The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 12, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1818
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I r . ' - : . ' I ! . 4 - ' ; i V a . r,rt Chancery, teld to the rtaUof . Aew - Yerk, t lb Chancellor' Dwelling House, ia the city of Albany, oa the tweety - udrd day of March, la the year of out Lord . om thoiand eight hundred and eightften. Pretent The Hoa. JametKent, Etquire, Philip Schuyler, Philip Jeremiah Bchuy - v jteeatelaer, Jr. Philip Church, Peter eraser nod Catherine bit wife, Job Church, , Rudolph Bunner and Elisabeth hit wile, .. fU hard Church, an infant by the laid Pbi , lip Church hit Beit friend, Elizabeth Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton Morton, Philip Bcbuyier Morton, Cornelia L. Morton, & Regiaa Mary Morton, infanta by the taid Philip Jeremiah Schuyler their next friend aid Catharine Van Keotaelaer Makome. ' . r. John R. Bleecker, Elizabeth Brincker - . hoS, Morrit S. Miller, and Mari bit wife, Charles E. Dudley and Blaudina hit wife, ' Martha Bradslreet. Samuel Braditreet, ' Thoma Morrrt. Tbomat Biddle, John - Wharton and William Hale and Catherine Van Rensselaer achuyler hit wife. f pil K complainant above named having filed X their bill in the above mentioned caute for the partition of the following parcel of land, that ' it to tny a parallelogram in the countiet of Onei - da and Herkimer, la thit ttate, on the toutb tide of a patent granted on the tecond day of Janua - rr, 1784, to Joseph Worrell and others, common - Ir called Cotby'a Manor, lying along and upon the swath boundary of the tatd patent at itt bate, being 26 cbaint and 69 linltt more or lett in . breadth, and the whole extent of tiie toulh line - or boundary of the taid patent, i. e. 48 3 chain! . more or ltt in length, and Philip Schuyler, one of th complainants, having made an affidavit aa - rexed to tlie taid bill of the truth of the allegation therein contained retpecting the unknown owner! of the laid parallelogram. It it thereupon. a moG'io of Mr. J. V. Henry, of countel for the complainant! ordered that all partiet interested . m the taid parallelogram of land appear and an swer the complainant1! bill filed in the above oauta, by the eleventh day I July next, to the end that in cute of default, the complainant' bill . m&v be decreed to be taken pro confetto aeainit all Mch unknown partiet at thall not appear and antwer by the taid day. And let a copy of thit order be published for three calendar monibt, . ted in the city of Ntw - York and in the city of . Albany, a copy. , MOSS KENT, Regt.ter. . pah 30 1aw3m IN CHAMCEKY, NEW - JERSEY. Between Gertrude Sip, Complain) ' ant, and On bill, fcc Henry Enler, John Ettler. Peter r Order for Ktaler, jamet CMier, ana Jodb i puoucauon - Van Crdea. JJelendantt. J max 22. 1818. YT appearing to the conrt, that proeeit of tub - A poena to appear, nam ihiku bjhhibi mc - bove defondnntt, and that Lleanor Lttler, ncn - ry Ettler, John Euler, Peter Enter, Jawet Et - ler and Joha Van Orden, tix of the defendant! io thit nit,have not canted their appearance to b entered as, according to the rule of court, Ibeiame oujM to hare been entered, in cue ttH'h prorett bad beeo duly terved ( and it aim erpearing by nffidavit t the uiti'factimi of the ihanccllor, that the taid Eleanor Et'er, Henry ier, JohaEtiler, Peter tler, Jnm - t Eal r, and John Van Orilcu, are nutofthii - tat, ami retidc in the ttate of New York. Upon cning the matter thit day to tlie cnbrt, on behalf of Tbwdore Frelinghayten, tolicitor of the ccra - plainunt, th chancellor doth order ann direct the aa.'d Elean v Et!er. Henry Eultr, John Filler, Peter Eftlcr.Jamet Euler and John Van Orden, to appear, plntd, antwer or dtiuur to the com - plaiuant' bill, on or before the first day of the next tinted term of this court, and in case they thall fail to t do, the complainant1! laid bill thall be taken aa congested agaiuit thein, or either of them to failing to appear, plead, answer or deraar at aforetaid, and thereupon tucli decree thall be mads at the Chancellor thall think equi table and jutt. And it it further ordered, tint a copy of Uiit order be published within twen - tv davt from the date hereof in the Newnrk Mt t - tenger, a newspaper printed and published at Newark, in thit ttate. for the tpace of tix weekt tuccettuely, oace at ieatt in each week, and also that a copy of this order be potted op at the Court House of the county of Essex, and publish ed in one of (be newspaper! printed in tin' city of New - i orlf, for four weekt, at least once tn each week. A true copy. ISAAC II. WILLIAMSON, C. Wm. Htkk, Cl'k. Je 6 law Iw TIIE FINE ARTS. AMONGST the present numerous exhibition! of thit city, M. PAFF flUtert himself that the lovers of genuine workt of old matters, will find hit GALLERY OF PAINTINGS, No. 20 Wail - street, worthv their attention, and present ine them at the trmlllest expense with the moil extensive ratification. N. B. Old paintinst repaired and restored to their original lustre, or purchased at their utmost Taut. niy so u AMbRlCAJf ACADEMY OF THE FlAK ARTS. rilHE Bourd of Director! give nat - ce that the JL fourth exhibition of this re y is cps every day from 9 in the morning till dusk. - They further give notice that the gallery of the Antique statues u open tor the pui po?e ol ituuy all those itudenu desirous of the benent that anorded by the Academy in laying the loan datioa of art, are requested to apply to tLe keep - er, who will inform them of the rules laid down on the by - laws for their admission. The gallery It open for thit purpose every day (Sunday ex Cepted) from 6 to 9 in the morning, until lurther notice. By order, ALEX'R. ROBERTSON, Secr'y, Jane B lw e FOR SALE, W, - ! That beautiful and well cultivated coun try teat, lituated on Harltem Weight, S miles from New - York, and a quarter of a mile from Manhattanville. It consists of twentv uveacr - of excellent land, an elegant house, barn, stable, ice houte, milk house, a house for the gardener arid new fence, tic. kc. There it also a tpring of never failing water; an abundance of excellent rait of every description in full bearing, imported from Europe at a very great expense. The . taid country teat it on tlie border of the Hudson ' Hirer. Every facility will be given at to payment. For further particulars epplv to N. M. DELONGUV.MARE, No. 1 Sloat lane, corner of Wm. street J8lw c . J N. B. Attendance MEDICAL AID. TVR. CORN WELL, who is U a member of the Corpora - 1 tion of Snreeont of London, and who bat had much experience ia the Kne of hit profession for more than twenty yean, bat lately arrived in this city, and beisaT well apprised of the Treat length nf time it generally taket to introduce a medical gentleman Into practice In the common reserved y, taket thit method to inform the public, that he bat taken the tituation, No. 278 WATER - STREET, corner of Dover street his door in Dover - street bit name on the door hit tign, a Mortar; where he wilt be found ready to wait on those that pletue to apply for hit medical aid, in the different hraochc of turgery, and the practice of Phytic generally. As, ala,ioall cateorimpotency, and a certain complaint, incident to both . ; k.vh be bat had rret. verv rrt. hiw. .w. - . . - J - v - tvnviic aas UC cor of thousand, without one knn,. j - , frocabusinett, or chance of diet, or a possible luccverv bvthe mrat intinoi - r - .j 1 i OCT And in all case of confidence, the treat - e recy will no atrictly oUerved. lt ha . BPTflTO VTCM OLVTMENT. TIIE loog and taccenfui as of thit ointment it a wdkient recommendation, at it bat been found to be a pleasant, tafe and certain remedy for that disagreeable disease in all itt ita - Jea. It tttor tale ia the city oi new - 1 on, vj . A. fc W. R. Pott, No. 41 William - ttreet I. Si T. Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lao ; n. n - Scbieffelinfc Co. Ro. 193 Pearl - tlreett Law - ru At Kee. No. 195 Pearl - atreet i Hull IT . . n ml - m mm 1 s O Howne. 146 fearl - ltrect murray, jia Prltnit i J. M. BradhunL 314 Pearl - ttreet : JohnPifortLNo.4Kletcher - reet: Durree li Poe, in Pearl - ttreet t John C. Morriton, 188 Green wkh - ttreet John P. t uber, 106 Broad - wav i Walter Si Seaman, corner of Chamber - t. - T d i .. .u. ;H r'h.iK.m.tfMi.t . mnA in thort it may be procured at rnott of the Drug Store in this cirw Aito in Philadelphia, of S. Withered it Rnoic Georare Harrell .North It Ro gert, and ahnott a" the draggi u the principal townt la the United btatet. WH EATON'S JAUNDICE DITTERS mat be had at trie aoove placet. jan s em A farm of between tixtv and teventv acret, tituate oa the wet bank of Lake Ottego, and one mile from the village of Coo pe r town. On it are a new ttooe houte 54 feet tquare ; a ne w farm houte, bam, tic. It formt a detirable et tabliihment for a gentleman withing to retire into the country, at iti tituatioo, at to nrotpect. convenience to market, tic. it not turpatsed bv any in im interior qi ine iiaie. n win oe roui low for cash, on a credit, or exchanged for pro - pcrij in uuiciiy, gooai, vc. ippiy to li. u at n. st.uuviiv, my 7 tf Law Building! CITY COMMERCIAL. SCHOOL, 3 Hoot XVCLT - BTREKT, BY ISAAC BRAGG. Late teacher of penmanship in the Adelplii school r llttE apartment! ra thit establishment are nt JL ted up with a superior degree of neatness. The Young Ladies' Room, completely ditiioct from theotbert, it it believed will not merely be round comaortioui bntcomtortauie ana ciant. A urawing maner, oi eminent quauucaiKn, f recently from London.! ii eneaeed to eive in struction in that branch twice in the week. Hit elreant collection of specimens, in rare flowers, velvet painting!, landscape!, &c. will gladly be exhibited to such ai may be pleated to call. The termt will be very moderate, and the exertion! to render landscape drawing, Ac. inter - citing, by the preparation of viewt expressly for the school, tod occasional practice from Nat ere, with clear illustrations of Ilia rulet of perspective, it it believed will insure encouragement. In arithmetic, the principal it determined to spare no paint to tupport the high character which the recent examination of hit popi't has ipven rite to. The facility with which complicated calculation! were performed by many of bit pupilt, in the mind, without any aid to the me - moi v. however it mar have iupretted with the idea of " getting by rote," wat the result of frequent practice alone, and pro vet that boyt may be tausht all tbe facilities which are commonly the retnltof long ptactice in counting houses, before they leave tcliool. Application! for the admission of boyt, will be received on or after the Itt of June, against which time it it intended to increase the accom modation!, my 16 Im KKW - TORK BOTAJIC GARDlit, MICHAEL DENNIsON, CURATOR. 13 etUblirhment it tituated at Koe Hill, near the junction of the lilooroingdale and nerlem Roadt. It comprehend about five acres of excellent land capable of the highest improve ments. The proprietor of this beautilul spot has obtain ed a lease ol tbe land for the term of thirty years. tie hai (betijet the enclosures, inruDbtry, ard other improvements) erected one of the largest and most convenient green houtet in the Upited ctatet. lie solicits the citiren! to pnuonixe hit efforts to render bis garden camplet in every re ncct. iv a raoueraie annual tutocnntion. lie propose mm eacncontrinuior oi ave ooi Inn shill be entitled to receive the value in seeds, flowers, plants, fruitt, or any other pro duce ol tin: earaen. uy tucrt an accommooa - tion to him no the part of the public, he will be torn i to him on me pan ol ine pum.c, ne win ne ccnntgeri of the design, are invited to call at the garden, where the fullest information will be given. my 21 Im MKb fcPENCKR respectlully inlorm ber fricuds, and the ladiet in particular who recently called on tier, mat tier apartment! are now ready for the reception of pupilt for the piaeo forte ; alto, that the it detiorut of obtaining two or three more pupil, who the would hare no objection to wait upon at their own houtet. thould it be preferred. The most respecta ble relereneet can he given. A gentleman ana hit wile may be accommonated witn ooara. my II im" wnnc - street. io. a. CURLED HAIR MAAViACTORY, 76 Chatham - street. fTlHE subscriber returns hit thanks to the JL public for their former patronage in the line of hit profession, and hopet for their future support. He likewi:e informs them that be has on hand a constant supply of curled hair, manu factured expressly for matrasses, on an improved principle ; and liiewio guarantees the hair told by hi oi to be fre from any impure smell, being well scoured, boiled a:iJ baked, ana Dung ma nufactured by machinery, ha an advantage over any other hair manufactured in America iti very texture and elasticity making it a saving of twenty - five per cent to the purchaser. WILLIAM JACKSON. N. B. Merchants and tlie trad in general ill find it to their advantage to call at above 30 bale, of hair In it. rough ttate ; 6 bale, of J? ten long horse - tails ; 2000 lb of long hair drawn 30 inches, clubbed ; 600 dozen hair sieve bottoms. For tale at above. my 5 Sin TO LEASE OR FOR SALE, That clezant modern built house, situate at the corner of Sands and Washington streets. Brooklyn Its size is thirty - one feet front by fifty fcrt deep, itt rooms to arranged at to combine every convenience for a genteel residence. It will be told with two or more lots of ground, at uie option of the purchaser. Term, one fourth cash, the rt in tucti payment, at will re most convenient to purchaser. Apply on the pre mise! to C. BALL. may 23 tf MAHOGANY SOFAS, CHAIR AND CABI NET FURNITURE, Mo. 49 BKEKMA.V STREET. rrHE tuhtcriber be leave to return hiitin A - cere thankt to those ladirt and erntlerocn who have been kind enough to honor him with their command, and to inform them, and the ad on tome very elegant tofat, chain, card, Pembroke and extending patent dining ta blet, grand tidehoard, inlaid with high poln - hed ornamental brait - work and roe - wood, card tablet to match, Grecian coucbe, tofat, chaise lounge, music stools, chain, sc. Also, a li brary ttcp chair, the utility of which be particu larlr recommends. All furniture warranted of the best quality and workmanship, and of tbe newest European fath wot. P03T COACH Art STEAM - BOAT LINES, ' - FUR ralljJIut.ttt'alM. via rowin - xooK U klizabktbtows rout. (Through in One fay.) A NEW Line of PottCoachet withevery con - nn Kflmill.H t or ieatt in the above named Linet, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at tbe old ettai.iisneo . I. . .IK.. V. 1 I'mirl. VOacn, ani sieam unni a.r, .,. Inndt - ttieet, near the corner of Broadway. New - York : or to A. T. UOODRICH ti CO. No. 124 Braailwar. corner of Cednr - ttreet, New - York. ftj - All eoodt and kag - rnce at the riiil of tlie owm JOSKPI1 LYON, SONS k CO. N. B - Expresses sent to any part of the Continent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. my 30 SVMFT - SUKE MAIL COACHES, vor rniLADEi.rniA. ri v tn ill . . I ' M 1. tm'y. L.eave iiew - 1 vim, AJtM i.Li.rv innminirfSunflav'sex - cepted) at UoVlcck, and ar rive in sruhTH mmii steam - boats. mw M m. A Boat will se - arrceis. 25 bv 80. fiT - Onthe 11th of May, the Boats will commence r running four timet a week, latful ovvt : leave New - York on Tuesday, at 9 A. M ; Wedoedcy, at 5 P. M. ; Friday, at 9 A . M nnrt Sf iirta v. f A P. M. nf pnrh ueelt ! Four co in the rear 01 me aoove, mating on tlie east fde of Wathington - ttreet, 5 by km. Eisht do in the block below, between Wash ington and West - streets. in monigomery county. 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase. near Ebtt Canada Creek, on the north tide of the Moh.ivk. In Franklin CoonlV. 15,16 - 2 acret of Laud, in the townt of Mount Morn and Dayton. n liki tcutiir. 7C32 acret of Land in the town of Barry more. In ihe ( - .ii:it v cf Lewis. 1250 acret of land iu Cctterland, Cliattanit Purchase. Ia Saratoga County. 2600 acres in l'almcr' purchase. Administratrix, Ax. f ol John A. Schuyler Rule, under Statute. deceased. P HE court order and direct, That Catharine L bchurler administratrix of the goods, chat Mmimttratniu ine gooo cnat . - 1 - I . ! I I . I - J I ana crcoii use in New York, and are distinguished from all othen. Barbers who have ued them tay more in their praise thaa I can myseir. i ciiivnmc V. J I. fl.i.J, IS Wall - ttreet. Alto for tale. Razor. Soap, and every uten sil for bhavtng, of tlie lint quality, with a tupe - rior awoitmru; of I'trfumery, Hair - Powder, fic. Orden executed to any part of the union to from Smyth', New l - otid street, London any drawing, on the moat reasonable termt and punctuality for cash. L,adiet or gentlemen naving fancy wooat, may have them manufactured to aay article they wish, by applying a above, my 30 2m A. M. HATWOOD. FOR SALE. A house and farm oa Throg't Neck, in from tun - ris until 9 o'clock in the eveaine. 1 'ree blin and other convenient out - Jt? Im FILEPHANT OIL. tc - Ttui r,m r ik. Jl - J brie Jane Maha. coatinjf efEWnhnninil.' u bbdt. tierce! aad barrel, and a quantity of kair teal tkiat, far tale by ... J - BYERS. Barlimj tlip. N. B. dealen. Tbe mot bberal allowance made to I TO LET. my 22 The e!e:ant 3 ttorv houte No. 7 Had - oo street, which co. - amandt a pleasant view of I the Park and river. Posstttioo may be bad in a few davt. . . . . ., . . . , . . Also tor taie. ine lurniTDre oi sain noose, it u no shopman, or any penoa in pattnenhin with loWB n1 cot,nt of Wettchetter. fourteen bett quaUty ; well fitted, and tnitable to a sum. iiu.. iroa ntw xotk. i oe tana coniaint a - . - nt - ri rami v. AddIv at above. ' . . I KmI m - I. .. . r ii . I J ; 1 1 - .... - - "out hundred rill h r!. - . I one acret of excellent land in rood my 1 1 tf buUdingt, . eood houM tratori hih. will. ELEGA.YT PIAJfO FORTES, four room! on each flam - . l - nii .it.feH nnl IDS. WII - iON. 1 4 Maiden - Lane. battntre - respectable ; abundance of fruit of tbe bett telec - let, tc. manufactured expref ly tor bin by Cle - tion : scale and shell ft,h ,n - M.i ..i. I ;.: i. i n i.M FnH. strinn r - Vf" or lurtber informaboa apo v in tett . new music and every article in the m a io we WDicniier Bii the i premise. sical line ; iiwtremeaU taken ia exchange, and "j m Biwuta h. HuriHAS. Uncrt provided, myu EXPEDITIOUS TRAVELLING. d Enquire at theofiKe of the tubKiiber, 34 Ce - 1 dar - ttreet. BEV. ROBINSON. mh 17 tf BERGEN OKPHANa COURT, Ol the Term of March, IS 13. Catharine Srhuvler, Stage fare only J5, with a generou allowance Nation the concern : . - j . kn..i .. :n w ah...... Mn.i .v L'..l - lfwet WOIICK The publick henset are good, and reasonable I Firefly leaving Newburgh their chariet. 'llie drive rt, hortct and coach - May. .1 : I I vl r . . e. . i - . be et are not inlerior to any others now running tween these tw o cities, l tie neauuiui country, and the excellence of the road on thit rout, con nected with the tafetr. comfort, aiid reasonable cxpencet, are helcive'u to be strong iiiducementt io travellers in K1vlnX untune a iicmm preier ence. 1 he ttnetest attention will be obierved bv the proprietors in eiviu; eenerat satisl'action. All bagg. - .ge and packager will go at the risk of ine owner unless intured tuu receipiea lor oy me clerk or taid orhce. may 27 TO t.t,T, 3 i'USt - CHAlSK & STE4M - BUJ SLUMS, roa raiLABKLrBTA, Throagh in on day, and by day - light, kN Monday the 1 1th of May instant, a lint of V pott - coacbet and iteam - boau between New - York and Philadelphia will be commenced. The pateengen will leave White - Hall in New - York every day (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock A. M. in tils rAl1nv vira.tmiit,nt 11. Ii. venience for paiieneen and baggage, ool . ., , ., p5??i. .h ..... r - ii. - rwhr. NAUTILUS, proceed to Bristol by th Staten - fic4. No - VcourtldL nearoad; N. Woodbridg. turnpike, and take the Vn,w ...r. nmincr rBri - ,v eirented at tteam - boat at Bmtol at S o'clock, and arrive in 5 o'clock, by way of Newark, Elizabethtown, Philadelphia at 4 o'clock the tame day. The oruntWICK, rnnct ion, X renton anu ormui, ouu roaus oa wm ictnu part oi uiu im arn turupiacu arnve at Philadelphia the tame oiternoon, at and in excellent order ; the country ana villages 4 o'clock. . through which ther pats it elevated, pleatunt A tecond Line of new Pott Coacbet will ttart anJ i. - iti1 - the ronte is the nearest at present from New - York everv moraine. (Sunday ex. , cepted,) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat A n an - , f xlen,ive . mch it eives 0I - ,he ocean. P. S. Patten'ert are reouettcd to call ana uiuous comioriaom aim pieaiu tour now "lei - take their seats at Die office No. 1 Courtlandt - ing between New - Jork and Philadelphia, itreet, New York. A second post chaise will leave New - York eve - United Statei Mail Loach, lor riiiiaaeipnio, ry any Tuuuay i excepiea; ni io o - ciocb, in Baltimore and Washington City, with every the tler.m boat Atlanta, from White Hall, by convenimre for naismeer! ami uaesize, on wny oi r.i!i,intiniQwn, umiretown, new Brani - springs. The U. S. mail coach will ttart fntiu I wick, Princeton, lodge at Trenton, take the the coach office, No. 1 Conrt lajidt - tt. New - York, iteam boat at Bristol, and arrive in Philadelphia every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arnve at rnii - at iuo'ciock. are through $5. auellHIia next mnrnlug atOO Cioca. vuij v ' - i rur - bv uie ouv unci npjoj u wuilc, . I n 111 1mwIu.m No. til! tironuwav All goods and baggage at tbe risk of the own ers. JOHJI y. CUMMIXG. Newark. J. GULICK, SON'S k CO. Princeton. STOCKTON & HOWELL, Philadelphia. tr Expresses tent to any part of the United States, by L. BAKER, GULICK & CO. mv 11 For the further accommo dation of the puMic, the de parture ol the rirelly Irom New - York and Newburgh will t in future on the following dayt : f V V.l W.JM..J. ut:iv lull uii .Tiirtiiiaj, tvcuiiceiiuj and Saturday, at 9 A. M. Leave Newburgh on Philadelphia next Tuesday, Friday and fiuoday at 8 A. M. 1 ne aDove arrangemeni win commence ny ine NOTICE on Sunday, the Z - lin 1 be Western Staee leavct Newburgh imroe diatelv after the arrival of tlie Firefly, my 22 ftT - Steam Boat Olive Brasjch will tail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round 5fcrSs4itiisati?latcn Island, and occasion ail, ilthe winj and tide will permit, to the bonk. '1 hit beautilul tail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and it at cheap a re at can oe lound. raniet wnomean to oaesaEe. rarues wisnine ioiraei hiukii ....l - - r.u: .. - :n :r - , . " . . .1.1. I m.c vji line Hiuurciuciit - viii, vu.cfjiciit, leisure, may engage the Coach on reasonable T . . ,. H. ' . - itiZ termt exclutively to themselves, by applying one day previous to starting, 'or teatt apply at Northern Hotel, f i No. 79 Courtlandt - ttreet, New - York. LYON, SONS, 4 CO. ap 2 Froprietori. omce in rriarketDeid ttreei, not in tiue oi uie uat tery Dinner on board, at the utual pricet. Passage 8t children half price. my 13tf To be told at public auction. At the Tontine Coffee Houte, on Toes ay, tlie 16ih June, at 12 o'clock, the following slate of Jacobut V erveelen, deceased, to close estate The two story brick front house and lot of ground No. 22 Walker street. Tbe houe it 25 left wine ny &Dout . - a ceep, ana well caicuiateu to accommodate a lamily. The lot it 25 by 100 nilu n nvni wi - i niianj v.i i.j vit.i.ij rer Oil r A It. I 'A neidnv. Thursdav. and taturdav. at A. AI. I - ft ' "" " ""."' "'J " 'The above arrangement v. ill commence by the of Thompson street, between Orand and Broome - I - i ii.... i : ui .i i. k - l.treela ; enrh Lot M Z5(eet wide and . - deD. I viiniticiior il iMir,; rti"apy nnwunj, uic i - - - r,, , .H - C T iiik m.v io 7 ti.. kirt.n.nn.1 leKvinir I Tlitv have lately hen filled with earth. "?Jl GTLELCKERli Khutor.. Thursday nnd Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - Je 2 12t b . d , Monday, Wednetdav and enabled to procure the greatest variety of foreign r''v M " T 2 and dome.tic vegetable", and to gratify the taste rida, at o A. i. my i and expectation! of hit friend!. Penont uiclinuig to enter their name! as en VAL.UAHLE RtMI. Ed. A I IOR SALfc, tit thi citt or Hrw - TOBx. I.IVE lots of ground on tlie west tideofGrecn - wich - strcet, between Vettry and Desbrot - A CO !f START XL supply nf I diet Beaver Halt, fresh from the ma nufactory, tuita ble for the south era market, and packed at me thortett notice, at J. WILSON'S, ICO Broadway JfF.W DltESSIA'O ROOM. A FRUM EN TO. No. 1 Wall - itreet. tost re ZX. . turned from Italr. has the honour to inform the gentlemen, that he cut! and dresses hair in the latett style, and in a manner io ai to adopt it to the phisioeoomy. He has for lale a qtanti - ty of RAZORS of the first quality, if they do not please on trial, the purchaser! are at liberty to return them, and receive trie money, lie has - ,jk 4 procured avery fine hone, and engage, t of Jo bn A. Schuyler, taeaMd, (o K,totftMatt t0 aTerJ fccenedge - and .dd ice to t ie creditor, of the dece - lhtTnotcuthe wil, reCeive no recompence .!! t I llrc UUl LUl IIO Will ItJV.CIVS UV ICVUUIin:ilt.tji . . 1 m - oeni to pnng n u.eirciaims anu uemaoa. tfitiw Th - - .,.,. - who ma to bo.,,, hia. .7,Be - .tr C, eD:riX hill'thr patronage, may Sepend on the most first day of May, in the year of our Lord cigh - l ...... .r:. ,,. . - . - . .. 4 . - i uariK.uiai cxiiu ictua (.tut attt,nuuiivci eennunnrena..uniiie,cen,oypuiungupnou,f. Frumento hat iust received a few tetU of the WttattMWtin Dva oiine iBOKpa Back R war - ths .Ann t w rf lkp - n trip I ti a striar nl tirnl .... n month, and adverlisinz the tame pace of time in a newspaper printed and pub - .... . ... - .. i iishcii in the ttute oi .lew - jersey, ann in a news - 1 paper pniited and utilithed in the city ol iew - i om. A true transcript irom trie recora. ap 20 2m JOHN A. BOVD.Sur'gate. G. SAU.NDLR'S PA I EN f RAZOR STROP. You that with to thave witbease, Buy ofSacsDERS if you please ; Hi Razor Strop's, peculiar tuch, That hurps the Razor with a touch. n SAUNDERS respertmlly tolicitt thote VT. who have not got bit Patent Rotor Strop, to lumish thrmstlvet with hit new invented Razor btrop, and .Metallic Composition. No gen Amateurs may thave themtelvet luxuriously, N. B. Gentlemen who tobscribe bytheqtia . Ml. . I I . ' 1 ler win nave tneir razor, :c. sepi exclusive for themselvet. P. S. A good journeyman wanted. Apply a anove. mn r ti IM LET. A dry Cellar, tinder the bouse No. 29 noe - tireeu uqinreoi Mti. ft.Mtuts, mylltf 134 Pearl - street FOR SALE. Leasehold Property, more valuable than real Estate. That pleasant lituated House and Academr Nn. 39 White - street, between Broad tleman who once make trial of one of the Strop way and Chun - h - street, thirty year of the Leae now offered, wili evertry any others; and tucbis un - exptred; all improvements to be paid for, by their formation, that ever to much use will not valuation at the expiration of the term. Ground mirert of handsome furniture in general, that be pve the razor, that roundnei which renders the I Rent thirty pounds per annum, for particular! I... I.. - .I ..w la . I ... f. I V . r .1 , . . . II 1 1 I . " II I , - . rs bat band orst oi im - ia uwieia, an'i n nicn i wen mown ui - 1 enquire oi ueorge rica, sorneiia - itriei, urecn wayt to ioiio. ine application oi ainnose ni:ner - i wu n. jez u . - . i - i i . - i . to inventeti. I tic oe imii re in cenriai K three - story brick boue, opposite the park in Duane, and next to tbe corner of Hudson - street. Enquire at No. 2 G reen wich - street my 7 f II T ANDERSON, at hit mannract9ry, 55 Mai - , I . den - lane, hat on hand a fine assortment of SPECTACLES, in eold. tilver. plated, eilt teel and tortoise shell frame., with convex, con cave, or green eyes. Alio, pebbles, goggle for weaa eyet, opera, reading and magoi'ying gfatt - e, eye glastet set with gold or U ver for the short sighted, botanical glasses, linen proven, and tpectacle catet ih a variety. J. A. continue! to manufacture Canet ia every vineiv, ana nason nana a verv elegant assort - tbe bankt of the East River . tho .itu.tinn nn - I.I reived bv the Vena, a larce astortDtent of ment of awor.l and otlier Canes, mi.uuted to tuit comtBoniy nesJthy ; the aetghbourhood the mott excellent Pi - no Forte, Patent Flattt, I lageo - every taste, wholesale and retaal ditcouot hber - al to wholesale dealen. fjr - CANES and SPECTACLES made and repaired to Order new glair! fitted to old frames, and every attentiia paid to thove who appiy tor zitott. my im TUX SOUA'D STEAM 20AT - LIME. the experiment with the Fulton, Cnpt. Law, and thit route (if found practicable) will be continued during uie season. I he line win in linure oe irora ixew - iorx io Norwich, at follows : The Connecticut, Capt Bunker, will leave New - York every Monday. irednadajt and t rttay, at H o'clock, in the morning, tor New - Haven, ihe fullon, capt. Law. will leave Jfeneich at 6 o'clock in the morning of the tame dayt, touch at A" evo - London that a young man. tbe bonei of hi. rntJi.1 and depart from thence for Ittm - Hnat. ti 8 the d arWof ttSVEiJVZ&l .oarce. What aci kirn . - i o'clock. The boats will meet and depart from thence eve j i i."1 j . i uuy iiu r ruiuy, at i ii uuiF. iu urc tr f - .uc ana riT a aiteate not in it nwn t..,. , r. 1 Connecticut lor Jfti - ork. and the rulton for which onlV n ii ' . '' M JsWmand AortrtcA. mhl7 treatmentl" A rmtvm iti iT. iP.r"P" At At (Tba, proprietor, with a view of accommodating the public, by extending the line to Norwich, intend making STEAM BOAT NAUTILUS. NEWBOkoH and caa aviiaiuva MAiL - tTAtiK TI1RKB TINKS A WEEK. EAVES Newburgh eve rv cunudr, j uciubi , nfx i - .i (nana inursnay mominx, at three o'cioca, runs tnrougn Montgomery, Bloomingburgh, Monticello, by U bite Lake, Coehecton, Mount 1 leatant, ureal Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, - IUiica, and Ge neva, toCanandaieua. Return in p leaves Canandaigua every Aion day, Wednesday and Friday morning, it three o'clock, and. arrives at Newburgh, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - York tlie following morning. self - time beater, with a large assortment of new music, wnicn be oners tor sale wholesale or re tail, on the most reasonable terms. my 8 , .4A'.V'S AJVTI - B1LIOUS PILLS. WHICH have been attended with a degree of tucccts highly grateful to the inventor's feelingt, in teveral parti of the Wett Indies, and the Southern and Middle States, particularly in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, frc. Tbe operation of these pillt are perfectly mild. to at to he used by penont in every tituation ana oi every age. They are excellently adapted to carry of tu peiflout bile, and prevent it morbid tecretion : to restore and amend the appetite ; to produce a 0f May, iree perspiration, anu tnerecy prevent coiui which are often of fatal consequence. A dn.e never failt to remove a cold, if taken on iti first appearance. They are an inl'allib'e preventive oi Bilious and Malignant Fever, and thould be procured tor ate, oy every seaman and traveller. Prepared and told at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 48 ifrtaiden Lane. Dmggittt and country atore Keeper mppiiea nil nncral term.. my 10 T ANTED to hire, a white woman, to do f v the Cooking and Houte work oia tmull family. Apply at No 6 Warrrti - atrfet. my 23 A ttitturnj - r ribfir tnowkra'to di.ti,. C. tWM Ihmir. Ih.l JfT - . u,t.ulM) - 7 wm. UU1CI, DOCTOR HORNE, farmer) . oftlw aty of lAondoB,asf metniieroinia faculty of physji r and aargerv there, deem it bis da. it ty to repeat tome ootervationi ei tbe abuse of MERClinv e? rah, indiKriminate, and nnqoali. fied ue thereof, be! been prodoc. live of inniutci miwki - r Tn.. landi are annually mercarialized outofe - l i ence. Tbe dueate we have in view oweV i" ft. UI reinJU chiefly to thi. t " an at .Veu. Jaren, wnV from all ih nrr7,. '"r''e?. " ry Monday, Wtdnct - bv the JT 7.1. ""J"J.UJ,, C .1.. it.. 7 y. yiw uuf - .atuea momer I. rT'l I. - v A vkTATTTtl tient) now perfectiy hearhr and well, had bee. 1 - :J4M yeai - .K . " . a - - ., A yean. I lie nrain imm hauji LUSwill herentter run at ?VU ."".V"'. 0 i T n 'emmended ti JJflf follow!, MiUal. except vn Sun - LEAVE HEW - T0P.K, S o'clock in the forenoon, ' 0 no no 11 do do 2 o'clock in the afternoon. 5 do do I.KAVK (TATEIT ISLAND, At 1 - 2 past 6 in the forenoon. 1 - 2 patt 9 do 1 - 2 past 12 in the afternoon 3 o'clock do 1 - 2 past 6 do OR SC. - DATt LFAVK RKW - TORK, At 5 o'clock in tlie morning, 10 do do 1 o'clock in the afternoon, 4 do do I.EATF STATES 16LAHD, b o'clock in the forenoon. 1 - 2 patt 1 1 o'clock do ' 1 - 2 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, 7 o'clock do Statcn - Island, I my fi'J im v.. ...iuw a ErauriuuD Ull rirvl hi. I were carious, and hii flesh dropping from 0.m . bii friends declared b could not pcrobliorvS. turn mnnlhi Innv - v. TU....J. r XTf a Lviiiwiiii cxtierinnenf.riu know with whal ease and .a?ety DrT H. ,raT . w..v,v.w. bv. wiu Luniirm. me cor it; tution. Tbe Doctor' plan (advertidng) if ., ceitary to guard the public arainat th Vh. mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth Pen ens, therefore, having contracted a pri. ,ai7 iiiruiMci, ui uniet:iiic laieni nuwi. admonithed not to tamper with their conitii. I I i nr. - nr.''.l Ik - I I . - it . - i "" ""' iutucr, wi pan recov. J """ - ' - '"""' it ui aim oi an oia caja. or other impuntiet of the blood, at well atotT er complaiiitt of a delicate nature, in eitUr !?re,rUCODICi5,,eeVJb3r makiDK PpI'Catioa r?.,"'" - " - ."'pecubie ettab. iiiiinicDt, .10. o - t w Bier - streei, lour DOuee nrniri..i;r in i.i.; - it,.. 7 . " wesl wiu - .ii)') vi.uiui UJ.I LJ I VJLM ) 1 aS!!lA , lone calculated to prevent disclosure. Andhr let me claim your teriout attention Rememhl! PassenserttotheNtrrow. and Bath will, for ILV!!0"' y? certainirha;. ,. ......... i . c....i I n"ru - ;i urta vu Renin wiin refti.,l.H.i . in the & o'clock I fiatt 5 o'clock in slnnd will be 25 rows, 50 cents. Childicn half price. The NAUTILI'S isa new boat of great treed in line order, i propelled on 1 I )r. II'. rimrnrUr Kir aWn J - i - . with good accommodation ; and is r V". un:,r,iii' .,u Dtn wt - .lie ltette. and Fulton plan. - tSi .dvab" praeffir auuiu ine tLiicaiiurss ui tuc idtc auu uic I ...i I i I a I i I CUI icucc ui uic rcirrsiiuirm ami uccuuiiiiuiiauuiisi 1 mJtJnjj on ooara f xciirs on. m in. a huiui lor p casure Gfcrti eradicatcd jn , or nusine!, will ne lounn rxprnuious, aereeaine I oi,; - fr.. ni.nlna .k..i i - and hea.thul. A. she it fitted for the transpor - ffite raveiien in me rost i.naifei, wit tomb .r - . Ilpr.onirrinr.rn - j BiB;,.j , V. 7th Mar, 1813. mm. boat, and be called lor anotii nan tf , ,r..:. - i w.. F'L" W will the evening. The fare to Staten hVri"'cV, miunble TtZt JVL?,Ua m ' cents, nndto Bath and tlie Nar - "l!rfe,5L,"!?eJ1.V.,?te? '"rt wiOiout v v v. v.. w. uvw vm wivu IOLI , .1.. I beseech you. ( i warning, of Hortet and. Carnages, and the wliarre - ' - rv w , lir ateVEa for uf. and comodio,,. embarking anT landing ! J. riage - oci ween new - 1 ora ana ini.aae .IlinA. ineakillr, .k n,. H. - MrfT . . 1 renton, rnnceton, ?iewnruuwicx, or tvooa - .i (,, i w7. ... . bridge, will find the" route by the Nautilus and ..itlt " the turnpike! acrost Staten - Island to New - Lf ?r'iUi rble 9 - Bruniwick, the shortest, cheapest and moet pleasant that can he teicrtpn. juii.n, captain. presumed with iutt cause) Iobe eirenhim bv judicium iaiiiiu. it . . ah leiier must oe pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 Ijt XEITULR qVACKERY AVR JMPUSl - DIR. EVAXS' tuperi.t method of curing a certain Diteate, it now univer - tally acknowledged in tint city ; hit mode of treatment u perfectly mild, tafe, tl - peamous. and Lit cbargit icMuuouie. m every in tance he warranti a care, and will return the pay if b :doe not perform agrettbii - xl'pcoiwraci. I't, trwlotT urrartj aiav aKmmJ (ET It may be tzpattd lltat at all timei tcflen fA litre are many person! in thii city and itt vV ittam - boats alter their dayt oj running, that mu cinity, laboring under vanoui chronic diieases, line trill alter to ai to meet them. . I ,ncb ai canceri. old inveterate ulcer, crortl The whole route will be perfbmed m three or kingt evil, fittnlat, diteaae of th rethrt, davt. from the fint of May. until the fint of bladder and kidiwet, old coapUcated cotnplaklt Knnmi.iiK - .nJ Onm the fir,t of Vovemher of a certain aarara, wnoj ana ouer oottnc - until the flfteenU. of December, and from the "J ?g STin M fifteenth of March until the firtt ofM.y. in jJ3flJflSSS four dav. and from the 15th December, tin - fL.i..?;n. - nrartUed - .!..;.. til the fifteenth ofMarch the tame line will be hntpitali ia Europe 12 yean, ander tome ofdw . ... .L ..... . ! ' . 7 . . 1 I . . I . .... III. !.l. 1 . I contihiica to uie city ui ncw - iun mu ruM0rit BUrgeont mi mrnuui in in world, tM from thence to Caoandaigua in four dayt. made thote obttiaal diteatxi tut conttant stuh Paitenirers travelling from Wew - YorK to roraovean. ucm Canandaiua. Niagara or BtiUalo, can leave N York in the evening .team - boats, and arnve in Canandaigna in three days a distance of three hundred milea. The line is well turnisnea with good, new carriage! t good horses, and i i t a 1 s, owners. David Godfrey, Bloomingburgh, E. C. St. John, Mount Pleasant, L. & R. Manning, Chenango, Luther Gere, Ithica, Samuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, mh 14 d6m mfRivTllTht. xt1 y ie iTroprie. tort. careiui i ami experiencea t.nvers. er, .. Th, ,abscrib,r baWn - rtMnU - ntvmi vion wm uc pa, , ruiucr ,c ,.., - 5. from England with an important improvement traveller ana P;u - t,,e artifici!j tiog LEG he BctW bel.eveU that meacommodat.ons on this line lf tafor . Jj, Mi a arc equal to any line in xne ata. those who are 10 nnfbrtunnt at to b In want tf rri - r Aitr. irom iiewourcu w anoiiuaiuu - , .rM. , , - . - mmi..J hvu. pni'OTrpv nni 1 1PQ I . " T. ' ' . i t rwvtv.f... wuur.... nlcin at Kn. 77 Nss.Ynrk. H.u.A urancu ot me tame line runi inrcc 1 - - 1 - - n , - nju pttRVie. . . ... . .... 11 . I - " - w.. v.. - timet a ween irom tuiaca vo aunum. .. , - r n, t: u.:.,.. 1 n 1 IJr. - rAtllv IAS 1 ITU 1 lOn. tine ruiu irvm uwu i'jj ii ""' I . cr, rnT . ., ' d - l - i;. .. 1. v - - i .n.t P.;r,.i tw lATtatl. A SELEC1 and private Classical School tl ui, m.6 . - . , , .... 0 ,hed t Hvde Park. Dutchett cot - KC. l .I.ite nfNew.Vnrlr. iinrter the itirvrtioB ud - UAUUAUti, as usual, at me risn oi uic in,,,,;,,,, of BENJAMIN ALLEN. L. L. D. I he institution 11 designed to unite with a cm - sical and Eogltth Education, the modern lantt net 1 ne classical course win comprise in j.iu and Greek Language!, Ancient History and Ge ography, Mythology, Roman and Grecian Aid. quities. ine tnginn coune win compnte uit" Crammer, Elocution, Element! of History, Rhetoric k, Geography, Penmanship, elementary tad practical Mathematict, and the outline of Ktt ural Philotopby. Modern Lanauaget will comprit the Freud), Spanish and Italian. Moral and religions Instruction will be attea ArA tn. a vonth i Ihe mot nrooer time to in culcate and fix thote principle! of virtue and pi - ty, wbirb ought 10 direct and innuenca mt w auct 01 luture me. . .v. . . .... ... I Th nnnil rrfthe Inititntion will be member! chs, and ship George, from UL, a gBuuera. "S and a particular., eiegant rote - wocKlgrand cabP - DeAU"Th.0i!.t mm The wstitution will be furni.hed with. a Libra - ry, Maps, uiobes, ana teieci rnuotoptiic - t - paralut, me ute oi wnicn uie pupii w - taught, and made familiar with the mott wpori - ant and striking experimcntt in Natural Fb - 00; phy. These will be considered at rewaro good conuuet ano attenuon to nuuj, titute one of tbe most interesting tourcetota - mutemeot and recreatioa. It it known from ex perience that much uteful knowledge may " thin incidentally communicated. The termt are three hundred dollars P,tn" num, payable quarterly washing included. Classical itudeoti who ttudy the mode. guaget, will be charged 10 dollart per carter c.m lur ilic mm.. .. The students find their bedt and oeaainj. The number of itudentiii limited. men therefore who are detrous of placing m sons in the institution, wmi pieac w early applicaUon. . AU letten reiauve to me insinuuw.. - - - ed to the lubscriber, Hytle Park f. Dutchet. County N.Y. will I promptly attett - ed to. BENJAMIN ALLv The tnmmer term will commence o K my 23 r. fmk OMAN CEMENT. 60 enskt nom meut,iust received and wrtai vw ANDERSON & SHLAtRi, 131 Water - ftret" NEW - YORK: PRINTED AXD PUBLISHED MICHAEL BURyilAJi CO. NO. 49 WlIXIAM - aTIlEST oiromE Baxe Copfke - Hoos. .

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