The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 24, 1931 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1931
Page 17
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JONES', WETHERED'S PLAY IS UNORTHODOX FILM PRE-VIEWS REVEAL AGES DO NOT PLAY RIGHT Golf. Pros Are Astonished at Breaks Shown in Ultra- Slow Movies. By PATH. MICKELSON CHICAGO, March 21. Wi-- Many professionals, who have been teaching: duffera how and when not to swing- their, golf clubs may have some explaining to do this summer when the ultra-slow movies of those two aces of golf, Bobby Jones and Joyce Wethered, are exhibited in their home town clubg. For the movies, to be shown by the Professional Golfers' association of America, will convince Mr. and Mrs. Duffer that not even their pro knows everything- about the royal and ancient game, and that, in three s t ar tl i n g -instances they were wrong. ' Pros Astonished at Film As a group of well known Chicago pros watched^ the preview of the slow movies in the anteroom of the P. G. A., there were expressions of astonishment and chagrin. "Well, I'll be a baked golf ball," mused Alex Pirie of Chicago, former president of the P. G. A., and a well known teacher of golf- since 1898. "Did you see what" I saw? Why, neither Bobby nor Miss Wethered broke their wrists on the back swing until the club head has traveled approximately one-third of the way. And did you notice how Bobby hesitates at the top of his swing- to shift his body and get planted before he brings the club head back again? And did you notice that neither Miss Wethered or Bobby broke their wrists at the point of impact with the ball as most of us have been teaching for all these years? Well, I'll be doggoned; Let's take another look at them." See Startling Revelations The most startling revelation gained by the pros from the Jones and Wethered pictures was their action at the top of the swing. The commonly accepted style waa that the first action at the top of the swing was made with the hands to start the club back. Miss Wethered and Bobby, however, pause at that point, bring around their hips and plant their left heel firmly to the ground, thus getting an, early pivot and fixing a fulcrum, which combines to give great power and the finest timing. The switch eliminates any appreciable sway. . 3 . For years, golf teachers have been their feiipilS; .that the BE-GAZETTE MASON CITY, IOWA, MARCH 24 1931 INDEPENDENTS WIN Y. W. BASKETBALL TITLE FALSTAFFS TAKE THREE STRAIGHT WITH 2920 MARK Allen Cafe Drops Three to Deckers' Five; Duncan Gets High Single. Tuesday's -Schedule. Champlln Refining company vs. H. C. Boyd Bowling company on alleys 1 and Z at 7:45. .Chapin O'Nei! Coal vs. Ideal Sand and Gravel company on alleys 3 and 4 at 7:45. The Falstaff Pale team, which was organized for the straightaway league, won three games straight from the Gallagher's Oaklacd-Pon- tiacs in a remarkable series by shooting a grand total of 2920 against 2646. Deckers' lowanas won three straight from the Allen Cafe of Charles Ciy in the other match of Monday's bowling-. William Duncan was high man in the single column with 224 while his opponent, George Squiers, carried off the high three game total with 59D. AI.I.EN CAFE Players-- 1st 2nd 3rd Hllller ... 150 189 IHO Jnnjt 131 130 Putney ;.. ]Bfi 175 Weber 175 124 J14 15.5 1!)B Dobbs 1B7 1(15 38(1 Totals 197 109 874 8 Team avnmKO 2430--HID DECKERS' IOWANAS IMaycrfl-- 1st 2nd 3ril SwaffonJ 181! 170 100 Gaslicl IBB 167 158 Snook 157 178 10J5 MncDonald 1X7 1411 Z1B Kolb 174 182 20* Totals 850 833 032 Tuam averoue 2GZ4--878 GAT.I-AGnER'S OAKLAND-PONTIACS riuyers-- 1st 2nd 3nl H. I.ce 203 100 177 S70 .1. Duncan IK) Ifil 104 473 I!. Duncan 201 174 160 SU Wm. Duncan 177 224 leg BOB F. Duncan 138 188 180 405 Totals ... 833 607 857 2047 Teiun. average 2617--882 4R9 2H7 332 2DD B2B r,in 2430 545 4B1 BOO BIB fftIO l 2624 - _ ·"time the club head leaves ttie-ground on the backward swing. Not so with Bobby and Joyce. Bobby brings his club^back almost horizontal with the^rouud before even the slightest brs)-Jt Is noted in his wrists. Miss Wethered brings her club almost two-fifths of the way back without a wrist break. Styles Are "Unorthodox" The third "unorthodox" style of the two champions is at the impact of the ball. "Snap_ your wrists when the club head connects with the ball," the pros have taught with stentorian voices. But Bobby and Joyce go thru steadily without a break. Not until their follow ' thru is almost horizontal again with the ground is a ' break noticeable. BOXING THURSDAY, MARCH 26 AT ARMORY 42 --ROUNDS --42 Auspices Am. I/esrion Drum Corps . -- lit -^a»4 -- 3M w»it .....;-...... m IBS IBS I.. Wlkti: ....... .181 178 199 Jacob* ........... 184 203 200 Squlerfi ......... .223 170 200 Soblcalio ......... 170 202 iilft Totals ....... 050 940 1018 Team nverago 2020 -- 073 SOS 587 599 691 2320 LUNDBERG'S FIVE BEATS OIL TEAM Byars Rolls High Single in Women's League; Renner Wins Honors. p. K. Lundbcrg's five won three games from the Standard Oil in the women'e league. Byars of the Standard Oil 'rolled 167 for a high single game and Renner of the D. K. Lundberg team shot 474 for high honors in the three game totals. D. K. I.tlNDBEnG'S Flayers-- 1st 2nd 3rrt Olcnr 124 Ilalcli 7t Murrny . . . . . 1 2 3 Lewis 107 Ronner 131 Handicap 02 Totals (MS 135 102 AL BORK Noslinn Mauler AL MANRIQUIZ Mexican Assassin 8 Rounds CARL KRIEGER SPIN NELSON 6 Rounds GORDON STEWART MAXIE 3 'VVEST G Rounds "TUFFY" ANDERSON "KID'' 8 J QBE 6 Rounds Rematched after their thrilling four round bout lost show. VALLIE KLINE, Grafton CARL NELSON, Austin 4 Round.s RALPH JOHNSON, Albert Lea vs. ALEX GETTA, Manly 4 Rounds TURGEN TEBBEN, Kanawha JOHNNY HINES, Mason City 4 Rounds OT5 STANDARD OH. Players-- Int 2nd Wall IJg Ida Doe ion 100 80 113 Frteberc 104 11R Byur* nn 143 01 1IL I I S 128 172 02 7011 33,1 333 474 27(i 202 Handicap ao Totals BBS 50 621 I2G inn 70 tin IH7 no 631 300 272 nil 4411 ISO 1843 HORGAN TO MEET MANEY IN THREE Football Natural Arouses Interest Among Manly, Northwood Fans. Pete Horgan, ball captain of TAGGED "FIRE BALL KING" · By JACK SOBDS * Walter Johnson, the old Fire Ball King 1 , having hurled Washington to two American league pennants hopes this year to reach even greater heights of fame by piloting the Senators to their third flag. This is Johnson's third season at the helm of his old club. Johnson was born In the little town of Humboldt, Kans., Nov. 6, 1887. He was just a kid in his middle teens when his pitching attracted attention. A Washington scout saw him and signed the 20-year-old ·Ind,-Tvho joined thc-Senators-in the closing- flays of the-1907 race.- : In 1910 he found himself and won 25 games. For the next 10 seasons Johnson won 20 or more games a season. Johnson's blinding speed gave him the nickname of the Fire Boll King, and his large,' powerful frame the tag by which lie Is better known, the Blcr Train. Johnson reached the peak of his great career by W'nnintr 36 of 43 games in 1913. That year he fanned 243 batters, allowed only 38 bases on balls and was touched for only 1.09 runs a game. Johnson's pitching career closed in 1027, when he retired as an active player after 21 years' service on tho big league mound. He went to Newark as manager for 1928, and the following year camo to Washington as pilot to lead the club.for which he pitched every one of his 802 major league games. T, N. T. CLUB IS BEATEN IN 43-29 TILT FOR HONORS iazel Helm Sinks 22 Points in Second Half to Take High Scoring Honors. The Independents clinched the title n the women's basketball league of the city Monday night at the Y. W. C. A. by beating the T. N. T, club 3 to 29. The score at half time was 20 to 7 in favor of the Independents. During the second half Hazel Helm scored 22 points. She was the outstanding star of the T. N. T. players and managed, after a poor start, to come out as the high scorer of the evening by the margin of one point. She made every counter for the T. 3ST. T. Following close to the high record, Audrey Andrews of the Independents marked up a total score of 28. Her counters were distributed Lhru the game more evenly than the high scorer's. Florence Sandberg was the other forward of the Independents that aided greatly in winning the title. She totaled la points. . I INDEPENDENTS--43 FG FT PF Andrews, t 13 Sundberg, f 7 Lundahl, c 6 Dctra, sc 0 Vusch, g 0 Kephart, g ...... 0 WINS SENIOR TITLE AT Y · THOTO nv KUIK · The A. Z. A.s, Jewish basketball tcam.'won the championship o£ the senior division of the Sunday school league at the Y. M. C. A. by defeating the Church of Christ team 28 to 4 in the title clash. Heading from left to right, the players are: Harry Schulman, forward; Leon Raizes, guard; Joe Fink, center; Isadora Benowitz, guard; Leon Goss, forward; Milton Kaizes, guard; Slim Richer, coach. Red Birds Have Wealth of Twirling Material SHIELDS DEFEATS JEAN BOROTRA IN 3 STRAIGHT SETS Victory Places France and United States on Even Terms in Series. NEW YORK, March 24. /P-Thanks to an unexpected victory for Young Frank Shields over tho veteran, Jean Borotra, America's tennis youngsters were all even with France Tuesday in their international team series with three more matches yet to be played. Borotra fell before Shields In straight sets Monday night but the evening program ended In a stalemate when Christian Boussus came from far behind to defeat the slightly-built Texan, Berkeley BelL Borotra, who added the American indoor title on Saturday to those he holds in England and France, was off form against Shields and after the. first set, the battle wasn't even close. The scores were 7-5, 6-1, G-3. Bell, after winning the first two sets of his match with Boussus at 7-5, 7-5, then faded and went down in the next three and match. 6-3 9-7, 6-4. Tuesday the doubles match waa to be played with George Lott and John Van Ryn, Davis cup stars, meeting Borotra. and either Bousaus or Pierre Landry. 2 1 0 0 0 0 Totals 20 3 3 T. N. T.--29 FG FT PF Helm, f 18 3 0 Julsen, f 0 0 0 Church, f 0 0 0 Scharlnu, o 0 0 0 Cummings, sc 0 0 0 Jotmnnson, g 0 0 0 Moore, g 0 0 0 Totals 13 3 0 Substitutions: Julsen for Helm. FROM T R A I N I N G CAMPS Northwood, fooL- last year's teani. PETE HORGAN, Northwood LEWIS MANEY. Manly 3 Rounds 1 -- OTHER BOUT -- 1 SEAT SALE AT BOVD'S Ladies, 50c -- Kids, 25c - - v j vu.1. n U t C f c l l i i has been signed to oppose Lewis Maney of Manly, who captained one of Manly's high school football teams, ~i a three round bout of a. 42 round boxing show scheduled for the armory Thursday. Matchmaker Joe Kelly of the American Legion drum corps signed a natural 'when he matched these football rivals. A great deal of interest has been aroused in the two, towns over the coming bout. Johnny Hines, Clear Lake, was also signed to trade blows with Turgron Tebben, Kanawha, in a four round bout. The Clear Lake boxer has -not appeared on an armory show since he fought George Fritz, Fort Dodge. Al Manriquez, Mexican featherweight star, signed to trade blows with Al Bork of Nashua in the feature six round bout, wired Matchmaker Kelly that he will arrive in the' city Wednesday morning. He will be accompanied by his brother, Nach Manriquez, who will act as his second Thursday night. Bork is training daily at Grafton witli Clarence Bork and reported thac he is rounding into the best of shape. Dy THE ASSOCIATED PRESS MCCARTHY WITHHOLDS AX ON YANKEES ST. PETERSBURG, Fla Young hopefuls with the New York Yankees can breath freely for a few more days. Manager Joe McCarthy has decided to withhold the ax until after the Yankees break camp here. * * * MACK WORRIES ABQTJT HIS PITCHING STAFF FORT MYERS, Fla Preparing to break camp here today and start homeward with the Philadelphia Athletics' second string squad, Manager Mack said his only worry was about a pitching staff.. He hopes to dig up another ace somewhere to go with Grove and Earnshaw, but admitted he hadn't found one. * * * KILLEFER'S DISPOSITION RUINED BY TEAM'S PLAY WEST PALM BEACH, Fla-Manager Bill Killefer's sweet disposition has been utterly ruined by the inability of his St. Louis Browns to hit and field on the same day. He has threatenetd a shakeup, hut material on hand is so limited he does not have a very wide selection to choose from. * * * INDIANS TO GO BACK TO OLD NEW ORLEANS NEW ORLEANS--The Cleveland Indians will come back to New Orleans next year after all. Two weeks ago General Manager Bill Evans said the tribe would go to California next spring-, but Gov.-elect Huey P. Long got into action and the reversal of plans was announced at a dinner Monday night. * * * TIGEKS HAVE TOO MUCH PROMISING MATERIAL SAN DIEGO--The Detroit Tigers have so many promising young outfielders in training that several Class AA clubs are said to be negotiating for the services of those who do not stay in the major league thi_s year. The list includes Eck- hafdt. Shiver, Gerald and Harvey Walker, Doljack and Stone. * * * RICKEY REGRETS SALE OF RED WORTHINGTON ST. PETERSBURG--Dopestera at tlie Braves camp say that Vice President Branch Rickey of the Cards has his regrets. They say Rickey watches Red Worthington's heavy hitting performances with a longing sigh and regrets the sale ot the brilliant prospect. WHITE SOX CONCERNED OVER THOMAS' ARM SAN ANTONIO--There is real concern among Manager Donie Bush and all the Chicago White Sox over the condition or lack of condition of Tommy Thomas' pitching arm. Thomas suffered with a kink in the arm last season and won few games, after having been a winner in 1D29. He reported this spring with the news that the arra was okeh, aut none of his performances to date indicates he is any hotter than last season, t Monday the Giants plastered him out of action in less than three innings. HOEFT, JOHNSON PAIRED ON CARD G-ARNER, March 24--Jack Hoef t, Sioux City, waa scheduled to meet Leonard Johnson, Forest City, in a six round semiwindup of the- athletic show here Tuesday evening. The main go, a wrestling match, was scheduled between Hank Lyman, Owassa, and George Deck Estherville, both grapplers of repute, according to Manager Ziesmer. Battling Haxton of Britt and Fred Albers of Goodell are also scheduled for a boxing" event. Two other four round bouts complete the bill. FIGHT RESULTS By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS PHILADELPHIA -- Tony Canzoneri, world lightweight champion outpointed Tommy Grogan, Omaha (10), non-title; Tommy Paul, Buf falo, outpointed Ed Maurice Holtzer France, (10). LANSING, Mich.--Pee Wee Jar rell, Niles, Mich., outpointed Spug Myers, Pocat'ello, Idaho, (10). F L I N T , Mich.--Battling Bozo Birmingham, Ala., o u t p o i n t e d Frankie Wine, Billings, Mont., (10) CHICAGO--Edgar Norman, Nor way, and Harry Robarts, Chicago drew (10). DES MOINES--Cowboy E d d i e Anderson, Casper, Wyo., outpointei Steven Smith, Bridgeport, Conn (10); Mike Dundee, Rock Island III., outpointed Billy Vaughn, Oma ha, (10), newspaper decisions. IIGBJJEAMSIO ENTER TOURNEY 3eep River Beats Danville 19-11 to Gain Right to Title Clash. DBS MOINES, March 24. (^)-: irls of eight Iowa high schools will move into the Drake university "ieldhouse this week-end to fight 'or the state girls' high school bas- cetball championship. Their performances in sectional and district meets during the last two weeks overshadowed by interest in the boys' tournament, the jirls will have the sports limelight .0 themselves when they meet Thursday in their first round clashes. Eight Teams Entered. Aplington, Avoca, Centerville, Audubon, Lament, Whitternore, Ida Grove and Deep River will make up Fliver will make up the eight com- the eight competing teams, cham- liona in their respective districts. Danville and Deep River tied at the Eldon tournament and Deep River ivon the playoff 19-11. Teams in the lower bracket of the mirings appeared to have the toughest going in the tourney. Audubon, Ida Grove, Centerville and Whittemore were grouped in this section, with the other four teams occupying the upper bracket. Centerville, winner of 26 out of 2S :ilts this season, is rated as one of the strongest entries. Its most impressive performances were 30 to 0 and 59 to 2 victories over Exlinc, and a 84 to 1 trouncing administered t(X Piano during the district meet at Centerville. Ida Grove Strong. Ida Grove, tho only contender which was represented in the final tourney last year, is another strong entry. It is scheduled to meet Audubon, western Iowa favorite, in tho first round feature game at 8:40 p. m. Thursday. It will follow the Centerville. Whittemore game scheduled at 7:30 p. m. The Thursday afternoon games will bring Aplington and Deep River or Danville together at 2:30 p. m., and Avoca against Lamont at 3:40 p. m. Losers of the four games will clash Friday afternoon, with the two winners playing in the consolation finals Saturday night? The four first round winners will meet in the semifinals Friday night, the winners facing each other for the title the following evening. Early Season Tilts With AV Show Marked Improvement in Club. By ALAN GOULD BRADENTON, Fla., March 24 Iff) --If pitching, as a number of the expert witnesses maintain, is anywhere from 50 to 75 per cent of the battle, the St. Louis Cardinals will start the defense of their National league crown without much to worry about. The strong impression made by the Red Birds in their month of training here has been due largely to the wealth of twirling talent paraded by Manager Gabby Street foi all and sundry to gaze at and admire. Varsity Pitching Kates. The freshman class in Cardina curving will be distributed among the "chain store" teams for addl ttonal seasoning. The varsity look; gobd -enough.-to'-keep- the Red Bird, in full flight all the way. Street has two weather-beaten veterans in Burleigh Grimes and Jesse Haines, each 38 years old, bu showing- few, if any, signs of weak cning. He has one of the game'., fastest southpaws in Wild Willlair Hallahan and a · powerful righ lander in Flint Rehm. He has two sensational newscomsrs in Jerome ;Dizzy) Dean and Paul Derringer. "Imagine," remarked a rival manager, "picking up pitchers iike Dean and Derringer to add to one of the finest pitching staffs in either major league'. Slated ( for Runaway. "The Cardinals won the pennant without them last year. It these two youngsters deliver, as Street has every reason to expect they will, it is conceivable that St. Louis will make a runaway of the race." The Cardinals have a wealth of fine reserves in other departments of play. To make doubly sure about the infield help, they have recalled the ' diminutive Andy High, whose pinch-hitting had a lot to do with the team's strong finish last season To show, also, that they respect age as well as youthful promise, th Cards recalled Miguel (Mike) Gon zales, the lanky 38-year-old Cuban for catching service. Street May Set Record. Gabby Street, if he continues to produce results, may set n. new record for length of service as a Cardinal manager. His methods have won full approval and his leadership has won the confidence of the players. EXHIBITION BASEBALL By ASSOCIATED TRESS. BRADENTON, Fla.--St. Louis (N) 9; Philadelphia (N) 7. SAN ANTONIO--New York (N) 6; Chicago (A) 2. FT. MEYERS, Fla.--Philadelphia (A) 3; Boston (N) 2. SARASOTA, Fla.--Indianapolis (AA) 4; New York (A) 3, 11 innings. LOS ANGELES--Pittsburgh (N) 13; Los Angeles (PCD C OAKLAND--Oakland (PCL) 4* Chicago (N) 3. TAMPA, Fla.--Chicago 7; Cincinnati (N) 3. BILOXI, Misa.--Washington (A). 5; Baltimore (IL) 5, Tie, 0 innings. SAN DIEGO--Hollywood. (PCL.)' 11; Detroit (A) 8. Young Husband--I can't stand this suspense any longer. It will kill me. Doctor--Calm yourself, my dear sir. I've brot thousands of babies into the world nnd never lost a father yet.--Punch. Billion $% jfThat's the experience whicft ^guarantees your judgement i£w'hen/you -choose tcTday'sy-^ / r Superior^Mild San Felice, /experience .equivalent "To a "~' isenss-|bf[the\ ^oria^pnioi San" Felice are /as perfeCTas/nature, human ski!!, and sanitary machineF can make them. We/challenge youi "to make the test/ is'our/ GUARANTEE Buy 1 SAN FELICE at your Dealers /.. . If you are not 'entirety satisfied, mail the /bands to the Deisel-Wemmer- ./ * Gilbert Corporation, Detroit, \ Michigan-- and your money fill be refunded. Indoor .Baseball to Start at Y. M. C. A. Six teams will start play in the Indoor baseball league at the Y. M. C. A. Wednesday evening. The Brownies are scheduled with the Canvas Company nt 7; the Junior College will meet the Coca Cola at 8 and the Y's men will meet the Y'a Seniors at 9. Officials for tho meet will be Jake and Otto Mallo. The complete schedule will be announced later. Two sizes... EXQU/SITO... PANETELA . , - SAN FELICE , ^ AMERICAS FINEST 5* CIGAR Distributed by: MARTIN BROS. CO., Waterloo, Iowa

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