The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 11, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1818
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" ' SACL ALLEY, 98 Pice - st NUMBER 4990 THURSDAY, JUNE 11,1818. NO. 49 WILLIAM STKEET Wr SJlLtL " . vpv fine brie ALONZO. Creen. rwf ' tnn. u in excellent order. li V - .7 o - . xv! 0 ... tou at ft small txnence. aadosn . l nnvernetirtt - whurf. or tn ApPV 0I i - oTT t M'KINNE. m 56 South - street. r SALK, sch. ANTELOPE. - liv ' ( of 105 tons, lying at Jones - wharf. wvpt f. UTIVVW rW V 56 South - street IV AV.e Hr.ilnn nml Portland. . in.,n vivimiTK. Trow. mat - 1IH. .... , , ... . i;il lm vp immediate dispatch. or passage, bavins' spacious ac - r4ti0,W'a,,l:,yfOTT:M'KINNE,'' a : , 56 South - iftrcet. 3 . " tor tHEiClUf or C114HTEH, . 1 CHID . - i cerv iiitirtnr C0iiercu cuii mv - finni an eastern nort. fbliuut, and cao proceed immediately else - ,hcr.fcracar,G0.GAPplytOHowLA. my0 67 Washington t. - A - ,,.. .V.i - . Frtirht or Vha rter. . CTin full.. DiiMt u lll Ltnur BOO bbls. is a jPTeel. ami ready for a voyage, lm at Hover - street wharf. Apply to It. & U. W. DAVENPORT & CO. my 28 for AMSTMtUAM, Thereirular IradinfT brijr OHIO, E. r - irnii.n. master: has Dart ofhercariro Xgld, and will be dispatched without de - ij For freight or passage, (hav ing very good aiommodations,) apply to the master on bond, at pier no. 5 north nver, or to V J. C. ZIMMERMAN, mv 27 tf 77 Waslnngtoii - st. "7jXiTEinJKHRlb M AN UFAC I OR V, At the"loot of Harrison - street, North - River. I'HTHERE manufactured Plaster, for corni - VY t and other purposes, may be had, war - ranted of O.e first quality, at one dollar and twen - til Art anlfptrbutlul. . . Hi muma tory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, wliohai served a regular appreutice - I'.io to ids ntaioa bat inesi. JOII.V BYER3. LEATHtK. 55 sides uiidresed upper Uslber, fur sale by A.NsON G. PHELPS, or 29 I'mnt - strtet. rAi VViill K LEAL), 4;c. &.C. 0 J kegs London White Lead in oil &) barrels do Dry While Le&a (t tont Red 30 barrels Crittol Red Orhre SO ilo Venetian Red ;2 tons tine Litharge l!0 hoighfails Waiting 60 casks 1'arii While ; f hlids. Verdigris Jit ticrcts reix h Yollow Ochre i kegt Vurini'.lion 1 caas Prixuan Elue, 4001b. Crornt Yellow; fatent Yellow panisti Brown, rnetian R d, Vellow, SIN OIL., Viid.rii, J J,Bti.pi.lack ; Ivory Ulack ; Piirplu Crown i!. j.:.. T... t I ;.,(.. I 111 foriale on the lowest terms, for cah or ut . !ETER S lERMKRHORN h SON?, v j 211 Water - stnt t. 1 LY.CH, )in. (at So. 40 Villiam - ti if. haionhau.1 the folio wing XV IS E3 and lfiUORS, srloctsd with judgtuent by himself, Jii - b. be ofltrs at wholtfalo and retail, tear - tided pure, at imporUd ,!iPf I Madeira, from 3 to 18 40 qr cntkj ) ' viu .iiaui iia, iu VM J ... . - Champaigno, Uurguivly, Claret and Sauteruc, ofvery 5iiiKtior quality 7 pipes dry Litbon, 7 years ol J 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and fret from Boracha taste Port, in pipes and bottles Table wine, ibr its quality, the cheapest in America Tencriflc, in hhds. Ola Brcndjr, do. Rum, do. Giu, not reJuced ' S00 iemtj. hn containing five gallons each SO (rare wine bottles X B. Those ii the trade, and country deal - en, will find it to their account, to supply them - selrei wilb winos and liquors at the above establishment, as they will be certain to obtain articles of Hit fint quality, at the lowest prices, and pare is imixirted. my 9 fm 2 0 HH L&.4HED, fy favorable termn, for along lera of years. V 4 lots of grvund on Broailay, 200 feel deep, eittnJin; to Crosby - street, between Hester and Grand - street.. 2 lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fulton and BoruDr slips. Also, several other lots in the 5th, 6th, ttth isd 10th wardi. For particuIuTf, enquire at ."io. 30, Chatham stin t. may 8 HAVANA SUGAR, TALLOW, 50 boxes brown Havana Suar, entitled to drawback. . 103 ceroons South American Tallow 54 boxes Roll Brimstone, and 18 casts Tumbler. Landing and for sale If. JAMEi U'WOl.F. Junr. my 12 ' 54 Sooth strett. RICHMOND FLOUR te TOBACCO 250 bhls superfine flour, Haxall's brands 435 do do do co jutry do 66 do fine di d.i da 1 do X middlings C3 hhds prime oU and new tobacco 4 do do uew tobacco, fit tut manufacturers Tor sale ty W. & S. CRAIO, ay59 84 Front street. COPPER BOTTOMS, ic 2000 lbs. Copper Hottums, SO to 30 inches 60 ci?ks Wrousht Nails, Eng. and Am. 6 bales Itatinn Paper "009 ISs. London Seine Twine, for sale by CEBRA k CL'MLNG, vEI 76 Pearl - street. MONEV TO LOAN ON MORTGAGE, innn DOLI.ARSaretobehadonanin VI VJt J cambered properly in tl city. ln - Stock and Ex har?e Broker, 53 tf N. 68 William street. Y7 INK. 50 rases Claret Wine, containing I dote each, 16 do do 3 doren ch, oi Pwth of Branne Monion. Tintsse 1810, re iTi r ! briS Sou'b America, from Bordeaux, vStrrVl5'fcKlJM 8 Wds, Aluicovado tsu - w Pncueot, Aotisrua Rum, for sale by J - .4 GOODHUE fc CO. - a ntk.lraf. nJ - CbLirK tKLNs G0M 1LLEML 1 5'" V"' Upland Cotton i eer mns, ana HARDWARE, CUTLERY tic. - t cuki J.X bcotch spring Locks . 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards - 1 do chest handles. &c. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, Ac. 1 do brass cocks, tic. 1 do bell metal kettles aod skillets 2 do tin'd pots and sauce pans 1 do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, &c. 3 do hammers, pincers, locks, he. 2 do I1L hinges, be. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do. black & bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do bliam buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nailj and brads, from 3d. to SOJ. Alto, a large and general assortment of goods open on the shelves, for sale at the most reduced prices, by ADAMS & BLACK WKLL, may 7 215 Pcarl - st. THE Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their friends nnd the public, tliat they have re moved their Tobacco Manufactory iuto their fire - proof store, No. 62 Water - street, where they iutend carrying oo the business on an extensive scale they have on hand a large supply of rig tad rolls, made of best Rulunoud tobacco Sweet scented N. Head Ladies twUt Long cut chewing, in 1, 4, 8, and 16 ounce papers do smoking do Macuba snuff, injurs and bottle, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, do do t - trasburg suiiff do do French rappee do do Tlain fine do jlo do Scotch snuff in bottles and bladders Spanish eegan, made of c hoice totacto imported 2 years a;o,and warranted geuuine New - Orleans do. American do. Orders from the country will be punctually and carefully attended to. may 9 1m I. rAAIl K ci)7i. JAMEa L)' WOLF, Junr. hat removed Iron. o7 Front - strtct to 54 bouth - street,aud ofliTs for sale 52 ceroons south American I allow 2j toi'S clean St. Petersburg Hemp, few belts nrst quality Ruxsia I uck ; tier - man Steel in boxes, eiitilled to draw - III. 16000 lbs. Green Coffee Ho 25 buses China table setts 172 pieces each 10 ht'ds pure Spirits I case Plat ilia. niv 5 IJAIAitS1, OIL, A:c. Vc.j0 Wid l'ans 1 White and Whitiu; GO bills. S;i.inih Brown 20 do Yellow Oebre li casks Venetian Re. I 10 tons dry ai.d ground White Lead 2 do Ref Lead 500 lb. Pniian blue SUIK) lb. lilue Vitriol ; 0000 lb. Oil do 10 hhds. Copperas ; 5 do Piunh - e Stone 1000 lbs. Guru Copal ; 1500 do do Shellac 100 "bids. Ground Cam wod 20 do do Logwood and Nicaragua 500 dj do Tumeric h tuus St. Dniuiugo Logwood U. do Larue Nicaragua ; 2 do Red Wood 30 botes Kuttern Mould Caudles I. lusted, sjH - rnioceti aud neuts foot Oil Claek and Blight Variilth 2100 feet 8 by 10 Glass 1500 dJ 1 by 9 do for oale by RIPLEY ii WELD, my 14 192 ut. corner of 'ullon - t. W A V l r.,l, several young LAUlr.3 as ap rmlicrt to the MANTUAMAKING - UCSINEid. Euquireof MISS MARSHALL, my 14 - tf No. 7 Cedar - trect. GL'N.NY I! A OS, iu bales or oliienie,oigootl quality, for sale by Je 1 7G Pearl - street. UOM EaTIC ii OTHER W AREa. . THE subscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following guod, vu : Outch and English Brooms Duster, or Counter Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do Ibr Blacksmiths Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common Mesa oo no oo Cloth do do do Weavers do Whie Wash do Shoe U Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Hall and Entry Mats rails and 1 uus Wheel - Barrows Fine Wiie Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing and ball Twine Fish Lines dash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furnituie Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Ropes Wrought and Cut Shoe k sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballau ces, .Vails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li - : rai terms. ir.UKA i l.iu.mi, Je 2 76 Pearl - ttrtet NEVV'.OKl.EANa COJ'TON. TOBACCO, ;c nt Kales iiritue cotton, laiuunf from the " brig Arjro, from New - Orleans, and for sale by WALSH l., CC iouthst. 'o hure also in store. 200 hhds prime New Richmond tobacco, in entire parcels CO do old dn 150 do Kentut ky do of very superior quality 200 kegs manufactured do branded Trite, Warwick, Labby, &c. COO do FrederitUhiirg do 2i t ak rlarrt, 20 do London mustard 3 butts London porter 5 puncheous rabbit ukins 700 reams medium printing paper 50 do cap, No. 2, press papers, 1c. . Je3 Ofi.Va, UOKXk IIiDLs. I Ol'pes anJ hhds. Cranston GIN, of supe 1 J ISbUs. rior quality. 13 bales llTse Hides, just received and for ale ty Je I GEO. W.TALBOT I It C. NICHOLS, No. 13 Pearl - street, have J . now for sale 2 cate white and striped Marseilles (juiltui: 1 do white and striped Jeans 2 do black Sim - hews an black Sarsnets 2 do coloured Canton Crapes 1 do fine black French do 3 do black and assored sewing Silk I Ho assorted Kid Gloves 1 do ol men and women's silk At 1 do 4 4 and 6 4 Cambric Muslin 3 do 4 4 and 6 4 Book do S do Jacmet do t do plain and seeded Mull do S do 5 - 4 huh Sheetings 1 to Linen Diaper 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, 1 do 7 - 8 lone La a a fine S do brown do f do Cotton Platiilas 3 do striped and Carlisle Gingham 3 do Madr&ss and Naval Victory Hdkfs. 2 do Imitation, Merino, & Damask Shawls 3 tiunks Plate and superfine Calico . 3 do Farnitur Chiutc 2 bales black and assorted Bomharetts 2 do blat k and blue Broad Cloths 2 do red ani white Flannel. - Je23w MOLASSES A quantity of Molasses, Ua - ding at Tier 11, for sale by " JOS OSBORN, Jc4. SSStuCi - itreet. KENTUCKY TOBACCO.14 hhds prime XV. Kentucky tobacco, landing irom senr. Fene.lon, west side Burling slip, for sale at 53 wasrungion - si. cm A3, u. uuum a my 27 A BR. OGDEN. X 200 boxes tin plates 28 casks Traces ... Brass Wire No. 9 CO casks Roman Cement, now landing, and (or sale by ANDERSON SHEARER, IjI vvater - sireei. Who hart in ttore, Patent and common Carolina and Virginia Hoes Sheet Brnss of all sues Brass and copper Wire London made pocket Books and Wallets Ladies work Boxes Kc. my 25 OC X THLS. - 3J dozen, lor sale l.y O J. D'VVOLF, Jr. my 14 54 Souih - street. 'I'OUACCO. HlUr.S tuid FLOUR. J. 11 hhds Keutucky Tobacco, landing from the ship Mary, from New Orleans 153 salted Hides, landing troin the icbr Ri sing Sun, from Pernambuco 140 narrcis mcnmonti r lour 20 hhds. old, and 40 do new Richmond To bacco, for sale by my 21 1 12 Front street. NURSE WANTED. 4' lady. RESPECTABLE middle aged woman is wauled as an attendant and nurse to a sick y. Apply at my 2!f tl No. 4 j Rose street. UAH Dn ARE, LUTLLUr GOODS. MUSTOL rrHEsnbsci ibeM have received by the late JL arrivals from Liverpool and Bristol, an extcn?ive upply of Hardware and Cutlery of every description, winch tliey oiler tor sale to the merchants from the country, in such quan tities as may be wanted, at a low advance and liberal credit. They have also received on consignment and otler for sale by the package CO casks and cases ot Uirminirham Hard ware, consisting of most of the staple articles in the line. 10 casks of Keuyons warranted hand, pan nel, tennant, sash, lie. Saws. . 6 cases do warrauted mill, iit and cross - cut saws, best steel plate 10 casks of Kenyon's tiles of every descrip tion 100 casks best cunlitr Enclish Porter 30 do assorted Glass Ware, consisting of tumblers, wines, decanters, wmte and green phials, Ac. 10 crates ot Stone Soda Jugs 10 cases of English men's aud boys' hats 2(K) bundles ol warranted Halback's German Steel, dirtf I Irom the Muiiufactury of J. 6i C. Halbach He Sun, of Remsclieid. 10 tons of London lio. p L Steel 5 do Crawley Steel 8 thousand Stourbridge fire Brick Tin plates ot the different kind Black do do B. W. ROG LRS k CO. Je 235 Pearl street. ii im i ll'.UKKTo litS J' DOUBLE UROWN t"l STOUT. - WI casks, setrcted by a friend in London, siipunor to any in this market, lor sale by D. LYNCH. Junr. Mo. 4U William street. Je I lm rpEA, ll fLAT BLOCK. TIN, tic. xc. X 40 i bests hvson skin tea 100 boxes Tin Plate, assorted 10000 lbs. India block tin 8000 lbs. Spanish do tioOO lbs. iron wire 100 tiercts prime new rie 50 btls. cider brandy. - For sale hy ANSON . PHELPS, my 16 183 Front street. LIO TiOiN. ltO bales prime Upland Cotton, ' landing this day at Brooklyn, from sloops Yankee and Good Intent la Store. 153 bales Upland Cotton 4 do Sea Island do. For sale by HENRY THOMAS, Je 3 Kit No. 2 Jones - lane. LOST, ON Saturday, a hundred dollar bill of the U. S. Branch Bank of Savannah Fifteen dol lars reward will be paid to the finder on his leaving it at this oluca. June 1 MlLLl.MET TS. 600 p white Millinetts, well bleach'd and in coo I order, just re ceived, ami for sale low, by WILLIAM CAM I'll ELL, Manufacturer, Je 4 197 1'earl - s'reel. (upstairs.) UUMK6TIC i.oriOjS HOODS. sEVERAL cases of blenched aud unbleached IO cotton shirtings and wheeling, of an excel lent quality, with other domestic goods, just received and for sale on reasonable terms, by WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, 197 Pearl - street, up stairs. Also, a quantity of MiHinelts. june 2 11 IE3 Old Madeira in bottks V t Sercial Madeira in qr. cusks Genuine Grape Juice, All pure a imported, for sale by WILLIAM CODMAN, Je51w 20 Sruth iret.t. JUPER COMPANY FLAG HuKFs. 5 Elegant patterns, lor sale by my Jit MARCH & LOW. 210 Broadway. ALEXANDRIA FLOUR 46 barrels, for sale by ROBER T GILLESPIE, Je 5 112 Front - street D BANKs, Law Bookseller aod Stationer, . lias renicred his store from Wall and Broad streets to Hie corner of Nassau k Spruce streets, where will be fouurt the greatest variety of law in the s ate. For particulars, see list of New Law Books, published in the Evening Post and Columbian. Alto, a general supply of the most approred Law Blanks, on hue pacr and handsomely executed. Printing and bookbinding, in all its branches, neatly and promptly executed, on the mnM liberal terms. Je52w it V. LEDYARD Ai CO. No. 104 Pearl - st. have on hand no extensive and complete assortment of Hardwaie, consisting of Waldron's prime grass and corn scythes Steelyards ; trace chains Carolina hoes ; line guns ; anvils Vices; frying pans Straw aixJ hay knives atw - ,rt,haad,ndiMi,,iu5 Engli. - h shovels ; patent plane irons A Jze, cbissels, eouge Patent post coflee mills Files, rasps, binges ; screws, hammers Iron, brass and plated candlesticks Plated cruets Brass and gluts cabinet furniture IjOcI.s of all kinds Murtke locks, wV glass knobs Cutleiy ol all kinds, in great variety Spoons, buttons, spectacles. Chains, seals, kej, tic. Also, a vert handsome assortment of girth webbing, common and plated saddlery, particularly calculated Ibr the southern market. The above are principally new goods, and will be sold in qaantitics to suit parchbsers, on the most reasonable terms. J5tf HEETINGS and SHIRTINGS. Several call ses of bleach'd and unbleoth'd CoUna Sheetings and Shirtings, wilii oUier domestic goods iust recei - ed ani for ale by ' WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Maauractarer, - No. 197 Pearl street, corner of Maiden loiif. Also, aa asjortairnt of Milliurtts. J(5 DOUBLE GLOSTER CHEESE. A small parcel of the yery best quality, iust teceiv - ed, and for sale by AKIJERSO & fcllEARER, J81w at t31 Water street. COTTON. 100 bales prime Upland Cotton, landins from slnni. Sarah Pnrler. at ftrnnk. lyn, for sale hy K ETC HUM K VVEED, Jo iw 61 South - street. CORN MEAL. - 75 hhds and50bbis. bright yellow Corn meal, of a very superior quality, for sale by TUCKER LAURIES, J0 9 29 South street. 'PAR. tc 300 bblsTar, and 1 do Beeswax a. anoai ann lor sate hy R. ic C. W. DAVENPORTS CO. my 30 PRIME BEF.F.' 200 barrels, for sale by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, jev 67 south street. PUblJC SALE Ur CHINA tiOOOa. VN Tuesday, the IClh June, at 10. .'clock in me lorenonn, will he sold at the auction store of the subscribers. No. 51 North Frnt st Philadelphia, (terms at sale) the following goods: w nan ciiesis young Dyson ina 35quark - r chests ilo do 140 ten catty boxes do do 36 quarter chests hyson tea 20 quarter chests gunpowder tea 50 25 - catty boxes smx hong tea 50 25 - catty boxts pouchung tea 'rCa'i'hestsfon Skin Tea CHINA WARE, CASSIA, NANKINS, ic 20 boxes evening cups and saucer 180 boxes. tea sells. 40 and 49 pieces each 30 boxes blue and white plate's, fiat and deep 1 IO bundle of lloor matting 190') bundles, about 6 Mi) lbs. cassia 4IK) nieces blue Nankins 1600 pieces of longyellow Nankios.of Mammee ciiop. The above goods were imported this spring, in the shin Rosalie, cant. Merry, from Canton. I Me I eat are principally LiiiiK,"r, ana Kioluiu's chops. JENNINGS, JONES & CO. J5dlJe1fi Auctioneers. Mi l ICE. ,J 1LFORD & OWEGO ROAD LOTTE iVl RY. The future drawing will be ai fol lows othday, first draan number f.OO, June 9 Dth do do do 1U00 do 12 10(h do do do 500 do 17 1 1th do da do 35,000 do 24 12th do do (Iu 500 do V6 13th do do do I, INN) do 20 1401 do tin i 5P0 July I 15th do do do 70.IKH) do 10 16th do do. do 500 do 1J Reiuainir.g 4 drawings in out - cession, ii . r saw Manngerj. CHARLES KINSEY, J). STUAK T. JOHN LYNJV. Millord and Oweeo Road Lottery, A few Tickets remaining on hand. f.Tsnle by ISAAC O. OGDEN, Je 6lw - 18 Wall - rtu - tt. THE public a, e cautioned agninst purchasing five ticket in he .Mcdutil Sririice Lot teru. 5th class of the following nuraliers, viz 12,011, 12,012, 12,013, 12,014 ana la.uio, as Lhev have absented themselves without leave irom the olnc ol the suDscriur. Arrancenicnts have twen inado tcitli the man asers to stop the payment of any prizo which either of them may draw, A suitablo reward will be giveu fur their recovery. WM. SJIITIf , Junet 170 IV.Ki.lway TO M.ILDr.HH. Or those who may wi.n to erect three elegant buildings or lactones. T OTS, 77 let! by 80, more or less, with the JLi buildings thereon, in the centre ol Veey - st. cau be purchased separate or togelber. AI.SU. An elegant LOT, with Oie Buildings thrreon, 1 1 Bowery, 42 by 125, more or less, near Chat ham - street (he whole on accommodating terras Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Beckuian - st 1 he advertiser has three small mortgages to di'poseof, one of $1,000, one of 51000, one ol $1200, all in this city J 9 NOW OR NEVER. I S the time for the purchase of a ticket in the L Millord U Oweg'i Road Lottery. There aie but very lew tickets now lor sale ; the drawing is ncarlv half over, and the canital mile of 70. 000 and 35,0ti0 doll, are ytt lobe drawn, besides several others of considerable amount. Those who hive drawn small prizes will do well lo renew tbeni immediately, or they may be deprived of the chance ol tbe above capital p izes. A few wh'le, halves, qtmten, eighths nnd sixteenths, warranted undrawn, nil for sale nt the Truly Fortunate Office of G. 4 R. VVAITE, No. 54 Maiden - lane, where cash is advanced for prizes as soon as drawn. Jc9 'I 'HE Rnlcido.cope, a philnsoplucal amuse L iiient lor young copie, invented hy Dr. Brewster, of Edinburgh, lor sale at the Minerva Circul illiiS Library and Book i.nJ Stationary Store, bi uroadway, opposite the museum. IUO,OU0 Dollars highest prize in - the Grand New - York Stnte Lottery. MEDICAL SCIENCE No. 5. '"pO roiumence dru wins; on the first Tuesday in X August next, (7 weeks lioin next luesday.J spieiidid Sclif me. 1 prijeof$100,000, 1 do (i,0thi, prize of $ .0.000, I do lO.OuO, 1 do o.Uihi, 2 do 2,000, And 45 of f 1.000. Besides a great proportion of smaller prizes, none k - ss :imn 30 dollars. Tickets, also, Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenths, in a variety of numbers lor sclent the present price of fi.'d, at ABM. P. B ROWER'S, Lottery and Exchange Cilice io. 27 Maiden - lane, comer ol Nassau - street. Uncurrent Bank Notes and Prize Tickets in former Lotteries and in the Milford Road Lotte ry, now drawing, taken in payment. Je 9 lw State nfjttw i oik. tt fN pursuance of a decretal order of the honorable the court ol chancery of this state, bcar - ii.z date tlie fulh day of June, 1C18, will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House iriihc city of N. York, under the direction of the suoriber,onepf the masters of lh saidcourt, oo me 3d flay w juiy nexi, at Ii: o'cl.k at noon, all that certain dwel ing house and lot of ground situate, lying and being in the city of New York, and which in a certain indenture made the second day of February, in the year of our Lord one Uinii'and ei'tit bundled and nine, between rucrnrci nimn,.rne, joim l itus, William HarU home, Thomas Ustirk, James Onderdook, Mary 1 1 1 us, tvimain usiick, Jane llartsborne and Deborah Onderdonk, of the Crft part, and Ed mund Elmcndorf, of the scond part, is described as follows, to wit : All thnt certaiu dwelling house and lot of ground, situate, lying ami bein in the second ward ol the c:ty or New York, and koown and distioeusbeii bv the nuiulr sixty nine William street i whit h sud lot is bounded in front by William street, on the northwest sirle by the bouse and lot of ground now or formerly tli property of David Jobn'on. - on the soiheai side by the house and lot now or formerly of Peter Cogart cpntaioing in breadth in trout twenty fire leet, in the rear twenty eight ; ia depth on the soutn east side twnly one feet, and on tbesoaUi twenty seven leet four and a half inches, be the same more or less ; together with all aod singular we hereditaments aaa ap - nortennores to the mine bernniring or in a,iv wise appertaining. Dated New York, June 9, 1S1I3. P. G. IHLDRrTH, Matter in Chwerr. Je9d!i FRESH tONDOS MUSTARD, c 65 boxes firil nunlitv Loudon Mustard, in white glass quarter pound bottles of six dosen each, just landed froia ship Ana Maria i nnd, Powchon Tea, of a retnarkably fine quality, and of a delicious flavour, put up in Cauton, in Z lb. papers, lor sale (retail) by A1K.1N a: nib SON, June 5 lOt 82 Front street. fTILErHANT OIL. i.c The oi (be Hi bri Janef'Maria. consistins - of Elephant Oil - in nnas. Tierces and barrels, and a auanuty oi fiair seal skins, ibr sale by i. KICK?, Jettlw " 2s Burling slip, . A PATENTED INVENTION, For the convenience and ennfort of ladies. T is - well known by all ladies that their cloak pins, (as they are called) alias curtain pins, particularly large ones, in a very short time, from the weisht ol the curtain, and from other CRuses, wear so large a hole in the wood iu wmcn mey are inserted that (hey become loose, insomuch that they droop and look ill. and more over oftenti:nes drop out. To prevent this ef - lectuaily, a person bus invented that which will prevent the inconvenience alluded to ; and any lady, or ei tn a gentleman, can ! convinced of the fact by applying at No. 2 Dey street, where the invention is to be wen : the ex Dense is a mere trifle, and cloak pins already in use can, and will oe, reamu altered to the proposed plan, my 19 3w TVTEWLY INVENTED PATENT CONI 11 LAL itEtLLCiuit, lor economising and di - tnuuting L.i;ht. The subscribers, in inviting the attention of the public to an examination of their newly in - vcuted Patent Conical Reflector, flatter them selves that from its principle aud construction, a most important improvement is effected in eco nomising and distributing the light produced by the present improved patent Liverpool, Argan, and Mallory Lamps j and therefor submit it to the public, as a small addition to one of the most perfect artificial luminaries of modem invention, BLOOMFILLD FRASEK. 38 Maiden - lane. N. B. Any number of the above RehWtors, may be had or examined at the anbscribers Wholesale nnd Retail Copper, Pewter, Tiu nnd Sheet Iron Kitchen Furniture Warehouse, No. 38 Maid, n - lane, as Je 5 Iw 'Jo be sold el jmbhc auction, At the Tontine C" ffee House, on Tues day, the 16th June, ut 12 o'clock, the following estate of Jncobut Verveclen, deceased, to close the concern : The two story brick front hrusn and lot of groiinu rto. svaiaer sireei. I ne noue is i'aj leet wi'te liy about Jo deep, and well calculated to accommodate a family. The lot is 25 hy 100 leet ALSO. 3 lots of eround, on th easterly side of 1 bumpson street, Itetween Grand and Broome streets ; each Lot is 25 leet wide and 95 deep. They have lately been filled with earth. ARTHUR SMITH, ( G.N.BLELCKLlCi Lector - Je 1 12t TO 1 I1C INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, ANI) ITS V1CIS1TY. WM. BRYAN, Dyer, s:e. from London, eratefully acknowledges the liberal en couragement he hat reieived, from bis friends and l lie public, since hi arrival Irom tngland Anxious to merit a continuation of their pttron age and supiHirt, he has taken (hose extensive premises No. 37 and 39 Spruce - street, (la(e Lit tle George - sUeet,) wiiere he has at considerable expense erecieo macmncry and every conven ienre to ensure their future favours. Piece Goods dy'd any fancy color nnd Dnmhed in superior style : Ladies dresses, silk. a(tin, velvet, damask, moreen, crape, veils, slinwls, mantle, peli - ses, boiubnzeeiis, &c cleaned and aft any lamy pattern, chip, straw, and leghorn Bonnets dy'd. Black, for mourning, on shortest notice j mo reen furnitures clean'd, dy'd and wafer - marked ; hot - pressing, fee. my 18 lm GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. THE Presidei.t and Directors give notice, that a dividend ol four per cent on the capital stock of the company for the last six months, will be paid to the Stockholders at their Office, No. 55 Wall - street, ou and after Ibe 1st day of Jane next. The Trausfer book will he closed on tlie 1 1st instant. By order of the board of Dircc tors. RICHAUD DUNN, Junr. my 14 dim SecVy. PUBLISHED THIS f).lY, A PRACTICAL TREAT ISEon PERSPEC - T1VE, adapted for those who practice lumtscape painting or drawing from nature. Also. THE PEUSPECTOGRAPII, for taking views. - We the undersigned artists, resident at New - York, having inspected Busby's perspeetograph, are of opinion, that it is an ingenious, useiul and convenient invention, that w ill materially assist all persons desirous of making accurate perspective views from nature. JNO. TRUMBULL, AH. ROBERTSON. BAMlfc L L WALDO, JOHN RUBENS SMITH, WILLIAM DUNLAP, J 11. JAUVIS. The above works are for sale by J LAMBERT, Je3 1m 3 Cnuiilamll street. Soiuiitm District h JYcic - York, . BE it remembered, that nu the twenty ninth day of A - jut, ia the forty second year of ! - we . the independence ol the United States L. S. of America, Daniel D. Ard. - n, of the - v - ' said district, hntti deposited in this office the title nfa hook, the ri;;lit whereof he claims as proprietor, in the words anil figures following, to wit ; Rending mode easy ; or, a pew guide to spelling and reaibng ; in lour parts. 1st, containing various alphabets, and nisrty two hundred spelling and reading lessons, by regular gradations, irom the most easy to the difficult, nod in which the words are divided and accented, nc - cordine to the purest pronunciation. 2d, a vocabulary ni words, nearly alike in sound, but different in spelling and signification. 3.!, leisxns in reading and reciting. 4th, outlines of geo graphy ; a sketch of icramncr abbreviations; arithmetical tables ; and prayers for the use of scliools. 'The whole rendered pleasing and iio firessive hy neat and appropriate cuts. By Wil iam Little. A. M. In conformity to the act of congress of the Uni ted siiites, entitled " an act lor me - encourage ment of k. - aming, by securing the copies oi maps, charts and hooks to the authors and proprietors ot such copies during the limes therein mentioned," uiul also to an act entitled " an act supplementary to nn act, entitled, an act for the encouragement of leornioe, by securing I be copies ol maps, chr.rls and books to the authors and proprietors ol such copies, during the limes thtrein mentioned, and extending the benefits therenf to the arts ( designing, engraving and etchiog hit - lorical and otl. rprinu. R0BERT mNf Clerk of the southern district of New York. JeSdJw TII13 (hy is pub!ilied (prico 25 cents) an Essay on the propulsion ol Navigable Bodies, filluilrated by explanatory diagrams') in ahich are developed the uhilos onbicai principles of me chanical navigation, and the only metbvl of brirtfring mem into eu - ;ciuai operauoo by A. BU. - 'BY, archii'K't and engiceer. Sohl at the dice of the American Monthly Magazine; Kirk and Mercein; Wiley and Co. Wall street l Jams Eastbura 51 C ; and A. T. Goodrich k Co. Broadway. Je9 3t THE KALEIDOSCOPE. : A Curious optical Toy, invented by Dr. Brewster, of Ediobursh. which exhibits an iiifinito variety of beautifully colored Figures, t ceived and for sale by COLLMSfc HANNAY, Je 9 At 230 l'aart - ttreet OCT The new! ERR Y BOATS irom the foot ol nlrjut street, New York, to the font cl Lit tie street, BrookUo. near the Natv Yard, will commence running on Sunday, the 17th wit. . Persons crossini; to Brooklyn from the upper part of the city, will find the distance much shortened by using this ferry. my 14 iONTlNE COFFEE HOUSK. . frr" The committee for managhiK the affaira of ibe Tonlitie Coffee House, give notice, that u Dividend of Seventeen Dollars per share, for the year ending the lit tnst. will be paid the proprietor on or after the 19th inst. at 24 Broad, street. my 13 1m NOTICE. IVr TbeRisinr Sun Sail Boats. Nonpariel, andlndustry, from the Elhrabeth town Point, for New - York, sails from Marketiield street, (where (he Steam - boat Atalsota formerly came to,) at 10 o'clock, oi each day. rassage iz i - z cents. Enquiie at the Steuiu boat Hotell. of VAN DERPOOL & PHILLIPS. my 21 tf ' r - The bank notes ot all the banks between this city and Albany received at our tuV at a discount of 3 - 4 per cent, in sum over $50. LIV1NG6 TON fi TRACY, 29 Wall - st, . The highest price given for DuUam may 27 4 .' Merchant' Bai.k Dividend - , f7" Notice is hereby given to the Stockholders of the Merchant's Hank, that a Dividend of four per cent, or two dollars on each shara for six months, from the first of December last, will be paid at the Bank on, Monday, the first of June next. ' By order of the Board of Directors. my 29 lm G U. VROOM. CashV. U.VJOA' LVSUUA.YCL CQMPAJVY, Office No. 56 W all - street, Will receive application for marine risks, and ibr insurance on lives, annuities, ic between the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. daily, SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president. WM. J. VAN WAGENEN, secretary. IllRKtTORS. John Oolhout Janus Doorman John Richaud Charles Rhind James Reuwick , - P. Schcrmtrhoin, jut), John Jones Joseph Smith James Strong my 191m Isaac G. Pearson, jr. Iltnry ftlajer Heory Thomas Samuel A. Lawrence Charles King Robert Bcuson, jun. James Boyd. jun. Balthazer r. Melirk BOMBAZhTTS 10 balesof Rhodes Bom - bazetls. handsomelv assorted, mil received by the Ann Maria from Liverpool, and for lalo by LAVERTY, SHELTERS & KING, , Je 1 tw iSo. IC3 rearl - street. stmt man Insurance Lomuaitu. - ' I M1F. board of Directors have tin day declar J. ed a Dividend of fifteen per cent! on the, Capital Stock, for the lust six months, payable on or alter the first day of June next, between the hours ol IU and 12 o'clock. - By order ol tno President and Directors. May f2, 1818. my 16 P. HAYT, Bec'iy. PROSPECTUS for rcBi.isnifio wt acBscmrriosr ' A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. '1 HE publication of this Map has been under L taken with the impression, that it will exhibit inioroiatiou, bight) interesting at event - lul crisis , and the valuable Maps which the author has procured, during his several tours through Mexico, in the ears jtU)6, 1B07, 1812, 1813, 1815, 1816, and 1817. induce him to bele.ivethat the Map, with even all its imperfections, will bo much the'inost perfect which has appeared before the public. i 1 in ..Jap will contain (be latest and bet information from the discoveries and possessions of ibe Amerii an, Spanish, Russian, British and' French travellers and navigators and representing the cluitus of their respective arovernmenta on the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of Nortfi America, sihich lies between (ha Isthmus of Da - rien, and the 48th degree ol North Latitude, and) from the Mississippi River westwardly to tht Pacific Ocean. In size the Map will be about six by five feet. and will be projected on a scale of 40 miles to the inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at fif teen dollars ach. Nitches, March 7, 1818. ap7tAul (J""! tOtt SALE OHTO LEASE, klltfi Iotsin tlie 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: man oi which nre oo regulated nnd paved streets. No money will be required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three story houses, on whioh a, great part of tlie money remain on mortgage, LANDING AT RED HOOK; Aa excellent stand for busmen, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, v - v.. i. - .. :.u An . - 1 , , icur iicR - iuiw, win, wav.ciw iciiiu, and a never failin: stream, upon which 20 mill ma v b erected, with a sufficiency of waterforeacb. - Apply at no. screen wich street. Inn 13 tf MONT. ALT A. VrnMil For salo or to let, the beautiful place ... . .... Called Mont - Alia, seven miles from the dtvr Halt, on the North River, adioiulns lord Cour - tcony's. It contains 20 acres ol land under im provement, with a large garde u in good condi tion, a variety of fruit trees, and every convenience a family may require. For terms, which are reasonable, and if sold a long credit given if wisncj, appiy io N. 61 V. TALCOTT, apSO eiSoath - sL ALL orders received aod attended lo lor laying and repairing the Manhattan lead pipes and cisterns or Cur sink pipes or lead pumps, by SAMUEL STARK EV, mv27 tf No. 3Chanibr - treet. fJJ9t ECU SALE, sj.,S (Or exchanged for properly in this city) A country house iu toe vicinity of Eli - . zahetli - tnwa, (N. J.) beautifully situated oo th post - road; at preent in the occupation of Duct Gmnt. It contains eight rooms with a ' piazza in front and rear, a good kitchen, wash - house, milk - room, and celler, there is also,' a coach - house, stable for two horses, and other convenient out buildinirs, all in iroocl repair. about an aci e of land, laid out in a handsome Cr len and orchard, which afford a variety ot choice fruit, asparagus, fee. and a well of excellent water, with a pump. Terms will be made liral. Apply to JACKSON ft WOOL - LEY, J 1 lm - 75 Well ttreet. MILLINERY, tie. . . v r OIIN WINTRINGHA.M, Milliner, No. 12J".i - : W illiam - st. nspectfully informs his friend ' J and the merchants in general, that be has move, I from No. 117 William - street, tn the above No. where he CRIMPS Satin, Muslins Ribbons, Crapes, Cc, at the sliortest notice and lowest pTM es. Also, Fancy, ,Ucx, Sattiif, su4 Crapa Triuiuiings. - , - .. - N . - . lie has constantly oo ban.L pUt straw, and Leghorn bats, turbans, turban treats, cuils - rets,tc. . Ose case superfine whit chips, jost import and tor sale by (be dozen or single. fTH StoraNo. ll7W'illias - treetoIct,iidl 52u! a number of glass cases for ale. Jed lm . ' UrillTE LEAD 10 toasarrtquab'ty Eug - hib White Lead ia oil, ia 1 lit, 56, 411 tS lb. ke:s 5 tons do J9 do Dry. For sale by " TUCKER at LAURIES, 29 SouOk - ttrevtl 'i ' v ; 1; j: ! i f 'sa - . 1 llii 1 i - .r' 5 : f . J MS v . i 1 1 . ' t S ' i - . j M f ', - 1 ss w i : ii1 . r m 4 ii. ) i! ! 1 : J ft?; '! !:;! : ?

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