The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 9, 1943 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1943
Page 11
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Jack Benny + Fred Allen _L300 K I L O C Y C L E S Saturday P. M. «TM ssS""* son "' CBS 5:1.1 Wctld Today, CBS «:W Nem of Ihc Nalion. P. C. E. 8:15 KGLO Forum «:25 Hours Ahead · «:30 Thinks to the Tanks, Camels, CBS T:XI Spoils Camera ":15 Symphonic Swine 7:30 Organ Interlude * Till! News of the World 7:55 E. Sevareid News, P»rk*r P«m. CBS »:«! Hit Parade. Lucky Strikes, CBS J:45 Saturday Evenlnc Syneopatiou 8:15 -Soldiers with Wln t s. CBS S:45 Treasury star Farade 10:M Evening News Boundnp J0:1!e Machito's Orchestra, CBS W:'M Guy Lomharde'i Orchestra, CBS 11:00 Prtsi Vcu-s, CBS 31:05 In» Bay Hulton'i Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Kay Pearl's Orchestra, CBS 13:00 Press News, CBS 13:05 Sifn OH Sunday, Jan. 10 Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore in 'Holiday Inn' Monday Night . "S-M Victory Military Bind |,,V, · :'* Console Melodies ' *1:3O Sunday School Lesson Preview 8:UO News ot the World. CBS . »:13 E. Power Rifts, Orranlst, CBS x 8:15 Enrllsli Melodies, CBS »:0» Bible Broadcast. Kadio Cfcaptl 9:30 WInu over Jordan, CBS 10:0» Warren Sweeney News, Curiiss Candy, CBS »:«S Melody Parade 11:00 Quincy Howe News. CBS 11:15 Woman power, CBS 11:30 Sail Lake City Tabernacle Choir. CBS J3:00 Memorable MuZe 1S:15 Front Pare News 12:30 Frank Sinatra's Soncs, CBS 13:45 Salon Ensemble 1:00 Thoie We Love, General Foods, CBS 1:UU People's Platform S:OU Old Fashioned Revival Hour, Her Fuller 3:00 Symphonic Gems 3:3ll Fame That Refreshes, Coca Cola CBS , 4:ft Excursions in Science ^ 4:15 Mallhar 4:4* William L. Shlrer News, Sanka, CBS 5:00 Voice ot the Tress .VI.-, KGLO Forum r:lr. Hours Ahead SiSO Gene Antry, TCrijley Cum. CBS «:00 News ot the Nation, P. G. E. 6:13 Sporls Camera fi:"0 Bullet Trenton. Crime Detective, CBS 3:OO Hello Americans. Orson Welles. CBS 1:30 Crime Doctor, Philip Morris. CBS *:55 E. Sevareid News, Parker Pen, CBS 8:00 News e| the World, Vance Music Company 8:1.? David Rose's Musie Rao Fred Allen, Texaco, CBS Sioo Take It or Leave It. Ever.liarp, CBS 9::«) Report to the Nation, CBS 10;!K) Evening News Roundup, First National Bank 10:20 Blue Barren's Orchestra, CBS 10;3fl Duke University Glee Club. CBS 11:00 Glen Gray's Orchestra, CBS 31:30 Bay Pearl's Orchcilra, CBS 12:00 Press News, CBS 12:05 SIfn OH Monday, Jan. 11 «:00 Dawn Patrol. Markets 6:45 JVfornine; Xeirs Roundup. - Globe. Gaxelte 7:00 Tune Time *:1.T Bible Broadcast. Radio Chapel 7.-.1O Keep Time with Damon's RtlS Today in Osage S:I5 Donald Xovls, Songs 9:00 Clear Lake on the Air »:l.i aiorninc Concert 3:30 Cheerful tittle Earful, Tidy House Products 8:43 Bachelor's Children, Wonder Bread CBS 10:» Newi Direst, Jacob E. Decker and Sons 10:15 Waltz Time In.-.TO Meet Ihe Ban* 10:45 Home Town News, Iowa Shoe Brokerage 11:00 Kale Smith Speati. General Foods CBS 31:15 Mystery Melody Game 3I.-39 The Farm Front, Market! 12:1--. Hits and Bits 12:.TO Front Pafe Newrs. Jtorjain Feeds 32:4.» North American Accident Insurant! J2.%'0 Mid-day Review 1:09 Younr. Dr. Malone, General Foods CBS 1:15 Accent on Musie 1:30 We J_ e ve and learn. General Foods, CBS , 3:15 Caesar Pelrlllo'* Orchestra, CBS 2:f)rt American Spirit 2:15 Slnr Alone. CBS 2:3n School of the Air, CBS 3:«l Press Ktiei. CHS 3:lr Green Vallcv, V. S. A., CBS 3:.1i Children and Ihe War, CBS 3:4S Mountain Music, CBS 4:0f) Mailbap ·1:30 Are Yoa a Genius, CBS 4:l.'Ben Bernie. Wrijley Gum, CBS 5:tto Tea Time Tunes -·:.·?» Three E's of Safety . r t:ir, World Today, CBS B.'Dff News of the Xatton. P. C t E «:!"· Sonus. Dinninr Sisters 6.-SO KGI.O Forom S:to Hours Ahead S:I5 Snorts Camera J:00 Lest We Fo rf el "t:1."i American Letrion t:M Eventide Echoes 5:45 News of He World, Vance Musi. Company 0:00 I.BX Radio Theater, Lux Soap. CBS S:nn Screen Guild, Lady Esther, CBS 9.-.10 Klondie. Camels. CBS 10;no Eveninjc News Roundup in.-JO Guy tomhario's Orchestra, CBS 10:30 Sonny Dunham's Orchestra, CBS 31:(M Press News, CBS ll:nr, Jna Ray llutton's Orchestra. CBS ll.-.W Neil Bondshu'n Orchestra. CBS 13:00 Press News, CBS 12.-OJ Sitn otc WH NBC RED NETWORK 1HO Kilocycle* SATURDAY EVENING 6:00 Xoah Webster Says 6:30 News 6:45 Sunset Comers 7:M Abie's Irish Rose 7:30 Truth or Consequences 8:00 Town Barn Dance Frolic n:30 Jamboree 9:00.Barn Danc£ Party 9:30 Jubilee- 9:45 Sunshine Melodies 10:00 Sunset Corners Frolic 3(1:15 News 10:^0 Sports Ncwsreel ]0:4: News 11:00 News; Music 11:15 Your Number Please 11:30 News 11:45 Music; News 32:00 Swing Shift Matinee 12:30 Sign OI£ SUNDAY, JAN. tft fi:(Xl Bible Broadcaster 9:00 Christian Science 9:15 Prophecy in the News S:50 Musical Meditations 9:43 News 10:00 Treasury Star Parade 10:15 American Legion 30:30 America Back to Cod 11:00 Church o( Christ Service 12:00 Fei-ival Hour 1:00 Lcm and Martha 1:30 John Charles Thomas 2:00 News 2:15 News 2:M Army Hour 3:30 Iowa-Nebraska Qirir 4:00 NBC Symphony OrchcMra 5:00 Construction Goes to War 5:15 A Reporter Speaks 5:20 Great Gildcrslecx-e fi:00 Jack Benny 6:30 Band Wagon 1:00 Bergen McCarthy 7:30 One Man's Family 8:00 Merry -Go -Round B:30 Album of Music 9:00 Hour ot Charm 9:M Iowa Round tabJc 10:00 Starlit Road 10:15 News 10:45 I^itin-American. Melodies 31:00 World Tomorrow 11:30 Revival Hour 22:30 Sign Off MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE SATURDAY, JANUARY 9, 1943. What Do You Think? Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore are scheduled to do the honors Monday night in Irving Berlin's "Holiday Inn," presented by the Screen Guild players at 9 on KGLO-CBS Thirteen (count 'em) songs by Berlin will form the background for the story--and how those two can sing 'em! Of course, that includes "White Christmas"--which has become a national byword. Bing and Dinah play the roles of a Connecticut inn proprietor .open only on holidays) and a showgirl trying to get a break on the jtage. They sorta go for each other, but Sing's former girl partner n a song-and-dance trio shows up. Complications result. The main items on the "Holiday Inn" menu -are the songs Besides you-know-what, there's "Be Careful, It's My Heart" and a host of others. What could be more tantalizing? Take another look at the time Monday night and be sure to be on the alert for the Old Groaner and Dinah in "Holiday Inn." SWING GROWN TO JAMES BAND Harry's Music Makers Make History in 1942 That man Harry James just can't stopped. Now the radio editors of the U. S. and Canada, in the 'Motion Picture Daily," have nicked his Music Makers as the No. 1 swing band of the year. This tribute climaxes a year in which James has won Martin Block's radio poll, has been cited 'or his great services to music by the New England conservatory, and has broken many an all-time attendance record. Harry and his outfit are heard ihrice weekly on KGLO and the Columbia network. That's Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:15 p. m. The voice of Helen Forrest returned to the James show this week, but what the radio audience Jid not see was a new nose. Helen nad her leading point done over in anticipation of a film appearance \fith the Music Makers. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. Week End Forum Speakers on KGLO Bob Hawk Is Given 5-Year Quiz Contract That irrepressible quiz-masfer. Bob Hawk, and his KGLO-CBS sho«% "Thanks to the Yanks," have won a five-year renewal (with options) from the sponsor, the R. J . R e y n o l d s Tobacco company. Originally signed for 3 weeks, the show was so well received by the public and t h e armed f o r c e s that the new contract result ed. This program nnn HAWK is hcard Satur- BOB HAWK day even i n g at 6:30 on KGLO and Columbia. The boys in service benefit from the quizzees' winning answers. They are sent cigarets-- 1,000, 2,000, 3,000--by the sponsor when the person's answer is correct. More than 600,000 smokes have been sent out thus far in the series. Even the losers' portions are sent to fellows in the service. That's the duffel-bag feature, Hawk is more than ever successful on "Thanks to the Yanks." He's always been a red-hot quiz-leader, but this show seems to have clicked in a big way. If the shosv goes five years the number of cigarets sent out is going to be nothing short of staggering. The Rev. G. H. Bamford ot Grace Evangelical church will Eivc the address on the KGI.O Forum Sunday at 5:15. Mr. Bamford is the new president of the Mason City Ministerial association. His topic is "Seeking Christ's Message for 1943." tt. Col. J. o. Hammerman, assistant executive officer at Kccslcr field. Miss., will speak on the KGLO Forum Saturday night at 6:15. Formerly an en? Sinccr at Rapid City, S. D.. he is visitinp his daughter, Mrs. R. B. Gray, 411 Seventh street northwest, Mason City. Lieutenant Colonel Kammcrman will tell of the way in which soldiers are housed, fed and clothed. (Lock photo.) HIT PARADE'S TOP '42 TUNES Hf re They Are--and You Know What No. 1 Is «· Meet the winnahs! The 1942 songs that have been leading the "Hit Parade" these past weeks. The statisticians for the KGLO- CBS program (Saturday at 8) have issued their communique, and here it is: "White Christmas" is the champion of champions--as if you didn't know. Berlin's SOUK hit has been on the Parade 11 weeks and has led the way home nine of those times. Those are figures as of Monday. ' Saturday night "White Christmas" will probably tie the all- time high of ten weeks, held by "I Hear a Rhapsody." Odds are it will go on to a new record. Runner-up among favorite tunes of '42 is "The White Cliffs of Dover," with six weeks j n p re _ mier position. Three songs tied for "show" honors: "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree," "Jingle Jangle Jingle," and "Deep in the Heart of Texas." Each was in the van five weeks. There were lots of other cood 1942 songs which made appearances on the "Hit Parade"--too many to name. But three others, "Sleepy Laeoon," "My Devotion," and "Johnny Doughboy Found a Rose in Ireland," hung on somewhere along the line for 16 weeks. However, they won't surpass the all-time Parade standard of 22 weeks-on-the-list, held by "Maria Elena," Barry Wood, Parade singing star, says that war songs have made a strong impression of the popularity lists. He lists "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition," "I Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteen," "When the Lights Go on Again," and "He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings,' as the top war tunes so far. The "Hit Parade" is led by Wood, Martin Block and Mark Warnow's orchestra Saturday nighl at 3 on K'GLO-CBS. News, Pulpit all Dimbath To Mason City A new voice on KGLO the past veok has struck news listeners vith its fine timber and range. The voice was obviously that of a man trained in speaking. And no wonder--for the voice's nvner is the Rev. Merle F. Dim- )ath, now a fixture on the KGLO leivscasting and editing staff. Mr. Dimbalh is in Mason Ciiy on a joint mission--radio work and his pastorate of the Church of the Nazarene. which he took charge of Jan. 1. ^ The new man came here from -int'innati, where lie was a news- nan and announcer on WKRC. Mr. Dimbath's other radio background includes tricks at WGBF, Svansville, Ind., other Ohio sta- ions besides WKRC, and the Mu- :ual network. Mr. Dimbath broke into radio a few years aeo while in Colorado, recovering- from tuberculosis. At the ebb of his illness he weighed 130 pounds, Sir. Dimbath says. He tips the scales now at 200- plus. Other vital statistics: Bom at Dayton, Ohio, 29 years ago. Married. One child, Merle Frederick, Jr. He entered ministry last May. Mr. Dimbath reports great pleasure over the reception accorded him by his congregation and KGLO. =1= # =£ # i: Jfc * Monday afternoon listeners to KGLO will enjoy the return o that novel quiz, "Are You a Genius?" The time xvill be from 4-30 to 4:45. Ernest Chappell is back a the man who puts the queries. Cosmopolitan Is Word for Serial Cast Cosmopolitan is the word for the cast of "Young Doctor Malone," the popular daytime serial heard over station KGLO ever}Monday through Friday at 1 p. m. Actually, 12 of our allied countries have been represented in the cast during the. past few- months. And there's been someone on the show from practically every corner of the United States, as well. Theodora Yates, the program's director, was born in Canada. Ethel Morrison hails from New Zealand: Ian Martin from Scotland; Lili Valentr from Poland; Boris Marshalov, Russia; Helen Coule, Brazil; Harold Dyrenforth, Switzerland; A. J. Herbert, Australia; Harold Young from the British West Indies. A sort of united nations all by himself is Luis Van Roofen. who was born in Mexico of Belgian and Dutch parents. Also represented in the cast are natives of nine states, as follows: Elizabeth Roller (Ann Malone), Indiana; Alan Bunco (Dr. Jerry Malone). New Jersey; Announcer Ted Pearson, Nebraska; Bart Robinson, New York; Tess Shcehan, Michigan; Leona Roberts, Ohio; Joesphine Brown, Illinois; Kenneth Daigneau, Minnesota; and King Calder, Maryland. Bernie Wins Her Via Gin Rummy Route First prize in a gin rummy game between Ben Bernie and Chico Marx--that is the unique distinc tion of pretty Elisse Cooper. The Old Maestro won her--and made her vocal soloist on Ben Bernie's show, heard weekdays on KGLO-CBS at 4:45 p. m. She was 17 when, against he parents' advice, she decided on ; singing career and did some sing r ing for a radio station in her home city of Columbia, S. Car. "Children and the War" is a series that started last week With Mrs. Pauline Rush Fadiman, wife of Clifton. She is an expert on juvenile problems. The program is heard Monday at 3:30. Columbia's "School of the Air of the Americas" features science at work Monday at 2:30. "Lost Worlds" is the dramatization title. It's on the animal life of Earth before man's advent. Next Wednesday evening at 8:30 look for the special half hour program of the favorite serial, "Big Sister." This follows Lionel Barrymore's 30 minutes. Saturday night dialers: Don forget-"Soldiers With Wings," at 9:11 from the Santa Ana air base wit] guest stars from Hollywood. "Saturday Night Syncopation, 1 from 8:45 to 0:15, with the out standing popular tunes played by favorite bands. That late dance card, featurin Machito's orchestra, 10:20 Guy Lombardo, 10:30. Ina Hay Hutton, 11:05 and Ray Pearl, 11:30. MERLE DIMBATH It's Aspiring Violin Virtuoso vs. Moth-Eaten Vaudevillian HELEN JEPSON STARS SUNDAY "Pause That Refreshes" Also Stars Bob Hannon Helen Jepson, Metropolitan oper soprano, and Bob Hannon, popular young tenor, are guests of Andre Kostelanetz Sunday on "The Pause That Refreshes on the Air." (KGLO-CBS, 3:30 to 4). Miss Jepson, whose repertoire includes Italian and French as well as English roles, sings "Vienna Dreams." With Hannon she sings the graceful duct, "You" Are Love," by Jerome Kern. Hannon's solo is the current hit by Cole Porter, "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To." Kostclanetz conducts the orchestra in "Night and Day." another Porter immortal; "Moonlight Becomes You," and Gcorjre Gershwin's memorable melody, "The Man I Love." Hannon is a favorite of KGLO listeners. His songs have long been featured with Allen Rnth's orchestra, which is an organization similar to the Kostclanetz unit. Acting as master of ceremonies is witty Ted Colt, of "So You Think You Know Music" renown. Nice show for your Sunday afternoon listening. For other tips on By R. W. L. First off, we wauta say: Flurry up and get well, Pat. Those colds in the throat are no pleasure for a radio announcer. To the readers, let us hasten to add that Pat Patterson will probably be back the first of the new week, after being shut in with that pesky cold. 2nd LI. Damon Eckles, U. S. army signal corps, was back around the old stamping- grounds the past week. In Ms days at KGLO Damon was a studio and sports announcer. After six months in Uncle Sam's legions, he looked tanned and terrific. Lieutenant Eckles' new station will be in Tampa, Fla.. with the air force. The returning wayfarer is always struck by the bevy of beau- ly at KGLO--and we don't mean Merrill Milligan and Herb Ohrt. The fact is that the Mason City station now boasts six gals on the start. They are: Mary Ann Kiser, secretary to the general manager; Geraldme (Jerry) James, specialty announcer; Jean Strickland, same; Janice Hysmith, program secretary; Bclty Tiechc, copy writer; and Nancy Ilalsor receptionist. The 'phone number is the same for all: 2800. (Oh, think nothing of it. girls-always happy to be a help ) * ·¥ * To the radio editor's desk comes a missive from a radio exec, who is bcarinc a cross for the distinction between "electronics" and "radionics." He srz electronics doesn't mean a. thing, according to the word roots, except "wandering amber." But radionics derives from wandering radiations, which is more to the point, says the letter-writer. Therefore, use ra- dionics to refer to the application of vacuum tuhcs in electrical circuits.. As a certain spot announcement goes--"Got it?--Get it!" * * * Well, it's two minutes till dead-line, and that's as good excuse as any to write "30" to lliis here colyum. I£ you think it isn't just ask Bill McCauley, the G G composing-room foreman. Htre lie comes now'. wo- « . . ' r ,,_,-._ " uu " Jiiienuig. *or diner tips on Were speaking of KGLO, o Sunday programs, see across the itir^*il i course! 1 Page. "Nick and Nora" Htre are Nick and Nora of "The Advtsnlurcs ot the Thin Man," heard on KGLO-CBS Fridays at 7:30 p. m. Nick Charles, the super sleuth, ;s played by Les Damon. His ever-present spouse, Nora is played by Claudia Morgan. Nice-looking pair, ch? Phil Baker's Back--Minus His Appendix Fully recovered from an appcn- dccuoniy performed just before Christmas, Phil Baker returns as quiz maestro on the "Take it or Leave It" program Sunday nigl at 3 on KGLO-CBS. The jovial accordion - playing humorist is in lightin' trim anc rarin' to pop that old $54 one ftow, the contestants can expcc to hear about Baker's opcratior for some- weeks. During Phil's absence froir Take H" Eddie Cantor and RalnV Edwards served as leaders Blondie the First Will Return to Air in Very Near Future "Blondie" the First, Penny Sin- lelon, will soon return to her air title role, according to the radio grapevine. As Mrs. Robert Spark: she has been in Quantico, Va. where her marine captain husband is stationed and where their daughter was born in September Florence Lake, sister of "Dag- wood" Arthur Lake, has playec his wife in the radio scries, hearc on KGLO-CBS each Monday nigh at D:30. This week Blondie and Mrs Dithers become disgusted with the way their hubbies dance and make arrangements for rhumba lessons You can visualize Dagwood rhum- baing--period. Presenting the Waukcjan Fiddler (above) and the Vestige from Vaudeville (below). Their aliases: Jack Benny and Fred Allen. The latter is host, but what a host, to tile former on his. Sunday ninlit KGLO-CBS show. The time--8:30. RADIO ACTRESS RECEIVES PALM Agnes Moorehead Wins Film Acting Distinction Agnes Moorehead, who pjays th role of housekeeper to Lione Barry more on the "Mayor of tin Town" over KGLO-CBS Wecines clay nights, has been honored bj the New York film critics for giving flic year's best feminine performance, in the Orson Welles picture, "The Magnificent Am- berspus." . Miss Moorehead, who also frequently appears with Welles in his Columbia network shows arit who is better known in radio circles than to moviegoers, triumphed over film actresses of sue! caliber as Grecr Garson, Katharini Hepburn and Rosalind Russell. The actress was born in Uos- ton and studied in St. Louis, where her first job was tutoring for $10 a week. Later she attended the University of Wisconsin. Miss Moorehcad made her professional debut in the St. Louis municipal opera house and on the air as a sinjrer over KMOX. When she went to New York, it did not taki lonn for her to win parts on Columbia dramatic programs. Welles was struck by her talents and when he went to Hollywood ti make "Citizen Kane," Miss Moore, head was among the performer: who went with him. Her "Marilly" role with Barrj' more is just another example o her far-reaching ability. Tin "Mayor" show is now heard or KGLO-CBS Wednesday night o 8 o'clock. "THOSE WE LOVE" The black sheep of the Marshal family, Uncle Jerry, returns Sun day on "Those We Love" at o'clock on KGLO-CBS. Nan Grey Donald Woods, Bill Henry am Helen WoocLarc heard in the scr ial drama. Joan Bennett Knows Answers in Monday's "Radio Theater' Joan Bennett is one sharp gal in the "Lux Radio Thca tor" presentation Monday night at 8 on KGLO and CBS Th reason lies in the title, to-\vit: "She Knew All the Answers Ascertaining whether M',ss Bennett, as Gloria the cafe singer, really knows all will be Preston Foster, also of Hollywood. In this one. Miss B. plays her own screen role. Foster takes a part that was portrayed on celluloid by Franchot Tone. It's the old triangle theme with a modern touch. Foster, as Lawyer Mark Williams, is on the wronp point of the triangle until he gels to know Gloria better. You can guess what happens then. But you won't be able to jruess all of the /rags and situations included in "She Knew All the Answers." We suggest you listen for these. The well-known Cecil B. Do Mille is the producer, as usual All "Radio Theater" productions originate from Hollywood. LA BENNETT I Daniel -braved the lions* en, Charles Blondin skittered cross a rope above Niagara 'alls, Steve Erodie made a ight-hand turn in the middle f Brooklyn bridge--and Jack 3enny walks right into the Texaco Star Theater" to set- le his famous feud with Fred lien. This portentous meet- ng takes place Sunday nipht t 8:30 on KGLO and the Co- .imbia network. Benny, you know, is the ex- plumber's helper from H'auke- gan and aspirins: fiddler whom Allen calls "Rochester's stooge." But Jack hopes t» make a stooge of Fred durinjr their microphone meeting Sunday. Allen was the visitor only re- ently, with T. B. the host. Benny omarked: "Next time you appear n my .show, I hope the jokes are unnier." "They will be," Allen retorted, if I bring 'em.' You can see that this promises o be the end of a beautiful friend- hip. Not that Bennv isn't adept at parrying the well-known verbal thrust, but he should remember that when Fred gives a guy a chance, it means he lets him stick his head through the hole in the canvas. Then, he'd better be good at ducking. Besides Allen and his guest, the irogram boasts such talent as 'ortland Hoffa, Al Goodman's or- hcstra, Jimmy Wellington, and he strange citizens of Allen's al- ey. F. S. If the above hasn't made t clear that this is a battle royal if wits, let's be obvious about it md say: Allen vs. Benny, 30 min- iles to a decision, and no quips jarred. Taking the Sunday programs selectively: KGLO's "Sunday School Lesson Preview," the real old-timer of all local features, is heard as usual at 7:30 a. m. Directed by the county council on Christian education, the preview brings the -inion lesson, a message and Sab- oath music. This week, Ruth Dougal and Gordon Brading will sing, accompanied by Mrs. Ray Cates. C. E. Oeschger will give the lesson. First news at 8 a. m. This KGLO-CBS feature gets the jump on the news day. "Melody Farade" at 10:05 constitutes 55 minutes of good listcnable music--popular but not siiingy. "Womanpowcr'' at 11:15 is naturally devoted to the part women are playing in the war effort. Sunday's quarter-hour dramatizes the American housewife's preparations to meet the wartime food requirements. Two CBS programs of long standing, "Wings Over 'Jordan" (8:30) and the "Salt Lake City Tabernacle choir" (11:30, are Sab- aath morning leaders on KGLO. The all-Negro program from Cleveland is presided over by the Rev. Glenn a". Settle. The majestic tone of the Salt Lake City organ distinguishes the 11:30 religious program. "Those We Love" is the popular story of the Marshall family, its joys and troubles. Nan Grey stars. KGLO-CBS at 1 o'clock. The "Old Fashioned Revival Hour" is heard every Sunday from 2 to 3 on KGLO. For the program of "The Pause That Refreshes" (3:30-4, see elsewhere on this page. William I.. Shircr's news commentary will be on KGLO-CBS at ·1:45. The KGLO Forum is earlier than usual on Sundays, at 5:1 S. The Rev. Mr. Bamford speaks this Sunday. Sgt. Gene Autry sinirs and tells storie.s at 5:30 Sunday on KGLO-CBS. "Bullet Trenton, Crime Detective" is a mighty satisfying sleuth at 6:30. Wonder Boy Welles continues his "Hello, Americans" scries at 7 o'clock Sunday. The "Crime Doctor" furnishes another interesting parole case from 7:30 to 7:55. Mid-evening news from 7:55 to 8:15, part ot KGLO's complete coverage of events. Violin Virtuoso vs. Virulent Vaudevillian, 8:30, KGLO-CBS. "Report to the Nation'' at 9:30 --a grand outlay of information from Washington. It's not so bad staying close to the home fires with that line-up for Sunday alone. Does radio help Uncle Sam save gasoline and tires?

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