The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 12, 1943 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
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Tuesday, January 12, 1943
Page 12
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!!^:i^^ 12 TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1943 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Hogs^Mostly 10-15 Higher ACTIVITRADE ON ALL WEIGHTS Cattle Prices Steady;" Lambs Fairly Active CHICAGO, (fPj--Live hog prices again turned higher Tuesday with the bulk of the choice butchers selling from $14.75 to §14.90. Top price was S14.95. Cattle were steady and lambs fairly active. Livestock receipts continued comparatively lighter than expected. The run included 20,000 hogs and an additional 5,000 shipped direct to packers. Choice hogs were bought freely at $14.80 and $14.90; while well finished light weights brought between 514.25 and $14.85; sows were strong to 10 cents higher with a few choice head selling up to $14.35. Top for choice steers was $16.50, paid for 1,350 pound averages, while best yearlings brought $16.25 and the bulk of the run sold between $13.75 and $16.00. Most choice wooled lambs sold from $15.60. * * * (U. S. Dept. Agr.}--Salable hogs 20,000; total 25,000; active trade on all weights; generally 10 to 15 higher than Monday's average; bulk good and choice 190 to 320 Ibs. S14.75 to $14.90; with $14.80 to $14.90 paid rather freely; top 514.95; well finished 150 to 180 Ibs. offerings $14.25 to $14.85; sows strong to 10 higher; most good 360 to 550 Ibs. $13.80 to $14.25; few choice $14.35. Salable cattle 9,000; total'9-,000; salable calves 1,000; total 1,000; fed steers and yearlings including yearling heifers steady; moderately active; top steers $16.50 on 1,350 Ibs. averages; best yearlings $16.25; heifer yearlings S15.40; bulk fed steers $13.75 to $16.00; stockers steady, mostly $11.25 to $13.00; fleshy good to choice 800 Ibs. feeders $13.85; cows steady to strong, active, firm; cutters to S9.40 down; canners S7.25 to $8.25; bulls active and strong; heavy sausage offerings to $14.40; veal- ers firm at $15.00 to $16.00 mostly. Salable sheep 6,000; total 6,500; . late Monday--Fat Iambs 10 to 25 lower; good to choice $15.40 to $15.60; choice fed westerns to shippers $15.85 and $15.90; medium and good $14.25 to $14.85; mostly choice fall shorn lambs $15.35 to $15.50; good to choice yearlings $14.00; extreme top $14.75; bulk good slaughter ewes $8.00; Tuesday's trade--Fat lambs fairly active; good to choice wooled offerings mostly at $15.60 down; one 1 load good $15.75; best held higher; led clipped lambs with No. 2 skins $15.25; nothing on sheep; undertone firm; feeders in fairly broad demand; deck good around 72 Ibs. feeding lambs $14.10. Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY--For Tuesday Filteen cents higher. Good licht lights 140-150 SI2 GO Good light lights 150-160 S13.10 Good light lights IGO-170 S13 GO Good light lights , 170-160 S14.10 Good light lights '180-200 $14.45 Good light butchers 200-220 SU.45 Good me. wt. butchers ... 220-240 S14.45 Good me. wt. butchers ... 240-270 S14.43 Good me. wt. butchers ... 270-300 S14.45 Good me. wt. butchers ... 300-330 S14.4S Good me. wt. butchers ... 330-3GO S14.35 Good packing sows 270-300 514^0 Good sows 300-330 S14 "0 Good SOIVS 330-3GO SU.20 3(10-400 S14.03 400-430 S14.0S 450-500 $14.05 CATTI.P. MASON CITY--For Tuesday Choice to Drlme sleera ... SlH,5il-14,5u Good to choice steers 51250-13,50 Medmm to good steers 311.50*1250 Fail to medium steers S10.00-tl.ViO Plain to fair stcera S 8 80-10 (10 Choice to prime jrrlB. steers Si:i.50-14.50 c.ood to choice vrlTM. steers S12 50-13.50 Medium lo coon rearlinss ... sll 50-1250 Fair to medium »earlinga .. S1H.OO-1I50 common eo fair ?eariinc;s ... % 800-10oo Choice lo crime hellers. 800 Ibs. down in 00-14.00 Good to choice heifers S12 00-13.00 Medium to good heifers Sll 00-1200 Plain to fair heifers Slo.00-11 50 Common heifers . . s Good to choice cows, dry fed 510.00-11.00 Medium to fair cows S 9 00- 9 50 Fair to medium cows s 8.50- 900 Cutters, heavy . 5 7.25 7 "T cuntrs. ncht .......;:::::::: s 6.soi 7'.oo Banners, heavy S 550- 600 Carmers. light S 5.00- 5.50 BuJIs. heavy ................ fancy l-alvcs. Calves, Calves, Calres. Spring spring- Spnr.g Spring spring Natlv* Ewes, Good sows Good sows Good soivs . ....... . a select calves ......... S12.50-13 co good to choice. 130-150 Sll.SO-12.50 fair to good, 130-190 S 9.00-11.00 common to fair ...... I 6.00- 800 cull ............ , e_ m a - vn SHEET MASON CITY-- Tor Tuesday lambs, good to choice SD.2S-14 25 lambs. medium to good $12.fO-13 00 lambs, pood to fair . 310.50-11 50 lambs, fair to medium S 9.00-10 oa Iambs, common . . . . s 5 00- 7 00 ema. C ood to cBolc«.. I 2.75- iw etui .. ........ « «e Hides Quotation, furnished bj Wolt Broi, In«, 30S FiJlb Slriel HoBiiitrclt Horschldes . . IR nn -GREEN BEEF BIDES" From 11 Ibs. up ,,., From 15 Ibs. down $2c Bull hld« JI ·Cured hldn It . Ib. hlghtr AlVo'lc . lt. hither tor crecn hides to wholesale! dealer* In wholesale quantities. Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES (Taeida? .Market) . MV-(O. S. department agri- Potatoes, arrivals J05: on trade 187; total U. s. shipments 721; old stock, supplies moderate, demand ror best quality fair, market steady to firm; new slock unavailable; Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1. S3S3.10; Colorado Red Mc- clurcs U. S.'tio. I. S2.80fi2.95: Nebraska Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1. S3g30S: Minnesota and North Dakota Bliss Triumphs ^Commercial S2.I032.25: U. S, No. '· S2-33.' Cobblers Commercials S2.10® 1.33. DIES IN CALIFORNIA DECORAH--R. F. Tyler, 72, who served as rural mail carrier out of Decorah for 17 years died Dec. 26, in Whittier, Cal., where he had lived for 30 years. Midwest Livestock (TUESDAY'S PRICES) Trend-Good Butchers-140-150 Ibs 150-160 Ibs 160-170 IbS 170-180 Ibs 180-200 Ibs 200-220 Jbs 220-240 Ibs 2W-270 Ibs 270-300 Ibs 300-330 Ibs 330-360 Ibs Good Packing Sows 270-200 Ibs 300-330 Ibs 330-360 Ibs 360-100 Ibs 400-4W Ibs 450-500 Ibs 500-550 Ibs Albert Lea' Minn. 15c higher . $12.45-12.50 . S12.aj-12.9O . S13.2o-13.30 . $13.35-13.90 . $14.10-14.IS , SH.25-N.3a . S14.25-14.30 . S14.25-14.30 . S14.25-14.30 . SH.25-H.30 . $14.15-14.20 5c higher . S13.B5-13.90 . 313.83-13.90 . S13.85-13.90 . 513.75-13.80 . 513.65-13.70 . $13.55-13.60 . S13.45-13.30 Austin Minn 10 higher S12.35-12.65 $12.80-13.10 S13.10-13.40 S13.40-13.70 S13.85-14.15 5U.05-14.35 S14.05-14.35 S14.0j-14.35 S13.95-14.25 Steady S13.75-14.05 S13.75-14.05 $13.75-14.05 $13.63-13.95 S13.55-13.83 $13.33-13.85 Waterloo 15c higher S 13.50-13.65 $13.30-14.05 514,15-14.30 {14.25-14.40 $14.25-14.40 $14.25-14.40 $14.25-14.49 $14.25-14.40 S14.05-14.20 lOc higher JH.00-14.13 S14.00-14.I5 $14.00-14.15 S13.SO-14.05 513,90-14.05 $13.90-14.05 Cedar Rapids lOc higher $13.55-13.63 $13.90-14.00 514.15-14.25 $14.30-14.40 $14.30-14.40 514.30-14.40 $14.30-14.40 $14.30-14.40 $14.20-14.30 lOc higher $14.00-14.10 $14.00-14.10 514.00-1440 513.90-14.00 $13.80-13.90 513.80-13.90 ·IGood to choice hogs, less than normal fill, delivered to Wilson plant at Albert Lea, will bring 5-15c over foregoing quotations.) ALL GRAINS ARE LOWER Trading Is Confused by Ceiling on Corn C H I C A G O , ()--All grain prices recorded substantial losses Tuesday following an office ol price administration announcement placing ceilings on corn futures, effective Wednesday, at the highest point reached Monday. Trading during the early part of the session w a s - h i g h l y confused, corn breaking more than 2 cents and wheat more than 4 cents. At times actual prices in the piis were well out of line with quotations posted on the blackboard. During the latter part of the session, however, prices stabilized and trading quieted as grain men showed an inclination to awail further developments. Corn finished 2%-2'Jj lower May 97«4-97, July 97 /!.-% Wheat was off 2i/i-2%, May $:.38Wt-i/ s , July $l.3Sy,- : / s , oats dropped IMs-H-!, rye declined 1%-lTfc, and soybeans were l^s lower. CHICAGO CASH CHAIN (Tuesday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, (JTt--Cash wheat. No. 4 red tough 51.43. Corn. No. 3 vellow 95!ifi?98c; Ko. 4 2553?ic; No. 5. SSflSS'ic. Oats. No. 2 while 35c. Barley malting S5cS31.04 n o m i n a l : feed 70/fifiOc nominal. Field seed per hundred weight nominal: Timothy 4,75'r75; Alsike 18ri722.50; fancy red top Tit 7.50: red clover 18K722.50- sweet clover 7S3: Alfalfa 28.5053a. . Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesday No. 2 shelled corn sic No. 2 new oat 50e Vew ear corn 74c Mo. 2 soybeans 51.61 Barley 50-75C CHICAGO CBAI.V CLOSE (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, /])-- VHEAT-- May July CORN-- uly "I""" Sept OATS-day ......... July Sept. '.. "OYBEANS-- May July RYE-May July ~ept LARD-Jan Hlah .97 .9711. .5(i .53 1 i .761 i .70 .8 Hi Close 1..T3H 1.38 Vi .97 ·,; .97V. .33 .50% .55',-i -SO .8211 STOCK MARKET TRADE FALTERS Early Gains Erased With Trends Obscured NEW YORK, (IP)--The stock market faltered Tuesday after a moderate early advance confined principally to selected issues. Prices and activity.were the best at the opening when blocks of 1,000 to 6,000 shares changed hands with gains of fractions to a point or so. While there were scattered spots of resistance near the close, small declines were plentiful with many morning favorites erasing plus signs. Transfers were around 700,000 shares. A break in major commodities when the O. P. A. froze corn prices at Monday's highest levels tended to cloud the bullish stock picture American Telephone touched a new 1952-43 top but failed to follow through. Allied Chemical got up more than 2 and Loew's, International Harvester, Chesapeake Ohio and Western Union showed occasional improvement. e Inclined to drag were U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Santa Fe, Chrysler, U. S. Rubber, American Smelting Douglas Aircraft. Westinghouse duPont, Dow Chemical. Radio Corporation, Philip Morris and U. S. Gypsum. ( Bonds were uneven. Production Stepped Up ror Quinine Synthetic NEW YORK. (U.R)_Adequate supplies of anti-malaria^ drugs were available during ttio past year to the armed forces of the United States located in malaria- infested regions throughout the world despite the cutting off by Japanese conquest of supplies of quinine, James Hill. Jr., president of Sterling Drug, Inc., said. Sterling's subsidiary, Winthrop whemical company, he stated, is :urning out vast quantities of ata- brine, synthetic substitute -for quinine. At th^ year end, the company's production of this drug was at an annual rate of more than 800 million tablets, or 16,000 per cent above this nation's normal requirements. "When all production units now authorized are operating at capacity," Hill said, "American production will be at the annual rate of more than 1,600 million tablets- enough to treat 106 million cases of malaria. This amount should be sufficient not only for the armed forces of the United Nations, but also for much of the civilian populations of these countries. "The major portion of 1941 production went to the army, navy, and other government agencies, which have flown large shipments to Brazil to protect workers on rubber plantations, as well as to other countries. Whereas the price of atabrine was S66.66 per 1,000 tablets in 1933, when introduced to the United States, the cost to the government today is $4.50 per 1,000--or 614 cents per case of malaria, as compared with 27 ments for quinine." HAS "ARMY" OF HER OWN- AUGUSTA, Me.. (U,P.)~A woman who has 203 lix'ing descendants and who has seen United states troops engaged in five wars is Mrs. Mae Ztdana Glidden, 105- year-old resident of Augusta. Mrs. Glidden has a large number of her grandsons, great-grandsons and jrcat-great-grandsons now serving with the armed forces. Produce (Merchant Quotations) (Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse) MASON CITY--For Tuesday Eggs, current receipts Sfic Capons, 8 Ibs. Sand up 30c Heavy springs, 5 Ibs. and up. .24c Heavy springs, 4 to 5 Ibs 22c rjeavy springs, 3 to 4 Ibs 20c horn springs I7c avy hens, 5 ]bs. and over..22c iens, 4-5 Ibs 20c Sens, under 4 Ibs ]i7 C -ocks, heavy i3 C Cocks, Leghorns n c All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less 2ggs, in cash .".29-36c -ggs, in trade 32-36c 3utter, Iowa State Brand 51c Sutler, Corn Country 50c Butter, Decker's lowana 50c Butter, Brnokfield 50c CHICAGO PRODUCE (Tuesday Market) 1? i^ AGO - W--Butter, receipts 433.- J9; firm,- prices as quoted by the Chicago price current arc unchanged. Eggs, receipts H.428; easy; prices un- cnanged. CHICAGO POULTRY (Tuesdiv Market) CHICAGO, liej-- Poultry, live: Firm; 20 trucks; market unchanged. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. wv-Qificial csiimalcd livc- slock rcccipls tor Wednesday-: Hoes 21 000; cattle, 12.000; sheep. 7.000. NEW VORK PRODUCE (Tuesday Market) NEW YORK. «·--B u t t e r 380,033: scarce. (First band wholesale price levels' creamery, hishcr than 52 score and premium marks 47^*148'/c: 92 .'core leash market! 47S47 : Uc; 83-91 score Cheese 297.163; firm. Prices unchanged Stale, whole milk flats, held. 1541. 30\Hi! 32c: flats, ful] grass. 1542. 29?/30c. Eggs 22,542; weak. Mixcrl colors: Fancy to extra fancy 43',zfr45c; extras 4.7c: traded firsts 37?lc: current receipts 37?ic- mediums 34Vic: dirties No. 1 34»,'-@34}/ c; average checks 33533',ic. Real Estate Transfers Deeny, Jennie, to Gertrude Ann Deeny. SI, lot 3, blk B "A" S. M. C. (WD). 9-2-36. Callanan, Meda Parker, to Ruth McGowan, SI, SWA 25-95-22 and lot 4, blk 15 orig. C. L. (WD) 17-43. McGowan, Ruth, to Mcda Parker Callanan and Charles T. .Jor- Eensen. SI, SW'/t 24-95-22 and lot 4, blk 15 orig C. L. (WD) 1-7-43. Youngblood. J. B.. and Madeline, lo C. J. and Anna Pick, SI, lot 4 subd W 4 rds lot 3 and E 1 rd of lot 4. Emsley Adams subd NW 1 /. SE \ t 9-96-2G. (WD) '12-30-42. Patterson. Lucy M., to Herman A. Kuppinger, SI. S 2 rds lot 3 and S 1 rd lot -5, Aud plat of subd ot 11 (exc E 9 links) and E 3 rds lot 10, Randall's subd N\Vy 4 Sec 3 (QCD) 11-28-42, Home Loan Finance Co to F. F. Potter and E. R. Worlcy SI Scholl, Sam, et al to Herman and Malinda Bentjen $800 L I B 13, orig. Rockwell 12-4-41. Crane Co. to Kurtz Realty Co 512,500 L 1 and B. 4 BIS S M C (WD) 12-29-41. HEADS SUPERVISORS EAGLE GROVE--At the recent meeting of the Wright county board of supervisors, Charles Hei- dcn, of Dows, was elected chairman, succeeding William Fisher of Eagle Grove, who served during the past year. r TOUR U. S. IKCOMt TAX. Couple May File Together NO. 8 Every single person must file a federal income tax return whose gross income for the year from all sources was $500 or more; that is, as much as $9.62 per week. Widows, widowers, divorcees and married persons separated by mutual consent are classed as single persons. Every married person living with husband or wife throughout the year must file a return if his or her gross income, together with any income .of the spouse, was as much as $1,200 for the year; that is, as much as S23.08 per week. U husband and wife both have income, they must both make a return. Such return may be made separately or, if they are both citizens or residents, they may make a joint return. A joint return may be made by husband and wife even though one has no Income and a joint return is ad- I'isable in the case ol persons one of whom has no income, who marry during the year, since the personal exemption attributable to each spouse during the period f premarital status is allowable in a joint return. * * * A joint return must be signed by both husband and wife and verified by a written declaration that it is made under the penalties of perjury. Where separate returns are filed by husband and wife on form 1040, the joint personal exemption allowable C$1,200' where the married status has existed throughout the year) may be taken by either or divided between them in any pro- portioon agreed upon. If separate returns are filed one may not report income which belongs to the other but must report only the income which belongs to him (or her). No person is exempt from filing a return if his gross income is equal to or greater tnsn the amount specified above for his classification. Neither the president of the United States, nor the vice president, nor federal judges, nor members of congress are exempt from filing returns. * * "* Moreover, all income from whatever source, unless specifically excluded by statute, must be reported in the return. The types of income specifically exempt are listed in the instructions accompanying the return form. A person whose gross income does not exceed S3.000 and consists wholly of salary, wages, dividends, interest or annuities may make a simplified return on form 1040A in which the tax due may be readily ascertained by reference to a table contained in the form. A husband and wife living together on July 1 of the taxable year may file separate simplified returns if the gross income of each is from the /prescribed sources and does not exceed S3 000. A taxpayer may not, however, file a simplified return if the other ·spouse files a return on form 1040. Apologizes as He Pays $100 Fine for Yelling "Heil Hitler" OMAHA, (ff)--Holding his hat in his hand and in a voice trembling with emotion, John A. Nelson, Omaha, apologized in municipal court for shouting "Heil Hitler!" when he was arraigned on a minor traffic count last Friday. He paid a fine of $100 and costs for contempt o£ court. Officials at the Nebraska ordnance plant, where he had been employed, said he had been dismissed. "I wish to apologize for what I said in this court last Friday," he said, "t lost my temper, and I am sorry. I am a good American. I will never say those words again as long as I live." lowan, Sawed Free From Wreck 45 Years Ago, Dies in Waterloo WATERLOO, (/P)--William E. Schollian, 78. former owner and operator of the Schollian Wholesale Tobacco company in Waterloo for more than 35 years, died at 1:30 a. in. Monday at his home here of pneumonia and a heart ailment. He sold the wholesale business in 1932 and retired. Forty-five years ago he lost his left arm in a wreck on the Rock Island railroad six miles from Waterloo. He was pinned under a passenger car and a fellow passenger sawed his arm off with a hand saw to free him. He had been an engineer on the Illinois Central railroad. . F u n e r a l services will be Wednesday afternoon. Hawkeye Press Club to Meet Saturday A dinner meeting of the Hawkeye Press club will be held at the Adams tea room, 680 East State street in Mason City Saturday evening at 6:45 o'clock. The program will include a discussion of the subject, "My Most Successful Promotion Stunt of 1942." Members have been asked to explain some promotion program used in the past year. Following the dinner, the women will be entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Waughtal of the Kayenay Engraving company, while the men discuss the newspaper business. The British Royal Observatory was established at Greenwich in 1675 A LINE O'PIPE Stick to Hie Pipe -- Let the Smoke Blow Where It Will By T. PIPE SEED CATALOGS Seed Catalogs now come to taunt, Us with the first faint breath of spring; To cast our thoughts far, far ahead, And fond anticipation bring. The pictures of the g o r g e o u s blooms, That *ay adorn the pages shed, A warming glow and visions bring, Of gladsome, merry days ahead. We know full well for many days, We must through winter weather grope; But catalogs with pictured flowers, Each day will warm our hearts with hope. _ » -The height of something or other. A flower garden equipped ' with blooms as brilliant and as large and luxuriant' as those shown in the pictures on the pages of a seed catalog. But alas. such flowers bloom only in our imagination and in our dreams. -- 0 _ The only way one could possibly achieve the results pictured in a seed catalog would be for some seed man to be stricken with an extreme case of modesty and picture the blooms of his products as they really blossom. And apparently modesty it is one affliction to which seed catalog makers are immensely immune. -- · -Some two or three weeks before Christmas we gave up trying to do any local shopping. The shopping crowds were more than we could overcome. So we put off buying: things we needed until after the holiday, figuring it would be an easy matter to make our purchases in the stillness and dearth of the after Christmas lull. _-· -But that's where we made our mistake. For no sooner was the holiday rush over than the stores started invoicing and the sales staffs were busier than ever. -- ·-- Which invoicing at the larger stores must be quite a chore. Mr. Hanes of Yelland and Hanes told us they had some 6,500 items to Jist in (heir store. Some good feature writer should be able to make quite a tale of the annual invoicing, or is it inventory, the stores must make come each new year's time. _ ~e)- _ · Thanks to everybody for th» calendars. Considering what the times are we would have settled for one or two. We were especially delighted to get our favorite from the Lehigh but missed Henkels' usually lovely one. But we can't have everything during war times. Answer to last week's quiz question: Tod Ransom. Someone along about the 400 alock on Monroe avenue northwest has a sidewalk snow plower offer. Soon after every snow we find the sidewalks in that vicinity all plowed cut but by whom and how we have been unable to discover. No wheel tracks or hoss -racks are visible. And as several blocks are plowed out after each snow , we do not think the plow could be hand pushed. But anyway it's a darn good idea from a pedestrian (which nowadays includes all of us) standpoint. -- · -ON THE OTHER HAND WERE THE EASTERN STATES ENJC."* ING THE ICE CAP T H A T DECORATES NORTHERN IOWAY. THEY WOULD HAVE WOT?T S t? F r? R GA SOLINE. THEY WOULD BE ICE BOUND INSTEAD OF GAS BOUND. _ ^,_ A ^^^ Mason City is going to miss Eyron Karges. He has done a lot for the boys of our city and he has done a lot for Mason City He have lived neighbor to him for many years and never had a better neiehhor. Come back you"' EVr ° n ' We '" ** * missioe Wherein Amos Is Minus One S R T. Pipe: The following authen- ic verbatim conversation recently took place in our humble domicile. B. B. i,4: Amos, for what are you looking? trying to find mv bathi She: What bathrobe? cl c: W £ y my batnr °te, of course. fane: Do you mean that old, rassed, wornout one? Me: It isn't worn out and it is the only one I have She: Oh. Me: Well where is it? I can't fine! it any where. ih;1!l C: ,, Y ? U mcan that "Sly old tnm? that you never wear? Me: If isn't ugly and I do wear it- I want to wear it now. She: Oh. Me: (with sinking spell in heart): Why so many ohl What have you done with it S. he ;, W! Y r got tired of seeing mat old ugly rag around the house TM 1 - ^ p and got rid o£ «· t think you ever wore it any more. No man who had any pride or who cared at all how he looked would ever be seen or wear such a disreputable a garment If you want a bathrobe go and buy you one that looks like something .Vf 1 i n °, golng to have anything that looks like that thing you called a bathrobe hanging in any closet in my house. And furthermore -Me: Oh. Hoping you are the same, AMOS -- · -Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. SPORTS Basketball Scores (By The AMOclaled Press) EAST Toledo 57; Marshall 41 SOUTH George Washington 66; Duke 53. South Carolina 43; Wake Forest 24, Louisiana State 32: Alabama 29. Tulane 48: .Mississippi 38. Vanderbilt 54; Auburn 39. MIDWEST DePaul 46: Loyola (Chicago) 38. Dakota Wesleyan 33; Augustana 31. Drake 31; Iowa State Naval 25. St. John's U. (Minn.) 50; Gustavus Adolphus 48, Millikin 42: St. Amhrose 40. Lawrence 70; -Ripon 44. St. Thomas (Minn.) 40; River Falls Teachers 30. Marquette 41; Michigan Slale 32. Iowa 43; Minnesota 41. Camp Grant 48: Chicago 26. Dartmouth 50: Wayne U. 32. Illinois 52: Wisconsin 40. Northwestern 49; Michigan 32. Indiana 61; Ohio State 31. SOUTHWEST West Texas State 60: New Mexico 45. Texas Christian 27; Rice 23 WEST Denver 46; Colorado College 41, BOWLING SCORES City League Merchants Barber Davey's Coca-Cola 1 N. W. S. P. Cement... 2 1st 2nd 3rd 918 9£S S74 842 948 899 80S B82 970 982 B94 1004 Hub Clothiers 2 833 34' B87 Kozy Korner 1 832 906 883 lowanas i gj;o 920 950 BKS 2 895 975 934 K. Pirkl cot hifih single game. 249 T. Krumbholtz finished with 3 htsh fiame. The three leading teams. N. W. s P Cement. Hub Clothiers and Klks, remained in their respective positions after a hard struggle j n Monday nicht's bowling. H. and H. Duckpin Tot. 2093 1975 Tot. 1352 1717 MEN'S L E A G U E Won H C M. C. Atilo B. 2 70fl 720 B16 3?' Builders Sup. 1 527 535 625 228 F. Kannar IIS: E. Schinnow 461 Cottage Grill 2 589 663 653 |-a Fullcrton Lbr. 1 552 550 570 "85 G. Gettman 164: E. Smith 436 WOMEN'S LEAGUE Won H.C. Earl's Fruil 3 659 682 621 Lyons Laundry 0 453 611 538 no G. Flanaean J47; E. Kennedy 430. Victory Duckpin FIGHT RESULTS TBr The Associated Press) NEW YORK--Pat Comiskcy. 22*. Paier- ;«?' £'· J " Knocked out Big Boy Carillo, 208. Hartford. Conn. (11 CHICAGO-Joe Muscato. 194. Buffalo «· -. knocked out Johnny Denson. 166, Indianapolis. (1). HOLYOKE, Basoni !a5 FU , Cr ^ , R[co ' ""'PO'nted Gene Buffalo! 1 il. Philadelphia. (10) WASHINGTON- Buddy Komar. 182. McKeesport. Pa., outpointed George Parkers, 183. Washington, J. c., (8). PARKER TO ARMY LOS ANGELES, (IP}--America s No. 2 tennis player, Frankie Parker of Pasadena, dons an a r m y uniform, Saturday. He probably will be assigned to Hammer field, near Fresno. Parker has been employed in the special effects department of a Hollywood movie studio. CHICAGO ATTENDANCE UP CHICAGO, (.fO--Despite gasoline ration, attendance records have been set at the Chicago s t a d i u m , where doubleheader basketball games, national hockey league matches and an ice show have attracted 335,000 customers since Dee. 20. NAZIS BOAST OF TANKER SUBS Claim Underwater Stations Are Used STOCKHOLM, Sweden, (IP}-Dispatches from Berlin Friday reported that the Germans were using new type supply ships for submarines--tanker U-boats averaging 3,500 to 4,000 tons. The submarine-like tankers can tow two or three underwater depots to designated spots in the ocean to supply submarines which are warring against allied shipping, the accounts said. The tankers are manned by a crew of ten or 12 and haul oil, medicine, provisions and repair parts, the Berlin correspondent of Svenska Dagbladet reported. Depots which are towed by the tankers carry no crewmen. They apparently are surfaced through radio action, the report added. A German spokesman was quoted in the dispatches as saying the new supply tankers enabled nazi subs to stay at sea now lor months instead of 10 weeks. (Radio Berlin said in a broadcast recorded in New York that both the submarine and U-boat tanker could submerge if the enemy discovered the supply rendezvous. Disclosure of the new development also s h o w e d , the broadcast added, that German submarine warfare could be carried on in the west Atlantic without secret bases on the South American coast or in the Azores.) TRAFFIC DEATHS DECREASE CHEYENNE, Wyo., (U.R_The lowest traffic death toll in Wyoming in 14 years is credited by the state highway patrol to restrictions on sales of new cars, tires and gasoline. Capt. William R. Bradley of the patrol said the official death toll from traffic accidents for 1942 was 66, compared with 129 in 1941. In 1928 only 60 persons were killed. Hair-Raising Fare--And We Don't Mean Tonic at Palace and Lake ...... , By MAGLOPH r-i I ?· Ll ve '", a big way contin «ing at the Cecil theater where Clark Gable and Lana Turner play kiss-kiss all the way from New YorK to Bataan in "Somewhere I'll Find You," other theaters join in scaring their customers to death. At the Palace is a double bill* -of Night Monster" and "Mummy s Hand." These represent the sort of thing that happens when scientists get to fooling around with skeletons and stuff or when archeologists start exhuming people who've been lying more or MOVIE PARADE less in peace for several sand years. thou- Lake theater also has a pair of hair-raisers with " S h e r l o c k Holmes and the Voice of Terror" and "The Boogie Man Will Get CECIC -- "Somewhere I'll Find You." PALACE-- "Night Monster" a n d "Mummy's Hand." ' STRAND-- "K i 1 1 y Foyle" and Mokey." STATE-- "The Wife Takes a Flyer" and "So's Your Aunt Emma." LAKE -- (Clear Lake) -- "Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror" and "The Boogie Man Will Get You." FOE SOLDIERS' WEDDINGS DETROIT, Mich., (U.R)--part of the permanent equipment of the Detroit USO Club is a minister, n.usic, flowers, decorations, cake) corsage--a complete setup for weddings of service men on leave. A wedding present is always added. SODA FOUNTAIN SPECIALS Each afternoon we have spe^ cials . . . soda fountain treats attractively priced. Stop in .. . order your favorite. THE SODA GRILL You. The former has Basil Rathbone as the famous sleuth with Nigel Bruce as his Dr. Watson In the second are Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre whose names alone strike terror in the hearts of movie-goers. New at the Strand is quieter fare--a repeat of the popular Kitty Foyle," in which Ginger Rogers portrays the white collar girl. Along with it is "Mokey" featuring Don Dailey, Jr.,- Donna Reed and Bobby Blake--about a little boy. CECIL Begin Largest Wind Tunnel PASADENA, Cal., (U.R)--Aero- nautical engineers at the California Institute of Technology have begun the construction of the world's largest wind tunnel for the testing of new airplane designs. It will test plane models intended to reach a speed of 700 miles an hour tests covering speed, altitude, maneuverability, armament, wind resistance, lift, control forces and other points. The tunnel will cost §2,100,000. HOME OF BIG SHOWS NOW SHOWING Gable's Last Picture for the Duration! "YOU BET W£'RE TOGETHER AGAIN!" HE DESERVES IT FORT DEVENS, Mass., (U.PJ-- The ^greatest Yank of them all. That's the description given to Maj. Saverio N. Pennine of the dental clinic at this army station, who has extracted 1,206 teeth during a single month. TUBS. - WED. - THUBS. BORIS KAKLOFF PETER LORRE "BOOGIE MAN WILL GET YOU" CO-TjlliIt,LER BASH. KATIIBONE "SHERLOCK HOLMES" and the "VOICE OF TERROR" ALSO ZVEIVS ENDS TVEStlAY ·THE WIFE TAKES ,v FI.VER- "SO'S VOUK Atl.NT EMMA" STAHTS WEDNESDAY I A Mad »nd Merry Whirl o[ I Cats. G»ls and Gobs I SWEETHEARTS OF THE I FLEET 1 JOAN B A V I S I JI.V.V FAI.KEXnURfi I ' BRENDA AXD COBIN'A -- CO-HIT -- - The Underwnrld Takes Another Bealinc BULLET SCARS REGIS TOOMEY ADELE LOXGM1RE -- PLUS -- SEI.ECTEK SHORT SUBJECTS WE1SESIAV IS FUN KITE MAT. 17e - EVE. 21c - PIUS TAX TUES. - WED. Tli* Sensational Beat-Seller! _ DENNIS MORGAN JAMES CRAIG ·The lowest spot on the earth's surface is the Dead sea, 1,290 leot below sea level. S E A S O N S S U R P R I S E MCtey WED. KITE IS rUN-NTTE BIG PICTURES FOR LOW PRICES PALACE LAST TIMES TUES. "Seven Sweethearts" Van Heflin "Underground Agent" Bruce Bennett 2 BIG DAYS WED. - THURS. Double Thrill Show! -- Co-Hit -- THE LIVING DEAD..LUSTING FOR BEAUTY! T^ THE MUMMY'/ TOMB NEW LOW PRICES Mat. 21c - Eve. 30c - Plus Tax WHERE TO CO D-A-N-C-E AT LATE BUS Trt.. 5»1.. Son. LYNN KERNS WED. Also Added Feature SCANDINAVIANS FRI.

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