The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 22, 1936 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1936
Page 2
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 1936 of their equipment to the surface up the mine shaft, indicating that their work was almost completed and that the men would soon be released. Cheers Are Heard. At tlae top of the rescue shaft stood hundreds of persons. Many of .. them had been on duty day and night, striving as best they could to assist in the work of rescue. When the report came up from the depths that the two imprisoned men at last had been reached, " cheers broke out. The excitement was so intense that royal Canadian mounted po- .lice cleared a space and warned the crowd to stay back from the mine head. Stretchers, prepared by the ambulance unit on duty during the last five days, were taken down the ; shaft to assist in Bringing the men 'up. Still Danger Below. There still was danger down below, for the rescue crews had pushed forward so fast that little time had been wasted in shoring up crumbling walls properly. The announcement of the rescuers' apparent success was made by an excited miner who came to the top of the rescue shaft and shouted: "We've got through!" For anxious moments afterward, there was no further news' from the workings, but it was surmised that the miners had reached a comparatively unobstructed gallery leading to the trapped men. . Take Medical Supplies. Dr. F. R. Davis, minister of health of Nova Scotia, went down the rescue shaft carrying a hypodermic needle and other medical . supplies. Other men picked 'up blankets and hot water bottles to be used in caring for the suffering men below. It was not known on the surface how long it would take to get the two living men and the body of their dead companion up into the open air, but officials said they thought it would take at least an . hour. The way which lay before them was a long, twisting, narrow low tunnel, through which it was difficult to carry anything. Watch for Landslide. The special stretchers which had been devised for the rescue had rope supports to permit them to bend around the tortuous passageway. Miners said they feared any jars against the sides of the tunnel might cause a landslide. The three men-in the lead of the rescue efforts were Joe Simpson, unit head, George Morrell and H. Hirshfield. · They had worked steadily since 9 a. m., in the last push to reach the men. First Opened Shaft. It was those three whp first opened the Reynolds' shaft, through yhioii the approach was begun, and it" was they who tore out the last rock-f rom the xeecue tunned They were the^. -"face -workers"" "who tore "material blocking their progress fronr its'place with bare hands or picks. In an unpropped tunnel through an. area which has already collapsed, theirs was one of the most dangerous jobs imaginable. Daughter Is Born. JOICE--Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Anonson are parents of a 9 pound girl born Thursday. PRICE APPEAL TO BE HELD MAY 14 Court Sets Date of Hearing From Conviction on Slaying Girl. DES MOINES, (JP1--The Iowa supreme court Wednesday set May 14 as date of oral arguments in the appeal of Clarence Price from his conviction and life sentence for the murder of Edith Kuhl, his 13 year old niece, at Pacific Junction. . The girl was beaten to death, and her sister Helen, 17, seriously injured when they were attacked in their sleep March 20, 1935. Helen later recovered and testified against Price. Errors Are Claimed. Attorneys for Price argued in documents filed with the court that several rulings of Judge Earl Peters were in error. They also charged Judge Peters erred in refusing to withdraw a possible first degree murder conviction from consideration by the jury. The claim was based on a charge that only circumstantial evidence was introduced in the trial and a contention that there was no evidence of premediation or intent to kill. On Siegel Case. The court set May 5 as date for hearing petitions to reconsider its refusal to grant the appeal of Joe Siegel for a Woodbury county manslaughter conviction and of Gale Johnson from his-Des Moines county murder conviction. A total of 146 cases were assigned for hearing during the first division of the May court term, one of the "heaviest assignments on record. Report Reed Will Be Nominated for Judge NEW HAMPTON--Former District Court Judge Carl W. Reed of Cresco will be nominated by the republican judicial committee to oppose Judge T. H. Goheen, it was learned from a reliable source here Wednesday. Judge Goheen is a democrat. Two years ago the democratic judicial convention indorsed the republican nominees, Judges W. L. Eichendorf, McGregor and H. E. Taylor, Waukon. The democratic committee several weeks ago asked for a similar indorsement for Judge Goheen. Judge Goheen defeated former Judge Reed in 1932. Mrs. Agard, Pioneer of Wright, Is Buried GOLDFIELD--Mrs. Myra Agard, 77, pioneer Wright county citizen, died at the home of her daughter; Mrs Walter Phipps, 1 Sunday following a short illness. Mrs. Agard who had resided here nearly 60 years, had kept up her own home here until recent years, when, due to failing health, she made her home with her children. Funeral services were held Wednesday. Home From Hospital. RAKE--Mrs. Henry Larson and infant daughter returned Monday from the Dalmadge hospital at Buffalo Center, Where Iowa Bank Bandits Got $3,292 Top photo--This shows the interior of the Jlorningside State hanlc whi;h was raided by four armed bandits who escaped with loot totaling $3,202 in cash after they kidnaped lour bank officials and em- ployes. One of the bandits stood at the second teller's cage, another at the rear cage and one near the front while the fourth walked around the cage and scooped the cash. Lower left--Donald Nissen, assistant cashier of the Morningside State hank, who was fired on by one of the bandits during the robbery, is shown pointing to a bar in the teller's cage that was clipped off by the bullet that was meant for him. Lower right--Ducking behind a counter when one of the bandits ordered employes^ of the hank to "stick 'em up," Mrs. Rose Bagby, a teller, went unnoticed by the four bandits during the progress of the holdup. She attempted to release the vent on the tear gas tanks but it failed to ivork. (Iowa Daily Press Photos) School of Instruction for Janitors. Firemen Planned at Emmetsburg EMMETSBURG--Janitors, custodians and firemen from 82 independent and consolidated schools of 11 Iowa counties will attend a one- day short course and school of instruction here Saturday, May 2, sponsored by the Iowa State college, school officials announced Tuesday. L. W. Mahone of Ames will be in charge of the special school, assisted by Royal H. Hoi- brook and D. C. Faber of the college extension service. Counties to be represented are Wright, Hancock, Winnebago, Clay, Kossuth,. Emmet, Humboldt, Buena Vista, Pocahontas, Dickinson and Palo Alto. Only two other similar courses Liled f iiis of instruction will be held in the state this year, school officials said. , Expects to Close Defense. DES MOTNES, IS 1 )--Counsel for the "Union Mutual Life company of Iowa said he expected to close the company's defense against receivership sought by the state insurance department in another session. We're fighting your enemies! Friends.' Millions of them! Budweiser has made them and kept them by fighting its enemies ... your enemies, too, if you like good beer. Night and day, our laboratory does an army-and-navy job of being on guard, protecting Budweiser against a hundred and one things that could spoil 'the brew ... broken barley that won't sprout... "wild yeast" in the air ... dryness in hops . .. mineral changes in water ... uneven temperature. Success!. Your Budweiser is always the same old Budweiser -- always pure, always uniform, always gratifying. A Sensible Drink.' Budweiser is an aid to digestion...a body-builder... not fattening...soothing to the nerves. No other drink, soft or hard, can take the place of Budweiser for those who want to feel fit and clearheaded ... morning, noon and night : ... every day of the year. Revolutionized Medicine and Surgery! Pasteur learned from studying brewing methods how doctors could keep people healthier. The Home of Budweiser pioneered another important discovery by the great French scientist--pasteurization. A M E R I C A P R E F E R S Order a carton for your home-NO D E P O S I T REQUIRED-Be prepared to entertain your guests. A N H E U S E R - B U S C H · S T . L O U I S PASTOR SAYS HE WASNT MEMBER Renault Declares He Could Not Be Expelled as He Didn't Belong. WATERLOO, UTI--The Rev. P. B. Chenault, pastor of Walnut street Baptist church here, said Wednesday that "he could not be expelled from the Cedar Valley Baptist association as he had never been a member," The pastor declared that his church had withdrawn from the Iowa Baptist convention April 1. He said: "If the charges I have made against the convention are false, why did not its officers call on me for proof?" 'Controversy Rages. DES MOINES. LT)--An inner- church controversey raged Wednesday following the expulsion of the Rev. P. B. Chenauit, pastor of the Walnut Street Baptist church at Waterloo, from the Cedar Valley Baptist association. The Iowa Baptist convention disclosed the expulsion here Tuesday, asserting the association took the action because of "false and unproved derogatory statements." The association took the dismissal" action Saturday, automatically placing the Rev. Mr. Chenault in the "not in good standing'-' category. Resolution Is Adopted. The association adopted a resolution affirming the expulsion, saying: "We deeply regret and resent the unfair, unfounded and untrue statements made by the Rev. Mr. Chenault, We call attention to the fact that he came to Iowa last Jan. 1 and had been in our midst less than tliree months when he made these unfounded charges and proceeded to pull his church away from our fellowship." Mr. Chenault previously charged that "communistic and modernistic" tendencies existed in the Iowa Baptist convention and his church withdrew from the Iowa convention and the northern Baptist convention. Takes Issue With Charges. Mr. Chenault took issue with the charges, asserting "we withdrew (from the convention) because of the condition of the convention and we are very happy that we are no "onger affiliated with such an organization." The resolution charged that the ;ote on seceding from the convention wag only 168. while records showed membership of the Walunt treet church totalled 1.741. Signed by North lowans. Commenting on this, Mr. Chenault said the vote was taken on a stormy night, and declared "one Jiing the Iowa convention can be assured of is that virtually all of the members, in favor of the convention were present." The following ministers signed the resolution: The Revs. Henry L. Rust, Sheffield, chairman; A. Van Benschoten, Marble Rock, secretary; John D. Kern Osage, moderator; A. L. Drake, Waterloo; J. S. Schroder; C. J. Spieker, Northwood; Asa C. Popp, Dunkerton; A. A. Rideout, Charles City; J. Lee Lewis, Mason City; A. O. Boyles, Plainfield; and Charles C. Boyd, Shell Rock. URGEENFOllNG TRAFFIC LAWS Iowa Safety Council Says "Lunatic Fringe" Must Be Eliminated. DES MOINES--Strict enforcement of the traffic laws--with jail terms when violations are serious-is the only way to rid the highways of their "lunatic fringe," the Iowa State Safety council pointed out in a. statement Wednesday. "While highway 'safety starts with education, it does not end there by any means because it fails to solve the problem created by the 5 or 10 per cent of our drivers who are responsible for nearly half of our highway killings," it was observed. "The only language understood by them is the language of compulsion, jail sentence of the withholding of driving privileges." The safety council statement said one of the important aims of safety council organizations was developing a public opinion which will "not only support but insist upon an enforcement of safety rules, without fear or favor." Since formal organization of the state council was completed less than two months ago local councils have been formed in nearly 20 Iowa counties, and preliminary organization work is under way in 62 other counties. It is predicted that within the year councils will be formed in all counties of the state. The counties in which councils have been organized include Wapel lo, Mahaska, Poweshiek, Pottawattamie, Appanoose, Des Moines, Webster. Van Buren. Lyon, Carroll, Story. Woodbury, Wright and Lee counties. The executive board of the newly organized state safety council wil' meet in Des Moines Sunday at a session called by W. Earl Hall of Mason City. Discussion of grade crossing safety program and further organization matters are on the program. Now Operating Bakery. ACKLEY--C. F. Kephart of Fairfield who purchased the Ackley Bakery of Mrs. Ida Mathews, took possession Monday. Mrs. Mathews, who has been owner and manager of the bakery for the past 15 years will remain in Ackley for some time. Mr Kephart will be joined later on by his daughter, who is a teacher in the schools at Russell. 500 Chicks Perish as Brooder House Burns CRESCO--A large brooder house was burned and 500 baby chicks perished in the flames on the farm of Charles W. Hass, seven miles north of Cresco. Sunday, while the family was away from home. Neighbors and a community fire truck saved other buildings from burning. The cause of the fire is supposed to be from an oil heater in the brooder house. The loss is estimated at about $150, DEFEND ANTS WIN IN SUIT ON RENT Eviction Case Is Tried in Hampton Justice Court Before Jury. HAMPTON--The jury found for the defendants Tuesday in the case of Mrs. Delia M. Brandt vs. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Walsh. Mrs. Brandt sought to ei-ict Mr. and Mrs. Walsh from her farm west of Hampton for non-payment of rent. The case was tried in the court, of Justice J. J. Sharpe. Jurors we're W. T. Sampson, E. Y. Crom, F. M. Fields, John Wurtzcr, L. G. Meyer and Henry Marty. Leaves for Cedar Rapids. JOICE--Braham Abraham left Monday for his home at Cedar Rapids, leaving his son, Charles, with Mrs. Lena Abraham $10,000 CLAIMS ASKED BY LEMBKE Suit Grows Out of Auto Collision Near Hawkeye in 1934. WEST UNION--A jury of seven women and five men was impaneled Tuesday in Judge H. B. Taylor's court to try the 510,000 damage suit brought by John Lembke, Giard, versus John M. Fritz and his employe, Ervin Reisner, Hawkeye, for personal injuries. The suit grows-out of an auto collision Feb. 13, 1934, at the intersection of primaries No. 18 and 102 two miles north of Hawkeye. Lembke, owner and driver of a car, claims Reisner, driving Fritz's oil truck, came on No. 18 without stopping, and that in the collision he sustained permanent serious injuries. Ralph Lupton, Toledo, represents the plaintiff, W. H. Antes, West Union, is for the defendants. The jurors are Daisy Ray, Katherine Pickering, Emil Pearl, Thelma Kendall, all of Oelwein; Mrs. H. I. Robinson, James McCarron, Mrs. L. A. Wooldridge, A. G. Andres, all of Fayette; Maggie Whittenbaugh, Wadena: Hans Winkler, Reynold Strong, Mae Bopp, all of Elgin. Bought Farm. NEW HAMPTON--H. E. Long of Eldora purchased a farm in Dayton township for $6,000 from the receiver of the Chicago Joint Stock Land bank. VEJSCH has new trucks for moving pianos, electric refrigerators, household goods, etc. PHONE 95 CRATING PACKING LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE HAULING New trucks at your service day or night. Veech has largest dust- proof van in north Iowa. Careful drivers. Everything Insured. Veech Transfer c Storage 524 SECOND STREET S. W. MASON Cm, IOWA Just the Spring Fever The urge that says-"Come on out to the 1 greening fields and budding woodlands a n d tramp along with Old Man Wanderlust." Don't come capering out in those high heels. Get all dressed up for walking in a pair of "Cob- hies" and get- real enjoyment and a free spring tonic with vitamin A, B, C and D and more if you say so. Re'd Cross Shoes "The Wonder Values of America" are sold at Nichols Green "Where the Good Shoes Come From" The Cobbie Shawl these swagger new C O B B I E S

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