to the library and the president's study. The 3rd floor has 14 rooms. Has * fiiatle more vertebrae In its neck than other animals? The giraffe has 7 vertebrae in its neck. This number is not greater than in other quadrupeds. . The length, therefore;, is due to Look Out Below Candid Talk COME have complained, not with- V out justice, that War Mobi- lizer.Byrnes did not go far enough toward urging an -all-out war effort in his recent report to the president, congress arid the American people. But at least he delivered up some plain and candid talk, a commodity which at times t has seemed to be too drastically rationed. ., Mr. Byrnes brought the current picture of our national economy into proper focus, avoiding the rosy light of our August optimism and the deep shadows of panicky December despair. In that locus first things came first. Reconver- sion, long overemphasized, was not condemned or blacked out, but scaled in proper proportion to the paramount need of war production. Mobilization a n d manpower, , stabilization and inflation, taxes, labor relations, agriculture, contract termination, surplus property-- rthese and other war-born or war-aggravated problems received a generally forthright treatment. A Hope for All 1URS, FRANKLIN D. ROOSE- m VELT expresses a hope in which the entire nation may well join when, in anticipation of the future state of the nation, she says she hopes "every woman is going to feel that she has to be an active citizen, adding to the chores she thinks now pretty weU fill up her day." Woman's influence is being felt today as it .never has been felt before in this country, and her sphere of activity is spreading far beyond the home and into government. If she can't be active in public affairs, she at least can give thought to them and guide them by her vote. If we can approach anywhere near the plane which Mrs. Boose- velt wants women to attain .in the future--where every woman will find "time to think of the'people who are making the decisions for her . . . and feel a personal responsibility"--the nation will have made tremendous gain. Don't put all the blame'on OP A for those new ration restraints. Adolf Hitler has had something to do witli it. · · ' 1 » » -»· Some considerable part of adult concern over the problems of youth is actuated by envy. · ' " * . * * Remember: · Opportunity only knocks; it doesn't ring a doorbell. Your Health By Logan Clendening, M. D..' DREADED WORDS "UEART ATTACKS," "angina llpectoris"--these terms bring a dread connotation to the average person. One's morning paper seldom lacks the account of a person in the full surge,of activity who suddenly passed away with' a heart attack. Of course, "heart attack" is used quite indiscriminately . nowadays: Anyone who passes away suddenly has had a "heart attack." It may not be his heart at alL But the fear remains. This" picture so strongly implanted, ia the public mind takes no account of the thousands of men and women who have anginal attacks and have had them for years and who go about their business pretty generally enjoying themselves, with no fear of any impending calamity. It. all depends upon the point of view. I know plenty, of them who should by all the rules have been dead long ago. But there they go bustling about busily getting 6% when lots of healthier people are only getting 4. For the man or woman who has just had the 'first anginal attack the outlook looks a good deal blacker thanlneed be. I find In'a recent treatise that there are 68 methods of treatment of angina that have been used at a certain American hospital and nearly 30 per cent of all the patients responded strikingly to ope or more of these forms of treatment. So much so that they have been going about their business for years without any discomfort or disability. Nearly 40 per cent did moderately well, making 70 per cent of all such patients-who are living out a, pretty full schedule of activity and in enjoyment of then- faculties and happiness of life, i The fellow who after his first attack of angina just decides to lie down and wait for death is really dying unnecessarily b e f o r e his time. It is possible to judge whether a patient with angina is responding to treatment by giving him an exercise test. There are several types of these.'The general principle is to measure the amount of work which will induce an attack of angina. The test must be conducted under standard conditions. For instance, the temperature of the room must be the same, and the test must be given at least an hour after meal time. The exercise itself is not strenuous, consisting, in most forms, of walking up and down a few steps. Those who show an increase in exercise tolerance under treatment .of 100 per cent or more usually have complete or .almost complete freedom from attacks in daily life. An increase of exercise tolerance of 30 to 75 per cent is usually associated with some improvement in number and in- I tensity of the attacks. So people do get over angina serious disease though it wogld be the last to say that a patient afflicted with angina should plan a hard and strenuous program of life. But an attack does not mean that he is.doomct to a sick room for the rest of hi; days. After all, the first doctor whc ever described angina, William Heberden, had as his first patien an old man, part of whose cur was sawing so much wood a day That is really graduated exercise and he lived a long time. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Mrs. J. H.: Please explain th -injection called theelin. I am 4 years old and very nervous. J doctor advised this treatment Answer:' Theelin is an ovarian derivative that has been ver successful in substitution thcrap: especially for relieving sympton in the change of life. T. H : What effect does coffe have on high blood pressure? am 70 years old. Answer: Coffee has no effect on blood pressure. It is good for people 70 years old. the elongation vertebra. , o£ each cervical OBSERVING Juvenile Delinquency -- k submit that what Bellingham, Wash., has done in the field of curbing juvenile delinquency should be a challenge and an example · to other communities of the nation. Even though its record in this area was good going in,' by keeping on top of its juvenile problems, Bellingham has suceeded in bringing about a 64 per cent reduction over last year's record. City officials credit'ah intensified and effective.youth recreation program for bringing about the reduction in juvenile delinquency figures--from 104 cases last year to only 38 this year for the community of. 30,000 population. A picture of juvenile delinquency in the Washington city is obtained from these .figures: ' Of the 104 cases reported last year, 74 involved boys and 30 girls. Girl offenders outnumbered boys this year, 22 to 16. The same trend appeared in probationary cases--last year. 48 boys and 12 girls were placed on map. When the map indicated definite need for additional play- fields in certain school areas the needed fields' were built along with a ball park to increase the number of playfields to 10. .Indicated also by the spot map was that youths living within a radius of a half-mile and a mile of the city's business center had the greatest ' delinquency rate; within the last'year, therefore, 2 recreational areas were constructed iii. this-sector, with surprisingly satisfactory results. This year the sector, which -formerly has been the-most troublesome to j u v e n i l e authorities was the "white spot" on the delinquency map, producing the least number of delinquents. . -Success of the youth recreation program is'laid to the co-operation of many local groups under direction of the city playground supervisor. Co-operating in the program were the city council, police department, street and park departments, county j u v e n i l e court, county commissioners, board of education, Y. M. C. .A., Y. W. " A . and civic and fraternal ros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges oal or Underwear? Indianola Record-Herald: Never ave we seen in Iowa greater vidence of. poverty than is ap- arent this 'winter. Thousands of iris are" going -about the streets dthout stockings, and some of even with.their shoes out at le toes. Something ought to be one about it. Maybe there ought o be a law. Possibly President ":oosevelt should set up an addi- .onal authority to determine rhich Is ;the more serious short- ge, underwear, or coal to keep alf clad women warm. It is a erious problem for office building managers to regulate temper- lures for men occupants dressed n wool coats, vests, and trousers, nd women in token garments, his is no joke. I£ women wore nderwear, there could doubtless e a considerable saving in coal. : coal is more plentiful than vool, then men should be required o strip down to shirts and light rousers. No nation can long en- ure half dressed and half un- ressed. WAC Hats Marshalltown T i m e s-Republim: Men in the armed forces take :othes and hats provided for lem and like it. Not so the splen- id women of the woman's army orps who never liked the dress uniform cap. A "jauntier, less se- ere" overseas cap has been losen which pleases "women of ur army much better. The change eft the · government .with 76,712 iscarded caps which the treasury department has been trying to ell at-S2.20 each. Sales to date ccording to Time-magazine, ex- ctly none. Neither milliners, U. ". R. R. A, nor F. E. A. officials ·ould touch th'e discarded caps ·hich must prove the women of le army were right .in ^ disliking " caps in ihe first place. or the Better Rockwell Tribune: It isn't too ate yet for real "national con- criptiori!' but let it include in- ustry and finance as well as men ! that is needed to win this war. ven in small communities we an see those who. are getting rich ut of war prices and conditions. E congress wants to make any hanges or revise any plans at his stage of the game, let the men n Washington be sure the' changes re for the better. Var's End Distant St Ansgar Enterprise: The pro- essional guessers now, estimate tiat the war in Europe may drag n for a year or more. Heconver- ion plans have, been postponed and munitions output is being spurred to new heights. This m e a n s that government' war spending will continue indeflnite- What is the derivation of the word, suffrage? It is from the Latin suffragium ^ meaning, something broken off, such as a potsherd used'by the ancients., for, voting. Did Pope Innocent X pay Velasquez (or his portrait? When the Pope sent bis chamberlain to pay for the portrait Velasquez refused to accept the money. The king, he explained, always paid the artist -with his own hand. What is the average life of a toothbrush? It has been estimated that the average life of a toothbrush, used 3 times daily, is about months. . Did the confederacy have written constitution? It had. The adopted by · the congress of -the confederate states of South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas March 11, 1861. What is the pronunciation of Ouachita, the name of the mountain range in western Arkansas? Wash-i-tav. · Where is Anne Hathaway buried? Was she older than Shakespeare? Anne Hathaway died Aug. 6, 1623,. at the age ot 67. Two days later, she was buried beside her husband inside the chancel of the Anglican church, Stratford-on-Avon. According to the inscription on her tomb, Anne Hathaway was 8 years older than her husband. Who engrossed the text of the constitution? Extensive research has led to the conclusion that it was Jacob Shallus. . REMEMBER? FORTY. Mrs. W. H. Hathorn who has been quite sick with tonsilitis is reported "better." The fever '-Has broken-and after the throat is better she will be well again. Two business men, one in Mason City and one in New York City, conversed over the telephone yesterday directly with each other. This is said to have been the greatest distance over which a telephone message has been received in'this city. THIRTY YEARS AGO The fact that Cerro Gordo is not being injured in any way by the cry of "hard times" coming from the stolen purse doesn't happen to contain a ration book. Almost anyone may obtain money, and on short notice if necessary. But who steals my ration" book puts we up against it · and % - may make it rather difficult for me to obtain the sort of feed I desire for a considerable period. The office of price administration has ruled that anyone losing a ration book from any cause whatever, after notifying the local panel, must wait at least 2 weeks before any action will be taken in the matter of replacing the coupons. Most of these precious books are lost through negligence. They are left in unlocked automobiles or on the counters in stores or other places.- ' Everyone must k n o w that prowling and pilfering is going on now to a shocking extent all over the country and that it is incumbent upon people to care for and protect their belongings as never befpre. · If you carelessly fail to do so, you are liable not only to lose but to be distressingly inconvenienced. The Day's Bouquet To- TtfE KIAWANIS CLUB-for netting $740 from its apple day sales. This club carries on an extended child welfare and community service program, for which the apple sales provides most of the funds. M o s t of the club's deeds in this fieldjare confidential and without fanfare, but never- the less much worthwhile. Mason City Globe-Gazette An A. W. LEE NEWSPAPER Issued Every Week Day by the GLOBE-GAZETTE PUBLISHING CO. 121-123 East State Street Telephone MOO LEE t. LOOM1S .Publisher W. EAKt BALL ....tUntflnr Mil* ENOCH A. MOREM City Editor LLOVD L. GEEK ...Alvtrtlitof Mir. Tuesday, · Jan. 16, 1945 Entered as second-class znafter April IT, 1930, at the postoHlce at Mason City, Iowa, under the act ot March 3. lff!3. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. The Associated tress La exclusively entitled to the use for republlcatlon of aU news dispatched credited to It or not otherwise credited In this paper Bad also the local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES City aad Clear Lake by-year, -$10 Macau City and Clear Lake by Yveek, 2Q« Outside 100 Mile Zone--Per year S10; 6 months $5.50; 3 months $3; 1 month $1. y at the rate of around $7,000,-1 in the assembly room of the court- 00,000 a month. It means that the (house Tuesday evening to fill the mblic debt may soar beyond the :300,000,000,000 mark. lale Norse Ban Waterloo Courier: There are ome 7,509 male nurses in the United States who cannot, under a law passed in 1901, be admitted o the army nurses corps. Yet, although the army now says it is n desperate need of additional mrses and is proposing to draft :hem, it has not as far as we enow, submitted to congress a request for repeal of the law. No Spending 'spree! Swea City Herald: Iowa newspapers seem to be almost unanimous in warning the 51st general assembly now in session in Des Moines against the spenders who are beseiging the capital. With the state out of debt surpluses are accumulating in the stale treasury, and that, of course, is a grand lemptation for the spenders. Enthusiasm Counts Lake Mills Graphic: Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent The world is full of educated derelicts. Therefore, train yourself to master the habit of persistence and of sustained action. It is enthusiasm--not ability or education -- that achieve greatness. helps mep Editorial of Day NO FOOLING-- TTARRY BOYDIn the Cedar Rap* i ids Gazette: W a r Mobilizer Byrnes' request that selective service lakes steps at once to induct men between 18 and 25 with agricultural deferments suggests that the administration means business in its current efforts to whoop up the war efforl. The clinching evidence will come when local draft boards get their specific instructions. groups. Through the efforts of the this year 13 of the probationers Slippery Pavements were girls, 10 were boys. Last year league, which utilizes city play- don't need to inform mo- 20 boys and 12 girls were sent to grounds as their "home" fields, fetorists of the importance of institutions, this year 9 girls and 6 c a r e f u l driving during boys .were committed. . Further, 6 Outside Mason City and Clear Lake these winter days when icy pave- Kllhin 1M Miles of Mason City and Oil- boys and 6 girls were placed in ments add to the hazards of driv- foster homes last .year; this. year none was so committed. ; ;···': ·... Lott Ration Books Slowing' up at intersections Per year by carrier have heard it. suggested is also a safe thing to do these Per week by carrier In setting forth on its recrea- more than once that "He It will mean fewer bent Per year by mill .............. .... $ 7.00 By mall 6 months .. ........... .... * 3-75 ~ ----- - tional program last year, city of- who steals my purse steals lenders and other damage prob- ficials worked from a large "spot" That's probably true--if ably more severe. *tRE MORE THAN REAP/ MAJOR, yOU-.lCOK.-ISNt ·THAT A SiAPLANE DROPPING OUT OF THE OOUDS? 1T'SHEAON THISVW ' A iAMPfffffawryf.suzs CHET, THAT% THE ISLAND ON...BUT. THE PLACE S CRAWLING WITH MAK/t/£S/ -;.S4NCE THE BOVS HAVE THE tSUWO UNDER CCNn80L--l'LL SEE TO IT; THAT veu AND MISS REACH TOU2 BASE, CAPTAIH/ 1 MY. KEYS ARE HERE. MY- MY MONEY-YES, BElTALLSE£MST0tE NOW THAT'S RELIEF.' MR5,50DB?,'YOUfElLl! YOU WEREYTO1ED! FOBAMOMENITHEN WEUTAKEYOU HOME. IDBE6LAPTOHAVE YOU.THIS AFFAIR HAS YES.YES, I MUST SEE IF NOTHING 7 LET'S GO WAS LDSTTOOM MY POCKETBOOK INTO THIS I (All SEE WHY VDU'EE m SUCH A GOOD r BEGSUSE MX) USE SUCH HOCSE SENSE, YOUR MAJESTY. 15 STABLE THIWKIMG-HAW/ DID YOU HEAR WHAT THE KIHG SAID, 511? SAND WOW) I CAU GOiWC-TOGlVE LUCAS AUf ME A WHOLE NEW FLOCK OP SHEEP/ CAN IHAVE VOURAUTO- E-EHEK/OU GREAT: BG, S'lONG/SAVJEUP YHAH I'M LON-BUT WAit-iHAVETDPI?// MV BEST MAN AWAY S THINIC1H1SIS SALVAGE DRIVE FROM THESE CHICKS LOOK,THETOPOF THE FIRING CYLINDER IS ·WITH A TERRIFIC ROAR. THE SPACE SHIP FLASHES IMTOVlW DOEStfT H/AlfT TOBIICX- HOLD HIS HEAD MHlLE VOll CLIMB ABOARD! JtKTTOeKtf W5 SHOUL t/ITH VCM? 5'Plies, LIKE the east and from the west was indicated at the annual meetings of the 3 national banks of the city held Tuesday . .. At'the First National bank 2 names were added to the board of directors, these being Assistant Cashier R. P. Smith and Hanford McNider. Petrograd--A group of New York bankers including J. P. Morgan and Co., have agreed to loan the Russian government 512,000,000, according to an official announcement. TWENTY YEARS AGO Steve Ban-on was elected commander camp of the United Spanish War Veterans at a special meeting held vacancy in that office left by the sudden death last week o£ H. A. Morgan, who was commander- elect. Because of the exaggerated reports which have been broadcast with relation to the smallpox situation in Mason City, I submit the following facts: Total homes in quarantine , number of homes in quarantine on Jan. 14, 55; number of new cases reported on Jan. 14, 6; number of. releases on Jan. 14, 6, number of deaths from smallpox to date, 3. Lowell L. Forbes, mayor. TEN YEARS AGO Newark, N. J.--Major James R. Doolittle, noted speed flyer, established a new transcontinental record for transport airplanes today, touching his wheels at Floyd Bennett airport. New York, 11 hours, 55 minutes after his takeoff at Los Angeles. » Whittemore--Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McCauley, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. McCauley, Mr. Caminsky of. Mason City and Mrs. Paul Groom of Des Moines visited at the P. J. Foxsen home Sunday. The women attended a miscellaneous shower given in honor of Mrs. W. D. McCauley, formerly Irene Foxsefi, hi the Academy hall. Furrowed Fancies By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center FAT OR FLAT Some people like their plump With meat upon Iheir marrow, Bui others vary in their tastes And like the straight and narrow.

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