The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 2, 1944 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1944
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

ThllfMUy, March 2, 1944 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Backstage in Iowa Politics State Campaign Shows Occasional Bursts of Speed, Then Idles Along; "Horse Race" Likely in Blue-Burma Contest By PAUL R. BUMBARGEK ' Iowa Dally Press Writer , « TM otn *J. tfDPA)--It's a crazy-quilt pattern that Iowa politics Js following this election year. There are occasional bursts of speed Cut the motor idles mostly. The situation has presented something of a phenomenon in that Secretary or State Wayne M. Ropes has taken occasion to warn candidates for state and district offices of the March 17 tiling deadline, only 2 weeks away. Approximately 200 have taken out papers for the=e offices 20 of whom are democrats. ' THE ELEPHANT --On the republican side, more predictions of a horse race" are being heard on the Blue-Burma governorship nomination contest. Hickeniooper for senator offices have opened down the hall from republican state headquarters in the Empire building Burma headquarters are in the Kirkwood hotel with L. L Brierly Newton attorney, campaign manager, in charge. Word has circulated that the latehstring soon will be out. in the same hotel at the Blue quarters. Nomination petitions are reported being passed around out- state for J. H. Cruickshank, Sioux City, for state treasurer an office he sought in 1942. ' THE DONKEY --Something uncommon in state politics occurred ·wnen State Chairman Jake More of the democrats said the organization probably would back a slate; that the party needed "new blood on toe state ticket." Usually the 2 major parties erect a facade of neutrality m primaries, even though' word may have passed down the line to support an individual candidate or candidates More reports only one democrat wrote in protest and many praised circulation by state party workers o£ petitions for renomination of Sen. Guy M Gillette. The kick was along the line that Gillette had fought the : president. Democrats entering the candidate fold this week were Dr A. F. McGreevey, Sioux City veterinarian and American Legionnaire' for secretary of agriculture and Mrs. Genevieve Nichols, Iowa Falls' rm . e r,5S.'r£. county democratic vice chairman, for secretary of state MAIEZY DOATS-pften state officials are invited to break bread with their fellow men in exchange for a few well chosen words They have a name for it--one any entertainer would understand--"singing for your supper!" (How about "barking for your biscuits," Paul?) WANT EVERY MORSEL--The Anamosa reformatory investigation probably won't be finished before mid-month, the probers seeking every scrap of information about conditions there. According to capital speculation, the report may be expected to contain no whitewash and be rather robust. NEW HORIZON--Lack of a united front sometimes has put Iowa truck interests at a disadvantage in legislative lobby efforts. A brighter day may be in store for them, if reports pan out that John H Gillespie, district office of defense transportation director, may succeed the late Jim Brockway as secretary of the Iowa Motor Truck association. Formerly with the state commerce commission Gillespie knows most of the angles in the highly competitive transportation picture. BITS --It was quite a tour of the statehouse that Clifford L Niles Anamosa publisher and critic of Warden Foss Davis of the reformatory there, made the other day. ; . . Francis G. Cutler, Boone democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, won nomination for the office m 1832 but withdrew. .. . Nelson G. Kraschel then was nominated in convention and elected. Circulate Papers or Mitchell as Demo jovemor Candidate D*» Molnes, (JP) -- State demo- ratic headquarters said Thursday hat circulation of nomination pa- ers for the gubernatorial candidacy of Richard F. Mitchell, Fort Jodge, in the Iowa primaries vould begin in a few days. Mitcli- 11 is a former state supreme court Seaman S. J. Kerchef f Gets Purple Heart Posthumously Medal Received by Parents Wednesday;" Killed in Pacific Area Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Kerchefr, J603 Hampshire S. K, received the purple heart award Wednesday lor their son, Stepfan J. Kercheff, seaman 2/c, killed in action in the Pacific war area in 1942. The citation was signed by'Frank Knox, secretary of the navy and read as follows: "This is to certify that the president of the United States of America pursuant to the authority vested in him by congress has awarded the Purple Heart established by Gen. George Washington at Newburgb, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1782, to Stepfan Jess Kercheff, seaman 2/c, U. S. navy for military merit and for wounds received in action resulting in his death Oct. 26, 1942." Seaman Kercheff entered the service in March, 1941, and went to Hawaii on the U. S. S. Lexington later being transferred to the Enterprise. He also had received a facsimile of the citation awarded the U. S. S. Enterprise, which he ·was aboard during the Pearl Harbor attack. SEAMAN S. J. KEECHEFF Prefers to Stay in Jail After Testifying Chicago, (U.PJ--James J, Egan, Who believes ne took his life in his hands when he testified against 3 alleged gamblers in a murder trial last year, changed his mind Thursday and decided to remain in the sanctuary of the county jail for another 24 hours. Egan was to have been released after being in custody for 5 months at his own request. However, his' trial on a minor charge is not scheduled until Friday and he apparently preferred to stay behind bars until then. "I STOPPED DOSING MY CONSTIPATION A YEAR ABO!" Says Happy KELLOCG'S ALL-BRAN User K you are still dosing your con- Istipation, don't fail to read this 'misolicited letter! -rd Iccn trooWed with common consU- Vatlpri for scars. Trfcd many kinds of medicines for iL Then. Just nboot a vcar JIBO, I tned KELLOGG'S AI.L-BBAH I »f «.rCEnlarljr, »ilbou-. mi»ins a day. It Helped so ranch, I h»»e n 0 t taken on« dose of medicine for eoniUpaUon since, nor II»TO ] confiBrt myself to any diet!" Mr. S. P. I«bc, Charleston, Missouri. Sonnds like magic, doesn't it? Bat, scientists say, KELLOGG'S AI/L-BRAN can really "get at" a common cause of constipation -Jack of dietary "cdlulosic" elements--because it is one of Nature's most effective sources of these elements! Ttcy help tho friendly colonic flora fluff up and prepare the colonic contents for easy elimination. KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN is not a purgative! Doesn't "sweep you oat"! It's a. £entie-acting, "regnlating" food! If you have constipation of this k i n d , cat KELLOGG'S - A L L - B R A N , or s e v e r a l ALL-BRAN muffins regularly. Drink plenty of water. See if you don't find real relief. Insist on genuine ALL-BRAN, made only by i.ellogg's in BtlUe Creek. Persons Knowing Little About Production Give Valuable Suggestions Washington, (U.PJ--The guy who didn't know the difference between a torch welder and a torch singer before he took a war job received a vote o£ tribute Thursday from the ofiice of war information. Because such people know so little about production, OWI said they are not afraid to sugges changes which now are savins, countless dollars and man-hours in the war effort. OWI deducted from reports com piled by the war productioi board, war manpower commission maritime commission and war anc navy departments that war plan suggestion boxes have producec ideas which have pushed time- honored production technique^ out the window. The result: New streamlined methods which can b devised only by people who don' believe in "impossibility." The work o£ some 4,000 labor management committees in war industry, embracing an estimatec 7,000,000 war workers, has triplec the volume of ideas dropped int plant suggestion boxes in the las C months, OWI said. Pre-Induction Tests Passed by "Several Hollywood Entertainers Hollywood, (U.PJ -- Uncle Sam Thursday put his finger on th biggest batch of Hollywood talen ever to go through an induction station. Red Skclton, Alan Ladd, Norris "Abner" Goff of Lum and Abner Orchestra Leader Alvino Rey, am Tommy Riggs o£ the Tommy Riggs and Betty Lou "teanr' al passed their pre-induction physicals Wednesday. Riggs askeu lor navy service while the rest decided to try their hand with the army. Date of their forthcoming inductions was not learned. 'Ladd was discharged from the air forces 4 months ago becau; of stomach ulcers. Skclton, red-haired movie and radio comic, tried to join the arm several months ago but was asked by the war department to contin ue his army camp appearance and wait for the draft. ustice. Headquarters also lad reported it been informed Walter Dietz Walcott, former Scott county epresentative, would seek the irst district democratic congres- ional nomination. There wcve reports, meantime, hat some democratic leaders vere urging David Murphy o{ Du- buque to seek Jhe democratic U. S. senatorial nomination. Murphy. at his home in Dubuque, said he "emphatically" did not contemplate seeking a senate seat. Murphy, brother of the late Senator Louis Murphy, was a contender for the short term nomination in 1936 following his brother's accidental death. The nomination went to Gillette who was re-elected in 1938. Gillette has announced he is not a candidate lor renomination this year. ATTEND MEETING Garner--County Engineer William Henschen and Charles F. Merten, who will assume the duties of county engineer Monday, attended a meeting at Mason City Tuesday called by the Iowa State Highway commission for the purpose of postwar planning of construction work on farm-to-market roads. January Retail Sales in Iowa Showed Boost Over Figure b 1943 . Washington, (P)--January sales of Iowa independent retailers were 19 per cent greater this year than last, but were 29 per cent less than December of 1943, the bureau of census reported Thursday. The data is based upon reports from 625 stores representing most kinds of business except department stores. Liquor stores registered a gam of 57 per cent for last January, compared with that month of 1943. Jewelry stores, 25 per cent; motor vehicle dealers, 24; dry goods and general merchandise, 23; shoe stores and drug stores, each 22; filling stations, 16; wom- en's ready-to-wear stores, 14; lumber - building materials, 12; food stores, 11; general stores, 9; hardware stores and family clothing stores each 8; eating and drinking places, 4. Reports from Cedar Rapids indicated an increase of 35 per cent in sales in January, compared with the same month of 1943. Gains also were registered at the following cities in the following amounts: Waterloo, 25; Sioux City, 19; Dubuque, 18; Des Moines, 12; Davenport, 9. All of the city size-2,500 or more population--place groups showed advances of from 13 to 24 per cent. Sheffield--Cpl. George VanNest, who is stationed at Fitzsimrnons general hospital, Denever, Colo., came Wednesday for a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs C B. Van Nest. Men Blinded in War Will Receive Social Adjustment Training Washington, W)--Men blinded in the war will be given social adjustment training at a new army medical center before their release, Secretary of War Stimson announced Thursday Under an agreement between the army, navy, war manpower commission and veterans administration, the army will establish the center for blinded veterans o£ all the armed services. It will be directed by CoJ. Frederic Thorne, eye specialist now on duty at Valley Forge G e n e r a l hospital, Phoenixville, Pa. .Stimson said that so far, 73 men have been totally blinded in the war, 70 in the army and 3 in the navy and marine corps. In addition, 2 blinded German prisoners are under care in this country. The fountain pen was invented in 1884. . ' Rectal Soreness 0»t R«l(«f N*w Easy Way -- Sit in Comfort Prolznntm F.ectal U a nutck. dtpcnib!* reliever ol itcbinsr. p«!nful rictai lor -- cymptonlA which may also fteem piles and hemorrhoids. Brinff fyt seuza of comfort upon contact, fctM protecting Aim over sore tru, help* teboy infection! germ) lid Natur* httl up m. broken tiftsuet. No oil--no yrttM ta italn dotbinsr. 8oll oa money b*ck twnnUe, Get this modem relief toakr . . . uk for PROLARMON RECTAL AT FORD HOPKINS DRUG STORES LIMITED Gillette HOOKS IMRpMfv nttm iJVV IN A KIT ' While Quantity Ltttt piece SO in Box BOOK MATCHES · " · J-. s25 650 SHEET TOILET TISSUE Jslt 20% 15% 20% 15% r^~ BE F O R E the J;NEW T A X E S ' ^EFFECTIVE APRIL 1st \ ^ \ s. TAX on COSMETICS TAX on BILLFOLDS TAX on L I G H T B U L B S TAX on 2*KS£ BAGS AT OUR LOW PRICES and SAVE on TAX CLEARANCE \STAINPROOF TABLE} HOT PADS -x Priet 7c LAC BOS U CHUHKV SPct.1* 0 WOODEN CLOCS Boxvt 79" TXeroet J/.00 Vato C L O S E - O U T CLOSE-OUT CLOSE-OUT BOX OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED SAM PL PC wuh S1 - M TM MoTM Pcrclvit.ia ^ Wl " r fct 9 DRUG DEPARTMENT J U M B O Paper Shell REGULAR 40c POUND AA( /·«! CLOTHES PINS 30 B'. 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SOc. 3 TINTZ k C O L O R S H A M P O O / COLGATE Face Cream 25 e 50c HINDS H A N D C R E A M 39c Pint MIHERAL OIL ^ E 14' ASPIRIN TABLETS ^.10015' 'MftRMOLfl Tablets Sf £ 77' ATE of MfiGSESiA s « £ U' rGROVES'S VITAMINS M CAPSULES 79' C L O S E - O U T VEECO 20c VALVE 2Sc EDITIONS i Vala, I PEBECCO TOOTH POWDER Large OC« Size ^ DEODORANT ETIQUET 50c SIZE\ Skin Itch Fought While You Sleep Do you suffer from ltdhlntr. Peeling. Burn- Inr. Scullnit Red Eczema-like Rash, Skin Blotches. Acne. REnuworm or Athlete's Foot* Miny or these symptom* may t« due to surface, r.on-systemic Sfcin Troubles-- In sucn cises Nixorm (a physician's prescription) usually starts to work helping the skin look clearer, sofier. smoother, wlih the very flm application, Nixoderm VDT'KL while you sleep and in 3 nights must bring B de- Ilghuul improvement 1r» your appraranc" or your money bacV. Is guarniUeed. 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