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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, June 10, 1818
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JCEW'IQHK ErZJtlNQ POST, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10. The French iloop of Eglantine, captain VadhVt moustin 14 guns and 98 men, arrived at tba quarantine grouutl thU forenoon in 22 dart from JWartintaoc W bare Dot keen able to learn the nature of her errand. ' . In the ship Amity, opt. Stanton, which tailed this morning foe Liverpool, went passenger judge Ogden, tad; and two daughter, and mjr i or Lour and lady,' of Canada ; Mr. Scott and lady, of Virginia llenry Gardner and lady, of Pluladrtnh'il i Mix TjclafUhL Mrs. Poof. John ' TVnTU. f.Mm:i, tIimmmaii. VMmiinu ThoBD - ton. Williain Stewart, r . , J ouiei, ana nuiiam Broadfoot. of New - York ; Robert BchoAeld, of Rochdale, Eng. J Henry Beckctand tcrvai.:, of i.. tt. o Aff MiJAiit Tnhti Wallrnr. t of. Binniugham ; Mr. Holbrook, of Uoston. aoJ - ! V .... Z or tnc Jicw - Mvr &rciui a vm. ImnrormeiU in Narieation. - r - Au inseniou m .. . . - , r - H . . . essay on this subject hai just made it appear - nee, and the name of its author will rauk with VI UV aye ait kMts VUMOSfaV. W VI I""" kind. Mr 47 tufty hat opened a fieli of incalculable extent to the admiring gaze of the age in Which'' we live, and future ages will reap the .that vessels may be propelled through the water with 'any required relocity only increase the mechanical power, and all the hitherto insuperable objections of remittance from the water, are Jon away Ai philosopher, Mr. Busby has exhausted huiubject: the proof of hit position it perfect and incontrovertible ; but ai a mcchan it, his application remains to be tried the plan ot a race - way ana water - wneel, will undoubt edly produce a stupendous effort ; by this moans the eud may be obtained without any doubt, but it must be determined by experiment whether the method invented by a friend of Mr. B. of 'making aa artificial JishU head, with gills to ex pel forcibly the water received at the mouth, is Wot ta fact the best that can be adopted. Mr, D. in bis pamphlet starts tome objection to this plan, as being us. Tact little more than the old method of propelling a boat by the force of water ejected through, tubes or troughs j but to the writer, n appears evident, mat in is it wioeiy diilereut the stroke is widen, and in proportion to the force with whioh the water is thrown from the gills, or tide rere, will be its re - action on the stern of the vessel ; to at in effect lo combine every advantage ; since the re - aclioo takes place just at the time that the gills expand and the stroke is mtermiteu, that producing an equa bility of motion in the vessel. The public are deeply interested in the result of these experiment, and should they succeed, as there it every reason to expect that they will, the value of i steam and horse boats, on our riven and canals, will be enhanced beyond what would now be deemed all reasonable calculation. Mr. Busby's experiment it nearly ready for exhibition, and that of the fhh - bead, or water bellows, will shortly be put to the test : which ever may obtain the preference, Mr. B. will be entitled to the thanksof every friend of science and the arts,' for the principles he hat to ably developed. Dr. Toultnin of Birmingham, an ingenious philosopher, more Una twelve years ago printed, iu ha address to correspondents oo the subject of eversioo, tome curious observations on the flight of birds, and the progress of fish, which fully accord with the principles laid down bv Mr. B. but he differs widely in the conclusion, that there is a loss in the application of power as proposed by the inventor of the water bellows : on the contrary, he proves that " it forces the &h on Wir.Hf An1 IK vil.lkMn Kahl.,,1 K !.. - 111. becomes in turn u a propellent power upon the Jisn, wnjch will Dimrallr be more powerful a - gainst fish whose large heads and shoulders make the conic form of their bodies consist of a larger bne, which intercept! and receive more of the returning fluid." Should you deem these remarks worthy of a place in your useful paper I may perhaps on a future occasion give the remit of some intarosting experiments ou the best method of propelling bouts. ' . Yours, NAUTICUS. Office of the Baltimore Patriot, ) v June 7 noon. ' 5 . By Uie sloop Friendship, Captain Fosdick, arrived at this port, in 16 days from Martinique, we have received Uie following intelligence from the Spanish Maine. ALGUS TU11A, April 30 Sines the possession ot the Oronoco, with the fortress of old Guayana and the city of Auus - tura, by the patriots, the iaiportaut position of Sin r ercandu, a strongly lurtdied i - land iu the river of Apure, hits been acquired, and by this means, the province of Kaunas, the finest of e nexuch i so that the communication by the Oro noco is now open to Brazil. Monllo, on learning of the advanca of gen Bolivar and the army, retired from Bariuas to Calaaon, a strong position on the plains com man ling tie roads to Caraccar, where ho was soonduiodgeu with severe loss, followed to earn brero, whcie he was again defeated and obliged to retreat, which led to the actions of Semen and Orti:, the severest and most general ever fought nnder the republic, where the patriots completely triumphed. Here gen. bolivar made one more attempt to put an end to the war of extir - minalioo, and held Uie wounded and other prisoners of the enemy to await an exchange ; a reverse of fortune, however, for a short time placed tho wounded ot the patriot army at his mercy, wheu e .ery one was put to death by the or ders of Morillo. Suice this period geu. Bolivar had detached a division of the army for Barce lona, nnder gen. Monagas, one to Cumana, now j uuder gen. Bermudec, and one under general Faux, to observe Calceda with 2000 men, who had escaped tram Barinos, aud advanced himself with the remainder" of the army towards Carac - ca?, and had possessed himself cf the heights ol Lai Coquises and Consijo, almott in sight of the city, when he learnt that Calceda with bis division, reinforced by about 600 men more, were making a movement in his rear, so as to rut off his communication with the piaius, tram wncuce La drew Lit supplies. lie was here close to Mo riUos main force, obliged to make a retrogade moresaent, and attacked Oalceda, and cut him np, leaving tSOO men on the field. Tlie patriot lose was severe, B00 nmi bfeiug ihort of ammu - ' Ostson, bare the saalUr was carried by the bay - oust, and the army retired to await supplies, Which were U lean Auriutun uiuIm - an vsrart oatha&l May Taaer twelve ikivsaould be required to execute this, when the tMoecssioo. of CUiaceaiwmld be deeded, ai he was determined at all b - rard - to possess him si If of it ere the rams tet in. calooel wHu 2i0 men had deserted and joined ;eneral Bolivar, from luv - some essential isloreiation had lino received. and staled that the greatest chsritUUction pro - yailod amongst the bpanish troops. In the latter affairs, Morillo w at wouncVd by a lance, and get). De la Torre k lied. Of the oativits, gen. jtatraliguet ana coiinets Anaero and tiala - sVtaa, Admiral Ci ion, on tbe 1 6th M.v, wat at Five f stands close to St. Bi - ts, joined br commn - sWT.vtoc cith twootberhnga. and admiral! jkvry kh L5 sail, forming m all 31 sail In General Pies had joined Ceneral Bolivar, ar4 was at'fian Carlos, and General Oolivir at . J ' J . k.lAi. C. - rr. VTK rao, a osrv swii jiii;vih - w... April. - J8 of of its of the of of and a bft in a first tain tain and has ous as teel hat to he imj be cola that had who and wc It the ..(1 . flag flics onboard the abib Victorious, of 23 ran. ' Tin wexa to move Oil the 22d, to Apureon the coast. - Cap. Gavano, in a brig of guns, with ialloa, the former commanaani marine at Aagustura under the Spanish government, and 12 guru boats, were in the Gu'ph ofParia, still threatening the blockade Criroet and west, and probably would be met be the gun boats under commandant Diat, who had just returned from the. Apure, and wai nearly completed in refitting. From Ike Filliburgh Mercury. Original tmttioU.i has bi remarked that frequently the human mind m the last stages of earthly existence, nas oeen eouoweu witn something like a prophetic spirit of the future. Whether that was the cat in the striking incident now about to be recorded, it is uot pretended to say.' The fact are, however, unquestionably true ; and are well known to many of the officers of the American army. The coincidence circumstances it indeed, very striking, and facts deserve to be recorded, not only as an evidence of the undauuted bravery of the American officers, but as a signal instance of the actual fulfilment of their own predictions. About two hours previous to the ever memorable battle bridge water, newt had arrived in the camp the 9th regiment, that the British were advancing. A number of the officers of the 8th, among whom were capt. Hull, lieuts. Turner, Burgett, and capt. David Perry, had assembled together in a little squad ; were chatting iu friendly and jocular manuer, and were commenting upon the newt they had heard of the approach of the enemy. One of the company observed 4 well we shall have warm work today tome of us shall be killed who shall they ." Another, in the same tone of jocularity. replied capt. Uuii,' aud held up his hand. The company ail joined in holding , up their bauds, and captain Hull among the rest Who next ." rejoined another. ' ' Lieutenant Turner1, was the reply, and the rote was taken like manner. ' Well, but there must be more than two who next ?' was aked. 'Lieut. Bur - getf, was the reply, and tarried by a similar vote 'We want a representative in the Bntitb camp who shall be our repreeeutative ? who shall betaken pruouer." All eyes toiiatd - itely turned to capt. Pen, who bting quite in his dishabille, had excited sooie raillery. Captain Terry our representative', was tl.e unauaas reply and unanimous vote. Captain Perry immediately retired ; and in a lew nimuto returned, shaved and cleau'y dree.1, ml in a j - vjlar tone, asked whether he how ma le an jieai - rice suitable for their representative. The order for forming the line of battle came. The different gentlemen repaired to their different posts. The dreadful cooflict commenced. The officer that fell in the 9th regiment was cap Hull, fighting gallantly at Uie head of his company the sretnd lieutenant Turtur the thtrd lieutenant Burgett, all displayed the most undaunted and determined bravery, whilst cap Perry, as if iully to complete the previous prediction, was taken prisoner by the enemv. carried a captive into the British camp ! So striking a coincidence of circumstances rarely occurs ; and the incidents have frequently bceu the subject of conversation and remark, among the American officers, since the ever - memorable battle of BriJgewatcr. From the Savannah llcpublican,' June I. We are torn' to state that a serious dispute occured between generals Jackson, and Scott, which we fear will eventuate in a seri manner. General Jackson intends, as soon he gets through the present campaign, to repair to New - York for the purpose of calling ccou out. we naveieaint the point which created the dispute, but do not, at this ti ne, ourselves antlmnsed to state them. We also understand that general Jackson issued orders for the arrest of captain Obed Wright , and if apprehended, to be taken head - quartern, at Fort Montgomery where will be tried. The general has written a verv tevere letter to the governor of tJeore - ia, i condemning hit conduct hi the strongest teHnsforaMumingihepovvcrhe did, in order - business. Theniun - already sustained by the the force under W right to act againht the j state cf Connecticut' these boats was in - Indians, for which hesays tiieeoverr.or" shall ii,..i.,i,i ,i ;r .n,.i,ir, ..i c,.Hiio accountable for." Oen. Jackson contemplated reaching Pensa - on or about the 16lh ulU which place he intended to occupy. Itmav be some consolat ion to the parents. relative and friends of major Wright, lo learn, his body bas been picked up near the spot where he wat drowned ; aud that gen. dailies it conveyed lo Fort Scott, and there interred with those honors due to his rank. From the National Adcoca'.'. Thm .i'Im Th. m nut miiArtonl 'mvili'jrl" health in a l&rzo and populous city, is rieon street, and not "only is the health of the inliabi - tants thereby promoted, but tho character and value of the city advanced the inducements to strangers to visit, and men of eQtcrprizo to settle rai.ed ,ogix do)an, and the experiment optra - init, are extended, and a real cuiuequcuca is led so mm b again - ! theiu, as compelled them to creaieu wrucn iiiiianon and cotnmerto Mine times fad in producing, Almost every traveller dcicrilms foreign cities, describes their streets, which are cither depicted as airy, neai, (lean, or erosktd, ill - tliaytd, and dirty. If can rescue ourselves from the latter implication, and lay that claim to the former character which we merit, We may confidently anticipate bcucfila therefrom in a variety of shapes. is not to be dented, that our streets are very tdlhv, aud the health and character of the city requires that every exertion should be made ou part or the municipal authorities to keep them in belter order. It is unless to make complaints without proposing a remedy, and the corporation are aniioiifly disposed to be governed by the gpueral scutiment of the inhabitant. The variety of dials and vegetables which ate thrown into the streets, together with dead animals, aud other offensive substances, when operated upon by the rays of the sun, and particu larly in narrow streets, actually contaminate the air, and the miaima ari - ing therefrom is extremely prejudicial to health, particularly in the summer and fall seasons. Wc have long had a cart and bellman going atout at staled periods to receive the off.ds of each hause, but this has not produced the iutended effect. There aro many families in tun city who have no servant; to con vey! to Uie cart their garbage, and many servants wlvo will not carry them out ; tho consequence is, th&. when ni;ht arrives they are deposited in the street, and by sunrise the next morning they are scattered about by the bogs, or lie iu heaps festering aud brewing to poison the atmosphere. 1 his a serious evil that should be remedied. We have lately ha J several sweepers, hot in numbeis insuCVcieut for the object. There should be a competent numler for each ward, provided with scrapers, birch broom.', watering p.Ms, and followed by the carts to carry away the dirt. Instead of visiting each street at distinct periods in the tceck, they ihoulJ be visited daily in the summer and tall modus, and com mence their operations at daybreak, instead of midday, when the raising ol the dust and stir ring cl the mud is more oaensive to the citizens. We believe the street dirt is an object of revenue lo tlie city ; this rcvenuo cannot be better applied than to pay the expense of keeping uie city clean : aud if that revenue is not suth - cient, au additional tax must be lai 1, the people m coeenuuy pay it, and a cniut'er of men should be employed capable cf keel ing every 1 "i Z. ". mtviiumpuuikirv gelation or heaps of aiud and dirt. The liof. A t V"'11' "1 no broger be permitted to IhniVrVi If mtv lu. : J tuerai mm, ana, by this srslc - m, . iimr, iur a.y wut im - 'prove health wiU be promoted the ch&racur and value of property enhanced, tad t migratiaB extended and adranced. , - , - . .. . From the National InteUi fencer, June The daintiest food with In time, produce satie - ty, if plentifully supplied. Such, we apprehend, is the situation of the plurality of our readers, in regard to the great mast of the Congressional Debate with which we have furnished them, on two or three great questions, particularly ou that of Internal Improvement. We shall, therefore, change the course of entertainment, for a while, by introducing, in our next, the Speech of Mr, Kino, in the Senate, on the Navigation Bill : by which, we are sure, our readers will be equally instructed and ratified. - It has giren us tome pain, for more important reasons than that our labours are thrown away or undervalued, to find, that so small a portion of the debates of Congress find their way into the newspapers dispersed over the country. If from this circumstance Uie public taste is to be inferred, we fear we have proved wretched caterers. We feel our duty, hswever, to present to our readers every thing we have been able to collect and preserve, of any interest whatever, in re spect to the lata session of Congress ; and, if it really be not acceptable to them, can ouly re grct, that, in to doing, we are obliged to consult what we believe to be the public interest, ra ther than the public appetite. We shall be as glad at any of our readers when this duty itdis charges. From the Westchetler Heraid, June 9. Sisgvlar FHKftOMKnosr. Some time last week. Mr. John 1, acock ol this place, a gentle man of umloubtod integrity and veracity, while splitting a redar trie into quarters, tor posts, Jiscot ered in Uie heart of it, a living toad, about half aroivo the cavity in which ifwas lodged wai but merely lare enough In contain it, and there was not even the smallest communication from the cavity for the rirculntion ol'any air; the tree was perfectly to'.id, and from itt size is supposed to be ol ;irt?i(or ihxriu yeart groum. As soou r.s the tree was ouarttri'd, the toad (con - scous of having regained ill liberty) inituntly leaped from its confinement, and still livit. Similar instances have been leportcil, but whether in cMiutjucnr of the reality of such a phenomenon haing been doubted, or Icr tome other cause, we have uo recollection to have seen the opinion of any Naturalist, accounting for the poit ility of a toad's getting into a solid piece of wood, r - r how it can exiM while there. Should uiy one be pleased to furnish a communication mmo the sul jfi t it will no doubt afford a great satifjcli.n I J the curious. CONNECTICUT LF.CBLATURll June 3 At emit boat The bill for an act to tax tteam boat p&ssengers was read the becond tune and was open for discussion .Mr. fcdwardj, from New - Haven, said he would give hi reasons for introducing that bill. 1 he legislature of N ew - lork, had errant ed the exclusive privilege of navigating their waters by steam boats, to certain patentees biitthe grants in e fleet were not confined to the waters of New - iork, but operated very in juriously upon Connecticut, inasmuch as it prevented their improving their own waters in connection with that of New York, while the patentee! could improve the waters of New - York in connection with those of Countc ticut. If the patents granted by the state of New - York, ullected only their own waters there would be no ground of complaint on our part i but they in effect receive rights from our hands, over which tliettateor. iorE can have nojiiBt controu!. In the first place, a steam - boat had been put on the waters between N. York and N Haven, and shortly after the line was extended from New tkiven to New - London, ami the two had swept the sound of all the most important business which legitimately belonged to the packets ; they had not been content with carrying passcncci - s merely, but had ad vertised to take freight, and in a short time would probably monopolizethe whole carrying business of the sound. In New - Haven there were eight packets, wiucn cost ju.uuu a piece j here there was a capital of $240,000, which must be thrown out o( employment, ana i,K on, on - i iiif mi'n u lin nimpn 111 tntr n,ne torounternct the evilf it would soon be come irrcpaiable. The patents of those tteam boat comauies had hut just ccuwenced, and he relieved tiaa ai'oui iweruy years to run ; ano ii l"e "' lae j cour.e, not n r - tide of freight will be carried wheu that time expires, except by steam boats, built exclusively lor freight, and the enterprise, the business and the wealth of Connecticut would be transferred to New York ; tome check ought to be given, and be knew of but two waji for doing it either to exclude the boatt from our wattrt en tirely, or to lay a tax which should d;scouraze to'theiu from extending at least, acd if possible 'mm Beeping entire their present system., ir pwMDt rattof passage is five dollars; in tl tie packets four ; and although there is this differ ence the balance of custom is much in favor ol the boats ; last year the passage ol the boat was rnrlnce it again to five dollars il the tax propose'! hbu'il he laid, it would either compel them t i rrdiice tl.e present rate, or to g3 with a less i.uiniier oi pisn ners ; and in either case woiuj have Ihe desired effect so far as this should ope rate against the rioats, solar it Mould have a ten dency to lestore business to its projier channel. Me was mlormed that those bouts last season di vided fourteen per rent, and had a surplus re maining of 6000 dollars ; if so; they could afford to pay a tax, and the tux proposed would linns into the treasury not far irm tl.OOO dollars a year. I his might weil b - j a j plied to (!r support ot sta"! prturers ; and asltjev were uualiy stran - gers who made the expense, it was proper timt simmers should par lor it. I here was n similar aw in New Wk, and he hoped lite bill would pais. .Mr. Foot sa;d ho would t ugcst one uifT.cullv in the way of passing tbe bill, aud that was, that its provisions were contrary to the constitution. The consUtulioi vested the power of taxing im ported goods, &c. transported from one state to another, in the government of tbe U. States ; we couM exclude the boats from coming into our waters, and he did not lxow that thesUtoof N York could object to it. iMr. II. W. F.dw&rls remarked in reply, Ihtt it was a new idea to him that passcngen were Imported articles ; he ha 1 thought that term ap plicable to goods only, Mr. f.el! was opiiosed to the hill : it would operate to Ux the people of Massachusetts, Rhcle - Ialand anJ Connecticut, and would nsi - tlier operate us such upon the hU'.c of New - York nor the steam - boat company. Mr. Htcvens said, that il the company divided 14 per cent th .1 might have some weight. He aid not douht the gentleman had heiird that such a per rent was led, and beheved the report; but he had heard reports also, and one or the other must be untrue. He bad heard that the avails U the company were not enough to make it any great object to run the boats ; but be would not take the money ont of the pockets of traders to people '.a the northern parts of the union, these bonis were of very great conveni ence ; he was convinced of it, from th very great decrease of travel on Ihe road from N. Haven to N. York the public found il for their interest to take the boat, and il'it was a great public convenience, be would r.ot fVwrive them of it for the sake of his own persona! interest. He should like to have them pars by his door. Hit he would not have Uieui Uo it at a sreal sacrilice ; the in tr rests ofindivirinals ou"ht to eire place to tlmse of the public. He bad given his vote io favour of the Hartford bridge because he conceived it to be of very great public convenience, and no other case. FrivMe Intern t should nt (ay a si raw iu the way of public cenverierce. Tbe bill was ealralated not only to make money from Ihe cit izens of other states, hut I rein those of our own. and be could tee ao propriety in takins a dollar kiin tie j packets at weii might they dep&ahd a dollar of gentlemen who passed with their own horse and cli' ise. rawed tn third reading. f This" bill was called up for a third reading on th la - t day of the seskioii, and negatived . J The iaWofi. Mr. B. A. Foot introduced a biU for an act, repealing an act, relating to a due obseivatioa of lb Lord's Day. BOSTON, June 8. A foreigner lately residing in Fish - street, on Saturdav put an eud to hit existence by cutting his throat with a butcher knife. It it said that Uie deceased, who sold sausages, was charged in an auonvmous DuMicatiou. with having vended those that were not good, and being unable to re lieve himself from the imputation, commiueu cue beforementioned act. Yeslerdav three black women were commit ted to prison on a charge of having killed a white woman. 1 hey all resided at west uosiou. i physician who was called lo view the body of the deceased, gave it as his opinion, that she had received a violent contusioo oo the head, which caused a compression of, and an hwmorrhnge on the brain, and was the meant of her death. The frigate Gnerrier having undergone a thor ongh repair at the Navy - Yard b it hauled ofl into the stream and will probably sail lor Lu - rope in about a month. Mr. Campbell the new minister to Russia is expected to arrive here in a short time. From Uaeana.A letter received in Kehne - bunk, from a gentleman in Havana, states, that an order from the King was daily espected to prohibit all foreign vessels coming to that place direct, that they mut first go to old Spain and pay part of the port charges, and then they would be allowed an entrance at Havana, and it was thought that the order would be rigorously put in force. . NEW - HAVEN, June 9. JlnicdM On Saturday morning last, two gentlemen standing upon the stairs in the court house at Hartford, one says to the other, " well, the assembly are about to rise, are they ? Yes," said ho, "if they stir they uill ric, for thy can't link any lower." " UTICA, June 5. Unltoppy case David Anderson was tried OtiPifo countv for stealing a trunk, containing rroper'y to the amount of fICO, which helonged to a Mr. Lynde, and was supKised to have dropped from the stage about two and a half miles from Cherry Valley. I hi - stae passed the bouse of Anderson, who toon followed hftcr it. The trunk wa loon missed, and the driver returned, met Anderson, who was also seen on the road hv tome other i rsons. No other person wat seen in a situation which enabled him to have taken the trunk. Mur: other circumstances were against him, and he was convicted ; but after four uiclII.'s imphs in ment was discharged, the supreme court havin, decided that if he didntf mid lake the trunk, it wai not felony, cutaeriueouy air. l.ynuc coin menced a suit ngninst Anderson for the property in the trunk, and recovered the amount ; and tne judgment has been tatitfied by a tale of his pro perly since wiinn, ami very recently, it np.s been ascertained that Anderson was entirely in nocrnt ; another eison, a black man, has been discovered tn have i&aen I lie nunc, and nas confessed the fact. Thus on innocent man ha suffered the loss of reputation, property and liberty, fir the guilt of another. Important to printers Last week a cause of considerable interest to printers, was tried at the second ward court of this city, where a master priuter was plaiuliff aud a journeyman defendant. The suit was brought for damages a - gainst defendant for leaving his employer with out notice. After a patient investigation of tlie case and due deliberation on the part of the justice, judgment was given for the plaintiff, upon the ground that when a jom nevmnn is rngi'.ged, an implied contract is entered iido to finis!) the work he begins and if he leaves it unumshrti, he foileiti what be has eamed on that coutract ; li further, if lie leaves wi hout due uolire, he is liable to pay damages sustained. I). Wot. Ecteipl for destrcyinfJJirs. Take half .ilea spoonful of black pepper in powder, one tea spoontul of brown ugr, and one tame spoouiui of cream, mix them well together, and place them in the room ou a plate where tbe flics are troublesome, and they will soon disappear. The city inspector reports the death ol 52 per sons, from the 3Uth day ol iiiay to ino ot.1 day of June, lulS, viz : Abscess 3, apoplexy 1, cholera morbus 1, con sumption C, convulsions 2, dropsy), dropsy in the chest 1, dropsy in the head 4, drowned 4. utenmttent fever 1, remittent lever 1, typaus fever 13, fracture I, inflammation of the chest t, mortification I, peripneumony I, pleuuy I, smallpox I, still boru 1, Ubes met eulerira 2, teething 1, unknown 1, worms 1. UKOrLUt. C'U.viI.Mi, city - inspector. MARRIED, Last evening, by the Revd. Mr. Bork, Mr. Wilham H. Leaycraft, to Mi:s Rachel Vun .fi lm, all of this city. " Now shall no firms abridge, no hours I he views, the walks, that iKiunrilessioy inspire : Hull on. ve (lavs ol raptured ii.t'uence, stiiu! Nor blind with ecstnct'l celestial Die, Shall lore behold the spark ol earth - born time expire." MK&Y.VO POST MAHLVE LIHT. CLKAREI). Shin Independence, Thomas, Greenock Henry ijary a co. Mercury, Brown, Liverpool John Gi almin Marcus. Milliard, ll&vre F. Jenkins & Son Brl? Somh Auitrica. Hewitt N Orleans J B Durand Wm. St Henry, Dugan, Teneritfe i Gib iraltar l Harmony Kapid, Smith. bt. Croix Kcade & Depeysttr Sclir Express, AlJrich, Itichmnnd Sloop Hardware, Ingull, Norfolk Younp Hornet, Lewis, ' Boston MililVFA riUa FORENOON, Schr Good Hope, Clark, 65 days from Moga - dore, with almonds, cummin H carroway setijo, goM - txint, kc. to J Ileuernan. BELOW. S brigs and 3 schrs. ARRIVLD LJST F.FFMNT,, Ship Corsair, Sutton, 5 days from Charles ton, with cotton, rice, and 70,000 dollars spe cie, to Clarke. Moore & Co owners, J J As - tor tc Son, F Kcmsen k Co. J Howland, G As - pinwail k. Son, II Cowing, P E Frcval, C Fan - mont, Jones ti Metrrath, J Anderson 4: Co. West 8c Priest, L I Ue Luze, J W Schmidt & Co. and H Gary i: Co. Passengers, .Mrs Izard, two Misses Izards and servant, Mr Pringle il Son, Mrs Hutchinson &. Son, Miss rtne, two Misses Lightwood, Miss Ford li servant, Mrs Simmons and daughter, Mrs Uessausiire, Mr Frascr, MissFraser, Miss M Fraser, Miss Hall, Miss A Norton, Mrs Ash, master Norton, Mrs Neuville, Mrs Si Miss Gillar, Messrs Norton, Fraser, Neuville, Hunt, J Howland, Smith, C Norton, Philips, Bailey, Painter, Foster, Mr Si Mrs M Leou, and servants ; in all 61. Ship Riling Stales, Swinburne, 5 days from Savannah, with cotton and tobacco, to Cris - wnlds It Coales, Townsend Si White, II Vos. Willets Si Lawrence, and T Phelps ti Co. Iassengers, maj. Elevens, lady, 7 children and servant, B Hall, l.idy, 3 children and servant. Mrs Hall and son, Mr and Mrs Savage, Mrs Clizbe, Rev II Hulbert, Dr. W B Eaton, F t.i raud, E K Billings, and L Cruger. Left, to sail same day for N York, ship Cotton Plant, brigs Speedy Peace and Levant, schrs Mils, Beetle and Milo, Peace, and Emily, White; brigs Eliza, Thayer, for do in 7 ; Hons, of Baltimore, for Havre, same day. Met in the ri ver, bound up, a light ship ; ship Howard, ofl Boston, 55 days from Liverpool ; ship Amphi - n, 9 days from N: Yutk, Within the Bar ; and brig Harmony, It days from N Tbrk. Brig Frances, or Portland, Had ueen asnore waays and sustained some damage had discharged her ballast. Seven leagues from Tvbee light, passed a brig supposed to be the Olynthus, Sharpe, from Philadelphia, bound in. Ach Friendship, Dorr, 7 days from Darien, with cedar and cotton, to Le Koy, Bayard and Co. and others. Is ft, brig Little Frank, Moore, of N York. June 4. lat 34 20, long 75 80, spoke brig Margaret, of Boston, 3 days from Charleston for Liverpool. " Sch Mary & Betsey, Gorham, 7 days from Boston, with plaster, to Benj Blossom, jr. Sch Pacific, Lewis, 9 hours from Bridgeport, with plaster. Sch Franklin, Baker, 3 days from Barnstable, with plaster and passengers. ?ch Spe.icer, Mathews, 'i days from Yarmouth, Ms. with plaster. Sloop Collector, Dexttr, 6 days from Boston, with phister, rum, molasses, tic. to Y'andewa - ter, Wheeler & Co. and others Sloop Francis, Small, 7 days from Portland, with ashes, bound to Trinidad. Sloop Atlas, Prince, 15 days fiom St. Andrews, with plaster, to Van Nortwick & Miller. Sloop Lydia, Nickersun, 5 days from Dennis, with oil and candles. Sloop Phoebe, Nickersun, 3 days from Dennis, with ashes. Sloop Leopard, Bulkley, 14 days from Boston, with plaster, onions, lemons, raisins, &c to J Johnson, J O.Uorn, and the master. SAVANNAH, June 1. Arrived, French brig Deux Fares, Hue, Bouen, G, bricks, mill stc net tic. Cleared, ship Woodbine, Willet, Havre; brigs Eliza, Adams, do ; Haymaker, Crocker, News' orK ; schrs Milo, Beetle, do ; Lucy, Douville, Providence; sloops Joseph, Nye, Newbedford; Aioiito, Barnes, Providence. The ship Hope, sot off the White Oyster Bed, and came up yesterday lo Four Mile Point, where sue nat anchored. Baltimohe, June 7. Arrived sloop Friendship, Fosdick, 16 cloys from Trinity, Martinique. Left sch Lemuler, of New - Bedford for Savannah, in 5 days ; sell , Stanard, New - biiryport, in 10 days. . NORFOLK, June 4. Arrived in Hampton H - .ads on Wednesday uifht,schr Sintington, Ri - ii aid i, 12 days from St. Thomas. Spoke on Sunday last, Ui 34, long 72, baruue Ovipee, Stout, 4 days Iroin St. Croix, of and for this port. Cap tain Taylor, of th British schr Matchless, (whit li arrived at this pott a short time since, irom Ldguiru, whither the had b;en tun away wilii by llui mate crew, at the moment thai rapt - Taylor was going on boatd,) came passeu - ger in the Siimngton. Philidcuiiia, June 9. Arrived, brig Pilot, Wing, from Marseilles via Gibraltar 65 days Left at Marseilles, 1st April, ship Gangv s, Dix - ey, of Marblchead for India ; brig Ann, Kos - seau, Button, unc i Mungo Park, dodo; Elizabeth Sturgis, Maxwell, of Philadelphia for Alexandria, loading and to sad in 10 days ; Eliza. Kilcy, for Norfolk, do do. In quarantine, brig South Carolina; Legal Tender, Lindsay, and a hennaphmdite brig, all from N Orleans. June 4th, Cnpe Henry dis. 20 leagues, spoke hermaphrodite brig Economy, Cleave - land, 18 hours from Alexandria for Madeira. The Pilot, 11th April, came to iu Gibraltar hay, hut a heavy eale conunij on was obliged to cut and nut to sea, without any intcrcouise with Uie biiore. Bi iir Perseverance. Armstrong, Havana, 10 days. Sell Iris, Rover, N York 3 davs. At the Lazaretto, brig Melita, Clement, Trinidad in Cuba 20 days. UosTosr, Julie 7 - Arrived sch Quaker, Jer - negan, 43 days from Lisbon. Left April 20, brnr Nancv. Huff, of New. York, fur Rouen, (Fiance,) in 3 days ; Three tillers, Nixon, of and tor M. loik, in 5 days ship roculionlas, Watkins, 46 days from Norfolk, (in quarantine) j brig Morris, i.'3 days from Cltcsapekke, do t sch Hannah, Beach, of and for Gloucester, unc ; Gen. Scott, Williums, from No, folk, do; ril Krim, Sonle, from Newbury, do; Betsy, Tur ner, 4 1 days from N York. Sch Thetis, Baker, for St. Petersburg, sailed in co. May 21, lat. 42, long 51, fell in with large quantiet of ice. Capt. J. informs that a severe gale of wind was experienced at Lisbon, April 10th, which did considerable damage among Uie shipping. A Portuguese 74 was fitting out at Lasbon, to cruise against the Algerines. Flour at Lisbon, 1 com 58'J a 600 milrcas. Arrived at Quarantine. 1 he sch. Flanter, Goodwin, l'J Uys from St. Croix, ( W E ) Left briir Ma' y - Ann, Walker, of Providence, for Bs.,e End, in 2 days ; Com Berry, Iwy, from Phi.adelphia, far 16th) discli. No other ves sels at West End. Brig Wm. Smith, McL - . l - lati, for N York, sailed lythult; b;.fque Ossip - pce, Stout, fur Norfolk, tfOth; brig Newbern, Ciishiiig, for Philadelphia. 21st. Admiral Byron's (Utriot squadron, of 14 sail, 8 square i ig - ged and 6 schrs from St. Harts, pas d Sandy Point, (south side St Croix) 19th of Mty, said io be biiui.J to Samana, to take possession in behalf of the Patriots. Island produce very scai ce American produce plenty, except flout', corn and meal. " tortojla, May 20 Ta o ships were wrecked on Anacuda a few days s'.nce, one of them under the French flag from Bordeaux, bound lo N Orleans, with bi undy, wine, fiuit, ic. and some stores fr ihe French' ttttlement most of the cargo saved. Tbe other, an English ship fiom Liverpool, bound to Campeacliy, with dry goods, crates, A;c. ; part of the car go saved no lives lost." THEATRE. SECONM NIGHT OF ROB ROY. Ou Wednesday evening, June 10, 1318, will be presented, (for Ihe 2d time in America,) the miuical dnma, iu 3 acts, of HOll HOI; OR, AVLn LAXO SINE. Dramatised by Isaac ! ocock, Lsq. and now performing iu London with the greatest apphiu e; with new scenery, dresses, mUiic, iic, Raslileigh Oibaldiatone, Mr. Pritchard Owen, Joues Rob Roy M'Gregor Campbell, Kokertson Bailie N'icol Jarvie, Hilson Diana Vercoti, Mrs. Parley Helen M'Grizor, f wile to Rob Roy,) ll:irncs To which will be added, the musical farce of THE ROMP. Old Ceckoey, Mr. Johnson Watty Cocknry, Hilson Priscilla Tombry, Mrs. Dariey Qj3 Performauce to commence at half past 7 o'clock, precisely. A I) YFR Tin EM E vT. rcr HUGH .MACCALLUM, from Argjie Shire, Scotland, editor of an additional coIUm' - tinn ol 0?:iaii's poems, with a description of Staffa and Youa, tic impressed with the highest sense ofgiatilude for the distinguished patronage he met with from the ladies and gentlemen of New - York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk. Chat lesion, Shvannah, Augusta, Columbia, Fur ttcvillc, aud VYilmiiigtnn, begs uiont respectfully to return them his unfeigned acknowledgments. The editor humbly soliintsthe attention of Ihe ladies and gentlemen of the eastern slaUs to this an' lent momiQieot of genius. Owing to the generous eucouri - cemei't ffil;rcUd him iilready in Britain and America, ho fl liters himself that the iiihatitaut: of the eastern states will not be inferior in title and liberality to Ur&l of the south. Je 10 t ClOTTON. Ml bales prime Upland Cotton. laiij.r )V - in ship Kitnr States, for sale by OUISWOLliS : COATS, Je 10 ca Soulh - strctt. II A. YD EL it'IMTD.t StiClETf ' - THE LAST - ORATORIO ' , THIS SEASON, iry Will take r.lace TO.Mf)RRfiW rvti - 1NG, when will be performed the first uait'Jr the CREATION. Solo, Kenr bugle, . Mr. WjJi, Air, Oftoa a plat, Mr. GfllitdiaB Double chorus, The horse and his rider. PART SECOND. Overture. Air, Eve's lamentation, ' A member Air and chorus, Sound the loud timbrel, air, M in Pmhi Solo, violin. Mr. r:itUn.i,n lUcilatire, Deeper and deeper still, Mr. A. Taylor ir. V aft her anvelii. M a T..i s j ariur Chorus, Then round about his starry throne ' Air, in sweeten harmony. Mm Conrad Air. Lord remember David. Mr. A Ti - r - . ilf Chorus, Behold the Lamb of God pnetf, Praise ye the Lord composed by Mr ti ll I,f A . . - run, s. a. layinr, ana sv.ltiu. Recitative, I Behold I shew you a mystery. - ir, i i ue trumpet snail sound; TrumoeL Mr. Win;. Chorus, Hallelujah. 1'ickcts to be had at the followintr places : Mr. Kilev's music store, Chatham - street i Mr '.asthuni's book store, Broadway; Messrs. oodrirh A - f.'o's. dn. (In Mr llnlw.ia' niu.; store, do j Mr Geib's do. Maiden - lane ; T. k j. sworus, i - eari - street ; and Messrs. Kirk & Mrrcien's book store, Wall - street D. Lonr. r.rlh's book store, No. 11, Park. jelO Fur Knttand, tiii Halifax, IN. .) . frv - I.eltt'rs for his Britannic Miim. nt 1 I ..Iu H....t..ll ... J. f"' ...7 iruimuf win tie receivea at Ihe ost Office till Wednesday afternoon, tlie Istdar i .lit mill Ih J.iuin.'ni frT?T . - """i"mui uwury, fCT A stated moulhly meeting of this sorief will be held in the New York8fnslitution, ci Thursdav eveniuf. 12Ui insf. at l,ir .' o'clock, I IlKIOItAI IIIM MVlli - l - " - - XVHVIj, frT" A II nt - rsoiis olilie drrtnre, in t .ri i - ,i v, iiKnu, or quukers in the city and county of New - York who have lulled to pay the tax in lieu of milital ry duty, are rtqnesud to call at the Collector's IfTirr. Ni Ol'il. Il;,ll l,fajn l 1. nud o'cloik, w. or Ix - lore the 15th day of J. lv nelt. and uav til tliH auhw - rilwr lhM ...iKlikM. j , i j - . .. ... ... 1 1 j hn'Silue, and remaining unpaid, from the year jii - .ci,c, apiccninj iu H taw Ol this state, passed March t9, 1!1(j9 and incase ol ct glci t or refusal M' payment after the above period, I am directed to kvy upon the goods tad t battles of each individual battle, and refusing ta pay the same. By order of thecotpoialion. I'linQ tv en ci - bt rii..... Print, ra Ii, llir. iw,l i,.n utill nl.... the above daily till Ihe IjIIi July. jh ii'uy io ij. )" I he second annual meeting of the New York Female Auxili.y BIBLE SOCIETY will be held in the Lecture Room of the Dutch Church, in Garden - street, TO MORUOW, the 11th inst. at II o'clock in the forenoon. All pe sons who fed an inteiest in the society are invited to attend. A committee is appointed to receive the contributions which may be made at that time. Subscribers who will have the goodness to bring with them, or to send, their subscriptions, will save the institution much of the expense and inconvenience necessarily incident to the employment of a collector. As a number of persons who formerly subscribed, cannot be found by the collector, for want of the proper designation of names or places of residence, it is earnestly requested, that such deficiency maybe supplied to the . secretary, Mrs. S. Lkvard, No. 37 Broadway,, or to any of the Board of Managers, je 10 For VlUhLEaTOA . The nark et alonn MAUV.AN'W. Jas. 1. Pine, master, having one half Of a freight, will sail on Saturday next, 13th insL weather permitting, tor remainder ol freight or passage, apply on board east tide Burling - : slip, or to ANSON O. PHELPS, - je iu 104 rrom street. For RICHMOND, fir.) wiijV, The briS HOPE, Pilsbury, master, jsmWiII be dispatched without delay, and will take freight, if immediate application is made at 67 South - street, to Je 10 CAMBRFLKNG ti PEARSON. . Fur .4MSTt.RD.1M, xMa The brig Ohio, has commenced load ffiBa'n" this day, ami will be dispatched a - bout the 24th inst. having three fourths of btr cargo engaged. For freight of the remainder or - passage, apply to Captain CARM.1N, on board, at pier No. 6 A. R. or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, JelOgw 77 Washington street. For Freight or L hotter. The echr. URCHIN, Paul, master, TOO - (.tons burthen, S years old, sails well and is ui good order for any voyage Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, 1 June 10 '28 Soath - st. For SjiFANNAH, The superior packet brig HERO, capt. Bailey, will sail in a few days r ui uazsa - 'e, apply on uoaru Hi mui - ruy's wharf, or to POTT k M'KIfJNF - Je 10 66 South street. FOR E, The bri MARY. capt. Brewster, at ishe arrived from Havana, burthen 200 tous, is faithfully built, has two decks, and may be scut to sea with but little ei pence, now at Ardeu's wharf, pier No. 8, North River. Apply to N. 4: D. TALCOTT, Je 10 64 South - it. For CHARLESTON, fS. C.) Jkh The regular packet brig TELE - jS'&GRAPH - J. s - Munro, master.will positively sail on Friday the 12th. For freight .Bnn. - nnA I .. n ns at aaiaeiis arPiimmriil nt uine f - .' - - - f - O . ap ply on board, east side Flv - market - wharf, or to HENRY COWING, je 10 2t 171 Front, corner Fulton - st For MADEIRA. Tin. fine! schooner JANUS, cantain TohiT . will s'il no the 11th inst. ioi, , ... - .... - - For freight of 200 bbls or passage, apply on board at Jones' - wharf, or to E. FISHER, je 10 lw 43 South - street For SAVANNAH, i The fast sailing packet ship K!Siiw STATES, Swiuburn, master, will be reaJv to receive cargo to - morrow, and will sail positively on Sunday next. For freight or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply on, board at l'ioe - rtrect wharf, or to GRIS WOLDS & COATES, Je 10 615 Soath - st. FOR SALK, The fine iloop M AKILLA, 5 tons S - tmniien. one and a half year old, may be scot to sea with very little expene. handing from said stoop and for tale, 38 bhils. Molasses ; 9 rlo Rum la hbls. Sugar ; 7 do Molasses Applvlo E. FISHER, Je lO lw 48 Sont. strent fsv MAUKIRA ii PORT M INE. 4 Qr. casks Madeira, and 6 hhds white port wine, for sale bv ' ROBERT CILLESriE, June 10 112 Front - it. SICILY LFMONM. IOO hoxtt lmoes, ul VJ p.iu e ct - 'er, lauiiing and f - r sale by v JUiEFH ObBORN, je 10 S8 Soutb - sirtet

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