Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 23, 1939 · Page 27
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 27

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1939
Page 27
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 1939 Unevenly Steady to 10 Cents Higher SWINE RECEIPTS ARE ONLY 9,000 Fed Steers, Yearlings Steady; Fat Lambs Up in Active Dealings CHICAGO, (8-)--Hogs sold xm- evenly steady to 10 cents higher Thursday. Fed steers and yearlings were steady in a slow market and fat lambs up in an active market. Hog receipts in the open market totaled 9,000, or 1,000 less than advance estimates. The market topped at $7.80. (U. S. department of agriculture)--Salable hogs 9,000; uneven; mostly steady to 10 cents higher than Wednesday's average; top $7.80; good and choice 160 to 230 Ibs. $7.60 to $7.60; 240 to 270 Its. $7.40 to $7.65; 280 to 350 Ibs. butchers generally $7.00 to $7.40; good 400 to 500 Ibs. packing sows $6.35 to $6.55; lighter weights to $6.75. Salable cattle 4,500; salable calves 1,000; fed steers and yearlings steady; market very slow; however a little lower on paper but water fills liberal and killing quality much less desirable; largely $9.00 to $11.25 trade; with only a few loads here at $11.50 and better; stockers and feeders steady to weak; scarce; heifers weak; but cows strong, scarce; fairly active; bulls slow; steady at $7.25 down to $6.25 according to weight and condition; light vealers dull at $9.00 to $9.50; choice weighty kinds steady at $10.50 to $11.00; best light heifers $10.50; mostly $8.50 to $9.50; however; this class ruling 25 to 50 cents lower for week; steers steady to 25 cents lower compared last week. Salable sheep 10,000; late Wednesday .fat lambs strong to 10 cents higher; top $9.60; bulk under 100 Ibs. $9.35 to $9.50; 100 to 111 Ibs. weights $9.00 to $9.50; Thursday's trade rather active; indications fully 15 to 20 cents higher; numerous offerings held $9.65 to $9.75 and above; best held above $9.90; sheep steady. nost good and choice f«d wooled. $9.25 89.50; load 105 Ib. weights !9; load led clips held around 58.25; fat ewes scarce; uotable 25c hifihcr; choice quoted around 5.25; feeder Iambs absent. Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS MIDWEST LIVESTOCK Livestock prices at midwest markets Wednesday; AUSTIN, Minn--Hogs steady: 140 to 50 Ibs., S5.65«6.15; ISO to 160 Ibs., 56.30 86.GO; 160 to 170 Ibs., SS.55S6.B5; 170 o 180 Ibs.. $5.eO@7.10; ISO to 220 Ibs., 56.05 67.25; 220 to 250 Ibs.. S6.85@7.1S; 250 to 70 Ibs., !6.70«i7: 270 to 290 Ibs.. 56 50® .80; 290 to 323 Ibs.. S6.355}6.65; 325 to 350 as., $6;2056.50; 350 to 400 Ibs., S6.10® .40; packing sows. 275 (o 350 Ibs., S6J20 QC.oO; 350 to 425 Ibs., $5.9096.20- 425 to 50 Ibs., $3.8»6G.10; 550 Ibs. and up, $5 60 Local Livestock MASON CITY-- For Thursday. HOGS Steady. Good light lights 140-150 53.80-5.00 Good light lights 150-160 $6.30-6.40 Good, light lights 160-170 56.80-C.50 Good light lights ..-,,..,, 170-1SO 57.05-7.15 Good light butchers .. 380-200 57,15-7.25 Good-light butchers ,. 200-220 $7.15-7.25 Good me; wt. butchers 220-230 57.05-1.15 Good me. wt_ butchers 250-270 $6.90-7.00 Good me. vrt. butchers 270-290 $6.70-6.80 Good. me. wt. butchers 290-325 55,55-6.65 Good me. wL butchers 325-350 $6.W-B.50 Good heavy butchers .. 330-400 $6.25-6.35 Good packing sows.-v.. 275-030 $6.20-6.30 Good sows 350-423 Sfi.IO-G.20 Good 50W5 425-500 $6.00-6.10 Good sows , 500-550 ' $8.00-6.10 (The above is a 10:30 truclc hog 1 market for good and choice hogs. CATTLE Choice to prime steers, heavy 310.00-11.00 Good to choice steers, heavy S 8.50- 9.50 Medium to good steers $ 7.50- 8.50 Fair to medium steers $ 6.50- 7.50 Plain to fair steers ,,,,, S -5,00- 6-OC Choice to prime yearlings .... $ 9.00- 9.50 Good to choice yearlings ... S 8.00- 9.00 Medium to good yaarlings ... 5 6.50- 7.50 Good to choice heifers s B.OO- 9.00 Medium to good heifers ..... 5 7.00- 8.00 Fair to medium heifers $ 6.00- 7.00 FUin to fair heJfexs" $ 4.00- 6,00 Good to choice cows, h«avy +. S 5.75- 6.25 Medium to good cows s 5,25- 5.75 Fair to medium cows ,. 5 4.75- 5.25 Cutters S 4.00- 4.T5 Canners 1 S 3.00- 4.00 Good to choice heavy bulls ,, S 5.50- 6.25 Light hulls $ 4.30- 5.0C Calves, good to choice 230-190 S 7.00- 3.00 Calves, rned. to good 130-190 $ 6.50- 7.00 Calvex Infer, to rned, 130-190 S 2,50 d'wn SHEEP Genuine spring Iambs, good to choice , 70-30 $ 7.SO- 8.00 Spring lambs, good to choice _ -. - VQ-90 5 S.OO- G.SO Spring lamb?, medium to good 10-90 $ 5.00-5.50 Spring lambs, common t 4.00- 5.CK Native ewes, good to ciioico s 1.50- 2.25 Cull ewes ,..,.. 50cto$U)0 Old bucks SQetoJI/K) SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Thursday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, {fo~Federal state market service. CATTLE, salable 500; total 3.600, slaughter sleers steady; fed kinds ?8.50 J£IO; she" stock: steady; medium to good heifers 57.50(39.25; lov; cutters and cutters 54^5.25; bulls steady: bulk JS 6.25; stackers strong; medium steers 53.50 down. Calves 2,000, vealcrs steady to strong; good to choice 38.5QigIO. HOGS, salable 6.000, total 6,900; market not established; sellers asking strong to 30c higher, or upwards to $7.40; undertone steady. SHEEP 2,500; supply m offer fnc!ud__ around 1,200 lambs; undertone strong to 35c higher on fat lambs; strong on other classes; good and choice lambs Wednesday ?8.73S9.IO; native feeding. lamb* Wednesday $7@8, LEA, Minn.--Hogs steady. 40 to 150 Ibs. E6SG.15; 150 to 160 Ibs. S6.358J6.50; 160 to 170 Ibs. S75.S6.90; 70 to 160 Ibs. S7.05El7.20; 160 to 220 Ibs. j7.154s7.3D; 200 to 230 Ibs. S6.95SZ7.10; 200 to 250 Ibs. S6.937.10; 250 to 270 Ibs. 56.7086.85; 270 to 2M ibs. SS.50S6.65; 290 to 325 Ibs. SB.35ti6.50; 325 to 350 Ibs. S6.208C.35; 350 to 400 Ibs. S6.05®6.20: ows 275 to 350 Ibs. S6.1596.30; 350 to 123 Ibs. S5.95g6.10; 425 to 500 Ibs. S5.80{j! i.95; 500 to 550 Ibs. $5.65515.80; 550 to iOO Ibs. $.5015.65. CEDAR BAPIDS--Hogs steady; good o prime steers 1050 to 1300 Ibs. $10.7afa 11.75; good to choice steers 1000 Ibs. up HOQ11; medium to good steers 900 Ibs. IP S8.50C9.50; common to medium steers ill weights 58 down. OTTCJMWA--Hogs unchanged. WATERLOO--Hogs 5c higher. 160 to 180 Ibs. S7.IOfi7.30: 180 to 220- Ibs. S7.309 MO; 220 to 2SO Ibs. S7.20S1.30; 250 to 270 Ibs. $7.05^7.15; 270 to 290 Ibs. £G 90 SI; 290 to 325 las. 5S.15J6.85; 323 to 350 bs. '56.60g6.70; packing sows 275 to 35(1 bs. S6.30SC.40: 350 1o 425 Ibs. 56.15® C.25; 425 to 550 Ibs. $6.05-416.15. Cattle: Tone lower. Prices unchanged. COMBINED HOGS RECEIPTS {Thursday Market) DES MOINES. Vfj--U. S. department of agriculture. Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration yards and 10 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern aiinnesota for . the .24 hour period ended at 8 a. jn. Thursday were 22.500 compared with 20.600 a week ago and 10,000 a year ago. Fairly active; steady to strong; spots 5 to lOc higher; loading heavier than Thursday's 22.500. Barrows and gilts, good and choice 160 (0 180 Ib3- S6.85O7.40; 180 to 220 Ibs SKff.7.45; 220 to 250 Ibs. 56.855X7.35; 250 to 2SO Ibs. 56.GO1.15; 290 to 350 Ibs. 56.35 616.90. Packing sows. good. 275 to 330 ibs. $886.45; 350 to 425 Ibs. S5.M@6.30; «3 to-550 Ib!. ?5;75{i6.20. OMAHA LIVESTOCK (Thursday Market) · OMAHA, /?*--U. S. department of agri culture. HOGS, salable 3.500; slow, opened steady; later sales steady to lOc lower top ^7.25 for ISO to 210 Ibs.; 170 to Mr Ibs. S7.10«J7.25: S40 to 270 Ibs. $6.S05£ 7.05; 230 to 350 Ibs. S6.60G.30; 3SO to 400 Ibs. $6.50^6.60; sows steady nt S6.3C QS.40: stags 56.73 down. CATTLE, salable 3.000. fed steers yearlings, heifers stow, steady; cou-s ·weak; bulls, vealers steady: stockers feeders nominally- steady; fed stcei s yearlings $S.75(§11.25; good fed heifer .tSSff^j; beef cows $6@7; cutter grade. 34^5.50: tull s S63SJQ; top vealers S9.5C 1Q. SHEEP, salable 7.SOO; early fat lamb indications steady, asking stronger; sheei firm; bulk fed \voaTcd lambs held S9? 9.25 and "above; fresh shorn lambs hett above S7.75: fed western ewes 552540 bred ewes $5.2565.40. ETOCX CITY LIVESTOCK CLOSE (Thursday Market) SIOUX CITY, fft--Livestock cJosc: CATTLE, salable receipts 2,000. tola receipts 2.008; calves, salable receipt 125; slaughtetr steers, yearlings and sh slock slow, about steady at recent shar declines: bulk medium to good steer and yearlings §8.75^9.75: little above S10 prime quoted above 512.50; few Root heifers SS.*i5^9.25; strictly choice duotet around SI0.5Q; bulk medium to good cow 55.75ft6.75; load cutters do\vn to §4 stocfccrs and feeders easier; few goo medium light stock sters S7.50-a3.25 HOGS, salable receipts 4,000; total re rtipts 4.WO: slow, mostly 10 to 15c lowc than Wednesday's average; medlun grades 170 to 250 Ib. baitchers $7^7.15 few S~.20; shipper and packer top $7.25 250 to 230 Ib. weights S6.757: 290 t 370 Jb. heavies SS.SQ'S.To; pood sow S6.23Q6.SS; feeder pigs 57 9 7.25: few $7.50. SHEEP, salable receipts 2,200; fat Iambs active 13 to 25c higher; top 55 go JOT deck choice around 87 Jb, average- WHEAT VALUES SHOW DECLINE Markets Throughout World Reflect Easing of European Tension CHICAGO, (JP)--Wheat values declined Thursday as commodity ind security markets throughout he 'world reflected the easing European political tension. Losses were only fractional, owever, and the setback enrnnr- ged some increase jncj^i- i.uuu; no eany saics slaughter \'liich helped a small recovery * SSSf c^oV'^.^^ moment after the day's lows KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK (Thursday M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY, iff}-- U. S. department f agriculture. HOGS 1,200; fairly - active, uneven, teady to lOc Metier than Wednesday's verage; closing slow with part of ad- ance lost; top 57.35; go«a to choice no o 260 Ibs. $7.15g7.20; 270 to 300 Ibs. $6.90 i'.lO: sows S6.1S®6.33; Jew 56.40. CATTLE 1,003; calves 300; beef steers nd yearlings moderately active, steady; ther slaughter classes slow, steadier to asler: vealers and calves steady; stocker nd feeder classes weak; sizable carry- ver. in dealers' pens; choice 1187 Ib. Jeers $11.50; medium and good $9,G5;a 0.25; mixed yearlings 510.50; fat cows .^ . . ; 5.75 ® 7; low cutlers and cutters 0; selected vealers $10*310.50 _ choice lots $539,50; sausage bu 60.30. SHEEP 4.000; no early sales slaughter ~jmbs, opening bids steady to strong. sking higher; choice fed lambs held hove $9.33. buying recovery _.;pr t h e fla - vere reached. After dropping as much as % cent, wheat rallied and closed unchanged to % lower compared with Wednesday's finish, May *""s-%, July 67%-%, corn was '/4 - % off, May 47%-%, July 49% and oats unchanged to /g higher. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, VP)-- Cash wheat No 1 -yel- ow hard 70c. Corn No. 2 mixed 48aSlc: No. 2 yel- jw 48c; oats No. 1 mixed 31iic: No. 1 eed 29e; No. 2 white 32H«j33c. Barley Illinois malting 52Q60e nom · eed 3542c nom. .6.10. ALBERT . Soy beans No. 2 yellow EBV.c; No 3 88=40: timothy seed J2.85SJ3.15: red clol HT seed 313O16 nom.; red top '.75 nom. Lard tieres $6.35 nom.; loose om.; bellies S8.75 nom. MASON CITY--For Thursday No. 3 white oats 21i£c " ). 3 yellow corn 334ic iw ear corn 3f] c . 2 soybeans '75 C Barley -- · - - · · - . 25-35c THURSDAY GBAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, (lf\-- LIVESTOCK FORECAST (Thursday Markel) CHICAGO, (»P)--Official estimated livestock receipts for Friday: Cattle 1,500: hogs G.OOO; sheep 10,000. Representative Sales Heavy-24 252 51 200 47 323 Light-- 197 167 162 Steers-20 1213 20 1117 S H35 31 1238 Fat Lambs-234 53 239 3D 200 102 113 105 day Market) UOGS jMedium -'-GO; 47 7.35 81 7.10168 205 224 243 1 Lights-158 142 7.60! CATTLE I Heifers-- 7.30146 12.35(20 11.15 i« IO.'BOJ~ SHEEP I Clipped 10.001240 9.901120 9.65|105 78 750 760 S20 SO · Ewe 146 110 96 10.50 10.25 9.9 5.65 5.00 Miscellaneous . CHICAGO POTATOES Iharsday Market) CHICAGO, [iF--U. S. department ol agriculture. Potatoes 90; on track 250 total U. S. shipments 1,020; old stock supplies moderate; Idaho Russets slightly weaker; demand very slow, good qualitj Bliss · Triumphs and Colorado IstcClurt steady; demand moderate; norther whites about steady; demand fail sached par cwt., Idaho Russet Burhanfcs U. S. No. 1, very few sales $l.50fU,55 Nebraska Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. I S2; Colorado Hcd McClurcs U. S. No. 1 buriap sacks lew sales S2i2 25* -V/i'con- sin round whites U. S. No. 1. S1.15S MTii. car large S1.30; Minnesota Ret. River valley section Cobbers Bo pc- cent V. s. No. ;, SI.25. New stock abou steady; supplies moderate: demand veri light; Texas 50 Ib. sacks Bliss Triumph; U V S. No. 1, 31.90; U. S. No. 1, sizc-B NEW Y O R K SUGAR (Xew York Market) NEW YORK. (.p)--Domestic sugar fu tv moved lower Thursday as prolj J revealed slow interest. Arou: Here's How Steel Output Has Varied in the Past Stock List S5 75 Mason City Grain WHEAT-May G July e Sept s CORN-Mar. May .4 July .4 Sept .5 OATS-May .2 July Sept SOY BEANS-May 8 July Oct RYE-May 4 July .4 Sept LARD-Mar May .... July .... Sept. ... High. . Close ATA-V, .43 Vi .SOV.-V. .27 «i M- ; . E.4,5 . 6.6O . 6.77 6.40 6.57 6.75 B.35 6.40 6.57 6.75 Ml.VSEAPOLIS GRAIN (Thursday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. (IF}--Wheat receipts Thursday 115 cars;-35 a'year ago. Quotations »ic lower. Cash No. 1 heavy dark northern 74ffl77c; dark northern *.o. 1. ,4ei6c; fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein 7SrSSac: No I fiark hard or No. 1 Hard Montana winter i2{i74c; hard amber durum No. 1. 66Vieai'.ic: No. 1 red durum 62«c. Com. No. 3 yelloiv 41?i943i'»c. Quotations !^c lower. Oats, No. 3 while 27J«e235ic. Barley 30S65c. OMAHA GRAIN (Thursday ,M»rkcl OMAHA, Wj--Wheat, hard No. 2 6H' @C7[-; No. 3, Gai'jCTCTlic; No. 4 62J'«W TOy-ic: No. 5, 6Cc. Com, yellow No. 3, 413ic. Oats, feed No. 3, 25Vic; \vhitte No 2 29c; No. 4, ZSKgsmc. Barley, sample 30e. Rye No. 2. 39',4c; No. 3, 39y 4 c. Mixed grain 25'.«c. KANSAS CITY GRAIN (Thursday Market) KANSAS CITY, (,?)--Wheat 84 cars :, to iic lower: No. a dark hard 71',iri75"«c- No. 3. 69!i-g73c; No. 2 hard C8»c; No. 3' o«-a69!'4Ci No. 2 red nom. 66367=140; No. 3 nom. 64fi6Gftc. Com, G cars, unchanged; No. 2 while nom. 4S!i647^c: No. 3 46'.ic; No 8 yel- lownom. 45'.4346'.ic: No. 3 nom 41'ATc 43'.6c; No. 2 mixed nom. 45G56c; No 3 nom. 4*V*'S45c, Oat^, 5 cars; unchanged: No. 2 white nom. 29»4Ci30'Ac; No. 3 nom. 23H223 : Milo maize nom. 748GC. Kalir. nom. 74^790. Rye nom.' 44fi45c. Barley, nom. 34Vi'341c. TilC.. 1J. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300. Mason. City Cent St El 6 pet pfd (S25 par) 7 Cent St El 7 pet u f d (S25 par) S Cent St P 5: L 7 pet pld 4ii Continental Gas Elcc pfd 90 Creamery Package com 18 Hearst Cons A 5 Goo A Hormcl A pfd 104 Geo A Hormel com 241, Interstate Power G pet pfd.. 4 Interstate Power 7 pet p f d . . 5 Iowa Electric Co 6(4 pet pfd 29 §2.02, off 1 from its opening level. World futures dropped 1 to 3 points Cuban buying was limited. May led t n o decline and was off 3 at SI.1714. September was 31.15!;,. off 1. Duly free sugar sold here at 2.38 cents. Other offerings were available at this price and upwards. Refined continued at 4.30 to J.SO cents. Thieves Break Into Courthouse; Unable to Crack Open Vault WAUKON, m--Thieves who broke into the Allamakee county courthouse Wednesday night made an unsuccessful attempt to open the vault in the treasurer's office. They took some small coins and a few stamps from the county clerk's office and a .38 caliber revolver from the recorder's offive. A .38 caliber revolver and S2 in change were reported taken from the \V. C. Decker garage here. ATTEND FUN'ERAL ALTA VISTA--Mr. a n d Mrs Joe Frantzen, who went to Haverhill Friday, to attend the funeral of Mrs. Frantzen's father, returned to their home here Monday evening. la Power la Poiver 1 pet pfd.. ,, : LiEht 6 pet pfd..101 : Lisht 7 pet pfrf.,103 5', 107 23 51 7 31 32 62 63 '·0 103 105 37 98 IftI 23 29 32 81 63 So V2 25 104 . 30 80 81 90 80 la Public Service 6 pet pfd .,,, !a Public Service 6!4 Dct pfd 95 la Public Service 7 pet p f d . . 99 la South Uti] G pet pfd 25 la South Util S!i pet pfd. .. 27 la South Util 7 pet pfd. . ~o Minnesota P L 6 pet p f d . . 73 Minnesota P L T pet pfd.. 57 Northern St Power 6 pet pfd 63 Northern St Power 7 pet pfd 70 NW St Portland Cement com 23 Rath Packing 5 pet pfd :02 Sioux City Gas A: El 7 pet pfd 93 Cnjtcd Lt Power class A.. 2 United I,t Power Class B.. 2 United Lt Power pfd 23 United Lt Rys 6 pet p f d . . 78 United Lt Rys 6.36 pet pfd 79 United Lt Rys 7 pet pfd.. 68 Western Grocer pfd 75 Western Grocer com 4 Shaft Rips Off Overalls, Shirt VINCENNES, Ina., (iP)--A drive shaft in a saw-mill tipped Farmer John Drciman's overalls and shirt off his body, leaving him standing in nothing- but his socks and shoos. He was scared badljr, but unhurt. ATTEND FUNERAL BELMOND--Mr. and Mrs. Don Goelz arrived Tuesday from Guttenberg to attend the funeral of his grandmother, Mrs. Val Griesy. J F M A M J J A S O N D TOCK MARKET .OSES ADVANCE Early Upturn of as Much as 4 Points Cut Down in Late Trade NEW YORK, (/P)--The stock market reversed itself in an early ally Thursday, only to lose most f the gains before the session nded. Largely recouping Wednesday's osses, leading shores jumped as much as 4 points at the opening vhen Wall Street got in step with an upturn in London. The sub- equent downdrift whittled prices o moderate net gains in most js- ues, with a few under the previ- us session's close. Transactions approximated 800,000 shares. NEW YORK STOCKS (Thursday Alarkft) By lite Associated Press 211'a 13 3 ,i ,ir Beduc S3V* M Chem Dy 157 Allied Strs 9 Am Can 88ft Am For Pow Am Loco Am Rad Sts Am Roll Mill Smelt Ref 42 \m Stl Fdrs 28ti Am Sug Rec 20 Am T T 15S Am Tob B 82 Ti Am Wat Wltj ll^i couda 27 1 /* Arm HI 4y, Atch T i SP 3W t AH Relin 21 Bait Ohio Vi Bamsdall 15^ lendix: Av 23 Va Bethel Stl 66 V4 Boeing Airpl 24'.', 23 5'ii ll'A 43 7 27U 16 ·I 82 74 124 6% Borg-Wamer ~ 'agept Br Budd Jvlfg Caix D G Ale -an Pac Case laterp Tract Ches Ohio !c JJ W C «: G W Chi M St P Chrysler Coca Cola Col G i B Coml Sotv Comwl Sou lYx Con Edison 31?^ Con Oil 3H, Con Can 39»'« Con Oil Del 28=^ Com Prod 6134 Curttss-Wrt 5-i Deere Co 20^4 De«re Co pfd 25^4 Douglas Air 66'A Du Pont 147 f /i Eastman 1711/. El Pow 'Lt SYt Fairbks-Mors 35 Firestone 22 Gen Elec Gen Foods Gen Mills Gen l\Iot Gillette Goodrich IE Goodyear 3C Gt No Hy pfd 25 Homestake 64 Hudson Hupp Mot III Cent. Int Harvest Int Nick Can Int T : T Jolms-Manv 38 4S G'/« Kermccott Kresge Lambert tibbey O F C 48il Loews 45 Marsh Fie!d IZV, May tag llidcont Pet Jlont Ward Nash-Kelv Nat Else Wi Nat Cash Reg IWj Nat Dairy Pro 14y Nat Distill 27 Nat Lead 22 Vi Nat Lead 22',i Nat Po;y Lt Wt N Y Cent 17 No Amer Av 16^i North Amor 22!^ Nor Pac I0^i Oliver Farm 22^i Otis Etcvat 191', Otis Steel W,', Owens ni Gl 62 Packard 3?i Parm Pict Si* Penney Pcnn Ry Phillips Pel Proc : Gam Pullmaji Pure Oil Ha die Bern Hand Ilepub SU Key Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Simmons Socony Vac Sou Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Sid Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stew-Warner Studebaker Swift Co Texas Corp Tex Gull Sul . Tim Roll B . Transerncr TJn Carbide Union Pac Unit Air LI Unit Aircr Co 37'A Unit Corp :' Unit Drug U S Gypsum 97 U S Rubber -12' TJ S Steel Sfj Walgreen IS Warner Pjct 5 West Un Tel 20 V» West El Mfg 103 Wilson Co 4Va Woohvorth 47 V, Yellow Truck 17 Youngsiown 43 82?; 20V. 37 ,; 3l'* 3 sr« 2' 26 «. 7V4 18T. 29 y · G!' S8 96'.' JOii U. S. BONDS (Thursd»y Market) NEW YORK. W)--U. S. governmen bonds closed Thursday: Treasury 3 3 ,is 43-17 108. Treasury 3V.S 46-49 110.20. Treasury- 4'As 47-52 12D.4. Federal Farm Mtg 3s 42-17 107.16. Federal Farm Mtg 3s 49 107.31. Home O\\-ners Loan 2=is 49 101.30. Kome Owners Loan 3s M 107.27. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied, by LAMSON BROTHERS CO. Mason City Office In Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros Ctt Ser USarsh Field WalErccn Co NEW TOBK CURB Am Gas El 33r» Ford Mo Eng 4 Am Cyan B 23(i Lockheed 28» Am Su Pow Co ti NIas H Pow Ark N Gas A 2 Fcnrjroad Co As G E A 15-15 Un Gas Co 2% El Bd Sha' '9?. ' Ifn'i; Po Co 2 Ford Mo Can 20^« JJEW TOEK Am C Suj; Co 8^5 Am C F Co 25V* Am Po Lt 5?B As D Goods 8^s Baldwin Loco 14^ Brlegs MI Co 23i» Byers A M Co 9r* Cerro de Pas 40 Vi Chcs 5; OWo 35V« CMSP S: P pfd *,'t Con go] cum 24*k C-W Co A 23-i Dist Cp Soap 1ft El Auto Lite 32'. Foster-Wheel Frceport Tex Gen Am Tran 51 Glidden Co J3 Gobel 3 if, Houston Oil 6*» Inspiration 13',i Kroger 24l/» Lchlgh Pt Cc 2Hi Lortllard 22\a 21 22/4 . STOCKS 'Mack Truck Minn. Mol Im Motor Prod Ohio Oil Packard Mot Park m Cop Plymouth P S of N J Pullman Purity Bak R K O Rco Motors SI Joseph Lc Simmons Co S Cal Edison Spcrrj- Corp St G E T. W As Oil U S Smelter Vanadium Un Oil Cal Un G Imp White Motors Worth Pump 120 3* : 30'. HT 2 1 1 39 25' 251 41 3 13"56 21 IB 2 * I2 10 17 Pass Bill to Deport Aliens Advocating Government Change WASHINGTON, (ff)--Without word of debate, the house passe and sent to the senate Thursday bill providing for deportation o aliens who advocate "a n changes" in the American form i government. Representative Dempsey (I.-J Mex.) author of the measure an a member of the house commil tee on unAmerican activiti called up the measure and it \\ approved within a minute. The American Civil Libertie Union fought the bill in commit tee on grounds it would "suppres all expressions of opinion on es sential political issues by aliens. 3igh Scorers Lead Votes or All-Valley Selection 1939 ALL-MISSOURI VALLEY BASKETBALL TEAMS By The Associated Fress FIRST TEAM s r r n v n ul Griffith. Drake ............. p s ? CONr esse Renlclt. Aggies ...'; ............ " p arl Koh. Crelghtoa .................. c idolph Uhlemeyer, Washington ........ G ", G , Bill Cochran, St. Ixmis Jond Market NEW YORK. HV-Prices ol bonds rose martly on limited purchases Thursday, olJowing Wednesday** decline. Gains ol as much as two points, were ommon around noon. Heavy purchases vere made ot some U. S. treasuries, vhich rose as much as 8-32nds of a point. The foreign government list regained a iortion ol previous losses, wilh Scan- inavian and South American issues par- Icularly strong. Rails were active. Recording boosts ot - point or more were great Northern 4s, Allefihany 5s of '49 and '50 (stamped), Nickel Plate- 4Vi!, Illinois Central 4'ls, nd others. International - Telephone 5s rose more ban two points. Bethlehem Steel 3 l £s and }*s were higher. Some New_ York city traction issues Sained morc'-than a point. Produce MASON CITY--For Thursday (Quotations by Swift Co.) rleavy hens over 5 pounds ...14c leavy hens over 4 pounds, in- eluding 5 pounds 13c nght and Leghorns 10c '(gs Specials 18c :ggs, No. 1 15c ;ggs, "Under Grades .........lie Merchants Quotations iggs, in trade '... .12-14c* iggs, cash 12-14c Butter, Iowa State Brand 30c Butter, Corn Country Butter, Plymouth Butter, Very Best 28c Butter, Clear Lake 2Bc Butter, Brookfield 28c Elusset Potatoes, peck 34c Early Ohio Potatoes, peck . .32c 'EDITOR'S 'NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO EBOPUCE ' ( T h u r s d a y Market) CHICAGO. (S^--Butter 809.012. firm creamery specials (93 score) 24Vb243Vc extras (32) 24,ic: extra Ilrsts (QO-91) 24c firsts (88-89)' 2354SJ24C; seconds (84 87',;:) 22Vac: standards (90 centralized carlotsj 24'/*c. Eggs 30,370; steady. Prices unchanged. NEW YORK r R O D U C E (Thursday Market) NEW YORK, (P)--EBBS 22.170: easy Mixed colors, extra fancy selection 1 522c; standards IB'Afgia'.ic; ilrsts 17S 17i'c; mediums I6'.4c; dirties No. 1, 15',' 5tl6!:ic; average checks ISVsSla^c. Star age packed firsts 3Sc. Butter 972.693, firmer. Creamery, high er than extra 25!^$?26c; extra 192 score 2«kG25c; firsts (8S-01) 23iiC'23?io; sec onds (B4-87) ItHilSc. Cheese 190,249, steady. Prices un changed. CHICAGO POULTRY (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, W--Poultry live, 35 trucks hens firm; balance steady; prices un changed. CHICAGO PRODUCE FUTURES (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, tm-- Close, butter fututt storage standards Nov." 23V4C. Egfi futures, refrigerator standards Oct. lO'Ac; storage packed' firsts Marc ITTic. Hides QQOtaltons Furnished b? Wolf Bros.. In ' 308 Fifth Street Southwest LTOBSHH1DES Horschides .$2.0 ·GREEN BEEF HIDES From 15 Ibs., up ....,.-, From 15 Ibs., down Bull hides BOSTON , (ThursiUy Market) BOSTON, fr?j--U. S. dcparlmc nt c agriculture. Trading continued dull I the Boston wool market Thursday an only occasional small sales were r( ported 1 . Buyers were not interested J covering future needs at this time bu were awaiting developments In the cat* wool shearing section. 27 GLOBE-GAZETTE ... Bob Patterson, Tulsa ... Harvey Slade, Aagies *..... John Kelley, Tulsa . Merle S chef tier, Azgies Walter O'Conner, Drake Honorable Mention .,,. S. nvar J i ~T rcd Luther - Grinnell: Kayo Emmot, Washbum; Dick Shaw, Crelgh- on; Gene Smelser, Oklahoma Aesies: Harry Lamprich, St. Louis. Centers--Wilbur Luick, Grinnell; Ned Swan Drake ima A^w 1 " D ' Norrls ' Drakc i Harold Slzemore, Tulsa; Howard Boyle, Ok)a- DES MOINES, (^)--The boys who put the ball througb the nets most frequently were the coaches' choice for the 1939 Missouri Valley All-Conference basketball team. Selected by the conference coaches, the first team included five players who ranked among the first six leading scorers during the Carl Roman Roh, Creighton's lanky center, and Paul Griffith thm Drake forward, were unanimously chosen. The former created a new conference scoring record at 160 points, 13 more than the previous high mark established by his teammate, Dick Shaw, a year ago, Hoh had an 11.4 point average*or 14 games. Griffith fell one point Short Of tvinff Shaw'c nM rnt*nrr1 ,ong Island U Tops National Tourney Games on 23rd Win NEW YORK, (ff)--Undefeated n 23 consecutive basketball games his season, Long Island Univer- ty's Blackbirds might h a v e claimed the national champion- hip on this record alone. But Thursday the Blackbirds held the championship of the sec- nd annual Metropolitan Basket- jail Writers' national invitation tournament to attest to their claims. In the final Wednesday night Island humbled hitherto undefeated Loyola of Chicago, 44 to 32, before a crowd of more than '8,000 which jammed Madison Square Garden. Bradley Tech of Peoria, 111., ed by Dar Hutchins in a superb ndividual exhibition, defeated St. John's University o£ Brooklyn, 40 to 35 for third place. ri Kith fell one point -p. - - shaw's old record [} e Momes Talked as Golf Meet Site Jesse Renick, .the Indian boy laying his first year with the Ok- ahoma Aggies, who tied with Drake for the championship, was named to the forward post opposite Griffith. Renick was a valuable lad to Coach Henry Iba, filling n acceptably at any position. He finished third in the individual scoring race with 128 points. Adolph Uhlemeyer of Washington, and Bill Cochran of St. Louis', were voted the best guards in the "· *·"·" "«-i^.ium. JJ g L d H J - J l i l g l tribute since Washington Louis finished a notch below its city rival. The Washington ace counted 126 points in 14 games, good lor a fourth place tie with Fred Luther ot Grinnell, while Cochran made 119 for sixth position in the individual scoring. ' lined to name the other, but sale a final decision was expected this veek. The Wakonda Country club has een suggested as the site for the meet if it is held here. lhance for Hawkeye Swim Points Slims IOWA CITY--It will be up to Ihree men to defend the University of Iowa's record oE never having finished lower than sixth in the National Collegiate swimming championship meets of the last six years. Apparently, however, it is a hopeless task that Capt. Ray Walters, George Poulos, and Al Armbruster face at Arm Arbor, Mich., Friday and Saturday for the field is faster than ever before. Best chance for Iowa points is in the medley relay where Iowa, along with Michigan, Ohio State, Texas, and Princeton, is one of the strong trios. !reston Booms With 'hamp Celebration CRESTON, (f)--A festival at- nosphere dominated C r e s t o n Thursday as the community fetec ts high school basketball team-champion of the state. A parade was to open the for- nal program, which was to continue until late at night Heading a list o£ speakers wa /rank Phillips, head of the Phil lips Petroleum company. MacDonald Opposes Criss Cross System of Through Roads WASHINGTON, (P) -- Thomas H. MacDonald, chief of the bureau of public roads, contends a proposed system of criss-cross continental highways would not solve the nation's traffic problem. "We definitely recommend against a system of transcontinental toll highways," MacDonald told a house appropriations subcommittee in hearings made public Thursday. "Our position is, as \ve have been convinced through the years, that highways should first be developed to take care of local traffic . . . and get our long-distance highways by extension o! these roads." 26 ATTEND PARTY OSAGE--Mrs. Dean Kingsbury and Mrs. Clark Gardner entertained 26 guests at an announcement party at the Gardner home Tuesday in honor of Miss Josephine Kingsbury %vho is to be married Easter Sunday to Edson Moore. SCHOOL IS CLOSED LUVERNE--School was closed Thursday afternoon for a three day vacation on account of the teachers convention at Mason City. MRS. L, HARPER DIES SUDDENLY Former Mason City Woman Succumbs at Pasadena, California Mrs. Lillian Harper, widow o£ Elan Harper, who resided foi many years at 16 Connecticu avenue northeast, died suddenly at South Pasadena, Cal., about 3:35 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, according to word receivec here by her sister, Mrs. J. C. Robinson, 37 Linden drive. Mrs. Harper had resided practically her entire life time in Mason City. She moved to California about three years ago following the death of her husband, who preceded her in death, Feb. 15 1332. Besides her sister, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Harper is also survivec by a brother August Stock, Mason Ciiy, and other relatives at Pasadena. For many years she hac been a member of the First Baptist church, the Eastern Star, th White Shrine and the Rebekahs. Funeral arrangements have no been completed. The body wil probably be sent to the McAuley and Son funeral home from California and burial will be at Elmwood cemetery. Program Presented by Wilson Family for Townsend No. 3 The Wilson family presentet the program at the weekly meet ing of Townsend club No. 3 a the P. G. and E. auditorium Wed nesday evening. Lester, Lelanc and Gwendolyn presented song and numbers on the electric guita and piano accordion. Acrobatit numbers and tap dances v,-er given by Betty Lee and Claudine Bobby and Bill appeared in several songs. Reports showed the club addec 140 members in the past fiv weeks' drive, a performance whicl drew from T. E. Stevens, stat manager, (he remark that this clul had "taught the whole state o Iowa." Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Winter wer honored on occasion of the! thirty-ninth wedding anniversary receiving a cake and other gifts including a purse. Mr. and Mrs Winter and Mr. and Mrs. C. J: Groman were elected as additiona delegates to "the national Town send convention at Indianapoli* Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Stoltenber were previously chosen delegates A luncheon was served at th close of the meeting. The clu' meets again next Wednesday eve ning. DES MOINES, (£)--Des Molnes s one of two cities being consid- red as a site for the national col- egiate golf tournament June 26 Ced Payseur, member ot the goll ommittee of the National Col- egiate Athletic association, announced Thursday when he con- erred with businessmen here. Pauseur said major courses from oast to coast had bid for the leet, but that the field had been larrowed down to two cities, with Hancock Contract Is Let to Holl Company GARNER--A $1,126.54 contrac was awarded by the Hancoc county board ot supervisors t John Hymans and son of Hul who entered the lowest of nin bids for a cleanout of lateral fou of drainage districts three an four in Hancock county. F. W. Zeiger, Garner druggisi was awarded a contract for 6,00 pounds of attacide to be deliverer to the county shed at Garner. NAME MAT BOSS CHAMPAIGN, 111., (/P) -_ Ji r Emmons of Lawrenceville 111 will captain the 1939-30 Univer sity of Illinois wrestling team. Roger Downing Gives Senior Recital at [owa State College Hoger Downing, son of Mr. and Vlrs. John Downing o£ Mason City, who is a student at the Iowa State Teachers college, appeared in his senior recital at the college this week. Mr. Downing, a baritone, sang a program of varied classic selections at his recital at the college Tuesday evening. The senior recital climaxes his lour years of study at Teachers college, where he is majoring in music. A graduate of the Mason City high school in 1935, he has been active, in musical organizations at Teachers college. He is a member of the college choir, the Minne- singers, men's glee club, and is an officer in Phi Mu Alpha, honorary music fraternity. He sang one of the principal roles in the production of the opera, "Carmen," at the college two years ago. His complete program for the recital follows: Toreador Song (Carmen) .. Bizet Di Provenza il mar (La Traviata) Verdi O du mein holder Abendstern (Tannhauser) Wagner Dedication Franz In Autumn Franz The Erlking Schubert Si puo, Signore (I Pagliacci) Leoncavallo Hear Me! Ye Winds and Waves (Scipio) Handel Song of the Flea Moussorgsky DEAD LIVESTOCK We Pay for Phone Calls Days Nights Phone 3758 Phone 3836 Lund Sales Stable and Rendering Co. MASON CITY ALLIS-CHALMERS ALLIS-CHALMERS UJ Q ui ·2. UI Q ALLIS-CHALMERS Good Used Machinery f --F-20 tractor with cultivator · * --W. C. tractor on air tires 5 --Set Firestone tires 11.25x24 (good as new) P --18 inch one bottom McCormick-Deering tractor plow. HORSES--Sold on a Guarantee of Satisfaction. R. L. DIXSON _ 627 South Federal p ho ne 1126 ALLIS-CHALMERS ALLIS-CHALMERS m LIVESTOCK AUCTION SATURDAY, MARCH 25 500 CATTLE AS FOLLOWS-225 Hereford. Shorthorn «,d fhfrf h,f ( ^T S ^ ht 30 ° 0 40 ° pounas - These «We TMl f« wass framed ' sood boned calves and just the thlnp 20 head of purebred Shorthorn cattle consigned by T J Stephenson of Gilmore City. Four bred cows, 3 roan cowi 3 VP Mt"? oW11I l eifCTS ' X rcd 2 year ola hejfcr . o"° roan 2- ear old heifer, all bred to second prize bull at Omaha Shorthorn show; 7 yearlmtf heifers ajid 2 heifer calves. These cattle will pos.t.vcly be here for this sale. The balance of o£ rattle wlU -^rTf 011 " P CaUle a " kinds and the usual w"«n rf fat RoTM if cow \ and odd Iots * na "v= stockers of all kinds. Remember we have a fat cattle market here for an7 amount of stock. We have one of the best cow marhcts in Iowa. We ""= Sale and * et tne HOGS-- Will have 200 or more feeder plgg most of which V HORSE MULE AUCTION TUESDAY, MARCH 28 r,,,,m C rcceived ? nd so!a 112 hor ses and mules Tuesday. The h»S iL*? 5 V"?. 3 1 a J""'" 3 sl , cady wlth rcccnt w «l«- We had the usual lot of buyers with the former demand some stronger than recent weeks. We will have 100 to 150 hor^ and mules next week with buyers for all the stock you consta Can use any amount of killers with prices from 58.00 to $20.00." Skins and thin ones are not wanted. SPECIA1. NOTICE-- Will have one 7-year old sorrel b . ered BeWw stallion at this sale. This horse b an ally well bred horse and a very good breeder. 300 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29 HEAD OF CATTLE-- Including 100 good Hereford «nl ht 3 °? lbs ' Balance of cattlc wil! te native of lu kinds. Hill have buyers for any amount of fat catllc as well as buyers for all the odd lots of stockers you conslgr, Feeder ptgl We Invite your attendance at our three hi? sales each wee* Marvel Sales Co., Webster City, la. K. H. Marvel, Mgr. C. W. Marvel an d Frank Hosted, Aucfcf.

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