The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 12, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1818
Page 3
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' - m. - r kUf ANVILS, c, - Jtcak fine drawn ' iV Uifc. Deck Spikes, bjw'4 to 8 itches, 5 Sltee and Hand Hammer... - ... 5. Ww mid Bright Vice. ' us Anvil' received per hip Ilcrcqjes, 4 - 11 CAIRNS. '.W" fZtvj s. iiW&i , ' W r 67 Washington - slreeC olfcr for tale an invoice of CALCU I'T A GOODS, just received - vSTiS bale Beerboom Gurraha 1 r'do Company . do ' i00 Ciiitahuliy and '..uckipore Baftai . ... do Ausengur Mauioodie 5 do Aliabad Mow Sannuhs 1 do MarJCUjwro Sawni - do Bernagore Check. 2doCu.tahs J ,0 gtnnll unl .itMiUinjt - 'outies. Je 12 7JSDON ;L.ii Aiii.:. !0 l.:r' first quality London Muttard, cnnlainuig 6 dozen e1ffi2 LAl'RIES, je j 59 South - (rvet. ' rr7T(.K. Ai RUM a hull an.l 6 bb: i Miis - S - of v win Sugar, and pum. W.I. Rum, laud . .t. ;.... ini s:il l.v WALSH k GALLAGHER, 66 South - street. J. 12 ".li ..Til - :ai wves Brown Siiirai, oiasupe 55 tiorui, 'it,, will 1 e lande - l thia day at Pitr In. west side imi.i d(S froin : ship Sterling - - Je I " - 64 Sufh street ,TIJ3T published end firs; la at WILLIAM tj DU BOIfy piano kii ie suij aiu.a' suxc, nM Henadwav. Thine Omitnyfallliful fair; the soldier' bridsij and from childiniod' dawn to boon oi youiuas sung by Mr. Philipps - Ah can I e'er frel lhe bve 'The celebrated echo sons? 1 ' The iinpii - atiou, s:cril mel?dy Th Smcoh air. with variations, !iy Cramer Ilaydn' celebrateJ contooct, My mother bid no bind my Uuir, a a i on Jo Tweu.y.four sonatus, for youn porfonneri, by If. B. Chnlloner The iaxe CotMnry walli, with variations The Sophia Walla The torm rotidj, by Steibclt Je 12 JAMES P. AN DOE has take? the store No. 7 Park, recently occupied as a Ladies' Auction Room, where hi intends establishing lilmMifasa first - rate .GROCKR, and iutemL telling for ca;h only, and at tii' ti prices as will make it (lie interest of the cpsh purchasers to aUis above, wLere he has for tale a general ak)iUneiit of Teas,la'.e importation rare old co;tiuc Lraudy, of superior quality ' Jamaica tptiiu, I Holland gin, American do Madeira, 1 - . P. I cneriflr, OKI therry, I'ort L olbtr wii es iMiiioa and American porter, Botletl cider fptnn. oil ao J candles Fine old Holland and. Americau cheese WHI flavored raiMue, Figs, i'.une, AhnMiris Spices, le;t aniih cian. Draught orter A'jreet oil, 4ic Conitant attendance will be ;iu, and all favors duly appreciated. June P tf i ULSilA SHEET IKO.N. (''VK tons Ruiia Sheet Imn, treble and JL dotiMe rolleil, lr(re sheets, very handsome i.n - 1 pt: fectly free from ruit, landing I tliis day. 1 IN" STOIIK, Cutnnils, ail size, lcl quality . English wroniii luiN, fin Bkr iron, Swilei, itaia, Knrjlisli and American, all sixes Steel and castings of all kinds for tak by BLACK WELL & M'FARLAN. jela Iw uoi'v. IV bunch of KLY'S, the Under by leaving ttieaiftt No. it Wall - street, will receive tcim litUat reward. t Je H 3t 1 OMT - AL't A - t'or SALE or to LfcT, and A.i4..iiiiiucuiitiv iuit:uioa Kitcu, iiw uciiuiui place called Mcmt - Alta, scveu miles from the City - Hall, oa the iNorlh River, aJjomiug Lord Courttoay s. It contains 30 acres of loud under iaprOkCUKiif, with large janlen well stocked witu vegetables a variety ol fruit, with every convenience for a family. For terms, which arc very reasonable, and if sohl a lung credit jives if wanted, ipply to V. U JJ. TALCOT I, C4 South - street Je li QLOB& COffHK lUUSK. THE public art respectfully informed, that the subscriber has taken the above house, (formerly Globe Tavern,) No. 1 - 13 Water - it. Geutlemeu who wish board by the day, month or year, will find excellent accommodations at the Globe Coffee House. The table will at all times be well supplied with the varieties of the market, and the liquors of the choicest aod most select kind that can be procured. Ravin, for several years, been employed in one of the first hotels in England, the subscriber flatten himself, from his experieuce and attention tohisbuiiness, he will merit a portion of public patronage. JAMES SINGER. Jf. B. His friend, and gentlemen who are disposed to favor the subscriber, are respectfully invited to partake of a cold collation, at twelve o'clock, on Monday next. Je IS lw Buturr Huvztc, buooklyjv, Oa PROSPECT PLACE, west side of the Steam Boat Ferry. THE subscriber informs his friends, and the public in general, that he has opened the above establishment, where always will be found the choicest of refreshments. The situation is not surpassed by any in the vicinity of New - York, commanding a tine' view of the city and harbour. Ten or twelve gentlemen can be accommodated with boarding and lodging, on the most reasonable teres. JOHN II. MOKRISSOX. . N. B. J. II. M. will be happy to see hi; t v ..... rf ' - - - . uiTOuson .Monaay wsj lainuwunt. Mil o'clock, to partake of a cold collation, if fair weather. Je 1? St m BATH. rpHE subfenher respectfully informs the cifi - X tens of New - York, travellers and invalids, wat his boose at BATH is now open lor their reception ; its situation is, probably unequalled on the continent within a shod distance of the city and in view of Sandy Hook. It presents 1be fi nest prospect, and lor salubrity cf air and the advantages or Sea Bathing is probably, witrmet arivaL He has erecti - U etr..i new Bathing Houses, aod a dotting bridge ti receive the team - boat his larder is we'l stocked with all we delicacies of llie stanjn. Travellers from the on'riward can be accommodated with Boarding - .'iiCii5 on reasonaoie terms, an I transienl persoas will find it a htalihy anf aireeahle re trMt - JOII5 COLEMAN. A CARD. V7" The subscriber rtinectfally nofifies the KmfL - ,ii't P"S" fr BATH and tt e NAK - JOVVb m Uie steam hnat Naatilas will, oo Sn - wI - !eV.' nlil '',,'ef Botki from Ua l.r V . . !v CI"C lorenoon, fins - !e1 0(5 o'clock in th innn.'.. A ill 'r SEil:i nh.iiif htl' n..i t i. .n. Irtd. - . can C0,De "P wi,h fetv to the fSia . junx coLiKjian. - 1 i no I .."ALT SVAI ER BATH'S. m iire.:.Vork 6lit w Ftiii Bath, is WierTfcTik Um 0f :'T - tree. .rb - ye"'leirn ''"""odftUon of Ladies, and The M - k" ' ALSO. , Ard - vs mh';, "w'nimlnsj Bath ii now open at n rfMio, vc atar ,hc tkry, for the accom - ftj" Pnii " nUmcn only. nd a p'ir m fV. - Ooc large Vat orCWera B. or S iiffiShin Puni wpir the mumj, SWORD FOR SAE - ftr tale cheap, a vary hanihome sword tod belt, of the kind lately adopted and generally worn by tho militia officer iu (hi oly Apply at No. 23 Nassau - it. Jan 13 U - . . INTERESTING VV OK. K Anecdote of the lifeof Uirbaid Watson, BUhop of Landaff, written By liiraiell, hi diilorcnt interval) and re vised in 1814 Published by bib soo, R. Watson, L. L.B. Prebcudary of Landaff i Wells, price pi VS. Alto, llie life, deeds and opinions of Dr. Mar tin Luiher, translated fiota the German, by John Kortz, price XI. Rob Roy McGregor, a drama iu three acta; from the celebrated novel of Rob Roy, price 25 cents. Ad Elementary Introduction to the knowled; ol .Vincialogy, by XV. Fbilii, with notes snd additions on American Articles, by A'amuel L. .Vitchll, p - :ce gl 25 jut received aud for sale at the Minerva Circulating library, 205 od way, opposite the Museum. Jnna I J 4 ANTED, a w hile woman to do the coot v injj wasliin and koninp, of a small fa mily. None need uppl that cannot produce the best ot rrconinic'jil - ition. iur particulars call at No. 15:1 . - pring - strcer, 6 door west of riro.idway, on the right hand iile. je 1 - 2 3t THE aubsci iaer fir the belter accommodation . of merchant, and other, has thought proper to open a shop No. 99 Wash ington - street, next tlonr to Uic corner of R?c tor - st' - eet, where lie intendii carrying on the numbing uumnes in all its various branches N. B. He still continues to curry on the bu siness at the old stand No. 542 Water - street. All orders lettat either place will be puncui ally attended to. je 12 2w CALEB S. BROWEIt. 'IO be sold on tlic3tli inst. by IIOFF.vlAX JL & GLASS, at the Tontine CofTce - limise, a new and convenient house, just finished in the modern style and best manner, siiuated in Pearl - street, within a few yards of the Hattery, and adjoining the new house of Mr. Grade." Also, 2 valuable lots on Roadway, 200 feet de p, adjoining Delacroix or Vauxloll garden, je 12 tl8th FOR SALE, iJiTlie House and Lot No. 57 Orcbard - Hreet, now occupied by the subscriber. The lot is SO fept front and 100 deep. A further de scription of the properly is deemed unucccssary, ns it i presumed no one will purchase without hrst viewing tho pr. tni'et. If not sold belore tho Ut of AuguU at private sale, it will on thai lay be put up at public auction. JAME KNOX, June 12 Iw 27 Orchard it. FRENCH GOOU3. Ju. - t receiitd per Manchester Packet and other late arrival? - , I box fringed taffeta and satin ribbon, lustring? garnitnrrs 1 toe rilrf kliHVIs ami bdkfi. 1 box ki J gloves, black and colored; buckskin gloves 1 box while tullo 4 - 4 1 do thread lare 1 do greeu and black fioirncc for sale by FREDERICK RICH tltD, 4' Willism - strcfct. Also Cologne and laveaJer - waters. Jell w CJT. CROIX RUi, . - UOAU it MOLASaEc. iJ 30 puncheons rum 2 do. retail in t; molasses 4 hhds first quality sugar received per brig J nines Scott, from St. Croix ; landing this day at pier No. 11 east riier, and fur sale by liKAtlb c ut; I'EVaifcH, jeO lw 31 Old - slip. FpRENCH GOODd 1 case superfine P hivn Hll Leg - 1 do do CbiD Flats 1 do White Tbule Lace 1 do super hlwk and while Crapes. 1 do srreen Florences 1 do fringed satin Ribbons, green, blark, white and blue 1 do fringed Taffeta, do do do do 1 do Garnitures, very rich, No. 7 and 16 2 do 4rtiGcial Mowers I do Otto of Roses I do assorted Watches I do Morocco Pocket Books and Purses 4 do containing ladies riding whii, pocket Lnnthorni, Pocket Lights, Rockets, Kc. Just received per ships Mam heitcr Packet and Favorite, from Havre, and for sale by SAMUEL S. GOODYEAR, Je 10 Iw No. 81 Maiden Lane. OTTON. 50 bales prime Upland Cotton, just receired per sloop Lark, from Charleston, for sale by LA1DLLA W, GIRAULT & CO. No 90 Cotree House slip. IN STORE. 3U bales prime New Orleans cotton. Je 8 7t GRIND STONES, BRISTOL W AKE, BOTTLE'S, ic 600 small 'size Grindstones, assorted 20 large do dn 5 to 14 cwt Weilit, each U0 era tea Bristol Ware Gallon U half gallon Bottles for wine ChhiiLDiin full site Quirt do London aud wine Pint do. (in small size Hampers) Gallon At half gallon Demijohns Loor tinned Pido. freui 16 to 21 inrhc Large IkwI Negro do. and 1 cask English Shoe 1 bread, just received, and for sale ny W ILL LAM COWLEY, JeS Im 164 Water - street. .JATTKvETT WARPS, made ol deaflsland J Cotton and sisul in the chain, for sale by . WtVl.tiAiVirKMiL,, J5 197 Pearl - street. wVA'K F.1JVCX. arum:, No. 7 NassHU - jtrret. T) ALLET Si MRS. Gf KiUF.T, keep a fie MJ tory of Artificial Flovrrt, and store of Fan - eiUotds, imported from the best factories of Lyons and Fans. They have also a general ai - ss - rtmeat of Uie newest Paris FASHIONS ; consisting of Ladies' wliila India muslin morning dresses, elegantly worked Silk peucers, of the most fashionable colors, also beautifully worked Linen cambric pocket handkerchiefs, snperb - ly worked and richly embroidered And a few erfra thread lac VEILS. All of which have been received by the latest arrivals from France, and are now ou. red (together with their other extensive artoiant of fancy articles) for sale to the public La general, and par - ticoUrly to the Wtr. JeS I4t ENGUSH CHEEsE A small parcel fine double Gloster Cheese, juatreeeived and for tale by ANDERSON ft SHEARER, je 9 131 Water - etreet C COTTON ft TOBACCO 41 bales prime J New Orleans Ottoo IS hhds Kentucky Tobacco, laodioj fromschr Betsy, for sale by STEVENS & MACTIER, JelOTt 157 South Mreet. BOS TON RU41,4lhend 1st proof. - 14 hhds superior 4ih proof, in iron botjud hhds. Spear's snake. 20 hbls. 1st proof do Will be sold from the wharf, st the lowet mar ket price, hy CORNS. DU BOIS. JeU4t FOR SALE, Of rr( SUPERIOR SPANISH VJ.KJ KJ KJS KG IRS, if ailied ror this week, by T. B. MITCHELL, Je 11 St No. 13 Crane Whn'. i IDER BRADY. 9 herrrls Cider Brsa J dy, landing and for Kile bv ANSON O PHELP3. Jell 183 Front street rORTW.PEIXCE.' ( The sclir.'EALLV,' captain Jlatlier. iFor freight of a few bairels, or pns - age, apply to r SMITH t IltiriBELL, or to , ' J.' U MONTAtmVEUT, ' ' ' je 11 lw J6 Wall - street. Fur IilJHMJS.OI'(Vir.) The brig HOPE, . I'iUbiiry, . roaster, Vill Iia li.dl aIiI.aii, il..l;iv :itlll will take freight, il immediate application is m'4de at 67 South - street, to Je 10 CAMbRKLENG & PEARSON. X.1... Jl UU'I'I fi 11 a M lv TIia Kt - i. fll.i. K.tMniAnl - ril linil. Ui"? this day, and will be ilisiau lied a - bout Uie Sltli uit. having three fourths of her cargo engaged. Kor freight of the remainder or passage, njiply to Captain CARM.4N, on board, at pier No. 6 N. R. or to J. r ZIMMERMAN, Jc in: 77 Wihin?loo - street. for Freight or Charter, Theschr. URCHIN, Paul, majtor, 100 toua burthen, 2 years old, sail: well and is iu good order for any voyage Apply to JOSEPH ObBORN, June 10 28 Suulh - st. vfiuk The brig MAR V, capt. Brewster, as Tsjniiii "hm arrived from Havana, bnrtben 2U0 tons, is faithfully built, has two decks, and may bs seut to sea with but little exponcr, now at Ardeu's wharf, pier No. 8, North River. Ap ply to N. & D. TALCOTT, Jo 10 61 Aoutli - t. for JUDEIHA, The fine schooner JANUS, captain T.iber ; will sail on the HUi iin.t. f or frei - lit of 20'J bb: or passage, apply on board at Junrs' - wharf, or to E. FISHER, je 10 lwr 48 South - street. FUU H.Hi.r , Tho fine eloop MARILLA, 52 tons Inrihen, one and a hall year old, may be sent to sea with very little expeuce. iMnding J'rtiM tuid shop and for sale, 3H hhils. JVliiM - s ;9 do I'.um i: libls. Sugar ; 7 do MulaH - s Applv to K. FISHER, Je'10 lw 4!lSottth slrr t. FOR THE IdLE OF FRANCK, Thn V..rli Imill V M 1' ft I SLijLCA, bucthcii 4:)0 tou?, coppered an l mM4IHX . . - - .......... copper laMeued, , mat ter, will mi in about 2 weeks, for freight ol uierchandize orspene, hiuI parage, having elegant accoiunioJation?, npnty to the mt t on board, or to juiie" l.MAb. 11 A 1. 1., I Beaver - st. JkASv Tin. n. '. - .! chin TFI.Kl:ntPlt vJaJfl 11 , - x - vv u.i.. - .., - - Fanning, master, is still detained bv head winib, can take a few tons moie freitrht and 10 nioi e passengers can be iiaiuUomely acconimocuted, apply on board, east .suleiiur - ui'g' - siip, or to ANSON fl. FMELl'S, ie 5 lb3 IVon. - street. Frtitihtjur .Madeira. A good vtSM I, bound to Madeira, may have a! out f!00 barrels on freight from ROBERT GILLESPIE. tor S.iF.ijYjVsiti, , (To sail oa Sunday next,) The fiist - fnilin; coppered brig GEOR GIA, Mabcork, master. For freight or passage, apply on board at Stevens' wharf, to POTT & 7'A7A'.VJC, or In Je 8 Iw VOORIiTU KXF.ELjI.D. TO UiARTt.ll, Wanted to Charter two British VES - ELS, of 200 to 400 tons, to load ai a southern port for the W est Indies. Apply to CLARK, MOORE It CO. Je 6 4t 41 South - street. Far BlUSTOI England,) (A regular trader,) The elogniit fast sailing coppered ship F i i n . ... ' ANDREW JACKSON, Thomas T Morten, master a considerable part of her cargo beinz engaged, will be dispatched without delay For freight or passage, having rxcctlentacconirooda - tious, apply on board, at pier No. 22, ucar l eck - slip, or to PETER SCIIhilMERIlOKN tc SONS, Or b. VV. ROGERS CO. Who (ITtr fur salt. 10000 Stombridge Um k - CO casks patent Shot SO do bar Lead 100 barrels Spanish Brown 20 casks Porter Now lamhiig iroiu (be Andrew Jackson. Je 1 For CHAKLFbTOJV, The schr C ERES, capt. Thos. Mills, will meet with immediate despatch. F or ireiht or passage, apply on board, east side Burling - slip, or to ' ANSON G. PHELPS, Jo 6 13 Front - street. For WaVXW, I he regular packet schr. KUbb - IA - tlllLOOM, E. Wheaton, master will meet with immediate dispatch. For freight or passage, apply on board at Governeurs - wharf, or to ANSON G. PHELPS, mv 30 183 Front - street. FUKHALE, The very fast - sailing coppered and copper - fastened ship CHAUN'CEY, is well found and can be sent to sea without delay. Apply to FOTT 4 M'KINN'E, or jel U. W. ROGERS k CO. For a.1l'.1A"X.iH,. The substantial ship COMMERCE. , master, will sail for Savannah on the 12th inst. ami will take freight fiom thence to any port in Europe. For freight or passage, pply to JOSEPH OSBORN, je a 23 South - street. FH K1U U t for CtlA HL F.H IX) JV. 250 tons heavy freight. Wpply la ANSON O. PHELPS, mv2l 1C3 Front - street. SHIP al'UFF IU0 bbls UiUmioi.d snip Stuff, of very superior quality, landinz from schr. Louisa. IN STORE. 500 bbls Richmond, cilv ami counlrv brands: superfine Flour, for sale at 106 Front - street, by Tune rc minnonv . - i Js11 lw 7M.iL)b.iK.i i: tVHl rfAh. Qr. caks Madeira, iiod 6 hhds white port wme. for sale bv ROBERT GILLESriE, June 10 lIlFront - st. Q W EE 1 OIL. - 2D t nests Florence Oil, o0 bet - KJ lies cacti, lor sale hy CHtS.L. OGDEN. Si ABR. OGDEN, 5.1 Washinyton - strrct. Je 10 TAMMANY ilALL. THE copartnership, heretofore existing between ABRAHAM MARTLING and WL.LIAM B. COZZENS, wasdissolvt - d on the 1st ol Aiiril last, bv mutu .1 con - ent. TI estab lishment will be continued hy the siihsr riot r. I be situation ot i AM.ti .v Y MALL, is pro bably unrivaled in this city facing tl.e Park andth City Hall, and witb'in a miniitt's walk of the Tbeitrr, Academy nf tlie Fine Arts, Mu seum, Sic. It inducements for air, pros - rx:t, convenience and accommodation, inftrior o none in this city. Trcveilers from the diiTer - ent sta'rs in the union, and fer,m this state, will di d at Tammany Hal! alarder well stocked with all t'i dc' - oacics of the season, choice W, H - rr Bed Chamber, and ere'rv cnaveoience that caii c expected, and ca tl.e most moderate terms. Je 11 la iM. B. C0ZZEN3. ; ( flinn lankuctciof all (La ban Irs telwsm JL tins city and Albaryj received at car Kx - change Office at 3 - 4 percent d'ucoutit ; of all the banks above Albany 1 1 - 4 discount ; and all Con necticut notes kt 3 - 4 per rent discount. ' ; " LinAGSTOJV & Tf(.tCY, 19 Wall - st. directly under the Exchange bank. Je II Sw . . . . XJ IfES. jt0 cow hides, of large size and X JL very prime quantity, just received and tor sale by t.OODllt'R CO. jell ' - ' 41 Smith'Street. LJL.LE INAiSKEE - NS AOUil fleets 1st chop, luf t ntitieo to deiK - rlure, iJiidin au.l lor sale at 67 Houth street, br Jt J I (.'AM RKKLENG & PEAR OV. II LIE oi Nt, la ham reeeivol rertlen u Jl les, Ann - Maria, anil otln - r late arrivals, and oliur lor sale, corner of Maidcn - lunc and Umad svnr Ivory Ki'ivcn arid Foiksand Knives without hoiks Tea Trays, Plaled Ware. Malteno Buttons Rjdicu!e'Cla(p, Cartaiu 1'ini, c. . l$o lor tali . Elncant silver ted riels, Forks, Table and tea bpo ns, all inanuiacturcd by the best workmen and of the best stiver Roskell and Tcliias's Patent Lever wat. hi s with gentlemen and iadics' chain! - , seals and k' s," of a great variety Low's fancy Soap, oval table Mat', Britannia Church services ii Tea Pots, Jcwelery, &r. Je9lw O v hhds Virjiuia leaf tobacco . 00 kes Jo manufactured do of excellent quality 75 do do do rc'tnmoo For sale at 106 Front - rt. bv Jell TROKE.S, DAVH?OV A CO. M Al'R.A klbKFH. ti trunks haud - iome pultiUiis, entitled to drawback, for sale b) U. tit. 1 TlU.h. t.o. Je II 9.2 C II. slip. UPLAND CO I i Oi. Cotton, lor sale by 165 halts Upland OTIS & SWAN, 157 Pearl - street. Je 10 OTTON AC TOOACCO. 45 bales New Orleans Cotton, lamlinp fiiim r.rlir lrr chin i 9 hlids. 2 - 1 quality Kentucky Tobacco in stoie, b)r sale bv N. k. li. TALCOTT, je 9 61 Sintlijttrei't. T"EN IX CKY TOH7CCO; - 4tirgs Ken XV tucUy manufai'lurc l robrn co, for s;ilu by I . n EMS EN . I II. Je 9 i'fi South street fiO l"l ON alt halts pinui; Upland Cot Ion landing from ship Rii'ig ?trttf, for sale by CiIllaVYOLilJ K I. UA I B, Je 10 63 South street RON Hal Inns Old tut'h - Iviittia linn, P S I, lor (file at C5 South - street, hy HLKD& SEWALL. Je II 65 Squlh - sirret BENGAL delieutu I.VDKiO. 5 ca - uf, entitled to re, fir sale by TETER REM?ENT Si CO. 26 .South - street. Je II IU 1 1 1. 40 hnh s L pi.iiiil Cnltoii, landing Uom ship Corsair, at llrookln, lor sale by HENRY ( OWING, Je 1 1 191 Front, comer of Fulton - street. CIOUN I MY GIN Ai COT'i OiV 60 bbls. J Yenmans' Gin, of superior quality 60 bales Prime Upland Cotim, for sale by E. tt H. AVERILL i CO. June 11 21 91 South street. B LACK Mll.LINET TS. 120 Millinctts, Tirsale bv ps. Black WM. CAMrHEI.I., Manufacturer, jc2 197 Pcarl - t. (tip stairs ) TO UlltK. A furnished lodgine room, south of Chnuober - XX. street. Apply nt No. 60 Pinc - slrcrt. Jelllw" THJVUUIJHH Ht.H.WI). . .. WATCH LOST OR STOLEN. 4 Tor near the lire in Anthony - street, on Ihe 1 9Lh iiiftant, a plain &oId capt t rem h watch, Newark made gold chain with long links, l.ii s;e Eiifflish seals set with cornelian stone, pat terns alike, and 3 keys, one of which was ol green gold. The above reward will be given on the delivery of the same nt No. 131 Green widi - street, or for any information which may lead to (heir recovery. Watch makers or others to whom they may be offend for sale would confer a particular favor by stopping them. June 11 lw K l.LUAJVT PA HLUVli FUUMTUHE. JUST received by LEWIS SOLLIER, the following additional assortment of valuable furniture, viz : 1 set consisting of 1 settee ") The whole in 2 armchairs with cushions i crimson sallin, 6 arm chairs, 4 chairs with silk biud - 2 stools, and ings, very su - 2 pair of curtains J perb. 2 setts do. same assortment of printed cloth, but without curtains. . Also, a quantity of plated ware, consisting of tapers, candlesticks, chandeliers, with branches, tea and coffee pots, eg stands and boilers, with other articles of the richest taste, candelabrrs and gilt bronze of diflercn t forms aud sizes, all truly elegant and for sale at a moderate advance at 18 Maiden - lane. Je 11 Par 70,000 DOLLA US J6,IHH DOLLAKb 10.000 DOLLA KS. THE above rich prizes in the Grand Milford and Owego Road Lottery, will all be drawn in about thiee weeks. On the 24th nf this month the first drawn number will be entitled to a capital prize of 35.000 dallars, and on the 10th of July, the highest prize, 70,000 dollars, will be a - warded to the first drawn number. 'This is the rn!y Lottery now drawing or to be drawn in this state for nearly two months. The above rich prizes, which arc payable at Uie Uniou Bank, iu this city, are certainly worthy of notice. 'Ticket in this Lottery will be advanced in price on Tnesday next. A small number only remain unsold at URACIL'S, 146 Broadway. - Where most of the prizes of consequence yet drawn in this Lottery, have been obtained nnd promptly paid. Je 1 1 3t FOR SALE. A LOT of land, containing between sixteen and twenty acres, adtoinins; Ihe village ot Bloominxdale, fmnfing on the Tenth Aveuue and Hudson River, adjoiniog on the south the country seat of Mr. John II. Talman. The terms will be reasonable, and two thirds of the pnrrhatt money may remain secured by bond aud ruoit zaee. i AlJrO.two lot of grounil, twenty five fert y one hundred each, situate on the east tide cl Forsyth street, about 150 to 2'i leet norlii of Delaney - street. If not disposed of at private sale, the above will he r - ffered for sale at auction, on Wednesday, UthJuly. For further particulars, apply nt the Mutual lotuiance uant, - o. ai null street. Jell lm CHINESE IVORY - HANDLE fARASOL.S. R11NOT anJ ROE, If A. umbi - ella and iiarasol mauulau turers, at tiieir old r - tihlished sinrr. No. 60 Vlaiden loie, have completed their assortment t.f nnihrtlljs and p - raoU ol every i!irri;1ion and of Ihe best ipiality, some of the lriir wiiH Cnicfe engraved ivoiy bandies whii h Uwf will dispose of at urh prices a .hey trut sriU ninre tliem a conliuu u e of Ihe Lbetal paUonage iney have been favor! with. Country merchants are rrquesteu to rjt.i an i view ineir asorxnieni oi u - ' they will be supplied ea liberal terms. Lmbrel' - ai and praols neauy - p - jred. Jell 1'iwviv REMOVALS. . ti3 JOHM LO!U.lKRG.1AiAM,a;UoVny at law, has r petitJ liis6!Bce nt No43 Chamber - street, near tSroadwuy. " " ' may 15 4v tt MACKlE, MILNE veil to No. 61 Pine.itrwt. a - Co. Lave i.ii,o mav 4 J NO. BLAKE, Stock and Eauhauge Broker, l.aj i pued an office at No. 4 Wall - street. , June 6 Iw V JOHN AHUM. WILLlN'K ii CO Imvt: removed from 75 to 79 Washington - sUret. jell . A AA i'EU a while woman to do kitchen VV work, and a white eirl from 14ito lb years of age, to do the upper work of a smith lanuiy. Apply at tins oUice. ' a IVT O TICK Ail pel sons h:tviiirf claims n.m.'inst LN the estate of 1 noma Hr.u.'y, laiu ol Ihe city of New - York, riei eased, are renin sted to pri si i.t the shim; legally authenticated, and nil those indebted to the said e tale aro rcq! sted to make iiumediatt: p?v ment In tiie uniscriber. hiHdl'eis lor sale Uh piiiperty the deceased, containing 4 lots fronting on tin' liowtry 25 by 75 feet deep ein ii, and one oa aiaiil'in - slreut, 25 by I0t feet. Tho hole prenn - r - s aio rented this year lor jbuu and takes. Aa ibdisputabie title will be given for the sanie by JAMES BARCLAY', Executor, Je4 lm No. 3 .South - street lHt, 'AHl OF M l.MMl.0. OX Monuay the 15th ot June will be, pub - lUbed, aud for sale at !,e pr.ncipai book - stores, the Art of &Wimuiiog, by J. Frot. ac. companied wif,h twelve copper - plalo cugravirgs. Price one dollar, CVpy - right secured. P. W. GALLAUDET, Jo 6 lw , 49 Fulton - st.' OO.Wh.V. VV rOMEN. or Pour el Coiifrs, a lale by Ma t iirirj, author of Bertram, Milcikm Chiefs, 'The Fatal Revenge, Sic. kc. 2 vols, piieo $ci received and for sale at the Minerva Circulating Library, No. 265 Broadway, opposite the Mu seum. Je 6 TTEKMAN UUGHr.o, oHVrs lor sale, at No, JLX 23 Liberty - street, the following articled, low lor ctwh only, viz : Imperial, hyou, young hyson nud souchong tea, new ami of a superior uiiality, in small Imxrs for family use. Fine old cognac brandy, Jamaii arum, ami Ho! laud gin, in demijohn. Madeira, Fort, Sherry, and Cl.irel Wine Ilibbert's London brown stout Olives, auchovicf, ;wccri'il,aii'l I.cndon muttard ALSO, A fi w very elegant sett, of tea trays and waiters TlatcJ c i. tors, razors, scissors and penknives handsomely assoited on cards Fine wove letter paper iu reams Je6 lw CIHLDllE.Vo NUK?E. A YOUNG WOMAN, ol good character, wan's a situation in a resntclable family, to take care ol small children and tew, it would have no oliiectioiii lo make herself oiherwiie useful in this family. 'The heat recommendations can he given from the family she! iisiv lives with. A liae directed to R. and left at this oliice, will be uttuided to. JetOSI A HAIttiAIJV. For sale, a farm, containing sixty three acres oi land, in me manor ni rninpsnurgu, West Chester county, lying on the North River, itlun lourteen miles ol thecitvoi new lorn 'The Farm has on it a cood and very pleasantly situated dwelling house, commanding an exten sive new of the Nortn Kivtr; an orchard ol vouns bearim trees : a srist mill, the water oi which might be advantageously employed either for a distillery or any other manufactory, re quinrg only a small power ; and extensive quar - ries ol stone, of the lirst qiuility for huildins. To nn e.nncrant or Inrmr.r, desirous ol nvailing himself ol the advantages of an easy eoiumuni ration, bv either bind or water, with a city mar ket, the above described premises must be very desirable. For further parlicuUrs and terms apply to D. L. ti I. E. 1IA1GIIT, Je IDlf 165 Pearl st'e.f TO MILLERS. BOHR Ml 1. 1. STONE M AISVFAC1 Olliao. npilE subscriber m ijuaints his friends and the J. puhlir that he is ready to accommodate mil' lers with mill - stones comnosed of (he best burr He will attend in town or country, and furnish nil materials, and contract lo any amount ni, terms (hat will be found sntixluclory in every respect, as his experience in the proicssion ha been long established in various parts of the union. He has on hand a quantity of burr pieces of the best kind, selected by himself in Franre. J 11UMAS uAtlt, 11, 70 William street. Letters, post paid, immediately attended to Je 10 2w NO'l ICE. ALL persons indebted to the estate of James Douglass, stone - cutter, deceased, are re quested to make immediate payment to the subscribers, and all persons who mayhave claims against saiu estate, will please present mem at above directed. John Meyher, Washington - st. 1 Wm. Sharp, 420 Greeuwich - st. Executor i'aml. Sharp, Jones' - st. Je 8 lw 'The subscriber oilers for sale his residence in the town of Fairfield, state of Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, on the boston road, about ball a mile from Lons island Sound, 55 miles irora New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house and out - bouses are in excellent repair. The fruit yard is well stocked wifJi a variety nf peaches, apricots, cherries, near and strawberries. There are in the vicini ty academies for the ed - ication of youth of both sexes, t mm one tosix acres of excellent land. af the option of the purchaser, can be bad with the house, and the purchase money, if desired, can remain on interest. For terms' apply to ISAAC M. ELY, Esq. 76 John street, N. Y ork, of to the Hen. JONATHAN STURGES, Fair - Geld, Connecticut, my 6 dJfccil DAVID F.LY. ITMIR SALE, a Carriage, convenient for travelling, wiih harness nearly new. En - quire at this office. je 1 1 St Hate of excellent end new Lubiwl t urrittuie, BY S. PAX TON At CO. ON Tuesday, at 10 o'clock, nt No. 14 Broad - street, an entire stock of fashionable furniture, consisting of sideboards, bureau, secretaries, dining, tea nnd card tables, 2 sets dinkig do. ladies work tables, candle and washiiand stands, bed cads, kc. ie. 5'alc premptory. The furni'ure may be examined, one day previous to sale. jc 11 LO TS'TO LEASE AT THE NORTH RIVER. iJITUA TE between Barclay end Murray - street, Chamber and Reed' - slred, Jay and Harri'on - s'.roct, anJ Nortel Moore and Reach - streets, at a price very t onsiJeiably less than in - trett on their value, and at the expiratir'n of tho lerm the bniUnigs to be fairly valued ami paid for, or a new lease granted. Also, to let by tho year at a low ral, several lots or yards cVtr water, well calculat. d for lumber, plaster cf pri, kc. Apply to Til. lUUNELANPER, 31 Tark, near the Tlient.r. Several of Ihe shove lots will l ero'd st a moderate price and on a liberal credit. A imall portion ef the money only will be required. Jane ll - tf A it eletnnt Covnlrp iff. 1 16 thrcp. given laimeaiaie.y. iha: .aJe ami coa,oivv!iou u vno anj garaea situated on the west hank of Uiif' f.ww iUver, about a inaiicr of a mile aWve the Belleville bi iOje. The place is well slockf d wi'b fruit. Particulars are nutcc'efed Into as il is pre earned people will examiua for themselves. For term apply to John William, Kj,. innkeeper, Brlle - vill - . Jane 11 Zl pit nun s ALT'S. ' a? samu PAirds', 45 v ... . . i .Wednesday, li'.h - JJi't. - . Xli'ckek at No, li rSroutl - rAut, ur. lestek - , sive msortiuent of elcgai.1 awl wufruuleu net Furi il'ire. . ' , , Consisting of sidebosrdr, secrelartes wilh book carts bureaus, Grvcuu sji, .ls,ol dining tables, piiJar and tlaw.card do ol a snperior uuali - tv, dining nnd tea U carved and plum bedstead, ladies' work 4. candle stand, Ac. wrrihy atteo - tioa, and may be viewed 3 tiavs previous to the ale. Cn ul.igues rady Uie nfurnoou prectding tie sair, wbea the terini n i be ktiowii. ., ' Dy MILLS, MhVTO.V L CO., ' ' : j Nlndaf, - ' i" . - ' A general assortment of lY. - v Coods. , . . 'TuesJay, ltith June, An entire hlvc'uc of best English plate torje. mg classes, looKiug. gla. - s putts, brusels antl Kidtiermintior raif line aii.I rug,, main "any chair, and a variety of oliicr articles id the late?! English aud French f.isbiims. Consistiii of 33 g - i It aud new style inn glasses from 45 by 20 to '0 bv 36 in., ?5cbinincy do 31 by 24 in. With ends of 1:4 by 10 uV 4 c. 16 supctb!yoriiamentedui!rroi, can ed arches, cut lass tan from 2 to 4 bghu, 1 2 bc. - t liriUin sliver ed plates in blind frames 60 by 23 in. 05 do reeded tram 34bv 22 to 44 bv 26 in. r2'J0 brst firillh unive,:al iiiales If om 29 ey 1 1 to o4 by J9 inches. 3i0d do 6 b) 5 to 16 by I2iu. t'U - lieetf tin foQ suit - able for the ubove, puces elcgnnt Brussels car - petin" of newest style, 3 do borders to match, 4 do Kidderminster U. 4 elegant" imperial I earth rugs, 11 lsrussels bedside rugs, 54 fash ionable mahogany clmiri, liair bottoms and ln - js nioilking, 3 London made piano fortes, iiinl a great variety of new and fashionable fur. r.ituie. - .. . 'The largi gUsiies, mirrors, carpets and ntgSi, will Be sold in lots to suit purchasers. The chair in setts. The silvered and unsilvrred, pletrs, will he cold by the package to dealers, on a liberal credit. 'The ubove were shipped by houses of the first respectability in Europe, .,nd it is believed, that the quality is as good, as can be sent. - . " .' - .. j.TtOAjr. rifb fit. II.IJ..KW, c. Til f I K proprietors uf the sunthern marble qua ' I. riLt, near King's - bridge, give notice", thut they have ou hand, and at e rei'civiug, At the Kins - nridge Marble i:vd Lime - 1 ai d, foot of beat h - s!rcut, ou the llinboit river, au extensiv'o stoi'Uof marl'le lor buildii of the following do - Coping Foimdalon Stone C'bouuey - Tiei tij . Facings Columns icriptiiin.", vu : AMilar Watertablc Steps Platforms Sills, Lintels , Arches Alo Lime r.flhebf!.t ii;ility. uTJr A constnut supply of ttfe abovo'matcrial may be calculated upon; and thotc desirous of purchasing, or tuuking en?agemenbJ, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW. Feb 1 1 At (he Yard. MURK. ftr All iierinns indebted to Waters Furnian and C'barhs Dohhs, (for street manure) are requested to call And settle their account with either oi' them, or with D. L. Mead, at the corner of Pump 1 Kldridge - slteets, formerly called Third - stiect, on or before the first day of July next All persons having demand against thein will please to present tin ir accounts for settlement. W'ATERS FURMAN, nnd CHARLES DOBUS. my 12 diclint . LANDS. 0r STEPHEN B. MUNN.No. 220 Pearl - stitn t, New - York, purchases Lauds in Uie Illin ois Territory, wiucli hai been set apart lor the Into Army, letters from tho country giving a descriptinn of the patent and the price avked for each kit, will he attended to, it Post paid. mylo - D&Ctf . - - Salt waTeiTbath!?. ' To the Ladirt and (icullrmm of New - York. ' OCT" The public ore informed, that (he old New - York Salt Water Bath is now open, af the foot of Bnrclay - strcef, at tlw end of Mr. Rhine - lander's new dock, a little belowMurrny - street, her old station, with good accommodations, arid Ihe creates! convenience and safety. The Marine Swimming Bath fur gentlemen on - 'y, will be opened on Saturday next, at Mr. Gibbons long pier next to (he Buttery, where ific Marine Bath was formerly stutioned. Part cf two days in each week the Bath at Barclay (reel, will be exclusively devoted to Ladies. Rules and regulation at the Baths. Tickets will ndmit lo either. Je3 J. RARINEAU. For England, na Halifax, ?.V. S.) fr7 Letters for bis Britannic Majestv's pack et Lady Mary Pelham, willle received ut the rost culice till tVednesuay alternoon, the 1st day of July. T. W. MOORE, Agent. Je to CORPORA HON NOTICE. ftJ""All persous of the drncoiinatino of friends orquakers in the city and county of New - York, who have (ailed lo pay the tax in lieu cf milita ry duly, are requesb - d to call at the Collector's Office, No. 2 City llajl, between the hours nf 10 and 2 o'clork, on or belore the 15th day of July next, and pay to the subscriber the military fiaesdui', and remaining unpaid, irnsn the ycur 1811 te 1317, inclusive, axreenhly to a law of this state, paued March S!, IbVJ arrtl incase ofr.eglrct or refusal i,f payment after the above period, I am directed to levy upon the goods and chatties oleach individual liable, and refusing to pay the same. By orderoftbcorpoiation.. THOS. W. GILBERT, Collector.. Trihters to the corporation will please insert Uie above daily till the 15tb July. , ' Jel0tJ)l3 If Mr. JAMES EF.AUL'RN, late supercargo of pie schooner Vigilant, of Wilmington, N. C. is how in New - York, he is requested to call on ROBERT GILLESPIE, - . c je 11 . 112Front - itrsjet. ' ' (fy The Commissinarrs of tins Casial fund will in pursuance of the art, entitled " en act resperl'uig - navigable communications between the great Western and Northern Lakes, and the Atlantic Ocean," teeidve sealed propi - s - tls until 3 o'clock, P.M. on WediMSdny the ,5th day, of July next, for a loan to (he stale of t a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to be paid to the Commissioners in two equal instalments, the first, or the first day of August next, and the other m the first dny oi October nex. The proposals must ac addressed to the Comptroller.. I he rate cf interest, it u - t to exceed six. per cent, per Armum, pnyat! charter yearly ami the principalis to be reiiuhnr:ib!e at the pleasure of th rovrmmcnl, at ai.y time after Uie firit " Jay of July, IS37. The officer appointed fort!"? wt'TX' n the cl - froi Wew - Yoik. will issue traits'rralile Cfrtifi - . cates of sbsrk In tlrf Lenders, and will attend to) the transfer cf dock, as the same may be requir ed. - - , , 1 ! intreit will be paid at (he 'Manhattan Bank, in the city r( New - Ynr't, totlie stockhcl - d.!' residire in Uie s - ntocrn district f tli state, aud out cfthestite, and to all othrrsattr.eNew - lork State Bank, in the cit v of A!t4ay.; ' The Board will meet at the Sec reHnrv OiTic nn the said 15th day of July pc xt, at j o'clock, P. M. to open and determine oa the nroi - oc.i.sihat shall be made. Hy oHerti',b - Board. - '. ' JOHN fAYXElv. Prc?ybtst. Albany. June C. 1UIC. JeRtjyJS WANTJ - .D. - - , ASITUATIO:; is wanted by a young Man, tt travel with a single Gmtlrmms either by lao l or waUr. He undersNnJl the care of borsw, and would prefer trsvtl!iib. lanJ.T" - if eiihrr shoulJ oikr. he w..sIJ bsve no ohject - ton. Tbo best of rrconimendaUnas given, if reqoirrd, by !rr,.r"'t7 nn - st. New - York. Jane 11 lw

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