The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 9, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1818
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IDS ft BRAKl)Y. - 8 barrel. Cider Bran - cxssa Phelps. 183 Front street. J. 9 rrrnrtji boxes Thrown lirowD Havana btisrar. landing from WP c,tw6' """.. ' U1 , ' N. & D. TALCOTT, . 64 South - street. i - rrnr5tt.K v!00 barrel, or sale by P513 CAMBREUSflti PEARSON, Je 9 i , - - - rr..u m rates men's and boy's Plated Je Ho.iTsdo do japanned Leather, do. uit flsl? .l fn. aula hv i 1 or. m!m m 1 Inmina - o Col, l)r r t - C" ' "fo" i"1 , . o ) L iuit received, and for - ate by ftt,jui AuEHSON k SHEARER, . 131 Water street. it . - - .1 . i - Lr & L in'i innuff himI n - rpiv. I . .jjnd for sale at 67 South - street, by V - CAMBRELENG & PEARSON'. ait' lllt - M. n public i cautioned ngaiust purchat - in - fire ticketin tiia.Vidical Science Lot - r,L Amt. of the followmj: uumbers, viz Soil. I12. 12'0,3 ,2014 4ml ,2'0,5' " ihey have absented themselves without leave aJ, the office of the subscriber. Arnuvements have been made with the man - ...nto'ttop the payment of any prize which ,'tn.rof them may draw. A tuiUble reward wifl be giveo for U,eir recovery. Jone 9 170 Broadway.'' :uuL i. - k i;i i.sil HUli.'V GlG', - i. ..fHifTprpnt constructions, witli mi - a MiuiEut ........ - J eel Springe will be sold remarkably low, 75 dollar, each, II immeaiaie Hi'i' - - ii made at this office. J93t m(i e.i.'ii.iit - '.K - . Or thojewhomay wish to erect three elegant building or factories. LOTS, 77 icet by 80, more or Iks, with the buildings thereon, in the centre of esey.t. can be purt bated eparate or together. ALSO. An elegant LOT, with the Building thereon, 11 Bowery, 42 by 125, more or It", near Chal - hani - ltrt et - 1he whole on accommodating terms addIi at 33 Chatham Row, near Beekmao - st Wl ..iriiwr three small mortgages to llii inoi it of, one oi (i,uw, one mjiuwi , a jl W, all inthM city. M 1113 day i piblibed (price ii tculf) uii ti - I uy on the pmpuUiou of Navigable Uodiei, (illastrated by explanatory dis?rauii) in whn h are dtveloped the plulwopliical pnnnplei of ine - thanital aavication, and the only method ol bringing them into effectual r.fratioo ; by C. A. BU&B?, architect undein - er., Soldatthf ntiice of Hie Ainencin Monthly M&gaiine ; Kirk and Mercein ; Wiley and Cu. Wallitrerl.Jaiiiei E.ntburn 61 Co ; and A - T. fjv)riihV Co. Bmadiv.iy. Je 9 3t r I WE Kaleidoscope, philosophical amuse - JL ment foryr ung eople, invented by Dr. Brewter,fEdinbuigl, for sale at the Minerva Circulating Library und Book and Stationary Store, S6j Broadway, opposite the museum. it 9 THE KALEl!..riCOl'E. A Curious optical Toy, invented by Dr. Brewster, ol Edinburgh, which exhibits an infinite variety of bcautitullf colored Figure, rtteived and (or sale hr COLLINS & II AN NAY, Je9 4t aJ") Pearl - street. MV OR .KVER IS the time for the oureha - eofa ticket ia the I All I ford ti Owego Road Lottery. Thero nit but very few tickets now for sale ; the drawing u nearly hall tv r, and the capital prize ol 7t), uOOand 35.000 dolls, are jet to he drawn, be nds several others of considerable amount. Tbose who hare drawn small prize will do well to renew them luiiiierti.itely, or iney mar ieue - prived of the chance of tlie above capital p - ixes A lew whole, halves, quarters, eighth and si - tcr.nths, warranted undrawn, all lor sale at the Truly Fortunate Odioe of G. k R. WAITK, tie, 54 Maiden - lane, where cash is advanced for ynit at soon as drawn. - J D W0,0u0 Dollars hicUit prize in the Grand state Lottery. MEDICAL SCIKNCF. No. 5. rrO rnniuifnce drawing on the first Tuesday in J. August next, (7 weeks from next luesday,; splendid Scheme 1 prize ofilOO.OOt). 1 prize of JS0.O00, 1 do lO.Oiitl, 1 do S0,0KV 1 do 5,000. 8 do 8,0Cl, And 45 of i 1. 000. Betide a great proportion of smaller prizes, none less thau 30 dollars. Tirkett, also, Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Siitetntlis, in n variety of numbers for sale at ue present price of Stb, at ABM. P. BROWER'S. Lottery and Exchange ( 'ffice Ho. 87 Maiden - laiie, corner ot Nassau - street. Uncurrent Bank Notes and Prire Tickets in former Lotteries and in the Milford Road Lotte ry, now drawing, taken in payment. Je9 lw NEW - YORK MEDICAL SCIENCE LOT TF.RY, No. 5, Inst class, will commence drawing 4th ol August, and draw 500 numcrs each drawing. CAPITAL PRIZES. 1 of 100,000 Dollar 1 of 60,000 Dollars 1 of 20,000 Dollars 1 of . 10,000 Dollars 1 of 6,000 Dollars i rf 2,000 Dollars 45 of 1,000 Dollars S'i of 100 Dollar 6.3b0 of 30 Dollars Tie following prizes are floating, consequently u.iuie 10 oe arnwn the ll day. 1 of 3U.00O Dollar 1 of 10.CKK) Dollars I of 5,000 Dollars 54 of 1,000 Dollar S of 100 U.liu No prize less than 30 dollar, and less than two Nanles to prize. Messrs. ALLE.VS have purchased nearly one half of the ticket ia this loit.rv. and will tell tbem a rAeu as any cheap tffirt in thi city. Companies and others shall he furnish d on res - ?ahle terms A list of tli drmvimr ritl i.nh ttied daily, and furnihed gratis to those who Uke a number of tickets. Foreign Bank notes and prize ticket in other woern - t ranen at par. j,. g Stu4t of yVu 1 vrk. is IN narrumoe of a rfeerrtai nrtimf ha I t.fe the court of chancer of this tt. war. S date the fifth day pf J one, 1818, will hesold punuc auction, at the Tontine CoRee Ifjuse, ttrtie city of N. York, onder the dirertinn of the Jitseriher.oneof the mutters of the saidciwt, on tte 3 da) of July 12 o'clock at noon, l tht certain dwel ing house and lot of ground ua.t, lying ana Ueing intliectty of icw York, Hid which in a certain indenture made the second duy of February, in the year of our Lord we thousand eight hundred and nine, fxtwern Richard Hartshnrne, John Tito. VViJlii.m Harts - orne, Thomas Uaick, James Onderdonk, Mary Jilus, WiiijRD, Ustitk, Jane llartihorne and uthomh Onderdonk, of tl,e first purl, end Ed snd Emit - ndorf, of the se ood pan. i described MWIows,to wit : All that ctrnun dnellitig Te lot of ground, titunte, lying and being . . n., ,,, ground now or lorineny X h P'!T of lXHi '"bn'ori, on the southeast vtf,t d ndlot now or lormerly tiu,K'',rt con,'ninK n breadth in front ia'nV, ik '.'r1' r,ar twenty eight feet ; sod I wl ik ou,n Ci,,t ' Je twenty one leet, lull incrl.' 'i" twvn,y 'cet lour and a with m j thc me ruore or less; together punww, V86"'3' ,1,e rwrttlitftiuents and ap - isesr.n.rt Uie t,tme belonging or io any rpertaiw... lJalcJ New'V5rk, June 5, JeP9 J;HlRETH, Master in Chancery. k lvv. , "I Ina lmfiM.R...l i. . . . - it ui - e "le "d 12 hall tierces, land - s torn stnj. Mar?irc, far Mie bv jeB POTT k arKLSE. . hmj oi me cuy oi nrw ior, enn ssdvv!? ,,,,,"',ried by the number sixty 7 "'luam street : which tid lot is bounded j iiiinui tin - ri. on ine nonnwesi side freight fo ilaiUira. " .hava about 800 barreli m freight lnmi Jea . ROBKKTClLLlPIU. RICHMUMJ f LOUit - m Uti. braiukd Lent Creek, landing thii day from n hrt. Fanny & Mary and Lady 'l oinpkim, trciu Richmond, for tale by D1V1E BETH UN E & CO. Je 8 93 Coffee Hout.i - li). DOUBLK GLOs l EK CHKl.bE. A tui - li parcel of the very best quality, just received, and for talc by AMEKSO & t HEARER, Je81w at 131 Water - treet. COTTO.N. 100 balei prime I' pi and Cut ton, landing from floop Sarah Forter, at Brooklyn, for lulu by KLTC11UM & WEEU, Je8 Iw 61 Sonlh - itieet. 'OOIJMKaJJA: GRAY, Woollen Drapers, Tailor and Habit - maker, 142 Kroadwsy, nearly op;osite the City Hotel, inform their friend au d the public they havo on hnud a large nsfortment of the following description of Good, which they otrer for ale on the must rc:t - oiiuble terrai Kxtni superfine west of Ergland t - laths do do do casiiinei - s do do do lndits' tlolli9, ot the most fashionable colors Marsaillet and Valencia veiling, Nnnkcni Canton camblct.', Canton at - d nankin cripcs Angola tlotha and casirueres Striped Jeans, iic. williatomploleaitortniont of good for the present season. Gentlemen's apparel, biJies' habits and p"li? - ki wade up in the most approved Di:i!iu r and at the thorte&t notice. fiy Just received a few London made coats. June 8 3t ClORil MKAL. 76 lihds. und 50 I.Ms. (rit;lit J yellow Corn meal, of a vi - ry snperinr quality, for tale by TUCKER LAlfUIEfe, Je 8 U'J houth - Mreet. Ul l h LEAD. 10 UiisfirMtiualllv Er,c - V liih White Lead in oil. in 1 ll2, !t, and t8 lb. kfgs 5 tons do Jr - n do Dry. Fur sale by TICKER A: LM'RIES, i!) Sninh - strftt - t. 11' ICit.MO.SD FLOUR M id.. d Rent Creek. 3)0 do. Vdiielv Mills, lU4do iticMiiond Mills, allot the 1st quality lor iia ker' ue, landing IroruKiir Fanny ii Mary, and ior saie py WALSH a: GALLAGHER, Je 8 (i'j cruilt. - u'n . t lOl'lON. i bales imuie Alanaim Col' too, Inndinz at lirooklvn, and for sale by le R AC. W.DAfKNPORT&CO. t . 1. 1 hii.LMj .tiOLAasl.b. )i5 hhus. retail - I I in' Molasses, landine this morninz at Cof fee - house slip, Irom schr. M:irg.u - et Ann, fr sale iy u. u. a s. iiimvl,a.l, ap 8 C7 Washinston - itreet. (,"JA)L'R. 60 btls superline Farm Til ill', M. 1ft) do do Cou itry UiO do do Lynchburg, For sale at 10b' l rent stieet, bv Je TROKF.5, DAVIDSON & CO sTEKL. 4t).trO0 lbs. ("tiiimn Etetl, in bexe, O IhlldlU; and lor sole ry JAMES IV WOLF, Jr. 1 South - street. Je 8 C ANION TABLE MAIS. 6 cases, hut received, and for saL - by CLBRV it CUMrNC, ie 8 76 I'carl - sti'cet. L1OTI0N. 50 bules prune I'pi iinl d - tton, j jst received per sloop Laik, from Chaile - lon, lor tale by LAIDLLAW, GIRAULT 4 CO. No 90 Colfce House slip. IN STORE. 33 bales prime New Orleans cotton. Je8 7t . . B I.AI.K M1LI.LNKT1S. 120 Mdlinelts, forsale bv ps. Illack WM. CAMPIIKI.L, Msnnfacturer, je 2 197 Pcarl - st. (up stairs ) , ILLINETl o. - lOWIps. LX 4 iMilliretts, for sale oy urn quality, iNo THE COMMISSION COMPANY. Je8DAii: 148 Fearl - ttreet. ELEfHANT OIL, A:c The cargo of the hrigjaue Maria, consisting of Lh'phaut Oil, in iihdt tierces and barrels, and a quantity of hair seal skins, lor sale by J. BYERs", Je 8 Iw 23 Burling slip. C.1FFEE, tic. li tierces and 131 barrels fJreei) Cofrie, about 4MM lbs Landing' and enutled to drawback, for sale by W. 8c ?. CRAIG, H7 Frtmt - sU eet. IN STORE, 329 bhls superhne flour, HaxalU brand. 4.15 d j do do ' country. - 07 do fine do da 34 hhds prime Richmond tobacco Je 9 BX'.M V U YARNS. St. I', cie m, new lleni, aud Kentucky Yarns, for (ale, in lot to iuit purt l.aer, by TUCKER k CARTER, Je 8 lw P9 spilth sinet. s RIM) STONES, BRISTOL WARE, BOT - Li 'CLE'S, Ac 600 small size Grindstones, assorld 20 large do do h to 14 cwt Weight, each 80 crates Urietol Ware Gallon K half gallon Bottles for wine Champaign lull size Quart do London ami wine Pint do. (in small size Hampers) Gallon 4: half gallon Demijohn Loot; tipped Pipes, from 16 to 21 inches - Large bowl Negro do. and 1 cask English Shoe Thread, just received, and for sale hy WILLIAM COWLEY, Jc8lia 164 Water - slret. WINE'S. 05 Wtioie hurt 10 Hall piws Catalonia Wine, (subject to debenture) 10 pipes Old L P. Madeira, very superior 53 ca e Cnampaigiie 10 do Burgundy, for sale by Je8 FOlTt M'KINNE. OAT'IlNETT VARfS. made O Cotton and iized in the chain, f.r sale by WM. CAMPBELL, Je 5 197 Pearl - street. POTS, HOOPS, SHEET IRON. c. rt'S P received and for sale by ABEEL L I DUNSCOMB. , J t of 12 tons English Pots, 1 - 2 to 10 gal. entitled to(aa Dentin anient ura 10 do do Hoops, t to I S inch, do do 5 do do Iron, 1 1 - 4 hy 3 8 5 do Sheet Iron, tingle dautile and treble 2 do Brazier's Rod - ., t A inch 10 do each 3 8 end 12 inch qnare rolled Iron i casic r.nglisri cart, waggon Rt cnair ooxes 1 cask containing - iOO dozen Pod Augers And in (tore, a eeoeral atiortment oi Iron, Steel and Hardware. Je 3 1 w SILK CAMBLET3 Black and coloured Snlk Csmblets, for Gentlemen's ware, for sale at 150 Broadway, by jei lw PHI LB ROOK K FE TF.Ko. ,Vir f.LVCl' STORE, No. 7 Nassau - street. BALLET & MRS. GDGLET, keep a fac tory of A rtificial t'hveri, and storo of fan. cy (roods, imported from the best factories of Lyons and Tans. Thev have also a cencral as - s - irtmeiit of the uewest Tisris FASHIONS ; cou - ;ting of Ladies' white India muslin morning dresses, elegantly worked S Jk speucsrr, nf the met fashionable colors, alfo beautifully worked Lineo cambric pocket handkerchiefs, superbly worked and rirhlv embroidered And a few extra thread lace VEILS. All of which bare been received by the latest arrivals from France, and are Dow offered (together witb their other extensive arsortmeat of fancy articles) far sal to the pulLc in general, and par - ticiiliriy to the ladies. Je6 14V, '!. ' r.r CHARLESTON, . M Tie Btaunch fust sailing sch EUA, YlP Weeks, master ; will sail on iliurs - day next, having 2 - 3ds of her freight cnzcd, tor wlucJi or passage, apply on board, l JJur - rayVwliaifJ or to " SAUL ALLEY, juua 8 " 98 Fine - st. - rp rer 6.aKWA'iJ, vf?i (To sail on Sunday next,) ' n :r. The fafl - tailiug coppered brig GEOR - Cl.t, Kabcock, master. For fre ight or past a;, apply on board at Stevens' wharf, to POTT & JiVKLWE, or to Je8 Iw UOdKRTSi KJfKELjtXD. tor 6V. Tlutnuu aiul City of St Domhijo. st The sloop WARHEN, Mason, nias - JSirrliler ; a pood vessel, and has superior accommodations for passengers. For freight or passage, apply on board, at pier 9, or to JOSEPH OS BORN', je 4 28 South - street. ior titAGHT or CU.iH, bt 'I '10 British brie; bKEEN, Ma.on, m:a imAiu ri burthen S4C Ions, a remarkably fine vujm I; will be ready to receive a cargo in three days - Apply to ROUERTGILLESI'IE, 112 Frout - itrett. Who 1ms fur la.'t, SO lihils old Richmond tobacco 7 do do I'etcnbuiij do 13 do new do l.i do do Richmond II lo Kentucky do do do 153 Brazil hides t. Domingo and Jamaica coffee in hhd? nnd nisy 30 t ItKIUli T Jur L H.I KLKlsi O.V. 2 0 tons heavy fi til.t. W pplv t AN SON G. P11ELP6, lil.'l Frnn' - ttreet. UIV 21 It J.S TEH TO CIIAIITEK, Wanted to Charter two Hiitish jJE'cJliVKS - KLS. of 200 to 4110 tons, to load at a southern port for the West Indies. Apply to CLARK, MOORE fi CO. Je 6 4t 41 Soutii - slivet. tor liKiyWI., (t.ngwnd,) (A regular trailer,) rheleaiit IW. - t t - ailmg c oppered li!p ANDUKW JACKSU.N, Ihoiuas T Morleo, n)6;ter a considerable part of hi - r cargo bring engaged, will be dispatched without deWy Fi t iieigbtor passage, living eicelleiil ar oinmoila 1 1 o j, appiy ou board, at pier No. near I rik :lip, or to in - T - r - o crtirnMPnrirtiiv r crtv? I lit l i.n 1 1 1. ii. in. iv i a . Or B. W. ROfJF.RJ? i; CO. li'lto I'lf'trfttr s - .iic. 100O0 Stomhridgi - t - tfick 60 casks patent Shot iO do bar Lead 100 bnrrrhs Spanish Brown 2l casks Purter Now landing irom the Andrew Jackson. Je 1 1 lle cnr CER ES, rapt. Thos. Mills, ki4 Jw'.ll meet with immediate despatch. 1 or Height or 'passage, apply on board, east tide liurlinj - slip, or to ANSON G. l'HLLiJs, JeC mlFroiit - ttrect. tor GJitULTjn, The fatt sailing coppered bnjr ml - ilNERVA, Cant. Meldrum, will sail on the 1 1 tli inst. and can take some freight, for which, orjpassafje, - rply to Klll.M) K I LK.MICl.L., je 6 4t .69 Washinrrton - strcet. for b.lV.'lJYJV.lll, The regular pucket schr. ROSE - IN - 11LOO.M, E. Whcaton, master; will meet with immediate dispatch. For freight or passage, apply on board at Governeurs - vihajf, or to m ANSON O. ITIELVS, flr30 - IW Feooe - ntreet. t'Oli !JiLt:t H ilt, v u r cr r'.at..fiili.,n. mnnr.eil anil 5ifffl)iStcoppee - fastfued ship CHAUNCEY, is well I juiiiI ami can tie sent to tea witliout delay, Apply to l OTT k M'KINNE, or jul B. XV. ROCEILS SlCO. lor, The substantial ship COMMERCE, , master, will sa:l for Savannah on the Uihin.'.t. and will take freight fiomlhence to any port in Europe. For freight or passage, applv to JO;EI'H OS HORN. je 5 28 South - street. Tor L'Ul.ESTOA ine packet snip i r.i.i'.ijit.rn, tanning, master, is still detained bv head winds, can take a few tons more freight and 10 more passengers can be handsomely accommodated, apply on board, cast side Burling' - slip, or to ANSON G. PHELPS, je 5 183 From - street. .. . tor jorfoik atid liiehmoivd, The new ychr EX PRESS, N. Aldrirh, master. ; intended tr a regular trader ; now nearly loaded, aud will tail ou Wednesday next, weather petmittiug. Hiving been built for a packet, her accommodations for passenger; are elegant and couilortar.le. Y or freight or passage, apply to the master, on board, or to Je b D. CKTIIbN E k Co. DENTISTRY. ZERAII HAWLEY, Surgeon Dentist, ha removed hit cfDce from lit I Pearl ttreet. to 91 Nassau street, where he will extract, eleau and ble teeth, lid ato sets artihcial teeth in the most approved manner, and if application is made to hnu io proper season, he will 'prevent tbc irregular growth of the second set of teeth, or remove any existi.ig irregularity . He will only add the lohowmg recommendation. whom it mat co.etR.v: 1?1 This cert die, that Doctor Zerah Haw I it a r. iriilfxP Km1 r - t. - e.j'i - .si nl an owrvft " a.awm.1 I'li - M avttj utJ null It tjvn with tu In Uiren in this placr. thnl h naspam pitnicuiar auenu, n io ine ait ol JJtiiS - TIs TRY , has studied the best Eurorx - an works on the subject, and has given very good satisfaction in tins bramh t3 hit cus'omers, who are per sons oi me nrsi rcspectumiity in trus citv. We thereiore, with entire conlidencerecom ,mend Dr. 11 aw ley to the ciiiiers of Ncw - Yoik, (.t.mai Munon,1 ProP of tin medical insti New - Ma von, 7aihansuiitii, 22, 1G13.)E!i Ives, (Jona. Knight, Jan tution, Yale College. Je 8 lw MEDICAL AID. TTR. CORN , ELL, who is U a member of the Coipora - tinn of Si.reons of London, anrt who ha - had much experience in the line of hi profesviou for more than twenty years, ha lately arrived in this" city, and beiotf wed apiinseaof the sreat Irrgtb i.i tune it generally takes to introduce a medical gentleman into practice in the common reserved " siy, takes this mctLod to inform the public, that'he has taken the situation, No. 278 WA TER - STREET, corner of Dover - street hi door in Dover - street hi name on the door hit sign, a Mortar; where he will be found r - ady to wait on those that please to apply for his utedicil aid, in the dttfereiit branches of surgery, and tlie practice kjf i'hytic generally. As, a'so, man cases 01 uiipoir - rj v, u'iu a iri - taio ct inulamt, incident to both sex, ia which be has had great, very great, experience m the core of thousands, without one hems detention fevn business, or change of diet, or X possible discovery by the most ultimate friend. f - r - And in all cite of confidence, the ereat - e. - t secrecy will be strictly observed. He hs no stopuian, or a ay person ia p irinerstup wiu him. N. B. AttendsBCt will be riven 19 catieott from uvria rjulilS o'clixkin lbs evening - J3 lm FTXS LON'DOX MUSTARD, &c .. j boxes trji qiiahiy London Mustard, ii; white glass qtiai ter louud bottles til nxdotec aeb, just landed trom ship Aca Maria ; tuid, - Powcborif Tea, ot a remarkably fine Quality, od of a delirious flavour, put up in Canton, in 1 - 2 lb. papers, forsale (retain bv ' AlKLN "At WILSON, June 5 lOt Front street. HIDES, TALLOW, and BELF. 1000 Slaughtered Hides . ( 5000 lbs. N. Y. Rendered Tallow 100 half barrels Line beef, wrarrantrrl to keep in any climate About lO.OOulbs. smonked Beef, int leftdy for delivery. T. GIBBONS. Je 3 Iw MAMOODItS 14 bales entilied to drawback ol new duties, suitable for llav.u.oa for sale by 1'. RKMbEM U CO. Jet; 56 HtiSiAUY. Barrels cider brandy, just received and forsaloby ANSON G. PHELPS, june 1 183 Froit - t. GROUND CAMWOOD. 75 bids ground Camwood, of fin excellent quality and warranted pure ; ior sale low to cloe aeonsigriment. Apply to G. 11. k S. HOWLANl), Je 5 , ti Washington street. rilO be sold at bitclioti, on Thursdi y - next, .L lllh inst. by C. C. FONTAINE, at Uie stores of Mr. Bordi - n ('h:ise, C9 South street, 20 crates of enrlhentvare, comprising dinner bud lea setts, cutlet do : a erpat variety of handiome jugs, lustre do j with many other uitirl. - i worthy the attention ol liouse - ueepcrs, aim will le sold in lots to suit the purchasers. Je U M HERMAN HUGH ES, nlf - rf lor saie, at No. 2J LiUrty - street, the fallowing articles, low lor catu only, viz : Imperial, hyoi, young hyson and souchong tea, new and of a superior quality, in smali boxes for family use. Cine old cognac brandy, Jamaica rum, and Hol land gin, id demijohns. M :uleir, Port, Sherry, and Claret Wino Hibbert's l - ondon Inowu stout Olives, ant hone?, nwecl oil, and London aut'terd ALSO. A few very elegant setts of tea trays'aml waiter Plated cantors, ruzois, seizors and peiiknivet liaad. - omiiy asxirtcd on cards Fine wove letter paper ia reams " J Iw ..WfciitVlA jitJ. - iltL.MX Of Tilt: tl.t. .1RTS. THE Eoirdnf Directors give notice lhat the fourth exhibition of thi Academy it opru every dav from 9 in the owning tilt du: - k. They further give notice that the gallery of the Autioue Matues i' oioa for. the purpose of - tudy all those students di. - sirous of the Ijenefit thus afforded by the Academy in laying the foun dation ol art, are revues' d to apply to the keep cr, who will inform them of the rules laid down ou tbc ty - laws for their udmirsion. The gallery is open lor this purpose every day (Sunday ex ceptcd; from 6 to 9 in the morning, until further notice. By order, ALFX'R. ROBERTSON, Secr'y. June 8 lw Haullttrn Otslrit l of j t ,c - l ui k, M. BV. it remembered, that on the twenty ninth day of Aiigutt, in the forty second year ol S - w - . the ineiependence ol tlie United States l. S. 5 of America, Dar.n l D. Arden, of ll.i - r - w ' said district, hath deposited in this of fice the title of a book, the right whereof be claim as proprietor, in the words and figures followiue, to wit ; Residing made easy ; or, a new guide to spelling and reading ; in four parts. 1st, contain - ine various alphabets, and nearly two hundred spelling and reading lessons, hy regular gradation, trom the most easy to the difficult, and in which the words are divided and accented, according to the purest pronunciation. 3d, a vocabulary of words, nearly alike in sound, but dif - lerent in spelling and signification. 3d, lesson in remlinir and ricitii.e. 4lh, outlines of geo graphy; a sketch Ot grammar ; abbreviations ; arithmetical tahles ; and prat er for the use of schools. Tlie whole rendered plensing and impressive by neat and appropriate cut. By Wil iinm Little, A. M. In conformity to the act of congress of (lie United States, entitled " an n t for the encouragement of learning:, bv securing the conies nl iiihis. chnrts and hooks to the authors and proprietor of such copies, tliiriiig the times therein mentioned," and also to an act entitled " an a:t supplementary to nn act, entitled, nn act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts nnd hooks to the authors And proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned, nnd extending the benefits thrrenfto the arts of designing, engraving and etching historical aud other prints. ROBERT FINN, Clerk of the southern d strict of New York. Je Hd4w YOUNf LAUY, wishes a situation as Rov - einess1 in a private family; to go into' the country, would be preferable. For further information, please to enquire at No. S6 Vandewater - street, where the most satisfactory references, may be obtained. je8 lw nvt: numutED hollar s. T' HE first drawn number to - morrow, at 3 P. M. in the Milford and Owego Road Lottery, will be entit'ed to a prize of $500, and on Wednesday 24th inst. 35,000, and on the lOih of July, the grand capital prize of 70.000 I7U1 July the lottery is to be com pitted. For chances apply at UlLLEsTIES, 114 Broadway, opposite City - Hotel. Je8 2t MILLINERY, He. JOHN W INTKLNuH AM, Milliner, la. 125 Willlam - st. respectfully informs hi friends and the mc - rchnnls in general, that he bai moved Iron, No. 117 Wiliiam - strtet, to the above No. where he CRIMPS Satin, Muslins, Ribbons, Crapes, fic. at the shortest notice and lowest price. Also, Fancy, Lace, Sattin, and Crape Trimmings. He ha corut?ntly on hand, split straw, and Leghorn hati, turbans, turban fronts, colle - rets, Ac. One case superfine white chips, just imported and for sale by the ilozen er eingle. H Store No. 1 17 William - street to let, aud JJa number of glass cases forsale. . JeH 1m OW EGO ROAD KOT1T.KY (now drawing) in which tlie capital prise are I prize of 70,000, I 1 prize of $35,000, 1 do 10,0011, I I do 5,000. There is but Si) of drawing altogether in this Lottery, 7 of which have already been drawn, and all the above capital prize remaiu in the 1 si..; MnHie.l Sri - nr - I - nfier. No. B. whirl.! will positively commence drawing in this city in August i.eit. The Capital Prizes Are, I prizerifjJIOO.OiiO, j I prize ol $50,000, 1 rlo SO.OOd, I 1 do 10,000, Andoneol'$5,000. This lottery will progress rapidly until com lih'fHll. Tnkets and Shares in both rf tlie above Lot - terie lor sale at the Lucky BK:e of JUDAH k LAZARUS, 74 Maiden - lane. Where have been sold in former lotteries prizes to the amount of a million and a halfol dollars. ' . Mct f irrl.Tii bank notes, awroved promts - srrv notr9. and prizes 111 lonner ioiicrie!, m nt for tickets , ... - - - - - - - . . u Orders from a distance, enclosing cue ess.., rmut ux.d will be immediately attended to, .,.a th - - irliest advice ff.ycn of.their success. A correct checkbook wil be kept at the lucky lottery office, which may be e"'"" at all times free of expenee. Je B . t - . - I lull iA lll'CL' CANVA5. - U0 bolts E No. It" 8, landing fovsvi the Awl Wana. for ale at 67 Suth street, by - Je 3 CAMBRELENG t FLARSON. I - REMOVALS. - ' lai - aaaa..JpjJaaaattta)M, , , , - - 1 V CT" JOHN LORLiiErt GRAHAM, attorney at Jaw, ha ptued buoJics at No. 43 Camber - utrcet, near Rroadwev, . may IC - 4w ajf JOHN fKOtJlOU, juu. Iia removed from Sfi. 62 Beekman to 108 Liberty - street, where he still offers liberal anticipations ca property consigned to bit friends in the MeJj'erra - uian. For further particulars, apply as aWve, or to . AoKAHAin ritLL, my7lm corner of Cliff i Fnltcn - sts. lit MACKIL. .iliLAt. 1, lb. title nmo veil to No. til Pme - stret. i.v 4 fX JNO. BLAK.,, Mock i.nd Lxchug Broker, hasopuedanuUice at No. 4 Wa'.l - treet. June 6 Iw SALT WA'ILK iMJ US. To the Ladiis ar.d (JenUemm nrJVrw - York. 0O '1 he pmi.c are inloruiocl, the old New - York Salt Watt - r Bath it now open, nf the I'jot ol Uarclay - strect, at the end of Mr. Rhine - 1 lander' new durii , a little below.Murtay - slreet,l her old station, with good accommodations, and j the greatest convenience and safety, j The Marine Swimming Bath for gentlemen on - i 'y, will he opened i n Saturday i:txt,at Mr. Gib - 1 bousMopg pn - r next to the Lattery, whtre the Marine Ruth was fiimerly stationed. Putt of two dat in each week the Bath nt Ban lay street, will be exclusively tie voted to Ladies. Runt and regulations, at the Baths. Tickets will n'iimt to Jed J. RAP1NEAXT. SKCO.NI) filtAM) ORATORIO. &j" HY the llan lel ami lluvden Society, at St. l'aiil's Church, will take place on Tucvlnv evening, June 9, 1H18. I'AUT FIRST. Ilandcl'ii piaml Dttleiii'en Te'Denm Arcninpanind on Uie Trumpet by Mr. Wil lis, w ho arrived m the :ity Usl evening from e.t l'olnt. Intioduction. , 1. Chorus, We praise thee O God, tc. 2. do. All the earth doth vynrdiip thee, A c 3. Air, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord - Miss Conrad 4. Chorus, 'I n thee all ain'cls cry aloud. 5. do. To thee t.herub'.m ti .Ver apliim, &c 6. do. The glorious coiiipany of the Apos ties, fcc. 7. 'Solo and Chorus, Thou art the Kinj of I .lory. 8. Air, When thou toohet upon thee, ,t - c 9 Chorus, When thou didst overcome, 5;e 10. eio. Thou sittcst at the riirht hand of God, Kc. 1 1. do. We l!i refore pray thoc, &c 2. cloi Hay by ilay we magnify thee. - H. Air, Vouchsafe O Lord, &c. 14. Chorus, Lord in thee have I trusted, Lc PART 5ECONH. Overture Full Orchestra. Air, Iird what is Man Hy a member. Air and Chorus, Strike the Cymbal Miss Conr id, accompanied on the patent six keyed bugle, by Mr. Willis. Air, Angels ever bright i fuir A member. Solo Violin Mr. (iiliinghaili. Chorus, Fix'd in his everlasting seat. Duet, O Lotely I'eace Miss Conrad and a member Grand Hallelujah Chorus. Tickets tu be had at the fnllou w places : Mr. Riley's music store, Chatham - sit cct ; Mr. F.aslbiirn's hook store, llmadwayi Messrs. tiondrich ii Co's. do. do. Mr. Dubois' music store, do; Mr Gtib's do. Maiden - lane; T. Si J. Swords, Fcarl - strect ; and Messrs. Kirk U Mcrcien's book store, Wall - street. je8 w ANTLD a white woman tu do kitchen work, and a white irirl from 14 to 16 years of age, to do the upiicr work of a small luiiuiy. niiy ni hup oince je o VT O TICK An peison having claims against L 1 the estate of i'l.i'ima Brady, late of the city of New - York, deceased, are icqtnsled to present the tame legally authenticated, nnd all those indebted to the said estate are rtqurste to make immediate payment to the subscriber. who oilers for sale the proiierty of the deceased, containing 4 lots fronting oil the finwery 25 by 7a feet deep each, and one on slanton - slrect, 2:i by IWfei l. The w hole premises are rented this year ior oyu ami taxes. An ingisputahie title ni'i uk given 101 nits euuie iyr JAMES BARCLAYV Executor, Je 4 Im No. 3 - Suulh - street. J O LLT, A pleasant bat k room, nt no. 56 Wall street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Possession immediately. . Apply in the front office. Je 4 'J HE KALElDOSCOi'E. 'TMIIS beautiful toy recently invented by Doc - J. tor Brewster, oi Edinburgh, and which appeals to have excited much admiration. in Great Britain, has been imitated by a ticntleman nf tint city, and are lor sale iu any quantity at the store .r rr evil r v it fit VI V, lllljl.l I. vv, Je8 3t 3 Wall - street. Tilt. Alii Of IMMI.SU.' 0: N Mouday the 15th ol June will be pub lished, and for sale at the principal book stores, the Art of owimmmg, by J. frost, accompanied with twelve copper - plate engravings. Price one dollar. Copy - right secured. T. VV. GALLAL'DET, Je6 Iw 49Fulbn - st. LU.U BOAT LUST. fTI AKEN or drifted from the barque Gideon, JL. at Uanti's wImUI, her long loat, witn Uie name painted 00 her stern A suitable reward will be paid by the captain for any information so that raid boat may be recovered. June 6 3t fui SALE, Two years unexpired lease, from the 1st day of May last, of the house aud store No, Ifcl uroaawoy ;one 01 ine eieti sianus in ine street for Uie drygood buio s. Also, a small st'Kk of drygoods, which was purchased on the est terms, iirii cipally at auction. For terms, which will be accomniodatiiig, apply at the store a above. JeS lw WOMEN, or Pour et Contre. a tale by Ma - turin, autlior qf Bertram, Milesian Chiefs, The Fatal Reveuge, tc. fcc. 2 vols, price i'i received and for tale at the Minerva Circulating Library, No. iiCi Broadway, opposite the Mu seum. Jeo ; tLUnlUVS UJoUM rw Machine for saving ar VJ Fowcrand performing wotk. The subscriber have obtained Letters Patent frirn the Uni - led States, for an original and u'eful method of. applying machiatry to moving of boats, and o - thcr important p TKes. The machine will be exhibited at the 'Tontine Ccffre Home, en Wed - ... .o. niih mil. lieiten It) and 1. nnu patent rights sold to such persons as may incline ,0 become pofu - aser,bi ERr JeC2i P. RICARDI ratentec. NOTICH. . l,p 1LFORD k OWEGO ROAD LOrTE - RY. The future drawings will be as fol M low . rnn t - a fith day, Crtt urawn rru ot;r r 9:h do OU) do llth do l?th do 13th do 140) do 15th do do do POO do 12 17 do do do do do di do do do do do do 500 33,000 6CH do do 4 do do 1,000 600 July t 70,000 do - 10 . 16th do do do 500 do U Remaininr 4 drawings in euceassioo. CHAKI.Ls KliMSr.1, i V. SI U ART, Manager JOHN LYNN, S Milford and Owc.go IUsd Lottery. A few Ticket retuainmg on hand. forsAle bj IUAbU.l"jlJt.?l,, it C lw , 48 Wall - ttrcct ti ti be and may day, r ii try front of ice aiid of fruit ed said PUBLIC SALKS ' t i'i i. aaaaSSc, - By XIf.LS A'.VIO.V ft C&. ''' ' Thursday.! ' - ' . . At I "2 9 - o'clock, it uie:r auction room, a ge. ' neral ieso,iment of French 4tnd English dry goods, among which are 1 bate tw, lied and pLin bombazetts, 1 do super undressed prints. 2 do cambric muslin, 2 eio cotton skirtings, 1 do gteea cotton umbrellas, I do rich velvet re , . diculcs with eiasps, 1 do mens buckskin gloves, 1 bale blue gill hdkts, 1 do. stout linen shirtings, 1 d.) imitation merino thawLt.Sdo super uiii'.U sitlinutl. ... .. . A!s.i, a bait; soldiers w.iie psntalcons. AtJ uViock. under the u.pection of Uie Warsaw of the pork, for aceount of the underwriters, 3 rases artificial flowers, 1 do si k, gloves, thread laf e, ostrich f athers, pinnies. cie,;ant lace dresses, garniture . .trimming. jew el y boxes, water co ors, tic. 3 trunk reaj dy make coats and U' toutn, imtiorted and damaged on board the brig Agnes. , 1 u - - suay, lbtu June, . An entire invcice of best English plate loo!r - i'i giarses, looxiug C.ast plate,, Brussels ana Kidderminster cart'cUtf and rugs, mahoeanv chairs, and a variety of other a - rtieles of the latest Euimh and French fiifrious. CdaJisting of 33 ricbivg - lt aud tew stylo sua glasses from 45 by 20 to TO by '56 in., 25 chimney do 31 by 2 1 in. w.ih ends of Hi by 10 in. &c. )6 ; iiiperblyornaaieutcd mirrors, carved arches, cut Kiss paaslrom 2 !o 4 lights, IS bejt Lfnli - hisilver. ed plates in Mind frame 50 by i')J in. 85 do reed ed irauies sixiy is to 44 by Sib in, 1 JOO best Brituh imiversal plates from 0 by 1 1 to 54 hy 35 inches, 34)0 do6 by 5 to 16 by 12in. Sheets tin foil - air. able for the above, pieces elegant I! ru use Is carpeting of newest style, 3 do borders to match, 4 do Kidderminster do. 24 elcgaht imperial earth rug, II Brussels bedside rugs, 54 fash, ionalue mahogany chairs, Jiair' bottoms and brass moulkings, 2 London wade fortes; and a great rai iety of new .and fashionable fur. cittire. , ' The largi glasses, mirrors, carpels and rug', will he . - .old in lots to writ purchaser. .,'1 he ! chair in setts. The silvered and uusilvrred pletes, will be sold by the package to dealers. n a liberal credit The above were shippel by houses of the first respectability iu'F.urope, and it is believed, that the quality is as good as can be sent. ;.J liiii.t. iuti iiLtl.JJlAU. c. t jn HE proprietors of the southern marble qua JL riei"oear Ling's - llride, give notice, that they have 09 haui1, un j are receiving, at the A'i ;i'' - bridge jM'iible and i.wie - iard, foot of L'oarh flroct, ,u tbc lluilno rivor, an extensive stock (4 mart let lor building, of the following lio - sciiptioiij, viz : Ashlar Coping Vatertabl Foundation Stone S'.eps Chimney - i'ieres; Platform Facicgs Sills, LiuteU Column Arches , . , Also Lime of the belt quality. X f A inni - uuit supely of the above materials ratv be calculated upon; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW. Feb II At the Yard; NOTICE. ' fh7 All persons haviaft demnnds Arainst the Estate of the lute Dr. James Tillarv. (deceased) si ill please to present the same to either of the Subse 1 ibers. And person inihdited to the Estate. are requested tu muke payment to A. D. Duff, at Na. 8J Wnshinglon sireet. June 5th 1818. , A. 1). 1)1 rr. 1 MALTBY tJELSTON, Executor. D.S.JONES. Je5 Iw . - , - - . - fllLMX BANK. O0r - An election for fourteen Directors of this Hunk will be held at the Banking House, 09 Tuetday, the 7th July next, between Jl and I o'clock. The transfer Hook will be ilosedon the u5th instant, and willjconlinue rioted until after ffie election. By order of the Board if Director, D. 1. GREENE, Cashier. Je 5 tjy 7 WANTED, 07 a man of good capacity, well acquainted with the topography of the United Stales, nnd cable of the business of a clerk generally. One who has been in a newspnnerofhee or book store would be preferred. Inquire at the office' of the Monthly .lagnzioe, No. 19 Wall itreel. June Ht trr Johs Fhoctom, Jt 106 Liberty - street. offers liberal anticipations on property consign - - ed to lus friends 111 tlie Mediterranean. For further particulars, app.y as abore", or to AURIIAM BELL, Je6tf. corner of Cliff & Fulton - sts. . NOTICE. frtr - THOS. and JOHN F. LAWRENCE have taken into copartnership THOMAS G.' CASEY. They will conduct business under the firm of T. if J. F. LAWRENCE ft CO. New York, 6th June, 1818. Je8 lw A CARD. U The proprietor of the Salt Water Dsib. irTcrs an apology to the public for the disappoint ment iu not fulfilling, at contemplated, the open - '' log the JHarine ewimmmg Ham at the Uatlery on Saturday last, and informs tbem, that it will certain!) open during this week, and shall be' no - nl W'len al her t'Htion. Jone 8 NO TICK, HERMAN THORN and JOHN II PEN DLETON liavinir firmed a partnership, will conduct their business under the firm of Thorn I'endleton, at 56 Stone - street. HERMAN '1 HORN, . June8 1w JOHN U. PENDLETON, 1 NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to the estate of James Douglass, stone - cutler, dcrtasrd, are re quested to make immediate payment to the subscribers, find all per. on who may have claims against said e?UU, will pluue preaeut them as above directed. John Meyher, Wasliingtoo - sl. ) Wm. Sharji, 420 Greenwich - st. S 6aml. Sharp, Jones' - st. ) Exec u torz Je8 1w Tt BF. RAKrLKDFoR, A' FULL length portrait of IMiss U'Mlt, painted by flarker to ie se - ea ai .wr. rune's Store, 135 Broaiiway, wnere vrms. my lie known. Je j 1 w Olt SALE, 4 YOUNG DA LM ATIA CARRIAGE DOG. t.nquire at 'Tucker's Livery Stable, John street Je it itij, Atw .tl, ty Malurtn. . WOMEN, or 'jvr ef Corifre, 2 vols. $1 5u boards. 1'be above interesting work may ' . had at the New - York Circplaling Library . . ... . n s i liooa - store, iso. 1x1 iiroaoway, corner 01 ,. Cedar - street and oppTtsitellte City - Hotel, whera also be bad nil the cew puUiicaUuu of the and an extensive collection of standard works; generally. ' . " Je 6 1 ' foil SALE, - - i That beautiful and - well coKivated conn seat, situated on Harlan Heights, 8 nsdc New - York, and a quarter ola mile - trom Manhattanville. It cotisijt of twenty five acres - excellent land, an elegant be use, t - sru, stables, house, milk bouse, a house for tlie gardener new fences, &c - C 'There ia also a erring never failing water j an aburce ofce''n, of every description UiuTTbesuiafc, imr", from Europe t a very grrr T..'J, coar - try snt ,. on ljr1 ' River. Every facility will be P to pjr ' No, lSloatUae.ccrnorol, Win. street . V ir J' If it, 1' 1 1 i 1 . ; . 1 . i' ivy ". t : 1 i , - f f - v

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