Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 12, 1937 · Page 5
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1937
Page 5
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 12 · 1987 FIVE VANDENBUSH IN PLEA OF GUILTY 'Public Rat No.T and Two Accomplices Confess Bank Robbery. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., (#)-Merle Vandenbush, known to federal agents as "public rat No. 1," unexpectedly pleaded guilty with two accomplices Thursday to the last of a long series of crimes-robbery of the Kataonah bank of 517,600 February 25. His red hair still streaked with the black dye that was his disguise, Vandenbush, a meek, neat figure quietly tolled off his criminal history after he was remanded for sentence with Anthony and George Eera, his accomplices. Vandenbush and Anthony Rera lace prison terms of 70 years each as a maximum. George Rera, cousin of Anthony and a Bronx garage man without previous record, can be sentenced to from 15 to 30 years. No date was set for sen- iencing by Justice Gerald Nolan. $174,005 Taken in by Democratic National Committee This Year WASHINGTON, (#)--The democratic -national committee reported Friday it took in $174,005 in the first two months of the year and spent $49,025. The republican national committee cut down its deficit by around §47,000; receiving $100,415 and disbursing $42,979 in accordance with the corrupt practices act. Heading the.list ot republican contributors was Alf M. Landon of Topeka, the party's defeated presidential candidate with a contribution of $1,000. The biggest contribution, $25,000, was from Howard M. Johnson of Pittsburgh. The democrats made $73,133 on the sale of their book of the party convention in Philadelphia and $84,000 out of the testimonial dinner recently given James A. Farley, the national chairman. Rath Dividend Declared. CHICAGO, (£") -- Directors of Rath Packing company of Waterloo, Iowa, declared a stock dividend of 50 per cent in addition to the regular quarterly dividend of 50 cents on its ' common stock, payable April 1. Soon the work day must be reduced to six hours. You need the rest of the time the puz- · zles in advertising contests.-- ·, Waterloo .Courier, - ,v.. ; ; :\ DR. J.G. CRAVEN DEN.TIST ' PRACTICE LIMITED TO PLATE WORK 18 FIRST I CEDAR RAPIDS STBEET i.e. O E S M O I N E S MASON CITY I SIOUX CITY Bills Introduced in Iowa Assembly DBS MOINES, (£)--Bills in the Iowa legislature: Introduced in the house: H. F. 417--Shifflett and Davis- Providing that township trustees shall meet in January and April of each year. H. F. 418--Judd -- Prohibiting sale of prison made goods in Iowa, under penalty of $500 fine or 150 days imprisonment. H. F. 419--Johnson of Greene-Providing that pavement assessments against tax supported institutions be paid out of primary road fund. H. F. 420 -- Keefe -- Revising schedule of license fees for all trucks and trailers. H. F. 421--.Hoegh--Reducing salary of liquor commissioner from 34,500 to $4,000. H. F. 422--Moore of Woodbury --Including occupational diseases under provisions of workmen's compensation act. H. F. 423--Gallagher--Prohibiting garnishment of wages for grocery or provision bills. H. F. 424--Committee on fish and game--Prohibiting construction of fishways and dams except upon approval of state conservation commission. H. F, 425 -- Elliott -- Providing judge of each judicial district shall appoint a parole officer, to serve four years at salary equal to two- thirds that of highest paid sheriff in the district. H. F. 426--Committee on fish and game--Providing reciprocity on hunting, fishing and trapping in territorial boundary water and lands between Iowa and Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota. H. F. 427--Fishbaugh and Kerr --Requiring four red lights visible for 500 feet on all railway freight and baggage cars. H. F. 428--Mooi-e oE Harrison- Legalizing Bcebeetown consolidated school district and issuance of $10,000 schoolhouse bonds. H. F. 429 -- Dancer--Reducing ton mile tax from 2V~ to I'/i mills if carrier licensed in Iowa. H. F. 430--Committee on military affairs--Giving members of Nicarauguan expedition of 1912 property tax exemption. H. F. 431 --Heilly--Requiring second-hand dealers to report all purchases of second-hand merchandise to local police. H. F. 432--Kuester--Returning control of municipal, utilities to city council in commission form after four years upon petition and vote of the people. H. F. 433 -- Engel--Legalizing publication of proceedings of board of supervisors in official newspapers for years 1932-38. t H. F. 434--Stimpson and others --Prohibiting prize wrestling contests or exhibitions. H. F. 435 -- McNie -- Limiting claims of county officers attending conventions to actual .traveling expenses,, board "and lodging.. H. F. 43 6--Committee on military affairs--Increasing exemption from execution of pensions or adjusted service compensation and government insurance paid by the United States or state of Iowa. H. F. 437 -- Sours -- Requiring adequate fire extinguishers in schools and in buses used in transportation of school children. H. F. 438--CopeJand--Repealing ection requiring publication of proceedings of executive council in official register. H, F, 439--Copeland--Providing : or rotation of names on the bal- ot where more than one person s to be elected to the same office. H. F. 440--Copeland--Requiring names of presidential candidates to be filed with secretary of state 40 days prior to election and changing meeting of electors from January to December. H. F. 441--By Copeland--Prescribing method of nominations for public office by organizations which are not political parties. H. F. 442--Simpson and others --Limiting aid by boards of supervisors to farm improvement associations not engaged in buying or selling and not affiliated with state organizations. H. F. 443--Committee on stale educational institutions--Empowering finance committee of the state board- of education to compromise and settle delinquent obligations growing out of notes and mortgages taken by said committee. H. F. 444--Rasmussen--Providing one municipal judge at a salary of 53,600 in cities of 30,000 to 75,000. H. F. 445--Hoegh and Treimer --Requiring a mutual company to have a reserve fund for protection of policy holders before commissioner of insurance may issue a li- Suddenly She Realized Her Awful Predicament It began to dawn on Jacqueline that her predicament was a serious one. She hated Colonel Lutman, she knew he was unscrupulous. Yet she had come to his apartment of her own volition. Now, as she headed for the doorway, he barred her way. And the smouldering light in Lufman's eye offered the girl no consolation! It's one of many tense situations that will hold your interest from day to day in THE MOUTHPIECE By EDGAR WALLACE Beginning Thursday, March in the Globe-Gazette 18 county while he was member of county board. Introduced in Senate: S. F. 367--By Doran--Authoriz- ng incorporation and operation of general welfare banks under state supervision. S. F. 368--By Chrystal--Legal- zing issuance of $12,000 swimming pool bonds by Manning, la. S. F. 369--By Chrystal--Authorizing formation of a public au- hority to maintain a system of !lood control, conservation, and electric power generation. S. F. 370--By Bell of Denison-Authorizing cities and towns to use two per cent of municipal utilities income for advertising. S. F. 371--By Chrystal--Authorizing formation of county planning commissions. S. F. 372--By Bell of Denison- Increasing chain store unit tax and imposing a 5 per cent levy on chain store gross receipts over $200,000. S. F. 373--By social security committee--Creating state .and county welfare departments and coordinating Iowa and federal welfare activities. S. F. 374--By social security committee -- Establishing child cense for engaging ance business. H. F. 446--Davis in the insur- and others-Legalizing tax rates computed by county auditors in 1934, 1935 and 1936. H. F. 447--Hickenlooper--Empowering judges of the district court to make orders outside the county in which the particular district court is open. H. F. 44B--Committee on fish and game--Requiring written approval of conservation commission for construction or operation of dams. H. F. 449--McEnanoy--Striking out certain limitations upon persons to whom old age assistance may be granted. H. F. 450--Roan--Giving board of assessment and review field- men, auditors and other employes the power to administer oaths. H. F. 451--Copeland--Authorizing formation of a public corporation or authority for carrying out proposed Upper Des Moines river dam and lake proje_ct. H. F. 452--Mercer and Pine-Prohibiting gas I tax fund on any gasoline used in any highway construction, or maintenance work. H. F. 453--Goode of Davis--Requiring the liquor commissions annual report to list price paid for all liquor, together with ' sworn statement by distiller of selling price in other states, and commission paid in loxva. H. F. 454--Rewriting laws governing selection of newspapers for publication of proceedings of official bodies. H. F. 455--Deitz--Allowing persons holding interest in property sold for taxes prior to Jan. 1, 193' to redeem property by paying up all delinquent taxes in 10 annua installments. H. F. 456--Johnson of Hancock --Authorizing purchase (at price not to exceed $44,000, with money from the permanent school fund) the Henry F. Woodruff estate of 342 acres near Ames as experimental farm. H. F. 457--Roe--Legalizing payment of $500 by city of Waukon to the Waukon Pioneer Fire company. H. F. 456--Goode of Davis- welfare division department. S. F. 375--By in state welfare social security committee--Providing terms and conditions for aid to blind. S. F. 376--By social security committee--Providing for the amount of old age assistance anc prescribing terms and conditions under which it shall be granted S. F. 377--By Bell of Denison-Establishing a state public service commission to take over railroac commission and regulate all public services and railroad compan- FELLOWSHIP OF PRAYER Daily Lenten Devotional Prepared by Dr. Willard L. Spcrry for the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America. axpayer's financial condition as of the last day of the preceding month, or as of the close of the ast taxable period, and a separate statement of receipts and disbursements for each of the three months immediately preceding the month in which the application is filed should be submitted.\ The amount of tax for which the ex- ension of time of payment is desired should be stated. The commissioner will not consider an extension of time for payment unless request is made on or before the due date of the tax or installment ther.eof. If the extension is granted, 'interest at the rate of 6 per cent a year is collectible from the date the payment should have been made if there had been no extension to the expiration of the period of the extension. Mrs. Kaasa Rites in Northwood Held; Body Brought From West NORTHWOOD--Funeral services lor Mrs. Edva Kaasa, 65, were held Thursday afternoon at the Northwood Lutheran church conducted by the Rev. B. A. Benson. Burial was made in Sunset Rest cemetery, Northwood. Mrs. Kaasa died Feb. 26, at her home in San Diego, Cal. A sister, Mrs. A. O. Johnson, who had lived with and cared for Mrs. Kaasa during a long period of invalidism, accompanied her body from San Diego to Northwood, arriving Thursday noon. Mrs. Kaasa was the widow of the late Gilbert I. Kaasa, prominent Northwood merchant of about 25 years ago. After disposing of his business in Northwood Mr. Kaasa and his wife went to California in 1919. Mr. Kaasa preceded his wife in death in 1931. An Catherine Eliza- early childhood. only daughter, beth, died in There are four sisters living. Mrs. Kaasa was born near Decorah and as a young woman came to Northwood to care for the motherless children of Congressman Gilbert N. Haugen following the death of his wife who was a sister of Mrs. Kaasa. While living here she met Mr. Kaasa and their marriage followed in the year 1902. She was a lifelong member of the Lutheran church. Return From Minneapolis. WODEN -- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krieger returned home from Minneapolis Tuesday where they had spent several days. Mrs. Krieger underwent there. medical examination Even in a land of equality, the president's wife has advantages. She gets to meet Robert Taylor.-Cedar Rapids Gazette. Lumber Yard Will Be Put Up at Eagle Grove EAGLE GROVE^The Farmers Co-Operative Elevator company will establish a lumber yard here, in connection with their other business, and will erect buildings for that purpose, on ground directly east o£ their present office building, as soon as weather conditions are favorable. The lumber shed will be 60x140 feet in size. J, H. Mahaffey, who was manager of the Chapman Lumber company here, which property was destroyed in a fire last October, has been engaged as manager of the new yard. Gerhard Larson is the local manager of the Farmers' Elevator company. Art Wolf Named Chief of Stacyville Firemen STACYVILLE--Firemen elected Art Wolf, president Bill Koenigs, vice president; Ernie Adams, secretary and treasurer; John Simon, fire chief; Tony Boweck, assistant chief. Thirty attended the meeting Thursday night. Iowa Falls Couple to Note 50th Year IOWA FALLS--Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wilson will observe the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage with a golden wedding celebration Wednesday, March 17. Miss Artie Hayden and Winthrop B. Wilson were married March 17, 1887, at Eldora. Since then they have been residents of Hardin county. In observation of the day a family dinner will be held at noon. From one o'clock throughout the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Wilson will hold open house for their friends at their home southeast of Iowa Falls. They have lour children: Mrs. H. A. Pierce of Storm Lake, Mrs. Clifford Hendrickson of Spirit Lake, Mrs. George Wolfe and Guy Wilson of Iowa Falls. Hostesses to Aid Society. BUFFALO CENTER--Mesdames Seibert Claassen, Mrs. George Carman and' Mrs. William Grnt- haus were hostesses to the Ladles Aid of the Methodist church Thursday afternoon. The hardest task is not going to be to terminate the fighting in Spain, but to unscramble the Spanish omelet which the other countries have cooked for themselves.--Detroit Free Press. SHEPHERD'S PAIN! WALLPAPER Fifth Week--"Faith Hope" and Removing the license on gasoline pumps. H. F. 459--Maniece, Dressen and others--Constituting 'the state board of education as a commission to select and contract for all school textbooks for five years. H. F. 460--Rasmussen--Allowing for payment of taxes in monthly installment in all cases where tax exceeds $5. H. J. R. 11--Giving assent to Bankhead-Jones act of 1935 providing for agricultural research and additional support for lane grant colleges. H. F. 461--By Baumhover--Legalizing Manning tax levy for $12,000 swimming pool. H. F. 462--By Love, et. al.--Advancing to July instead of January due date for automobile license fees. H. F. 463--By Moore, Shelby- Permitting municipal light plants or utilities to spend not more than 2 per cent of gross revenues for advertising. H. F. 464--By Thompson of Guthrie--Proving for yearly payment court costs in guardianships and estate cases. H. F. 465--Fishbaugh--Permitting county boards to buy liability isurance for county vehicles. H. F. 46G--By Copeland--Making it unlawful to transport nonresident pupils. H. F. 407--By Lovrien--Requiring inspection by department ot agriculture of buildings used for buying or selling poultry. H. F. 468--By Knudson--Providing for publication of lists of unlicensed dogs. H. F. 469--Blue--Rewriting old age pension law. H. F. 470--By Moore of Woodbury--Providing that two-thirds of freeholders of any precinct may petition for special election. H. F. 471--By Kuesten, et. al.-Providing legal title to real estate shall be vested in owner when he has openly held title for 20 years. H. F. 472--Davis of Madison- Eliminating counties of 50,000 or less from deduction under moneys Friday, March 12. · "Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast." Read Hebrews 6:11-20. In one of his sonnets George Meredith says: What dusty answer gels the soul, When hot for certainties in this our life. Though the dust of uncertainty is often in our eyes all of us have our "moral certainties." They are j u d g m ents o f value and confidence in particular persons. We c a n n o t prove them by any logical means, but we are q u i t e ready to live by them. Whatever difficulties may attend its theology, the Christian religion in its simpler form falls within this ar.ea. Saint John's Gos- DR. SPERR.Y pel has a sentence beginning, "We believe and are sure . . . " The two words secrn at first mutually exclusive, yet such is the sequence of experience. The more honestly you try to live a Christian life the more certain you are that you are on the right track. Mr. George Bernard Shaw is neither a churchman nor a theologian, but he has said that while we crucified Christ on a stick, Christ managed to get hold of the right end of that stick. Prayer: Almighty God, whose kingdom and whose promises are sure, and who wiliest that thy people dwell in a safe place, vouchsafe to us through all life's storms a sure anchor for our souls: Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. and credits tax. H. F. 473--By Alesch--Eliminating words "same county" from section relating to foreclosure of mortgages. Passed by the House: H. F. 200--Appropriating $7,000 for compensation of employes of state covered by workmen's compensation act. H. F. 150--Legalizing claim of Cyrus Hall for stone worth $1,070 taken from his farm in Monroe Your Federal Income Tax No. 31. Extension for Films Returns and Payment of Tax. It is important that the taxpayer render on or before the due date, which is March 15 if the return is filed on the calendar year basis, a return of income as nearly complete and final as it is possible for him to prepare. However, when by reason of illness, absence from home, inability to secure the necessary data, or for other good and sufficient reasons additional time is required, a reasonable extension of time may be granted. Application should be made in writing to the collector of internal revenue for the district in which the taxpayer files his returns on or before the due date of the return, a full recital of the causes for the delay being given. Except in the case of taxpayers who are abroad, no extension may be granted for a period of more than 6 months. An extension of time for filing the return does not extend the time for payment of the tax, or any installment thereof, unless so specified in the extension. Application for an extension of time for payment of the tax or any installment thereof should be made on form 1127 to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue through the collector of internal revenue for the district in which the taxpayer's return is filed. The applicant should set forth under oath the specific reason for desiring an extension and should clearly indicate what hardship, if any, would result if the extension were riot granted. In addition, a statement o£ assets and liabilities showing the DAMON'S has amGwA Dress Them Up For Easter! We're proving again that we have everything to make good little girls happy . . . and bad little boys good for Easter. Mothers agree too, that Damon's is headquarters for the simple, well cut clothes .kiddies look best in ... that wear well . . . and most important . . . that cost less. Bring them in--tog 'em out. 1 : = - W 51 Printed Silks $1.98 For Easier parties and such . . . gay print frocks! Pure dye crepes. 3 to 14. Whatsit Frocks $1.98 Clever print dresses with- fabric patterns designed by the children. Sizes 37. Knit Suits $1.98, $2.98 Little boys like and look best in knit suits. Sizes 3 to 6%. All colors. Spring Coats $6.95 up Aching to be worn for Easter are fitted tweeds and monotones. 3 to 16. Cotton Frocks $1.98 The younger set can have Princess frocks too! Gay prints and smart plaids. Sizes 1-14. Flannel Coats $2.98 up Flannel coats for the wee children in sizes 1-5, Pastel shades. Georgette and Crepe Bonnets 69c and 89c New Easter Bonnets for the baby in dainty georgette and crepe styles in colors of pink, white and blue. Several styles to select from! tfOYS' BERETS AND HATS. ...,., 59c m Whatever the children may need for Easter, DAMON'S Children's Department, located on the Second Floor, has it. Everything from dresses to hats in the cleverest array of Spring styles of the finest quality . . , moderately priced. SECOND FLOOR

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