The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 30, 1934 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 30, 1934
Page 4
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1 1 OUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 30 1934 WORTH VETS TO MEET TUESDAY Speakers for Joint County Legion and Auxiliary Session Named. MANLY, April 30 A joint meeting of American Legion posts and auxiliary units of Worth county will be h«ld Tuesday night, May 1. to the Legion hall here. Speakers will include Mrs. Katinka Hansen of Eecorah. 'district president; Mrs. Myrtle Sieverling of Northwood, fourth district committee woman; Paul Thonn, past county commander; Fred Logeman of Manly, fourth district vice commander, and G. B. Cress, formerly state director of highway safety for the American Legion. Entertainment will be furnished by Northwood, Manly and Grafton. Refreshments and dancing will follow the program. Peter Skram of Grafton is county commander and Mrs. Matt Mullin of Manly is county president. Mason City Order of Rainbow in Ritualistic Ceremony in Northwood NORTHWOOD, April 30.--Forty members of the Order of the Rainbow belonging to the Mason City assembly-came to Northwood Saturday evening and demonstrated the ritualistic .work of the order at the Masonic temple. They were accompanied by Mrs. Laura Lenz, mother advisor of the Mason City group, several members of the advisory board and other members of the Eastern Star order from Mason City, Manly and Clear Lake. Miss Gwendolyn Hunter of this city, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. aunter, was the candidate for the evening. Following the ceremonial light refreshments were served in the dining rooms of the temple. A 17 year .old boy was killed recently when he fell from a New York bridge on which he was 'stunting." HONORS DIVIDED IN TOURNAMEN Commercial Contest Honor Won by Spencer, Algona and Emmetsburg. · EMMETSBURG, April SO.--Em metsburg high school won first j the novice typing, class, Spence first in the amateur typing and nov ice shorthand, and Algona first i the amateur shorthand, at the sec tionaJ tournament held here Satur urday afternoon. High individual honors went to Marie Doyle o Graettinger, whose speed was 5 words a minute, and to John Kell of Emmetsburg for the least num ber of errors, hia record revealin only six. Towns represented at th meet were Algona, Bode, Burt Graettmger, Hartley, Emmetsburg Spencer and Ruthven. The weather bureau at Asheville N. Car., says the snowfall ther last winter was the lightest in 12 years. REPORT AS OF MARCH 5, 1934, OF CORPORATIONS WHICH, UNDER THE TERMS OF .THE BANKING ACT OF 1933, ARE AFFILIATES OR HOLDING ' COMPANY AFFILIATES OF FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mason City, Iowa Charier No. 2574 Federal Retferre District No. 7 BT REASON OF COMMON OWNERSHIP OR CONTROL DIRECTLT OR INDIRECTLY VESTED IN NORTHWEST BANCOETORATION OR THROUGH INTER-LOCKING DIRECTORS (ThH report is made In *m»UuM vltb tbt noimnmif *f the Banking Ael of ISS) . Atldrus function of Bcainess Stock Stock Amount - Borwr- of of on Loans inss Dem* Aflillttffd Other Deposit to Tram of Bank Banks In AflJ]- Affiliated Affiliated Control Ownrt OWDKJ IfttrfBani Bank Bant Percent Otbe? items Rcflect- in* Re- Verified bj AUSTIN STATE BANK Austin, iCaacsoU General Banklnn 'MORRISON COUNTY STATE SAME. Bowlus, Mtnn.--Oenemi Banking ONIOK STATE BAWIC, Browns Valley, Ulan. General B*nklns DODGE U^'Tt:fl STATE BANK, Dod*e Center, Minn. General Banfctne BANK OP ELK UTTER, EH: Biter. Minn. General Banklnc STATE BANK OF LAKE PAKE, LlkB Park, Minn. General Bantloz SCANLAN-HABDERSTAD BK. Tit. CO.. LaneSbOrn. Minn,--General Bantlnt and Trust Business ROCK COUNTY BANK, Larcrne. Minnesota General Banking SECOND N. W. STATE BANK, Minneapolis, Minn. QeneriU Banking UNION STATE BANK, HontCTld-O, MlnnWOU Gcncnl Banklnf STATE BANK OF NORTHPTCLD, Worthfleld, Minn. General BanUn£ ' NORTHWESTERN STATE BANK, QrtooTiUe, Ulna. General Baakinr FARMERS STATB BANK, Osaeo. Minnesota General Banklnr SECURITY BANK 3: TRUST CO.. Owatonoa, Minn. General Bantlas and Truit BtHunna AMERICAN STATE BANK, Richmond, MtfflttOt* General Banldnff STATE BANK OP ROCKYTLLE, BOCtrfllC. LUnn. General Banking NORTH WKSTTRN STATB BANK. Bt. Paul. Mlnn. General Banking UNION STATE BANK, Bttik Rapids, UUuwocti. General Banklns MURRAY COUNTT STATE BANK, SUyton. Minn. General Banking USION STATE BANK. Ttld BiTU Palls. Minn. General Banklnc r,".RMEBS MERCHANTS STATE BANK, Tracy. Minn.--General Banklne STATE BANK OF VIRGINIA, Virgin*. MlnnMot* .General Banktne ' PIMPLES STATE BANK, Waited. Mltmetota General Banttnz UNION STATE BANK. Edmote, North Dakota, in liquidation NORTHWESTERN BANK OP GRAN7ILLE, Granrille, N. D.--IB liquidation FARMERS STATE BANK. Haddock, North Dakota General Bantine STATE BANK OP STARKWEATHER, fitartweather. V, D.--General Banking BROOKINGS COUNTY BANK, BrocfclngS, fi. D. Oesenl BaniJni: HORTHWE6TERN BANK OP GREGORY, Gregory. S.»! Banking BAKE OP SPEARFISH, Sp«rnah, South DafcffU General Banking MADISOK VALLEY SANK, Enoij. Montana General Banilnc HILL COUNTY STATE BANK, Havre. MonUm SOUTHWESTERN BANK £ TRUST CO.. LewlltOTn, Mont.--General Bunking and Trust Business FIRST STATE BANK, Malta, Montana- itANHATTAN STATE BANK. Manhattan, Montana General Banting BANK OF BULBS CITY; MUefl City. Montana General Backing MINERS MERCHANTS BANS, Boondup, MOnttna General BantJae BANK OP SHERIDAN. Sheridan, Montana aeneral Banklnc BERLIN STATE BANK, Berlin, Wisconsin General Banking KORTHWEST SAVINGS BANK, Mason City, IC-H* General Banking SECURITY STATE BANK, Norfolk. NcSraik* General Banking SOUTH OitABA SAVINGS BANK, Omaha, Kebriski General Eaailarj SECURITYOTBURAMCE AOEHCY, Paribault, m^t, GRAY HOLDING COliPANY. Minneapolis, Minn. Handles Real Estate Other Assets CENTRAL COMPANY, Minneapolis, Minnesota Handles Real Estate Insurance NORTHWEST LIVESTOCK: LOAN CO., Minneapolis, Minru--Handles Livestock Leans NORTHWESTERN BANK BLDG. CO., Minneapolis, Minn.--Owns i: Operates Bank Building BO. SIDE INSURANCE AGENCY INC., Minneapolis, *tir)Ti T --Insurance Agency MINNEAPOLIS NATL CO.. Minneapolis, Minn. In UQuldatlOn OWJON PARK LAND COMPANY, Minneapolis. Minn. Handles Mortcagcs tTKION BCVESTUENT COMPANY, MLoneapc^l:, Minn. Handles Mortezges EKPHIE KA11ONAL COMPANY. St. Paul, Mhm. ssdia Bfii EstAta * otner Assets STOCK TAHDS MORTGAGE CO.. Bo. St. Panl, Minn. Handles Real Estate Insurance AMERICAN NATL INSURANCE AGENCY, Valley City, K. D.--Insurance Agency WAT*L BANK INVESTMENT Co:, HCTOT, s. D. Handles Real Estate Operates Panfc Btrildfnj PIBST NATIONAL AGENCY, WatertOTra, B. D. Insurance Agency ITHST NATIONAL WAREHOUSE co., DUIOT, Mom. "Warecotislttz (ioactlre) MONTANA LIVESTOCK LOAN OO,. Helena. Mont, Handles Livestock Loans SPQEAKE EASTERN COMPANY, Spokane, Whinftqa Security Business STATE FINANCE COMPANY. Spokane, WaahlJDKlOT "FARMERS GRAIN SUPPLY CO.. HStiCES, KeSraaka Marketing OrcnlxatJon lor Fanners CONTINENTAL COMPANY, Lincoln. Ncbraeta Conducts R*al Estate. Ins. Inr. Business ^CONTINENTAL NATIONAL CORPORATE OX. Lincoln, Neb.--Handles Real Estate Other Assets CATTLE FEEDERS LOAN co., INC,, Omaha, N*r«k* fiattdte Livestock: Loans THE PARWS COMPANY. Omaha, Neb. Handles Heal Estate UNITJ5D STATES NATIONAL COMPANY, Omaha, Neb. Handles Real Estate and Other Assets "DBS MOINES NATIONAL CO.. Des MolEM. tart Handles B«al Estate and Other Assets IOWA NATIONAL BLDO. COMPANY. DM MdnM, IKW Orms Operates Old Bnfc Bullions 1OWA-DES MOINES BLDG. CO., DCS Motntt, lor* Qvra Operates Bank Eldjr. JACKSON INVESTMENT COMPANY, Dec MolECS, lova Handles Real Estate STOCKHOLDERS INVESTMENT CO., Dts Molnts, Iiwa HtndJca Real Estate SUTLER INVESTMENT OOKPANY. Des Molncs, Io*a Handles Real Estate CONSOLIDATED SECURITIES CO., Dtffi MoUlte, lov» Handles Real Estate ENTERPRISE BU1LDJNG COMPANY, DM Molcts, lOTfc Handles Real Estate NORTHWEST HOLDING CORPORATION, MftSOU Cltf, Iowa--Handles Real Estate ft Other Assets RORTHWESTBAHCOKPORATIOW, Minneapolis. Minn. Owns or Controls, DJrecUy or Indirectly, Capital Stocfc of Banks and Otbcr Corporation.! CAffllJstad by rea*on of inler-loeUne director ·fllUatKl through inler-loeklns dlrsctors None Kon» Won* None None Wane Non« Hone None Ntmt None NOBB None Hont Kcn« Hone None Hont None Kone Hone Kone None "None HODS None HSOB Boot I* one Hoae Kane Hont Kone J-'cne Kane Kone None None Hone- None None Fone Kane Won* None Mow None Koat Kane JtOllB Kone Kone Kens Hone Kont Kone Nona N«» Kone Kone Hone Nona KOC3 Mone . None Nose None None Nont None Noni None Koni None Nona Nont None None None Kone None Hone None Kon* NOM ' Ken* None Tfona None 'None None None Kone Hone Kone NOB* How Nona None None None Kone Mono If one none Kone None Wsne None None None None None None Kone Kone None None None None None HOP* Kone None None None none Kone -Mon* None Non* None NOB! None None None NoM Son* Xone None None Kane None None NOQI None None Now None Now Moo* None Non« NfiQA Nona Nont Hone None None Ntac None Nona Kone Won* Hone Kone None None Nw« Wone Wont Mont Kone None None None None Ncn* None Noes Ncns None *8,st!2.U None Kcoe Kone h'one Hone None None Hont None None «03* Mont None None Ncae NOHV None iicne «00! None Nona None Sons Ixoae Kone Honfi Ncno Kone None None None Nont Kone Hon* Hone Kdot Rote None If OBI None Hon* None NOOK None Ken* Won* Mont HOnt Woo* Mont Kooa Hone None None Kon« Kone Nona Xoo* «wi None Koa« Hcna Men* Koae Kone Sons None None None KOTIB None Ncnft Nofii Kone Soce Won* None Kona Hwie Hone Kone None Voat None Kone Hone Hont None Koae Kooc Kens' None Konc Kone Kone Kon« Nc»6 Kone Kone Kone Xon* Hoa* Kens Honfl None NOD* S«w None None Moo* Won* None None Hone HOD* Kone KOD* Non* Moot NOEM) Kent · Kooi None Hcce Kone Kent Hoot Kone N«o* Wone Hon« None Kdne Koae Koee JMce Xaoe Hcoo KceiB i?one KOD* None KOce K/OOft Nont Koae None ."tone Xont $55,933.45 None N'Ofil None None, KCDft - JfOBB Xcne 5*onc Noqe KOn* None Ntme .None Son* 'one None NWe None NOTE Kone Kcae Hone None IMac Son* Nona Wone Soae 3X9,000.60 Soofl Font Kone 'None KOD* None None Kone None None None Kcop None Kone .KMd None None- Kone Moot VOOB If one Hone 3!ni ncse Kone Neat Kone Kooe Wcne Hone Hon. None McEt None Noas Xoat Sen* Mm« Hoc* None None Nome KrJe Kon« None Host Kent None None None Kone None Nont Hone NODI HOB: Hont Hone Koa« None KOD 6 None None Vtms Kone Koae Kane Hone None KODB Kaae Kont Ron* 91.1 None Kon* nmu NOD* None None None None KOU None NOT, Xcn« Kone None Kong None Kone None Kone Mono None Nona Kone Kone None None None None None Noao I4ofte None None None Sono Kone None Noce fKont Kone Mose L. H. WlUlara*, Cashier H. C. Wuerti. Cashier K. P. Doninj. Cashier H, R. Whltner. · Cashier Charles H, Bade, Cashier XL A. Clemens, Cashier O. B. Knndg«D. Vlee-Prea. C, D. Willnrd. Vlcfc-Pres. Carl P. Gerber, Cashier C. C. Eikjer, Cashier 3. A. Nctlan«, CaebJer O. B. schneek. President A. P. TIechtman. Cashier Paul H. Erans, President Anton B. Rlelad, Cashier o. P. Elekhoff, , Cashier P. M. Blomqulat. tlce-Prep. Oscar Krlet, Cashier A. D. Week, Vlce-Pres. Leon J- Kaliher. Vlce-Prea. OxerL. Johnson. Cashier J, E. Kanldn. Prcsldint Qeo. O. Kafforla, Cashier Oswald Braaten. Caohler S. E. Rogers. CashiEr C. I. Erstad, Caahlet O. M. Lofgrta, Cashier D. H. Ltshtner, President K. B. McKeo. President! VT. E. Dlckej, O. n. Ruble. Vlce-Pres. Brooia Hartman. Vlce-Pres. P. 7T. Hall, Prea. L. D. Moritf . Cashier H.E. PJchsri Cashier D. J. tmsdaa, Cashier K. W. nowlter, President W. G. Bibcock, " President C- S. Thompson. casnier R. E-'MonLesm- err. vlce-Frcs- . A. J. Hallas. Vice-Prea. Louis PeavcT. Agent O. W. Aurand, Pres. E. L. Forsithe, Pits. R, f, Mactaviah. Treas. G. E. Uaiten. Tress. A. A, McRae. President C. E. Hill. Sec'y Then. Albrecht. Pres. Tteo. Alhrecht, Pres. C. T. D«don, ' - . , Sec'7-Treaa. B. M. Houeea, Agent Geo. O, Fnllln- rdder, Prw. ». D. Goeplert. J. K. GCbert, tNons Pres- A. T. Hlbfaar*. Nont Prea. L. G. Musser. j,*one Ass'c Sec'j-Treas, Gto. H. Westercun. Hans secretary R. R. Vance, »Kone Sec'y-Trcas. Howard Hadky. fNon* Vice President T- B. Strain, »Hodi Scc'y W. H, DrtMlef , ?Kon« Seer. Ulnnla Phaien. None Sec'y Ulnnla Phalen, None Sec'y Hubert L. Horton. tNcne tKcm* H. O. TVllsoa. Sec'j-Treaa. B.I.. Carton, TrtM, R. If. Carson, · Asst. Scc'T R. L. Carson. Treas. R. It. Carson, Treaa. Victor H. Pulia, Eceretar/ R. P. Stnlth, Secretary *lUi lie local back.) nth Itc local bank.) Commencement Exercises a u « a * * Risse of St. Ansgar to Speak at Grafton; Orchard to Hear Solem of Osage; Buthman of Belmond to Talk to Graduating Class at Alexander; Gates Will Give Commencement Address at Program in Lawler. GRAFTON, April 30.--H. F. Rlsse, superintendent of schools at St. Ansgar, will deliver the comence- ment address of Grafton high school May 24. The conv mencement ser- |mon will be given jby the Rev. Carl L a n d d e c k of [Grafton on May !0. The valedlc j t o r i a n of the class is L e o n a 'eldt and the sa- ilutatorian is Roland Baumann. Students w h o ·ill be graduated iare K e n n e t h Walk, president; Roland Baumann, H, F. RISSE Vernon K u n t z, jeona Feldt, Harry Rapath, Armand Wahl, Frank Walk, Mildred Koehler. Members of the school board are N. A. Wagner, president; Otto Juechele, Alfred Bruesewitz, Alfred Schmidt, E. M. Glassel; secretary, 'ohn Koci. The high school faculty consists of P. B. Norris, superintendent, U. 3. Musel and Marjorie Bang. Solem Will Speak. ORCHARD, April 30.--Local high school commencement exercises will be held May 24. The commence- rnentt speaker will be the Rev. Mr. Solem of Osage. The commencement ermon, May 27, will be given by the Rev. P. J. Smith of Orchard. The school board is composed of Terence Grisleson, president; · Waler Wetter, Howard Lack, Lancy Lewis, Pete Behrens. Members of the high school faculty are H P. Graeber, superintendent; Charles Hill, principal, and Ruth Dunkleberg. Students to be graduated are Lola 'eterson, Marion Ford, Kenneth lovey and Robert Lock. Will Hear Buthman. ALEXANDER. April' 30.--Alex- under high school commencemen exercises will be held May 23. Th Rev. Mr. Buthman, pastor M. E church, will speak. The commence ment sermon May 20 will be give by the J. B. Frerlcks, Alexander pastor of the Reformed church. On the school board are G. R Richards, president; Herman Braun Lewis Bell, Hllko Pals and Loui Peters. Members of the high school fac ulty are Clyde D. Mease, superin tendent; Alfred M. Gowan, prin cipal; Adela Schroeder and Verla Liebing. Diplomas will be awarded t Lloyd Buterbaugh, Ellis Myers Florence Miller, Alvina Ostendorf Llewellyn Dunn, John Dunn, Ann Margaret Croft, Marvin Klinefelte and Esther Pals. Planned at Lawler. LAWLER, April 30.--Lawler high school will hold commencement ex ercises Wednesday, May 23. The speaker will be Bruce F. Gates o; Gates Business college, Waterloo. The valedictorian Is Ruby Briti and the salutatorian, Madonna Miller. The members of the school board 'e William Corrlgan, president Charles McKone. Jerome Kelly, Ear O'Connor, John Murray. On the high school faculty are J. H. Kellogg, superintendent; Miss Ella Boland, Mrs. Pauline O'Connor Charles Murphy and Miss Genevieve Murray. Students to be graduated are Ernestine Bennett, Ruby Brltt, Louis Blazek, Mae Porter, Madonna Goss Madonna Miller, Madonna Feeney, Flavia Lynch. Catherine O'Connor. Catherine Murphy, Catherine Mertz, Mary Taylor, ^eanette Goheen, Leo Saltzmann, Woodrow Saltzmann, Leonard Carlon, Ann Morris, Ray Morris, Beatrice Schumann. CHARLES CITY NEWS Vew Tire Meeting Modem Problems The modern automobile is re- ponsible for the greatest tire our mpany has ever made," declared oe Daniels, local dealer for the oodyear Tire and Rubber company. "Present day cars with · their Teater speed, faster getaway and lore powerful brakes for quick ops have produced a problem in re wear which has been solved by oodyear engineers in the newly in- oduced G-3 tire," he asserted. "The new tire, with its flatter ead, longer non-skid design, wear, ower 'heel and toe' wear and great- safety with more non-skid blocks n the tread, has met and whipped e problem presented by the mod- rn car," Mr. Daniels concluded. I hezefer eortlf? that I hare extsitaed the se-^rtte report* of tho ftfilUfttJs ind holdlnr eomp*n7 affiliates described in thfi tbot« oule and that each such report 13 verified br tho officers named In c*ld seaetiales in the lollowlne fora: «) , of (naaie 9t tffUUrte) .,,, do sltmnly STear that the ibore sUtsnent It true to th» beet o: air . ^ ^ _ u a j R C and belief.'' O'ctulil Sot) O. A. BU15LOW. Koten Public, H«pui!»in. Coynty. Minn Mr ecEuntssloa ccpiw* Octobt? ?rfi, IBM. flrs. Fuller to Give Charles City Lecture CHARLES CITY, April 30.--Mrs. Merten L. Fuller, Peoria, HI., will give an Illustrated lecture in the Congregational church Monday evening. May 14, under the auspices of the City Improvement association. Her subject will be "American Gardens of .Today." Two years ago Mrs. Fuller talked on English gardens and she illustrates her talks with colored slides of pictures takec by herself. Mrs. Fuller is a landscape architect and has appeared before clubs in Des Moines and other cities in Iowa Through Mrs, M. W. Ellis, president of the City Improvement association, invitations to clubs in other towns in the county will be extended to attend Mrs. Fuller's lecture. Girl Club Leaders Will Meet to Plan Rally Day CHARLES CITY, April 30.--Miss Fannie Buchanan from the extension service will meet with girls' club leaders and representatives of the different girls clubs Thursday to help them make plans for rally day. Mrs. Bakke, state 4-H girls' leader, said many interesting things have been worked out for Rally day this year. Miss Buchanan will meet with each club separately and help it plan a part of the program. The meeting will be held in the county sgenuts office in Charles City. Entry Date Extended. CHARLES CITY, April 30.--The home project committee decided to extend the entry date for the yard and garden contest to May 15 due to the fact that it felt that the contest had not been sufficiently advertised. Leaders Will Meet. CHARLES CITY, April 30.--The last training school for the girls' club leaders for this year will be held next Monday, May 7 with Miss Florence Forbes from the extension service in charge. CHARLES CITY BRIEFS CHARLES CITY, April 30.--Most of the members of the Charles City Dental club will go to Cedar Rapids tomorrow to attend the Iowa State Dental convention. Dr. R. H. Koenlg and Dr. A. L. Miller will take part on the program. The Floyd, Mitchell and Chickasaw organizations of the W. C. T. U. will hold an institute in this city May 12. The Charles City Male chorus will go to Cresco tomorrow night to sing a program at the request of all the churches in the city in observance of music week. This is the fifth out of town appearance for the chorus this winter. The Rev. Louis Ellinger of Brighton, HI., will hold a aeries of special meetings in the Orchard Congregational church beginlng May 6 and ending May 20. Kuthford Davis of Marble Rock is recovering from an operation in the Cedar Valley hospital. Dr. J. Arthur Young, district superintendent, will preside at the quarterly conference at the First M. E. church Wednesday evening. Supt. and Mrs. P. C. Lapham and Miss Fannie B. Howell attended the conferences of school administrators in Des Moines last Friday. Mrs. Emma Tbiel who has been living with her son, the Rev. Frederick Thiel of Marble Rock, will move back to Charles City and occupy her house west of the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Henry returned from Minneapolis last night where they visited their daughters, Mrs. Harold Henley and Mrs. Alfred Burr! and families. Judge Clark Resumes Court in Charles City CHARLES CITY, April 30.-Judge J. J. Clark continued the third week of court today. The case of Mrs. Catherine Clay, administra- trix of the estate of Helen Clay, against Mei-lin Brewer, Clyde Gifford and George Gifford, will probably be settled. Helen Clay was killed near Devonia a year ago while entering a school bus driven by Brewer. Clyde Gifford who was driving a truck for the county, ran over her as she was getting on to the steps of the bus. George Gifford owned the truck which made the three men defendants in a $35,000 damage suit. It was tried during the February term of court and a jury returned a verdict for $8,000. This was set aside by Judge T. A. Beardmore and a settlement of the case is pending. League Elects Officers. CHARLES CITY, April 30 New officers elected by the Epworth league of the Central M. E. church are: President, Irene Lessin; vice president, Marie Immer; second vice, Tola Lessin; third vice, Myrtle Lusk; fourth vice, Robert Auringer; secretary, Mike Micich; treasurer, James Stiehl; pianist, Evelyn Slack. DANCE AVALON BALLROOM Sunset Inn. Manly TUESDAY, MAY 1 MAY DAY DANCE Bemiss-Wadsley Harmony Kings Saturday, May 5 SPIDER KIRTH AND HIS ORCHESTRA Ladies 26c Gents 41c BUICK CARAVAN ARRIVES IN CITY Will R e m a i n Here Unti Tuesday Night, Says F. J. Olson. The Buiok caravan arrived in Mason City Monday morning am will remain here at the Blrum-Olson company, 316 North Federal avenui until Tuesday night, according to Fred J. Olsoa, manager of the loca concern. The caravan constitutes a display of the finest cars Buick builds, the series 90, with 116 horsepower motor and 136 inch wheelba^e chassis, and the series 60, with 100 horsepower motor and 128 inch wheelbase chassis. An extensive line of body models in these groups, featuring new colors and styles, is being displayed at the local company's showrooms during the two day special exhibit Trained drivers are on hand al the Birum-Olson company to demonstrate the new Buicks and to explain the many interesting features of their construction and operation Moreover, anyone who wishes tc drive the new car will be afforded an opportunity to do so. It is the aim of the Buick caravan to place cars in the hands of those who wan! to learn more about the qualities of Buick. To accomplish this objective cars are being "loaned" to anyone wishing to try them out for themselves, according to Manager Olson At Mason City THEATERS By R. J. P. GEORGE KAJFT IN LEAD IN "BOLERO" "Bolero," with the smooth work- ,ng George Raft in the leading role, begins a four day run Tuesday at the Cecil. Carole Lombard, Frances Drake and Sally Rand play the 'eminine leads in this story of the ife of an internationally famous dancer who made it a rule never to :aH in love with his dancing partners, but finally broke over. e * * The bill which runs through Tuesday at the Palace has excep- ionally high entertainment value. \V. C. Fields ig, of course, outstanding. In this picture, "You're Telling Me," Fields' feature act is ut on when he is called upon to Irive the first ball from the tee at the new golf course. "This Man Is Mine," the second 'eature, provides excellent lines and clever, light comedy for Irene )unne, Constance Cummings, Kay "ohnson and Ralph Bellamy. The Fields film has just enough plot as background for the star's antics. « £ « STRAND BILLS DOUBLE FEATURE The Strand has billed a double eature for its midweek attraction, with Constance Bennett in "After 'onight" and Charlie Ruggles in ''Goodbye Love." The first picture leals with a man and woman, members of opposing espionage orces, who finally get together after much trouble and many nar- ow escapes. Continental Europe and the World war provide the set- ing. Charlie Ruggles' picture is quite food, casting him in the role of a "lutler who goes on a short spree losing inadvertently as an African iig game hunter. * # * Warren William and Allen Jen- dns put on a good show in "Bed- Ide," with William as a fake phy- lician and Jenkins as his publicity man. The film plays Tuesday and Wednesday at the Iowa theater. * * Bing Crosby heads the cast of 'We're Not Dressing" which comes o the Cecil theater Saturday for a 4 -day run. Carole Lombard, Burns and Allen, Ethel Merman and Leon Errol are in support. * * * LOUISIANA BAYOU LIFE SHOWN ES "LAZY RIVER" A jail break, a double Grosser, and i romance are all parts of the life of he people of the Louisiana bayou listrict shown in "Lazy River,' which starts a three day engagement Wednesday at the Palace. Lobert Young and Jean Parker head :he cast. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., has the op billing in "Success at Any I Mat, 16c Eve. 21c IOWA LAST TIME MONDAY iDinc. GOIBTTTOUNO NILS ASTHE9 I HAKITZA STARTS TUESDAY with JEAN MUIB WARREN WILLIAM STARTS THURSDAY TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME CLARK GABLE Mf- tier/pence/ One tlighr FRANKCAPR/W^J SENTENCED TO JAIL Art J. Smith (above), commander of the Khaki Shirts of America, was sentenced to three to six years imprisonment in Now York for perjury In connection with testimony he gave a grand jury Investigating the killing of Antonio Fierro last July. (Associated Press Photo). Price," the second feature on the program. * * * "It Happened One Night," deserving top ranking among the year's productions, will have Its Mason ilty premiere when it begins a six day engagement Thursday at the Iowa. OLD TIME DANCE Sunset Inn, Manly Thursday, May 3 WEBBER'S ACCORDION BAND Admission 25c MASON CITY'S GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT Bargain! 2 MORE SHOW FOR LESS MONEY Big First-run Pictures On the Same Program Mat. 21c Eve. 31c --AND-- I lB§aunne^| C O N S H N C f CUMMINGS RJLPH BfllAMt K A T J O H N S O N . £A · '"7 CHEEVER BURIED AT CLARKSVILLE Aged Resident I* Survived by Wife, Daughter and Three Sons. CLARKSVILLE, April 30.--Funeral services were held Monday afternoon for Francis Marion Cheever, 78, who died Saturday afternoon. Rites were held at the home in charge of the Rev. R. B. Fisher of the Community church. Mr. Cheever was born at Vernon, N. Y., May 24, 1855 and came to Clarksville with his parents when he was 17. Surviving are his widow, formerly Liilie Ann Ackerman; daughter, Mrs. Norman Marquard of Shell Rock; sons, Edward of Waterloo; Charles at home, and Roscoe of Allison; six grandchildren, five brothers. Edward of Langloo, Ore.; George of Waterloo; James of Hib- bings, Mo.; Alpha of Phoenix, Ariz., and Clarence of Waverly. CARNIVAL DANCE ARMORY TUESDAY, MAY 1 ROLLO SISSEL and Bis Seven Royal Rhythm Racketeers ADMISSION 26c Per PERSON PLUS Ic TAX DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM Tues.-Wed.-Thur. Myrna toy "Penthouse" FEATURE NO. 1 Mat 16c, Eve Sic C H A R L I E RUGGIES m THE BIO IAUGH RIOT With Verre Teasdale Sidney Biackmer Phyllis Barry FEATURE NO. 2 Now With 'GILBERT ROLAND Entrancing! . . . In the story of a beautiful spy in a war- crazed country! STARTS TUESDAY! SALLY RAND THE ORIGINAL FAN DANCER THAT MADE id CHICAGO WOMDS FAIP_ FAMOUS "Bolero" danced by a man whose burning heart sought what one gorgeous w o m a n a f t e r another c o u 1 d n't give him! Mills Blue Rhythm Band News SAT.--BING CROSBY in "We're Not Dressing"

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