The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 12, 1943 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1943
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

^Embattled JTQV ^Pafllfc. BY inDFtja f*stoi 'f-rr**, ^^^-~ _----» JVIASO.N CStRLCTON CHAPTER FORTY Calmly, considering that his heart was galloping with indignation, Restwick Games crowded out ,if the way of other automobiles with his own, then stepped out and neaded for the little shed where his companion had spied Jiro, the former servant , "Hey!" hissed Clioppo. ,, rl a V here! " Rusty hissed back. When he saw the child clambering from the automobile he leaped back "Be a good egg and stay here," he repeated. . "But he's my spy!" claimed the red-headed tike. Restwick Carries looked angrier than he had looked all day. ·iiieres a limit, Choppo. And this is it. Stay here and offer the ear to a "y?, ne who may ask you for it." When Rusty reached the little siied Jiro was getting ready to move from that protection to search for another. To photograph some other scene of havoc for the delightful scrutiny of his government. Undoubtedly that was his purpose. The camera now was back in- the innocent basket. Rustv stepped through the doorway and barred Jiro's exit. "Isn't this a strange time to pursue your hobby, Jiro?" I£ Reslwick Carnes expected his former Japanese employe to be ill at ease, he was wrong. The elation, wat feeling of being indomitable that evidently had gripped all the yellow monsters that day, had gripped Jiro as well. '·Not at all." He smiled, but the smile was a smirk. And there was no accompanying bow. He stood erect and regarded his former em- P|°" e[ ; «'ith eyes that mocked. \.ha. more appropriate time would I want? I take pictures for my country. My pictures will be history." _ "You're not going to have any Pictures." Without pausing to think, the red-haired man hurtled himself through the air and Knocked Jiro's basket from his hand. A grin spread over Rusty's face. It sounded very much as if Jiro now possessed a broken camera. But Rusty's grin did not last long. Jiro's wrist was tight against Us mouth. First the wrist, then lightning swift, the arm just sliding along until it was his shoulder' interfering with Rusty's face It about herself. She'd worry about her cats. She said they were accustomed to liver and red beef and raw eggs." Abby's little brassy laugh came ·' in a frail imitation of its GLOHK-GAZKTTE was under his chin. More swiftly even than his arm had traveled upward, Jiro tossed Restwick Carnes over his head, where he !S nd v?, in a heap " l a C01 ' ner °f the little shack. An ache shot- through Rustv's head as it hit a corner beam. He shook it to clear it, resenting the pain, resenting more his stupidity m having been tricked with that hold. He should have known what would happen. Well, he knew the answer now. He knew the next trick. He knew what to do when Jiro headed toward him But Jiro did not head toward him. He reacned for his precious bfket with such frantic haste that the man on the dirt floor knew he did not want to con- tmue the fight. He wanted only to escape. Rusty managed to «et to a squatting position, then tnrew himself forward with the aid of strong leg muscles and caught about the ankle Rusty looked like a snake striking. Jiro hit the ground Scarcely had he landed before Restwick Carnes knew that now Jiro did want to continue the fignt. His clamping yellow hands were about Rusty's throat. Pictures began to whirl before his eyes. Jir o, Choppo, Eugenia, TM by ',u FaigD - Then Jiro again. Then the others. But always bi«- gcr than the other faces in the continuous circle was Jiro's * V * Abby asked, "Whom did you think of first, Paige, when you realized we were in danger?" They were on B deck, with its countless glass windows Stewards, waiters, bartenders, cooks bus-boys, civilian volunteers all were painting, and had been for a couple of hours, until now most of the windows were black. The place seemed unfamiliar and spooky. The little gray-haired woman peered through the eerie light at the girl. "Tell me--Rusty or Oeni- son?" "Neither-1 thought o£ Society Sal and her 30 cats. I wonder if she is all right." Abby said somewhat dryly You assured me nothing could happen to Choppo. I believe Sal is about as apt to be marked by a lucky sign." "She told me if Honolulu were attacked she wouldn't worr usual sound. "You can't get angry at the silly, doting fool. She does even more for a batch of orpiians on the island." You're pretty good to orphans, too, darling." Right after she had spoken, Paige wished she had not, for her friend already was doleful enough over the welfare of her.little charge. Quickly the girl said, "Let's walk some Wore." Everyone seemed to be walking, largely to relieve nerves and for that encouragement that some- SCOTTS. SCRAP BOOK ByRJ.SCQTT POLES « 1KD1A. AHE MADE- oT IB-OH-WKY? DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Suitcase ·l.Cask f. Achieved 8. Measure o£ length 10. Particle 11. Region 12. Change 13. River in .Scotland 15. Young; girl 16. Firmament 17. Farm animal 18. Neuter pronoun 19. Short for sister SO. Wreath of flowers 21. To rankle 24. Speedy 25. Not high 26. Immense 27. Incite 29. Goods thrown overboard 32. A color 33. Obese 34. Italian river 35. Like 36. Recess in shore- \ _ 37. Travels over snow 39. Species of pepper 41. Young hog 42. Impost 43. Fog (Scot.) 44. Shoe bottom 45. Wastefully 46. Male name 47. Edible seed DOWN 1. Shoes 2. Poker stakes 3. Cogwheel 4. Packsacks 5. Betimes 6. Not bright 7; To enlarge 24. A paroxysm 26. Wa^er 27. Kind oE horse 28. Harasses 29. Bird 9. Lower parts 30. Collection of of walls 12. Arab letter 14. Egress 16. Title of respect 19. Stitch 20. Loiters bees 31. Greatest possible amount 33. Dropped 3G. Keigning beauty 0HBQ QCISQ EH3DO 22. Snow vehicle 37. Darkness 23. Little child 33. Marsupial Yesterday's Answer 40. Captured 41. Vessel CBYPTOO.COTE--A cryphgram quotation M H C Q K K H E B Y M P S , M W L B D W M t, M W S M H C Q K HI M W S C S F H K L. S I P B Y S -- E G T M L K. Yesterday's Cryptoquote: THE BIGGER A STATE BECOMES THB.MORE LIBERTY DIMINISHES-ROUSSEAU. TUtBDAV, JANUAKX IZ, out times can be found in a group where each person strives to be brave for the benefit o£ all others. The two women paused beside one painter who actually was enjoying his labors. He was singing little impromptu songs. When he slapped an added "V" on a just-finished window, also three dots and a dash, Abby was able to giggle, "You're a pretty good painter," she praised. "Sure, lady. And why not? I'm the soup cook. I should "know how to sling this stuff around. I was in the last war and I'll be in this one. I'm going over to make soup for Hirohito. I'm going to make it one-half strychnine and one-half rat poison." The attitude of the workmen impressed Abby. "I must put more starch in my backbone. I keep try- BOARD AND ROOM ing and it melts away. Seriously Paige, aren't you worried about Denison?" "O£ course I am." "And Rusty--even if he has been mean? You'd be unhappy if a n y t h i n g happened to him wouldn't you?" "Yes." They now were back up on their own deck. Paige held open the heavy door and they walked into the corridor, already murky and blue-lamped even in mid-afternoon. "But heavens Abby, nothing would ever happen to Rusty. Restwick Carnes III. What a thought!" * ¥ * Rusty was beginning to realize that Jiro wished to kill him. He was so nearly unconscious now, however, that no faces except the grinning one of the Japanese swam before his eyes. Yes, Jiro wanted to kill him, Restwick Carnes III. A sainted Carnes of Oahu, Captain Berrimnn had called him. Dimly it dawned upon the struggling man that he expected all the magic of that name that irate people claimed he did He'd even expected this clutching fingered Jap to bow as he had when in his employ, to hand over his camera and run away like a spanked child. Instead, he had dug his fingers into Rusty's throat and had kept them there. He had said with complete confidence, "You now will get a lesson in how to treat a member of the new rulers of flic world." The thumbs had dug in harder until they felt like knives. "You'll die for this," Rusty had managed to choke out. Jiso's only answer had been a chuckle that sounded as-if he were humming happily. All Reslwick Carnes' thoughts came · through a red dizziness. There was no sense to them, no co-ordination. They flitted in flitted out. Only the pain remained, stronger ' every second- There surely was some way out o the situation, he mused, some hold to break that hold. IE he By GENE AHERN sk "DELIA, 10LJ AND I ARE IN g=rf ERTfflR. ABCm THE COLONS BEIKG A TITLED PERSON / HE TOLD AE THE TITLE Or'KIS LORDSHIP'IS OML.Y A NICKNAME. / VWAT^^-VAIEAN HE - AIN'T A t)UVCE,--JUST AM EVEKfDAV TI.'AE-A-DO2:EM COOF LIKE YOURSELF?-WELL,---1 VWS GOING TO FIX HI/A A SPECIAL ENGLISH DISH FDR "DIMMER, BUT HEU-3~T MYSTER.Y STEW ! ' % MODEST MAIDENS "But I've GOT to Jiave a raise!! just bought this coat with it!" "STRICTLY PRIVATE" S IT, S. P»«« OB» RS..I INSISTS ON SMOWIIJG OPF TO HEP.fRMTHE,SO. WISH fWJ TsW I VW-800!6HT SH COiltA SWD4JED OE? A COCQAVUIT CAKE wo. 1-1=; could just remember it. IE he- could just think. A feeble movement of his body brought a response from Jiro 'You cannot get away. Do not bother to try." He released his pressure the tiniest bit so that Restwick Carnes would be sure to hear the taunting words. Tim red-haired man mumbled something unintelligible that semcd to amuse the Jap. He loos cned his thumbs still more so as not to obstruct that painful gibberish. It was wonderful to hold this hated white man against the grilund, to keep him helpless and agonized. It was wonderful to know that he could not get away to watch his throat arid face swell, to see his eyes roll in all directions, to hear that gibberish growing louder. And louder! And louder! In the dark shed there was little light; there were no shadows. Rusly's idiotic muttering was lotid enough to cover the sound of tennis shoes on dirt. Choppo knelt directly back of Jiro's head and lifted the iron pipe In his hands. (To Be Continued) ' VME'D B6TTEB ANCHOR H EH. «O A PvfF Of WIND OO64MT BLOW HSZQVCB WHILE WEEE nauaiNS THIS OUT.' WALLY BISHOP MY . VIOLIN! KNOW PEOPLE ASE FURNITURE BY SHOOTING VJORM HOLES IN IT!!....BUT WHAT ARE YOU AGING! By LES FORGRAVE NOW. IP r CAN JUST KE=P THIS UP TILL, t GET TO """ME EDGE. OP THE WOODS JUST TOO BAD EOV,YOU HAD TO SEE TUiMGS NOT MEANT 703. YOUR EYES. JUST BAD.' OAKY DOAKS By R .B. FULLER PUT AWAY THAT KMIFE, HI LD/ Jl A DOUBLE DODCE, OAKY AND BAP rOHi3 TSS HURT SOMEBO0Y-- IF I CAN GET THIS DAKEI? OUT* THE ' V SET-UP/ \ FLOOR/ DEAROUJCAMEUJT.' BLOWS OF HJ to M5O By PAUL ROBINSON WS.WECJ £ivj7l 6SED ON'CE A FOOL TO MA\~ NOT A BAD ACT '-THAT 5 THE" 8=Sr BRICK BRADFORD By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE GRAY _. . u i . n THREfcDAYS'RATlONS.'Xfl PICKED TH THERE IS NOT SUFFICIENT fOODTO\ TMl TMS J*5reOVED.pyi? MEDICINES KING WONG. HIS CAMP A BUSNSXSUT RU1M, HOLDS COUNCIL VJITH Hie CAPTAINS RETURN TO QuROV'M LAND.' WHOSE DUMBER INCB ADVENTURES OF PATSY By CHARLES RAAB , MR. v/isss couuon*r IT'O BE BETTECf \f YOU DO IT SO's WOT i--, /-TO HURT HIS / VI BUT MY GOOO ELLOW, I COULD NOT POSSIBLY ACCEPT A. LOAM XXMO F»LE/XSE_ W _OO HOT LET MISS RAV HIS RENT Ht DICKIE DARE By COULTON WAUGH Mo NEXT MOaUK (MifiS TttKKUl' ey H£'S 34- Y£AR$ OLD, MHr? TtiAr reEteR is UP to NO GOOP! OFF Tri'HCAREST FXKKM

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