The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 10, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1818
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NUMBEK 4939 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10, 1818. NO 19 WILLIAM STI'.EET - For SALE, The verv fine briir ALONZO. Green, TO ... 163 tons, is in excellent order. UrA - . Hiaav - ' f - - - , r7ln he sent to tea at a small expence. KINNE. mv29 56 South - street. For SJILK. The burthen me sch. ANTELOPE, of 105 tons, lyinjf at Jones - wharf. r - rrv.0 rut i a m unt. 56 South - street. my - for .Won anil Portland. The klirt.n FAVORITE. Trow, mas - will have immediate dispatch. jjrfreight or passage, having spacious accommodations, apply tt commoua f & M,K NNE oo 50 South - street. 'j For EHtAOHT or CllAtlTr.R, Jt vr mnerior coppered SHIP, mo - ntnilv nied from an eastern port. rlwImJt. anil ran proceed immediately tie - where for a car;ro. up piy u G. G. A - S. HOWLAND, my 2.1 07 Washington - st. 'or .Ve, freight or Cluvler, jf.1 - l,.m on,,, will tow 800 bbl. is a cuod vessel, andeady fr voyage, lies at Dover - street wnafi. pp'y H. & C.JW. DAVENPORT & CO my as er AMSTERDAM Ti rrtriil r trndinw briir OHIO. B. .n. nuitpr i..ri nflicr curcro I. . ... ... . en - Mgrd, and will be clisputchcu wiiiioui tic - hjv For freight or passage, (hav ing vei y good accommodations.) apply to the master on board, at pier no. 5 north river, or to J. C. Zl MM BUM AX, mv 17 tf No. 77 Washington - st. "pLASl'EROF PARIS MANLFAC I ORY, It liie loot of llarriion - stre't, North - River 'i a THERE manufactured Planter, lorooroi - W .w andiilherpurpoief, nay lie hud, warranted of Itie t'tret quality, at one dollar and twctt - tyfut ttuHfcrbiuM. Vhe mutuiactory conducted l;y Mr. John Tucker, wh1) has erved a tegular appreutke - iliiptotheuiaioD buhiLs. BYER3. LBAJ"fIEK. 55 (tides undressed upper LealJier, for sale ly ANiON O. niELPS, mv 23 183 Front - trtct. 5UO 111 1. Lt.Al), A.c. tic. kcgi London V lute Lead i.i oil 20 barrels do L)ry Wlntc Leaa !! tons Keri Lead 30 barrels Bristol Rpd Ochre SO do Venetian Red ; i tons fine Litharge JO liooshf - ads Whiting 00 catlts Paris White ; 2 hhds. Verdigris 50 tieren t tcwU Yellow Ochre 5 kfjii Vericillicn 4 caeks I'ruM:m Clue, 4001b. Create Yell - .w; Pattut Yellow VeiK'tian Red, Yd:w, MS OIL. Black, Verdigris, ) Lampiilack ; Ivory Black ; Purple Drown Spirits Turp - ntine ; I .intseed Oil 400 boxes Window ti.if, atsorted For!le on tbe lowwt terms, lor cash or at tliort credit, by PETER SCHERMERIIORN k SOXS, i i4 1 VVatpr - stroeK D LYNCH, luii. (at An. 40 Wuliam trel,) . h.ouhaad the following WINKS ami I.KiUOR, sclrcteJ wiih judgment by hiuiir, which bso&r at whole! alo stid reUil, tear - anted pure, cl i.rytrUd ,nn I'JtT I Madeira, from 3 to 18 1mhhj4, ( yean in wood. 40 qr caiks ) ' Old Madeira, in bottle, from S to CO years Chaaipaigne, hurguo 'y. Claret and sauterue, ef very supcrijr ij lahty 7 pipe dry Li - lon, 7 year - old 7 do Shr - rry, nine years o!J, and free from Borarha tafte Port, iu pipes and bottles Tabic wine, for its quality, the cheapest iu America TwierifTe, in hhds. OIJ Drandy, do. Hum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 deuiiji has, containing live gallons each SO troce wine bottles S. B. Thofc iu the trade, and country dealer?, will find it to theiraocouut, to supply them - SiJvtt with wines and liquors at the altore eta - btulunent, as they will be certain to obtain article nf the first quali'y, at the lowest prices, aud pureu iuiortcd. my 9 ?m TO JiH LLAStlD, OS favorable term, for a Ion; term ol years, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, 300 feet deep, eitcuilin; to Croiby - tlroet, between Hester aui Grand - streets. t lots in Water - street, near Catharint - markct. ' 1 tot in Water - street, between Fulton aud Burling slips. Aho, several olher lots in the 5th, 6;h, Cth lad 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham - street. may 8 TTAVANA SUGAR, TALLOW, fcc. LI 60 boxes brown Havana suar, entitled to arawuarK. 1C0 ceroons bouth AmTican Tallow 54 boxes Roll brimstone, and 18 cases Tumbler. Landing and for sale Dy VJA.MES IJ'WOLF. Junr. my M 54 South street. niCHMOM) FLOUR fc TOBACCO 250 A, bbls superfine llour, IlaxaU's brands 4J5 do do do' country do 66 do fine do do do 1 do X midllings 63 hhds prime old and nevT'obarro 4 do do new tobacco, fa for manufacturers For rale by TV. L S'. CR AIG, y29 G l Front street. CI0PPER BOTTOMS, Ac 2000 l!s. Crp. 1 Per Bottoms, 2lio :W inches CO caks Wrou - l.t Nails, Erg. ard Am. bales Kalirtn Paper OW) lbs. Londuu Scino T - .rine, for ssle by . C'EERA fc CU.MINtS, Jglg 7u Pi arl Hreet. IWuNKi lt L.OA.N ON AlORU.AGt. 1000 DOLLARS are to be badnnunin - cumiivreil property in iiic riiy. In - AMW. STOclCIIOI.M, fctrxli and Est lnne Rmker, No. Co William (tnet. Wecf y zi tf i.y. - ati cases Claret Wine, contninins the., r - n, io uo ao j dozen eicn, ot ftlinf Bmnne Mouton. vintage 1310, rc - fcjV rerbfi - South America, froui Bordeaux, wfotMleby A G RAUL SONS. vSLsR RL,1 6 bhds. Muscovado iu brown do Px - hOM Anlieus Rnm, for sale by Je4 GOODIIUK&CO. CI . v 'vi 1 1 - ur 71 h?ul bKKK GUM 1LLEMI. 44 Juin freeu 11 do Flw land Cotton SScaLr 'eef Skins, and 4narirBf7ll',!,D "lc,ni. suitable for the Spa - , SACL ALLEY, 93 Tine - st HARDWARE, CUTLERY &c. - 2 casks bcotch spring Locks .5 casks plate I - otks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do chest handles, ice. . 1 do screw plates, scale beams, Ac. 1 do brass cocks, &c. 1 do bell metal kettles and kil!cti 2 do tin'd pots and sauce paus 2 do fine padlocks 4 do Danbiiry loi ks, hinges, tic. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do lib hinges, tic. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black Si bright vices, 2 do files - 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sliatn buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nails and bradi, from 3d. to 20d. Abo, a large and general assortment of eoodi open on Iho shelves, tor sale at the most reduced prices, by A1JAM3 Si ULACKWF.LL, may 7 215 Pcarl - st. i Otisi LtO Ji.h Ut.i VTOM. fllllE Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their X. mentis and the public, that they have re moved their Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof store, ISo. 62 Water - street, where they intend carrying on the business on ao extensive scale they have on hand a large supply of Pigtail rolls, made of ben ilichmoud tobacco Sweet scented N. (lead Ladies twist Long cut chewing, ia 1, 4, 85 ucd 16 ounce pa pers do smoltinx do Macuba snuff, in jars and bottle, bj wholesale ana retail Scented Itajipee, do do Strasburg snuff do do French rappee do do Plain fine do do do StoUh snuff in bottles ar.d bladders Spanish reears, made of choice tobacco im port ml t j care ago, and wui ranted gen uiuc Iew - Orlcani do. American do. Or Jen from the country will be puuclually aud carefully attended to. may 9 lm I. NAAR & SOS. JAMES O'vvOLK, Junr. lia removed Irom 57 Front - stnet to 5 - 1 Soutli - itreet, ar.d eCcrs Icr sale 52 cer oons south AmVricrin Tallow to tons ciean St. IVlernimrgh Hemp, few belts first quality Russia Duck ; German Steel in boxes, entitled to draw - bai. 1C000 lbs. Green t'offte do V5 boxes China tul le setts 12 pieces each 10 hhds 1 m re Spirits 1 case Platil' - .is. my 5 IJAIN t'S, OIL, c. i:c. 50 Uids. Pans 1 White mid Whiting CO bids. Spaiii'h Hrown 20 do ellow Ochre 16 casks Venetian Red 10 tout dry and ground White Lead 2 do Red Lead 500 lb. 1'ius'i m Hlue 2000 lb. Hlue Vitriol ; 3000 lb. Oil do 10 hints Co pitr.n ; 5 d.i Puinii e Stone 1000 lbs. Gum Copal; 15'i0 do do Snellac 100 tibia. UrcuwICaruuo. d 'Ji) do do logwood and Nicaragua 6O0 d j do Tumeric a tons St. Domingo Logwood 2 do Larse Nira'rigua ; 2 do Red Wood 30 boxes Eastern Mould Candles Linseed, p rninreti and ncats foot Oil lilack and Bright Varnish 2500 feet 0 hy 10 Ci.ass 15i0 do 7 by 9 fto for sale by RIPLEY & WELD, my 14 192 Front, rnn r of Knl;ni! - t. T i I. .ci'.i'ul fim. - I.AIII.S ' ! 1, V prtulicc to the MANTUAMAKING - nUSlNESS. Enquire of mv 14 - tf No. 7 Cedar - strert. U..i;, 111 baies urotliernise, 01 good I quality, lor sale by CEBRA fc CUMING, Je 1 7ti I'earl - street - OOMKsl 1'J tl OTHER WAREc. '111 E sunicribers keep constantly on band an L extensive assortment cf the following goods, vii : Dutch and Enslith Gunny Bags, Popes Heidi Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common ! for. Blacksmiths Hall ann Entry .Mats Pails and Tubs Whwl - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seme, ewir.g, wrap - pinr', baleing and ball i'wine Fiih Lines Shoe 1 - Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballan - ccs, he. Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brashes, fan cy Mid conim 111 iie.'i'i io no no Cloth do do do. Weavers do White Wash do Shoe i Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and SbsIi Tolt Clamps, 4,7, 3 row Fiiruituic Brushes lloise do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Hopes. Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li beral terms. CEBRA CUMING, - Je o 76 Pe irl street. NEW - ORLEANS CO PTON, TOBACCO, Ac Pfk Bales prime cotton, lauding from the f " brig Argo, froui New - Orleans, and for sale by WALSH & GALLAGHER, CC 5'ouUi - et. Who have also in storr, 203 prime New Richmond tobacco, in entire parcels 60 do old do 150 do Kentucky do of very superior quality 200 kpgs majufactnrrd do branJed Price, Warwick, Labby, Lc, B00 Ao Freilerirksburg do 2i raks 1 Ian t, CO do London mustard 3 butts I.on l n porter 5 puncheons rabbit skins 700 reams medium printing: paper 50 do cap, No. 2, press papers, Ac. Je .1 fl O''P" anJ b'"3' - 1 Cranston GIS, of supe - j m. lj Mils. rior quality, 13 bales llor.'e Hides, jut received ar.d for. aic by Je 1 GEO. W. TALBOT. I A C. MCHOLS, No. US Pearl - street, have ) . now for .de 2 rases white and striped Marseilles Quilting 1 do white nnd strirw d Jeans 2 ii bl.i - k Sinehesvs an t black Ssrsnets 2 do eolonn - d Canton Crapes 1 do fine l.'ai k Frenc b do 2 do black and flor'ed sewing Silk 1 do assorted kid Gloves 1 do ol mens and women's silk dv - 1 r!o 4 - - 4 and 6 4 Cambric Muslin 3 do 4 4 and C 4 Book do t do dti t do plain ard seeded Mull do 2 do 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings 1 do Linen Diaper 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, I do 7 - 8 Ions Latin fine S do brown do 9 do Cotton PlatilUs 3 do striped and Carlisle Gingham 3 do Madras and Naval Wtor Hdkfs. 2 do Imitation, Merino, S Damask Shawl 3 trunks Plate and superfine Calico 3 do Furniture Clout 2 bales black and assorted Bembaxetts 2 do buck and blue Broad Cloths S do red and white Flannel. Jet.1t UOLASSES. A quantity ol' ; Molasses, landing at Tier II, for sale by JOS. OSBORN, Jc 4 2;1 Scuth - stnrf. KENTUCKY TOBACCO 14 bbds prime Kentucky 'Tobacco, landing Irom stbr. Fenelon, west side Burling slip, fur sale at 63 Washington st. CIIAS. 1.. OGDEN & my 2T ABR. OGDEN. rTMJt - rLATtCs, THA (J& - CHA AA', Ac JL 200 boxes tin plates 28 casks Traces Brass Wire No. 9 GO casks Roman Cement, now landing, and for sale by ANDERSON Si SHEARER, 131 Water - street. Who have in store, Patent and common Carolina and Virginia Hoes Sheet Brass of all sites Brass and copper Wire London made pocket Books and Wallets Ladies work Boxes Vc. mv 25 gCYTHES. - mv 14 - 33 dozen, for sale by J. D'WOLF, Jr. 54 Sonlh - s'reet. MOiiACCO. HIULoand FLOUR X 11 hhds 'Kentucky Tobacco, landing from the ship Mary, irom Jew Orleans 153 salted Hides, landing from the scbrRi sing Sun, from Pernnmhuco 146 barrels Richmond Flour 20 hhds. old, and 40 do new Richmond To' bacco, for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, my 21 112 Front si reel. iNURSE WANTED. RESPECTABLE middle aged woman is TV wanted as an attendant and nurse to a sick lady. Apply at my 28 tf No. 45 Rose street. IUUDHAUE, CUTLEKY (J BRISTOL GOODS. rB"! HE subscribers have received by the late JL arrivals from Liverpool and Rristol, an exten ive - supply of Hardware and Cutlery of every description, which they oner lor sale to tbe merchants from thecountrv.w such quan tilics as may be wanted, at a low advance and liberal ciedit. They have also rcce'ved on consignment and oiler for sale by the package 60 casks and cases of Hirminrham Hard w arc, consisting of most of the staple ai t cits in the line. - 10 casks of Kenyons warranted hand, pan 11 el, teunant, sash, tic. Saws. C .rases do wa. rented mill, pit and crosscut saws, best Metl plate 10 casks of Kenyon's hies of every descrip tion 100 casks best quality English Porter 30 do assorted Gln Wjirc, confuting ol" tumblers, wines, decanters, white aud green phials, &c. 10 crates ol atone Soda Jugs . 10 rases of English men's and boys' hats 2HI bundles ol warranted lliilhack's German Steel, direct from the ManuTaUuiy of J. A: C. Ilalhach A - Son, of Reinscheid. 10 tons of London l.w p L Steel 5 do Crawley Meel U thousand ttourhridce fire Brick Tin pli.t.'s ol the different kinds Black do do B. W. ROti r 113 St CO. Je2 2:15 Pearl s'reel. rjIBHKRi'a UESI DOUBLE BROWN l - ! STOUT. 1:0 casks, selected by a Iriend in London, superior to any in this market, lor sale by if. Lii.Cii. junr. Je 1 1m No. 40 William street. pEA, TIN PLATE, BLOCK i IN, ic. etc. .L 40 chests hyson skin tea 100 boxes Tin Plate, assorted iOOOO Ihs. India block tin HOMO Ihs. Spanish do tMMH) lbs. iron wire 100 tierces prime new rice 50 bhls. c ider brandy. - For sale by ANSON U. PHKLPS, my 16 I D'J Front street. CO 1 I UN 1 00 bales prime Upland Cotton, landing ibis day at Brooklyn, from sloop Yankee and Good Inient rt 7ore. 153 hales Upland Cottou 4 do Sea Island do Fnrsaleliy HENRY THOMAS, Je 3 101 No. S Jones lane. LOSl, ON Saturday, a huudrcd dollar bill of the U. S. Branch Bauk of Savanuhh Fifteen dol lars reward will be pa.d to the finJer on his leavini it at this offico. June 1 U1L.L1.SE I I S. CtrJ while Milhnelts, well bleach'd m.d 111 l - ooJ order, iust re ceived, and for sale low, by WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, Je 197 Pearl - n'rcet, (up stair.) ItQMKbTlC 10 77 0.. GUUlJS. MVERAL cases of bleached and unbleached cotton shirtings and sheetings, of an excel s lent quality, wilh other domestic goods, just re ceived aud lor sale on reasonable terms, by WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, 197 Pearl - street, up stairs. Also, a quantity of Villinelt. june 2 U; 1 Nta. Old Madeira in bot;Us Sercial Madeira in qr. casks Genuine Grape Juice, All pure as imported, tor site by WILLIAM CODMAN. Je 5 I w , 211 Soult. street. HVOS, 73 W asliin;tou - strcet, cller lor tale . 19 bales upland Cotton, j'j.t arrived per sloop Express, from Savauuah 200 demijohns of 5 galloiu each 6 pair null - stones, from 4 feet 3 to 5 Itct A few dozen watch springs and chains J one 4 w SUPER COMPANY rLAG HUKKa. Elegant patterns, lor sale by my 30 MARCH Si LOW. 510 Broadway. OPANISH DOi.CAllS wanted ley O WM. SHOT WELL Si SON, my 27 No. 45 William streeL f'.ir !. sale by Je 5 KORKU 1' GILLESPIE, 112 Front - ktreet. NOTICE is heieoy giten, dial w.i the undersigned have been appointed by his honor Richard Riker, Recorder of the City of Mew - York, according to the act for relief against ab sconding and absent debtors, trustees for all the creditors of tl.e person constituting the firm, copartnership or house of trade, of Prentiss &: Carter, of Bal imore, debtors, who reside out of this state and are indebted within it ; and all jietsont indebted to the said persons constituting the fit". firm, copartnership or house of trade, are required by the tenth d iy of June next to pay all debts and turns of money which they owe to the said persons constituting tbe said firm, copartnership or bouse ol trade, and deliver nil property of the same, which they have in possession, to 11, tbe laid trustees. And all creditors of the said persons constituting the said firm, ropartnershipor house of tride, are desired, by the first day 01 August next to deliver to us or one ol us, tlirir respective demsnds against the same. Dated the 27th day ot May, I8i8. WILLI A M C. MULLIGAN, WM PROCTOR, J Trustees. JOSEPH BATES, ) myi:i dlJlOVlawt.! DUANK.?,, Law Bookseller and slati'iper, . has removed ftis store from Wall and Broad streets to the corner of Nassau St Spruce streets, where will he found the greatest vuri - ly of law in the s'ate. For particulars, see list ol New Law uooks publliUcd in Die Evening Post uiid Columbian. Also, a general supply of the moat approved Law Ulaaks en fins: pajvr and handsomely executed. Pi inline and bookbinding, in all its branches, neatly aud promptly executed, on tbe incstlihc. ral !erm. Je52.r P V. LEDYARD Si CO. No. 104 Pearl st have on hand ao extensive and complete assortment of Hardware, consisting of VValdron's prime grass and corn scythes Steelyards ; Irare chains Carolina hoes ; fine guns ; aarils Vices 5 fryiuspan3 Straw and ItRy knives Mill, pit, X - rut, baud and) ...... , , Pannel saws, Milhngtcn's English shovels ; patent plane irons Ad?, ehisj'.'ls, Bouses 1 Patent post coffee mills Files, rusps, hinges ; screws, hammers Iron, brass aud plated candlesticks Plated cruets Bras and glass cabinet furniture Locks of nil kinds Mnrtiue locks, with glpss knobs Cutlery of 11 kinds, in sreat variety Spoons, butter,?, spectacles, Chains, seals, keys, i.e. Also, i very handsome assortment of girth webbing, corcinon and platrd sa.ldlery, particularly calculated for the southern market. The above are principally newgoods, and will be sold in quantities to suit purchasers, on the mot reasonable terms. Je 5 tf T J ses of bleach'd and u..deacl.'d Cotton Sheetings and SUrtin;;!, wi'h c. - ttier dumc - stic goods, lust received and lor sale by WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Marti'acliirer, No. 197 Pchri street, cornerof Maidtu - laue. Also, t.n atsortaientof .Millinetts. ' ' . Je5 ... '.j. I'LBLIC SALE OK CHINA GOODS.. ON Tuesday, the 16th June, at lOoVlock in the forenoon, will be so'd nt the auction store of the subscribers, No. 51 Not lb Fruit st Philadelphia, (terms at sale) (he uUoh ing goods: 90 halt chest young lyon tea f 35 quarter rliets do do 140 ten catty luxes do do 36 quarter chests l.ysou tea 20 quarter bests gu.ipowderb a 50 ii - cutty boxes scwhong tea ' 50 ij - chll) boxes pouchong tea 155 quarter chests n,. c - i - ; - r.,, .0 litilf quarter .lies! rlyson fcLm Tea 10 quarter chtits I n. "0 ball q iart. r . i,"s!l '''11 ea CHINA WARE. CASSIA, N NKINS, Ac SO boxes evenins rup aid mnrs 180 boxes tea setts. 48 ;ind 49 oiece s each 30 boxes blue, xnri uhile plates, and deep 1 lit Ijumlli'k li. lloorinat .ini; l':it) bu i lb s, abrut 63011 lbs. cas'ia 400 pieces blue Nur.kiii 1600 pierpsoflongyeliow Nank:ns,of Manimee chop. 'I be e goods were imported this sprin;, in the ship Rosa'ie, cipt. Merry, from Canton. Flic I ea are prim ipally Niunshiug, and Kihgluui's chap. J r.NNi.NGS, JONES to CO. Je r dfji i Auctioneers. N1.V Yd'iK INTI - .LLIGKNCTOKFICE, .Yo. 57 ( - STIih.ET, A'r.r rfoor to Mr. Uulsvii't HUE siirncriliers have opened 1.11 "ffi 'e, at the L ahoi e place, for the uccomiuodation of tbe puolir generally, and respectful y toiieit a share ol their patronaec. ramihes, ship masters or ineciianirs, who are in want oftervauts, inaie or leinalc, lOoiis, stewards, coachmen or apprentices, can be supplied at tbe shortest nntire, by applyini: at the above place, tvery attention will le paid to ascertain whether the iiersons iipidying to this otTico for employment have good recommendations or not. and Uie puiiiic mnv ne assured no strvanis win lie recommenced by the sunsennrrs, unless their characters are'good and they bring satisfactory evidence of the same 'from the persons with whom they last lived. Iloui - es, stores, furnished or unfurnished rooms, may be obtained by applying nt tins cfiire. A! so, persons having the same to let, can find ten ants by apiilyin; as above. Every person, want - ins employment, can it by railing on tbe tnhscritiers, who will endeavour to 111, nt tl.e up probation ol the public', by paviiii; strict addi tion to (heir business. S. W. WINCHESTER, DANIEL FARRAR. ffc7" Wanted immediately, a number of eood Cooks, with good n ierences A!o, a nuinncr ol smart active coloured xms. as chambermaids, Ac. six or eiht eood nurses may te bad imme diately at this office. Also, eiiMit coed ronrhnien, or servants lor single gentlemen, runy be had us above. A inmil er ol Knlphtnen and Seoti hmeu, with their wives, (and no children) wish employment on farms, or as gardners and dairy maids ; would iro to any pari 01 tins siaie or itctv - jersey. Six industrious and active men, are in want 01 situations in grocery, stores ; they can be well recommended. Gentlemen intending to travel, can obtain jontl eiachruen, male and female sertants or it niters, by applying as above. A numoer ol noddle nee.i wntnen with silua ion" in private families, to nure; and take care ol children. Je 4 Iu TO THIC INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, A!SD IIS Vl IKITV. W f I. BRYAN, Dyer, .Vc. from London. urati lully nc.knottiediifi the liheral en - conrngeiu.tut he has received, bom bis friends and Ihe public, since bis arrival from England - Anxious to mem a continuation ol their patrim - ac and support, he has taken those extensive pit miles Nos.37 and 39 Spruce - street, (laic Little ticorge - street,) where be has at ronii!c rable erected machinery and every convenience to s nsure their future favours. Piece Goods d'd any lancy color and fiiiimed in superior st le ; Ladies chesses, silk, satlin, velvet, duma - k, luoreen, crape, teib, b.iwls. mantirs, peli'ses, boinbazceas A:c and d'd any fancy pattern, chip, straw, and bighorn huniiels dy'd. Black, lor mi inning, on. shortest notice 5 mo recn furnitures clean'd,dy'd and water - marked ; hoi - p.tsting, Kc. my 18 lm GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. T.HE Presidert and Directors site notice, JL that n dividend of four pi r cent on 'he capital slock of the company for the last rix months, will be paid to tlx Stockholders at their Office. No. 55 W all - street, on ajid af'er the lit day of J sue r ext. The r book will be t losed on the .'1st instant. By nrdrrnf thebr.anlof Dircc tor.. IUCIIARD DUNN, Junr. myl4dlm Sec'ry. vn ni.tsni. - ii this i4V - 4 I'RAfyriCAI. TKKA'I'KliSPF.r. xV. 1IVE. adapted for those who practice l.innscape painin s nr orawinsi 'nim nature. Also THE I EltSPEC I OGRAPII, for tak (ll" Vlf u . We the tindersigficd artists, resident at New - Yoik. haviii! in'nei ltd Busbv's persDcctoeranh. nn if i.nini in. liial it is an inireniaiis. useful and convenient invention, that ill materially assist an pi rsons hi mm ui 01 iud4iii aceuiaic jieripec - live views iioin uaiurc JNO. TLUMBULI AB. ROBERTSON. b.KV.U . L WALDO, JOH N KL'B ENS SMITH, WILLIAM DUNLAP, J. II. J A KYIS. The uboye works are f - r ale by J LAMBERT, Je3 lm'' 3 Courtlandt street. H.1 1. 11 im e. TS D IsrOURSES. r1MOKTI.Y will be nubliihed. a volume ef! SJ DiM - nnrres on various points of Christian 'failhand Practice, most of wbi' h were deli vr - el iu the chapel of the Oratoire st i an in me ipring of 1 8 1 6, bf 1 homa II. G:dIaoda, Frist - cipalofthe (iicctii ui asylum tic the itislruc - lion of the Dtaf and Dumb. Copy riflit secu - rfJ. P. W. GALLAUDET, j(4 it? 49 Fultoa - st. L'RK.SH LONDON MUSTARD, Ac r 65 boxes first quality Loudon Mustard, in white glass quarter pnund bottles of six doxen each, just larnKd from ship Ann Maria ; an'd, Putvcbong Tea, of a remarkably line quality, and of a delicious flavour, put up in canton, in 1 - 2 lb. papers, for sale (retain bv AIKLV& WILSON, June5 10t 84 Front street. ELEPHANT OIL, Ave. The caryo ot tbe 1 brig Jane Maria, consisting of Elephant Oil, in hhds. tierces and barrels, and a quantity of hair seal skins, lor sale by J. BYF.RS. Je 8 Ity 2:1 Burling slip. THE FINE ARTS. A M ON GST the present numerous exhibitions J.3L of this city, M. PAFF flatters himself that the lovers of genuine works ol old masters, will find Lis GALLERY OF PAINTINGS, No. 20 all - street, worthy their attention, and present - in; them stthe smullest expense with the most extensive eialifi. - Mion. N. B. Old paintings repaired and restored to their original lustre, or purchased at their utmost value. oiy SH It A PATENTED INVENTION, For tbe convenience and comfort of ladies. IT is well known by all ladies that their clouL pins, (as they arc called) alias curtain pins, patticularly large ones, in a very short time. irom the weight ol the curtain, and from other causes, wear so lanM a bole in the wood 11. which they are inserted that they become loose, insomuch that they droop and took ill, and moreover otteutimet dropout. To prevent this ef fectually, a person lias invented that which will firevent tbe inconvenience alluded to ; and any ady, or ern a ztntltman, can be convinced 01 the fact by applying ut,No. t Dey street, wlicrr the invention is to b seen : the expense is a mere trifle, and clonk pins already in ue can, and will be, readily altered 10 the proposed plan. n.ylOJw "'. I O Lr.T, A three - story brick llnu.'C, opiosile the parK iu Uuane, and next to the corner of Hud ion - ttrett. Eu.juirc at No. 2 (ircciiwich - etreet. my Vtewly INVENTED PATENT CONT t - AL REFLECTOR, for cconomisin aud 'li tribulin; Light 'i In - autKciibcrs, in mvitinf - the attention ol the publ.c to an extmiiration oHbrir newly in vented latent Conical Reflector, flatter them s lvc that trom it itrinciplo and c onstruction, n mokt iniportHiit improvement is 1 (lu ted in eco - iiominoi and Uutnbuting !ho light produced by the pis.cut improved patent Liverpool, Argnti, ujiI Mai lory Lumps ; and therefore submit it to the public, as a small addition to one of the mo t perfect artificial Itimin'i - ies of nimlern invention. ULUUM1 U:AtK I It ASLIl 3:1 Maiden - lane. N. B. Any number of tbe ubove RifLctors, m:. v be had or exumu (I ut the snhsenber Wholesale nnd Retail t ioiier. Pewter. Tin and Sheet I r?n Kitchen Furniture Wan house. No. 118 Maideii - lnne, as above. Je 5 lw FOR S.iJ.r:, ij Lensehr4d Proc rty, more valuable than real rL,te. Thai p.leasant situated House and Acade - my No. 3'J W hite - street, tudween Broadway and Church -, thirty years o( ibe Lease un - expired; all improvemei.ts to be paid lor, by vabialion at the exoimtion ol Ibe term. Ground Kent tl.irtv pounds per annum, lor partu ulnrs enquire of Gorge Pick, Curuelia - stteet, Grecn - tvieh. JeS It M OPT AT l''s SIOCK ALE lor aale at No. 20 Fulton st. by my V. 22 :w ELLIS & FLBf - KNRIt. DEN't'lS I'KV . rVERAII HAW LEY, Surgeon Dentist, has re M.A moved his cffice irom 3.' pearl street, to yi .asaii street, tibere be will extract, 1 Icon .l :i. ..11. II.. . i .... : .in me iciui. licni;u r - .flB niillM:il le'eill III the most approved manner, nnd if i.pplira'i m is madu to him iu proper season, be will prevent the urceufarciowtli ol ibe i. cund set of teeth, cr re mote any existing irregularily He will only add the following tveemmcudatinn whom it MXt cojvrF.nit: lTt lliis certifies, that Ooclor Zerah Haw - ley is a regular bred phvsir:ian, and in eood standing with bis brethren in this plnce, that h has paid particular attention to the art of DENTISTRY , has studied the l.est Europeun works on the subject, and has given very good satisfaction in this branch to his customers, who arc Iiersons of tile first resMctahihty in this city. We therefore, with entire confidence, recommend Dr. Ilawley to the citizens ef Ntw - York, as a Dentist. I JEnra Munson.Y ProPsofthc Nciv - Haven, 1 Nntharr Smith, f medical iiuti - Jaa.M, 1313. YEli Ives, C tution, Yhlt t,.iona. Knight, College. je 1. 1 w d.VKRiC'J.y AVAIi - EMY OFTUE r.Vt ARTS. THE Board of Diicctorsgive notice that the fourth exhibition of tins Af a.lcmv is open every day irom S) in the morning till elu - k. I licy fur ther give notice that the ffal'crr of me Antique Haiues is open lor the pursue ol lucly r.ll tliose ftudents flcmirous of the benefit thus afforded by the Academy in lay in? the tuin - dation of art, are requested to apply lo the keeper, who will ii.f.irui them of the ruins laid dowu on the by - laws for Uieiradmi'siou The callcry i. open for this purpose every d"v (Sunday ex. - ccpfeJ; from 6 to 9 in the morning, until further notice. By order, ALKX'R. ROBERTSON, Sicr'y. Jun a 1w irs. FOR SAI.K, '.aui 1 na benntifid uni" well euHiratcd conn try sent, situated 0:1 llarlani 1 1 eight., 8 niibs irom i'sew - inrit, ntui a ouurter ol a mile Irom Manhattans illc. It ohiMtIs of twenty five n r - of excellent lard, an elegant house, Lnru, stables, ice house, mi'.k house, a h uue for the pnrdener and new fence, 4:c Ac. I here is alio a sprite of nevrr failing witter; an .ibnintance ofexceilei.l fiuit o every description in, full beaiins, iinroft ed from Euroi at a tery treat expense. Tlie said country seBt is m the border of the Hudson River. F.irry facility will be given a to pav inci.t. l or fuiMicr particulars apply to N. M. UELONGUEMAIti:, No. 1 Slout lane, corner of Wm. street JeBlw MEOiCAL AID. D' K. COit.'s tVELU who is a member of the Corpora tion orStireons ol London, anc who ha bad mnch ex ricnc? in the line of la profession tor nmre tli?n twentv years, ha luti lf arrived in this ity, am! being well apprised of liie ereal Icita 01 ll.i.e it geni.lJlly te 10 imriK.u.r . medical Reiitlemao into pra t.i e m the innmipn reserved t ar, lakes this m Ibo.l to inform toe public, tint 'lie has tak. n the tua'ion, H v.. VVA I 1 R - STREi: T, comer of Doter - slrr . bis door in I Jover - slrrel - hn name on flit !.vor - his sign, a Mortar;) lhal plea'e to apply for his medical aid, In Ibe I difiereiit bram lies c4" surgery, aud tlie practice wnere in; "i1 """, . , , I of Physic generally. ' As. ali. in all c .se of impotencr, ar.d a cer tain coini.l.unt, incident to both sex, in vhuh he lush. .'I 4 re it, very ertit, eiperieoce in tbe cure of thousands, tviUiout one hour detention from business, or change of diet, or a possible cli'cevery by lhe most luiim&te friend. , (r And' in all cac of ccmti len;e, the greatest secrecy will be strictly, observed. He ha no shopman, or any person In p .itncrship with bun N. B. Attendance will be piren to patients from un - nse uoti' 9 u'clock iu the evening. Jeo Ira J 1 (p The new FERRY BOA Is 'rem toe foot .f V akiut Street. New York, to tl f..ot of Lit. tie street, Brooklyn, neaf the Navy Yard." will commence running on Sunday, the 17th Persons crossing to Bmoklyn from tbe epper part of the city, will find the distance much shortened by using tin's terry. mv 14 . TONTINE COFFEE - HOlSE. - - frj Tbe committee for manauier the affairs ol the Tontine Coffee House, give notice', that ft Dividend ol !4 venleen dollars tier snare, for the year ending tl.e 1st in't.. .will be paid the proprietors on or idler the 19lb inst. at 24 Br.iad - street. ni 13 Im NOUC1C. (fc7 - The Rising Sun Sail Eoats, Nonparief, and Industry, from trie Elizabeth town Point, lot New - York, sails frcoi Marketbeld - itreet, (where the Steam - boat Ataianta formerly came to,) at 10 o'clock, ot each day. Pnssftge 12 1 - 2 cents. Eccuire ut the Steam - boat Ilotell, of 1 ...... ...... v AAur.urooctb riiij.Lira. my 21 tf ' , fTr The bank notes ol all the bank between this city ar.d Albany received dt our olhce at sv discount of 3 - 4 per cent, in iums over j "0. LlvlNtjii ION TRACY, 9 VValI - I. ' The highest price given for Dollars, may 27 . , Merchaiit, Bank Jhviilrnd - (TV" Notice is hereby given lo the Stockhol - dciH of the Mcrchan'.'a Rank, that a Dividend ol'four i'.er cent, or two doll ais on each, .hare lor six month, trom the Iirst of IKcenibcr last, will be paid at the Bank on ioiujjrv, the first of June next. ' f "''. . ISv order of the Board of Directors. my291m G VKOi - M, - ttaali'r. tV70.V i.Y.SUHAXCE COMpJXY t)ffioc No. 5i Wall - Mrecl, (XJy3 Will rec eive apjilical Wos for marine risks, and for insurance 011 lives, annuities, tzc between the hour of 10 A..M. and 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL - A. LAWRENCE, president. WM. J. VAN WAt.ENEN, secretary. E1.1F(TlRS. John Oothout J..uie - doorman . John Bichaud Charles Rhind James lUnwick P. Scberiuerliorn, jun. John Jones Joseph Smith - James Strong my 19 Im Laac U. Pearson, jr. Henry Major Henry Thomas Samuel A. Lawrence Charles King Robert Beusoo, jun. James Boyd. juu. Balthazcr P. viebek I "itlBAETJ 8 10 hales ol Rhodes Bom - IJ baitlls, haiidioniely nssorted,ju(t received by the Ann Maria Irom Liverpool, and for sale by LAYER I Y, SHELTERS A; KING, Je 1 zw No. Vii Pearl - si reef. A nieruuti limtrunce Lonnmuf. 'I ''HE board hi llirectnrs have (Lis day dcclar. JL 1 d a Dividend of fiitecii ii reiit. on the t.apital 8to k, for the last six months, payable on or alter the first day of June not. between, 'he hours of 10 and 12 o'clec k. By order ol the President and Directors. May 12, 1818. my IB P. II A VI . Sec'ry. PROSl'ECltS. ron i - ctbiaiusjo uv sossinirTioir A MAP v)F MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. ' 1 "HE publication ol this Map Iik been under' 1. taken mill the iuipri smm. that it will ex - bihil inloruihtion, higtdy interesting event tul crisis , and the vuluaUe Maps which the author ha procured, durint his several tours throusU Mexico, ia tl.e years 1UG6, 1807, 1812, 1813, IU15, 1U1U, nnd lHH.itHluie him in ueltive that the Jap, with even nil its imperfections, will bo much the most perfect tt l.ichhas appeared before the public. 1 This Map will rontain the latest and best in formation from the diicoi cries and liosseuions of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and Fiench trait lit rs nod navigator and reprrsen - tilia the claiiLSof their respective gcvcruminti 011 the Nortliwcstt rn coast of America. I he Map w ill include thuf ortion of Anrth America, which lie between tbe Isthmus ol Da - ncn, nnd lhe4.flfi Ui L - ne of .North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River westtvardly to tho Pnt ihV Occnn. In size the Mop will he about six by five feet. nnd will be projected on a scale of 40 miles t.s the inch, to be dehiercd to the subscribers nt fif teen dollar t rich. Natcbes, March 7, 1818. op 7 (Aul W9t tOli .SALE OR Tt L i E, kiniSJ Lnlsio lhe 5. 6, 8, and 10 Wards; uanr ot Hhich are on regulated and prtved itrecla. No money win n requited under un years, moid, inlt - rcst exct pled. HOl.Sr.ij. Several two and three story, on which a great part cf the money remain on mortgage. I.A.tUl.tliAl 111.U1IUU&. ' . An excellent stun J lor business - with ten seres.' vf land, pleasantly (ituated. with a ttharf. store house and barn. COTTON ond WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near IVew - Haven, with JO acres cf land, nnd a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be e reeled, with a sufficiency of water for each. Apply nt No. 2 Grecowirh street. jan 13 tf . . . MO.NT.Al.T4.. VR . nji rorsnie or 10 n t, uie ceautiiul place called Mnnt - Alta, sctcu mile from the City Hall, on the Ncr'Ji lliver, ndjciuuig lord Cour - tenay's. It contain fJ acres ft land under improvement, with a large garden in good condition, a variety of fruit trees, aiid every conve - - uience a family may require. For terms, which are roa - onablc, aud if sold a long credit given if wished, apply lo ... X. L D. TALCOTT, ap 20 64 Soulli - st. . A LL 01 dei received and atuuuVd to lor layr . in; and repaiiiu tlie Manhattan lead pip and cisterns or lor sink pipe or lead puinin, by SAMUEL STAHKEV, mv 27 If No. I3'hamln r - - lrerf. Foil SALE, , Vi'Or exdiuuscd lor iiriirly in Ihi city) . neat country Iniusa iu Hie vicinity of Eli - zaU Ih - town, (N. J.) beautifully sniiatrdoo (he pot - rn:iJ; at cre.'tiit iu Ibe occupation of UocL Gr - nL 1' - C.Nitiins eifiht room with a piazza in front and rear, a good kitchen, w ash luiie. uiilk - ro.Mii, and ccller, there U alio, a coach - house, atable for tao heme, and other cyinveiiieiit tint buiiilin,;, all in pood repair. Kooiit an aci e of land, laid out in a hamlaome garden and orchard, which alford a varicn of. choice fruit, aparaus, :c. ami a well of x - . cellent, Mith a pump. "Teton wi.l ba . luadelilnral. Apply to JACKSOS Si WOOLLEY . , Je 1 lm .75 Wail street. MILI.INERYrpi JOHN WLNTKlNGHAM. - MiHiaen K - s, 12S I W il!iam - st. trspectiully itvotw bil Irieud and the inerrhnnt in general, that be has move 4, frorn No. 117 Wiiliaui - street, to the above No. where he CRIMPS iiitUn, Muslins; Ribbon. Crapes, &"C. at t'.ie shortest notice and lowest 11.. e . . , ... t . . j,nce. Also, Fancy, Lace, Sattin, and Crape tsiiiiu""'" - He bits constantly ea baml, split draw, acl Iejhorn hats, turiaus, turtaa roals, culise - ret, Ac. " : One case tiiperfine white chip, just ieiptxic! and for sale by the dozen or single. . jJH Store No 117 Wa!ian - tret lo W, aa4 lija Eumberef giaseJua tursale. J8 lm 17 11ITE LEAD. 10 ! - HJi5rM ooalrfy Ijsg - VV lisa W hile Lead "'t D, 50, and 5 too do do Dry. For su e by TICKER A: LM'RIES, . Jc 8 29 Svmlh - Sttect. r: i 1 'I " ; ' LAI J '. ' ' i f .; - W7 t , ' 1 . ., . I . . . t ' : :' U i '" I' m: i . 1

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