The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 9, 1943 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1943
Page 14
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-^XfcvSw^tw***.-. «W4,^i-t-*^^V-J-,^ *£,,* * * BY t. A. H. * * » Showing Which Way the Wind Blows * # * S' It A -·- 110,000 Miles It is now a year since Lt. John t. van der Lmden, member ot this news staff, was inducted into service as a reserve officer. in that year John has established some sort of record. He has been sent for duty to a total o£ 19 posts and has visited a great many other military installations. · In these 12 months he has traveled some 10,000 miles under government orders, plus numer- ,ous side trips o£ his own, taking .advantage ot the opportunity for .a 'travel/ education" to learn ·about peoples, industries, geography and geology of the regions he visited. About the strangest thing in the year's experience for John, however, was the number o£ Mason Cityans he met. "They're e v e r y w li e r e," he -writes about Mason City people. · 'My chauffeur for a couple of v/eeks in Los Angeles was a soldier from a Mason City rural .route who was engaged to a "irt ·who worked at Klipto. · I/T. JOHN VAN DER LINDEN ^ --He married the girl ing physician turned ouf to be Dr. R. E. Brisbine, formerly of Mason City, who went west to retire. * Court Scene Larry Mason was given proo that Jim Williams really mean what he said when he offered assistance to young attorneys. "I had just been elected county attorney the first time and Morris Laird was my assistant. We were trying a case which had been left over from Roe Thompson's term as county attorney. "Jim Williams was attorney for the defense and objected to one of my questions. After I had rephrased it-four times and Judge M. F. Edwards still sustained the defense objection, I turned to Morris and said: " 'I don't know how to get that question in.' "Jim Williams leaned across the counsel table and said: '"Why don't you ask it this way . . .?" "I did and both Judge Edwards arid Jim Williams smiled at me and let it go." * H. P. Hanson, Northwestern States Portland Cement company superintendent and member of ration board No. I, must have found a good place to room and board. He has been there 28 years. - ''In San Diego a parking lot attendant used to work for Boom- iower hardware. - "In a Fort Lewis service club I met Rod Fox, (former member ot oiobe-GazeUe news staff and lat- *r on faculty of Iowa State col- -lege and now a student in officei xandidate school at Fort Sill.) ; '-In a Seattle cafe I sal in the .next chair to Keith DeLacy before I recognized him. " "In San Francisco I went to a lootball game with T o m m y Thompson (former Globe-Gazette reporter.) "At the artillery firing center at Yakima, Wash., I ran across the names of two Mason City bovs in a roster upon which I was work- And here comes the climax of this adventure: "At Fort Sill I walked into the post exchange and was surprised to see Paul Buehler and inside of la minutes learned that we both Feeding Birds Mrs. Winifred Baumgartner who wrote n bird story for Child' Life, received a number of telephone calls the past week about other interesting incidents in the life of birds. Here is one of them: The Dal Davises who live at 410 Jefferson avenue northwest have long been interested in winter feeding of birds. This winter they have been rewarded by having a robin stay with them right through the winter. They telephoned Mrs. Baumgartner to come and see him for he is never far from their feedbox, especially on a snowy MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Bond Sales $500,000 in December Woman-in-the-Kitchen Has Important Role in Conflict How long will this war last? There is only one answer until we win! ' " ' To hasten that victory, the war production board has called upon he patriotic housewives of America to salvage waste kitchen fat= m cans and discarded nylon and silk hosiery. Glycerin is needed in manufac- ure of high explosives. Tin is needed for babitt metal jn the bearings of airplane motors, for older and for hundreds of other military uses. Silk and nylon re- laimed from the salvage of wom- n s stockings, is used in the manufacture of gun-powder bags and ther war equipment. * * * ^ Women Organized for Salvage^Drive FATS, CANS AND' SILK ESSENTIAL WAR MATERIALS Your Neighbors in the ARMED SERVICES What They Are Doing * * * * * · * * * · * * * Stoecker Brothers Are Still Climbing L%8E£SamiUZfZ***r.,» smrnKs^s *,,,r , . ** had a date with the "same the next Saturday night. girl " that date and" I married ihe girl." The S. S. Stavangerfjord of the Norwegian American Line, on which many a Xorth lowan has crossed the ocean, has been laid up at Oslo, Norway, ever since the invasion. Now' comes information that the Stavan- Kerfjord his been towed by the nazis into the shipyards of the Akers Mekaniske Verksted and painted black, ready for some enemy adventure. 'Jim Williams Stories about Attorney Jim Williams' championship of the underdog, particularly j n criminal cases, were going the rounds at the courthouse this week following his funeral. Mike Covigh- Jon told this one and- it was attested by others: The judge appointed a local attorney to represent a man accused of breaking the law who had no funds ot his own Feeling certain that the accused had no adequate defense, the attorney tried to persuade the defendant to plead guilty but failed and withdrew from the case. The accused man then got in touch with Jim Williams and induced him to conduct the defense in court. "When Jim got through trying the police and everyone else who appeared as witness in the case the jury not only found the defendant innocent but also took up a collection and gave it to him." it It's a small world. Paul Connor of Mason City was given a. physical checkup at Los Angeles the other day preparatory to taking a .job in an airplane planl. The examin- day. Sure enough, there he sat in the midst of a luxuriant abundance of cracked bjack walnuts onlv four feet from the kitchen window. Mr. Davis would tap on (he window and whistle a now familiar whistle to him and the robin would talk back! . When lie is in the feeding box no other bird comes near. Even the three male bluejays who are regular customers wait respectfully until he takes off They seem to recognize he is monarch of all the food. Mrs. Davis feeds the birds every morning around 9:30 When she is a little late, they fly back and forth before the kitchen window, finally settling on the sill and looking in. After ihe robin has fed. he likes to fly to a trellis a foot from the dining room window. Here he looks in at Tito Schipo and Nino Martini m their canary cages and tney have quite a bit to say to one * The Tom Summerhays daughter, born Dec. 24, was named Mary Christina! ' * .In Monday's Globe-Gazette occurred an unusual coincidence- three|_ articles with identical type headlines and one column pic- ures--all about local men with the first name of Leo. The articles were about: 1, Leo Allstot leaving for navy training; ·· r ea Kurtz going to st Pau , as ^ ^ it. L. agent and 3, Leo Born opening a new class in radio " Mrs. Roy W. Asks Divorce, $15,000 in Permanent Alimony Adeline M. Tapager filed suit for divorce in district court here Saturday against Roy W Tapa- ger on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Taoa"er asked 52,500 temporarv a£mo°ny and support pending conclusion ? 1 - n n n l ' C ° suit aml also sce ks SIo.OOO permanent alimonv She agamst^TopaEer 0 [o a "u^aTe l payment of any alimony"^"^ it was issued by Judge M. H. _ The salvage of these products s essential to victory. War in the Facific has greatly reduced our supply of vegetable fais from the far east. Silk is no longer obtain, able from Japan. And British Malaya and the Dutch East Indies, which formerly supplied 86 per cent of our tin. are now in ·he hands of the enemy. No substantial tin deposits have ever been discovered in the United States. *. * * Today the woman-in-thc-kilchen is called upon to be a soldier in the common effort. Every ounce of waste fat she saves is a source of glycerin; every tin can she saves contains strategic metal; every pair of silk or nylon hosiery (pure or mixed) sh2 turns in' to the collection centers is vital to victory. The women of America have accepted the challenge that "tota war has imposed upon them. Every sfate in the nation, ever} county, township and community is organized to carry on this important salvage work for the duration. The organizational set-up functioning in Cerro Gordo county with Mrs. Harry Makeover as chairman, includes the followin" women: Cities and towns--Mrs Henry C. Pendergraft, Mason City- Mrs Arthur N. Johnson. Clear Lake- Mrs. W. H. Davidson, Portland" Mrs. Lawrence Bless, Ventura: Wrs. Donald Carr, Swaledale- Mrs R. V. Wilkinson, Rock Falls;' Mrs' lobert Lumsden, Rockwell; Mrs. r red A. Cahalan, Cartersville- Mrs. Elmer Christensen, Thornton- Mrs. E. Kampmann, Meservey; CAPT. HOWARD STOECKER L T. AL STOECKER The Stoeckers Still Climb , Engineering Grover, A!, Fred and Howard Are Out to Top Sports Records CADET FRED STOECKER GLOBE GETS THAN'K VOU A note of thanks for the Yanks' edition of the Globe- Gazette has been received from PFC Harold Prindle, son of Mrs. L. S. Prindle, 702 Third street northeast. Private Prindle soys h e reac j t n e ; ssue r ,. om front to back, and was happy to learn the ivnereabouts of his friends, as well as happenings in Mason City. FURLOUGHS Mrs. Robert Murphy,' Dougherty : Mrs. Gretta Holcomb, Plymouth.' Rural territory by townships Mrs. Gaylord Frestholt, Grant- Mrs. E. P. DeGraw, Lincoln; Mrs' Charles Hamstreet, Lime Creek- Mrs. Warren Davisson, Falls- Mr= Tom Spillman, Clear Lake: Miss Alma Tpkle, Lake: Mrs Earl Dean, Mason: Mrs. Carl Peterson "Privtlnnrf · HT-v.,- T T .i_ .-,, - * Aether \, n tii Clinton Vance, gunner's mile third class, returned to the naval air base at Corpus Christi, Tex after spending a furlough here with his parents. Mr. and Mrs Bobert Vance, 2236 Twentieth street southwest. He has been in the navy over a year. Have you paid your water bill? SAVE 10 WEST SIDE BILLS WERE DUE JANUARY ? BILLS PAID BY MONDAY, JAN. 11 ore subject to 10% Discount on the full amount of the bill -NOTICE Offie * elo§e * at ?2 °' c 'o«* _ * W ***·*· monl on Soturrfoyi Mason City Water Deportment Mrs. Hugh Strain' Union; Mrs. J. c. Oehlert, Mount Vernon; Mrs. Robert Lumsden Bath; Mrs. Ben Hitzhusen Owen" Mrs. Ray Hemming. Grimes- Mrs' Carol Rice, Pleasant Valley- Mrs William Bruns, Geneseo;' Mrs William Jacobs, Dougherty. For months the women ol Cerro Gordo county have been saving and turning in their waste kitchen fats in the form of grease. More recently, tin cans and worn silk and nylon hosiery have been added to the salvage program. The response has been quite satisfactory on grease, but the demand for explosives and other war materials is growing with the increasing ol- fensive action o£ our armed forces. Consequently, the war production board is asking for more and more of. the salvage products Irom the home front." All women are needed in the salvage drive. In order to meet the increased demands every \voman who realizes the seriousness and urgency of the situation and the importance of salvage work is requested to enlist the support of at least five other women of her acquaintance. Every patriotic housewife is urged to pledge herself to full support of this co-operative salva"e effort for the duration." Following is the form of pledge that t h e 1 national salvage committee has released for publication: The women s division of Ihe local salvage committee urges that every woman in Cerro Gordo county accept this as a personal pledge and challenge to then- completion co-operation in this all-important war work: SERVICE PLEDGE "In gratitude for'the benefits derived from living in a free country, I feel it my special duty to do my full part in helping to win this war for the freedom of the whole world. Therefore. I win save all silk and nylon hose, tin cans fats and whatever may be needed no matter how small, to aid our armed forces to reach that goal t will accept every sacrifice and give every service required of me until the struggle is ended." Signature H.-CoJ, J. O. Hammerman, sta :ioned at Kessler field, Biloxi Miss., spent a short leave with liis daughter and son-in-law, M r . n n Mrs. R. B. Gray, 411 Seventh street northwest, recently. Mrs Kammerman spent the holiday with her daughter, and will remain for an indefinite visit Hei home is at Rapid City, S. Dak. Staff Sergeant Richard A. Cross son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Cross 233 Sixth street southeast, has returned to the army air base at Sal Lake City, following a furlough with his parents, and his brothei John Cross at Austin, Minn. Croso was recovering from an operation which he underwent in Salt Lake City. P. F. C. Robert U'ooldridsc left Thursday for his station in Canada after spending a 15 day furlou"! with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Tree. 302 Jackson avenue northwest. He is a radio operator for the U. S. army on the Alcan highway. Lt. Ray E. Clough of the army air corps lias arrived in Mason City for a short furlough. He was given a leave from the base at Salma, Kans.. where he was recently transferred from Pierre, i. Dak. He is to report back Tuesday Lieutenant Clough is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Clou"!! of Mason City. " --*-Former Former Is Aerial Gunner Buy War Savin** Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier b»y. Sgt. Ed narl Bcrnhardt. 22 years old. received his present rank in November, and j s , low scrvitifr as an aerial gunner. He received his basic" traininc at Fort Leavcmvorlh. Kans. Mrs. Bcrnhardl is at present living m Mason City. Cnpt. Howard Stoecker, Lieut. kl Stoecker and Aviation Cadet Fred Stoecker, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stoecker, 1004 Elm drive, are three Mason Cityans whose service records promised to be as outstanding as their high school sports achievements. Howard, who received his captaincy six weeks ago. is in the air corps reserves. He is with Pan- American airways, and is in Panama. However, he expects to rejoin his wife in Brownsville, Tex ihortJy. Al writes to his parents from ;omewhere in England that he has peen made a lieutenant first grade. He is a civil engineer with the army, and prior to going overseas, 10 helped to plan army camps in Missouri and Kansas. Mrs. Al Stoecker is a member of the WAAC, in the motor transport division at Fort Des Moires. Fred, youngest of the three, has Kist finished his primary training in the army air corps, and is lak- ng basic training at Waco. Tex. His wife is with him at the bsse. Realizing that a good defense is :he best offense, Grover Stoecker, .he oldest of the brothers, enrolled n the ranks of the camp construc- ion crews. He was a foreman, but las recently been made an inspec- or in a civil service capacity, at °ueblo, Colo. ENLIST IN NAVY, MARINES The last two men to leave for service from Mason City were Welvin Larry Howe and Brooks iteming Brcese. Howe was in- luctecl into the marine corps on Tan. 7. He is the son of Mr. and ilrs. U. B. Howe, 331 Twenty-seventh street southwest. Breese, son of Mr. and Mrs. Garr ield E. Breese, 27 River Heights drive, enlisted in the navy. He left ast Wednesday for DCS Moines rom which he will be sent to one [ the three naval stations in the J. O. W Truck Drivers' School Cpl. August Ilartwig has returned to Drew field, Tampa, Ha., after finishing a high speed radio operator's course at Kansas Ci(y, Mo. He is atlend- "K a truck drivers' school at lie field. He is the son of Mr. nd Mrs. Jessec Hartwij; of Thornton, and his wife lives on oute No. i, Mason Ci(y. WHEREABOUTS PFC. Samuel Figelman, 718 Monroe avenue northwest has been promoted to the rank of corporal. He is at Camp Grant 111 with a medical unit. * * * Chauncey \V. Rasmussen, rural - jute No. 1, and Norman T Keck, 1265 Nineteenth street southwest are now stationed at Camp McQuaide, Cal., with a coast artilierv corps. * * ¥ Aviation CaUet Jack \\. Wallace s ° n °f Mr - and Mrs- V. C. Wallace of 311 Eighteenth street southeast is now stationed with the army air forces at a new advanced twin- engined pilot training school at Marfa, Tex. The school is loca'ed about 60 miles from the Rio Grande river in the big bend country o£ west Texas. Staff s^t. Francis J. Lauer, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Laucr, 1539 Jefferson avenue northwest, has been assigned to a chemical warfare unit at the Edgewood arsenal Md.. following an eight week stay at Camp Swift, Tex * * * Paul Youngdale. son of Mr. and airs. J. P. Youngdale, was recently graduated trom pre-flisht school at St. Mary's college in California * * * Dan Olson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Olson of Algona, has been graduated from the U. S naval hospital at Great Lakes as a hospital apprentice second class. He has been assigned to the naval hospital staff at Jacksonville, Fla. Staff Sgt. Robert C. Christiansen, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Christiansen, 321 Fifteenth street northwest, has been sent to take filidcr training at Greenville S Car. * * * Ralph Paul Vcsa. seaman second class, has notified his parents that he is temporarily stationed at the naval air station at Alemecla, Cal. Edward Nathan Petterson of Mason City has been promoted to the rank of corporal. He is stationed at Fol-t Ord, Cal. Takes Family to Camp Carson COUNTY RECORD FOR 1942 NEAR 3 MILLION MARK "Clean Up '42 Pledges This Month," Chairman Wagner Urges Buyers Total war bond sales in Cerr oordo county during December o half a million dollars and of thre million dollars for 1942 were in cheated in a preliminary repor Saturday by County Chairman E H. Wagner. Reports from the banks and savings associations of the county showed total sales of 5469,062.70 during December, Mr. H uglier said, pointing that this figure does not include amounts sold by postoffices in the county and payroll deduction bonds issued by home offices outside the county. The chairman credited mud of the sales success in December to the Buy a Bomber campaign the first week of the month under the chairmanship of F. C. Eigh- r 0| radio station . "It does not look as if we would reach our 1942 quota of $3,267 000 worth of bonds, however," Mr Wagner reported. "There are a number of peo- ?«!· i° J" re able to COI "Ply on 1942 pledgres who have not bought the bonds they promised to buy," he added. "r n many instances they seem to !?¥ £ rather good reasou 'a that they have delayed marketing their hogs. These peo- fiio should « nake sood on their 1912 pledge now. They should clean up that pledee not later than this month." * * * Cerro Gordo county's Buy plnr i c £ mi !? ign '·«"" "as been citified by the treasury depart- .l the s P ecial ev ents section f the army air force with the re- uest that they proceed with the laming of a bomber 'for Cerro rdo county, according to a let- a gner eiVed Saturclay b Mr. "I hope to have a picture of bomber as well as treasury epartment figures for our 1942 urchases before long," the chair- SH1C1. FINED 510. COSTS Leroy Smith, Mason City was med S10 and costs Saturday by ohce Judge Morris Laird on a haige of intoxication. Smith was i-rested by police in the 400 £ .n' 1 ? i X t h street southeast, t 11:10 o'clock Friday night ·-- PREPARATIONS W1LLJAMSBURG, Va._ Thirty ersons, who had assembled for a -1 Cross disaster preparedness ·itute, were called from the fleeting to real disaster duties in He Fredericksburg flood COAL You Will Never Hgve to Wait for Heat If You Use DIXIE KING W A G N E R COAL CO. PHONE 986 . Rationing Calendar TIRES--Passenger car inspection deadline--Jan. 31. Commercial vehicles inspection deadline- Jan. 15. GASOLINE--"A" book coupons No. 3 (4 gallons each) good until Jan. 22. FUEL OIL--Period 2 coupons (10 gallons each) good until Jan. 26, Zone B; Jan. 27, Zone A. Period 3 coupons (11 gallons each) good until Feb. 20, Zone Z; Feb. 22. Zope A. COFFEE--Coupon No. 28 (1 pound) valid Jan. 4 to Feb. 7. SUGAR -- Coupon No. 10 (3 pounds) expires Jan. 31. REGISTRATION _ All persons who do not hold war ration Book No. 1 (Sugar Book) must register with their local \vui- price and rationing boards before Jan. 15 to be eligible for War Ration Book No. 2. Rationing board offices in post- office building. Here in Mason City If he's in Ihe service . . . give him a money belt. Abel Son, Inc. A daughter weighing 8 pounds was born to Mr. and Mrs. L E Widlang, Kensett, at the Park hospital Saturday. Refinance to Advantage your iome contract or mortgage. M. C. Loan Inv. Co., 109 E. State St. A daughter weighing 6 pounds Hi ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grant, South Monroe, at the Mercy hospital .Wednesday. Glidden's time tested paints at 'ayne's. Birlh certificates have been tiled for Linda Louise, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. -Hennell James 31 Twenty-fifth street southwest )orn Dec. 11; Susan Ann, daugh- er of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Casey, 317 Georgia avenue north- ast, born Dec. 11, and John, son f Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Pope, 2527 Carolina avenue northeast born Dec. 12. Picture framing--Shepherd's. The Towiisend club will meet t 7:30 o'clock Monday evening nstallation o£ officers will take lace. The industrial committees of e share-the-ride program will meet at the city hall Wednesday vening at 7:30 o'clock to discuss le gasoline rationing and tire rogram. Bob McConnell, admin- strative clerk of the local ration- ng board, will attend the meet- ng. Mrs. Dona von Ilaxfon and son f Mason City are spending this reek visiting her brother-in-law nd sister, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur araldson, and family at Rake SPECIAL (WHILE IT LASTS) Clean III. Lump COAL .50 TON r ^^^ ·· · 7 L. A. Page Lumber Co. 41S S. Fed. Are. Ph. 47 Lt. Henry Hert. who was graduated from officers' candidate school at Fort Sill, Ohla., recently, spent a 10 day fur- loURh in Mason City which ended Sunday. His wife and small son accompanied him to Cami Carson. Colo., where they will make their home. Hcrt, formerly employed at Marshall Swift, left Mason City for s«rv- icc last .tune. (Photo by Frank Free. Jr.) Beginning Monday Morning, Jan. llth Our Office Facilities Will Be Transferred to 510 First National Bank or The Coal Yard Office 323 Fourth St. S. W. Orders may be given at eirher office. Accounts and general business will be cored,for at the bank office. CRYSTAL LAKE IGE FUEL Co. Phone 213

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