The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 9, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1818
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n a M mv - roc ow - " - , rffv The burtlicnsome ten. n.. - 55 South - street 9 I U.ftlnnil. i er notion "' " - ifiv The .loop FAVORITE, Trow, mil - Wjiett will have immediate dispatch. SlxiBbtor Pge, havinff spacious accommodations, uPPIy to M,K, WE? tRElGHT or CIMHTJtn, $KV .4 very superior copprred SHIP, mo - ' - ImcntlV expecteu ..una , iTTtost, aud can proceed immediately eke - whr.fbracarg; VvLAND, air. . . rfK Schooner MORNING STAR, bur - SStthen 90 tons, will .tow 800 bblt. a iSamwl, and ready for a voyage, ' at Uover - ttrect wharf. .Apply to K. : C. W. DAYENPOIiT CO. imv28 . l " ; f - r.t. JMSTEXDA.!. Thi regular trading brig OHIO, E. Carman, master i has part of her carp unrated, and will be tiispatclieii wunuui v - Uv For freight or passage, (having very good accommodations,) apply to the master on board, at pier no. 5 north river, or to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, mv tf No. 77 Waslmigtoii - st. Tl ASi'ER OK PARIS WAN L FACTORY, At lite Ml of Harrison - street, North - River. THERE manufactured Hatter, forcorui - W .' and other purpotvi, way he had, war - filed of the first qiia!i!j, at one dollar and twtn - ftr ttntsper buM. ...... . , The maimlictory i conducted by Mr. John fucker, who hat served a regular appreolice - hintotheoiaiofi business.' K JOHN DYF.R3. LEATHER - 55 sides undressed upper Leather, for sale ty AXSON C. rilELPS, mr J? ll!3 Front - street. v 'fc WHITE LEAD, A.C Ate. OvJ V kegs London White Lead in oil 50 barrels do Dry While Lead 8 torn Red I - tad 20 barrels Bristol Red Ochre 20 do Veuetiun Red ; 2 toot Cue Litharge 80 liopgheads Whiting tt) c&skt Pari White ; 2 Midi. erdigru SO tiercru t rtnrh Yellow Ochre 5 ki'SVrruiItioa 4 raks Prussian T.lue, 4001b. Crooie Yehow; Patent Yellow rpuuirti Uroivn, or.cti in R J, Aave, l - N OIL.. Ulack, 1 Vcrdisrii, J l.anipi!n:k ; Ivory D!ack ; Purple Crown joints Ttrpenline ; Linlteed Oil 400 bo set Window (ilait, assorted For ia! on U,e lowest terms for cash or at ETERHERMERUORN H SONS, vl ' ' . 4J Waier - ttrcft. 1 i. MJil, un. (at No. 40 M Uliaoi - slroet,) JLM . haiouhauJ the lallowiu; wi.ks and LlQt'OR?, ulectud with jtiJgrueut by himtelf, Which he offors at whuletulo aud retail, tear - eni!ti pur, at impoi lcJ . '!P.M I Madeira, from 3 to 18 lOOblidi S vearaiowooJ. 40 it casks ) Old .Madeira, in bottle", from S to !20 years Champaign, Boruudy, Clarel and Sauterue, of very superior quality 7 pipes dry Uibon, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Doracha late Port, iu piet and bottles Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest iu America , TeneruTe, iu lihJs. Old Brandy, do. Hum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 deoiijoJmi, containing nve gallons each SO (roce wine Lollies N. B. Those in the trade, no J country dealers, will find it to their account, to supply them - sehtf with wines and liquor at the above csta - buihmeut, as they will be certaio to obtain articles of the first quality, at the lowest prirer, and pure as imported. my 9 gm . TO bH J. E.I H EI), ON favorable tcrou, for a Ion term of years, 4 lots of ground on Uroadway, 200 feet deep, citendiu; to Crosby - slrcet, between Hester and Grand - ttref ts. S lots in Water - street, near Catharine - market. 1 lot in Water - street, bttween Fultou aud Burling iK;. Also, several other lots in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at io. 30, Chatham - street. may 8 TTAVANA St GAR, TALLOW, tic. JTX JO boxes brown Havana Sugar, entitled to drawback. 180 teroons tenth American T allow 54 boxes Roll lriiutone, and It! cast Tumbler. Landing and for sale fcy JAML.O D'WULr, Junr. my IS 54 South street. RICHMOND FLOUR & TOBACCO 250 XI, bbUiujcilice flour, IlaxalPs brands 4.55 do do ' do couutry do ' Co' do fine do do do 1 do X middlings C3 hlkli prima old and new tobacco 4 do do ucw tobacco, fit for manafac turers For tale by XV. & S. CRAIG, may 59 84 Front street. ptOPPF.R BOTTOMS, ic 2000 lbs. Cop - w per rj juoirs, vuio au incites CO cssks VV rought Nails, Log. and Am. C bales Italian Paper 000 lbs. London fccine Twine, for safe by CEBRA 4: CUMING, 81 7t Peail - ttreet. MO.NEY TO LOAN ON MORI GAGE. 4(100 DOLLARSaretobehadonunio vf v7cunihered properly in the city. In1 Sirof ANDW. STOCKHOLM, Stock and Exchange Broker, "y 28 tf No. C3 William street. lAM.VE. 50 cases Claret Wine, containing ' 1 dosen each, 16 do do 3 dozen e - wh, of .widoi nranne Aloaloo, vintage 1310, r - JVM r brig South AmerirA, from Bordeaux, J T3 VJ - uAini KUM. 6 blidt. Aluscoado bu - . bag, Havana brown do K" Kncheuni Antieua Rum, for tal by GOODHUE ti CO. CSUtKI - isI 11 ST P1'1" Pd t 44 ccujin ikGUM 1LLEMI. II . v - i pi ana ouoa ht nirfi, Gbm ,lle. itable for the Spa - 1B In ,or,1!f by ' J" ssi'r. mrv oi at Uff INVr nKHM. hlKl tor sjii.t rK Hie verv fine brig ALONZO, Green, wf?m,5ter, 163 tons, U in excellent order. entto.eaat atmall expence. - a,ui fL board atGovorneurt - wharf, or to Apply on board & M,KSXE " - 56 South - street. TTARUWARE, CUTLERY &c S cask 11 tcoicli spring liOcxt 6 casks plate LjcJu, 1 do Steely ard 1 do chest bandies. Uc. j, . 1 do screw plates, scale bnm,&c. ' 1 do brass cocks, tic. ' 1 do bell metal ktt'lct and tkillutt , 2 do tin'd pots and sauce pant S do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, binges, Lc. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, be. 2 do HL hingei, &c. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges ' 2 do black Si bright vices, 2 do filet 4 do pocket, pen and double ' blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Also, a large and general assortment of goods open on the shelves, for tale at Uie moet reduced prices, by AUAMS SI BLACK WELL, may 7 S15 Pearl - st. JVU.t CCO MjUVUVJ CiXJAF. THE Subscribers beg leave to acquaint their frieuds aud Die public, that they have removed their Tobacco Manufactory into their fire - proof store, Ho. 02 Water - street,' where they intend carrying on the business on an extensive tcale they have on hand a large supply of Pigtail rolls, made of best Richmond tobacco Sweet scented N. Head Ladies' twist Long cut chewing, iu 1, 4, 8, and 16 ounce pa - pert do tmokin; do Macuba snuff, in jars and bottles, by wholesale and retail Scented Rappee, do. do StratburgenuiT da do French rappee do do Plain fin do do do Scutch snuff in bottles and bladders Spanish tean, made of choice tobacco imported i years ai;o,uud warranted genuine cw - Oricans Jo. do. Orders from the country will be punctually and carefully alteuacu to. may 9 1m I. NAAR Si SOS J AM La D'WOLK, Junr. bar rtuiuvtd iroui 57 Froiil - striet to 54 tiouUi - slreet,aiid olTcrs for saie - 9 rrrnnn iniitlk Xatlnw 2j tons clean St. Petcrthurgh Hemp, few i. - ... r. I:... u : . ..... .. . ' . IK'lt ,irl ijuttllljr jiysiia ww., uci man Steel iu boxes, entitled to draw blu K. innnn n. r.r r i,m. ! 25 boxes China table setts 172 pieces each . . . ... lI unui pure c)irns iHMte Platilius. my 5 IJAIVt't. OIL, tic. Aic 50 bliU,. Paris i While and Whiting 60 bblt. Spani'h Brown 20 do Yellow Ochre 16 casks Venetian Red 10 tons dry anil ground White Lead 2 do Red Lead 500 lb. PniMinn Ulue 2000 lb. Rlue - Yitriol ; 'J0O0 lb. Oil do 10 Illicit Copperas ; 5 do Pumice Stone 1000 Ihi. GuinCopnl; 1500 do do Shellac 100 bblt. Ground Camwood 20 do do logwood and Nicaragua 500 do do Tumeric ' 5 tons St. Dinuno l.ojwooil 2 do Large Nicariua ; 2 do Red Wood SO boxes P.attiTu Moul J t'andles Linseed, sp rmaci U and ueals foot Oil Black and Bright Varnifh 2500 feet 8 hy 10 Glass 1500 do 7 by 'J do lor tnle bv RIPLEY WELD, . my 14 ' 102 Front, conir pf Fulton - st. WAiN rkl, teverai youn LAbUj a ap pn - uuecs to the M ANTUAMAKING - BUSINESS. Enquire of MISS MARSHAL! - , mv 14 - tf No. 7 Cedar - street - GUN.N Y UAliS, iu bales orolheiwue, vi good quuhly. fur sale bv CEBRA d CUMING, Je 1 7u Pearl - ttrect OOMEbTlC ii OTHER WARES. rTHE suucrilierskecp constantly on hand an X cxtciuive assortment of the fallowing ood, vis : Dutch and English Gunny Baj;s, Pok's Head Ciuuib liruftirt Bellows, lanry am coiimun Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearts Crushes, fan' - cy and common I lor Blacksmiths Hall and Entry luu tleail Uo do uo Cloth do do do Veavrs do White Wash do bhoc 4: Scrubbiag do Paint Brushes and fails and 1 ubs Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sievet Do Hair do Whipt of every de ah Tools scription Seice, tewing, wrap ping, baleing aud ball Twine Fish Lines Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row Krr.ituie brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lilies Shoe k udlert Thread Sash Cords, Trare Dearborn's Dalian ces, Kc. Ropes V rousht and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li beral terms. ttuiu a cu.mi.iu, Je 2 76 Pearl - strtet NEW - ORLEANS COTTON, POBACCO, Ac nf Bales tirime cotton, landing from tht " brig Argo, from New - Orleans, and for sale by WALSH & UALLAUHt.ll, 06 ouln - st. Who have also in store. 200 hhds prime New ilichmond tobacco, in entire parcels CO do old do 150 do Kentucky do of very superior quality 200 kegs manufactured do branded Price, Warwick, Labby, ice. COO do Fredericksburg do 25 ra. - ks claret, 20 do London mustard 3 butts I.oodon porter 5 puueheous rabbit skinl 700 reams medium priuting paper 50 do cap, No. 2, press papers, lc i Ul.Yii HOizE HIDES. 19' pipes aud hhds. Cransloa GIN, of supc 1 bhls. rior aualilv. 13 bales Hurse Hides, just received and for tale by Je 1 GEO. W.TALBOT. lc C. NICHOLS. No. Mi Peart - street, have I . now for tale 2 cases white and striped Marseilles Quiltin 1 do while and striped Jeans 2 do black Sinchewsan I black SarsneU 2 do colnurt J Canton Crapes 1 do fine black French do I do black and assorted selling Silk 1 do assorted Kid Gloves 1 do ol mens and women's silk da 1 do 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 Cambric Muslin 3 do 4 4 and 6 - 4 Book do X do Jeciuet do 2 do plain and seeded Mull do An a.4 iriih Klu - eiinin 1 do Linen Diaper 3 do 4 - 4 truth Linens, 1 do 7 - 8 Ions Lawn fine X do brown do X d ionon riaunu 3 do striped and Carlisle Gingham 3 do Madrass and Naval Victory Hdkfs. 2 do Imitation, Merino, & Damask ilia wis 3 Hunks Plate and superfine Calico 3 do Farniture Chiutt 2 bale black and assorted BomhazetU 2 do blak and blue Broad Cloths do rd and white Flannel. J 2 3w , OLASES A quality of Molasses, Ian - 2t5South - T7"ENTUCKY TOBACCO. 14 hhds prime Jx K.entacBy tobacco, landing fruat senr. KeoeloD, wett tide Burling slip, for tale at 53 Washington - it. CHAS. L. OGDEN my 27 A BR. OGDEN. rWU.Y - rLATES, THACE - LiUlSS, Ac. JL 200 boxes tiu plates 28 caaks Traces Brass Wire No. 9 , CO casks Roman Cement.' now landing, and (or safe by ANDERSON & SHEARER, 131 water - street. Who hare in store, fatent and common Carolina and Virginia Hoet Sheet Brass of all sizes Brats and copper Wire London made pocket Bookt and Wallets Ladiet work Boxes tic. my 25 SCYTHES. 33 dozen, lor sale by J. D'WOLF, Jr. my 14 64 Soiilh - slreet. '!OiiACCO. HIDEa aud FLuUR. X 11 hhds Kentucky Tobacco, landing from the ship Mary, from New Orleans 153 tailed Hides, landing from the schr Ri sing sun, from rernambuco HO barrels mciimond r lour . - ' 20 hhds. old, and 40 do new Richmond To bacco, for tale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, my 2? 112 Front street. . NURSE WANTED. RESPECTABLE middle aged woman it i wanted at an attendant and nurse to a sick lady. Apply at niy2Rtf No. 4 5 Rote street. UARDWAKE, CUTLEKX ii BRISTOL GOODS. THE subscribers have received by the late arrivals from Liverpool and Bristol, an extensive supply of Hardware and Cutlery of every description, which they offer for sale to the merchants from the country, in such quantities as may be wanted, at a low advance and liberal credit. They have also received on consignment and offer for sale by the package CO casks and cases of Birmingham Hardware, consisting of most of the staple ui tides in the line. 10 casks of Kcuyons warranted hand, panned, tennant, ash, Sic. Saws. 6 - aset do warranted mill, pit and crosscut saws, best teel plate 10 caskt ol Kenyou't tiles of every description 100 catktbest quality English Porter 30 do assorted Glut V are, consisting of tumblers, uiura, decaiitc - is, vvbitt and green jibiuls, Ac. 10 crates of Stone Soda Jugs 10 cases of English men' aud boys1 halt 200 bundles ol' warranted Halback'a German Steel, dnect from the Manu.'ai tury of J. ii C. llalbacb lc tvn, of Itemn heid. 10 too of London huop L Steel 5 do Crawley Steel 11 thousund ttourl ricUe fire Brick Tin iilatet ni the different kinds Illack do do B. W. ROG ERS k CO. J, - S 235 Pearl ttieet. lIBHr.RTs BEST DOLBLE cROWN n STOUT W casks, tt.lected by a Irieiid in London, superior to any in this market, lor sale by u. i i - ii. juur. Jet Ina IN'o 40 William tireet. 'PEA, TIN PLATE, BLOCK TIN, &c. 6c. JL 40 chests hyton skin tea 100 boxes Tiu Plate, assorted 10OOO lbs. India block tin U0OO lbs. Spanish do bOOO lbs. iron wire 100 tierces prime ucw rice 50 bblt. cider brandy. For tale by ANSON G. PHELPS, my Ifi 1113 Front street. CIO I TON. 1 GO bales prime Upland Cotton, J landing this day at Brooklyn, from sloops Yaakee and Good loient In Store. 153 bales Upland Cotton 4 do Sea Island do For sale by HENRY THOMAS, Jc 3 lOt No. 2 J one lane. LOS I, ON Saturday, a hundred dollar bill of the U. S. Branch Bank of Savannah Fifteen dollars reward will be paid to the finder on hit leaving R at this office. June 1 iVi 1LLINETTS but) pt while iMillmettt, wt II iiiench'd and in good order, jusi re ceived, and lor sale low, liv WILLIAM CA vl BELL, Manufacturer, Je. 2 197 t'earl - s'reet. ( up Main.) UO.VKS71C 'UT4U. GOODS. SEVERAL cases of bleached aud unbleached cotton shirting and sheeting, of an excel icnt quality, with other domestic goods, just received aud for tale on reasonable terms, by WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, 197 Pearl - street, up stairs. Also, a quantity of Millinettt. .june 2 M Kb Old Madeira in bottles V V . ercial Madeira in qr. casks Genuir e Grape Juice, All pure as imported, for sale by WILLIAM CoDMAN, Je5lw 2K Smith street. HVOS, 73 Washington - street, uffetifors3le 19 bales u;il ind cutton, just arrived per bloop Express, from Savannah 200 demijohns of 5 gallons each 6 pair mill stoues, from 4 feet 3 to 5 fect A few dozen watch tpriugs and chains June 4 lw VLPER COMPANY 1 LAG HDKFS. O Ele nut pat terns, for sale by myi OARt II U I.OVN . 210 Broadway. OPA Meli DOLLARS wanted by 15 WM. SHO I WELL i SON, mv 27 2w No. 45 William tlreet. ALEXANDRIA FUl.R 46 ba.rels, for tale by RUBER I ' G1LLEUP1E, Je 5 112 Front - street, NOTICE i' here I 'J given, Mint the undersigned have been appointed by hit Richard Riker, Recorder of the City f New - York, according to the act for relief ugaiust ab - scouding and absent debtors, trustees for all the creditors of the person constituting the firm, co lartnerbip or house of trade, of Prentiss & Carter, of Ualiimoic, dtbtors, who reside out of this state aud are indebted within it ; tod all eison indebted to the said persons constituting the said firm, coartuenliip or house of trade, are required by the tenth dv of June Dext to pay alldehls and sums of money which they owe to the taid persons constituting the taid firm, copartnership or house ol trade, and di liver all property of tlie tame, which they hate in possession, to , the said trustees. And all creditors of the taid persons constituting the taid firm, ropartnsithip or house of trade, are desired, bv the first dav ol August next, to deliver tout, or one of us, their respective demands against the tame. Dated the tli day or May, UiiU WILLI 4M C. MULLIGAN, 1 VM PROCPOR, - JOSEPH BATES, my 2H rilJlOfelawlAl Troiteet. D BANKS, La Bookseller and Slaiiouer, . bat removed hit store from Wall and Bioad streets to Hie corner of Nassau (c Spruce slntts, irbere will be found the greatest variety of law in the state. For paHicolar, tee lilt ol New Ltw Books, published in the Evening Post and Col urn lit an. Alto, a general supply of the most approved Ltw Blanks, on line paper and handsomely executed. Printing and bookbinding, in all it brant - he,, neatly indpromptlj cxtvuteJ, on the mottliiH:. rallatns. Je52 V. LEDYARO Si CO. No. 104 Pearl - tt. have on hand an eitcnive and rnmnlulH na. aortrueot of Hardware, consisting of - Waulrou's prune grass and corn scytLcs Steelyards ; trace chains Carolina hoes ; bne guns ; anvils Vices; frying paos Straw and hay knives Mill, pit, X cut, hand and) Paunel sawf, Milltngtoc't English thovclt ; patent plane irout Ade, t'hlsaell, gouget , Patent post co'deo mills Filet, rasps, hingei ; screws, hammers Iron, brats and pialed candlesticks Plaled enreu Brass and gincs catiact furniture Lock) of all kinds Mortice locks, with glass kooht Cutleiy f all kinds, in great variety Spooci, buttons, spectacles, - Chalnt, teals, keyt, Aic. Also, a very handsome assortment nt girth webbing, common and plated saddlery, pailicu - lartv calculated lor the soulhero market. The above are DriuciDallv neweoods. and will be sold in' - quantitics to suit purihascr. on the most reatoimnie term Jean OliEETl.NGSandSHlliTLNGs Suveralca. O ses of bleach and iinblearb'd Colton.Sheet - ings and Shirting, with other domestic goods, lust received and lor sale by " WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, No. 197 Pe.rl street, comer ol" Maiden - lane. , Also, aa assortment of Milliuetts. Je5 PUBLIC SALE OK CHINA GOODS. O' N Tuesday, the 16th June?, at lOoVlork in the forenoon, will hetoid at the auction ttore ol the sul.M'riiiers, No. 51 North Fr - nt - it Philadelphia, (terms at sale) the following goods til ball caests young cysou te 35 quarter cheslt do do 140 ten catty boxes do do 36 quarter chef is hyson tea 20 quartfir ch"lt gunpowder tea 60 25 - catly hiixe f.uchnrig tea 50 2i - tutty box.; pout'h'ing tea "ij gS8: bests! 'V - n Skin Tea ;lll A WARE, CS.! A, NANKlNS, lc 20 boxes evening cups h.d t'.nrer 1IKI U xet ea seltt. 41! Hi.rl i'J piere each 30 bi.xe blue and white c';. - , flt and drc 1)0 bundle oi lluor tii'il'in.' PUJti hua'iles, about CM ib assia 400 pieces blue Nar.Un.s IbJO pieces of long yellow N jukin,of M.imraee 4 h p. The above good." were importc - i this spring, in tlie ship Rosalie, capt. Merry, I'nuii Cn'itou. The Teas are principally Ethiiig, Nanishing, und Kinglum's chops. JENNINGS, JONES Si CO. Jt5dl.lelri Auctioneer. NEW OIIK INTEL If. KNCE OKI - ICE, Ao. 57 CU.1M i - Jl - STiKET, .Xtx' rftur to .b'r. Itulsvii'n THE tu'iscribers hne niiir.d an ufn. - e, at the above place, for the .n comoiod.dion ol the puolic generally, aud respectl'ul'y sola it a share ol their patronao. Families, slup ma - ters or meebnnics, who are in want ofservunls, mule or female, cook, stew ards, contlitiien or apprenticct, can he supplied at the shortest iioIkc, by applying at me atiove place. Every attention will be paid to ascertain whether the persons applying to this office for employment have good recommendation or not, and the DUblic may be assured no servaiua win oe recommenced uy we lunscniwri, nine meir - i . . . character! are good and they bring iatilartory evidence of th tame from the persons with whom Ihev last lived. lluu.ts. ttotes, furnished or unfurnished rooms, may be obtained by applying at this offi. e. Al so, ptrsou having Uie tame to let, can find ten ant by applying at above. Ever ivson, warning employment, can find it by calling on the subscribers, wno will endeavour to merit ine ap probation of the public, by paying strict attention to their business. S. W. WINCHESTER, DANIEL FAKRAK. Wanted immediately, a uudiher of good Cooks, with good references. Aluo. auumber of suiatt active coloured trirls, as chambermaid, 4c , Six or eight nurses may be Lad immediately at this office. Also, eieht ecod coachmen, or servants loi single gentlemen, uiay be had its above. A ouiuherol l.ngli'linien sold Scotchmen, with their wives, (and no children) wish employment on farms, or at gardners and dairy niaidt ; would go to any part ol tins stale or New - Jersey. six industrious and active men, are in wanioi situations in grocery stores; they can be wtll recommended. Gentlemen intending to travel, can obtain good coachmen, male and female tervautt or wtiters, hy applying as iioove. A number oi middle aged women wish titua tioii in private lamdiet, to nurse and take care of children. Je 4 lw TO in K INHABITANTS OF NEW - YORK, AND ITS VIC IN 11 V. TTM. BRYAN, Dyer, tic. from London, VV gratefully acknowledges the liberal en - couragrment he hat received, from hit friends and the public, since his arrival from England. Anxious to merit a continuation of their patronage aud aiipiiort. he hat taken those extensive ineiiiiset Nus. 37 and 39 Spruce - street, (late Little George - street,) where he bat at considerable ex use erected machinery und every conven ience to ensure their l.iture favours. Piece Goods dj'd any luncy color and finished in superior stle; Ladies dresses, silk, sat I in, velvet, iiaiiia - W. moreen, crape, Veils, shawls, mantles, ptli - ses, boubaiecti", tic. cleaned and dv'd any lanry pattern, chip, straw, and leghorn uoimels dy'd. lil.i' k, lor mi.uiiiiiig, on shortest notiro ; mo reen furnitures cltau'd, dy'd and waler - marked ; hot - pressing, tic my III liu GEO EE INSURANCE COMPANY. riJIE Preside! t and Dnectors giie notire, J that a dividend of four per ccntontliu capital stock of the Company lor the last six months, will I.e paid to the Stockholders at their Olln . No. 55 XVall - ttrcet. on and after the 1st dav ol Jane i.txt. The Transler book will he closed on the llilinslaut. By order nf the board of Direc t'.ri. rauilAKD DUNN, Junr. my 14 dim Scc'ry. PUnUSlIEl) THIS D i Y. APRACI! TIVE, PRACTICAL TREATISEon PERSPEC - adnplcd lor those who uraclice I aie I si - a J)! painiing or drawing iroai nature. Also TllE PLRSPECIOCIIAI'H, for tak ins views. We the undersigned artists, resident nt New - York, bavinzinsirted Butby's iierpectorai li. are of opinion, that it is an ingenious, uselul and convenient invei.tifm, that i id maU - rially at. - isl an ptrt - iiis iii: - ,iiuus ui uiaj,iu acburaie pcrtfec live views from stature. J NO. T RUM BULL, AB. ROBERTSON. SAMDf L L WALDO, JOHN RUBENSs.MITH, WILLI AM DuNLAP, J II. J A ft Y 19. The above works au kr sc!e by J LAMBERT, Je3 lm 3 t'ouri'aaJt street. (J.I I.lJl UD K 7S DISCOURSES. C HORTLY will be published, a volume of tJ Discourses on various joinU of Chri'tian Faith and Practice, most of which were deliver ed in the chapel of the Oratoire at Pixis io the jprinc ol ICI6, by TUoaias tl. Ualiauje, i no - cipalof the Coui.erticut t - yluoi for the rastrur. - tion of the Deaf aad Dumb. Copy ri. - hl leca - rtd. V. W. CALLAUDET, Jt4 lw 49 roJtoa - ft. THE FINE ARTS. AMONGST the present numerous exhibitions of Una city. M. PA FF Hatters hinnc.ll Ihut the lovers of genuine work of old inp.sler, will find his GALLERY OF PAINTINGS, No. 20 Wall - street, worthy their attention, and present ing tltem,at the smallest expense with the most extensive gratification. i. b. Old paintiiijct repaired and restored to their origiual lustre, or purchased at their utmost v.ilu. my 2b II FOR, A house and farm on Thrng's Neck, In Ihi town and county of Westeheler, lourteen miles from New - York. The fnrut contains a - oout one hundred acres of excellent land in good fence, a large barn and other convenient outbuildings, a good house two tioriet faigjs, with lour rooms on each floor, elegantly situated on the nanus oi me cast mver ; the situation un commonly healthy ; the neighbourhood the most ieie.iame , Buununuce ui iruii oi ine oei selection ; scale and shell fish in great variety taken Dciore trie neuse. l or lurther inlormation a;U' to the subscriber on the premise, my I 2m STEPHEN B. HOFFMAV A I'Ai hiVlhl) INVl.N I, For the convenience and comfort ol ladies. I Tit well known by all ladies that their cloak 1 pins, (at they are called) alias curtain pin, paitiruiarly larue onet, in a verv short tune. from tlm weight ol the curtain, and from our causes, wear so large a hole in ir.e wood i which they are inserted thai ihry become loose, insomuch that they droop and look ill, und n.ur - overultenliuiet drououi. 'to nrevtut ihi ef fectually, a person has invented that which will prevent he inconveni. iice alluded to ; and tny lady, or enn a urntUmatv, Chn be convi'Ked o: the fact by apply ut'A ut No. 2 Ley ttieet, where the invention I to be eeu : the ita mere trillc, and cloak pin already in use can, and will he. rennih altered to Hie proposed plan, my PJ 3w LttL. . TO Ll. I , Vtuil! A three - 'tory brick house, opposite the p:,ik in Dutnie, aiid uevt to the romer of Hud cou - slreet. Enquire at No. 2 Greenwich - street my 7 MAIIOGAN YSOFA S. ,'H A HI AND CABl NEP T'iNITL'KK, .Uo. 49 UEEKJMjY STREET. T I 'llE sutiscriU r bes leiiv.: to' r. turn hit tin I cere thanks to tii .se ladies and ii iitlemen who have been kind uouh o honor him with, aud to iniorra lheinkanilnc ad - n.irer ol haiutsouje furniture in general, that he hat on hand tome very elegant tifar, chaiis, card, (lembroke und extending patent dining t bits, grand sidrlioard, with high poiiMied ornamental brats - ivork and rose - w(ol, card table to inati h, Gretjun couches, total, chaise lounge, music stool, rhaiit, tic. Also, a library sup chair, the utility of which he purlieu - laiiy ricoiniiien !s. All lurmture warranted or the best quality and w irkmaudiip, and of the newest European lush - ion. Order executed to any part Of the union to any druwimr, on ike most reasonable terms and punctuality lor curb. Ladies or (centlemrr. Laving fancy woods, may have tliein manufactured io any article Ihev wish, by applying at above. mv Ji A. II. MAS wooii. Atft. loutold ui ytiliht uuflion. yn,! At the 'Pontine Coll'. - e I louse, on Tues day, the ICth June, ut 12 o'tl x k, the followjiig ettute ouucoDut vcneelcu. Utceasea, to close tlie concern : The two M iry bri. - li front house and lot of ground So. 22 W alker street. The houe is 25 feet wide !y about 33 dee p, aud well calculated to accommodate a family. The lot is 25 by 100 feet. ALSO 3 lots of ground, on the easterly side of 1 hoiapeoii street, between (. rand and Uroome streets ; each Lot is 25 eet wide and 95 deep. 1 Itc - V have lately rven n.lel una eartn. AMHURSMIT i,l ..,,, G. N. LLEECKEr)) ' - "tutor Je 2 12t TO L.1AD OH'.YEitS, E.1R.MEHS JXD OTHERS. WANTED TO RENT, on lease, a farm comprizing from two to three htiodred acres, or thereaU'Ut, consisting of Meadow, Pasture and Arable Land, in a healthy sitaatiou in the western part ol the United States and couti giiou, to good markets, on which there is a con venient horn, well supplied with Iretn water, with kitcnen girJeu, orchard and wood land. together with dairy, barns, stable and other suitable detached out - house, all in complete re pair. As immediate potnetnon will be required, please address to A. B. No. 206 Broadway, New - York, stating terma and particular!. N. B. No letters will be received unless post paid. June t It' NEWLY INVENTED PATENT CONICAL REFLECTOR, for economising aud distributing Light. The subscriber, in inviting the attention oi the public to an examiiiitinu of their newly in vented Patent Conical Retire tor, (latter them selves that from it principle, aud construction, a most important improvement is cuecttal in eco - utmisin; aud distributing the light produced by the present improved patent Liverpool, Arnu, aud Mallory Lamps ; and therefore submit il to the public, as a small addition to one of the' mo t perfect artificial luminaries of modern invention. LiL.ou.tif i m.u at r nisr.u. 38 Maiden - lane N. B. Any nuinlier of the above R. rWtors, may be had or examined at tlie subscriber Wholesale and Retuil Coptirr, Pewter, Tin am) Siieel lriii Ki.'el.n r iirmtu.'e Wan house, No. Sd Maiden - lane, as r.bove. Je 5 lw1 NOTICE. fj5" All persons indebted to Waters Furrnaa and Cliarltt IhiMis, (for street manure) are requested to call and settle their accounts with ei - titer of them, or tvilh II. L. .Head, at the cor neruf I'urnpi Eldiidge - ntri c ts, formerly called Third - street, cu or before the first day ol July next All pei sons having ilemauds againtt them win pieae to l;reei,v lin'ir nccounis I tr seiuc - meut. WAT ERS FU H.MAN, and CH RLES DOBBS. royHdlrlmt LAND. frt - STEPHEN 11. MUN.V. No. 226 Pearl street, New - York, pun base Lands in the Illinois Terriloiy, which has been tet i.iirt for the late Army. Letters Irom Die country Livinc u description of the patent anu'th" price skd lur each lot, v ill lie attended to, ll 1 on paia. my Ii DAt:tf Etjt SALE, Least - hold prottcrty, more valuable tlian real Estate. T hat t'leasanl s.tu.ded House una Aca No. 39 Whiie - stiect, lve.n l.road - wa uad Chun h street, thirty years of the Uase un - txpirtd ; ali impron m id loJ.c puid lor. bv valuatioD at the expiration ol the term, t.roond Rent Ihirlv jviumi Jur annum, for pat tnimirc ol George Pick, Cuiuciu - strct - t, for paifieu.als tlfecii tnijture i nidi. U j ret I l e subscriber oilers f.r sale his reti - JiliTdetice hi he town ot la - rld, slate ol, i?!tiuK.i'ii 1.1 - R i 1 1 as. - uitly inuatcd, on the Boston road, about ban a mile from Iaxi Maud Srtieid. 65 milts irom New York, and 20 from New Haven. Tl; hotis and out - bouwi are la excellent tepair. The Iruit yard it well tt'H.ked with a variety of r.aW s apricots, thtrrrit, pears and straw lietiit. There are iu the tiriiu - ly academics (or the duration of youth of htitji Seles. I rum ttne toiix a re of excellent land, at tlie cptioo ol' the purchaser, can tm bad with the Lou - e, and the iturchase - money, if ueirrd. ran remain on ii.u rest. For ttii - js ijily tu ISAAC M. ELY, Eq. 76 Jolm rt, ft. York, or tuhe JONATUAN SPURGES, Fair - fielJ, Connecticut. ;lv C CSinU DAVID ELY. I OO" Tl new 1 ERl.Y BOATS rr.Olte ioot ol VHh.t si. - tel..New York, to the foot I le tlrect, Eiuuklyp, near si Navy Yard, tvill :oiiiUient:erui.ning on ! - .ui.dy, the 17tl intt. I ern'iis r r - Hi - itj" to lnKlr. from ttf ucctr part the city, will Gnd the distance much - siiurtened by using this ferry. . . rov 11 TOM I.Nf. C Or PEE HOUSE. lcT ThecooimilteeiornianaEuir the arTairt ol the Tontii.e l.oflie Howe, tive nclice, ibat a Dividend of Seventeen lioifart per share, for the year ending the lit in4 win Im - paid the proprietor! on or after the 19th at 24 brad - iri, in i o mi Mi 1 1CI - . ()ry - TV Risiig Sim Sil Boat, Nonpariel, and Industry, iroiu tlie n.iiziiieiii town 1..11.1, lor Ne - v - York, taii In - m ft'arketi.eld - Mrei t, (w ire the Steam oout Auounta fornirriy r .ii.e to.) at 10oM4.k,o ea.'ltday. r.iunge is l - sceuit. Enquire at Uie Stei.m boat Hutnl, of . A.vur.iviciiioi s iin.i it my SI ts lr 'I'he bank notes of all th baukr l Iwcta this city and Albany received at rur nlfice at a, ducouutnt 3 - 4 per cent, in sunn oyer J50. LIVINGS I O.N J it AC Y, alii Wall - tt, The highest price given lor Dollars. may 27 ' " , Merchunfi Ilai.k Dividend - (TV Notice is hereby given to the Ptockhol - dert of the Merchant's Bank, that i. ..Dividend ot four per cent, or two dolU. s on cell liKi e tor six imiiiths. from the nrsi or uecenit er la - st, will be paid at the Bank on ionday, tlie 1 liit of June next Bv order of the Coard of Directors'. my2tf'lm , ii B. VRO'iM. f'ath'r. ' ILMOA' IAsURA,CE CQAWAJVr, iitfjce No. 56 N all - tlrei.l, 1j Will receive applications lor marine risks, ami lor insurance ou live, annuities, tic between the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. daily. SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, president. WM. J. VAN WAtiENEN, secretary. SIHElTOR. John Ootliout , . J .uiet Boormaa haac G. I'eursou, jr. John Richaud IJmry Major Charles' Rhind Henry I horaas i James Renwick amuel A. Lawrence r. bcliermeihorn, jtuu f ;h.irle King Robert Benson, Juo. James Boyd, jun, Halthmrr P. Vlelick John Jones J wepb Smith Jatnct Strong . my 1 fa VilMZr.n. - . U iMleiof Rhidi I m - batelt. haiidsomelv n, surfed. ,ul re. eiti - rf uy inn rtim ii. in a pom Liverpool, and (or tale by LAVERTY.SHLLTERb AiKlNG, . . Je 1 w Na. 163 Pearl - street. ' ,i met tern Iniurance Company ''HE board of Diiecturs have tint day declar - JL ed a Dividend of fifteen percent, m tha Capital Stock, for the last six months, payable on or alter the first day of June r.ext, between the hours ol' 10 and 12 o'clock, by order of the President and Direct ois. May 12, 1818. iny 16 p. HAYT, Sec'ry. PROSPECTUS. for ri;r.uiii!o iix KcascnirTiO! A M AP OK MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. ' ' I 'HE publication of tliiiMap has been undeT - 1 taken with the impression, that it will ex inlormalion, highly interesting at this event - iui crisis , aim uie vaiuauie maps wnicn toe author ha procured, during his several tours through; .Mexico, in H e years ltiut, lBUi, 1812, 1UI3, 1815, 1816, and 1817, induce him to buleivelhut the Map, with even all its imjierlectinot, will be much the most perfect which hat appeared before the public. This Map will contain the latest and best in formation from the discovcrirt and possessions of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and r rencu travellers and navigator and representing the claims of their respective government on the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of NorfrV Amtrira, which liet between the Isthmus of Da - rien, and the 48th decree of North Latitude, and from the .Mississippi River wettwardly to the Pacific Ocean. In siie the .Map will lie about six by five feet.. and will be projected on a tcnle of 40 milet tnv the iiK h, to be delivered to the subscribers at fif teen dollars ucb. Natchet, March 7, 1818. ap7lAul t OR, SALE OU TO LEA HE, TmJ Lotiin the 5. fi, 8, and 10 Wardt 1 many ol w hich are on regulated and paved streets. No money will be required under lea years, u told, interest excepted. nouses. Several two and thr e ttory houses, on which a great part of the money remain on mortgage. L.A.Mt.u a l Ki.u lioorv. An eicellent stand lor businett, with tan acrrt of land, oleatantly tituated, with wharf, ttcre - hous - und barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - lUtcn, with 40 acre of Und, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sufficiency of water for each. Apply ut fto. i'Ureenwicd street. an 13 if IvIONT - ALTA. For tale or to let, the beautiful plaos) r - uled .Mont - Alia, revtn mile Irom the City Hrll, ou the North River, adjoiuing lord Cour - teuay't. It contains 20 acres ol laud uudcr improvement, with a large gardeu in good conJi - lion, a variety of fruit trees, and every court - , nience a family may require. For terms, which are reasonable; and if told a loug credit given - if wished, apply io N. H D. TALCOTT, an 20 64 South - st. ALL orders received and.uttcuded lo for lay - ing aad repairiim the Manhattan lead pipes and ciittrui er tor toik pipe or lead pump, bf SAMUEL SVARKEY, mv27 If No. 13('hamlwr - reet. '0c S.HLE. irfOr exchanrrd fcr property in this cily) A ncai country iioums iu m Ttvum aabtth - town, (N.J.) beautifully situated on the l,l - roadi at present In the otxujtatioo of Doct. Grant. It cnataius eight toomt witlf a piata in front and rear, t good kitchen, waih - houte, milk - room, andcellf , there is alto, a cotcli house, stable for two lionet, and other convenient out buildings, all in good repair. about an acre of land, laid out in a handsome gar ten and orchard, which arlonl variety M choice fruit, asparaguj, fcc. aud a well of ex cellent water, with a pump, terms will Ins Diadelibeiai. Apply to JALK5U.1 K "UULI.l.I, 3 1 tin 73 Wall street tiatW It aUr tutors, Drmtrtng taper and Drawiru Article. THE tubicriot - r has jut received per Venus, from Loudon, and cficrs lot sale at reduced pii' - et Lecre' Water Cclors, in boxri of all tiiei. with or without draw trs and implcmentt' Forty different kn Js of Colors, sold by the tingle rake, the largest assortment in the city ' vvofe'K not pressed Drawing taicr ol every saze HrUtol Miniature Boards mad Ivory tbeeu Crayon pape r for pcrtrailt Bro"kmaii ery tuperior drawing Peecilt Chalk Prrtcilt an l Hair Per, ils for oil cofort hable Hair Pfrcils, for onusarurei Matrx mrtical InstioromU tJI ,I,f. Newinau's Water t:ol - r Vse artitu, warranted geliuin - and at red - K - ed If 1HOS. A. RONALD, f lationer, I riuw. f 3 Pe - rl - strttC - - 'I, .t M ny tM - FA PTS SiUCh. .Vl - is a - ur Ku. - '0 rulton ' br if 5 1, If r ' - . '! I 1 3 - i ' i . - t i 'i'F ! - I' ? 1 . i ii J nh . - I i Ml'

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