The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 11, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1818
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Tor FORT - .tUPRIX'CE. , . r ffZ " Vh chr. SALLY, captain Malher. V lFof freight of a few barrels, or pas - ' .S. "'PP,'gllXH & IIUBBELT.. or W .i - . - : ' . . J. L. MONTAUDEVERT, 5 lt - . 96 Wall - street. ' 'V - - ut - Mnk notes oi all the banks between ' fl city iuiJ Albany, recliva at ourEx - C" Office at 3 - 4 per cent discount ; ol all the " htabo9 AlUny 1 1 - 4 discount; and all Cou - ' otB0tci at 3 4 per cent discount. lifixusto.y & rf - icr, no Wall - t - directly under the Exchange Bank. J, 11 tw ' ' TOH SALE AT AUCTION, sis Monday next, 15th inst. at 10 oVIosk, on I I Wall.! Wharf. South tree(, Philadelphia, " tnTraraooflhe brig Pilot, Wing master, Iroru ' Marseilles, consisting ol ill cask! currants of samce 01) basket! sweet oil " . 0 barrels hcl!'d jordan almond " ' 36 do soft she ll'd almonds ' BO boxes Icmoni of Talernio 65 barrels biporry raisint 1U0 keg anchoviet ; 60 do olivet . 2 boxetcapert .4 boes Manna iu flasks 2 do JUanna in torts 4 do Liquorice paste J5 balet Liquorice wood 4 cask Tcrra - D'ombre i 4 do Tnra tie Sienne, 4 boxes Essence - 1 box Cantharidics 2 ranks I'nmice Stones 2 bale ellebore; 1 cask red chalk 2 casks white chalk 16 do. muscat" wine of Fmntignan 4 buxes perfumery assorted 100 do. window glass of all demcntions 10 do. beaver hats 7 casks superfine role brimstone , . 80 casks claret.' je 11 " IUES. 500 cow hides, of larjre size and sery prime quantity, just received and for sale by GOODHUE & CO. :eii 41 South - street. LUE NANKr.E.NS. - J.OOO pieces 1st i ho,), entitled to debt (.lure, landius and lor sale ut 67 South street, by Je 11 CAM Bit ELENA &: PF.ARSQV, MKE.NCH COOD. - Just received per . Jl? Manchester Packet and other late arrival - , I box fringed taffeta auj satin ribbens, lustrings and garnitures l W (ilk shawls ami hilkfs. 1 box kid gloves, black aud colored ; buckskin gloves 1 bui while tulle 4 - 4 1 da thread Uco 1 do irteu aui black f.nrenre for sr.le by FREDERICK RICHARD, : 4 William - street. Xta Co'ogne and IavcnJer - water. Jell2w J f I i L & NEVINS hate rextived tr Hen u - J . I Icj, Ann - Mai ia, and oilier late arrivuls. aiid ' i'Sc.t Sot tale, corner ol Maiden - lane and broad Knr Ivory Knives and Forks and Kuivi - s witlu id Forks Tea Trays, f lated Warn. Maltese Buttons Ridicule Clafps Cartiiin Pin, &:o. jilso for tali, , Elr.nt silver tr.i Scis, rNwfci, Table rtnd tea cpouiii, all Pianul'ii luml by tin best workmen aixl f llie l eft silver Roskoll and Tcbins's rVtent Lever watches, wild gi nili - in. n and ladies chains, seals and kes, ol a great variety Low's f.inoy fnp, oval table Mats, Britannia Church services & Tea Tots, Jcwelery, Sic. Je 0 I wr Ci lOKIt UKiiiSUt. 19 bunels C,ier brua - ) Uy, laouiug ami for sale by AiNsON H. PMELPS. Jell 1:3 Front street. CiHlP bTL'FF. 100 bbl Kicluiiond Snip ' O Stuff, of very soperior quality, landing Irom Klir. lAuisa. IN bl'OKK. SCO btU llulur.unJ, city and country brands;, sipetGnc Flour, lor :de at lOti Fnnt - stftet, by . TKOKES, UAVUJSUN 41 CO. JelMw O KJ hhd Virs'mia leal" tobacco rtX) kegs do maulaetured da of excellent quality 75 do do do common For sale at IOC Fn nt - st. by Jell TROKF.3. IKVIH - 'OV K - CO. 'lOS'lo,, llU!,4tli anJ l. - t .rool. - Ulil.ds. 3 superior 4th ;ioof, in iron bouijd U.ds. Sjicar's iu:ilte. 0 bhls 1st proof do Will be sold from tlie wharf, at Ibe lowest mr - . kel price, by ' . COR.VS. UU BOIS. Je II 4t FOR SALE, Onnnn superior - Spanish LkJ.KJKJ WSFGARS, if applied for thii wck. by T. 11. MITCHELL, Je II 3t No. Id Crane Wharf. IRON imi lins Old alie Rusfia Iron, t S I, lor sale at C5 South - street, hy HLKL) k. 5 E WALL. Je II 6i Somli s'rret. TK.VG.. l.MMI.O. J ca. - , culiUed to XJ debeulure, lor sale by PETER HEM9EN 4: CO. Jell 56 .'oHih - strert. CIOI'TO - N. IU bales Uplawl t;oll"n, lauding from ship Corsair, at Brooklyn, for sale by HENRY COWING, Je 11 191 Front, corner of Fulton street. COUN1K GIN U COTTON 60 bhls. Yeomans' Gin, of superior nunlilv 60 balet Frnnc Uplai.d Coltn. for sale by June 11 3t l youth strei t, H.lStltu Titii IKK. A furnished lodging room, south of ('harnbtr t. itreet. Apply at No. 66 Fincstreet. Je II lw WANT EH. A SITUATION is wanted by a younj Man. i. to travel with a sioglc Gcnlleioau, eitlier by laud or water, llo understands the care ol horses, and would prefer travelling by land ; but il e i;hr should offer, he would have no object - k. 1 be best ol recommendations can be give i, if required, by applying at No. 33, Nas sau st. ew - iorx. Jimell w tfa - uolu1ks huh a ho. watch lost or stolen. , A Tor near the fire in Anthony - s( reel, on the IX UUi iutaut, a plain gold capt Frcuch watclt, Newark made gold chaiu with Ions; links, t . large English seals set with cornelian slone, patterns alike, and 3 keys, one of which was ol Peo gold. The above reward will h given oo tbe deliv - ry of the tarns at No. I3l Greenwich - street, or for any information which may lead to their recovery. ntrh makers or others to whom they may be offered for tale would confer a . particular favor .j stopptns; theia. June U m Jt.hiiA.St FAHLOLli r L:RjirUHE. UST received by LEWIS SOLLIER, the following addetioaal assortment of valuable furniture, Tir : 1 tetmnsr - tiRgorisctlee ") The whole in ' "n chairs with cushions I crimson sattin, ' rm luir 4 c,isur f wiln "Ik biyd - - stools, and I lug?, Tery su - " P.5r of curtains J perb. 2 setts do. rime assortment of printed cloth, . butltilhnnl nrlin. nisi, aqasnMtyof platwl ware, consisting of JPer.YMltsticks, cliiud jliers, with branches. ... ' '.n - e pots, efg stands and bodeej, with ,J5 iJn of the richert Uste, carkleUbres Z, P'brt of different forms and sixes, all a S .nt Md or "le moderate advance ..M63.4I,udui.aac. - JeUlir r WfAHTEO ui t reipectable wholesale Gro - V V eery store, an eligible situation, a boy about 14 or 15 years old, whose parents would wish him to learn the business, and consider that aa equivalent compensation. Inquire at this office, j Je 1 1 3t IOR S ALE, a Carriage, convenient fur travelling, wiih harness nearly new.' En. quire at this office. je 11 3t Sale of excellent an d new Uabmet t uruUure, BY a. F AXIOM & CO. ON Tuesday, at It) o'clock, at No. 14 Broad - street, an entire stock of lu,hionablu furniture, consisting ol sideboard, bureaus, secretaries, dining, tea and card tables, 2 sets dining do. ladies work tables, candle and waslifiand stands, bedsteads, &c. Ac. Sule premptory. The furniture may be examined,' one day previous to sale. je 11 rillHS day is published, Pail ilit ftnl of a JL IVflr's JiLiulntcf tn the United btatct vf America, by WILLIAM GOUBETT; coutal.i - lag, a de'rcnptum cl the face cf the Country and an accouut of tho Climate, biacris and Soil; aadnioro especiidly an account of lr Author's molu of cultivJling the Ruin Btiga, or husna, or Siccdith, Tuniij'. The price of tins Work, ty tho single copy, is a dollar, and of trn co;.icj, sir dolluit and a Air. The books ar d, posited with Mr. Jir - chamlaudt, at No. Ci, llarclay - street, New - Vork, where they may be had, at the above prices, either by suijle copy or by tc - uj. Mr. .1 rchntnbavdt l.a also some of my Russia Turnip r.ecd, which is put up in small parcel.', and which he will tell at trio same rale, at which uy ro:o, James lianimcrton, sells it on Saturdays, in this Fly Maiket. This arrange - ment has been ii.ade i.i order fint farmers, from a distance, may be ?.l le to get ibe oel at any time tlrat it suits thuii to be in tue ity ; and, as it is dc.'irablc to Jistribule tbeftrda widoly possible, I have had half pounds aud quarltr of pound put up, to suit the convenience of persons who wish to try the culture on small iweres of land. The price of a ptrttid is a dollar, anJ of the smaller quantities in the same proportion. If sny gentlemen, who recide at a distaoce from New - York, fhouM wi. - h for book or scid, their bet way will be to apply to seme torrrcs - ponJciit at Sew - York ; because Mr. Arrbam - baui't will, from the nature of his present bufi - ness, be unable to attend to their orders. If any euliemeu should be deposed tn write me ou thcae matters, their letters will rrach me safely and without delay, if direc ted to the care ol Mr. Aiehaau audtas above. WM. CODBETT. jnne 1 1 tiw?w , TAMMANI HALL. '1"MJE copartnership, heretofore exi'ting bc - 1 twee.i AllltAHAVl MARTLINU and WhXIAM IJ.COZZKN., wadisio!ved on the 1st ol Arril last, by mulu I consent. The estab - nslinieiit will be continued by the subscriber. '1 be situation ol TAMMANY HALL is probably unrivalled in this city facing the Tark ami the Ci'y Hail, and Willi in a minute's walk t - ftbc Theatre. Academy tf Ibe Fine Arts, Mu seum, Kc. It prcst'tits imliireinf nts fur uir, pros - pti t, eonvt rieni e and aet'oinnioflalion, iiif ri"r to none in tlds cily. Traveller froin tbe dill'cr - cut states in the unim, mi l from this, will tinJ at 1'nmiuany Hall al.mlcr well stocked wilb ail t,'iC delicacies of the season, choice Wines, a:iv Bed Chainlicrs, and everv eointiiunre Hint can he expected, and on the must moderate terms. Je II 1m WM H. COZZFNS. Lu I S I O LEAfab AT 1 HE MUU II KlVER. ITUATE betweeu Barclay and Murray IO streets, Chamber and Reed - strcct?, Jnyand Harrison - streets, and North Moore and Beach - streets, at a price very considerably less than in - tr - rert on their value, aud at the cxpiratioa of ihe terns the baildiogs to to fairly valued aud paid for, or a new lease granted. Alto, to let by the year at a low rate, several lots or yards oa thi water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of parU, k'c. Apply lo PH. RIHNELANDER, SI Tark, near the Theatre. Several of the aliove bits will he soil Pt a mo - lerate price nd on a liberal credit. A mail portion of the mouey only will be required. June 11 tl FOII SALE, VI.O T of land, coiilainirg bptworn t ix'f cr and twenty acres, adiosninjj the Tillage of Blooniiiiedale, lrontin on the Tenth Av nue and Hudson River, ndjoini'ieonthe south the country scat cf Mr. JohnH. Talm.n. The terms will be reasonable, and two thirls of the piirehnsc money a. ay leaiaiu secured by bond acd mort gage. A1,SU, two lots ol ground, twenty five feet hy Mie hundred each, situnte on ihe cact side cf f orsvbi street, a;out 1 60 to 00 feet nortli cf l)tiaocy - stri"et. It n.'t elipoM 'I of at private sale, a:;cve will becfi'credfor sale at auction, on Wednesday, l)H, July. Fir further particulars apply ct tbe Mutaai leturnuci UB.rt, Wail street. J; H lot 5l An tieant Lvuniry Hal to LUc'ttap. Tn let m.1,1 , I. irivfii i unit'iliMtplv. UiU - - - - - - i o - - - - J ' liiat large and commodious bouse aud garden situated oo the wist bank of the Passaic River. ahull a quarter of a mile &Hovo the Bc'lcville bridge. I he place is well stocked with fruit. Particulars are OJt entered iutoasitis presumed people will examine for themselves. For terms apjdy to John W illiam, E. - q. ioukeeper, Lille - viil. June tl 3t CHINESE IVORY - HAN 1JLE PARASOLS. M ARTINOr and ROE, umbrella and pHratut manufacturers, at tbe.r eld established store. No. CO Maiden lace, have completed their assortment of umbrellas and parasols ol every de - cription and of the best quality, some of ihe latter with Chinese engraved ivory handles, which they will dipose of at such prices as they trust will eusure them a roulinuance of the liberal patiouage they have been favnrtvl with. Country merchants are requested to call and viewthnr assortment of the above article, as they will be supplied on lileral terms. Umbrellas aud parasols neatly Loinm and re paired. Jell Ul0tA.Clw "tHElin. drawn nuuilerlo - r.nriow afteniooo, I in the - Grand Road Lottery, will a entitled to 1,01X1 1 - l!t. The i spital prift i f 70,000 dots. 35.000 dols J 0,000 dolt, snd everal ol 1,1.100 dolt. 500 dolt. fcc. are yet to be draw si, and the Lotf. - ry is nearly half finished. '.Tickets and Shares for sale by R. WAITE, Jnnr. Jell 136 Broadway. 70,000 DULL, A K 3i,0tK DOLLA Rs 10,0tr0 DOLLARS. THE ahove rich prizes in Ibe Grand Milford and Owego Road Lolleiy, will all be drawn io about three weeks. On the 24th ofthismotith the first driwa number w ill be enUtled to a capital priic ol" 35,000 didlars, and oo the 10th ol July, the highest prize, "O.OUO dollars, will be a - warded lo tbe first drawn nwniber. Tbit it the rnly Lottery now drawing or to be drawn in Ibis slate fcr nearly two months. Tbe above ri. h prizes, wlib hare payable at tlie Unioa Bank, is thii city are cerlatnly worthy of notice. Tick ets in this lottery will be advanced to price on Tuesday next. A small number only rtuiain unsold at GRACIE'S, 146 Broadway. Where most of the prizet of consequence yet drawn in this Lottery, have beea obtained and promptly paid. J II 3t BLACK M1LUNETTS. KO MillinetU. fir sale bv p.. Black Viil. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, je2 19 Pcarl - st (up stairs.) OATT1NETT W ARPS, tsade of 3ea Islam) O Cottoa and sised i the cbain, for sate by WM. CAMPBELL, 1 Jt5 197 rcRrl - itnet. JLi the packet sloop M ARY - ANS, Js I" - ?Af Pu.ef matter, having one half of i frelil, will sail on Saturday next,. 3th inst. weatnr permitting. .For remainder of freight or passage, apply on' board east side Burling - slip, or to AN SOX C PHELF3, ' - . je 10 183 Front street. For Ri - .HJaoU, (yr.) The brie HOPE. I'dsbury, master, will be dispatched without delay, and will take freight, if immediate application is made at 67 South - street, to Je 10 CAMBRELENG ti PEARSON. For AMSTt.Mi.1M, The brig Ohio, has commenced load 31 in; this day. and will be dispatched a bout Lite 24th inst. baviiijr three fourths of her cargo engaged. For freight of the remainder or parage, apply to Captain CAKM.1N, on board, at pier io. b A. K. or to J. C ZIMMERMAN,. '3liiiii;tr.ii street. Je 10 2w vj4fThe,chr - URCHIN, 1'aul, master, 100 .'x' - iiA - .LUiii uurii pn. n rea l 9iij wen nun it iu yotd order for any voyage Apply to June 10 C'J fcouth - t. Fur SAl - '.I.WVsiH, TUk superior packet brig HERO, enpt. Bailey, will tail in a few days tor Height or pauage, apply on board at Alur ray's wharf, or to FOTT ti M'KINNE, . Je 10 5'3 Soiiti. street. FOit S.H.t, The brig MARY, capt. Brewster, n he arrived from Havana, burthen 200 tw.t, is faithfully built, has two decks, and may to sent to sea v.ifh but hHIe eipence, now at XrJcn'i whaif, pier o. S, North River. Ap ply to H 1). TALCOTT, Je 10 Cl .li.ull. - ' For CIMRLE.STO.V, (S. C.J vfcwi The regular packet brig Tr.LE Vx GRAPH. J. A". Munro, master.will pos itively sail on 1 - inlay the lth. lor Ircitclit nr passajre, baving elcirunt accommiidatifins, apply on beard, east si. le Hy rnarktt - wliiti f, or to IlkNKV COVVINti, je 10 2t 171 Front, orner Fulton st. For M.ltJEUt.l, The line hclinGiMT JAX US, captain ?v;t: tier; wi.i sail on tlie 14!li inst. Kor frci.. ht cd' V00 bbl or passage, apply on Doara at Jones - wiiart, or l 1'.. FISIIEIt, ?e 10 lw l.'t Soiiih - streel. t or ,V '.u't'A'. - i tl, TIi? fn sailing racket tliin RIMNCi A'l LS, Sainbiirn, master, will be icady to receive cargo to - morrow, and will sail positively on Sunday next. Fur ir blit or pas s;ige, having elegant accocininilaliout, apply on board at riur - strcrt wharf, or lo GIUsWOLDS Si. COATES, Je 10 till roHili - st. tUli, $ Tim fine Qjp - bil. then, oi e slo. p 5'Jtons a - y - wtlr bii. then, one ami a half year old, mav DC seut lo sea with vi ry little rspence. Landing Hem laid tloop mat fur tale, :!!( hlids. nlcl.iss' - s ; U do limn 18 hbls. Sugar ; do filolat s Apply to E. FISHER, Je iu iw 4Hfeoutli street. FOii THE laLE OF FRANCE, The New York built ship AMERI .Si - r sv - CA, burthen 4 'JO tons, coopered and topper fastened, - , inafter, will tail in about 2 weeks. 1 or freight of nirrchambzo or specie, and pastage, ' having elegant accommodations, apply tn the master ou board, or lo iuac9 CHAS. HALL. 1 Beavr - st. For CNARLESTUX, The packet ship TF.l.H.KAPH, .tL.F.uiiiiriir, master, is still detained bv head uihJb, can taUc a few tons mure freight at"d I J m:ire t' Hirers can be handsomely uccommodated, apply on board, east side Bur - uny - biip, or to ANSOX G. PHELPS, je 5 1b3 Front - street. Fra'tl.'nr - h'uu'c ira. t S fv. - ,,,1 'clI l.ixr,,!,iro mic Vi!ilL:nv ii &'ir,ii' : 'HO I ;ri ml fr, ii lil from Je.i llOBEBT GILLESPIE. ter SAl A.J'.Ul, (To sail on Sunday next,) l&t - g. The fat - ailii';co;.pereI bng GEORGIA, lialicock, inaaer. For Irciglitor p.usae, apply cu board at Stevens' r.harf, lo i'O rr Si .V'KWE; or to JeP, Iw KOGEHT& KXF.KL.tXn. IVAXtKli TO CllAIiTF.ll, Wanted to Charter two British VF.SSKI.S, of C00 to 400 tons, to load at a southern port f r the V ct Indica. Ap plvto LLAUK, MOOKE U. CO. Je 6 4t 41 South - stree - t. For JililSlXlL, (England,) . (A regular trader.) i' - !' i The ciiaot fa - t saiiiug coppered ship AN ORE W JACKSON, Thomas T Morton, master a considerable part of her cargo being cogged, will be di - palcbcd without delay For Ireightor passagx, having excellent uccommoda t - jo, appiy oa ticarcat pier No. 2i,ncar Pck slip, or to PETER PCHERMERHORN i SON'S, Or B. W. ROGERS & CO. HVio vfferfvf u.le. I0' StrmbriJge. lirn K bO cusj;g j; Hi. lit shut V0 du br Lead I'W birrel" Spanish Brown 20 emits Porter Now lai.ding from lla; Actirew J.ickson. Jc 1 For C HA MAMMA, klM The tchr CERES, capt. Thos. Mills, jwill meet with imiuedia'e derpatch. For freight or passage, apply oa board, east side Burling - slip, or to ANSON G. rHF.LPS, Je6 181Froiit - trect. .YE If F.l,V(. l' S TO HE, No. 7 Nassau - street. BALLET & MRS. GUGUET, keep a factory of A rlif.aal Flneers, and store ot Fancy Gifidt, iuitorici from the best lactones el Lyons and Paris. Thev have also a general assortment of the newest Paris FASHIONS; consisting of Ladies white India muslia marniDj dresses, elrjaotly worked SI'.i speucci , of the mo$t fashionable colors. also beautifull) worked Linen cambric pocket handset chiefs, supeiL - Iv worked and richly emb'oid rd And a few extra thread lace VEILS. . All of which have bucn received by the latest ar.sval - from France, and are now otfi red (together with their other extensive assortment of fancy articles) fvr cile to the public iu general, and p r icttUrly lo the ladi'i Je 6 i4t .iNCLISH CHEKfE. A sma' I parcel tiiKf double Glcstcr Cheese, just received and for tale by ANDERSON k SHEARER, je 9 131 Vt - r street. f TPLAND CO I TON. loo oK Upland i Cotton, ijrsile oj OTIS Si SWAN. 157 IVsrl - seet Je 10 CIOTTOX fc TOBACCO 41 baleiprtjie ) New Orleans Cotion 16 hbdt Keariu Ly Tobacco, landing from scbr Betty, for tale by STEVENS k MACTiEH, JelOTt .liTSooth - strrct. JV SAVM'AJB, V$4S ' 'ftie regular packet tclir. KOSE - I."? - ILiiiBLOOJI, E. Wbeaton. matter will niett with immediate dispatch. For freight or 'pksifage, apply on board at GoTerneur - wbai r.or to ' ANSON G. PHELPS, mv 30 183 Front - ilreet. FOUSALt, The Terr fast - eailinr rnnnered and copper - fastened shin CHAUNCEY. is well found and can be tent to sea without delay. Apply to POTT ic M'KINNE, or jel B. W. KOGKILS St CO. For Si VAjWVAU, JM Th substantial ship COMMERCE, tiiavl . master, will tail for .Savannah nn the 12h inst. and will take freight from thence to any portin Europe. For freight or passage, apply to JOSEPH OSIIOK.V, je 5 23 South - street. FtiklGUT fur VlUHLKSWN. 200 lous heavv freight, Wpplyle AiON G. PHELP.V, myai - 183 Front - street. Q VV EE 1 OIL,. W rbes is Fluitnce Oil, 30 11 - 1 U ties each, for sale oy CH AS. L. OG DEN, U A BR. OGDEN, Je 10 53 Washington - strict. CIOI ION. 60 bales prune Uplai.d Cnlton, J just received er tloop Lark, lioai Charleston, for tale by ' LA1ULLAW, GIRAl'LT k CO. No. f0 Cofim: Hniiic s'.:p. IN STORE. 33 bales prime Ntw Orleans cotton. J?Kt tJILK i IO Silk CA.VIHI.ETS Black and colnnred CainbUls, for CJcr.tleineu's wait, for talc at loO Bioadwav, by je5 1w l'lMI.BUOOK fc PF.TER.9, S 3 CROIX RUM, SUGAR IL MOLAShLS 30 piinclicnns rum 2 do. retailing inolai;ses 4 hbdi lirst quality sugar received per brir; James Scott, froin M. Croix biuliiiif this day at pier No 11 east river, mid by KEAUK i. HE l EYo I EK, je9 Lv 31 Old - slip. 1RENCII GJOUS. 1 Cu - t snporlioe Leg - 1 boinlliits 1 do do Chip Flats 1 do White 'l imit; Lacp 1 do super bi n k and white Crapes. 1 di er - f.; i'lnrciicr s 1 do fimgi'd satin Ribbons, green, black, v lute and blue 1 do fringed l'afii.ta, du do do du I do Garniture, very rich, No. 7 and 16 '2 do Artificial flowers I duOtloof Buses ' I ilo iiMorted W atcbes I d.i Moiocco I'orket Books nnd Purses 4 do containing ladir s riding whips, pocket, For ket Lights, Rockets, Nc. Just received per ships Mancheiiter Packet and Favorite, from Havre, end fr sale by SAMUEL S. GOODY EAR, JelOlw No. 81 Maiden Lane. Gi BIND STONES, CRIoTOL U'A RE, BOT - I 'I LL'S, ic G00 small size Grindstones, assorted 20 large d'l do S to 14 cwt Weight, each DO eratet Bri tl Ware Gallon & ball gallon Dottles for wine Champaign lull size Quart & London and wine Pint do. (io smajl size Hatiipcrs) Gallon & half gallon Demijohns Loug tipped Pipes, from l"G lo 21 inched Lare bowl Negro do. and 1 cask English Shoe Thread, juat receivtd, and f'r sale by UjU1v.i euiiiiLi, Je8 lm 164 Water - street. fl MAUKIKA U FliHT U lAF. ff Qr. casks Madeira, and 6 hhdt white port wine, for tale bv ' ROBERT GILLESPIE, Junif 10 112 Front - st. Cllll.DKKN'd iNLlL - E. 4 YOUNG WOMAN, of good character, JX. wat.'t a situation in a respcclal.ti! I.unil), to Inke enre of smallcbildren and sew, or vould lixve no objf.clioiit to make herself otf.i rwise Utefui in the" family. 'I be best recnnimeiidalinns can he given from the fatuity the now lives with. A line ilirerted lo K. and lei I at tins oriice, will be attended lo. Je 10 Ct A UAIIUAIX. For sale, a farm, containing sixty three acres nl land, in llie manor ol 1'hilipsimrgli, West Chcfih r county, lying nn tho North River, within loitriceii mili.'t ol lliecity of lcw York. 1'he Farm has oa it a good and very pleasantly situated dwelling house, commanding an exten sive view of tin; North Uivrrj nn orchard of young hearing trees ; a grist mill, the water of which niijriit lie advantageously employed eitli er for a distillery or any other manufactory, re quirii g only a small power ; and extensive quar ries of stone, of the first quality for building. Toani niigrniit or farmer, desirott of availing himitl! ol the advantages of an easy coinmuni cation, by either land or water, with a city mar ket, the above described premises must he very desirable, r or further particulars and terms apply to D. L. & 1. E. HAIGIIT, Je lOtf 163 Pearl sfeet. TO MILLERS, niina mill stone riMiE subscriber acquaints bit Irie - nds nnd the I public that he it ready to accommodate mi lers with mill - stones composed of the best burr. He will attend in .town i.r country, and furnisi all materials, and contract to any amount nn terms that will be found satisfactory in every respect, at hit experience in the prolession ha been long estaulishcd in various parts of the union. He hat on hand a quantity of burr pieces of the best kind, selected by himself in Franc. THOMAS GARE I Y, 70 William street. Letter, post paid, immediately attended to, Je 10 2w A YOUNG LADY, wishes a situation as gov X JL erne - ss, in a private family ; to go into the country, would be preferable. For further information, please to enquire at No. SC vandeuatcr - street, where the most satistac tory referetices, may be obtained, je 8 lw NOTICE, LL persons ii.debted to the estate of James Dougla. - s, stone - cutter, dersased, aro re quested lo make immediate payment lo Ihe sub crihers, and all persons wbo may have claims against said estate, will please present them a aliove directed. John Meyher, Wnshiogtou - tl. ) Wai. Sharp, 4iI0 Greenwieh - st. Executors 6aml. Sharp, Jones' - st. JcB lw i . IO BE RAFFLLO rOK, FULL length portrait of Mi? O'Neill, jL painted by Barker to lie seen at Mr Crane's Store, 135 Broadway, where ttriot mpy be known. Je; i HREE ENOl.lsH BUII.i' CIG', JUST landed, of dilfdrent cnustruttif.ns, with steel Springs, will be sold remarkably iw, say 75 dollar?, cadi, if immediate application is made at this ofbee. Jc'Jl t dV The tubscriberoflrrs for sale his resi ajdcnce in the town of Fait field, Mate oi it it pleasantly situaieu, i ure Lt.stva road, about half a mile from Loug LI and r'und. 55 unlet from New lorm, ami xu irui New Hnven. Tbe bouse apd out - bous - s arr ui excellent repair. Tlie (rait yarJ it well stocked with a variety of peatl, apneots, cnexrn., iK - ari and strairbertitt. Tt.ere are In the vicinity academies for the edu aiofl of youth of both wies. 1 row one lo ti t atres of exceilunt laiid, at Hie option of the parchutsir, f n be bad w""1 the home, aadtl! parc.a - mojey, "JV . remain oo interest ior lerms apply to ISAAC M ELY, Esq. 76 Joha or I . the Hon JONATHAN bTU KG LS, i air field, Caacnecticut. DAVID ELY. iuv isuscti - in A REMOVALS. . 57s JOHN LOP.t M K R G R A U A attorney at law, has opened bis office at No. 43 Chamber - street, near Broadwey. mayI6 4w fit MACKIE, MILNE c CO. ved to No. 6 1 Pine - ttieet. l.ave remo may 4 fX" JNO. bLAtvE, block and Exchange Broker, has opucd aa oilice at No. 4 W all - street. Jane 6 lw ' sah water Baths. To tht La dill and Gentlemen of jYtxe - l'orU. 0" 1 be public are informed, that thu old Ntw - V.i.U Salt W ut r Bath it now 0f n, at tlie foot of Barclay - street, at the end of Mr. Rhine - lander's new dock, a little below.Murray - ttreet, her old station, w ith good accommodations, and tbe greittest convenience and safety.1 ' 'Ihe Marine Swimming Bath for g - n1!cmen on - !y, will I e. opened on Saturday next, it Mr. Gib - Ikju' long pier nest to the Battery, where the Marine both was!y stationed. Part cf two days in each week the Bath at Barclay ttrcet, w ill betxclusie!y devotLd to Ladies. Rules and regulations at the Bads. Tickets is ill ailmitlo tiilii r. J - :3 J.RAIIINEVU. A I) FF H ' 1. EM Ii T. rjy - .HUGH MACCALLUM, from Argyle Shite, ir.ijtlutid, editor of an additional coller - tion ol Oisan'a poenu, With adcs'.rition ofStulfa and lona, 4;c, luiprcsidl with the highest teti - e efgratiludo for iho distinguished .patronage ho met with from thn 1 1 i and Kctjlb men of .ow - Vork, Philadelphia, B - lti:nore, Nirltk, Charles ton, S:v:.r.ti iti, Aug'ists, tolumbia, I' af t'.evdl? and Wiliuiugion, t;:rs ino:t retper ifully '.oft turn Ihtni Let 1'iti ijtieil j - rkniiwiediuenti.. Thn editor humbly solicit: the atti - nlion of the b.idir.s and ' - entlenii'ii cf Ibe eavtersi - - lilcs lo tii.i ancient bt iitimect - of genius. Owing to th'i ge. nerom i.cour'.gcnif - it idl'orjrd him alrriu'.y in Britain and Anie.ri'.a, I c tl ittcr - b'nn - ( If til .1 llie iiihabitunl i of Ibc i a.'tcrn slates will not be inferior in t:.sti''ul liberality to that of Ihe south. Je 10 21 t or f - Vgdfid, riii Halifax, (.V. .v.) fj7" I a lters lor his Britain.!.. - Ma.josiy't packet ji. - .dv Marv IVIIium. willlc refetved tit Ibr Post Office till Wudmtsibiy ailcrML ti, the ll day ol July. i. vv. ftiuuur.. ngenl .lo III Litttoiy aud I'luli sujiUiriU inciclfi. A staler! monthly na i lmg of Huh suricti will be I eld in the New Verli Institution, on Thursday evening, lUh inst. at ball' past reven o'flock - JolO'Jt CuKPOUAl lON NO MCE. All persons of tlie b nominal i n of friends orcjiiakf - it in tlie city mid county or .tw - YorK, who have tailed to pay the lax in lieu of military fluty, are requeued to rail al Ihe Collector's Ufl'xr, No. 2 City Hall, between the hours of 10 and 2 o'clock, on or bclore Hie: ISIhdayof July next, nnd pay to the siiLm ribtr the military tines due, and unpaid, from Ihe yt nt Dill lo 1817, inclusive, agreeably to a Inw ol this ttale, raised March ii'J, IfldO nnd incase ol neglect or refusal of pay ment nftei the nlinvc nerim!. I am directed lo lew imon the soods and clialUe; oleacb indivirliml liable, and ieruing to pay the sati.e. liy order of tin: coipt,ntion. i mi. xx. ciii.ur.ii. i , uoiiecior. Printers to tl.e corporation will please insert the above daily till Iho Utli July. Jo UitJytj - klAUiuU Al JJAiDX SULttiH. , THE EAST ORATORIO THIS SEASON, 07 Will lake place TO - MORROW EVENING, wheu will La performed the first pari ol the CREATION. Solo, Ke.ut bugle, .. Mr. Willi! Air, On on a plat, Mr. Gilhnghau Uuuule chorus, I he horse and lot rider, PART SECOND. Overture, Haydn Air, Eve's lamentation, . A member Air and cluirur, Seund tlie loud timbrel, air, Miss Conrad Solo, violin, Mr. Cilbiigham Recitative, JJeeper and deeper still, Mr. A. Toy'loi Air, Waft her angels, - Mr. A. Taylor I liorus, j hen round ahout UU llarry throne Air, In sweetest harmony, .Miss Conrad Air, I - onl remember David, Mr. A. Taylor Chorus, Heboid thn Eambof Cod Duett, Praise ye the Lord composed by Mr Hill, VV. A. Taylor, and W. Hill. Reci:alivc, ) Be hold f shew you a mystery, Air, ) The trumpet shall sound. Trumpet, Mr. Willis Chorus, Hallelujah. Tickets lo be had at the following places : Mr. Riley's music store, Chatham - street Mr. Eastburn's book store, Broadway; Messrs Goodrich ii Go's. do. do. Mr. Dubois' music store, do; Mr Gcib's do. Maiden - lane T. & .1. Swords, Pearl - street i and Messrs. Kirk & Mercien's book store, Wall - street ; D. Long - worth s boot store. No. 11, Park, je 10 VV AN 1 hUt a whilo woiiniti lo do kitchen work, and a v. I. its tirl from 14 lto 16 years of age, to do the upper work of a small lamiiy. rtpp:y at mis oince. Je j J O I ICE All perscnt having claims ngrciiisl ll Ihe estate of 1 boinni Birdy, lute vi Ihe cily of New - York, fleceascd, are requested lo present the same legally authenticated, and all three indebted to (he said estate are rcqm fttd to make immediate payment to the sub scriber, whoofTert for tale Ibe properly of the deceased, containing 4 lott fronting on (be Bowery 25 bv 75 feet du p ear h, urvl one on Stanlon - ttrett, 25 hy 100 le t The whole prennset nre rented this year for jJCPO and taxet. An indisputable title will be given for the tame by JAMES BARCLAY. Executor, Je4 lm No. outh - ttreet. lOLET, A pleasant hark room, at no. 6 Wall - street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Possession immediately. Apply in the frout office. Je 4 HIE AMI OF SlilMMIAG. ON Monday the 15Lh of June will be pub li - hed, and for sale at the principal binok store?, the Art of Swimming, by J.I roU, ac com panted with twelve copper - plale engravings, I'nce one dollar. Swopy - nitrilseciirea. P. W. GALLAUDET, JpfJ lw 49 Pulbw - sl. HOME. TOMEN. or 1'ourtt Cmitre. a lale by Ma y Y lurin, author of Bertram, Milesian Chiefs, TU.. C..I..1 II ........ ,r JL - i - rn 9 enl. tirw - e C ri - i riv.,1 nn.l f.r sale at the Minerva Circniatiii. I lit: r.u. ii ,. - , . i , Lilrary, No. 2C5 Broadway, opjosite (lie mu - I'O rw iwild at auclln. "a iiuj - . 1 llih inst by CO. FONTAINE, el Ihe itoret of Mr. burden s..nase, crates of eartbenware, coni.rising Omner ami tea sells, relfce lo I a greai i . J , lustre do I in m"J '" "T, j , im Hltention ol tiouse - aei r, - io Ms to suit ibe purchasers - Je b Jt . ..... .TT rr . 1 HFRM4N HUGllfc?, Olirrs ior raie, i 21 Libtrty ttrtet, the lollowinj articles, c f - a.hnnlv. VIX I Imperial, h - son, joiug bysnn and toncbotig tea. new ana oi sup - iju.j, f..r Snmilv USO. Fine old cognac brandy, Jamaica rum, and Holland cin. in demijohns. Madeira, Port, Sherry, and Claret Wine lubbert'i Iiondou brown stout Obves, aiichovUt.iwwt oal.aridLooilcamustajJ ALbU, . few very elegant tetts cf tea trayt and waiters Plated castors, razors, scosort and pcokuivrsj iiauaiomriy sssoiet i oncarui ., Fine wore Utter paper ream Jets Itt " , . and ner I i'UBLIO SALES; . : t r' 1 By MILLS, MlXTOSf CQfsb?' 1 u sday, 161h Junej v " ' . An entire invcica of best Enelish rhto Ioolt ing" glaNs, looking glut plates, .Brussels nJ luui;.;numsur carpeUag aud rugs, mahogansr chairs, aada variety of other articiet of the latest EuglHh aud French f.uhioos. ' ' Koiwiting of 33 richly gilt and new ttyle tun glasses from 43 by 20 to 70 by 36 m., 25 chimaey do 31 by 24 in. with endtof 24 by 10 io. 4c. IS uperbly ornamented mirrors, cured arches, cut glass patrtli om 5 to 4 lights, 12 best British silvered plates in bliad frames 50 by 23 in. Oi do reeded iraiiies 34by ii to 44 by 26 inJCTKrhest British ' univf rsal plates from 20 by 11 to 54 by 39 inches, 3200 do 6 by 5 to 1 6 by 12i0. SOihects tin foil suitable for the above; piece elegant Brussels car - pctim; ofnewest style, 3 do borders to match. 4 do Kidderminster do 24 eiegant imperial I earth rug, 11 Brussels bilid rugs, 54 fashionable mahogany chairs, hair bottoms and brass moulkinirt, i! London made pano fortes, and a great variety of new and fashionable furniture. ' ' " Ths larg!nnej,tnirror, carpets and ntgt, wi'.l be kold in tots to suit purchasers. The chair in tetts. The silvefcd and um.ilvrretl plctes, will be sold by the package to dealers. an a liberal credit. The above were shipped by bouses of the first respectability in Europe, ..lid it is believed, that the quality is a good as can be tent. - SijiKtSI.E rati iitlLI)l.G, f. Til E proprietors of the southern marble qna lies, uear Kiug's - Bridge, give notice, that lln - y havn on hand, and nro receiving, at tbe A'rig'i - W ac'ge Marble ond I itite - lurd, foot oi beach - street, on tbe - Hudson river, ao extensive ;to:k of mai Me lor building, ol tbe fo'.owiiig do K'tiptiotit, vu : Ashiar Coping . Foundation St one Chimney - Pieces; Facings Columns, WhletlaUe . Steps i riitfowt Sills, Lintels . Axhet Abo Lime ol the best quality. l r" A constaut supply of the above material may be ralculatcl upon; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply lo EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 ' At tbe Yard. NtiilCE. Oj' All persons having; demands against the Etlute ol Ibe bile Dr. James Tillnry, (deceased) will pli use In presi nt ibc same tn ciilier oi Uiu Subscribers. And persons indf bled to the I state, are requested to make pajment lo A. I). Duff, it No. bJ vvasinngton - itreet. June otn its io. A.I) Dl FF, ) MALTBY GELSTON, Executor!. D.S.JONES. ) Je 5 1 w FHEMX BANK. ftT" An election for fourf ten Directors of this Ba'iik will be held at Ihe Banking House, ou Tuesday, (he 7th July next, between II and 1 o'clock. The transfer Books will be closed on the i:5tti instant, and willjcoitinue closed uetii af - ter llieelcetion. By ordVr tf the Board if Directors, D. 1. GREENE, Cashier. Je 5 uy i ivj' Johs I'iioctor, Jest. 106 Libertytreet, oll'e - rs liberal anticipations on preipetty consign ed to bis fn ends in the Mediterranean. - toe further particulars, apply as above, or to ah it ii a ai r.r i.u, Je 6 if corner of Clirf k FcrUou - sts. NOTICE. ftT - THOS. ami JOHN F. LAWRENCE have taken into copartnership THOMAS G. CAsEx. ilny will conduct business under IDO Biui of T. Iti F. LAW HENCE k CO. New York, 6th June. 18111. Je8 1w A CARU. , fry The proprietor of the Salt Water Bath, otltrs ad apology lo Ihe public for the disapoitit - ment in not fulfilling, ' contemplated, the opening the itfarine swioiminjf Bath at the battery ou Satutxlay last, and informs them, thai it will certainly open during this week, and shall be noli, ed whn at her s alien. ' June 8 NO I ICE, . HERMAN ( HORN and JOH s B PEV - DLK I ON havine formed a p - rtnersbip, will condur t their business under the firm of Thorn Si I'endieloii, at 56 . lone - street. HERMAN IHORV, .tune 8 lw JOHN B. PENDLETON - , ' ine of Aew - 1 or, Comptroller'' t ie. fjT - PUBLIC NO I ICE is hereby given to Ihe holdcis of the six and seven per cent stock ol this stale, thai (he whole oi the said stock, with the txceptioa of the six per cent stock, created by tbe act, entitled an act respei tins navigable communication between tlie great western nnd northern i lakes and the Atlantic Ocean," passed April 15, 1317, will be paid off on the first day of July next, or at any timo thereafter when demanded. Payment will be made at tbe Manhattan bonk in the city of New - York, to the tto 'k holders H - siding in Ihe southern district of this state and out of this state ; and at tbe New - York ttate bank, in the city of Albany, to all other ttock - holdt - rt. II is reauired that the certificate! issued for the stork should be given up at the bank where such p.nyinorits are made. The interest on the said strck will cease after the taid lirt day ol July next. A KC I I'l ' .'U I i Jit - , comptroller. Dated Albany June 1. 1813. Je9 Uy 1 XUllcE. VCf A double cased silver watch, supposed to be stoleu, was stopped by Sauiucl 5. Carman, watch maker, Brooklyn I be suppossa ttuel said bis uame was Willi", it about foot teen years of age. The owner can have the watch by proving property and paying the expense of thu advertisement. June 9 3t TO MASO.YS. ffj Ti opossls will be'received until the 15tl inst. for digging; out a cellar and building s stone foundation and a chimney to a house 18 by 40 feel, on the 10th Avenue, between 61st and 62d street, four miles from the City - Hall. The bricks and stone are on ibe premises. Apply at No. 17 Wall - street je 9 5t STOKE TO LET IX HROAVWA F. Ill IAS VALENTINE intending to relinquish V, ! - . Iwrnkwllin business, nfleit to lei the store 104 Broadway ; it it a flrtt rate stand for a retail store. n ls VALENTINE having taken his bro - (her S IMIJEI. into partnerhii, the COPPERPLATE PRINTING business will in future bo coorlucled ui.der Ihe firui of Lliat tiamuel Valenliue. Office 34 Sprw p, street. FLIASs V ALEN I INfc, SAMI EL VALENTINE. Orders from any part of tbe union, executed with w - .itness and despatch, aud on the uosA reasonable li - ruit. , Je9 1w NOTICE. (tr All pemotit indehied toWatert Farman Charlet Dobbs, (,or street manure) are requested to call and settle their accounts with ei - ' ther of Ultra, or with D. k L - Mead, at tht cor of Pnmp k F.ldrirlgsf - treels, (ormerrr cxltcl Third - street, s.n or U fore t'ic first day of Jaly next - All pcrsxiNibMiEg ilemaads against them will please to rv'nt these arcovnu for telbs - nicnL WATERS FORMAN, and CHARLES DOBBS. my 13 dicliut . ' LAN?). r.i.lVrr.forv. which hot be B sr. - t 'Prthr U Me A rrc v ' i r'Ji rr from tl ccuntry r" - 8 lale Arrcy. i ,((,rn - ,i,iPnrKO aikcd lor rii,Vea!?ecd - dto,iffaslpaid. vyla D&CU - ' - 1 I . , , ' f I ; If it r ' " rs; A i -

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