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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, June 13, 1818
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ffEir - YoKK LVUflXQ POST." EATL'ROAY, JUNE 1 LC23 Of THE SHIP SOLOX. PitatUr b$ LWhwc. - Tbe brig Foacber.Mil - fcr, arrived at Boston Unt Weonesday evening, . in 65 day from IJverpoel, end 84 from Fsyal, fell in with oo tbe 8th of April, the - ship Solon, - Stoddard, from London, for - New - York,' with ;hniD.drT trOodt. copper! &c which had .beta struck with bgbUiiog, tbe evening, prevwwand tetotnieia L 5,lo.r7, tfeeaSOday .out. Took off the passengers, 7 in oumber,d crew, tmoMticg'ta all to 53, and borfrj after ',' Da fin bant through the deck, aw) taw the nuttt g ever toe aide. . The following account tt rhe disaster, furnished by a petteoger, and politely Banded the editor f the Button Doily Adverti ser, agrees with the minute made oo thejog - bookw On the S7th April, at 9 o'clock, P. M. a body of n'ghbriog itreck the ship, attended by a nian. disordenns every thine m iu ' passage down the mainmast the captain with ' .nayothere on tteopper deck were at once knocked down ; on the middle deck the tame effect w produced, .yet in either case no live t were fett Immediately column of imole rote ' Horn the hold through every aperture, and wch - wh the strength of tbe devouring matter, that it mutt at the tame instant have act Are to every part of the cargo which waa liable to take fire from it. In thit ersergency, the thickness Of the smoke became uch at to prevent further respi - All niahvil m deck ia confusion - the licbuiogetill banting forth, to that tbe whole i aroeared like a furnace. Here waa one of the rnott distressing tcenei that ever wat witnessed - - !! mot partof we PeIe half naked, and jt being impracticable to return for their clothe, and with no more tfthenecestarieiof life than would be required for about two dayt tubtiitenee. Ail that now remained to our tope wat to - - keep the fire under by blocking up every aper - be effected, we were fearful a few hour might close the scene The boat could not take two third t our number; and the tremendoua tea alto forbid the trial the hope of falling in with a veeael wat precarious, yet the hand of a grtckrot providence was over our heads. In this state we continued till next day about 11 o'clock, when the brig Poacher, capt Malcolm ; appeared in sight, and ultimately saved our lives. " The last boat had scarce reached the brig when the Solon's mizzin mast fell by the board, and the mainmast followed in about half a hour after. At this time the flunet had bunt out in every direction, so that providence 'had sent this vessel to our aid in a most critical moment So great a number of persons being added to those already on board the Poacher, ahe having before teven passengers, it became necessary to make for the Western ' Islands for water and provisions. We arrived At Fayai on the lit May, where every atten - tion was paid to our wants by Mr. Dabney. the ' American Consul, and other persons, particu larly Messrs. Searle, Parker, Bayley and Cor , rea." Three o? the Solon's passengers here Went on board the abip Norfolk, for London, seven of the passengers and crew on board the - , schooner Prudence, Leggeu, fur Halifax, and ' the remainder have arrived at this port in the Poacher The persons who have arrived here express the wannest gratitude for the attentions of Capt Malcom, and of the officers, pas - j tengers and crew of the Poacher. Capt Stoddard arrived here this morning from Boston, and has favored ut with the names of the passengers in the Solon, and alto a list of the consignees of goods on board of her at the tbe time of the disaster. Cabin panengtrt .John Rain, Wm. Hope, ' Mrs. Page, Mist Page, arrived at Boston. Joseph Page, gone to London in tbe ship Norfolk from Ftyal. ' Steerage pattengcre. Samuel Grubb, Jun Samuel Grubb, Wm. Whimprey, Joseph Sam uel, John Jackson, John Phillips, Wm. Phillips, Mist Philips, Thomas Murphy, Win. Sargent, Sirs. Sargent, Wm. Leigh, Mr. Cumings, ar - - rived at Boston. , Thomas Sblet, Shadrack Pierce, gone to Loo - . don from Fayal, in ship Norfolk. Thomas M'Carty, Join M'Carty, Thomas K iting, wife and child, gone to Halifax, in schoo ner Prudence, from F aval. ' The officer and crew arrived at Boston, ex - cept Jamet Franks, who died on tbe pattage - from Fay a), and Mr. Patterson, who went to ml - ' ifax - ' Ceneifnee. Fish tc GrinnelL owners, Divie Bethune tl Co. B. Eveleigh, T. A. Ronalds, D. lladden, A. Hook. P. Bemten it Co. A, & Nor wood, P. H. Schenck & Co. P. & L S. Cary, John Graham k Co. John M'Call, W. H. Bac - chus, R Bach, L. Usher, A W. B. Facth, Mr, Patten, Lawrence ti Keese, and 10 package ' to order. '. . ' ' Tbe Solon had on board a valuable cargo, . principally of dry goods. She wat owned by FUh tl GrinnelL of this city, and torn gentlemen is New - Bedford. We nnderttand she was .' fully insured. Capt Stoddard informs ut that the flame epiwad with such rapidity, that he ha J . not time to tare even the ship's letter bag. The deck became to bat before the passenger - and crew were taken off, as to blister several of their feet Account from Corracoa to the 1st May, received at Georgetown 8. C. represent, that gen. Aury, with bit patriot army, bad taken p b : line of march from Sun&oa, to go against tbe ci ty of St Domingo, and it was generally baliev ed be would lucceed in subdidt.g that wU fcvtl - fied place, owing to tbe great duufiVction ' , the people. It it calculated that at least pot hfctfbf the negroes would (Lik to Aury's ttao4 ard, and that t jrnenl mmc of the roj aUt - Would be the consequence. He had connected 'faimself with two mercbanU at St. Thomas, whn Tend at that plwe aH the property pi.lafed from - reesels and carried to them by way of amm. Thit place it seem Aery has made a devot for ''tbe phandee ef hi I cruiser. A valuable Duirh KhoBner had been recently captured by one of privteertthe crew put on short on the tel - andefEoaire, a&like ttjjiI teiuLlO tbey and " - in . nas mal eye uon a like are lid of a to : have received a ccafceakatioB, staining what I hv n doubt, it jinteaded a friendly caution to toidiers who art; entitled to bad warrants, bnt really to confused and imperfect that I cannot tntdentand ft. The writer, therefore, If be wish it published, it dWrad to revise and correct t 't,: SOVTVtZJfTs'or KEJTtOCY. . . ' v: . . . . toasts - ;;''v Drank at capt Fowler's garden by the Tamma ny Society or Lexington, on in izxn oi me month - or Flower, the anniversary of St. Tammany. 1. Oar coaatry. Hallowed be Ht republican institutions, and perpetual the duration of its freedom and independence. S. United America." A pular of republican fire, lighting the path of unborn million to the temple of fredom.w 3. t ree luflrag. The representative the mtmsA nnd not the matter of the people. 4 Union ol parties. A scheme at impolitic in the design, as impracticable in the execution. 5. Henry CUT. - While ably tndicauor the cause of liberty and humanity, Kentucky will not tamely tee him sacrificed by sycophants on tbe altar of executive resentment and ambition. 6, James Monroe. When he actsaiarepub - lican president, republicans will support him. Liei not "evu communications corrupt good aaanners." 7. Thoma Jefferson. Take him aU in all. we ne'er shall look upon hi like again." o. governor cneioy. 1 be patriot and soldier: may hit latter day beat tranquil as hit tint have been useful and glorious. 9. 1 ne nonets of bouth America. May tbe Great Spirit five wisdom to their councils, and invincibility to their arms. 10. Our relations with Spain. Thirteen years of patient forbearance, should teem to admonish ut to forbear no looser. 1 1. American neutrality. Let it oo longer be alt on one nde," but let it be all ou the other, Let it no longer be on the tide of oppression, but . l ' J m iue iiqi oi ue oppressed. 12. Success to the "wirted new election scheme.' ' 13. Tbe tout of Erin. We tigh over their oppression, ana would eladly leo them " re deemed, regenerated and disenthralled by the irresiataoie genius oi universal emancipation." 14. ine squawtor free America. Mav shed their smiles upon the meritorious, and intlul into their ofisprug the precepts of virtue patriotism. VOtCSTKIB. Henry Clay. The eloquence of tbe enlight ened statesman, is never so nobly exercised, as . . m Ml . ... MM ' we cauie oi " ncaveo - Dorn liberty," 4' From the Worwltr (Mats.) Spy, June 10. A warning to qnackt Deibre the supreme court, now sitting in this town, a verdict for tbe sum or two hundred and filly dollars, damage, been obtained agaiast Ilich'd. Ransom Smith. professing himself a physician and surgeon, for - pracUce. A boy of 14 having wounded his with a pen - knife, application was made to Smith. An ointment, composed, at nearly as could be ascertained, of lard, percipilate, and spirits of turpentine, was the ingenious compcei - applied lor its cure, but in consequence of wnicn, it was irreparably injured. It appears that the defendant bad practised for a considerable time upon the credulity of the public. A - mong other impositions, was that of telling, at an enormous price, a recipe lor the cure or cancers, taken, verbatim, from Motherby's Medical Dictionary. From tin JSatienal Intelligencer. Kxnziom iil Hayli The attempts at opening correspondence with the king of Hayti have attracted some little attention towards that quarter, and tome enquiry iuio the physical and political condition of a country which has, within five and twenty years, experienced such extraordinary vkisiitudes. Wo have 'taken some trouble to inform ourselves en this head, by conversations with those who had personal know - le'dge oo the subject ; and, presuming our reader generally may feel some disposition to acquire informal ion, we present in a condensed view, what we have been able to collect of the present state of the kingdom of ilayti, as presenting itself to stranger On casting the eve over the map of St Do - miugo, it will be perceived, thai the Spaniards still in possession of two - thirds of the bland, which is represented, by ihosn who have travel - over it, as comprisin the best sod, being lets mountainous, more intersected with stream of fresh water, and, consequently, more ;nsciible general cultivation , than the remaining one - third, wnicn is now divided, pud furm its a separate distiuct governments, under the title and denomination of the republic of Hayti, and tbe kingdom of flaytu Christophe, the king, of Hayti, under the title of Henry the first, of wnose government we now speatt, reaiucs eight mile from Cape Henry, (formerly Cape Fraa - coi,) at the palace De Sans Souri t here he hat small village established ; and here he holds his court i is extremely difficult of access, and shy of foreigners. Tbe village, to which hi pa - lais De sans aouci gives tbe name, is immediately under the guns of Fort Henry, commonly called Fort Ferrier, where it has been stated by some, there are three hundred, and by ethers eight hundred, cannon mounted, with barracks lor twenty thousand men, and seven years pro. viuon tor that number always on hand. All this may or may not be true. But little of it, per haps, ought to be believed ; and one tact is ccr tain, that no white man has ever been permitted visit bis fortress, save only the engineer, a German, who sdperioteuded the building of it, and whose reward ia to live and die there. Fort Henry has, nevertheless, a very bold appearance i from the harbor, situated on a high and distant , mountain, and seeming, at that diiunte, to bid defiance to the world. j As to Cape Henry, it presents to the spectator one heap of ruins ; every third house may be , occupied, but not more. The churcn which, during the time of the French, was tbe most splendid in the West Indies, presents to view nothing but naked and uncovered walls, except that part over the altar which lias been covered in. On each side of the altar is a lent of thin muilin and silk, occupied solely by the royal fa - mil? during divine service. A ear this church, the king ha a palace, fronting on four streets, through neither of which is the strangi - r permitted to pass, l'be buiMiug is very low, and has nothing in its exterior eprcarauce different from ordinary bouses. Some two or three vears ago, the feng ihougni of changing the religion of his country, and tom - uiunicaled hi withes on that subject to hu friends and earresiioudenu in England, Clarktoo, Wil - beriorc. and Stereos. This suggestion was not at&iuied to on their parf, but they sent him out rmcr bannders, a black man, an American, born ia Connecticut, or Rhode bland, and who waot to Lnglaad, toun after the war, lor tut health, lie had the good fortune to fall in With Wilberibroe, Stevens, tzc immediately cn bis arrival in London, who, finding that be cmlJ ootn read and wnte, brought hint forward at I" "he saeelMrs, made trenche for him, ,wacn Uredofihitktodof - aaibi hv shipped him off ' aw; neery, of ay i, u a prodigy ol learning. 1 " " wuie, ana until lately. Sir. Saunders re - maineda treat tavoniV in tu,na Tt u crista but on majesty, UMrfij th t bis tsJeutt bad been over rated, as it m said, dntnmed him, ami Saunder ''' wrarnea to u n&tit hoaie, (ConneCrV - mt) put, to return to the Cape. The populatioa it is itupnraible to ascertain, aa cunu l,nr been takn sine Hi establihaunt of the pre sent govemmcnt. Tbe cilUens tim resoeciful &4 atUfitiri to llTiBge;! ; but (tguoa mvf - i; 4 l u a their hoses, Inactive, u4 apparently wtsVMcseruv Tbr is little or no stir - tn commerce, ins song being the great ntonopolizef of the whole. He is. in fact, the rreat proprietor of all i he claim every thing, tod, territory, and their produce tioos man and beast, their faith and terrwa, all are hi. " Christophe certainly deter vei much credit for the pertectiod to which h has brought his monarch ) and it was no little disappointment to our informant, who never bad teen a crowned head, to come away wilhont seem his majesty. tie dml however, the boo or or seem tome oi hit minister, decorated with various marks of1 royal favor, particularly the order of St Henry, and, he assures us, they seemed to feel as easy and looked a wall, and at becoming, under these trappings of royalty, at any of the foreign mini sters, whom he bad an opportunity of seeing in (ius place, in lull costume, oo a public day. I here is at the (Jaiie a Lancastrian School, contaiuing one huadrcd and seventy - five scho lars, admirably well conducted by Mr. Gullivar, from England. There is likewise an lusher school, conducted by the Rev. Mr. Morton, from - ngiand. In this school, the French and English grammar are taught i and the Greek, Italian, as well at the higher branchet of mathe matics, are likewise intended to be taught there, it should be found, upon an experiment, tnat the mind of the ilayttan it susceptible of so high polish, i here is uo school for females. .1 he hospital for disabled soldiers it an extensive build ing, and superintended hy Dr. Steward from tneland, who u the hospital turgeou. I he Ruts excuse the desolate appearance ol the Cape, by savin';, that until ho is acknow ledged by Franca, he is Labia to as attack from them, and that he could not prevent the capture of the Cape, and therefore he keeps bit property and bit money in the interior. He i said to be very rich. Among the number of antcdotes told at the Cape, respecting hit majesty, is the following : Hearing that a colonel iu a regiment, stationed at the Cape, was endeavouring to excite a revolt, he came in from hit palace in a great rage, dismounted, went op to the regiment (which had been purposely ordered oo parade) seized hit coloutl, and with a big club almost killed him, and dismissed the regiment He then mounted hit horse, which he bad lately received from the United Slates. The horse was a little unruly, springing from one side of the street to the other at which bis majesty grew so enraged, that he got down, and with bis sword deliberately cut off all four of the hooft of this famous charger ; and then prohibited, under pain of death, that any one should put him out ol misery. I bis anecdotn may be exagge rated by reverberation, but is not' without fuun dation. It is proper to observe, that Grangers are never permitted to go to court, unless particularly invited, nor any where iu (he country, except to a country seat called It Hon da Cap, five miles from me cape, which is graciously appropriated for the use of stran - ers, who usually flock there on sunaays, out can neither diverge to the right, nortotho left nor go beyond it, without incur ring the serious displeasure of the king, and be ing stopped by the ruard. These arc the most prominent particular w have been able to gather of the kingdom of llayu, tod its principal town. At another time. we shall furnish eur readers such information as we have received, respecting the Republic of Hayti, more circumstantial aud satisfactory than we have now given touching the Kingdom of riayu. rem the Maryland Catette, June 11. L'nieeZrome rui7or. We have learned with regret, that swarms of small yellow bues, re - sembbng that called the Rose Bug, are making serious ravage among the fruit tree on several I arms in tbe neighborhood ol this city. The small apple and peaches apiear to be their fa, vorite fruit. The trees and ground beneath, where the iruit has lailen, are said to be com' pletely covered by them. They have likewise appeared in several fields or small gram, but we nave not understood whether they have com menced their ravage upon it. How far their work of destruction extends into the country be yond this, we know not. Vera the Savannaft Republican, June 3. From tye touth. We have been politely fa - voree. by a tnend, with the followinir extract of a Utter fi - om a gentleman on whose word our readers may rely. The invaders mention ed we suppose arc patriots, and have no doubt but they will keep their fnoting against all the force at tbe disposal or the governor of St. Augu - tine. May SO. " A report has reached us, that three vet - sels willi troops have landed to the southward of St. Augustine, not certain whether at Ma - unjus or Musquito. One hundred men were sent from St. Augustine to oppose them. The last accounts from that place are to the 23d inaUnt." from ihe Richmond Enquirer, June 10 Steam - boat. We understand from a gentleman, who is conversant with the tacts be relates, that there it every probability of the steam - ship, projected at Savannah, meeting with entire success. All the shares arc takeo, the equipment it making for her voyage to Liverpool, and she will probably sail in the mouth of October neat We understand that tbe is a sea - vessel; that her wheels will be on her sides, hut so fixed, that in the case of an approaching storm, they may be taken iu in the course of ten minutes ; that her aiasts and sails will probably be tike those of tbe acotcn suiacKt ; that they may be put up, or struck, by means of windlasses, in a very short time ; and in fact that every pains, which can be suggested, will be adopted, for giving her the impulse of steam or wind, as may be required; or for removing her wheels or her sails, as tber may belound to be in danger, or in the way. The fine steam - boat, which plies between Niaga ra and Kingston, on Lake Ontario, famishes a case somewhat in point. It is well known, that m this inland tea, as it were, tbe waves run sometimes mountain high; the navigation it dan gerous, as was sufficiently proved by the frequent disasters wluch occurred to the fleets of both nations during the late war. Yet it is also a fact, that the steam - boat navigates the lake with safety. Considerable apprtliension was at first entertained of the force of the waves ; but the first experiment abated them ; and the boat contin ue to nde triumphant amidst the storms of the lake. The ste m boat, too, which plies between Savannah and Charleston, of which, we believe, capt Rodger is the commander, furnishes new source of encouragement. She sails nearly out of sight of the land,' sometimes ten miles from the shore, and has occasionally to tempt tbe dan gcrs of the deep in one of the most boisterous seas iu Ihe world. Beside these, there are the steam - boats which coast along the English seas from Dublin to Liverpool, from Loodoc to Paris, He. tic. Capt. Kodtrert, who conducts the en terprise, has been spoken of in the most favora ble term. The f rench government wished to eulitt hi services in a similar enterprise ; but wt hope that the United States dl be the first to reap the honor of such a scheme. It is intended. we understand, to us for fuel Die best mineral coal. Ihe vessel will be elegantly equipped lor pi m r jvrs. The gentleman, who gives us most of this iiiforaia'ion, expects to give tbe best proof of his own confidence to the safety and succe cf the entemnze, by taking a passage in herbinucU. PITTSBURGH, 'June 5. Farmer1 1 and Methanol Bank of Pttltbvrth Emmons, one of the men concerned in robbias; thn bank, ham;; ciut a fall cUsclosuce ol all the circumstances attending thU nefarious trans - icUon, anuajerof otr turet mpecUiUciU ieni, among whom "were stm e persons hot inter ested m the ttocK, descenacu uie vnio on i uw day night last about 44 mile below Htuburgh, to the spot where Hie note ana spetio worevou - cealed. After a search of a few minute, in a very unfrequented, wild place, the note of this. bank, presumed to amount to iirj.uiaj, auu - boot 1U00 in silver, were discovered concealed in tome natural excavation, under tome pro jecting rocks. The notet were much injured from damp, and the bag in Wiwcn uiey were coo - tamed bad become quite rotten, me tuver remained in the same boxes, which contained it iu the vault On a full confession oi tbe facts, it U established, that keys of the bank and vault were made by taking the dimensions of the key holes by measurement. The keys of the vault were never in Uwir possession, nor did they ev r see them in the possession of any body. I nc money recovered it not yet counted, but it is believed thftt the full amount lost to the bank will be some - thiug under three thousand dollars. Tbe medal of the cashier is not found. A full statement will be made in a few days. BALTIMORE, June 10. We understand that the latest nd vices from New - Orleans, represent it to be very sickly at thai place, and thut fears are entertained that t will be a fatal this as at tbe last season. The police of the city is represented to be extremely defective. . Cooa time far Bachelor nov but better time far Girl reminf . Bv the last census, there are in the United States 14,671 more females, than male be tween the age of 26 and 16 but between 16 and 10 the male exceed the females 19,859 , and of 10 years and under, the mnles also ex ceed the females 53,862 Girls will of course in a short time, be in good demand though the market appears to be well supplied at pre sent COMMUNICATION. Farewell ben'Jilt understand tint Mr. Darlcy takes tier farewell benefit previous to her departure for Philadelphia, on Monday even - iog. To enumerate the claims of this admirable actress on the New - York audience, is. at this time, superfluous ; and we trust that to ensure a full house, it is only necessary that it should ne known, that the proceeds are to be applied to her benefit. The nlavs selected for the evecins's entertain ment are, " Know your own Mind," the last and betof the comedies of Murphy, and the popular mclo - drania ol " The ralliojtu Cyrfe" 5 wmcn we should suppose possess in themselves, inde pendent of all other considr rations, sufficient at tractions to draw a full bouse. The lovers of the drama are here presented with an opportunity, which seldom occurs, cf rewarding professional merit, and at the tame time of enjoying an entertainment which i seldom surpassed in excellence ; while those who graduate the encouragement which they bestow on theatrical performers, by the scale ol domes tic virtue and private worth, have here an ob ject who is worthy of all their patronage. II. Errata. Some mistake occurred in printing Mr. King's speech from tbe National Intelligen cer, which should be corrected in tbe following uaouer : Instead of saying, (7th paragraph,) tbe FngUsh navigation act, wat pasted in the middle of the 14th century, it should have been the middle of the 17A century." For " English and India colonies,1 read 41 F.n glit Weil India eoioniei." For " according to the power of F.ngland, (in the ?d paragraph of conclusion,) read the "lair of England." In the 8th paragraph, the. following should have been the sentence complete : M Among the navigator and discoverers of the 15th and 10th centuries, the Dutch became highly distin guished, and by enterprize, economy und perse verance, made themselves the carriers of other nations, and their country the entrepot of Eu rope." , DIED, Thit mornincr, Edward Miller Kecsc, young est child of William Keese. Esq. this morning, altera distressing illness ot 8 months, in the 42d year ot her auje, miss Catharine Ebbels, daughter of the late Daniel Ebbett, Esq. of ihi city. The friends and relations of the family, are invited to attend her funeral, to morrow afternoon, at 5 o'clock, from the house of her nephew Thot. N. Stan ford. No. CI Hudson - street, without a more particular invitation. At Shrewsbury, (.. J.) on the 4th inst. air. Edward Smith, aged 50 years, Lite of the house of U br.e. Brothers & Co. At Flatbush, (L. I.) on the 10th i:tU after a Ion? illness, which he bore with the greatest christian patience, Rev. Peter Lowe, after a ministry of SO ars in that township. Kr&a.VO POST M.1RWE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Maria, Duplex, Amsterdam A Cranston te Co. Virginia, Rogers, New Orleans John H. Howland & Co Risiog States, Swinhurn, Savannah Griswold k Coate Brig Minerva, Meldrum, Smyrna iiaina a iiirnouu Alabama, Townsend, St Louis Ceo. Allen. Telegraph, Munro, Charleston Sclir Silvia, Crowe I, Boston Margaret Caswell, Charleston V aedewafcr, W heeler ii Co. Hero, Bailey, Savannah Sloop Fame, Arnold Providence Morgan, Roalh New London Venus, Cemitock, Providence Halcyon, Gardener, Providence Herald, Thorp, iWurfreesborough, Si C Vessels spoken uy the ship I noma IMtlsou, from New Orients, mentioned in our paper yester day as having arrived at the Quarantine Ground. May 15th, in the river, spoke brig Mary, of Newburyport, 5U day irom laibraitnr ; brig Waller. 69 divs from Baltimore : hris Lorenzo. 14 days from Havana ; sloop Gold HuutiPts, tC dkys from N York. 16th, schr Delight. 4 days from Charleston, rpcice at tea, may z?, in lai 27, 5, long 85, 14, ehr William, 4 day from N. Orleans, for Boston. 23d, lat 26, 43, Ion 8i, 44, brisr Wanderer, 54 dais irom Havre, lor iM. Ur leans. June 5, lat 32, 19, lone 70, 1, brie Ca - rohne. Fowler, days from Havana, lor boston, llclow, ooesehooner, unknown. ARKIVF.I LAST K V MiltiG. Brig Swan, Foster, 15 days from Matanzas, with sugar and molasses, to J W Ktisseu, anil Goodhue it Co. Sch Charles Henry. Tufts, 13 day from St. Bjrt with rum, &c. to G Smith. Smith and Mnbbell, J H Howland, and J 11 Fox. Left, Mav 29. schs Sarah Ann, Baldwin s Ann,. But ler j ship Amiable, Matilda, Myers, from Bor deaux, bound to Bordeaux t clieuecro boat Jo sep!u to sail me dy. Capt Todd, of Hath, Mr. Gordon, of Portland, and Mr. Arthur, ofj Nantucket had all died at St - Barts, and were all buried the same day. Sch Only Daughter, Luce, 6 days from Fre d crick sbunr. with flour, to Walsh & Galln - ghcr, A D Duff, J C Borland, 3 L Bawne, and other. Sch Bolina, Sylvester, 5 day from Haiti more, with rin. flour, fish, dry goods, coal, Ac to W W & J U Todd. I White k Co. aud others. Sloop Planter, Tew, 7 day from Savannah, with cotton, to VatuetvMettroii tl Cleemann. ft Desobrv. Meeker fc Kincr. and A Lelevre 7, passenger. On Thursday. ofT Barne - gat, spoke ship Mary Ann, 4 days from Boston fur Charleston. . ; . . " - ; Sloop Jay, Thompon, 48 hour from Norfolk, with flour, corn, &c. to Abm A Mover, owner, and C Beers 12 passengers. . Sloop Driver, Waterman, 4 dayt from Rich - mond, with flour, bound to Hartford 10 pas sengers. - - Sloop Adventure. Stedman, 4 days 'from Kennt - bcck river, with smoked salmon, to the master. Office of the Charleston Courief, i Frii'iiv mornins. June 5. 4 Arrived this niorninj, brie Catharine, W;lt - man. Wavar.a 6 days. United in company ivifh brie JoNn Howe, Bosquet, tor Phihdi'lphia. The following vessels suited this morning, and will no riruM pet to sen Bri Jns. Mniirop, Hull, for Provilen e, R.' 1' ; blop Vir;;inin Trader, Caswell, and Catharine, Cahlcr, for NVork, HAVANA, Mny S7 - Arrived, brig Mary Giiin, Blown, Boston S9 days. Mny Sfi Arrived, ship Columbia, Penn, Bristol, R. I. 20 days t brig Venus, Morn, Ntw - Yorkidajs. Office of the Union Philadelphia, June 12 - noon. Arrived, brig Forest Jenkins,' 17 days from St. Barts Rrig John Howe, Bosquet, 14 days from Ha vana. l'rig Astrra, Pryor, 12 days from Boston. British brig Julian, Richardson, 72 d&v from Guernsey, with 1C8 pasjwners. Brig; Alligator, 11 ill, jdaya from IS loik. Sch Jessy, Johnson, 3 days fi - om N Vol k Sloop Aurora, Barnard, 15 dayt from Nan tucket. Flbop Ospry, Drinkwater, 15 davt from St Andrew. Sloop Lively, Small, 3 days from Providence Sloop Caleb Strong, fc'tan wood, 13 d;n from Lubeck Sloop Superiour, Donncl!, 4 days from Charleston. No arrivals at the Lazaretto. Office of the Boston Patriot, June 1 1 noon. Arrived sch. Zeno, Howes, 40 days foin Rochelle. Sailed April 22 left no American vessels. Spoke May 10, lat 37 23, long 31 30. sch Amelia, King. 18 days from Livepnol fo Halifax. June 7, lat 42, lonir 62, sell Kambler, Blish, from Boston for Bremen. 9th, Cape Cod W N W 60 miles, sch ILrriet, of Dama - riscotta, lying to, blowing heavy. The fcchr Madeira - Packet, Atkins, tor Vudriraand Uo ton, tailed from Rochelle about 15 day previous to the Z - . - no. Sch Lydia Jt Mary, Johnson, 9 days Wn St. Jo! ins, (K. Florida) with live - oak timber for the navy. Below, ship Susan, 36 days from Uottenmirg. Brip Roxana, 42 day from Havre - de - Grace. 15 - itifh brig Hero, 5 days from St. John'. Brig HalUrd, from Lubec. Borrow, June 10 Arrived, sch Mary - Ann, Bevea, S d - yt from St. Jolint, (X. H.) The brig Comet, Hi 11, for N" Yo k ; Hiram, Bums, for Ooston Bluchcr, Squires, far Windsor aud i York ; and ch Friends, lane, f - r Ronton, had all tailed from St. Johns. The brig Antelope, Garrison, from N York, had arrived. rn Li iv 4 nn i i X XX XJ& X XlXLt. THI3 EVENING, JUNE 13, 1818, Will be presented, the lracdy of THE OH EC I A UAVUHTER. To which will be aildcd, the meln - drama of THE LVY.KEhPFJCS DAVOHTER. On Monday, Mr. Durley's benefit the come dy of Know your own Mind, and the Falls of Clyde. Lady Bell and LUen tofield, by Mrs. Darley. Jjr Performance to commence at balf past " o'clock, precisely. TO THB PCBL.IC. fr7 - MR. MAFFKY, Arist, Mechanician, Proprietor and Inventor uf the Metnoaoiphusit, Picturesque and Maritime Theatre Having performed at Philadelphia two months with great success, has tbe h"nor to tnfrin the public, that be bts recently arrived from Europe, where be ha displaced bi admirable treuery at all the principal court and capital cities in 1h.1t puarter of tlw e.lobr, and received the most flit tering ami distinguished marks 01 their grulinxa - tion and applause. Having visited this country in order to indulge tbe public currotit with tbe display of bi tal ents, he respectfully solicit from the inhabitants of New - York that patronage which tbey art - wont to attord to all those who have not abused the public confidence. lie will shortly commence his exhibition at the Washington Hall ; the preparation indispensable for orranizintr the mechanism of the Theatre, alone prevent him from appointing a certaio day for the opening. This entertainment consisti of PANTOMIME MACHINERY, Performed by Mechanical Figures two fi - e - t high, moving end acting with all the ease of sini mated brins. Inert wood seems to receive vital 'unctions in the hands of the directing artist. The richness and elegance of the costume and drapery snnM. The Interludes wnl be tilled with BALLETS end other DA - ( F.3 by the characters, who will perform with all t ie grace, dexterity and ease icai tne an re nuircs, end in the atvie of various nations, such as the German, r.ngfiih, Biscay., Spanish, Bre - toon, Turkish, Chines, French. Lc. accompanied ty a variety 0 Allegorical Metamorposes and Transliuratious, which w ill fill the spectators with delight and astonishment The tceuery is from.the bands of the most dis - tiuguiahed artists ; the correctness of the design, Ihe beauty of the colouring, tho elegance of the style, cannot fail to produce the moat happy and flattering effect. The changes are operated in the same manner as those of the Grand Open House at Pari, where Monsieur Mafey has asfistxd for 18 years. Iu these scenes the eye will be fascinated with the most sublime and picturesque prospects : such as, the grotto of St Patrick, iu Ireland ; a variety of views in Switzerland ; the garden of Chaine Braune, at Vienna ; the church of Notre Dame, at Paris ; the Place Vict 01 re ; an accieut vault; the superb palace of thednge of Venice ; an Acrian temple; the palace of Pluto; thn interior of the infernal regions ; the island of Si. Helena; the fort of Messina j battles on the lake, tic. For tbe first representation, persons who wirh to procure tickets beforehand will please apply at the office of Ihe Washington Hall. First places $1 ; second places oO cents ; chil dren 25 cents. Je 13 St NOTICE. ftJ All persons havins claims against the es tate of Jnmes Douglnss. stotiecuttt - r, deceased, are requested to prieert them without dby to Horace llolden, Eaq. No. 131 Fulton street, fur bdiuitment. Those who are indebted In said estate are infirmtd, that immedirde payment mutt he made ( pn - veM prrscci.tions. JOHN MKYHEtt, 1 WILLIAM SIUUP.J Executor. fAML. N. SHARP, ) Jel3 1w More prttt from Allen truly lucky vj)uc, j'o. IZi broadiecjf Ttjm Ticket No. 6756, cum? up the Grst drawn number yesterday in the Mil ford and Owco Load lottnrv, anJ was eutitlrd to a pnzc ol ore thousand dollui J. The fortunate ticket was soU to a captain of a Nurth River sloop, aud a farmer residing at Kingston, Ulster raunty. Ou FriJay last, No. 7771, drew - the prise of $10,000, both the prizes were sulJ, and the Inst one has been piid nt Allen's truiy lucky o.Tire. The grat prire of J"5.000 will be drawn ou tlie inst. Those who wish chsmces, are advised Id ap'Si at the prue scliu j cfiue; - J13 fry MILLS. Id IN TON & (Va. tab, ........ : Loudon made looking glacises, silvered and uusil. vered looking glass plates, tTruttals and Kidder. muiMer rarpeung ana rag, mahogany chairs pier tables, Grecian sofas, Pari paper hangings .. , ' . " - 'J - wrcgtu uimin. will take place on Tuesday next the 16th, at o'clock. I he roods will ha read v fnr Muni natiouon Monday murniug, and mar be viewed nnl,l th ,.r ...i . . Ftnailiar Ltctu. e upon English Qranmmu ffr The ulurrilwv will ol l.itmliar lectures unon FjifHih r.imm - .t a new class, composed exclusively of Ladies, on Mnnil'.fr tuiaf nlUT f'l 1 . x n,. 7' " irt - t will commence everyday at 1 - 2 past five the es Pnin? unit rnnlinnj. run Vk. - , , " " u uiuji nuiiiuttr is ioi tv : some clnsim rMmm ... w . q nil ii some less. C. M. INGLRSOI I. 13 ?t . ir 1 UK CATALOGUES. for I), Dunham o. vu n. 1 o.,iu v.wuB - u win fatte place in their store, 1 14 Pearl - street, on Tuesday morning, I6lhin.l.) will be ready for delivery early on Monday morning, and the goods prepared for examination. Iu this ucsortiatnt there are about 30 case fine and rommou hat, superfine, 2d aud common Lroad cloths, casimeret, a great variety (f English aud Scotch good', and a few bales India1 romall hdkfs, castor, &c. ' June 13 r. Fur UVEKPOOI ,J4 (To sail the 20th instant) it&ii The tbip CANTON, Richard Rolen. master. For freight of ISO bale of cotton. itsnaze. havinr rood accoin modal iotu. annl 1. the captain, on board, at pier no. 8, or to JCiJ A. UHAl - IK. U SONS. P.i JX tr E t)R LUfUOjV - Mx or seven passengers can be accom. L.mOk1alcd in ihm M.Iu nf f h r.mj..Li.. ud BritithbrirfSKEEN.tosaaforLondon&bout Stithiut - For terms, apply to capt Matoo, (oard, at Joue. - .' wharf, or to Uie u board aOBEUT GILLESPIP. June 13 IIS.Front.tL rr SAVJJ.WA1. ! j The packet brig LEVANT, Wood, master, will receive friiri,i,,..i nesday next, at which time the will n;t;.i sail. Apply on Ward at MorrsrVwhurf . ... THO. BARRON,, je 13 4t . 61 South - street A fk PRIME RICE, m. VF tierce prime Rice, landing from sloop Virginia Trader, from Charleston for sale by V. OblllUlVC Ci tU. Je13 ' - nC. H.sllp. KTG &z MEAD, 175 Broadway, nave Just received and now offer lor tale, one trvnk. containing ' .' ' "' " l lain and ugured India Mull Muslins Moll Muslin Shawls. Jonx. suuar and circu lar, rirhly tamboured . Mull and jaynsooiiiamDoured lidKIs. Mull Pelerines, richly tamboured . FJpgant Dresses . , Mull trimmings for insert iog Mull Cap Pattern and crown for infant's cap And, a few real Cashmire shawls, of very su perior quality. ALSO, I case hest htacn Italian l.ostnsgt . 3 do best black and col'd Nankin Crapet I do of rich fig'd Nankin do I do ol Terob'd Nankin Crape Oreuet, very rirh 1 do of do do do Square Shawl, 8 - 4 and 9 - 4 2 do of French Satin, assorted coloers . . 1 do of Green Levantine, double chain. . 1 do of green, changeable and black Florence 1 do of 8 - 4 White Merino Shawls, with rich mantle and deep palm and vine borders 1 do of 4 - 4 and 54 hdkfs. merino, snorted colour And, in addition to those above enumerated, they have a very extensive assortment of fancy and staple goods, which are offered uo their usual liberal Icms. JelSSt D1V1E fit.Ts.UNr, it CX ex S4'.C(ifijr House tlip, offer for tale - . . . . 150 hhdt. old and new Virginia TobskKa " 440 kegs menufnettrred do 6 and 8 bands " 18 casks altuni. 100 bbl. Spanish brown 40 boxes 1 - 3 X Tin Plate .... - . 30 bbl. refined alt petre 6U boxes superfine new mustard, in bottle 6 trunk Madras bdkf. handsome pattern hoe, ass'd No. ; cooper's adzes, axes, entitled to drawback 131 bale prime New Orleans cotton, - 8 casks fresh Madeira citron 30 casks Iibberf (tout, and pale ale 3 pipe, 3 bbd. old Madeira win ,', 6 hhds. Shags coffee I case Bengal indigo " ' ' 1 30 cases oil ol vitrol, aq'mfortis, spirit tJt 3U do aunlex extra double aquafortis 8K) qr. ke'irs best white paint id too dry white lead, queen' yellow, tea lead, copperas, lithnrte, whiting, grow camwoon, roll brimstone, red landers, lamp aad ivory black, ochres 65 cask Virginia, Carolina and weeditf trowellt, ship ndtet, frying pan 3 chain cable and hawsers 50 baskets assorted spike ' ' S case English super hats .. 30 hampers Bristol porter bottles 40 crates earthenware, eot. to drawback 550 pieces sail cloth, No. 1 to 8 '. 500 do heavy Dundee cotton bagging, twirl and common tacking, coffee and pimetto bagging . J '. 25 bales streiiti oonaburg ' ?,' 1 box Iriih liuen, No. 1 and SO . IS cases uper and extra super London clotb ami cassimere . S trunk ass'd poplins, liandaomepaiterat 3 boxes platillas, 4 d j im. Russia sbeeunfi 8 bales seine and sail twine, 1 do (cine 5 do farmer's and miller' bag 1 do ladies' cloth S boxe pint and balf pint tumbler 1 box toilet )ookin glasses , 51 casks white and S'eeo apothecaries phial assorted 200 qr. casks tower proof gunpowder ' 12 Hiisorted flints. Je 13 LMDEK BKAiNDt . w tmnel Cidtr r - dy, jurt received, for ale by ANSON. U. rai - hrs, Je 13 .183 Front treet COTTON. 92 bale.. New - Orlean Cotton, landing fitra khip' Thomas Nebon, from New - Orlean. In store, 150 bales do. for sale by N. ti. D. TaLCOTT, ie 13 64 South - street. k'LOl'R 490 bbl. upernne Virginia in J Id A n MuLllinrL rM - 'd PeT L Hi. UU UIIC UiF. JV W V , v.u . . . sehrOulv Daushter, from Fredericksburg, wr uieby . WALSH U GALLAGHfcn, ou ouiu'" - In Store. . . 500 bbl. Richmond upf. Flour, branded way Creek, Variety Mills , , 3ol dr r iederiekslmrg. do LINEN6. - 2 cases 4 - 4 Liuens, received per V enus, and for ale by HURU tc SEWAU, je 13 . 65 South - street MUSIAKD. 50 boxet fine new Mustard, just received from Hull, for side by D. BETHUNE Si tu - . jcl3 92 C. m - i RAfa. im IIE newly invented patent Box Trap. at Itfl VV ntpr - sirret. ' 'i, KEN I Lt.KV TOBACCO. - 44 hbds, I . ,11.1. I'nhiCCO. will n O i .lo .1 Tmm.Lv. from tne ship mom" N el .on, from N c w - OrlMii. for sale by - ROBERT GILLESPIE, je 13 ' 112 Frott - treet 7 GOi'S'iVCK tvofAi, &f - U trunk of Wtdstock gloves, drawn eeasn, assorteJ colon , - , " .J 10 dozen Norway doe purses, . ."rT. 20 doeeo Norway do leather, for wiustco breeches. Sic. astorted wliite Mdylw For uli by ' GEO. M. WILSON, I JeW " ' 13QWattlV

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