The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 15, 1945 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 15, 1945
Page 10
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E D I T O R I A L S -Senator' Vondenberg Points Way Toward True Statesmanship CEN. VANDENBERG'S £ r a n ·~ facing of realities with a de mand lor the United States to joi immediately in a pledge of mill tary force to support the unite nations peace program is cheerin news. Those who well recognize th truth of his admission that no na tion "hereafter can immunize ii self by its own exclusive action will rejoice that a republican a influential as the Michigan sen ator is offering leadership o£ hi strength to wavering and back ward colleagues in his party. LIIS plea for "honest candor" o 1 * the part of our government ir its statements to our allies an to its own citizens on foreign pol icy was equally important. As th representative of the people, con gress can do little toward carry ing out the will of the majoritj when our foreign policies are kep under cover and treated as secret, while our allies state theirs openlj and emphatically. The senator said he approaches this subject of our .foreign policj in anxious humility and withou partisanship. His humility is obvious, in view of his stand in th past The absence of partisanshi emphasizes his sincerity of pur pose/and paradoxically serves th best interests of his party mor than he could do in any ether Way THE Michigan senator shows tha ·*· he is concerned primarily abou his country and its place in th world affairs of tomorrow; no about himself, or about party. In this respect, he follows the leader ship of the late Wendell Willki in the same field. Thus Mr. Vandenberg achieves the status of a statesman,"as dif ferentiated from a politician--in which category we continue to classify those senators, republican or democrat, who still cling to and try to defend their pre-Pear Harbor isolationism, knowing they we're wrong but refusing to admi it although the future peace of the world may be affected by their blind mulishness. Jeffersonian Custom IT is an easy thing to find fault, especially if one sets out with that purpose in view. A lew days ago a writer complained of President Roosevelt because the latter had failed to appear before congress to deliver his annual address on the state of the union. He might have lodged the same complaint against Thomas Jefferson Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, T h e o d o r e Roosevelt and every other president between. John Adams and Woodrow Wilson, not one of whom delivered his message to congress in person. Washington and John Adams, when they had anything to say to the legislators, appeared ceremoniously before congress and delivered their messages. Jefferson, opposed to ceremony, sent his first message to the president of the senate by messenger and stated that the same procedure would thereafter be followed, having "principal regard to the convenience of the legislature, to economy of their time," etc. From that time onward, no president appeared before congress to deliver his annual message until Woodrow Wilson saw fit tc do so in'1912. Since then there have been such appearances when occasion seemed to warrant, but just at present neither the president nor congress seems to have any time for mere ceremony. A Faithful Servant THE Mason City community lost 1 one of its ablest and most faithful public servants in the passing of Raymond L. James, secretary of the board of education for nearly 35 years.. Born near Sheffield and educated at Hampton and Thornton, Mr. James-came to his position here in 1910 after a few years of valuable experience in teaching and in the business world. ·* When Mr. James took over Mason City had a population of only about 10,000, perhaps a little less: In the next decade there Was a doubling of population and a corresponding expansion of educational plant and personnel. Certain it is that Mr. James knew more of the inside story of that growth and expansion than any other person. He knew not only the broad picture and the over-all objectives, but he was familiar with all the details. He was a. human encyclopedia on matters pertaining to the public school system of Mason City. Teachers, administrators, custodians, pupils and patrons alike had a true and trusted friend in R. L. James. Neither he nor his works will be soon forgotten. A Nye Prophecy IN his farewell address to the United States senate from which North Dakota voters quite sensibly retired him in the recent election Gerald P. Nye predicted that . within 20 years the United States would be asked to fight another European war. His prophecy most certainly will come true if he and others of his type are allowed to shape America's political future during the next generation. FFAVORITE STAMPING GROUND"" Look Out Below - What has Budapes probably contains a rather realis tic preview of what lies ahead o Vienna and other cities on th Hussian road to Berlin. * * · * The'idea of a national servic act has been in the American Le gion's idea for nearly 25 years. * * * By this time, assumedly, a Christmas trees have been de mobilized. Your Health By Logan Clendening, M. D. IS COFFEE HAR31F11L? ' I HAVE always stated in this column that coffee drinkin was not a harmful habit. In fac for many people it is beneficial It keeps the circulation going a an even rate in the'heart and kid neys. People subject to "heart at tacks" do very well with'it, using to other medication. Of course fo he same reason that it increases the rate of circulation in the hear md kidneys it increases circula- ion also in the brain and, for this ·eason, tends to keep one awake Jut that is a minor disadvantage hat can be avoided by not taking coffee with the evening meaL Now, : perhaps I will have to lake certain reservations aboul ue entire harmlessness of coffee, say perhaps because I am by no means convinced by the evidence, *)ut I will present it in complete Eairness. Three Chicago ; investigators, Drs. J. A. Roth, A. C. Ivy and A J \tkinson, report that caffeine and offee beverages increase the secretion of the stomach and hence redispose to the 'formation of ulcer. They also suggest that by tudying the prolonged stomach ecretion response to coffee it is ossible to spot .those people who are predisposed'to-have ulcer. They produce no case histories ri human beings which would in- icafe such a relationship, but in xperiments on cats where the in- de of the stomach can be ob- arved the use of caffeine causes a blushing reaction" over, the lin- ng membrane, and if histamine is iven alternating with caffeine lere is seen some epithelial, des- uamation and small erosions vhich might turn into ulcer if they vere further irritated. I must confess I am not much mpressed with this evidence. I ave lived through a good many eriods when people had produced nail, multiple erosions in . the omachs of animals by one means r another. One was with broth ultures of certain germs. One vas with infected tonsils. But the Jal difficulty of acceptance was at all these erosions promptly ealed up. The ulcer patient has had to- acco and all alcoholic beverages aken away from him because they ncrease his secretion. My experi- nce with real ulcer patients is hat they arc perfectly content to et the alcoholic drinks alone bc- ause they are made so uncomfort- ble by them that the pain out- veighs the pleasure. The idea that the secretory re- lonse to coffee helps to pick out he ulcer susceptible person is omewh'at complicated. It is prob- bly true that the person who de- elopes an ulcer of the stomach or uodenum has a special type of uman constitution--anatomy and ^ysiology. response to stimuli, c. But the evidence is not by ny means clear or agreed upon y all observers. I once asked one of these human onshtution experts to pick out in ward of patients, about none of 'horn he knew anything, which nes had ulcer. He only made a nistake of 90 per cent. So I have o great confidence in this pro- edure as a practical measure I o not believe Drs. Roth. Ivy and tkmson after giving their cat- sine secretory test to a 100 peo- le would be willing to commit hemselves to a'prophesy that any ertain individuals were destined o be ulcer patients within the ext 5 years. Personally you will find me at the breakfast and luncheon table vith a large pot of coffee before me--at least until more evidence ccumulates that it is doing me ny harm. B. L.: What 5s the meaning of he saying--"One hour of sleep efore midnight is worth 5 hours f sleep after midnight?" Answer: This saying has -- cicntific foundation. Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges Lame Dock Wright County Monitor: Ex- Senator Guy Gillette is now in the Lame Duck Pool." He has a government appointment and is one of the men who will conduct the sales of surplus war material. When we say he is a member of the lame duck pool we mean no oUsrespect. The 3ame duck pool was originated, if we remember correctly, by the republicans. But it is a refuge for defeated politicians just the same. Punishment for Atrocities Sioux City Journal: Both Filipinos and Americans held captive on Luzon by the Japanese will be able to provide all the evidence needed to fix the guilt of the war criminals who survive the MacArthur campaign. And as atrocities are proved beyond the possibility of doubt, the guilty should be executed by firing squads. The tune surely -has passed for any leniency whatever on our part in dealing with this enemy. Tax Reform Considered Oelwein Daily Register: Stirrings are becoming evident of a 3ew reform movement directed oward the present federal tax., system. It is constantly becoming :learer that corporations and bus- FORTY YEARS AGO Did You Know? By The Haskin Service EDITOR'S NOTE--Beadcr. tv.lllnt themselves of ibti ienrlc« for aaeilloiti at fict--not counsel--ihoaU .Ijn Ihelt lull name »nij «ddrts» in* lactose s f - f ? * i - **"!. "'·*» P«»t»I«. Attttn Oloiie-Gaiette InfeimaUn B u i e a 11, WashlziclOD, D. C. What does T/5 mean? The designation · "T/5" is for technician, 5th grade, in the army A soldier with such a rating is ir the same pay grade as a corppora He,wears 2 chevrons with a "T underneath. Such a rating is given a soldier because of some technica skill he has. Where can the army 1 nur« corps song be purchased? A copy of the "Song of thi Army Nurse Corps" may be ob tained from the Headquarter": Army Nurse Corps, War Depart ment, Washington 25, D. C fo 22 cents. What types of naval vessels an powered by diesel engines? ' , Submarines, PC's {patrol craft) destroyer escorts, motor mine sweepers. Many landing craft hav small diesel engines. How do our .expenditures fo» war compare with other federa government expenditures? Since Pearl Harbor, U. S. war expenditures have amounted t about 208 billion dollars whili non-war e x p e n d i t u r e s hav amounted to 16 billion dollars. What is meant by an undeslr able discharge from the. navy? It is issued for one of the fol lowing 4 reasons: Unfitness, dis charge without trial, trial and con viction by civil authorities, an fraudulent enlistment. Is (here any use limit for vet erans who may take advantage o the educational provisions of th GI Bill of Rights Act? A person to be eligible for and entitled to receive education un der the provision of the Service' men's Readjustment Act must no have been over 25 years of age a time of entrance into service. Is there a marine corps office candidate school? The marine corps headquarter says that no program is open tu civilian;; now for officer training in the corps. Candidates for com mission are selected from the ranks. How much furlough is a solcfie entitled to each month? Under ordinary circumstanceb soldiers of our array are grantee furloughs of a maximum of 3( days a year, not including shor passes. This is a privilege grantee at the discretion of commanding officers. Has helium any color? It is a colorless, odorless anc tasteless gas. REMEMBER? ...»*..**- *,* uicik, "wWi^yicliayija clIlU ness houses have been forced . ""·"=' "«VB ueeu iurcea jmo -me i_ouncu isiuiis nonpareil considering their income taxes a has risen to the dignity of hurling proper charge on the cost of pro- invective sulphuric and venomous auction and have been, and are, nf fVl ° «int,« /- «±- . passing these charges on to the consumers. Norse Conscription Sioux City Journal: It would be roper f or conscription to be-undertaken if no other method of obtaining candidates for nursing can be found. The government has a perfectly moral right to insist ipon women serving wherever hey are needed. Surely this call rom Uncle Sam will not be ignored by our young women. It is heir duty to serve just as it is their brothers' duty to fight. L944 Critical Year Emmetsburg Thursday Reporter: Another year of war has drawn o a close. Volumes of rhetoric will be written about the awful destruction of the past 12 months. Puny efforts will be made to de- cribe the suffering, of the men '£ the armed forces, w h o face death, day after day, year after rear, 'far from home and loved mes. Actually, there are ' no vords that can adequately sum up 1944, the most critical year in American history. Itrangre Bedfellows Manly Signal: A lot of strange lings happen but we never did xpect to see Messers. Stettinius, Clayton and Ajchibald MacLeish n the same ball team. id i to rial of Day ONGRESS AND THE WORLD \flANKATO (MINN.) F R E E " PRESS: The 79th congress, ow assembled, may be the most mportant one of this generation. Apparently it will deal largely vith matters o£ foreign policy in- olving the conduct of 2 great r ars and our intricate relations to lem. More than ever before it is ecessary for our people, congress nd president to expand their in- erests and apply their judgment o world problems. This is something that the Brith people have done regularly for enturies, because of their direct nterest in the commerce and gov- rnment oE so many parts of the 'orld. But our. American people, lough originating in Europe, have e-priented themselves. L i v i n g mainly in the interior of a vast ontinent, and concentrated on its evelopment, they have lost in- erest in the old world until this real war forced it upon their at- ention. Thus our statesmen at Washing- on are. for the most part, like- visc insular in their thinking and leir sense of foreign affairs. This s not true of the president, but ongress is rather handicapped in uch matters. Fortunately the members of the ouse and senate who spent sev- ral months abroad last year hould be able to render useful ervice now with regard to the roblems they have studied and le contacts they have made. For Americans in general it is good dvice to study the old world, for ur political and military prob- ems, as well as many of our eco- omic problems, are entangled irilX if- (with it The Council Bluffs Nonpareil at the Globe-Gazette paragrapher in lieu o£ argument. "Oh, pshaw! Rats!" scarily writes the Nonpareil. When dealing in crushing wilting, blistering, increpation why not choose the most forceful words in the Nonpareil's century dictionary? Why not say Pish! Tush! and ' be both classical and original.--Editorial. "I would rather be the pastor of a cemetery than a dead church they won't kick." Billy Sunday, at revival meeting in Mason City, THIRTY YEARS AGO Washington--After an hour and a half debate, the house adonted 209 to 31 the special rule for considering the proposed constitutional amendment for woman suffrage, and then settled down to 6 hours' actual debate before voting on whether to submit the resolution to the states for ratification. Six , more or less awkward squads, most of them more, assembled in the basement of the courthouse last night at the first meeting of Co. D. That means about 50 men. Capt. H. J. Heffner took charge and showed them how to properly move their feet so as not to step on the toes of other members. TWENTY YEARS AGO P. L. Scott, breeder of Buff-Orpington chickens h e r e , has returned from the state conventioin of poultry breeders at Davenport with 4 prizes to his credit. More than 1,900 birds were exhibited at the show, Mr. Scott stated. Frank A, Law and Harry V. Homrjg, who began serving as sheriff deputies on Jan. 2, made their first raid Saturday night, netting an automobile containing 13 gallons of corn whisky and the driver. The driver was jailed and the confiscated liquor placed in the vault of the sheriffs office. TEN YEARS AGO The days are cold and bleak and drear, The winds bloivs strong and how; It won't be long till someone sees, A robin redbreast now -T. Pipe. The Iowa state employment service office in Mason City had 28 applications for jobs and made 35 placements in December, according to the monthly report of the organization. Carleton L. Stewart, director of the high school band and orchestra, was elected second vice president of the National High School Music association at a band clinic held Friday and Saturday in Urbana, 111. Furrowed Fancies By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center CAST N'O STONES be Tiarrowneu if people, ion leaves m« fair axbast. ith warped and wicked pri (her winnow Ihron.h ilie past To eanterlre and croclfr ejudice «ome itntal. sorrowful soul Who wooia. If jtlvtn halt a belter role. O, \roc n is Uial narrow- mindi can not, more tolerant be n*t who are they to Jadcmtnt on such »i yoa and me? chance OBSERVING British Steel. ; got some idea of the magnitude p£ the deterraina- . tion thai keeps the British going in the face of the tremendous destruction from all sorts of bombs and robombs when I read this item in the Sunday Graphic, a London newspaper: "Wow that the attack on this country by Germany's new weapon is a secret no longer it is incumbent on us to -set it in its proper proportion. The same frenzied enemy hysteria that greeted the flying-bomb offensive is now being attached to this. Brass bands, ghost voices and every sort of childish expedient are being used by the Germans to throw V2 into higher light. Do not let us ignore all this with a natural contempt. Let us rather mark it, for it-gives the measure of the German need of moral encouragement. "It cannot, of course, be denied that this new visitation has caused some damage and casualties. To all who have suffered- we 'extend our sincere sympathy. As yet it is clear that the.number is not large; but it may well increase. It is possible that we have not yet seen the worst of this terror weapon' but it is certain that it will not, and cannot, have any material effect on the development of the war, and it will not affect the morale of the people. "That is clear; and another fact is equally obvious. V2, like VI, is "Where Safety Reigns Everyone Gains" Cerrd Gordo County · Safety Council a completely arbitrary weapon. Those who release-it have little or no accurate control over its destination. Perverted ingenuity can have no guarantee that, at the very best, it will do more than extend a little more the terror that the Germans sow so lavishly. "Is this sort of weapon going to affect the outcome of the war? The German commentators are already disclaiming any idea that it will. On the other hand the allies with their great air power, are able to sow a hundred or a thousand fold the destruction, with precision, on military targets. 'It is .this, however, that should cause us to reflect. The tierman beast cannot change its spots To the end it will be true to its blood and sow any terror and destruction within its power, wherever it can. .. !'H*; us make no mistake about this. No false sense of 'justice' or mercy should be allowed to blind us to the character of the enemy we fight. At this moment he is gloating over every circumstance which he imagines invests V2 with added terrors for the ordinary civilian of this country Let us bear that well In. mind and determine all the more that never again shall we permit Germany to have the means to run amuck in Europe. V2, at least, should convince us' that we must prevent this for ever. "So, therefore, let us steel ourselves for the final phase. The last spurt for the last lap should be our slogan. Only thus can we defeat an enemy, who has at least outdistanced the civilized world in his cruelty." --V-'Life" on Education enjoyed the f o l l o w i n g verse, clipped from The People, London publication, and pass it on for your perusal: Life is an education f And we mustn't spend it fooling; Sometimes the hardest knocks we take Form the' best part of our schooling. --V-- Informotion, Please! One Minute Test 1. What are agenda? 2. What is verism? ' 3. From what was vellum originally made? One Minute Test Answers 1. Things to be done. 2. The theory that ugliness and vulgarity have their place in the arts on the grounds of truth, and aesthetic values. 3. From skins, especially of calves, lambs and kids. The Day's Bouquet To THE FIVE NlfRSES WHO HAVE ENTERED THE ARMED SERVICES THROUGH THE CERRO GORDO COUNTY CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN RED CROSS IN THE PRESENT EMERGENCY DRIVE--for their patriotism in responding to the-call of their country to meet a critical need on the battle fronts. Laurels, too, to nurses who have joined the service by other channels. Mason City Globe-Gaxette An A. W. LEE XEVtSFATEK Issued Every Week Day ty the . GLOBE-GAZETTE PUBLISHING CO. 121-123 East Slate Street Telephone 3300 1EE K LOOM1S .......... FuWshtr^ W. EARL HALL . . . .Minirlnr Editor ENOCH A. -NOKEM ...... C «y Editor U.OVD L. GEEK . . .AdvertUlnc Mir. . ,,, !£» as second-class matter April 17. S930, at the postoffice at Hasan City Iowa, under the act o£ March 3. 1B19. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. Tha Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for repubUcatitm of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited In this paper and also the local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION KATES Muon City ,nd Cleu Ijke br ye»r, tin Miion City »nd Clear L*ke br week. Mo Outside 100 Mile Zone-- Per year 110- B months S5.50; 3 months S3; 1 month, *:I Outside Mason City and Clear lake and Within 10» MUM oj Alison Clly u« Outside of Die Carrier Districts of Muon. City and Clear lake: Per year hy carrier .... ........... S100O Per weefc by carrier ........... jc Per year by mall ........ ....... " " s 7 00 By mall 6 months ................. 1 jVs By mall 3 months ...... , OCWNONTHE BEACH--you COULD H SLPPED ME RJW WHEN TVlftV 8U3MOE OOU. CAME (OJNN1N OUT/ -SOVIE 6US GET ALL THE SR6A*S._StV£ ME A MORSEL LIKE THtsr AN 1 ft A «T MY BUSINESS TO flCOKCW/ AND STORM/ ABOUT TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OP A vJAP fWROL-iARE SAVED B/THE UNEXPECTED UWOINS OFUS.NWJBNES ASTHEV TAKEOVER THE ISLAND KINO5.... BUCK.... STA.PF... OF. EPDIE SMITH'S IS ANARMV SER6EA.MT' EH? YOU KNOW ME? WHY, BLESS ME? BETH \»OOD. f IT WAS YOU WHO RECOVERED MY POCKETBOOK? r-=^ WaLNCWWl , CALLS FOR A FOOLISH, REWABD.LH ME\ MRS.SODEB 1 GOSH,NOr/SU. 1!! MYPOCKETBOOK-'OEARME NOT I! IT WAS 8UDDY.' BUT IM .GRATEFUL! I FEARED f NOT THIS ID LOST IT FOREVER. i=3\ TIME,MBS.-g SODER: VDUW1LLBE R E W A C T J M D , TDK YOUR/ LUC45 111. SEND DELICIA 4WD LUCAS AFIWEFLOCK-OF5HEEP , MR. HORACE, YOU'RE G01WGTO HAVE SOME NICE TO REPLACE THE SAY VDU HAVE DUK1K LOCKED OWE sToiffw j--' T^S THANKS, BY THE Ti^DWrfP 'JDUR i DUKE/ r^C--xr-n MAJESTY/ THE HOGSEGOW/ 3 I DONTSEE LON Bl/r-BATMyE SETA LOAD OF . 1WSTHEINWSBIEMAM/ AH-H-H.1I VDURAUTD APHT-O P-1.-E-A-S- MR.6RANT. WHATS SETTING AWAY.'^CRS LOOKM3 FOR NOW, BY REMOTE CONTRO.,1 WILL ISNrTE THE PWWJL6IOM ROCKETS OF THE SPACE 5HIPJ A SPARK PUSHES FROW THE -- AJD TOUCHES OFF THE OBSERVATORY THROUGH THE NIGHT ROCKET TUBE .' nor/ oo MAKE THEM STOP tVtJEtl THE-f DOU'T iVA/fT TO ? lf£EP PliLLIt/C Ofl THE HM BAT H/5 TAIL FOR AWHILE! 'T «WW/VG\ He HAS ffUNNlflG MS7 J ^/l

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