The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 15, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1818
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i , ... . ,. . t : . , . ..j tfUMBEtt '401)3 MONDAY, JUNE 15, 1818. NO. 49 WILLIAM STREET. For ClIAIiLESTOX, Tlii. fast sailimr sclir. ELIZA, Henry hUip.liu master : will sail on Sunday. frfkl of ,ome ''ft'1'1 omU or PassaSL Jurii . , ,, f11P,..,,i..ul.iirf. .nnlc OS IK)!U. - " " " . rt - v ' or to ie 13 SAUL ALLEY, 9S Pine street ForSAFAMAH, . . 1 1 ..(. ..Linn. " Mil SHililljf ICJJUl tr paeti n - uuvir .r MII.O. Henry Beetle, master, will .TTJah what freight and passengers may oiler, Thttmla) next Apply ou board at 1 we - at. "toaOGERT & KNEEL AND, 70 South - st. M'i mre ae, 170 bales prime upland coltou, just landing. June 12 St " Ftr PURT - A V - PRIME. rfK Tl'.c sclir. hALLY, captain Mather. Tror freight of a few barrels, or pas pge.'PPb gnT j. lU'BBF.LL, or to J. L. MONTAUDEYEItT, . 11 iw 9t Walbslrcot. A., - iMsTt - .kU.lM. The bri Ohio, hn commenced load - . in" litis lUy, ana win ue uisinvicutu - btOiu 21th iutt. having three fourths of ber cro engaged. For fi eight of the remainder or palace, apply to Capla.u ou uoaru, at pier No. 6 N. U. or to F J. P.. ZIMMERMAN, Je10 2w 77 Wellington street. For JLIHF III. 4, J VS. cantain $f)l',.hrr, will Kail oil the 14th inst tor tVet .lit of 200 bbls or passage, upp'j on bon d at JotuV - whiat; or to E. ITSlIEit. je 10 lw 4S South - street. FOU, Tie fLie i!m MARILLA, 52 tens burditu, one and a ball' rear old, may U teui to tea with Very little r - xpture. ,aiui irf fifm sunt w and fjr ;alc, 3(1 Mid. Moie ; 9" "iiu it um Its 'a'J. Sugar ; 7 do Molasses Aortvto , rl - iir.ri. Je 10 It 43 South tired. V'uit THE ULK Or' FRANCE, The New Yoik built . - hip AMERl - ' CA. I'urlhcu h'M tor.?, cnppcrttl and reiver fastmed, , master, wiii in about 2 vctit. tor freight f merchandize or specie, and passage, having t Sejant accuuiaidatiuud, apply to (he ni:itrrrn boaid, or to june9 C1IVS. 11 ALL, I Beavtrt. Freijit for Mudtna. A good ves - cl, bouu J to .Mudeira, ni.iy ,hae about 1.00 barreU onlrtilil Iroui Jea ROIiEK T CWLLLI'IE. l ( I o Mil on bunil.iy ucx!,) 1 no fuM - muuirroriirrrii tini; u l - .Uii - GiA, tiabcock, niSfter. Eor freight or passage, ipl'lyon board at ?tvtns' wharf, to parr u .'A7.v,v, or to Jefl w VOG KHT H KJVKF.L.4JW. tr. Fur JJHIsTULAtnzland,) vf,H (A regular trtdnr.) iiii The elriiit fart ailip coppered ship ALltEV JACKSON, Thomas T Morton, BVtcr a comidcrable iarl of hrr caro being f?ed, will be di; patched without delay For freight or paa;e, hivrn? eicelUnt accomrnoda - liora, apply oa board, at pier No. 22, near Peck - iliii or to PETER SCIIERMERIIORN 4 SONS, Or B. W. P. OP. KRS & CO. ll'So offer' for telt. 10000 Strm!:rida Brii it Cd rak painit ehut 20 do bar Lea.l 100 barrel Spanitli Cfawn t) cask Porter Noir landing fruui the Andrew Jatkjon. Je 1 r f - i - r AMSFEimAM, 1 he regular trading brig OHIO, E. JiiCarman, master ; has part of her cargo engaged, and will be dispatclied without delay. For freight or passage, (having very good accommodations,) apply to the master ou board, at pier no. 5 north river, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, tny 27 tf No. 77 Wanhington - st. . J O UK Lk. - iSKl), ON favorable terms &r long term of years, 4 lots of grouuj on Broadway, SOU fret deep, extending to Crosby - street, between Heater and Grand - ttreet. 2 lots in Wtttcr - alreet, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Wutcr - sUcet, betwecu Fultuu and Bttruo'ilipi. Ako, several other lots in the 5th, Ctb, 8lh aJ lO'.li warda. For particulars, enquire at o. 30, Chatham - street. uiay 8 UICIIMOND FLOUR & TOBACCO 200 bbls superfine flour, HaxalPs brand 435 do do - do country do t'6 do fine do do do 1 d X middlings CJ hhds pnme old and new toharro 4 do do new tobacco, fit for manufacturer For sale by W. & S. CRAIG, may 29 1:4 Front s' reel. MONKV TO LON ON .MOKIOAt.E. innil UOLI.ARS are to he had on unin - Vf JT Vfcumlrnd property in the ntv. In quire of ANMW. STOCKHOLM, stock and Lxcli.iui lirokt r, tny 23 tf No. CO Wiliinm street. V7 INK. o) en - . Claret Wine, cmitrtiniii); Ii ldoztneach, lt d.i do 3 duen ea:b, ol tiSrowtb of Brume Moul. o, viutase 1810, re - Kaved er brii; South Amerirn, from Bordeaux, sd for sale by A URACIL SONS. my 28 SUGAR A RU.M. - ti hhd.' Mutcovauo Sa - gar 15 bags Havana brown do A few puuebeon Antigua Rum, for sal l,y . GOODHUE ii CO. e4 44 Soulh tlrft - t. KENTUCKY I'OUAt.CO. Ut.iua prime Kentucky Tobacco, landing Iroin i hr. 'vneion, weat ide But ling slip, for ale at 5J naabimton at. CM AS. L. OGOEN Si .yS7 A BR. OfillilN. pltKNCIt G0OU9. Just received per J. Manclieatrr packrt aid other late an iv als, I box fringed tag la aud Mliu ribbons, lus - a,h' 21"itures I hoi siU fliawl, a.,.i bdkfi. 1 box kid gloves, bl.u k and cI,red ; buckskin glovs 1 box white tulle 4 - 4 - 1 thread lace 1 do greeu and black fl.wcnre for sale by FREDERICK RICHARD, 4 Wiiliaru - strcct. ii9 - Clopi aad lavender - waters. . J 1 1 2w IRvt? CMIOO se Bun i,' - , ' l obacco, landing from sclir Jf 10 7s STEVENS Sc. MACTIER, 1 " "utiiiToTT AAl.r For sate rnevp, a i'ely "a7)0,n wrd anJ Wit, of tho kind fireri in l'y won bv die nidiUa Jus, J; , 'r - r at 2 .Vawt. TARDWARE, CUTLERY ic. caiki XX scolcti tpring joclti 5 r&aks plate Lock, 1 do Steelyards t do clittt bandit, iic. I do icrew plates, Kalu beam, ic. 1 do bra tocka, &c. 1 do bell metal kettle and (killed 2 do lin'd pot and (auce pan 2 do fine padlock 4 do Banbury lock, hinges, kc. 2 do hammer, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do I1L hinges, kc. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges' 2 do black Si bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sliani buck and bone table knives 3 do button 100 do cut nail and brad?, from 3d. to 30d. Abo, a lar;e and general aiturttnent of L'ood open ou tho thelvcs, for tale at the ninit reduced price?, by ADAMS & BLACKWELL, may 7 21 j Pearl - st. I AMEa W WOLF, Junr. Iiai rt moved lioni 67 J rront - strcct to 54 isoulh - ttreet, and offer fur .i:e 52 cerooa outh American Tatlotv 25 toi.s clenn St. l'tlt rsburzh Hemp, few b". It firt nn.ibty KuiiiaDuck; Ger man Meel in boxej, entitled to uratv 16000 lb. Grei - n Cnfiee do 25 boset China table ittti 172 pieces each iu pure pirut 1 ct.p Platilhis. mv 5 I ii C. NlCliUL - ;, No. oi i'eail - lrtet, auvt tj . new lor tale a cne vl.iie and triped Marieille Quilling 1 do white ui.d trifccl Jean 2 do blacli 8iiit'.hewiianl black Sarincfs 2 do coloured LViton Cmpet 1 di line black Fr:m:h do 2 do bliicil mid Refr ed stwing S ilk l do assorlrd Kid Glove l do ol luetXH'i I wDiiien1 (ilk di 1 do 4 - land G 4 Cambric Muslin 3 do 4 4 and 6 4 Book d 2 do Jacoiibt d') t do plain mid "fedtd Mull do 2 do 5 - 4 liifh Sliietinc 1 do Lint - n Piater 3 do 4 - 4 lrrfli Linens, 1 do" - K Ion; l.iin n f;ne 2 do bri.Hii do 2 il l (;ollun I'liiliiU .t d'i stiiped and Carlnle (inhain 3 do Madru and Naval Vir.lnrjF Ihllti. 2 do luilt'ition, Merino, & l).tin;k tliaw.'i 3 trunk Plate and fiiipcriuo Caiito 3 do Kurnilure Ciiialz 2 half Mark and aiif.rlcd Brinil.aretls 2 do bl ii k and blur - Broad Clotiu 2 do red and wlnto Klannt l. J - 23w I ULAsES. A ipiaiiiity of .Mol..sf a, Ian - i X ilini at Pier II, lormh' by J(). - i OSbOKN, Je4 Cl!i.mli - ttr.'.t: C"ST) I' I U:S. lilt ban s pniim 1 1 la.i'l t.'.ittcn. .) landun from ?afali IVrler, at Brook lyn, fi.r ilc by KETCilU i K WKEI , ji'.U iv Ol ioiiili - MM - rt. CIOKN l KAL.75 blids uiid:idljli8. tii;t:t J ytllow Cura mval, 01 n vi - ry miM'rii.r quab - ly, f. - r itdu by J Lt kUl LAUKIEb, Je i; 2i south Mru. - t. I.MtE.VL Ii tiOUiJS. - 1 CiV junii:ti Leg - V born 11 at 1 do do Chip FI its 1 di Wl.ite Ibult! Lare 1 do super, hlirkuad white Crape. 1 d - ijieen F.oreiii fcS 1 do Iriii - . - d satin Ribbons, grceu, black, white an - t blue 1 do I"rin2d I'affetj, ilo do do iU 1 do (inrnitiirrt; very rich, No. 7 and IG 2 do Artificial Flowets I di Otto of Hoses 1 do Morlf rl Whtrhe . I do Pocket Books nnd Tunes 4 do containing ladir riilint; whip, pocket Lauts.oriiJ, Pocket Lights, Rockets, ttc. JmI received in - r shin Manchvater PacUtt and Favorite, from Havre, and for sale bv SAHlLli S. liUOUKKAK, Je 10 lw No. HI Maiden Lane. S" TiTpbTlTF. lOoTibla - Richmond buTp jstuf, of very superior quality, landing lioui c(.r. Louisa. IN STOuE. 500 bills Richmond, city nnd countfv branL; mperliiie Flour, lor lie at 100 Front - street, by 1 liunto, uahucua k vu. Jelllw BOsfON KU,4ttiand lit proof. - 14 t.lids. superior 4th proof, in iron bouud biids. Sjear' make. 2U bids. 1st pronl do Will be old from the wharf, nt the lowest imr - ke price, by CORNS. DU BOIs. Je 11 it ST. CROIX RUM, e CO Alt & MOLAsaEd 30 puncheon rum 2 do. retailing niol.iiscs 4 hhds first quality sugar received per bi ig James Scott, from t - t. Croix ; landing thi day at pier No 11 east river, and fr sale by 11EAUE i 1)E l'KYM EIJ, je 9 lw 31 01d - !,lip. 7M.ibtlK.I i: PORT it'LVh.. Qr. caka Madeira, auj C hhJa white port wipe, for sale bv ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 10 ll2Froiit - rt. O W EE t C IL. 20 litfta Fioieuce OiU bet - O tit each, for tale by C11AS. L. 00 DEN, Si A BR. OGDEN. Je 10 53 WahicKton - street. ClO I'lON. 6'J iialea prime Upland Cotton, just received per sloop Laik, iron) Charleston, lor sale by LAI DLL AW, CIRAULT 1 CO. No 90 Coffee House slip. IN STORE. 315 b.ilr prime AcwOrltam cotton. 'Jl!7 " KIMI STONhS.r.Rla I'UL VV AllU BUT Vjf I'LE'S, ic COO amall iie Grindstone!, assnrtw 20 larse do rio 5 to 14 cwt Weight, each BO rrutcs Brtstti Ware (a!lon & half gallon Bottle for wine CliamDaiim lull size Guar! do Londun and wine 1'iut do. (in small size liampers) Gallon Si liab" gallon De - niijcba Loiii Ui iKd Piw:s. from l'6to2l inches Lar,;e howl Ni ;ro do. and 1 cask English Shoe i bread, just received, nful far sale by WILLIAM i:OWLEY, Jcfl lm 164 Wab r - street, XT AILS, ANVILS, Sc. 21 casks fine drawn KoiJlatp .iil, assorted nzes 100 casks Deck Spikes, fmm 4 to 8 inches " 5 do B.tdc rikI Hard ilaruniers 2 do Black aud bright Vues 50 Anv. Is lust received ner thin Hercules, from Liicrpocl, anJ will I sold iu lots to suit puruiascit, at ol 1 ir.c - streef, by Je 12 HENDERSON k CAIRNS. f 0 I' l'ON. 40 bale Upland Cotton, lai.dinf KJ irum ship Corsair, at Urooklyn, t.r a'e u) HENRY COWINO, Je 1 1 191 Fror.t, corner of FvUnn street. LAcK MILLINEIIS. 120 ps. Black Mdlimtts, foriJe Rv WM. CAMTBELU Manufacturer, jc; 197 Hearl - t. (up stairs ) h.i.yrKtJTuUJiu:. Vfurnitlnd lodsin;; room. outh of Chamber - trett. Apply at No. CO Pmc - itrect. Je 11 lw a ll'AVl Slli:iK. Till mv. fcr. X 5J boxes brown Havana Sugar, entitled to urawuacii. lf.O itr'ioDs South American Tallow 54 boxes Roll Briuaalooe, and l'J case Tumblers. landing and for sale . - . - .iii.i i - br U now. wunr. my 5 1 South street. SUPER COMPANY FLAG HDKF6. Elegant UaHerns.for sale by IBT30 MARC H Si LOW, 210 Broadway. ALEXANDRIA FLOUR 45 barrels, for sale by ROBERT CILLE'jPlE, Je 5 112 Front - street. trOR SALE, a Carriage, convenient for travelling, With harness nearly new. Enquire at this office. jell3t D LYNCH, uu. (at No. 40 Wiilutui - stret,) . has on hand the following WINES and LIQUORS, telucted with judgment by himself; which he offers at wholesale aud retail; trar - a7ited pure, at imported lS)!S ( Madeira, from 3 to 10' 40 qr casks ) m wood. Old Madeira, iu bottles, from 3 to 20 years - Chaoipaigne, Burgundy, Claret and Sautcruo, of very superior quality 7 pipes dry Lirbon, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Boracha tuato Port, iu pipes and Imt'tlcj Table wine, tr its quality, the cheapest iu America Teucriffe, iu hhds. Old Brandy, do. Rttov, do. Giu, not reduced 500 dciu ji liuf, conlaiuing five gallons each 50 uriK O wine I utile ,. B. Thoae iu tho trade, and country dcal - is, will find it to their acoouut, to supply tbeui aelvej with wines and liipiora at the aliove esta - bubliuieut, asllicy will be certain to obtaiu articles of the first quality, at the lowest prices, nnd pure as imported. . my 'J 2m ("COTTON. iwT bal.: lirTiTieXvianiTTlton, landing this day nt Lrooliljii, from sioi p? Yankee uud Good Intent In Store. 151 hale Upland Cotton 4 dj Sea Itlaiid ilo. For sale by HENRY THOMAS, .'e 3 0t No. 2 Jones lane. i'l.Ao i Lit Or PAKIs MANUFAC'i Oil Y , At the mot of liurioii - Mre.t, North - River. 1 V ,' 1IEHE 111 aijuiai tureel flatter, forcorni - V V c? ind nlln r purposes, biay be had, trar - ranted of tbc lirM quality, at cue dollar and twenty Jii c 11 n.'J ptr iusht.l ibe inaniiiactory is conduefc - d by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a regular apprentice - siiip to the iuusou burincss. mh 21 JOHN BYF.R3. 5tf VM111K LKAD, ,Vc. Kc. . Jr Uegs London While Lead in oil (1 burri Is do Dry Lite Leac; Ii toiis lied Lead I'O b;;rrt 1 Brii - lol lted Ochre - .11 ilo . ni nan !Ud ; 2 toi.s line Litharge 110 b'lShemls Wbilint; 00 t asks Pari While ; 2 hhds. Verdigris 50 tierri r r'n - h Y'elluiv Oi hie 5 Ui'i 'i rnii'lion 4 Cbsiis Prussian Blue, 4001b. Crome Y'ellow; Patent Yellow Spunith Brown, Vcmtiiin Red, YeRow, IN OIL. liUck, I Vrlibgii, ) Lainpiil . k ; Ivory Black ; Turple Brown Spirits Tin peiitim: ; Lintsued Oil 400 boxes Window G'OM, assorted - For ale 011 Die lowest terms, fur cash or a'. hurt credit, by I'tlLti SGiiLK,.vit.iuim at su.! my 1 J Watnr tret. f WM. - hl..i Tt.S, J - Ctl.iLi, 4c J 2( I bos e tin plate 2:1 casks Trace ' I!r.ia Wire No. 9 tit) ca'ks Roman Cotrrnt. now landing, and for salt by ANDERSON k SIIEAREB, 1J1 Water - strott. H'io fiai c in ilort, . Patent nnd ciuimi'ii Carcliua and Virginia ILh; Sheet Brass of all sizes Brass and copper Wire London made poikc Books and Wallets Ladies vvt - rk Boxe tie. mv 25 O C Y i ll ES. JJ dozen, for sale by O J. D' WOLF, Jr. my 14 54 Soiith - strcrt. 1 rl VI'IIIIT W .rlpf foH bv a frienrt in London, superior to any in this market, lor saie ny ij. ij 1 . 11. junr. Je 1 1m No 40 William street. HYL'E Si NE ls have received per Hermits, Ann - .Mana, t nd other late arrivals, and olfer for sale, corner of Maidi.u - laue and Bread Hay xx Ivory Knives and Foiksand Knives without Forks Tea Tray, Plated Ware, Maltese Buttons Ridicule'Clasps, Curtain Pins, Sic. Also for sale, Eleeant silver tea Sets, Fork", Table nr.d tea SHuns, all manufactured by tl.i. best workmen nnd of tbe best silver Roskell and Tobias' Patent Lever watt lira, with gmlleuien and ladies' eLaiu?, seal arid key, of a great variety Low' fancy Soap, oval table Mats, Britannia Church service & Tea Pots, Jewtlery, kc. Je i Iw rjMHE bauk notes of ail tne bank lictweiii JL this lily and Albany, received at our Ex change Office at 3 - 4 per cent diacouut ; of all the bai.k above Albany 1 1 - 4 discount ; aud all Connecticut notes at :t 4 per cent diioimt. ,I W(.47H).V Si 'FlUCY, 29 Wall - st. directlv under the Exchange Bauk. Je II 2w FOR SALE, VLOl'of Ir.r.d, contai - iti, between sixteen an ! twenty aer s, udioinin: the village ol BliKiminsdiilc. livcting on the Tenth Avenue and Hudson Rivfr, u ljoining on the south the country seatf'fMr. John II. Tnlman. The term will he reasonable, and two third of the purchase momy u,r.y rtuiaiu secured by band and tuort - gase. two lts of ground, twenty five feet by nne hundred each, situate on the east side ol Fnrsv, tti street, about 150 to 200 feet north of Dt'lanr y - street. If net disposed of af Jirivate sale, the above ill he oTt red for sale ttauction, on Wednesday, 8lt J i.I f. For further particulars, apply at the Mutual Insurance Offue, No. 52 Wall street. Je II 1 1.1 jfjfyf. The subscriber oilers fur sale bi rei - VuJsjdcnce in the town of Fa;rfield, tl.xW of Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, r - n the l'iston toad, aUiuthnll a mile from Long Klaud S';und. 55 mile's from New Y'ork, nnd 20 from New Haven. The house and ciit - hti!e are in exechtnt n pair. The iruit yard is sb eked with a var ety of eacl, npricts, tlierrie, pears and straw berries. There are in the vicinity academies for the education of yncth of both exes. From one tosix acres of excellent land, at the option of the purchaser, can he had with the houte, aiid the purchase money, if desired, ran remain on interest. For term ajity to ISAAC M. ELY, Esq. 70 John street, fi. York, or totlie II ou. JONATHAN SPURGES, Fairfield, ticttt. my 6 JVt ti DAVID ELY. WANTED. A SITUATION is wanted by a young Mao, to travel with a tingle Gcntlemau, either by laud or water. He uuderstand the care ol horses, and would prefer travelling by land ; but it either should offer, he w'Jid have 00 oljc - rt - icm. The b't cf recommendations tau be given, if required, by applying at No. 33, as - au st. New - Y'ork. J use 11 lw FOIt SALE, A farm of between sixtr ami aevenfv acre, situate on the west bank of Luke Otsego, and one mile' from the village ofCoouerttmrn. On it are a new stone house 54 feel square 5 a new farm lionse, barn, Sic. It furies a desirable e tablitlnupfit for a gentleman wishing to retire into 111 couutry, as its situation, a to propect, convenience to market, kc. is not urpussed bv any in the interior of the state. It will be sold low for ra - h, on a credit, or exchanged for propel ty in tuicily, goods, kc. Apply to 11. O k R. SEDGWICK, ' my 7 tf Law Building. awp ill KM. THE public a.e cautioned ngaiust purchasing five ticktUin the .UWiral Science Let - ten;, 5th r.las, of the following numbers, viz 12,011, 12,tri2, 12,013, 12,014 and 12,015, as they have absented themselves without leave troiu ibe office of the subscriber. Arrangements have been made with the managers to stop the payment of any prize which either of tlx - ni may draw. A suitable rewaid will be given for their recovery. W.W. S.VITII, June 9 170 Broadway. I Mir. Kaleidoscope, n pliiloaopiin bl a:in:e - JL mint l's youiiu peotilu, invented by Dr. Brewttcr,ol'Kdiiilurgh, lor tale at tiie Minerva Circulating Library and V.'olt an 1 Stationary .ii - 1 j .1 . . e . ... . . - sum; ,uj uiuaiiwiij', uj posite ine museum. Je H LO I S TO JEAsE AT 1 HE NORTH KIVEiv CJH UATE between Barclay an I Murray - s3 street;, Chamber and Rccd - streetf, Jay and Harruon - elrcttp, aud ?tort!i Moore and beach itreeU", at a pi ice very considerably less than in - tere.rt on their value, and at the expiration of the term the buddings to be lauly valued auu paid fur, or a new lease granted. Also, to lot by the year at a low rale, several lot or yards ou th? water, well calculated for lumber, planter of pii, kc. Apply to ML UHINELAXDER, 31 Tark, uearlhe 1 host re. Several of the above lo'.s will be sold at a mo derate pii' - 'c aad 011 a liberal credit. A small portion ofthe uioiir - y only will be required. June II If ELI.GAAI I'.llU.ULKtCHMH HE. JUST receive 1 by LEWIS SOLLIER, the following aJJt'uoual assortment of valuable lurniture, viz : 1 sit convicting of 1 settee ") The whole in 2 armchair villi cu - hi(.ns 1 crimson i - a'.iiii, C arui (hairs, 4 chairs j - with silk l ind - 2 ttcoi. - , and I ing. very su - 2 pair cf curtains J pei b. 2 etudo. wiU)ca?;orlnier.t 01 printed cloth, bul witiiout curtain!. Also, a quantity of plated wari, consisting ol laptrawindlef ticks, rliaudeliers, wi'.ll I rain lies, tea aod rofh.e; rMit, et;; stands and boiler ;', with other articles ol tin richest tast:, candclabrc uid trllt brone ct ilili'iTen t loi m and v;., all truly elegant rvii.l fui ;,h; at a moderate advance at btt Maiilcii - '.iiie. Jb II Iw 70 IX'O I ' ! b KS - 35,U0it I tOLLAKa ItmiO DOLLARS. rI,lIE al'ov r:rh prices in the Grand Milford L and Owoco Road Lottery, will all bv. ell awn innbeut,. week. On the 24th olthitmoiitli the lirst drawn iitiiiiiier will he entitled to a capital prize of 3.1.000, nnd on the 10th 01 July, the hixhisl prize, 70,000 doilnrs, will be a - w aided to the first drawn number. Thi i the only Lottery now drawing or to drawn iu thi state lor iieany two s. 1 ue nnove iicn prize, whiehjirn payable at the Union Bank, in thi city, tire certainly worthy of notice. Tick - el in tin Lottery will be advanced in puce on Tuesday next. A imnll number only remain un told ai iiAL - lf. 140 Droadway. Where most of the prizes of consequence yet drawn in this Lottery, have been ohlaircd and promptly paid. . . 11 at TO MliiLEHS. BCRR Nll.l tVO.VK .M A.M'J ACTl'RI.fC. THE subscriber acquaints his friend and the public that he i ready to accommodate mil ler with mili - itonei conijiosed of the best hurr. lie will attend in towu or country, and furnish all material, and contract to any . - .mount op term that will be found satisfactory in tvery riiipect, at hi experience in the proleS3ion has been long estaiilitlic.i in various parts of the union. He has nn band a qti?.nity of burr pieces of the bell kind, select" il by himself in Franco, i - a UAKr. it, 70 William street. Letters, pet paid, immediately attended to. Je tO 2w Suit of tdcrllenl and new Cabinet r urnilure, BY S. PAXl'ON Si CO. ON Tuesday, at 10 o'clock, at No. 14 Broad - itrett, an entire stock of faihicoable furni ture, consisting of sideboards, bureau, secretaries, dining, tea and card tables, 2 seta dining do. ladies .worst tables, candle anil wasbband stands, bedsteads, kc. Ac. Sale nrcmptory. I'he furniture may be examinedone day 1 re - vious to sale. iu 11 SIOIIK TV LKT IA' HliUA IJU'.l '. J.1LIAS VALEN TINE intending to relinquish Ii the booUi - elline business, oilers to let the store 104 Broadway ; it is a first ra let I aud fora retail itore. ELIAS VALENTINE bavins taken hi bro ther SAMl'F.L into partnership, the COPPERPLATE PlUVfl.VG hninei will in future he cwduried under the firm of Elias Si Samuel Valeiitmc. Otlicc31 Spruce, street. EblAS VALENTINE, SAMUEL VALENTINE. Orders from any part of the union, executed with neatness and despatch. OJicI cu the moot reasonable term. Je!) Iw ALL orders received and uUcn.icJ to lor laying and repairing the Manhattan lead pipes aud eitUrus or Lit nn' pipes or lead pumps, by &AVJULL S I AKKt.l, mv27 tf No. UChrtmhrr - strcet. FOU SALE OH TO LEASE, Lot in the 5. C. fi. and 10 Wards: rrnnv 01 whithareon regulated an pvrd streets. No money will lie requiicd ui.dtr tea yesrs, ii told, tnicietv exceuuo. HOUSES. Several two and llute story hmiges, on which great pari 01 trie umney rvfuain on innrtgace. LANDING AT RED HOOir An excellent! land for business, wiOi ttn acre? 01 bind, pleasantly situated, Willi u wharf, store house and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, .vear .vevv - iiavcn, witu 4(i acres ol l.rid, nnd a never failing Mreain. upon whtch20 miil'iuny be .rt.rtnA U'.h f, lif'ti - iom - m - r( ...... f... a...... ..... , .. . w i' u j r t ..a.l ..f Cdl II. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich ttreet. jan 13 tf IVORY - HANDLE PARASOLS. MAPTINOT and ROE, umbrella and rarasol manufacturers, at their old established store. No. CO Maiden lane, hare completed their as - mvlmcnl of umbrelht and pa trols ol evcrv detention and; of the best quality, some ofthe! latter with Chii'teae engraved irory haudles, whb h they will dipose of at such price as they trust will ensure them a continuance of the liberal patronage they hav e been favored with. Country merchant are requested to call and view Iheir asrortnunt of the above article, they will be supplied on liberal termt. Umbrellas au J psra - ol neatly bound ami rs - ;.aircd. JeH DlO'iClty - CHINESE FRESH LONDON MUSTARD. c 65 boxt lint duality Loudon .Mustard, in white slur quarter tiound bottles of aix dozen arh, just lauded from ship Ann Maria ; nnd, Pout lion;; Tea, of a remarkably line quality, and of a delicioaa flavour, put up iu Cluilou, 111 1 - 2 lb. paters, for sale (retain by AIKIN St WILSON, June 5 101 02 Front ttreef. AlONT - ALTA. Rij For salo or to let, the beautiful plcc calie.l Mont - Alta. seven miles from the City HalLen the North River, adjoining lord Cour - tenay's. It contains 20 acres ol laud under improvement, with a large garden in good condition, a variety of fruit trees, and every convenience a family may require. For terms, which are reasonable, and if sold a long credit giveu if wiiiiea, appiy 10 N. & D. TALCOTT, ' ap20 64Snnlh - st. AllLLINERY.kc. JOHN WINTUINGHAM, Milliner, No. 125 tJ William - st. lesjHctiully inioriu his fiieutl and the men ha lit in general, that he hat movtd Irmu No. 117 Williuiu - itrcL't, to the above No. where he CRIMPS Satin, Muilina, Ribbons, Crapes, kc. nt the shortest notice and Imvcst pnecs. A lo, Fancy, Lace, Saltin, auit Cinpe 1'rimmings. IIu has constantly 011 hand, split straw, and Leghorn bur, turban?, turban fiouts, lollc - reta, Sic. One ca - o toper line whito chips, just iaijiortcd and lor salo by the dozen or am 'le. Store No. 1 17 William - street to let, aud lUijjl number ol glass cases lor tale. Jcli Im. . vT5X FOU SALE. (.(Or exchanged for properly in this city) t neat country bouse m the vicinity of zabith - towu, (N.J.) beautifully eiliiatedou the post - road; at present in tint occupation ol Doct. Grant. i contains eight rooms with t piazza in front and rear, a good kitchen, wash house, milk - rooin, and cellc there is also, : coach - house, stable I'm - two horses, and other convenient out buildmgi, all in good repair, about un acre of land, laid out in a handsome garden and orchard, which allord a variety ol choice Inut, asparagus, kc. utn! well of ex ccllcnt water, with a pump. 'J'erins will be made liberal. Apply to JACKSON Si WOOLLEY, Je 1 1m 75 Wall street. luLf.OOel Doll. in highest prize iu the Ncw - Y'orli .jt.ite Lottery. MEDICAL SClENl'E No. S. 'TO eniauitnce tlrawing m (hi lirst Tuesd ay in X Au,',U'l 14 Nt, (1 week from 111 !"pn i.ilol scheme'. 1 prit!orjll.'i),ii(:0, 1 prize 01 jjtiO.000, I :o iiMHH, 1 do 10,111)0, 1 tin ...Di 'il, 2 d.i i.',0U0, And I ". . .11,(100. K vi li t .t L'l. at pioportn 11 of smaller prizes, none h si than 3i dollars. l'irkeft, ulo, llalvus, Oiiartt r, Eithllis, and Sixteenth, in 11 variety ol 'number for sale nt the frcicul price of .$'.'11, nt r. uiii'vvj.ii.'s, Lottery arid Exchange Office No. '.'7 Maiden - Lin - , form r of No - sauatreet. L ncuire.'it ll.Uiii Nctes nnd liie Ticket iu fonncr Lotteries und in the iViilfuid Road Lottc ry, now drawing, taken in payment. , J ! 9 1 w KKW - ToRK ROT A IS I C C.ARHK. MICHAEL DENNltON. CURATOR. 11 IS tstahlbhmciit it situated at Rose Hill, 11 near the junction of the Dloomirgdale and Ha.rUuj RomU. It ctxiitirttl.JmU cboul live acret of excellent land capable ul'llie highest improvements. The proprietor of this hrautilul spot has obtained tt leate of (he land for the term ol" thirty year. He has (besides the enclosure, shruhht rv, and other im) rovemenir) erected cne of (he I rne and inoit convenient green house in flic Ucited States. He tnlicift the citizens to iaironize hi elforts to rejuler his gardi 11 cumplcb.' in enryre - prct, by a inoderato annual subscription. He proposes that each contributor of five dollars t - U t !1 be rntitled to receive the value in seeds, li. merp, plants, fiuits, or nny other produce 01 the tardi n. By sin h nn act oinmoda - tiou to him on the part ofthe public, he will be enabled to procure the greali st variety of foreign and domestic vegetable, roxl lo gratify the taste ami expeclatioiikofhi friends. 1 erious inclining to enter their name as en - ccuragcrsoflhc design, are invited to call at the garden, where tbe fullest information will be given. mv 21 Im TO bUlLDERS. Or those who inn v with to creel three elegant buildings or lactones. I" OTS, 77 feet J.y CO, moie or less, wilh the IU liuililingi thereon, in the centre ol Vtey - st. can be purchased separate or together. ALSO. An eleennt LOT, with the Buildings thereon, II Bowery, 42 by 125, more or less, near Chat - liain - ktrcet tle whole 011 accommodating terms Apply at 3.J Lhntnairi Row, near BecLiuan - tt The; advertiser ha three small mortgage to dispose of, one of f 3,000, one of $1000, en! ol jltKiaall III till tiiy Jr m B.iJSli L JSll t.U STAJES, May 12, 1CIC. A RCIIITECT3 of science aud experience V are invited to exhibit In the Board of Di rer, tor ou, or before the I I day of Augud next, appropriate dc. - igns and elevations for a banking lloue to be erected on tho scile purchased foi that purine, bounded on the north by C'hemut, and on the south by Library - streets, containing one hundred and fifty one fct iu width east aud west, and two bandied and twenty live fret iu depth, corth and south. The ground plan will inrludoan area of nlniul ten oreievm thousand square fctt iu a rectangular figure of fqual or unequal tides, as may bo bett adapted to tbe interior arrangement." The building wiil be faced with marble, and have a portico on each front, rtrtiug upon a basement or platform of turd altitude as will combine 1 wn - viniuee of accent with cine proportion anl tf - fert. In this edifice, the directors are desirous of exhibiting a chatto iTnitatioii of Grecian architec ture in it sitrqilesf and least e xpemtve form. Five hundred dollars Will be paid for that de sign which ihall be approved, and Iwohundiel dollars lor the next bet sprtiuien. Ly order of llic board of dirtctors, JONA. SMITH, Cashier, may 14 2awUA " i - 'itJi S.I Li:, t,tz? country Iloitxeand Farm, on the east baiik of lliidsou' - i'iiveriiithe Uig.. lands, nbout 51rrili s from New - Ymk, lying between the coimiry of Wi'lisut De'imniiig, E?q. and capt. I'l.iilios, a. tl nearly opposite Wert I'oiat. The farm "oentain 121, acres. 1 he house (which whs built in 183J) has 12 rooms, exclusive of the kitchen, .ajid possesses every convenienco necessary fw a family. There - is also a farm - hoic - f, barn, stable and oiLct out houses, in gootl order, a garden and a great variety of f.uit trees tst the best kinds. A further description is inn given, uecausc persona inclined to ptirchas,1 will no doubt view the premises ; for which jwirpose appl ca - tlon may be rr.sde ttt Mr. Jamt - ssThomp&cn, on the farm. l:or the terms of ie, enquire V.L HE.V.'JEir OX, 55 Wall - street, IN cw - York, mv? 21 2awlm ' VAT TINETT VVARfS, ttid jfs. - a. Islaihl kJ Cotton red in the chuinj 1 - tale by WM.CAM1FELU Je - " ' - ' - .s?.r,,.i. - ',!Tc;t. 05 - The new 1 ERRY BOATS trom Ifce foo , of W alnut street, New Yoik, to tbe foot of Little street, Brooklyn, near tlie Navy Yard; wilt commence running on Sunday, tbe l7tbiott. , i - ctsons cfosiiigto Brooklvnfiom the uppe part of the city, will find the distance much shortened by uemg this ferry. - j my 14 ' NO liCi:. , - - 0iT The Rising Sun Sail Boats, Nonpariel, andlnduttry, from the Elizabeth town Pon.t, lor ; New - York, sails fir m .Markellield street, (where tbe Steam - boat Atalantd formerly came to,) at 10 o'clock, o; each day. Passage' 12 1 - 2 ctuta. Enquiic at the Steam boat Hoteii, ol 1 L'tiu'iiiinni a - t'i4fr T ip5 ' my 21 tf ' ' 'l'.'l'lit banknotes ol all the bank between thi city and Albany received at our office at a . dicouut of 3 - 4 per cent, in sum over 50. LIVINGSTON & TRACY, 29 WaU - tt. The highest price given lor Dollars. r ' may 27 - v ; Jlicrchatit't Hauk Dividend - rr'r Notice is hereby given to the Stockholm ders ofthe Merchant' Bank, that a Dividend four percent, ortwodollais on each share' for six months, from tbe first of December" last, will be paid, at the Bank on Monday, U)Q hrst otJiinc next. Hy order of the Board of Directors, my 2 lm G. It. l ff(KM, CasVr. UXIoWlXS URAJVCE COMFAJYiTi? ' Olficu No. 50. ,Vali - sti eel, : rjyJ Will receive applicaiions for marine rHkl, and lor insuiance on lives, annuities, kc. be - , twerii tbehotiiaol 10 A. M. aud 3 P, M. dairy. ' SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president. . WM. J. VAN WAGENEN, secretary. rjiP.ti.ioKs. John Ootbout Isaac G. fearzon. jr. Henry Major Henry Thomas Samuel A. Lawrence Charles King Robcit Benton, juii. James Boyd. jun. Balthazer P. Mclick J..mes Rooraian Johq Hie baud Charles Rhiud Janus Rtnwick P. Schermerhorn, jan, John Jones Joseph Smith James Strong my 19 Im P1IEN1X BANK. fJ3 An election lorlourteeu Directors of tin's Bank will be held at the Banking Home, nu Tuesday, the 7Ui July next, between 11 uod 2 o'clock. 'Phi: trander Hooks will be 1 loted on the, and vvilllcontinue c loted until af - ter IheelLCtioii. By urdt r cf the Board !' Director?, D. I. GREENE, Cashier. Je 5 Uy 7 it" i - .I011 a ruoiToii, Jvx lOo Liberty - sli eei, oflcrs liberal anticipatiorvson propel ty con - ign - 1 tu his inends m the Aleditrrianean. tor fin thcr particulars, app.y lot above, or to AI.K ll. vi lir l.L, Je 6 tf corner of Cliff & i'ulvon - sts. ,siir ii'Aw - 1 r.ifc, Cumiiliviier'i Jf'ce' fTr PUBLIC NOTICE M litre by given to" the holders ol the r,ix and even per cent stock ol tint slot0, the - whole 01 the said stoc k, with the ex tuition ofthe - IX per cent Mock, created hy tl.c at t, entitled ' 1111 act n tpet. ting navigable, roniiniiiiicaiioii Let wet 11 tbe grotit western and northern lake sunt (he Atlantic. Ocean," passed April 15, IUI7, will be paid oil' on the first day of July ucxi, or at any timu tberr alter when dcniaud. rt. Payment will be made at tbe Mnnluittan banlc in the city of New - York, to the stock boldei) rt tiding in the toulberu ditiict of this ttute nnd out dl thi stub) , and nt the New - Yoik stale . bank, in the city of Albany, to ail other stock - holders. It ia required that tbe certificatet ittued for the stork should be given up at the bank vv hero such paviia lit arc made. ' Im interest on the said rtcck will cease after the tanl fir! tlay of July next. , ARCl'D M'lNTYRE, Comptroller. Dated Albany June 1, 1818, ' J 9 t Jy 1 SALT t A l UA'J'US. To the Lailirt and Gentkmrn ofA'ac - i'vik. 07" 'I ho public, nre inloiuitcl, that the old New - York Sail Writer Bath is now open, at (be fool of Barclay - stri ct, nt the end of Mr. Rhine - , lander's new dock, a little behnv,'Murrny - strt'et, her old station, with good accommodation, and the Kreatest convenience and s'itl. ty. 'I hu Marine Swimmins Bath for trcntlemen on - 'y, will he opi ned on Saturday next, at Mr Gib - . bons' long pit r next to the Hattery, where (nu Marine Bath was formerly stationed. Part of two days i:i each week lite Bath at f Ban lay street, will be exclusively devoted tv Ladies. Ruin and regulations at the Batus. Tickets will mliuilto ... Je3 J. RABINEAU. For England, tin Halifax, ( - V. S.) 05" Letter lor his Britiinni' Majesty's packet Mary Pelham, will be received at fl.e PuatOllLe till Wcd.Tesday afternoon, the 1st day of July. T. W. AlOORE, Agt,i,t. Je 10 T A M.vl A NY II ALL. 'rM IK copartnership, hfrvtcforp existing be - L l ween IYBRAHAM B. MAR'l'LING and WL LIAM C. COZENS, wanlissolv. d on Ibe ht of Ai ril Inst, by muln 1 coiuent. The t - stai lishmrnt will becortmtted by i he situation ol TA.W.W A.t I 11AI.L. is pro bably ii.nivald in this city facing the 1'ailc , and the City Hall, ami within a minute' walk 61 tho Theatre, Academy of Ibe Fine Aits, Must um, kc. It presents inducement lor air, pro - p. 1 1, convenient e aud at tummodalion, lulenor to none in thit city. Travellert fr - m the differ ent stafei in the union, rind Iroru this state1, will lind at Tumuiany Halt a larder wed stocked with oil the dchcai i. s of ti e tcaioa, cioic! Wines, airy Bed Chambers, mid every convenience that caii be expected, nod cn the most modtiutc terms. J II Im WM B C 7.7J - N3. (Tr If Mr. JAMES SK.ABLBN, late super - , Cargo of the schooner igilanl, ir Wilmington, N. C. u r.ow in New - York, he U rcc;ucst.d tocallVi - i ROBERT CILLESITK, , jell 1 12 Front - street. 1 O I ILl Ail p.. - it"ii. fi mug ciaitiit against the estate 1 1 I t orn; 1 liia.iv, late ol ibe city of New - Y ork, ttfi eased, a'e requtsfed tn (ireser.t the same 1. '.oiy aur:a;:iiic tu - n, ana an ihoae iniMile - Mo ibe laid ettate ore retiucstril 'o make lu inedia'c payment to the tul tcrtber, , whoetleit for sale the property ol the dcreatt d, t ontaiuing 4 I. Is fronting di tbe Boncry 25 by 75 leet d'rp each, iir.d one on Stanton trett, 25 by IcV ie. 1 The whole premise are renlud thi year Tor ;''0c and taxes. An iadisputbld (U!e will be given lor the same Sy ' ' JAMES BARCLAY, Executor, - Je 4 Im No. 3 South - street. DBANKp, Law Bookseller and Stationer, . hat removed hi ttre from Wall and Bruad street to the corn, r of Nassau k Spruce fee(,.' where will be fiiiitl the greMesl variety cf law i:t tlie' ate. For particular, see b.l oi - New - . Law booiit, i jbliir.eJ 1:1 tlie F.icnin ' Po?t - end Columbian. , Also, a general tupply of t!ie most itfOed Law fule icu er and handsarxielv tx& - entcd. Printing and bookbinding, in sll its branches. neatly and promptly executed, on tSc rnnet libc. raitentit. ., Je.to2vy r BlOhestdd on thcffSili int. by HOFFdArJ f X Si C.I.ASS, at the Tontfiie Cnfee - liwr1. anew and convenient lirmse,sjftt finfsKt ia ' the tr.tHlcrn style and bcxttnacner, vilaatcd - iu Pearl - arcet.w i - .hin a few yarjsaif the. NVtery,. ami adjiniivg the new Louse of Mr. Crat ie." . Also, C v - ltialjelots on UJway, SCO fret dcvj. sdjoinin.15 Delicrolx orV.uxliu jr 'cx ' i" IJ t'.S'.lt ' i I 1 111'. if - . - , IP - - .. I tlx r I .'tt m - i - , ' ' , - " .' )! . :. I - - . i: i 11 : 1 ' - i ' t i, - - ' : , v '' ' t ' n ;;. j i. ' n, I.':.. i. . r .t 1 i l

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