The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 24, 1931 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1931
Page 18
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16 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 24 1931 SHIPPING HOG DEMAND BOOSTS PRICES BETTER TONE IN I CATTLEMflRKET JFat Lambs Steady at New Low Prices Reached Monday. r CHICAGO, March. 24. Iff)--De- inand from the outside for shipping hogs brot that section of .the market back to Friday's prices in thsi "opening · trade today and restore'! any losses that remained from Monday's early decline. Buying was not active enough to move more than the top pickings of lights and heavy butchers were unsold in the early trading. Altho held higher,-a few select 160-220 ID. weights brot §7.90 ,@8 at the start. Holdovers of 8,000 cumbered the market, but the run of 19,000 hogs for today was otherwise not excessive and in line with last Tuesday. .'""· " B e t t e r tone in. the cattle market ·was anticipated today for well finished and'common steers and for butcher' stock, after their fairly, good showing yesterday '· in the Monday "bear" market. Demand for dressed oeef cuts, especially cow, was considered broad enough, to prevent.'any clogging due to heavy killing quality Monday, and the eastern ' markets- all showed a steady price level, compared to Friday. Packers confined their early buying to thih steers,- selling at the bottom of the market, while better shipping orders indicated steady prices again for kjnds selling at $9.75 and higher. · - New low prices in the fat lambs market after the bottom dropped out yesterday found all buying interests' ready to purchase without further demands for cuts. Shippers were compelled to pick out their light weights early,-as the run'of 13000, of which 3,078 were directs, afforded little chance to bargain. Best 92 Ib. weights were held at around 58.85, which sounds strange after the 59-25 paid at the start of Monday's market. Heavy Colorados moved off at $8.25 in the opening " Hogs' closed around IOC higher -with a few JaS IUM or mixed weights only stead y to strong. Cattle finished strong to 25c up and sheep fairly active, mostly steady. Local Hogs "MASON CITY, March 24.-- Best sorted lights, 180 to 230 Ibs., ?7.3p; nest medium weight butchers, Z40 to 260 Iba., S7.00; best heavy butchers, 270 to 300 Ibs., 56.80; best prime' heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs. S6.60; best packing sows, 3UU to 350 Ibs., $6.00; best heavy sowa -SGO, o 0 S l . 0 , , e c t : mostly . fo lOc hlRher- top 58.10; 150-210 Ibs. ' s- JT.6007.80; 250- . ing sows 275-500 Ibs. »6.35®6.75; slaughter ' and yearlings' steady; killing quality pi" S700 to 58.25 kinds predominating with sprinkling at W.50®0.50; very few above S9 00; goort to choice- heavies held around 510.60: ehe stock mostly steady hut slow, especially fat cows, .bulls strong; Easter Influences stlmulaUng good and cholco veal- crs; market on such kinds 25®50o up; prices up to SB.50;-jilaufihter cattle and veal- era, steers good and choice 800-900 Ibs. 58.BOSj)10.75: 900-1100 . Ibs. 58.50@10.75: 1100-1300 Its. $8.50@10.75; "00-1500 Ha 5875@10.75; common and medium 600-130( Ibs. $6.25@8.75; i heifers good and choice 550-850 Ibs. 17.2509.25; common and medium S5.50®7.75; cows good and choice 55.00 ©6.50: common and medium $4,00@5.00; iow cutter , and cutter $3.0001.25; bulls (yearlings excluded) good and choice (beef) $4.25@5.75; cutter to medium S3.75SP1.75- vealera (milk: fed) good and choice S7.004P 9.50; medium S5.50O7.00; cull and common 51.006-5.50; stocker and feeder cattle, steers good and choice 500-1050 Ibs. S7.50@8.75: common and medium $5.5007.50. -SHEEP 13,000; mostly steady with yesterday's eloee; few good and choice wooled lambs I3.255JB.SO to packers; outsiders S8.CQ@8.85; some held higher; clippers S3.00: slaughter sheep- and lambs, lambs 90 Ibs. down good and choice $8.5009.10; medium 57.75©8.50: 91-100 Ibs. medium to choice $7.25^8.85; all weights cull and'com- mon ;2.00®4.00; feeding lambs 60-75 Ibs blank. OMAHA MVESTOCK , March 24. Cm--United States 'department of agrlculture^- _HOGS 7,000, 00 direct; medium and light . hogs 20@25c higher to shippers; big packers inactive; top 57.65 on 100 Ib. weights; early sales 160-230 Ib. weights 57.5007.60 £30-250 Ib. butchers 57.40^7.50; packing sows 56.3506.60; feeder jigs SG.50S7.00 average cost Monday 57.01, weight 2S5. · CATTLE 5,800, 300 calves; slaughter steers and ahe stock · active, strong to 25c Signer; bulls steady; vcalers strong to 50c mgher; stockers and feeders scarce, strong h^ilk fed.steers and yearlings 57.2508.75 ·weighty steers 1,369 Ibs. 39.60: yearlings 899 Ibs. 59.75; heifers mostly 56.5037.75 few lots 58.00 and a little higher; bulk bee; cows 54.50£5.75; cutter grades J3.25SJ4.00 medium bulls 53.75®4.25; practical top veal ers 58.00; few $8.50 with odd head to in sw Iots °* atoc 1 ": 1 * 57.00 ws 5 tE Jp p ' 12.000; one car supply lambs IVnba 25-30c lower; bulk Jg@s.lO; few sales ta outsiders $8.2508.40; small lota native spring lambs $11.50; no.choice on offer. ·· SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. · SOUTH ST. PAUL, March 21. (,«--U. S department of agriculture-CATTLE 1,800; all classes In rneage supply but market slow, about' steady with Monday's average; steer trade late Monday Included eight cars 1,356 pound fed Mon tanas $8.5; 'medium weights at same money ·with 1,067 pound heir era at $7.25; bulk stee . crop salable $6.5008; beef cows S4.2SO5.50 butcher heifers 35.2506.50; cutters 534? 3.75; hulls strong to 25c 'up; practical o] $1.50; bull; $4.25 and down; feeders ani fifaekers unchanged. Calves 2,000; strong to 50c higher; good grades $5©6.50; cholci kjnds $S«j8.50. .HOGS 6,000; opening, fully steady to lOc higher than Monday's average; better 160 230 Iba. $7.40®7.60; top $7.60; better 230 250 Ib. averages $7.2507.40; most 250.323 )b. weights J8.85@7.25: pigs and light ]l£ht£ mostly $7.60; packing sows $fl®6.25; average cost Monday $7.25, weight 236. .'SHEEP 500; late Monday two cars good to choice fed western lambs $8.35; numerous car» held over from Monday; today packers talking weak to lower; asking S8.50 OJ8.6Q on fed western lambs; Indications etettdy to weak on other classes. siorx cixy XVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY, March 24. UT)--U. S. department of agriculture--CATTLE 1,500; calves 100; active, killing steers, yearlings and she stock mostly 25c higher; bulls and vealers firm; stockere »nd feeders steady; few good medium weight beeves {0; good yearlings $8.50: hulk $7.25 08,25; odd Jots choice J/shl belter* }8 £.75; most cows $4.2Sfiij.25; heavy sausage mils up to $4.25; practical vealer top $7.50; mattering sales stockers $7.50 down. HOGS 8,000, fafrly active to shippers mostly 10-15c higher. Packers Inactive; bulk 00-210 Ib. butchers $7.40 to'mostly S7.50, op $7.60; 220-250 Ibs. largely $7.2597.50; 260-290 Ib. weights $7@7.30; 300-350 Ibs. 8.75@7.10: packing sows steady to 15c off at $5.258650." SHEEP 2,500, no early trading, asking tround steady for fat Iambs or $8.60 and Lbove for wooled offerings 90 Ibs. down; packers talking lower; other classes scarce, quoted' little changed. KANSAS CITY IJVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, March 24. UP)--U. S. department of agriculture--' ' ' HOGS 3,500; 140 direct; fairly active, mostly 10-15C higher than Monday's average;, top $7.80 on 180-230 Ibs.;. good and cholco. 140-160 Ibs. $7.25@7.75; 160-180 bs. $7.35@7.80; 180-200 Ibs. 57.50®7.SO; 200-220 Ibs. 57.50@7.80; 220-250 Ibs. $7.40© 7.80: 250-290 Ibs. $7.25@7.75; 290-350 'Ibs. I7.10®7.35; packing-sows 275-500 Ibs. S6 35 @O.BO: stock pigs, good and choice 70-UO bs. $76'7.75. CATTLE 8,000; calves 900; killing classes- steady to strong; spots higher on steers: stockers and feeders fully steady; "teen, ·ood and choice, 600-900 Ibs. S7.75@10; 9001100 Ibs. $7.75®10: 1100-1300 Ibs. $7.75® 10; 1300-1500 Ib3. S7.75@10; common'and medium 600 Ibs. up $5.25@7.76; heifers, good and-cholce 550-850 Ibs. S6.75@9; common and medium 550-850 Ibs. $1.2506.75: cows, good and choice $5®6.25; common and medium {1@5; low cutter and cutter S2.754M; vealers · (milk fed) medium _ to cholco $5.5039; cull and common $105.50; stocker and feeder steers, good and choice (all weights) S6.75@9: common and medium (all weights) $4.25@6.75. SHEEr 30,000; slow; very little done early; bidding lower for wooled lambs: a few Arizona spring lambs to shippers $11: lambs, good and choice 90 Ibs. down 57.506?., 3 40" medium 90 Ibs. down $6.50®7.50: common, all weights. $5®0.50; medium to choice 91-100 Ibs. $6.50®8.25; ewes. Tnedlum L ocholce 150 Ibs. down S3.25@4.75. I-tVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, March 24.--Estimated receipts of bogs, 17,000; cuttle, 7,000; sheep; 9,000. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. March 24. (rt--Official estimated receipts tomorrow: Cattle 7,000; hogs 17,000; sheep 11,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO, March 24. !Pt--Representative sales as selected by the U. 8. department of agriculture-- t SHEEP. ! Native Lambs-- Fed Westerns-249 82 9.00 236 85 117 80 8.85 421. 80 8.85 92 85 8.T5 205 92 8.60 150 78 8.05 475 94 8.5U 103 83 8.GO 600 99 8.25 88 95 8.50 Fat Ewes-130 · 86 S.JU 15 118 5.00 114 75 8.35 63 127 4.75 208 79 8.25 78 140 4.50 120 103 8.00 B - 132 4.25 75 74 7.75 « 190 4.00 32 99 7.50 40 307 7.00 07 73 6.50 35 60 8.00 . CATXtE. Steers--. Hellers-22 1213 10.50 29 711 8.25 20 1348 -9.75 81 745 7.75 30 - SOI 8.50 14 842 7.00 13 1298 O.H5 10 810 6.40 20 1243 9.00 Cows-20 1184 8.50 8 1237 6.50 20 943 8.00 14 930 6.UU 51 1111 7.85 16 1112 5.00 48 1111 7.75 12 1022 4.25 43 1041 7.50 11 £17 3.15 17 1080 7.35 20 912 7.00 12 S27 6.50 HOGS. Heavy Weights-- Light Weights-- « 308 fi.90 07 104 8.05 38 - ' S« *. -- 8.95 - 63- · . --. --189 - --S .10 41 328 t 7.00 56 175 8.00 54 302 7.10 62 163 7.95 Mediums-- Light Weights-57 285 7.25 62. 156 8.10 61 248 7.40 09 147 8.05 50 232 - 7.5fi 60 130 8.00 03 219 7.75 57 134 7 70 211 8.00 63 201 8.05 RALLIES IN GRAIN FAIL TO STAND Late Dealings in Corn and Wheat Break Low Price Records. CHICAGO, March 24. UP}--Ral- iea in grain prices failed to hold well today and In the late dealings wheat and corn both broke low price records. Nevertheless, wheat volume broadened and some operators expressed belief that within a week they would be doing business again in-the regular wheat pit, vacated some time ago when corn was more active than wheat. Spreading- operations between Chicago and Winnipeg to restore Chicago prices to a world parity following' the new definition of policy by the federal Farm Board was again an outstanding- feature, resulting ia a lower average of prices today. In the last few minuses of trading, however, wheat % was bulllshly affected by reports that farm board 'allies would Increase their Belling price on old No. 2 hard wheat Etartipg April I. June delivery suddenly jumped up 6 cents a bushel to 73 cents as a result, but on small transactions. Wheat closed irregular ^ic lower to 5c higher; corn ^@lc down; oats VBC off to a shade up, and provisions at 10 to 17 cents decline.- In the corn .market, selling on the part of houses with eastern connections was a feature when ' prices bulged. Primary receipts of corn totaled 669,000 bushels, compared with 531,000 a week ago and 646,000 a. year ago. Chicago arrivals weie 90 cars, An overnight accumulation of selling or ders thrown Into the wheat pit swept the market downward as soon as trading opened. Before the wave of Belling subsided, July dropped to 58% cents and September to 59, both outdoing yesterday's bottom figures and also other low records going back to 1895. Word of enlarged export offerings by Canada, Argentina and Russia gave added Impetus to selling here. · Leading bears contended that with a United Slates wheat visible supply of more than 200,000,000 bushels, and with government-sponsored agencies giving no support to new crop deliveries wheat futures representing the 1931 harvest would sell at a world level. Provisions declined, Influenced by gram market unsettlement. CHICAGO CASH CHAIN CHICAGO. March 24. OT)--W heat--No. 1 yellow hard 79'Ac; No. 2 hard {weevlly) 77c: No. 4 hard 76c; No. 1 northern spring 79ic; No. 1 mixed 78V4C. Corn--No. 2 mixed 61©62c; No. 3 mixed _.)V*ciJ60V4:: No. 1 mixed 58«?58Kc; No. 2 yellow 61@62ftc; No. 3 yellow 59%G? 615dc; No. 4 yellow 57Vj©59Wc: No, 2 white 61S@62c; No. 3 white No. 1 white 60@60Vlc. Oats--No. 2 white 31%«J32c. Timothy seed «.20@8.75. Clover seed $11.75S'19.25. Lard 8.90. Ribs 11.00. Bellies 11.00. Hog Markets By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hog prices at Iowa markets Tuesday: CEDAB RAPIDS--Prime hogs: Medium *7@7.20; heavies $8.70®6.9Q; lights S7® 7.20; packers 55.7006.20. IJES MOINES--TOO; steady to lOc higher prime lights 50.00®7.35; prime mediums $6.S5®7.25;.prime heavies $6.30ft6.90; good packers OTTCMWA--15c higher; 120-150 Ibs S5.25; 150-180 Ibs. $6.85; 180-230 Ibs. S7.20 230-260 Ibs. $7.05; 260-300 Ibs.' $6.75; 300350 Ibs. $6.45; over 350 Ibs. $4.13; Koo-J packers $5.70; fair packers $4.70. . WATEIUXIO--Prime hogs, 180-220 Ibs $0.95®7.2S; 220-210 Ibs. S6.S5W7.15; 240 280 Ibs. S6.00O6.00; 280-320 Ibs. S8.35C 6.70; 320-350 Ibs. $6.25@6.60; good packers 55.7506.10. COMBINED HOQ RECEIPTS. DBS MOINJES. March 21. UTH-U. S. department of. agriculture-Combined hoe receipts at 23 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located In In terior Iowa and southern Minnesota tor tire 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today we 7,800 compared with 10,300 a week ago. Mostly ,10"-15c higher; buyers aggressive for numbers hut marketing very light; bulk or 170-230 Ib. weights 57.20^7.45; choice 180-210 Ib. averages up to 57.5.15 and 57.60 Ib spots; 240-290 Ib. weights mostly 58.75® 7.25; big weight butchers'* down to 56.40. Quotations for goad and choice: X*lght lights; 140-160 Ibs. 56.05(37.40; light weights, 100-180 Ibs. S7.10®7.50; 180-200 Ibs. I7.15i3i7.55; medium weights 200-220 Ibs. 57.1507.55; 220-250 Ibs. 56.90{j7.5 heavy weights, 250-290 Ibs. 50.70@7.20; 290-350 Ibs. S6.45©7. Good packing sowa 27G-35Q Ibs. 55.85$ff fl.25; 350-425 Ibs. ?5.50®8; 425-550 Ibs 55.35@5.75. HOG FUTURES. CHICAGO, 'March 24. {/T)---Hog futures Bidding 58,25 for light hogs, $7.85 for mediums and $7.25 for heavies to arrive tomorrow: '' Grade' Offered Bid LIGHTS-April 8.50 8.2; May 8.75 8.50 Sept. (first half) 0.25 8.7 Sept. (last half) 9.10 MEDIUMS-April 8.00 May (first half) 8.2 Mas' (last half) S.60 Sept. 8.75 HEAVIES-Sept. (first halt) 0.25 8.80 Sept. (last half) 9.00 MISCELLANEOUS . MINNEAPOLIS. March 24. (Jn--Flour un changed; shipments 31,835. Bran S10.EOft20.00. Standard middlings {10.00919.50. POTATO MARKET CH1CAUO,. March 24. {;!!--United States department of agriculture-Potatoes 122; on track 317; total Unite' States shipments 570; wek; few sales trading very slow; sacked per cwt., Wlscon sin round whites jl.SOOl.75; mostly »1.60@ 1.65; Minnesota round whites Jl.40ija.50 Idaho russet* No. 1, Jl. 6001.75; mostl $1.65@1.70; few best ^1.85; commercial jl.55«f1.60; No. 2, S1.45ST1.50: Colored red McClurcs $2.10; brown beauties $1.60. HAY MARKET. CHICAGO, March 24. un--Hay, 30 cars unchanged. NEW YOKK SUGAR. NEW YORK, March 24. m--Raw sugar advanced'l-32c to 3.33@3.47c. Futures at midday i 3 points higher for spots and 1 to 2 higher for later deliveries Refined unchanged at 4.35c. TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO, March 24. (/IT--Clover seed cash domestic new SII.SO; March 514.5 CholcecflsJU old 314.30: cash new S14.75. MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, March 24.-Barley-,.. VTM-U.w..^ ^ .-U ..^ .?0o Oats ...'..... .22c Shelled corn, No. 4 43o Ear corn i 40c GrainFutures CORN-Mar. 'old new May old. ., new.. July Sept. ...... WHEAT-Mar. old new.; old new., Juno July Sept OATS-Mar. old old,.. new.. July Sept RYE-Mar. old... May old... new.. July Sept LARD-If ar. May July TUESDAY GRAIN" CLOSE. March 21. Low .59 H, CHICAGO, High .61 .61 .63 VI -61% May May .65% .79-S .81% .82 -K .73 .53}4 .60 .30% .317. .32 'A .32\f, .32% .38 .38% .30 8.93 9.00 . 0.20 .82% .63% .79S .70 Vi .81 S .82% .68% .58V6 .59 .30% .31'A .3131 .31* .31 vi .33'A .39% .40% 8.90 8.92 9.05 SK :::::::::"·" «·« tip)-Close .604., -60VS .62% .63 .01« .70V/ .79 « .81V, '.12" .50S .59 % .30 VI .31V, .3111 .32 .321!, .36 .3850, .40 .10 H 8.80 8.92 9.05 11.00 11.15 GRAIN OPEN CHICAGO, Close Yr. Ago. CORN-- JIar. old.... new... old.... May new.. May July Sept WHEAT-Mar. old.... new... old.... new... June * July Sept OATS-Mar. old.... new... May old.... new... July Sent RYE-Mar. old ' new... old new... .SB y, ,8T»,4- . l.OB ' 1.09'A ' 1.07 ft 1.00% .4114 -*3»4 .43 .61 May July Sept. LAUD-Mar May July BELLIES-May July .631.4 ..''.721.6 ..10.10 ..10.21! ..10.47 ..13.15 ..13.22 . March 21. Close Yes'd'y. .60% .02% .63% .65 .65% .79 ¥ .79% .81* .82 Vi .67 .53 % .60ii .30Vi .31% .32 .32 .32 VI .36".- .3954 .40 .11% 9.00 0.05 9.20 - 11.25 Market Notes jy TICKER TAPE Altho it was regarded; as bearish, temporarily, as evidenced by the sharp break in grain prices, the' federal farm, board's announcement" that It would cease stabilisation efforts-was viewed a the moat constructive development in years by a man well versed on the grain situation- As to the effect of the low grain prices on the business situation, he Bald It must be remembered that the last period of prosperity occurred at a time "When agriculture was In a depressed condition. In his opinion general business Is no longer dependent on agriculture altha he.said It must be recognized as a factor. In the opinion of another observer the farm board's action should help trie railroads In that the grain movement lylll not ba so restricted as It was-before. HARVARD SOCIETY SAYS KEVIVAL IS NEAB Expressing the opinion 'that the business decline, If not already ended, will end- In the present half year, the Harvard Economic society pays: "Recent months have brot numerous- and Important exceptions to the general decline of business volume and prices. February, It la true,-saw a further reduction In the total volume as Indicated by check payments outside New York .City. Yet over the past three months, account being taken of the normal seasonal changes, construction awards have shown plight increases, manufacturing activity has made a small net gain and certain series indicative of distil butlon have displayed comparative £ ta- bfllty. / "More recently commodity jrtceg, particularly the prices of International commodities, have been firmer. Coming after "a period of lone and severe decline the Improvement In particular fields suggests that a general turn for the better Is probably at hand." A. T. AND T. TO EARN ABOUT $7.30 American Telephone and Telegraph h as not been doing much either way during the last several weeks. Estimates emanating from bearish quarters wera that between 57,50 and $8.00 a share will be earned on the stock this year. Interests recently said to be active in v Westinghouse Electric are .reported to be working In Stone and .Webster, Diamond Match, which had been affected by bearish advices from one of: the brokerage houses, gave a better account of Itself Monday. Operations on the floor in Diamond Match have been conducted by the broker who haa been acUvo in Warner Brothers from time to time, It was reported. Auburn Automobile returned to the limelight -with a sharp advance. DISCONTINUE RUNNING LUCKV STRIKE FIGURES . Since other companies d o ' not giv out their sa3ca figures it has been decided by the American Tobacco company that definite figures on sales of Lucky Strike clgar- iets will not be given out In the future/ Plg- lurea for, February, however, showed an Increase of more than 2# times the Increase for January and the gain continued In March. Strength In Hcrshey Chocolate was accompanied by estimates that the first quarter would show a gain over the record profits Jn ,." ie . Ilr3t quarter 1 lasV year. Herahey. which has been-helped by the low prices for sugar and cocoa.experienced a marked upturn In earnings in the final quarter of last year the increase amounting to' 22 per cent over the final quarter of 1930. .60% .61 .62* .63% .64 Vi .64% .70 « .70 V4 .81 'A .82 V6 .30% .31% .31% .31% ,32',4 .36 .38 K .38% .30 'A .41 K 8.05 9.00 ,0.15 11.00 11.17 MINNEAPOLIS OHAIN. MINNEAPOLIS, March 24. Up) -- Wheat, 164 ears compared to 40 a year ago; unchanged; cash No. 1 northern 74%@78Kc; No. 1 dark northern 12, 13. 14 and 15 per cent protein 75%®7SWc; No. 1 dark hard Montana 14 per cent protein -74Vic; to arrive 73^c- No. 1 amber durum 70s?74c; No. 2 amber durum 68®71c: No. 1 red durum 63c- May ,76i4c; July 64«c; Sept. Corn -- No. 3 yellow 5214® 54 Vic Oats-- No. 3 while 27He2SH:- Barley-- 320 52c. BEARS FORGED TO START RETREAT ,ist Chipped Away in Early Session but Uptrend Is Sighted. NEW YORK; March 24. (JP)--The possibility that dividend disbursements to be announced tomorrow may ,be mora favorable than expected prompted a quiet retreat of lears in today's stock market. As in the previous session, the list was chipped away by further selling n the morning but rails and some f the specialties turned upward after midday. Trading remained, sluggish but Jnion Pacific pushed up four points and issues moving up about 2 or more included New York Central, Atchison, Norfolk and Western, American Telephone, Westinghduse and Case. Auburn moved up aboat ( to another.peak for the year. Sarly losses of 3 and 4 in Allied Chemical and Columbia Carbon were largely regained: Losses of a raint or two embraced such issues as TJ. S. Steel, Sears Roebuck, lastman, du Pont and Union Carbide. While rail earnings reports ap- ) ear ing for February are fully as bad as expected, there is no definite advance information that Baltimore and Ohio directors tomorrow will iee fit to follow the :lead taken by ·Tew York Central and pare down .heir disbursement to stockholders Wall Street still looks for some shading of the Westinghouse dividend tomorrow, in view of the ex- :remely low level to which its earnings have apparently dropped. One of the least favorable devel- pments of the day was the soggy one of the bond market, which may :ause some further delay in planned financing. Call money held officially at I}*. ier cent, and outside offerings at 1 were more limited than of late. LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER GRAIN MARKET REVIEW sentiment in wheat today aa the farm board's attitude became netler understood. me announcement yesterday tne board would offer no stabilizing tor the 1931 crop appeared to have stimulated Interest to a considerable extent, as It clarified the Immediate situation as H Is related to tie P . - _ announcement that the stabilization corporation would' increase Its selling price on old No. 2 hard starting Anril ""! continuing at slightly advanced basis until the end of May. This .would result In more confidence among the millers, especially as to new crop. It resulted In new buying and short covering which brot about a rally. June wheat advanced about 5c from yesterday's close, which, however, was not at market Influence. There was today a lacx of the liquidation and general pressure so evident yesterday and the market received aggressive support on all breaks. The disposition to rorcc sales on breaks was also absent, as most traders bad Jn mind the annual crop scare period or other possible developments. The government report giving farmers Intentions to plant Is dun March 2ti The trade is expecting a moderate decrease In the spring wheat acreage. CORN -- Corn developed an oversold con ditlon after an early decline. In. which new lows on the deferred deliveries were made. The rally In wheat resulted In urgent short :overlng, but all o[ the advance was not held. Shipping sales were 40,000 bushels. Bookings were 47,000 bushels Including 42,000 bushels from terminals. Corn Is likely to continue under the Influence of whcal for the present. Liverpool due 'A to «Se higher. _ . , . Flax-- No. 1, J1.51*®1.58«. KANSAS CITS OKAIN KANSAS CITY, March 24. (.IT--Wheat TM cars- unchanged; No. 2 dark hard 70S® 73TM No. 2 nominally 60««»72c; No. 2: hard 70«®71%c: No. 3. 69V4@70c; No. 2 red nominally 72V4®T3M!7 No. 3 nominally 71 Corn 105 cars; unchanged to l'.4c lower; No. 2 white nominally S4@5Sc: No. 3. 51% «J54c; No. 2 yellow 55Vi®B5V4e; No. 3. 51 y, ®51 Vic; No. 2 mixed 52%c; No. 3, 50 oals 27 cars; down '/4c; No. 2 white 33«; PRODUCE MASON CITY, March 24.-Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse. EGGS Egga (current receipts) .. .14c POULTBS Stags ·. 13c Heavy hens, 4% Ibs 14c Light hens lie Old cocks, heavy 9c Ducks ,12c Geesa Tc Merchants Quotations. Eggs, in trade .18c Eggs, cash 16c Butter, Plymouth 38c Butter, Clear Lake 33c Butter. State Brand 36c Butter, dairy 29c Potatoes 35c and 40c a peck CH1CAOO POULTRY CHICAGO, March 21. (m-- Poultry alive S car*. 18 trucks, firmer; fowls 22®23c broilers 36S?38c; roosters 15c; turkeys 25c ducks £023c; heavy spring ducks 27C geese 15c. .PRODUCE FUTURES CHICAGO, March 24. r;r)--Egg futures closed: Storage packed firsts, April 2H£c refrigerator ntandards, Nov. 24^C- Butter futures closed: Fresh standards June 27HC; storage standards, March 25 do, Nov. 29-Mc. . CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO. March 24. (.T)--Butter 15.800 weak; creamery extra (92 score) 27M standards (SO score carlota). 27Mc; ext firsta (00-01 score) 26X@27c; first* (88-8 score) S6S20V4c; second (86-87 scoro) 24V ©25c. KBRO 24,630; easy; extra firsts lOc; frei graded firsts ISci ordinary firsts 17c; stor age packed firsts 20 ] ,4c; storage packed ex 1ms 20 «c. KANSAS CITY rnuDOCE. KANSAS CITT. March 24. (7T--Eggs Other produce unchanged. ' YORK POUI/rnY. :, March 24. Cnl-- Poultry-- NEW YORK, Dressed steady, unchanged. - Poultry--Live irregular; chickens freight 13tf?17c; by express 21@30c; brol era by freight 32c; by , express 25rg38o roosters, freight 12c; express J5@16' ducks, freight 17®l"c; express 25c. PoUco Seek Negro Bandit. WATERLOO, March 24. WP--Po lice sought the Negro bandit wh last night robbed the Mobile stree grocery of $170. Ray Fairhome, cleric, vvaa in the store alone at th time,of tha robbery. Curb Market m - TORK ' March 2 I - W--The curl, market acted Indifferently today. Pric- movements were uncertain and Jewer laaucs ° Ut °' ' be tratl " IE TM«- p ro 'kf'Vif 01 " 1 "" 1 , '" * sllsht "°«""v» h n r . ,, "= 0 P c n ta E ana during the earlier hours, tut the list was dull on the decline -. w^^zsgrsAg? £»,,» ·£*? g^nd^or^tbe"^ Cities Service and Vacuum were heavy Specialties exhibited a mixed trend. Alum- .num of America Jumped thru yesterday'^ .op Quotation under further offering. Meac fohn!OT-Tna-*«---Dp-^Trme~drlhT"re"centiy losl iround. Molor stocks were moderately ac live, with Cord attaining a new high In sympathy with the strength in Auburn on Jio stock exchange. Ford Limited was in air supply. Noranda Mines yielded an early rally that carried It above 27. A. O. Smith, which has Just received a large pipe order, was firm. . Investment trusts clung to their recently acquired gains. Shcnandoah was well supported at yesterday's closing price, a new .op for the year. Call money renewed at 2 per cent. Bond Market NEW YORK, March 24. Un---The bond market was heavy today. Trading was raor* active and the majority of the declines were small fractions. V 8alfij during the first two hours totaled $5,045,000 compared with $3,610.000 yesterday. Further unfavorable tearnlnga reports from railroads served to depress the rat ssues. Many ot the stock privilege Issues reacted from the early slump in stocks. For- obligations eased off. United States jovernment obligations were quiet and easy Industrial liens participated also la the general downward movement. The action of the publtc utility group was conspicuous. The 7 majority o/ these Issues were firm or slightly higher. American Tele phone 5.i ot 1960 and debenture 6s, American Foreign Power 5s and North American 5a reflected a good demand. Jn the Industrials Younggtown Sheet Tuba 5s, Shell Union OIL Oa, and Internationa Match 5s were active at fractional rccea lons. ' " Erie 5s of 1975, Chicago and: Northwest' cm 4%s, Pennsylvania General 4Hs and St Louis San Francisco 4*As were easy to lower. Boston and Maine 5s and Atchison General 4s were both active and higher, Warner Brother? Pictures, IXJGWS 6a Missouri Pacific 5%s dropped among the slack" privilege obligations. German 5Ws, Sao Paulo 7s and BraslHan Q'Aa ot 1926-57 featured the foreign group -with their activity at lower levels. CLOSING BOND QUOTATIONS NEW YORK, March 24. (JP--United States government bonds closed: Liberty 3%s 101.26. First 4»4 a 102.27. Fourth 4 » i B 103.26. Treasury 4y»s 111.24. NEW YORK PRODUCE. NEW YORK, March 24. (/TV-EsgS, 77. 3; unsettled; mixed colors regular packer closely selected extra 20H®21c; ex Ira, firs ®20c; first l O V L f t l D f t c ; seconds l8Hc; medium firsts 17%c; storage packed closely selected heavy 21%@22M,c; extra first SOVifTSlc; first 20c; medlu mllrsl ISc; nearby hennery brown, resular packed extra 22iS22%c; extra firsts 20%ff?2le. · , Nearby and nearby'western hennery white closely .selected extra 24@25V.c; averag extra 23c; nearby white mediums 22c. Butter, 21,134; unsettled: creamery high than extra 2S^(3i20'^c; extra 02 score. !4c; first (8B-91 score) Cheese, 389,505; steady. OMAHA GTIA1V. OMAHA, March 24. ;iv- Wheat--Har No. 1, 71^4c; No. 2, 71c; northern sprtn, No. 3, 67^@CSc; durum smutty No. 4, 62r. mixed No. 3, 60c. Com--White No. 3, 51%e; yeHow No. 49@50ttc; No. 4, 47ft®40c; mixed No. 2 50c; No. 4, 49c. Oat*--White No. 4, 30Uc. Standard Oil of Ohio Reports 1930 Profit CLEVELAND, March 24. (/P)--Th Standard Oil company of Ohio re ported today net profits of $3,721 325 for the year ending I)ec. 3: 1930 as compared with $4,202,384 fo 1929. Profits for 1931 were equal t 55.55 a share on the company's con mon a lock. It-is not current issues, but cur rency issues, that the democrat! national committee will need to con aider most seriously.--Atlanta Con Hlittitfnn. . .. STOCK LIST NEW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK. March 24. t-11-- final Quotations. tr Redue 00% Johns Msnv 78% .Hegheny 10 Kelvfnator 14 ·% II Ch Dye 158VI Kennecott 28M .1113 Chal Mfg 371i Kresgo - 27 r .m Can 127W .Kroger 32H .m Car £ Fdy 331i Llgg ft My B 89 \.m Coml Al 1014 Loew's 69% \.m ac For Pow 46 {{t Loose Wiles 53 ^fc m Intl 21 LoHllard ISVt .m Loco 28 Mack 40 4.m Pow L 58 Math Alkali 26V4 \m Rad St San 20 fi May D S 37 Ian Boll Mill 32i McK Bob 1314 Vm Sm Ref 51^ Mex. Sea Oil 19Va Bug Ref 59:i Mid Cont Oil 13 V T T - 190i,b M Ky ' 21% Tob B 120 Mont Ward 26^4 Mn Wat Wks 73 - Mot Wheel 18H ._ Nash 3954 Urn of III B 1-j, Nat Bis 8HI Uchlson 192 Nat C R A 32% Ul Ref 20 Nat Dairy 50 -ubum 240 Nat Lead 123^4 Aviation Corp 5 Nat Pow i L 12% J i O 719J Nat Tea 24% Barnstlall A 12% N Y Central 112V, Bendlx Av 23% NY NH H 90 5i Beth St .6415 Nor W J97H ; orden 75% No Am 87 org Warn 29 Vi No Pac 53 rlggs 21i OUver F . 4% Burr Add 28\;. Pac O E 53 V4 3al Hecla 9Vj Packard 10 ' Can Dry 37% Pan Am Pet B 33 Can Pac 42 H Para. Pub 47}t ·ase 115H Pathe 2Vi 'erro de Pas Co 2CVi Penlck t Ford 12 Dhes t o 42 Vi Penn 6SVs Chic Gt W 6ii Phil Pet 11« Chic Gt W pf 25ik Pills Fl 34V4 C N W .. 3911 Proc Gam 69Vi C R I P 60% Pub Ser N J 93 Chrysler 24 Vi Pullman 52 y t Col Fuel Ir 25Vj Radio 28 Col O E 43?, Rad K O 24 Grapho 133i Rem Rand- 14% Coml Solv 20 Reo 8^1 :omwlth So US Rep Stl 22Vi Congoleum 10 Vi Rey Tob B 51 Vi Consol Gas lOBIi Roy Dutch 38 Vi Contl Can 59% St L Ban F 38VS tontl Ins - 48Vii Sears H 3S% :ontl Mot ' 4 Shell U 8 :orn Prod 8fi^ Simmons 18% Cud any 48 Sinclair 1351 ^urtlss Wr 5 Skelly 9 Drug Inc 76 So Pac 987,, Du Pont 103^3 So Pr Sug 14Vi Eastman 171 So Rail 52% El Pow L 58 K Stand Brds 19 % Eng Pub Ser 48 St G E 84V4 Erie 30.% St Oil CB! 45V4 FisS ti St Oil N J 46VS Fox Film A 37 Vi St Oil N Y 22% Freeport Tex US Stew Warn 20VS Geol El 53 Stone Web 53% Gen Foods · 54 r ji Stude 2,1 Gen Motors 47 Vi Tex Corp 20% Gen Pub Ser 2H4 Tex Gulf Sul 52% Gillette 31V4 Tim Roll B 57 9Vi Union Carb 67$$ Gold Dust 41'.4 Un Pac 193 Goodrich ISVi Unit Alrc * 36 Goodyear 87V4 Unit CIg . G% Gran Paige 4=4 Unit Corp 30V ranby 20 U S Ind Alo 54 Gt No Ry pf \ 64Vi U S Rub 19'A Gt No I Ore ctf 21V« U S Smelt 23 Gt W Sugar 10¥i U S Steel 147Vt Grig Grun 4!(, Ut P 4 Lgt A 29% Harm S»', Vanadium 72Vi Hartman B 5% Warn Plx 13 ~A louslon 58Vi W Mary 17Vi Hudson 23vi West Air 34% Hupp UTi West E Mfg 93% III Cent 75 Willys Ov 7'/. [nd Ref 3H Woolwortft 64*4 nt Comb Eng 3ii Wrlgtey 78 Intl Har 56 Yell Tr 14!i Inl Nick Con 19 VI Young 3 it W 24ft I T £ T 37VS CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGO. March 24 Cen Pub Ser A 19 Vi Nat Leather 1 Cities Service 19% Nat Stand 33 Dexter Co 10 Quaker Cats 153 Drlgsby-Grunow ' 5 Swift i Co 29% nsull Ut Inv 44 Swllt Intl 38 Llbby McNeil 13 Unit. Gas 10',4 MaJ Household 4V4 U S Gypsum 48V5 M-W Utll 23% Utll i led 8V4 M-W Ut 8 pfd 100 Zenith 4V4 SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Seck Building. Telephone No. 7 NEW YORK STOCKS. A P p c ny D Am Bt S 4Vi Am Cr F 34 Am Metal 21 Am Sum T 8% Am Tob .117 A Z L S 6'i Arm Co B 1% A3 Dry Gds 28 Baldwin Lo 2G} S Briggs M C 21% Best Co / 46 Butte C Z l?i Catif Pack 45 Com Credit ^21 Ya Com Solv 20 Cont Motors 4 Cont Oil 10 Cudy Pack 48 Cur Wgh p 5 David Chem Iffy. Fisk Rubber % Gen Mills 48% Her Choc C 99% Houstn O N 13»4 CHARLES CITY NEWS $18,060 to Be Given to Charles City for Pavement on Highway CHARLES CITY, March 24 -The Iowa Highway commission announced to City Engineer J. H. Curtis that $18,060.53 would be allowed on the new paving project within the city limits including 3,560 linear feet of paving extending from "F" street over Fourth avenue, Grand avenue and St. Mary's street to the intersection with U. S. Highway 218. The city council will meet Wednesday evening to complete plans for the paving within the city limits of which it has charge. The highway commission 'must approve the plans which will 'connect highways 18 and 218 both of which go thru the city. The state has acquired the MeGrath property at the corner of Fourth and Grand avenue and a part of the O. L. Jacobs property to accommodate turns on 218 and negotiations are being made for pieces belonging to Jack Murphy and Carlisle Ellis. The state will lay paving on "F" street within the cprporatiori- limits to the Chickasaw county line, a distance of five and six-tenths miles. The strip within the city limits is about three-fourths of a mile in length. Indian Ref - 3% Inland Steel 66 Kelv Corp 14% Lambert C 86% Liq Car C 44 V-, Math Alkali 26 McK Rob Nev Cons C 13 Pathe Excge 214 Pills FGlour 34V a Oil Co 9% Pur Bak Cp 50% Reo Grnd Oil 8 Reo Motors 8% St Jo Lead 25V'i Schulte R S 10 So Cal Edl 51% Stand Brnd 19% Telau Corp 21fe Tobac Prod 3% U S R I 32*6 Vanadium 72% West Myld W Union 131 Wrig Jr Co 78 1,000 Students Are Expected in Charles City Music Contest CHARLES CITY, March 24.-School authorities announced that 1,000 students.are expected to take part in the subdistrict music contest March 27 and 28 to be'held here. Class A, B and C schools will compete in glee club, orchestra and bands. There will be no distinction in regard to soloists. The local school has entered 20 events, eight of which are in the vocal section and 12 in the instrumental group. Disbarment Will Be Heard by C. H. Kelley CHARLES CITY, March ' 24 -Judge C. H. Kelley will go to Cherokee April:-? where he will be one of three judges appointed by Judge F. F. Faville of the Iowa supreme court to hear disbarment proceedings against J. V. Gregory. The other two judges are Judge M. E. Hutchinson of the sixteenth district and Judge T. G. Garfield of the ·eleventh district. .Mr. Gregory is charged with "willful violations of his duties as an attorney" and is in jail facing two embezzlements preferred by the.county attorney. He is under $5,000 bond. Musical Program Given Charles City Rotarians CHARLES CITY, March 24 -Musical talent from the high school was presented at the Rotary club Monday noon. Frances Dickirson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Dickirson, played a piano solo and James Stiehl played a cornet solo accompanied by Leo Schula. Harold Win- terink was chairman and introduced one of the club members, Tec Barnhart, who gave his life history. Directors were nominated who wili be voted on in two weeks. CHARLES CITY BRIEFS CHARLES CITY, March 24.--The senior class play has teen chosen. It is a three act comedy entitled "The Nut Farm" and will tie presented April 30 and May 1. Mr. and Mrs. Harm Brumond are the parents of a son born at the home of her sister, Mrs. John White, on Sopth Joslin street. The Charles City Dental study club met last evening at the office of Dr. W. G. Joor. Ralph Waller and Alfred Eggert, attorney, motored to Minneapolis today on business. Millard Sherman, an old resident here, has been visiting his sister a few days. He used to be engineer on the Great Western railroad but since the reduction of trains is now a fireman. His engine is one of the largesC pulling freight from Oelwein to Minneapolis, often pulling more than 100 cars.- He says it takes about 25 tons of coal for the run which is made in a little over four hours. The Iowa State Highway commission rented office rooms adjoining the E. G. Brown real estate office and will take possession April 1. The office has been located at Shell Rock for two years. Mr. Baldwin of Blairsburg rented the Kate Kelly house on East Clark street and will take possession April 1. He is employed by the Standard Oil 'Company. Central and McKlnley school tied for first place in banking last week with. 92 per cent, Lincoln followed with 91 per cent, Washington 84 per cent and high school with 62 per cent. /-. Youth Suffers Broken Leg. WESLEY, March 24.--George Vitzithum, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. George Vitzthum, is at Kossuth county hospital for treatment of a broken leg. He was returning home from town with a load of feed, when 1 ' the horses gave a sudden jerk which pulled him out over the wagon, falling beneath tha wheels. (Continued From Comic Page). and the exclamations of admiration as the men examined the stones which Ben had brot. And then once rriore came Ted's voice. "That fire'll do now, Arthur. Let's go on with the job." (TO BE CONTINUED) NEW YORK CURB QUOTATIONS Am G El 80% Humble Oil 56 Am For P 28% Ind Pipe L Am Sup P 18'/i Nat P S A 20 Ark Nat G A G Nlag Hud As G E A 22% Nides-B-P Can Marc 3% N Amer Av 9% Cons Aut Mds % Pennroad - 6% Deforest Ra 6 Std Oil Ind 31% Durant Mot 2% St. Oil. Ky 22% Eisler El 6% Trans Air T 7% El Bd S 58% United Gas 10^4 Ford of Can 28% Un L P A 32% FordofEngl7% Util P L 12% Fox The A 5',i Vacuum Oil 55% Hecla Mining 7 Walgren Dr 26 H u d B M S 5% CHICAGO STOCKS. Al Mo Ind 2% Hart-Carter 10% Auburn Au 240 Horm, G A 25% Bendix Av 23% Keys S W 11% Borg-W Cor 29'i Natl Leath 1 Butler Bros 6% Natl Stand 33 Cont Chi Cor 9% Quaker Oa 153 Chi Inv 4 Unit Corp 5% Cord Co 13% U S Gyp 48'4 G Lakes Air 4 Util Ind 8% Grigsby-G 5 U S R Tel 32% MINNEAPOLIS STOCK First Bank Stk. Corp. 22% MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET CASH SALES Flax 153 to 159 MAD LAUGHTER A Thrilling Mystery Story By MILES BURTON Held to Discuss City Councilman Campaign^ Two meetings for a discussion of i\ ssues involved in the current coun- cilmanic campaign were announced Tuesday hy R. L,. Jackson. Both will be Wednesday night, starting- at :30 o'clock. One will be at Harding- school and the other at Madison school. Speakers were not announced. ' · · · : * ' EATON INJURED IN AUTO CRASH Clarion Superintendent and Wife Hurt in Accident Near Iowa Falls. CLARION, March 24.--Mr. and Mrs. George D. Eaton suffered serious Injuries when their car was involved in-an accident near Iowa Falla. Mr. Eaton suffered a broken hip and other bruises while Mrs. Eaton has broken riba, cut wrist, with other cuts and bruises. Mr. Eaton, who has been superintendent of the Clarion schools nine years this spring- and was re-elected for 1931 and 1932, with his wife were on their way to Des Monies. KNUTE ROCKNE GETSNEW POSITION. NEW YORK, March 24. UP)-Knute Rockne, football coach of Notre Dame university, has. been appointed manager of the sales promotion department of the Studebaker corporation, Carl Hoffman, vice president in charge of sales, announced. The appointment will not Interfere with Rockne's duties at South Bend, the announcement said. HIDES Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros. 308 Fifth Street Southwest. Horsd hides ... : $1.50-$2.00 Cured beef hides 4Vic rSrnnr, hoof HIHon . QIi» PARKWAY RECREATIONS IN SECOND PLACE. BUFFALO, March 24. UP--Parkway recreations rolled into second place in the team event of the American Bowling congress tourney last night with a total 0^2936. The Brooklyn five missed passing the leading'J. William Thorsons of Chicago by only three pins. N Barney Spinella, who shares the honors with Jimmy Smith of being twice all-events champion, has an excellent chance to repeat today The diminutive Italian rolled a total with the Parltways night-anc needs only 1235 to pass Paul Day of Louisville. Would Cover Pipe Line DES MOINES, March 24. (if)-Iowa public utility companies with the exception of street companies would be subject to the provisions of the regulatory and supervisory bill introduced by the house public utilities committee. The bill is suf flciently broad to cover pipe lini companies and freigrht and passen insurance Company Pays Department $15 ; A check for $15 was given the i Mason City fire department in pay- * ment for the work done at the fire ' on the W. G. Wilhite farm east of i town Saturday. The money was i laid by the Farmers Mutual Insurance company of which Frank Paul is secretary. EC. C. Club Arranges Another Ring Card Another amateur boxing card, showing results of training under a regular boxing instructor at the K. C. club rooms, was scheduled for Tuesday evening at the K. C. hall at 8:30. The same ones that have been taking instructions for several weeks will appear on the card. This is the regular week's show. GILKERSON'S GIANTS WIN MORE GAMES WEST UNION, March 24.--Gil- ' kersons' Union Giants handed the fast Fayette Ramblers a trimming 'S of 32 to 18. The team was ached- " uled to meet Rath's Biackhawhs at 'I Waterloo Tuesday and Olson's Terrible Swedes at Marshalltown Wednesday night. The team defeated the Galva .Independents at Correctionville by 38 to 17 and laced the 1 Swea City Cardinals 43 to 33. WALTER FRASER VISITS WITH PARENTS AT ALGONA. ALGONA, March 24. -- Walter Fraser and his guest, Richard Fleig, are spending their spring vacation · from Ames with Mr. Fraser's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Fraser. Mr. Fraser recently set two new Big Six conference swimming records in a meet with Nebraska at Kansas City. He won three gold medals at the Nebraska meet. They are on display at the Memorial Union building, Ames. Mr. and Mrs. Bradford to Open Cafe at Garner GARNER, March 24.--Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bradford of Mason City have taken a suite of rooms in the Mrs. J. B. Fraser apartment, having purchased the lunchroom close to the Avery theater. The opening- will be this week. The building has been entirely re-decorated and will be known as the "Nickel Inn." Mrs. A Bradford will be in charge. · Mr. ji Bradford is an automobile s a l e s m a n M with the Hathorn Auto company,

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