The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 8, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1818
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H Weeks, master will Mil on Tbu. for rayY - whart, ...wharf. or to . , . r r - v . SAUL ALLEY, 8 Pin - t. juoeS HAVANNAll. - (To sail on Sunday next,) The fast - sailing coppered brig GEOR - rrT,bcock . mauler. or ireigni or p - s. L hoard at Stevens' wharf, to K&rPoTT ft M'KINNE, t. n lar BOGERT S. AWiw" JJ piece) of the very nesi quamy, ju. "d "asLeRSOX ft SHEARER, ,.stw t 131 Water - street I inland Cotton. V. i - .l r,om .inoniSiMli Porter, at Brook - a ifrOODHEAD ft GKA Y, woolleu Draper, T Y Tailor and Habit - maker, 142 Broadway, ,i. H..teL inform their friend. aid the public that they have on hud. ! , . .u. ixiinwin? description of Go, which they offer for al. oq the mot rea - sonable terms viz: , , , . Extra superfine west of England clothe ' ... a da cainier an do do UdW doth, of . the mot fashionable colore Marsailles an. Valencia vexing, Nankeen Canton camblets. Caoiou and nankin crapes i ,.ia ami caiimerea Striped Jeana, ftc. with a complete assortment of soods for the present season. r. - a.mnrel. ladle' habit and pell scs nisde np in the moat approved manner and at the short t notice, fly Just received a few London made coat Juue8 3t OKN MEAL. 75 hhds enuoonnis wig in J yellow Corn meal, very "". q ly, for sale by 1 uu.r.n iiurwr.0, jm m 29 uirntfeet. t l HIT E LEAD - 10 ton VV li White Lend in oil, i fin t quality r ue in 112, So, and 58 lb. kegs S foo do do Dry. For tale by TUCKER & LAURIE?, je8 49 South - street i I A l b 10 casr men' and boy' Plate - I JT Halt. 5 do do japanned Leather, do. iui? - edtnthc southern nemei. (or tale ny Jg IIUKI) ft gKWALL. 65 South - it. IIUHMONU Fl - Ol R 300 bbie. brand ii Bent Creek, 300 do. Variety Milli, 104 do Uu kmnnit Milli. nil uf th liit nnnlitv lor Ba Jeer' uie, laadinu from tchr. Kr.oy & Mary, and M tale br ' WALSH & GALLAGHER, Je9 6a South - it reet 1)t,bt i'A.kl.o ai Clil.A fclLKS - tm 3J piece blue .ankiui lit Chop, entitled to flooeurure ; 4 4 black & fancy colored lldki. Chaiked tiannet. Levantine, Sewine Silk, lorialeby HURD tc SEW ALL, It 8 65 South - atreet. ClOriON. 13 halt, prime Alabama Cot - J ton, landing bt Brooklyn, and for tale by Jefi R. W. DAVEVPORTAtCO. HLI AIUAli MULAeffKs. - 26 btida. - iuif Molaei, landing tl'is morning at Cof - Cee - tiouie tlip, Ironi trhr. M iixaret Ann, for (die by G. G. & 8. HOVVI.AND, Ap ft 67 Wishington - ttrwt. L'LOUIl 60 litili tuperfine Farm Mill, r 100 do do Cou try IU0 d do Lynchburg, For tale at t06 Front ttreet, by Je 8 TROKE3, DAVIDSON ft CO. S TEEL. 40,000 lb tiermaD bteel, in boaet, laadifiK, and lor tale by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. 8 &4 Sonth - etraet. CAN ION TAUl.E MAT8 - 6 C4uca,just received, and for tale by CEBH. t CUMTG, je 8 76 Pearl - street. CIO 1 J O.N. 50 bale prim Upland Ctton, just received per (loop Lark, from Char let - too, for sale by LAID LL AW, GIRAULT I CO. No. 90 Coffee House dip. IN STORE. 38 bale prime New Orleans cotton. J8 7t ICE 56 whole and ii half tierce , land - inr from tchr Margaret, for sale by je8 POTT t M'K1NE. MILLI Vr. 11 6 lObtip lint quality, io 4 Midinelts, tor tale by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, Je8D4lC 148 Pearl - street. ELEPHANT OIL, ftc. The crs;o of Hie brig Jane Maria, coonstine of Elephanl Oik in Midi, tierces and barrels, and a quantity of - air teai tun, lor e oy J. BTERS. Je81w. 89 Burling tlip. COFFEE, !cc 18 tierces and 181 barrel Green Coffee, about 45000 lbs Landing and entitled to drawback, for aale by W. 8c S. CRAIG. 87 Front - atreet. IN STORE, , 339 bbl superfine flour, Haxalls brand. 4jS At do do country. 67 do fine do do 34 hhds prima Richmond tobacco Je9 HEMP At YARNS. St. Petenbuixu, clean, new Hemp, and Kentucky Yarn, for (ale, id lot 10 sun purcnaert, oy TUCKER h CARTER, J 8 Iw 69 Smith ttreet T r - 1 . II : J. V LjE. O, C. W IKBII UK UrUKIKOOCt, asona tQ large do do S to 14 cwt Weight, each 80 crate Brhtol Ware Gallon ft half raHoti Bottle for wins Champain lull use Quart do f oodoa and wine Pint do. (in (mail sire Hampers; Gallon ft half gallon Demijohn Lone tipped Tipet, from 16 to SI iochet 1 - trge bowl Negro do. and 1 cask English fioe i nread, jail received, and for taw hy WILLIAM COWLEY, J 8 In 164 Witer - ttreet AI.NE'S. 5 Wboie and 10 Hall' pipes v ? apuonia "me, tsaoject to deoeotart; u 1'ipei j r. maueira, very superior S3 caet Champaigno 10 dn flureondy, for sale by Jell POTT ft M'KINNE. Mll.UtKV.c TOUX V INTRINGHAM, Millioer, Wo. 125 v Uliaat - st rcirpectially In'orBis tus rnendi na II meri'lmnt in general, Lhat he ha mo red frma No. 117 iviiiii.(tret, to the above Nowhere he CRIMPS 8atin, Muslins, Aihboaa, npei, arc at the thortett antic e and lowest AIm, Fancy, Lace, Sattin, and Crape liunmiDga, ii has cooktaoliy en hand, split itraw, aod Leghorn bat, turbans, turban fronts, coUe - . ., One ca inperfin while chips, jost imported j,r by the doien or single. Store N. iniIlian - strvattoUtfaad namberof rlMruc la VutfEwjiujrc v .AMIhf rtram. ( - - yr.:iodlo.hejie t contre, a tale, by the i, ce, ,T. 'o ne niomt and true ; , ' 'wi l'i be rr with the old lore - aelore are wih the ww.n ical drS? W. or Auld Lang Syne, a ma - tA J'1 foand. on the ralarno - ...j n.ny, frctxtrA and for sale by 'WlLET ftcas v Vall - U PI AUO FORTES, ke. AT AUCTION. GAAf AGE ft COOPER will sell at auction on Wednesday 11th but. at the long room SO WalUtreet, mahogany furniture, cut glass and China ware. India and Liverpool dining sets, loll lamps, be. Abo, at 13 o'clock precisely. Two very superb Piano Forts, without re - tcrvt, of the following description, viz. the lttof the most superb structure and brilliancy of tone, displaying the following change of harmony, produced by the action of 5 pedals, viz. lit pe dal a mutfcl'd or melodic tone ; 2d aa imitatiou of the harp ; 31 an exquisite imitation of the bat - soon ; 4th an additional accoiopaniuieut of the bast drum and bells ; 6th foils or an increased swell of all the above harmonious changes The action of Uie above pedals operates inclosed in an elegant shaped lyre of superb workmanship and ornamented ra a most elegant stile. The second possesses the tame number of changes with this difference, the 4th pedal produces an accompaniment of a tambourine and beUt ; it is equally powerful and brilliant, the case plainer and lea ornamental to the ej. The pianos are now ready for examination. Good intended for the tale will be received Until Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock. June 8 Zt 'I'O be sold at auction, on Thursday next, JL 11th inst - by C. G. FONTAINE, at the (tore of Mr. Borden Chase, 89 South street, SO crate of eartheoware, compriiing dinner and tea setts, coffee do ; a great variety of handsome jugs, lusuv no ; with many other articles worthy the attention of home - keepers, and will he sold in lots to suit the purchasers. Je u 31 FOR SALE, That beautiful and well cultivated coun try seat, situated on Har'ssm Heights, 8 mile (rem Mew - lorn, and a quarter ol a mile Irom Manhattnnville. It consists of twenty live ur.f.t ol excellent land, an elegant house, bam, (UMts, ice house, milk house, a house for the gardener and new fences, &c &c. There is also a spring "f never fni'itig water; an abundance of excellent 'tuit oi every rietr.npiion in lull bearing, import. d Irom Europe at a very great expense. The said country seat is on Uie border ut the Hudson River. Every facility will be given a to pay - ruuit. Fur further particulars applv to N. iVf. mXONGUllMARE, No. 1 Sloat lane, corner of Win. street. Ja81w AMMUCASi siC.tliL'MY Of TUH fLVk. ARTS. fTIHE Board of lii cctort give notice that the A fourth exhibition of thu Academy i outu cerx day from 9 m tho mormnsr till dask. 1 hey further give notice that the gallery of the Autiune ttatuM is open (or the purpose ol study all those atudents denrou of the benetit thus anorJed by uie Academy m laying me kiu.iv datiou of art, are requested to apply to the keep er, who will inform them of the rules laid dowo on the by lawa for their admission. The gallery u open for (his purpose every day (bunitay ex cepted; from 6 to 9 in the morning, uutil further notice. By order, ALKX'R. ROBERTSON, Secr'y. June 8 Iw h i LUtxlBUs UAVM. OR a new Machine for saving and applying Power and ot rformin" work. Tne ulcn - bt rs have obtained Letters Patent from the United States, for nn original and useful method ol aiiplyiiie; machinery to movi'ii; of boats, and o - Oier iniDortant Du'iioirs The machine will he exhibited at the Tontine Coffee Home, on Wed nesday iieit, 10th nut. between 10 and 1, and patent rights sold to such persons a may incline to become purchaser. it. (..L.r.H.1.. p...., Je 8 2t P. RICAKDI, I J Southern District f A'ev - York, . BE it remembered, that on the twenty muth day of August, in tbe forty rcood year of , tbe Independence oftne United elate l S.l of America, Daniel D. Arden, of the ' laid diatrict, hath Deposited in this of fice the title of a book, tlie light whereof he claims a proprietor, in the words and figures following, to wit ; Reading made ensy j or, a aew guide to spelling and reading t in four parts. I at, containing various alphabets, and nearly two bundled spelling and reading lessons, by regular grada - tioas, from the moat easy to the difficult, and in which the words are divided and accented, ac cording to the purest pronunciation. 2d, a voca bulary ol words, nearly aha in aoano, nui uu - fereot in spelling and signification. 3d, leisons in reading and recitiog. 4th, outline of geography; a sketch of grammar t abbreviations ; anibmeucai laoies ; ana prayer lor ine uee oi school. The whole rendered pleating and impressive hy neat and appropriate cuts. By Wil lim Little, A. M. In conformity to the act ol congress oi tru united ;t;e. emitted " an act for tbe encourage ment of le iriiinr, by securing the copies ol' maps, chart and book to the author and proprietor olsuch copies, during the time therein mentioned," and also to an act entitled " an act supple mentary to an act, entitled. an act (or uie encouragement of learning, by securing tbe copies of map, chart and Iwok to the author and proprietor of such copies, during the time therein mentioned, and extending the benefit thereof to the art of designing, engraving and etching hi - loricai anu omer pnnu. KUDC.K1 ri.x.i, Clerk of tbe southern diatrict of New York. J8d4w A YOUNG LADY, wishes actuation as gov - ernes, in a private family i to go into the country, would be preferable. For further information, please to enquire at No. 36 Vandewater - ttreet, where the most latutac tory reference, rosy be obtained. je 8 iw" riVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. THE first drawn number to - morrow, at 3 P. M. in the Mil ford and Owrgo Road Lottery, will be entitled to a prize of 2500, and on Wednesday 24Ui inst. 35,000, and on the 10th of July, the grand capital prize of 170,000 - 1703 July the lottery is to be com' pleted. For chance apply at GILLESPIES, 114 Broadway, opposite City - Hotel. Je 8 3t WEGO ROAD LOTTERY (now drawing) V In which the capital prize are I prise of 270,000, I 1 prize of $35,000, 1 do laOOO. I do S.000, There is bat SO of drawing altogether in this Lottery, 7 of which have already been drawn, and ad tbe above capital prize remain in tbe wnrei. Alto, Medical Science Lottery, No. 5, which will positively commence drawing ia this city in A eg tm mil The Capital Prizas Are, 1 prize of 1100,0u0, I I prize ol 50,000, ' 1 do 20,000, I 1 do 10,000, And ooe of $5,000. ThI lottery will progres rapidly utilcoio - oletml. Ticket and Share in both of tbe above Lot - teri for tale at the Lvcky Office of JUDAH Je LAZARUS, 74 Maiden - lane. Where have) been aold in former lotteiir prizes to the amount of a million and a half of dollar. Most Ibreisn bank twte,appTovedpromi - ory note, and prize in former lotteries, will be taken In p) rrwrit for tickets. Orders from a distance, ecctosine; the cah, (post paid) will be immediately attended to, and the earliest advice gven of their auoce . A correct check book wi'l be kept at the lucky lottery office, which ma bo examined at all times free of expence. je 8 3t THE KALEIDOSCOPE. THIS beautiful toy recently invented by Doctor Brewster, of Edinburgh, aad which ap pears to have excited mach admiration in Great Britain, ha been imitated hv a geatleman of th.s city, and art for ai ia ac qonrity at irmHote of C. WILEY CO. Je 8 St 3 Wall - sireet. DENTISTRY. - I 7ERAII HAWLEY, Surgeon Denfial, ha re ZJ "moved hi cfli:e Irom M - Pearl treet. to 91 Nassau ttreet, where be wilt extract, clean ano me icetn. lie aiao et artificial teetb id tbe most approved manner, and if application is made to him in proper season, he will prevent the irregular growth of the second set of teeth, or ie - move any exitting irregularity, lie will only add Uie following recommendation. WHOM IT HAT COaCER: . JTJ Thii certifies, that Doctor Zerah Haw - ley is a regular bred physician, and in eood standing with his brethren in this place, that he has pnid particular attention to the art of DENTISTRY, has studied the beat European works on the subject, and hai given very good satisfuc - .1 ' i l l : . . uuii in uii uraiicn 10 in, cutiomers, wno are per - sons of the first respectability in this city. We therefore, with entire confidence, recom mend Dr. llawlcy to the citizens of New - York, as a Dentist. ' (iEneasMunson, Props of the New - Haven, 1 Nathan Smith, f medical insti Jan. 22, lb' 18. i Eli Ives, tutioo, Yale I Jooa. knight, l College. .Je8 1w ri'HE Emigrant's Directory to the western and X. (outhweitera states and territories, by Win Darhv, with maps, price 3 dollars. Observations on Lord Batharst's speech in the bouse of peers, respecting Bonaparte, price 75 cents. Biograpia Literaria, or Biographical sketches of liteiary life and opinion), by S. S. Coleredge, Esq. prict 1 25. Women, or pour et contre, a tale hy Maturio, aotb rol Bertram. 4c. Sic. price 2 dolls. Fudge Family in Paris, by Thomas Moor, 50 ceni Childe Harold's Pilsrimase to the Dead Sea, Death on the Pale Horse, and other poems, 25 ceni. Chalmer's works, discourses in the Christian Revelation, viewed and comunion with Modern Astronomy ; together with sin. death of princess cnariotte ol Wales, frire zaolis. jusi received, and for aale at the Minerva Circulating Library, ?C5 Broadway, oppoaite the museum. J 8 GRA:iK'a. 146 Broadwav. f 1ST OF PHIZES in the MILFORD AND LJ OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY. 7th dauU drawing. No. 7771, 10,000 dolls. 9791, '500 doll. 303, IKCT, S129, 390SI, 44S7, 4044, 5349, 8074, 939 i, 9!iC3. each 100 dollars. Draws ngnin on Tuesday 1st drawn number entitled to byi dolls, rickets and sliare, I talc at GRACIK'S I4C Bronrlway. Je 8 .MEDICAL AID. D' R. CORN WELL, who i a member ol the Corpora tion of Surgeon of London, ami wriohas had much experience iu the line of his profettiou for more than twenty years, ha lately arrived in this city, and being well apprised of the great length of tune it generally takes to introduce a medical eentleinitu into practicp in the common reserved way, tukes this method to inform the public, that lie has taken the situation, No. i;78 WATER - STREET, corner of I lovci street his door in Dover - street hit name nu the door hit sign, a Mortar; where he will tie found ready to wait on those that. rlcHse to apply lor his medical aid, in the different branches ol surgery, and the practice ol f hytic g( neraliy. As, also, in all caaes f impotncy, and a cer tain complaint, incident to both sex, in which he has had, very great, ex iierience in the cure of thousands, without one hours detention from business, or change of diet, or a possible discovery hy the most intimate friend. ttrj - And in all cases ol commence, 11 le great est secrecy will be strictly observed. He bat no shopman, orauy person in partnership wiui ln:n. N. B. Attendance will be given to p&ticnti from sun - rise until 9 o'clock in Uie evening. - JeH iru' For St. Thomas and City of St Domingo. Mi The sloop vVAIlKKN, Mason", mas i,A i a (rood vessel, and haa superior ac commodations for passengers. For freight or passage, apply on board, at pier 9, or to je 4 23 SouUi - streeL For t HttUH J or CHAHJ'tM, Tbe British hrig KEEN, Mason, master, burtlieu? - )o' ton., a remarkably fine vv.'sel; will be ready to receive a cargo in three Jays Apply to ROBERT GILLESI'IE, ill r ront eireci. Who has for sale, SO bhds old Richmond tobacco 7 do do Peteriburg do 18 do new do io , 15 do do Richmond do II .do Kentucky do 153 Brazil hide St. Domingo and Jamaica coffee in hlids and bags. may 30 FRtlOHl'or CH.iHLt.SiUj $50 tons heavy freight, pply t ANSON G. PHELPS, my 21 18.1 Front - street. FOR THE ISLE OF FRANCE, tiS The New York built ship AMERI - ICA, burthen 490 tons, copiered and copper fastened, , matter, will tail iu about 2 weeks. or freight of merchandize or specie, and passage, haviug elegaut accommodations, apply to the master on board, or to june5 CHAS. HALL, I Beaver - st. tTAATED TO CHARTER, Wanted to Charter two British VESSELS, of 200 to 400 tons, to load at a southern port for the West Indie. Apply to . CLARK, MOORE U CO. Je6 4t ' 41 South - street For Jfotfolk and Richmond, The new schr EXPRESS, N.AIdricb, master, ; intended for a regular trader ; oow nearly loaded, and will rail on Wednesday next, weather permitting. Having been built for a packet, her accommodations lor passengers ara elegant and comfortable. For freight or passage, apply to the master, on board, or to J 6 D. BETHUNE I Co. For CHARLES TO A, Tbe chr CERES, capt. Thos. Mills, will meet with immediate despatch. For freight or passage, apply on board, east side Burung - slip, or to ANSON G. PHELrS, Je 6 133Frout - strcet. For GIBRALTAR, The fast sailing coppered brig MI NERVA, Capt. Mcldrum, will sail on Uie 11th inst. and can take tome freight, fur which, orjpassagv, apply to KlilSn & TURNBULL, je 6 4t 69 Wahington - treet. IVAATEU, A good pilot - boat SCHOONER, for a jSAs voyage to the Spanish Maine, of about 7u0 barrels burthen, to which immediate des patch will be given. Apply to JOHN HEFFERNAN, 34 South street ; Who has for sale, 5 1 cenxm Caracca flora indigo 10? bags do cocoa 6 pipes Lisbon wine. Je 5 3t 3PAMH DULLARS wanle.l by WM. SHOTWF.LL ft SON, No. 45 William street. my S7 Sw CIDER BRANDY. oJXJ Barrels cider b ody, just received and ur sal by ANbUN G. PH F.LPS, june 1 133rront - st. . ILLlNETTSand COTTON YARN. .VI 5 package containing 650 i. Mdlinelfs, iu fioe order - Also, 10,0001b. Cotton Yam, from No. 5 tc 18, for tale on accommodating terms, by l!ie COMMISSION COMPANY, mySODftC 143 Pearl - trct. nr'"sjr.vwAir, ' The regular packet nchr. ROSE1N - BLOOM, E. Wheaton. master; will kf t. meet with immediate dispacth. For freight or passage", apply on board at Govern eur - wharf? or to ASSON G.PHELPS, my 30 1!I3 Front - treet. FOR SALE, The very fakt - ailing coppered and copper - fastened hio CI1AUNCEY. it well found and can be sent to sea without delay. Apply to POTT ft M'KINNE, or jel B. W. ROGF.RN & CO. For MFAJWAM. The substantial ship COMMERCE. , master, will cail for Savannah on the inst. and will take freight from thence to any portin Europe. For freight or passage, apply to ObllOltN, je 5 23 South - street Fur St Thomas and I'ovtt Rico. The fast sailing and substantial self. LYCURGUS, havinff 2 3 ber cariro en caged, is intended to sail on the 8th inst. For freight of the remainder or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply to JOS. JOHNSON, je 5 8 Govcrneurs - lano. For CHARLESTON, The packet ship TELEGRAPH, Fanning, master, is still detained bv head winds, can take a few tons more freight and 10 more passengers can be handsomely accommodated, apply on board, east side Bur linp - slip, or to ANSON G. PHELPS, je 5 183 Front - street. For BRISTOL, (Lngland,) (A regular trader,) The - elegant fast sailing coopered ship A.N URL W JACKSON, Thomas T Morton master a considerable part of her cargo bein engaged, will be dispatched without delay For Irearlitor passage, having excellent accommoda tions, apply on board, at pier No. S2, near Peck - slip, or lo I'ETER SCHF.RMERHORN ft SONS, Or B. W. ROGERS ft CO. Who offer for sale. 10000 Stomhridge Buck 60 casks patent Shot SO do bar Lead 100 barrels Spanish Brown SO casks Porter Now landing from the Andrew Jackson. Je 1 Freinht for Madeira. A good veesel, bound to Madeira, may have about 800 barrels ou freight from Je 5 ROBERT GILLESPIE. trtRESli LONDON MUai'ARD, ftc 1 65 boxes firat quality London Mustard, in white glasa quarter pound bottles of aix dzen each, juat landed from ship Ann Maria ; and, Powchong Tea, of a remarkably fine quality, and of a delicious flavour, put up in Canton, in 1 - 2 lb. papers, lor sale (retaill by A1KIN ft WILSON, June 5 101 b2 Front street. VATTINETT WAKt'S, uiude oftSea Island O Cotton and .'ized in the chain, for sale by WM. CAMPBELL, Je5 197 Pearl - street. POTS, HOOPS, tHEET IRON, c. JUST received and for tale hy A BELL ft DUNSCOMB, IS tons English Pot a, 1 - 2 to 10 gal. entitled to debenture 10 do do Hoops, 1 to 1 - 2 inch, do do 5 do do Irop, 1 1 - 4 by 3 8 6 do Sheet Iron, single double and treble 2 da Brazier Rods. I - 4 inch 10 do each 3 8 and 1 2 inch square rolled Iron 17 casks Eoghsh cart, waggon at ooxe 1 cask containing tOO dozen Pod Ansers And in store, a general assortment of Iron, steel and Hardware. Je J m 4 LEXA.NDRIA FLOUR. 46 barrels, for J. sale by ROBERT GII.LEBPIR, ' . Je S - - - IU Kront - rtreet. ILK CA.MBLETS Black and coloured Silk Camblets, for Gentlemen' ware, fur sale at 150 Broadway, by je 5 Iw HI1ILIIKOOK ft PBTEttS. G KEEN BOCKING3. I6 pieces best wide f pressed Bocking Baizes, just opened, and lor sale by the piece, or yard. Li. 4cJ. bUYUAW, Je 4 4t 61 Maiden - Lane. HIDES, TALLOW, and BEtF. 1000 Slaughtered Hide 6000 lbs. N. Y. Rendered Tallow 100 half barrel fine beef, warranted to keep in any climate About lO.OCOlbs. amoaked Beef, just ready for delivery. T. GIBBONS. Je3iw HERMAN HUGHES, offers lor sale, at No. S3 Liberty - street, the following articles, low lor cash only, vix : Imperial, hyson, young hyson and souchong tea, new and of a superior quality, in small boxe for family use. Fine old cognac brandy, Jamaica rum, and Holland gin, in demijohn. Madeira, Port, Sherry, aod Claret 'Wine Hibbert'a London brown stout Olives, anchovies, tweet oil, and London mustard ALSO, A few very elegant setts of tea trays and waiters Plated castors, razor, cisor and penknives handsomely assorted on cards Fine wove letter paper in reams Je6 Iw iL back ol new duUes, suitable for Ilavanoa lor tale by P. KEMsEN & CO Je6 B LACK MILLINETTS . 120 p. Black Millinetta, tor tale by WM. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, jei 197 Pearl - st (up stairs.) .NOTICE. A OWEGO ROAD LOTTE - VIILFORD i.v L RY. Tbe future drawings will be aa fol - low 8th day, firat drawn number $500, June 9 9th do do do 1000 do 12 10th do 1 1th do 12th do 13th do 14'h do 15th do 16th do Remainin do d da do d d do do do do do do 600 35,000 500 1,000 do 17 do 24 do SO do 29 500 July I 70,000 do 10 d do 500 do 13 A A r n in irtt in Nasiftirin. D. STUART, aaagcr. JOHN LYNN. Miliord and Oweco Road Lottery A few Ticket semaiiung on hind, for sale by ISAAC G.OGDEN, Je6lw i 4(1 Wall street NEW FANCY STORE, No. 7 Nassau - street. B ALLET ft M Hi. GOGUET, keep a fac tory of A rlifuvU Eiouers, and (tore of F an - ry Goods, imported from tb best burtones ol Lyons and Paris. 1 bey have also a general as sortment of the newest Para FASHIONS ; con sist iue of Ladies' white India muslin morning dresses, eleganUy worked Silk spencers, of the most fanhionali colors, also bautifuUv Worked Linen cambric pocket handkerchiefs, saperb - lv worked and richly enibroulertu And a few extra thread lace VEILS. All of which have been itcrived by th West arrivals from France, and are now offered (tog - r with their other extensive assortment of fancy article) for sal to tha pubu'c in general, and particularly to the laJus. Je 6 - 141 FOR SALE, A. voiTvnnn i sti CARRIAGE DOG. ., .... Laauire at Tuc 5c rt Livery ctaoie, joi)niy, t trout e fi 2ri :,' EEMOVALS. .1. 7" JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, attorney at law, has opened hit office at No. 43 Chamhei - ttroet, near Brondwsjy. may 18 4 w UO" JOHN FKOC'IOR, juu. lias removed front No. 62 Bee km an to IUG Liberty - street, where ba still offers liberal anticipations aa property consigned ta his friends in the MeJiterra - utau. tor further particulars, apply as above, or to ABRAHAM BELL, my7lm corner of Cliff ft Fultou - ts. tit MACKIE. MILNE & CO. have it mo ved to No. 61 Pine - street. mav 4 t J NO. BLAKE. Stock and Exchuuse Broker, has opned an olDce at No. 4 Wall - street. June b lw 6AI.I WATER BATHS. To the Ladies and Gentlemen orNtic - York. ftfr 'the Duhlic are ir.lorn.c ri. that the old New - York Salt Water Bath ia now or en. at the foot of Barclay - street, at the end of Mr. Rhiur -'r'a new dock, a little below.Murray - atreet. her old station, with good accommodations, ana the greatest convenience and safety. OXI mi t. . ..... i ne marine awminiing tiath lor gentlemen only, will l?e opened on Saturday next, at Mr. Gibbons' long pier next to the Battery, where the W - ' II .1 p ... . marine nam was lurmeny stationed. Part of two days in each week the BaUi at Barclay - street, will be exclusively devoted to Ladies. Rules and regulations at the Batb. Ticket will ndurit to either. Je3 J. RABINF.AU. NO ilCt All persons having claims against the estate of Thomas Brady, Uta of the city of New - York, deceased, are requested to present the same legally authenticated, and all loose indebted to the said ektate are reuuetted to make immediate payment to the subscriber, whooli'er for sale the property of tho deceased, containing 4 lots frontim? on the Uowrrr 25 l.v 75 feet deep each, and one on Stanton - street, 25 by I0P leet The whole premises are rented Ibis year lor fow ano taxes. An indieputaiile title will oe given lor tne same by JAMES BARCLAY, Executor, Je4 lm No. 3 SouUi - atreet. 'JO LET,' A pleasant back room, afno. 56 Wall - stitet, suitable for a lawyer's office. Possession immediately. Apply in Uie front ollire. Je4 'I n Let it vtthinlik I'uit ie stand, The I'hrxi.ix l averii, No. 126 Ply - mar kei, and possession given irniuediuttly. in quire on the premises. jc 5 3t TO LA AD OWNERS, FARMERS AND OTHERS. fMTANTED TO RENT, on leare, a farm 7 Y comprizing from two to three hundred acres, or thereabout, consisting of Meadow, Pas ture and Arable Land, in a healUiy situation in the western part of the I foiled States and contiguous to good market, on which there it a con venient house, well supplied with fresh water, with kitcnen garden, orchard and wood land, together with dairy, barns, stable and other suitable detached out - houses, all in complete repair. As immediate possesion will be required, please address to A. B - - No. 206 Broadway, New - York, staling terms and particulars. JV. B. No letters will be received unless post paid. June 3 I w FOR SALE, Leasehold Property, more valuable than real Estate. I hat pleasant situated House and Academy No. 39 White - street, between Broad way and Church - street, thirty year of the Lease un - expired; all improvements to be paid for, by valuation at the expiration of the term. Ground Kent thirty pounds per annum, tor particulars enquire oi ueorge rick, Cornelia - street, ureen - wkIi. Jel tl W7 ANTED a white woman to do kitchen TV work, and a white girl from 14 to 16 years of age, to do the upper work of a small family. Apply at this office. Je 5 FOR SALE, Two years unexpired lease, from the 1st day of May last, of the bouse and store No, 181 Broadway : ooe of the best stands in the street for Uie dry good business. Also, a small stock of drygood. which was purchased nn Uie beat terms, principally at auction. For terma, which will be accommodating, apply at Uie store asnnove. jez IW TO BE RAFFLED FO J 1, A FULL length portrait of Miaa O'Neill, painted by Barker to be seen at Mr. Crane's Store, 135 Broadway, where terms may be known. Je 5 Iw D BANKS, Law Bookseller and Stationer, . has removed bis store from Wall and Broad streets to the corner of Nassau It Spruce streets, wnere win ue i .una me greatest variety ol law in ther'ate. For particulars, aee littof New Law Book, published in Uie Evening Post and Columbian. Alto, a general supply of Uie most approved Law Blank, on fine paper and handsomely exe cuted. Printing and bookbinding, in all it branches. neatly and promptly executed, on the most liberal terms. Je52w WANTED a Chambermaid, one who can produce unexceptionable recommendations, may hear of a place on application at this office. J 6 3t FOR SALE, AFIKSTrate Saddle Horse, 15 hands high, kind in double or single harness, perfectly gentle. Also, a double horse waggon and harness, made of the best materials, rust finished Apply to the subscriber, at J. P. Allaire' foundry, Cherry ttreet, near Corlear Hook. Je5 3f CHAS. E. DU.MAN, Jo It sold ut public auction. At (he Tontine CofiVe House, on Tues day, the 16th June, at 12 - o'clock, the following estate of Jacobus Verveelen, deceased, to close the concern : The two story brick front house and lot of ground No. SS Walker ttreet. The houe is 25 feet wide by about 33 deep, and well calculated to accommodate a rauiiiy . The lot n 25 by 100 feet ALSO. 3 lot of ground, on tbe easterly side ofThompton street, between Grand and Broome - atreett ; each Lot i 15 t'ett wide and 95 deep. i ney nave inieiy neen mien witn eartn. AR1HUR SMITM,) , G.N.BLEECKERjj t - xecutcr. Je$12t FOB SALE. A FINE family HORSE, well broke to tbe . Harness, and a stock) saddle Horse. a bay. about 16 hands high. Likewise a handsome saddle Hone ; both to be ecen at Mr. Slowly's livery stable ivo. S John - street. Je5 3t THE ART OF SHLVMLG. N Monday the 15th ol June will be pub hshed, and for tale at tha principal book stores, the Art of Swimming, by J. Frost, ac companied with twelve cooper - plate engravings, Pnce on dollar. Copy - right secured. P. W.GALLAUDET, Ji( 49 Fulton - st. LONG BOAT LOST. TAKEN or drifted from the barque Gideon, at Gantz'r wharf, her boat, with th name painted on her stern A suitable reward will be paid fcy the captain fcr any inlorm:Uon to Uiat uid boat may be recovered. . . Jun 6 3t . A MIDDLE aged woman wirhe a situation as a house - kosper in a respectubl famiiy Satisfactory reforeoce given spp'.y at No. 103 Church - street. J an 6 ii Nev NoreL bu XaluTin. ' WOMEN, or Pour et Contre, 2 vols. $2 in board. The aboTiotoresip work mav ba had at the Nw - Yo - k Circulauj); Librai - v and Book - store, No, 124 Broadway, .comer of oecur - sirect ana opposite the City - ijotci, where may aiso d nvi ait uio pnw publienti. - ns ef the 1.. . .. - .. ... irvl j an ircnnve couecuoa m inivh! works rnerally, .. . Jeff . - - i . - . , . rvJ - PUBLIC SALES. ' B$ fllLLS. XlNiON Si CO. . . ' '1 uesday, lC'h June, ' An entire Icvcicc of best Eblish plate looking glasses, looking glass plates,. Ciutx - ls and KiuueriDUteter carpeUug and rti miihiany chair?, and a varit - ty of o'.berarUtU of the latest English and French f.uhiunt. Coniisting of 33 richlygilt and new styla sun glaaseslroin 45 by SO to "Si by 3t in., S3 chimney do 21 by ' - '4 iu. with ends of 24 bv 10 iu. ftc. Id supei bly ornamented mirrors, carved arrhe, eut glass pan iroin 2 to 4 hgtits, 12 bct British ailver - ed plates in blind frames 50 hy 2!t in. 85 do reed - ' eu iraines o iny s to I oy xo in. IIIIUtM ,t Kr.tuh universal rlates Irom 50 ny 1 1 to 54 by 39 inches. 3.200 do 6 W 5 to 16 by 12m. 9a4iect tu, Cit able fur tUe aiiove, pieces elganl Brussels car - petinp of newest htyle, 3 iio bor.Uit to match. 4 do Kidderminster do 21 elegant imperial hearth rn, II Urunsels bedsutc rugs, 54tash innublc mahogany cluiirs, hair bottoms and brass moulking, 2 London made pianofortes, and a great variety of new and fashionable furniture. , The large glass en, mirror, carpets and riirrsi will be kold in lots to suit purchaser. The. chair in etts. The silvered and unsilvmd plctc, will be sold by Uiepuckageto dealers, n a liberal credit. The above were, shipped by houses of the first respectability in Europe, and it ia believed, that the quality is a good as can be sent. .V.1HHLE tUH., r. ri H E proprietors of the southern marble yna ' , JL ries, near KinjVBrillire. cive uotice. that they havo ou band, and are receiving, at the Ai) - nrf;;e Marble and Lime - lard, foot of Bc.ich - strect, on the Hudson river, nn extcuiiv slock of marble lor boil - Juij, of Uie following de scriptions, vu : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimney. Pi sees i Facing . Column Watertabla Etefis Platform Sills, Lintels Arches Al - o Lime of the best quality. tfy A constant eupply of the above materia may be calculated upon ; and Uiosa desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the YarJ. NOTICE. 07" A! ierpon having demands against the Estate of the lute Dr. Jsmes Tillary. fdeceastdl will pirate to present thRsame toeithtr of (lie Subscriber. And persons indebted to the Estate, are requested Id make payine ut to A. D. Duff, ul No. 83 WMiingnn - s(ieet. June 6th 1813. A.J). DUFF. .1 MALTIIY GLSTON, Executors. D.S.JONES. V Je5 1w PHEMX BANK. ffc7 - An election for fourteen Director of (hi Bank will he held at the Banking House, on Tuesday, the 7th July next, between II and 3 o'clock. The transfer Book will be closed on Uie 25th instant, and willlcontinue closed until af - ter the election. tsy order ot the Board of Di - rtclors, 1). I G REEN E, Cnsbicr. Je5 (Jy7 NOTICE. 05" All person indebted to Water Forman and Charles Dohhs, (for street manure) are requested to call and scitle Uieir account with either of them, or with D. ft L. Mead, at the cor ner of Pump ft r.Ulmlge - streets, formerly called Third - street, on or before the first day of July next aii persons naving ncmaaos against tnem will please to present their accounts for settle - ment. WATERS FURMAN, and , CHARLES DOBB8. . my IS d&rlmt LANDS. (fc - STEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 2S6 Perl - atreet, New - York, purchase Lands ia Uie Illinois Territory, which has been set apart for the late Army. Tellers from the country giving (lescriplnm of the patent and the price asked lor each lot, will he attended to, if Post paid. ray 15 D&.C tf WAN ! ED, , . rjTT A man of good capacity, well acquainted with the toiiograpby of the United States, ami cnpable of ths business of a cler k generally.. One who has heeu in a newspapcro.'Sce or bookstore would bo preferred. Inquire at the office of the Monthly Magaz.ue, No. 19 Wall - street. June 3 3t LOo'T, , VTp A Check, No. 298, drawn by Wm.xuid Charles Porter on the City Bank, dated June I li la, lor one thomaod dollar Also a check No. 735,drawn by B.Lelaodon the Mechanic' Bank, dated June 3d, iai8, for eight hundred dollart, are lost. The payment of which it stop ped at the Banks, andean ba of do value to any person wno may and them. Should they be found, the holder will pleats leave them at No. 52 South - strn t, and receive a handsome reward for bia trouble. All person are forbidden to nrgocialt these Checks, should they be found. Je 6 lw v7 Joaa Proctob, Ju.y. 106 Liberty - street, offers liberal anticipationton property rs?h - ed to his friend in the Mediterranean. For further particular, apply as above, or to ABRAHAM BELL, ' Je 6 tf corner of Cbfl ft Fulton - it. - ' NEWLY INVEN1F.D PATENT CONICAL REFLECTOR, for economising and distributing Light. - The subscribers, in inviting the attention of the public to an examination of their nrwly invented Patent Conical Retlector, flatter themselves that from its principle and construct hhi, a moat important improveaieut i effected in economising and distributing the light produceJ by tb present improved patent Liverpool, Argan, and Mallory Lamp ; and therefore submit it to the public, as a small addition to one of tbe most perfect artificial luminaries of modern invention. BLOOM FIELD ft FRASER. 3fl MaiJeo - lne. ' N. D. Any number of the above Itefitctur, may be bad or examined at the (t.lwrihcr Wholesale and Retail Copper, Tenter, Tin aod sheet Iron Kitchen furniture vi arehouse. No. 38 Maiden - lane, as above - Je 5 lw WO.Vh - .Y.. WOMEN, or Pouret Contre. a talc by Ma. turin, author ol L'ertram, Milesian Chief,, Th Fatal Revenge, ftc. ftc. 2 vol. pric $2 received aod for sitle at the Minerva CJrcula.injf Library, No. 2bi Broadway, opposite tho Mu seum. ' Je 6 1 f The suhsciibernttcrs tor sale hrs rest - Kfil, dence in the town n; Fa'ifiekl. state of Cunueclicut. It i pleasantly situated, on the Boston road, about half a mile from Long Island f bimd. 55 i.ilei from New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house and - out - houot arin exrehent repair. The Iruit yard i well stocked with a variety of peacU, apncots, therriet, prart and strawberrie. Tht - re are in tha vie mi. ty academies for the education of youth of both sexes. From one tc six acre of fxcellcnt land. at the option cf the purchaser, cm be had with! the hrue, ardlhe - purchase rtoni - y, If drired, ran remain on iotcrest. For terms amiiv to ISAAC M ELY. 7(5 John street N.Tork. or to the Hub. JO.MATHAN STURGES. Fair - Gold, fjonnecticiit. my 6 dfcrtl PAYID ELY. LOST tiiia mocung tiesr she Bank of New - Yoik.r.r in Water, near Fult - xiareet. a DIAMOND KING. The Fimlcr will he liber - ally rewarded by leaving it at 1C9 Williara - st. Je5 Sl , : GROUND CAMWOOD". 75 bbl ground Camwood, of an xcr"ot qifality anoT ar - raob d pure; h - t " j?" o et Wii .....lit,. App'v lo ,lt v. o. rr.v ua.i ii,1 ;rj? - f7.VV - ...lir5tiir,vL"

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