The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 13, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1818
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debenture ' - ' f ' ' ' ' . - ;V so do do reddling vnty - ! , " . fpiw olilndi. Madeira, l,ighfl.vpur 1 SiTow priced do. for.aleby r. .';; d0, 1 " ., ISAAC F. BOB, . " w . ' : V ,. . 98 Wall street , - EoVERNESa WANTED, to instruct 3 A rtnflr, under ten y r, And to assist m SRrfcriceofre.peclaUWy w,U be re - i A disposition to render herself useful, flerala terms, wiU insure a respectable ieaJbrtable situation to a person properly nd A pplication by letter, with reference !i7ers t be Mnt to the winter of this paper, ire - ed to Mr. B. will, if taliofactory, proJuce a nw K7 - ; f . rrrr . - i .... - .... i ami 17 v.iri nl A aee,of respectable connections, who will .ijTk theadvBbUgc of acquiring a knowledge of IS - if rt a sufficient lemuncrahon for hn service, SrUrofMBliBible actuation in a whole.ale !ood commission tore, by writing a hoe, di - ZltiA to O. 9. A, mentioningreal name and ad - KaBdl - HYiositatthhoTBce. Jl3 2t ' ' r rHREE DOLLARS HEM A RD. SOME perion entered the bedchamber of house 06 Chapel - ttrect, on Thursdiy night lt and broke open the subscriber's truuk and took several article therefrom, amongst which . ,i. silver watch, eaped, maker's - - - - - - - - Yarfc Mo. 4573. The Lbovereward will be given for the watch, and ... .nnriiinn nf the thief. Walcli - makers and ether are requested to top it ifof - UTur DAVWSUMSER. LOST, yesterday mormng, eimer id r uiiou - rtreet or Broadway, a ladiet' black silk bag containing pocket handkerchief and a i gilt nne 1,ure, with 3 t doUar bills and a half eagle - The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaung it at No. 44 fean - trreeu T0'SnH.CHAjrrS AND PRUSTt RS. A YOUNG man of 20 year of age, withe situation in a Counting - houte, or a store i ... ...n.rtnlJ kind, as he hat knowledge i .L mit hiii reference resnectahle. to any venoa wlio may want, be would make him If uselul iu uy w - cSc Jr tome time, and understands Proof - shut reding A lme WT A M lDa ol"ce wl" ai .u) to without delar. June 13 3t .i - . niirwp.KT.At Ar isls. s Daiviun. Drew - J try ti Malt House cetinected, in the city o( Hudson. The buildings are stone, and par - ralpulBted fnp tha huinen. It is iiuiiiuij - - . , titoated in the midst of a barley country, and has nuiir oar advantages, it is certainty an otject for (base wishing to engage in th'l busi - un. H it the only brewery in the country. 'This property will be sold cheap. Terms libe - nl ; title good. For further particulars apply toM. MULDEDT, No. 78 Maiden - lane, New - York; or i. NIXON, Jr. near tha premises. June 13 tf KALblUOSCOf K IMPROVED. C WILEY t CO. No. 3 Wall street, hare just received a sopply of this beautiful toy on a large and improved plan, whereby the whole of 11 circle may be seen at the same time, price Jl 50. Phillips "Minerologys an elementary intro - Auction to the knowledge of Mineralogy, with notes and addition on American articles, by Ssnuiel L Mitcbill. Anedotes of the life or Richard Walson, 1 gishop of Landoff. ' j 13 ROAD LOTTERY. ILLESPIt'S list prises 9th day's draw. :.VJr 'ing. No. 5756. jiOOO 8445 5000 1 1095 loo. iwm mM on Wednesidar next - and the ' fMirryv folKwhgrt whea the 15rt drawn arber will be entitled to $3j,000 Tew tick - Is and aliare warranted undravn, Kir sale at tiuiwiria's. No, 114 Broadway, opposite City Hotel. . . je 13 ;Yl.vust"of'prizks. tt ril.FORU t OWLGO ROAD LOTTE - f lb day's drawinc , 'Ko.375, 41COO - :U45, W - 1095, $100. Both sold at ALLF.NS' 1 ruly Lucky Office, vhere the hishest prise yet drawn hi this lottery wa sold aod paid, via. No. 11' I, a prise o: 'wiUilraw again on Wednesday 'next, and Wednesday following the first dawn number will be entitled to the great prise of $35,000. A few Tickets for sale at AlXENS' Truly . Lucky Office, No. 1 Bnadway. Je 138t GRACH& 146 Broadway, list of prises in the Milford and Oweso Road Lottery. 9th day's drawing. NasS?nS, 1st drawn, J WOO; 8445. $500; 1006, f UK). ' Draws again on Wednesday, first draws number entitled to 500. TKkets and shares at 34 each, for tale at GRACIFS' until Tuesday, when they will be sdrwewd to f36. " Je 13 lAlTOS ASD BETnLERKM NEW USX, VIA STEW - BRPMSWICSI J ." f" PiiSJensers will leave mmmmw"i bVew - York every Monday .Z1. j - v f.iod Friday, at 11 o'clock, "iTT"A, M. in tlie steam boat O i t Uranoh lodee at New Brunswick t leave t!wre early next mornirt", and arrive at Enstoo Jit 4 o'clock in thr afternoon. Returning, leave usion every fin tday and r nday, at a o'clock, A. M . Indte at New Brunswick ; arrive at New York at 10 o'clock next monitor, in the steam boat Olive Branch. The stage connected with mm une it a srooa lour - norse stage. PusKe from N. Brnntwirk to Kaston, J3 50 ; from EaVon to Bethlehem. 75 cents. For sent in Iheahove line, apply to Mr. B. JAQCF.S, at flu, M.;inAtnk: l I : tj . . rL norm tide oi tiu ' the battery. ROUERT LETSON, Proprietor. Jel3tf UNiON LINE FOR PHIL ADhi.fHtA. Twenty - Cve mile land carriaje, via New. Bratuuick and Treatcn. In new post coaches 5 .. Do good stages 4 SO Do lorecastle or deck pasr enters. 3 SO Cimmcted by the steam boats ouvk brakcr unn rHLADKLrHiA. Tne steam boat Olive Bnnch Hill leave fteA - York every dav, - ?un - I day's eireirted, from the north side of llc Battery, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. Passengers will lodge at Trenton, and laka the sienm boat I'hil. - Hjt - I. phia, so astoarrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the neit morning, in time to take the Uniou Lin . Briltiranre ttcnm boat. This line hat a cocnecticn with the test boats wtlie Delaware and Ch - sapeak to Norfolk; as also thme of 11ms Nortii River and Sound j and their several arnvtlt are calculated to cause ht - "e. ii eny delay This is h speedy and certainty the most conve - 'iii route, as uie passengers wiU leave :ew - jfrk a'ler the hanks epen, and arrive in Ptila - . Jklphia before the hours of bu'iutss. witliout fa - "Re in travelling or want ot llwep, tin - Und carnage being mut h I. a than by any oUier rouU be - teUMi two cities. ,. or st.hti in the a bove line apply to ., WILMAVl B. JAQDEP, MB I'ninn Line Steam ftt Olli., in Mar - tftfield ttret, north tide nf tlm Battery, be - iweefa Creenwiua ad Wuhinjlon street, or n - . 1 he C A IT A I N board, owner K('01, M J ,,aSoaS the tuk of the - ' ap4 It - JV' bV;iK c - 74 bhd and 62 bbls. ' DT1I M.U.J.X. a do. S :. tjow laodisg and for sale 'AsVswSxwkwaVMxsW - k.M - !J12' f. 11SM50S A CAIRNS, FREIQUTw CIMRLESTOJf. 250 to" beary freight .4pplyU. iiiJi - vi ANSON G. PHELPS, my 21 .. . . " 133 Front - street. Writing Paper, Uurdwa, and GxilJtwellery. RECEIVED by the Criterion,' Htrvules, and Mercury, for tale by L. STANSBIE, ' ' , 101 f earl - atreet. coKSitrina ob : Fine thin hot pressed gilt edge London super - une t'ost Paper Fioe thick do do Middle yellow wove do do do Fine yellow wove Foolscap do Laid Foolscap, Laid pot Blue woe thick Folio post Fine ropyiugpaiwr, wood Screws Banbury Locks Black aod bright shackle Padlocks Rat traps, till l.ccfcs, cast butt Hinges' Curry combs Lc Gilt Chains, Seals, Keys, Ridicule springs Amulet Necklaces, Ornaments, &C. &c. Jel2lw C1OTT0N, eic 60baJe prime Upland, Cot ton, landing from sch'f Lucy, from Savau nub, for tale by SAUL ALLEY, 03 Tine ttreet. IN STORE. 227 bntet mostly prime and part square, for Mile in ion 10 uu purcnaicn. jit iz CIOTTON 6i TOBACCO 41 bales prime J New Orleans Cotton 18 hhdt Kentucky Tobacco, huiliug fromtchr tsetsy, lor sate cy STEVENS &MACTIER, Je 10 7t 127 South stn t. JAMES P. AN DOE has taken the store No. 1 Park, recently occupied as a Ladies' Auction Room, where he iutends establishing himself at a first - rate GROCER, and iutends selling for cash only, and at surh prices as will make it the iuttreat of the cash lurchasrrs to call as above, where ha has for sale a geueral assortment oi Teas, late importation Pure old couac brandy, of superior qnalily Jamaica spirits, Holland gin, American do Madeira, L. P. Tcnerifle, Old sherry, IVrt & other wiues London anil American pertcr, Boiled cider Sperm, oil and candles Fine old Holland and American cheese Well flavored raisiu?, Figs, Prunes, Almonds Spices, tint SpauUh clears, Drau ght porter Sweet oil, tic Constant attendance will be given, and all iavori duly appreciated. June 15 tf ' KCdc - IA SHEET MOM. T71IVE tons Russia Sheet Iron, treble and M. double rolled, Urge sheets, very hand some and perfectly free from rust, landing tin Cay. IX STORE, Cut nails, all sizes, best quality English wrought nails, fine drawn Bar Iron, Swedes, Russia, English and American, all sizes . Steel and casting of all kinds for sale bv BLACIIWiXL ii MTARLAN. ' jel2 1w - FRENCH GOODS. Juit received per Manchester Pac ket and other late arrival?, 1 box fringed taffeta aud satin ribbons, lustrings and garnitures 1 box silk shawla and bdkfs. 1 box kid gloves, black and colored ; buckskin gloves 1 box white tulle 4 - 4 1 do thread lace 1 do green and black flornnce for sale by FREDERICK RICHARD, 4 William - street. Also Cologne and lavender - waters. JelltW ST. CROIX RUM, sUGAR fc MOLASaES. 30 puncheon rum ; 2 do. retailing molasses 4 hlid first iiuality ugar received per briat Jnie Scott, from St. Croix t landing this day al p e; 11 east mvrr, and for sale by KfcADK UK rtli I Kit, . je 9 lw 31 Old - klip. CIOTI'ON. 60 bales prime Upland Cultun, J just received per sloop Lnrk, from Charles ton, lor sale by IjAIUuLiA W, OIIIAUL.1 c UU. No. 90 Coffee House slip. IN STORE. 38 bales prime New Orleaui otton. Jr;8 7t G RliNU STONEa.BKIdTOL W Aitt, BOT - TLE'd, 4c 600 tmall size Grindstones, assorted 20 large do do 6 to 14 cwt Weight, each UO crate Bristol Ware Gallon ti half gallon Bottle for wine Champaign lull size Quart do London aod wine Pint do. (in small size Hampers) Gallon ti Klf gallon Demijohn Long tiped Pipes, from 16 to SI incite Larse bowl Negro do. and 1 cask Easlish Shoe Thread, just ru eived, and for sale by UIL.I.IAM WUWL.M, Je81m ' 164 Water - street. COUNTRY GIN & COTTON 60 bbls. Yeoman' Gin, of superior quality 60 bales Prime Upland Cotton, lor snle by E. & H. AVERILL CO. June II 3t 91 South street. NA1L.SS, ANVILS, Aic 21 cask tine drawn Rose & Clasp Nails, assorted sizes 100 casks Deck Spikes, from 4 to 8 inches S do Sledge and Hand Hammers S do Black aud Bright Viies 50 Aavils just received per ship Hercules, from Liverpool, and will he sold in lots to suit purchasers, at 81 Pine - street, hy Je 1 HENDERSON A CAIRNS. NOTICE. ALL persoos indebted to the estate of James Douglass, stone - cutter, docaased, arc requested to make immediate payment to the subscribers, and all persons who may have claims against taid estate, will pittM present them as above directed. - John Meyber, Washiogton - sL 3 Wm. Sharp, 420 Greeuwich - tt. J Executors aml. Sharp, Jones' - tt. ) J(8 lw The subscriber oilers for sale his residence "in the town of Fa:ruetd. state of CouL licut. It is pleasantly situated, on the Boston road, about ball a mile fro :u Long Island Sound, 55 miles from New York, aod 0 from New Haven. The house and ont - house are in excellent repair. The trait yard i well stocked with a vnety of peach, apricots, cherries, peart and strawberries. There are in the vicinity academies for the education of youth of both sexet. t root one to six acres, of excelleat land, at the option ofcthe purchase can be bad with the bouse, and the purchase money, if desired, ran remain on interest. For terms rply to ISAAC M. ELY, Esc. 76 John street, N. Y ork, or toihe Uon. JONATHAN ST URGES, Fair - held, Connecticut. ' . DAVID ELY. CHINESE IVuRY - HANDLE PARASOLS. MARTIXOT and ROE, umbrella abi parasol stsnufarturcrt, at their oii established ttort). No. CO Maiden bui. hare comnleted their - . ta'imnt of umbrellas and pa - ranot of avery dcripji.n and of lh best quality, some of Ih latter with Chinese engraved War knril. which IhavWdi llmnu tJ at mch crice a that trnst will aosura thm acontiouaaceaf tbwliowmlpaUsaaga they ite DtMiavonra wua. Country snerchaata are raq tested to call and t - iaw their assort issent of th above aiUdes, a they wiU be wrvlied os Lbarml Urm. CsabnUu tad parasols neauy pwaa ana r - rtirgd. J tt BW.AClw . 1'tr Cff.lRLE.1TM, A The fast tailing tchr. ELIZA, Uouy luiuicr i w Ml lv wn r'w freight of some light goods or passage, apply on board, at C, H. alip Murray's - wharl, . i otrr as SWT. - Oi - tO 8ATJL ALLEY. jeia . 98 Pine - ntreet For OA PA AMU, . TI.. r...t 1.. aknnn. JHMu Ml LO. Henrv Beetle, master,. will sail with what freight and passengers may offer, on Tuesday next Apply on board at Pinevst. wharf, or to BOGERT & KNEEL AND, 70 Soath - st. TAe Aorr for tale, 170 bales prime upland cotton, jpst landing. June 12 5t . Itr POKTW - PHUfCE. The schr. SALLY, captain Mather. For freight of a few barrels, or pas - saije, apply ti . SMITH Ec IIUBRF.LL, or to j. l. montaudevt:rt, je 11 lw ' 96 Wall - street. ' For AMSTERDAM, wimrxY The brig Ohio, has commenced load feaffi ,n" this day, and will be dispatched a - bout the 24tb iust. having three fourths of her cargo eueaeed. For freight of the remainder or passage, apply to Caplam CARMAN, on board, at pier No. 6 N. H. or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, Jel0 2w 77 Washington - street. I'ur JilJItElRA The fine schooner JANUS, captain Tiiber : will sail on the litis inst. Kor freight of 200 bbla or Dassaere. anri'v on board at Jones - wliai't, or to E. FISHER, ie 10 lw 4 South - street . . W sf HJli NALk, The fins sloop MARILLA, 5t tons burthen, one and a half year old, may be sent to tea with very blue cxiieiice. Landing fiuin taid seoi iinrf fur tale, 'M hlids. Aiolsses ;9 do i'.um lit bbls. Sugar ; 7 do Molustt Applv to E. FISHER, Je'lOlw 43 Soutli street, toil I UK law; OK FRANCE, Tho Nnw Ynrlr hnill sliii. AMF.KI ft iCA. burlheu 490 tons, coppered and copiicr lastrned, , mfeter, will tail iu about i Weeks, t or freight of merchaudixe or specie, and passage, having elegant accoiumodatious, apply to the mattrron t - oaiii, or to juneO CHAS. HALL, I Bcaver - st. Fretzhl for .Minima. V A good vessel, bound to Madeira, may .nave auoutoiiu Darreis on ireijm iroui Jei RflllEKTtitLLKbl'lE. tor, (To rail on Sund4y next,) The faM - ssiliitg coppered brig G EOR - G1A, babcock, master. For freight or pissagc, apply on board at mucrb' wlmrt, to POTT A; .V'A'LVA'A', or In Je 8 I v HOG hhTk hXEELAXD. For liUiyVL, (hiigtwid,) (A regular trader,) The rlerraiif tatt taiiins coppered ship ANDREW JACKSON, Thoma T. Morton, master a conriderable iart of her car bein? enjra jpd, will br dupatched without delay Por freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply o'u Loinl, at pier No. 22, noar Peck - slip, or to I K I L.R fcUIER.MERHORN &SONS, Or B. V. ROGERS & CO. Who offer for tale. 10000 Stombridge Brick CO casks patent Shot SO do bar Lead 100 barrels Spanish Brown ; SO casks Porter ... Now landing from the Andrew Jackson, Je 1 For AMSTERDAM, The regular trading britf OHIO, E Carman, master ; has part of her cargo engugcil, and will be dispatched without de lay, tor Ire 1(5 lit or passage, (having very good accommodutions,) apply to the master on board, at pier no. 5 north river, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, my 27 tf No. 77 Washington - st. EL h.UAJrrPARLOLR fLKiVm 'HE. JUST received by LEWIS SOLLIER, the following additional assortment of valuable furniture, viz : 1 set consisting ofl settee The whole in 2 armchairs with cushions crimson saltio, 6 arm chairs, 4 chairs - with silk bind 2 stools, and j iugs, very iu 2 pair of curtains ' J perb. 2 setts do. same assortment of printed cloth, but witliout curtains. Abo, a quantity of idated ware, ronsistitic of tapers, cnndlettirks, chandeliers, with branches, tea and endue ixils, egg stands and boilers, with other articles of tlio richest taste, candclabres and Rill bronro of differen t forms aod sizes, all truly rlegut aud for sale at a moderate advance at KU Maiden - lane. Jelllw 70,000 DOLLARS - 3o,000 DOLLARS 10. UK) DOIXAKS. THE above rich prizes iii the Grand Milford and Owego Road Lottery, will all be drawn inahnut three weeks. On the 24th ol this month the first drawn nomber will be entitled toacapi tal prize of 35,000 riallars, and on tlie 10th of July, the hishest prize, TO.UtIO doilars. will be a warded to the first drawn number. Thit it the only Lottery now drawing or to l drawn in thi state fur nearly two niontl.s. The above rich prizes, which arc payable at the Union Bank, in this ritv. are rertaiiilv worthv ol'notire. Tick - ell in thit Lottery will b advanced in price on I ursday next. A small number only remani un sold at GRACIE'S, 146 Broad way. - Whem mott of tlie prizes of t - oiitfqQence yet drawn in this Lottery, have beeu obtained and promptly paui . jsiui FOR SALE, A LOT of land, containin: between sixteen Ix. and twenty acres, adjoining the village of pioomincaaie, ironiing on ttiv i enin Avenue anu Hudson River, arlinininson the toulh the conctry scat of Mr. JobnH. Taliuan. The terms will be reasonable, and two thirds of the purchase money may remaiu secured by ootid and mort "aire. nutjViiiTV ,ynm vt giuuuu, innjijr live lie. uj one, hundred each, situate on the east side of FortyUi street, about 150 to 200 feet oorUi of Delaocy - strcet. If not disposed of at private tale, the above will be offered for tale at auction, on Wednesday, 8tn July. For lurther particulars, apply at the Mutual Insurance Office, No. 62 Wail street. Je is iro 7 MA DEI HA ii FOIiTH IA E. Qr. casks Madura, and 6 hhdt whit port wine, for tale bv , ROBERT GILLF.sriE, June 10 lISFmnt - st. VVEEl' OIL. - 20 chests Plorence Oil, 30 btt - J tics each, for sale hy CHAS. L. OGDErf, Si ABR. tKDEN. Je 10 63 W&siiington - atreeL tr.v dollars reward. Watch lost or stolen. AT or near the fire iu Aathony - street, on the 9th instant, a plain gold capt French watch, a Ntwark made gold chain with long links 2 tarn ugusn teats set witn cornelian stone, pas - terei aiitfe, and 3 keys, oo of which was of cra told. Tb above reward will be given e the delivt - try of the tame at No. 131 G rem wich s treef, or foraay inforsnalion which may lead to their recovery. Watch maker cr other to wboin they may be eGsred for sale would coafcf a particular tirsr by rtoppiur them. JtutU lw . f fllitjT Uak botes ef all ti lanltt tetwern JL tuueity aod Albany, received at mtr Ex change Office at 3 - 4 per cent discount ; ef all the babxa above Albany l - 4disconpt and all Con - necticiit notes at 3 4 per cent discount. , - L.mffQSTO. & TRAQY, . 29 Wallet direcUy under the Exchange Bank. je ii . w - A LOST. i bunch of KEY'S, the finder by leaving thcui at No. XI Wall - etreet, will receive a competent reward. - Jelt3t II YDE ii NEV1NS have received perHercu - XI les, Ann - Maria, tnd other late arrivals, and offer for sale, earner of Maiden - lar.e and Broad way Ivory Knivet and Forks aod Knives without r oritt Tea Trays, Plated Ware. Maltese Buttont Ridicule Clasps, Curtain Puis, tic. Also for ink, Elegant silver tea Sets, Forks, Table and tea Spotins, all manufactured by ttv? best workmen and of tlie best silver Roskell and Tobias's Patent Lever watches, with gentlemen and ladies' chains, al and key, of a great variety Low's fancy Snap, oval table Mats, Britannia Church services ti Tea Pots, Jewelery, tic. Jt v iw C1 OTTON .40 bales Upland Cotton, landing from ship Corsair, at Brooklyn, lor sale by HENRY COWING, Jell 191 Front, enrner - of Fulton - street TI LACK MICLINETTS. 120 pj. Black JC Alilluietts, lor sale bv ; WM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, j e 2 1S7 Pearl - st. (up stairs ) lAMTt.U TO MUG. . A furnished lodging room, south of Chamber - l street. Apply at o. tM'ine - street. Je 11 Iw ij Cotton aud iized in the clirtin, for sale by WM. CAMPBELL, J5 197 Prsrl - strft. T'J HE suhferiber for the better sccoinmo I at ion ot merchants and others, lias thought proper to open a shop No. 59 Wash incton - street, next door to the corner of R& tor - sticet, where he intends currying en the Plum tinier Kusnies in all its various bi ancbes N. II. lie still continues to carry on the business at the old stand No. 3 12 Water - street. All orders left at eiihrr place will be puiictu allv attended to. je 12 !2w CALEB S. BROWER. ONT - ALTA For SALE or to LET, and Iv I immediate possession given, the beautiful place culled Munl - Alta, seven mih'S from the Citv - llull. on the North River, adininins Lord Courtrnay's. It contains 20 acres of land under improvement, with a large garden well stocked with vegetable a variety of fruit, with evtry ronveniem e for a family. For terms, whirh are very reasonable, and if told a long credit gi - vn f wanted. ipply to N. U. TALCOTT, 64 Muth - ttreet. Je IX I7OR SALE, a Carriage, tonveiiient for tra - . veiling, with harness nearly new. En - q'nre at tins office. .ie ii jt INTERESTING WORK Anecdotes of the life of Richard Wnlsoo, BWiop of Lar hff, writteu by himself, at different intervals and revised iu 1814 Piiblfehcd by his son, R. Watson, L. L. B. Prebendary of Lauddf& Wells, price $2 75. Also, the life, deeds and opinions of Dr. Mar tin Luther, translated from the German, by John Kortz, price f I. Hob Roy McGrwgor, a drama in three arts; from the celebrated novel of Rob Roy, price 25 cents. An Elementary Introduction to the knowledge of .Vineralogy, by W. Philip, with notes and additious on American Articles, oy oamoel lj. .Mitchell, price f 25 just received and for sale at the Minerva Circulating l.tbiary, 2G5 Broadway, opposite the JViusanni. it - - - - BATH. rjlHE turacriber respectfully informs the rili X xeua of New - York, travellers and invalids, Uiat his house at It A I ii is now open lor their re - eeption : its situation is, probably unequalled on the continent within a short distance of the city and in view r canny llook. It presents (lie fi nest prospect, and for salubrity of nir and the advantages ot Sea Bathing is probably, without a rival, tie lias erected several new uutmrig Houses, and a floating bridge to receive the steam - boat his larder is wel stocked with all the delicacies of tlie season. Travellers from the southward ran be accommodated with Boarding and Lodging on reasonable term, aud transient person will find it a healthy and avreeahln re treat. JOHN COLEMAN. A CARD. fty The tubscriber rttpectfully notifies the public, that passengers for BATH and the NARROWS in tlie steam boat Nautilus will, on Sunday next, and until further notice, be taken from i . i : . ii ii ... i ii I I. . I : i Illie - riaii aw iu u tiui.a ill 1110 luicnuvii. iuv tead of 5 o'clock in the rnorniug) and will be called lor acain about half past a in the afternoon. Pleasure boats can come up with safely to the bridge. JOHN COLEMAN. Je 121m a hargaia: Fcrtrde, a farm, containing sixty three of land, in the manor of Philipshurgh, West Chester county, lying on the North River, within fourteen miles of the city of New York. The Farm has on it a good and very pleasantly situated dwelling haute, commanding an exten sive view of the North River; an orchard of young bearing trees ; a grist null, the water of which might be edvaiitageously employed either for a distillery or any other manufactory, requiring only a small power ; aud extensive quarries ot stone, of fie. first quality lor building. To an e suisennt or farmer, desirous of availing niuJielTo! the advantages of an easy communication, by either land or water, with a city market, the above described premises must be very desirable. - For further particulars and terms apply to V. L. Si 1. E. IIAIGHT, Je lOtf . 165 Parl street. TO MILLERS. BOHR MIIX STORK MAS CP AXTDRIKO. rTMIE subscriber acquaints his I'rieodt and tlie X public that he it ready to accommodate millers with null - stones composed of the belt burr. He will attend in town or country, and furnish all materials, and contract to aoy amount on terms that will be found satisfactory in every respect, at bis experience in the profession hat been long ettaolishcd in various parts of the uiion. He has on hand a quantity of burr piecet of the betl kind, selected by himself in France. THOMAS GARETY, 70 William street. Let tort, post paid, immediately attended to. Je10 2w dale ot'exteliaU and new Cabinet t umiluic, BY S. PAXTON U CO. ON Tuesday, at 10 o'dock, at No. 14 P road - street, an entire stock of fashionable furniture, consisting of sideboards, bureaus, secretaries, dining, Ua and card tables, 2 sets dining do. ladies work tables, candle and washhand stamts.beds.cads. Side. Sale prcmptory. The furniture may be examined, one day pre vious to sale. je 11 LO IS TO LEASE AT 1 HE NORTH RIVER. SITUATE between Barclay and Murray - streets. Chamber and Rced' - streets, Jay and Harris - streets, and North Moore and ueacn - trL.. at a nrice very considerably less than in - tvet on their value, and at the expiration of Use term the buildingt to be fairly valued anu I t',w m iu i tra sranted. Abo, to let by the year at a low rate, "veral lots ori.nlsou the water, wU cadculeted for Inajber. plaslsrof paris, ko. ' Aly to PH.RUINELANDER, 31 Park, near th Theatre, $eyral of Uie above leU will be told at a mo - vil triM mml etsU a liberal credi.L A small portion vf th etoney ' r'a bt rtvaeA. JUl u u REMOVALS. fCP JOHN LOKIMKK GRAHAM, attorney at la w, has opened bin eifice at No, 43 Chamber - street, near liroadsrty. 1 may 16 4w tit MACK1E, MILNE CO, I.ave reiuo ved td No. 61 Pine - street. - may 4 V JOHN AH KM. W1LUNKU CO. have removed from 75 to 79 Washington - street, je 11 - - 'Jj - 1 Orders for European Iraoks, maps, papers, stationary and other articles, in ell language, are regularly taken at the European bo)X store and depot. No. 98 Broadway. New - York, oppo site Trinity church yard, near Wall - street, on the plain and low terms mentioned in the pros - pectus, which may beseem in taid book - store where there is always a large collection of Eu ropean catalogues of books, With prices, in ail la.iuajf , for ths us of ladiet and gentlemen ouly. "... Os ders will also be taken on the tame term in every city, town and borouirh of the union, by ull the merchants, booksellers, printers,. aud puo ushers ot news - papers and msgaimes. L. D UbLMR, Agent. N. B. The dwetliiig - part of house No. 96 Broadway to let. je 12 3taw3w . LANDS. (ifT STEPHEN B. MUNN. No. 26 Pearl - street, New - York, purchases Lands in the Illinois Territory, which hus t een let apart for the lute Array. Letter from the country givin a description of the patent and the price asked for each lot, will he attended to, iM'ost paid, my 15 DfcCtf f A.Vi'tD a wlute woiuitn to do - kitchen VV work, aud a white girl from 14 , to1, 16 years of age, to do the upper work of a small (amity. Apply al this Hii:e Je'5 IVT O TiC'fc Ail persons hm iugtlaimt against iv itie estate ol lliomai liraiy, inie ol tlie city of New - York, deceased, ar reouetted to present the tame legally au'tienticated, and all those indebted to the Said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the subscriber, who offers for sule ihe properly of the deceased, containing 4 lull fic.lins ou the Bow cry 25 by 75 feet deep each, and one on Stautoa - Mrcet, 5." by 100 leet. The whole premises are rented this year for $690 and taxs. An imhsputahle title will be given l'r the sair by JAMES BARCLAY, Etcu(or, Je 4 Ini No. 3 Souih - strei't. HO.VEJY. WOMEN, or fW et Conlre, a tale by Ma - turin, autlior of Bertram, Milesian Chief, The Fatal Revenge, &c. tie. 2 vols, price 2 received and for sale at the Minerva Circulating Library, No. 205 Broadway, opimsite the Mil (earn, Je 6 HERMAN HU( H r.S, offerr lor rale, al No. 2.1 1.ilwrty - strect, the follpwiug articles, low for cash only, viz : Imperial, hyson, young hysmi and souchong lea, now anJ of a superior quality, in tmall boxes for f tmily use. Fine old cognac brandy, Jamaica rum, and Holland gin, in demijnlms. Madeira, Port, Sherry, and Claret Wine Hibbert'i London browu stout Olives, auchovics, sweet oil, and London mustard ALSO, A few very elegant tcttsof tea trays and waiters Plated castors, razors, scissors aud penknives handsomely assorted on cards Fiue wov letter paper in reams ' JeG lw rpO be sold on the 28th inst. by HOFFMAN JL tt GLASS, at the Tontine Coffee - house, a new and convenient house, just finished in the modern style and best manner, situated in Pearl - street, within a few yards of the Battery, and adioinini; the new house of Mr. Gracie. Also, 2 valuable lota on Broadway, 300 feet deep, adjoining Delacroix or vauxhall garden je 12 ttatli GLOBE COFFEE HOUSE. THE public are respectfully informed, that the subscriber has tnken die above heuse, (formerly Globe Tavern,) No. 143 Water - st Gentlemen who wish hoard by the day, month or year, will find excellent accommodations at the Globe Coffee House. The table will at all timet be well supplied with the varieties of the market, and the liquors of the choicest and mott select kind that can be procured. . Having, ior several years, Deen employed in one nf lh first hotels in England, the subscriber natters biuitell, troai his experience aud attention to his business, he will merit a portion, of public patronage. JAMES. oINGER. N. B. His friends, and gentlemen who are disposed to favor the subscriber, are respectfully invited to partake of a cold collation, at twelve o'clock, on Monday next. . Je 12 lw" BUHAT HOUSE. BROOKLYN, On PROSPECT PLACE, west side of the Steam ' Boat Ferry. THE subscriber informs nit friends, and the public in general, that h ha opened Uie above establishment, where always will be found Uie choicest of refreshments. 1 he situation is not surpassed by any in the vicinity of New Y'ork, commanding a fine view of the city and harbour. I eu or twelve gentlemen can be accommodated wiUi boarding and lodging, on the most reasonable terms. JOHN II. MORRISSON. N. B. J. II. M. will be happy to see hit friends on Monday the 1 5th instaut, at 1 1 o'clock, to partake of a cold collation, if fair weather. Je 12 2t WANTED, a white woman to do the cooking, w ashing ami ironing, of a small family. None need apply that cannot produce the best of recommendation. For particulars call at No. 153 Spring - street, 6 doors west of Broadway, on the right band side, je 12 3t ' SALT WATER BATH'S. J. HE New - York Salt Water Floating now open at the foot of Barclay - street, (North - River,) for Uie accommodation of Ladies, and Gentlemen. ALSO. , The Marine Swimming Bath is now open at Arden'l wharf, near the Battery, for the occom - mod it mo ofGentlerocn only. (fy FOR SALE. Oue large Vat or Cittern and n pair ol patent chain Pumps, apply at the uatn, or at 3i: liroadway. je it A Ely AIUSJC. JUST published and for talo at WILLIAM DU BOIS' piano forte and music store, No. I2C Broadway, Thine am I my faithful fair ; the soldier's bride ; and irom cbil.Uiood's dawu to noon of youth as sun; by Mr. fbilipps. Ah cm I e'er forget thee love The Celebrated echo song The inspiration, sacred 'melody ' The Saxon air, with variations, hy Cramer Haydn's celebrated conzoost, My mother biJj me bind my bair, as a i lo Twenty - four sonatas, for yonng performers, by N. B. Chillnnrr Th iaxe Culwiirg walls, with yanatjon I I.. fimhi.i Walls The ttcrm rondo, by .Vtoibelt Je 12 TfX FOR SALE, ' CviThe House and Lot No. 27 Orchard - itreet, now occupied i f ,h tubscriber. The lot is 28 feet front and 100 deep. A further description of Ibe property i deeettd unsecesaary, at it is presumed no one will pun hate without fint vinwinx the premise;!. If net told before the 1st ef August at priva'e sale, it will en that day be put op at public Auction. ' - . JAMES KNOX, Joue12 1w' 1 27 Orcha ti st. CJ WORD FOR a.LK For Ja rhe, k.7 very handsome sword and Ult, of th kind lately adopted an3 gwcntHy wom by tbe bi officer hs ?W city - Af p!y lKo. 3d Naiiao .. June (Z u PUBLIC SALES. 7 o'clock, at 41 late 33 - Chathsm - ttreet, aa extra sale af miscellaneous books, amoor which are some fine London copies, also maps, pruits, quills, writing paper, lead pencils, ta ket books, bibles, &;. the whole to be sold. , .' . ' Monday Evetiiftgj' ' "' Part of a very valuable bbrary,1he property of gentleman leaving this city in the coarse of the week, among which are tnany fine Loodors copies in elegant binding, via. Henry's bible, vois. piaies ; jjow't nenuostaa, 3 volt, plate - Brown' quarto concordance and - dictionary; Beattie's mor. science, 5v ; Dallu't tistory et the Maroons, t Blair't lectures, 3;. Black - ston' contaienu 4; bacon's abridgment, 6; tmmeson' elem'L science and art, j Letter on the lliphlander, London superba Dura - ford and East, 3 ; Catherine, 2 A 3 vol ; Gth - rey'sgeog. 2; Acerbis traveU, Sv. together with a great varisty. Also, 10 reams writing paper, quills, . lead pencil, pocket book, ink powdor, . itc. tlie whole to be cold, and as the evening are short, shall be thankful for early convening. - June 13 21 . i B SAML. - PAXTOV.&CO. . Wednesday, 17th intt. X o'clock at No. 73 Broad - street, an exten sive assortment of elegant and warranted Cebi net furniture. Consisting of tideboardt, secretaries with book rasesvlureaus. Grecian sofas, sets of dining tables, pillar and claw card do of a superior quality, dining and tea do carved and plain bedsteads, Indies' work. & candle stand. Ate. worthv atten tion, and may be viewed 3 doyi previous' to the sale. Catalogue ready the elternoon preceding , iue ), wnen uie urm win ue aaown, .,, , je iz ' '.. 1 . - 1. . By MILLS; Ml.VTOX tt CCK ' ' Monday, A general assortment of Dry Good. . ' Tuesday, 16th Jun, J ' An entire invcice of best English plate looking glasses, ' looking glast plates, Brussels .and Kidderminster carpeting and nigi, rohony chairs, and a variety of other articles of the latest English and French fashions. Consisting of 33 richly gilt and new style sua jlasBM from 45 by 20 to 70 by 36 in., 25 chimney lo 31 by 54 in. with ends ol 24 by 10 in. Ac. 16 superbly ornamented mirrors, carved arches, cut glass pausfmm 2 lo 4 lights, 12 best British silvered pialcs in blind frames 50 by 20 in. 05 do reeded frames 3 Iby 22 to 44 by 26 in. 1 200 best British universal plates from 20by It to 54 by 39 inches, Ji'OOdo 6 by 5 to 16 by 12in. OOsheet tin foil suit - ' able for the above, pieces elegant Brussels car - p liner of newest style, 3 do borders to match. 4 do Kidderminster ' do 24 elegant imperial I earth ruga, 11 Brussels bedside rugs, 54 fashionable mahogany chairs, hair bottoms and brass nionlkinga, 2 Ixindon mad; piano fortes, and a great variety of new and fashionable fur niture. The large glasses, mirrors, carpet and rugt j will be sold in lots to suit purchaser. The chair in setts. The silvered and unsilvered pistes, will be told by the package to dealers. mi a liberal credit. Iue above were shipped by houses of the first respectability in F.urope, und it is believed, that the quality ie aa good as can be sent. ' MARbLK. FOR BUILULW, tic. TH E proprietor of the touthern xearble qua ries, near Kins's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at Uie a mg's - Bridge Marble and Lvnt - tanl, toot ol Beach - street, on the Hudson river, aa extensive stock of marble tor building, of Uie following d tcnpiKxu, vii : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Pieces j Facing Columns Watertable Step Platform ' Hills, Lintels Arches""' " - Also Lime of th best quality. fly A constant supply of the above material may be calculated upon ; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagrmenls, - will apply to EZRA LUDLOW. Feb 1 1 At the Yard. bAIJ' VVA'IER BATHS. To th Latliu and Gentlemen oAeie - York. ft7 The uublic are inlbrmed. that tha old - VI... . .. - Will UlIT " f loot of Barclay - street, at the end of Mr. Rhine - lander's new dock, a little below Murray - street, tier old station, with good accommodation, ana uie creaiesi convenience ana raieiy. J be Marine swimming Main for gentlemen on - y, will be opened on Saturday next, at Mr. Gib - boot' long pier next to the Battery, where tha marine nam wa lormeny stationed. Part of two day in each week the Bath at Barclay street, will be exclusively devoted to Ladies. Ruics and regulations at the Batbi. Ticket will admit to either. Je 3 J. RABINEAU. For England, trie Halifax, (V. 8.) ft7" Lettert for hit Britannic Msiestv'i pack et Lady Mary Pelbam, will be received at the Post Office till Wednesday afternoon, the lit day of July. T. W. MOORE, Agent. Je IU TAMMANY HALL. THE copartnership, heretofore existing between B RAW AM B. MARTLING and VVLJ.IAM B. CUZZENS. was dissolved o the 1st of April last, by mutii .1 consent. - The estab lishment will be continued by the subscriber. The situation of TAMMANY HALL is probably tiniivalled in this city facing tbe Park and the City HalL and within a minute's walls of the Theatre, Academy of the .Fine Arts, Museum, &c. It presents ioducenient for air, pros pect, convenience Mid accommodatibn, interior lo none in this city. Travellers from the differ ent states in Uie union, and from Oil state, will find at Tammany Hall a larder well stocked with all Uie dehcncii' of Uie season, choice Wines, airy Bed Chamber, and every convenience that . can be expected, and on the moil moderate term. Je 11 lm WM. B. COZZFNS. CCT If Mr. JAMES SEABORN, late iiper - csrgo of the chooner VigiUnt, of Wilming. ton, Is. U. i now in jvew - iora, ne rnjuaiw to call on ROBERT GILLESPIE, jeH 112 Front - ttreet. (ty - The Comniissionen of tbc CenalJand wiiiin pursuance of the art, entitled " an act respecting navigable coniroentratioo between Uie great Western and Northern Lakes, and the Atlantic Ocean," receive sealed proposal until, i nviwk - P. M. no Wednetdav the 15th tsv of' July next, for loan to Uie state of two bandied and niry inousaou aoiian, io or pua io we ;esi - oiissiMiers in two etjual imlalibenU, tlm Stlt, oa ii tint dav of Aueutt next, and the other on the first day al Octoler next. Tt propocali xuust be addressed to the Comptroller. - . - 1 be rate oi interest is not to exceed six per cent, per Annum, payable qehrtrr ) rtjLrly aad Uie principal is to be reimbursahle at the pleasure of Uie government, at any time after Uie first day of Joly, 1837. Tbe officer appointed for the purpose in the city of New - York, wtill itiiMransleraNi cevtiA - cates cf stock to tbe Lendi rs, and wi.1 dtlend to ed. ; " The interest will be paid at the Manbatfsa Bsnk, in rl tity rt New - York, to the stockhol der rending intlie ou'Jitm district ol this state, sud out of tb state, n.tlt - en omri uie.icw - York ttate Bank, ja tfceityef At - ?vrT - - . Tbe B'ojd vitl n;e - t t srvwiwv on tlk - aid 15tf - ri sy 4 ?y f - - c P. M.tO ip; &M' ict rov.'or. vH w pro tball U made. !L?.Tite?0ft&. ut. AIK. - .Jrn - CM. J4M4JFIS I ,.,u ,1 a.i.tircvt. r.v

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