The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 10, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1818
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W Catalom yvwe.BU.iv whsmmmm io vive Old U P.. Mlua, vwy superior . , S Sft M'KINNE. K $0 wuoie anu i iiw mwwi w from schr Margaret, for snle by jelO POTT & M'KINNE. Tl OLAiStS 4i SUGAR. SiH hhds. and 30 il tiercel tint quality Matauzas Molasses ' 1M boxes browQ clayed Sugar, landtag from tiip Sterling, from MatauiM. boxes Cnt quality whit Havanna fcugar . - 9 nhds. . , ' i tierce Muscovado Sugar IS bbls. ,. Forialeby N.L..& G. GRI3W0LD, je3 86 South - street. S"VEEF OIL. - 20 chests Florence Oil, 30 bethel each, foriale by . CHAS. L. OGDEN, & ABK. OGDEN, je 0 63 Washington - street. AlLb. ANVILd, VICES. tic. - Zl casks : u - 1 1 ' i i: .: n..r.ff ...1 fine drawn nine uu ui sues 100 (o leck Spikes, trom 4 to 8 inches . . 5 do sledge ana ntuu naiuuicu j do black ana origin vices tn Invi'il. , t ..i fwr ihii Hercules, from Liver og.fcodwill Iwsold in lots to suit purchaie. - s, Jl llbi11Viww' - V 81 Fine street. S - ANDBALLAoT. 50 tons saud ballast, on board the British brig bkcen, at Jones' .if. APP 10 B E RT G IL L ES PI E, I, io 1 12 Front - street. TKENC'll GOODS. 1 casesuperune - .eg r hotnHats . I do do Chip Flats I do White Thule Lace 1 do super, black and white Crapes. I do green r lurences t du fringed salin Rii)bom, greeu, black wiii to anu nine t do friuged J affeta, ito do do do 1 1 do Garnitures, very rich, No. 7 and Iu 2 do ArtinViiil Flowers I do Otto of Roses do astorttd Watches I do Morocco I'ockel Boobs and Punes 4 do containing ladies ridin wtiiw, pocke I.R.ithoroi. fotket Lights, llockuls.itc tint received per ships Manchuiltr t'.ttLet tod Favorite, from Havre, ami for sale hv SAMUEL S. GOOUYKAU, el0 1w No. 81 Maiden Lane nPUSD COTTON. 105 Ulti Upland U Cotton, lor iai by OTIS & SVAN, Jtirj 167 t'earl - slrei't ClUIION . TOIiACCO it balespriuu New Orleans Cotton 16 Uids Kenfm ky Tobacco, l.inding from schr Betty, tor sale by bTEVENS & MACTILR, Jel0 7t I.', South - street. ipLOUAand TOBACCO. 1 193 bbls. superfine, Haxall's brand ' ltd do do Kidimond .Mills 329 do do Country 100 do do Lynchburg - 1US do fine Kithmond country '.0 lihds. prin.e new Kicliuj'd Tobacco 9 1 kegs manuidct'd Tobacco, Davidson, Skuudert ii Co's braud, No. 1. 11 do ilo do do No. X. Z do do do do No. 2 b do do do mminon For sale by TUOKLS DAVID: ON k CO. Js 10 1 w IUt Front strct t. rp WO or TliKKE gentlemen may be accom - 'X modated w ith lioaid, with or without lodging, io a private family. Tbe situation is one of tlx m ut cenlial and leasant in the city ; terms nd. rate. Particulars may be known by appli - i'u!i...u at 74 Cbdmbtr - strcct, near Uroadway. JrlQeodJt " ' cTuTdken's nuk&k. A6UNG WOMAN", nl good character, nnu's a situation iu a reip. ctahle family, to take care ol small children ami sew, or woii.d bave no objections to mako herself o'.ln twhc useful in the lamily. The let recommeudaiiuns can be given from the family he now lives with. A line directed (o R. and kit at Ibis cilice, will be attcoded to. Je 10 it CLACK BOY. TOR SALE, the timcoi a smart, active, bUck, 1? hoy,tt ytars old, has lrn lroug!it up in the j country, ami sold because his matter lias left the state. To savu trouble, his price it 40 dollars. Apply at 76 Broad street. Je 10 2w .1 HA Mi A IS. For sale, a farm, containing sixfv three scrr or land, in the manor l l'hiiipturgli, West Chester county, lying on the .North Hirer, jriuiin fourteen miles of the city of New York, 'fbe Farm has on it a goiid and very plensmitly situated dwelling house, cvnuoHnding an exten - site view of Uin North River; nn orchard - f joung bearinc trees; a grist mill, the water ol which Slight be advantugeoulv employed either for distillery or any other manufactory, re - oiiriM ly a small power ; and eitt nie qwar - nei ofitoiie, f tt first quality tor hnilding. To u (migrant or former, rtesirous of avajTibg himielf ot the advantages of an easy cororuuni - tatioa, by either land or water, with a city war - ket,the above desenhed prtmises mut he very desirable. For further particulars and terms Wivto D. L. tt I. E. I1MUI1T, Je I0tf 165 IVarl street. TO WILLF.Ra ICRE MILL ITuRK MANDFACTCniNC. rpilK suh riiier ni quaint his iriends and the I public that be is ready to accommodate mil - fcrs with mill - stones composed of the best borr. He will attend in town or country, and furnish II materials, and contract to any amount oa ttrms that will be found satisfactory in every ttspoct, as his exiwrif oce in the profession has fern long established in various parts of the MllWili - He hannliand a quantity, f burr pieces of the bust kind, selected by himself in France. THOMAS tJARETY, 70 William street. Utters, post paid, immediately attended to. Jet0 5 VLCEN,bli:of nar, m the Millord aud Onrgo Road Lottery. 8th day's drawing, Nos. 94D3, J5O0 ; 'S - fiO, S.148181, flOO. A at ALLEN!.', r - Wbere the highest prire yet dnwn in Uiis l.ot - sold and paid, (u. 7771, a prize ol 10,000 Ltollars. Will draw agnio net Friday, when the firt jrasra number will be entitled to prise of 1,000 IMUrs. - . A (rw Tickets for sale at ALLEN? Truly Urky Off,re. ro,dw.. - j J0 ADfRFF,!ii:OR BRF.VVa I ER. TREATISE onNtw Philosophical Ir.ttru Bients, for various purpose' in the Art and sciences, with ex periments on Light and Colour, PiZUVf. B.wrter L - D. f or sale by A. T. 0))RtcH & CO. o. 124 Broadway, corner "Cedar - street. Aho l b Kaleidoscope, invented by tbea - llgwtlemr'n. . JP n G Mtlord and Ihcfgt rid Lottery. ILLESPIE'S prize lm, Eth days draw.n ', No. 493, a prize of 500 dols. f.544, 1 8IC2, 100 each 57( 0, ) ,Ji - nV a:'"1 no Friday first drawn uumbcr ,rldl0 1000 d.Jlars. ni. ,l,ar'S wirrante.1 undrawn, for St. MlV Nn - " Broadway, op - brklt r C'1' "oW lss Science G KAt :if.s 1 ac o . ..... . .. Miir. " oroaaway, 11st 01 puzes in Hie ""ord aMIhrego Road lottery, , ioo:,1,VlaD w nt, . ''raws atatn 01 Is. S7C0. 818?, dra wn entit'i .V" on Friday, first Tirket. 111 ,,w "' M6Bnd; '8ri!e I GRACIES .jeio ELEGANT PIAXQ FORTES, AT AUG - TlOJf. GARAGE & COOPER mil sell to - morrow at 10 o'clock at the bog room 20 Wall - street, a handronie assortment of mahogany fur - uiture, cut glass, China and plated ware, India and Liverpool diuing rets, Sic. Also, at 12 o'clock precisely. Two very superb Ptano Forts, cost from the maker izuu each, ol (he folio win; descriptions, viz. the Ut of the most superb structure and bril liancy of tone, displaying the fbUowingchanzesof harmony, produced by lite action of 6 pedals, viz, 1st pedal a muOel'd or melodic tone : 2d an imita tion of the harp; 31 an exquisite imitation of the bassoon ; 4lh an additional arcompaniamentof the bass drum and bells ; 5th foile or an increased swell of all the above harmonious changes The action oi tnc above pedals operates inclosed in an elegant shaped lyre of superb workmanship auu oruanienicu m a most elegant Hiie. The second posefscs Die same number of changes with this difference, the 4th pedal produces nil accompaniment of a tambourine and bells ; it is equally powerful and brilliant, the care plainer ana less ornamental io the eje. The pianos are now reauy ior examination. Goods inteuded for the sale will be received until 1 uesday evening at 6 o'clock. June 10 It 'PAR. &c J(Mj bbls Tar, and 1 do Ueei wax a. uuoai aim lur sale hv R. i C. W. DAVEXPORT&CO. mv30 S3 CiWIX KU.VI, bLUAli & MOLASSEd. 30 puncheons mm S do. retail intr niolussts 4 1 1 lid first quality sugar received per brig James Scott, from t. Crois ; landing this uay ai ,er no 11 casi river, :.nd tor sale by KKADE i I)K I'SYATKK, je9 1 31 OId - sli. I UIBLK l.III.KbK. - - A Mi.aH JLJ parcel of the ery let quality, just receiv - cu, auu lur saie iv ANDERSOV Si sJIEARER, JeSlw at Ul Water - stieet. "IOTTO.Y IUU bales primx I plund ((ton, wiiiang iron, sioon sarah forter, ut rlrook ! n, for salu by KETCH (J A a WEED, Jett lw 61 South - street. WOODHEAh A! tiKAY, Woollen Drapers, Tailors and Habit - maker, 142 Broadwav. neatly opposite the Cily Hotel, inform their tatnds and the pulilit: that they have ou haud a large a;fo.'lmt'bl of the lollowin description of uoihis wim n tbey oner lor sale ou the most rea sonable terms t : Extra suierfine writ of England chilis do do do rasiimcrs do do do ladies' - cloths, ol the most fivhionablc colors Marsailles and Valcuoi.t ve. - tins, Nankeens Canton cauiMet, Cantnu and imukin crapes Angola cloths and castnnen s Striped Jeans, lie. wilhaioini Ii'tenssortincut of goods lor the pre - cnt season. Gentlemen's apparel, laihcV habits an I prlis - cs made iip in the most approved manner ard at the shortest notice. 3y Just received a few London made coats. June 8 3t CIORN iWKAL. 7i lihilr and 60 Mils, fright yellow Corn meal, of h very superior duali ty, for sale by TUCKER LAURlES, Je 8 ?9 sr.utli street. iTINULISH WHITE CAXV'AS. - llO bolts Xos. 1 to 8. lanHtfi? from tlif. Ann M.irin or sale at 67 South street, by Je 3 . LA.tIliKr,l,r..ti & PEARSON. HAVANA MOLASSES. - 134 hhds landed on Stevens' wharf, and for sale at 67 Suth - street, by CAVIRRELEXG & PEARSON. 1 e.t.1.. ins uenuan steel, in boxes, k.' landing, and lor sale by JAMES D' WOLF, Jr. 54 South - street. Je8 "I AX ION TARLE MA I S. 6 cases, just received, and tor sale by CfcBU i. CUMING, je 8 76 l'carl - slreet. BLACK MILI.INK1TS.. .M.lliiietts, (iirsulc hv - 120 ps. Black W.M. CA.MI UKLC, Manufacturer, je 2 197 Pearl - st. (up stairs ) c JFFF.K, fc 18 tiercer. and 181 bmrels Green Coffee, about 41000 lbs. Landing and entitled to drawback, for sale by W. Sc S. CRAKi, 87 Front - trcet. IX TO!IE, .129 bbls superfine Hour, Haxa'.ls brand. 4!i d d do country. 67 do fine do do 34 hhds prime Richmond tobacco Je9 EMP l YARNS. St. Peteisl.ureh, clean, new Hemp, and Kentucky Yarns, for sale, in li ts to suit ptm l aers. hy 1 1'lvM.K K UltHI r.iv, Je 8 lw b9 south street. s RI.VU alONLs.iiKlal OL, WAKr., BOI - U TLE'3, Ac 600 saiil size Grindstones, asortd 20 large do do 5 to 14 cwt Weight, each 80 crates Brut d Ware Gallon & half gallon Bottles for wine Champaign lull sze Quart do London and wiue Puit do. - (in small size Hampers) Gallon Si half gallon Demijohns Long tipped Pipo - , fioin 16 to 21 inrhv Large howl Negro do. and 1 cask Fnhsli Shoe Thread, just re civerl, and for sale by WILLIAM COWLEY, Je8 lm 1G4 Water - street. OATTlNETT VVAKfa, made of Sea Hlaud IO Cotton and sized in the chain, for snle by WM.CAMPBF.LU Je5 197 IVarl - street. POTS, HoOpFrVllLET RO, .Vc JUS T rereurd and fur sule by ABEEL A DUNSCOVfB, 12 tons English Pots,! 5 to 10 gal. entitled to debenture 10 do do Hoops, 1 to 1 - 2 inch, do do 5 do do Iron, 1 1 - 4 by 3 8 6 do Sheet Iron, single rioahle and treble S do Brazier's Rods, t - 4 inch 10 do each 3 8 and 1 - 2 ini h s.iusre rolled Iron 17 casks Enghvh cart, wjuuoii chair boxes 1 cask containing 00 dr'n Pod Angers And in store, a geueial assortment of Iron, stwl and Hardwaie. Je3 1w Xt.i F.1.L StOHt., ' No. 7 Nassau - street. B ALLET Si. MRS. GOGL'KT, kesp a factory of A rtifieial flaxen, and store ol fancy Goads, imported from the best factories of Lyons and Paris. They Kit e also a general assortment of the newest Paris FASHIONS; consisting of - . Ladies' white India muslin moming drciscs, elegantly worked Silk speucers, cf the most fashionable colors, also beautifully worked Lineu cambric pocket hsmikcrchiefo, superbly worked and rkhly eaibrridertd And a few tr'ru thread iace VEILS. All of which have been received by the latest arrivals fmm Frauce, and are now offered (to - jether with their other cxtcni aortmnt of fancy articles) for sale to the public iu genera!, auJ ptr - tir jUrl. to tho Mtn Je6 Ut ENCI.Ibll CHFE A amall parcel tine double Cluster Cheese, jmUreceived and for sale by ANDERSON Si SHEARER, je 9 131 Water - street. CtOTTON. 50 bates prime L'pl.iud Cotton, just received per sloop Lark, from Charleston, lor sale bv LAJDLLAW, GIRAULT I CO. No. 90 Cotlee Honse slip. IN STORE. 33 hales prime .New Orleans oottoo. J8 7t 1 FOR THE ISLK OF rRANCE, t'l. AT v i u..:u u: . MI7R I ILJC. burthen 490 tons, coppered and L Mi. J X 1C L1W IDni UUUL iUU ujper fastened, ., master, will sail in about z weeics. r or ireiglit ot merchandize or specie, ana passage, having elegant accommoUlUoiw, apply to Ilia master on board, or to june9 CHAS. HALL, 1 Beaver - st H anl'd to CHAklt.ll, . A vessel of from 600 to 600 barrels burthen, tor Tenenne and back to a southern port. Apply to Je 9 3t BOOR.WAN & JOHNSTON t'ur Sale, freight or Charier,' The good strong ship STERLING 40 tons burthen, 4 years obi, has two leeks, slows 2500 barrels, was sheathed last November, is in every respect a good vessel and may be sent to sea with very sm.dl expouso. Apply to N. L. ii G. tiRlSWOLL), Je9 KG South street h'reviUt Jjr Jlutiura. A good vtt !, bound to Madeira, may , have about 800 barrels on freight from Je 5 ROBERT GlLLEaPIE. tor VIUULLM OX, The staunch fast sailing sch ELIZA II. Weeks, master 1 will sail on Thurs day next, harini?2 - d of her freiirbt engaged, for which or paosagc, aptily on board, at AI ar ray s - whart, or to SAUL ALLEY, june 8 0!i Pine - !. tr 6A f'A.W.Hi, The fast - sailing coppered brig GEOR G1A, Babcork, master. For freight or passage apply on board ut tcvcn wharf, to fOTTli MKMYF., crto Jo 8 Iw HOUMiTtiKJW:EL. - I.ViJ. For Ut. Th'.tnus and City of St Ihitningo. vi'iiv Iheslooji iV'AUREN, .Mason. ma - titriVi'"' " K'ood vessel, and has superior nc - couimodatioiis tor passengers, i - or freight or passage, apply on bourn, at pier 9, or to JOSEPH OaHOKX, je 4 28 South - street. For FltttatW or CUstHlt.ft, sf - aLtcr. burthen 2Jb Ions, a remui kably fine vessel; will be ready to receit e a cargo in three days Apply to RObERTt.ll.LI.Sl lE, 1 14 r 1 out - street If 7(0 hat fur alr, 20 hhdsold Kiehinoij'l l hj..o 7 do do Petersburg do l!l Ac new do do li do do Richmond do II do Kentucky do 153 Brazil hides St. Demin. - o aud Jamaica colTte in hhds and l"sj. may 30 t i.Gli Ffjr CIIA tL.b 1 0.V. 250 tons hcaw fre ,ght. pply t AXsCN (i. PHEI.P.S, lit I Front - i t reet. i'l ....... . ..... U'.nt.. r'l.....,.n ll.ltlcl. 5iS:',VES;ELg. of 200 to 400 tons, to load ai u southern port for the West Indies. Apply to CLAKK, MOOKE ft CO. Jc o 4t 41 S. - mth - street. . tor JiKlsJ VL, ( t. vgtenJ,) .lZ (A regular trader,) 1 hs e. - i 'i't fat saiiiagcopieredship :UKEW JACKrOX, Thomas T Morton, master a considerable part of her cargo being enigrd, will be dispatched without delay For freight or passage, having e 11 client accommodations, apply ou Loatd, at pier No, Ii, near I'ef'.c - ,1U' r PETER SCHERMF.R1IORN A SONS, Or B. W. ROGERS ii CO. U ho tiffcr for mle. 10000 Slouibridge brick 60 (.asks patent Mi .t UU co bur Lead IfiO barrels Spanish Erown 2J casks Poitt - r Now landing from U Andrew Jackson. Je 1 For LIIAHLLS'iOS: The schr CERES, cant. 'I hos. Mills, will meet with in.aitd'iitc despatch. For Height or passage, apply on hoard, tait udo Burling - dip, ortu ANSON g. riiF.i.r.3, Jc C lo Front - street. Fnr GIlllUUI'AK, The fast sailing coppcrea brig MI - LNERVA, Cupt. Meldruin, will sail on the llthinst. and can take some freight, fur which, orfpassagv, apply tu UIIIN1I Si TURN1IULI, je 6 4t 69 Wa - ihinfl' - on - ntret;. For ArAVXAH, I lie regular packet senr. kusl i. BLLMJ.M . C. Vneaton, master will meet wiUi immediate duspab !i. Fort eight or passage, apply on board al Govcrncurs - hai f, or to AX SON G PHELPS. idt 30 Kl.1 F'iil - street. M The very fast - sailing coptcrcd aud l copper - fastened ship CHAUXCEY, is well found and can be sent to tea without delay Apply to I'OTT Si M'KIXN E, or je I B. W. ROG FRS Si CO. F.r S.1VAXX. IH, tt Tbe substantial ship COM MERCK, , master, will sad for Savannah on the 12th niNt. atulwill takefreiglu Lorn thence to any jxrrt in Europe. Fr freight or passage, ipply JOSEPH OSKOKN, J5 23 Ninth - street. For VH.IHIEiirti.Y, The packet ship TELEGRAPH, Fanuiiur, master, is still detained h head winds, ran take a few tons more freight and 10 more passengers can be liandsomelv accommodated, apply on board, cast side Bur ling - slip, or to ANSON (1. VI1ELPS, je 5 lt3 Front - street. CIOTTON : TOBACCO. 45 bales New. J Orleans Cotton, landing from schr Ur chin ; 9 hhds. 2d qu.dity Kentucky Tobacco 111 stoi c, tor sale by N. Si. I. TALCOTT, je 9 64 Snilb - strect. Iv lucky oiauufactured Tobacco, tor snle by Jc 9 26 South street. ?10fToN rT.i - 60 bales i.rionTu plaud V. Cotton, 40 bhils. 3d nnd 4h pronl (ireaada Umn. I.mdins bom bri" lelermpli, Irom Charleston, and schr Ontario, from Norfolk, fnr sale hy BUUli.VTA Si juimc 10.1, Je 9 57 South - r'LOL'R. 60 bhis superoae Farm Mni, 1? 100 do do Cou .try 100 do do Lynchburg, For sale at 106 Front street, br Je 8 TKOKES, DAVIDSON Si CO. BLUE NANKINS, tec U0 pieces blue Nankins lt Chop, entitled to debenture ; 4 - 4 black and fancy colored Hdki. ; Cbe'.ked Satsnets, Leantns Sewina biik, JLc.rnrule by HURD k SEW ALL, Je 9 - 05 South - street. MLK CAMULETs Black and coloured s5 Siik Caniblets, for Gentlemen's ware, for sale at 150 Broad way, bv je 5 lw PHILBROOK Si PETERS. RICHMOND FLOUR W bbls. branded Bent Creek, landinethis day Irom Khrs. Fanny Mary nnd Lady Tompkins, from Rich - mood, for ssle by DIVTE EETHUNE Si CO. Je 8 . 9 CcCce - Kcqse - shp. HfOfJ;, TALLOW, trd fittr. - 1000 Slaughtered Hidee ' ' ttm lbs. W. Y. Rendered Tnllow - , 100 half barrels fine betf, warranted to keep in any climate About 10,000 lbs. smuakid Beef, just ready for delivery. - T. GIBBONS. J3 lw aMoodies - t 14 eiitiUttd to draw - Kssolv t ,iis 11.. iv ii - ,.. - , for sale by Jefi cn uuujcva lunawio ni jjiavniijia P. KLiWsEN ii CO. 56 LIOkHUiOiiDX. Barrels cider brandy, iurt received and lor sale by ANSON Ci. PHF.LPS, june 1 133 Front - st f1 ROUND CArtiWoOD. 75 bbls ground VJi camwood, ol an excellent quality aud war rauiua pure ; ior sale low to close acon'igorueut Apply to ti. U. h S. HOW LAN u, . Je 5 " . 67 Washington - street, rlDEU BRANDY 89 barrels Cidur Rrau J ay, landing aud for sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, lira Frm.t street. Je9 UGAR. M boxes Brown Havana bugar, yj landing irom slop sterling, iruin Matanza? for sale by N.&D. TALCOTT, Jc 9 C4 bouth - street. IJRIME UEr.F. 'M) barrel - , for sale by L lAilBilIL,.U ii rt,AK5U., Je 9 67 .Snitli street I lAI'S 10 tasis meu's and hoy's Plated Ll HatR, 5 do do janaiiued Leuther, do. suit ed to the Southern market, for sale by Jd9 liUKD ."c EWALL. 65?outh st. tOr r i.t.. - M bttgsptime at. Oouun; o Col ltc,juat received, and lor sale by AAUbllSU.V & n I LAliLIt, Je 9 131 Wat?r street. 1IUKR VINEGAR 0J pipes, just icceiv V eu una tor sale at 67 . - outli - street, bv je9 . C A.MHKF.LI G Si PEARSON. ICHiVlOiMi HilHK JlK) bbls. bianded Dent. Cnck. 300 do. Variety Mills, 104 do tin i.monil Mills, nil ni me im qiiaiity or lia - kei' use, lauding from schr. r anny Si Mary, and (or suit by WACbM H, Jp8 60 Soiilli - iitreet VIILLlNr. I lb - luimps. brtt quality. No Lf I 4 Millfictts lor ste by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, JeOUAiC 140 Pearl street. i ,EI Ali.l.Vti iVIOi.ATsEs. Si hl.ds. rct .il - I I ins Moiasse. Iiinili'.'' this morning fit Cof - lec - houcc elip, Iroin si hr. Mnrarct Ann, f" - r sale l.y Ii. U. K . IK)Vt.AiIJ, ap b7 ashinrtrn - streef. xJut' illr.M. rililE public a.e cautioned ngninH purrhas - JL in; fiec lickets in uin Mrductil trnrnte l.ut fro. 6th cla', ol tie lollowin ', viz I - ',0I1, liV'S, Ii,0!3, 12,014 and 12,015, a' hey hAve are - ented themselves without leave Vom the office 01' the s'jb - cribcr. An allotments have hern made with the man agers to stop the etymeut of any prize which cither of them amy draw. A suitahle rewaid wiii be given for their recovery. XV. V. S.WITH, June - 9 170 lroadway. IU I.LiLDEKS, Or Ihosowhomay wish to erect three elegant buildings or factories. OTS. 77 feet hy TO, more or less, with the J buildings thereon, in the centre ol Vetey - sl. tan be purchased separate or together. ALSO. An elegant LOT, with the Buildings thereon, 1 1 Bower3 - , 42 by 125, mora or less, near Chatham strtet the whole on accommodating terms Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Brekmaii - st '1 he advertiser has three small mortgages to dispose of, one of $3,000, one of $1000, one of $1500, nil in this cily. Je 9 'IMII3 day is published (price ti tents) an F - L say ou the uronulsiou of Navigable Bodies, (illustrated by eiplnnatory diagrams) in which are developed the philosophical principles of me chanical navigation, and the only meinid ot bringing them into effectual operation ; by C. A. UUfbr, architect and engineer. Sold at the ollit.e of the American Monthly Magazine; Kirk and Meiceui ; Wiley and Go. Wall street ; James Ensthuru Si Co; and A. T. Goodrich i Co. Broadway. Je 9 3t THE KALEIUOaCOPK. A Curious ODticiil '!' v. invented by Dr. ZjL Breivstcr, ol Ediuh'iru'h, which fxliihitsao inniute variety of beautilully colored figures, icccived and lor sale by CULLl.NS 61 IIA.AX, Je 9 4t J! Pearl street. NOW OR IS the time for the purchase of a ticket in the Millord Si Owego Road Lottery. There ate but very lew tickets now for sain I the drawing is nearly half over, nnd the capital prize of 70, tMM) and 35,1 'U dolls, are yet lobe drawn, be sides several others ol considerable amount. Those who have drawn small prizes will do well to renew them immediately, or they may imj cte - orived of the chance of the above capital prizes A lew whole, halves, quarters, eighths and sixteenths, wan anted undrawn, all for sale t the Truly Fortunate Office of G. R. WAFI'E, No. 51 Maiden - lane, where cash is advanced for prizes as soon as drawn. Je 9 'I 'HE Kaleidoscope, a phiMophical amuse I nienl for vounz people, invented by Or. Brewster, of Edinburgh, ior sale at the Minerva Circulating Library und booh and stationary Stom, to j Uroadway, opposite the museum. Jet 100.000 Dollars highest prize in the Grand New - York State Lotlerv. MEDICAL SCIENCE No. 5 rfIC commence drawing on the first Tuesday in J. August next, (7 weeks from next 1 uesday.; splendid Scheme 1 prize of $100,000, 1 orize of .0.000, 1 do su,uta, 1 do 5,000, 1 do 10,000, 2 do 8,000, And 45of I.OOO. Besides a great proportion of smaller prizes, none less than 30 dollars. Tickets, also, Halves, Quarters, Eighths, nnd Sixteenth, in at variety of numbers lor sale at the present pnee or ssa, at ABM. P. BROWER'S, Lottery and Exchange Office No. i7 Maiden rnrner nf Nassau - street. I'm ut rent Bank Notes and Prire Tickets in former Lotteries and io the Milford Road Lctte ry, now drawing, taken in payment. Je9 1w State nf JVetv York, 1 N pursuance nf a decretal order of the honora. blc the ror.rtnf chanrert of this state, bear leg date the day of June, 1818, will lie sold at public auction, at the Tontine CofC - e Houe, i'J"he city of N. York, unJer llic direction of the, one of the masters of the saidcouit, nn the 3J day ol July next, at V o' lock at noon, all that certain dwel'ing house1 and lot of ground situate, lying and being in the city of New York, and which in a certain indenture made the se cond dav of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine, iwiween Ki hard Hartnhome, John I itus, William Harts home, Thomas Ustn k, James Onderdonl:, Mary Titus. William I'suck, jane nartsnornc ami ln - hnrnh Onderdonk. of (lw fmt Par. and Fd uiund Flmendorf. of the scond part, is described nifjllows. to wit : All that certain dwelling house and lot of ground, litunte, lying nnd being intlie second ward of the city of New York, and known and distitgaslted ny me numur nine William street ; whieb'said lot is bounded in fro:it iiy William street, on the northwest side by the house and lot 01 ground now or iruinj the property of David JoLnson, on the southeast side by the house and l it now or formerly ol Peter H.tgarl j containing in breadth in front twenty live feet, in tbe rear twenty eight feet ; in depdton the souh east tide twenty one feel, ,.a .... ,K. .nnih sur.mtT I ret four an a h.di inches, be tbe same more or less; together with all and singular the hcreonrimo purtenances to the same iiesougii's wise appertaining. Dated New York, June 9, P. G. HILUKL JU, waster mh.umwj. JeSdts . .. . ... at RT JOHN LOK1VIEIIOIIAH AM.attorjiey at law, has opened Ins oluce at No. 43 Chamner street, near Itroadwny. - may 16 4w - lii MACK1E, MILNE CO. red to No. 6 1 Fine - street. ' iiuxt rui.o may 4 fXy - J NO. BLAKE, btc. k and Exchange BroUrr, has rpned an olnce at No. 4 Wall - street. June 6 lw SALT WATER BA 'JTjP. To the Ladict aud tieutknitn ofAew - York. ffr The nublic are iniorined. that the old New - York Salt Water Bath ii now open, at k: foot n Barclay - street, at the end of Mr. Rhine - iHbder s new dock, a little hiJowMurray - street, her old station, with good accommoduliuns, and the Neatest convenience and safety . '1 l.e Marine Sviuunin Bath for gentlemen on - 'y, will be opened on Sutuwlay next, at Mr. Gib - Irons' long p,rt next to the Bat'cry, where the Murine lialh was formerly stationed. l'artof two da) sin each week the Bath at Barclay - street, will be catlusively devoted to Ladies. Rules and regulations at the Baths. Tickets will ndruil to either. JeS . J.RABIXEAU. fJ ANTED a white woman to do kitchen stork, and a while girl from 14 to 16 years of uge, to do the uner work of a small lamily. Apply at this i.lliee. Je 5 OTIC'K All persons having claims against JLV tlie rMate r.f Thomas Brady, late ol the city of New - York, !ere;t.eil, are lequtsled to present the same legally uutheiiticated, - auJ nil these indubled to the said estate are requested to make immediate payment In the subscriber, who otJeis lor sale the property of the deceased, contiinitig 4 lots fronting on the lloMcry 25 by 75 let - t deep each, and ouevn Stnnton stree.t, S5 by J Of leel 'J'he whole premises urgil - ented this year lor jf30 and taxes. An indisputable title win be given tor the aree by JAMES BARCLAY, Ezecnlor, Je4 Itn No. 3 Houlh - strcet. a.. J if LkA . . f . I - 1 . . . n , , sj n .lLafHni nacK room, ai no. yd aii street, fUitablo lor a lawj cr's office. Possesion immediately. Apply in the frout vAVe. Je4 i ll E KALEIDOSCOPE. 'IHIS heuulilul toy let tntly invented by Doc - J tor Brewster, oi Edinburgh, mid whit h appears to have excited much admiration in Great Britain, has been imitated by & f w.tlrin m of ths eitv, and are lor sa.o in nr:y quantity at (he slorc of" C. WILEY & CO. Jef!3t 3 Widl - Mieet 'IIIK A HI' Of MUMMLsO. on Monday the lilli ol Joue will be pub ltd, aud for sale al the principal book 'tores, the Art of iS'wimuiiig, by J. Fro. I. ac. companicd with twelve copper - plate engiai ingj i'rice one dollar, lopy - re - til secured. P. W. GALLAL HF.T, Je 6 lw 49 Full m - 't. WOMEN, or Pouret Vonlre, a tale by Ma - turin, author of Bertram, Milesian Chiefs, The Fatal Revenge, (ic. Sir. 2 vols, price $2 received and fur sale at the Minerva Ciiruhuu'g Library, No. 2G5 Broadway, opposite the Mu slim. . Je 6 'I'O he sold at auction, on Thnredi.y next, J I HHi iust. by C. G. f ON 1 AINF, al the stores of Mr. Borden Chase, 89 South street, 20 crates of earthenware, comprising dinner and ea si lis, entice do ; a great ancty 01 handsome jugs, lustre do ; wiih many other articles worthy the attention 01 bouse - keepers, and will lie sold in lots to suit the purchasers. Je 8 Ut HERMAN HUGHES, offers for sale, at No. 23 Liberty - street, tbe following articles, low lor cash only, viz : Imperial, hyson, young hyson and souchong tea. new am" of a superior quality, In small boxes for family use. Fine oldcoguac brandy, Jamairarum, aud Holland giu, in demijohns. Vladeira, Port, Sherry, nnd Claret Wine Hihbert's Londuu brown stout Olives, anibovies, sweet oil, and London mustard ALSO, A few very elegant setts of tea trays and waiters l latcd castors, razors, scissors and penituives handsomely assorted on cards Fine wove letter paper iu reams JeC lw A YOUNG LAOY, wishes a situation as governess, in private family 1 to go into the country, woud be preferable. For further information, pUase to enquire at No S6 Vandewater - street, whre the most satisfac - tor references, may be obtained. je 8 lvs NO l ICE. A' LL persons indebted to the estate of James Douglass, stone - cutter, deceased, aro re. quested to make immediate payment Iu the sub scribers, and all persons who may have claims against said estate, will please present them as above directed. Johu Meybcr, Washington - st. j VVm. Sharp, 420 G reen icli - st. Executors &'aml. Sharp, Joocs' - rt Je 8 1w IO Br. KAFFLEO Fl'K. A' FULL length portrait of Miss O'Neill, painted by Barker to he seen at Mr. Crane's Store, 135 Broadway,, where terms may be known. Je 5 lw IHRLE ENGLIali BUILT GIG', UST landed, ofihlferent constructions, will s'eel Springs, wiil he sold remarkably low, say 75 dollar, each, if immediate application is mads ot this ottir&. Je ji U 1 H.E. VI 1LFORD 4r OWEGO ROAD LOTTE 1 RY. 1 he luture drawings will ho as fol low" 8th day, 9th do 10th do 11th dn 12th do 13th do l i b do 15th do first clra it n number f 500, June 9 do du 1000 do 12 do 17 do 24 do 96 do 29 do d do do do do do do do do do do do do 5O0 35,000 500 1 ,000 60O July t 70.01 H) do 10 600 do 1J lCtti do Remaining 4 in succession, t.H A Kl.r.a MiScLI , i D. STUART. Mana JOHN LYNX, j Millord and Oweeo Road lottery. jcrs, A few 'Pickets remaining on hand, for tale by la A AC G. OOI)L., Je6lw 43 Wall - street rWKGO ROAD LOTTERY (aowdrawmg) V7 in which the capital prizes are I prize ot $7MXiO, 1 prue of J3J.IMXI, 1 do 1H.IHI0. 1 do 5.000, There i but 20 of dra wing altogeOier in l.r.tlerif. 7 ol which have alrenrtv bees arawn, ami nil tlie above capital finzes remain in the Also. Medical Science Lottery, No. 5, which will ixwitively commence drawing in city in August next. Tl Capital Prizes A re, 1 prize of 100.000, j I pr " f I do 20,000, I I do 10,000, And one of $5,000. Tliis lottery wiil progn ss rapidiy until com - PlTickls and Sfiares in both nf the above Lotteries lor snle at t!i - Lsk ky Office nf 74 Maiden - l. - '.ne. H'lire have been sold in former lotteries to the amount of a million and a half oft lollars. ' : Most foreizn bank notes, approved promts. ory notes, and prizes in firmer lotteries, will be tak en in psy incut for t ickets. Orders from a, enclosing the CMh, (post paid) will bt immediately attended to, aud the earliest advice e ven of their snccevs. A correct check book, wi l be kept ct the lucky lottery office, which cwr be emmmcd all times free of espeuce. " je 8 3t 1 of by s m . , ai i - z y o - ciock, . ..'t , neral assortment of Frehet? goods, araonff which are 1 .bile - . plain bombazetts, 1 do super undressea - UO Cambric muslins. 2 dneottnn hirtine - s - - do tjiecn cotton umbrellas, 1 do rich, velvet re; dicules with clasps, 1 do mens buckskin gloves, 1 bale blue gilla hdkfs. 1 do stout linen sliir - tingt 1 do imitation merino shawls, 2 do super mixed sattinetts. Also, a bale soldiers white pantaloons! At 11 o'clock, f.nder the inspection of the Wardens of the ports, for accuunt of the underwriters, 3 cases artificial flowers, 1 do silk; gloves, thread lace, ostrich feathers, .plumes, elegant lace dresses, garniture trimminr. iewelrv b))s. water colors. &c. 3 trunks rea dy make couu and surtouts, imported and. damaged on board the brig Agnes. .. . - 1 tiesday, Ib.h June, ' An entire invcice of beat Ijii'hsli l.late look - uij glasses, looking glass plates, Brussels and hiudcrmtuster carpeting and rugs, oiahoganr chair), aud a variety of other articles of the la test r.ngliih and t ronch fashions. ConsL'ting of 33 richly gilt and new style sua glimtcs from 43 by 20 to TO by 36 in., S5 chimney do 31 by 24 in. with ends of 24 by 10 in. ic. 16 superbly ornamented mirrors, carved arches, cut glars pans Irom 2 to 4 lights, 12 best British silver ed plates m blind frames 60 by 28 in. 83 do reeded frames 34by 22 to 44 by 36 in. 1200 best British universal plates from 20 by 1 to 54 by 39 inches, 3200 do 6 by 5 to 16 by 2in. S0Jlols tinfoil suitable for the above, pieces elegant, Brussels carpeting of newest sty!, 3 do borders ton. ktch, 4 do Kidderminster do. 24 elegant imperial. I.tarth rugs, 11 Brussels bedside rugs, 54 fashionable mahogany chairs, hair bottoms and brass tnoulkmgii, 2 London made piano fortes, 1 and a great variety of new and fashionable furniture. The large glasses, n.irron, carpets and rug, - will be Mild in lots to suit purchasers. The chair in setts. The silvered and unsilvcrcd plttes, will he sold by the package to dealers, mi a liberal credit. The nbove were shipped by houses of the first respectability in Europe, and it is believed, that the quality is i.s gocd as can be sent. .l.ltUil.b. tUli JSLlLULMi, r. frMI F. proprietors of tbe southern marble qua I X - rit - s, oear King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the KmgU - Ilridgt Marble and Lime - lard, foot of Beach - Klreil, on the Hudson river, an extensive sto k of marble loc building, of the following de scriptions, viz : A"!dar I l oping WaterUble I Foundation Stone fctrpi I Chimney - Pieces y . Platforms J Facing . ills, Lintels . I Columns Ar. lies Aho Lime of tho best quality. Civ - A constant supply of the above materials ' may be calculated tqion; and Uiose desirous cf purchasiug, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, , - Feb 1 1 At U10 Yard.' NO I ICE. iVt - All ncrsont haviner demands against the Estate of the lute Dr.Jaiues Tillary, (deceased) will please to present the same to either of the. aubscriliers. And persons indented to the Estate, ' are requested to make payment to A. D. Diiff, at ao. 83 wahington - sire Juneotniia. a. u. Dt ri , ' 1 MALTBY ClELSTON, V fcJ - esrros D.B.JONF. J 3eSW ' - . I'tilMX BANK. (Vt - An election forlourteen Directors of tine Bank will tx brld at the Banking; House, on Tuesday, the 7th July next, between 11 and Z o'clock. The transfer Books will he closed on the 25th instaut, and wilikjontinue closed until after the election, Uy ord r of the Board of Di - Je S Jy 1 try Johm I'aocToa, Jest J06 Liberty - street, offers liberal anticipations on property configtl - - rd to his friends in the Mediterranean, ror further particulars, appiy as above, or to AUK HAM Je 6 if corner of Cliff it Fulton - sts. NOTICK. frr - TI10S. and JOHN F. LAWRENCE have taken into copartnership THOMAS G. CASEY. They will conduct business under tbe firm of T. Ic J F. LAWRENCE 4c CO. New Ynrk, Gill June, 18U. Je 8 lw A CAHU. nf The proiirietor of the Salt Water Bath, offers an apology to the public for the disappointment in not fulfilling, as - contemplated, the opening the jWarine pwimming Bath at the Battery on Saturday last, and inicrms them, that it will certainly open duriug this week, and shall be noticed when at her s'ation. June 8 No 1 1CK, V HERMAN THORN and JOHN" B PEN DLKTON having formed a partnership, will conduct their business under the firm of Thorn Si Pendleton, at 56 Stone - street. HERMAN 1 HORN, June 8 lw JOHN B PENDLETON, ' Stale of S etc - York, C'omp t niter' I i'jgiee. (7 - PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the holders of the six and seven per cent stock 01 thh state, that the whole of the said slock, with the exception of the six per, cent stork, created hy the act, entitled ' an act respecting navigable communication between the great . western and northern lakes and the Atlantic Oct an," passed April 15, 1817, will be paid off on the first day of July next, or at any time thereafter when demanded. Payment will be made st the Manhattan hank in the city of New - York, to the stork holders residing in the southern district of tliis state and out nl this state ; and at the New - York state,, bank, in the city of Albany, to all other stock - , holders. it is required that the certificates uioed for the stock should be given up at the bank where sock payments are made. The interest on tlie said stock will cease after the said first day of July next. . , ARCirO M'l - s l ine computer. Dated Albany June 1, 1818. JeflfJyl ' AUJICK. Try A double casd sdver watch, supposed to be stolon, vu stopped by Samuel a. larano, wateh - maker. Erooklyn The supposed thief said his name was Willis, is about fourteen years age. Tbs owner can have toe watch by proving property and paying the expense of this advertisement. Jun9 3ta. TO MASOMS. rrT Proposals will be received untdthe 15tli inst. for digging out a cellar and building . stone foundation and chimney to It house IK 40 feet, on the IWth Avenue, between 61st ml 62d street, lour mile Irom the Crv - Hall. The bricks and stone axe 00 the premises.' yvppiy i iio. 11 ,tii - itcci. jc y 3i STORK TO f.KT 7JV RROAliWA Y. ELIASr VALEN FINE intending torehnqnish the bookseliioc bos i nets. Cers to let the store 104 Broadway ; it ts a filtt rate stand for s retail store. r.l .l S V II.rVTlXr havirnr taken ffis bro - tHet SAMUEL into partnrrshi the COPrEK - PLATL TRl.N tlNG bu - ujrsj win conducted under the sVm nl Valentine. Office 34 V? . .' Ta vt'EL VAJ - ENUXE, . . Orders from sny p - t cf t'. ualofi, vtd . witb ntntnsssae, reatasabJe teras. sasi ssjp.1 Ot 91'lUtla siiW v Je& W

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