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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1818
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Jt II i IV Kentucky Tobacco, - landing from schr. r riiciun, wm uuu curling sup, lor saio at a Washwgton tt. CuAS. L. OGOEN A my 27 ABR.OGDEN. NUKSE WANTED. A RESPECTABLE middle aged woman is wanted as an attendant and nurse to a eick lady. Apply at my 2H tl no. 45 Kose street. LOST, ON Saturday, a hundred dollar bill of the U. S. Branch Bank of Savannah Fifteen dol lars reward will be paid to the finder on hit leaving it at this office. June 1 DOMESTIC f'OTJOJf OOUlJS, SEVERAL cases of bleached and unbleached cotton shirtings and sheetings, of an excellent quality, with other domestic goods just received and for sale on reasonable terms by WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, 197 Pearl - street, up stairs. Also, a quautity of Mitlinetts. jiine 2 SUPER COMPANY FLAG IIUKKS. Elegant patterns, lor sale by my 30 M A RCH & LOW. 210 Broadway. A LKXAiDKIA FLOUR 46 barrels, for IV sale by ROBERT G1LLEUPIE, Je5 112 Front - street 1 BANKs, Law Bookseller and Stationer, JL. has remorrd his store from Wall and Broad streets to the corner of Nassau ftc Spruce stieets, where will be fnuud the greatest v ariety of law in tiles' ate. For particulars, tee list of New Law Books, published in the Evening Post and Columbian. Alto, a general supply of the most approved Ivhw uiauMS, on nne paper and tjanasonieiy exe cuted. Printing and bookbinding, in all its branches, neatly and promptly executed, on the most line rnlterm Je5 2w PV. LEDYARD AC CO. No. 104 Pearl - st. have on hand an extensive and complete assort merit ol Hardware, coniiatiug of Waldron' prime jjrais and corn scythe Steelyards ; trace chain Carolina hoi ; fine gum ; anvils Vice ; frying pans Stiaw and hay i'.nivea st? .y haod nudj English shovels ; patent plaue irons Adze, chisaels, gouges Patent ost conVe mills Files rasps, hinges ; nrews, hammers Iron, brass and plated candlesticks PUttd cruets Brass and glass cabinet furniture Lock of all kinds Mortice locks, with glass knobs Cutlery of all kinds, m great variety Spoons, buttons, jtciaclet, Chains, seals keys A:c. Also, a vtry handsome astortment of girth webbing, common and plattid saddlery, pailicu - larlv calculated lor the southern market. 'I he above are principally new goods, and will be sold in quantities to suit purchasers on the must reasonable terms. if. ft if oHr;ETl.NG3 aud SltlR I'liVGs - fc. lerulcu - O tes of blcach'd and uulili at h'd Cotlou Sheet ings and Shirtingt, with olhcr domestic goods, lust rt ccmd anil lor sale ny " WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Manuracturer, No. 117 Pearl street, corner of Maiden - lane. Also, an assortment of Milliuells. ' Je5 tfEIV fWJV'CF STOKE, No. 7 Nasau - st t. BALLET & MRS. GOGUET, keep a fac tory oArlifiriul Eloxrert, and store of Fait' ru Goods, imported from the best factories of Lyons and Paris. Tbey have also a general as sortment ol the newest Paris r AsHlUZMa ; consisting of Ladies' white India muslin morning dresses, elegantly worked Silk speucera, of the most fashiouable colors, also beautifully worked Linen cambric pocket handkerchiefs, superbly worked and richly embroidered Aud a few extra thread lace VEILS. All of which have been received by the lalost arrivals, from France, and are now offered (together with their other extensive assortment of fancy articles) for tale to the public in general, and particularly to the ladies. Je6 14t PROSPECTUS for rcELismso by srBscBirrioir A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. 'pHE publication of this Map bat been under - X taken with the impression, that it will exhibit inlormation, highly interesting at this eventful rrisis, and the valuable Maps which the author has procured, during his several tours through Mexico, in the veurs 1806, 1B07, 1812, 1813, 1815, 1816, and 1817. induce him to lit.leive that the Map, with even all its imperfections, will he much the most perfect which hat appeared before the public. This Map will contain the latest aod best information from the discoveries and possessions of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and French travellers and navigators and representing the claims of their respective governments on the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, whirh lies between the Isthmus of Da - rien, and the 48th degree ol North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River westwardly to the Pacific Ocean. In tiie the Map will be about tix by five feet, and will be projected on a scale of 40 miles to the inch, to be dehveied to the subscriber at fifteen dollartarh. ' Natches. March", 1RI8. ap7tAu1 FOR S.4EE OR TO LEASE, Lolsin the 5. 6, 8, and 10 Wardt; man) ol which are on regulated and paved streets. No money will be required under ten jean, if told, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three ttory houses, on which a great part cf the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent stand for business, with ten acre t or land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, wiUi 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon which 0 mills may be erected, with a sufficiency of water for each. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich - street, jau 13 tf MONT - ALTA. For tale .or to let, the beautiful place called Mout - Alta, seven miles from the C.ty Hall, on the North River, adjoining lord Cour tenay's. It contains 20 acre ol land under improvement, with a large gardeu in good condition, a variety of fruit trees, and every convenience a family may require. For terms which are reasonable, and if told a long credit given if wished, apply to N. ti D. TALCOTT, ap 20 64 South - t. MILLINERY, Arc. JOHN WINTRINCiHAM, Milliner, No. 125 Williani - st. napectlully informs hit friends and the merchants in general, that he has moved from No. 1 17 William - street, to the above No. where he CRIMPS Batin, Muslins Ribbons Crapes, &c. at the shortest notice and lowest nnccs. Also, Fancy, Lace, fcattio, and Crape Trimmings. Hi has constantly oa hand, split straw, and Leghorn hats tarbjM, turban fronts, colie - rets, Ac One case superfine white chips just imported blocs io. in uum - tu 'i whi,btiu If a number of g1? ca.f - trsale. Jstt 1m tVR SALE, A farm of between sixtr and teventv acres liluaie on the west bank of Lake Otsego, and out mile from the villacre of Coonerstown. On it are a new atone house 54 feet tquare ; a ne w mnu uue, oarn, c. ii forms a desirable et tablithuieiit for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, at its situation, as to nrosnert. convenience to market, &c. is not surpassed bv auy nune interior of the state. It will be sold low fo cash, on a credit, or exchanged for property In this city, goods, Jfcc Apply to J Ii. U & 11. oKUu WICK, mv 2 tf L.w Buildings. VEW - TOJ1H FtOTAMIC OAHDKN. 'MICHAEL DENNISON. CURATOR. Hl$ establishment is situated at Rose Hill, tjtar the juartiori of Uie Bloomingdatt and H a - rlnni Roadt. It comnrelionds about five acret of excellent land capable of the highest improve ments, Tht! proprietor of this beautiful spot hat obtain ed a lease of the land for the term of thirty years. ne nan i ueiioes me enclosures SLTUon - ry, ano other improvement) erected one of the largest and most convenient ereen houses in the UM'sd states. He solicits the citizens to patronize hit enuru to render Ins garden ctiiplet in e very re pect, by a moderate annual subscription. He proposes that each coutiihj tor of Ave dol lars to ill be entitled to rective the value in seeds flowers, plants, fruits, or any other pro dues of the garden. Bv such an accommoda tion to him on the part of the puHir, he will be enabled to procure the greatest variety of for ign aud dome - tic vegetables, and to gratily the taste and expectation ol his triends. Persons inclining to euter tlicir names a en ccuragen of the dciign, arc invited to call at the garden, where the fullest information will be given. mv 21 lm S1UH ill EM. rfflHE public rve cautioned agaiust purcha? M. itig five tickets in the Medical Science l.ut terv, 5th clasn, of the li.llowiu numbers, viz 12,011, 12,012, 12,013, 12,014 and 12,015, as they have absented tiiemelvct without leave from the office of the sub - cribcr. Arrangements have hern made with the man agers to ttop the payment of any prize which either of them may draw. A suitable' reward will be given for their recovrrv. W'.V. S.VITH, June 9 170 Broadway. lO bl'ILDERS, Or Uiose who may with to erect three elegant buildings or lactones. f OTS, 77 leet by 80, more or less, with the LI buildings thereon, in thecf ntre ol etey - st. can be purchased separate t r together. ALSO. An ele:,st LOT, witli the Building! 11k renn, 1 1 Bowery, 42 by 125, more or leas, near Clint - liaiu - ttrcet - the whole on itccouniioduting terms Apply at 3J Cliathuiu Row, near llcekiuau - st The advertiser lias three small mortgages to (li - po - e of, one of jJ.OOO, one ol lOOO, one of $1200, all in this city Je 9 tJIK Kaleulu. - cope, a pliilotophiccii uieiit lor vounir iihoiiIp. invented auiUfe :iv Dr. Brewster, of Kninburgli, lor sale at tn Minerva Circulating Library and Book and stationary Store, 26 Broadway, opposite the museum. Je V 100,000 Dollars highest priz in the Grand New - York Slntc Lotletv. " rTO oommence drawing on the first Tuctday in X August next, (7 weeks from next Tuesday .) eiiunuiu scneme. 1 Wise of $100,000, I 1 prise oLf ,0.000, 1 do 20,000, 1 do 10,000, 1 do 6,000, I 2 do 2,000, Aod 45 of 1. 000. Besides a great proportion of smaller prizes, none lets than 30 dollars. Tickets, also, Halves, Quarters Eighths and Sixteenths, in a variety of cumbers lor tale at the present oric of $16, at ABM. P. B ROWER'S, Lottery and Exchange tJIrn e io. 27 iViaM.'en - lane, corner of Nassau - street. Uncurreut Bunk "tet and Prire 1 ickets in former Lotteries and in the Miltord Road Lottery, now drawing, taken in payment. Je v lw BAAK UMTEDSTsi IES, May 12, 1818. ARCHITECTS of science aud experience are invited te rxhihit to the Board of Di rectors on, or before the 1 t day of Au'.MKt next, appropriate designs and elevatious for a Banking House to be erected on the tcite purchased lor that purpose, bounded on the north by Chcsnut, and on the south by Library - streets, coidainiug one hundred and fifty one feet in width east aud west, aud two hundred and tweuty five feet in lepth, north and south. Thegrouud plan will include an area of about ten or eleven thousand square fee, in a rectangular figure of equal or unequal tides, at may be best adapted to the interior arrangement. The building will be faced with marble, and have a portico on each front, resting upon a basement or platform of suc h altitude aa will combine con venience of a.cent with due proiortion and ef fect. In this edifice, the directors are desirous of ex hibiting a chaste imitatiou of Grecian architecture in its simplest and least expen - ive form. rive hundred dollars will he paid lor that de sign which shall be approved, and two hundred dollars for the next beat specimen. 11 j order of the hoar J of directors, JONA. SMITH, Cashier. may 14 2awtl A EOH d. - t I.E. A country House and Farm, on the east bank of Hudson's river in the Highlands, about 54 mile from New.ork, lying between the Country seals of Willian Dennning, Esq. and cant. Phillips, and neartv opposite Weil Point. The farm contains lil acres. 1'he house (which was built in 1805) has 12 rooms, ex clusive of the kitchen, and possesses even' convenience necessary for a family. There is also a farm - liou - e, barn, stable and other out houses, in pond order, a garden and a great variety of fruit trees of the bert kinds. A further description is not given, because persons inclined to purchase will no doubt view the premises ; for which puriose applica tion may he made to Mr. James I hompson, on the frm. tor the term of salr, enquire of H'M. HEXDER - iOV, 55 Wall - street, New - York. ray 21 feuwlm Lnisl To let and possession given immediately, bat large and Commodious house and garden si tuated on the west bank of the Passaic River, dioiit a quarter of a mile above the Belleville bridge. The place it well stocked with fruit. Particulars are not entered into as it is presumed people wiil examine for thenmlve For termi aply toJoha V illiami, Esq. u. keeper, Bslle - vilU. ' June 1 1 3t WAN 1 ED. A SITUATION is wanted by a yotinj Man. to travel with a single Gentleman, either by laud or water. He uuderrtauJi the care of hones, and would prefer travelling by land ; but il either should offer, he would have no onjeci - ion. The best of recomnienda'iotu I given, if required, by applying at No. 33, Na; - tau - st. Nsw - Yoik. June 11 1 fTlLEPHAvr LHL, kr The cargo of the lid I brur Jut Marin, coasiating of Elephant Oil, in khdt. tierces and Darren, ami qaauuij vi hair seJ slias fcf tale by K YF.R?," Je81w 29 Burling sjip. ' - r,, . rv - . KIE W - f OiEii!! EVE 1: 'i ,1' . - - - JUMPER 4992 SATURDAY; JUNE 13, 1818. V NO. 49 WILLIAM STREET1 I8BERT8 6TST DOUBLE ' BROWN Th STOUT. t.O casks elected by a Iriend London, mpeftor to auy in this market, lor ttleby. . . .r y - : ' '"f - 1 Inn 1). LYNCH. Juor. No. 40 Willfora street. ' rTOiTAL'CO. HIDES and FLOUR. ; . I 1 hhds Kentucky Tobacco, jauuipg from 'ii,e ship Mary, from iN'ew Orleans ' llS Hides, lawiing 'rood Ue chr Ri - nnt Bun, from Pernambaco - - 1 146 barrel Richmond Flonr . - 20 hhd. old, and 40 do new.Richmond To - lico, for toleby R0BERT CILLESPIEf i J 112 Front street. J. 200 box c tin plates 8 casks Traces; Brass VV'iie No. 9 ' . n ratkt Roman Cement, row landing, and A o by ANDERSON & SHEARER, , lurwiuuj , 131 Waler - itreet. JFAo Aart in store, Patent and common Carolina and irgmia Hoes .'...' Sheet Brais of all suet ' Brass and copper Wire . London mad pocket Books and Wallets .Hi work Boxes &c. . ,n" " gCYTHES - 23dczen, for sale by J. D'WOLF.Jr. 54 Sniith - atreet. my 14 . ... l - . . I 1..I...1.. I '..i.'tnr. landm thit day at Brooklyn, from locp Yankee and Good Intent Jn Store. . halel Upland Cotton t i mi No. 2 Jw lane. l OUbLE UUV3lfclV ur.t.c. iuaii J pHrcel of the very fcWl - latjt juat re.eitr - ed,and for te bERS() & ,,EARER l.Rlw . at 131 Water itrcet. "in i'i'KltUK PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the foot ot" Ilarriinn - itreet, Nurth - River. iAfHEREmanulactured flatter, forcorni - Y y ltl and other purpotes. may be had, war - ranted of the fi'' quality, at one dollar and twenty fin tenh per bushel. ,. , . The BMiwi'actory n conducted by Mr. John Tacker, no hai ervcd a regMlar apprentice - ihin to the nuoa busineit. rnh tl JOHN BYER9 - tEAlHER. 55 sides umiressed upper Leather," for le by ANSON G. PIIELFS, my 9 183 Front - ttrtet. f'g WHITE LEAD, AuC. flic. Sj J J keel London White Lead in oil 30 barrel! do Dry White Lead torn Red Lead 30 barrel Bristol Red Ochre SO do Venetian Red ; t toot tine Lithnrge U0 hotghtaitu Whiting 60 csuki Pari White ; 2 lihdV Vcrdisrii 60 tiercft r rew h Yeilow Ochre 5 hefii Vetmillion 4 cask I'riuiian Blue, 4001b. Crowe Yellow; Patent Ytllow i Bnauiih Brown, ' Yellow. ' VINOIL. Black, . ? . . ri I - . Tt f. Spirit Tuipentine ; Lintecd Od ' ' 400 boie Window G!dt, aorted Tor sale ou Uie lowtjl term, for casb or at KTTliVtfllERMERHORN k SONS, . mv 1 4't Water - street. DL.NCti, uu. talNo. 40 VViiliam - lttt,) . hntonhaad the following WINES and MlUORS, lelcctcl with judgment by hitntelf, which he ofl. - ri at wholotate and reliul, war - ; anted pure, at imported I Madeira, from 3 to 18 100 hhds V M wooj. 40 qr CAiki J ' Old Madeira, in bottle, from Sto 20 years Cbampaigne, Burgundy, Claret and Sautcrn e, of very superior quality 7 pipes dry Lttbon, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, nine year old, and free from Boracba taste Port, in pipe and bottles TakJ - riiu. ir iu nunlitr. the cheaneat in . America Tenerifle, in hhds. OU Brandy, do. Rum, do.' Gin, not reduced 500 demijohns, containing five allon each 10 rroc wine bottles N. B. ThoM in the trade, and country dell - en, will find it to their account, to supply themselves with wines and liquors at the above cIa - biuhment, as they will be certain to obtain arti - cltofUiefint quality, at the lowest price, and pure at imported. my 9 2m I'O LEASED, ON favorable terms for aloe; term of years, 4 lot of ground on Broadway, 200 foet deep, extending to Croiby - elreet, between Hei - terand Urand'ftreelt, 2 lot in Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton and Burling ltp. Also, several other lot in the 6th, 6th, Sth and 10th ward. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Cha!h - Jin - treet. may 8 HAVANA SUGAR, TALLOW, &c. 0 bote brown Havana Sugar, entitled to ' drawback. ' 180 reroon South American Tallow ' ' 4 bote Roll Brimstone, and 13 case Tumbler. Landing and fcr sale br J A. MLS U'WOLF, Junr. my 12 54 South street RICHMOND FLOUR tt TOBACCO 250 bbl ttiperfine flour, HasalPs brands 433 do do do country do '. fc'G do fine do Jo do 1 do ,X mid.llings . 03 hhd prime oU and now tobacco 4 do do ucw tobacco, fit for manufacturers For tale by W. & S. CRAIG, . may 29 "84 Front rtreet. COPPER BOTTOMS. sVc 2000 Ins. Copper Bottoms, VO to 30 inches 6i taiks Wrought Nails, Eng. and Am. 6 halel Italian Paper . ?0OO lbs. Lood'iO Seine Twine, for sale by CEBRA AC CUMING. 21 76 Pearl - street. Mu.SEY lO LOAN ON MORliiAGE. 4 OHO DOLLARS are to be had on unin - ' - J wcunj! rvt property intlie ity. Iu - Sweof ANOW. SIOCKHOl.M, Stock and Eaii:ingn Broker, y 23 tf No. 68 Wiltiam stnet. . V 1NE. 50 cases Claret Wine, rontaiiiin: v 1 doirn each, 16 do do 3 doren each, ol lCfpwth of Uranne Mmitoe. viutsge 1810, re - "ved per brig South America, from Bordeaux, ifor..leb, A CRACIE4SON3. SGAKtiKUM. - ohbd. Mua - uviiuo S - " I5 P Havana brown do PKlieocs Antisua Rom, for sale by t4 tiOODHUEfeCO. c 44 Soutb - streeL CC7iTiN lt - ER SKINS ft GUM ILLEMl. 1 1 2 pr"" UPand Cotton - ,, do DeerSkins, and 30 SAUL ALLEY, 03 Tine - it. HARDWARE, CUTLERY He. i cask Scotch spring Lock . 5 cask plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards ., . 1 do chest handles. cc. 1 do screw plates, scale beam,&c. I t!o bras cock, ice. ; . ' 1 do bell mctnl kettle and ikilltU . 2 do tin'd pots and tauce pan 2 do Cue padlocks 4 do Banbury lock, hinges, &e. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, itcv 2 do IIL hinges, &c. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black & bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen ami double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do button ' 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. A 10, a large and general assortment of goods open on the shelves, for tale at the most reduced price, by ADAMS tl BLACK WELL, may 7 SIj Pearl - it. J A MLS D' AOLf, Juur. has removed itoiu 57 Front - street to 54 South - street, and offurs lor sale - . . 2 ceroons south American Tallow 25 tons clean St. Petersburg Hemp, few belt first quality Russia Oucb; German fcleel in hoses, entitled to draw - hawK. 1C000 Ih. Green Coffee do 25 bosei China table sett 172 piece each 10 hhd pure Spirits 1 case Platillaa. mv 5 MINt S, OIL, &c. tic 50 hhds. Pari White and Whitins; 60 bbl. Spnnith Brown 20 do Yellow Ochre 1G caLs Venetian Red 10 too dry and ground White Lead 2 do Red Lead 500 lb. Pruiiian Blue 20U0 lb. Blue Vttiiol ; 3000 lb. Oil do 10 hhds. Coppera; 5 do Pumae Ston 1000 lb. Gum Copal j 1500 do do Shellac 100 bbli. Ground Cuiu wood 20 do do Logwood and Nicaragua 500 iit do Tumeric 5 ton St. Domingo Logwood 2 do Large Nicaragua ; 2 do Red Wood 30 boxes kixtern Mould Candles Linseed, perniarti and neat foot Oil Black and Bright Varnish 2500 fret 8 by 10 Glass 1500 do 7 by 9 do for sale by at wti.u, mv 14 192 Front, corner of Fultnn - t. WAN TED, several youug LAlMr.a a l prrntires to the MANTL'AMAKING - BUSINESS. Enquire of MISS MARSHALL, my M - tf No. 7 Ctdar - itreet. U. Y bAOa, in halts broUi3rriM. - ,ol&ood I quality, for sale by CEBRA fz CUMING, Je 1 7t Pearl street - I & C. IU;HOL.No. 132 Peurl - street, have I . now lor (ale 2 rate m Lite and itrirwd Marieillet Quilting 1 do while ondMriped Jeans 2 do black Sinchewtand black Sarsnct 2 do coloured Canton Crae 1 do One hlaik Frt - nch do 2 do hlack and astoned tewing Silk I da assorted Kid Gloves 1 do otmenf and wuinen's silk Hi 1 do 4 - 4 aad 6 - 4 Cambric Muiliu 3 do 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 Book do 2 do Jaconet do 2 do plain and reeded Mull do 2 do 6 - 4 Irifh $heetiiga t do Linen Diaper 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, I do 7 - 0 long Lawn fine 2 do brown do t do Cotton Plalilias 3 do striped and Carlinie fiiogham 3 do Madras and Naval Victory Hdkf. 2 do linitHti'jn, Merino, Ai Damask Shawls r liunKs Plate and superfine Calico 3 do 1 urniti 'e Chiutx 2 bales hlack and assorted Oomhazetts 2 do blai'k and blue Broad Cloths 2 do red and white Flannel. Je23w MOLAciES A iuunlity of Molasses, Ian ding at Pitr 11, lorruli - by ws nertnHV. Je4 28 Soulh - Hrt - et. rilEA, TIN PLATi; BLOCK TIN, &c. etc. X 40 ebetts hvson akin tea 100 hoxea Tin Plate, assorted ' 10000 Ihs. India block tin 8000 Ihs. Spanifh do tioOO lbs. iron wire 100 tierce prime new rice 50 bbl. cider brandy. For sale by ANSON PIIELFS, my 16 183 Front street. CloTTON. 100 bales prime I pland Cotton, I landing from sloop Sarah Torter, at Brook lyn, for sale by KETCHUM A; WEED, Jett lw 61 South - street. C10KN MEAL. 75 l.hds amlaObbla. bright yellow Corn meal, of a very superior quality, for sale by TUCKER LAURIES, Jc3 29 South street. PUBLIC SALE OF CHINA GOODS. ON l'uerday, the 16lh June, at Ift o'clock in the forenoon, will he sold at the auction store of the subicribcrs, No 51 North Front - st. Philadelphia, (terms at sale) the following goods: fO halt chest yonng hyson tea 35 quarter cheit do di) 140 ten catty boxes do do 36 quarter chests hyiun tea 20 quarter chests gunpowder tea 50 25 - catty boxes souchong tea 50 25 - catty bote pouchohg tea SlfrU,l - l - ,T. CHINA WARE, CASSIA, NANKINS, 4c. 20 boxes evening cups and saucers . 180 boxes tea setts, 48 and 49 pieces each 30 box s blue and white plates, fiat and deep 1 lO Itundlesof floor matting 1930 bundles, about 6500 lb, cassia 400 pieces blue Nar.kins 1CO0 pieces of long yellow Nankios.of Mammee chop. The above goods were imported this pring, in the ship Rosalie, capt. Merry, from Canton. The Teat are principally Falling, Namshing, and Kouglum's chop. JENNINGS, JONES ii CO. Je5dtJe16 Auctioneer. IRE.NCH OOODa. 1 case uptrnue Leg - i1 horn Hatt 1 do do Chip Flata 1 do White ThulH Lace 1 do super, hlack and white Crapes. 1 do green Florence 1 do Iringvd satin Ribbons, green, black, whitirand blue 1 do fringed Taffeta, do d do do 1 do Garnitures very rich, No. 7 and 16 2 do Arti6ria1 Flowers 1 do Otto of' Roses 1 do assorted Watches 1 do Alorocco Pocket Books and Purses 4 do containing ladies riding whips, pocket . Lanthorns, Pocket Lights Rockets, kc. Just received per ships Manchester Packet and Favorite, from Havre, and for tale by SAMUEL S. GOODYEAR, JelOlw No. 81 Maiden Lane. T1IP STUFF. 100 bbU Richmond Ship O Stuff, ofvery superior quality, landing trout srhr. Iooita. IN STORE 500 bbls Richmond, city and country brand; svpettioc Flour, tor sale at 106 F ront - strret, by i KOKE5, DA YIDoON ii CO. Jell lw BOSTON RUM, 4th and 1st proof. 14 hhds. superior 4th proof, in iron boaud hhds. 20 bhls. 1st proof do Will be sold from tht wharf, at the Wt mar ket price, by CORNS. DU BOIS. T7T.Nn!CKV TnRr.rf1d lihH nrime tRESH LONDON MUhTARD, Arc A? ii boxes first Quality London Mustard, in white gloss ouarter pound bottles IS tix dozen each, jutt landed from ship Ann Maria ; and, ' Powcliong Tea, of a remarkably fine quality, and of a delicious flavour, put op in Canton, 10 i - z iu. papers, lor tale f retail) bv AIKIN A: WILSON, JonealOt C2 Front street. A PATENTED INVENTION, For the convenience and comfort of ladies. IT is well known by all ladies tbat their cloak 1 pins, (as they are called) alias curtain Pins, particularly larse ones, in a verv short time. from the weight of tj curtain, aod from other causes wear to large a hole in the wood L wrucn tl.ey nre inserted that they become loose, insomuch that they droop and look ill, and moreover oltentimet drop out. To rrevrnt this ef fectually, a person h.u invented that which will firevent the inconvenience alluded to ; and any ady, or ertn a geiilltman, can be convinced of the fact by Bppjyitig'at No. 2 Dey ttreet, where tlx iuveution to be seen : the expense it a mere trifle, and clonk ph already in ute can, and will ne, reamiv aiierea lo Uie proposed piun. INHAB'lTANTS o"KN KW YORK, AirpjTS viciNiiy. TTM. BUY AN, Djtr, Kt. from London, V grakfuVry acknowledges the liberal en - cpurugrniebf he hat reieive.d, from his friends ami me puo'ic, sinte'im arrival irom r.iigianu Anxious to merit a continuation of their patron (ge aud support, he hat taken those extensive premisea Nob. 37 and 39 Spruce - street, (lute Lit tle t'eorge - strec,) where he has at i ontidrrable expense erected machinery and every conven to truine their future favours. . i'tet;.; Oocds dy'd any fancy color and Qnisl.ed iu superior style; Ladiet dresses, silk, sattiti, vtlvi t, damask, moreen, crape, veils, shawn, u.uuiies, piloses, nomnazrens, nr. cleaned a:ui d 'd any fancy pattern, chip, ttraw, and li'tli'irn Bonnets dy'd. BI.H'k, I' r mourning, on shortest notice ; mo reen furnitures clean'd, dy'd and water - marked hot - pressing, dc. my 1H lm OLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. rTHE Presidert and Directors give notice, t that a diudend ol lour per cent on the capital ttock of the company for the last six months, will he paid to the Motkholdrrt at their Office, No. 55 Wall - street, on aod after the 1st day of Jane neXL the Irantfer book will be closed on the 1 1st instant. ' By order of the hoard of Dircc tors. RICHARD DUNN, Juur. my 14 dim Sec'ry. PUBLISHED THtS DA F, t PRACTICAL TREATISE on PERSPF.C - XX. T1VE, adapted for those who practice iundscupe paintir g or drawing from nature. Also 11IK rtltSt'LCIUUKAITI, lor tak ing views. W e the undersigned artists, resident at Icw - York, having inspected Busby's perf pedograph, are of opinion, that it U nu ingenious useful and convenient invention, that w ill materially assist all persons desirous of making accurate perspective vieivi from nalure. JNO. TRUMBULL, AH. ROBERT. - ON, tAMU L L WALDO, ' JOHN RUBENS SMITH, WILLIAM DUNLAP, J H. JARVIS. The above workt are fcr tale by J LAMBERT, Je3 lm 3 onrtlamlt ttreet Southern Uulricio(feu - York. ss Pi E it remeiuhered that on the twenty niulh 13 day of August, in the forty second year of ! - mr iiiu'N.iitir,ive oi mc viiuru fiair, L. S. j of America, Daniel D. Arden, of the ' laid district, hath deposited in thit office the title of a book, the right wlxreof he claimt as proprietor, in the words and figure! Inllowimt, to wit ; Heading made easy ; or, a new guide to spelling and reading ; in lour parts. 1st, containing various alphabets and nearly (wo hundred spelling and reading lessons, by regular gradations, Irom (he mosl easy to the difficult, and in which the words are divided aud airenled, ac cording to the purest pronunciation. 2d, a vocabulary of words nearly alike in sound, hut different in spelling and tigniacation. 3d, lesaont in reading and reciting. 4th, outlinct of geo graphy; a sketch of grammar ; abbreviations ; arithmetical tables ; and prayers for the ureol school. 'I he whole rendered pleating nud im pressive by neat and appropriate cuts. By Wil ham Little, A. M. la conformity to the act orcorigrest or the United States, entitled " an m l for the encouragement of learning, by tecurinz the copies of maps charts aid hooks to the authori and proprietors of auch copies, during the limes therein mentioned," and also to an act entitled '' an act tupple - mentary to an act, entitled, an act Inrthe encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and book to the authori and pro - pi ietort of such copies, during the timet thernin mentioned, and exli tiding the benefits thereof to the artt of designing, engraving and etching historical and oOier prints. Clerk of the southern district of New York'. JuUd - hv DENTISTRY. ZERAH HAWLEY, Surgeon I kintiit, has removed his oflii e Irom 341 Pearl street, to 91 Nasiau street, where he will extract, clean and file teeth, lie alto sett artificial teeth in the most approved manner, aud if application it madi to him in will prevent the irreguinr growth ol the second set oi teem, or ie - move any existing irregularity. He will only add the following recommendation. WHOM IT MAX COXCERsr: ii 1 Thit certifies, that Doctor Zerah Haw - ley is a regular bred physiifan, nud in - good ttnuding with hit brethren in ais place, tint ht has paid particular attention to the art of DENTISTRY , hat studied the best KuroDi - ao workt on (he subject, and ha given very good satisfac tion in this branch to his ruttoriert, who are per tout of the first respectability in thit city. We therefore, with entire confidence, recom mend Dr. Hawlcyto the citizens of New - York, as a Dentist. SA.neat Munson, .Nathan Smith, Eli Ives, Joua. Knight, Apneas Munson, Prop, of the r medical intti - I College. Je8 1w A YOUNG LADY, withes asituat.ou us gov - il erncss, in a private family ; to go into the country, wou.ti be preferable, tor tor ther information, please to enquire t No. 36 andei atcritreet, where the most satisuC' tory references, may be obtained. je 8 ! J O LET, A pleasant back room, at uo. 56 Wall - i. t. suit:tila tor a lawyer' office. Possesion immediately. Apply iu th front office. Js4 seN FOR SALk., arOr Tchan?ed for properly in this C.ty)' fount houae iu the viciuity of Eli - Tihefh - town. f N.J.I beauUfully rituaudoij the ; at cresent in the occupation of DoO. Grant. It contains eight rooms with a piazza in front and rear, a good kitchen, wash - house, milk - room, and cellcr, there is also, a coach - houae, stable for two horses, and other convenient out buildings, all in good repair, aisout an acre of lurid, laid out in a handsome gir len and orchard, which aflbrd a variety of choice trait, asparagus, c ana a weu or ex - ceilert water, with a pump. Terms will be made liberal. App'yto JACKSON & WOOLLEY, Je'l 1m 75 Wallttru - t. MlLLLNEl lS. btJUp while Mdlmvtts, well bkath'd aud m goo.t order, ift re ceived, and tor sale h Tiy WlUAAai CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, JeJt 157 Pcarl - srect, (unitairs.) v frr - Thfi new FERRY BOATS inmitl fool of Walcut ttreet, New Tork, to the toot oflit - tle ttreet, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard, will commence running on Sunday, the 17t)iliiU l ersons crossing io broowijo Irom the upper part of the city, will find Die distance much shortened by using Ibis ferry. , my 14 . , ' . - I ON TINE COFFEE HOUSE. .; fr The committee for managing the aflairs ol (he Tontiiie Cofli.e House, give notice, that u Dividend of Seventeen Dollnr per shared for the year ending the lit int will be paid the pro - prietort on or after the 19th intt. at 24 - stn et. - my 13 lm NO I ICE. - fr The Ritins Sun Sail P.oats. Nonrmrtel, andTnduttry, from the Ehzalieth ton Point, for tVe' - York, tap irem niarxeuieta - iTreei, (wiiera the Steam - boat A'alants lormerly r bmeMo;) at 10 o'clock, oi each da, rasrage iz i - zce&u. Enquire at the Steam boat Hotrii, of VANDLit POOL A PHILLIPS. my 21 tf - ' - rvj The bauk notes oi all the bank between thit city ami Albany received et our office at ft ditcount of 3 - 4 per cent, in sunn Over $ZQ. LIVINU&TON Ac TRACY, sr9 vvall - St, The highett price given lor Dollars. ' - , may 27 ' ' Mcrchcmf s Hank Ihviilend (y Notice is hereby given to the Stoclihol - dert of the Merchant's Bank, that u Dividend of four per cent, or two dollars on ech share for six months, from the first of December last, will be paid at the Bank on Monday, the first of June next. By order of the Board of Directors.' ' my 29 lm G B. VHOi'M, ( ash'r. UJW(M' M JUIiAA'CE COMJ'AJVr, " Offset No. 56 1 all - street, 7' Will receive application? for marine risks, and for insurance m lives, annuities, Jlcc. be tween the hours of 10 A.' .M. and 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president. WM. J. VAN WAGENEN, tetrttary. DIRECTORS, John Outhout Isaac G. Pearson, jr. Henry Major Henry Thomas Samuel A. Lawrence Charles King Robert Benson, jun. Jamet Boyd, jun. Balthazer P. Melick Jdtmt Boorman John Rirhaud Charlut Rliiud James Renwick P, Schcrmerhom, jun John Jones Joseph Smith James Strong my 19 lm I'ilEMX BANK. Or - An election forlourteeo Diie'ctorsof this? Buuk wilt be held at the Banking House, oa Tuesday, the 7th 'uly next, between II uml Z o'clock. Ttie tnmeftr Books will be dosed oa the t'Sth instant, and willjcontiiioe closed until after the election, lit orth r of the Board of Directors, - ). 1. GREENE, Cashier. . Je5 tJy 7 v ' fXj - Joaa paocrom, )vn 106 Liberty - street, offers liberal anticipations on property consigned to his friends in the Mediterranean, foe further particulars, appiy as above, or tJ ' AbKtHAM liKLC, ' Je 6 tf comer of CbH' & Foltoii - ata - - . NOTICE. - (tr THOS and JOHN F. 1.AWR1.NCF. have taken into copartnership THOMAS C, C AsEY . T hey will conduct busmet under the firm of T. tt J Y. LAW RENCE k CO. New York, Cth June. 181V. Je B lw .11 CARD. The proprietor of the Salt Water Bat!ir offers an apology to the public for the disappointment in not fulfilling, as contemplated, Hie opening the .Warine Swimming Bath at the Battery ou Saturday last, and inJcrmt them, that it will certainly open during thit week, and ahull be no - tired when at her station. June ft MO'liCK, V HERMAN THORN and JOHN B PEN DLETON havincr formed a partnership, will conduct their business under the firm pf Thorrt Ac Pendleton, at 56 Hone - street. HERMAN 1 HORN, June 8 lw JOHN B. PENDLETON, '. Stele oJYcic - 1 ork, VomprruUerU i jhee. OiT PUBLIC NO 1 ICE it hereby given to the TIode.rt of the ix and teven per cent stuck of this stale, lhat the whole of the said stock, with the exception oftrasix per cent stock. created y the net, entitled " an act respecting navigable r.ommumcaiion between ton great western and northern lakes and the Atlantic Ocean," passed April 15, 1817, will he paid off on the first day of July next, or at any time thereafter when demanded. Payment will be made at the Manhattan baalc io the city of New - York, to the stoc It holder residing in the southern district of thit ttute and out of thit ttate ; and at the New - York state bank, iu the city of Albauy, to all other stock holders. It is required that the certificates ismed for the stork should be given up at the hunk where such payments are mude. The interest on the taid ttock will reate after the (aid first day of July next. ARC H'D M'IN'I YRE, Comptroller, Dates) Albany June I, 1318. . Je9tJyl ' . ' TO MASOA'S. ' (Xj Proposals will be received until the 15 tit insL for digging out a cellar and building av stone foundation and a chimney to a house Hi by 40 feet, on the 10th Avenue, between 61st and 62d street, lour miles from the City - lUll. The bricks and stone are on the promises. Apply at No. 17 Wall - street. je 9 St STORE TO LET Lf BKO.1 UHAt. ELIAS VALENTINE intendint; to relinquish the bookselling business oilers tn let lhs ttore 104 Broadway ; it is a first rate stand lor a retail ttore. ELIAS VALENTINE having, taken hit brother feAMUEL iotopartiirhi the COPPERPLATE PRINTING bufiors will in future be conducted unler the firm of Eliai AC Samuel Valentine. Olhce 34 Spruce, street. . FLIAS VALENTINE, J SAMUEL VALENTINE. Orders from any part of the uuioo, execate4 , with neHtoesi and despatch, aad ou the most reasonable terms. Je9 lw lit 13 batetts handsomely assorted, mst received by the Aan Maria from Liverpool, and for fale by LAVERTY, SHELTERS Ac KING, Je 1 w No. 163 Pearl - street. American Insuranet Lommtnv. 1 II E board of Directors have this day derlar - X rd a Dividend of fifteen per rent. n tha Capital Stock, for the lust six Booths, payable on or after the first dny of Jure next, between the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock;. By der of the fresidetit and Directors, vMay - 12. IfUH, . my m n mi T, JM:ry . ALL orders received ami attended to kr laying aa 1 repairing the MaakkUan kvad itrea and cisterns or lor sink pip or trad famps bj , v, EL sI AKKti, . my 27 tf Nn. 13 Chamber - street. I IE LEAD. 10 hS.stirsttfMiliiy - lith Wbi'e Lead iactl, in I (2, 66, ami 28 lb. kegs . - " 5 too da do Dry. "rsae nr ' . TLCKERr LAl'RTCS, t, o - - . ts &.infn - tr - Tur l k I.V.I IKLM. UP ' A Carious optical T.vj iojl by Or. A. Brewster, Kstmhareh, which rtlnHits a a, ,r.fu.ita vieriety of btautilully coloM Funuc. i tire I aad for sale by . JsSlt ' 'rJi'ajt - UeC . I I ' i i; i. j, t . ti I I , , ; ,t. '..' 1 L : I : i ft - 'lid f ' - : r 1 K - t i . ' it' w 1 ' 4 i ' . 1 1 i i . - i, .S;

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