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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, June 9, 1818
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KKir - lVtiK trEXlXQ POST - TUESDAY, JUNE 9. C(tdefe - - NiUQationiathBei;btvbood of this city it so eligible, At the bigb ground in tbe : t ear of the vice - president's seat t SUUa - btand, for erecting private signals which will convsy in - telligeace t the merchant of the approach of hit hip from tea. It hai the advantage of overlook iog al) Um surrounding country, and affording an - tininterrupted view of the bay from there to shore at far as th eye can extend, and with ' good glajaet tht approach of vessels (rod tea may be ditched wnde yet a taaUtance off. There 'an do fortifications, fortt or island to intercept the prospect from the battery to this nigh ground ; therefore siznals mar be seen and known from this eminence with the naked eye i and while ' the steam - bo' t continues to run, it can be vis iUd any and every hour in the day. " , ; v ' Houses to ot nvibered.A commanicatioa is " received, calling upon the common council to order the houses to be numbered anew. And certainly the call deserves attention, most of the old aumbers are defaced by time, and a very great - proportion of oar homes teem never to have bad numbers upon them. Besides, many new streets hare bee a opened and made to run into former streets and thus the numbers that originally designated the home are become dis arranged. - ' v . - 07 M' - and Mrs. WEST, of Baltimore, return their sincere thanks and grateful acknowledgements to a noble young man, (whom they afterward , understood to be Mr. SAMUEL . FRANKLIN of this city.) for the preservation of their only daughter The particulars were as follows I As Mrs. West was standinr on Pike - street wharf, with her child m her arms, she made a sudden leap from them and fell into - the Water. Her generous preserver, who was binding on the same wharf, seeing the child fall, immediately sprang in and rescued her from watery gray. . i, : Extract of a letter to a gentleman in this city dated . ; . BALTIMORE, 6th June. . There are now in this port the following Due not - Ayrean vessels of war: Independence - del Sod, carrying 16 eighteen pounders and 1 sixty - burgunnade, rapt. Grin o&kls. Tbe Purrydon, 16 eighteen gnonades, captain Barnes. V.'' '. , ... The Elerta, formerly the Chesapeake, mounting 1 long 94, and 3 eighteen pounders, and J long nines, Capt. Chay tor, A schooner of 5 guns, capt. TilJen, tender to the Independence - del - Sud. A brig of 1 long 18, two 18 gunnades, and two long nines, with two twelve pound carronades, Captains Chase, and CatheJ ; besides two Gui - neamen prizes, and we expect more to arrive in a few day r. The blood thirsty Morillo it dead, and Bolivar bat got possession of Laguira, Caraccat, Valen Cia, tec. and gen. Burmadas has possession of Cumana and Barcelona. Gen. Arismendi is on the river Oronoke, at Languntura and Perauga. From the MUUdgniiU Reflector, May 26. Destruction f the Chehaw rUlagt.Copy of a letter irom v. o. mucneu, esq. agent lor In - .Hjn affair, tn rav. Rabnn. ilaturl HilUilmvlti. Mayo, fcir On the 2d instant, I received information that party of mounted men had attacked and aesiroytu u vaeiiaw town ou r jint river, aud killed many of tho iubabitants. From all I could then learn, it appeared to be uncertain What troops they were, and under w hoso com niand, or by whose order this unwarrantable and barbarous deed had been dune ; and as the con - sequences cannot be foreseen which may result wheu the justly exasperated warriors of the town return, and fiud their town and property destroyed their unoffending and helpless lami - lii s killed or driven .into the woods to pcrih, whilst they were fighting their aud our enemies, the emiioles ; deemed it best to come to the State and endeavor lo procure correct informa tion. I now find that the party had been sent out by your orders but failed to execute thrm ; nml that the attack on C'hthaw was unautho rised. 1 present the case for tbe consideration of your excellency, under a coufideut hope, that as the people el Chehaw were not only fiiend but that their conduct during tbe present war entitle them to our favor and protection, some immediate step will be taken to render that satisfaction which is due for so great an injury. 1 he extent of their loss in a pecuniary point of view, am not at this moment prepared to state, but so soon as I return to the a;ency, I will lc no time in having that ascertained ; and in the mean time, permit me to suggest the propriety of instituting some legal enquiry into the conduct of the officers engaged in the enterprise. I hare the honor to enclose an extract of a letter, received from old Mr. Barnard on this subject, tbe contents of which is corroborated by a verbal statement of the Wolf warrior, who came tome directly from the spot. 1 leave this early ia the morning for the arencv from, whence I will address you again upon this sobiert. I am, sir, with high consideration and rerpect, your very obedient servant, n a MiTr - HFi.t . rt a v. v. .... v.. n ub P. S. Since writinr the above, I have received a 'letter from the Little Prince, speaker of the Lower Creeks, opoo this subject, a copy of which I also enclose. Copy of a letter from the Little Prince, speaker of tbe Lower Creeks, to D. B. Mitchell, agent tor I. A. dated Fort Mitchell. April 25, 1818, My treat friend I have rnt now a talk to send to you. One of our friendly towns, by tbe name of the Chehaw, has been destroyed. The white people came and killed one of the head men, and five men and a womar, and burnt all their booses. All our young men have gone to wm. ScU. jjtooo, ma mere is oly a sew left to guard the town, and they have come and served us this way. As yon are our friend and lather, I hope vou will try and find out, and ret s satisfaction for tt. You may dp,a opoo it. j """5 "humic gone lo war, but a - - "sruue;own. Men do not - r w - w v tsssuici wimoui inert mom otvuui unu wu, ana wo w&ot yon lo trr (Sned) TU8TUSXUCGIE HOPOIE. vopr ot a letter irom Timothy Barnard, Esq. (a wuua raw; rename on T lint ftiver, to D. B. Mitchell, arent for I. A. dated Aeril an. irik 8ir, The Wolf Warrior, the bmnr . f ii... has just arrived here, and brio bad news from the Aojnoe - culla town fCbebaw.1 Nm.1t ii the warriors belonging to that to wo are now with . w armies. &eva days pact a company irhitt people collected and rushed oa the town' I and there were but few jrsd ptopU there, and att friendly, just what lew were left to guard their town, the rest still with our army, the white people killed every one Iber could lay their hands killed Iho old chief Tiger king and one other chief both t have known always to be friendly to our colour, ever since I have been it) this land. The whole of what an killed is nine men and one poor old woman. They took off what hones there were, the own en of which, some are still living. . They took the horses to the fort, which is not far from the town they have destroyed. The ciiiefs that are still alive, beg that you will get their bones, or any thing else returned. The red people don't know who - ther it b the regular troops or Georgia militia that have committed this unwarrantable act. I have wrote y all that I think is necessary If you see cause lo write any thing to me, to mfornfltevery one be, when informed, that the prophet them of, I will do it with pleasure. If these people do not ret some friendly treatment for the damage done them, I am afraid, wheu their warriors return back from our army, something bad will bappeu on some of our color. lam very sorry to have to write you on such a horrid piece of business. 1 write you in haste, as the bearer is in great harry to tee you. I remain, sir.' your friend, and moat obedient servant, (Signed);....,! T.BARNARD. THE GOVERMlCS REPLY. Executive Department, O. Mil - ) '" ' ledgevillejaOthMJy, 1CI8. ) Sir, I bare the honor tp acknowledge tlie re - cript of jour's of the 6lb instant, enclosing a copy of a letter from old Mr. Barnard, and one from the Little Prince, spcakrrof the Lower Creeks, both on the subject of the late unlortu nate attack made by a detachment of Georgia militia under caplum Wright, on the Chehaw village, which bad previously been tupposed to ue ineuuiv. I have examiued these communications with the cantfor their importance required. It is ts - questionably your duty, as agent, to attend to ine complamts of the red people and cause ju lice to be done to tliem as far as your powers win extend, it will also readily be acknowledg ed by all, that my duty, as governor of the state, requires that Should difend the cause of the whites, as far ns that cause can bo supported by the great principles of justice. At you have I'urnUhed me with the Indian accouut of this transaction, and assured mo of the friendship towards the wniles trial existed amen them pri or to the attack, I feel it incumbent on me to explain to you, and through you to the nation over which you preside, the motives by whic h the officers were actuated, who conducted the enterprise ; and the grounds upon wliirh they win auempi 10 jusuiy ine proceeding, or extenuate the guilt that may, in the view of some men, be attached to them. You will readily acknow ledge the decided and inveterate hostility of tnoee Indians whicn belong to the villages under the immediate direction and control of tbe chiefs I foponnee end Phelemme ; and that the orden which emanated from this department for their chastisement was both necessary and proper. Xu are also well apprised, that the orden men confined them specially to that object : so far then as respects myself, I feel perfectly justified in the measures I adopted, and which I deemed essentially necessary to prevent a repetition ol the horrid murders and depredations committed by those Indians on our unprotected frontier. I will now undertake to oner, in behalf of the de tachment, the best apology for their conduct that may be able to furnish, and which I am authorised to state, can be supported by ample proof. wnen the detachment was on its way to, and had reached, the neighborhood of Fort Early, Ihey were credibly informed ly several person of veracity, that the celebrated old chief Hoponnee, whose town had all joined the hes ile party, had removed and was at that time living iu ine village upon wmrn us attack was made and was considered as their principal leader, aud that a treat pot lion or them was alled&ed tj be under his immediate direction, although part of mem might tie with jrmtoth. They therefore considered themselves author iscd to attack it as being one of Hopoonoe's towns The result I oeed not mention, as you have seen the statements made bv captains Wright and Robinson, which I am authorized by very re spectable testimony to assure you, was substan tially true, except as to the numner reported to have been killed, which was fortunately incorrect. Now sir, if I have been misinformed, and given a wrong construction to this affair, I should like very much to have more correct information, but if it should be founded in fact, what more can you and the Indians require, than (or me to assure you, that 1 regret the circumstance, and consider it as one ol the misfortunes attendant ou war, where the innocent frequently sutler in common with the guilty. This unfortunate affair has been shamefully misrepresented, by many or our citizen?, whose delicate feelings seem to have forgotten the many watt'.on outra ges that have been committed on our frontier by the Indians, and would even cover the whole state with disgrace, merely because this small detachment have in this inttancc, mistaken their orders, and tarried their resentment to au itn - proer extent. I he experience of all ages have shown, that it is much easier for us to complain of the conduct of other (and especially those in responsible station;) than to correct our own, I have ascertained that the property left by the Indian, who ruu oil from or near Dr. Uird1 store, on the Ocmulgee, some time past, is now i j the possession of Mr. Richard Smith in tbe lower end of Twiggs county, and will be delivered at any time when proper application shall be made. You will please assure the red people under your care, that I teel a disposition lo maintain peace and friend. - hip with them on liberal terms. I have the honor to be, respectfully, vour obe dient servant, WM. RABUN. We hive been politely favored with a letter from major - general Jackanu, to brigadier - jene - rl Glascock, from which we have made the following extract : " Camp, on line of march, 16 miles in advanc of Fort Gadsen, May 7. " I cannot adequately express my feelings r - n the outrageous and inhuman attack of captain Wright and party, on the supeianuated men and women of the friendly Chehaw village, which you re ite. It will bo a stijma uo the American nation, unless the general government use their endeavon to bnn the perpetrators to justice. I nave ordered W nht to be arretted, and he shall be tried by a military court. I have written the governor of tieoreia on the subject, ex pressing my astonishment al his unwarrantable interference with my duties. "I congratulate you on thenlo march ot your brigade to f ort Larly, with a hope that the brave Georgians under our command, who have encountered the dangers, fatigues ami pri vations of a long march in an unfriendly country, may be speedily restored, iq health, to their fa milies and homes. " I am now on my march lo Pensacola, wh;ch plare I shall bare probably to occupy with an American garrison." From the (Geo.) MiUedgwiUt Journal, Mag 26 from the Anna. We have conversed with several officeft lately from the army they state that the two British emissaries captured at st. Mirks and Suwanne, Jrbuthnot and Am - bnuter, both accomplices of the notorious v ooaoine, have been tried by a Court Martial, i which uen. i. ames was President, and oe - ing found guilty of excit ing the late Indiai mar, were executed on the 27th of last month the firmer was hanged nd the Utter toot. Arbutlinot had been a contain in tl.A Ttri. Ub service, was about 40 yean of age, of gen - teel appearance, and met his fute like a soldier. Wheu Use executimer was fixing the rope afouml'Lis ricck, he desired jot,lo be handled to roughly - oDservea iiivms - tleman. and tome aav. tnokC'Cf bit death be ing avengeit - - 4iis property, he requested should be given to his ton.' Ambrnsier, was Tounsr. not exceed ine 25 at first, he was in eolent and contumacious but at death began to look him in the face, he lost bit composure, and died more like a woman than a man. The evidence against both, we understand, was clear and strong. Letter, advising; the enemy of the movements of our army, and how to act, were intercepted. Documents were also found, proving beyond doubt, that a criminal correspondence had been tome time kept up, by them and the Governor of New - Providence, with the Indiana and renegade negroes in Florida. But how indignant must Francis, who was hanged a little before, had in hit pocket a British government, tupposed to have been given to'liiin during his late visit to Ene - land, whence he had not long returned. As a scrutiny, we are assured, will develop the blackest perfidy ti - wards tnis country, Great Bjitain will be disposed to let the mat tt r rest where it is. General Jackson, with a regiment of rrcii lars and the Tennessee volunteers, crossed the Appalachians Bay on the 7th inst. and expected to reach Pensacola, distant about 200 miles, last Thursday, lie will probably take pos session or the place, and leave in it a sufficient garrison for its defence, and for the protection of our aIiaccnt frontier settlements. A detachment of 550 men has been left at Fort Gsdsden, 200 at St Marks and about 250 at Fort Scott, under the command of general Gaines, to overawe and effectually suhdue the Indians in that quarter : aud a naval force nas been ordered to cruise on the south side of Florida Point, fur the purpose of cutting off the supplies, which such of them as have Bed to Lake Mayance, miht otherwise receive from the contiguous Hi Kish islands, We arc informed that gen Jacksnn speaks of retiring from the military service of the country very soon. The rapid decay of his consti tution, occasioned by great bodily fatigue and exposure, in stated to be the cause. The w hole army it is said, have suffered inconceiv ablyan otlicer declares he hut never teen such emaciated troops. The prosecution of the Seminole war has probably been attended with as many privations to the soldier and as much epence to the government, as any contest ever was, of no longer duration or greater magnitude. ' The report of general Gaines beintr under arrest, ws are glad to learn, is without foun dation. Correspondence between gov. Bibb and the Dig YY amor, relative to the murders commit ted on the l ederal Road, some months past. COOSA DA, 26th March. 1818. Friend I send vou this letter to inform vou that some of the white people in this territory have been cruelly murdered, and to explain to you the things I have found it necessary to do. un i nuay mgnt, the lSh ol this mouth, a fa mily, consisting of men, women and children, while sitting in peace around their fire, on tbe Federal road, about 65 miles this side of the town of Claiborne, were attacked by a party of red men, and eight killed. I he next Friday, five men riding quietly along the road, in the name neighborhood, were fired ou, three killed and one badly wounded. These unexpected and unprovoked murders could not be borne. W e could not sit down, and permit our wives and children to he tomahawked without resistance. 1 have therefore ordered our soldiers to find and slay the hostile party, liut I am in formed, Hi ere are many of your people among us who are our rnends; and we know nut now to distiuguith them from our enemies. They a - larm our women and children When the army meet them, they canndt kuow whether thev are Iriends or foes ; and the murderers themselves will say ' we are your friends." In this situation, it if best that yoor people should go borne. They might be killed through mistake, and I should be sorry for it. I have, therefore, ordered that Ihr.y go from among us immediately ; and I send this letter by major Laprade and Mr. Stevens, to explain to you my reasons for so do ing, sou trill sea that it proceeds irom tnend - ship, aud I hope will belp me in getting your people to come home. If you will tell me how it can be soonest done, I will help you in any arrangements for that purpose, you may propose. It is necessary, we should understand the views and wishes of each other, and then as friends we cau att together. Your friend, WM. W. BIBB, Governor of tho Alabama Territory. To his excellency W W. Bibb, governor to the Alabama Territory of the United States. Ft iend and Brother You have sent me n talk, I am clad to hear from you. Our people are, and wiih to remain in peace with their white brethren, your people. You say that the blood of your men, women and children, has been spill - dJ by red men. I am sorry to hear it. I cnuld not hinder it. Those red men who spilled your blood, are none of our people. We are your friiu is. . I am glad that you have taken me by the hand, and culled me fi iend That ynu have sent me a talk. on say that your warriors are out. You are friendly in giving me that notice I know that all red men are alike in appearance. i cur warriors, therefore, cannot tell the good from the bad. They canuot distinguish between Iricud and foe. Those hostile men uro like the wolf. They creep and sculk about until they an spill blood. 'I hcv frighten my people, as well as yours. I have sent for my hunters to re turn to our own land ; all may not have had notice. I shall in three days send one of my war riors, Barney Riley, to you, to aid and asaiat in giving what few hunters may be among you, no tice that they must return. I want to see you that we may talk together, aud not mistake each other Friend and Brother We wish to live in peace and friead - .hip wiMi you, and wish we may aid each other in governing our people. . TUSTLNUGUt: THLUULO, (B. W.) Extract nf a Utter to tlie editor of tht Democrat ie Hreis, dated "ST. THOMAS, Siith May, 1318. " We have the oft'rio news here from Carac - cas that another battle has been fought on the I Ith inst. about 20 leagues west from ban Car losin which both parties seem to have fought with desperation. The Spaniards say that the patriots are totally defeated, but acknowledge the loss of many first rate officers. The commander in chief cf the royal army engaged " de la Torre," is severely wounded, and his aid - da - ramp, col. " Villars,1' and about 20 officers killed and wounded. It is said that the pass (..alabosa" is again in the hands of the royal L'L. The royal commander in chief, Morillo, has recovered from his wounds. Enclosed are two of our newspapers under date of tbe Itith xnd2lt May. Brion and Aury have formed a junction near St. Bartholomews at which is oiled the Five Islands; they have now IS sad. Just as Brioo got under way, a Spanish evadre squadron hove in sight and alter notn had maneuvered i little, they Went each their way in a different di rectioa. It is said that Brioo will fortify the island of Mooa for a kind of renJeivousaad take possession of Samaoa if posutle." Extract or a letter, dated "LAGUIRA, May 11 M Gen. Morilla, having obtained a victorv at Coxeder, eleven leagaes from St. Carlos, over Paax, wbo bad under bis command about 1500 cavalry, and S or 800 infantry, out of which 1000 oia were k.aefl, also 400 horses and three stand I . !.. - VWm .Vntntbnli Iwt ICO in killed and wouudeJ. This took the Sd v - From the Trenien Feieralal, June' 8. Tbe teixure, trial and execution of two men, said to be British subjects, by our military folks who lately invaded the Spanish Territory, seems to be confirmed by accounts from the South, with a lament added thereto, that another of the tame nation had not. also been cat died and killed. ni. I think the 11 HICK - '" - - 1 - " President will have as good reasou for recom mending so congress, at ine uexi session, un n - bolition of the army, as he had at the last, for do - nou h nnral form on the Infer because (If, J - it wat more likely to involve us iu war, tiinn to ' - I. J r. ..' n A IIHIa wliiL. itt we made quite a bluster and noiso because the King of Spain had imprisoned one of our citieeus at Cadii - but the nation seems to res,t very ay at present, with the above named executions ! Why ! Jieeaiise the wrong ss commttlid biut - nut against u? From the Philadelphia Democratic Pre; June 8. Major General Jackeon Wc are concerned to hear that this distinguished officer is about to retire from the service of his country, and it is with deep regret we learn that the ill state of his health is the cue which moves him to resign. His sent'unenls and conduct on the destruction of the Chehaw Village are such as were to be expected fiom his high sense of national honor as well as his high consideration for the rights of humanity. In our paper of to - day will he found tome interesting particulars of the cases of the I'rophet Fran - cit, of ArJmthnot and Ambriitic, who have all been executed by order of General Jackson. We look with much curiosity and some anxiety to a more full, perfect and authentic account of tlie conduct of those British officers. We trust it has been tuch as will justify the General in the rigorous measures which he lias a - dopted. From tht Aurora, XXTR1CT OF A IITTKB DATED: " Washington City, June 2, 1818 . " The British consul general, A. St. John Ra ker, is about to depart lor k - urope ; the ostensi ble cause of his departure is the recovery of health, but it is sullicicut to look in his face to see that it is only a common diplomatic disease which may be aggravated or cured at discretion ; the real object is diplomatic ; tbe Knghli cabi net has expressed some hesitation in regard to certain subjects in Mr. Bagot's dispatches ; aud the fate of the two Lnghsh emusarios, so unex pectedly executed in Florida, and the specula tion carrying on between the Spanish agents and some persous in this place, opens a field of corruption so wide and comprehensive, that thede tails will not be submitted to paper. Air. Baker goes prepared to state the lacts from bis mime diate knowledge ; for no man is belter acquaint ed with men and things here. The chevalier colonel Sarmicuto is also preparing to visit Mad rid, but his business appears to relate to the mer cantile affairs of some Americans on the West Coast ; he received $27,000 for one servico of this kind, but tlie object lor which tie received the doceur failed, and he will not refund." CHALE5T0N, May 30. Through the politeness of a gentleman, who has just arrived in this city from Ldgelield, we are enabldd to contradict the report mentioned in last evening's paper, of a duel bctweeu capt. - Arthur iimkins and George ArUulhe, tso. We are informed that the gentleman above mentioned was in company with Mr. M'Dufhe on Monday evening last, and that captain iriinkins was transacting business in Augusta at that time; no misunderstanding, it was further stated, was heard of as existing between tho parties. We are ine lined to believe that the report originated from the circumstance of a duel of a similar me lancholy nature, between two gentlemen of the bar, Mr. Moffctt, of Augusta, and Mr. Wool - dridge, of Abbeville. We understand that Mr. M. was shot dead on the spot, ami that JUr. w. received his adversary's ball in his right arm. OGDENSBURGU, June 2. On Friday last. Joseph F. Pluvmart, one ol the persons supposed tn have been concerned in the robbery of the Merhauics1 and Farmers' Baok at Pittsburgh, was taken op nt Brockville, and brought to this place for examination. About 700 dollars ingld, $1500 in bills of the Pittsburgh banks, and pear $3000 in bills of other western hanks, was found in his trunk. His dres was evidently a disguise, hut his name and the description of his person precisely coincided with the description given of him in the advertisement of thn Directors of the hank, offering a reward of 300 for his apprehension. The ex amination continued about naif a day and after fully weighing all tlie circumstances, he wat committed bv our fuAgistrntes to the gaol of this county ; and we flattered ourselves that the ca - . . I t r. . I i I ' 1 1 ' l.l reer oi uus uriiui uuu uuisiwu vnidiii wwnu ur stopped, and he would receive the punishment due for his crimes. Unfortunately for the public - however, on Sun day night last the gaol was broken, and this man, together with two other prisoners, made their escape ; to effect this they must have had external aid, which the appearance of the gaol and the implements used tor breaking it, indicate ; and we are sorrv tn siv that we believe persons have been found in this vicinity base enough to assist in turning this man loose, again to prey upon society. Since the above was in type, we have seen a letter from Ogdeusburg, which states that Hluy - marl and all who escaped from tlie prison have been fetaken. BAIXSTON - SPA, June 3. Aeir mineral spring During a great flood in the month of - rf ugul last, the creek, which runs through this village, was, opposite the factory, diverted from its usual course. When the flood subsided, a fountain was observed, boiling up through tbe sand, which, though mingled with a large quantity of fresh water, was evidently a mineral spring, of considerable strength. Thi? spring, however, was not only mingled with fresh water, but was so foul and discoloured from the blue clay and sand through which it passed, as to b unfit to drink. Attempts were made to separate the fre:h water, by sinking a curb, but from the unfavorable nature of the ground, and the quantity of water, with very little success. At length a tube, about fourteen feet long, was forced down, through which the water rose with increased strength, and in process of" time, so clarified itself as to become perfectly pure aud transparent. By this means, the excellency of the spring has been proven beyond a doubt. It af fords a clear, pungent, and powerful water, of the finest flavor imaginable, ince tlie opening of spring, it has been much frequented, and by all who are acquainted with it, is in the highest estimation. Having frequented, and drank of the mineral waters in this county, more or less, for ten years past, we confidently assert, that the new spiiog water is more pungent and pleasiBg to the taste, than that of any other in these parts, and as a ca - thartir, stands before any except the congress, that has been discovered in this country. The quantity of water and filed air, which this spring discharged is truly astonishing to every beholder, and much more so, when we consider that it has burst forth in the bottom of an ar tificial canal, which was dug about ten years sincr, and at that lime shewed no signs of aay mineral water whatever. It is on the property of Nicholas Low, Esq. of New - York, and directly in front of the extensive cotton mill, on the west side of the village. From Urn powerful and excellent qualities of tins water, both as a medicine and nevera - p, it will offer another inducement to the inhabitants of the cities, and others, to visit this place, in Oieir pleasure excursions, or pcrrgriuatioas ia search ol W health. I in, tin rious papers, that " Tfie Handel and Hayoi So - cioty," repeat their musical entertainment; this evening. From the euccess ol the attempt on Thursday eveoiug, we are led to conclude, tliat they - will not bo disappointed on the present occasion. ' The object they have in view it of a highly meritorious nature, and their pertbrtnan - antes ai e such as do them' great credit. This species of amusement pouesses the pre - eminent advantage cf pctr - C not only inuoccnt in its na ture, but calculated to please the ear, to warm the heart, and elevate tbe,JTcctKut ; and to ev ery virtuout mind affords rafiminl, pure, and sub lime enjoyment. . We hope they may meet with filch encouragement and support, as will enable them to pers'ivere in their endeavours lo improve the puhhe tatte, aud add materially lo the public gratification. D. Ado. A LIST OF PF.ATII3, IK THK NKW - TORK ROSl'ITAI., FROM 1ST !)AT 0 MARCH TO 31st par OK MAY. Ill 111 Snniuel Wright, horn in Newburgh, oged 36 years, died of hvdroibor.ix. - fleiny Jackson, bom in Connecticut, aged 29, of uiarrncea Samuel Creditor, born in Charleston, nged 21, oi typnus lever. Frederick, aiders, born in Philadelphia, nged 37, ol liydrotli' - rax. F - xekiel Perkins, born in Connecticut, aged 28, of paraplegia. Thomas Adams, born in New Jersey, aged 30, of typhn fever. Henry Adams, born in New York, oged 23, oi pninisis. John Thompson, born in England, aged 47, of phthisis. Moody Jackson, born in Philadelphia, nged 45, oi pneumjiiin. Fetef Eaton, horn in Ireland, aged 52, of phthi sis. Betsey Byram, born in New - Tork, aged $9, of typhius. Catharine Beagle, born in New Jersey, aged 52, ot icterus Chrles Anthony, born in New - York, aged 22, ofletnntm. Anthony Blunt, born in East Indies, aged 35, ol lever. James Heith, born in Boston, aged 31,ofDiarr lioea. John Ellis, born in Virginia, aged 32, of Paraly tit. James Ward, born in England, aged 58, of he nimfvsia. Harvey Wheeler, born in New York, aged 0, of lever. John Carpenter, born in West ludies, aged 42, of phfhysis pulmonalis John Thompson, born in New Jersey, aged 60, of asthenia. Doniel Nowland, boru in Ireland, aged 35, of lues venerea. John Phillips, bom in West Indies, aged 29, of infiltration of urine. Joseph Isaacs, born in West Indies, aged 37, nl'lxmoptysis. Mary Ann sharp, born on Long Island, aged 21, of pneumonia. Zarhariah Spencer, bora ia North Carolina, agul 17, of small - pox. John Little, born in New Jersey, aged 37, ol morbus coxarius. Moses Clark, born in New Jersey, aged 27, oi dropsy. Hey Smith, born in Scotland, aged 50;ot Erysi in uias. JohuCarr, horn in Ireland, aged 2 - 2, of dropsy. John James, born in Massachusetts, aged 35 of typhus lever. THOMAS BUCKLEY, Sec'iy. MA KM Kb, On Sunday last, by tlie Rev. Mr. Schoonma, Rev Mr. Georee Wiliiamtun, to Miss Magda lene Decker, both of Long Island. At ew - Loudon, Coo ou the 7lh inst; by the rev. mr. tiiakesiey, jvir. vviiiiamn. wininrop, of this city, to miss Margaret A. far kin, of the former place. On Thursday last, at Connecticut Farms N. J. by Uie rev. Stephen Thompson, the reverend Charles Webster, or llempatend, L. I. to miss Jane W. Brant, of the former place. EyKXIXQ POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Ship Lorenzo, Smith, New Orleans Fish & Grinnell Brig Resolution, Sterling, Brig Pallas, Wallis, Tobago F Pomeroy Brazils J W Ru sell West ludies J B Lafonta Port - au - Prince West Indies Schr Three Si - tor, Cephise, Nichols, Schr Alert. Milliard. Curtis, Crornelm & Co. Independence, Havnes, St. Andrews Sloop Rrave. Sears, Boston Clipper, Nickerson, ix. ,1Hf I FEU THIS FORF..YOO.Y, Sch Gazette, Sclbv, 8 days from Havana, with molasses and fruit, to Palmer & Hamilton. Left at Havana May 31, brig Mary, Archer, for New York, 8 days James Coulter, Hall, Philadelphia, do ; hng Nancy, Hayes, sailed for llaltimore 2 days before ; Betsey, Ropes, Salem, discharging ; Henry, Dutch, N York, commenced to load ; ship Admittance. M'Laachlm, sailed for N Orleans t sch Dolphin, for Boston, sailed in co ; brig Rover, Stevenson, for Boston, ready , sch Hique, Wilkins, Salem, 10 days ; bntr Mary and Jane, llrown, from Boston ; brig .Vlary - Ann, for Philadelphia in 10 days The Light house on the Moro, was lighted the 30th Mav for the first time. BEI.U1V. Ship Corsair, from Charleston. Brig Superb, from Norfolk. Two ships, and 2 schooners, unknown. AKRirUO tAST KFKSrifm, Brig Telegraph, Munro,6days from Charleston, with cotton, rice and specie, to H Cowing, J J Astor fc Hon, Hicks, Lawrence St Co. H Cary 4: Co. Boorman & Johnston, and Tweedy 41 Benedict. I'assengers, airs Mowen ana children, and servant, Mrs. J Ward, Mr. Liv - merston. lady and servant Mr. Hume, lady si servant, Mis - s.Blakes.Miss Wards.Miss Monroe Miss Hume, Miss Mitchell, Miss Uaise, Mess. W Turpin and servant, G F Randolph, E Rut - ledge, H Loomis, J D and S Cowing. Brig Dover, Esdale, was to sail fur N York 3 days Sch Fame, Rhodes, 10 days from Newbern, with lumber and fish, to C Learned. Ech Union, Mersereau. 5 days from Norfolk, with cedar, to the master. Sch Emeline, Johnson, 30 Lours from Nor ' folk, with shingles, to the master. Sloop Jay, Thompson, was to sail fur N orls next day. Sloon Herald. Thorp, 14 days from Murlrees - borough, with tar, turpentine and shad, to Waring & Kimberly. Baltimore, May G. Arrived brig Canada, Smith, 46 days from llavre - de - Grace. Sailed two lays before the Favorite, at N. York. In the lats. 42 and 40 N. and long from 47 to 49, W. fell in with great quantities of ice. May 10, saw a brig amidst the ice, from the mast head. Same day spoke a French schr. from Havre1 for New - Foundland, who has been three days in the ice, and had seen the brig. June 2, lat 37 17, long 74, spoke brig Holkar, Cole 13 days from Curracoa lor New - Yo; k. CmiaMTos, June 1 The ship Ampliion, 10 days from New - York, for Savannah, and a brig also supposed to be bound to Savannah, passed tlie bar yesterday. Bos i ox, June 6. Arrived, brig Albert, Swan, 39 days fvom the Downs, and 4J from London. Left no vessels for Boston ; slnns Favorite,Rcnnard,ofCharlestnn, for Baltimore, to sail 23d April ; Averick, of Pelernbui gh, Vir. repairing ; Radius, Delano, of N York, for do. 15 days. IHay i!lUh, lat 43 50, lontr 55 30, W. spoke ship Aledford, of lloston, fYorn Amsterdam, 36 days out for Philadelphia. Saw Urge quantities of ice on the passage. fcch Charlts 4: Mary, Mears, 14 days frcra Baltimore. - . Oralttio Itwill be teen bv tolices ifttueta - l" SIood ItaniJ. BecTS. 56 i6ilrsTfVt . j Passengers, S officer and 65 seamen for th U. 8. fi - iirate Guerrlerc' Sloop Favorite, Snow, N York.;... . TMEATItE. SECOND MG11T OrV ROB ROY.. . s Ou Wednesday evening, June 10, 1318, wilfle presented, (for the id time iu America,) the mut - ical drama, jn 3 acts, of nou noii' ;. OB, ACm ItJJQ ssst Dramatized by Isaac Focock, Esq. aud now ptrtbririiigin Loudon with the grealestS - applause ; with new scenery, dresses, musk, ic. Itahlfiglj ttiUltiituiie, Mr Pritchard Owen, Jones ' Rob Roy M'flregor Campbell, Robertson Bailie Nicol Jarvie, flilaon Diana Vomon, Mrs. Iiarley Helen M'Cregor, (wifato Rob Hoy,) Barnes To which will lie added, the niu.n al farce i( THE IOMF. . Old Ceckney, Mr. Johnson . Watty Cockm - y, . liilson IVitrilla Tomboy, Mr. Darley (Ef rerfurnidQi - fc to coin in - nt e at half past 7 o'clock, precisely. - bhllAlVill V. fjy - The ship Amity, John Elantnn, master, will sail for Liverpool to - morrow morning, at It) o'clock. The passengers are' requested to be st Whitehall precisely at that hour, where tlie sloop Escort will be iu readiness to tuke them on board the ship. . ' , The letter bag will be tokeo from the' Coffe. House at the lame lime. Je 9 f Stile offTew - 1 ork, Comal roller'1! Vffict (O - PUUUC NOTICE i. hereby gi vCB to the holders of the tix and seven per cent stock ol this slate, that the v hole of the said stock with the exi eption ofthesix Per ri - nr .i.l.' created by tbe act, entitled " an act respeclinr navigable communication between the srreat western and northorn lakes and the Atlantic Ocean," passed Apnl 15, 1817, will be paid off on tbe first ddy oi July next, or at any time ttierealter when demanded, t'nvment will be made at the Manhattan bunk in the city of New - York, to tlie stork holders ruidine in tbe southern district of this state and out of this state ; and at the New - fork state hank, in the city of Albany, to all other - stock, holders. It is required that tbe certificates issued for the stock should be giveu up at the bank where socta payments are made. The interest on the taid stack will cease after the said first day of July next. AUtiru M'lNTYKr Comptroller. Dated Albany June 1, 1819. Je9 tJy 1 fX A double rastil silver watch, supiweed to be stolen, was stopped by Samuel, S. Carman, watch maker, Brooklyn Tito supposed thief said his name was IViUis, is about fourtoen years of age. The owner can have the watch by proving property and paying the expense of this advertisement. June 0 St TO MASO.VS. (Cf Pi oposals will be received until the ljth inst. for digging out a cellar and building a stone foundation and a ch.mney to a house 18 by 40 feet, on the loth Avenue, between 61st and 62d street, four miles from the City - Hall, The bricks and stone are on the premises. Apply at io. 17 Wall - street. je 9 5t tiTUHK TO LET ISC IVA k . TI.IAS VALE.N IINE intending to relinquish JCJ the bookselling busiinsa, ofiers to let tlie tore 104 Broadway ; it is a first rate stand fort retail ptore. ELIAS VALENTINE having taken bis bro, ther SAMUEL into partnership, tlie COPPERPLATE PRINTING buiiness will In roture i conducted under the Rrn - f Eliat tt Samuel Valentine. Office 34 Spruce, street. ELIAS VALENTINE, SAMUEL VALENTINE. . Orders from any paitof the union, executed with neatness and despatch, and ou tlie most reasonable terms. Je9 lw FOR THE IrLE Or' FRANCE, The New York built ship AMERICA, burthen 490 tout, coppered aud copper fastened, , master, will sail in about i weo'.is. For freight of merchandize or specie, and passage, having elczaut accommodations. apply to the master on beard, or to june9 CHA3. HALL, I Beaver - st. HantrJ lo CHAHTKR, A vessel cf from 600 to 800 barrels burthen, for TenerdTe and back to a - wutliern port. Apply to Je 9 3t BOOKJWAS K JOHNSTtUf. tor lAVEtirOOL, (To sail on the 20th inst.) , The ship CASTOR, Richard Rogers, master, ror freight of 159 bales ot Cotton, or passage, haviug gocd accommodations, apply to the captain, on board, at pier no. 8, or to Je9 A.GRAC1E&SONS. For bale, Freight or Charter, The good strong ship STERLING, 240 tons burthen, 4 years old, has two deckd, stows 2j00 barrels, was sheathed last November, is in every respect a good vessel, and may be seat to sea with very small expense. Apply to N. L. & G. G KI3WOLD, Je 9 80 South - street. MOLASSES li SUGAR. 379 hhds. and 3d tierces first quality Matanzas Molasses 162 boxes brown clayed Sugar, landing from ship Sterling, from Matanzas. 34 boxes first quality white Havanna Sugar 29 hhds. i t tierce Muscovado Sugar 15 bbls. S For tale by N.L.&G. ORIS WOLD, - Je 9 t:6 S - iuth - street. Gon Orl TON 61 TOHACCO. 45 bales New - Orleans Cotton, landing - from schr Ur chin i 9 hhds. 2d quality Kentucky Tobacco in stat e, for sale by , N. Si. D. TALCOTT, je9 64 South - street. ENTUCKY TOUACCO. 40 kegs Ken tucky manufactured 1 obaccn, lor tale ny P.REMSEN&CO. Je9 26 South - ttrret C MOT I ON ol HUM btl Imlea prime upianu J Cotton, 40 hhds. 3d and 4th proof Greeada Rum, landing from brig Telegraph, Irom Charleston, and schr Ontario, from Norfolk, far sale by BOOKMAN & JOHNSTON, je 9 67 South - street. A HAVANA MOLASStiv - 14 hhds lauded un Stevens' barf, and for sale at 67 South - street, by Je V CAMBRELENG k PEARSON. lt.UK NA.K1S. esc 1800 Plet blue iJ Nankius 1st Chop, entitled to debenture! 4 4 black end fancy colored Hdkfs. ; Checked sarsneH, Levaotiues, Sewing Silks c. Brta hy HCRD A - PEW ALL, je 9 65 South - street. TNGLISH CHEBtE A cnmll Durccl find 111 double GlosterCheese, justreceived and for sale by ' ANDERSON & SHEARER, je9 . 131 Water - street ? ST. CKOlX RU.vl, SUGAR & MOLASSES. 3d puncheon rum 2 do. retailing rpolassei 4 hhds first quality sugar received per brij Jraes Scott, from &t. Croix i landing this day at pier No U east river, and for sale by READE 1 DE PEY6TER, je9 Ijp 31 Oid - lip. .

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